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North Korean Attack Reveals America’s Diminishing Political Power

November 26, 2010 by  

North Korean Attack Reveals America's Diminishing Political PowerNorth Korea bombarded Yeonpyeong Island — a small South Korean island near the two Koreas’ disputed sea border — on Nov. 23 with some 200 artillery shells, killing two South Korean marines and two civilians and injuring more than a dozen residents. The news was the latest in a series of frightening developments about the isolated communist North Korean regime.

Just days before the attack, nuclear scientist Siegfried Hecker, a former director of the Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory, announced that he had been allowed to tour a new, sophisticated uranium enrichment facility in North Korea. In March, North Korea torpedoed and sank a South Korean ship, the Cheonan, killing 46 sailors.

A day after the bombardment, the United States announced that the aircraft carrier U.S.S. George Washington and its strike group would join South Korean forces in a naval exercise west of the Korean peninsula. According to the Pentagon, the exercise was defensive in nature and had been planned well in advance of the North Korean attacks.

But while the American Navy might be on display in the waters off North Korea, its lack of political power was revealed in the political steps that were taken after the bombardment. As Reuters reported, “State Department spokesman Mark Toner said the United States was seeking a unified diplomatic front with North Korea’s neighbors including China, Pyongyang’s sole remaining major backer which has in the past resisted international efforts to get tough with its isolated ally.”

According to Belmont Club blogger Richard Fernandez, the administration’s statement was clear. “The message is that if you want something done in the region, talk to China. Washington’s utility has been reduced to a spokesman of the delegation to China. But the real gears turn in the Middle Kingdom. Therefore, it would not be surprising if one day the allies simply recognized that the U.S. Secretary of State was an unnecessary and superfluous intermediary between themselves and the real audience.”

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  • cyberman011

    What it reveals is America’s lack of will to wipe those idiots off the map…. if I had my way about it it would be finished in about 20 minutes. No way Pyongyang can withstand a 30 kiloton nuclear blast :)

    • Eric

      Idiots? A-holes maybe, but they have built a nuclear arsenal, long range missiles, maintained a 2 mil standing army and kept US, SK, JP and China on its toes for 60 years, with little no no resourses and consistant famine. Don’t second guess these people. They are certianly industrious and possibly brilliant.
      Futhermore, nuclear war is no bueno senior. First NK has several deep bunkers. Sure you’d kill the starving poor, but not most of the military. Plus Seoul would be flattend within 30 mins from NK artillery. Also you just pissed off China which has long range nuclear capability.

      America can’t attack NK first without also provoking China. Let NK bring it, then US, SK and JP can own them.

      • FlaJim

        Okay, where do we draw a line and say, “No further”? We’ve been coddling this deranged criminal regime for nearly 60 years. At some point, we’ve got to say that we mean business and aren’t going to take this any more.

        S Korea is one of our closest allies. If we refuse to defend and support it, what does that tell others about us? That we’re wimps?

        When the Iranians imprisoned and abused our diplomats in 78, our response was to do nearly nothing other than a feeble, ill conceived rescue. That’s when our prestige began to sink. The ayatollahs opening boasted (direct quote), “America can do nothing!” Regrettably, we can’t expect much more from the narcissistic navel gazing Kenyan in the White House.

        • Carole Howell

          Where do we get off sticking our nose anywhere and everywhere, like we own the damn planet? The arrogance is sickening.

          S.Korea is by far more powerful than N. Korea and they can handle it, it is their own back yard not ours. Of course some on here think the entire world is in our backyard.

          The world is angry with us, that is why our powers have diminished, the world expected more from Obama, just as we did. The world is damn sick and tired of our Empire building and trying to control all the resources.

          We are sinking because of our bloated military, how do we justify over a 1000 military bases on foreign soil. you like to puff your selves up by thinking we are the badest on the planet. Well, that is exactly what is killing us. Do you always cheer a sinking ship.

