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North Carolina Bill Would Expand Gun Rights For Citizens

June 21, 2011 by  

A piece of legislation in North Carolina would expand gun rights.The North Carolina House recently approved a law that will give people in the Tar Heel State more access to concealed weapons and better allow them to protect their homes and families.

The bill, which had already been approved by the State Senate, will now go to Governor Bev Perdue to be signed, reports The Associated Press.

According to the news source, the main part of the legislation is the expansion of what is known as the “castle doctrine,” which allows citizens to use their weapons on intruders in their own home. Currently, those who shoot an intruder may need to justify their action, but the recently passed bill presumes that such action is lawful under “a reasonable fear of imminent death or serious bodily harm,” reports the news source.

“This is not breaking new ground, so we’ll be conforming to what other States are doing,” Representative Mark Hilton (R-Catawba), the bill’s main sponsor, told the news source. “We’ve gone too far to the left on these issues in the past and (been) too restrictive.”

Wisconsin is also seeking to protect citizens’ 2nd Amendment right to bear arms with the State Senate recently passing a law that allows for the concealed carrying of weapons, The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported.

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  • meteorlady

    Let’s hear it for the States that can stand up and take this on…. wish Texas would get on the bandwagon.

    • MR.Washington

      Texas has. Your vehicle is an extension of your domicile, and you are not required to have a permit in your vehicle, but you are required to notify any law enforcement official right away if they are in contact with you. You can find this out using any search engine on the web.

  • Grandpa

    Not sure what you are indicating, meteorlady? Texas has right to carry concealed with a permit. Also, was considering carrying uncealed. Have not heard yet what the results were on this. Anybody know?

    • George

      Permit not required for open carry.
      no need for any of these laws to “give us permission to have guns”
      Please see the Second Amendment,to wit; “A WELL REGULATED MILITIA,
      It is “THE MILITIA” that must be “WELL REGULATED”

      • independent thinker

        “Well Regulated” in the context of the Second Amendment means well equiped and ready to serve when called.

        As to the militia you, I, and all other citizens not in the military are the militia.

  • independent thinker

    It was my understanding that Texas had the best “Castle Doctrine” laws.

  • Cliffystones

    We have a similar law in Colorado. It’s a good idea, but I feel that people who make the choice to carry and use firearms really need to educate themselves. They need to consider their own personal consequences to their actions should they decide to use deadly force.

    There was a report a few years back about a man who used his weapon in North Denver. A guy was trying to break in his back door, and the resident shouted at him to stop. As it turns out the guy breaking in was some twenty-something who was so drunk he didn’t know what planet he was on, much less the fact that he was trying to enter the wrong house! Suer, he was a moron. But he was shot and killed for being a drunk, stupid young man. While I don’t know the details of the home, I have to wonder if it was possible for the resident to simply leave via another exit. And if that resident were me and I were to shoot and kill another human being? Quite a burden to carry, even when you’re absolutely sure you are justified in pulling the trigger.

    • Grandpa

      Drunk and stupid doesn’t cut it. Shouldn’t have been that drunk/shouldn’t have been breaking in someone elses door/Homeowner shouldn’t have to escape his own house because of drunk and stupid. I do agree that it would be difficulty to deal with as far as shooting someone even in self-defense.

      • Bear

        I agree with you, Grandpa. I am a gun dealer in Colorado and have my CCW. As for someone breaking into my home, they would have to be very, very drunk or have a daeath wish. Shooting someone in self defense is a huge responsibility which can carry consequences. There was another incident in the Denver area a couple months back where two armed gunmen entered a liquor store with intent to rob the place. The operator of the store drew his gun and began firing, running the two would be robbers off. The two gunmen then went to another liquor store with the intent to rob it. Once again the two culprits encountered an operator with a gun, only this time, the operator of the liquor store knew how to use his gun and shot both of the would be robbers. As reported by 9 News, no charges would be filed against either store operator in the incidents. I just love happy endings.

        • Cliffystones

          Let me add that I agree with you both. I wasn’t there, so I truly don’t know what I would have done. My point was that I was also “young and stupid” once, but had I made a similar mistake I would have preferred to be “winged”:).

