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Nothing Is Less Certain Than A Lead-Pipe Cinch

October 27, 2010 by  

Nothing Is Less Certain Than A Lead-Pipe Cinch

The headline of this story was an adage of my father’s. I remember it from a time before I knew what a lead-pipe cinch meant and I heard about it when I believed that most things my dad said were dead wrong. Now that I am in my mid-50s I have come to understand how often he was right.

I have been thinking about what my dad said because everything indicates that the GOP is certain to roll up a big victory in less than a week. Acclaimed pollster Scott Rasmussen last night predicted that Republicans will gain 55 seats in races for the U.S. House of Representatives Nov. 2; much more than the 39 needed for a Republican majority in the House for the first time since 2006.

That is not all. According to Rasmussen, the Senate Republicans should have 48 seats with the Democrats holding 47. Another five seats could slide either way, Rasmussen has said.

I am praying that Rasmussen is correct and we will be delivered a Republican victory; one that will launch a two-year countdown on President Barack Obama’s eviction from the White House. Still, you will have to excuse me if I don’t put the champagne on ice just yet.

After all, it is hard to forget the big story on Election Day, Nov. 7, 2000. At 8 p.m. the Voter News Service — a group pooling the resources of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox and The Associated Press — called the state of Florida for Al Gore. What followed was this from Peter Jennings of ABC, “Al Gore wins the state of Florida and its 25 electoral votes.”

Two hours later the networks took another look and decided that it was too soon to tell whether Florida and with it the Presidency belonged to Gore.

At CBS, Dan Rather blamed the mistake on technology. “To err is human," Rather said, "but to really foul up requires a computer… If you’re disgusted with us, frankly, I don’t blame you."

Let’s face it, ever since odds-makers refused to set a betting line on Moses making it out of Egypt, experts have gotten plenty of things wrong. And while victory for the GOP in next week’s midterm elections is a crucial step in defeating Obama in 2012, it is far too early to plan that celebration.

First off, this election has a cast of characters unlike any witnessed. There is Ohio Republican Rich Iott who was photographed while dressed in Nazi SS garb which he was wearing to connect with his son. And let’s not forget Connecticut Democrat Richard Blumenthal who has repeatedly lied about serving in Vietnam. And it is not just the newcomers that are bizarre.

One race for Senate could be made into a novel except no one would believe it. Democratic incumbent and Senate majority leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) was quoted as saying that he admires Barack Obama because he speaks "with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one." His opponent, Republican Sharon Angle has said that if Congress can’t fix things, people may find themselves resorting to "Second Amendment remedies."

While I hate to contradict what Ronald Reagan preached — “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican” — I feel it necessary to point out that Reaganesque leaders are few and far between. The majority of voters understand this and I think it could mean:

  1. The bums that we now have in office don’t get thrown out.
  2. We get a whole new set of incompetents in Congress who could be almost as bad as the last group.

I’m not much of a gambler so I am not betting on how this election turns out. I will, however, wager that whatever way it turns out it won’t be the salvation many American’s are looking for. Even with a Republican landside the White House is in Obama’s hands for at least another two years. A sitting President wields considerable power, even without a majority in the House or Senate, the kind of power that can co-opt a new Congress.

We also need to keep in mind that even 21st Century versions of the Founding Fathers were elected next week, the country has massive problems that will take years to solve.

Still a GOP victory is a step in the right direction. Conservative Republicans are campaigning on cutting Federal spending, extending the Bush tax cuts to all Americans and repealing Federal healthcare reform. And at least they understand that the stimulus bill has not helped grow the economy and the national debt is strangling us.

In the GOP weekly address, House Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence (R-Ind.) said:

“Today, our national debt stands at more than $13 trillion — that’s more than $44,000 of debt for every man, woman and child in this country. The administration promised that if Congress borrowed a trillion dollars from future generations, their ‘stimulus’ bill would keep unemployment below 8 percent. Today unemployment remains at a heartbreaking 9.6 percent, making this the longest period that unemployment has been at or above 9.5 percent since the Great Depression.”

What Pence left unsaid is that these sorts of problems can’t be fixed by a midterm election and a few new members in the House and Senate.

“It’s endemic in our type of society that we always think there’s a person who holds the magic wand,” says Senator Judd Gregg (R-N.H.), a fiscal conservative who is not running for re-election. “But this society and this economy are far too complex to be susceptible to magic wands.”

Douglas Holtz-Eakin, former Director of the Congressional Budget Office concurs:

“The public has been sold this notion that somehow we can control the economy — that we can fine-tune it so we don’t get inflation on the upside, we don’t get recessions on the downside, [that] when something happens, they can step in and offset it.”

The facts speak for themselves. The U.S. economy is mired in its worst recession in 80 years. The nation has used up many of its natural resources; has unprecedented amounts of debt and is waging and losing a costly war in Afghanistan.

Excuse me for pushing the analogy, but America is like an aged, obese smoker who has drank too much and whose health has been neglected for decades. Such a patient will hardly be cured by switching around the nurses making rounds.

Instead the nation needs a lot of time, effort and leadership before we see any real improvement. A critical step in that will be when the country gets a new doctor. Hopefully that will be in two years. But even that probably won’t be a lead-pipe cinch.

Yours for real wealth and good health,

John Myers
Myers’ Energy and Gold

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • Vigilant

    Ironically, the new Republican President in 2012 will be able to blame the mess on Obama and the Democrats for years and years, so vast is the damage to the US that they have wreaked.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I can see it 30 years from now, the president still saying you youngsters are still paying for this deficit thanks to Nobama!!!

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        No. That would be the democrats still blaming everything on Bush, straight out of their playbook, place blame on others. I remember when Bush came in, and Clinton had left the country in a downward spiral and a recession. I never saw they guy stand up on his milk crate like Obama has, and point the finger at Clinton and the dems and place blame. No sir, he rolled up his sleeves and went to work, and in two years we were rolling along again. Two years into this community organizers reign, they are still pointing fingers, while they spend us into oblivion, accomplishing nothing with it but make a bigger debt. They have bought future votes from the unions and from the illegal aliens and hispanic fronts, with our money, but the country is in a deeper hole because of it. They have weakened us to our enemies, and threw the country under the bus to appease and tolerate the muslim influence which seeks to destroy us all. And still, they point the finger and place blame on others for these dastardly deeds that they have done. But you wont see the Republicans doing that. They will once again roll up their sleeves, and clean up a left wing mess. I just hope this time they themselves get spending under control, as that is the one thing Bush disappointed me in. I thought his admin would control spending, and they didnt. But they paled in spending as to what these current wankers are doing. When the left all cried about Bush admin’s spending, then they come in and in 8 months spent more than the Bush admin did in 8 years, well that says volumes about their hypocrisy on the left. Time for them to go.

        • Steve 514

          This is probably the most accurate comment I have ever read and is vary well said.

          • 45caliber

            But you can bet that no liberals will admit that any of this is right.

        • Larry S

          Well said, I might add that on 9/11 2001 Bush was presented with a budget busting choice that the current administration would have ran away from.
          A vast part of the Bush spending of course was the wars (right or wrong), Homeland Security, extremely high cost reactionary Yada Yada.

          • Jana

            Larry S,
            To add insult to injury, this morning on the news they were stating that congress is proposing a 1% fee, (they aren’t calling it a tax)
            on every single money transaction that we make. Every time you write a check, or use the ATM or use your credit card or buy groceries or gas etc 1% will go to the gov’t. Now this is supposed to go for paying off the national debt which they are now greatly concerned about. (Of course not concerned enough to stop spending or to stop getting a raise every year, or to work on creating jobs.)
            This is supposed to raise $4 trillion dollars a year. Yeah right, they will use this to pay down the national debt (pardon me while I gag). They will find other uses for it. More Washington parties, more gov’t salary increases, more gov’t employees I presume.
            Of course the poor will get a check back. Hmm of course, they will probably going to take 1% of that back too.

            We need to get these people out of office. They are totally out of touch with the American people.

          • Jana

            Actually not just proposing, they already have the bill written up and planned out.

        • Mike In MI

          Yah, but so what if we don’t change the schools systems, the teaching sysems and the social net systems? We had as presidents Wilson, then growth and properity, then FDR, and catastrophe. Then

          • Mike In MI

            (derned lazy finger) cont’d -
            Then Eisenhower and prosperity ’til LBJ and a mess and the cycles continued throughot every fifteen to twenty years with Peanuts, Clinton and Rubin setting up the biggest wealth thievery ever seen (with Bush’s help and consent). Now, we have got such a large contingent of people in the country who think taking care of every do-nothing-leech is the government’s job and not their own responsibility that they very nearly carry control of voting.

            Why? Because the social propaganda system of raising up the kids in the nurture and admonition of the Devil is so effective. Worse, passages of the basic documents of the nation either are not taught, are misconstrued or outright denied, changed or claimed obsolete. Who objects? How can anything change if that is not changed? Generation after generation of people will be matriculated and graduated with theories in their minds that fly in the face of the principles that run the Universe. It’s like telling people they can put hydrogen and oxygen together, fire it and get gold as the product.

            The worst thng is that the churches teach fantacies that bear little resemblance to what the Book says. Think I’m full of it? Read it yourselves for a change rather than allow your “bleeder” to interpret it for you!!! God says he will produce certain results for those that believe and live it the way He intended it to be understood and carried out. If you are seeing the signs, miracles and wonders they saw when they operated It in the first century – GREAT. You are in alignment with His program. If not, go read what Paul said about his gospel being in effect even to the end…in the day of the Lord Jesus.
            It was written by revelation, meaning Paul’s gospel had God’s endorsement, or he just made it up. If Paul just made It up then the Bible has less authority than Marx’s Manifesto. One or the other is true, not both.
            Nothing the majority of the people in this country want is going to happen until each of us, as individuals, makeup our minds about that dichotomy. George Washington claimed, “It is impossible to govern without God.” There is a difference between Governing and ruling.

        • Jana

          you are so right and now we even see Obama on his campaign trail calling anyone that does NOT agree with him, his enemies. Whats up with this? Are we seeing a mental breakdown here?

        • JeffH

          Beberoni, I concur with almost all of your comment. I’m just concerned about the Republicans that prefer the status quo…the sell outs, the NWO bunch.
          That said, I agree that it will be the Repubs that will roll up their sleeves and go to work but it is our responsibility to hold them 100% accountable.

          This comment at the end of John Meyers article, ” Instead the nation needs a lot of time, effort and leadership before we see any real improvement. A critical step in that will be when the country gets a new doctor. Hopefully that will be in two years. But even that probably won’t be a lead-pipe cinch.”. is what I see as the only way out…a lot of patience and sorting of the political class in future elections. Get us free from the World Banks, the Federal Reserve and rebuild America back into a freedom loving society.

          If we can’t weed out the GLOBALISTS from within the ranks and sever the tentacles of the beast like the EU, World Bank, UN, CFR, Illuminati, Bilderbergs, Soros and his far left socialist organizations like, Center for American Progress, ACORN, Apollo Alliance, Code Pink etc, and ultimately the House of Rothschild’s our future as a leader and free country is doomed.
          As you can see, there is a long road ahead to regain our prosperity and any rut in the road could mark the end of the line.

          Stay focused and don’t take anything for granted…the future for our children and our country depends on us all to make the right decisions, not just for ourselves but for this country and future generations of Americans.

          Vote NO to the Marxist/socialist/communists in charge and start the rebuilding process on Nov. 2, 2010.

          Remember, David did slay Goliath and together we can slay “The Beast”!

          • Angel Wannabe

            Damn right JeffH!

          • Gary

            Let’s start looking for some good smooth stones.
            The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

          • JC

            Jeff, you’re right about weeding out the sell outs in DC. Both patries have got them and right now we have a chance to knock some of their biggest player’s right off the field…starting with the Dems on Nov 2. And then we might get a chance to put the RINO’s under a microscope…ya never know.
            But one things for sure, everyone right of center needs to get out and vote…”Everyone”, because we’re at a crossroads.

          • Robert S

            What people don’t realize is that most politicians are weasels and have skeleyons in their closet. The powers that be know all of this because of the spying on people. When they get to Washington they are told either play ball or we publicize your misdeeds.

        • Carole Howell

          All this happened before Obama was even elected. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO SAY AFTER THE ELECTION? WHO WILL YOU BLAME? WHEN NOTHING CHANGES?

          You moan and groan and nothing will change, cause it is not a right or left, Liberal or Conservative, or even a Democrat or Republican problem. The problem is the system is hopelessly corrupt. Wake up. That is what needs to be changed. WE NEED PUBLICLY FINANCED ELECTIONS, WAKE UP.

          Check this out……we should take lessons…..

          France Riots Over Pension Reforms While Americans Lose Their Homes in Record Numbers With Hardly any Protest
          Retirement age is not really the issue at all. This is about union busting and “putting people in their place.” It’s about in whose interests will society be run.
          October 27, 2010 |

          Thank God for France. While American liberals tremble at the idea of sending an angry email to congress for fear that their name will appear on the State Department’s list of terrorists, French workers are on the front lines choking on tear gas and fending off billyclubs in hand-to-hand combat with Sarkozy’s Gendarmerie. That’s because the French haven’t forgotten their class roots. When the government gets too big for its britches, people pour out onto to the streets and Paris becomes a war zone replete with overturned Mercedes Benzes, smashed storefront windows, and stacks of smoldering tires issuing pillars of black smoke. This is what democracy looks like when it hasn’t been emasculated by decades of propaganda and consumerism. Here’s a blurb from the trenches:

          Headline: “French Energy Sector Crippled by Nationwide Strike… French energy facilities are close to total disruption in the wake of nationwide strike against the raise of the retirement age…..France has been hit by numerous protests across the country against a controversial pension reform that would rise the retirement age to 62 from 60….On October 22 morning 80 protesters blockaded Grandpuits oil refinery outside Paris, key supplier for Charles de Gaulle and Orly international airport.” (The Financial)

          Shut ‘em down.

          Take note, Tea Party crybabies who moan about restoring “our freedoms” while stuffing the backyard bunker with seed corn and ammo. Glenn Beck won’t save you from the “mean old” gov’mint. Liberty isn’t free anymore. If you want it, get out of the barko-lounger and organize. The amount of freedom that any nation enjoys is directly proportionate to the amount of blood its people spilled fighting the state. No more, no less. The man who is willing to accept the blunt force of a cop’s truncheon on his back is infinitely more praiseworthy than the leftist/rightist scribe crooning from the bleachers. The state isn’t moved by lyrical editorials or prosaic manifestos. It responds to force alone, which is why it takes people who are willing to “throw themselves on the gears” of the apparatus and stop it from moving forward. Unfortunately, most of those people appear to live in France.

          The resistance is steadily building in France. The budding rebellion is cropping up everywhere — “secondary schools, train stations, refineries and highways have been blockaded, there have been occupations of public buildings, workplaces, commercial centers, directed cuts of electricity, and ransacking of electoral institutions and town halls…” And the big unions are calling for more strikes, more agitation, more ferment.

          For more than a week, transportation has been blocked across the France due to the protests by students and workers. Sarkozy’s popularity has plummeted. 65% of people surveyed don’t like the way the French president is handling the strikes. 79% of the people would like to see Sarkozy negotiate with the Union on terms and conditions, but he won’t budge. Thus, the cauldron continues to boil while the prospect of violence rises.


          This is from an anonymous striker:

          “In each city, these actions are intensifying the power struggle and demonstrate that many are no longer satisfied with the order imposed by the union leadership. In the Paris region, amongst the blockades of train stations and secondary schools, the strikes in the primary schools, the workers pickets in front of the factories, people create inter-professional meetings and collectives of struggle are founded to destroy categorical isolation and separation. Their starting point: self-organization to meet the need to take ownership over our struggles without the mediation of those who claim to speak for workers.

          We decided Saturday to occupy the Opera Bastille. This was to disturb a presentation that was live on radio, to play the trouble makers in a place where the cultural merchandise circulates and to organize an assembly there. So we met with more than a thousand people at the “place de la nation”, with banners stating “the bosses understand only one language: Strike, blockade, sabotage.” (end of communique)

          The action was met with predictable police violence and mass arrests.

          The pension turmoil is not limited to France either. US pension funds are underfunded by nearly $3 trillion. Will US workers be as willing as their French counterparts to face the beatings (to defend “what’s theirs”) or will they throw up their hands and appeal to Obama for help?

          There’s no question that Washington elites have joined with Wall Street to offload the massive debts from the financial meltdown onto workers and retirees. Nor is their any doubt that they will invoke (what Slavoj Zizek calls) a “permanent state of economic emergency” to justify their actions. That will allow them to move ahead with so-called “austerity measures” that are designed to impoverish workers and strip popular government programs of their funding. The trend towards “belt-tightening” merely masks the ongoing class war which is aimed at restoring a feudal system of royalty and serfs.

          This is from an article by economist Mark Weisbrot:

          “If the French want to keep the retirement age as is, there are plenty of ways to finance future pension costs without necessarily raising the retirement age. One of them, which has support among the French left — and which Sarkozy claims to support at the international level — would be a tax on financial transactions. Such a “speculation tax” could raise billions of dollars of revenue — as it currently does in the U.K. — while simultaneously discouraging speculative trading in financial assets and derivatives. The French unions and protesters are demanding that the government consider some of these more progressive alternatives.”

          But the retirement age is not really the issue at all. This is about union busting and “putting people in their place.” It’s about “who will call-the-shots” and in whose interests will society be run.

          The French are fighting back against this “oligarchy of racketeers” and the ripoff system they represent, while namby-pamby Americans are neutralized by signing their umpteenth petition or venting their spleen at a Palin rally.

          Vive la France. Vive la Résistance.

          • Vigilant

            “The French unions and protesters are demanding that the government consider some of these more progressive alternatives.

            “But the retirement age is not really the issue at all. This is about union busting and “putting people in their place.” It’s about “who will call-the-shots” and in whose interests will society be run.”

            With all due respect, screw France and screw the Resistance. I lived in Europe for 19 years and can tell you the violence of the mobs simply shows the stranglehold the unions have on the government. “Union busting?” You’re damned right, and they deserve to be busted! France has the lowest hours per work week in the EU, and they are bitching about 62 as a retirement age? Come off it!

            It appears you are more enthralled with the violent aspect of this not-so-noble cause than you are with the philosophy behind it. No American worth his/her salt would prescibe and applaud violence as a remedy for our current ills. You might like to look into the history of the French Revolution, inspired by our own, to open your eyes as to the end result of that violent upheaval.

            No, things aren’t nearly that bad here yet, and it does a disservice to the Republic to aid and abet those like slickporsche in their traitorous threats to overthrow our government.

          • Roy Banes

            Carole, you forget one real reality, that being that when the first sign of violence by the enemy rears its ugly head, the French Surrender.

        • Christin


          Well said.

          I was also disappointed with the increased spending (piled up on us and loaned from China and Russia), but I would add it was disappointing that Bush being from Texas did not actively Secure the Border (He had some fences made)and protect us from the South.

          The Socialist Democrats will do anything to win (again asthey did in 2008) and we are seeing their political asassinations through vicious slander and demonization, Electronic voting tampering, pushing illegal voting (which has gone on in 2008 and for years even before 1996.), giving food to homeless guys to vote Demo, again multiple voting (ACORN all over again), and Progressive RINO primary losers not stepping down and supporting the winning Conservative Candidate.

          VOTE for the Constitutional Conservative Nov. 2nd and we will see if we can keep our Republic.

        • Big Chil

          Right on, Beberoni! I agree with you 100%. You also expressed a disappointment with Bush in that he failed to get spending under control. I agree, but my further disappointment with Bush was that he failed to do anything whatsoever about the illegal alien problem, as he had promised to do. In his second term he seemed to go off track. Perhaps the events of 9/11 created too big an opportunity to pay back some of his supporters. But with all his faults, Bush looks like an absolute statesman compared to the current occupant of our nation’s highest office. I hope we still have a nation left to save by the time that guy is voted out!

