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Not So Fast, Governor Christie

January 11, 2013 by  

Not So Fast, Governor Christie
Speaker of the House John Boehner delayed a vote on Superstorm Sandy aid until the new Congress could consider the legislation.

Did you see where New Jersey Governor Chris Christie lit into Speaker John Boehner and the Republican-controlled House of Representatives for delaying a vote on giving billions of dollars in Federal aid to States devastated by Superstorm Sandy?

Christie is one of the better ranters on the national scene. But even many of his admirers were taken back by the harshness of his attack.

“There’s only one group to blame for the continued suffering of these innocent victims,” Christie proclaimed, “the House majority and their Speaker, John Boehner.”

Christie told reporters he called the Speaker’s office four times the night he heard the vote would be delayed but never got a return call. Just to rub salt in the wound, the White House announced the next day that Barack Obama had personally called the Republican Governor to discuss relief efforts. The Governor concluded his diatribe by declaring, “(S)hame on you, shame on Congress. … put aside the politics and help our people now.”

But of course, asking Congress to “put aside the politics” on anything is to ask for the impossible. In fact, politics has everything to do with why this disaster-relief bill is a pork-filled disaster. Representative Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) was correct when he said, “They had the opportunity to have a $27 [billion] to $30 billion dollar legit relief package, packed it with pork, then dared us not to vote on it.”

Among the absurd bequests in the aid package are $150 million to support Alaskan fisheries, a couple of million bucks for roof repairs at the Smithsonian and dozens of other pieces of pork, including $17 billion to support “community development” activists.

The Wall Street Journal warned in an editorial: “Far from being must-pass legislation, this is a disgrace to the memory of the victims and could taint legitimate efforts to deal with future disasters.”

Under the circumstances, I think Boehner showed commendable courage by delaying a vote until the new Congress could consider the legislation. When they do, let’s hope they’ll vote to take a scalpel — or even better, a meat clever — to all of the pork that usually got stuffed into the bill. (I’ll leave for another day the argument about where in the Constitution you will find any authority for Congress to take our tax dollars for such charitable activities, no matter how noble they appear.)

I would like to see Congress discuss the folly of paying people to build homes and condos that everyone knows could be wiped out by a hurricane. Since insurance companies refuse to write policies for such properties, our benevolent Federal government decided to force all taxpayers everywhere to subsidize flood insurance for the happy owners.

When a storm comes along, as one inevitably does, the happy homeowner gets a free ride on rebuilding. In some areas, the same home has been hit, damaged and repaired several times — all at taxpayer expense. How about letting these ninnies take the risks themselves, rather than getting us to pay for it?

While on the subject of Congressional malfeasance, let me mention something that I neglected to include in last week’s column, Congress Sticks It To Us Again, on the rushed-through, unread legislation that kept this country from plunging over the fiscal cliff. Did you hear what our legislators decided to call this Frankenstein’s monster?

Even though the measure raises taxes on all working Americans, the bill is called the American Tax Relief Act of 2012. My friend Mark Skousen says the measure should have been called the “Congress Relieves Your Pocketbook Act of 2012.” But of course, that name could be used for just about any legislation that Congress passes.

While some Republicans are still trying to defend that abominable measure as “the best we could do in a bad situation,” Charles Krauthammer is one observer who isn’t buying it. He said the bill represents “a complete surrender on everything. … it’s a complete rout by the Democrats.”

The FOX News commentator said the President not only won increases in tax rates on the wealthy, he’s likely to gain another tax increase when Congress agrees to reduce deductions in the future. “So he gets a double rise in rates,” Krauthammer observed.

The Coming Clash Over The Debt Ceiling

With the fight over the fiscal cliff behind us, the next “line in the sand” for conservatives in Congress will be the battle over raising the ceiling on our national debt. The last time around, Republicans caved in and voted to raise the ceiling only after President Barack Obama agreed to spending cuts. There was supposed to be $1 in spending cuts for every $1 the debt ceiling was raised. If this wasn’t done, then $1.2 trillion in cuts would be mandated over the next decade — the so-called “sequestration” you’ve heard so much about.

Of course, the Federal budget wasn’t reduced. The Democrats didn’t even play their usual game of smoke and mirrors by agreeing to reductions in spending increases, which they would then call “spending cuts.” Nope, the spending spree continued, as Obama racked up another trillion-dollar deficit.

What’s next? We’re going to hear a lot of nasty threats and implausible promises over the next few weeks, including all of the disastrous things that will befall this country if we don’t give Obama all of the funds he wants.

But of all the absurd proposals that will be offered, this week produced the most hilarious of all: the suggestion that the United States mint a shiny new platinum coin, give it a nominal face value of $1 trillion and then deposit it with the Federal Reserve.

The theory is that the Fed could use the new funds to buy back U.S. Treasuries it holds, thus reducing the outstanding amount of government debt. Lowering the debt would mean there would be no need to raise the ceiling.

Representative Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) says he is “absolutely serious” about putting such a proposal before Congress. Paul Krugman, the Pulitzer-prize winning economist and influential New York Times columnist, says it’s worth considering. There’s even a petition on the White House website asking the U.S. Mint to make such a coin.

I’ve learned over the years never to underestimate the ability of Congress to consider, and sometimes pass, some truly ludicrous legislation. It makes you wonder how we’ve managed to survive the government we have, doesn’t it? But at least we don’t get all the government we pay for; that would really destroy us.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

–Chip Wood

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • http://yahoo Glen

    Congress must start doing the job it was elected to do. Our system is supposed to be of Check and Balance. This President is running all over Congress and it has to stop before it is too late.

    • Harold Olsen

      The two houses of Congress, and both parties, have no desire to stop Obama from doing anything he wants. Being a Representative or a Senator has become a form of welfare to them. They get elected and then do very little of the work that they are supposed to be doing and then they draw paycheck for doing nothing, just like the leeches and parasites that go on welfare because they are too lazy to get a job.. Obama has even turned the office of the President into welfare. He does almost nothing. He goes out and campaigns, plays golf and takes monthly vacations, all at our expense. He is a do nothing “president” and both houses make up a do nothing Congress.

      • Jerry Pettibone

        A Do-Nothing administration would be a step UP.

      • http://NONE Mari bayer

        What you say is true, but don’t forget we keep reelecting these bums. Why is that????

      • BR549

        Maybe we should see the list of all those opportunistic, self-serving “legislators” who decided to put in the pork, but even with that list, so many of the brain-dead voters still couldn’t figure out that those guys were THE PROBLEM and would continue to vote them back into office.

      • Benjamin Fox

        What little the messiah-in-chief does is still destroying America, he is a marxist, commie from Kenya, nothing more, nothing less.

      • Nick Czudy

        To Harold and all of the fanatic right wingers on this blog. You guys are all pretty pathetic with your Kenyan, Gun taking, doom saying, and general rants. It is pretty nauseating to constantly reading this fear mongering and misinformation. You all believe everything you hear under the bubble. Whether is it factual and truthful, doesn’t seem to matter. Your pushy rants usually start calling others names as part of your pushy attitude.

        To Chip Wood. The relief bill to help with Hurricane Sandy was two paragraphs on one page. There was no pork in that bill. That is a bunch of bull. This was pure politics. The GOP right will take every opportunity to obstruct and slow progress and the economy in the USA. What really makes me laugh is that you all call yourself “Patriots” What a joke!

      • Old Henry

        Well Nick, don’t let the door hit you on the a$$ on your way out.

        There is more evidence that Little Barry is a Kenyan than he is a U.S. citizen. Aside from that it is impossible for him to be a Natural Born Citizen as required by law as his perported father was never a U.S. citizen, he was a British subject. So, Little Barry is an illegal occupant of 1600.

      • Bob Hauser

        As many of us said when I got back from Nam, when the stink rich get kicked off of welfare, the rest of us won’t need it….before you go condemning people for being “too lazy to go get a job”, you might want to consider that a large number of people in this country are reduced to the expedient of getting on some kind of public assistance in the name of sheer survival and that entirely because America’s designer economy has been engineered for a century to completely wipe out the need for the working class in this country by means of automation and offshoring and otherwise stabbing the working class people—very much including the now almost nonexistent middle class—right in the back. If you wish to condemn totally worthless and nonproductive parasites then start with the deadbeats of Wallow Street who gamble with other people’s money—or as brain dead yuppies call it by acronym, OPM….when they win, they pocket the loot and don’t use a dime of it to create jobs that have any meaning; when they lose they expect us tax slaves to bail them out. Ever flown over Wall Street financial district? Well, I have, and I don’t recall having seen any dairy farms, boat yards, tool and die shops or ship chandleries down there. So before you blow welfare recipients off as too lazy to find a job, you might want to consider that they are the victims, not the cause, of the real white collar welfare of politics and Wall Street financial parasitism—-as Bob Gnaizda said best, it’s a Wall Street government and as such this country doesn’t stand the chances of a gingerbread angel in a South Vallejo rat hole.

        • Nick Czudy

          Hey Hauser, You are correct and I second your opinions. Romney and the GOP were constantly making the case to not raise taxes on the rich as they were the job makers. That is not true. It is the middle class that make most of the jobs and the wealth. The 1% have benefited greatly from the middle class effort and do little to make jobs. The statistics have proved that as they have had exponential growth over the last two decades, while the middle class has lost ground.

          Obama is on the right track to give back to the middle class. That is why our economy is getting better. I bet you some Right Winger is going to keep muttering the tiresome mantra that the economy is bad and there are too many jobless. It has prospered even with the crazy obstruction of the GOP Congress. Imagine how it would be if the GOP did something positive instead. We would be miles ahead of the rest of the world. tell your GOP congress to stop obstructing.

    • Ron1007

      You are correct. The next planned move is to use Executive Orders to legislate gun control and to ignore the debt ceiling. If he does either one – the Congress (the fools that they are) should sue over a constitutional violation. The case may drag on for a long time, but this will stoke the fires and keep these illegal acts in front of the public, even if the media won’t. It’s time to pull the plug on this presidential tactic to circumvent the law and to make laws.

      • Carlucci

        Okay everybody….hold on to your hats. The following link just came into my email early this morning. I don’t think it is a coincidence:

      • moonbeam

        Carlucci, I got the same thing too. We must run in the same circle somewhere. Absolutely mind boggling. How freaking far will this government go? Apparently too far.

        I also saw where the “parents” of one of the children killed are CIA actors? Right before they were to speak in front of the cameras, they were seen laughing and having a good time. When the cameras began to roll they quickly changed their countenance to be that of bereaved parents. Good Gosh Almighty! WTF is going on here?

        Then I hear that BO will use executive order to take guns (the ones he didn’t get caught gun running like in Mexico and Benghazi, that is). Good luck with that BO you “bastid” you. Don’t know how ya’ll do it in Kenya, boy, but here in America we have a Constitution. You know, the one you have been wiping your narrow ass with like your predecessor did.

        I read something yesterday as well that one of the forefathers said every 100 years blood may need to be shed. I may have read that in a post here, but not sure.

        Listen folks, we can’t let this stuff continue. We MUST do something to stop this madness. I mean, right in front of our faces this government obnoxiously and arrogantly breaks laws and DARES us to do something about it.

      • Carlucci

        Moonbeam, that link came from the Natural News newsletter. I went ahead and posted it on Facebook and it is already causing an uproar. Thank goodness for the Internet. The more people who wake up, the better.

      • Flashy

        just to let y’all know…the “Natural News” is about as newsworthy as Weekly World news and its reports on the space aliens and mindbeams. I went there briefly, and saw where the editors were making a big too doo about Facebook asking them to take down a quote from Ghandi.

        The part of the quote they pasted “Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.”” They were using it as proof even Ghandi supported guns. When…if anyone read Ghandi’s autobiography, it was a quote that concerned the British refusing to arm India during WWI and leaving it defenseless in case of attack.

        But the fact the quote was taken wayyyyy out of context, denigrated the ideal of the man and his entire life’s work…naw…the editor’s of that site weren’t concerned about it. They took a snippet, twisted it and presented it in a way that destroyed the menaing, and in fact denigrated the man, the philosophy, and history.

        Yeah….I’d believe anything they cited….jeesh

      • Karolyn

        Carlucci – I’m no fan of United Way, but now they’re involved in the conspiracy? That seems highly suspect. More likely someone did something to create this, thereby fueling the conspiracy fires. I’m seriously starting to see some merit in the views I’ve been seeing lately that we can’t believe anything anybody writes because everybody has an agenda, and there are those creating division for division’s sake in order to turn the cart over so the PTB can more easily take over.

      • Karolyn

        Flashy – Can’t be worse than Before It’s News – The Globe of the internet, although they do post some interesting articles.

      • BobfromSoCal

        I would trust Natural News before I would trust you Flashy. The spin of your record always tips way to the left.

      • Old Henry


        Sadly, I am not the least bit surprised. I have read a couple of articles this week regarding some ideas regarding what really took place on 12/14/12. Mysteriously no security videos for one.

      • Bill

        And I got news for you, Flashy. You are about as credible as the Enquirer

        Blah, Blah, Blah, more flashy BS.

      • Bill

        Hi Carluci & Moonbeam
        I read Mike Adams too.

    • Concerned

      It is already too late.

    • http://google David

      You ain’t seen nothing yet!

    • Bob

      Congress needs to do something besides take pay offs from lobbyists and campaign. They get a raise for doing nothing and work part time at best when they should be working 24/7. Treasonous scum!

    • Ric

      Term Limits, Term Limits, Term Limits you dumb sons a bitches!!!!! Until this happens we the people have no control over these pigs…..

      • Deerinwater

        We already have term limits at the voting booth.

    • Dusty

      so if blackbarry is running all over congress, WHO is at fault? They should have impeached him as soon as Sheriff Joe’s report came out, but they didn’t. They should have impeached him for going to war in Libya, but they didn’t. They should have impeached he and holder for F&F, but they didn’t. Now we find out that the muzzie bro-hood stole 20,000 stinger missiles during our illegal war in libya, enough to bring down every commercial and military aircraft in the US, and they STILL leave him on office, even though it is obvious that he got there by fraud. this isn’t a blackbarry problem. this is a republicraps-in-office problem.

    • Dave67

      Nonsense… The Congress has engaged in record filibusters in the Senate for the past 2 years that the House’s only thing they excel at is saying “no”.

      These hypocrates in the GOP come crying to the Fed Gov when a major disaster hits their states in the south and mid-west and they get not crying from the “giver” states of NJ, NY, CA, IL etc.

      Conservatives should be ashamed of themselves… but then again, Conservatives don’t do “shame” or “respoonsibility” or “math”….

      • oldhat

        house pass bugets and senator hairy will notlet them be discuss

      • Nick Czudy

        Dave. Good point! When everyone says that Congress has the lowest opinion rating, of all time. It is the “Nay” saying of the right wing GOP and their House leader that are to blame, not the whole of congress. The main point during the election campaign, was that by lowering taxes. that the economy would be stimulated and everything would improve. There would be more jobs and therefore less entitlements and more tax income. everyone would win. Now Congress votes against this and are adament to mass cuts in spending, to cut the growth, that has taken place in spite of the obstruction of the GOP right congress. This will put us back into a recession. How stupid do they think we are? Do they think that we are going to reward them, with electing them next time there is an election, after them doing everything possible to make the economy and our lives fail? I do not think so? Why do they think that they will benefit from their actions? Idiots. That is all I can say.

      • Carline D. Long Jr.

        Nick you are one koolaid drinking fool. I have never heard such a diatribe in my life as the talk you spewed on the Sandy Relief bill out of the senate sent to the House. At least get your facts right by looking at what was sent before you spew such incacuracies.

    • Fastfood

      That’s what voters always say but when it comes to voting that way, most of them chicken out like bunch of wusses. Voters probably wont get their act together until we’re already over the edge and the only way out is down the crapper.

    • Fastfood

      Would someone please clue me in on something? I read or heard some where that all spending and taxing bills are supposed to originate in the House of Representatives. Is this correct or are the houses just getting more out of whack?

      Thanks to whoever can help me out on this.

      • Deerinwater

        Glen ask, “I read or heard some where that all spending and taxing bills are supposed to originate in the House of Representatives. Is this correct or are the houses just getting more out of whack?”

        LOL! ~ depends on who’s sitting in the first chair Glenn, if it’s “W” then yes! if it’s “O” then no! ~ or have you noticed?

        Actually anyone can craft a “Bill” ~ You or I can do that, but it must be presented to the “house” by “sponsor(s)”. In the House the house sponsors will side bar and lobby other members of the house seeking support for the “Bill” with hopes of tabling the bill for consideration. ~This lobbying can take place anywhere, in chambers, in the hallway, on the back nine, at a charity event, a phone call. The Bill must make it way to the house floor were it “might be” brought to discussion and then a House vote. If it passes, then it goes to the Senate were the process is basically repeated.

        Bear in mind, this is a Plumber’s understanding of how the legislative process takes place and more then likely an over simplified views of the actual process.

  • FreedomFighter

    “Did you see where New Jersey Governor Chris Christie lit into Speaker John Boehner and the Republican-controlled House of Representatives for delaying a vote on giving billions of dollars in Federal aid to States devastated by Superstorm Sandy?”

    Fat boy Christie went to the dark side, he is smart enough to know about all the pork in the bill and didnt care, he just wanted his aide porkchop. Its principles be damned…gimmi a check now…and democrates never let a good crisis go to waste, without wasting our tax dollars.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Liberty Lover

      Anyone surprised that Christie likes pork……lots of pork!

      • http://personalliberty Alondra

        LL, there is no surprise he likes pork. The majority people like good pork steak.
        The Christie problem is that he likes democratic unclean PIG.

      • gunner

        Christie is looking ahead to his 2014 re-election. He only won by 5% over Corzine (D) to become Governor. He needs Democrat vote in this blue state to get re-elected.

    • Ron1007

      Someone should remind Christie, Schumer and King that the 60.4 billion included pork, pork, and more pork. The true cost (as best estimated) of helping the people was about 23 billion or more than half. So, why should Christie and avowed cost cutter and union buster, blab all over TV that the GOP are slugs and worse, they refuse to help the people. He knows better than that and is doing nothing but trolling for votes.

      • Flashy

        Anyone read the bill? Anyone check who sponsored any amendments? Anyone do any thinking?

        i’m not saying the bill didn’t have a few riders, but from what i could add up, it came to approx. 1.5 billion out of the $60 billion requested. And before y’all go into nutcase mode…check out just who sponsored some of those riders, and their claimed “TP’ affiliation. Jeesh ….

        One of the best lies and claims of pork comes from FOX McNews claiming that the bill included $600 million for the Environmental Protection Agency to address climate change. But the funds in question actually focused on ensuring affected states’ access to clean water, a crucial issue in the wake of the storm – and emblematic of future consequences of climate change.

        Fact is fact…the extremists in Congress snuffed the bill because they hate the NE and desire to punish them. And see no issues for when a disaster hits their state(s) and they need disaster relief funding. All they want is to tear down this nation…and y’all are supporting that. Don’t ever dare degrade the term “patriot’ when referring to yourselves. You aren’ least not to the American Cause….

      • momo

        Flashy says: “Don’t ever dare degrade the term “patriot’ when referring to yourselves. You aren’ least not to the American Cause”

        Flashman is just too funny, now he’s claiming he’s the ONLY patriot to the American Cause.

        Flashy you’re FULL OF SH!T!!!

