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No Recovery In Sight

November 16, 2011 by  

No Recovery In Sight

You don’t have to be a news buff to have heard about the deadbeat protesters that are occupying cities in North America and Europe. I have seen lots of coverage but little insight. What I have noticed in big Canadian cities is that the protesters are angry without cause.

Canada is in the midst of an economic recovery. The unemployment rate is slightly above 7 percent, and the Canadian dollar is up 25 percent against the greenback in just the past 2.5 years. While people rage against spending cuts in nations like Greece, there isn’t a hint that Canadians will have to endure any reduction in government benefits. In other words, Canadians have never had it so good; yet they, too, are angry enough to take to the streets.

Canadians recently demonstrated that they don’t need a good reason to riot. Hundreds of people tried to burn downtown Vancouver last June because their hockey team lost the Stanley Cup. Those riots tell me that there is more to this growing global unrest than just a bunch of anarchists and addicts, even though two of the protesters in Vancouver have overdosed on heroin during the crusade. Nobody would confuse those two with a Leon Trotsky or Maximilien Robespierre.

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The Single Greatest Lie In American History

40 years ago, one man uncovered a secret so shocking it changed his life forever…

A shadow conspiracy whose goal was nothing less than the total enslavement of the entire nation. He found they’d been working toward that goal for many years… slowly stealing our wealth right out from under our nose. He discovered their deception because he’d unwittingly given them the tools they needed to pull off the incredible heist. And while he spent the rest of his life trying to warn us… most Americans refused to believe him.

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I am not going to concern myself with the cause of the unrest in Canada or anywhere else. Long after the Russian and French revolutions, historians cannot agree on what caused them. What concerns me and what you need to protect yourself from are civil unrest and the response by our government.

When Revolutions Spin Out Of Control

It is worth remembering that the French Revolution started slowly but quickly gathered steam. What began with concessions from Louis XVI sparked the Liberté, which morphed into Robespierre and his Reign of Terror. At one point, more than 1,000 French people were guillotined every month. Robespierre lost his head before it ended.

The bloodshed during the Russian Revolution was far worse. It is estimated that 5 million to 10 million people were killed during that revolt. To that total, add more than 40 million Soviets who died at the hands of the resulting dictator, Joseph Stalin.

Obama’s Blame Game

I understand there is a lot of anger in America. I, too, am an American citizen and I am angry. However, I don’t blame big corporations or big banks for this worsening crisis. I lay it where it belongs, squarely on the shoulders of the Federal government.

The Administration of President Bill Clinton was eager to do away with financial regulations. The Administration of President George W. Bush wanted everyone to own a home, whether he could afford it or not. And when it all blew apart three years ago, the Federal government forced U.S. investment banks to accept $125 billion in taxpayer money. (I urge you to read the bestseller by Andrew Sorkin, Too Big to Fail.)

It began in the summer of 2008. When the markets began to crash, the Chinese and Russians threatened to sell their $1 trillion in U.S. assets. Then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson held the system together until American International Group Inc. began to fail. AIG had never been regulated. Why? In the words of Paulson, the former chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs Group Inc.: “Because everyone was too busy making money.”

And So Now We Fall

Washington’s turning a blind eye to regulating investment banks precipitated this crisis. Since they were let off the hook, the investment banks did what they are dictated to do under a free market system; they made as much money for their shareholders as they could.

When it all broke down in September of 2008, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and Paulson took the extraordinary measure of getting the Federal government to inject the largest bailout ever organized. But Washington’s malfeasance didn’t stop there.

Congress’ first vote for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) failed. Paulson forced the nine largest U.S. investment banks to accept the bailout. Even banks that didn’t want Washington’s ownership or participation were forced to swallow it.

The dominoes paused. Even though the stock market declined another 37 percent, the injection of money and the nationalization of the banks stopped an economic collapse.

It will prove to be a temporary solution. It is still tough to borrow money. Unemployment in the United States is still close to 10 percent, and the recovery Obama promised seems farther away than ever.

This is why there is anger in the streets. This is why there will be blood in the streets. And what exactly is Obama doing to clamp down on the unrest? He is complicit with the reactionaries in blaming Wall Street.

Obama has failed to accept his role in the ongoing collapse, even though he helped panic the markets in 2008 when he warned that the banking crisis could cause a financial panic.

The President has promised a recovery, but it is a mirage. He understands that, and his chances for re-election depend on his ability to deflect blame onto corporate America. He is willing to incite class warfare, regardless of the consequences.

The dominoes that began falling more than three years ago continue to tumble today. In 2008, the big banks were falling one after the other. Now, individual nations and even communities are set to tumble.

I urge you to take the proper steps, to be the “1 percent” who prepare for the whirlwind that is coming. Consider Sun Tzu’s words in The Art of War:

“Therefore one who is good at martial arts overcomes others’ forces without battle, conquers others’ cities without siege, destroys others’ without taking a long time.”

It’s called “strategic siege.” It is a long-range strategy to achieve one’s goals. Even as you read this, it is being practiced against you. It wasn’t engineered by fat cat bankers. They are the fall guys. It is being orchestrated by our President and by the very Congress that has falsely sworn to protect us.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers
Editor, Myers Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • Insurgent

    Washington, DC is America’s cesspool for liars, whores, and thieves.

    • Dan

      Totally agree with you. Will be 70 years old next year and remember the past years, when everything was fairly well. Where did all these redicalls come from? — Have just started to battle with prostate cancer and hope to get it under control before all features of this dam Obama health care takes effect. I think it is time for a overall of all the career politicans take place. Vote them all out- as they are not working for us–they are only interested in their own welfare and getting rich with all the benefits we pay for. If the radicals don’t like the United States, let them move somewhere else in the world, where all their likes and wants exist. WHEN WILL PEOPLE GET THEIR HEADS OUT OF THEIR A$$ES AND START TO FIX THIS CORRUPT GOVERNMENT. Just look at the kinds of people in the occuping groups and you will be amazed at their mentally–DON’T LIKE IT HERE………..GET OUT AND TAKE YOUR STUPIDITY WITH YOU……………….

      • Vagabond

        Dan the sad part is those SCUMBAGS vote. those are obummer’s favorite people. and a sadder thing yet is there are probaly enough STUPID IDIOTS like them along with the CROOKED friends of the LIAR in cheif to reelect him to another term so he can finish the job he set out to do. RUIN the U.S.A. we can only hope and pray enough intelligent people will get off of their ass’s and go VOTE for an AMERICAN,

        • DEBI


        • Buddy

          Yes, Vagabond, those people vote. Democracy has been presented as a morally positive policy, but it’s only a pass to live on the efforts of others. The result is that we now have mob rule. And of course, mob rule comes down to the lowest common denominator.
          My guess is that we are seeing the last days of the great USA experiment. The USA prospered for about a century and a half, but the original philosophy has been trashed by those who are encouraged by the mob mentality that’s prevalent at the federal government level.

          • Capitalist at Birth

            Democracy = Mob Rule. We live in a Constiutional Republic, not a Democracy.

          • eddie47d

            What happened to that grand Veterans day protest that was suppose to happen in Washington? Didn’t hear a thing on FOX. Did someone throw a party and no one showed up?

          • Old Henry


            I have been wondering the same thing. I checked FOX NEWS several times on Friday, the 11th, and saw nothing. However, that does not mean the rally did not take place, or take palce successfully. It means that “the fix was in”. I have not trusted FOX for quite some time with the likes of O’Rielly and Hannity, et al. They are all slick-meisters dancing for the same bunch of scum.

            Have you checked out the link that Bruce posted on both Monday and again yesterday? Very informative and educating. To me it was like some movies, you have to continue to watch in order to get into it and then “get it”. It took me two times as Monday was, I guess, a mis-fire for me. The audio is not the best for someone with poor hearing.

            I urge you to check it out eddie if you have not done so.

          • Jay

            CA says: We live in a Constiutional Republic, not a Democracy.

            Capitalist, you’re kidding right?

          • Old Henry

            Jay, Capitalist is absolutely correct.

            This nation is a Constitutional Republic. It is NOT a democracy. That is the big lie that has been perpetrated for at least 100 years in our skrewal system.

            Check out this link to further your education.


          • Jay

            Old Henry, i know its supposed to be a Republic, but at present, its being run as a democracy, or socialism, same thing, definitely not as a Republic! That’s why i chided Capitalist.

            Republic: a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.
            archaic figurative a community or group with a certain equality between its members.

            Old Henry, does that look like anything we have today? Elected representatives? More like selected crooks!

            Elected, or nominated president? Selected and installed by crooks, traitors of our country, for the purpose to tyrannize, and enslave the American people! Hardly a Republic.

        • patrick H.T. paine

          “To conquer, first DIVIDE!”

          This is a question for Mr. Myer’s…..

          “However, I don’t blame big corporations or big banks for this worsening crisis. I lay it where it belongs, squarely on the shoulders of the Federal government.”

          That seems a bit mystifying to me….so some clarification is required. First a question……does the use of the term “worsening crisis” have significance as a distinction? As in the following,
          they can be blamed for the crisis, but not the worsening crisis?

          If they have no blame in either, it would be interesting to know by what your reasoning would be?

          As for “regulating them”, I seem to remember there were regulations,
          and that legislation was repealed, deregulating them. I am also pretty certain that the motivation for this, did not originate in Congress…..but I could be mistaken. ( not!)

          I also seem to remember, that many of the mortgages that failed were initiated by fudging applications ( ninja loans )……

          Then there is the the exacerbation caused by the derivatives market,
          where the warning of Long Term Capital Management was disregarded
          and which caused these “blameless” banks and corps a bit of distress?
          Yet, given the opportunity….they jumped right back in, in spades.

          Of course, maybe they were just acting in their “perceived self interest”?

          So what’s your point? That the current worsening crisis is the result of a “plan” to FAIL……for what purpose?

          “Do not ask for whom the bell tolls……….”

          • Dale on the left coast

            “they can be blamed for the crisis, but not the worsening crisis?”
            So . . . O’bammy Talkin Down the economy on numerous occasions, the so-called Health Care Plan, Trillions in Govt spending and the Dodd/Fwank regulations . . . didn’t have any consequences???
            You bet they did . . . this is terrorism towards private investment in the US. The massive spending sucked money out of the private sector. Hence the 25% unemployment and massive federal debt, which is marching the US towards financial armagedon.

          • eddie47d

            What about Wall Street “terrorism” against the American people. Who elected them to do harm to us? Who says they can scam us and we have to sit back and take it? There are not many ways to vote out Wall Street but we can vote out those we don’t like in Washington. Are you going to tell me that Wall Street won’t have their hand out when the next President is elected or the next?

          • patrick H.T. paine

            “To conquer, first DIVIDE!”

            To Left Coast Dale….are YOU Mr. Myer’s alter ego? If so, your response is a “non sequitor”!

            But don’t lose heart, crisis = opportunity, which is Mr. Myers business….it seems the best business to be in these days, is “touting” and this site is all over the place on this one.

            You can not BUY what is not FOR SALE! But not to worry, there are plenty of opportunities for you……I am sure you can get advice from many of the contributor’s here, Myers and Livingston included.
            Even Ron Paul, can be and has been bought… see he too, places earmarks in the budget for his constituents ( this is how you succeed
            in your primary purpose, getting re-elected. ) His rationalisation for doing this, or justification….is that he doesn’t VOTE yes. He can’t even run as what he truly claims to be, a libertarian, because he would not get elected, even in his own district. ( in his own words ) Ultimately, the “heroes” of this site seem to be those who cite the “constitution”…..but that document is no longer in force.
            So regardless of what you think it might mean, if you were capable of comprehending it… is irrelevant. You will not hear these words from Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Neapolitano, or anyone writing “opinions”

            So, while I really don’t understand your objection to my questions for
            Mr. Myers…..I would really like to know, what your problem seems to be?

            1.) You have your’s, screw everyone else?
            2.) You don’t have your’s, but you believe that you could have, and when you do you will screw everyone else?
            3.) You are clueless and terrified?
            4.) You are intelligent enough to understand that we are facing a very
            complex problem, which requires intelligent understanding of what the
            problem IS and a solution to it which benefits everyone?

            “Do not ask for whom the bell tolls……….”

