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Not Worth The Effort

December 11, 2012 by  

Not Worth The Effort

Last week, word filtered back from the Mideast: Syria, normally a veritable Shangri-La, loaded chemical weapons into warheads for deployment against rebels in the civil war which has torn the land asunder and absorbed billions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives. While initial reactions focused on details such as the source of the weapons of mass destruction and/or how feisty Israel might respond to the news, the bigger question loomed: whither the United States?

Outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned the regime of Bashar Assad against doing an impression of Saddam Hussein circa 1988, cautioning him against crossing what she called a “red line.” Assad should be careful. After the “red line” comes the yellow line. Beyond that lies the dreaded fuchsia line… I think. Actually, Clinton’s warning on behalf of President Barack Obama is no laughing matter. If I were Assad, I’d be quaking in my keffiyeh.

Obama’s once-lauded stance against war has, ahem, evolved. And the installation of the Islamofascist Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and absolute chaos in Libya prove that Obama’s evolutionary progression is taking him farther from the Nobel Peace Prize he didn’t earn. He seems to have developed an enjoyment of war without any sense of responsibility for the outcome. Hell, he and his cronies are behind the deaths of no fewer than five Americans, including a U.S. Ambassador. And rather than admit that he and his accomplices hit the guardrail, he led an effort to leave the scene of the accident.

Should Syria — one of the world’s top supporters of terrorism — engage in chemical weapons attacks on its own people, the eyes of the world will turn toward the United States. Like Presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush before him, Obama has made it clear he won’t tolerate such tactics — hence Clinton’s “red line” remark.  But what form would the U.S. response take? As Libya taught everyone outside Obama’s coterie of cretins, aerial strikes and material support serve only to destabilize an already wobbly situation. Giving guns and ammo to the slightly less bad guys is the diplomatic version of kicking out a table leg. In a worst-case scenario (as Obama should have learned from Benghazi), covering up the murders of Americans at the hands of Islamofascists armed by America is a real hassle.

Eliminating half-assed regime change efforts — and we should — seemingly leaves only two options: do nothing or roll heavy into Damascus like we’re Notre Dame and they’re the Crimson Tide’s cheerleaders. However, dropping the proverbial house on Assad and his goons requires justification. We can’t really say it’s about human rights (ask George W. Bush how well that blarney flies). We can’t even really say it’s about securing oil; Syria is hardly a spigot — and the country’s intramural squabble has severely dented what little petroleum it does manage to squeeze from the bedrock. Heck, if we wanted oil that badly, we could invade Mexico.  Considering the success of the Democrats’ votes-for-amnesty-for-votes plan, invading our Southern neighbor would take considerably less effort; most of their population is seemingly on our side of the border already.

What about a third option? Perhaps we could give our boys and girls in uniform a break.  Instead of committing them to fighting in their third hellhole inside a decade, we could task them with securing a reasonable defensive perimeter around Syria (we could use some of those troops we’re pretending we don’t still have in Iraq). Then we can sit back and let the Islamofascists kill the other Islamofascists. That’s a win-win for the whole world.

Syria is a dump. Its leaders have wrecked their own economy, and the place is a mess. Think: Detroit with sand. Sure, there’s some cool old stuff; Jordan, Israel and Egypt have cooler old stuff. With a resurgent Russia, a still-sinister China and a host of other issues facing us here and abroad, let’s allow Syria to shake itself out… or apart.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • phideaux

    “…we could task them with securing a reasonable defensive perimeter around Syria (we could use some of those troops we’re pretending we don’t still have in Iraq). Then we can sit back and let the Islamofascists kill the other Islamofascists. That’s a win-win for the whole world.”

    Excellent idea if only we could manage it.

    • http://n/a AmFer

      Sounds like a plan to me! Actually, one that I really like.

      • old hillbilly

        send them a nuke & put them out of their misery Thousands of years of fighting is enough tired of sending american citizens in there for targets

    • Ryan Eggers

      That is almost a perfect idea except that we would have to go into Iran to do that, I say, bolster Israel’s defense, and let Iran or the UN wrangle this, Syria is not our business, and I think our military is war weary and in need of a break. Let’s finish our business in Iraq and Afghanistan and at the end of 14 bring them all home.

      • http://tweeter jerry jackson

        Since1913, the dollar was worth 1 dollar, the federal reserve a consortium of european bankers, has stolen 222 trillion from American tax payers and the dollar is worth 2 cents compared to the dollar in 1913 when wilson brought them in. The federal reserve is printing 58 k a second and inflation is a hidden tax. It makes no difference what the corrupt politicians do, when America realizes what they are doing ,then it will be the end of America as we know it. There are no free lunches. We must go back on the gold standard so politicians can’t spend more than they have. And we must turn back to the GOD of our fathers.