        • http://roadrunnergamilMozillaFirefox Bill Steigerwald

          Amen and Amen- Well said. My biggest fear is the ignorant & dumb citizenry we have that will put people into office like we have today- socialists- communists- radical extremist who want to turn America into another socialist state.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        guess I should have said BEING ABLE TO SAY YOU YOUNGSTERS……………

      • Richard Pawley

        I’m sorry to inform you Joe H. but there is no way, by any scenario, that this country will last 20 years much less 30. We are already broke, bankrupt, dependent on dumb foreigners who think their money is safer here than in their own countries. Well, guess what? Those foreigners are not so dumb anymore and many of them have been buying gold. Even that is not the best investment unless you already have a year or two of non-perishable food. In my latest politically incorrect book I recommended that one begin learning all they can about non-perishable food. In my previous autobiography, over four and a half years ago, I warned of the coming stock market crash and begged my few readers to buy gold at $500-$600 an ounce and I warned of the danger of derivatives, and I called what is coming “The GREATER Depression”. Well, it is still coming! The 111th congress has squandered more money since they took over in 2006 than it is possible to imagine. We are supposed to have more gold (8,100 tons) in the treasury than anyone in the world, but just the deficit – not what congress spent in the last four years, but what they over spent (The Deficit) is more than all that gold. Inflation is unavoidable unless all departments of government are cut by 20% and all the fluff bureaucracy, like the National Progressive Radio – yes, the one that fired their only black journalist Juan Williams last month for appearing on FOX News) and who get over $400 million a year in tax payers subsidiaries, are made to stand on their own two feet. This nonsense of ‘to big to fail” has got to be stopped. NO ONE IS TO BIG TO FAIL. Think Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler, and certainly not the banks and their well paid members of congress who caused most of this in the first place. I have tried to warn people of what is coming, of the destruction of paper money world wide, and the chaos that is coming, but since I can’t say exactly what month or year it will happen many choose to believe a miracle will save us. I happen to believe in miracles BUT NOT FROM POLITICIANS. If conservatives win big tomorrow and win big in 2012 the burden of the debt the Progressive Democrats (or the Marxist Socialists) have saddled us with IS STILL GOING TO CAUSE FOOD AND FUEL AND IMPORTED GOODS TO TRIPLE. Alas, I cannot tell you when but as sure as the earth goes around the sun it will happen because I doubt that any of the spoiled 47% who get from the government, nor the unions, nor the government itself will be willing to tighten their belt enough to prevent the collapse of both the dollar and the economy. Most in congress continue to pretend that all is well, as they whistle past the graveyard of fiscal irresponsibility. Even if the country appoints true Americans to congress who vote to rescind the deadly “health care bill” there are many doctors already planning to leave the country and thousands of others who will switch professions because they know Obama is convinced that Marxist Socialism is the way to go and he will veto it, and they could well go to jail if they do what is best for their patients. The first time they don’t do whatever the 15 Medical Czars (already appointed by Obama – their names were released this past weekend) instruct them to do they will be fined $100,000. No more private doctors and no more adequate health care. It may take until 2012 when we can replace the remaining democratic socialists and any RINO Republicans who are in congress and who will give us the 2/3 majority to overturn this terrible legislation that the unions wrote and the congress didn’t even read but my sources say that by 2012 millions will just stop paying taxes and the government will continue what they have already begun, just printing money, right up until the collapse. I don’t have the time to keep preaching to the choir and the left wing ideologues who are convinced of their godly wisdom in what is best for others and that we need a one world government run by the UN, and the right wing one worlders who think that having a one world government run by the banks is so wonderful. If those who have read these columns will not prepare what is the point to telling them over and over. Tomorrow is the beginning of the end. The end of the status quo and the ever rising taxes aimed at destroying the middle and upper class and reducing us all to lower class servants of “the controllers” or the beginning of the hard times of paying off our debt and tightening our belt and trying to solve our problems and not the world’s. We ARE the world’s last best hope. If we don’t care enough to do all we can, starting tomorrow, to restore our country and the dollar, than it is no wonder that tens of thousands leave our country every couple of months. Sadly, though, what is coming if we don’t wake up is going to affect the whole world for generations. Freedom lost is seldom restored. May God help us. No one else is likely to do so. The government can’t even help itself. This is it folks. DUM SPIRO SPERO!

  • Dan az

    The way I see it is that when we do take back the seats then obuma is not going to be around very long.The damage has been done but not all of the monies have been spent yet!Obumer hasnt got every thing started only the paper work and that can be burnt.If nafta was junked then the only thing for the rats that left us high and dry is to come back and start over.Then the jobs and the economy would start again and the sooner the better.When I see treason charges handed to all that deserve them then I will celebrate like there was no end.

    • Harold Olsen

      So will I but don’t hold your breath waiting for the new Republican majority to file treason charges against Pelosi, Reid, Obama and the rest who deserve it or even trying to impeach Obama (Omigosh, that would be racist!). I don’t believe they will have the courage to do it. I’m not even sure much will change with a Republican majority. What will happen, is those incumbents who get re-elected will latch themselves onto the newly elected and “explain” to them how things are done. I can’t remember who it was, but a Republican (I’m thinking Tom Delay) said in an interview a week or two back that that is exactly what will happen. That’s why I feel that ALL incumbents should be thrown out no matter what their party is.

      • eddie47d

        If you want to impeach Obama then throw in Bush/Cheney. We could make it a twofers deal or a threesome. We’ve all heard how bad the Republicans are and the damage they brought forth.Yet when it comes down to the nitty gritty you fall all over some of the same Republicans. Yes you have shown some tough love but I think it’s too soon for you to check out of rehabilitation.

        • Vigilant

          “If you want to impeach Obama then throw in Bush/Cheney. We could make it a twofers deal or a threesome.”

          eddie, your abysmal lack of knowledge of the Constitution is all too typical of the left. First of all, you can’t impeach people who are no longer serving in office. Secondly, you impeach people for violating the Constitutional law of the land, not because you’ve got some beef against them. Obama fits the “impeachable” category (as did Clinton), Bush/Chaney did not.

          • Jana

            Bush and Cheney are NOT IN OFFICE NOW. Get over it. WE have a PROBLEM names Obama in the WH now who is the problem.

          • Jana

            I reread my post and it looks like I am talking to you, but I am talking to eddie, in agreement with what you said.

          • JC

            Vigilant, I’m no lefty…but, Bush didn’t violate the Constitution?
            Two words: Homeland Security

          • Vigilant


            Kindly be specific.

          • JC

            Vigilant…I’m surprised you need specifics.
            The DHS has the ability to snatch Americans right off the street without charges and without trials and without representation.
            We’re being monitored by umpteen agencies as a result of 911, and a lot of that happened during the Bush administration.
            It is without a doubt a blatant assault on our freedoms and liberties as Americans. And probably the very thing that caused Obama to be elected. (That and McRino running as the Republican candidate)
            But my point is that Bush, like every other pres. of the last 50 years has disobeyed the principles set out in the Constitution.

          • Vigilant


            I’ll admit I’m not certain on this without further research.

            I know that Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus during the CW due to the danger of the situation, and it’s quite possible that Bush’s actions were effected along the same lines. The Constitution allows for suspension of Habeas Corpus “when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it.”

            “We’re being monitored by umpteen agencies as a result of 911, and a lot of that happened during the Bush administration.” True, and I see your point, but I wonder how many times a terrorist act has been foiled by doing such.

            The very concept of a group of people constituting themselves is the act of giving up some natural rights in exchange for protection by the
            government. It’s always a matter of degree, to be sure, but at this dangerous time I’m not certain where the line should be drawn.

        • 45caliber


          Yes, we have heard all those … ah … comments that say the Republicans were terrible and deserve impeachment/jail. But when you consider WHO is saying them, then I tend to blow them off. “Bush lied!” Really? I heard him say some things I believe he believed. I certainly believed them then and still believe most of them. What actual charges do you want to push? Going to war? That was a no-brainer after 9/11. Even the Dems all voted for that. They had to. I can still remember vividly watching the plane smash into the tower.

          Seriously, I doubt if you could come up with any charges with matching proof to actually try them for anything.

          The same can be said for Oblama – after all, he wasn’t the one who insisted Congress had to pass the Oblamacare program to see what was in it. And as far as I can tell he hasn’t actually broken any laws although he seriously bent some. But I could certainly be wrong considering some of the things done. Actually, I believe the biggest reason for impeachment (which doesn’t require a crime commtted) is the fact that he spends all his time flying all over the world campaigning instead of staying in Washington and trying to do his job.

    • DaveH

      Free trade is not the cause of our problems. And make no mistake, Free Trade administered by Government Panels is NOT Free Trade.
      You should read this article on the causes of the Great Depression, and perhaps you can aid in stopping the reoccurrence of that economic calamity:

  • Patriot1776

    A new set of supposed “constitutional conservatives” will not be the answer to our problems. The real answer for the economy is to have an actual free market. Which we have not seen in this country for almost a hunderd years. This is the problem. Like Senator Gregg from N.H. said “It’s endemic in our type of society that we always think there’s a person who holds the magic wand, but this society and this economy are far too complex to be susceptible to magic wands.”
    We have been sold a bill of goods when it comes to the economy. What we are seeing is cental economic planning. Just like China does, and is moving away from, we are doing, but moving towards more of it. Until the market is left alone and the elites stop trying to “control” it we will never see it get better. The depression will continue until markets are allowed to adjust themselves.

    • Bitter Libertarian

      I Filed a Complaint with the BBB on the Federal Reserve Fractional Reserve banking system and how that fractional reserve is destroying our monetary system & economy. In the complaint they ask what resolution you would like, I gave 3 things the number one is a Public Hearing with Ben Bernake. They forwarded the complaint to the new Your Office.
      End the Fed, its a Private bank with private interests, NOT the American peoples Interest.

      • Bitter Libertarian

        oops..meant New York Office…
        I also announced this on my facebook page…at least 2000 people will know WHY I am bumped off or if I disappear….

        • bruce d.

          Good job on that. I do not think you need to feel threatened though. The left relies heavily on making those who oppose them look absurd and out of touch with reality and do not need to rely on violence as a weapon unless, I assume, there is an extreme cercumstance.

          • Bitter Libertarian

            Jackson succedded in breaking the bank because he was loud, vocal and had a Truely Free Press reporting what was going on. There is strength in numbers and while I may not get physically attacked, there are other forms of decitful & dishonest attacks. IRS audits, drug raids, false accusations, etc…If I strike a serious note they could attack me using those means.

    • Dagney

      The economy is only complicated BECAUSE of all the central planning. Eliminate all that and let the system be free market as was intended when this country was founded and we would see ourselves out of this terrible hole quicker than anyone can imagine. No, government cannot fix the problem. As that lovely man, Ronald Reagan once said, government IS the problem. Or, another quote, ‘The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”‘. :-)

    • 45caliber

      Correct. But control is what these “elites” are all about. Control of the economy. Control of the military. Control of the people.

      • Mike In MI

        Right, 45caliber -
        That’s what they are about because that’s what their god (little “g”) is all about.
        They’ll never admit what they worship in public – except Saul Alinsky in the dedication to his book – and they definitely rely on the help from their god. But, if you’re in a fight with them you’re in a fight with a god. I can darn well guarantee, anybody who tries won’t win in that dogfight if human wisdom, ways and liabilities are the best he has to put on the field. He MUST have something better and more powerful than the adversary if he expects to win.
        Like the colonists who started this nation. If you think they beat the British crown with out some help…you should read “The Light and The Glory” by Peter Marshall and David Manuel, a REVELL book. Anybody who thinks they deserve God Almighty’s help needs to be proficient in doing things His way, asking for His help, getting it and knowing what to do with it. Proficiency implies skill and confidence.

        I’ll give you a “for instance”: Today I passed by the biggest Methodist Church in town. They had a sign out front, “Pray for World Peace”. That is the prayer of an unbeliever. How do I know? Because Jesus Christ said, “There shall be wars and rumors (alliances for) of wars unto the end.” It’s wasting your time to pray for things that are contrary to God’s Word. He won’t and can’t answer a prayer that contradicts what His Word makes clear. Somebody could die waiting for Him to respond to that request. Ignorant church people are directed to pray for all kinds of junk like that – that God can’t answer without making Himself a liar.
        I wouldn’t want somebody who prays fruitless prayers beside me in a life or death situation. I’d be a steamy mass of warm jello in a jiffy. I have no respect for ministers who teach people to do that nonsense. All they do is turn people into unbelievers and God-haters.

        • Christin

          Mike in MI,
          Great Point.

          I think those who would “pray for world peace” are praying for the 7 year Tribulation to come and the Anti-Christ to take his place and declare “false peace” for three and a half years before Armaggedon.

          “Real Peace” won’t come until Jesus comes back on his white horse and uses his double edged tongue to destroy the wicked on Earth with the saints (Believers) watching.

    • Allan Halbert

      I agree, however, I think the “problem” is not that complex. Leaders need to promote ideas that encourage self-reliance and initiative, and avoid ideas that don’t. That’s what makes America tick, and what liberals and Progressives can’t seem to understand.

  • Angel Wannabe

    A year ago one night, the old man I were discussing the economy. We both agreed, that If Washington lets the economy alone, it will adjust itself. Let what’s going to fail, fail. That when one business falls, there’s another one soaring like an eagle with success._On the other hand, if ya tamper with a bad economy, like a cold, it’s gonna get more complicated and last longer!__-Well Wah-La!!
    Risking the repetitive cliche’ that hopey, changey crap, is all talk, no show!__
    We’re Deeper in debt and much less free, than we were before! Quite frankly this bunch in the White House are about half nuts!!
    I’m a total skeptic, so I’ll refrain from holding a GOP victory celebration, just yet?!__Each “new” man or woman elected, is a new set of problems. With No guarantees on positive returns on the elected goods.
    The biggest thing we need to watch for now, is voter fraud, which is already taking place in Nevada,(go figure!) with Harry Reid. His name is apparently coming up on the computer, BEFORE anyone has the chance to vote!!__Ya know Washington, I’m talking to you!!__ You’ve had two years to turn this economy around!__You’ve done nothing but give us HCR, which we told you we didn’t want_and ya did it anyway!!!_-Your tapping phones, threatening or actually checking emails of American citizens, you’ve hired apparently 16,000 new IRS thugs, to make sure your getting ALL YOUR tax money__it looks as if you planning to let the Bush tax cuts expire, when the economy STILL SUX__the lids gonna be lifted off of energy (electric) companies in 2011__and you idiots have EVEN SHUT DOWN, TWO LITTLE KIDS and they’re mother, who were SELLING PUMPKINS, TO RAISE MONEY FOR SPORTS!__ WITH YOUR CHEST PUFFED OUT, BECAUSE THIS FAMILY, DIDN’T HAVE THE PROPER PERMITS TO SELL!__THEY’RE IS PLENTY MORE I CAN BORE YOU WITH, BUT I’LL REFRAIN!__THE WHOLE DAM LOT OF YOU OUGHTA BE BOILED IN OIL!_-they’ve NAMED A TV SHOW AFTER WASHINGTON__ITS CALLED “MAD MEN!”

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      You are correct sir. The free market system will correct itself. Let companies that cannot properly run a business, like GM and Chrysler fail and sink. Some other auto maker or some new ones will rise up that will do it right, and make money at it, and put out a reliable vehicle. But when the government interferes, and rewards bad behavior with billion dollar payoffs, that is all wrong. Then they seek to punish the successful business’s by taxing the living hell out of them. This stupid behavior has got to stop, and the democrats excellerate it to unknown heights. Everything they do rewards failure and punish’s success, and Im sick of it. They have to go.

      • Brad


        Didn’t you know, it’s the socialist way of doing things.

      • Dagney

        I seem to be on a Reagan quote kick today. Here’s another one that applies, “[G]overnment’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.” He was a very funny and smart man.

        • Angel Wannabe

          Dagney, Reagan is rolling over in his grave!!!

        • Harold Olsen

          I’m 61 and in my opinion Reagan was the best president of my lifetime. The ONLY thing I have against him is he supported NAFTA.

          • Dagney

            People on the left use imperfections in others to pound compliance to their revolting ideology. Reagan was a smart and wonderful man. However, he was a MAN and, I’m sure made some big mistakes. He definitely loved this country and knew what this country is all about. He did his best in his circumstances to adhere to the ORIGINAL INTENT. For that, he will go down as one of the best presidents this country has ever had.

          • Angel Wannabe

            HO, I loved Reagan, he and his wife Nancy were eloquent & classy. Reagan didn’t mind sharing our God either. I doubt we’d ever see another one like him.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I’m 59 and I soundly agree!!!

    • Bitter Libertarian

      You may not be celebrating very long…..if you expect politicians to fix anything you will be very disappointed.

      • Angel Wannabe

        Well Bitter Libertarian, what other alternative besides Government do you suggest?__Thomas Paine, said “Government is Nessasary Evil”?
        Ya can’t change Government, the mindset of the people has to change that run it!

        • Bitter Libertarian

          Its the People who need to change Angel….the people are choosing who runs the govt….the people are culpable…I have been guilty myself I do not speak from some lofty innocence..

        • bruce d.

          I agree with you Angel. Our educational system is our biggest threat to freedom in this country. There was a time when only the elite colleges taught ‘social welfare’. Now it is being taught all the way down to grade school. If we do not fix the school system sooner or later America will fall. If the kids do not understand the basics and benefits of ‘individual freedom’ as opposed to government care there is no future.

          • Brad

            bruce d.,

            Another problem in our schools, “UNIONS”, get them out then lets get back to the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Teachers should be paid by their students test scores, any teacher who can’t motivate and educate needs to step to the back of the class and out the door. There are quite a number of talented teachers and professors, just get the unions and political ideaology out of the classroom then well will start seeing better grades from our kids.

            Today our students are ranked either 25th or 26th in math and science, that’s not good. Colleges and universities need to fire any tenured professor who hasn’t worked in their field of expertise for 5 year’s, it’s so they can provide real world experience to the next generation of students. Then of course that same professor needs to stay on top of technology, the associated changes that affect business and the community.

          • bruce d.

            I agree Brad but it is absolutely imperitive someone teaches the kids on the basics of American freedom. It needs to be mandatory in the school system.

          • 45caliber

            One real problem with education in this country is that after they teach the kids socialism, environmentalism, communistism, racism, etc. they don’t have time to teach the students such things as reading, writing, arithmetic, history, and science. It’s no wonder they can’t compete with children from other countries.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            bruce d,
            They want to cut out the founding years of our history. that way, thirty years from now, if we are still a nation, and someone walks all over the constitution there won’t be any disention over it as they won’t know what is in it!!!!!!

          • Christin

            Not all teachers are bad. Some are happy, fun, creative and very knowledgeable… and some are lazy, lecture too much and hate being there. Teachers are given a curriculum to teach and some materials. The rest comes from the individual Teacher themself to make the learning exciting, fun, interesting and have the students engaged in meaningful learning discussions and activities.

            I do not agree that a “Teacher should be paid by the students’ test scores.”
            That leaves THE STUDENT and THE PARENTS O U T of the equation.

            Shouldn’t the STUDENTS have to LEARN the material presented well enough to EARN their good grade? Shouldn’t the student have to “LISTEN”, “TAKE NOTES”, “FOLLOW ALONG along in the book, handout, chalkboard, or overhead projector” and “PARTICIPATE” (and not day dream) in class? Shouldn’t the Student BEHAVE in class and NOT talk and ACT UP so they and others can learn? Shouldn’t the student have to take their textbooks & workbooks and study sheets home to DO THEIR HOMEWORK and STUDY for a test?

            Whose job is it to learn the information… the Teachers?… the Parents?… no the STUDENTS! The TEACHERS job is to present the material clearly and make it meaningful and fun to engage the studnets. The Parents job is to see that their child is completing assignments and help with homework, projects and studying… and signing the REPORT CARD (checking the Grades & Behavior earned.)

            Isn’t it the job of the PARENT to make sure that their child IS DOING THEIR HOMEWOK EACH NIGHT? Isn’t the Parent suppose to make sure their child has a quiet time set aside to do home work and study with good lighting and a flat surface such as a desk or table, pens, pencils, paper and a computer to do homework? Isn’t it the Parents job to check their child’s grades and Conduct on papers, tests and Report Cards to make sure their child is being successful that year AND if NOT call the school or send and e-mail to the Teacher to see what the problem is and discuss how they can get their child learning and achieving again?

            I might add that in some cultures the students are “too macho” and don’t do homeowrk or study, let alone desire to participate in class as it is not cool and they will appear “white” which evidentially is an insult to be intelligent and hardworking.

            And lastly, I might ADD the SCHOOL and ADMINISTRATION into the mix of responibilities of student learning. The School and Admin. should provide a good environment for the students to be SAFE and to learn, TRUE information (that’s a Textbook problem) and good textbooks and materials that are complete and important.

            Often the Administration heaps TONS of work on the TEACHERS in addition to Teaching students on various levels and some in their class are in Special Education, Bilingual or dyslexic which means modifying the teaching, and some students may even be from Juvenile and have committed crimes; they have to pull morning and after school duty, monitor halls between classes, deal with student behavior problems, absences and makeup work and Tests, grade papers and test and write lesson plans on the WEEKEND and bubble or post grades for report cards. Teachers have busy schedules besides teaching their subjects: PE, Music, Art, Library, Lunch, Bathroom Breaks, and Collect money for Lunch, Field Trips, Book Clubs, Class Pictures and be make phone calls to parents and be available for Open House, After School Meetings and Parent-Conference Day… You see I could go on forever.. I know because I was part of this (insane) public school process as a Teacher for many years.

            Don’t be so quick to PLACE ALL THE BLAME on the Teachers.
            They are working their butts off.

            I am NOT happy with the NJ Teachers & their Unions who SELFISHLY SAID “NO” to Gov Christie to balancing the state budget and taking a pay freeze for one year.

        • http://MSA Kirby

          If the lawyers would quit getting elected in to office maybe things would change, what we really need is “HONEST” lawyers, bukt where will you find an honest one?
          One other point why do we not get a raise in our social security and the the polititians turn around and give themselves a $4,000.00 raise, now does this really make sence

          • 45caliber

            At one time it was illegal for a lawyer to run for any office except judge. By their profession, they are a part of the judicial branch of government. For them to go on to take positions in the legislative branch or the executive branch gives them far too much power.

          • 45caliber

            The definition of an “honest” politician:

            Someone who STAYS bought.

        • Robert S

          Angel That might have applied 200 years ago when we had statesmen not lifetime bloodsuckers.

      • Patriot

        It will take time; the sleeping Giant has been awakened and will stay engaged. The internet is our best weapon to educate ourselves and keep these people accountable, we need common sense principled people not career politicians! Lets’ start the long hard work, Real Americans have never opposed long, hard work for the betterment of future generations! This fight is much different then others we will not need armies or weapons to win this one, it will take many years of engagement and weeding these enemies from within out. The pen is mightier then the sword or in our case the information super highway! Just yesterday our President called everyone that disagrees with his agenda an enemy, can you have ever imaged that? Now we know, let the fight begin; November 2, 2010 is just the start of something that has been brewing for years! Let’s shock the establishment in both parties!