          • Bruce


            You are correct they can’t be 100% to blame, YES, its in fact;
            “all of us who are guilty.”
            We gave our CONSENT, thus we allowed what is happening now to unfold. So all of you just look in any mirror and there you have the guilty party.
            Don’t bother with any Rationalizations, its not worth my time nor anyones to address such rhetoric.

            Until we all awake and start looking at the TRUTH we will all sink in the same ship, by the way that we not only built, but also staffed.

            I BEG all of you PLEASE watch this youtube FEED before its ILLEGAL and you CONSENT to that behavior too!
            OMG; what will it take to wake you all up.


            From this look into Kurts long version and then start really digging for more intel – LOOK UP the Doucments while you still can. its all steming from the 1860 EO #1, and the 13th & 14th Amendments.
            Please wake up.

            Forget about who’s going to get elected its all for not, if we don’t fix the root of the problem then as I said we all go down in the same ship. You decide what your fate will be.

            The “TRUTH has no AGENDA.” We have been born slaves and live a LIE. Thats the TRUTH anything else is 100% totaly Bull Sh&T.

            How important is your STUFF to you, is it more valuable than your family, your loved ones, your LIFE?

            You answer that to yourself.

            Answer that to your maker, did he create you to love being a slave?

            Wake UP!

      • Carol

        I am 65 and my husband is 78 and never seen such a bunch of trash as we nave in Whitehouse now. They all need to go and we the people need to change laws on pensions and health care for the idiots messing up country.

        • James

          Carol, You are being kind, the federala government did this deliberately, their goal is to destroy Christian America.

          • Angel Wannabe

            James , without Christian America there is no constsitution, and without the Constitution standing in Obama’s way, he can be the dictator he always wanted to be!

          • JTB

            James, I agree with you. obama and his croonies are on a mission to destroy us like greece/italy and the likes!

          • Old Henry


            There is no Constitution. If you have not already, watch the link that Bruce posted on Monday and Tuesday. It’s an eye opener. For the first half hour it had me scratcing my head, but then “the light went on”.

          • Mike in MI

            James -
            Sure he wants to “destroy Christian America”. But, dang it, that doesn’t mean that he or any other bunch of God-hating, Devil-loving, Christ Jesus rejecters has as much power as God does OR the power to outclass in any way Him and His declarations – His Word. If you call yourself “Christian”, yet contadict (saying, “That just doesn’t apply today.”) clauses of the Covenant you became part of when you became God’s kid you do so at your own peril. Don’t fall into fear, God’s got whatever-may-come covered. You must claim what’s yours!
            If He says, “Beloved I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health.”, there MUST be a way to attain that.
            If He said, “Pray for kings and those that are in authority…THAT we may live quiet and peaceable lives in all godliness and honesty.”, do it. Why do otherwise? Is there anything bigger than, or more powerful than God to stop you from living that way – even in the midst of chaotic situations? (Ya, there is…you, if you choose to live in fear of things you see looming over others. God isn’t going to make you think what His Word says. You decide what you want to think.) As a man thinks in his heart so is he. Control your mind!
            Jesus said about believers: “The things I have done and greater things shall they do because I go unto the Father.” Some of the things he did protected and kept him alive until time for him to perfectly fulfill his mission at the right time, in the right place at the predicted way. God don’t MISS.
            Learn the Word of God, live it and reap the benefits. Or, let yourself be controlled by your environment. Which do you want?
            If enough people (It will work for believing Christians, only.) start praying, mentally focussed, this way it will cause changes to occur. God honors His Word when people understad it and take it at face value.
            I’d be deader than Hogan’s goat, many times, if He were a liar.

          • James

            Mike, Jesus also said (Mt. 10:34-42): “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother. and the daughter in law against her mother in law. He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me…” There’s a lot more here, read it.

        • eddie47d

          It was being “destroyed” before Obama was elected. Neither party is guiltless and the band plays on.

          • Chet Figurski

            Get A grip, eddie. All this happened under oguana’s watch. I see you want to do the blame game like him and blame it on Bush. Sorry buddy, but see what the deficit was when Bush left office, and what it is after two years of this yo-yo. FOUR TRILLION.Besides, Bush didn’t go around bowing and apologizing to our enemies while alienating our allies. Britain,(he sent the bust of Churchll back after it was given as a gift to us through Bush.) Made Israel’s prime minister waiting in a room for over an hour while he and his family went to lunch.This non-citizen clown is a joke, along with his gangster friends like the unions,trumpka, bragging about how many times he goes to the white house to talk about how they are going to create anarchy and have these idiots rioting in our streets. And laughing about it, while the wicked witch of the west,pelosi is saying God bless have to be onanother planet not to see how the dums, along with their “savior” are destroying this country which some of us defended, and got wounded to come back to this marxist,socialist,communist community organizer PUNK AND HAVE TO PUT UP WITH HIS GARBAGE. IT’S TIME FOR FOR A REVOLUTION.AT 75, I’M READY!!!

        • Dan

          Carol—————-hope we can take out this trash soon. (Do you recall this………………..stick out your can-here comes the garbage man). I am hoping for the best and investing in the company that makes LYSOL – it will take cases and weeks to clean out the stink in the White House, once this puke gets voted out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Old Henry


            Do you really believe that Little Barry the fraud has ANY intention of allowing himself to be removed from OUR WH?

        • peter

          Good for you arol. I am 72 now and agree with your comments totally. Fortunately we are not young anymore and have had the best years behind us. The next 70 are going to be very hazardous indeed and the way the youngsters are brought up today, they are in for a torrid time. No just standing in queue for the next IT contraption or music video. They will find out what is required to survive in the real world. Hope I am still around to see the mayhem when they wake up to the reality.

          • peter

            Sorry – I meant Carol. Please accept my apologies. Kind regards,

        • Mark in LA

          You mean you are 78 and don’t remember the worthless trash in the Whitehouse when the most stupid President ever was there in 1981-1989? Where do you think NAFTA, banking deregulation, and looking the other way on illegal immigration and Wall Street originated?

      • Phil

        I’ll be 70 next month. I hope you get your cancer under control. It’s not the government’s fault! It’s the American People who continue to reelect these people. The low life people in elected office are just an indication of a much bigger problem in America. Nevada and Arizona had a chance to get rid of Reid and McCain and didn’t do it. People don’t get envolved in primary elections, so when the general election come’s around we’re stuck with the lesser of two evils. To many people are more concered with sports than government.

        • Old Henry


          You last sentence sums it up quite nicely.

          • Bruce

            Old Henry,

            I am so happy that you watched the youtube feed, this needs to spread like a cancer so everyone knows whats going on.

            Your a good man sir!

          • Bruce


            By the way if you so wish to really expand out of all the box’s and be on a totaly differant level of looking at this whole mess.
            You may wish to explore the link below, let me say this to be very clear – its so hard to believe at first, it took me 120 hours of research to prove its not a lie nor a a joke; its nothing less than the TRUTH.

            I did the following dig into Opperation Paper Clip, and who was behind it and who came over under it, not just what would become NASA people.

            Who owns all the media, a quick overview you can check into and find its all the “TRUTH,” Goldman Saks owns Ryters who owns the AP.

            The Vatacan owns the UPI, and UP, note the second City State.

            But who owns Goldman, the first City state the Bank of London and who owns the Bank of London, the Rothschilds, = the RED SHIELD / RED DRAGON. by the way the bank of London is who “Eric Holder” as well as all “States Attorney Generals” are subordinate to.

            The sight is this,

            Also look into Carl Munck, this guys is just so totaly cool its crazy. He has a youtube feed called – the Code just google it.
            Look, I hate math yet I spent two hours watching his work.
            Its Just incredible.
            I love TRUTH, and I love God thus he leads me to the TRUTH.

    • wandamurline

      I know I am going to get bashed for this, but I believe that there is no company too big to fail….let them fail if they are unable to run their business in the black, then they should fail. The pain would have hurt the US for a time, but we would not have wasted 800+ billion dollars in the meantime. The Congress threw the money out without any strings attached and the big banks instead of loaning money, bought out smaller banks and became an even “bigger” to big to fail. We have a Congress who exempts themselves from the very laws you and I have to be accountable to…they can use insider trading to profit themselves, they expect us to participate in a health care that we did not want and they did not read before they voted for it, but they have excempted themselves from participation. It is time to put a stop to this by voting out the Demorats and RHINOS who have made a lifetime of politics. In 2012, we can make a difference….we have put a “few” constitutional people in Congress and the Senate….we need more…we must clean the sewage out of Washington so the drains work properly again. Each state knows who these people are….it is time for real CHANGE and with that change, our HOPE will escalate.

      • Vagabond

        Wanda I agree with you 150%. further there should be a thoughrow investigation of all activities by the politicians doing insider trading and those who are guilty should face a minimum of 40 years and one day at HARD LABOR. making gravel for use in roads and construction,

      • DEBI


      • JC

        Absolutely let them fail.
        But we must understand the reasons for the bail outs in the first place. A: To further indebt us to the tax regime. B: The Government itself is a corporate entity and saw an opportunity to invest in what might be a viable business if it had a better busdiness model.
        United States Inc. (The Federal Govt.) is doing what all businesses do seizing an opportunity to invest and make money.

        If they were truly a Govt. of the People and by the People…they wouldn’t be able to do this…but they aren’t.

        • Mike in MI

          JC -
          Well, because of the FED and the fact that most Amercians want to live on credit, those who own the Fed have gotten us in debt so deep (by deceit and illegalities) as a nation we’ll never be able to pay off the note. They can make sure of that.
          Doesn’t matter. Somebody else paid off my note and the world doesn’t own ME any longer. And otherwise, we (me and my wife) have been taught to owe no man anything but to love one another. Whatever, God’s Word says His kids are all “…holy and unblameable and unreproveable in is sight” – Colossians 1:22 (So, it does’t matter what some Jackdaw minister says about us all being “sinners”. They’re just unbelieving-accusers saying that stuff.)

          LAUS DEO, LAUS DEO!!!

          • JC

            Having no debts is good policy. Keep up the good work.

      • Ernie Cloutier

        This is a dream as most blacks and union backing won’t let this happen >.. We the people elected a fool and we are paying the price >> The GRID LOCK will never go away as it hurts the parties EGO and all these so called LAWYER in washington >> * years of college learning how to work the system >> Welfare paying out millions to support 5 and 6 kids when we should support only one >. One is a mistake ,more is ripping of the working people >. A retirement plan Social Security that we and our employers paid into ripped off by the people we voted into office and continue to do so >> Who to blame for where we are ?? WE are, we voted them in >. Now it’s time to purge this crouiption from this goverment and return it to the rule of the people >> Voted WISE in 2012 >> Vote for those who want to return this country to the PEOPLE >. Those who can stop the bickering and leave thier EGO’s at home and do whats best for WE THE PEOPLE

      • Carol

        Wandamurine, you are 1000% right, let them fall or stand, and if they fall, there will be someone/company to take their place only do it right and profitabile. My father was in union when he worked at GM and said we lost more with every strike than we got back.

        • charles


          • Dale on the left coast

            Charles Ford did not ask for a bailout!!!
            The only reason the O’bammy govt bailed out GM and Chrysler was to protect the auto workers union who has spent millions to help the amateur in chief get elected. GM would have survived, but the union workforce would have been at the back of the buss and would have lost big time. But under the O’bammy plan the Unions ended up owning a piced of the Company and the Investors got burned.

          • eddie47d

            First of all Charles said that Ford didn’t ask for a bailout so why did you feel the need to repeat that. Secondly Ford has almost 2 million workers and most are union members. Thirdly Ford management plans on hiring more union workers. Ford employees supported Obama too so your anti-union kick gets rather old.

          • DaveH

            Before you correct somebody, the smart thing to do before commenting would be a rudimentary web search.
            Ford Motors employs 164,000. NOT 2 million.

          • Ellen

            Dale, You are exactly right. The GM/Chrysler bailout was all about helping the UAW. The foolish part is that the UAW is the reason the automakers were bankrupt. Do most Americans not realize that our cars kept increasing in price as the union workers got more benefits? The only thing that stopped this from getting out of control was the Japanese automakers in the US. The domestic companies had to compete with them, so they couldn’t keep raising prices. UAW employees have absurd conditions like they collect 95% of their salary if they are laid off. Ford has no choice but to be unionized. The foreign automakers with US factories have non-union workers and were never near bankruptcy. Surpise. Recently, a UAW member was complaining that he wanted some old benefits restored – like free college for his kids. That is what every American who has purchased a domestic automaker’s car has paid for. They have ridiculous retirement packages, too. Extortion has really paid off for them – at the expense of all of us.

