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Nonprofit Group To Sue FDA Over Vitamin D Policies

July 5, 2011 by  

Nonprofit Group To Sue FDA Over Vitamin D Policies

On June 27, the Vitamin D Council, a nonprofit educational corporation, announced that it intends to file a complaint with the Attorney General against the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) “regarding policies that disparately afflict African Americans.”

“The Vitamin D Council argues that through a combination of mandated and encouraged practices, the FDA depends upon milk to deliver virtually all supplemental dietary vitamin D to Americans,” the group said in a press release. “The FDA knows African Americans consume little milk, particularly relative to Caucasian Americans.”

The Vitamin D Council is asking citizens across the country to sign a petition backing the complaint.

“Vitamin D is a hormone activated by sunlight. Due to their darker skin, African Americans require six to ten times the amount of sun exposure Caucasian Americans do to activate the same amount of vitamin D. In consequence, African Americans are much more likely to be deficient in vitamin D,” the petition read. “The FDA, in effect, chooses to fortify a food that does not target a population who most need vitamin D. Please join us to call upon the FDA to mandate and encourage fortifying foods with vitamin D that African Americans are more likely and able to consume.”

Vitamin D is a hormone created by the human body as a reaction to sunlight exposure, and there are very few foods that naturally contain it. For individuals with darker skin, or skin that is particularly sensitive to sunlight, supplementation is vital to avoid Vitamin D deficiency — which has been linked to numerous diseases, including cancer, diabetes and several neurological conditions.

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  • Dixie Passion

    I think that all that needs to happen is to encourage black folks to get out in the sun more. IMO food does not need anything added to it. If something occurs naturally fine but stop adding stuff to foods.

    • wandamurline

      Whaaaaat? They sell vitamin D in every grocery store across America. Why don’t blacks drink milk? This is about the stupidist thing I have ever heard. Now,I guess it is the white’s fault that the blacks don’t digest enough Vitamin D…what a crock.

      • BH

        Why don’t blacks drink milk? That isn’t the point. The point is that, typically, they don’t. I would guess that the much higher price of milk compared to other beverages is a contributing factor — and on average, black income remains lower than white. So the various “do good” programs by government and government supported organizations like the AMA are, net, doing bad, not good.

        But the correct solution, in keeping with the American concept of freedom, isn’t to require manufacturers to add supplements to some specific foods. The solution is for the government and various government-supported groups to stop with the anti-sunlight crusade. There is much evidence that a bad sunburn increases the probability of skin cancers later in life. But normal tanning does not. Some studies suggest that those who work in the out of doors are not subject to increased risks (presumably because the increased pigmentation naturally helps protect them). Too much sun is too much, and sunburn is proven harmful, but the idea that all sun is bad for you is not justified, and is the root cause of the vitamin D deficiency in modern America.

        • Cindy

          African Americans are more likely to be lactose intolerant than Caucasians. That is one reason they would be likely to drink less milk.

        • Push comes to shove

          BH, your are correct. Studies i have read say that sunlight exposure creates vitaimn D (about 10,000 IU’s per half hour).

          The increase in skin cancer has only come since the industrial era. More people working in factories & offices get skin cancer than do people who work outside (farmers, landscapers, etc). Why? Less vitamin D.

        • independent thinker

          The two grocery stores I shop at carry vitamin and mineral suppliments including vitamin D. That is also true of Wallyworld, Kmart, and Target so vitamin D suppliments are readily available for any who cannot get enough sunlight.

      • Christin


        I think you missed the point…

        Marcy’s article says, “The [evil] FDA depends upon milk to deliver virtually all supplemental dietary vitamin D to Americans”… this is how they ‘deduce’ how to figure the amount of Vitamin D people should have… black or white… yellow or red or brown. Wonder if people are lactose intolerant, men who get gall stones from calcium, or just hate milk? A government should NOT ASSUME you drink this or eat that to regulate amounts of nutrition in government schools or your family.