        • Dagney

          I think you are very right. Barak Obama actually has been a great gift to this country. He has woken most everyone up like nothing else would have. Sales of conservative-leaning books are through the roof, too. The people are educating themselves here on the internet and by buying books that will help them. Though it is not in our DNA, I think, that even though the Marxists in our education system try to beat it out of people, we all seem to grow up knowing that America is special. Many people just were never taught why. Now they are looking it up for themselves and it is a great thing to see.

          • http://none Mike

            Yea now if little jhonny shows a spark of intrest its called ADD and they give them drugs for that :) Sad but true Mike L.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Dagney, Becks new book, “Broke” is good, I just bought that. Our son just bought, Sacred Fire, I’m anxious to read that one!__I’ve got 10 to read over the winter!

          • 45caliber


            Only ten? That’s a weekend’s reading! You should pick out more.

          • Angel Wannabe

            hey 45 I ain’t done collecting yet!!!lol

          • 45caliber


            Between my wife and I, we have over 30,000 books. And all but a hundred or so we are working on has been read – some several times.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Maybe by the time I’m 90__45__lol

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I know the feeling, we’ve got books stacked in almost every room in the house!! thank heavens that the books haven’t discovered the bathrooms!!!! i can still find the commode!!LOL!!

        • Warrior

          Out with the Progressives and neuter that sob leader of theirs.

        • Angel Wannabe

          That’s right Patriot Obama looks upon us as the enemy, he also said the repubs have to go to the back of the bus, sounds like a remix of Rosa Parks from the 60′s!_Doesn’t it?

          • Jana

            What’s going on with Obama anyway? Is he having a meltdown? Sounds like he is. At the very least he is showing his true colors again, and this is not a racist statement. He is showing what he stands for Socialism, Communism and Marism.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Jana, I said the same thing to my old man, he sounds more and more like he’s going off the deep end!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Angel Wannabe,
            I thought I would laugh till I pizzed my pants when I watched the news reels of the one ploitician telling Nobama to take his endorsement and shove it!!!!

          • Angel Wannabe

            JoeH, Ya just gotta love politics, don’t ya?___Obama has gone from “Yes We Can” to “Take this Endorsement and Shove It!”!__LOL

      • Harold Olsen

        I’ll just say this: Along with journalists, politicians are the scum of the earth.

        • 45caliber

          According to polls taken, politicians, lawyers, and journalists fall at the bottom of the professional list of respect.

          Reason? All three depend upon lies to make a living.

      • coal miner


        You don’t look it,more like pushing ninety.The way you talk,you sound like you should belong in the 1930s.Ha,Ha ha.

    • Vigilant


      “The biggest thing we need to watch for now, is voter fraud, which is already taking place in Nevada,(go figure!) with Harry Reid.”

      See this morning’s Fox News? “A federal appeals court has struck down a key part of Arizona’s law requiring voters to prove they are citizens before registering to vote or casting ballots.

      Tuesday’s decision by a panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found that the law requiring voters to prove their citizenship while registering is inconsistent with the National Voter Registration Act. That federal law allows voters to fill out a mail-in card and swear they are citizens under penalty of perjury, but doesn’t require them to show proof as Arizona’s law does.”

      Do you expect to see a lot of convictions for perjury, given the fact that the Feds have such a great track record in enforcing immigration law? What a farce!

      Watch for the devious hand of SEIU, ACORN derivatives and other sleazy political operatives in the close races.

      • Angel Wannabe

        Vigilant__Yessssssssss_ and that makes me sick in the guts!!!!_-I said all along, as I’m sure others feel the same, that VOTES ARE the very reason Washington won’t doing anything about securing the border!__The B*stards and they think we’re stupid!

      • Angel Wannabe

        vigilant, so it’s obvious that National Voter Registration Act, trumps the Constitution!?

        • Vigilant


          It wouldn’t be the first law to violate the Constitution (re: Obamacare). The 9th Circuit is the biggest (dangerous) joke in the US system of jurisprudence. Their record of being overturned on appeal is something like 90%.

          P.S. Thanks for the link; that’s a good site.

          • Angel Wannabe

            The Biggest problem in Politics today Vigilant is HONESTY!

          • vicki

            They might be overturned but not before Nov 2. Do you really think that AZ will go back and invalidate all those illegal votes?

          • Angel Wannabe

            I doubt if they’d over turn it vicki, ya can’t trust NOTHING and no one today__it’s just a damn shame!

      • Angel Wannabe


        hope link works

      • 45caliber

        Houston is having problems too. It seems that one district (Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee) had 20,000 bogus voter cards. A group registered as watchers and in only a couple of days of voting has identified the voter workers of voting for others and telling others to vote Democrat. She came in, raised hell, and then started telling all the voters to vote for her – while standing within a dozen feet of the voting machines.

        And I heard that someone in Ohio area had problems getting the machine to vote anything except Democrat.

        • Angel Wannabe

          At’s what I said to the old man 45, I wonder how times my Dead Dad voted?
          It’s despicable!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          being from Ohio, it had better work for ME on Nov 2!!!!! If not, I might just get in trouble!!!

  • Teresa

    Sadly voter fraud is already going on. Illegals are already being allowed to vote(Now we know why the borders were never secured and Obama REALLY went after Brewer and AZ). Reids name was automatically checked on boxes in his district in some counties, some military as we already knew would not be allowed to vote due to the great unionized run postal service. Of ANYONE surprised AT ALL!!!!

    • http://none Mike

      Thats for the non english speaking voter who might have a problem reading the ballot. Wasent it so nice of him to save them that problem :) (toung squarly in cheek there) Mike L.

    • 45caliber

      The Dems have always been against the military voting. A couple have even tried to make it illegal for them to vote on the grounds that voting would be military interference in an election. 90% of them vote conservative.

  • LiarsMustBeDefeated

    Once again, we (the people!) must put honest people in positions of power. And, it will indeed take patience and some time. But, the vote is only part of the process. VOTE each day with how you spend your time and money.

    • Robert S

      I don’t know any honest people who have the money to run. Even if they did the media would ignore them or demonize them.

      • Dagney

        I have donated to many conservative candidates that I learned about here on the internet. They have been raising money $10 at a time all year from me. If you think the vote is only on November 2nd, think again. I’ve been voting all year for Marco Rubio, Joe Wilson, Sharron Angle, just to name a few. These little guys, buy some reports have been doing pretty well with all these little donations. You don’t have to be rich to get noticed. I think you just have to be internet-saavy and conservative enough.

      • Harold Olsen

        Do honest people run for office? The term “honest politician” is an oxymoron if I ever heard one. No matter who they are, once a person gets elected they seem to immediately allow themselves to become corrupted. There’s an old saying, “You can’t force someone to do anything he doesn’t really want to do.” Or words to that effect.

        • Dagney

          Yes, honest people run for office. However, there is a huge corrupting influence in Washington. Part of it comes from the fact that 16th amendment allows them to tax all income. This has caused inprecedented growth and corruption in government. There are reports that the entrenched in Washington want to refuse to allow the new representatives to bring their own staff with them! They want to ensure the newbies all get “co-opted” into their corrupt way of thinking. The people who we vote for, hopefully, are not only honest but have backbones. We shall see. If America stays awake, if they mis-step, we can vote them out.

          • Vigilant

            Re “honest” politicians: how many have you seen in interview or at a debate, when asked for a straight “yes” or “no” answer, actually answer “yes” or “no?”

            Sadly, I can’t recall even one. Lawyers!

            What do you call 50,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? A good beginning.

          • 45caliber


            What do you call a lawyer who takes up sky diving?


        • 45caliber


          An honest politician is one who STAYS bought.

        • 45caliber

          It’s no wonder we have problems with government. We have 3% of the world’s population – but we have about 55% of the world’s population of lawyers.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          check out Duncan Hunter. He’s about the most honest politician I know other than Ron Paul!!

      • 45caliber

        Robert S

        A few doctors do. That’s why there is a bill in Washington (probably won’t pass) to make it illegal for doctors to run for office. (They should remain in medical practice due to their oaths.) They are about the only ones who can challenge a lawyer’s money. And that is why the government through Oblamacare wants to regulate doctor salaries. They want to insure they can’t get rich enough to run against a lawyer.

      • vicki

        Use social networks like twitter and facebook etc. Bypass the expensive MSMedia. It will take time but start your campaigns now and be ready.

        Freedom of the press used to be only for those who own presses. That addage is still true however for the first time in history, because of the internet, freedom of the press is for everyone cause EVERYONE can own a press.

    • Warrior

      So True-

      T’was the night before elections
      And all through the town
      Tempers were flaring
      Emotions all up and down
      I, in my bathrobe
      With a cat in my lap
      Had cut off the TV
      tired of political clap-trap
      When all of a sudden
      There arose such a noise
      I peered out my window
      Saw Obama and his boys
      They had come for my wallet
      They wanted my pay
      To give to the others
      Who had not worked a day!
      He snatched up my money
      And quick as a wink
      Jumped back on his bandwagon
      As I gagged from the stink
      He then rallied his henchmen
      Who were pulling his cart
      I could tell they were out
      To tear my country apart!
      ‘On Fannie, on Freddie,
      On Biden and Ayers!
      On Acorn, On Pelosi’
      He screamed at the pairs!
      They took off for his cause
      And as they flew out of sight
      I heard him laugh at the nation
      Who wouldn’t stand up and fight!
      So I leave you to think
      On this one final note—

      • Angel Wannabe

        THAT’S GREAT!!!

      • Vigilant


      • JeffH

        Warrior, love it!

  • Patriot

    I never believe polls, the only thing the average citizen can do is educate themselves and vote! My only hope is that the voting system is not corrupt (I just read that a law in AZ voted by the people that made it illegal to vote if you did not prove citizenship was overturned by 2 liberal judges, can this be true?). I am mad as Hell and I am not going to take this anymore, I hope the rest of America feels the same way and the masses come out to override any corruption in this system.

    • bruce d.

      Find a way to make judges understand and swear an oath to ‘original intent’ of our Constitution is equally as important as the education of our youth in the principles of freedom. Every European I have talked to personally has no interest in personal freedom. Their concern is ‘social welfare’ and what can be collectively done for them. They like Obama because of this. They believe he is one of them. Leftest find no value in indivdual rights and freedoms and only pay lip service to its concepts. Everything is for the group and leveling the playing field so everyone gets their so-called fair share.

      • Vigilant

        Yes, “It Takes a Village”…of idiots.

      • 45caliber

        They do swear an oath to follow the Constitution. They just ignore it, just like Congress and the President do.

    • Brad


      I saw it today, the ninth circut court of appeals upheld a lower courts decisions to strike down the people of AZ again citing the voting rights act of 1968. Stating the VRA provides the necessary prerequesite for voter verification and registration, that states could not add to the 1968 act.

      • Teresa

        The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned Arizona’s requirement that people show proof of citizenship to register to vote.

        The split decision by a three-judge panel determined that the requirement to show proof of citizenship — passed by voters in 2004 — is not consistent with the National Voter Registration Act.

        Associate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, temporarily sitting by designation, and Circuit Judge Sandra Ikuta, with chief judge Alex Kozinski dissenting, said Prop. 200 creates an additional hurdle, while the national act is intended to reduce “state-imposed obstacles” to registration.

        The majority noted that Congress was well aware of the problem of voter fraud when it passed the voter act, and built in sufficient protections, including applying perjury penalties to applicants who lie about their eligibilty.

        The court determined Arizona’s polling place photo identification requirement, however, is a minimal burden and does not violate the Equal Protection Clause in the 14th Amendment.

        Attorney General Terry Goddard’s office is still reviewing the decision and was unavailable for comment.

        Secretary of State Ken Bennett said he does not anticipate that the ruling will make any difference in voting next week, since it wasn’t in place when registration closed Oct. 4.

        Bennett said the state plans to appeal the ruling, adding he disagrees the documentation sets up a barrier for registration. “I think it’s an outrage and a slap in the face of Arizonans who are concerned about the integrity of elections,” he said.

        • http://none Mike

          Stacked court 1 week before the election and we are so supprised. It seems if you cant legislate you need to litigate. Thats what has saved this adminastrations a$$ more than once. How many laws have been passed by the SC in the last year have we really heard about. one for your consumption might be Judical I think thats the sight name. Mike L.

        • JC

          Why don’t they nullify the Federal Ruling? It’s an
          un Constitutional ruling.
          They have every right to do so.

      • 45caliber

        They conveniently waited until there is no time to appeal it before the election, didn’t they.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          as stated above, NULLIFICATION!! Only nullify the vote!! If the court finally relents on appeal, nullify the election in the states that filed before the election!!!

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Redfray

      There needs to be a court to try the Judges who do not keep there oath, including all politicians. Of course, who would try the cases? It would need to be someone besides a lawyer. In my opinion, judges should NOT be lawyers. this is a “conflict of interest”.

      • http://none Mike

        We used to try thoes cases alot if they did something the people thought was bad they were either disbared or if the transgression was bad enough taken out and hanged.

  • s c

    We got rid of Dan Rather (almost by accident), and we can be rid of rich politicians and other criminals who infest Washington. After almost two years of hypocrisy, incompetence, lies and treason (and a mindless ‘let’s pass this legislation to see what’s in it’ methodology), it should be obvious to most rational adults who needs to be booted out.
    Either you’re against crime in high places, or you’re not. Either you love freedom, or you don’t. Either you have a conscience, or you don’t. Either you’re sane, or you’re not. Either you’re an American, or YOU’RE NOT. Either you belong here, or YOU DON’T.

    • JeffH

      s c, simplicity…I believe in it…well said!

    • 45caliber

      I agree full heartedly!

  • Bruce

    What I want politicians to “fix” is their meddling. Undo the meddling. Repeal laws that have interfered with free commerce. Repeal laws that have caused more problems than they fix. Rescind regulations; fewer bureaucrats; fewer agencies; fewer rules and forms.

    • bruce d.

      I agree. It is odd but what you want to rescind those left of center want to make more of. They are fighting for more regulation. The way you value your freedom they value their regulations.

  • FreedomFighter

    This is but one battle in the war to defeat the progressive liberal socialist/communist takeover of America, but it is an important battle, so important it could determine the outcome of the war of ideas.

    If the evil alinskites win, America spirals into a downward plunge. Freedom of speech will be stomped out, liberties taken, illegal immagrants givin the power to vote entitlements for themselves feeding like parasites on the working producing people of America untill the inevitable collapse.

    Think about this:

    14 to 20 million or more illegals in America, subtract them from the job market and unemployment would be 4-6 percent not 10-15. Billions in federal entitlements would be saved, billions in state funds saved.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • 45caliber

      But look at all the Democrat votes lost!!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I’m looking!!! I’m looking!!!!

  • Bluff Rat

    I think this is a good starting point.

    Conservative Manifesto
    Dan Thornton

    The purpose of this document is to distill the essence of a conservative and to clarify the motives and intentions of the conservative movement. A conservative is one who values individual liberty and desires to preserve that liberty for himself and his posterity. A conservative realizes that government’s only power derives from the governed, and that government’s only legitimate purpose is to protect and promote the liberty of the governed. To this extent, the remainder of this document will focus on the platform necessary to achieve this end.

    From a historical perspective, it should be noted that our country has been under assault from liberals, internationalist, socialist, and others for at least the last century. Their purpose has been the destruction of individual liberty and the destruction of our sovereignty as a free nation. This purpose has been promoted by both the Republican and Democratic parties because there has been no clear distinction between the two parties. It is not within the scope of this manifesto to defend this statement, but for those interested in proof, it is evident from a careful reading of history. What follows is an outline for the reformation of a free society.

    Constitutional Government

    - All future laws must identify the specific provision in the Constitution that gives congress the power to do what the bill proposes.
    - All future laws are single issues bill without amendments. (no pork)
    - A congressional committee must begin a review of existing laws and identify those that are in conflict with the Constitution.
    - All laws found to be in conflict with the constitution will be repealed or modified to comply.

    Separation of Powers

    - Only the legislative branch of the government has the authority to create laws.
    - The executive branch only hast he authority to carry out the laws. Executive orders should be eliminated.
    - The judicial branch has the authority to administer justice and uphold the laws. Legislating from the bench should be eliminated.
    - All branches of government are sworn to uphold the Constitution and failure to do so is grounds for removal from office.

    Term Limits

    - Members serving in Congress shall be limited to a total of 12 years in any combination of the house or senate.
    - Congress cannot vote itself wage increases – all increases are based on consumer price index or 3% whichever is less.
    - Congress participates in social security and public health insurance, and there is no other retirement program provided.
    - Congress must abide by all laws imposed on the American people.


    - All treaties that threaten the sovereignty of the United States of America are null and void.
    - All treaties that conflict with the Constitution of the United States of America are null and void.
    - All treaties that transfer American jobs to foreign nations are null and void.
    - Funding of the United Nations is discontinued.

    Balanced Budget

    - A balanced budget is required annually.
    - Entitlement programs will be phased out over 10 years.
    - Social Security will be funded for those who were forced to pay into the system.
    - Social Security for those who did not pay will be phased out.
    - Medicare will continue for those who paid into the system but will be phased out for those who did not.
    - An audit of the Federal Reserve and Fort Knox will be conducted bi-annually.

    Tax Reform

    - Eliminate the graduated income tax and replace it with a single rate tax or fair tax that everyone pays equally.
    - Provide no tax incentives for dependents.

    Federal Agencies

    - Establish a committee that engages in complete audits of federal agencies and programs.
    - The committee will conduct salary studies to compare public wages to the private sector. Wages will be lowered for government employees when they are 1% greater than the private sector wage.
    - Defined benefit retirement programs will be eliminated, and all government employees will share in the public retirement system.
    - The committee will make recommendations for elimination, consolidation or improvement of agencies.
    - The committee will make recommendation to congressional committee on constitutionality issues.

    Immigration Reform

    - All immigrants coming to the United State of America must speak English, be employed, and willing to assimilate into our culture.
    - All immigrants who remain unemployed for one year will be deported.
    - The so-called anchor baby scam will be eliminated.
    - Borders will be secured and illegal crossing will be eliminated.
    - All illegal immigrants will be deported.

    As a postscript, I must recognize that I used The Contract from America in part for creating this manifesto. You will note that I did not address such issues as cap and trade or energy policy for that matter. It is my belief that with careful consideration, these will be found to be either un-constitutional or issues for the states, and there is no reason for inclusion in this document.

    • Brad

      Bluff Rat,

      The only item I would change is;

      - The judicial branch has the authority to administer justice and uphold the laws. Legislating from the bench should be eliminated.

      it should read as follows;

      - The judical branch has the authority to administer justice and uphold all laws found binding by the constitution. Legislating from the bench shall be eliminated.

      Other than this I agree 99.5% with your post.

    • Dagney

      Okay, just a couple points:

      You say at the beginning there is no difference between the parties yet you use the Republican “Contract From America”. I believe there is a big difference between the parties. Just look at who voted FOR the health care monstrosity and who voted NO. Now, that’s not to say their are no Marxists in the Republican party because there is. Just saying that there is a difference between the two parties and cleaning house in the Republican party will be much easier than in the Marxist (the true name of the Democrat) party.

      The other point should be about taxation. If the other points of this manifesto were actually completed (what a wonderful dream!), and all unconstitutional works of our current government eliminated, there would be NO reason to have any kind of tax. The 16th amendment needs to be repealed and the government needs to make do with the tarrifs or other income they were able to run on before the ratification of that amendment. If a SMALL flat rate is needed for a time to fund people who have paid into Social Security and Medicare, then that flat rate should be sunset-ted (to borrow a phrase from the Socialists).

      Otherwise, I agree with this whole-heartedly!

    • vicki

      Bluff Rat writes:
      “Constitutional Government

      - All future laws must identify the specific provision in the Constitution that gives congress the power to do what the bill proposes.
      - All future laws are single issues bill without amendments. (no pork)”

      Go to and send messages on the campaigns that cover the areas above.

      Enumerated Powers Act
      /etp/campaigns/87 (Just add this to the link above)

      One Subject at a Time Act

      Something to do now while waiting :)

      “- A congressional committee must begin a review of existing laws and identify those that are in conflict with the Constitution.”

      Don’t need a committee. Just need to use the courts. Such a committee could be useful in getting laws to follow the 2 requirements above however.

      “- All laws found to be in conflict with the constitution will be repealed or modified to comply.”

      Already exists. The whole and ONLY purpose of the federal judicial branch of government.

      Separation of Powers

      “- Only the legislative branch of the government has the authority to create laws.”

      Already exists for those who uphold the Constitution they SWORE TO protect.

      “- The executive branch only hast he authority to carry out the laws. Executive orders should be eliminated.”


      - The judicial branch has the authority to administer justice and uphold the laws. Legislating from the bench should be eliminated.

      “- All branches of government are sworn to uphold the Constitution and failure to do so is grounds for removal from office.”

      Already exists. The method of removal might need adjustment.

      Term Limits

      “- Members serving in Congress shall be limited to a total of 12 years in any combination of the house or senate.”

      As much as I like the idea it deprives us the right to choose who is to represent us.

      “- Congress cannot vote itself wage increases – all increases are based on consumer price index or 3% whichever is less.”

      How bout we vote them any wage increases. We rarely get the benefit of CPI raises why should they?

      “- Congress participates in social security and public health insurance, and there is no other retirement program provided.”

      Or we get the same programs they do :)

      “- Congress must abide by all laws imposed on the American people.”