          The world hopes we will sink and you are cheering right along with them only the joke is on you, you just don’t get it.

          • FlaJim

            1) We have treaty obligations to S Korea and dishonoring them would show our fecklessness.
            2) S Korea is not nuclear armed, nor does it have a 1-million man standing army. To describe S Korea as more powerful than the north indicates an ignorance of the facts.
            3) The only empire building that America ever endeavored was the creation of the US as we know it today. We conquered Mexico and gave it back. Same with Cuba and the Philipines. Puerto Rico has been given many opportunities to either create their own country or become a state and it’s rejected either option.

            You must get your history from the Soviet sanctioned coursebook.

          • Vigilant


            ROK, like Japan, has de facto nukes, in the form of US-owned and controlled materials. They’ve always been there, on planes and ships, and in storage.

          • Michael J.

            Carole Howell,
            The world is not angry at us, the world is jealous of us. The reason the bullseye is on us is because we’re number one, the lone super power, no matter what Olbermann tells you.
            The reason Kim Jong Ill (sick that is) is doing what he’s doing right now is because Obama is not Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan, whose likeness is someday destined for Mt. Rushmore stood up to communist and would have squashed the sick little bastard who runs N. Korea long time ago whereas Obama will probably just send him some flowers.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        NK can’t hit SK without pissing off China either!! A nuclear strike on SK would poison NK, China, And a whole lot of other countries as well!!

  • Name: Mark

    The North therefore has three major interlocutors who are fixed quantities. SK, Japan, and the US are all willing to show force as a deterrent but would prefer to buy peace. It has another, China, which like South Korea and Japan stands to get a lot of grief if the regime goes under, but is far less committed than South Korea. Therefore, China is the swing factor. They’re involved but nowhere near as much as other Koreans are.

  • Otto

    Hard to be a respected World Leader; when, our Leader is ashamed of leading the USA.

    • Ted Crawford

      It’s hard to be a respected world leader, Otto, when rather than lead you follow der-do-wells like Alinsky and pass Cloward-Pivenesk bills like The healthcare bill! To be respected as a leader one first must lead!!

    • fed up!

      Especially when the leader of the free world is busy playing sports, watching espn and scooping up dog crap off the whitehouse floor. Not much time left to do serious work of leading (as we expect) this country.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        fed up!
        The poor boobie got a fat lip in a pick-up game yesterday!! 14 stitches!!! Couldn’t have happened to a more appropiate person!!!

        • Dan az

          Joe how can you tell he got a fat lip?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Dan az
            Saw the picture and there were stitches showing!!! that’s how!!

          • Michael J.

            Dan az,
            Michelle probably did it after receiving some pointers from Tiger Wood’s ex-wife.

    • Vigilant

      Like many of you, I don’t expect a bang but a whimper from Obama and Clinton.

      However, to be fair, the US has never stood up to N. Korea in any meaningful way.

      I was stationed in Japan in January of 1968 when N. Korea hijacked the USS Pueblo. I, like most of us, was outraged at President Johnson because he did nothing about it. When Nixon was elected that year, we felt we had a strong leader who would never allow such a thing to happen.

      Then, in April 1969, shortly after Nixon took office, the Navy EC-121 was shot down by the N. Koreans, killing all of the crew of 31 on board. What did Nixon do? Nothing.

      In the 70s a US officer was hacked to death by N. Koreans in the DMZ. No response from the US.

      Since that time, N. Korea has rattled the sabre a number of times and all we do is send some idiot like Jimmy Carter to broadly smile at them and believe them when they say they have no nuclear ambitions. Now, like the Iranians, they flaunt their budding nuclear capability and dare us to do anything about it.

      Let’s be honest. Every US president who has been challenged one way or another by the Kims has failed miserably in upholding American honor, and I expect Obama tobe no different.