          • eddie47d

            I was only partially right Dave. I looked at the world wide employment figure 1,945,123 not US employment.

          • JC

            How does that make you “partially right”?

            Ford and Kia were the only two automobile makers in the world who didn’t take a bail out. Guees they didn’t want to become just another division of Government Motors Corp. When GN took the money, they lost a customer for life. I sold an 8 month old Silverado and I’m on my fourth brand new Ford truck sinse then. (I don’t let them get old ;))

          • JC

            I need to proof read more. :)

          • DaveH

            It would be best for you to not quote figures. Unless of course you want your lack of credibility to be known by more than just a few of us regulars:

            “With about 300,000 employees and 108 plants worldwide, the company’s core and affiliated automotive brands include Aston Martin, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury and Volvo.”

          • meteorlady

            Eddie some of Ford’s vehicles are manufactured outside the US. Ford’s Fusion, Fiesta, and Lincoln MKZ models are built in Mexico, while the Edge, Flex, Lincoln MKX, and Lincoln MKT are built in Canada. Other North American models are built in the U.S.


      • Buddy

        There are even governments that are not too big to fail. We just may see this in the not too distant future when the USA degenerates into its separate states (or combinations of states). Unfortunately, the demise of the USA federal system will be a major disaster for most everyone, but we’ll probably all be better off after its demise.

      • DaveH

        You’re right, Wanda. The best thing we could have done is let them fail. Instead Big Government has thrown good money after bad. OUR good money.
        In 1920, there was a major economic collapse, but Warren Harding instead of bringing Big Government to the “rescue”, in fact cut Government Spending in half and otherwise butted out. It was a Depression that never was, because Government didn’t get involved:

        • ChristyK

          Unfortunately most people don’t know anything about President Harding. We haven’t had a constitutional president since Harding. Everyone needs to get out and teach history and economics to their friends and family. If American voters don’t change their ways soon (probably by 2012 election) the US as we know it is gone.

      • http://personlibertydigest personallitycrisis

        I somewhat agree but I have been watching and have come to the conclusion that all republicans and about 60% of present democrats have to go.Any body who doesnt back their party must go and we know that Boehner,McConnell,Cantor,Ryan and the rest of the do nothing party are history. I cant believe we pay these people to do nothing where can I go to get a job that pays for doing nothing

        • ChristyK

          I’m not one to usually defend the Republican leadership (Cantor & Ryan are marginally OK. Boehner & McConell are awful)), but your comment about the do nothing Congress is totally off. Democrats had control of the presidency, House, & Senate for 2 years and couldn’t do anything to help the country. They didn’t pass a budget the whole time even though they had 100% control and republicans could do nothing to stop them. Now that the Republicans control the house, they have sent repeated bills and budgets to the Senate. Harry Reid won’t even allow the bills up for a vote. Harry Reid has even sat on several bills by the president. The do nothing group is the Democrat controlled Senate.

          With that said, the Republicans are not willing to do enough to reduce (drastically) spending in order to balance the budget and reduce our debt. They are not willing to reduce (drastically) regulations and even reduce (somewhat) taxes in order to stimulate our businesses and economy. The republicans are making tiny tweaks (which aren’t nearly enough to fix our sinking ship) and the Democrats won’t do anything (unless it helps their political buddies, ie unions, homosexuals, & environmentalist)

          • Mike in MI

            ChristyK -
            Well done reproof, bless you. You didn’t even insult him??? I thought that was obligatory.

      • texastwin827

        Wanda, I too agree with you 100%. For too long, the American people have put these idiots in office and they’ve done nothing but sell American jobs and her people, to the highest bidder. Along with replacing the President, we need to “clean house” of the corruption that is in our Congress, today.

        Until we stop being sheep, we will continue to be “sheared” every time Congress votes to give our tax dollars away.

        As for who is to blame…BOTH our government and Wall Street bankers. I’m sorry…I don’t buy into the remark “the investment banks did what they are dictated to do under a free market system; they made as much money for their shareholders as they could”. GREED and nothing more caused their own downfall. As far as I’m concerned, if you can’t conduct business, honestly, you deserve to fail…no matter how big you are.

        Just as with Fanny Mae & Freddie Mac…the SAME people who made the bad decisions, still have their jobs and continue to receive big bonuses (on top of their inflated salaries). If the everyday citizen did to their companies, what these jerks did, we would be unemployed AND not considered “hireable”….so why were they left in charge?

        • Old Henry


          Do you think there are enough of us who are fed up / mad as hell to get done what needs to be done?

          Has anyone announced to run against Boehner in the primary? Or McConnell? Or Cantor, Ryan?

          If you still have the Monday / Tuesday Alerts check out the link that was posted by Bruce in Crystal’s article (Tu) and Bob’s article (Monday). It takes some time, but is worth it.

      • Ted Posey

        I blame my “Conservative” Republican Congressman and both Senators almost as much as the Socialistic Democrats. They were there and meekly keeping their mouths shut during the whole time that BushI, Clinton , Bush II and Obama were putting us into this mess. I’ll vote against them too next time.

        • Mark in LA

          Why do you morons always forget Reagan? Just because he was too stupid to understand the policies he promoted does not mean he should not get the blame. He is more responsible than them all for the mess we are in. From NAFTA to illegal immigration – they are all things he made infintely worse.

      • D Blount

        You said it well. There is no company too big to fail. My husband and I own a small business by working 70+ hours a week and my tax dollars bail out a company that then handed out millions of bonuses. I continue to be in a state of “how did this happen”?????

        Vote them all out!

      • JTB

        I agree with you!

    • Ranger 1

      John, John, John; RE: your comment, “I understand there is a lot of anger in America. I, too, am an American citizen and I am angry. However, I don’t blame big corporations or big banks for this worsening crisis. I lay it where it belongs, squarely on the shoulders of the Federal government.” Excuse me, John; just WHO do you think OWNS the Federal Government, LOCK, STOCK, and BARREL??????????? C’mon; get with the program!

    • sandigordano

      I totally agree with you They should all be tared and fethered and burned at the Washington Monument. This admistration is nothing but liars cheat and stealers of the American people.Thats what Ameria has to do to traitors and illegal Presidents. GET RID OF THE TRASH IN WASHINGTON

    • professor

      When we stared looking around for our enemies, we failed to look first to our government in Washington.,

      • JTB

        especially today. can’t wait for oblama to be gone!

  • DaveH

    “AIG had never been regulated”? Come on John, you know better than that. Every Company in America is regulated. They may not be the regulations you approve of, but they are regulated, ad nauseam:

    • ralph herman

      Only the small companies are regulated it is just like “With liberty and just for all who can afford it.”

    • DT in CO

      Sure, virtually every business in corporate America is “under regulations”, but I take John’s statement of “AIG had never been regulated” to mean any substantial overview of operational/financial quality vice mundane administrative requirements.

      And, if you re-read your reference believe you’ll find this:

      “… There is no inherent reason to trust the state to regulate efficiently. The state is made of men (politicians and bureaucrats) who respond to their own incentives and interests. If there is a political gain to be made from expanding mortgages and postponing a crisis for future politicians to deal with, it will be pursued. …”

      So, while AIG may have been politically regulated, the bubble was expanding so rapidly that any functional oversight would have been almost impossible, for any sound practical purposes… the stage had been set politically for AIG, et al, to run its course.

      • DaveH

        You’re arguing Semantics, DT. In fact, that’s a major problem with regulations — they are applied unevenly by bought-and-paid-for Bureaucrats and Politicians. But the fact that they aren’t applied evenly does not mean they don’t exist.

        • JC

          I think it depends on the quality of your lobbyist. ;)

        • Mark in LA

          No Dave it is you who doesn’t understand. Regulations are NOT supposed to be unevenly enforced it is criminal if they are not. When they are uniformly enforced they are a cost of business and give no advantage to anybody. Then the only issue is whether the regulation benefits society more than it costss.

      • meteorlady

        AIG insurance arm is now 21st Century. Funny they changed their name because they lost credibility and now are spending mega bucks to advertise. I took out insurance once with them and in 6 months they never got the policy to read correctly, I couldn’t get their agent to respond, and they tried to over charge me from the quoted price three times. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

  • Ronbo

    We’ve been giving the corporations and the wealthy corporate EXTREME tax breaks for the last 10 years under the agreement that they would invest in America and jobs. Unfortunately, the wealthy corporate class did not honor the bargain and have moved the jobs and their money overseas – where labor is cheap and pollution is plentiful.

    So, the truth of the matter is that the 1% are NOT creating job as promised. They are taking their tax-savings and building factories overseas.

    Don’t blame a government system that is bought and paid for by the wealthy corporate class. Money buys everything – including both Dem and Repub politicians. Blame the President, Representative and Senators who voted to extend their tax cuts – knowing that they were not keeping their end of the bargain.

    • s c

      R, have you ever heard of GE? GE is a large, American CORPORATION, and it has been allowed to pay ZERO TAXES recently by your W H ‘God.’ LOOK IT UP!
      R, you are incredibly ignorant (by choice?) OR you are a LIAR. You figure it out, and get back to us with an APOLOGY. Say and think what you want when you’re not among other people. When you’re using a public forum, at least take the time to act like you have a brain.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        I don’t think he has brain, even if he is troll liar.

      • skippy

        once again sc it is WASHINGTON that has written the tax laws that enables GE and others to get away with not paying taxes. Hell, for that matter, probably HALF of WASHINGTON do not pay their taxes…we all remember little Timmy Geithner…oh, and good old Charlie Rangel and his tax fiasco. WASHINGTON is the problem…it’s not hard to figure that out.

        • Vagabond

          skippy do you think ONLY half of them are not paying their tax???

        • Mike in MI

          Skip -
          If they pay their taxes to the Dems in the form of campaign contributions the IRS never comes knocking does it?

      • eddie47d

        Did Ronbo’s truth hurt your sensitive eyes SC? Funny he never mentioned any particular company but you automatically go for the assumptions. SC is your Troll, Capitalist at Birth.

      • Mark in LA

        NO BRAIN SC thinks Obama alone let GE pay no taxes. If you had a brain you would realize that Congress after many adminitrations put those deductions into the tax code at the behest of corporations supposedly as incentives to create jobs and help the rest of society.

    • DaveH

      You have no idea what you’re talking about, Ronbo. Extreme tax breaks?
      Explain this:
      Taking less of peoples’ money is not a tax “break”.
      Our jobs have moved overseas because the Corporate Owners are not investing their money for nothing. They want a return, and they’re not getting that in this country full of spoiled parasites who think they have a right to ride on the shoulders of others using Big Government as their Bully Boys.
      While Ignorant Liberals’ gazes are firmly fixed on the trough, the real perpetrator of our economic ills, Big Government, rolls merrily along growing even bigger with the support of the mainstream parasites who know nothing of reality. Their only concern is their immediate gratification, no matter who must sacrifice for them to achieve that gratification.

      • DaveH
        • Christin

          Great site, DaveH.

          Read it when you posted it last time… last week maybe.
          Hope more will take a look at it… explains a lot… who the enemy is.
          ‘They’ (the 1%ers) are against us ALL.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Ditto that!

    • Lastmanstanding

      Corps move oversees for several reasons.
      1. Taxes… US highest or 2nd highest rate.
      2. Unions… A quality product must be produced efficiently and in quantity to make a profit. Unions promote all the money and benefits and minimal (at best) production. Workers constantly needing more attention and care to their plight rather than providing a product that people want to buy at a price that they are willing to pay.

      There are other reasons, however these are the 2 biggest…I’ll end that I believe that unions have been a big reason that we have had increasing inflation for a long time.

      Money has no more value when more of it is necessary to survive…the establishment simply found that printing and passing it out satisfies the ignorant.

      • BrianF


        You are right about those 2 reasons being factors in building factories overseas. There is, however, one other factor that may be a bigger hinderance than the corporate tax rate (US IS highest since Japan recently lowered theirs) and labor costs due to union “bargaining”, and that is government regulations. Last year, the CEO of Intel gave a speech that blamed the high tax rate and government regulation for why so many US companies are investing in factories overseas. I believe he also said that if the tax rate were reduced and regulations eased, the cost of labor would not necessarily keep a company from expanding in the US.