      • Flashy

        Momo…I am not claiming to be the sole atrot. Jeesh…but for the extremists, who support no disaster relief for the NE…turning their backs on fellow Americans…for extremists to say that their “Right” to a gun and to have unfettred use of such and be absolved f any responsibility … for those who attack any proposal no matter how sound which benefits this nation….they aren’t “patriots” under any definition.

        What would you call a group that has come out opposing the teaching of “higher order thinking skills” — a curriculum which strives to encourage critical thinking — arguing that it might challenge “student’s fixed beliefs” and undermine “parental authority.” ?

        Know the group? it’s the State GOP party platform in Texas. Now you go ahead and tell me that’s American Patriotism … go ahead.

      • momo

        First off flashman, I’m not against helping those in New York or New Jersey with disaster relief. Second, if you use a firearm you should be held respoinsible for the results, I don’t anyone one’s arguing against that. What we’re arguing against is that liberals think banning “assault weapoins” is somehow going to be a panacea. So called assault weapons are used in a little over 3 percent of the crimes in this country. Outlawing them is just going to create a black market for them, think prohibition. As for the Texas GOP, maybe they just don’t want the liberal socialist agenda pushed in their schools, ever think of that?

      • Karolyn

        I see! So the repubs in Texas don’t want kids to think or question anything. Great way to build robots!

      • TML

        Flashy says, “…they aren’t “patriots” under any definition”

        Patriot: A person who puts forth every effort to resist government abuse of power.

        Flashy says, “What would you call a group that has come out opposing the teaching of “higher order thinking skills” — a curriculum which strives to encourage critical thinking — arguing that it might challenge “student’s fixed beliefs” and undermine “parental authority.” ?”

        I would call cautious. Outcome-based learning as opposed to Knowledge-based learning focuses on behavioral modification. Challenging a student beliefs as part of curriculum IS undermining parental authority. I guess it actually takes critical thinking skills to understand the reason for opposition.

        Patriotism doesn’t mean obedience to the state, and accepting everything it does without question, Flashy. If you put a tuxedo on a goat, it’s still a goat. You seem to think that because it’s packaged with a nice little name like “higher order thinking skills” anyone would be crazy to oppose it. Much like wars are waged by the U.S. in the name of humanitarianism, not everything is as it seems, and just because someone doesn’t roll over when the government says to doesn’t mean they are not patriots.

      • TML

        Karolyn, actually, it is understood that the government teaching our kids how to think in place of the parents, is the great way to build robots. Think about it… critically.

      • Karolyn

        TML – Isn’t critical thinking delving deeper and asking questions? What exactly is wrong with that? What is wrong with presenting both sides? If children are taught at home about God and the Bible, political beliefs, etc and then go to school and find out there is more to the story, why should they not explore? I would think that only hearing a certain point of view would more efficiently create robots. Why should people be afraid of that?

      • TML

        What you are talking about, it seems, is academics. Which isn’t necessarily a problem to explore arguments, but this is outcome-based learning in which one is graded on giving the correct answer as partt of what others may perceive as the only logical conclusion to a given problem. As an atheist I’m not one to approve of anyone teaching my children HOW to think. That’s my job, and especially not the governments. Knowledge-based learning is best, and leave the freedome to decifer that knowledge as it pertains to morality to the individual.

        • Frank Kahn

          What does being an atheist have to do with it? A belief in God does not remove your ability to reason. Giving children the building blocks for rational thought is a universal need and desire of most. It is the parent that gives a child his / her first lessons in how to understand the concept of cause and effect. To understand why something happens. If a teacher violates the reasoning for a given item then the child needs the communication skills and powers of persuasion to try and correct the error. If the teacher is unwilling to see the error then the child should discuss the dilemma with their parents, who can then arrange to have counseling with the teacher and school administration to clear up the issue.

          In more advanced study, it is also the job of the instructor to assist in teaching things like scientific rules of discovery and proof. Because the rules of science differ in their methods, it is not always in agreement with regular reasoning. It is more strict and not always intuitive. In this case it is teaching the child how to think, in regards to that specific methodology.

      • TML

        Of course there’s no problem teaching scientific mothodology and really nothing wrong with teaching critical thinking skills on a wide range of developement issues. The objection, as I was pointing out, is when these thing are applied to values ‘training’ or morality as part of teaching

        • Frank Kahn

          I agree, the children should not be taught that it is morally acceptable to be a homosexual or to kill unborn children.

    • respectlife

      Chris Christie will soon find out if you play the game with evil… evil will result. He will be used and thrown out just like all the other Republicans who play the game with progressives. He had such a bright future had he stayed on the right path.

      • nc

        respectlife’. I hate to burst your bubble but in a recent poll Christie was running second to Hillary as the most popular person for President in 2016. Just because all you “conservatives” here are told by the local writers like Chip that you should now not like Christie, out there in the real world he is still quite popular. Why do you people always end up on the wrong side of the current issues and in the end the wrong side of history! You miss a chance to be wrong!

      • Karolyn

        Now just who is the judge of what is “right” in an instance like this?

    • Marie

      You are absolutely correct. Christi went to the DARK SIDE. He and Hillary are both too unhealthy to seek a position as President. Christi Comes across as CRASS

      • http://Yahoo anonymous

        Yes, I agree that Christie comes across as CRASS!!!! Maybe that is what we need in a President……….someone who will NOT take any B.
        S. and is straight forward when he speaks, not someone who acts like a puppet and has someone pulllng the strings!!!!!!!!

    • BarbaraC

      Oh! MugWump Christie, (Mug on one side and Wump on the other) knows what he is doing allright! He has been snuggling up with obuma ever since the Sandy disaster!

      Actually Boehner and the house will be the party responsible for saving American pocketbooks by cutting out the pork! Lets hope they follow through with it.

  • Warrior

    Is Christie not up for re-election next year in a “blue state”? Nough said. Are people going for the perceived compromiser in upcoming elections? Time will tell.

    • Audrey

      I heard he wants to run for pres in 2016…..after seeing him lately we would not be any better off than we are noe

      • Doc Sarvis

        He was the Republican’s darling candidate for this last Presidential election until he announced he would not be running this time.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Doc Sarvis, Christie was never a Republicans, so get over your stupidity at some point and start reasoning.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Nadzieja Batki
        ALL references I find for Christie has him listed as a Republican. Better check yours.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Doc, You don’t know what a Republican really is. Which doesn’t surprise me.

      • Doc Sarvis

        I give you he is not a Conservative but he is sure not a Democrat.

  • Too Tall

    How did we get to where two parties control everything? If a viable third party candidate appears, they close ranks and sling mud until he’s out of the running. I think it’s time to do away with the party system, every man runs on his own merits … better yet, draw a couple of names from all eligible voters, and they get to run.

    • http://facebook hugh kirkman

      my dear friends this is history we need god in the white house they need prayer in side out side the buildings they need to pulled together like ronald regan and tipp oneal did put prayer in our schools let the teachers read bible stories the truth god made adam and eve not adam and steve my mama was truth my daddy was truth

      • Karolyn

        hugh, hugh, hugh. What of the teachers, and students, who do not believe in God in the traditional sense and may not believe in the Bible? Guess what? There are millions of people in this country who do not believe as you do! Surprise, surprise!

      • Bill

        What we really need Hugh is a separation of church and state. You could use a few spelling lessons also

    • DaveH

      It would never work, Too Tall. To have even a remote chance, the candidates need National Branding. But there is a party with National Branding already, and it’s the only political party that truly embraces Freedom. First though, people need to shed their Propaganda Blinders and investigate why the welfare system is a scam, why the Drug Wars are a scam, why the focus on illegal aliens is a scam, and why our Imperialist excursions around the globe are a scam. Once people wake up and face the fact that all of those issues are merely excuses for the Politicians to have more Power and take more of our Freedom, then there is only one real choice (except for those who just enjoy slavery):

      • Capitalist at Birth

        I see your running the train off the rail today. Dave H.

      • DaveH

        Are you afraid I might upset your gravy train, Crony Capitalist?

      • Bill

        And that is the Tea Party, folks. Less government, less spending and more freedoms.

        We should start by eliminating half of the Federal and state workers and reducing the budget 25% per year until it is balanced

      • Bill

        Yoy should change your name, capitalist at birth. Whenever you open your mouth, you show that you do not support capitalism.

        Maybe you meant you were a capitalist when you were born but you are not one now

      • Jimmy G

        Tea Party, I like most views of LP but there should be no abortion.

  • http://yahoo sophillyjimmy

    It was refreshing when Christie would tell his distracters to shut up or his opponents how he really felt, but Christie was fooled into listening to Obama and the liberals when it came to getting money for his state without knowing the facts. He also went against his own party which helped Obama take New Jersey in the presidential election, in other words he sold his soul to the highest bidder. I am not stating that Boehner is right for the job as speaker because he also sold out us conservatives when he made a last minute deal with Obama’s spending habits but Christie went against all of our principles.
    This will not be forgotten when Christie puts his hat into the presidential fray in 2016, he showed he is just another scum bag who talks the talk but can’t walk the walk.

    • nc

      Sophilly. are you conservatives going to lay it to Christie and put him out like you made Obama a “one term” President in 2012? Make him “talk conservative” like you did Romney to get the nomination and then throw him out there for the rest of America to vote on! That is already a two time loser!

      • DaveH

        You’re pretty proud to be in the majority of ignorance, aren’t you NC?

      • http://personalliberty Alondra

        “As a dog returns to his own vomit, so a FOOL Nut Case REPEATS HIS FOLLY.” (Proverbs 26:11)

        Nut Case, when you’ll stop to lie that your illegal puppet 0’Homobama “won”?
        Since when the word “stole” become the synonym for “won”.
        Get the facts straight, old man.

        Did not your life taught you that lying is the first step toward failure.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Alondra, unfortunately nc and the rest of his kind believe lying means success.

  • joszsrepublicanpage

    Christie is a big fat RINO ,,,,,

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Yep! Did you just discover that obvious fact?

    • Benjamin Fox

      Sort of stands out, wouldn’t you say?

  • Corkey

    Wait a minute here. I live 2 miles from ground zero of Hurricane Sandy and was one of the lucky ones who had no damage. This is one of the few times that Chip is wrong here. The bill is not loaded with mostly pork. The Alaska fisheries part was taken out and I agree it should never have been put in. The other so called pork was money to fix Fed buildings damaged by the storm. The rest was legitimate. There is more to this story I suggest you visit Paul Mulshines columns at to see what is really going on. He lives at Ground Zero near the ocean and is a staunch Libertarian. Get your facts before you judge from people who share your views but actually live there. Thank you.

    • Doc Sarvis

      “Get your facts before you judge from people who share your views but actually live there.”

      You expect entirely too much from most of the articles presented on this site.

      • Karolyn

        Amen. The motto is: “only use the facts you can find that further your agenda.”

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Then you Karolyn, Flashy, eddie, and any of the other Totalitarian Socialists/Nazzis are welcome to leave and never come back at any time. Why are you here? To try an bully other people? Meet me face to face any time you wish to attempt your bullying. Better come prepared. You don’t have the courage because you are all cowards hiding behind the First Amendment..

      • DaveH

        Both of you have just assumed that the commenter is correct. Why is that?

      • Flashy

        ” Meet me face to face any time you wish to attempt your bullying. Better come prepared.” <— CB

        LOl…as if CB would ever think of such being possible. Note the hostility, the desire to show his cajones. What a maroon …

      • DaveH

        Moron — a step above being dishonest and bereft of integrity like Flashshill.

      • Flashy

        Davey boy … FYI… (didn’t find a Mises link eh?)


        Term made famous by Bugs Bunny meaning a pushover, or one easily fooled.

        A dope, fool, idiot, or nincompoop.

        Unbelievably stupid person.

        Might have been derived from moron: adding an extra letter “o” to moron meaning double-moron, thus a maroon.

        Usually preceded by the words “what a”…
        He thought he was eating chocolate ice cream but it was
        vanilla with chocolate syrup–what a maroon!

        He thought that wax fruit was real–what a maroon!

        He fell in love with a stripper again–what a maroon!

      • Karolyn

        CAB – You just get funnier every day! :-) (CAB: “You better watch it, or I’m gonna kick your butt!) More schoolyard bravado.

      • Karolyn

        Guess you’re not up on the jargon of 30? years ago, when “maroon” was used as a humorous replacement for “moron.” I believe it started with an actor on some show.

      • Flashy

        Karolyn…it was used often by Bugs Bunny…and came into the lexicon from there. That Davey boy didn’t know it isn’t surprising. Actually…if he knew anything…now THAT would be surprising…

      • Frank Kahn

        For Flashy on the subject of maroon.

        Maroon is a deep dark red, somewhat close to burgundy.

        It is also the name given to runaway salves living in the mountains on some islands.

        It is a reference to being isolated and unable to escape.

        The usage in bugs bunny is actually an intentional comical mispronunciation of moron, to attribute the double O as double moron is incorrect.

      • DaveH

        That you spent your time watching Bugs Bunny, when I was busy learning the reality of Liberal Progressive politics, is no surprise to me, Flashshill.

      • Karolyn

        Maybe you need a little Bugs Bunny, Dave, to lighten you up a little. :-)

      • DaveH

        As I’ve said before, Karolyn, it’s easy for you with your hands in other peoples’ pockets to keep a big smile on your face. But it’s not so easy for your victims.

      • DaveH

        Lizard Brain says — “Speaking of mindless name-callers”.
        And then it proceeds to issue one long tirade of personal attacks. How usual.
        Some day maybe LB will have something real to say. But first he’ll have to give up being a Liberal Progressive.

      • Frank Kahn

        Soooo not funny RBT. My post to the maroon discussion was factual, is that something that causes mental dissonance in you?

        Once again you fail to use anything remotely resembling rational or factual in your response. You just slammed the personal integrity of several people to further your personal self aggrandizement.

        At some point, you might start to see a resemblance between you and DaveH.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Back on the thread and I’m glad to see that we are still in the Comedy section.

        Frank Kahn talks about “mental dissonance”, whatever that is. Then he baldly asserts that I “fail to use anything (remotely, no less) resembling rational or factual in your response”, but then fails to specify what “rational or factual anything” he thinks I should “use”. Whaaaaat?

        If you want us to understand what you’re saying, Frank, you MUST use language that is understandable! Understand? He also repeats his cliche-of-the-day “personal self aggrandizement.” (Is any self-aggrandizement ever NOT personal? Hmmmm)

        Frank, I am starting to see a resemblance between YOU and DaveH—-cliches, stock epithets, mindlessness—-please don’t clinch the deal with a mises reference.

        And DaveH MUST kick in with mindlessness, giving karolyn one of HIS cliched remarks and picking phrases #5, #18, #22, #31, and #1 (the lib-prog thing, of course) Yes, Dave—-I HAVE assembled a list of “DaveH Mindless Inanities” and I AM keeping score of those as well as of other “interesting” things about your language and posting patterns. I WILL report to the group once I have accumulated sufficient data—-be afraid, Dave—-the truth is coming to get you!

        • Frank Kahn

          Still having great fun with you tripping over your own words.

          “Frank Kahn talks about “mental dissonance”, whatever that is. Then he baldly asserts that I “fail to use anything (remotely, no less) resembling rational or factual in your response”, but then fails to specify what “rational or factual anything” he thinks I should “use”. Whaaaaat?”

          cognitive (mental)dissonance is the feeling of discomfort when simultaneously holding two or more conflicting cognitions: ideas, beliefs, values or emotional reactions. In a state of dissonance.

          “Dissonance has several meanings, all related to conflict or incongruity:”

          I hope that helps you understand what mental dissonance is.

          As to what rational or factual information you should use, any is the key here. If you pose an idea then give something based on facts, rationality and logic.

          “If you want us to understand what you’re saying, Frank, you MUST use language that is understandable! Understand? He also repeats his cliche-of-the-day “personal self aggrandizement.” (Is any self-aggrandizement ever NOT personal? Hmmmm)”

          I understand you failure to understand this term so I have copied the definition for aggrandize.

          “ag·gran·dize (-grndz, grn-)
          tr.v. ag·gran·dized, ag·gran·diz·ing, ag·gran·diz·es
          1. To increase the scope of; extend.
          2. To make greater in power, influence, stature, or reputation.
          3. To make appear greater; exaggerate: aggrandize one argument while belittling another.”

          The definition should clear up your question about it ever being not personal.
          First, you complain that I use small words, then you complain that I use language that you cant understand. Make up your mind.

          “Frank, I am starting to see a resemblance between YOU and DaveH—-cliches, stock epithets, mindlessness—-please don’t clinch the deal with a mises reference”

          Proof by bald assertion: cliche, stock epithets and mindless claimed without any supporting evidence.

          Proof by ridicule: asserting that I would use the same tactics as someone else that he THINKS is worthless.

          As to the use of “stock epithets”, there are a limited number of words available for use when describing you. I can search for more obscure descriptive adjectives if you want.

          You still continue to use personal attacks rather than responding to the issue.

    • S.C.Murf

      Corkey why not use Paul M’s money to rebuild his home, since he chooses to live in a danger zone he should take the risk and leave my money alone. Don’t you think?

      up the hill

      • Corkey

        Yeah airborne, you are right. Better to spend the money on weapons and blowing up civilians overseas and chasing phantom terrorists? When there is a disaster, the government should help the victims. My house wasn’t damaged but with all the taxes paid here, the money should come back to the victims in some form

    • BillT

      Karolyn and Doc – do you guys get paid for posting on here

      • eddie47d

        Do you BillT get paid to accept everything in these articles as facts? Do you have a mind of your own or are you strictly a sheeple?

      • nc

        Bill. I don’t believe they get paid to post here! It’s just the easiest game in town to expose the absurdity of the positions here at Paranoid Avenue in Conspiracy City. Fish in a barrel.

      • Karolyn

        Bill – As I’ve said before. I wish I was paid; I could use the money. I see myself as a balancer. Why not balance the picture presented with facts from another perspective. What’s wrong with that? You would think it would assist people in having more balanced views, wouldn’t you. Unfortunately, extremists don’t know what “balance” means.

      • http://yahoo bob peters

        Of course they do!

      • Doc Sarvis

        Rest assured, I am not paid either.

      • http://personalliberty Alondra

        Bill, all this company is competing for the “best” DEMONcratic bone.

      • DaveH

        Bill, do you really think anybody would pay Doc or Karolyn or NC, even with other peoples’ money?

      • Benjamin Fox

        If they, flashy dashy, eddie teddy 47 ways to be a commie are over paid, not one has a brain or a thought that isn’t a lie.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Hey, I get “paid” for posting here and I am proud of it! I collect THREE pensions from the federal, state, and county levels of GOVERNMENT. Just as I was paid to try to keep this country from going down the tubes when I was in the schools, part of my “contract” is to continue to do that in retirement. Aside from many kinds of political and other types of “activism”, I throw my two cents in on PLD in the hopes that it will matter.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Don’t you have insurance to cover the unforseen circumstances or isn’t it enough but you need to stick your hands into the taxpayers pockets to give you what nature fury took away?

    • Flashy

      Ditto on what Doc and Karolyn state. Corkey…you will never read in the articles on this site anything about the comments from the members of Congress from the Deep South about sticking it to ‘those liberals in the NE”. yet..they will scream and cry and whine if the same treatment was afforded their regions when they are nailed by a disaster.