      • old hillbilly

        Refreshing to find person with a brain out there. Gold standard or not, we need a DOJ that will prosecute and jail counterfeiters, especially when they’re looting the treasury, making all bonds, retirement annuities, etc. worthless! When the result is the measure of the objectives, and treason with capital punishment is reinstated this heinous problem will cease! The prosecutorial function of the legislatures can unseat the criminals in the DOJ, the president & perhaqps themselves but, they too need recall and impeachment!.

        When we recognize and absorb the fact that China is making stealth fighters, in the presence of massive GE handouts to China with moves of American infrastructure, technology, know how, tools, and everything from lightr bulbs we no longer make to key military stuff… reazlize…many spies have been shot for far less!!!!

    • Mike in MI

      Easily ACCOMPLISHED! Simply spread the word to both sides through underground channels that the other side is actually Jews in turban disguises. They’ll kill each other to the last man. Then, we can move all the Palestinians from Gaza, the east, west, north and south Banks, tell Syria’s leaders it’s been A Ssad day and the world will be at peace.

      • DougDeGrave

        Actually there are Mossad snipers dressed in turban disguises already operating in our occupied hotspots. But they only shoot at American soldiers.

  • Flashy

    Crystal once again is true to form. With an ample showing of why no one cares if he leaves the room.

    Crystal contributes nothing, heckles, and is the only one who thinks he is humorous.One day, perhaps, he will write something showing an indication of thought and intelligence. First he has to think and garner some intelligence somewhere…

    • eddie47d

      He’s all over the page on every issue and seldom coherent yet demands respect as a writer. Sometimes you do have to give up in hoping he’ll change in being the devious little devil.

    • johno

      It’s odd how different our views are. I think Crystal is humorous and most people in the rural communities like mine agree with this way of thinking. I can not understand why any American would want to be in continuous war.

      • diderot

        Heres your answer. Read War is a Racket, by General Smedley Butler. Its online, published in the 1920′s. Enjoy

      • Flashy

        I can not understand why any American would want to be in continuous war.<–Johno

        I agree…yet the Conservatives hae handed us two.

        Crystal writes as if the US planned to place Morsi into office, and planned that Libya would be unsettled post Qaddafi. When even our history post Revolution shows that it takes 20 years give or take for a settled accepted government system to be established and stable.

        He writes as if this President ordered the killing of our Ambassador in libya. Only a wacked lunatic would think that…(and i don't ascribe that to Crystal in referring to the comment). Benghazi has Super Secret Spy stuff written all over it. Anyone who thinks the Ambassador could not, and would not, have ordered security for a visit is deliberately ignoring reality. The Ambassador with close connections in the post Qaddafi regime, former intel military guys, a private contractor with CIA ties…c'mon…ya really think the Al Qaeda network would risk such assets just to knock them off for PR sake? uh uh ..something was going down at Benghazi…and maybe, just maybe, we shouldn't know as it still may be developing or too new to expose assets.

        Syria? We've stayed out except to ensure the channels from Iran are blocked off, and Hezbollah is hurtin' as that pipeline..their main pipeline, is restricted. Israel slapped Hamas around, Iron Dome was tested. Want to place a bet Turkey doesn't soon have Iron Dome deployed along the Syrian borders? And we've let Assad know…'we know what you have, we know what you're doing, we know what you're thinking…best you think it through again' … while at the same time snuffing a few more Al Qaeda leaders with drone attacks.

        Both Clinton and Obama have used the strongest diplomatic language to give fair warning. The "serious consequences" language is diplospeak for military action, without detailing what that action would be. NATO? Drones and missiles? Certainly not US invasion…it's a NATO action if anything, coming down from Turkey.

        What we can't do is what you have said the folks in your area support..let the use of chemmies go unpunished. Bush I allowed that in Iraq and Sammy back in gulf War I. And how'd that work out for us? .And what message would that send to the world? We would allow the use of chemmies without sanction? think back to pre WWII and not doing anything…we soon had the Axis powers to deal with (Manchuria, Spain and Ethiopia).

        The other issue is how to secure those damn things and get them out of Syria asap once Assad falls. THAT has a few hairs turning grey in Europe as well as the Pentagon and State i would think.

        but sit back and do nothing? yeah….only if you really want serious problems in a few years…only an idiot would say that was a good thing.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Diderot got it right—-listen to Smedley. OOH-Rah and Semper Fi!