        • ChristyK

          Government regulations do 2 bad things. One companies have to hire accountants, lawyers, and other specialist to make sure they are compliant with the regulationss. Also they have to spend money on expensive technologies to comply. This is a HUGE cost. The other problem is that this huge cost makes it difficult to impossible for new small businesses to enter most fields (except service & retail). Small businesses should be producing many of our jobs, but regulations now make it impossible for most individuals to enter industries. This reduces jobs produced, reduces competition (raising prices & reducing quality for consumers), limits entreprenuerial individuals from bettering themselves. Get rid of 90% of the regulations and everyone will be better off.

          • Christin


            True… but that is the point isn’t it… if we get rid of the business and job ‘killing Regulations’, then business, jobs, freedom, prosperity and wealth would engulf America and Americans again.

            Now… the Ruling Elites can’t have us standing on our own two feet and doing so well so that ‘certain groups’ don’t need them which would devastate their VOTE to be in power.

            And they couldn’t possibly allow We The People to be FREE and IN CONTROL as stated in the Constitution so that we can be FREE to make our own choices, be strong and healthy, have jobs and be a productive nation again, and kick them out of office and power.
            They couldn’t, but we should!

          • Mike in MI

            Right ChristyK -
            And after they are forced to go abroad, Obama is free to go out and castigate the companies for not investing in the U.S. – because of what he and the unions, socialists, environmentalists, etc… ad nauseum caused in order to drive them out.
            Anybody still think Obama isn’t doing all this to wreck the U.S.?

      • Vagabond

        lastman I agree with you. the unions are worthless except to the democratic SCUMBAGS who they buy with the union members dues payments,

        • eddie47d

          …and your comments are as worthless as teats on a boar.

        • JC

          Vagabond I have to agree. Unions really are the lowest denominator of human life. Just look at their violent tactics and the way they treat others. I’ve seen them on TV using language so crude, so “neanderthal” that it barely qualifies as English. What a bunch of complete low lives.

      • texastwin827

        You can add a 3rd item to this list.

        3. The government has made it impossible for US Companies to compete by allowing our markets to be flooded with cheap (and toxic) products from China and other 3rd world countries, in the name of “Free Trade”, and have done nothing about the glaring trade deficits these countries rack up, with the US. They’ve also made it profitable for the US Companies who set up shop in these same 3rd world countries, thereby eliminating the American worker’s jobs.

        Americans CAN make any goods that these countries do…and make them better than they do. What we can not do is make it for what the Chinese are paid to make it. China has no National minimum wage. That amount is set by each province.

        The HIGHEST minimum wage in China is $200.28US a month. You can only assume that even the higher level jobs are paid, proportionately, lower than in the US. Can any US citizen live on $200 a

      • meteorlady

        LastMan – I own a small business. Here’s a short analogy. I moved my business about 4 years ago to Texas. There were many reasons, a small portion of which were union issues. My employees voted three times NOT to join a union because I paid them well. I admit though that the unions did sort of strong arm me and continued to harass me in various ways.

        I moved because I was taxed at the city, county, and state level (I will always be taxed at the federal level so I will leave that out for now). Every time they increased spending in that state (it’s very liberal) they increased the Business & Occupation tax because people would buy into that type of tax increase.

        I was their tax collector since they are a sales tax state. If my customers stretched their payments out to 60 or 90 days, I still had to pay the sales tax on a sales that I made EACH MONTH. I paid for unemployment, worker’s comp, part of payroll taxes, and my property tax bill went up each year by thousands.

        Next comes regulations – I was regulated by the same entities mentioned above, and a lot of those regulations were the result of special interests in order to make money off my business. They didn’t really save the public from anything, or the environmentm and they were worthless except to the other businesses that sucked up my profits.

        So with that said, when I moved I laid off 22 workers (I did offer that they move with me) and started over. My business is better than it had been and I now employ 27 workers in Texas. The tax system is more fair the property taxes aren’t eating me alive, and it’s a right to work state so the unions aren’t harassing me anymore. Also the regulations are fair so I am able to make more of a profit which I put away for expansion.

        I will say however, that since Obamacare passed my employee sponsored insurance premiums have gone up 17% because of the added mandated coverages in the new health care bill. That will also apply to private citizens.

    • Patriot1776

      Corporations don’t pay taxes, they collect them for the government from people. A corporation is just a tool. Do you ask your car or your lawn mower to pay taxes? Corporate taxes are passed on to the consumer. -Walter Williams

      You cannot lay the blame squarely on either the government or the corporations…..They are in cahoots. They are mutually beneficial partners. Howver, If you shut down the governments ability to legislate in their favor you can kill the entire beast. If you were to attack just the corporations (OWS) the problem won’t go away.

      I think it is intellectually dishonest to claim just one of the two culprits are solely to blame.

      • DaveH

        Walter was just on Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch yesterday. I love that guy.

        • Patriot1776

          Me too Dave.

      • 1911man

        I’m in total agreement

    • Osteomed

      Hey Ronbo, did you know that your loving government has regulated the hell out of U.S. business and that EPA has a strangle hold on all business and corporations, making it almost IMPOSSIBLE to conduct business in their own country!! You have to now jump thru 30 rings of fire and pay out the wazoo to keep or start your business!! Ummmm… Could this be the reason why the American entrepreneur and business man are taking their business over seas, to avoid the absolute nonsense our gov. is conducting?!! Think about it!!
      Farmers are severly effected by this BS organization, the EPA. They can’t plow their fields if an endangered spotted mole is found in their fields!! Don’t make me laugh Ronbo, for you are clearly a part of the zombies Obama and our corrept government is looking for to trumpet this nonsense!!

      I see an opportunity in your near future, to take up w/ the Occupy Wall Street crowd of bozos and march aimlessly against success and capitalism!!

      • JTB

        Awesome reply you hit the nail on the head!

    • den

      rondo– Also blame the voters who keep sending these Bozo politicians to DC.
      Another good reason for term limits in the Fed. Congress.

    • Dale on the left coast

      The US . . . for a long time has had the HIGHEST CORPORATE TAXES in the G8 . . . how did that work out? Why they LEFT!!!
      A low or ZERO corporate tax rate is beneficial to all . . .
      Who Pays Corporate Taxes??? Why the consumer does . . . it is added into the COST of the Goods or Services they supply. Also, all employees, owners and sub-contractors of the Corporation PAY TAXES . . . So, it is better to have Corporations in the US paying ZERO taxes . . . or the same Corporation in China paying ZERO US Taxes??? Your CALL!!!

    • JTB

      It wouldn’t matter if the corporations & wealthy paid 75% tax we’d still be in the same boat we’re right now. obama is spreading the our tax money all over the world with his crazy green companies and they’re falling down faster than rain drops…until the crazy mad man is gone and we’re not spending our way out of a recession things will never change no matter what the tax code is. The more they have of our money the more they spend and spend!

  • Scott in SC

    If Mr. Myers believes all of America’s problems can be attributed to one person he is trully clueless.

    • DT in CO

      Don’t know what you were reading, but this is what he stated:

      “… I understand there is a lot of anger in America. I, too, am an American citizen and I am angry. However, I don’t blame big corporations or big banks for this worsening crisis. I lay it where it belongs, squarely on the shoulders of the Federal government… “

      • Mike in MI

        DTiC -
        Good answer, but it probably falls on deaf ears. No, in a dead, empty void. Scott is doubtless a victim of U.S. schools and the NEA…he can’t read much and what he does isn’t with comprehension. Beyond that, since thinking takes mental effort he, like eddie47, get confused if challenged beyond what Wretchel Maddow and Sgt. Schulz tell them.

  • DaveH

    John says “Washington’s turning a blind eye to regulating investment banks precipitated this crisis. Since they were let off the hook, the investment banks did what they are dictated to do under a free market system; they made as much money for their shareholders as they could”.

    OMG. You better talk to Bob Livingston about that one, John. You are way off base. Banks were not “let off the hook”, they were coerced to lend to unqualified buyers by Government and other Liberal groups. And we don’t have a “free market system”, not by a long shot. We haven’t had Free Markets for at least 150 years, since the Mercantilist Republicans first trampled our Constitution:

    • AnhydrousBob

      Thanks for pointing that out DaveH. And this didn’t start in 2008, like you mentioned, the unraveling began then because they could no longer stop it.

    • Dale on the left coast

      The Great Mortgage Beast was set in motion by the Klinton Regeme in the mid 90′s . . . to his credit Bush tries on several occasions to Reign In Fanny/Freddy . . . but Dimmicraps like Fwank, Watters and Dodd fought to keep the scam afloat.
      Didn’t Dodd oversee the SEC?
      The Dimmicraps created the mess . . . and of course get full marks for the State of the Economy TODAY!!!
      This is what happens when you put an Amateur Socialist in the WH!!

      • eddie47d

        Then I guess they better elect a Professional socialist into office. LOL

        • Mike in MI

          eddie, they did in 2008.
          He was talking about Clinton who was a part-time socialist and part-time social disease.

      • Jay

        You walked into that one, Dale!

      • JC

        Dale the Clintons had a lot of help and support from the Kenyan himself. And now of course they all blame Bush. Yep, Bush was (in my mind) a real bastard…but he did try to stave off the Freddie / Fanny fiasco.

  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    i hate that friggin fake president we have now.

    • s c

      Sean, something must be going on among the programmed sheep. One of Obummer’s premiere ass-smoochers just contradicted himself above.
      It must be hard on the emotions when you LOVE a false W H ‘God,’ and then that sheeper goes through the motions of implying that perhaps the W H ‘God’ isn’t a god after all. Neat stuff, but hard to follow.
      The prez will now have to prove that he can walk on water. I’d wish him luck, but it just doesn’t feel right.

    • DaveH

      He’s just the tip of the iceberg, Sean.
      I was watching the documentary “The Third Reich” on the History Channel yesterday. They described how one town full of people, who had voted predominately against Hitler and company, still had to endure great persecution and discrimination at the hands of the conquering forces.
      I think the lesson there is that we can’t stand meekly by while monsters pervert our once great system, because if we don’t take a stand we will one day pay the price for their trespasses on other people.

    • DEBI


      • JC

        I don’t hate him. Hate is the opposite of love and is suggestive of both. Not to mention hate is an emotion.
        Nope, I detest and despise him….I don’t hate him.

        • Christin


          That was exactly my thoughts, too.
          The devil hates, but God is love.

          We are called to pray for our enemies, for if they get saved, they will turn from their wicked ways and be one of us… one less person who is against us. The Great Commission ALL Christians are called to spread the Good News that Jesus Christ is Lord and plant seeds of salvation.

          He is definitely MOST detestable.

    • JTB

      me too! Can’t wait for 2012!

  • Ray Clark

    America is destine to become the next India where the 99% will be slaves to the 1%. For the 1st time in the conscience of our history our children are less free than their parents. Shame on us!

    • texastwin827

      True Ray…as a 66 yr old, I am deeply ashamed that I went about my business of raising my family, without making sure they would enjoy the same freedoms, that I grew up with.

      Sadly, as the largest and oldest “generation” much of this is our own fault. We allowed a little bit of our country to be sold off, decade after decade, without exercising our right to stop it.

  • Dr. smith

    John, nothing new in this article. In my humble opinion, they should of let the banks fail, they’re just prolonging the inevitable. Obama is the Marxist within, he despises Capitalism, and is steeped in communism despite it’s repeated failure. History repeats itself “those who don’t know history are condemned to repeat it” philosopher Santyana.

    We are a nation lacking nothing yet driven by greed and envy, a spoiled, drugged populace demands more. Commandment 10 “Thou shalt not covet”!

    Of course, the real problem stems from the fact that we’ve abandoned God and he’s turned from us. There are many new idols:global warming, big government, entitlements, etc. Secular humanism is the new alter where man is God and defines his own boundaries. Much like a toddler at the playground with a bag of candy and an indulgent mom giving into his every whim. The more he’s given, the more he wants…

    • DaveH

      There is one group of people who always do well with Socialism — The Leaders.

      • bob wire

        So tell us what “ism” does leadership do less well? It seems that they all do well until their are dragged out in the middle of the night and just disappear.

        • DaveH

          Libertarianism, Bob. Next question.