      Already exists. For those who can read :)


      “- All treaties that threaten the sovereignty of the United States of America are null and void.”
      - All treaties that conflict with the Constitution of the United States of America are null and void.”

      This is a puzzle. For my simple understanding this should already be the case. Any treaty that violates the limits imposed on the Federal Government must of their nature be null and void. There is much historical precedent supporting this view including legal decisions of the US Supreme court. There are however precedents the other way.
      (See the “Bricker Amendment” at

      “- All treaties that transfer American jobs to foreign nations are null and void.”

      Seems that would be a violation of the Constitution and covered above.

      “- Funding of the United Nations is discontinued.”


      “Balanced Budget

      - A balanced budget is required annually.
      - Entitlement programs will be phased out over 10 years.”
      - Social Security will be funded for those who were forced to pay into the system.
      - Social Security for those who did not pay will be phased out.
      - Medicare will continue for those who paid into the system but will be phased out for those who did not.
      - An audit of the Federal Reserve and Fort Knox will be conducted bi-annually.”

      Like all of them

      “Tax Reform

      - Eliminate the graduated income tax and replace it with a single rate tax or fair tax that everyone pays equally.
      - Provide no tax incentives for dependents.”

      Just eliminate the income tax entirely.

      “Federal Agencies

      - Establish a committee that engages in complete audits of federal agencies and programs.”

      Dump all those who are not authorized by the Constitution. Then maybe a committee could audit the remaining agencies if any.

      • Allan Halbert

        Vicki, you said regarding term Limits

        “- Members serving in Congress shall be limited to a total of 12 years in any combination of the house or senate.”

        As much as I like the idea it deprives us the right to choose who is to represent us.”

        We all agree that Congress is f..king up our country and we are frustrated as hell. If we keep avoiding term limits, we have only OURSELVES to blame! Waiting for honest politicians is NOT WORKING. The structural changes Bluff Rat proposes have merit and make us feel good, but how realistic are they to happen in the next four to six years? After repealing Obamacare, getting spending under control, and getting out of the way of small business, we should be pledging our representatives to pass a term limits law for congresspeople, which should have happened when we did so for President. All the bad things that happen in Washington, happen because professional politicians are there as long as they are. Like food that sits in your refrigerator too long and starts to rot. But you can’t throw it out when you smell it. You have to wait. And it has a lot of money and connections to keep itself there! The ability we have to “keep a few good ones around” OBVIOUSLY is NOT WORKING, or this blog wouldn’t exist! Term limits will attract a more service oriented candidate who does not have as much experience in lying and who is not there expecting to become wealthy because of other’s productivity, namely the taxpayers.

        • Mike In MI

          Allan H. -
          We already have term limits – called, “the right to vote”. Every time you get to the polling place you get the right to term limit an incumbent. It’s a great idea and should be exercised a often as possible – especilly upon those who appear to be becoming income-bent.

        • vicki

          As he said we already HAVE term limits. It’s called “Vote” Now keep in mind that our form of government is fit only for a moral people so if you have lots of people cheating with multiple votes or dead votes or imaginary votes our form of government will collapse.

  • alpha-lemming

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Constitutionalists need to take their leads from the progressive play-book. They’re correct when they say things won’t dramaticly improve in 2, 4 or even 20 years. We’ve had over a hundred years of progressive (Marxist/Communist) creep to get to where we are today and it may take a hundred years to return government to its Constitutionally proper/mandated size, scope, and influence. Incrementalism is slow but it worked for the progs and the chipping away of this oligarchy will be akin to landscaping with a teaspoon.

    • Bitter Libertarian

      Isnt it amazing how that Hundred years of American Erosion, corruption, and vandalism began With Wilson & the federal reserve act? Right after the Fed was born…2 world wars, and an ENDLESS STRING of wars…Hmmmmmmm….doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure this one out…Follow the money…..its the root of all evil

      • Angel Wannabe

        BL, money doesn’t HAVE to be the root of all evil. Through a little research, the Founders insisted on thrift. They didn’t me cheap or trash back then. They meant be frugal, don’t buy things on credit, you know you can’t afford. Now, Im not going to deny I wasn’t the thriftiest in my younger years and I payed for it. But thankfully ya grow up and get some responsibility under you belt. But in the case of Washington, they are like kids in a store full of candy, they don’t know what to consume first, and here of late, say the last two years, they’ve done all the wrong things!__Everything doesn’t require “fixing”, some things are better off alone!

        • Bitter Libertarian

          Do you support a Private Bank controlling our Money in Violation of the Constitution?

          • Angel Wannabe

            BL, my answer is a resounding NO?__The Question is, what is ANYONE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT!__Power is Money my friend, and Money is power!__The only entity that has that kind of power is GOD himself, all we can do is pray.

          • Angel Wannabe

            BL, the question still remains, WHO is willing to take the risk to change it?__

          • Bitter Libertarian

            The people supporting their politicians telling them to support legislation to eliminate private control of our Money! The newly elected politicians Must know that we are behind legislation to repeal the Federal Reserve act of 1913.. “he who controls a Nations Money controls the Nation.” Ben Bernake is More powerful then the President because he decises the value of money, wages, interest/usery rates, etc..even the President is weak compared to him in that position

        • bruce d.

          I agree with you. There is no evil in money. That has been played up by the left to further their agenda. It is the intent of the person with the money to use it for good or for evil or for just a means of exchange that gives money meaning. Same concept as “guns don’t kill-people do”.

          • Bitter Libertarian

            never said Money was evil, but people do evil things for money..cannot believe I have to explain this….Money, the quest for money, the desire for money is at the root of evil..this saying/concept goes back hundreds perhaps thousands of years….roots are necessary but roots are the source/pipeline of good & bad…
            The Fed uses money for more BAD then good…if you dont understand this your part of the problem.

          • vicki

            Money is NOT the root of all evil. Money is merely an efficient barter mechanism. Ask yourself WHY did someone do bad for money. It is not for money it is for what they can do WITH money. Loot to the cause not the symptom.

            Simple example. An addict does not steal for money they steal to have something to trade for what they want.

            A politician does not steal for pieces of (fiat) paper. A politician steals to barter for power. Power is what a politician wants. Power to control others.

            The government does not steal money (taxes) at gunpoint (evil) to get money. The government can create all the money it wants to just by printing more (fiat) paper. The government takes money to control how much money people have. It is to control what people spend their money on. It is the desire for power over others that is the root. It is the desire to violate others free will that is the root.

        • Dagney

          The correct phrase would be “for the LOVE of money is the root of all evil”. Big difference.

          • Bitter Libertarian

            My Apoligies, I stand corrected.

        • Teresa

          Money is not the root of all evil…is the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil!

      • alpha-lemming

        Might not be the root, but evil certainly has money on their speed-dial.

        • vicki

          That is because money is an efficient. method of barter

      • Harold Olsen

        And isn’t it interesting that the new history books that are being forced upon our schools begin American history at the time of the Wilson presidency? Could it be that they don’t want kids to learn what this country is really supposed to be and what our founding fathers meant it to be?

        • Angel Wannabe

          Absolutely HO, our pitiful financially poor educators, have seen fit, to remove the real history and only retain what they think the kids should know!

          • 45caliber

            When it was pointed out to one teacher here that there was an error in a history book she told the student, “This is the way the government wants you to learn it and this is the way I’m going to teach it. It doesn’t matter if it is right or wrong. And it WILL be on the test this way!”

        • 45caliber


          What annoys me as much as anything is the fact that they no longer teach Civics to the youth. That taught you what the Constitution was and what your rights were under it among other things. Now they barely mention it at all in history. So the graduates are wondering why the older people keep talking about it. I even heard (true??) that a couple were arrested and sent to jail in FL for teaching a church group what the Constitution said – for government “harassment”.

        • Angel Wannabe

          That’s pathetic 45!__Where the hells the parents of that child that hapeened too, are they fighting it?

          • Angel Wannabe

            oops 45 I meant, happened!

      • Vigilant

        Actually, the beginning of the end started with Teddy Roosevelt, who claimed that if the Constitution didn’t specifically prohibit the Gov’t from doing something, then the Gov’t could do it.

        Using his rationale, the Gov’t could proclaim that the sky is pink and the Moon is made of green cheese.

      • JeffH

        Bitter Libertarian, your comment leads right to the Rothschilds & Rockefellers – Trillionaires Of The World. War Mongering Central Bankers Own “The State” i.e. the Component Parts that Comprise “World”. “Money is the god of our times, and Rothschild is his prophet.” The True Evil Doers!

        “Money is power or shall we say, the monopoly to create credit money and charge interest is absolute power” : Alex James

        “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws”: Amschel Bauer Mayer Rothschild, 1838

        Letter written from London by the Rothschilds to their New York agents introducing their banking method into America: “The few who can understand the system will be either so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favours, that there will be no opposition from that class, while, on the other hand, that great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that Capital derives from the system, will bear its burden without complaint and, perhaps, without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.”

        Author Frederic Morton wrote that the Rothschilds had: “conquered the World more thoroughly, more cunningly, and much more lastingly than all the Caesars before…”

        “Centralisation of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.” The Communist Manifesto. In the case of the Bolshevik revolution, Rothschilds/ Rockefellers’ Chase Bank owned the state. In the US, the FED owners “own” the state.

        Nathan Rothschild said (1777-1836): “I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British money supply.”

        Rockefeller is reported to have said: “Competition is a sin”. “Own nothing. Control everything”. Because he wants to centralize control of everything and enslave us all, i.e. the modern Nimrod or Pharaoh.

        • coal miner


          Very good.You know,conservatives, liberals and moderates are under their control.Join the IWW today and make a difference.

          • JeffH

            Thanks for the offer but no thanks.

          • coal miner


            We are the true libertarians;no one control us.We respect all people,no matter what race, color or creed.Anarchy is the best rule,which means no rule.All governments are evil,capitlist,socialist and fascist,they are all dictatorial.We stand for true freedom,not the imatation.

            We’ve been here for a century now, and raring to go on and organize workers for the next 100. The world is in huge trouble, however, for its working masses and the earth’s very survival with the madcap cancerous rampage of an insatiable, carnivorous capitalism. The working class, despite all, remains the best hope to challenge it. All the so-called “mainstream” unions in this country are shrinking rapidly and represent 13% of US workers at present. Animated, even panicky, discussion is going on right now for the restructuring of the AFL-CIO, but most proposals are for top-down hierarchical approaches, staying within the parameters of business unionism, supporting the Democrats with even more money, and not challenging the very existence of capitalism as a class movement. Certainly, the core ideas expressed in the IWW Preamble are more relevant than ever. The IWW will be in the middle of all this dialogue, calling for a class-conscious, rank-and-file controlled democratic labor movement, empowering women, people of color, and sexual and other minorities within the working class to be fully participatory components within it. And above all, working to end the great scourge of capitalism. At the Seattle anti-WTO globalist demonstrations in 1999, the IWW contingent carried a banner, reading: “Capitalism Cannot Be Reformed”. Amen!

          • vicki

            Coal miner writes:
            “We are the true libertarians;no one control us.We respect all people,no matter what race, color or creed. Anarchy is the best rule,which means no rule.All governments are evil,capitlist,socialist and fascist,they are all dictatorial.We stand for true freedom,not the imitation.”

            To quote someone wiser then we.
            “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

            There is nothing evil about government. Only evil that people do WITH government.

            Now let us look for a moment at your proposed anarchy solution.
            There is a rather well known gathering of people called “Burning Man”. It is famous for many things including “no rule”. In 2007 someone there put no rule to the test. They set the burning man on fire (the normal thing to do) when they wanted to instead of when the rest of the people were expecting to. They were in big trouble. Why? They just did what anarchists say. They let no one rule them. They lit the burning man when THEY wanted. They even claim to have taken precautions that no one be hurt.

            This is your anarchy. For a better description of why anarchy WILL ALWAYS FAIL go here.

          • vicki

            Oh and here is a link to the fasinating details of the 2007 Burning Man incident.

  • Mick

    The biggest thing we need to watch for now, is voter fraud, which is already taking place in Nevada,(go figure!) with Harry Reid. His name is apparently coming up on the computer, BEFORE anyone has the chance to vote!!__

    Angel…….I am from Nevada and I voted a week ago. I didn't see any irregularities on the machine I was using but of course I live in a smaller city but Vegas, I definitely would be on my guards. I don't think democrats could win without the help of manipulation and trickery.REID has been in the political arena for way too long . he knows all of the tricks..

    • Angel Wannabe

      Thanks mick, I saw it on FOX news. And while I’m skeptical to a fault, the positve in me wants to believe, the Dems won’t win with cheating!__Pray!!

      • Mick

        Angel Wannabe says:
        October 27, 2010 at 10:54 am
        Thanks mick, I saw it on FOX news. And while I’m skeptical to a fault, the positve in me wants to believe, the Dems won’t win with cheating!__Pray!!
        Angel,,,,,,,,,With the many morons plaguing our society my positive has a hell of a fight with my negative but as you say, Pray ………..

        • Bitter Libertarian

          Prayer is good & necessary, but “faith woithout works is dead.”

          That means after praying … DO Something!

          • Angel Wannabe

            BL, do you know how many presidents tried to stop the fed reserve in the last 100 or so years?__Do you how many people “May” have been harmed, jailed, presecuted & worse in the process of tampering with it?_

          • Mick

            Bitter Libertarian says:
            October 27, 2010 at 11:03 am
            Prayer is good & necessary, but “faith woithout works is dead.”

            That means after praying … DO Something!
            Bitter Libertarian ,,,you have an excellent point………..

          • Angel Wannabe

            BL, I get where your coming from, but all the writing, calling and complaining to our representatives are worth NOTHING, if they’re NOT LISTENING!!–WHICH IS WHAT WE’RE FACED WITH NOW!

          • Bitter Libertarian

            I do Angel, Kennedy was murdered for it amongst other reasons. It is worth it. I’d rather die standing up for what I believe (after praying) then keep kneeling asking for my Creator for something to happen. By that I mean no disrespect to you. However there are far too many people praying and doing nothing afraid to stand and take action.

          • Angel Wannabe

            BL, Lincoln too!

          • Bitter Libertarian

            Angel, if you get time, it takes about 3 “The money Masters” There were two other presidents we can add to that list. I dont want to spoil it for you though. Worth watching & sharing.

          • Angel Wannabe

            BL, heres a link too, fasinating!


            scroll down to must see videos about 10 minutes each!

          • Bitter Libertarian

            I Love that WHOLE sight! I can Identify with 99%!! Thank You Angel!

          • Angel Wannabe

            BL, I’ll to check out the money masters , thanks! :)

          • 45caliber

            I saw something awhile back – true or not, I don’t know. But supposedly a man was up on some charge. The government wanted the man found guilty and locked up. They told the judge to find him guilty – but the judge determined that the charges were false. He found the man innocent and released him.

            The feds were upset about it since they wanted to use the man as an example. The judge paid his accountant to do his taxes and filed. Then he was hit by the IRS for tax fraud. The accountant admitted that he had been told to make the tax form wrong or he would himself go to jail. The judge went to jail – for refusing to obey orders.

            As I said, true or not, I don’t know. BUT it could certainly be possible today.

          • Angel Wannabe

            45_ I read about him, but can’t remember his name__ There was also another one who challenged the fed, and has been in jail for years__don’t know if its the same man with two different stories or not.?!

        • Angel Wannabe

          me too mick, while sifting through all the political rhetoric is facinating and amusing, it’s like having two brain cells left, and hell they’re even fighting!!!__LMAO!

    • coal miner


      Wrong,anarchy has never existed,yet.I am talking about a futuristic world society.People will no longer be slaves to all powerful military,industrial complex,they will all be gone forever. All governments are evolving and will be doom to extinction,you will either have mob rule or anarchy.Anarchy is the final stage of rule and will usher in the golden age of mankind.If not, you will have mob rule,we will revert back to our savage selves and mankind will eventually become extinct.We could lose all interest in technology,within a mere hundred years. Experts are predicting it.SAVE OUR PLANET! JOIN THE IWW TODAY AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE!We can’t be corrupted, bought, or control.

      • vicki

        Anarchy is a vacuum and has existed many times. But you perhaps are a bit young and have not had the pleasure of experiencing it.

        Here is a link however that describes the 5 basic forms of government and what happens to them.

      • vicki

        Coal Miner writes:
        “People will no longer be slaves to all powerful military,industrial complex”

        You say that like it is a new concept. You should study the US Constitution and the early days of the Republic. People were not slaves to an all powerful military-industrial complex cause they just won their independence from England which was the closest to an “all powerful military,industrial complex” available at the time.

        It was not for many years before government meddling way beyond the limits of the Constitution that the US got a complex that might be considered similar. I do note that the US one doesn’t kidnap folk and put them on ships as sailors so the US doesn’t have an “all powerful” military-industrial complex. Yet.

        Maybe after obama buys a few more companies we will be close.

  • slickporsche

    I will do my job and vote, but I expect nothing. I am hoping and praying that all goes well and the Dems take a horrible beating. The “if” still remains and those that elected this fool are still amongst us, so any thing can happen. I sincerly hope if the election goes bad that we will all rise up and take arms to defend what is left. Better to be dead than to live in a shithole like Obama and company has envisioned for us.

    • Mick

      slickporsche says:
      October 27, 2010 at 10:47 am
      I will do my job and vote, but I expect nothing. I am hoping and praying that all goes well and the Dems take a horrible beating. The “if” still remains and those that elected this fool are still amongst us, so any thing can happen. I sincerly hope if the election goes bad that we will all rise up and take arms to defend what is left. Better to be dead than to live in a shithole like Obama and company has envisioned for us.

      slickporsche,,,I second that !!!!
      If people have any sense what so ever they will realize that we’re taking the European direction, france has strikes on the averoage of once a month because of this stupid Unions control which stops life for every other citizensand pu the country in chaos everytime…Come on folks, grow a pair and regain your pride before we all become slave to our own government.

      • http://none Mike

        As much as I dont like to be negitive I find it hard some days. Here is a real negitive poit that if things arent changed and soon I fear is comming. This is the third world mentality creeping in to our once first world nation. Wouldent it be convienyent for thoes muslim extreamist that are out there (and other extreamist groups) for us to reduce ourselves to a second world status. There by makeing their terroist tactics that much more effective.I give as an example of this the french people. Have you noticed that just by breathing the word plot they can just about totally shut down France now? And this is creeping into other european countries as well. Meanwhile their people are rioting in the streets over a 2 year retirment age raise? Its more scary than I care to contemplate if there are thoes in our goverment that may know this is going on and say nothing about it either through duplicity of ideas or through seeking to use just such terroist threats to futher control the people. Rothchileds this Rothchields that. I dont belive for one instant that he who controls the money controls all power Rather its he who controls the people that controls it.One major attack on our food or water supplies and all the money in the world wont keep us from starving to death or dehydration.Ever notice the rise in such food born diseases here lately ? I fear this attak has allready begun eventually there will be a strain of e.coli that will be devloped that will be near 100% fatel. Then when we no longer are able to trust our food supplies the dysatary will begin(testing in Haiti?)No there are much worse things out there to worry about than just the money.Untill we open our eyes and start to bring about the true changes needed in ourselves as well as in our leadership things will still be on a stedy slide twords the most insidious of all isims TOTALARINISIM the one thats killed more people than most all oter isims combind (kosova rowanda iraque iran N Korea and ealy Cuba) Now that I have thorally depressed myself I need a drink :) Mike L.

  • Mischelle W

    Thank you for a truly excellent article. I know it will take work, but without the bumbling democratic majority maybe the focus will be on things that help the economy instead of the field mice in Pelosi’s back yard.

    BTW BL – Anybody without a job right now would tell you that money is NOT the, “root of all evil.” They would tell you that they like money. Money isn’t evil, but power used for corruption is evil.

    Well said – Bravo! I can’t wait to see the election outcome!

    Thank you again John Myers!

    • Bitter Libertarian

      I never said Money was evil, but people do evil things for money..cannot believe I have to explain this….Money, the quest for money, the desire for money is at the root of evil..this saying/concept goes back hundreds perhaps thousands of years….roots are necessary but roots are the source/pipeline of good & bad…
      The Fed uses money for more BAD then good…if you dont understand this your part of the problem.
      The Fed CONTROLS the money that means simply they have more POWER then We the People.
      Nit pick me on this issue not let that cause you to believe the FED isnt a HUGE problem worth eliminating.
      If anyone believes that the FED isnt the keystone to our problems I strongly encourage you to watch “The Money Masters” and get some good education on the matter. Its eye opening & accurate, with no political adjenda.

  • Bitter Libertarian

    The U.S. Federal Reserve is close to embarking on another controversial round of monetary easing (WSJ) next week, amid fears of deflation and a weakening economy. The hope is to spur more investment and spending to bolster the recovery. But the efficacy of the policy–which aims to drive up the prices of long-term bonds in order to push down long-term interest rates–is being hotly debated among economists and Fed officials. Some Fed officials are pushing for an aggressive stimulus (Reuters), while others are skeptical of the idea altogether. The market expectation is for the Fed to initially commit to buying at least $500 billion in Treasury debt over five months. Markets could interpret the announcement as an open-ended commitment by the Fed to boost the recovery, driving up U.S. stocks and government bonds and pushing down the U.S. dollar. Some Fed officials are concerned (FT) about the difficulty of eventually selling the assets they buy, the risk of distorting the Treasury market, and the political implications of moving into fiscal policy.