    • Warrior

      If we could get the “progessive caucas” into these hot spots, they would scream for mercy. Incessant “whining” works well here.

      • eddie47d

        Johno: Yes PROGRESSIVES have been asking that same questions forever! Why do we have continual wars? Why do Progressives and Conservatives keep falling into that rabbit hole. Why is it that Conservatives in the Red States are always gung ho and patriotic with every conflict we get ourselves into? Why do they always use my God to justify their actions? Where in the Bible does it say that Christians have an obligation to kill Muslims? The reasoning (excuses) are deafening especially in the Middle East where they are not our Military Industrial Complex playground. There will always be conflict in the world but that doesn’t mean we have to use the wrong reasoning in our involvement. Its unfortunate that so many Progressives act like neoConservatives in these world conquests.

      • Flashy

        Warrior…youm put a few TPers into those situations and watch how fst the cry goes out. I’ve advocated for a long time we should bring back the draft. 18-19 years old. Give a choice. two years in the military, or three in a CCC type workforce doing work in the rural and poor areas. After the hitch, a low cost ride at the public college of choice.

        Betchya that would cause a pause before committing troops anywhere. Seems there are very very very few members of Congress who have relatives in the military these days. VP Biden had his son…i’m not recalling anyone else having close kin in harm’s way. And yes, had we that policy back in early 2001….any bets if we would have had such support for Iraq? Everyone…even the public at large, would have something at stake and would sit up and take notice before shouting down those who marched and demanded facts to support the rhetoric.

    • s c

      Komrade ‘f,’ make a quick research trip to Syria, and verify the source of those MWDs. When you learn that some of them came from Iraq, you can come back and perhaps have a chance to be viewed as a human. While you’re at it, check in with the Russians, and ask them HOW those MWDs got to Syria.
      You see, to people like you, it’s not worth the trouble to know what you’re talking about. Your only reason for living is to imitate a human and keep people like Obummer in office.
      Consider moving to Cuba (unless you have AIDS). Unless they’ve changed their health policy standards, AIDS patients there are quarantined [just in case your fellow utopians never mentioned that fact]. So much to learn. So little time to learn it.

      • Flashy

        Well SC…I would guess if Sammy had moved any WMDs when Bush II/Cheney were lyin’ to us, criticizing the UN inspection teams and yet not telling them where to look even though ‘we knew where they were”…that would have been outed in every media outlet in existence. Don’t forget, Bush II said Putin was a good man because George “looked into his soul” …

        And if you don’t think we didn’t have every inch of Iraq under surveillance by air and satellite…you are very naive. George and Dick were so frantic to find WMDs they would have blasted the airwaves showing them being shipped elsewhere

      • Opal the Gem

        “And if you don’t think we didn’t have every inch of Iraq under surveillance by air and satellite…you are very naive.”

        Flushy we did NOT have 24/7/365 coverage of every inch of Iraq. If we had that kind of coverage Iraq would have never have been able to shoot more than the first Scud missle for we would have seen them being set up and blasted them out of existance before they could launch..

      • Flashy

        Opal…you know that for a fct or are you saying Bush II /Cheney openly were lying when they spoke about Iraq?

        FYI…Iraq fired 42 SCUD missiles into Israel. Do you recall how many days it took before they were taken out? SCUD missiles are mobile units, and if we were able to take them out in such a short time period…ya think we didn’t know fairly close where they were?

        I give our military far more credit than you Opal….

      • Opal the Gem

        Thank you for proving my point Flushy. If our spy coverage of Iraq had been as good as you claim almost all of those missiles would never have been fired they would have been destroyed on the launchers.

  • Right Wing Nut

    There are no good guys in this fight. The so called “Rebels” are no better than the current regime. Let them kill each other and the world will be a better place

    • walter agard

      That’s right, Why do we have to go shed our blood in another land .Let them kill themselves.Only the kids and innocent ones I am worrying about.

      • Texas Ride

        Walter, too bad these barbarian idiots are not worried about their own kids…Why should we have to worry about anything that happens in the mideast. The mideast is not worth the life of one American! No more wasting our own blood and treasure on countries that contribute nothing but war and terrorism.

    • Matagorda

      What ever we do I for one votes to stay away from the trash and let them kill off each other, by any method they chose to use. Take the money it would cost us and develop our resourses and let that part of the world rot.

    • Steve E

      I believe it is a blessing from God that these people are killing each other without us being involved. Let’s not question God’s blessings.