          • JeffH


        • bob wire

          Well Dave, I’ll give you and Jeff an A minus for promoting something that has never existed and willing to think that it could and be somehow better.

          “Libertarianism is only a RESPONSE to Government… it is not a style of Government itself… that would be anarchy.”

          Political Science
          Forms of Government
          Do any nations have truly libertarian governments?
          If not, which ones are closest?

          J.C. Hewitt, “The government which governs best tortures the most.”

          No but, Hong Kong is often cited as and island of libertarianism, but it’s not, really. I hesitate from naming any particular state as “more libertarian” from another, because once we’re talking about governments, philosophical principles tend to become irrelevant.

          Hong Kong actually has pretty high tax rates when you compare it to the full sweep of world history. It also has a pure fiat currency pegged to the US Dollar with all the problems that entails.

          There are areas where it’s far easier to open up a factory, like in a typical Special Economic Zone in China. Other places may have less regulations governing medicine or have a lower income tax. Most places in the world have a less oppressive prison state than the US.

          • DaveH

            Read this book, so you know what you’re talking about:

          • DaveH

            And this, so you know what you’re talking about with Hong Kong:

          • bob wire

            I’ll read it Dave but I lived in Hong Kong for over a year, ~opened up a franchise in 77 with a group of other business partners. But that alone doesn’t permit me to know all there is to know about Hong Kong.

            But still David, ~ there is no nation on earth today of any size operating under a Libertarian government. Somalia maybe, small tiny nations of lose government, island communities and such.

            I’m not saying Libertarianism is bad, for I know it doesn’t have to be. Be neither does any other. Any government can only be as good as the people that comprise the government.

            Ron Paul comes from Lake Jackson Texas. Have you ever been to Lake Jackson? It’s a nice bayou/delta river/sea community, 12 minutes from the Gulf. Roads are built high with deep bar ditches to either side where you can crab if you wish just about anywhere. Where everyone knows everyone and their dog. It’s a Company town, Local government works in the shadows of Dow Chemical company and there is the unspoken rule, “Don’t make Waves” ~ It’s a “No Wake Zone”, you can do whatever you want to do as long as you follow that rule. ~ and it works! and works well! and has for a very long time, even before the civil war.

            I have a hard time seeing such “Hands Off” government would work well on a large scale without ending up like our southern neighbor Mexico.

            Don’t get me wrong, I personally love such a setup ~ because I’m one of the big dogs.(well middle size) But let us not confuse, survival of the fittest with equitable opportunity or fairness.

            Such ideas and equitable and fairness hold value to me and I support them. I am a conservative democrat.

          • Old Henry

            Bob, it sounds like a great place to live. However, I would just as soon come here and “crab”.

          • DaveH

            Until the American Revolution there were no countries as free as the United States. Are you saying we should just strive for mediocrity because no other countries are excelling?
            And Somalia is a far cry from Libertarian. Why would you even suggest such a thing? Is it Ignorance or is it something more sinister that would make you say that? We believe in Strict Property Rights, get it?

          • DaveH

            And your Mexico example, Bob, is weak indeed. Mexico has a much greater regulatory environment than the US has (which helps explain the corruption there):

          • bob wire

            The population in America in 1776 was only 2.5 million people while today it’s 327 million people, gaining a new American every 14 seconds.

            To assume that same one government might not grow or change it’s shape with the demands of the times and load is naive and short sighted.

            ~ Has there been wrongs and missteps along the way? Certainly, of course! In 247 years who does not make errors? We’ve made many mistakes, some correctable and some not and left to live with them. Jackson’s “Tail of Tears” being but one of several hundred. It does not make Jackson a bad president, but just a man, an flawed man with strengths and weakness. He gave America all that he could ~ but today a native American has small regard for a 20 dollar bill and how can you blame them?

            My Mexico argument Weak? Laden heavily with legislation? ~ only a small bit from the link that you supplied.

            “Business Freedom87.3 +4.3

            Recent regulatory reforms have improved the overall freedom to establish and conduct a business in Mexico. Starting a business takes less than half the world average of 34 days. Licensing requirements are less time-consuming than the world average of 209 days. Bankruptcy proceedings can be lengthy and burdensome.

            VisualizeView Methodology
            Trade Freedom81.2 -0.8

            Mexico’s weighted average tariff rate was 1.9 percent in 2009. Mexico has 43 free trade agreements with other countries, the most in the world. Import restrictions and fees; services market access barriers; import licensing and registration; restrictive standards and labeling rules; burdensome sanitary and phytosanitary regulations; non-transparent, complex, and inconsistent customs administration and valuation; export-promotion programs; anti-dumping laws; and weak enforcement of intellectual property rights add to the cost of trade. Fifteen points were deducted from Mexico’s trade freedom score to account for non-tariff barriers.

          • DaveH

            Population size has nothing to do with it. Hong Kong has 3x the population density of our most densely populated state, and yet they get by with less than half the Government expenditures that the US does.
            And you can pontificate all you want about Mexico, but the facts are that they are much less economically free than we are and their economy sucks.
            From the article — “Burdensome and non-transparent bureaucracy and a rigid labor code inhibit investment.”

        • JC

          bob wire says:
          November 16, 2011 at 1:45 pm
          Well Dave, I’ll give you and Jeff an A minus for promoting something that has never existed and willing to think that it could and be somehow better.

          Um, the Founding Father’s were “by definition” Libertarians.
          But you’d have to understand the spirit of the Revolution to get that I guess…

          • bob wire

            I don’t question the effectiveness and benefits with only 2.5 million citizen scattered loosely about to govern. It was practical, it worked well for the times at hand JC.

            I wish it was where we could return to such times but unless you have plans to dispose of say 200 million Americans, I fail to see it work well today.

            Seems you are suggesting that we attempt to put 10 pounds of crap in a 2 pound bag.

          • JC

            Bob, surely your not suggesting that the system of control and corruption we enjoy today is a better alternative to limited government? On the contrary it is proof positive that government can not be trusted in any way, shape or form…that’s why our Constitution put limits on it in the first place.
            And why can’t we have limited government with 330 million people?
            The principles are the same and all we need to do is take the power usurped by the DC cabal away from them and give it back to the states and municipal jurisdictions where it belongs.

      • Patriot1776

        Here is an insightful quote about Socialism:

        “If one understands that socialism is not a share-the-wealth programme, but is in reality a method to consolidate and control the wealth, then the seeming paradox of super-rich men promoting socialism becomes no paradox at all. Instead, it becomes logical, even the perfect tool of power-seeking megalomaniacs. Communism or more accurately, socialism, is not a movement of the downtrodden masses, but of the economic elite.”

        -Gary Allen

        • Jay

          Communism, and socialism are one and same. They are not ideologies, rather, they are manufactured weapons, built specifically for the destruction of societies!!!

          • Mike in MI

            Jay – And masters of it (destruction)

            “The thief comes not but for to steal and to kill and to destroy…”, John 10:10

    • Monte

      Dr. Smith, I believe it is all about totalitarian control, even to the point of usurping the powers of God, Himself. All the flashy, meaningless talk is only to draw in and control the mindless, greedy puppets to thier undisclosed and evil cause.

    • Evelyn

      People of little faith. If God came down him self to make things better we would find fault. If Jesus created jobs for everybody who wanted one we would find fault. We have become a group of people who can only see negatively. If there were more coroperation in Congress everyone would benefit, we should focus on the whole picture not just the President. What is congress role in this mess, we voted them into office, are we ourselves also partly the blame? Give ideas, help with solutions because critizing isn’t gonna fix anything.

  • Vince

    Your out of your mind and dead wrong.

    • Dr. smith

      Vince, really insightful, go back to watching tv and stop wasting folks time.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    This is all by design. Create chaos, which eventually leads to a totalitarian dictatorship.

    • DaveH

      Not that you’re doing anything to stop it.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        What is that supposed to mean? Do you know what I do or do not do on a daily basis? I would like to know why you make a smart *ss remark like that in the first place, considering you are ignorant of what I am or am not doing. J### O**!!!!!!!!

        • JeffH

          …could it be your lack of support for the only constitutional presidential candidate with a history to back it up? Just askin’?

          • DaveH

            He not only doesn’t support Ron Paul, but he hangs on him like a ball and chain. At least on this site.

          • Jay

            That’s true Dave, in fact, he’s always beating his head against the wall over it! (-:

          • Capitalist at Birth

            Is that the best you Ron Paul loons can do? Gang up on someone who does not worship him as you do. He will never win the nomination nor the general election, so get over it. Go ahead and waste your votes. I will continue to support Newt Gingrich until the end.

          • DaveH

            Of course you will, Crony Capitalist. Establishment Republicans are what you need to acquire the special protections necessary for you survive against your Market Capitalist competitors.

          • DaveH

            And Newt Gingrich? That’s laughable coming from a person who loves to talk about Ron Paul’s lack of electability. The Democrats would have Newt Gingrich for lunch.
            Newt, the man who backed the creation of the Medicare prescription-drug benefit under President Bush.
            Newt, the man who starred in a television ad with former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calling on Congress to combat climate change.
            Newt, the man who supported the Wall Street bailout known as TARP.
            Newt, the man who thinks we need to “Think big. America currently lacks a unified grand strategy for defeating radical Islamism. The result is that we currently view Iraq, Afghanistan, and the many other danger spots of the globe as if they are isolated, independent situations. Only a grand strategy for marginalizing, isolating, and defeating radical Islamists across the world will lead to victory”.
            Newt, the man who thinks we need to “Implement an American Energy Plan to reduce the world’s dependence on oil from dangerous and unstable countries, especially in the Middle East”. Haven’t we heard that mantra before? Oh yeah, under Jimmy Carter when the useless Department of Energy was created.
            Newt, the man who thinks we need to “Incentivize math and science education in America to ensure the men and women of our Armed Forces always have the most advanced and powerful weapons in the world at their disposal”. What? Increase the Federal Government’s involvement in Education. They’ve done so well in the past. NOT.

            There will be no Blue Republicans voting for Newt:

          • DaveH

            Newt, the Fear Mongerer.
            We can’t have no damn Freedom of Speech, we’re in an age of terrorism. We must give up our Liberties to achieve security.
            Never mind Ben Franklin’s warning — “Those who give up Liberty for Safety will get Neither”.

            Newt, the Dictator:

          • Jay

            Newt the Grinch is a stooge, and a puppet, backed by the money boys/banker, vampires!

          • Jay

            Btw Dave, excellent speech!

    • Osteomed

      So says Saul Aleski, Barrock Obama’s mentor!!!

    • Osteomed

      So says Saul Alenski, Barrock Obama’s mentor!!!

      • Karolyn

        You still got it wrong!

        • Jay

          That was funny, Karolyn. Cute!

      • Old Henry

        No she didn’t Karolyn. Her keebord got it wrong.

  • former walmart person

    This is a proverbial chicken or the egg question. When a major corporation or big bank lobbies congress to pass a law of their choosing and resorts to blackmail and other threats if money isn’t enough to sway said congressman or woman, then who is really in control of our government? During the bailouts of 2008, at first congress rejected them (as they should since 95% of the American people opposed them), but then with some help in the form of bribes, and blackmail, suddenly it became law. Henry Paulson is on record saying that if the 2008 bailouts didn’t pass, we would have to declare martial law in the streets soon. The big banks probbaly would have staged terror, and make martial law a practical necessity.

    All I know is power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. CON-gress and the SIN-et are guilty, but to not put any of this responsiblity on major corps and big banks is being dishonest.

    • DaveH

      Those who practice Crony Capitalism are indeed culpable, but they are just the tail of the snake. Without the force of Government they would have no choice but to compete in the Marketplace for the favor of the consumers.

  • bob wire

    “I don’t blame big corporations or big banks for this worsening crisis. I lay it where it belongs, squarely on the shoulders of the Federal government.”

    An explicitly opinionated statement if I ever heard one, considering it’s common knowledge the three are much one and the same and too many congressperson and Senators are bought and paid for on both sides of the isle while heavily favoring one side seeing little need in buying the whole congress and senate to make their will know.

    Congress has about the lowest favor rating of somewhere around 4% today. I think Bennie Maddoff would rate higher. This seems to be Congress and The Senate job they accepted to do, being butt boys for corporate America and Wall Street.

    When we have partisan leadership come forward and tell all of America, his number one job over the coming 4 years is to make the newly elected president and one term president, how might you expect different results other then what we see today?