  • FireMall

    @–Vigilant says:


    “The biggest thing we need to watch for now, is voter fraud, which is already taking place in Nevada,(go figure!) with Harry Reid.”

    See this morning’s Fox News? “A federal appeals court has struck down a key part of Arizona’s law requiring voters to prove they are citizens before registering to vote or casting ballots.

    It’s not a big secret what the Illegal Laws qcovering Illegals is about.
    Now, heres the real deal about the south of the border invasion.
    Never mind the Fact the illegals are destroying any & all positive aspects of America’s Honor ,Morals, Integrity and of course the economy.
    One needs to look on the other side of the big picture and take notice of Obama’s latest diversionary gig and the true “Triad” goal of the Mescan fiasco.
    “O”/ Zero has instigated yet another Executive Order allowing 80,000 Muslim immigrant refuges to make the U.S. their home. And of course they will be handed a Big Fat Check [ or bag of cash] to begin / fund their plans to own / destroy / enslave the Infidels. Which of who ,ironically would include 100% of the Tea Party supporters or in total , around 75% of all Legal American Citizens.
    The remaining 25% are of course the Liberal Traitors of “We The People’s” America.
    There is also ,imo, a real possibility that many of the Muslim refuges will also be recruited into “O”‘s “Private Civil Militia” forces & be under “O”‘s Total Control after the Agenda has completely negated / nullified all aspects of -”The Constitution of the Untied States of America”..

    If revenge has crossed some True Freedom Loving minds here concerning the Leftist Marxist Pigs of “O”‘s agenda, do not to worry about the revenge issues. Revenge will come back to them in the same manner they prescribed it to their Fellow Americans.
    After the Agenda is further advanced to the point of absolute anarchy , 90% of the “O” supporters will be joining the True Americans in the Camps of Obama’s Socialist Misery.
    Their usefulness will no longer be their saving grace , thus their self imposed Misery will be “We The People’s” revenge . Sayest “The Lord”– “We The People” ,Of a Once Great & Godly America’s Only Hope.
    In the meantime, just for General Principles——————————————Fire-M-All.

    • Angel Wannabe

      Fire m all__At’s what I’m sayin’!

    • Bitter Libertarian

      In the meantime, just for General Principles——————————————Fire-M-All.

      I agree 100%!!

  • Bob Wire

    Well, you are right ! It’s a lead-pipe cinch the GOP will gain some seats.

    beyond that, it’s pure wishful thinking.

    But to say Obama has destroyed the nation in just two years is totally absurd. That’s just partisan zeal talking and of course this site is where it’s done and perpetuated.

    Will Obama go for 8? It’s stacked against him for sure, ~ but what’s new about that?

    Can I hold you too your hopes of making a difference in the way the GOP leads the nation? For I have my doubts and when I hear “over the top statements” void of content or the facts, it only concretes these doubts.

    • http://none Mike

      Bob, I may not agree with him (Obama)on his ideas. Mainly more govement control is nessary for us to recover. On this point I am in total disagreement with him. But that doesent mean that I wish him ill as a human being. I am the type that would love to try to get inside his mind through a conversation over a beer and dinner and see how and why he thinks the way he does. Not that I might change his mind in any manner though mostly he is a product of his upbrining. What one inputs most often he outputs. This being said lets look at that. He has been influnced in his thinking through exposure to people like Mr. Ayers who belive that the capitolist system is the greatest ill in the world today. His rev. Mr. Wright who is deeply seated in the black liberation theology that belives the white man still owes the black for social injustice of slavery and still belives to this day that they are oppressed. On that point I would say that its folks like Mr. Wright there that are keeping their own people imprisiond in poverty by poisioning their minds and hearts against the system that has lifted them much higher than their ancestors in africa are even todayI.E not liveing in mud huts and starving to death. So no I dont hate the man but I will still stronly dissagree with his ideas civilly of course. Mike L.

      • Allan Halbert

        I think if you get inside Obama’s head, the main thing you’d see is an obsession with changing the system, and a resentment toward others based on his life. Unfortunately, he has been surrounded by people who helped him develop ideology, but character, and he is now paying the price for that. This is a confused, frustrated, and stubborn man who does not seem to understand the true character of America, a man who had the ability to become President, but lacks the character and values to be President.

  • Bitter Libertarian

    BTW Bob, Good article. I believe those Debt numbers stated are low. With 50 Million + at the Poverty Level, the real Unemployment numbers are closer to 20%, no quick/rapid way to employ 30 million Americans its coming to a critical explosion point.. The Govt has 2 choices….
    1-Print money and allow inflation to take hold which will slowly force more into the poverty level driving the recovery back even further. This has 2 directons it can go…WWIII or Revolt..
    2-Do nothing and allow it to collapse so it can be rebuilt from within. This would lead to some social unrest, but avoid a world entanglement unless they call in the UN then the gloves are off.

  • Mick

    Bob Wire says:
    October 27, 2010 at 12:18 pm
    Well, you are right ! It’s a lead-pipe cinch the GOP will gain some seats.

    beyond that, it’s pure wishful thinking.

    But to say Obama has destroyed the nation in just two years is totally absurd. That’s just partisan zeal talking and of course this site is where it’s done and perpetuated.

    Will Obama go for 8? It’s stacked against him for sure, ~ but what’s new about that?

    Can I hold you too your hopes of making a difference in the way the GOP leads the nation? For I have my doubts and when I hear “over the top statements” void of content or the facts, it only concretes these doubts.
    Bob Wire,,,,Anybody with any common sense should know by now that the Democrats always have been against the people who succeed and veer toward the non- productive in our society..
    If the GOP hasn’t learned their lesson by watching the democrats debacle then it will be time to discard them as well but after this 2006- 2008 fiasco we have to hope for the best,,,

    • Bob Wire

      ” Bob Wire,,,,Anybody with any common sense should know by now that the Democrats always have been against the people who succeed and veer toward the non- productive in our society..”

      I see that you are one of the ones prone to making sweeping judgments and statements.

      You illusion of the Democratic party might serve you well but it’s surly not rooted in “Common Sense or Rational Thought” but partisan party fever.

      You pick and choose what you wish to see, willing to discount and ignore data and information that conflicts with your vision.

      Someday you must learn to consider all the data and not permit yourself to be lead.

      The DNC wishes that all whom apply themselves to enjoy the fruits of their labor and efforts.

      You seem to suggest the wealthy need defending and needs your help. That’s awfully considerate of you to take up their banner, I’m sure they appreciative of it.

      We need the wealthy and the wealthy only need us as relation to our numbers. The more there is of us, the less they need us.

      What do you do with things that you really don’t need?

    • eddie47d

      Mick; Democrats aren’t against anyone succeeding only the unfathomable greed that collapsed our economy.Some of which is still going on today.

      • Angel Wannabe

        eddie47dYes, yes, it will continue as long as there are Progressives!

        • Bob Wire

          So are you casting the first stone Wannabe?

          • Angel Wannabe

            Why?__Are you a Progressive?__If so, then if the shoe fits?!

      • vicki

        eddie47d What is this unfathomable greed you claim collapsed our economy?

        • Angel Wannabe

          Vicki, I’ll chime in, I don’t know who eddie thinks is responsible, in my opinion it’s the upper echelon financiers!

          • Vicki

            It’s obviously governments unfathomable greed for power. The government forced banks to lend. People who had no hope of paying for houses on their own merits got to have a house and even profit by reselling it later. Or not.

            Obama was even involved in lawsuits to force lenders to lend.

            No need to blame even banks for this one.

            And of course there is inflation. When those who print money put lots more in circulation inflation MUST happen. The laws of supply and demand pay no attention at all to the wishes of government.

        • JeffH

          vicki and Angel Wannabe, after all this you can’t figure poor eddie out…it’s the EVIL CORPORATIONS who ship American jobs overseas with the backing of the RREPUBLICANS and CONSERVATIVES that have destroyed the foundation of America. Oh, I forgot that maybe a few Democrats might have been responsible and how can we forget all of the employers that have caused the immigration and job problems by hiring those illegals for pennies on the dollar instead of paying fair wages to hard working Americans. Sometimes everybody is to blame, or, I don’t know anymore. RIGHT! WRONG! I’m so confused.
          No, it’s Kate8′s fault for stirring the pot or JC’s fault or nightmare’s fault and Jeff is always there with his smoke…I’m just so confused! LOL!

          • JeffH

            ….with tongue in cheek I gotta add, give Obama the chance to turn it around…if not, vote him out…if he deserves it, afterall he’s not an evil conservative or Republican.

          • Vicki

            Lol. We gave Obama a chance. 2 years and a fillibuster proof Congress of his own party. Look at the change he gave us. More bailouts. More non working stimulus, Health reform that will most certainly change health care, more taxes, more spending.

            He had his chance. I am not impressed.

            I did not vote for Obama. I did not vote for Reagan.
            The difference is that Reagan DID impress me.
            I did vote for Reagan the 2nd time.

          • Angel Wannabe

            JeffH,__ I didn’t vote for Obama the first time, I sure as hell ain’t gonna start with the second trip around either!__As for eddie and bob wire, sometimes those two talk themselves into a utopic corner. I think quite simply we need to cut loose the free markets_period! Keep taxes low, minimum regulation___In time, and it wouldn’t take long before Ideas would begin to flourish, shops would open, jobs would be had, they’re would be money in peoples pockets to consume__Actually I think it could be quite simple!__If the power hungry back off!

          • JeffH

            I didn’t vote for the Marxist Obama either.

  • Bob Wire

    and for the record, my old man was wrong as often as he was right as well. But he was always Dad and the world was according to the book of “George”

  • FireMall

    @–Bitter Libertarian
    “I never said Money was evil, but people do evil things for money.”.
    ————————————————————————- Agree — Money is what one chooses believe it is.
    IMO, Money is not necessarily the root of Evil.
    Depending on whether the money one has came from someone else’s Misery or it has enhanced others lives to a decent degree. , would be the deciding factor of Evil vs. Good money.
    Even Biblical principles support this concept.
    ref: Pay thy servants well.
    Dot Gov has now , gone well past it’s usefulness in Benefiting It’s Citizens and has become the primary source of their miseries, even when the recipients of evil money do all possible to not allow the absence of Good to make them Victims of such .

    As far as my personal life, I only want enough to have some semblance of Peace Of Mind. I learned long ago how the pursuit of Happiness & Peace of mind will never be found in the portraits of the almighty paper currency.
    To many people have not learned that more Money is not likely to be the final & redeeming salvation to Peace of Mind.
    However, The ones that have “not” learned what /where True Peace of mind is Truly found & have chosen to pervert / destroy / control the “Peace of Mind” that All People of the world well Deserve.
    I.E. Current & past leaders & their masters. ref: Soros’ , Clintons’, Obamas’, Hitlers’,Pelosis’, Musolinies’, Trojan horses’ of deciet, etc, of “Like Miserable Minds”, lacking True “Peace of Mind”

    • 45caliber

      Money is not the root of all evil; the LOVE of money is. And too many of our leaders do love that money!!

  • Eric Bischoff

    Republicans as usual are campaigning on smaller govt but every time they do that they end up building up govt and deficits even larger. More lies. Dragging out the old tax cuts and trickle down theories again even though they have never worked. These guys like to look back and quote history but only when it is paramount to their viewpoint. Somehow they want to ignore that the best and most prosperous times in our history have always had the highest taxes on the wealthy and corporations. It worked and they don’t have a leg to stand on.

    Democrats are sometimes well meaning but all in all they are disorganized, gutless windbags. If they had real guts they would have passed a simple healthcare bill. It could have been accomplished in one or two ways using models already proven to work in many other countries. I am sorry but when you rank in healthcare the way we do in the world you have to put your ego aside and just model something someone has already figured out to work. Anything would be better than what we have. We had 2 simple choices. The German model of non-profit insurance or the other UK/French/Canadian Public Option model. Either one is simple and cost efficient. But instead they tried to please both sides and got mired in bull. The current bill which you all love to call ObamaCare is a giant overly complicated mess that doesn’t serve the people well. But it does stop the insurance companies from discrminating against pre existing conditions. You can blame Obama all you want but thats disingenuous, everyone is responsible for it. They would have been better off passing one simple law at a time starting with. Thou shalt not discriminate on pre existing conditions. If you want to be in the insurance business you have to be willing to gamble. You are not allowed to constantly stack the deck in your favor. This isn’t Vegas.

    RepublicRats are 2 sides of the same coin. One face pretends to care more about the people while to other only cares about wealthy people and profits. In the end they are mostly the same and they just take turns screwing us and stuffing their pockets and their friends pockets. It’s the good old boys network. It’s really the only reason to pay for an ivy league education.

    Voter fraud keeps getting better and better and I don’t mean Acorn. That was a convenient but meaningless scape goat to distract from the real calculated and well orchestrated methods of every dirty trick in the book which they have figured out add up to rig the game one way or the other. Many of you seem to have unquestionably bought into the false Acorn propaganda. If you don’t know what they are, check out BBC Investigative journalist Greg Pallast’s books and documentaries.

    Unlike you John I have no problem debunking the myth of Reagan. I think that guy did extensive damage to this country and we will be paying for it for years to come. If we fall for a clueless pretty face and good speaker like Palin we will follow in those footsteps.

    In the end we are all responsible and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Collectively our behavior, our beliefs, our values have brought us to this day. We seem unwilling to face it and we are spending most of our time blaming each other.

    Massive trade deficits, huge national and personal debt, high unemployment, a fat and sick society with no pensions, no savings and no equity left in their homes. This didn’t just happen in the last 2 years. This is decades of stupidity, bad ideas and wrong policies from both sides of the isle.

    The Conservative Road Map, and it doesn’t matter if they are Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians or Tea Baggers, is still outsourcing more of our manufacturing, cutting services to the poor and unemployed, cutting education and arts budgets, lowering taxes for the rich and corporations, ignoring the inevitable but coming massive costs of global warming, Increasing Military, police and prison budgets, fighting unending wars and more than likely starting another one with Iran and possibly the entire middle east.

    That is a recipe for disaster and one much more ominous than what we have now.

    The only way out of this mess is with a gutsy, intelligent, revolutionary, real progressive agenda. Unfortunately that is the course we can’t seem to muster up the courage to embrace. The one we are too afraid to even discuss. We don’t need to go backwards with Sara Palins and Rand Pauls right now we need a new Thomas Paine, one that will propel us again onto another higher more enlightened level. Nothing short of that will cut it.

    But would we listen if one showed up?

    • eddie47d

      Eric; Thanks for some counterbalance. Everyone should be asking the Republicans what jobs they will produce and where are these jobs going to come from. If they give you the same song and dance then they will be no different than the Democrats.The economy will not change without solid answers and so far the Republicans haven’t pulled any out of Their rabbit hat.

      • Angel Wannabe

        eddie47d, The current Government has made messy situation even worse. Its not Governmnents job to provide JOBS. They’re to keep tax and regulation low enough for entrepenures’ to flourish and for jobs to be created. Instead tax and regulation is so high , this drove industry off shore, the jobs and the job creators. Government is not to play Daddy for those on welfare, or pay people 99 weeks worth of work for no nothing!_-If they stop all the entitlements, lower the taxes and stop all the crazy damn regulation, both individual & buisness, the private sector would pick up. As it is they got us by the kahunas and they know, so do we. I worked for myself since I was 16, I could start another business right now, but if Government thinks, I’m forking over a maximum of 35& of my spoils, they can rot in hell, I’ll do with out it or give it a way.

        • eddie47d

          There is still hope for Obama but the change is rather shaky.I Guess we’ll have to sit back and see what kind of magic tricks the Republicans come up with.

          • Angel Wannabe

            eddie47_it’s a wait and see game to see if ANY of the politicians are listening. If they don’t and it’s politics as usual, we’ll votem the hell out and start again!

          • Bob Wire

            Say it as many times as you wish and believe it as strong as you might won’t change the facts or the figures.

            we are not in the peril of an economic collapse as severely as we were in early 2009. In someways I wish “W” could have carried the ball one more year. As the door was slamming shut on his butt when he left in 09

            “eddie47d, The current Government has made messy situation even worse. Its not Governments job to provide JOBS.”

            well Wannabe that’s true. But it’s like “Free Speech” misunderstood by simpler minds. ~ Speech is not now nor ever been free! Somebody paid! and somebody will continue to pay. To speak “freely” is a “right”.

            Government job is to guide and direct and create the climate that is conductive to creating jobs.

            If that was not so, why would GOP supporters go so far to say such things as “Tax Cuts ” creates jobs ! and stimulate economic growth!

            They are attempting to sell the notion of a win/win climate created by government to where some people enjoy less taxes and everybody wins.

            Are they not? Is this not a function of government? Did not Ron Reagan and W Bush administration’s actually apply this strategy to win favor, win elections? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~? Offering us a cure! a plan for economic prosperity. ~~~~ primarily, ~ the ones that enjoy lower taxes on millions of dollars of income. As we see the plan didn’t work so well as jobs were shipped over seas to non Americans. Someone forgot to tell the wealthy what their end of the deal entailed.

            So what are you really attempting to tell us, ~ Angle Wannabe?

          • Angel Wannabe

            Ok BW, since you think you’ve got all of this figured out, what’s your plan there, Einstein?__Who are ya gonna take on?___Let me guess, GOVERNMENT THE ANSWER!!__Ya better first, get to readin’ about The Financiers my friend, the Financiers at the top, are the problem. They are a hell-of-alot more powerful than you could EVER imagine. You progressives believe everything they sell, you skip all around it!_but won’t delve into it__They are “all” in bed together!_i SPEAK FROM THIS RESPECT>__ If the Country returned to the Honesty and integrity from which the Founders tried to create, America could be magnificent again. America was built on a dream.___BTW__YA BETTER CHECK OUT THE FALL OF ROME too, THERE IS SO MUCH SIMILARITIES, between us IT’S SICKENING!

          • Bob Wire

            No Wannabe, I don’t have it figured out and neither do you. But I know it didn’t start a 100 years ago or two years ago.

            I know that politicians will say anything to get in office and then cow-tow to the power that be after they get there, finding gaff and a corrupt system that require politicians to garner “equity” to make an effective difference.

            Green Horns come in “naked” with no equity and the most rudimentary understanding how the Hill really works. They have one vote and if they are not careful it too will be leveraged and they won’t even have that.

            Politics is a game of illusions and seen many different ways as each person’s perception is never the same but only similar.

            There is no argument less government is better government. To to argue it when when there is none is silly.

            We see the GOP boost of smaller government yet they have given us larger government.

            Tax and Spend? they say of the democratic ~ the GOP offers Tax cut and Spend and running up the national Debt. Saddling every tax payer with cost of tax cut for a few.

            What the GOP says they will do and what they do, the effects are complete opposite to what they promised. I’m not sure what they do with the money, according to economic reports it’s seems they cut their friends in on a larger piece of the pie. As it become necessary to “grease” bad legislation through to get it passed.

            They will say anything to get in office, all of them ~ We’ve got the same problem in the DNC, it’s just not as severe (today), tomorrow that could change.

            Go with what you got Angel ~ but “get more” as you make your way to the polls.

            That’s all any of us can do.

        • Eric Bischoff

          Yes you just keep believing that.
          Taxes are actually quite low. Some of our most productive times were when taxes were a lot higher.

          A wealthy friend of mine got a $750,000 refund check after the Bush tax cuts. He didn’t hire any more people. He stuck it in a foreign bank account.

          The problem is that we have again become a Plutocracy. We have given political control of the state over to an Oligarchy of the Wealthy. We are right back to where we were before our revolution. We’ve traded Kings for CEOs.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Thanks Eric I do believe what i say!

          • Angel Wannabe

            Eric, if ya wanna blame someone, blame the banking FINANCIERS!?

          • AmericaFirst

            Everyone makes the solution to our problems, way too complicated. Just do five things:

            1. TERM LIMITS and small Government!

            2. FLAT TAX!

            3. AMERICA’S INTERESTS come FIRST,(not the interests of big companies) in all things! (This is the way immigration and the illegal problem should be handled, as well.)

            4. STOP INCREASING GOVERNMENT BENEFITS. People should no longer vote themselves benefits, at the taxpayers expense (including the Politicians!) The young, and healthy, should be paying their own way!

            5. STOP TEACHING DIVERSITY AND PC. A country divided will not survive. A cohesive country will prosper! Honor and take pride, once again, in OUR history, borders and culture!

          • jody

            If you wipe your butt with your bare hand but think pork is filthy….you could be a muslim

          • CONRAD RUMJAHN


          • joe_k

            Anybody who got back 750,000 tax dollars probably paid in more than most Americans are going to make in a life time. Since this is American, your friend has the right to make that much money if he/she can. Also, your friend has the right to put that money any where he/she sees fit. Finally, what on earth makes you or any one else think they have a right to tell someone else what they MUST do with their money?

            The fact is, there is no oligarchy of the wealthy. If we have reverted to any thing, it is seen best in recognizing an entire political party that assumes the divine right of kings and queens. The original Tea Party demonstrated what Americans of that day and age thought of such people.

            Show me someone who believes someone else’s taxes should be raised based upon how much the other guy makes, and I’ll show you a whining, crying, covetous individual who believes they have the right to take something just because someone else has it and they don’t

            I have never made more than 36,000 dollars a year. Yes, it has been difficult at times, but what I have taken in, I earned every cent of. For 25 years I paid an extra 1500 dollars a year for being married instead of shacking up, compliments of the “soak the rich” mentality that recognize an HONEST straight line of justice or fair play if you tattooed a straight line on their foreheads for an example.