      Christie was telling it like it is. The TPers and extremists will criticize the bill…yet, as usual, they had offered up nothing. They represent Red States which take in far more in federal monies than they send in, and when budget cuts hit those states are gonna get whacked. yet…they offer no solutions. none. The only words they will utter is strictly ideological, and they are always right…despite everyone else telling them they are lunatics and suggesting policies and programs which destine us to face economic calamity.

      They will say ‘but we sent X number of budget bills to the Senate which aren’t being brought up”. yeah..and each of those bills are so far out of the mainstream, so disasterous if implemented..not even the extremists believe they are good for this nation. heck, McConnell introduced a bill in the Senate recently and called for a vote..thinking Reid would deny it. Ol’ harry though said ‘sure…we’ll vote on it immediately”. Guess what happened? McConnell had to filibuster and place a hold ON HIS OWN BILL.

      The extremists are singing their swan song. They are feeling the isolation. the problem is…they’re bound and determined to punish those who refuse to accept their disastrous policies and tell them ‘you are wrong”.

      Watch…just watch. When the real budget battles begin next week…the extremists will insist on disaster, refuse to compromise, and be willing to send not only their states, but the entire nation, into crisis yet once again. And when the cuts are decided? And their states are hit hardest since they take more monies then they send in? It will be everyone else’s fault but theirs.

      Soon, inevitably, a disaster will hit the Deep South again. Any takers on betting i that relief bill is subjected to the same delays and criticisms as the Sandy Relief bill?

      • DaveH
      • Frank Kahn

        So, Flashy, you agree that the Democrats will continue to refuse to compromise? I am shocked to hear you admit that they will continue what they did in the fiscal cliff disaster.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Nice try, Frank, but you can only distort truth a little before people say WHOA—-trying to twist it 180 degrees won’t work—-it breaks.. Anyone who has really been paying attention over the past couple of years knows that the Repugnants are the ones who have not “compromised” and continue to dig themselves a deeper hole. There’s a reason the terms “Party of NO” and “obstructionists” are used to describe the GOP and everyone in the country knows that (although the self-deluded like you still refuse to accept it)

        • Frank Kahn

          Actually, the supposed COMPROMISE for solving the fiscal cliff, was almost totally tax increases with almost nonexistent spending cuts. Since tax increases cannot do anything to solve the debt problem that is a non solution. It is also not a compromise. It was a total railroading of the republicans to accept something that everyone with half a brain knows will not solve the problem.

          That is not twisting or turning the truth in any way. The Democrats were just as much obstructing a solution to the problem as the Republicans. You want to see real stubborn obstructionism, wait till they have to deal with the sequestration. I am sure that, once again, the Democrats will refuse to acknowledge the requirement of reducing the budget to cut spending and avoid the need for raising the debt ceiling.

          I might agree that, there was a need for a temporary increase in taxes to soften the impact of the out of control spending until significant spending cuts can be implemented. However, if no significant spending cuts (almost 1 trillion dollars) occurs then we are in no better shape than before. That is where the COMPROMISE must happen, spending cuts. Both sides must sit down and cut the fat, not just a little but all of it. And no raising of the debt ceiling, that is just a way of postponing the inevitable crash of the economy. Hell, match it with the increased tax revenue projected over the next 10 years, lets have 600 billion in spending cuts, starting this year with 60 billion. Not such a big number really considering the size of the total budget.

    • Average Joe

      I believe that you are missing the point entirely. Most of the homes damaged by the storm have mortgages on them and as such, they must have Insurance on them (Required by the lender). Since they should be insured (required), why on earth does congress need to pass a bill to replace or repair them at all?
      Yes, I understand humanitarian aid…but didn’t they just have a major concert for relief well as FEMA, Red Cross and donations from other organizations and individuals to handle needed essensials? Basically, this bill is nothing more than another round of bailouts for the insurance companies …at the taxpayers expense. More money in the pockets of capitol hill’s buddies and contributors. They are passing a bill that relieves the insurance companies from their financial obligations…and asking us to foot the bill… do you get it,yet?

      Liberals need to start thinking with their brains…rather than with their heartstrings….emotions tend to cloud judgment….


      • Flashy

        AJ…ever had to deal with insurance companies? And the terms of the insurance/payout?

        Take a car. it’s two years old. You get totaled. OK…the loan may or may not be paid off as the insurance pays only the value of the vehicle. Then…you have to go purchase another…i.e. get financed.

        Think for once. your house gets wiped out. If you are lucky, the mortgage is paid. have to get a construction loan to rebuild. In an area that has just been wiped out.

        Don’t leave out roads, infrastructure, water lines, sewer lines, cable, etc.

        unbelievable. TPers and extremists…only looking out for themselves. Why don’t y’all just move to an island somewhere and see how that works out for y’all with everyone out for themselves …

      • DaveH

        Flashshill says — “Think for once”.

        I “Think” that Flashman should take his own advice.

        But then, for Flashman it really isn’t about thinking. It’s about serving his handlers and trying to delude innocently ignorant people so that he and his handlers can benefit at other peoples’ expense.

      • Average Joe


        Ever heard the term “Let the buyer beware”?
        It is not the taxpayers obligation to pay for someone elses stupidity. If you are not smart enough to shop around for the best deal available…that’s your tough luck.
        If you choose to build a home in a high risk area, then you should take responsiblity for your choice and shoulder the cost of rebuilding it, if destroyed.
        If the insurance companies are not paying their obligations, ask yourself why they aren’t paying those obligations… HINT:because the Government…allows them to do it.

        “Think for once. your house gets wiped out. If you are lucky, the mortgage is paid. have to get a construction loan to rebuild. In an area that has just been wiped out. ”

        Let’s see here…hmmm…you had a mortgage…you had isurance…the insurance paid off the mortgage…and now you are taking out anther mortgage to rebuild the house…So, essensially you are right back where you started…I fail to see where you need any taxpayer bailot money added into the mix…unless you are saying that the taxpayers need to rebuild your house for free and you assume no morgage ( which by your own admission you had prior to the loss).
        You may want to take your own advice…THINK…for once.

        “Don’t leave out roads, infrastructure, water lines, sewer lines, cable, etc. ”

        Do you not pay county, city and state taxes? That is after all what those taxes are to be used for..infrastructure…nit wit. Psssst…I pay taxes in Florida, for Florida infrastructure…why do I need to rebuild roads and infrastructure in NJ? You simply are not the sharpest tack in the box.

        “unbelievable. TPers and extremists…only looking out for themselves.”

        Unbelievable, liberals and progressives always looking for a free ride and other people’s money. (unlike the conservatives..who actually are… looking out for themselves and their families).

        Do you ever get tired of being exposed as and idiot around here?


      • Average Joe


        Did you notice how Flashy went straight for the emotional response?

        “AJ…ever had to deal with insurance companies? And the terms of the insurance/payout? ”
        (insert pity party)

        followed by:

        “Take a car. it’s two years old. You get totaled. OK…the loan may or may not be paid off as the insurance pays only the value of the vehicle. Then…you have to go purchase another…i.e. get financed.”
        (oh the horror and heartbreak)

        He then finishes off with the notion that these folks are entitled to a free house at the taxpayers expense (as explained below).

        No logic, no reason…purely emotional.

      • DaveH

        Good job of putting Flashshill in his place, Joe.

      • Flashy

        Let’s see here…hmmm…you had a mortgage…you had isurance…the insurance paid off the mortgage…and now you are taking out anther mortgage to rebuild the house…So, essensially you are right back where you started

        Joe..the insurance may have paid off the mortgage…but have you applied for a construction loan these days? know what security the bank will require? In an area hit and wiped out in a disaster?

        you have not a clue what you are talking about.

        BTW…city, local and state taxes eh? Where you live…does your state/city/locality have enough reserves set aside to rebuild if wiped out or are they barely making it maintaining the existing infrastructure? Jeesh ….

        Just hope and pray if you get nailed by a natural disaster…you don’t receive the same callous treatment you are supporting to be done to your fellow Americans…

      • Average Joe


        Again with the heartstrings?

        “Joe..the insurance may have paid off the mortgage…but have you applied for a construction loan these days? know what security the bank will require? In an area hit and wiped out in a disaster? ”
        (Boo Hoo)

        Dude,…I’m a Registered Land Surveyor by trade.
        Actually, since the insurance should pay off the mortgage (the lender tends to require coverage that does just that)., so the land is free and clear..and will be used as collateral on the dwelling (obviously you can’t abscond with the land). and a new mortgage is issued to build the dwelling on the collateral land.

        What you (and this “Bill”) are attempting to do is…allow the insurance companies ignore their obligations to pay the lender and make the taxpayers foot the bill. It is payback to the donors and supporters…at our expense.

        “BTW…city, local and state taxes eh? Where you live…does your state/city/locality have enough reserves set aside to rebuild if wiped out or are they barely making it maintaining the existing infrastructure? Jeesh ….”

        Actully…yes they do…and if yours doesn’t, then maybe you and your community aren’t doing your due dilligence.
        I live in central Florida..we expect hurricanes and storms…we plan for it (in my county at least) and when when things happen, the problems are minmal.
        We had flooding in this area earlier this year…FEMA showed up…did nothing and our county handled things just fine.
        We’ve been hit by as many as four hurricanes in a single year since I’ve been here (24 yrs.)…So please don’t try to talk to me about natural disasters…. Been there,done that…have several T-shirts ( I even spent three months in Homested after Andrew working)…you don’t know squat about natural disasters…..
        You’re just being your usual whiny little (rhymes with itch) self.


      • Nadzieja Batki

        A J, a typical predator once they get their hands into someone else’s pocket keep those hands in forever.

      • Flashy

        “Dude,…I’m a Registered Land Surveyor by trade.
        Actually, since the insurance should pay off the mortgage (the lender tends to require coverage that does just that)., so the land is free and clear..and will be used as collateral on the dwelling (obviously you can’t abscond with the land). and a new mortgage is issued to build the dwelling on the collateral land.”

        LOL….you may be a land surveyor, but you know squat about financing.

        BTW…you state you were there when Andrew hit. So you’re saying Florida didn’t require the federal emergency relief funds? So…you’re saying that six years after Andrew hit…and jeb Bush was requesting another $13 billion for federal aid related to Andrew….it wasn’t needed and ol’ Jeb could have raised your taxes and you’d not have uttered a word of complaint?

      • Average Joe


        “So you’re saying Florida didn’t require the federal emergency relief funds? So…you’re saying that six years after Andrew hit…and jeb Bush was requesting another $13 billion for federal aid related to Andrew….it wasn’t needed and ol’ Jeb could have raised your taxes and you’d not have uttered a word of complaint?”

        I went back and checked my posts…nope, I didn’t say any of those things. Maybe you need to have your vision checked?
        I did say that “my county” is and has been prepared…I mentioned nothing about any other county or the state of Florida.
        Even if Florida did any of those things…I never said that it was right…did I? Obviously, if I don’t think it’s right elswhere… I don’t think it’s right ANYWHERE. I also didn’t say that I excepted any federals funds either…did I? You’re trying to lump me in with what others did…I wasn’t involved. When you purchase a product, whether house, car or a bottle of beer…you also accept the liabilties that come with that ownership. Me, I’m smart enough to be 20 miles from the gulf, on a hill at 211 feet above sea level….rather than being 50 feet from the beach…4 feet above sea level… people are just plain stupid for building in such a location…why should we pay for their stupidity?
        Buy a brain cell or two.
        Of course I don’t know anything about financing…I just deal with the finance officers on a daily basis…since they are the people ordering the surveys for the lending institutions.


      • Flashy

        “Of course I don’t know anything about financing…I just deal with the finance officers on a daily basis…since they are the people ordering the surveys for the lending institutions.”

        it sure as heck doesn’t look like it AJ. Currently, just to obtain a straight mortgage, refi or purchase, you’re looking at 60 days…45 if you have immaculate documentation and the appraisal comes in pristine and clean.

        Now..if you do not have a history of development with the banks, you need a straight up construction loan with a bridge then take out at the end. That requires plans, drawings, permits, appraisals, etc. One is looking at…minimum 6 months. An area hit by a disaster with the infrastructure issues? Nine months if one is lucky, most likely a year. THAT is with 20% of your own funds in the deal. There are only one or two “banks” that will do 100% construction loans these days, and those require more liquid assets stocked away than the cost of construction..

        good luck if it were a rental home or apartment building…and cross your fingers, say a few “hail mary’s” and go shoot yourself it you’re looking for financing on a commercial building in a disaster area.

        Don’t blow smoke AJ….before you stick your foot higher up your posterior regions…play the qeustion to one of those “lending” officers … they’ll laugh if you think it would be less than six months, and that would be just for a prelim approval.

      • Average Joe

        Your post consists of two completely differnt scenarios. First you talk about financing prractices of a day to day scenario…while simultaniously decribing. an “emergency” situation.
        The person with the detroyed home already has history with the institution holding their established relationship. The lending institution holds an insurance policy to cover any losses to the lender as well as loss of personal items within the dwelling..a homeowners policy.
        Whether the situation is an emergency or not…the houses are not going to spring up overnight…building a house takes time (believe it or not). Yes , plans need to be approved, permits pulled and a mariad of other things to do (thnx to gubermint buracracy)…to build a house…but those things are usually done by the contractor, once a contractor has been decided upon.
        Using tax dollars to finance these homes…will not make them go up any faster…and….as is normal for government contracts (buracracy and red tape)…it will most likely take much longer than it should…at cost of 8-10 times the quoted price…if it ever gets done at all….while the insurance companies skip out with the cash….leaving the people shafted by both the insurance companies…and the government.


      • Bill

        I have been through many disasters and the organization that offered the most help is the Red Cross. So, instead of pissing away our money with govt boondoggles, we should donate more to the Red Cross

        I was really impressed with them

    • Veronica

      Wouldn’t federal buildings have insurance to cover them? I mean really?

      • Average Joe


      • gunner

        In my experience working with the General Services Administration, the US Govt does not insure the buildings it owns. Why should they when the taxpayers will just build them a new one?

    • Marie

      You are absolutely correct. Christi went to the DARK SIDE. He and Hillary are both too unhealthy to seek a position as President. Christi Comes across as CRASS

    • DaveH

      Corkey says — “There is more to this story I suggest you visit Paul Mulshines columns at to see what is really going on. He lives at Ground Zero near the ocean and is a staunch Libertarian”.
      If he advocates bailout of his mistakes with other peoples’ unwilling money, Corkey, he is NO “staunch Libertarian”.
      For those who want to know what Libertarianism really is, read this:

      • DaveH

        What Libertarianism is and what it is not:

      • Flashy

        Davey boy with yet another Mises link. Did you read these this time Davey?

      • DaveH

        Why do you keep asking that same ignorant question? Do you think it would make the articles any less valid whether I read them or not? If I didn’t read them, wouldn’t that be even fairer on my part than to select them based on my biases?
        You make no sense, Flashshill, other than that you and your cohorts are trying desperately to denigrate me or otherwise silence me so that others won’t learn how you and your Liberal Progressive buddies are taking advantage of them.

      • Flashy

        Why do you keep asking that same ignorant question? Do you think it would make the articles any less valid whether I read them or not?
        ” For a good explanation…’, “an excellent book”… and you have no clue what the article, book etc state. you haven’t critiqued it, haven’t weighed what was being stated , haven’t put forth any inden[pendent thought into anything. You are hilarious Davey boy. you haven’t a clue … your idea of ‘deep reading’ is a Louis l’Amour novel.

        You make no sense, Flashshill, other than that you and your cohorts are trying desperately to denigrate me or otherwise silence me so that others won’t learn how you and your Liberal Progressive buddies are taking advantage of them.
        LOL…you really inflate your value Davey boy. See…you don’t have to be denigrated. You do it yourself, no need for anyone else to do anything. The 18 year old receptionist in the front has more intellectual depth than you.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        DaveH, call the Liberal Progressives what they really are Predators. Ask any ranchers once a Predator discovers where the prey is located they can hardly be gotten rid of and this is not unlike the predators who attached themselves to the government welfare whether they are the supposed poor or the well dressed variety.

      • DaveH

        Have you taken up mindreading now, Flashshill?
        You have no idea what I’ve read or what I haven’t read. You’re just doing your typical Liberal Progressive Equivocal thing in an effort to mislead the more ignorant readers of PL.
        You would fare better at the Daily Kos, Flashshill, where the average reader is more inclined to believe your nonsense.
        Maybe over there they will buy your Sniper story.

      • Benjamin Fox

        Just a thought, I wonder if trashy flashy dashy and eddie teddy 47 ways to be a commie are the same person, they sure sound alike?

      • momo

        Flashy says:
        January 11, 2013 at 10:29 am
        Davey boy with yet another Mises link. Did you read these this time Davey?

        You bitch about everybody else’s reading comprehension flashman, the link was from Lew Rockwell.

      • Bill

        I look at them not as predators but as parasites

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Comedy hour is still on. DaveH says about the “sources: he provides “If I didn’t read them (before I posted them), wouldn’t that be even fairer on my part than to select them based on my biases?”, and follows that with “You make no sense, Flashshill”

        Funny stuff, Dave. OF COURSE it would be “fairer” to select things that you haven’t read—-just open Books in Print to a random page and stick a pin in it—–then tell us to read that book.

        That would certainly be “fairer” to us all, in that it would likely be a more worthwhile read for us than the present ones that you don’t read and DO pick on the basis of your biases—-and from a rather biased site. LOL

      • Right Brain Thinker

        momo, do you know who Lew He is the founder and chief BS-er of the Von Mises organization, that horsepucky site that is just about the only thing DaveH ever cites as a source. Lew Rockwell and are synonymous. Not to try to embarrass you, but thought you should know that.

  • nobodysfool

    oBlamer owes Christie a great debt. The guv handed many votes to oBlamer when he put his arms around him and practically kissed him on the lips for showing up in NJ after the storm. He just couldn’t say enough wonderful things about what a great guy oBlamer was. Now, he has discovered that whatever oBlamer promised while he was on the ground was all a lie, and Christie is mad about it. Serves him right for believing the Great Imposter.

    • Karolyn

      But if it had been a different president (of your choice) doing his duty and visiting a storm-ravaged state and being shown the respect a president is due, it would have been a different story, right?

      • http://yahoo bob peters

        after the photo Op tell me ,just what did your marxist hero do ??

      • Brad in TX

        Yep Bush had funds to Katrina in 4 days Karolyn and was tortured by you and the media for taking too long. we are now at 75 days and counting….

      • Karolyn

        Bob – Just because of my views, you think I have any heroes in Washington? Very narrow of you.

      • Karolyn

        Brad – It was not Bush; it was Congress, for $10.5 mil. If you want to see a timeline of Bush wasting time after the hurricane, here it is.

      • DaveH

        You’re projecting again, Karolyn.
        Not everybody casts their Principles aside when it benefits them to do so.

      • king d

        sand was down graded from a hurricane to super storm so that their inurance would have to pay more under hurricanes higher ded. so what a relief to the people. king

      • DaveH

        Please Brad, let’s not argue about who can spend the taxpayers’ money the fastest.

      • Benjamin Fox

        Karolyn you might feed at the feet of the “one”, the messiah-in-chief but, he doesn’t deserve any respect, is from Kenya, heard both his over spending wife and he say so on tape. Spends more time destroying America then helping it come back from his first 4 years. You want to drool all over him that is find but, anyone with a brain knows what he stands for, what does the cool aid taste like?

        • Deerinwater

          You assume much and know little Benjamin Fox . Tell us what he is about, don’t assume that we are assume’ers like yourself. Spit it out.

      • Karolyn

        Benjamin – Just keep following your shepherds.