          I’ve never had the honor to serve in the military, but the last thing I would want on my conscience would be taking the life of another human being. Sure an Al Qaeda operative wouldn’t bother me as much, or for that matter OJ Simpson. But a stupid person without his sign, well………

          Another thought came from the instructor who teaches youth gun safety at a club I belong to. Even if you are completely justified in using your firearm, you could find yourself in legal debt to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.

        • Cliffystones

          So funny I reply and then read this article which sums up my concerns quite nicely!

    • RoBoTech

      I am a Senoir Citizen and I live alone.
      ANYONE that comes into my house without my permission, will be shot if I can manage it.
      I have killed before in self defense, to include two Vietnam tours and a home break in.
      My ex wife also killed an intruder in 1971 while i was in Vietnam. She was pregnant at the time. I am glad she had shared my gun hobby after that happened.
      Personally, I don’t dwell on it, and am just glad to be alive. I don’t cry about it, don’t miss a meal, a wink, or a tap.
      I have had a CCW in Alabama since 1976. Have never pulled a weapon, thank the Lord (well, actually, I did pull one when I had a young Black man get into my car at a red light in D.C. The weapon was in the console, but was in my hand before he sat down. He got out faster than he got in).
      But, I would not hesitate to kill if I thought me or mine was threatened. Simple.

    • Raggs

      I have to ask… Why would you have to run away from your own house especially if your in bed?.. To avoid a conflick?… The intruder should have done that…

  • BigBadJohn

    The Castle Doctrine in NC was always a matter for the local jurisdiction. I knew a guy that shot an intruder as he was coming in the house, but he was blown clear off of the porch. When the sheriff showed up, he said I’m going back to my car – pull that guy up on the porch and you won’t have any problems. In other cities, they have arrested and charged home owners for similar violations.

  • another lie

    another lie of Satan

    never be ‘free’ until can bear loaded arms freely in public without permits

  • Joseph C Moore, USN Ret

    Drunk and stupid breaking in? Who knows what drunk and stupid may have attempted after breaking in. Drunk and stupid deserved it.

    • independent thinker

      Agreed. Just because you are drunk and stupid does not mean you are no threat.

  • TIME

    NC is a state thats on what I call the tipping zone, check out a google serch on “North American Union NC Drivers Licence.”

    People the NAU is the equal to the EU, get it? NAFT get it?
    One Wold Order, now do you get it?
    Google Bush NAU see what you turn up, I also think that Alex Jones has files on this issue.


    The right to self defense is now a imperative especially in states like Kaaaaleeephornyaaa where the release of inmates is going on at a alarming rate and the downsizing of tax paid security is following a demise that is also nonsensical. The state and many county and city governments refuse to cut the administative cost of their tax paid positions and like the legislature will not become part time nor will it decertify the expensive government unions and call for renegotiation of all contracts.

    However gun laws are antiquated, insidious and intrusive, owning a gun in Ca. is expensive, if not the controlled permitts required then the cost of buying ammunition may be a obstacle but the fact that self defense has been compromised means nothing to these fat butt clowns who will not act like civil servants and elected representatives….Time has come for term limits and a national ot flat tax to get control of the reins again.

    • Raggs

      Maybe thats their plan… let-um-out so you can shoot-um-up.
      After you thin out a couple hundred of-um your the one that goes to jail in their place.

    • C130 Gunship

      ONTIME- Just move to AZ or TX……..The coming horrible crime rate due to the letting out convicted criminals early in Kalifornication will be huge. Total government failure as far as justice is concerned.

  • coal miner

    Hooray for these North Carolina home owners.I hope every state in the union follows suit.I am totally for gun rights,no ifs, ands or buts.

  • Raggs

    Law or no law I will protect my family and myself!

    Why does anyone need a fat-cat union obama / hillary thug to tell them that it’s ok if you take care of yourself anyway?

    Bravo for NC and it’s people.. as sheen would say “WINNING”.