    • Angel Wannabe

      E, You must be referring to Europe?_The Progressives ruined them too, now thet’re working on us. Some don’t learn from past mistakes. They just keep making them over, and over and over again!__

      • Bob Wire

        I sure hope the people that work for me don’t feel I ruined them.

        I’d come near to thinking, they’d steal a hot stove for me, I only need to ask.

        • Angel Wannabe

          Bw, Most folks who have they’re own busines don’t have the time to sit around and type all day. I’m glad you so successful!

          • Bob Wire

            Thank you Sweetheart, that was unsolicited and most kind.

            Actually I’ve invoice out 2,125.05 worth of work today. Kissed a few asses, spanked a few and created a few documents with the experience only a person with 40 years in trade and 5 million dollars in general liability and state license holder could do.

            But there is no need to pander to me, I love you anyway, worsts and all. You are saying what you feel and I honor that, agree or not.

            I’m a tied old man with a lot of wonderful memories and find myself still making new ones as the women won’t leave me alone and tomorrow is a new day with new possibilities.

            I’ve got “many” coming at me like they are the biggest bear in the forest. Oh Dear! you are such a grand bear ! I’ve found humble modesty my greatest weakness and only then relax my guard.

            Life is to be lived ~ and if you do, your are bound to make some mistakes along the way. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake but work at opening your filters and look for the best in people. It is there. People are basically kind and good by nature with a few exception. Don’t allow the exceptions to rule your day.

            “I’d rather wear out then rust out”

            Teddy Roosevelt

            I’m not afraid of being wrong. I’m afraid of eveyyone being wrong.

          • Angel Wannabe

            BW, I’m sure under all your “I love me, who do you love BS, there beats the heart of a human. Quite simply, I believe in the Bible, individualism, and if the chains of Government the the Financiers are removed, the people and the economy will flourish. Period.__ People respond to ANYTHING in accordance to they’re own nature. Some make it complicated, by twisting the words of others, and end up saying the same things, and hope no one notices. Some don’t care. I’m here to learn, but my beliefs are solid. I don’t waste time putting on airs, trying to look intellectal, complicated or eecentric.

      • 45caliber

        Liberals base all their decisions on an idea (utopia); conservatives base all their decisions on learned experience (theirs or – through history – someone else’s).

        Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the sign of insanity.

        • Eric Bischoff

          45 caliber I believe that the last quote on Insanity pretty much describes the Right Fundamentalist Christian Republican movement to a T.

          Einstein had a lot of great quotes.

          Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.

          A man’s ethical behavior should be based effectually on sympathy, education, and social ties and needs; no religious basis is necessary. Man would indeed be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death.

          We should take care not to make the intellect our god; it has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality.

          Imagination is more important than knowledge.

          The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.

          The really valuable thing in the pageant of human life seems to me not the State but the creative, sentient individual, the personality; it alone creates the noble and the sublime, while the herd as such remains dull in thought and dull in feeling.

          I cannot conceive of a God who rewards and punishes his creatures, or has a will of the type of which we are conscious in ourselves. An individual who should survive his physical death is also beyond my comprehension, nor do I wish it otherwise; such notions are for the fears or absurd egoism of feeble souls.

          Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.

          Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.

          Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.

          Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.

          I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.

          Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.

          The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.

          As our circle of knowledge expands, so does the circumference of darkness surrounding it.

          Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

          Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.

        • Angel Wannabe

          45_ yeah or OCD!___lol

        • Bob Wire

          The beginning of wise thoughts 45.

          It wasn’t until I reach the point to admit that I didn’t have a problem and that ‘was” my problem, that I started to climb out of the hole I’d dug for myself.

          A bigot is the last person to know they are a bigot.

          not suggesting that you are a bigot, but to simply explain the passage one must make to an awakening to where the eyes “see” once again.

          Psychobabble? well? ~ yea but it’s the process of clearing thoughts to where they ring clear and true where you finally “see”, the knowledge now yours.

    • Allan Halbert

      I much prefer the “trickle down” of values and experience from parents and mentors to the intravenous lifetime supply of what is politically correct from government and utopian schemers.

  • S.C.Murf

    Don’t vote for anyone who is a lawyer

    up the hill

    • 45caliber

      That will REALLY narrow your choices!

  • Howard R Gray

    The outcome of the election isn’t all that it appears. The Republicans will win the lower house; they may even win the upper house. So what? The critical outcome will be if there is any real change in the RHINO caucus in the GOP. The Tea Party requires change that means something other than “HOPE & CHANGE” as purveyed by the Donkey Club. That being said, the economic downturn is on its way, the excess expenditure will have a sour outcome sometime later next year or in the 2012 election year of the Spender in Chief.

    My guess is that the outcome will be inflation way beyond the level we have now, which will be blamed on the GOP who will control enough of the lower house and maybe the upper house to attract blame. Not good for the Elephants. What will the response be from Rhinos or from the Tea Party caucus in dealing with the propaganda war that will be waged to launder the Donkey’s image? The last time there was a GOP landslide we had the Contract with America, a great idea that fizzled out no sooner had Gingrich been knocked of his perch with an ersatz tax beef, the contract began to wither. The same will happen this time with a left well funded to broach the Republicans and sink the enterprise almost immediately after they take up the speaker’s gavel. The resolve of the GOP to withstand a repeat of a Gingrich downfall will be dependent on the Tea Party ensuring that the Republicans do what they are elected to do rather than the usual trimming and fudging leading down the usual progressive path. The election of the conservatives will change the way the game can be played only if there are enough of them to nudge the GOP onto its original pathway.

    The tactic from the left will be to blame Bush as usual and morph or focus that blame onto the new GOP leadership as the 2012 election comes into view. The coming months will be very hard to handle, the House and maybe the Senate under GOP control will be seen to block almost everything, add to that the leftwing press and media howling down every action of the GOP, the outcome could be poor for the Republicans irrespective their fall victory. Maintaining a propaganda and actual advantage will require the Tea Party staying out on the streets the. It is also essential to ensure that the Republicans in Congress move their policies over to the center or the original path so far as that is possible. It would be a huge mistake to assume taking the lower or the upper legislative chambers changes much, the battle is only beginning, deconstruction of the left is largely an ex cathedra activity and must never stop, there are generations of damage from the past to put right and generations of the future to fix politically and financially.

    Nothing is certain, the battle of ideas is only beginning, there are the commanding heights of society to recover to a more logical and evidence based discourse. Fantasy Marxism and other brands of political absurdity need to be moved off the agendas of the future in colleges, the world of entertainment, the unelected government of civil servants and local government officials, the legal system, to name but a few of the haunts of the elites. Merely taking over the lower of upper house is just a start nothing more than that.

    There are signs that assimilation of the Tea Party newbies is well underway, the process must be resisted and one hopes that the likes of Michelle Bachman will prevent most of the cooption of the freshmen into the same old same old club. John Meyers is quite right about the lead-pipe cinch or otherwise, it isn’t the end of the matter. The public don’t trust the Republican Party all that much; the deal is that they trust the Democrat Party even less. No one in the GOP should be taken in by the elections next week, there is much to be done to avoid the political cycle merely turning over Congress from one party to another seamlessly and with no long term change on the march to European Socialism. With the exception of Reagan the trend has been towards the left notwithstanding the party in power at any one time. The elites of our society have a long term objective and that is some form of socialism with them at the top of the tree. The Tea Party is the antidote to this nonsense, so long as the campaign is ceaseless; this election is a stop on the way to changing direction. Certainty isn’t on offer, genuine hope is and that is in the gift of the Tea Party and, more to the point, its supporters.

    In closing this note, it is important to understand the Tea Party represents what is normal and effective in politics, the left on the other hand represents the politics of fantasy, there has never, nor will there ever be, a successful communist state. Socialists are much like dogs chasing cars, when they catch up with the object of their desire they have no clue as to what to do. Wealth creation is a mystery to them they only know how to spend and deconstruct society; no one on the left has a blue or red print for a future. In counterpoint the Tea Party conservatives do, a thriving economy is one that has least intervention by the great and the good in or out of government.

    The government is simply another corporation with special privileges:-

    1. The use of taxation to fund itself is perhaps the prime privilege; tax replaces slavery to run the fantasies of the elites that batten onto the governing class.
    2. There is no audit that is even remotely real in assessing the gross overspending of the corporation.
    3. It is functionally insolvent, no business entity would ordinarily be allowed to function in the way government does. The whole set up is an Enron; private individuals operating in this manner would be serving time. The privilege of insolvency is none that anyone else has, bankruptcy isn’t likely.
    4. The privilege of economic intervention permits massive fraud via inflation and spending far beyond any rational thesis. There are no penalties for crashing the currency, causing inflation or deflation of our money.
    5. Untrammeled expenditure, the counterpart to the taxation privilege, is a license to buy favours and influence outside reasonable commerce and rational governance.
    6. Those running the government are insulated from their decisions and from the consequences of their actions. The privilege of exemption from fraud or malicious management of the state is built into the official’s terms of service be they elected or not.
    7. The privilege to create dependencies and thereby constituencies that vote for social burglary of others to fund their own entitlements is highly corrosive of the nation. What is the point when the “takers” outstrip the “givers” in our society? Socialists have the fantastic idea that there will be a way to compel “givers” to give.

    The problem with geese that lay golden eggs is that they can fly away or go to ground eliminating the supply of golden eggs, something progressives never seem to understand. Nothing is certain folks, vote to survive that is a choice you have and trust those who do likewise.

    • eddie47d

      Progrssives like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have laid many a golden eggs. Much progress has been made because of these two gentlemen so all is not lost.

      • Angel Wannabe

        Yeah eddie, I’ll lay ya two to one the progressive Gates created computer software to spy on ya too!

        • eddie47d

          Now Now! Your bad attitude is showing;even a little conspiracy thrown in.

        • Eric Bischoff

          Calling Gates a progressive now there’s a good chuckle! You people are massively confused.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Eric, Gates may be one the richest men on earth and a hat tip for him, he created his own wealth. He may also have created 181,000 jobs._ But he’s also in cohoots with the Government!

          • Bob Wire

            Cohoots! hahah! Government is on anyone like paint if they are major producers!

            Gates would be most happy if government might “take a break”

            Any involvement Gates might have is “extracted” by necessity

          • Angel Wannabe

            BW, got any proof of what you say?__JeffH__seems to be providing plenty?!

          • JC

            Oh Look, yet another unsupported attempt at character assassination from Eric the Red. At least you’re consistent.

        • JeffH

          Bill Gates EXPOSED Progressive?! Wants Population Control Through Vaccines “something I love”

          • Angel Wannabe

            jeffH__great link!!

        • JeffH

          Angel Wannabe, I think this would fuel the idea of Gates as a progressive…some food for thought about the great philantropist Bill Gates.

          Bill Gates: Satanist In Sheep’s Clothes? Theosophy And The ‘New Age’
          By Henry Makow PhD
          When Warren Buffet gave $31 billion to Bill Gates’ Foundation last week, I assumed it would advance the New World Order. But when a reader showed me Gates’ connection with the pagan anti-Semitic Lucis (formerly Lucifer) Trust, I sat up and took notice.

          Bill Gates is also mentioned on the Lucis Trust web site: (The webhosting service for our main website ( is experiencing network outage at their datacenter. This outage occured on Saturday, October 23. They are working on restoring connectivity at this time.)

          “Through the philanthropic and humanitarian work of such people as George Soros, Bill Gates, Kofi Annan and Bono, to name just a few, people are beginning to recognize the needs of the world’s destitute people and acting to do something about them. There is talk by Soros and another thinker, James Tobin, about the creation of some type of tax upon financial transactions that would be used to support domestic programs in the developing world. Humanity surely has the ability to institute these and similar changes; it just needs the will to do so.”

        • JeffH

          Always seem to find something new and interseting when researching.

          The Lucis Trust. The Lucis Trust is the Publishing House which prints and disseminates United Nations material. It is a devastating indictment of the New Age and Pagan nature of the UN.

          At one time, the Lucis Trust office in New York was located at 666 United Nations Plaza and is a member of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations under a slick program called “World Goodwill”.

          • Angel Wannabe

            JeffH, I read about Gates being involved in some things, he’s in bed with the rest of them.and _ Your right, I’ve been reading all summer and it is like, David and goliath!

    • Jeep

      Howard, as I read through your excellent post, a few things come to mind. First, there is a misunderstanding of the “redistributionist” policies that the current administration is following. They are not “marxist” in the usual sense at all. This president and congress believes wholeheartedly in the Keynesian approach. It is clear if you follow the narrative of this administration’s primary economic policies: a reduction in interest rates and government investment in infrastructure. In the case of govt spending, the pres doesn’t even care if the money is spent, only that the “promise” of investment will stimulate the economy, thus any debt will correct itself. However, Keynes himself concluded that, in some situations, no strong automatic mechanism moves output and employment towards full employment levels. This is why Oman doesn’t look at the unemployment numbers to claim success. In short, they believe that since the stimulus failed to bring the economy back, then the threat of higher prices through future inflation will cause people to buy more now and stimulate growth. And, this is why there are plans to print more money.

      Clearly these policies are failing. But, many of our peers have a fundamental misunderstanding of the plans and policies that are being implemented by the white house. I think that if we could educate ourselves, then we could better articulate our objections without resorting to less desireable tactics. But, more importantly, we need to educate that section of voters who are clueless, the “undecided”.

    • Eric Bischoff

      Howard, you make some good points but like a lot of people, who it seems have never been exposed to real progressive American ideas, you make assumptions about the left having been in power or driving the direction of this country.

      The real progressive left has never had a voice in our mainstream media nor have they ever had any control in this country. So either you are massively confused or you are using it as a smoke screen. This country has been and continues to be governed by mostly conservative people and ideas. The furthest it’s ever been to the left is dead center. Not knowing about it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

      This country is even afraid to have an honest discussion and debate about the merits of the best performing democracy and the healthiest economy to date. The German Social Democracy who have demonstrated that you can still have unions, keep manufacturing high quality products, pay people well, give them great social benefits like healthcare, nursing, education, retirement while also maintaining a good savings rate and low debt ratios. Of course they have also learned some lessons and are not waging wars or maintaining an unsustainable empire.

      The corporate and big money controlled American media has made sure that we are kept in the dark and fed lies and propaganda and most of the people have lost their critical thinking ability. We are now afraid of just the language. We don’t need to throw out the baby with the bath water. It is fixable. But they have mastered the art of keeping us in constant fear and as a result we tend to overcomplicate things. The patriot act, the healthcare reform, TSA and homeland security. All massive boondoggles.

      We need to simplify and chunk it down. We need to fix things one at a time. We don’t need massive bills that no one can read or understand. But most of all we need to understand that united we will stand and divided we are guaranteed to fail. Each side will have to compromise. If someone wins an election that should mean they get to govern for a while. It’s a limited term and if we don’t like it someone else can take over. The dirty tactics of using every trick in the book to keep the wining team from accomplishing anything only hurts us all. That is not what we are paying them to do. That is not leading and governing.

      • Allan Halbert

        “We don’t need massive bills that no one can read or understand.”

        Glad to know there is a Progressive that opposes Obamacare.

    • Bob Wire

      “In closing this note, it is important to understand the Tea Party represents what is normal and effective in politics, the left on the other hand represents the politics of fantasy,”

      what! Well Howard if that’s what you call “normal” this discussion is pretty much at an end.

      I have nothing for you.

      • 45caliber

        The left is ALWAYS fantasy. Their fantasy is that it is possible to have a world where everyone has everything they want and no one has to work for it unless they wish to do so.

        • Eric Bischoff

          45caliber How long have you suffered from this condition?

        • 45caliber


          Oh? Are you saying then that the liberals go straight to wanting to rule everyone else?

          • Eric Bischoff

            My mother raised me to be OPEN minded and I am eternally grateful for that. That is all there is to being a true Liberal. Anything else is just a corruption on the original meaning.

            You seem so confused and afraid of what you don’t understand and there is no need to be.

          • JeffH

            45caliber, you just don’t seem to be confused and afraid of what you don’t understand. You seem to understand things a lot better than a few of the nut cases running around here.

        • Bob Wire

          what ? like tax cut for the wealthy creates jobs and stimulated economic growth?

          That like of fantasy?

          Or like Liberated Iraqis were going to throw roses at invading US troops?

          I guess that’s why advancing US troops didn’t bother to secure Arms depots but secured the Floral Shops instead.

          damn, Those roses hurt, you can’t put an eye out with them!

          or “mission accomplished ?

          or Us troop could wrap things up in 6 to 8 months?

          Or chemical weapons joined the racks of weapons of mass destruction?

          well,? it’s possible I suppose.

          or not firing anyone after 9-11, not asking the military , “Why is this plane sticking out of my Pentagon?

          Telling the CIA and the FBI, you guys must be too busy fighting among yourselves so we are going to give you the new “HLS” to interface with!

          That like of fantasy?

    • joe_k

      Howard R. Gray,

      I don’t know who you are, but I’d bet a hundred dollars you are not some some average, blue collar time clock worker.

      What you said is not just well said, it is extraordinary. My hat is off to you, well done.

  • NOEL



    Chicken Counting is a weakness of mind and matter, the problem is that it leaves you with a bad taste in your craw and then you have to get up on the skinny little chicken legs since you just found out another egg has been laid, it was broken and the yolks on you. When your as smart as a chicken, what is there to expect?

    Please, forgive the fowl puns.

    • Angel Wannabe

      ONTIME Oh, Eggs ok!!!___LMAO

  • YahCoyote

    The comments pretty much have covered all conservative issues. Including some clever poetry. Undoing 100 years of progressive onslought will definitely need us to take a page from their slow and patient change agenda. Having witnessed their joy at trying to capitalize on winning big in the 2008 election (growing impatient) was their major error. Keep the boiling temperature just edging up and the frog is boiled. Turn up the heat too fast and out hops the frog. Well my fellow frogs, we were asleep in the comfortable swamp of America and the water mocassins stealthaly slid into the headwaters while we dosed. Now that hope of Jefferson, that the people would wake up, those founders sure knew human political nature well. Onward Christian soldiers marching to take back the lost America (to put a more current spin on a Christian classic).

    • Angel Wannabe

      Yahcoyote, Well said and true!

  • Polski

    It’s really funny. One side says it’s Obama’s fault and the other side says it’s Bush’s fault. Well, candidate #1 is horrible and candidate #2 is terrible. And there was NO choice #3 which was NONE OF THE ABOVE. And that’s where we’re at right now. All of the candidates on both sides of the fence, and if there were 5 fences, we’d still have the same problem, THEY ALL SUCK!! THEY ARE ALL CROOKS!! AND ALL CORPORATION EXECUTIVES, WHO ARE RUNNING THE WORLD, ARE ALL CROOKS!!!!

    • 45caliber

      I really believe that every ballot has “None of the above”. And it this wins, then everyone has to start over with new people.

      And I always said that if I truly wanted to win any election, I’d change my name to “None of the Above”.

  • Rick

    When the racist President said “The Republicans are welcome to join us, but they are going to have to ride in the back”, I thought I had
    gone through a racism time warp. Racism is racism, black or white.
    This guy keeps using the car in the ditch analogy, but I seriously
    doubt that he even knows how to drive. When you leave the car in “D”
    and pushing on the gas, you get mired even worse. When you put it in
    “R”, you at least have a chance at backing out of the ditch.

    • Angel Wannabe

      Me too Rick, some one else mentioned it yesterday on another thread, Obamas remark, reminded me of Rosa Parks in the 60′s!

    • JeffH

      Rick, this president and the Marxist liberal controlled MSM have set race relations back 50 years.

      • 45caliber

        If you want to control a lot of people, you must give them something to keep them divided. Otherwise they will combine against you.

      • Bob Wire

        I believe that you believe that Jeff. I really do.

        That is a reactionary statement. You are reacting , not acting but reacting.

        I had a crazy wife that brought “that out” in me once.

        Played me like a fiddle! It took a judge to explain it to me.

        You can’t allow other people to “make you react” and then blame them for your reactions.

        It is “you” and only you that stands accountable for what you feel, think and how you act.

        In your case, your reaction is attempting to covering up your veiled racial bias that you, yourself carry with you where ever you go.

        If it was not present, there would be no need for the reaction.

        • JeffH

          Bob, I think you had a bigger problem than just a crazy wife…No, I don’t need your psychological analysis of my racial bias…it’s not reacionary…it’s called reality!

    • Warrior

      Right -

      Even the great statesmen Al Fraken is using the car analogy now. Talk about a bunch of mindless twits. The correct analogy to use is a vehicle with a 3rd row of seats.

      Front seats = Dems with their buddies the Repubs riding shotgun.

      Middle Row = Lobbyists and Unions.

      Rear Seats = you guessed it – DUMB Taxpayers


  • JeffH

    This comment at the end of John Meyers article, ” Instead the nation needs a lot of time, effort and leadership before we see any real improvement. A critical step in that will be when the country gets a new doctor. Hopefully that will be in two years. But even that probably won’t be a lead-pipe cinch.”. is what I see as the only way out…a lot of patience and sorting of the political class in future elections. Get us free from the World Banks, the Federal Reserve and rebuild America back into a freedom loving society.

    If we can’t weed out the GLOBALISTS from within the ranks and sever the tentacles of the beast like the EU, World Bank, UN, CFR, Illuminati, Bilderbergs, Soros and his far left socialist organizations like, Center for American Progress, ACORN, Apollo Alliance, Code Pink etc, and ultimately the House of Rothschild’s our future as a leader and free country is doomed.
    As you can see, there is a long road ahead to regain our prosperity and any rut in the road could mark the end of the line.