        Actually, my sons (who are white) do not drink much milk either nor do my spouse and I. It isn’t just Blacks who aren’t getting enough Vitamin D. We have done our homework on milk and researched Vitamin D amounts and the FDA’s are way too low. And I believe you are supposed to take Vitamin D3. We take extra Vitamin D3 and give our sons extra as well. I feel the gov entity like FDA who is SUPPOSED to protect our health should be putting out good scientific research and info, but they aren’t.

        As far as trying to get the ‘right amount’ of vitamins in the foods you eat… think again, as the foods we eat are not as nutritious as they used to be. Sounds to me like a lot of Americans are getting a lot of empty calories.

        I have read that all the high 30, 50, 90 SPFs Sunblocks put in sunscreen lotions is a crock, too, as that eliminates the natural vitamin D production the sun can make in your body… keeping the American population sick comes to mind…. granted many people burn with sun exposure especially in the hot times of the day, so maybe you put some on at the beginning of the summer and again in the hot day times if you are out a lot or burn easily. I think We The People should RESEARCH info and share by talking amongst ourselves and pass on REAL info and not depend of the corrupt gov for answers… it would seem they do not have our best interests at heart.

        Anyone who wants to sue the FDA or other corrupt gov entities has my blessing.

      • bob hubscher

        Where in the Constitution does it say they should make rules regarding Vitamin E or,and anything else. What happened that the Federal governments task to provide for the national defense, please refer to Illegal aliens streaming across our border, the thirty million undocumented illegals and the percentage of terrorists that are in THAT group that want to blow themselves up to kill us and also go see the 72 virgins wandering around our country,
        as well as keeping up the national highway system. The rest of this is ridiculous, stupid and unecessary.
        We have become the NANNY state that wants the government to do everything! Please refer to Dictatorship which is the ineveitable conclusion to where we are going. Has anyone said WAKE UP!.

      • Abby

        Why Blacks don’t drink milk? We don’t because we are not genetically programmed to process it as well as whites. The only black people in the world who can tolerate a large amount of milk are the Massai Tribe in Africa…they are cattle people. Having said, I am not one to ask for the government to mandate anything, particularly what we eat. Like most of you said, don’t drink it, buy Vitamin D supplements, which by the way when combined with Magnesium and a mega doze of vitamin C virtually makes you impervious to most diseases…whatever your skin color.

      • Mia

        It’s always a good idea to know facts before calling a large group “stupid.” African Americans have a much higher incidence of lactose intolerance. That is why.

      • Vic Bailey

        Just one more thing that the whites are blamed for, when people DON’T want to take care of themselves. People need to face their own responsibilities instead passing it on to responsible people that are burdened with enough crapm already. What needs to be done is rid ourselves of these lawyers that come up with this kind of crap. America would be a lot better off with about 1/3 of the lawyers unemployed, a lot of lawyers that have been disbarred still practice. Wake up Citizens, help stop this crap. Semper Fi.

  • Ellen

    There is doubt among scientists that synthetic vitamins used to fortify our food actually work. If we want to know if the govt has helped our food supply with any additions or decisions, just look around. An astounding number of us are overweight and unhealthy. If you want to get healthy and avoid issues, eat real food and get some exercise.

  • bob bishop

    I hope all who read this understand that putting Calcium and Vit D in milk is useless.

    The pastuerization process destroys the Vit. D outright and the Calcium is converted into a form that the body can not absorb.

    What a joke. Then allowing milk producers to “claim” we can get our necessary allowance by drinking milk. see for some additional information.

    “Got Milk” shut up!!

    • karolyn

      Yes! Raw milk is the way to go!

  • Bob

    If blacks don’t drink milk, that is their problem, not ours. What would this group of morons have us do, force vitamin D down the throats of black people?

  • Rusticus

    Ah, our “free” market at work. So a “non-profit” group is interested in the distribution of vitamin D. Is there a “non-profit” group for vitamin A, B, C, E? My guess would be that there are not.