  • Ted Crawford

    Perhaps if obama goes over there and bowes real, real low or sends hillary over there to make up some “old’ Korean proverbs they can save the situation!
    They have been trying this progressive insanity for two years now! They have created so much debt that even China has given up hope of ever collecting the money we owe them and have rejected our dollar as a reserve currency!
    Even after all this they still claim that obama has a 42% approval rating!Of course, with 47% that don’t pay taxes, that means that even 5% of the entitlement bunnies can see he is clueless!!

    • Dan az

      Ted Crawford
      Thats true!But his handlers are the ones that are calling the shots not the puppet!

  • Howard R Gray

    This is an extraordinarily deadly situation; the potential for the next attack is on the capital city of South Korea, just to see what the reaction is or just how many more appeasement dollars can be extracted. Though I suspect they might just eschew that one as a bridge too far.

    The scary part is that diplomacy has little effect here, as has been said the US doesn’t have as much credibility as it used to do, but it does have military power that the North Koreans assume won’t be used. That would be a mistake. While the President would be the most unlikely Commander in Chief to press any button or give any invasion order, don’t be so sure it won’t happen. If history is to be considered, Kennedy and Johnson were more than happy to oblige the war option. The danger here is that the option is most likely to be nuclear not an invasion as such, much quicker and a deal less expensive in blood and treasure. However, there are other forces at work that might be preferable.

    Predictions, North Korea is a profound embarrassment and a liability to China, it won’t last much longer, the succession question will be settled, probably by removing the government but by who? The Choices are China, The US, and the South Koreans, or all three in some combination or another. Then of course the choice could be to do nothing, leaving no change for another 50 or so years, I don’t believe that. Do You? The North Korean regime is severely worried about their future throwing bombs and shells on a largely irrelevant island won’t do much good. They know that their country is a mess and that all they can hope for is Chinese support and western treasure to butress the absurd economy that they have. Why should we or China have anything to do with this approach, it doesn’t work so how about just saying no and bring it on? On the face of it war might be an option but a short review of Iraq and the intelligent munitions of the US should caution even the most adventurous North Korean general. They know that war is very limited in its applicability, that is why a largely irrelevant island got hit. Torpedoing ships didn’t do much good either. This is a regime that is fast outwearing its sell by date it has to go, the only question is how and in what manner that face is saved by all who wish to see it go.

    The worst outcome would be full scale war which should not make much sense to China; losing North Korea from the communist fold is far from a disaster for them, it could be the best move they make this century to permit it to happen or just do it themselves followed by integration of the two Koreas. Such an event would be a diplomatic and political coup for China, a real power play. Perhaps that is a bit beyond them but who knows, it does sort of make sense?

    • Dan az

      Howard R Gray
      The NWO wants the world divided into three sections the europe the north american and the eastern block as a whole and a one world currency which they can control.Who’s to say that this is not their plan to unite the eastern block and finish what they started.The cost of another war on the tax payers would solve their delima of how to bankrupt us.With all of our manufacturing gone there is no way that this will work out for us like in the 30′s.It Just seems to me that the game is about to finish and we will not even get to fight for what we think is right they will have won by default.

  • J.M.R.

    S.K. might as well forget getting any help from the american dick-tater as he has shit on all of our allies. he needs to be hung for treason.

  • http://google guyleggett

    Buraak why don’t you resign and take Biden with you. Then with a real leader let’s sit across the table and tell North Korea what we mean and by god mean what we say. Maybe then we can get the world’s attention and respect again.

    • Vigilant

      If they both resign before January, Nancy Pelosi would become president. MY GOD!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Make it april first!! You know, April fools day!!!! They all fit the bill!!!

  • TIME

    This may not be what any of you want to hear, but ~ This NK issue is a as far as I see it a 100% non issue.
    If they really had the Nuke power to do anything it would have already been done by now.

    Learn to see past the overt media rhetoric.
    And lets be real who empowers NK? That sould be your first question, from there ask; “what value would this present such a backer?”