      • DaveH

        Deer, Karolyn,
        You’ve both been hanging around pestering us for long enough to know that Benjamin is correct:

        • Deerinwater

          Neither you or Ben, ~ can be correct by making such generalized sweeping statements David. You of all people should be one to know , understand and accept that David.

          So why do you continue to stick around a taunt Karolyn and I with feeble efforts to defend the indefensible?

          If I understand it correctly, we are defending personal freedoms and liberties here ,of which the 2nd amendment is a part of.

          Karolyn and I are simply crushed that you don’t like us being here. If it wasn’t for people the likes of Karolyn , Right Brain, Flashman, Frank, Golt, 45. Katie, Chuck, The Christian American, Time, Jeff, Nadzieja Batki, Capitalist at Birth, nobodysfool, Kim. momo and many others including myself, you would have ran out of things to talk about and nasty ways to say them last year.

          If we didn’t care, why would we bother. PLD is but one of thousands of media outlets.

          I would never for a moment think that I don’t have something to learn. Unlike yourself David, most of us know that we don’t know it all . So we come to here to learn and cut blades with you and sharpen our wit. If you find it an inconvenience I do apologize but if you will reintroduce yourself to Mr. Livingston’s forum rules ;

          “Comment Policy: We encourage an open discussion with a wide range of viewpoints, even extreme ones, but we will not tolerate racism, profanity or slanderous comments toward the author(s) or comment participants. Make your case passionately, but civilly. Please don’t stoop to name calling. We use filters for spam protection. If your comment does not appear, it is likely because it violates the above policy or contains links or language typical of spam. We reserve the right to remove comments at our discretion.”

          I believe that you will find Mr. Livingston has no intentions for his forums to be an all inclusive Love Boat Cruise or a Preach to the Choir session but expects stimulating and robust debate on a wide range of topics with differing points of view.

          There are less varied opinion forums with much stricter rules to visit if that be your desire, while myself I very much enjoy your participation and presence here for I can think of no one here that might replace you, for you are one of a kind.

          Of late you have turned rather nasty in both tone and tenor and dispensed judgement to many in indiscriminate fashion without any regard for respect or feeling of the posters.

          In response, I have made it a point to make sport with you for pure joy and pleasure by highlighting the weakness in both your debate, character and the enigma that you attempt to hide behind. I openly apologize to you but please understand David it wasn’t something that I wanted to doing but compelled to do.

          For you see David, for any person seasoned by 60 plus years of adventitious living and still walking in the world of freemen as a sole independent agent, while been beaten down many times and broken twice. Such a person, whomever they maybe , learns to hear what is not said , see what is not being offered. It is all these missing pieces that tells the true story. If the story, the “reason”, motive is being hidden, in time the process of omission will expose it.

          Just lighten up on everybody that refuses to toot your horn~ you will feel better for it. Promise.

          David, people that can’t do, Teach. People that can do, do.

          Oh there are some teachers that can do everything , no question but if they loved it , and excelled at it , they would do it. ~ It’s important that students excel beyond their masters.

          Teachers teach and write the books we read. That is their crowning glory, to produce good students and write books.

      • DaveH
      • Frank Kahn

        Would you like some help on reading comprehension with that RBT?

        Those who cant do, Teach – If something prevents a person from doing the job in his / her trained profession, then that person will probably settle for teaching others how to do what he / she cant.

        Those who can do, do – If there is nothing that is preventing someone from accomplishing the job in their trained profession, they will do the job.

      • DaveH

        What “generalized sweeping statements”, Deer? Ben said both Barack and Michele have said he was a Kenyan, and you chimed in with how little Ben knew. Then I proved that he was correct.
        With a normal person, that would have been the end of the story. Ben was proved right, you were proved wrong, Deer. But instead of admitting it, you launch into a long obtuse tirade.

      • Deerinwater

        Well forgive me Right Brain Thinker , I knew toes could be injured with such a statement and waded in anyway. While my comment was directed towards David and all his books not Teachers.

        The reasons for teachers teaching are many, ~ some quite obvious and some not. It could be the love and joy of teaching, there is always the teacher that teaches and applies his field as well. It could be the life style, campus life can be very appealing ~ I loved it as a student, to be a professor is not hard to imagine. No lunch bucket, stale sandwiches, and 20 minute to eat it. Pretty ladies everywhere to dress up you day and put spring in your step. A midlife back injury can kill some professional careers dead in their tracks. Family obligations, etc. The desire to pass something forward as only on the shoulders of giants might we see so far.

        But I don’t know of a good business teacher, ~ as business is never as it’s taught. Business changes faster then you can publish a book. A teacher that is good in finance will be in finance and not teaching. What does economic majors really know? Patterns and trends? Business is taking everything you have ever witness, hear mention or seen before and grabbing the world by the balls and hanging on for dear life ~ how are you going to teach someone that? I don’t think that you can. You can summarize and say ; there is three things to understand about business, location, location and location.

        David for whatever reason is a huge reader ~while his concepts are pure academic and come from books. But he is void any experiences in the things that he pontificates on. . It’s as clear as the nose on my face , he don’t have a clue about wealth or equity or fair value. Fair value is see as whatever you can extort and not end up on the DA’s or Attorney Generals naughty list as far a David is concerned.

        You can’t read a book or 100 books and be a doctor, or a plumber, or a great historian without getting in the field and digging in the dirt, chasing down that omission that hide the story ~ There is an internship to all studies regardless what they are. There is a process of sharing among counterparts and mentors that must accompany the books and any mastering of anything.

        You can’t just read books and master skills is what I was attempting to convey to David.
        Reading the books allows a person to talk the talk, but offers little help on walking the walk.

        Until someone has walked it, ~ they don’t actually know it, they only know~ “of it”.

        Teachers have always been special people and I owe much to many and grateful for the extra care I was offered as I started out about a dumb and naive and a farm boy for the sticks could ever be. My mother was the highest educated family member. 10th grade in a one room country school house. My mother was 17 when I was born.

        I hope that I’ve redeemed myself.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        deer says, “I hope that I’ve redeemed myself”. Pretty much, deer, and thank you for showing us again that you are a “real” person and sharing all that history with us. You have my respect for what you have done with your life and for the country. I understand better what you were trying to say, and it’s not worth arguing over anyway—-not with someone I agree with in nearly everything else.

        Then we have Frank and DaveH. Are they really a new comedy team on PLD? Perhaps, since they have said some very funny things on this thread. However, they are becoming less funny and more idiotic with each comment. Frank, your self-delusion is overflowing if you think you have anything to say in a conversation that is really none of your business and beyond your intellectual level. DaveH, “Lizard Brain” is #9 on the “stupid DaveH cliches” list—-I will tally it with the others. Go away, both of you, until you can say something worth listening to.

        • Frank Kahn

          Hello again

          “Then we have Frank and DaveH. Are they really a new comedy team on PLD? Perhaps, since they have said some very funny things on this thread. However, they are becoming less funny and more idiotic with each comment. Frank, your self-delusion is overflowing if you think you have anything to say in a conversation that is really none of your business and beyond your intellectual level”

          Proof by bald assertion / ridicule: funny, would you like to supply proof of the humor to which you allude?

          ad hominem: idiotic, this is a subjective and demeaning comment intended to lessen the credibility of the person

          ad hominem: self-delusion, again subjective and intended to lessen the credibility of the person

          ad hominem / bald assertion: beyond your intellectual level, attempting to lessen my credibility and asserting that I have some diminished intellect without providing facts in support.

          You really take every opportunity to attack me personally instead of giving any form of facts or logic.

        • Deerinwater

          When we stereotype and speak of people in such wide general terms , we open ourselves up for criticism ~ it’s warranted and just. ~

          It is the effort and attempt to write with “thrift and expedience” that was the motive and not ill intentions directed toward teachers or the academic world.

          The process of connecting with the people that you are attempting to appeal to helps span these transgressions.

          I thought Frank “frame it” well. ~ Frank and I have met before and I would like to think share a mutual respect for each other while we differ greatly. I am a Democrat and he is not! he is a Jew, I am not. ~ ( Actually, I don’t know what I am, as I’m a Winker or Vinkler or Vinklerstine, ) Black Dutch , denoting protestant leaning. Deerinwater works nicely.

          As far as David H, ~ he has developed a shifting demure in recent many weeks and not all together for the better. He was devastated by the election results. I think David believed that maybe Ron Paul could pull a Rabbit out of the Hat in the final hours and broker a Deal. The was talk of a Rabbit ~ but no Rabbit came forward. Ron Paul was soundly defeated. ~ I believe that a lot of Ron Paul supporters feel this way. They were cheated! ~ and it’s true! they were!

          David is angry, ~ so now , ~ everyone that don’t agree with him is stealing for him. !! Ouch!! I don’t know if David is sitting on Fort Knox or 13 DC Superman Comic book from 1954, a Mood Ring , 2 Hula Hoops, a Dick Tracy wrist watch with two way radio and a autographed Ayn Rand novel collection .

          Clearly he is sustained in some fashion as we all must be. Is it being threatened ?, he seems to think so.

          I am not offended by such a claim but it’s very annoying and I do resent it, while knowing there is not a single ounce of truth to it , I sometimes want to pinch his head off as one day in my life I get pinched, clipped, chiseled , stood up, and stolen from and find myself paying for the privilege! ~ It’s a part of business day. ~ You must allow people to make something off of you so they will return for more. I allow people to make money off of me, take from me if you will, ~ with a smile. I will get my turn but only if i stay in the game. If I stomped off every time I did not make a sound margin of profit ~ I’d be out of business, Any successful business person has to accept the fact that it is he that had the big pencil. The price is the businessman burden. Know and understand your market ~well!

          I think had David can test anyone’s patience. As he speaks of things he has no knowledge of, which is not all that bad a thing until he starts his condescending, calling people names and claims that they are stealing. ~

          and by the by ~ there two more posters here with this same MO. ~ I’m left to think that they all read the same book or something ~ and repeating the same BS. I love books, I love the fact that just about anyone can get a book published today but give it a rest with the BS.

    • eddie47d

      nobodysfool:Presidents do have to be careful in what they think can be done but its Congress who writes the checks and authorizes who gets what!

      • Benjamin Fox

        eddie, teddy or trashy flashy dashy which ever one you decide to be, I guess you were drinking the cool aid while he by passed the congress with his EO’s. That is easy to see on your part.

    • Flashy

      Where was Mitt? Where was Ryan?

      Amazing…you guys need to hate to feel good about yourselves.

      • DaveH

        Most people are not Sociopaths who have no consciences and therefore no pangs of guilt about helping themselves to other peoples’ money like you, Flashshill.
        Flashshill is a staunch member:

      • S.C.Murf

        flashless and you gays need to steal to feel good. What you feel about that?

        up the hill

  • Fred

    “When a storm comes along, as one inevitably does, the happy homeowner gets a free ride on rebuilding. In some areas, the same home has been hit, damaged and repaired several times — all at taxpayer expense. How about letting these ninnies take the risks themselves, rather than getting us to pay for it?”

    When our family homesteaded the land our farm is located on they made certain that they were `protected’ from floods and tornadoes. Whilst one cannot truely be completely `protected’ from tornadoes even if one builds one’s house below ground (Think the ubiquitous `Soddy’.) it is far easier to site both one’s property and buildings well away from what is now days know as a `floodplain’ which is exactly what our ancestors did. Back then this was considered `common sense’ which nowdays seems to be completely missing in a large percentage the population especially those of the `entitlement’/`me first’/`let the nanny government take care of me’ persuasion. Sadly there seem to be a growing number of these.

    • Karolyn

      I lived in an 1810 stone house right across the street from a small river. It was built on a hump at the lowest point on the street. I believe the hump was specifically made for the house. I lived there for 5 years, through two floods, one of which found us on an island surrounded by the river. If it weren’t for a sump pump and generator, the first floor would have gotten barely flooded. I would not be surprised if this house had never flooded before, since building to the north provided for more runoff to raise the river. The lay of the land is not the same as it was 100-200 years ago. Increased building has changed everything.

      • Benjamin Fox

        So your point was Karolyn, people need to live on the streets rather then build and mess up your idea’s of what life is about?

      • Karolyn

        Benjamin – Seriously? There is already enough housing for everyone. Responsible building is what is needed. Do you support developers paving everything they possibly can desppie the consequences?

    • Corkey

      Wrong. The homeowner has an insurance policy that pays a percentage of the damage You don’t know what you are talking about. There are thousands of people living in temporary facilities right now waiting on insurance payouts to rebuild their homes. I know many of them and they range from the middle class to the very poor. The wealthy are using existing funds to rebuild faster and hoping for payouts to come thru insurance later but there is guarantee. The estimated rebuild process taking all things into account is @ 6-9 months.

      • Bill

        Good comments Corkey
        I always had a strange feeling about New orleans being a city that was built on the water but below sea level. When Katrina hit, everyone seemed to be amazed that it could happen.

        Fast forward to New Jersey and the folks who built on the shores. When you build in the path of water, you have to take your own chances.

        You are not stopping water when it wants to go

        • Deerinwater

          All true Bill. If you will notice , this locate of chose habit explain the bulk of the worlds population.

  • Karolyn

    “Ninnies”? How dare you! This was a once in a lifetime storm. Of course, I do believe that people who live in those types of areas have to have insurance; and i am sure that mortgage companies require it. After an event like this, people suffer for a long time; and, yes, I believe it is our responsbility to help them both directly and via the government channels. Those who live right on the beach, with huge houses and have big bucks can take care of themselves. Personally, I would not live near the beach – I don’t care for it. Should tornado-prone areas also be considered not habitable?

    • BillT

      I thought Katrina was a once in a lifetime flood. Before you popst, maybe you need to wake up your brain.

      • Corkey

        You need to learn how to read a map

      • Karolyn

        Different parts of the country – different scenario. Sandy was a freak, something that had never been seen in recorded weather history.

      • DaveH

        For some real facts:

        “This hurricane proved to be the most costly hurricane in United States history, second only to Hurricane Katrina and the second deadliest hurricane to strike the New York area since New England Hurricane of 1938″.

        Note that of course it would be more “costly” than in 1938 when the dollar was worth much more.
        In 1938 a person could buy for $1,000 what now costs over $15,000.

        At any rate, if Karolyn thinks it’s our “responsibility” to help foolish New Yorkers, then surely she must think it’s also our “responsibility” to help the Cubans who live on 1/8th of what the average American lives on. Or any other poor people in the world.
        Maybe what we should do is to take up a collection for Karolyn to fly to Zimbabwe to learn just how good she has it here.

    • eddie47d

      BillT : What was said back then is that Katrina could be a foretaste of what is to come. Where hurricanes will be larger and more potent in force and Sandy rather proved that out.

      • momo

        Sandy was only a category one hurricane, but it came ashore, if I’m not mistaken, at high tide. When Katrina came ashore it was a category four hurricane, also New Orleans sits below sea level, compunding the flooding problem.

    • DaveH

      Karolyn says — “I believe it is our responsbility to help them both directly and via the government channels”.
      You are welcome to contribute your own money any time you wish, Karolyn. But it is not OUR “responsibility” to carry other people on our shoulders, no matter how much misfortune they suffer. And you have no right to contribute other peoples’ money for your pet agendas. You are just a common thief.
      Please feel free to travel the few hundred miles to Cuba, where you can live like the “responsible” people do.

    • Bill

      You make your own choices where you want to live. It is always a good idea to study the history of the area. After the tsunami in Japan, they found markers that said “do not build below this line”. It was where they got wiped out

      I visit my Buddy in Oklahoma city a lot and there is one neighborhood that keeps getting wiped out from tornados and rebuilt again. In southern California, we have wind coredors that get burned out in fires when the santana winds blow. But people have short memories and they keep rebuilding.

      Do your own investigations and don’t follow the crowds

  • http://hotmail JIMBO

    Chris Christie.. The bills presented to Congress had 60% pork in them.. You know what pork is/looks like. JUST LOOK IN A MIRROR..
    God Bless America.. AGAIN.. SOON..

    • Corkey

      That is not true. See my comments above. I live here and my home was NOT damaged but I know what is going on. If you want to be pissed off about something, bitch about the Congressional pay raise.

      • DaveH

        What we have is only your word for it. Can you post a link to back up your claims?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        If the storm didn’t affect you why are you whining? Or are you one of the stupid emotional pathological altruists forever running after causes and problems to solve for other people so you can get a high.

      • corkey
      • Karolyn

        Nad – Are you so cold as to believe that people don’t want to help others just because it’s the right thing to do and that is why we are here?

      • DaveH

        I see a spending request by Obama, but I see no Congressional Bill. Obama can request anything he wants. The issue is what did Congress vote on?

  • Ajfrench

    Chris Christie is all about Chris Christie and what will make him look good. He should be screaming at the DEMS for filling the bill with pork which is their way of denying those people that help. Look at the map on Agenda 21, I’ll bet you this is property they don’t want occupied by humans. They are deliberately delaying to frustrate those poor people into moving off of that land.

    • jopa

      Agfrench; You say the dems filled the Bill with pork but I believe the Alaskan pork was put in by Retardicans.What portion of the bill was filled in by Dems or are you just blowing smoke?

  • TPM

    Governor “Christie Cream” (too many donuts) is just hacked because they’re trying to rain on his pork parade. Too much waste in the original proposal. Too many dollars going to anything and everything NOT related to Sandy.
    Note to Gov Christie: You can’t have your pork, Porkie. Don’t be a pig …

    • Corkey

      TPM. You have no idea what you are talking about. I am no fan of CC but your comments about the bill are inaccurate

      • DaveH

        I haven’t seen you post any evidence for that contention, Corkey.

  • Don

    According to the media news, the money appropriated in this bill will be used to pay the insurance companies for the damage done by Hurricane Sandy. I can see using the taxpayer’s money to give loans to the people and rebuild infrastructure by providing loans to the various municipalities, but to bail out the insurance companies! Well…it’s another bailout. I live in a county that did not sustain enough damage to meet the monetary threshold of this bailout. Therefore, our insurance companies must bear the cost and perform their responsibilities. Can anyone tell me what exactly is in this bill and how the money is to be disbursed according to the wording of the bill?

    • Flashy

      Don…did you read the bill? I take it the “news media” you’re speaking of is FOX McNews…which is misreporting the bill as fast as they can write a script.

    • jopa

      Don: The money in the bill was to be used in the Federal Flood insurance program that ran dry, not being put into the hands of private insurance companies.Either way it is still our dime being used.

  • Deerinwater

    So ? It’s bad that Chris Christy makes the people of this state his primary responsibility and will get ugly with anyone that plays kick the can down the road politics that affects their welfare?

    Maybe you don’t know it yet, but Chris Christy is one of the few stars in the GOP line up that has developed endearing features that connect with people and he’s not even trying too. In fact he is the only one! Christy’s business is state business and NY is lucky to have him. Chris Christy is an equal opportunity meany. You can stand in his shadow or feel his heat and that is just the kind of guy he is.

    I wish the democrats had 50 just like him.

    • Karolyn

      Bob – As a native Jerseyan, i can tell you that he is a typical jerseyan. Whether you like what he has to say or not, he’s not afraid to speak his mind and should be respected for that.

      • S.C.Murf

        Big K you are constantly putting people down on this site because they speak their minds, so whats it to be are we allowed, by your standards, to speak our minds or not?

        up the hill

      • Karolyn

        Well, S.C – I am not “constantly” putting people down – YOU are. And then there’s the fact that some people do not appear to have minds to speak but just parrot what they see or hear or speak without really thinking.