  • John R. Howell

    If we stay completely out of it, then they will kill each other to the point that they will be too weak to threaten any other country. End of problem. John R. Howell

  • rick

    Excellent Idea. Ever since the battles with the Barbary Pirates, the United States has thought of itself as the Worlds Policeman. That means, spend more money on useless countries and dictators, kill our soldiers, use up billions of dollars instead of fixing America.
    I prefer Nationalism,,where we help us first. Let the world suffer, then they might like better as people,instead of just taking our money. One of our Navy SEALS would be alive
    today if he did not die trying to help/rescue some stupid Dr. Do-Gooder in Afganistan.
    No doubt we paid for the Dr’s training and transportation. Look at the bills do far.
    16 Trillion and nothing to show for it except more bills.

    • DaveR

      And no matter what USA does, except capitulate to becoming a subordinated member of an Islamic caliphate, the Muslims will still hate us and seek to overtake or destroy us. I concur with those who believe USA should take care of its own people and land first. Besides, I’ve yet to hear the Syrians asking us to save them from themselves.

  • joszsrepublicanpage

    Hear , Hear ,, the third choice is what I vote for ,, let then kill eachother off ,,,,,

    • eddie47d

      I agree that we should stop poking our nose into everybody’s else business.So little has changed in all the years of our involvement in that region. YET is that like our Civil War where we attempted to destroy each other (620,000 dead)and lay ruin while Britain and France waited with baited breath. Are Russia and the USA the new vultures in the Syrian civil war waiting until the dust settles?

      • phideaux

        “YET is that like our Civil War where we attempted to destroy each other (620,000 dead)and lay ruin ”

        More revisionist history from eddie. The only attempt to destroy anything was the north invading and doing their best to absolutely destroy the South. The South for the most part fought a defensive battle.

      • eddie47d

        The South could also be very “offensive”.! They weren’t exactly in Pennsylvania playing poker.

  • braindeadus

    Who cares kill all these muslims and be done with it!

    • ranger09

      People like you Have always been the Problem, Heck i dought if you have ever bet a Muslim.

      • gunner689AI

        never bet a Muslim. They lie and welsh on their bets. Besides, they smell bad.

  • Buck

    These rebels are not loyal citizens. They are trying to over throw the government.
    I say let him gas them. All of them hate us and will turn on the US in the end.
    Not one of them is worth the sweat off the brow of the worst citizen of America.

  • Howard Roark

    It is a classic case of Sunni vs. Shi’ite, exactly like Iraq, except that the tide is turned: Sadam was Sunni, whereas Assad is Shi’ite. Al Qaida is Sunni, so why is the US supporting them in Syria? As long as they are fighting each other, they cannot concentrate fully on Israel and the US. It always helps your understanding to identify the players: Iran is Shi’ite, Lebanon is predominantly Sunni; but has been taken over by Shi’ites; Jordan is Sunni; Hezbollah is Shi’ite; Hamas is Sunni, etc. What’s the difference? It has to do with whether the Imams of the group were the direct descendants of Muhammad’s wife Fatima or not. The Sunni’s don’t think it matters but the Shi’ites are sticklers for it. Do you think I’m kidding? Look it up. This dispute is hundreds of years old and is a really big deal!

    • Texas Ride

      Does it seem that our government has a special interest in the sunnis..

  • anna

    I suppose if Iran(God forbid) attacked Isarel it would solve the current hostilites between syria’s sunni and shiite population as they would all join hands to engage an all out war with Isarel.I suppose it would also solve the current unrest with Egyptians for their new dictator.

    • Jimmy the Greek

      That is a good idea !

  • Jimmy the Greek

    We don’t need to do a dam thing over there ! we need to pack up our toys and our military and ring all home . Then we should ship all the dual citizens we have to the land they love more than america , and let happen what ever happens .

  • ranger09

    The Problem has always been Israel, Keep the arab Countries seperated and you Protect Israel, And of course it also protects the Oil Kings. Has been like this since We gave Israel its own Country.And Saudie Arabias Royal Family allowed us to put in an Air Base. Also we have seen that Israel is the most Military Power in the Arab World. And as for as i know Only Countries that have WMD are our so called Friends.

  • ranger09

    You know we always talk about our Rights and the things we believe in And we are prepared to fight for these Rights. But we seem to forget other Peoples Rights and Beliefts. And to the person who quoted War is a Racket, He was Right. War is a racket, And some people become very Rich from it, while the many suffer.