    That backer is CHINA, and they in so far as I understand do have Nukes, but not able to target as well as we can.
    “So whats their real motivation” That should be your question?

    Are we looking at a changing of the guard in who wants to be a world leader?
    Will China push the NK’s to do their dirty work?
    What response should we present?
    Keep in mind that China is just stepping out of the dark ages now, do you think they really want an all out war? Or is this a form of saying pay up?

    • alpha-lemming

      True…. but, Bubba and the Loral flim-flam back in the late 90s leap-frogged Chinas’ targeting technology 30 years (conservatively). Still not the best but a damn sight better than they should be.

      • Vigilant

        With nukes you don’t have to worry about being close to the target.

  • timinvegas

    No balls obama won’t do a thing even if they attack our aircraft carrier

    It’s time to shut this little dictators mouth! He’s been running it for the last 5 yrs, it’s time to show him what one aircraft carrier can do to his measly little country. Seoul has defense systems, that’s why he went after that little defenseless island!!

    • Carole Howell


      Do you realize we borrow a Trillion dollars from CHINA to fund our 1000 bases in 85 countries??? How insane is that, it seems most of you do not have a clue what is going on in this country, what we have lost and what we are losing. Yet you still foam at the mouth for war. People like you will help our enemies from within sink us.

      Do you realize we borrow another Trillion dollars a year to fight the wars we are fighting now. More insanity. The Russians, Chinese and the rest of the world must be laughing their heads off hysterically at us. What are some of you smoking, drinking? What pills do you swallow.

      Without those trillions of borrowed dollars our military would screech to a stop. This is looney land. You all are in denial. You are clueless. That is why we are going down. We are clueless. Fricking fracking joke of a country.

      Eisenhower warned us this power would get so big we would not be able to rein it in. We will go down like the old USSR….oh yeah! the Russian people are still there and they still have a country…..but what is their life expectancy on average today? 44….48?

      When we fall what will we look like? sheezzzeh!!!

      • Vigilant

        As of 2009, the average life expectancy in Russia was 62.77 years for males and 74.67 years for females.

        Carole, do your homework before you make sweepingly general (and wrong) assertions.

  • chuckb

    time, you have it right. china is the leading factor behind the scenes and all nk is doing is blackmailing the u.s.
    china is a little braver now since bill clinton allowed our missle technology to be sold to china, he advanced their ability by a hundred years with the stroke of a pen. china has bluffed the democratic regimes for years starting with the korean war, they had truman right where they wanted and so did russia. that’s why truman wouldn’t let mcarthur stop the chinese at the yalu river. do you think for a minute that taiwan would belong to china by this time if they had the power and didn’t fear the power of the u.s.
    the chinese see a weak spot with our fearless leader and they allow nk to tweek us, knowing this weak u.s. regime will drop the sanctions and give nk more aid. barry is so clueless it’s hard to say what his reaction will be and if any it will lead to another limited police action and accomplish nothing more than a great loss of america’s most precious resource.

  • Cal

    It was South Korea that was attacked, that means it’s their call how to respond. We didn’t let other nations decide how the response to 9/11 would be handled, after all, because they weren’t the ones who’d been attacked.

  • Circle8

    You can not have a strong nation with democraps in charge. They are by nature COWARDS, e.g. clinton, carter, obozo, reid, pelosi, Hanoi john, schumer and barney fruitcake . This clown in the white house, barry soetoro aka obozo will not stand behind anyone but muslims. SK has a good strong military and are known for their fighting ability. The fact that NK has nukes puts the SK nation in peril BUT I don’t believe the SK will put up with too much more crap from the morons of the north.

    • Carole Howell


      Is your brain on drugs, you have not noticed yet, it does not matter who sits in Congress or who sits in the WH. Notice? Pay attention.

      We have not had a real President since JFK. They are puppets today. Every one of them. Can’t you see that?