    • DaveH

      Deer says — “NY is lucky to have him”.
      Maybe, Deer, but Chris Christie is the Governor of New Jersey.
      And you expect anybody to take you seriously?

      • deerinwater

        I’m going to make fun of myself and do what you would do David.

        I’ll stand behind my statement, ~ I think all Americans are lucky to have a man like Chris Christy to be a Representative of State government , where their own or a neighbor~ and defend their state on Federal turf as if he might be willing to fight a bear with a preach tree switch. Chris Christy is protesting the lower of the bar for the pleasure of men and women elected Federal positions who are conducting pass the buck politics on funding matters during critical times and winter setting in for the people that he swore to represent.

        And as far as being believable David, ~ I’m not the one here promoting a government for America that best typifies the government we see in Somalia today. Or 1948 Hong Kong or one that has never been proven to function for a nation any bigger than a postage stamp. ~ It’s a nice dream though David, ~ one big happy camp out, ~ you want it , take it, ~ they want it, let them take it if they can. Whats mine is mine and your is yours and let us all just get along. As long as it not your girl friend or your money, ~ what do you care? It’s no skin off your nose.

      • DaveH

        You haven’t the slightest clue what you’re talking about, Deer. Free Markets were proven for the first 100 years of our country. And everywhere we look we see the failures of Socialism. I’ve proven that time and time again, but obviously you only read the nonsense that will support what you want to believe.
        The problem with Free Markets is that with Free Markets the gang Leaders can’t make Big Money and get Big Power without actually being Productive. Heaven forbid, because that requires real work instead of just flapping their Progressive Lips. It’s much easier for them to just take what they want from the Real Producers.
        The fact that you are still touting the Progressive mantra, Deer, after being here for years, tells me that you are either incredibly ignorant or you are one of those who feeds at the trough at other peoples’ expense.

        Those people who actually are capable of critical thinking should read this report and become smarter than Deer:

        • Deerinwater

          David say’ “The fact that you are still touting the Progressive mantra, Deer, after being here for years, tells me that you are either incredibly ignorant or you are one of those who feeds at the trough at other peoples’ expense”

          I say, That is your problem. ~ limited vision , ~ public and private markets a fine David while you seem to believe that is only one way to steal.

          We came a long way since 1876 David, ~ ships are now made of metal, horses are now pasture puppies and our population has grown to 327 million.

          A single shoe will not fit all.

    • S.C.Murf

      deer what enduring features are you talking about, his belly? Is that why you care for him so much you both have the same profile? Once again leave my money alone!

      up the hill

      • Deerinwater

        I said nothing about “features” SC Murf , only you did that. and so I’ll ask you,, what features?

        I’m not the least bit surprised that so many speaking harshly of Christy here ~ but this is only great news for Chris Christy as any Tea Party support has been turned into little more than the “Kiss of Death” by the wild and far afield statements and positions Tea Partiers have shown since entering office. ~ We are going to send your Florida governor packing first opportunity and Wisconsin will follow. I would not trust either of this men any farther then I could throw a Buick. They have that Phil Gramm weasel about them you can spot at 300 yards.

        Your 2010 midterm gains did managed to get the GOP back into the ball game but was short lived. That you celebrated like you had just invented pocket on a shirt and then to be where you find yourselves today . It would take enough Denial to fill AA meeting halls across this nation for two months to hide that fact that the Tea Party has became a political curse.

        We are depending on you to deny it! and I hope that you do.

        But By all means ~ please do carry on. The Tea Party is the best thing that has happened to the DNC since Nixon.

        The Tea party started out with a sound idea , ~ but it has attracted all the misfit’s and haters and Simptons and Dixiecrats. People that live by the feud, it’s their joy, justification and reason to exist, all victims of something that is making them less then what they could be or could have ever been. They are truly the Ugly American that has fell to earth indebted to no one alive or dead. Entitled by skin pigment , by location by their mere presence.

        Tea Party has been hyjacked at least twice since 2009 and maybe three times. It’s been like a Cooperate Retail Chain that has been constructed, bought and sold many times while with each new owner , signs of promise but business refuses to take off . Bad location. nothing of that size can be supported, to few buyers and overhead too high.

        Like the huge Muslim Tee Shirts and Gift shops on Padra Island , they are not what they appear ~ as the Tee Shirt Shops are simply money laundrying operations and little more. Profit taking second chair to something else. And what the Tea Party is actually doing, is something equally obscure, despite all of their claims.

        I know! You just walked in to buy a Tee shirt for the children back home. Your motives pure.

    • momo

      Besides being the governor of New Jersey, Christie is a Republican.

      • Deerinwater

        Well, I say he cast a big shadow didn’t I? You are correct of course, In Texas that would be the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex area. Christy is one of only 10 Republican’s I’d bother openly defending and feel good about it.

  • jopa

    Every year they are dumping tens of millions of yards of beach sand up and down the eastern seaboard on our dime just to have it washed away in the next storm.You just can’t fix stupid as I have always said.If you have to put your house up on stilts because of constant flooding perhaps you may be a little too close to the water and you should have your head examined.They should use the money for education and teach these folks where not to build and not the federal flood insurance program that every insurance company would not touch with a ten foot pole.If anything use the money to relocate the idiots or just let them drown in their own self induced misery.Sure there are some that really are responsible and need help but if you are in an area that has constant flooding problems forget about it.

  • The Christian American

    The best state politician now-a-days is the one that can get the most loot to bring home from the thieves who stole it in DC. Politically correct thievery. My my, there’s two definitions to the word moral, God’s defintion and DC’s definition. Groveling over loot. Is that what we’re down to in the “In God we trust” country?

  • tony newbill

    We need a clear understanding of world overpopulation that the Globalists are using as a reason for all their interventions into our Lives and Liberties so the economy can recover.
    Please participate in this debate at this link and lets bring this to a BOIL !!!!!

  • DaveH

    Chip says — “How about letting these ninnies take the risks themselves, rather than getting us to pay for it?”.
    Exactly. Why should the people who were wise enough to build in safer areas be Forced to foot the bill for those who build in unsafe areas? That’s what insurance is for — Paid with their OWN money. If they can’t afford the insurance, then they shouldn’t take the risk.
    Socializing peoples’ recklessness only encourages more of the same. In other words, it creates a moral hazard.

    • Flashy

      Davey boy … what part of NJ would you say is safe? or what part of long Island ? Or Pennsylvania, or Delaware?

      or living in the PacNW…just what part would you build to be safe from earthquakes or volcanoes?

      Got a Mises link answering that?

      You get more and more ridiculous every day.

      • DaveH

        You’re projecting again, Flashshill.
        Did I say anything about what part of New York, or New Jersey, or Long Island, or anywhere else, is safer?
        What I am saying is that you have no right to enslave other people to pay for your ignorant mistakes. It is not only immoral, but by creating the moral hazard of allowing irresponsible people to be bailed out by responsible people, then naturally there is little incentive to be responsible. So as people become more irresponsible, there is more money lost to mistakes and less money available to create a good economy. Thus our economy declines (as is always the case with increased Socialism) and even more poor people are made to suffer.
        But Flashshill doesn’t care. As long as Flashshill and his Liberal Progressive handlers are doing well, they could care less about the rest of the people.

      • Flashy

        “Why should the people who were wise enough to build in safer areas be Forced to foot the bill for those who build in unsafe areas?” Davey boy

        OK Davey…what is ‘safe’ ? Maybe build in Wyoming and commute to NYC for yor job?

        You are, without doubt, one of the densest people freed from the asylum. Unbelievable….

      • Karolyn

        Yeah, where exactly is “safe?” There’s earthquakes in CA, heavy snow in other areas, tornado alley (which appears to be growing), floodplanes across the country, Hurricane-prone areas, etc. If everybody moved to where it was “safe”, there wouldn’t be enough room. Nobody is totally “safe.”

      • DaveH

        As usual your response was nonsensical. But then, that’s what we’ve come to expect from you.

      • DaveH

        Karolyn says — “Yeah, where exactly is “safe?””.
        That’s for you to decide, Karolyn, and for you to buy insurance to protect yourself from risk, if you’re afraid. Or for you to donate to the unfortunate, if you so choose.
        But keep your grubby hands out of our pockets. We don’t owe you a good life.
        The pre-19th century slaveholders had excuses for their inhumanity also, but they didn’t wash then, and your excuses don’t wash now, Karolyn.
        The really ironic thing, as I posted here, is that you Liberal Progressives have hearts that bleed only with other peoples’ money. When it comes to being charitable with your own money, you lag highly:

      • Karolyn

        Dave – You just have no clue, and it is laughable. :-)

      • DaveH

        What is laughable, Karolyn, is flower children like yourself who put down others for being selfish while at the same time helping yourself selfishly to their property. It apparently doesn’t bother you at all to blindly steal from people who you have no knowledge of. Many of them have struggled for years, giving up various pleasures that the rest of you Flower Children wouldn’t dream of giving up, only to have you thieves helping yourself to their property, and then to add insult to injury you claim to have the moral high ground.
        You are not only immoral, but you haven’t got sense enough to know that by aiding the Non-Producers in their theft of the Producers’ property, the inevitable result will be poverty for most people. It always is that way. You would know that by now if you did any real reading instead of that fantasy which you get from Common Dreams or some other mindless Liberal website.
        The people who will really suffer will be those very same unskilled, reckless, and immoral people who you say you care about. They will be ill-suited for the economic collapse that is almost certain to come to this country thanks to creepy people like yourself, Karolyn.

      • DaveH

        It is rather humorous, I must admit Karolyn, to have a lady who couldn’t find real work and had to seek Government make-work call me clueless. ;)

  • Herman Goering look allike

    This is the consumate contest: the RINO (republican in name only) versus the SWINE-O, who most likely a collectivist/fascist, disguised as an evil porky pig. A presidential dream: the seven deadly sins wrapped in a Herman Goering blanket.

    • The Christian American

      If you can define a Republican your a better man than I am. If you are like the lions share of “things” that believes in fleecing the people for their own avantage, you would qualify as a Republicrat. The only money that the government has to give to people, with controls, is money it stole from the people in the first place. Politics today is politicians that were elected by the people having a pow wow over dividing up the loot they stole from the people. And we elect these cunning thieves to “protect” our lives, liberties and properties? Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

  • Kim

    The Good Old Boys of the Congress do not know how to pass a piece of legislation with just one topic and no amendments.
    They know the amendments would not pass on their own merit.
    Why something was not done about that decades ago is mind boggling. Why the supposed watchdogs don’t keep tabs is mind boggling.
    And now our President has the Executive Order to bypass all of it and there will never be a watch dog on that.
    I CANNOT IMAGINE THE STUPIDITY OF BUILDING WHERE IT IS KNOWN TO BE DESTROYED. It is the individuals responsibility for the house & out buildings – including independent businesses. It is the local/county/state responsibility for roads & utilities. No where do you see Federal.
    Acts of nature you buy insurance for, you so not look to your Big Brother for the money.

    • The Christian American

      What do we need legislation for? Repeal 99.9% percent of it and we’ll all be better off. The Constitution, Bill of rights and Declaration of Independence take up. what? 10 pages at most. One year in the 1880′s, congress convened for 11 days and by magic America was still here and prospering the next year. Run our own lives. Take responsibility for our own choices. Government is FORCE and an expensive liability at best. Supply and maintain, which can be done by the private sector, an infrastructure, keep a skeleton military that can called on, and that’s all we need from the federal government. The federal government creates a job for itself by using fear as it’s strategic weapon. It’s legislation is suppose to calm all those munufactured fears. The White House has become a huge oak tree where people can go to gather their nuts. What does that say about the American people? Well nuts to that.

  • Penny

    Since when should my tax dollars pay for rebuilding the homes of those who chose not to have the necessary insurance for their homes based on location? The man interviewed on Fox News who lost his home during hurricane Sandy admitted that he cancelled his flood insurance months before Sandy hit. Now he is doing battle with the insurance company because he says his home was destroyed by wind, not flooding and has set up a website to receive donations to help rebuild his home. It was bad enough that tax dollars were donated to survivors of the 9/11 attack. I am sorry that so many lives were lost, but did none of the victims have life insurance? Where will all this stop? I am a responsible, tax-paying citizen and have the required insurance on my property. It’s not that difficult. People should realize they need to be responsible for their own decisions, and not rely on tax payers to bail them out.

  • ToughGuy1

    Christie the “Rhino!”

  • Mary

    I hope Republicans don’t accept Christie to run for President in 2016, he won’t win, he’s a loser, backstabber, loud mouth, liberal Republica, not conservative at all!

  • John B.

    Never underestimate your liberal government’s ingenuity. Since the creation of the platinum coin of $1t’ Dollars, why not mint 20 of them and borrow against it. See, now you’ll have a SURPLUS. and all the ….. will praise you for balancing the budget.

  • http://midcontent brand inspector

    Idoits whining about getting hit by a hurricane, need to wake up where they live and shut up. Any where you live on this planet, there is always unpleasant conditions of some kind, so put on you big boy pants and act like a mature person, not like a spoiled lard azz momma’s boy. Christy and Obama must of had too much play time together. Obama consittantly lies on any subject, and blubbers like a 2 year old.

  • http://Yahoo Joanne

    Really Is Christie that stupid that he can’t understand that there were other things in the bill? He’s probably starting to campaign for Governor so he made a big stink on Boehner.

  • chuckb

    christie is the correct mold for modern day republicans, . the republican party is a has been we need new representation. the party of wimps has to go. no doubt karl rove would love to nominate christie for the next republican nominee, a guaranteed loser.

    • Deerinwater

      While I believe Karl Rove is capable of anything I believe that today, Christy is the GOP’s best shot to regain the White House. Chuck, who else is on the short list that has shown any backbone among the GOP at all, ~ that presently holds an elected office?

      • chuckb

        i have to believe the republican party is too far gone to call back. christie is to much of a politician, we have had enough of that. we need a party that has the country’s interest at heart, not his pocketbook. both parties are spent out, one has turned to socialism, the other more worried about being reelected.

    • deerinwater

      So much for fat jokes, big people with big personalities transcends such things ~ Babe Ruth, Jackie Gleason, Teddy Roosevelt to name only a few.

  • concerned citizen

    so, if we are potentially allowed to mint a trillion dollar coin… why not make 20 of them…deposit them at the fed, wipe out the debt altogether, and still have like 2 trillion left over… I am sure we could spend that on pork in the next month or so… boost the economy, and get on with life… LOL

  • http://midcontent brand inspector

    We need to have term limits of one term in office and sit out 2, before they can be elected again. So the whinind about having to have 2 residences when in the beltway. The states should own the dwellings for their federal representives, and after their stint in office, then they get sent home. None of this get in office and stay till they are worm castings.

  • Corkey

    Read the article written by a Libertarian who lives near Ground Zero of Hurricane Sandy. I also live in the area. My house was not damaged. His house did not sustain major damage either…..

    • DaveH

      Where did you get the idea that he was a Libertarian, Corkey?

  • Kyle

    The constitution should be amended to require a one-bill-one-vote of congress. Get rid of all the pork barrel, earmarks, and riders that get stuck on every piece of legislation.

  • Right Brain Thinker

    Just looked in on this thread and must say it is pretty wild and crazy here today. Idiotic one-liners back and forth from the usual idiots and things getting off topic rather quickly. A reminder, folks, the topic is not guns and other mindless milling around but is rather that:



    Maybe the ignorant didn’t notice, but there was more than one “bill” in the “bill” and one part was for $9,000,000,000. (that’s nine billion $$) to put some money into the flood insurance program so that it could continue writing checks—-the same thing that we do with the FDIC if it runs down because a lot of banks have failed, as well as with other federal funding programs—the same thing YOU do when you put money in your checking accout so you can write checks.

    That $9 billion part of “the bill” was TWO PARAGRAPHS long and took up half a page (with big margins, no less). YOU CANNOT HIDE MUCH PORK IN A TWO PARAGRAPH “BILL”.

    The truth is that Boner and the Repugs focused on the fiscal cliff and walked on by the need to help the Sandy victims yet again—-just more evidence of why they should be pushed into extinction. They can no longer see beyond their ideology and have no idea what it means to serve the greater good of the nation. VIVA CHRISTIE! .

    • FreedomFighter

      Maybe it was just the Repubs way of saying F@#$ You to CC for sucking up to BO in NJ, basically swinging the election to BO. Probably not, but you never know. CC will probably become a DEM, he is already a RINO.

      Laus Deo
      Semper FI

      • Right Brain Thinker

        I’m a NJ native and still have family there, including some near Atlantic City who had Sandy damage. They all like Christie, RINO or not, because he turned to and has worked to take care of his state, no matter whose toes he stepped on. You can call it sucking up to O’Bama, but the two of them did the right thing and both benefited from it. They certainly looked a lot better than W did with Katrina.

        The Repugs can call him a turncoat and suckup if they want, but he is a Republican (and more than INO) and will never go Dem. We shall see if this thing makes him a stronger or weaker candidate in 2016—-if the loonies are still in charge of the Repugs, he goes down—-if the sane conservatives take back the party and “conserve” it, he may rise up on the “wave of sanity”. Will be fun to watch.

        And it may be 100% correct to say they were sending CC a message—-that’s exactly what you would expect from this bunch of turds. I doubt it though—-it was probably more that they are in such a state of disarray that they weren’t thinking straight and/or just didn’t get it done, i.e., it was an accident of stupidity rather than a deliberate act..


      • DaveH

        And you are a real life example of how terribly ignorant somebody can become, Deer, when they are so focused on the trough that they will run over anybody in their way to get to it.

        • Deerinwater

          I’m a tradesman David with 43 year in Trade, I am a vital part of America’s labor force and find it noble work and rewarding to serve. I’m not important until you need me.

          On occasions I have to shoo chiselers and skinflints like yourself off but if they haven’t pissed me off I will usually in the spirit of good will prop them up, clean up their mess and get them going and tell them that they need to contact family members for future serve. If they need help, family is the first place they should look.

          So what do you do went your a not checking to see if someone stole something from you or reading a book?

          Don’t attempt to compete with me David, you will just appear foolish.

      • DaveH

        After you Liberal Progressives have finally stripped every ounce of drive away from the Producers in society to aid the non-producers, who will you have left to take advantage of?
        It certainly won’t come from you guys. I mean, you can’t even take care of yourselves, so when all we have left is immoral, shiftless takers like yourselves, who are you going to take from?

      • deerinwater

        I can’t speak for anyone but myself but I don’t know anyone like that David, You must live in some part of the country that I’ve never been. I know that there are people on government assistance David . Are you suggesting that I am on assistance?

        All of my dollars are labor earned, private sector dollars, all of my taxes are paid with these same dollars . And it is real burden to address every year, not only in the paying but the time spent doing all the accounting and submitting to book keepers which takes over 80 man hours for my part alone plus his time and fees which averages $800 to 1,000.00 over and above my tax burden.

        Are you getting back to this stealing caper again David? What has been taken from you that has not been taken from me or every other tax payer David? What is it about you David that makes you tax burden so much greater then mine.?

        What kind of Railroad are you running that would have you believe that I was stealing from you and playing by a different set of rules and regulations as everyone else?

        There is only one IRS service and it’s like swimming with sharks every year to get this done.

        Where does you income derive from David?