    So Yes John Meyers, ~ you are correct with such a statement.

    The only question is, ~ who’s door step do we lay this turkey?

    I know your answer and you know mine. Shall we met you the voting polls?

  • A.M. Deist

    Don’t blame our legislators for America’s problems. Blame capitalism. Karl Marx wrote “When commercial capital occupys a position of unquestioned ascendency, it everywhere constitutes a system of plunder.” That is where we are today; politicians doing the bidding of wealthy contributers, wall street financial institutions selling products that have no backing, a media that has very little relationship with the truth, and a society of ‘What’s In It For Me?’.

    • DaveH

      We haven’t had Capitalism in this country for a long time. Ignorant people equate Crony Capitalism with Capitalism usually because they know no better. Some, for sure, know better but are aspiring purposely to pull the wool over the eyes of others to gain advantage (Leaders and their politically connected enablers).
      Here’s your chance to know better, Deist. Read the book “How Capitalism Saved America”. Lift the blinders from your eyes. Unless of course, you already know better but are one of those who seeks to purposely mislead the Ignorant:

      • bob wire

        100% agree! We have not had true Capitalism in many, many, MANY years.

        Look back at Preston Tucker the 1948 automaker. A corporate/government railroad job if there ever was one.

        Look at what Howard Hughes was faced with! going back to the 40′s & 50′s The fight between Pam Am & TWA went all the way to the Senate. Entrenched power and Corporate greed try every dirty trick in the book to squeeze a better, more advanced product from coming to the market place.

        So this crony capitalism is far for anything new on capital hill and goes back to the 1800′s and probably farther.

        Look at the “Historian” Newt Gingrich, Paid 1.6 million dollars by FredyMac to predict and secure the future of low mortgages to less then qualified homeowners! That’s just too rich! That Guy is just too clever for his own good! Not approving of being called a Lobbyist, he’s now claiming past employment as a “Historian” ! Via manipulation of the “future”

        There never was a road made, a bridge, a house, a building built that there wasn’t something in it for someone. Accept that as a universal truth.

        And nobody it going to share anything with you without some good reason! They much feel compelled! another truth.

        I call this venture Capitalism, for it is an Adventure and not a Promise, or a guarantee. With your “wining” you must accept your “losses”.

        It is the worsts part of socialism that refuses to permit people to fail. And this is the “BAD” that we as Americans and our representative Government has done over the last few years.

        In October of 2008 our government refused to allow the wealthy to not be wealthy, and since then it’s understandable that a line has forms to receive the same. And why not?!!! BUT like most of you, I feel like a guy in a small row boat that’s came upon the Titanic with 900 people heads bobbing in the water feeding the sharks.

        While I know that it’s late and much like closing the gate after the cows are already out. Few of you here speak about it, but last week after lengthy investigation the SEC was dressed down by the State Department (AG) and some discipline measures was taken for failing to act against Bernnie Madoff in some timely manner. They got a “come to Jesus meeting”, I believe some were invited off property or weeded out.

        “Blue something” Airline was fined 300 million for keeping passengers hostage on the tarmac too long, some 7 or 8 hour I believe. Ouch! I bet that plane had a distinct odor.

        ” 2011″ has exceed all past records of deportations, don’t remember the numbers but substantial.

        So our government is working for us and could work much better if everyone would offer some support and pitch in at some level.

        If you wish to just stick with opposition, fine! we need it, we must have it! but lets keep it “worthy” and remember that we are all grown ups, Americans and should be able to disagree without being disagreeable.

      • Mark in LA

        Man you are getting tired and old with that “real capitalism” and “real free trade” crap. Feudalism was real capitalism. Nobody stopped anybody from growing his own army and taking what he wanted except somebody else with a bigger army. Free markets allow monompolies, cartels, and market corners. After all, this is just free people doing what is in their own interest without any outside interference. Like any economic theory some parts make sense SOME time but the whole theory is fatally flawed by the details.

    • Cawmun Cents

      Yeah…clearly marxism…. to which in the first half of the twentieth century,is attributed at or above 100 million deaths,is definitely the answer,right?
      Smoke some more thought provoker pal….but leave us to reality please.


    • JC

      Deist, besides being poorly informed as to the mechanics of our corrupt economy, you’re quoting the penultimate Communist as your back up. This being a Liberty site, do you expect to get any kind of respect or acknowlegement?
      You can stick your 10 planks where the sun don’t shine Kamrade.

    • big wyo

      your quoting Karl Marx – you just destroyed your last schred of believability – communist scum.

    • FreedomFighter

      Lucy leftest lies, half truth propaganda filth.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • Jay

      A.M. Deist, Karl Marx was a Rothschild puppet, and a zionist. I find it hard to believe there are still people that take seriously what Karl the putz wrote! Good grief!!!!

  • CP

    Am so glad to see so many on here blaming Obama for things that started long before he got here. And the same for those who would “just let the banks fail.” Apparently they have no idea what all the major banks failing would have done to this country. With no major banks to handle day to day cash flow, a large number of manufacturers would have either had to close temporarily, or would have folded entirely and gone bankrupt without the formalities of bankruptcy courts. No banks would also mean no insurance companies, as they do have a big finger in the banking pie, and no contractors of any sort, as they would not be able to get the loans they needed to continue projects already underway, let alone start any new ones. With the banks gone, there would have been no need of worrying about GM or Chrysler,or even Ford, and the same would be true of the American built foreign brands. With all these jobs gone, we would still be trying to come back down to ten percent unemployment from the fifty percent figure I keep hearing tossed around as where we are headed.

    • DaveH

      If we let the problem banks fail, we would have been rid of the lousy managers of those banks. Their viable assets would have been bought up by the managers who did the right things, and the toxic assets would have been sold off for pennies on the dollar. The assets then would have been managed by the right people.
      Instead taxpayer money was used to save the lousy managers who then had no reason to do the hard work because they knew their misguided Big Government Saviors would help them out again probably in the future.
      Meanwhile the managers who ran a tight ship got no reward at all for their due diligence. The perfect recipe for mediocrity.

      • bob wire

        Right! I agree, the Wall Street bunch should have been allowed to fail. But with a general election 2 months away the sitting administration thought it prudent and wise to extend these banks a rather large line of credit.

        Making in effect, political hay for the opposition. “Wall Street got theirs and now it’s Main Streets that need a leg up.”Welfare for the Wealthy”, “Privatized profits and Socialized loses”

        We can give credit to 43 for what didn’t happen and sing his praises.

        But dare you extend any credit to 44 for what has not happen.

        SOoooooo ??? New deal, new dealer, new deck of cards?

        We have Obama, Rommey or Paul who has plans to roll back the clock,
        roll back government, spank every pig at the federal trough and allow any big dog that’s loose to fill any voids by absence of government.

        If the GOP had not conducted themselves in such a ingeniousness manner over the last 3 years, this decision would be much easier to make.

        da? hmmm? ~ ennie, minnie, mynie, moe

      • Jay

        The bailout(s) was eventually approved, but only under the threat of imposing martial law. Doesn’t anybody remember that?

    • Cawmun Cents

      Okay,so even if we agree that the current President isnt to blame,he has definitely not attempted to fix the conditions,right?
      Q:So why should we re-elect him to do nothing,for four more years?
      A:We should not re-elect him to do nothing for four more years.

      Did I clear that up for you?
      You’re welcome.

      • Raggs

        I strongly DIS-AGREE… oblama has everything to do with this from the word go.
        He was a lawyer for ACORN in Chicago when ACORN was involved in the affordable housing scam created by Clinton that ultimately caused all of this .. oblama and this economic collapse go way back to the 90′s and since he has been in the white house he has made things worse. Just look at Freedie and Fannie today they are both begging for yet another bail-out.. This is a PONZI SCAM…

        • Carol

          Reaad Duped America and find out which pary has for years worked to mess up our country, and anyone who blames Bush forgets the last two years he was in office when things started to go down. Demos were in control of spending. Obummer and his idiots have not in three years done a budget as they were supposed to. And now he is so busy running here and there, just like the last three years, he is not able to do the job, he is never there, except to run his lying mouth on TV. Never in all my life have I seen so much of a snake on TV as I do with Obummer and his trash.

          • Dale on the left coast

            2007 the last Repub budget the Deficit was 160 Billion . . . since then the Dimmicrap spending has topped 1.5 Trillion every year . . . nothing to see here folks . . . just O’bammy and his team of czars flushing the USA!!!

          • eddie47d

            What would a Republican do….What would a Republican do? All I hear is chirping from Dale!Please don’t go into politics Dale we’d like things to improve. Six of the Republican candidates want to continue the Middle East wars so will things really improve?

          • Jay

            Ah, the old left/right paradigm game. We keep getting suckered by that, over, and over again! I guess its because both teams play the game so well. They make it so believable! But I still say its the democraps fault, no wait, its the repulicon’s fault, no wait, oh darn it, now i’m confused! LOL!!!

    • big wyo

      Instead we have the anointed one who will make our decisions for us because they know best. Oh yeah and with the exception of Obamacare has lied about every claim including his eligibility.

      Of course the Corporations are complicit, just like every life form, their first goal is to survive and prosper. They lie, cheat and steal and always will.
      It sucks – get over it.
      Can you punish them by acting the fool in a park – keep trying.
      Can you turn your head while the other half of the problem stirs up riots and says it’s the Corps? Fault
      Of course –You are
      Uncle George S is going get a return on his billions invested in this cabinet and easily with MORONS like you.
      As for the vote – just last year you took a ,what was it, a shellacking? barry’s own words
      Leather face and Boner get caught with their hand in cookie jar – No surprise.
      Resign barry resign

    • Mark in LA

      Money isn’t real so a bank failing means absolutely nothing. The bank closes today and all the “assets” are transferred to another bank. Everybody still has his “money” in the bank and life goes on except for the banks shareholders, bondholders and executives. That is what was saved not the economy.

  • Joe

    Business goes where it can generate the most profit. If the US Gov. does not make it work here they will move elseware and anyone in business would do the same. What you have is Marxist selling themselves off to the public as liberals running Gov. and this has been going on for many years in both GOP and Dem administrations.
    We need to vote them all out and put in true conservative Gov. As for the demonstators these are usefull idiots which are in every marxist movement.

    • big wyo

      Well put Joe. You cant punish a corperation that’s world wide. They just keep the money off shore and we suffer.

    • Mark in LA

      Joe that is why we have a government that is supposed to represent the people. The government is supposed to say to corporations – If you take your jobs out of the country, we won’t let you bring your products in because it weakens society overall. The problem is that government didn’t do this is rolled over.

      • coal miner

        You are right.
        Very Pissed Off Combat Veterans — And Blueprints For Change By John McCarthy. NWO: New World Order –. Still Fiction Or Already Reality? …

        Ha ha ha

  • Henry Ledbetter

    If we were willing and obedient to our Creator we could once again eat the good of the land. As long as men set themselves up as God, His blessings will not be upon us. As I see it from the mirror of God’s Word, the law of the harvest has come due and we have been found wanting. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” It is either God or chaos and we need to make our choice..

  • Dan

    Everyone commenting on this article is lying about Obama and will be prosecuted and end up in jail. Justice Department Wants To Prosecute Internet Fibbers is one of the articles in today’s email. Since it’s the government who get’s to decide who is fibbing you all are in trouble. LOL

    • big wyo

      Oh big brother is watching – No shiiit. Lying is not illegal and this country is headed for revolution anyway. Kind of COMMUNISTS DONT YOU THINK.

    • FreedomFighter

      You are correct in a way:

      All will be forced to choose a side: Good or Evil

      None will be able to ride the fence, choose well, I read the book and evil does not win in the end.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

  • 4-just_us

    Our legislative system is fertile ground for corruption is our main problem. The three branches of Government are in disarray. How did this happen? Because we don’t have a strong president who is resistant to corruption or a president that is to inept to be called a leader. We need a strong leader(president) who will hold everybody accountable. Right now there is nobody in all three branches that are not corrupt. Every election we hope for good honest people to do the right thing. Our two party system is also broken. I think “we the people” are going to eventually have to have a massive revolt and change our currant corruption system. The only person on the horizon that I would have for President is Ron Paul.

