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No One Ever Dies of Cancer: The Shocking Truth

July 1, 2010 by  

No One Ever Dies of Cancer: The Shocking Truth

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases of our time. That’s because it strikes people of any age, race or social background. Cancer finds you whether you lead a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle; whether you’re physically fit or out of shape; whether you exercise regularly or are a couch potato; whether you’re rich or poor, male or female; whether you’re a vegetarian or a meat lover; and whether you’re an adult, adolescent or child.

And the thing that terrifies people the most is that the medical establishment doesn’t know exactly what causes cancer, nor do they know its cure.

In my opinion, doctors are more afraid of cancer than patients are. That’s because they know that chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are NOT the answer to cancer.

Case in point: Oncologist Dr. Tullio Simoncini states that according to his polls and questionnaires, "75 percent of doctors say they’d refuse chemotherapy if they were struck with cancer due to its ineffectiveness and its devastating side effects." The medical journal, Clinical Oncology, published the results of a study in December 2004, wherein it was shown that chemotherapy has a success rate of just more than 2 percent for all cancers [That's a FAILURE rate of 98 percent.]

Headlines are sprinkled with news that one celebrity or prominent figure has “died of cancer”—and there’s hardly a month that goes by when someone we know tells us that a relative of theirs or a loved one has “died of cancer.”

But here’s the shocking truth that most people don’t know: No one actually dies of cancer.

Some people die from complications caused by conventional cancer therapies… but it’s never cancer that kills them. Oftentimes, conventional cancer therapies have been shown to be more dangerous than the disease—that they cause more harm than good.

So what exactly happens when someone is reported as having “died of cancer?” It means that someone’s immune system stopped working. It’s rarely the presence of cancer cells or tumors that kill a patient. Cancer cells come and go. Every human being has cancer cells existing in the body, but those cells usually don’t multiply into the full-blown disease… unless the body’s immune system is compromised in some way.

There’s even evidence that, left unattended, some cancers just disappear on their own. Dr. Per-Henrik Zahl and his colleagues at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health in Oslo, Norway, compared the incidence of breast cancer rates in nearly 120,000 women between the ages of 50 and 64 who had a mammogram every two years over a six-year period, to the breast cancer rates in 110,000 women of the same age who had a mammogram just once at the end of the six-year period. They found that the cumulative incidence of invasive breast cancer was significantly higher in the group that had biennial mammograms than those who only had a one-time prevalence mammogram at the end of the observation period. This has raised the possibility that cancer tumors might spontaneously regress if left undetected.

In Nov. 24, 2008, The New York Times reported that cancer researchers have known for years that it’s possible for some cancers to go away on their own. There were instances of melanomas and kidney cancers that just vanished spontaneously. Neuroblastoma, a rare childhood tumor, has also been shown to go away without treatment.

If such spontaneous remission were indeed possible this might cause a major shift in the way cancer is treated. Since most cancers that are detected are often treated, one might wonder what would happen if cancers were left alone and untreated.

Metaphysical scientists believe that whatever one focuses on grows. Therefore, when cancer is detected, diagnosed and treated, all focus is centered on the disease and the cancerous condition may well become exacerbated rather than healed.

New York Times best selling author Gregg Braden, who is internationally recognized as a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality, stated: “Everywhere we look, consciousness will put something there for us to see. If you are awake and conscious, you are creating. So, what does it mean when you are trained to look for something you don’t want? What does it mean to keep looking for a lump in a breast?”

That’s certainly food for thought.

The fact remains that the human body is designed to heal itself.

But the body heals itself automatically ONLY when it’s supplied with everything it needs to do its job—AND when there are no barriers that keep it from functioning properly. The most essential element that the body needs in order to function is oxygen. Sadly, most people living in modern societies are deficient of oxygen. As for the greatest barrier that keeps the body from functioning properly, that is… stress.

It stands to reason that when you keep your body oxygenated, and minimize stress, that could possibly be the recipe for spontaneous remission of almost any disease.

Many natural health practitioners believe that cancer treatments offered by orthodox medicine are extremely damaging to the body—especially the immune system, which is the only system in the body that can restore the body to health and optimum functioning.

Therefore, people don’t actually “die of cancer.” Rather, they die because of immune system failure. Oftentimes, their immune system is suppressed and severely compromised because of unhealthy lifestyles or treatments—and this renders the body incapable of healing itself the way it was designed to do.

Conversely, if the immune system is strengthened and optimized, there’s almost no disease that the body cannot heal.

Madison Cavanaugh

is the author of The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases, which presents a natural therapy for creating a condition in the body that is uninhabitable by disease pathogens, viruses and microorganisms—and strengthens the immune system, thereby enabling the body to heal itself of practically any disease.