      You are another one who does not connect the dots. We borrow trillions to run our military, we borrow trillions. BORROW. How powerful do you think we are now, we are too weak and broke to fund our own bloated military. Parts and fuel cost lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$

      The world must believe we are all retards over here. Dope heads. We are being used and used up. Wasted. We fight and bite each other in the back like rabid mindless dogs, while we are being used up.

      Pay attention, look what the people of Iceland just did? They are united as a people, they are taking the bull by the horns. They are unified.

      Look what the Argentinians did, when they were in a hole because their corrupt politicians were bought and paid for, they dumped 5 presidents in 2 weeks before they got someone who would do the right thing. They united and got things done.

      Look at the French, they do not take crap from their gov. Crooked or straight. They are unified.

      What do we do? We allow ourselves to be divided by the over paid hate spewing creeps like Noballs and Heil Hannity. So we argue among ourselves spewing the same hateful crap they do, like we are robots. Keep this up and we are doomed people. If you want real info you have to buy or borrow books written by people who know what is happening and willing to tell us. The MSM is complicit with our enemies from within, they have been all along.

      We have been and are now being duped. What has happened to us, we used to be a resourceful people who thought for ourselves, now we just parrot what the hate spewers say and stab each other in the back.

      Are white people so stupid? Look at you all here spouting hatefulness at each other and at the same time claim you all are good Christians. I am appalled at the lot of you. You are losing the greatest country that ever was, you are losing it. The rest of the world watches and laughs and/or cries.

      Yeah right go after the Koreans or the Iranians, until like Napoleon’s Army, we run out of borrowed money to fuel our engines. Well I do not think Napoleon borrowed the money.

      You think we can borrow forever, you think this money is free and in endless supply.

      Get to know your enemies folks, learn quick or we will sink so far we will not be able to save ourselves.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        the last time I looked, the French people WERE WHITE!!!

      • Vigilant

        “We have not had a real President since JFK. They are puppets today. Every one of them. Can’t you see that?”

        LMAO. JFK was nothing more than a mediocre president, as presidents go. Odd you should so admire a president whose military adventurism and ultimate cowardice caused the Bay of Pigs fiasco, a president who raised the stakes in Viet Nam, and a president who brought the world to the very brink of nuclear holocaust. And yet, you are so anti-miltary and anti-war. To use your own words, “Is your brain on drugs?”

        Some of the best things he did were conservative in nature, such as busting big steel for price-fixing, and reducing capital gains taxes.

        Sounds to me that you were “taken” by JFK’s good looks and freshness, the same things that got Obama in office.

      • Vigilant

        “until like Napoleon’s Army, we run out of borrowed money to fuel our engines. Well I do not think Napoleon borrowed the money.”

        No, Carole, it was the Russian winter that defeated Napoleon, just like Hitler.

      • Vigilant

        “You think we can borrow forever, you think this money is free and in endless supply.”

        No, the liberals think we can borrow forever. Name ONE conservative who advocates this wild deficit spending.

  • eddie47d

    China doesn’t like it’s uncontrollable cousin N.K. and has border issues with them also. China also has more influence over N.K. than any other nation but does little. I believe that is because of China’s threats against Japan and Taiwan so they will turn a blind eye to this “minor” situation. This South Korean Island is a border island with the North and another easy target. The North loves poking and prodding even when we feed this starving nation. That should also be a bigger issue for China than for the U.S. This incident doesn’t require an all out war but I sure hope we have our bunker busters lined up for I’m sure N.K. has thousands of underground hideouts.

    • http://none Mike

      Eddie, Looks like we agree again. I just hope we have the will in office to handel this. I see it as a direct test of our will to honor treaties in the far east. We shall see. Mike L.

  • blv54

    when you got a thing like obama for president you can’t expect to have any influence with the rest of the world, it would not surprize me in the least if our government arranged to have us nuked.