    Apparently, the vitamin D manufactures see an untapped market that they can’t figure out a legitimate way to sell to. As with most corporations in this thieves paradise, they want to get the a government agency, the FDA to force food manufacturers to buy more vitamin D from them.

    Clearly, they either decided not to try and corrupt the FDA on this issue or their efforts to corrupt the FDA failed. They feel that conning people into supporting their “non-profit” astro-turf group is a more effective approach or perhaps their over their budget on lobbyists.

    • Charles Sangston

      You could not be more wrong in terms of the reasoning for increasing vitamin D awareness.

      Vitamin D is essentailly free- either from sun exposure or extremely cheap supplements.

      The fact of the matter is “vitamin D” is no vitamin at all, but the human body’s most potent steroid hormone, by a factor of billions, in terms of molecular weight. It is crucial to the function of at least 3000 genes (about 15% of the human genome, and counting) and its deficiency is associated with almost all known early onset chronic diseases.

      Vitamin D deficiency is the world’s most crucial health problem. Nothing comes close to the misery inflicted by this pandemic.

      I have researched supplements and vitamins for 15 years and nothing approaches the vital need for vitamin D awareness. It is at the core of so many morbidties and common causes of death it staggers the mind.

      Do your research and find out what research has discovered.

      The healthy, natural level of circulating vitamin D is 50-80 ng/ml, 25 OH.

      NOTHING matters more to the avoidance of early onset chronic disease.

  • 5StarTexan

    Just another frivilous lawsuit by the people who are always looking for a chance to claim unfairness. DID THEY NEVER HEAR OF VITIMAN D VITAMIMS IN A BOTTLE OVER THE COUNTER?? PLUS OTHER FOODS WITH VITAMIN D?? I cannot use milk so I take daily doses of vitamin D. I am also too fair to spend much time in the sun. The only concern I have with this with the FDA is the threat that they may make all vitamins and natural supplements into an issue that will require prescriptions. The pharmasuetical companies don’t like people having natural remedies and vitamins readily available because people can then keep healthier and avoid the ills that require their expensive medications. So, the pharmasueticals are trying to get control of the vitamin and natural remedy market. The doctors would love that as well because it increases their business and then they can control it all. Doctors get a commission on the perscriptions they write, so if these things become a prescription ordered “med” we are all in trouble.

  • karolyn

    The FDA is way off-base with regards to vitamin D to begin with. Their suggested requirement is too low.

    This lawsuit is ridiculous! Most Americans don’t have a clue of how to take care of their health to begin with; hence the healthcare problem in this country.

  • Greg

    If they are angry at blacks not getting enough vitamin D in their diet, they can’t blame it on anyone but themselves for not taking supplements if they can’t be strict enough with their own diets to get the proper amount. The majority of white people don’t get enough without supplements either. They’re constantly told by big companies to stay away from the sun for possibilities of skin cancer. We all need to take responsibility of our own healthy or unhealthy lifestyles and not expect the food makers to add things to our food that are not normal to the food.

  • taminator

    Please join us to call upon the FDA to mandate and encourage fortifying foods with vitamin D that African Americans are more likely and able to consume.”

    What, like Colt 45? How about vitamin D fotified heroin or crack? Maybe infuse vitamin D into bling, do rags and the fancy grills that they get on their teeth. There always seems to be enough money for these things.

  • B

    How about putting V. D in chocolate milk? Duh!

    B :D

    • http://yahoo ts


  • whisperingsage

    Nothing in the article about cod liver oil as a source of vitamin D. Or milk from Pasture raised animals. For the best information about vitamin D and dense nutrient foods, go to Dr. Price studied cattle keeping Africans, like the Massai and the Dinka, and found them to be among the healthiest people around. But their animals were on green growing pasture and the milk was raw and fresh. They also kept goats and drank their milk too.