    • Right Brain Thinker

      Chalk up three more cliches for Dave. No “conjecture” at all in what I say, Dave—-just common knowledge that any educated American is aware of—-that does not include you, of course. Could you point out what your confused little brain thinks is conjecture in my statements? If so, I will endeavor to point you to places where you might educate yourself.

  • Bruce

    Time for a Poland style national strike. No body go to work for 1 week to protest the gov’s 9% approval rating. Then if that does not work, one week every month, and if they still won’t listen 2 weeks a month no work for anyone, you slaves just go on vacation and for once enjoy YOUR TIME on earth, rather than slaving for your masters, who print the money. If 2 weeks a month strike doesn’t work then it will be 3 weeks a month every slave, er oops worker would only work one week a month. That should be enough to feed yourself, all the rest of your work goes to the gov anyway. With all the slaves only working at 25% capacity the “MASTERS” would not receive enough of our efforts for them to remain as elite over us unwashed masses. They will not get enough from us workers to give to the non-workers who keep them elected. Something will finally “give” and change for the better will finally come to pass. God asks for only 10% of your income to help the poor our gov wants to replace GOD so they need to be able to do with LESS THAN the 10% God wants if he governs us. God seems like such a better deal than the liberal gov we now have. THINK.

    • Frank Kahn

      Not sure what church you go to, but God does not ask for any of your money, only the church does. God says to give alms to the poor, it is not stated that you have to give a certain percentage.

    • Bob Hauser

      Why not just refuse to pay another dime in income tax?….like 68 million Americans are already doing?….Start printing our own money in each community just like they did in the Hoovervilles of the 1930s. Vastly more effective. I will begin to believe that America stands the chance of being a free country again the day I see a jubilant crowd of working class Americans engaged in a neighborhood game of rugby—-with Buttface Benjamin Bernanke’s skull.

      • Nick Czudy

        Mr. Hauser and Bruce. What is at the low rating of 9% is the GOP Congress, not the whole government as a whole. The dems are on the fight track. What we need is to contact your Congressmen and vent on their performance, so that they do something positive to improve our life, economy and living standards. They need to be kicked in the butt or fired.

        Can Anyone tell me if a Congressman can be impeached or fired for poor performance?

  • Rick

    Any peculiar news, conspiracy is being done by the Soros controlled media to get the attention off of Benghazi period , because Obama is going to fall for that if the media stays on it. Stand tight don’t be decieved call your congressman and tell him you want them to subpoena Obama. They brought Nixon down for a much less offense

    • Nick Czudy

      Rick, There is nothing to accuse Obama of. This Benghazi issue and the Fast and Furious, were just pathetic GOP attempts to gain brownie points against the Dems. There is nothing there. It does not come close to what Nixon did. the GOP would save some face if they would just let it die quietly.

      • Deerinwater

        Yes, all is important while all is not equally important.

        Dick Chaney seeing to it that a CIA operative’s name was leaked to the press for paybacks for the exposing of W’s administration false claim that IRAQ was developing nuclear armaments was a crime. That people died over it, a large crime, that Scooter Libby took the rap and Chaney walks fee was yet another crime. That Chaney asked W to pardon Scooter during his final day in office and W refused and showed his disgust with Chaney, I’d loved to have witnessed.

        So Frank, I too would like to know the depths of the rabbit hole but what evidence can be presented that can establish probably cause that a crime has been committed and what is the nature of this crime(s)? Can something be made right? Was it mistakes in judgement , a directive error , lack of solid communication, or a crime?

        • Frank Kahn

          I am usually a reasonable person, I have dealt reasonably with you on most occasions. I will, however, not get into any discussion with you over Obama. I stopped communicating with you on that subject long ago, when I realized that your view point is too far skewed for reasonable discussion.

          I, also, will not respond to anyone that insists on using a stupid phrase like “rabbit hole”.

          Crimes of past administrations are not relevant in this case. If you want to discuss Bush, fine, Daddy Bush committed a war crime in the first gulf war when he allowed retreating enemy forces to be slaughtered by our military aircraft. That has no bearing on any discussion regarding Obama. We intentionally killed thousands of civilian Japanese when we dropped the two atomic bombs. We also killed many civilians when we fire bombed Dresden in Germany. The massacre at Pearl Harbor was partly due to incompetence of the administration and military authorities. I know and understand many items that show how we have committed either stupid or criminal acts as a nation. None of that absolves the current administration of responsibility for its conduct.

          I dont consider wanting more and better information about questionable events to be going down rabbit holes. If there is something that is obviously wrong with the story being told, then we need to get it straightened out. There is nothing unreasonable or fanatical about that desire.

          • Deerinwater

            Good Frank, then let us allow the merit of facts to revel themselves in good time and refrain from speculation and information that is being withheld due to sensitive national interest and any unnecessary exposure to our intelligence community resources.

            Our enemies read news print and have access to the same information we American have. Just how much that our enemies needs to know about how and what we know or even suspect must be limited if we are to ever crack this nut and get to the truth.

            I feel sure you would agree?

          • Frank Kahn

            It is difficult to argue with sensible logic about national security. I guess, we normal people must take the high road and let the lying worthless administration get away with their putrid immoral actions.

            We cant let our outrage at the lies and obfuscation that occurred blind us the the safety of our fellow Americans. It is well within Obama’s rights to make certain that the truth never gets told. I am with you 10%. We have a 100% diametrically opposed view on the motivations of Obama and his administration. When he admits to his culpability in the events that led to the attack, and steps down in shame, I will feel that something right has been accomplished. This is not about who attacked us, it is about why. Can that be disclosed without harming our nation? I doubt it, but the truth is the best course. And that is just Libya.

            When it comes to fast and furious, there is no excuse for what happened. The only people that are protected by secrecy are the criminals that planned and executed it.

            So, NO, keeping things a secret instead of telling the truth is not acceptable at any cost. The liar who is our President needs to be punished for his involvement in many dishonest and illegal activities.

            And, since this enters into the area where you are incapable of reason this discussion is closed.

          • deerinwater

            Frank Kahn say; “When he admits to his culpability in the events that led to the attack, and steps down in shame, I will feel that something right has been accomplished. This is not about who attacked us, it is about why. Can that be disclosed without harming our nation? I doubt it, but the truth is the best course. And that is just Libya.”

            LOL! Well Frank, you are not leaving me much latitude to discuss it with you.

            Much like myself , I can tell that you are deeply hurt and troubled over this attack and killing of dedicated Americans that were working to make a difference in the world and considered their cause Noble and tenure an Honor Frank.

            But you seemed to be looking for criminal activity in the wrong place. But I say that without privilege of facts. The event occurred in Libya and I believe that is where the crime and criminals can be found.

            If you wish to find fault with SoS Hillary or her boss, I think that they are fair game but for criminal activity to be levied at this point, is a long stretch. Your displayed predisposition of a strong bias toward the current administration all but mandated that you be excused from the jury box on this matter, allow cooler heads to weigh the merit of the evidence.

            I know how you feel Frank, I do. I was very angry with the administration over The Beirut Barracks Bombing (October 23, 1983 in Beirut, Lebanon)

            In fact, it still upset me. But while a link in criminal activity between the White House and Beirut might possibly be made, it’s not a nail that I’m willing to hang my nice hat on.

            Americans standing in harms way got harmed. They had them bunked like vacationers! Military protocol was lax, people died! I’m getting angry again talking about it.

            My feeling about this matter is this ~ America must stand prepared at all times to protect and defend her sovereign interest both near and far. ~ and if she can’t ~ we have no business being there.

          • FreedomFighter

            “But I say that without privilege of facts.”

            No you dont have any facts, only your lefty opinion.

            I say this: after lie after lie from this president, deception layered on deception, act after act of treason and borderline treason, I dont believe a word uttered by him or his cabal of leftist wackos, including “I hit my head” H. Clinton.

            Sometimes a cigar is a cigar, a deception a deception, a coverup a coverup, without facts we will never know and they are certainly not giving the “facts” to us the people.

            Laus Deo
            Semper Fi

          • Deerinwater

            FF says’ ” No you dont have any facts, only your lefty opinion. ”

            I say , My opinion are rooted in what facts that I do have while I’m mindful that you don’t require facts FF . In “connect the dot” conjuncture, you would run the States business in much the same fashion as GW and be little more than a Bull in a China Closet, damaging everything that you get near.

            This is not a board game FF. ~ Bad decisions yield bad results.

            Clearly there has been enough bad decisions ~ Do you believe that bad decisions come cheaper by the dozen and a few more won’t matter?

          • Nick Czudy

            Freedom Fighter. What are all of these lies that you are pro porting to have come from Obama. He seems to be the most honest and straightforward, of the presidents that we have had lately. Compare his campaign to the campaign of Mitt Romney. He spread lies and doubled down on them, thinking that we were too stupid to know that they were lies. Foe example, that Jeep was moving to China, that Obama stole money from Medicare to put into Obamacare, that Obama let go any work requirements in the unemployment insurance program. Or else they bet on the stupidity of their base that they would not know any better and would believe anything that they told them.
            So I have heard of these rants before. Please entertain me with a short list of Obama’s lies. Thanks. Nick

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Frank Kahn needs a translator here. Allow me to restate in my words what I think he has said to deer (or should have said)

        I think I am usually a reasonable person, although only others can really make that judgment about me after observing my behavior. To do so myself smacks of self-delusion, but my self-delusion keeps me from recognizing that fact.. I have dealt reasonably with you on most occasions, although that is again something that only outside observers are qualified to judge.. I will not, however, get into any discussion with you over Obama because your view point is too far out of agreement with mine and I am too closed-minded and too much of a motivated reasoner to ever examine my own narrow beliefs, never mind consider yours.

        I also will not respond to anyone that insists on using a stupid phrase like “rabbit hole”. I say that because I myself am so incredibly stupid that I don’t know that “rabbit hole” is an excellent term to use in the way you did, and that it has metaphorical meanings that are perfectly appropriate to your usage..

        I am trying to demonstrate knowledge by rambling on about past history in a way that shows I do not really understand what you said, but I’m going to fake it because I think I’m a genius and my ego demands that I demonstrate that to all.

        In closing, I will again demonstrate my ignorance of what “rabbit holes” means as I try to get back to a meaningless discussion of two things that loom small in the big picture—Benghazi and F&F. I will not be able to disrupt discussion and distract people if no one cooperates.

    • nc

      Rick. I’m going to bet that Obama is no more going to “fall” over the embassy attack than he did what was also predicted here that he would cancel the 2012 elections and declare himself a dictator. REMEMBER? Where do you people get this “information?” From the Book of The Rabbit??

      I will admit that Obama may be a few days late leaving Washington in 2016 due to the smoke from the bon fire as the wingnut Tea Party burn their signs about him being ineligible to be President. They should be required to pay a federal fine to replant the trees that were wasted to print that trash!

      • Frank Kahn

        And by your logic, Obama should be fined to pay for the trees that were destroyed for the paper he used to write his Executive Orders on.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Which executive orders are those, Frank? The 139 he actually signed (one of the lowest numbers of any president in modern times)? Or the 930+ that your wing-nut friends say he signed?

  • adrianvance

    Christie is playing to his own voters and carping over the slow way the Feds. pay. People are still waiting for Katrina settlements!

    Come see us at The Two Minute Conservative, and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • Bill

    Christie is just feathering his nest, that is how he got elected

  • Elton

    These posts are an accurate picture of why this country is in such sad shape.

  • Kolob

    So you think Cristie should sit back and watch the GOP obstruct help for his state Chip? You’r a real genius Chip! When New jersey elects a Democratic governor, you’d be in line to complain.

  • http://none david scully cpa

    I understand that a some point in our history, congress voted and elected the president later came the popular vote and the electoral colledge to make sure the popular vote didn’t go too far astray. After all aren’t we a representative government – we elect those, mor brilliant than ourselves, to make only those decisions we specify. Why not who’s president alsoThis will eliminate the mob rule that elected Hitler and the nonsense that the 47% of moochers can vote on tax laws for those who do pay taxes. The presidential candidate should have certain situations before congress can start voting Iter Alia, must be wealthy enough that he can’t be persuaded by lobbyists, must have a spotless record, no drugs, no plaigerism (sorry Biden) no obsessive religious or cultural beliefs and no other vices that may give the appearance of impropriety; like no stains on dresses. What is wrong with this?

    • nc

      david, I sure appreciate your pointing out all of the weaknesses and mistakes we have endured on our way to NUMBER ONE NATION in the world > Especially without a lot of help from THE TRUE CONSERVATIVE GROUP!
      Can you imagine what kind of economy and nation at peace that Clinton could have left to daddy’s boy if it hadn’t been for that stain on the old blue dress? REALLY KILLED HIS RESULTS!!!! YEAH, RIGHT.
      We elect Presidents not Popes and elders.If Clinton could steer the Ship of State that well with one hand I don’t really care where he had the other one! Some people throw their cigar tubes away, others don’t! THERE ARE NO INSTRUCTIONS AS TO WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH THEM AFTER YOU BUY THEM.THE OLD BOY FROM HOPE DONE GOOD! SEE THE NUMBERS!!

      • Frank Kahn

        Clinton, Bill Clinton? Please give me more information, I was very much alive and paying close attention, did not see anything special that he did. And playing word games to avoid being found guilty of perjury is not a good demonstration of honesty.

  • oldhat

    gov whiney has lost my support

  • thefiledocument

    Those guys are a bunch of actors. They are payed very well to do what they do.

  • Bob666

    Governor Chris Christie is the only hope the GOP has in 2016.

    • Deerinwater

      “Governor Chris Christie is the only hope the GOP has in 2016.”

      the only one in full view for sure.

  • r b

    I would like to see Congress discuss the folly of paying people to build homes and condos that everyone knows could be wiped out by a hurricane. Since insurance companies refuse to write policies for such properties, our benevolent Federal government decided to force all taxpayers everywhere to subsidize flood insurance for the happy owners. <<

    simply change hurricane to any other disaster and you have the same results.

  • Dave67

    I know this a slightly different topic but is a great illustration of a conservative state vs a liberal state.

    The conservative utopia of AZ vs the people’s republic of MA.

    By Michael J. O’Neil and Michael AltmanMon Jan 14, 2013 7:49 AM

    Mention Massachusetts in political discourse anywhere in Arizona, and you get one of two predictable responses: “Oh, yeah, TAX-achusetts,” or perhaps a snide reference to the “People’s Republic of Massachusetts.” You get the point: Liberal, big spending and taxed to death. Not the kind of place anyone would choose to live.

    The two states do provide a basis for some interesting comparisons. The populations of the two states are nearly identical (Massachusetts 6.5million, Arizona 6.4million). And Massachusetts citizens do pay modestly more in taxes. The total state and local tax burden is $20.6billion in Arizona vs. $32.3billion in Massachusetts. Adjusting for population (using the 2010 census figures) this is $3,227 per capita in Arizona vs. $4,933 in Massachusetts, a difference of $1,706.

    In the absence of discernible benefits, higher taxes are indeed a negative. We would all like to keep more of what we earn. That is, if there are not other negative consequences. So, it is reasonable to ask: What do Massachusetts citizens get for these increased public expenditures? A wide range of measures from widely disparate sources provide insight into the hidden costs of a single-minded obsession with lower taxes at all costs.

    The results of such an investigation are revealing: Overall, Massachusetts residents earn significantly higher salaries and are less likely to be unemployed than those who live in Arizona. Their homes are less likely to be foreclosed on. Their residents are healthier and are better educated, have a lower risk of being murdered, getting killed in a car accident or getting shot by a firearm than are Arizonans. Perhaps these factors explain the lower suicide rate in Massachusetts than in Arizona as well as the longer life spans.


    In the area of health, there are few more respected sources than the Kaiser Family Foundation. Arizona does worse on virtually every measure of health.

    Eighteen percent of the Arizona population is uninsured compared with 4 percent in Massachusetts. Among children, the corresponding figures are 15 percent in Arizona and 3 percent in Massachusetts. But why is this important? Simply because people die as a result.

    The infant-mortality rate is 6.5 per 1,000 live births in Arizona and 4.9 per 1,000 in Massachusetts. The teen-death rate is almost twice as high in Arizona: 69 per 100, 000 in Arizona vs. only 34 per 100,000 in Massachusetts. And the child death rate is 12 in Massachusetts and 21 in Arizona.

    Better health care leads to fewer disabilities, which are lower in Massachusetts — 9.2 percent vs. 10.3 percent in Arizona. Better dental care, as well: 70.1 percent of adults have visited a dentist in Arizona vs. 81 percent in Massachusetts.

    There are even dramatic differences in traffic fatalities: Arizona ranked 12th out of 50 states based on traffic fatalities (rate 1.63) while Massachusetts ranked 50th (rate 0.76). The suicide rate is 16.1 per 100,000 in Arizona but less than half of that in Massachusetts (7.6).


    Arizona has almost four times as many adults in state prison as Massachusetts: (40,627 vs. 11,316). Because, nationally, it costs about $26,000 per year to house a non-violent offender, this means Arizona spend hundreds of millions on incarceration more than Massachusetts, one of the very few areas where Arizona public expenditures exceed those of Massachusetts.

    Are we safer as a result of these staggering costs? The murder rate per 100,000 was 6.2 in Arizona vs. 2.8 in Massachusetts in 2011, well over twice as high. These differences in murder rates are substantial. The two states have nearly identical populations, but 405 Arizonans were murdered in 2011 compared with only 185 Massachusetts residents.

    And a lot of these differences are due to murders by firearm: Almost twice as many Arizonans (222) as residents of Massachusetts (122) died by firearm in 2011. Yet Arizona politicians have embraced gun ownership. One of their first actions after then-Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was nearly murdered two years ago was to officially name a state firearm. People die because of this fetish.

    And differences are not just reflected in the ultimate crime of murder. Firearm robberies per 100,000 are 45.47 in Arizona and 24.52 in Massachusetts. Similar differences are evident in firearm assaults (54.19 in Arizona, 30.81 in Massachusetts). Rapes are also more common in Arizona (34.9 per 100,000) than in Massachusetts (24.7 per 100,000). Put simply, you are less likely to be murdered or raped in Massachusetts than in Arizona. Likewise for being robbed or assaulted with a firearm.


    Massachusetts fourth- and eighth-graders are ranked first in reading and math; Arizona is ranked among the lowest states. Overall, Massachusetts is ranked the third-highest state in educated population. Arizona is ranked 50th.

    Legislators tout that the state is “first” in charter schools. Other than enriching some operators (who make fortunes from the real-estate deals involved) and lining the campaign war chests of supportive legislators, the only thing Arizona may be described accurately as “first” in is abandoning public education. But does this matter? What are the consequences of this education differential? Let’s look at some relevant economic data.

    Other factors

    Massachusetts ranked sixth in the nation in median household income at $65,401. Arizona was 22nd at $50,598. In October 2012, Arizona’s unemployment rate was 9.4 percent; it was 7.6 percent in Massachusetts. In July 2011, 1,243 homes were foreclosed on in Massachusetts; 5,947 homes were foreclosed on in Arizona, almost five times as many.

    There is cheap labor available in Arizona, though few would consider that a plus: 3.9 percent of Arizona workers are paid at or below the minimum wage; the corresponding Massachusetts figure is 1.9 percent.

    The bottom line: What difference does the $1,706 in extra state and local taxes paid by Massachusetts citizens make in their lives? A lot: $15,000 in additional household income, better educational attainment by almost every measure, better health-care outcomes by virtually every measure, lower crime rates and less unemployment.