  • da norseman

    North Korea has always wanted war!!! They can’t live without it! It’s in their blood. Since it is a military state, that little jerkwater communist country’s pride and joy has always been its military, its hardware and its arsenal. Technically, North and South Korea are still at war with one another since the ceasefire of 1953.

    Provocation from the North by testing South Korea’s patience since and over that time indicates that this is a message from the North that they want war and they want it now! The North’s goal is to claim the entire Korean peninsula, but through propaganda techniques by creating a war in order to cast blame on the South as the aggressor by saying “we were attacked”.

    Another problem is this. North Korea is taking advantage of Obama’s weak and vulnerable foreign policies. The U.S. presence in South Korea may not be up to the task in the event of another war in that region. On the other hand, South Korea does possess one of the world’s largest militaries. Its members are always on a high state of alert. Technology may also be the key to the South’s survival, which would definitely be superior and much more modern than the North’s where much of its warfare technology would be considered old, antiquated and outdated with mostly Soviet-era equipment not kept up to standards.

    There is a downside, however. China, the North’s closest ally, may have offered its smaller neighbor assistance to upgrade and modernize its arsenal by gradually replacing older equipment. The upside, however, is that it may be too little too late for the North! Most of their military hardware is still considered antiquated since they have not offered China much in return since it is by far a very poor country.

    Despite Russia’s good relationship with the North and its improved relationship with the South, Moscow has constantly warned the Pyongyang government not to provoke the Seoul government. The reason is that Russia shares a small boundary with the North. Any war in the region would certainly jeopardize the lives of Russians living in that part of that vast country. Vladivostok, a port city with a population of over 700,000 situated near the border, would also be at high risk and the Russian military would be on high alert to prevent war from spilling over onto their side.

    The bottom line is this could be the North’s last gasp for survival with its leader in a poor state of health, his son not ready to take over the reins and close relatives ready to jump in and wrest control. This may be a vulnerable time for North Korea, which may bring itself into defeat.

  • http://com i41

    Omoron pick of Hillary to talk to Kim Who Flung Dung, is just a chance to eat Chinese food at high prices, just like Nadeline Albright going over and toast the little pot bellied jackass, under Whorehound regien Both Amjerk and Kim shoulld have been biched slapped and been tourched decades ago, but the talk, meet and play graB A$$, never works never will. Only hard harsh force gets these dictator’s attention.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Let’s face it, Kim-ill-in-the-cabeza and Nobummer make a good pair. One is demanding and the other is kowtoeing to the world!!! Yin and yang!!!

    • Carole Howell

      Wow! what a really bright one you are, how old are son? 14?

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Carole Howell,
        Don’t start crying, but your hero got elbowed in the mouth in a pick-up game of basketball yesterday!! 14 stitches!!! Hopefully he won’t be talking for awhile!!! HeHe!!!

        • Carole Howell

          Joe honey if you paid attention you would realize Obama is not my hero.
          Pay attention.

          Well, at least he got the fat lip in a contact sport, Bush got his choking on a pretzel and falling off the couch. LOL, OH! I am sorry was HE your hero. LOL

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Carole Baby,
            The last president I had ANY respect for was Reagan!! Bush was a simple Rino, nothing more! I was one of the ones that fought against him on his amnesty and we won that round!!! It was you bleeding hearts that stood and did jack!!

  • chuckb

    joe h

    i’d bet michelle punched him in the mouth, that guy that confessed probably did so for the coverup.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      yeah, you’re probably right! It was probably something he said about Oprah!!! He’s a little gaga over her and her money!!!

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      too bad he didn’t catch the elbow in the trach. SK should have retaleated in kind and wipe out the NK arty site that fired on the island. I’m afraid that we are going to have to put tac nukes in SK and Japan, under our control to make Red China do something about their bad little brother. Boy does Kim’s kid look like his granfather. same crazy DNA. Kim wants a war before he dies and maybe we should give him one. this what happens when you don’t end a war completely.


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