    • Buddy

      Agreed. Ron Paul is probably the only person on the horizon who has solutions to the federal problem. Although he has the wisdom, he unfortunately lacks the charisma to get the needed support from the voting mob.

  • spxz

    I’m 67, and still working, because the slimebags in DC have been palying partisan power politics for most of the years I have been paying taxes. (Well over 50, as I was working part time, paying taxes, at 14). There is one thing I have learned watching the grandchildren when they were babies. Politicians, like diapers, should be changed frequently, for exactly the same reasons.

    • Raggs

      TERM LIMITS!!!!

  • spxz

    Sorry.. I used my made up word ‘palying’. That is when a politician throws money, jobs and legislation at the ‘pals’. Nope, it is not a word. But it should be.

  • Dewey

    Has any of you ever heard HAARP and the things it can do?

  • DT in CO

    How soon we all forget! In 2008, we were only 13 years removed from the end (mostly) of the Resolution Trust Corporation, necessitated by the Savings & Loan crisis of the 1980s ( Something similar could have been done again — even the WSJ suggested it .

    If the causes for our current state of affairs is legislative corruption, crony capitalism, etc., AND it’s generally agreed we need Major Change, I suggest the following changes for Congress (includes the House & Senate):

    a. Congressional salaries would remain in effect as of 1 January 2011, except future salary increases, if any, after date of enactment should be tied annually to the prior year’s Consumer Price Index (CPI), but not to exceed 2% [legislators would no longer vote their own COLA pay raises].

    b. Abolish current retirement plans for Congressmen under CSRS or FERS. Their individual funds/credits in current CSRS or FERS accounts could be withdrawn or rolled-over to personal IRAs. Congressmen would no longer be considered to be Federal Employees for purposes of retirement/pensions. Considering a less than 9-month session schedule, abundant staff, lucrative travel plan, extended recesses during weeks of federal holidays, unlimited personal leave at their sole discretion, etc., Congressmen should more appropriately be described as ‘Temporary Public Servants’, not Federal Employees.

    c. Abolish current health plans for Congressmen under FEHBP. They could provide for their individual health plans or can now participate with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (Obamacare, unless repealed) as all other non-employee un-insureds.

    d. Attempt to pass Constitutional Amendment 28: Congressional Term-Limits. Congressmen could serve a lifetime cumulative of 12 years encompassing four possible options, none of which would be required to be consecutive terms:

    A. Three four-year Senate terms; or

    B. Six two-year House terms; or

    C. One four-year Senate term and four two-year House terms; or

    D. Two four-year Senate terms and two two-year House terms.

    Amendment 28 should include a Non-associative Lobby Employment/Income Clause. Congressmen would be prohibited to work for, or receive income from, any/all political lobbying organizations or Political Action Committees for ten years after leaving any term of office.

    Serving in Congress should be a temporary public service, not a career (recently became aware that Joe Biden has been a Senator or Vice President since Jan. 3, 1973 — almost 39 years)! Our Founding Fathers envisioned citizen-legislators serving their term(s), then returning to otherwise personal life.

  • DaveH

    Important article for Freedom Lovers:

    • JeffH

      Very good alert. Done that yesterday.

    • FreedomFighter

      Guns gone, God removed = World Goverment and the end of all Freedom for Americans, brought to you by the Luciferian New World Order.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

  • Polski

    I love all these BS articles and comments. Much better than any sitcom you can see. The federal government is made up of politicians and bureaucrats that have been bribed by corporate CEOs and executives. Party #1 is horrible. Party #2 is terrible. “none of the above” never shows up on the ballot. This especially applies to Ron Paul. Politicians like him really cause the problems.

    • Monte

      Polski, politicians like Paul cause the problems? Please explain: how did you come to this conclusion on Paul? The fact that you chose Paul and not the sleaze Obama is suspect.

      • Aniko

        Ron Paul is so far out in la la land that rational conservatives cannot see him as president of our nation. He could make a good cabinet member but a president has to have a message that resonates with more than just 10% of the voters.

        He is a hindrance because he hangs in there (thereby further dividing the already divided electorate) AND then even if he loses he is not willing to budge to support the candidate elected.

        His vision of “change” is anarchy; all anarchists, including a sizeable portion of the OWS protesters are his zombie-like followers. He wants to “eliminate” ALL taxes and has not offered anything to replace it with. Can there be ANY government without any taxes? According to him there is no need for Federal Government; the logical question is: then why are you running to be the president of the Federal Government? How honest or realistic is that?

        He wants to get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank and apparently replace the monetary system with gold?! He is archaic to say the least. He cannot process the consequences of what he would want to implement. He is upset that other candidates cannot see eye to eye with everything he says.

        I could go on and on with what I get from his “messages” but none of them are rational or realistic!

        • Monte

          Aniko. Boy, are you at the wrong site. I notice you say nothing of the incompetent, inexperienced, leftist moron now in the White House. Paul talks letter of the law. Our moron-in-chief just makes it up as he goes along.

          • Aniko

            WE ALL know about the moron in the WH. I considered it redundant to talk about him.

            My point was to illuminate the fact that our problems will NOT be solved to replace on moron with another!

        • DaveH

          You’re the one in La-La land, Aniko. How do you suppose the Federal Government got along before 1913, when there was NO Income Tax?
          And why are people, who like Big Government, so fond of declaring anybody, who wants to cut down its size, an anarchist? Could that be manipulation? Nah, surely you wouldn’t resort to that?
          Ron Paul speaks truth and reality. I realize those are hard concepts for typically heavily propagandized people to understand.

        • JC

          Aniko says:
          November 16, 2011 at 11:07 am
          Ron Paul is so far out in la la land that rational conservatives cannot see him as president of our nation. He could make a good cabinet member but a president has to have a message that resonates with more than just 10% of the voters.

          Do you have any idea how far and away in front Ron Paul has been in almost every straw poll taken so far? And that this information is deliberately suppressed by the MSM? I think your 10% estimate is way under the actual mark.

          • Jay

            JC, i think aniko works for MSM!

          • JC

            Really? I thought she was some sort of English teacher the way she was going after people’s grammar. ;)

          • Jay

            Well, could be true. But, even if you’re not an english professor, a teleprompter can sure make you sound, and look like one!

  • jerry sweet

    polski get a life.common sense could stand up and say, hi iam common sense,and then could slap you sideways,so you could see him and you still would’nt understand.why read these articles? do you just like being lampooned yourself.come on get a life.the feds are rapidly destroying us!! open your eyes lib,better yet get a life.oops too late,feds took care of that!!

  • TheDuke

    Yes. There is only one general solution as a whole….. DE-UNIONIZATION OF ALL BUSINESSES, which will eliminate the influence and control to politicians. prevent ridiculous salary adjustments and benefits, and improve corporate taxation. DE-REGULATE, newly existing program that did not work and failed as demonstrated, which forces corporate entities conservative for self preservation. ELIMINATE USELESS EXPENDITURES on non-prioritize projects in general, and TOTAL INVESTIGATION of major governmental offices for wasteful and unnecessery budget allocations.

  • Bell

    We all know now that Obama wants all to fail so he and his co-hearts have us under submittion to their form of Government.This is and always has been his, the progressives, unions,Soros, etc, goal. Take over this country [ along with the muslims ] and be dictators. We need to send all the muslims home, including the ones in our military. I’m sure there are a few that are good guys, but since we can’t tell, they all need to go. We have GOT to vote this guy out and some how make very sure our votes count and no one throws them away or puts them aside before they are accounted for. Then we need to prosecute all those that have gone against our constitution. Obama health care book needs to be torn to bits as we the people never got to vote on anything that was written in it, as all was done behind closed doors. Which means, it was done behind our backs.

    • Mark M

      The feud on Islam had been for decades propagated to our nation since the Middle East world fails to drop barrels at desired price. Hence there’s a need to crusade and sabotage Middle East countries spreading the info about brutal dictatorship laws around there. Every country has a right to form its own government. In war in Iraq we killed 10x as much vs. victims of Saddam’s regime.
      Vladimir Putin in Russia is also brutal and official dictator(just like Saddam or Stalin), has oil, gas and other lotsa natural resources would you mind???

      No matter who we are and what we are WE HAVE NO RIGHT UNDER ANY INTERNATIONAL LAWS to change government and to stick our nose on territories that do not belong to us for filthy economical reasons.

      It’s extortion and recketeering that actually taxed so many human lives for Allmighty’s sake!

      Disclaimer: I’m Jew.

  • aaron hank

    I’m an innovator/inventor/job creator.When obama recently signed the America Invents Act he killed all chances of me getting funding,developing my idea and starting possibly an entirely new American industry with thousands of good manufacturing jobs .That disgusting little man and his ignorant smiling friends have brought the dark ages” back to the world…

  • Mark M

    I’d like to change a name of this newspaper: Personal AntiObama LOL!
    Every single bit of a nation’s problem addressed to one man in charge most of the time with no supportive evidence!

    • FreedomFighter

      Supportive evidence?

      Pull your head out of that hole, remove the rock your under, pull off the blinders, get that pound of wax out of your ears:

      Now look around

      Evidence provided/

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • JC

      Mark M says: with no supportive evidence! (???)

      I take it you’ve only just arrived on this planet.

      • Mark M

        not realy description of supportive evidence. it has to be described in the different and professional way rather in form of gossip or blame so it’s fact supported. otherwise it’s worth nothing.
        so quit screaming.

        • JC

          I’m screaming? Well that’s news…
          Let’s see…sinse you’re unable to assimilate information on your own, even though it’s all around you, what would you like?
          Perhaps pictures of government stick men drawn in crayon taking money from people and throwing into a hole? Would that give you the general idea? Or…too complicated for you?

  • jerry sweet

    wake mark m its been in your face since before he took office,but i guess you keep them closed so the do do just blind you more

  • James

    I agree, the worst is yet to come. All cities, counties and states have been operating on borrowed money – like the federal government. Many are running out of money and ae now starting to cut back on policemen, patrolmen, firefighters, teachers and other employees. This is adding to the unemployment list. Some States are letting prisoners go because they can’t afford to feed, cloth and house them. Every day, 10,000 baby-boomers sign up for social security now, while the federal government is still borrowing 40% of what it spends. The super committee of 12 congressmen can’t even decide on WHAT to cut, much less on how much. The dollar is going to fail and banks are going to close, like they did 80 years ago before the Great Depression.


    The majority of its politicians has become corrupt and no longer serves the interest of the majority of its population. They are now swayed by special interest group.
    The UK and many of the western countries including the USA will continue to decline, the west has lost the monopoly in manufacturing, my compassion goes to those that are desperately seeking a job and unable to find one, Please blame the politicians that you have elected.
    The term used by many voters we the people that vote elect politicians, is correct, however the world of politics has changed, today it is big business and big money that controls the political agenda. The influx of millions of the poor to the UK is welcomed by major corporations that applies also to the US the Bastion of Capitalism, In fact major business leaders wants Turkey to be admitted to the EEC it has an unemployment rate in excess of 20% Turkish labor may be obtained to work below UK minimum wage.
    Big business loves cheap labor for this reason the west is becoming De Industrialize and in time western countries will become an Agriculture based economy, as they were before the Industrial revolution. Now you may ask how will change come about, it will come about when the country has been reduced to poverty and millions have become unemployed right now the number of unemployed in the UK is around 3 million, As to the U.S. it is perhaps is 25 million.

    Russia and China has won the cold War the removal of the iron curtain has unleashed the influx of the poor that were trapped behind the iron curtain, that influx of millions of poor people have found their way to western countries. As to China that genius Die Zia pong opened China into becoming a free market economy, and by doing so China became a magnet for western Industry to move to China to take advantage of a skilled labor that works for low wages. Our Industrialists began to laugh all the way to the Bank their profits zoomed up wards, and the corporate officers of these Western Companies salaries, and bonus is now in the millions. Well folks these are the guys that control the politics in London and Washington, DC, USA. You may scream and protest but nothing will change, it never changed in Russia or China until a revolution started and succeeded, when it did all of the fat cats assets were seized and many were killed.
    By Joseph Foster, Author ‘’Seeing Red’’ to be released in all book shops worldwide. January 15, 2012. When my book is released I intend to use the message in my book to begin to wake up the voters of the west, I will need the support of the unemployed to help me to get my message across the UK and the USA the bastion of capitalism.