  • Wolflar

    I so hate you guys(LOL) I live in the peoples republic of Illinois and barely even still have the right to own a gun let alone carry one. But I understand, this is one of the most corrupt states in the union. We just recently had a conceal carry bill put fort yet again and it didn’t make again and you need a super-majority to pass it thanks to big Mike Mad. His daughter the states attorney general wants to publish all gun owners names that in the state polices data base.You guys have it so good, but remember one thing what the government gives it can also take away and in many states all it would take is a few liberals hear and few rinos there and welcome to Illinois.

    • C130 Gunship

      Wolflar- move to AZ or TX. The unalienable right to self defense (life)cannot be voided by state law. Get the hell out, and get a gun and learn how to use it well.

  • 45caliber

    I noticed this morning that the new Prime Minister of England is saying that citizens have the right to protect themselves from anyone who breaks in on them by “using reasonable force”. Up until now, it was ruled that unless you were physically attacked you didn’t have that right. Further, even if you were physically attacked you weren’t able to use any force to defend yourself that the attacker didn’t also have. Pepper spray was OUT.

    • Raggs

      When I went through the concealed carry class they told us to opt for other means of defence other than a lethal weapon ie spray in the face.

      I asked “what is the point”?…. To save an intruders life?

  • Bob Marshall

    Congradulations to my Northern neighbor for standing for the right to own a gun.

  • Bob Marshall

    After serving three tourn with the Marines in Vietnam i made myself a promise. Never to touch a gun again. I did buy bear spray for myself and my mother and showed her how to use it. I think every woman should keep a can in her purse and know how to use it. Some people pull a gun but are afraid to use it. If that case their gun can be used against them. Bear spray works. I realize there are men and woman who are experts with a gun.if you ever got hit with bear sray you would see it is very effective.If a woman had her keys in one hand and a can of bear spray in the other she should be safe in most parking lot situtions.

    • 45caliber

      Bob Marshall:

      You decided to never touch a gun again after Nam. I decided – after two tours – to ALWAYS have a gun because I had discovered that there are bad people in all cultures including the USA. Of course, I was raised in the area known for more guns than any other also.

  • Doug Rodrigues

    I retired from Law Enforcement in 1992. I find it interesting that politician’s actions usually favor the safety of the criminal instead of the safety of the potential victim. Having had close interactions with the criminal element in society, I can say with great accuracy that the average criminal cares nothing about your welfare, your life, or your property. Criminals should be treated the same way that they treat their victims: have absolutely no regard for the criminal’s welfare or safety. Everytime I hear or read about a criminal getting shot and killed by a potential victim, I chalk another one up for the good people. In the criminal’s mind, your life means nothing. In my mind, the same thing applies to the criminals.

  • http://RONPAUL mike harring

    I am surprised North Carolina took so long to finally pass this much-needed Castle-doctrine bill.I figured throughout much of the country especially the South,(I live in Florida where it is legal) the castle doctrine was the law of the land.Welcome aboard NC!!I believe it is your inalienable right to defend your home against an intruder.It is bad enough the criminals roam our streets,let’s keep them out of our homes!The right to self-defense is the ultimate civil right!I keep my Ruger 9mm handy in my apt. for just that.In the U.K 62% of criminals would enter an occupied home since the residents are helpless to defend themselves both legally and in some cases physically,as in the elderly, however,in the U.S. only 12% of criminals would try the same thing,The no.1 reason the remaining 88% would not enter an occupied home,they were afraid of GETTING SHOT by an armed resident!

    • CharlieTinNC

      The Republicans got a majority in the last election for the first time in 110 years. Thats why it took so long to “correct” the Castle Doctrine. Hopefully we can keep it this way for a long, long time & correct some more liberal “mistakes.”

  • C130 Gunship

    While NC did a good thing passing Castle Doctrine like other states have, it still has a huge issue concerning state or local declared emergencies. In NC if a state or local emergency is declared for a snow storm as it did last year, you cannot take your pea shooter off your property-even if you have a carry permit. So, lets say a hurricane takes your house out in New Bern (I lived there years ago) and a local emergency is declared due to damage and looting, you can leave, but you can’t take you weapon with you….legally that is….Now that is absolutely stupid!


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