  • ranger09

    Short story: In our Country, A Policeman commits crimes, Commits 9 murders, Is found Guilty and gets Death penalty, It takes our Justice system 27 years to get around to Putting him to death. One thing for sure in an arab Country Punishment and Justice would be Swift. Makes you wonder why a lot of People around the World do not want to be like us.Also many other reasons.

  • Gordon in Texas

    I agree with Ben: Let them kill each other off and do the world a huge favor. Helping either side at this point is a lose-lose situation and we’ve seen the products of our “helping” in Libya, Egypt, and some of the other cesspools that consider themselves civilized societies. Let the Syrians fight it out. As long as they’re fighting over there they’re not blowing up things over here. I believe Honest (What Constitution?) Abe would have used chemical weapons if he thought it would help defeat the South and keep the Union together. Instead, he used Sherman.

    If Assad uses chemical weapons, let the U.N. deal with it. Isn’t that what they say they’re all about? Controlling and policing the world? Or are they the totally inept, dysfunctional organization that any educated, free-thinking individual believes they are.

    As to the humor of Mr. Crystal? I think he’s hilarious. But I doubt that Marx or Lenin would also find him funny. Flashy and eddie47d—or as I like to know him as, Mr. Punctuation—are in good company.

    • roberttitle

      The U.N. has done nothing to force Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and to allow AEIA inspectors inspect its nuclear facility at Dimona. Iran has done both. This is purely a land-grab at the behest of Israel.

  • roberttitle

    If you think this is a real civil war, you are sadly mistaken. Just as with Libya, these are hired insurgents and mercenaries being supplied with arms from the U.S. and NATO. It’s purely a land grab that we, as the puppet for Israel and for profits to war contractors want to occur.

    • Gordon in Texas


      If you’re referring to my statement about Lincoln, I was merely making a reference to the use of power. It’s obvious that this is not a civil war. It’s a tyrant that is desperately trying to keep his power over the people. Your guess is as good as mine as to who Assad is fighting and what their true motives are. Either way, we need to keep our noses out of this matter.

      As for the U.N., interesting how you decided to interject the conflict between Israel and its neighbors. Keep to the subject matter. I was pointing out what a joke that organization is; nothing more.

  • Liberterian

    Right, let them fight their civil war and we can save our young soliders and our economy. We don’t need another war on credit. Who knows who would be on our side anyway after it would all be over.

  • Motov

    We do not need any more wars. Bombing the Middle East back to the stone age, and rebuilding it again costs too much in the lives of our soldiers, material, and money.
    WE ARE BROKE, We do not need to kick the debt can 500 years into the future to pay it back, and make the USA look bad in the process.

  • Motov

    Israel has always been very swift in terms of getting at those who attack it.
    They certainly do not mess around, they go, they destroy, and then they are done.
    The USA tends to get bogged down by politicians out to make themselves look good.


    Ben Crystal: Hell, he and his cronies are behind the deaths of no fewer than five Americans, including a U.S. Ambassador. And rather than admit that he and his accomplices hit the guardrail, he led an effort to leave the scene of the accident.

    In all fairness, Mr. Crystal, the blame for the Benghazi-fiasco should be laid at the feet of David Petraeus, who was, at the time, “director of the CIA”. Or perhaps, Hillary Clinton, “Secretary of State”! But Obama? I think not! Not directly, anyways. It could, of course, be argued, indirectly.

  • rightgunner

    Exactly right Ben! No more blood for The Pomposity of the Asses, Clinton, Rice and Obama. No more borrowing from our children’s freedom in an attempt to control Mid-East countries. The result will be just as expensive and just as futile as all the previous times, Iran, Egypt, Libya, etc.

    The Ring-of-Benjamin proposal ought to be tried. Let them all duke it out, at least eliminating the worst of the worst.

  • gunner689AI

    Well now we know where Saddam’s WMD’s went. Is anyone surprized ???

  • Toy

    Spare a thought:
    WW! Homes for Heroes!

    Right now:
    No Homes….

    Oh, what a lovely war!

  • King of Diams

    And as they (WE} argue and bicker back and forth among them/our/selves, America continues on its downward spiral. Thus, it should be patently obvious folks that all of the name calling and attempts to denigrate each other is not getting what the people commenting on the article(s) profess to want —–America’s prompt return to its former State of Grace. SO MY FELLOW LOVERS OF AMERICA WHAT’S THE PLAN TO GET THE U.S. BACK TO WHERE YOU SAY YOU WANT IT TO GO?? AND, WHAT’S THE PLAN FOR GETTING IT THERE?


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