  • martin

    I believe that Obummer does not want a recovery. His only chance for reelection in 2012 is too blame the Republicans for doing nothing and it is their fault that there is no recovery and the unemployment is still at 9%.

  • Joe America

    This nation is done, party over. The fact is that the central bankers of Europe and the USA are meeting their agenda for total domination, of the USA. If they can take us down, then the rest of the world will fall like dominos. Now, there’s no coming back. All we can do is get ready for Mr. Toad’s wild ride. Those who have prepared will live and those who sat by and have done nothing will go into the dust bin of history. There will be a new world order, which will be the rise of a new lord-surf society. Citizens who cooporate with the new world order will survive. Those who resist will be eliminated, or turned into slave labouring zombies. There’s no way to “church up” this reality. It is what it is. Any attempt to say otherwise is simply unrealistic cheer leading.

    • JC

      In 2010 the States of Michigan, Wisconsin, Virginia and Pennsylvania
      alone issued in the neighborhood of 2.4 million deer tags. That’s a lot of people who own sniper rifles and who probably believe in their Constitutional rights. And that’s just 4 states.
      I wouldn’t get too pessimistic my friend…but do get ready.

  • Aniko

    Joe America, I don’t know how old you are, but I do remember that when Carter was in the WH I said the same thing!

    Granted our national problems seem greater than ever before, but I am over 60 and became an optimist as time went by. I DO fervently believe that as bad as things seem, America is NOT done!

    Many people want to define what America’s exceptionalism is. I have the most obvious answer: this is the only nation that comprises, therefore represents, mankind in the freest ever governing system.

    No government is perfect other than the one that the Bible describes when Jesus will return. Until then, in human terms THIS IS THE ONE.

    Many of you complain because you were born here and the present state of affairs seems insolvable. I was born in Romania and was exiled by Ceausescu’s regime. I KNOW what bad is. What we have here is far from being the worst it could be. Our present “malaise” is merely due to a repeat of Jimmy Carter. Since those of us who lived through it have witnessed the “miracle” of rebirth with Reagan, CAN believe that it can happen again! For that to happen we cannot just simply give up on the present system and view ONLY the “bad” of both parties, but make a decision that although the Republican party is NOT perfect, it still is the better choice, if we are to have another chance at preserving our greatness.

    • 1911man

      I don’t agree with what you say most of the time, but I must say to this post well said.

  • Bob from SoCal

    I don’t agree that the fat cat bankers had nothing to do with this fall. I do agree that our Federal Government is complicit in the fall. Many politicians in our government are puppets of the worlds elite (New World Order), which in turn are in control of the worlds banks, hence the connection to the bankers.

  • Chris

    You people whining and complaining to one another on here is accomplishing absolutely Zero, nil, nada. You want to get the governments attention–fill out your 2011 income tax forms and don’t mail them in. If we all band together they cannot come after all of us. Now if you are due a refund, I say send it in. If not hold onto it. You can always use the Geitner excuse that you forgot to mail it. The second way to get their attention is to vote out all Senators and Representatives running in 2012. Clean house. You can’t clean out the Senate because only a third will be up for reelection this go around. But they WILL get the message.

    • DaveH

      Maybe, Chris, if you spent a little more time reading the articles and comments here you would already know that not paying your taxes would be a futile and very risky move. Risky because the Government can afford with their deep pockets to harass you into compliance or throw you in jail. Futile because as long as they control the money printing press, they don’t need your money. They will just print their own (through the Federal Reserve).
      Now, enough whining and complaining about our whining and complaining.

  • Roger, a Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    It may seem contrary to common sense and logic and is definately contrary to the demands of many OCCUPIERS, television Commmentators/hosts and pseudo Economists BUT in actuality MORE ,or any regulations,for that matter, only make the Establishment individuals and corporations, richer and more powerful.

    THAT is exactly the kind of economy, we have had since the early 1900′s a highly and increasingly regulated economies and the result has been the situation we have today of approximately 1 percent of the people controlling the wealth and power in every country on this planet.

    The REASON is very simple: Only the Wealthy and Powerful can afford the Economists,Accountants and Lawyers to steer them around and through regulations and in fact make the regulations work for them, not-with-standing that the wealthy and powerful ( Establishment) can afford to bribe and coerce for priveleges.

    Among the so-called 99 percent very few, if any, can afford to do the same and so, in effect, only the 99 percent must suffer the consequences of obeying regulations. The main consequence is that they can never hope to compete with the wealthy and powerful because of the drag of the regulations which they have no hope of avoiding. Some of those, who can afford to benefit from regulations, create monopolies. Monopolies are a perfect way to accumulate wealth and power. The Pharma. Military and Banking industries are perfect examples. It is regulations which give them theri wealth and power, via monopolies.

    True Monopolies cannot exist in a Real Free Market, unfettered by corrupt bureaucrats and politicians.They require regulations giving them the privelege of Monopolies, by LAW.

    The long run result is that MOST small businesses can never really grow, are bought out or put out of business by large corporations who can afford to use and misuse regulations . Yes, some small businesses do become large corporations BUT that is EXTREMELY rare and the worst effect is ,over many years, fewer small businesses exist.That is a disaster for any economy, because it is small businesses which provide the majority of jobs, with WELL PAYING satisfying occupations.

    If we had a TRUE FREE MARKET Wealth and POWER could never be concentrated as it is today because no individual or group or company, no matter how wealthy would have the advantage of REGULATIONS to manipulate.They would have to compete on merit, good products/services at market demanded prices.

    For those saying we need more regulations, you are asking for more of the same system which created the problems we have today.

    • JC


    • Mark in LA

      You made some sense then you posted this:

      True Monopolies cannot exist in a Real Free Market, unfettered by corrupt bureaucrats and politicians.They require regulations giving them the privelege of Monopolies, by LAW.

      This is total hogwash. We had monpolies long before we had regulations – remember Rockafeller’s Standard Oil? Monopolies exist not just because of law but anywhere the cost of doing business is so high other people cannot easily get in. You probably cannot monopolize the hand made shoe market but semiconductors is another thing where a plant costs billions to build. Intel could have strangled AMD after its second source contracts expired if it wanted to. It just didn’t want the legal hassles and low profits while it was forcing AMD out of business.

      That is the problem with you libertarians, you are so in love with simple minded ideas that you don’t think deeply enough about the flaws in those ideas. Government is the source of all our problems is your constant refrain as if its elimination would somehow bring about the Garden of Eden.

  • Angel Wannabe

    I’m always amused when I hear the Obama Administration talk of the slow process of the Economic Recovery…I ‘m sure you can hear my Sarcastic laughter_ I suppose when you live in the White House, it shields you from all reality. These people lie so d*mn much they believe it themselves.

    We’ve live just out side of town which has been a depressed job area for over 25 years. As I’ve stated before, unless you work for yourself, punch a cash register, work at the local Hospital/Doctors offices or the Municipality, your probably not working! If you are working chances are, you leave town to do it.
    Washington has destroyed what’s left of Confidence in the American People. Each election cycle we do the same things over and over again. Vote new blood in there, nothing changes. Vote them out, nothing changes. Although, I firmly believe there is good in Congress, especially since the last voting cycle, but there is not enough of the like minded, to change what needs to be changed.

  • Angel Wannabe
  • simian pete

    I’m not worried, Mr. Myers ! The government will “take care” of me ! (?) ….. HA HA !

  • Thinking About

    Yes you can blame some of this on the federal government but why did the banks and finanical institutions fail to regulate themselves. With the repeal of Glass-Stegall with Phil Gramm bill of if you just deregulate them everything will be alright. Well guess what, Phil it did not work as you planned, they managed to dismantle themselves. Did anyone look around to see what would have happened if TARP had not passed, the taxpayers would have picked up the cost of many items AIG would be responsible for. It is not as easy to say let them fail when the insured to AIG is the tax payers. Don’t wish for what you do not know, it would have cost you more. Obama with the stimilus gave a bottom floor to the recession and prevented a depression but guess some would prefer this to happen. If government can not make jobs then they can not halt jobs so figure how you can have it both ways.

  • Kris

    Obama’s days are numbered. I totally agree. Let’s elect a President who can get us out of this mess, before another war starts, or something else bad happens. Time for Barack Obama to go back to Chicago. DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE RE-ELECTED!!

  • meteorlady

    So I think that we are all partly to blame for what’s happened. In the past housing prices have never actually gone down. Except before the great depression era. Americans believed that housing would always go up and so did the banks. We were taking money out of our equity and paying off credit cards, buying cars, etc. We turned into a bunch I “have to have that” people. (NOT ALL OF US)…

    Then Fair Housing was signed by Clinton and the housing market started to rise. More and more people jumped on the bandwagon believing that they would be able to make money off their home, or flip houses for a profit. Clinton actually thought housing would become more affordable, but in fact it because more unaffordable so it eventually collapsed.

    If housing prices were still inflated, the banks would not be in trouble, people would be able to refinance ARMS for more affordable 30 years fixed. The job market would be down because all the construction jobs would be back and people would again be able to afford a home.

    I do believe that the deregulation (repeal of Glass-Steagall) helped a lot, as did the appointment of Franklin Delano Raines as CEO of Fannie Mae. I believe that GWB was complacent, but he did try and get the Senate Banking Committee to look into Fannie’s loan guarantees. Seems they guaranteed more loans than they had money to back.

    I don’t think that we will recover this time without some real pain and some real change in our society and our government and how it does businesses. We need to stop borrowing money and pay our debts.

  • Graystroke

    People fail to understand the plans of the mulch-alphabet clubs like the Club of Rome the CFR, the Fabian Society , the Trilateral Commission, et al. Robert Reich ( was giving glowing support of the OWS crowd, this is all well orchestrated and has taken over 90 years to bring to fruition. You folks continue to err that these are all dumb people, well the bottom idiots are mere tools and fools. The Christian and conservatives continue to show lack of courage to out these and the media for their complicity of these Marxist goals. We will devolve into anarchy and finally totalitarian reign all for your own good. The TEA Party has been compromised and patriots will be few and far in between. The agenda of global Marxism. You folk can pontificate about so called easy solutions but for revealing and taking the heat and publicly denouncing these dregs of society it will a waste of key strokes. Read Tragedy and Hope it will tell you all the plan of global dominion and it is now upon our shores no longer a mere quaint story about Europe which is presently in decay. As is our own moral compass….. Lord have mercy on us all…we have greatly sinned as a nation.

  • FreeMan

    You can not solve any problem by addressing the symptoms. Symptoms are the result, not the cause. The root cause of the problem began in 1960 with the false guisees of “Free Trade,” “We are a Service Economy,”and the “Global Economy.” Since that time we have exported more than 20,000,000 jobs and over $12.8 Trillion. We have gone from the most productive nation that ever existed to the greatest debtor nation that has ever existed. Our trade inbalance is now growing at the alarming rate of nearly $1 Trillion a year. So Obama is off trying to get more “Free Trade” agreements. He has no clue unless his goal is self destruction for the US of A.

    • who cares

      As the G.O.P have said let it fall.

  • James T.

    Wailt until 2012 and vote them all out of office.

    • who cares

      Who the republican party? they are only ones that want to fix the economy. while buch was president he protected us from 9-11 could of been lot worst thanks his leadership he (my hero) saved million of people and created millions of jobs.

  • James T

    No The Demo. Party.!!!!!

  • Dave Bishop

    If we look back on the failures, we see our politicians, like Barney Frank who managed with other cohorts to keep Fannie and Freddie under cover of darkness. Tim Johnson and Franklin Ranes took their loot and ran just before the companies went belly up and had to be refinanced. We have to look at the unions who are partially financing the “99%” in the parks and streets; we have to blame those who have taught socialism to the youthful crowds in the schools and colleges. We have to fault the people who wanted “change” and, like the rest of us got it! We jingle when we walk. And now we all know what change is: 3 years without a federal budget, a government that sweeps everything under the carpet, and a 4th estate that does not know the difference between biased opinions and investigative reporting. Sadly, there is no one in the wings who is able to right the wrongs and bring order to this nation. God help us.

  • Tired of Idiots

    John Myers doesn’t blame big corporations or big banks for this worsening crisis, he blames the federal government. Does that include the GOP and Republicans who held office for eight years, gave the wealthy, CEO’s and CFO’s whatever they could buy from W holding office? If not, John Myers should try to get his facts straight. 2008 was the year the big corporations or big banks failed.


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