    Lower taxes and less government clearly come at a price. Is it worth it? Of course, Arizona legislators can always take credit for all that sunshine.

    • Linda

      You can also add that Massachusetts has the lowest divorce rate. Something I am sure will rankle these self appointed moralists.

      • J_R_K

        According to Massachusetts also has fewer people making a commitment to marriage to begin with. On the list of 50 states, it is 41 from the top and 9th from the bottom of the list of states. Then, they ad DC which is the very bottom, but does move Massachusetts up to 10th from the bottom of the list. But I guess that’s ok. The last thing the country needs these days is confusion caused by family commitment, huh?

    • gunner

      How is this relevant to an article about the New Jersey Governor?

      I’ll take Arizona over Massachusetts any day.

      • Deerinwater

        gunner say; ” I’ll take Arizona over Massachusetts any day.”

        Hmm ? “take it” in what way Gunner?

        I guess you know Arizona is home to Native Americans, Mexican / Indians?

        I guess you know that Arizona States 2nd largest employer is Walmart? Walmart enjoys the draw of Mexican Nationals for 2 hundred miles driving across the border to just to shop Walmart. ~ If you have never been there, there is no way for you to know this ~ but Mexico markets just cannot compete with American markets in regards to price, varity and many items that are just not available in Mexican markets at all!

        Do you know who is the largest employer of more people than anyone in Arizona Gunner?


        ~ I say, ~ you can have Arizona and more power to you. It’s a nice Vista state you can see for miles. ~

        Soldiers that go AWOL from Fort Huachuca can be gone AWOL for two days and still be seen leaving.

        • J_R_K

          “Soldiers that go AWOL from Fort Huachuca can be gone AWOL for two days and still be seen leaving.”

          I don’t know anything about Arizona, but I know that comment’s funny. LOL

  • Robert Augeri

    Governor Christ Cristie should I can understand he is going to try to do everything he can for his state.But we sent these people like John Boehner to Congress to hold spending. Gov. Cristie should tell the people of his state who live in a flood area or an area subject to storm damage who live close to the water to take home owners insurance and flood insurance. The taxpayer should not have to foot the bill for people who are to cheap or lack the common sense to take this insurance. These same people know the risk of living near water front properties. While I am on the subject of the Gov. Cristie, he said the NRA used a dirty trick by showing Obama daughters having armed guards at there school. What happens to the common peoples children, we don’t deserve the same protection. Obama and Cristie I think made some sort of deal. If they want to do away with guns than I wonder if they would have the same armed guards. If they allow all the security rules that apply to the common people at schools than they should have no problem with there children going to school without armed guards. What is happening in America is different classes of people, the politician and the common people. I though Gov. Cristie was a canidate for president, this jerk lost my vote. He is another Republican that should be a Dumpocrat.

    • Nick Czudy

      Robert…. I think that when Christie runs for president in 2016, that he will win as a Democrat. He is not as extreme bull headed as all of the extreme right wing. He would not survive the GOP primary fiasco.

      You need to read the Ton Clancy novel ” Executive Orders” Terrorists and extremists, go after leaders children and not yours. That is a no brainer. A leaders,and their children are much more likely to be kidnapped or killed to make a political point. Every countries leaders and their families are held in tighter security as a normal citizen. This is not questioned. It is understood. Well except if you are politically motivated and a gun fanatic?

      • oldhat

        gov whiney will not go far in potus process

  • mattzweck

    the problem is not congress its the senate some of the stuff the relief bill for sandy
    had pork in it. congress just wanted to make sure it would go to the the relief efforts
    for sandy not something else. i mean the senate keeps on trying to pass these bills that
    congress will keep on sending right back. sounds to me nothing getting done.

  • J_R_K

    I certainly hope that when the 1 trillion dollar platinum coin is minted that there is an executive order to sprinkle it with magic fairy dust so that inflation, corruption, congress or Obama can’t waste away it’s magical monetary powers.

  • http://Yahoo Joanne

    Are you kidding, I was done with Christie after the Hurricane Sandy episode about a week before the election. It was sickening. He’s not even a conservative, should wander on over the the democrat side.

    • Nick Czudy

      Joanne, I am sure that the left will accept him. He has a brain and acts according to the greater good instead of to some obtuse ideals.

      • Frank Kahn

        Lets try and discover what Nick THINKS is REALITY according to HIM.

        He puts forth the idea that the left are not obtuse, by implication, all the rest of us are obtuse. Lets examine the definition of obtuse for this analysis.

        “ob·tuse (b-ts, -tys, b-)
        adj. ob·tus·er, ob·tus·est
        a. Lacking quickness of perception or intellect.
        b. Characterized by a lack of intelligence or sensitivity:”

        Since both (a) and (b) make reference to mental ability, we must assume that Nick is calling us stupid.

        Apparently we are also, slow, dim witted and insensitive. Oh, he also implies that we are brainless.

        He says: ” I am sure that the left will accept him. He has a brain and acts according to the greater good instead of to some obtuse ideals”

        Here we have Sir Nick claiming that, what is, in Nicks opinion, good for all of us is what the Left wants. And, all of our IDEALS about things like abortion, gun control, taxes and government spending is just stupid ideas. NO, WAIT, they are not stupid, they are insensitive. We dont have any compassion for women who ACCIDENTALLY get pregnant and want to kill the baby. We dont have compassion for the dead children because we want to solve the issue with real cures instead of nonsensical gun restrictions. We dont have any compassion for homosexuals that just want the same (actually more) protections of their rights. We have no compassion for the Government that just wants us to give them more money to waste. We have no tolerance for the lies and deceptions fostered on us by the administration.

        Actually, Nick just doesnt want us to have our own opinions, they dont agree with his view of how things should be believed.

        final analysis of his statement is:

        ad hominem attack by use of bald assertion. He uses implication to say we are less than capable of reasonable thought and gives no supporting facts or evidence to support the claim.

        • Joe

          Frank, stop that. You’re making Nick sound to much like my ex-wife and former mother in law, who taught her every thing she didn’t know. LOL

          • Nick Czudy

            Joe and Frank. I am calling it like I see it. Make your case if you do not agree. Can you do it without name calling? haha Yours truly. Nick Cz

        • Nick Czudy

          Frank. You are laboring and fretting around the word “Obtuse”

          [uh b-toos, -tyoos] Show IPA
          not quick or alert in perception, feeling, or intellect; not sensitive or observant; dull.
          not sharp, acute, or pointed; blunt in form.
          (of a leaf, petal, etc.) rounded at the extremity.
          indistinctly felt or perceived, as pain or sound.

          This was not exactly what I intended. I was more thinking of extreme or narrow minded ideals. So obtuse was taking the meaning of sharp, narrow or acute points of view.

          I will stand by this assertion.

          As far as being stupid, I would say that they are very clever and smart, but stubborn and narrow. The current GOP congress are smart but very devious. They know what they want, and will not stoop too low to get what they want. The hell with the good of the country. What is the number one priority is to get back in power and shove their ideals on the rest of the country. What makes them stupid, is that this is such a lame effort, and it is seen as exactly for what they are doing to the population. In stead of being sympathetic to the problems brought about by Hurricane Sandy, the politics is always in their mind. I do not know of any democrat that thinks this way, whether the tragedy was in Louisiana or New York. the rest of the country can see through their pitiful politics and it is not making any friends or brownie points for the party.

          I am happy to see that they have seen the light and will not bring the country and world to another recession with the insane threats on the Debt ceiling. So they have finally seen that it is better for their reputation, and the country to make sound policies instead of being obstructionists. So they are learning. I wondered how long they would go, stumbling over their policies and start behaving like intelligent elected officials. How else would you call their efforts of obstruction that caused the USA to lose their AAA rating and their change in fiscal policy.
          During the election, the push was to be on growing the economy, which would make jobs and this would increase tax revenues and then the debt could be dealt with. All of a sudden the policy became massive spending cuts. They wanted to follow what Europe had been doing for the last few years and failing. The GOP like to say that Obama is trying to make us like a socialist euro country, But in fact is is the Obstructionist GOP that want to follow Europes policies. It is not working and Europe is finally changing their policies to what Obama has been doing over the last few years and continuing now.
          The standard economic 101 policy is the cut spending in good times and to spend in bad times. Obama is following a mixed policy of continued spending, especially in infrastructure and reduction of spending in areas that do not take the money from the backs of the poor and the elderly. This is good policy and it is the best route to go.

          Now the USA is being given money from around the world for less that 1% interest rate and it has cheap money available, to make this stimulus spending for infrastructure. the correct policy is to continue spending in the proper areas while cutting spending and also increasing revenue. It is a good mix and it is working. If the GOP are not willing to do positive things to help the country, then they should get out of the way.

          As for pregnant women. If it is your daughter, you can influence her decision. I do not buy the premise that after just having sex, that the cells are described as a human being and nothing can be done in the way of abortion. what the magic gestation period for the zygote to become a human being, then I would agree to birth occurring. But I have not heard of a single GOP right wing, organize or offer to adopt the children that you want to force women to have. If you have a shortage of babies, then organize an adoption agency and help with the problem. This may convince some pregnant mothers to go ahead and have the baby. Instead all you want is them to have the baby and possible ruin their lives, while you can go on ranting. In the current laws, you do have the right to make that decision. recently there was a GOP congressman that got a woman pregnant and asked her in a taped conversation to get an abortion. This was for his convenience. What hypocrites. So do you force this on all women. They have a brain. Let them make their own decisions. Lets use science and not the bible to come up with a gestation period that allows abortion before the baby develops fully.

          You said,,,”We have no tolerance for the lies and deceptions fostered on us by the administration.” I know of no lies and deceptions by the current administration. This fantasy is only in the minds of those under the right wing bubble. How much time and money was wasted by Mr. Rep Issa and his witch hunts on fast and furious and Benghazi. There was nothing there and it was only in the minds of the Right wing that this was an issue. I know that they use every form of lies and deception in their policies and actions. the mistake is that because they would stoop this low, you automatically assume that the dems and Obama would act in the same way. Not!. This is one of your delusions.

          This government is trying to take less money from the middle class and more from the 1% that have had better loopholes and more money. Their income has grown while the middle class has gone down. So do not blame their spending. They are closing off wars, they are increasing the economy. Did you notice that the stock market is the highest that it has been in 5 years?

          Really give it a rest. Your talking points are accepted only under the right wing bubble, but the majority of Americans do not buy it. The sad part is that you really believe your rhetoric, it is repeated so often that you all believe it. That is sad.

          So go ahead and have your own opinions, but you need to make a case to prove your opinions if you want us to believe them. I am open to being swayed. I will not accept unsubstantiated opinions from under the bubble. I have not seen any supporting evidence this whole day of blogging. One gentleman made a case about having his house broken in to with 5 perps. He made the case of needing more fire power. I accepted that. He made a good case for it. But most of the things that I have heard here today have been rants and rhetoric instead of facts.
          I challenge you! I will debate any issue with out name calling, based solely on facts.
          I do believe that is what this blog is about.

          • Frank Kahn


            You even misread the definition of obtuse, it is blunt not sharp.

            What FACTS will you accept, I have seen hundreds of facts given to you and you dismiss them as bubble BS just because they dont agree with your imagination.

            Science? What science would you like me to give you to prove that the fetus is a human? Do you want links to the massive documentation or will you accept PROFESSIONAL SCIENTISTS CONCLUSIONS?

            FACTS? The FACT is that the TAX INCREASES that OBAMA FORCED on the REPUBLICANS affects over 88% of all tax payers. THERE WAS NO COMPROMISE, THERE WAS NO DISCUSSION.

            Reduced spending? Give me the FACTS. I challenge you to provide one instance where substantial spending cuts were made by YOUR BOY IN OFFICE.

            OBSTRUCTION? Who is the big cheese that refused to bargain and cost us the AAA+ rating?

            BUBBLE? You and your kind are under the biggest delusional bubble there is.

            ECONOMICS 101? You want to have me quote you from my Economics book? Do you want micro or macro economics? What Obama is doing is a total disaster in economic terms. He has wasted money. Every major accomplishment he boasts is a failure. I can discuss with facts when you name the item you want to learn about.

            STOCK MARKET? Please give me a link to a reputable economics expert that says that the stock market is a true indicator of economic growth.

            As to murder of unborn babies, you might want to discuss that issue with all the states that consider it murder to cause the death of an unborn child by injuring the pregnant mother.

            As to the right to have as much firepower as i want to protect myself from any possible threat, you are WRONG. I dont have to prove that I was accosted by multiple thugs just to justify my semi-automatic high capacity magazined weapon, it is my right and you have no say in it.

            If you want to debate with facts, you start it, you give me one fact instead of your fantasy imagined scenario.

            The economy is improving? Come to my home town and say that. Talk to the real poor people that cant get a job because there are none.

            There are economic predictors. When studying the economy, my fellow students saw the crash of the economy in 2007. We could tell that it was going to crash because of the housing market. Hundreds of new houses were sitting empty because nobody could afford to purchase them. The governments insistence on allowing sub-prime loans on housing was supposed to solve that problem but it just made it worse. Take a look at the housing market, nation wide, see if it has recovered. See if thousands of people are suddenly able to purchase a home. Check the growth of the GDP, is it raising at a healthy rate?

            Tax increases on the wealthy? Lets see how they make money. Is it income based? NOPE. Is it stock dividends? YES. Is it capital gains on stocks? YES. Now, the tax rate on income was raised for the wealthy, SO WHAT, that is not how they make their money. So we increase the taxes on dividend and capital gains. OOPS, isnt just the rich that hits, every middle class citizen that has a stock portfolio is hit with that tax.

            Spending increases in bad times? Well, maybe that would work over the short term, but in the long run, somebody has to pay it back. You have children, that is good because you wont be the one to pay the bill.

            Our government is getting money from other countries for less than 1%? Really? And do you think that it is a gift? They are lending it to us with the expectation that we will pay it back in the future. Have you seen the governments detailed plan on when and how that will occur?

            INFRASTRUCTURE? Sometimes, us hicks just dont get to the rich folks big cities to see all the good work being done on the infrastructure. Give me some examples where Obama is helping rebuild the infrastructure, in a way that benefits me, and creates jobs for the regular, non union, working class.

            Benghazi and Fast and Furious? You brought it up not me. You are wrong about both items. It is not just some witch hunt, they are real criminal acts. You might want to throw in the fake Birth Certificate too.

            LIES? Which ones you want me to start with? Which ones are you capable of seeing the truth in? How about “I saved the Automobile Industry”. What facts are you willing to accept there? He did not save 1 million American jobs, 80% of GM is based in China. Did he save GM? NO, the company is still headed for bankruptcy today. They have lost most of their domestic market share and all of their European. Their market share is dwindling and there is no indication that it will recover in the near future. It is good, though, we as a country now own a major portion of the company.

            There are hundreds of things wrong with Obama’s policies, but you will never admit it because you think everything is great. You go along with the lies and misinformation put out by the left just as much as, if not more than, the people on the right. You say they are living under a bubble just because they disagree with your opinion.

          • Deerinwater

            Frank say; “FACTS? The FACT is that the TAX INCREASES that OBAMA FORCED on the REPUBLICANS affects over 88% of all tax payers. THERE WAS NO COMPROMISE, THERE WAS NO DISCUSSION.”

            Frank ~ the national debit has been tabled and been under discussion for 4 years ! The GOP has made it clear in these 4 years that it must be approached from the spending side only while the DNC has maintained that was impossible. It was the GOP that failed to compromise while the DNC attempted to compromise as the GOP elected to ignore the clock was running out not wishing to engage the process regarding what could be done about budget short falls.

            The clock did run out and now ,as you say 88% of Americans pay higher tax rates. Is it not nice that we are not soaking the wealthy and singling them out for their success as so many of you attempted to claim?

            Don’t you feel good about that? ~ I know that you worried about the wealthy so ~ it was keeping you up at night. ~ Sleep well knowing that more Americans are now doing their part and thank your GOP for making it possible.

          • Frank Kahn

            I am only going to tell you one last time, I am not one of them.

            I do not get to hear every little detail about what the democrats say they said, I only know the true reality. The democrats say no spending cuts just more taxes, and we get no spending cuts and lots of more taxes.

            You can believe what you wish, that is your problem not mine. I see and hear what Obama says and he says “I am not playing that game with them”. The game he is talking about it compromise. Obama is a radical spend thrift that is abusing our money. Even his Christmas vacation was a nice healthy 3.2 million dollars just for the use of Air force One. I can take a trip to Hawaii for less than 2 thousand. I know, the GOD OF ALL THAT IS UNHOLY has the privilege of wasting money without facing any consequences. He sucks, he is a worthless boil on the backside of humanity. He is a lying hypocrite.

            All politicians are the same, I am not saying that the republicans make good decisions about spending either. But I dont want to hear any stupid crap about how the gridlock was just the Republicans fault. The Democrats have and are still playing the same stupid spend everything they can game. It will not stop, when the new temporary debt limit is reached they will blackmail the Republicans into raising it again without any spending cuts. This is stupid, you know it is stupid, everyone knows it is stupid. The only people that dont care are the ones that have jobs or love living on the dole.

            I live in an area that is devastated by the stupidity of Obama’s economics. The unemployment and under employment makes the whole area a poverty stricken mess. Come here and ask the real people how Obama’s wasting of our money to take vacations in Hawaii sits with them. Ask a family of 4 that has to try and survive on minimum wage how nice it is that someone that does nothing for his money gets to spend enough money to support them for the next 200 years.

            I told you before that I dont want to discuss that Imbecile. You have your opinion, and that is fine. You fail to see the truth, that is fine too. Dont sit there and make it sound like all the problems with our government is the Republicans fault. WHEN THE DEMOCRATS STOP ACTING AND TALKING LIKE THEY ARE THE GODS OF TRUTH MAYBE SOMETHING GOOD WILL HAPPEN FOR A CHANGE. MAYBE THEN THE LIES THAT FLOW LIKE WATER FROM THE ADMINISTRATION WILL STOP. MAYBE SANITY WILL REGAIN CONTROL OF OUR COUNTRY. VIVA LA REVOUTION, IT IS WHAT IS NEEDED IN THIS COUNTRY AND WE NEED TO STOP PUTTING IT OFF.


          • http://Yahoo anonymous

            AMEN!!!!! I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU!!!!!!

      • Joe


        When I was a kid, I had a dog that used to chase his tail. He’d go round and round in circles, fast as he could trying to catch his tale with his teeth. One day, he did. And all he got for his trouble was a mouth full of hair and a pain in his tail. I have endeavored not to live my life like that dog. There is no point in my trying to “make a case” as your mind, as is mine, is already made up about how you see the world. For us to draw a sensible conclusion together, there would have to be some place of common ground, and, frankly, I just don’t see one and I don’t have hours and hours to look, just to end up with a mouth full of hair and a pain in the … well, never mind.

        But, for what it’s worth, I did not call you a name of any kind. I commented that Franks comments about you reminded me of a couple of other people who think the sun rises and sets in their own thoughts and that the rest of us were just privileged to hear them “call it as they see it”.

        (I wish I had a dollar for every one I ever heard say that. I could clear up the national debt and I wouldn’t even need a trillion dollar platinum coin sprinkled with magic fairy dust to do it)

        ….. oh, yeah ….. LOL! :)

      • Joe

        Frank, nice try you’ve been making and I’m not really in the conversation, but I’ve been reading some and I just wanted to make an observation: Discussing political, economic, social, foreign or domestic realities with left wingers and trying to come to a conclusion that makes sense in that discussion is a lot like … well… it’s a lot like trying to push the ocean off the beach with a squeegee, isn’t it?

