Nothing To See Here: Just The National Parks Director Admitting Obama White House Was In On Persecution Plan


Appearing Wednesday at a joint hearing before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and the Natural Resources Committee, National Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis found himself admitting that President Barack Obama was well aware of the strategy the Park Service was implementing to turn away veterans from open-air memorials as soon as the government shutdown went into effect:

In the video, Congressman John Mica (R-Fla.), who sits on the Oversight Committee, questions Jarvis specifically about the public outcry over his agency barricading and policing the high-visibility sites at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

MICA: Now you said you take full responsibility for that action. Is that correct?

JARVIS: That’s correct.

MICA: And did you discuss this with the Secretary of the Interior, [Sally] Jewell, at any time?

JARVIS: Yes, I did.

MICA: … Then you didn’t discuss it with anyone in the White House, did you?

JARVIS: Ahm, in — several times on the phone with the White House, I presented with the Secretary my decision, but there was never the reverse. There was never any [unintelligible] coming in. [Mica cuts him off.]

MICA: So you discussed with officials in the White House your action, and you also discussed it with her.

Jarvis appeared to be ready to qualify the nature of those discussions — likely in an effort to absolve the President of any culpability in concocting the “make ’em hurt” strategy — but Mica had already gotten the information he wanted and was ready to move on.

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Ben Bullard

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  • Debbie Hogan Tate

    All those who was in on the “make them hurt” campaign of Obama’s should be voted out in 2014!

    • RobinPC


      • Debbie Hogan Tate

        I agree!

  • terryk

    Just shows how spiteful this president is. He is willing to use the Office of the Presidency to punish the American people if he doesn’t get what he wants. It doesn’t matter if this harms the people or the country. He must get what he wants.

  • Alex

    There is no one to blame but the crybaby, sore loser GOP–they promised to shut the government down and then proceeded to do exactly that.

    You do not get to choose which parts you close and which you do not. The GOP was well aware that the WW2 Memorial would be closed, and tried to make political hay out of that. It blew up in their faces and the Tea Party owes the WW2 vets a serious apology.

    • John Rodgers

      No amount of proof in your face (live in congress) will ever convince those who wish to promote the lie that it is. Valerie Jarrett designed, and Obama carried out a well executed attack and blame game on the GOP, and now rely on liberally biased, dishonest national media and trolls (such as Alex) to perpetuate the scheme. Too bad, so many Americans are such malleable lumps of gullible clay, as to accept or promote such deceit.

    • whoselineisitanyway

      Alex You are a dip wad! Get a freakin” clue. Obama and Jarrett (whose parents are the founders of Muslim Brotherhood), have planned this all along. He is not my president, my president would not behave like Obama.

  • Warrior

    Well, “community organizers” do have access to fast “sign shops” don’t they? Wonder if they were union made?

    • Jana

      Exactly! The very first day out came these perfect signs. When were these signs made? How long ago. Generally it takes the Government several months to accomplish anything so how come they already had these signs made up?
      Where did they get the fencing? When did they purchase the fences? When did they bid on the signs being made and bid on these fences? The Obama admin. planned on this shut down a long time ago for all of this PREPLANNED SHUTDOWNS of open air parks and Malls to be fenced off like they were so the American people could be punished and made to FEEL THE PAIN. After all, this is Obama’s style.

      We also know the Government NEVER does anything over night, but they did this time. Hmmm How did they do that??? Had to have been PREPLANNED!

      Now we will see if Obama will keep his word, and if he does I will be SHOCKED, and truly negotiate about cutting back on the spending that Washington DC does. If they really do, you can be sure it will be to punish the people of this country even more and make the citizens feel the PAIN as again, this is Obama’s style.

      • marciamaria

        Jeez Jana, the white house can get anything it wants instantly. Surely you must know this. It doesn’t take months of planning to get some freakin signs.

        • Jana

          Professional signs it takes a while. So it had to be planned ahead of time. The White House is not magic. The White House cannot move fast on anything.


    it was so pathetically obviuouse obama wanted it to hurt us,he even stopped people from viewing Mt. Rushmore from the road!they had cops driving around areas that provided views from the road,public roads!pullover scenic areas also were closed!this is the actions of a tyrannical gov’t(a.k.a. obama)pushing it’s weight around!stand up people,open your eyes and wake up!

  • corndogs

    Lets not forget about the local people it took to shut these things down. They cold have easily said no or looked the other way, but they did not. What are they teaching these police men in their academies. That all us regular people are idiots and need to be controlled. And our sheriffs are supposed to protect us from these constitutional breeches. Its not just obama these problems go all the way down to most of our local governments. We need to weed these people out of politics at every level because our local politics should be helping to protect us from things like this.