  • Pamela McGhee

    Large segments of Mediterranean and African populations are lactose intolerant beyond early childhood.
    Some Asian populations are as well.
    Paradoxically, only northern Europeans remain lactose tolerant during adult hood. They are more the exception among the world’;s populations.
    This is not a one size fits all world.

    I am dismayed (but not surprised) by the not so subtle racism exhibited by some of the posters here.

    • Push comes to shove

      Racism? Really?

      Making special allowances for one race or another is racism? Can you say Affirmative Action?

      So darked skin people make less Vit D, so we are supposed to cater to them because of thier dark skin? That is racism. Racism is the practice of the different treatment of certain a group or groups of people.

      Most people here are advocating they take control of thier own destiny with regards to thier health, not recieve preferential treatment.

  • Bob from Calif.

    They should not make this a racial issue. Knowledge is power. Give Blacks the information they need and just let them adjust their lifestyle and diets accordingly. Besides, the entire nation is having problems getting enough vitamin D.

    • Christin

      Bob from CA,

      You are right and make good points… but getting different people the RIGHT info is the problem… some don’t want us or them to have it and want people sick and stupid not knowing how to take care of ourselves correctly.

      Too bad people just couldn’t do the Right thing, tell the truth, and get along.

  • i41

    Any group of wards of the government sure aren’t going to do anything to improve themselves. When the blacks quit taking care of themselves producing their own food as all Americans have, we get lard azzes and laxy f–ks of any color. Time to go back to working in the feilds and producing something besides drug sales and night time pumkin pounding. These nonprofit organizations are nothing but more bs money wasting democrat stooges. The manager is paid big salary and operate a group that pays no taxes, get special breaks that businesses can get and the inner circle of board members are usually the most worthless government f–ks in society, that have always lived off of some agency. These worthless organizations alsoo get massive grants to build business that screw the private companies competing for the same business. What party does these worthless tax cheat organization dsupport and suck a lot of taxpayers money out of your pocket, the marxist/communist democrat party.

  • Janet

    Two wrongs don’t make a right (or dozens of wrongs for that matter). Plenty of food is already adulterated with D (check out orange juices and many cereals, rice/soy/almond “milks”), nevermind vitamins and supplements consumers buy by the truckload. Other foods are loaded with natural D, like egg yolks, fish or irradiated like mushrooms. Those are already FDA sanctioned, please also see D is at the heart of the original FDA purpose (ricketts scare). D council sells the stuff.

    Let’s not fall for the old trick to select those with different skin types to punish further. Enough is enough. Everyone, no matter what their skin tone, should do a little research on the internet to find advanced molecular genomics evidence the VDR nuclear receptor–responsible for critical transcription and transrepression “trips and locks” in proper functioning immune processes–is blocked with steroid precursor D supplementation. (Hint, it’s not the nice vitamin marketing execs like the D council or others that buy media would like us to continue thinking it is–25D competes for a critical nuclear binding pocket and prevents us from clearing pathogens).

  • i41

    Don’t what color someones skin color if you have a problem, don’t eat it if it makes you sick. Peanut butter doesn’t agree with me so I don’t eat it, my family likes it except for my son and one daughter, so there doen’t need some puke in Washington to make a rule. Same goes from lactose intolance, don’t drink it. I have never seen so many whining pusified people as we have now all feeling like they need a government sow to feed and take care of them, and tell them what to eat and what weight they should be.

  • bee

    When milk goes through the pasturising process it takes all the vitamins out of it, there is nothing good for us in it , now raw milk on the other hand contains all the goodness, and is perfect, and tastes yummy , maybe that’s why they don’t drink milk, it tastes like water, personally I drink goats milk

  • Doc

    In this day and age where does it say that government must take care of any one? What ever happened to growing up and taking responsibility for your own actions?
    Since it is a know fact that humans need Vitamin D what is so hard about making sure you either drink milk or take a Vitamin D substitute? If you are old enough to vote then you are old enough to take care of yourself and your children. Tell the government to take a hike and learn to protect yourself and your family.


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