        • Frank Kahn

          I know it is a lost cause, but I will keep trying to get at least one of them to acknowledge at least one fact some day.

        • Nick Czudy


          You said……” I just wanted to make an observation: Discussing political, economic, social, foreign or domestic realities with left wingers and trying to come to a conclusion that makes sense in that discussion is a lot like … well… it’s a lot like trying to push the ocean off the beach with a squeegee, isn’t it?”

          You substitute the words “Right Wingers” in place of “Left Wingers” and your reply would be just as true if not even more so.

          After all the whole premise of Left Wing liberals is that they are progressive, educated and open to ideas. You know, as Rick Santorum called them, “the Elites”

          So you are intimating that they are stubborn and stupid. It is actually a contradiction.

          The whole premise of Right wingers is that they are conservative, slow to change, patriots, longing for the old ways. So that would make them more resistant to change and stubborn. It would make them more set in their ways and stubborn. Look at the Tea Partiers in congress. They would rather put the whole world into a recession, then to compromise their views and beliefs. Is that someone that can be reasoned with?

          So which are you? I do not know?

      • Joe

        Well, Nick, the heart and soul of your so-called “progressivism” (socialist, facist, communist, ect) is guilt transference. people like you, while proclaiming your interest lie in compassion, tolerance and love for the masses, are in reality not at all concerned with much beyond the tips of your own high lifted noses. I’m really not interested in a conversation with you because any one who defends ‘progressivism’ generally tends to have thinking processes about as deep as a bottle cap and is incapable of understanding anything that doesn’t cow-tow to their own view of political and moral glory. Trying to shove the ocean off the beach with a squeegee may at times be kind of fun, but to believe there is any actual, real likelihood of success is kind of silly for the average, conservative minded individual. One might as well try to teach a pig to sing. All you get for your trouble is an irritated pig and a lot of personal frustration. You guys are so convinced of your moral, mental and intrinsic superiority that the effort is generally just a waste of time that comes to nothing in the end.

        I will not reply to any further comments from you. All you really want to do is reduce me to your level and then beat me to death with you pompous self-righteousness. You want to pontificate over me personally, kind of like our current president does to the rest of the country. I can’t do much about him, but I can certainly avoid it from you. :).

        Please feel free to be morally, mentally and intellectually superior in your own mind and take this final statement from me and apply it as a response to any more self-righteous, arrogant, condescending judgmental remarks you may wish to make: Yada, yada, yada.

        • Nick Czudy

          Dear Joe. I am dismayed to hear of your despondence in this blog arena.
          My purpose here is to learn about what makes the Right wing tick and how they think.

          I have learned how angry all of you can get and that this makes you get offensive and abusive. That is too bad. I think that you have thin skins. If I wanted to be the same way, I do know all of the buttons to push, to get you all going. But that is not my purpose here. It would be fun, though. haha. I hope to not purposely to offend anyone. You all have varied and diverse opinions. I would like to hear them, with your reasoning.

          I have been trying to have intelligent debate, listening to each sides case and agreeing if it makes sense to me and also disagreeing, if I felt that it was the wrong approach. I will say when I disagree and try and give evidence to make my case. This is called debate.

          I will not just say something, and assume that it is a know or agreed upon philosophy. Because these standard truths seem to differ, depending on which side you are on.

          So I will miss you. I spend way too much time on this blog and really I could be doing other things. best regards. Nick Cz

      • Joe

        Dear Nick,

        Yada, yada, yada.

        • Deerinwater

          The first thing I learned here Nick was ~ they “assume” that their opposition “thinks like they do” ~ so it’s nature for them to “assume” that you are guilty for they way “they think”. ~ It’s much like looking into the mirror. ~ They don’t have your ideas, ~ they only have theirs to reference you from.

          They will find you guilty of what they do.

          It’s really very amusing to study this mirroring behavior. ~ It’s a project of self onto the rest of the world and then blaming the world for their own behavior and thoughts.

          Somewhere down the road, the responsibility for their thoughts has been deferred and not a burden they feel required to carry. They have became fearful reactionaries and feel justified with this behavior by all they “see” around them, while they “read” themselves into everything that they see.

          It has became a self fortunetelling prophecy of sorts ~

          • Nick Czudy

            Deer In Water.

            You were able to put into words what I had believed sub-consciously, but I was not able to put my finger on it. It does seem to be a common trait through out their community.
            Is there any hope for them? I do not know?
            It amazes me, how deeply this is engrained in their whole psyche.
            Have a good day and warm regards. Nick Cz

          • Deerinwater

            Nick says ; “It amazes me, how deeply this is ingrained in their whole psyche.”

            Oh ! It goes all the way back to infancy ~ and their development of “self” with Mother. How they learned to view themselves and “others” (Mother) It’s not correctable after 24 months of age and fortunately not fatal. It’s more of a “walking wounded” condition as they appear whole and complete. ~ until one day they attempt to blame you for crapping in their pants ~ WHAT? It only then do we begin to understand the inherent nature of of their dysfunction and how it affect their thinking process. ~ That they insist to “assume” that THEY process thought like you and I do, ~ this keeps them forever in the blind.

      • Joe

        I would never assume that liberals, progressives, socialist, communists or what ever “think” as I do, (as an individual, not a collectivist, kind of like some insects) or at all, for that matter. If I thought that was a possibility, I’d be inclined to discuss issues with them. What they do is “feel” and then twist words, ideas, morality, truth, facts, history, what ever it takes to satisfy their emotional needs of the moment. Discussing ideas, morality, truth, facts and especially honest history with a liberal in the hope of changing his or her emotional mind set is akin to discussing a business prospect with a heroin addict. You just can’t get any where because all they are interested in is their next emotional fix, which in the case of blogs like this, they get from twisting ideas, morality, truths, facts, history and other peoples words into a hodgepodge of confusion. They moralize every political issue and politicize every moral issue to serve the ultimate goal of guilt transference believing they have also transferred intelligence and true moral decency onto themselves. Then they tell themselves how smart they are and how stupid every one else is and the ultimate conclusion is that they really believe that they are superior to “less enlightened” or “less intelligent” or “less morally (politically) correct people. Other people see this as arrogance, but the liberal sees it as proof of enlightenment..

        As for the so-called “mirror effect” (I’m rubber, you’re glue, bounces off me and sticks to you, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah nyah nyah!) as I said, the heart and soul of liberalism is guilt transference. Shifting guilt from the guilty to the innocent. Heck, any wife beater can do that. (in fact, they usually do) so once I realized what makes the liberal mind tick, I decided to limit my responses to them.

        But, if you think you can get my goat and tick me off with insipid insults, I gotta tell you, all you can get out of me is a sincere ROFLMAO. :)

        • Deerinwater

          Joe says; ” As for the so-called “mirror effect” (I’m rubber, you’re glue, bounces off me and sticks to you, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah nyah nyah!) as I said, the heart and soul of liberalism is guilt transference”

          I say; Damn Joe, ~ who can argue with that? You have just describe the mirror effect perfectly in your own words. haha! ~ you’re funny.

      • Joe

        Deerinwater … Well, the whole “mirror effect” argument that you offered reminded my of my little sister when I was about 8 and she was 7. I thought you could use some help understanding just how profoundly childish that accusation from you was. Glad I could help you get yourself clear on that. Guilt transference by any other name (or description) is still hogwash. And it’s still the best, most popular and most loved argument of a liberal. I see you’re still trying to make that “mirror effect” thing out to be something conservatives do. If you repeat that enough times, who knows who you might get to believe it. :) ROFLMAO

        • Deerinwater

          LOL! Well Joe, ~ it fell out of your head and not mine.

          You know ? ~ you could just avoid this whole conversation if you would cease this effort to relabel and redefine progressives ?

          They have a platform an a agenda that is known , has been printed, displayed and open to all that seek it without you efforts to redefining and labeling.

          We don’t want your guns, we don’t want your candidates, while we want the same liberties and freedoms that you want ~ but we do insist on equitable fairness in the courts, in the halls of government and in commerce. ~

          If Big business has the right to organize and lobby , so too should labor be allow this same opportunity.

          A woman should be allowed and permitted the same autonomy as men and enjoy sovereignty of their bodies without the interference of government.

          • Joe

            Deerinwater … You seriously think you can accuse someone like me of relabeling and redefining and it’s gonna carry more weight than a cow passing gas in a the wind? LOL. “Progressives” only call themselves “progressive” because the world “liberal” has gotten to the point where it just leaves a bad taste in everybody’s mouth. In a few years, the word “progressive” will do the same (already does, actually, since your relabeling of yourselves doesn’t really fool any one).

            If by “the same rights as any one else” you are referring to the hogwash that the GLBT crowd has been shoving down the throats of the rest of the country, you don’t want the same rights. What you want is to redefine manhood, society, morality and (let’s not forget, love) and make every one else live by your relatively new definitions. The term “homophobic” was created by a past president of the American Psychological Association, the same guy who decreed that homosexuality was not a deviant sexual behavior. It is the perfect example of shifting blame from the guilty to the innocent.

            The left is also fond of the so-called “woman’s right to an abortion” as they define it, but like the homosexual crowd, the bottom line, when you get down under all the guilt transference rhetoric is that what both the homosexuals and pro-abortionist are seeking is sexual freedom, the right to engage in any kind of sexual behavior free of consequences. The abortion issue is not about women’s health choices as proclaimed by the left, nor is is about killing babies as proclaimed by the left (of course, when an abortion is performed, something does die and it is not animal, mineral or vegetable, it’s human) If babies really were delivered by storks, the left would be on the front line of defense of babies, would insist on their right to educate them as they see fit (regardless of what their outmoded and out dated parents think of the education they would provide) so that they could teach them every thing they need to know to be solid Democrat voters.

            I do not own a gun, never have, and I see no real reason to get one now. But I do own something very valuable. I own a constitutional guarantee of individual liberty, including the right to defend myself if I should need to. Most people raising hell right now about getting rid of guns don’t really have much reason to be involved themselves, but their leftist heroes have decided it should be so, so leftist just go along with the leftist flow. President Obama and his crowd are exploiting the deaths of children to accomplish their anti-constitutional agenda. Of course, every thing the liberals do is “for the children” accept killing them in abortion clinics, I know you’ll find some way of justifying them, as any good leftist is able to justify any kind of abomination. But you won’t change the minds of people who know the value of constitutional liberty.

            You accuse the right of redefining and labeling, but the cold, hard truth is that if that process die not work as well as it does, there would be no Democrat party as we know it today. Transference of guilt is what they do, redefining and re-labeling is how they do it. Character assassination of their opposition while defending their own with the claim that character doesn’t matter (Bill Clinton) is another one of their great political tactics.

            The left attacks the Bible and any one who believes in it for one essential reason: It was the primary philosophical cornerstone of our forefathers thinking when they wrote our constitution in the attempt to order freedom so that it could survive the normal tendencies of man to abuse freedom by abusing other men (and women). But that’s not the only reason. The left also hates the Bible, and Christians (yes, I know, some “Christians” are not very Christ-like, but you can’t judge him by them) because the moral law of the Bible, the same which guided the thinking of our founders, like it or not, call them Deists or what ever, this is an historical truth, which the left must deny in order to denigrate and marginalize it and those who believe in it, in order that they may freely pursue their sexual proclivities.

            The left, by using politics to redefine morality and (presumptive) morality to define politics have brought the whole nation to a point of confusion and division, and they they lay the blame for that on the right. Transference of guilt, re-defining of terms, meanings, ideas, history, morality, even intelligence. Liberals have made it an art, and they are masters of it. Logic is not required, emotional commitment is.

            I was a member of a union myself, for many years. That does not obligate me to support the current unionist power grab that is basically designed to enslave the rest of the country and then make every one else pay them for being the masters. This is what the card check issue is all about. I cannot support that because I happen to believe in freedom. Collectivism based on anything other than absolute necessity, sound reasoning and recognition of the boundaries that make it a worthy cause is an evil, misguiding, un-reasoning, enslaving thing.

            Leftist do not look for “equitable fairness” in the courts. They look to the courts to by-pass the legislative branch of our government and create law. The same Supreme Court that has decreed that pornography is legal because of first amendment protection also has many, many times ruled against free expression of Christian belief, twisting the intent of the founders to protect “freedom of religion” into “freedom from religion” (specifically, the Christian religion, because , again, most issues of the left are about sexuality, not love, not rights, not babies, not health care, and the Bible says that homosexuality, adultery, shedding innocent blood, telling lies and in general running to evil are all abominations before God.

            You can come on here and accuse me of all you want, laugh at me all you want, shine your “mirror” on me all you want, but the reality is that reality does not alter itself for you any more than it would for me. You can preach that homosexuality is normal, that it is normal for a mother to kill the fruit of her own womb, that it is a good thing for violent criminals to have no fear of opposition all you want. You can insist that grass is purple and repeat that lie for generations until enough people believe it that any one insisting grass is green can be labled a ‘colorophobic bigot’ and believe you have created a new reality, but grass is still green, homosexuality is still a deviant and perverted behavior and sacrificing ones own children upon the alter of sexual freedom is still an abomination to the spirit of a free society. You can live in a fairy tale world and tell yourself all these fairy tales, and others, but you cannot justify yourself to that “Divine Providence” upon which our founders relied when they wrote and established our Constitution.

            You won’t believe the Bible, which means you won’t believe God Himself, so I am sure you won’t believe me either. I am sure you think I am just another gun-clinging, Bible beating, woman hating, racist and homophobic bigot. Well, my soul is what I’ve made of it and yours is what you make of it. Mirrors, false accusations and re-definitions by the millions will not change that which is right into that which is wrong, or that which is wrong into that which is right.

            I know this is long. I could have said a whole lot more, but I have violated my own promise not to respond to leftists on this blog. Any way, enough said, I have no more. You just go ahead following the current pied pipers of the “progressive” movement as it carries American freedom into hell in a hand basket. I’m an old man. I won’t be around long to have to live in the world you and others like you are creating. And I think God I don’t have to be my current age 30 years from now. Good luck. In the America that the leftists are creating, I should say the godless world, you’re going to need it.

            I have already said more than I intended to, and I already know you won’t agree with any of it, so I have nothing else to say. I am out of this ‘debate’.

          • Deerinwater

            Joe says; “Deerinwater … You seriously think you can accuse someone like me of relabeling and redefining and it’s gonna carry more weight than a cow passing gas in a the wind? LOL. ”

            Yepper ! Someone just like you Joe. As far as carrying weight ~it depends ~ on what you are feeding your cows I suppose, it might with someone like Nick ~ but what weight anything might carry with you is not a major concern of mine. ~ Anyone that display the symptoms of a Werewolf bite like you do is not to be trusted under any circumstances. I wouldn’t let you loose with a pair of scissors if I could prevent it.

            If you will notice I’m not attempting to redefine you or your affiliation ~ but merely returning fire with fire. ~ Are you enjoying it so far?

            Joe says:
            January 22, 2013 at 4:11 am
            “Well, Nick, the heart and soul of your so-called “progressivism” (socialist, facist, communist, ect) is guilt transference. people like you, while proclaiming your interest lie in compassion, tolerance and love for the masses, are in reality not at all concerned with much beyond the tips of your own high lifted noses. I’m really not interested in a conversation with you because any one who defends ‘progressivism’ generally tends to have thinking processes about as deep as a bottle cap and is incapable of understanding anything that doesn’t cow-tow to their own view of political and moral glory.”

            I say ; So you see Joe, ~ It was all you that started down this road, It was you that open the door and allowed me to walk into you life. ~ So how do you like me now?

          • Joe

            “Anyone that display the symptoms of a Werewolf bite like you do” <—— Yada, Yada, Yada. I thought you were against labeling and defining others? You hypocrisy is showing. (you would prefer to call it wisdom, I am sure) I don't recall ever having called you anything less than human. But I do recall knowing it was coming from you as surely as a dropped hammer will hit the floor. I'm sure you have no idea just how predictable you really are.

            Really, this is going nowhere, and it won't. Like I always say, arguing with a liberal (notwithstanding your attempt to lable yourself otherwise, a 'progressive' LOL) is like being a dog after his own tail.. all he ever gets for his trouble is a mouth full of hair and a pain in his butt. ROFLMAO

            Let's try this: Ok, you win. What is up is down, what is down is up, what is right is wrong and what is left is your personal emotional fulfillment.

            Yada, yada, yada, and I'm done :)

      • Deerinwater

        I truly do believe that there is a good explanation for everything Joe, if you have the desire and time to hear it out ~

        A pirate walks into a bar, and the bartender says,

        “Hey, I haven’t seen you in a while. What happened? You look terrible.”

        “What do you mean?” said the pirate, “I feel fine.”

        “What about the wooden leg? You didn’t have that before.”

        “Well,” said the pirate, “We were in a battle, and I got hit with a
        Cannon ball, but I’m fine now.”

        The bartender replied, “Well, OK, but what about that hook?
        What happened to your hand?”

        The pirate explained, “We were in another battle. I boarded a ship and
        Got into a sword fight. My hand was cut off. I got fitted with a hook
        But I’m fine, really.”

        “What about that eye patch?”

        “Oh,” said the pirate, “One day we were at sea, and a flock of birds
        Flew over. I looked up, and one of them [expletive deleted] in my eye.”

        “You’re kidding,” said the bartender.
        “You couldn’t lose an eye just from bird [expletive deleted]”

        “It was my first day with the hook.”

        So Joe, ~ what are you feeding them cows? Peanut Hay?

        • Nick Czudy

          Hey Deer in Water.

          Good one! You made me laugh out loud.
          Warm regards. Nick Cz

  • Bob Hauser

    Phlegmocrat versus gopster—-endless flatulence….a very deadly pox on both their houses. BOTH monstrosities have done their part to sodomize this country bow-legged, each party on its own watch and each in its own way, and leave it in a ditch for dead. I solemnly hate them both in a way that most people on this thread could never comprehend and it would be the delight of my entire life to see BOTH of the two parties that have wrecked this country go up in an immense ball of flaming methane and hydrogen sulfide and straight to Hell’s eternity…..I was asked once if I had a choice of either Bush or Clinton, whom would I vote for—my answer was immediate: neither. But the guy kept pressing and said, “well, suppose you had to vote for one or the other, which would it be”. I responded that I would end up telling somebody to go ahead and pull the trigger on the gun before I took it away from them and made them wish they had.

    You either believe in the letter and spirit of the Constitution or you do not….neither of the two parties do as is all too obvious from their antics

    You either believe that the so called “federal reserve” should be shut down with extreme prejudice and the counterfeiters and usurers that run it hung until dead for treason or you don’t….BOTH parties have been total and absolute brown nosing sell-outs to the “fed” since Day One and we have lost our nation because of it.

    People laughably speak of “transparency” in the fed….I think several very large shell holes and bomb craters would bring the kind of “transparency” we really need, don’t you?

    • Bruce

      the Fed needs to go away quickly and be replaced by our Congress printing money that can not inflate. Even if this is not done immediately. The plans for the new system need to be worked on now so when the fed crashes we can go on without them steeling our money. I think we need to seize all the assets of the fed and return them to the people where they began. Then we need a law that outlaws COMPOUND INTEREST.
      Think or someone else will do it for you and then you won’t like it.

  • Tony Ruiz

    He’s fat, ugly, rude, crude and stupid


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