    Stay focused and don’t take anything for granted…the future for our children and our country depends on us all to make the right decisions, not just for ourselves but for this country and future generations of Americans.

    Vote NO to the Marxist/socialist/communists in charge and start the rebuilding process on Nov. 2, 2010.

    Remember, David did slay Goliath and together we can slay “The Beast”!

    • Angel Wannabe

      Nice play on words, jeffH!! :)

    • Eric Bischoff

      JeffH and the forever hanging on your words angelwannabe I am sorry but when you start associating Code Pink and Acorn with the Rothschilds, World Bank and Illuminati you lose all credibility.

      • JeffH

        Well Eric, just your mother raised and indictrinated you as a liberal, I’ll just say thank you for the compliment.

      • Angel Wannabe

        Oh Eric grow up!

      • JeffH

        Eric sais: “you start associating Code Pink and Acorn with the Rothschilds, World Bank and Illuminati you lose all credibility.”

        Well Eric, if you had take the time to read what I said, you would have seen that I associated those orgs with Soros and not the Rothschilds, World Bank and Illuminati. It is Soros that is tied in as an anti-American NWO conspirator and his organizations are just tools for the Rothschilds, World Bank and Illuminati to achieve their ultimate goal.

        I think I know who’s credibility is in question here and it ain’t mine!

        • JeffH

          …I see I missed including the Trilateral Commission. My heavans!

  • Bob Wire

    Now the sitting president is a beast! first he’s dumb, then stupid, then an Islam, then a clever thief, everything but a white man and now he’s a beast !

    You folks are so out of focus I’m amazed you managed to log on.

    hundred years of progressive onslaught! funny ~

    how about a little focus, bring your best to the ballot box.

    • Angel Wannabe

      What was that you said to me, BW “you just keep thinking that?” JeffH “wasn’t” implying the president was a beast?!___Nuff said!

      • JeffH

        Angel Wannabe, maybe, just maybe, Bob is fast eddie’s alter ego.

        • Angel Wannabe

          JeffH, I believe it!

    • JeffH

      Bobbi, great comprehension!

  • chuck b


    here’s a video i think you would really appreciate.

    • Angel Wannabe

      chuckb, great link, I already shared it!

    • 45caliber

      very good video – and he speaks only the truth.

  • 45caliber

    At one time, I was told that Hawaii used to have a FOURTH branch of government prior to it becoming a state. I don’t know if it is true or not – perhaps someone can verify it.

    The fourth branch was required to view every new law and every court decision to see if there was a conflict between it and an existing law. If there was, it could not be used until there was a correction made – usually recending the old law. It also required that the new law/decision be compared to the law of the land – the Constitution now. If there was a conflict, it could not be used even if approved 100% by the legislature and signed by the governor.

    Perhaps we should consider a similar branch for the feds.

    • http://none Mike

      Yea 45 It was called citizen oversight (not really but it was implied)Of which we have had dam little over the last I would say 6 years.Partially whay we are in this mess now. Not only that. Too many people are asleep at the booth any more they pull the lever for whoever and thats the end of it. Thank god I woke up about 10 years ago and really started paying attention to not just the party but the politics. Either side needs to realize that tweeking the tax system has no real effect anymore the paradime that the 16th was built on was the confiscation of welth for the gov to use as it saw fit is now broken beyond any real repair and is nothing more than a political tool. I.E Democrats tax the rich republicans tax the rich a little less but lets still tax them.The answer is a total overhaul as in a national sales tax at a fixed rate and repeal the income tax(16th amendment)Then all these jobs we have lost here would flow back in 10fold. Its going to take a long time to break the addiction both sides of the isle have to the power that the contorl of our income gives them though so it wont happen overnight.And as for the poeople I know that will scream at me for supportin the fair tax please read Neial Boortz and Linder’s book on the fair tax with an open mind for once and see this for the freedom returning Idea that it really is. And Eric you show some glimmer of intellagence there please dont be eaten by the retoric out there that has hijacked the word PROGRESSIVE and linked it to their ideas of Communisim. Progressive mens the act of progressing not the stagnation of the old communist manifesto that lead to the persiquiton of millions. To be true progressives we need to explore new ideas and knowledge not just rehash histories old failures. That being said the original ideas of a capitalist socity brought us out of an aggrigarin race (just a little above hunter gatherer0 to the technologies we have today. So lets not throw that baby out with the bath water either please(I enjoy my computer). Untill we can return to a civil discourse and stop beating others over the head with labels there can be no real progress. But as I fear we have been dummed down so much as a race as a whole that that discourse is no longer possible then we are doomed to repeat our history over and over again and never live up to what gods plan was for us to begin with(created in his image)I cant help but think he created us with free will that we should PROGRESS as a species to learn about his creation (everything and I do mean everything around us) and to some day be able to assend into heaven in a glorified body to prasie him for the beauty and wonder of all that he created. Some how though I am afraid at this point we are severly dissappointing him withe the mire we have created for ourselves in the name of religion. Remember that it was in the name of religion that Criste was crucified even though the san-hadren couldent deny his power. This one single person (gods son’god himself?)was one of the greatest humanitarin teachers this world has ever known. He gave his life willingly that people might come to understand the simple truth of his words. Sorry to digress so much there but my mind has been in high gear today(maby I need my riddlen) Mike L.

  • coal miner

    Coal Miner’s Quote:

    “There are countless ways of attaining greatness, but any road to reaching one’s maximum potential must be built on a bedrock of respect for the individual, a commitment to excellence, and a rejection of mediocrity.”
    Buck Rodgers:

  • JeffH

    This is straight out of The Spiritual Foundation of the United Nations

    But, what specifically do we mean by a New World Order? At the United Nations when the term began to be used a few years ago, eyebrows would immediately raise at the mention of the concept and the question quickly followed, whose version of the new world order are you referring to? That of the West, the United States, the South or whose? In our use of the term we do not refer to a geopolitically fragmented approach.

    In the New World Order of which we speak, there can be no coercion of humanity’s free will. In this NWO there are two outstanding characteristics: One is that greater numbers of us will become more experienced and successful in our exploration of the one remaining unconquered frontier–the frontier of inner space; the depths of our humanity from which have arisen such forerunners as a Plato, or a Shakespeare, a Beethoven, or even a Moses, or a Buddha. This inner, spiritual dimension of our lives will be studied and explored just as carefully and scientifically as we have to date explored and studied our outer environment.

    The second major characteristic of the NWO is interdependently linked to the first. It is the development of worldmindedness–the ability to think, feel and behave in light of planetary conditions and concerns.

    The keynote of the educational system for the NWO suggested by *ALICE BAILEY* In the New World Order of which we speak, there can be no coercion of humanity’s free will. In this NWO there are two outstanding characteristics: One is that greater numbers of us will become more experienced and successful in our exploration of the one remaining unconquered frontier–the frontier of inner space; the depths of our humanity from which have arisen such forerunners as a Plato, or a Shakespeare, a Beethoven, or even a Moses, or a Buddha. This inner, spiritual dimension of our lives will be studied and explored just as carefully and scientifically as we have to date explored and studied our outer environment.

    states that two major ideas should be taught the children of every country. These are the value of the individual and the fact of the one humanity. These will then lead to the intensive culture of the individual and to a recognition of responsibility to one’s environment. Individual transformation and planetary transformation. The one impinging on the other.

    *ALICE BAILEY: Lucis Trust was established in 1922 as Lucifer Trust by Alice Bailey

    • Eric Bischoff

      Oooh Scary more fear! Well after all it is Halloween.

      but then again there is also this version.

      The Esoteric Meaning of Lucifer
      There are comments on the World Wide Web claiming that the Lucis Trust was once called the Lucifer Trust. Such was never the case. However, for a brief period of two or three years in the early 1920’s, when Alice and Foster Bailey were beginning to publish the books published under her name, they named their fledgling publishing company “Lucifer Publishing Company”. By 1925 the name was changed to Lucis Publishing Company and has remained so ever since.n Both “Lucifer” and “Lucis” come from the same word root, lucis being the Latin generative case meaning of light. The Baileys’ reasons for choosing the original name are not known to us, but we can only surmise that they, like the great teacher H.P. Blavatsky, for whom they had enormous respect, sought to elicit a deeper understanding of the sacrifice made by Lucifer. Alice and Foster Bailey were serious students and teachers of Theosophy, a spiritual tradition which views Lucifer as one of the solar Angels, those advanced Beings Who Theosophy says descended (thus “the fall”) from Venus to our planet eons ago to bring the principle of mind to what was then animal-man. In the theosophical perspective, the descent of these solar Angels was not a fall into sin or disgrace but rather an act of great sacrifice, as is suggested in the name “Lucifer” which means light-bearer.

      If you read any of Alice Bailey’s writings you would soon understand that you are dealing with a highly advanced human being and not the devil or a devil worshipper as you seem to be implying. Personally I am more afraid of the Vatican.

    • vicki

      “The second major characteristic of the NWO is interdependently linked to the first. It is the development of worldmindedness–the ability to think, feel and behave in light of planetary conditions and concerns. ”

      And what if the humans free will does not bend to the behavior the NWO approves of? Hmmmmmm….. Our forefathers solved this problem over 2 CENTURIES ago. A Constitutionally LIMITED government. Show me the NWO Constitutional limitations and then MAYBE we’ll consider this NWO.

      • Eric Bischoff

        And for a different perspective you might want to read or listen to Endocrinologist and Mind Body Medicine expert Deepak Chopra and his treatise on how “We are one” . The sooner we understand and accept that the sooner we will have peace.

        • Vicki

          Many years ago I was taught about free will. Being also a scientist I knew there were things we did not understand but that for free will to exist the nature of the universe had to have a mechinism. Those who do not believe in free will often argue that because we have shown cause and effect in physics and chemisty and other sciences are predictable and repeatable that everything we do or think has already been determined by the interaction of physics, chemistry etc.

          I however had faith that free will did exist and we just had not learned how. I knew as a scientist that if free will DOES exist we would figure out how. Einstein did not like the theory much but the theory of Quantium Mechanics shows us how the mechanism of free will could work in this universe.

          It does not show us what it is that we do to affect quantum results but there is mounting evidence that we can.

          • http://none Mike

            Thus the battle between Intelligent design and random chaos begins to be won by Intelligent design.Took us as a race a long time to start figuring it out though.Mike L.

          • Vicki

            Hardly began (at least for me) I see and have seen Gods work all around us. Every tree, Every flower, Every plant and animal. As I studied Physics and Chemistry I became more and more impressed by the intricate way everything worked. Even if it were true (and it is far from proven) that random chaos was responsible in only 13 billion years of creating all the life we find on this planet there is still the question.

            Who created chaos?

            I personally have trouble believeing that nothing created everything.

            Now here is a challenge for those who believe there is no God and that all of this is just there.

            I play a virtual reality game called World of Warcraft. Inside the simulation the world appears to be billions of years old. Yet it did not exist prior to about 1994 (the first of the warcraft series)
            So the simulation how would I prove that the world is MUCH younger.

            Extrapolate. 13 billion, 6000.

            P.S. Yes I have asked God who is his/her creator. I expect I will get an answer someday.

    • JeffH

      Scared Eric, I’m sure you’re much more in tune to the “Lucipher” whom Saul Alinsky dedicated his “Rules for Radical.

      “Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history… the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”

      • JC

        Jeff here’s an article that explains Eric’s (Alinsky) tactics to a tee.
        In fact it explains the liberal political machine in Canada as it is by a Canadian, right of center, journalist. I met the guy at a Libertarian convention up north years ago.
        His name is Lorne Gunter and writes for Canada’s National Post newspaper. Its nation wide.

        Lorne Gunter: Liberals defend sanctity of free speech for liberals only

        From the article:

        We see this again and again from liberals and leftists: Their own views are fact, while everyone else’s are dangerous misinformation that must be kept from a credulous public. Were the public allowed to hear or read the dissenting views, they might fight liberal-left policy prescriptions, which, of course, are only ever intended for the public’s good. So censorship isn’t censorship when it’s in the public interest, either.

        For instance, lib-lefties label as “deniers” those scientists and pundits who disagree with the prevailing thinking on climate change and global warming. That label is not intended to advance debate, it is meant to stifle it, to cut debate short by convincing the public to pay no attention to dissenting views. So it equates those views with efforts by white supremacists and Islamic radicals to deny the systematic extermination of Jews by the Nazis. Define opposing views as something other than free speech, then sweep it speedily under the rug.

        Read more:

        • JeffH

          JC, so true.

          I thought this little quote was also spot on.
          “Liberals and leftists are far and away the most intolerant people in public debate.”

    • JC

      The UN sound more like a cult of some kind.
      Or! Throw in a Zeig Heil here and there….

  • JeffH

    A quote from by Curtis Dall, FD Roosevelt’s son in law as quoted in his book, ‘My Exploited Father in Law’:
    “For a long time I felt that FDR had developed many thoughts and ideas that were his own to benefit this country, the United States. But, he didn’t. Most of his thoughts, his political ammunition, as it were, were carefully manufactured for him in advanced by the Council on Foreign Relations One World Money group… Brilliantly, with great gusto, like a fine piece of artillery, he exploded that prepared “ammunition” in the middle of an unsuspecting target, the American people, and thus paid off and returned his internationalist political support.

    The UN is but a long range, international banking apparatus nearly set up for financial and economic profit by a small group of powerful One World Revolutionaries, hungry for profit and power.

    The depression was the calculated ‘shearing’ of the public by the World Money powers, triggered by the planned sudden shortage of supply of call money in the New York money market… The One World Government leaders and their ever close bankers have now acquired full control of the money and credit machinery of the U.S. via the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank.”

  • coal miner


    Discussion Board Home Contact


    One of the Greatest Mathematicians: MOHAMMAD BIN MUSA AL-KHAWARIZMI

    Abu Abdullah Mohammad Ibn Musa al-Khawarizmi was born at Khawarizm (Kheva), south of Aral sea. Very little is known about his early life, except for the fact that his parents had migrated to a place south of Baghdad. The exact dates of his birth and death are also not known, but it is established that he flourished under Al- Mamun at Baghdad through 813-833 and probably died around 840 C.E.

    Khawarizmi was a mathematician, astronomer and geographer. He was perhaps one of the greatest mathematicians who ever lived, as, in fact, he was the founder of several branches and basic concepts of mathematics. In the words of Phillip Hitti, he influenced mathematical thought to a greater extent than any other medieval writer. His work on algebra was outstanding, as he not only initiated the subject in a systematic form but he also developed it to the extent of giving analytical solutions of linear and quadratic equations, which established him as the founder of Algebra. The very name Algebra has been derived from his famous book Al-Jabr wa-al-Muqabilah. His arithmetic synthesized Greek and Hindu knowledge and also contained his own contribution of fundamental importance to mathematics and science. Thus, he explained the use of zero, a numeral of fundamental importance developed by the Arabs. Similarly, he developed the decimal system so that the overall system of numerals, ‘algorithm’ or ‘algorizm’ is named after him. In addition to introducing the Indian system of numerals (now generally known as Arabic numerals), he developed at length several arithmetical procedures, including operations on fractions. It was through his work that the system of numerals was first introduced to Arabs and later to Europe, through its translations in European languages. He developed in detail trigonometric tables containing the sine functions, which were probably extrapolated to tangent functions by Maslama. He also perfected the geometric representation of conic sections and developed the calculus of two errors, which practically led him to the concept of differentiation. He is also reported to have collaborated in the degree measurements ordered by Mamun al-Rashid were aimed at measuring of volume and circumference of the earth.

    The development of astronomical tables by him was a significant contribution to the science of astronomy, on which he also wrote a book. The contribution of Khawarizmi to geography is also outstanding, in that not only did he revise Ptolemy’s views on geography, but also corrected them in detail as well as his map of the world. His other contributions include original work related to clocks, sundials and astrolabes.

    Several of his books were translated into Latin in the early 12th century. In fact, his book on arithmetic, Kitab al-Jam’a wal- Tafreeq bil Hisab al-Hindi, was lost in Arabic but survived in a Latin translation. His book on algebra, Al-Maqala fi Hisab-al Jabr wa-al- Muqabilah, was also translated into Latin in the 12th century, and it was this translation which introduced this new science to the West “completely unknown till then”. He astronomical tables were also translated into European languages and, later, into Chinese. His geography captioned Kitab Surat-al-Ard, together with its maps, was also translated. In addition, he wrote a book on the Jewish calendar Istikhraj Tarikh al-Yahud, and two books on the astrolabe. He also wrote Kitab al-Tarikh and his book on sun-dials was captioned Kitab al-Rukhmat, but both of them have been lost.

    The influence of Khawarizmi on the growth of science, in general, and mathematics, astronomy and geography in particular, is well established in history. Several of his books were readily translated into a number of other languages, and, in fact, constituted the university textbooks till the 16th century. His approach was systematic and logical, and not only did he bring together the then prevailing knowledge on various branches of science, particularly mathematics, but also enriched it through his original contribution. No doubt he has been held in high repute throughout the centuries since then

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    Copyright 2009 All rights reserved

    • Eric Bischoff

      Coal miner Thanks for that breath of fresh air.

      • libertytrain

        Lordy, you are in trouble if that’s fresh air.

        • Angel Wannabe

          Yeah libertytrain, I thought, the winds changed and were blowing across the cow pasture!

        • coal miner


          What wrong with it?Can’t stand the truth?

          • libertytrain

            Coal, I like the truth, just didn’t see any in your pal’s comment.

      • coal miner
    • 45caliber

      I’m not sure why you put this up here but …

      In the Muslim world of the Mid-East, it is a mark of society to have a library. You don’t need to be able to read them – just have them.

      There are many thousands of books written as much as 1500 years ago in these libraries – but less than 10% of them have been read in modern times. And the owners will seldom allow anyone to try to read them either!

      • chuck b


        giving credit for those math books to al-kawarizmi is probably a mistake. most likely they were stolen from the greeks. i doubt that any of these goat herders have enough upstairs to accomplish that.

    • Void1972

      The Implementation of Shariah by the Muslim Brotherhood

      The Elbarasse archives and close observation of the Brotherhood’s operations reveal the following as the most important of the techniques employed by the Ikhwan in America to achieve the seditious goals of its civilization jihad:

      • Expanding the Muslim presence by birth rate, immigration, and refusal to assimilate;

      • Occupying and expanding domination of physical spaces;

      • Ensuring the “Muslim Community” knows and follows MB doctrine;

      • Controlling the language we use in describing the enemy;

      • Ensuring we do not study their doctrine (shariah);

      • Co-opting key leadership;

      • Forcing compliance with shariah at local levels;

      • Fighting all counterterrorism efforts;

      • Subverting religious organizations;

      • Employing lawfare – the offensive use of lawsuits and threats of lawsuits;

      • Claiming victimization / demanding accommodations;

      • Condemning “slander” against Islam;

      • Subverting the U.S. education system, in particular, infiltrating and dominating U.S. Middle East studies programs;

      • Demanding the right to practice shariah in segregated Muslim enclaves;

      • Demanding recognition of shariah in non-Muslim spheres;

      • Confronting and denouncing Western society, laws, and traditions; and

      • Demanding that shariah replace Western law. Note that many of the foregoing techniques entail, in one way or another, influencing and neutralizing the American government at all levels.

      • Bob Wire

        Well, that’s not to happen anytime soon, around here anyway.

        • JC

          It’s already happening.

    • http://none Mike

      Liberty, This was before the middle east fell under the influnce of the so called profit Mohamad. Before that time the muslim people were most likely far more advanced in the sciences than the world of today has given them credit for. That they borrowed from the greek and romans in the area of engineering I have no doubt. But lets give a little credit where it is due History proves that up untill the crusades they were far more advanced in the sciences ?(mathmatics astronomy and medicen than their european counterparts. Thus after the crusades and the advent of fundamentelisim they for the most part regressed as a whole. Much like today we are seeing a rise twords this same fundamentelisim in our own socity(Flat earth socity,enviornmentalisim and earth first just to name a few)These new fundamentalist would have us regress back to the hunter gatherer days of our race all in the name of science. This even includes the churches of the day (religons NOT Belief in god as creator)That even in the face of science say that everything is only 6000 years old. Another point here there is beginning to be a move in the scientific community tody called Intelligent design the scientest are seeing patterns in quantem physics and dna research that they even have to admit could not have come about randomly. Thus the fundamentelist crowd that just thump one section of the bible (Genisses)ring from the rafters and shut down their minds. Refuse to see the evidence all around them. There is the fundamentalisim in the darwinians as well they stick to their guns that we just randomly evolved from a puddle of mud and thats the end of the story(which now more and more flies into the face of science)They refuse to see that there might have been a reason that first life form arose other than a 1in infintium chance random lightning strike started the mix.So with all that said I will continue to belive in my god (as creator)and not continually try to cram him into our box of time. And praise the fact that he gave me free will and a brain to think with(If he had wanted us as sheep thats what we would have been)And continue to pray and work with the world I live in. Mike L. A p.s. note here. And hope that others begin to gain Knowledege to think for themselves as well.

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      So that’s the dirty bastard that invented Algebra? Should have figured it would be a rag head. Made my Junior year miserable, damn his soul to Hell.

  • LiarpantsonFiar

    Of all the Republicans and democraps mentioned I see nothing wrong with what Sharon Angle said as quoted by John Myers.

    It is the truth and kinda of funny, and at the same time I think she means business of getting these rats cleaned out of Washington.