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  • Mel Brewer

    Nice uplifting article without any data to support your argument. Please provide empirical data with survival rates of conventional treatments versus non-conventional treatments. When I talk with doctors who advise holistic treatments none will give me empirical data of how many patients were treated, what type cancer they had and what stage, how long they survived, how they were treated etc. Anyone can “say” anything but those who can provide empirical data hold sway.

    • mollybeejay

      And yet, with only a 2 percent survival rate, you trust the poisons of chemotherapy and radiation.

    • http://YellowDogsandDemocratHandouts. Lester Havens

      Empirical data is non-existent. It is common sense that prevails here. Everyone knows that chemo-therapy destroys healthy as well as cancerous cells. Why would anyone want to destroy healthy cells when the body is in dire need of them. It is a known fact that we have cancerous cells in our bodies while not having full blown cancer. Why that is, no one knows. But it is common sense to realize that if one goes through chemo-therapy there are severe side effects to follow and I would rather not treat a cancer than to suffer the side effects of chemo-therapy.

      • Steve

        I wouldn’t be so quick to judge till you have been put in the position of being told you have cancer.

        • Annette

          I have CLL and have done a lot of research. I am clearing up my cancer with certain supplements. I would NEVER take chemo or radiation!!!! They are far worse than the cancer, itself.

          • libertytrain

            Annette – my best to you and your success with this -

    • James Selby

      A reply to Mel Brewer

      empirical data with survival rates of conventional treatments versus non-conventional treatments. A person that went by the name of Hoxsey cured many forms of cancer many years ago. If a person lives 5 years after conventional treatment ends it is considered a success. If a person is cured of cancer with non-conventional treatments. The medical establishment considers the cure spontaneous remission. You got to ask your self does cut, burn, poison really cure cancer? They fill your body with radio active liquid, or radiation or they attempt to cut the cancer out of you. In cutting the growth out of you they often release millions of cancer cells into your system. Most of all, Your an Oncologist, making between $150,000-$300,000 treating one patient. Why would you want alternative treatments that work and cost 80-90%(less) of the cost of conventional treatment. Follow the money my brother from a different mother.

    • truckman59

      Look for yourself. Doug Kaufman has written a book called “The Germ That Causes Cancer.” In it he has hundreds of citations that point to yeast/fungus/mold as the cause.

      Dr. Tulio Simoncini (sp?) is an Italian oncologist who has been ostracized for a simple and cheap treatment for cancer. He has written a book called “Cancer Is a Fungus.” He has proven time and again that his treatment works. He has shown that sodium bicarbonate, yes, baking soda, can stop and eliminate cancer in its tracks.

      Look up for yourself the similarities between a cancer cell and a yeast/fungus/mold cell. They both are white in color (any color you see in tumors are from the blood supply of the host), have rigid cell walls, do not need oxygen to survive, live in an acidic environment, need sugar to survive and others that I cannot remember.

      • Tiffany Montano

        When the vet sent me home to make a decision when to put my dog down because of tumors in her liver and lungs we knew it would only be a few days. He said to discontinue her Rymadol (for arthritis). She wasn’t eating and had stopped drinking water. We decided she wasn’t in pain so we wanted to let nature take it’s course. That was March 8, 2010. To keep her electrolytes up I began adding a small amount of baking soda to her water. To help with the nausea I gave her medical marijuana. Within a few days she was walking and eating again. It has been five months and she is now chasing my four year old puppy through the house. If I would have listened to the vet I would have put her down five months ago. I don’t trust doctors. My husband has been misdiagnosed too many times.

    • Elijah

      Everyone wants proof, but the sad fact is that the physical world is 99% illusion and to rely on an illusion is nonsensical.

      Robert Barefoot already told us about 10 years ago that cancer cannot live, exist or thrive EXCEPT in an acidic enviroment, the FDA shut him up with HUGE threats and this genius of a man that is way before his time has gone underground.

      Since then more and more AMA type doctors have suddenly figured out that cancer cannot thrive in an alkaline enviroment. How do I know this? I sell Duck eggs, and all sorts of people come to me to buy these eggs (even mail ordered and shipped 3000 miles across the country) and these people tell me that their oncologist or doctor has told them that after they go through the conventional treatments for cancer that they now need to change their diet to keep the cancer in “remission” by eating alkaline producing foods like: Duck eggs (chicken eggs are acidic), almonds asparagus, figs etc.

      And another thing, this cancer that we have is out own doing, cancer thrives in an acidic enviroment and er 80% of ALL americans have very acidic diets. What you eat will kill you. see Robert Barefoot “death by diet” supreme book, from a gneius of a man who once split atoms for BP ( I think)- death by diet is poorly editeds not an editor and what he says is way before his time and I read the book and am convinced that it is true.

