North Dakota Relaxes Gun Restrictions


Employees can now bring their guns to work in North Dakota.A series of new North Dakota laws took effect on Aug. 1, including more permissible gun-rights legislation, according to The Associated Press. The new law will allow most employees to bring a gun to work as long as it is kept in their vehicle, according to the news source.

The news agency reports the legislation requires businesses that usually ban firearms on the property to now permit employees to leave guns in locked vehicles during the duration of the workday. The law excludes employees who work at schools, jails, colleges, State hospitals or companies that deal with explosives. Although business interests overwhelming opposed the measure, the law was widely approved by the North Dakota House and Senate.

The bill did not initially exclude hospital employees, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. However, lawmakers revised the law after it passed due to Jamestown State hospital, reports the media outlet. The hospital has a prison on its grounds, causing legislators to revise their decision to exclude those employees from the law, according to the news source.

The legislation was passed along with laws that prohibit texting while driving in the State and extends the distance protesters have to stay from funerals to 1,000 feet, according to the AP.

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