    These “rats” are all coming from elitist schools and spoiled brat families that head straight to Washington to teach us all a lesson.

    The result is mayhem of every kind. But it’s not funny anymore to watch fools rule. Not in this day and age.

    • Eric Bischoff

      Agreed but she is a big rat herself and a dumb one at that. Electing her makes us stupid.

      • JeffH

        Aw Eric, speak for yourself…us? Now that’s a load of crap!

        • JC

          Go Angle ;)

          • Bob Wire

            Angle is a mental light weight and not the caliber of leadership material you people seem to want for. She has already cow-tow to forces in the attempt to get herself elected. An empty shirt ! Her first wild card play was “Gods Will” ~ She is hold a hand full of “Gods Will” cards.

            When she can’t explain it or defend it, she trumps with a “Gods Will” card.

            Now who’s to argue with that?

            Is that the kind of people you wish to place in office?

          • JC

            I have a labrador retriever who has difficulty explaining himself…but I still think he has better qualifications than that Commie Prick Reid.

  • Pauldo

    ” There is Ohio Republican Rich Iott who was photographed while dressed in Nazi SS garb which he was wearing to connect with his son.” Where did that come from?? He dressed in the Nazi SS uniform to do a WWII re-enactment.. He has denounced the Nazi doctrine.. You sound like a Marcy Kaptur backer…She has also run ads that Iott sold his chain of grocery stores and put 5000 people out of work..Truth is He sold his chain of stores and three years later they went out of business..How is that Iotts fault???

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      Ah, dummy ! In re-enactments some one has to play the other side. News – Flash !!! Not all German soldiers were Nazis. Most were patriots fighting for their country. Nazism was the political system in power. Kind of like the demorats today, but I wouldn’t suggest calling our troops Dems. SS and Gestapo were required to be members of the Nazi Party but the other 95% of German troops were just German citizens or allies.

      • Pathfinder

        And, don’t forget, the nazis both were and still are NATIONAL SOCIALISTS.

  • FireMall

    Wonder if my assumptions are dead on ? I say YES !!
    I’ll be taking bets till Tuesday 7:00 Pm CST.
    Place opposing bets here. I need cash to make a dash for the Border of ??? oops ! Where to run to ?? Suggestions welcome and the winning suggestion will be granted amnesty from the lost bet.

  • JeffH

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves among those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not traitor, he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared.” – Cicero, 42 B.C.

    • JC

      Good one Jeff

      “The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance”.
      Cicero, 42 BC

      • JeffH

        JC, now that is a plan.

      • Bob Wire

        Interesting read JC.

        At that time, Rome was the world and it was the citizen of Rome itself this was directed to. As the empire itself raped and pillaged lands far and wide to support the fine living standards of the elite Citizens of Rome.

        • JC

          It was the Senate of Rome this was directed to, which is where the direct comparison comes from.

        • JC

          And at the time Rome was in rapid decline when as you say it had been pillaging the world. It also had spread its military too far and too thinly at great expense. As well, Rome had devalued it’s own currency by placing a copper slug into its own silver coins…No one wanted their military ot their money….

  • Carol

    I still remember that night of the Dewey/Truman election. We were allowed to stay up way past bedtime because Thomas Dewey was a cousin on my Mother’s side. Her comment after the results were in was that someone related to us should know better than to expect to win. By the way, all the adults in my family went out in the stormy weather and voted in that election.

    • Bob Wire

      Interesting story Carol, thanks for sharing it.

  • coal miner

    More From the Coal Miner:

    How Islamic inventors changed the world

    From coffee to cheques and the three-course meal, the Muslim world has given us many innovations that we take for granted in daily life. As a new exhibition opens, Paul Vallely nominates 20 of the most influential- and identifies the men of genius behind them.

    1 The story goes that an Arab named Khalid was tending his goats in the Kaffa region of southern Ethiopia, when he noticed his animals became livelier after eating a certain berry. He boiled the berries to make the first coffee. Certainly the first record of the drink is of beans exported from Ethiopia to Yemen where Sufis drank it to stay awake all night to pray on special occasions. By the late 15th century it had arrived in Mecca and Turkey from where it made its way to Venice in 1645. It was brought to England in 1650 by a Turk named Pasqua Rosee who opened the first coffee house in Lombard Street in the City of London. The Arabic qahwa became the Turkish kahve then the Italian caffé and then English coffee.

    2 The ancient Greeks thought our eyes emitted rays, like a laser, which enabled us to see. The first person to realise that light enters the eye, rather than leaving it, was the 10th-century Muslim mathematician, astronomer and physicist Ibn al-Haitham. He invented the first pin-hole camera after noticing the way light came through a hole in window shutters. The smaller the hole, the better the picture, he worked out, and set up the first Camera Obscura (from the Arab word qamara for a dark or private room). He is also credited with being the first man to shift physics from a philosophical activity to an experimental one.

    3 A form of chess was played in ancient India but the game was developed into the form we know it today in Persia. From there it spread westward to Europe – where it was introduced by the Moors in Spain in the 10th century – and eastward as far as Japan. The word rook comes from the Persian rukh, which means chariot.

    4 A thousand years before the Wright brothers a Muslim poet, astronomer, musician and engineer named Abbas ibn Firnas made several attempts to construct a flying machine. In 852 he jumped from the minaret of the Grand Mosque in Cordoba using a loose cloak stiffened with wooden struts. He hoped to glide like a bird. He didn’t. But the cloak slowed his fall, creating what is thought to be the first parachute, and leaving him with only minor injuries. In 875, aged 70, having perfected a machine of silk and eagles’ feathers he tried again, jumping from a mountain. He flew to a significant height and stayed aloft for ten minutes but crashed on landing – concluding, correctly, that it was because he had not given his device a tail so it would stall on landing. Baghdad international airport and a crater on the Moon are named after him.

    5 Washing and bathing are religious requirements for Muslims, which is perhaps why they perfected the recipe for soap which we still use today. The ancient Egyptians had soap of a kind, as did the Romans who used it more as a pomade. But it was the Arabs who combined vegetable oils with sodium hydroxide and aromatics such as thyme oil. One of the Crusaders’ most striking characteristics, to Arab nostrils, was that they did not wash. Shampoo was introduced to England by a Muslim who opened Mahomed’s Indian Vapour Baths on Brighton seafront in 1759 and was appointed Shampooing Surgeon to Kings George IV and William IV.

    6 Distillation, the means of separating liquids through differences in their boiling points, was invented around the year 800 by Islam’s foremost scientist, Jabir ibn Hayyan, who transformed alchemy into chemistry, inventing many of the basic processes and apparatus still in use today – liquefaction, crystallisation, distillation, purification, oxidisation, evaporation and filtration. As well as discovering sulphuric and nitric acid, he invented the alembic still, giving the world intense rosewater and other perfumes and alcoholic spirits (although drinking them is haram, or forbidden, in Islam). Ibn Hayyan emphasised systematic experimentation and was the founder of modern chemistry.

    7 The crank-shaft is a device which translates rotary into linear motion and is central to much of the machinery in the modern world, not least the internal combustion engine. One of the most important mechanical inventions in the history of humankind, it was created by an ingenious Muslim engineer called al-Jazari to raise water for irrigation. His 1206 Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices shows he also invented or refined the use of valves and pistons, devised some of the first mechanical clocks driven by water and weights, and was the father of robotics. Among his 50 other inventions was the combination lock.

    8 Quilting is a method of sewing or tying two layers of cloth with a layer of insulating material in between. It is not clear whether it was invented in the Muslim world or whether it was imported there from India or China. But it certainly came to the West via the Crusaders. They saw it used by Saracen warriors, who wore straw-filled quilted canvas shirts instead of armour. As well as a form of protection, it proved an effective guard against the chafing of the Crusaders’ metal armour and was an effective form of insulation – so much so that it became a cottage industry back home in colder climates such as Britain and Holland.

    9 The pointed arch so characteristic of Europe’s Gothic cathedrals was an invention borrowed from Islamic architecture. It was much stronger than the rounded arch used by the Romans and Normans, thus allowing the building of bigger, higher, more complex and grander buildings. Other borrowings from Muslim genius included ribbed vaulting, rose windows and dome-building techniques. Europe’s castles were also adapted to copy the Islamic world’s – with arrow slits, battlements, a barbican and parapets. Square towers and keeps gave way to more easily defended round ones. Henry V’s castle architect was a Muslim.

    10 Many modern surgical instruments are of exactly the same design as those devised in the 10th century by a Muslim surgeon called al-Zahrawi. His scalpels, bone saws, forceps, fine scissors for eye surgery and many of the 200 instruments he devised are recognisable to a modern surgeon. It was he who discovered that catgut used for internal stitches dissolves away naturally (a discovery he made when his monkey ate his lute strings) and that it can be also used to make medicine capsules. In the 13th century, another Muslim medic named Ibn Nafis described the circulation of the blood, 300 years before William Harvey discovered it. Muslims doctors also invented anaesthetics of opium and alcohol mixes and developed hollow needles to suck cataracts from eyes in a technique still used today.

    11 The windmill was invented in 634 for a Persian caliph and was used to grind corn and draw up water for irrigation. In the vast deserts of Arabia, when the seasonal streams ran dry, the only source of power was the wind which blew steadily from one direction for months. Mills had six or 12 sails covered in fabric or palm leaves. It was 500 years before the first windmill was seen in Europe.

    12 The technique of inoculation was not invented by Jenner and Pasteur but was devised in the Muslim world and brought to Europe from Turkey by the wife of the English ambassador to Istanbul in 1724. Children in Turkey were vaccinated with cowpox to fight the deadly smallpox at least 50 years before the West discovered it.

    13 The fountain pen was invented for the Sultan of Egypt in 953 after he demanded a pen which would not stain his hands or clothes. It held ink in a reservoir and, as with modern pens, fed ink to the nib by a combination of gravity and capillary action.

    14 The system of numbering in use all round the world is probably Indian in origin but the style of the numerals is Arabic and first appears in print in the work of the Muslim mathematicians al-Khwarizmi and al-Kindi around 825. Algebra was named after al-Khwarizmi’s book, Al-Jabr wa-al-Muqabilah, much of whose contents are still in use. The work of Muslim maths scholars was imported into Europe 300 years later by the Italian mathematician Fibonacci. Algorithms and much of the theory of trigonometry came from the Muslim world. And Al-Kindi’s discovery of frequency analysis rendered all the codes of the ancient world soluble and created the basis of modern cryptology.

    15 Ali ibn Nafi, known by his nickname of Ziryab (Blackbird) came from Iraq to Cordoba in the 9th century and brought with him the concept of the three-course meal – soup, followed by fish or meat, then fruit and nuts. He also introduced crystal glasses (which had been invented after experiments with rock crystal by Abbas ibn Firnas – see No 4).

    16 Carpets were regarded as part of Paradise by medieval Muslims, thanks to their advanced weaving techniques, new tinctures from Islamic chemistry and highly developed sense of pattern and arabesque which were the basis of Islam’s non-representational art. In contrast, Europe’s floors were distinctly earthly, not to say earthy, until Arabian and Persian carpets were introduced. In England, as Erasmus recorded, floors were “covered in rushes, occasionally renewed, but so imperfectly that the bottom layer is left undisturbed, sometimes for 20 years, harbouring expectoration, vomiting, the leakage of dogs and men, ale droppings, scraps of fish, and other abominations not fit to be mentioned”. Carpets, unsurprisingly, caught on quickly.

    17 The modern cheque comes from the Arabic saqq, a written vow to pay for goods when they were delivered, to avoid money having to be transported across dangerous terrain. In the 9th century, a Muslim businessman could cash a cheque in China drawn on his bank in Baghdad.

    18 By the 9th century, many Muslim scholars took it for granted that the Earth was a sphere. The proof, said astronomer Ibn Hazm, “is that the Sun is always vertical to a particular spot on Earth”. It was 500 years before that realisation dawned on Galileo. The calculations of Muslim astronomers were so accurate that in the 9th century they reckoned the Earth’s circumference to be 40,253.4km – less than 200km out. The scholar al-Idrisi took a globe depicting the world to the court of King Roger of Sicily in 1139.

    19 Though the Chinese invented saltpetre gunpowder, and used it in their fireworks, it was the Arabs who worked out that it could be purified using potassium nitrate for military use. Muslim incendiary devices terrified the Crusaders. By the 15th century they had invented both a rocket, which they called a “self-moving and combusting egg”, and a torpedo – a self-propelled pear-shaped bomb with a spear at the front which impaled itself in enemy ships and then blew up.

    20 Medieval Europe had kitchen and herb gardens, but it was the Arabs who developed the idea of the garden as a place of beauty and meditation. The first royal pleasure gardens in Europe were opened in 11th-century Muslim Spain. Flowers which originated in Muslim gardens include the carnation and the tulip.

    “1001 Inventions: Discover the Muslim Heritage in Our World” is a new exhibition which began a nationwide tour this week. It is currently at the Science Museum in Manchester. For more information, go to

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    • JC

      Well done Coal Miner…but it doesn’t over ride….

      “Why More People Need to Know Basic Islamic Doctrine ”

      A GOOD FRIEND of mine told me the other day that our efforts to educate our fellow non-Muslims about the doctrines of Islam are counterproductive because it creates animosity against Muslims, which causes apathetic Muslims to side with the more devout, politically-active Muslims, leading to greater conflict between Muslims and non-Muslims.

      This has a ring of validity to it. But at its core it is a foolish idea. The problem is, you would only know how foolish it is if you knew something about Islamic doctrine. In our educational efforts, this is the biggest thing we are up against: Assumptions made by non-Muslims who are ignorant of Islamic doctrine — assumptions that prevent you from educating them about Islamic doctrine. It’s a catch-22.

      Many of them make the following assumptions: That politically-active Muslims are acting out of political motivations rather than Islamic religious motivations; that they cherry-pick verses out of the Quran to justify their actions but Islam is not what motivates them; that the majority of Muslims don’t believe any of that jihad stuff; that the majority of Muslims have no political motivations; and that anyone criticizing Islam must be an ignorant bigot. These assumptions all conspire to make it almost impossible to do the only thing that can clear up these misconceptions: Educate them about basic Islamic doctrine.

      So I thought I would make a list of specific reasons why an understanding of Islamic doctrine is important. This might add a little extra motivation to listen, and help us overcome the catch-22. Here’s my list so far:

      1. The US allowed Sharia law to be inserted into the constitutions of Iran and Afghanistan. If any non-Muslims involved in that decision had been familiar with Islamic doctrine enough to know what Sharia law means and what it entails, they would not have allowed it to happen. So billions of dollars have been spent to free those two countries from the domination of their previous repressive governments, and thousands of soldiers from Western democracies have died, only to have set up the conditions for the creation of two more Islamic countries. And anyone who knows anything about Islamic doctrine can tell you this will inevitably lead to countries increasingly dominated by misogyny, religious intolerance, and aggression against the non-Muslim world. It was one of the most awe-inspiring, mind-blowing, remarkably self-defeating actions done by any non-Muslims in recent history.

      And the only reason it happened is that the non-Muslims involved were ignorant of the basic doctrines of Islam.

      2. In the free world, politically active Muslims are are pushing for concessions of all kinds. In Britain, Muslim women doctors and nurses do not have to follow the same cleanliness standards as non-Muslims, for example. In Hamtramck, Michigan, the City Council waved the noise ordinances in deference to the mosque there to allow them to broadcast an amplified call to prayer throughout the neighborhood. After a Dutch newspaper published some cartoons depicting Mohammad — nothing more offensive than politicians suffer every day all over the free world — Muslims rioted all over Europe, killing 187 people. Afterward, many newspapers refused to reprint the cartoons out of fear. They were intimidated into silence by Muslims. And so on (read more concessions).

      These concessions would not have been given if the non-Muslims involved had known about basic Islamic doctrine.

      You can’t see the purpose of the political concessions unless you know Islam. People naturally buy into the specific reasons given for each specific concession and easily miss any larger purpose. Politically-active orthodox Muslims will continue to encroach on Western laws and customs, concession by concession, until they become a political force that cannot be easily resisted. They will have gained a level of political power that cannot be peacefully undone. They will have gained a sufficient foothold in the society, producing new Islamic norms, getting non-Muslims used to these things, until everyone feels “it’s just the way things are.” Islam is a ratchet.

      The purpose of each concession is to fulfill Islam’s prime directive: To make the whole world subjugated to Islamic law. If you don’t know that, or if you don’t believe that, you will take it on a case-by-case basis, and they will gain one concession after another.

      The orthodox Muslims in the West, working for Islam’s political goal, know how to play the game. They know what our buttons are. They know our Achilles’ heel: White guilt (as it is known in America) or post-colonial guilt (as it is known in Europe). And they exploit it. They exploit this and many other psychological weaknesses in the Western mind, and gain one concession after another.

      We have not had much historical exposure to Islamic ways of doing things, so we have no natural resistance. It’s like introducing rabbits into Australia or mongoose into Hawaii. The other forms of life don’t have time to adapt, so the new animals easily proliferate and ultimately dominate.

      3. They keep having peace talks and peace summits and peace treaties to create “peace in the Middle East,” meaning “peace between Israel and the Muslim countries surrounding Israel.” Only someone ignorant of the most basic principles of Islamic doctrine of would believe that anything approaching peace will ever be possible between Israel and the rest of the Muslim world. With no more than six hours of education about basic Islamic doctrine, any rational person would easily see that the goal is ridiculous.

      But only someone who knows about Islamic doctrine could understand this. The non-Muslim world should be working toward security, not peace. Read the Quran and you will find there is no possible way for peace to exist between Israel and in the Muslim world. It is impossible.

      There are obviously some Muslims who ignore much of their doctrine and who can live and let live with Israel. But as long as there are believing Muslims in the Middle East, Israel will be attacked. And all these efforts at disarming Israel or forcing Israel to make concessions to Muslims only prolongs the conflict.

      This is another example of how it helps us defeat Islam’s relentless encroachment to know the basic doctrines of Islam. It illustrates why an ignorance of Islam prolongs problems, weakens the position of non-Muslims, weakens the security of non-Muslims, causes the deaths of non-Muslims, and strengthens Islam’s political power in the world.

      4. The population of Muslims in Europe has grown large enough already that the politicians in Europe can no longer ignore the voting block represented by the Muslims, and they are working together (the Muslims and the politicians) to slowly dismantle, piece by piece, the hard-won freedoms, the principles of equality, and the economic viability of Europe’s democracies.

      And yet Europe is continuing to allow Muslims to immigrate to their countries in great numbers.

      Why is Europe continuing such self-defeating policies? Because so many Europeans are so ignorant of basic Islamic doctrine.

      5. Mosques are being built all over the free world. Non-Muslims allow this. In these mosques, Muslims are being taught that their loyalty to Islam is more important than their loyalty to the country in which they are citizens. They are being taught that the ultimate goal is an Islamic world. The ultimate goal is that all people on earth are subjugated to Islamic law. They are taught strategies to accomplish this goal. They are motivated to accomplish this goal in those mosques. They are given literature — books, magazines, and audio recordings — that teach these notions and motivate them to follow these notions.

      This is happening in 75% of the mosques in America, and 80% of the mosques in Canada. It’s probably being done similarly in the mosques of Europe.

      Non-Muslims are allowing this because they are so ignorant of basic Islam that they unquestioningly accept the deliberate disinformation being given to them by orthodox Muslims. They are being fooled. They are being hoodwinked by orthodox Muslims with a political agenda.

      The examples above barely scratch the surface. The list could go on and on. I’d be the first to admit that learning about Islam is not fun or easy. But it clears up a lot of false assumptions and greatly clarifies our situation. It allows you to look into the world and really see the forest for the trees.

      We are being invaded. We are being colonized. And we are helping this happen. We are actively helping the invasion and colonization of free countries by politically-motivated Islamic supremacists. And the only reason we are not stopping it is that so many of us are so completely ignorant of basic Islamic doctrine.

      • coal miner

        Most Ashkenazi Jews are actually Russians, poles, and other East Europeans of Khazari origin, brought by Zionism to Palestine to live on land that belongs to another people. Besides,Jews have no rightful claim to the land of Palestine?In order to have peace,Jews must return the land to the Arabs and leave.Than you will have lasting peace.

        • joe_k

          I doubt that. The Muslims (radical ones) are intent in enforcing their will on the world. Anything that is not the same as them, according to them, God has willed that they destroy. If we had space flight like in Star Trek, and the Jews all moved to Alpha Centauri, the radical Muslims would track them down to exterminate them.

          It’s their religious duty.

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      Well there you go Coal Miner. I think you just found a new home. I’m sure they can use a man of your intellect and expierience. I suggest Yemini or maybe Somalia.

  • HangmansKnot

    Out of some billions of Muslims, the muslims should be able to produce a few smartie pants even without inbreeding. Inventiveness is not a birthright of any people. The English language has done more to spur invention of late than any thing else because technical writing is easily performed in that language when compared to other languages. Best to think in English, too.

  • jody

    If you have more wives than teeth….you could be a muslim

  • jody

    You have nothing against women and think every man should own at least four…you could be a muslim

  • jody

    If you refine heroin for a living but you have a moral objection to liquor…you could be a muslim

  • jody

    you own a $3,000.00 machine gun and a $5,000.00 rocket launcher…you could be a muslim

  • jody

    you consider television dangerous but routinely carry explosives in your clothing…you could be a muslim

  • jody

    and the one I like best…Your cousin is president of The United States….you could be a muslim.hahahahahahahahlolololol

    • joe_k


      U make a me laugh.


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