      What is obvious to the most casual observer is that we are:
      1. What we eat
      2> what we drink
      3> what we breathe
      and 4 maybe some of you arent so sure about this but we ARE what we THINK and thoughts are THINGS, so it is best to make them great things!

      • Jana

        My niece had Scarlet Fever 8 different times. I was babysitting her when the Dr. called on the 7th time. He told me we could not let her get it again as she was becoming immune to the drugs to fight this and she would develop kidney failure and die.
        I started researching and talking to the lady at the Health Food Store locally who is GREAT at researching too. She is a walking textbook now. We decided we needed to build her immune system up. My brother in law was beside himself. He was sure only the Dr. could help her and was against us going this route, but my sister and I did it anyway. That child got so healthy that the following year they nearly closed her school because so many kids were out because of the flu. My niece never got it.
        Then my brother in law decided they needed to cut back and they stopped getting her vitamins and supplements. About a year later, they were visiting us here and my sister came in and told me they were taking my niece to the ER as she had Scarlet Fever again.
        She did have it, and since they were within an hour of an Army Post, they decided to go there the first thing in the morning to fill her prescrition. Knowing that scarlet fever is a strep virus, I asked my sister if I could give her some Golden Seal, and she said yes. Since I am sensitive to the strep virus we both took some together. I had the liquid and put some in a small amount of water. It has its own taste, but we also drank a small amount of oj. I also woke her up about 4 hours later and we repeated the dosage.
        By the next morning she was already feeling better and the Post hospital said she doesn’t act like someone with Scarlet Fever. My brother in law became a believer and they started her back on her vitamins and immune building supplements. She is a very healthy young lady now and its been at least 6 years ago.

        • http://PLD Tommy

          what is Golden Seal?

          • Jana

            Golden Seal is an herb that you get at the Health Food Stores, or a large chain’s health food dept. The strep virus can’t live in it and I used to get strep throat 2 and 3 times every year. I could knock it out with that right at the first signs of strep, and if you’ve ever had it you know when your getting it again. Then I started building my immune sytem up and haven’t had strep in years.

    • meteorlady

      Our best friend’s brother died of chemo and radiation, not cancer. The chemo fried his liver and his kidneys and he died before treatment was even complete. Another friend went on a diet of legumes and fruit and veggies and her cancer went away after one year. So, maybe there is something to eating right and keeping your immune system strong. She has been cancer free for 25 years now without any doctor or hospital treatments.

    • Harold

      Some years ago the University of Calif. at Irvine I believe,a Doctor there made a study of how long cancer victims lived with Chemo/Radiation as opposed to those who refused chemo/radiation. The results was that those who refused Chemo/rad. lived an average of 12 years with those who accepted chemo/rad. lived an avg of two years. I will try to find the study so all can read it.

    • Brett

      Hey, why do you nay say so quickly??? Are you really that kind of a person? There is no “Concrete” data as you would say because if there were the FDA would have burned it long ago. Think for yourself and not in box.

  • http://donthaveone Beberoni

    The shame about this disease, is finding the cure has become a multi billion dollar business, and I dont think the cure will ever be released, because too many people making too much money would be out of a high paying cushy job, and they dont want that. I fully believe there is a cure allready, but just like the motors for cars that will run on substances other than gasoline, big dollars being made by certain people stop it all from happening. Just my opinion, but I think Im closer to the truth than we all might know.

    • mollybeejay

      Beberoni, this is so true. The drug and medical community are aware of holistic and herbal treatments available that will kill cancer , however, because they cannot make any money from natural cures, this information is discredited and hidden from the public. This is why the FDC is trying desperately to get rid of alternative remedies at the behest of the greedy drug companies.

      • Pat

        I totally agree! There most definitely have been cures for cancer found, but the “establishment” doesn’t want anyone to know about them because they’d end up losing their money & even their jobs because there would be no more use for all of these chemotherapy junk!!

        • TIME

          Mrs, Cavanaugh, A very interesting blog, Thank you.

          Pat, I agree with you 100%.

          I am a person who beat cancer it was not easy nor was it with out issue’s; but I did it in a natural way and stayed as far away from Doc’s as I could.
          I did my own blood test to check progress, yes my backround in in the Meds field, even though I have never used it to make money.
          Yea thats crazy I know.

          I used the three leg method and I know of now 70 others who have done like treatments and have been 100% healed.

          Step one,
          STOP all prossessed sugar intake. This is much harder that you may think, if you look at any foods that are in the stores they all contain these sugars. Thus your eat raw foods, and steam them, for the best effect. Cut back on heavy meats, such as Red Meats, No bugers no frys {no fried foods at all!}

          Step two,
          H2 O2 intake, as the H2 kills cancer cells, this is a proven fact see any study you like. This made me feel very ill daily when I got up to 25 drops per day, I mean you feel like tossing your cookies and when your on empty that sucks.

          Step three,
          Hemp oil three time per day for five months. Let me tell you The first six weeks you will sleep like crazy, many times 20 hours per day.
          The Canabnoids eat cancer see any case studys you like, and yes they are out there do some work just like I did and you will find the TRUTH.
          Just for the record I have helped about 20 people with skin cancer with this one and in about two plus weeks most have no signs of said skin cancer, and its painless, you just apply hemp oils to the skin area effected.

          I am not one to take anything for granted I was trained to never believe what I read, nor what I hear, and if I see it make sure it is what it is.
          Thus I spent many months looking into all of what I just posted. Every perosn I have spoken with that did these has lived, a few are now ten plus years out and 100% Cancer free. Myself I am according to the standard format dead, but as it were I am working on year two 100% cancer free.

          Its up to you to do your own work and see what you feel about it.
          I understand that most don’t have a med backround, thats within reason cost alone is down right crazy, and the rewards are few.

          Thanks again a very good Blog.

    • Prof. Ike Bear

      The established research industry does not want to release a cure for exactly that reason. There is a remedy called essiac that I have seen work for numerous people but information is widely suppressed.

    • http://google mike

      I have to agree I have spent te last twenty years doing things to keep my immune system high and can honstly say I have not had a sick day in years what was said about stress is also true,stress more than likely kills more people than anything else,so keeping my immune system high and stress low has been a big help in my life.mike

      • Martha

        Mike please give your best advise on how to keep immunity high because that is best way to fight cancer

        • Tracy

          Take 5000 to 10,000 IU of good vitamin D3 daily, take good natural vitamin C 3000 to 6000mg daily, take zinc 25 to 50 mg daily and 200 to 250 mcg selenium daily, have your vitamin d levels checked by your doctor after a few months to make sure you are not too high or too low

    • DesertDawn

      AMEN to your article

  • Raymond

    Dear Sir:
    Approximately 2 years ago my father (age 75) developed pancreatic cancer. Within
    a few weeks it was determined that the cancer had spread all through his body.
    If cancer hinders the bodies immune system (assuming that you’re right), then then
    cancer killed my father. My father took pills for the cancer, which proved to be ineffective.
    Approximately 17 months ago he died from cancer. Raymond

    • Frank Verdi

      My mom weighed 99 lbs when she was diagnosed with PC and was given 3-6 months – We supplemented her with amygalin (aka B17 or laetrile) which has a good track record & also AHCH (given to most Japanese cancer patients). I also purchased a multiwave oscillator (old 1930s therapy) which she loved until it broke two years later & she passed away 5 weeks after the machine broke.

  • Big G

    If we the people dont start thinking for ourselves and about how lobbyists and mega corporations have manipulated the empirical data available without having the hammer dropped on those who go against the money machine we will not escape the struggle of doing what is good for the patient. Right now, today, the substances in eggplant will NOT be given to you from a doctor even though the data comes from big Pharmacuticals. Why is that? Simple. Follow the money. No money in EggPlant.

    • Frank Verdi

      Are you referring to the British university study where all twenty subjects (suffering from skin cancer) were given eggplant & later found to be cancer free?

      • greengranny

        I don’t have cancer(at least not yet). But I love eggplant,Parmesan or Hot and Spicey Hunan style.Can we encourage people to eat more of certain vegetables every day. Would appreciate a list of vegetables with even slight empirical evidence of being helpful. As I have aged, my tastes have moved from meat to bean curd and I am feeling better.All I need is an antidepressant. Is watermelon one or is it my imagination? My friends and family worry as I grow thinner with no effort or intent.

  • s c

    For those who pretend to care about empirical evidence, take a hard look at what passes for science and empirical evidence via the AMA and the FDA. Do you want truth or a convenient truth?
    America has scientists and MDs who have had and are having amazing success in treating many forms of cancer. If only the AMA and the FDA herd could make the same claims.
    You see, the AMA and the FDA crew rely on a special ‘relationship’ with a non-functioning media to maintain FALSE and purchased reputations. He who controls the media tends to control public opinion. When you’re in the public opinion-molding ‘biz,’ reputations and science are mere words, to be manipulated at will.
    Read. Ask questions. Do some research. Ask those who CARE about patients and results. If you think the AMA and the FDA are reliable sources, you have a hooker for a healthcare professional, and you also have a trusting, bent over, uninformed and soon to be destitute #^*@ for a would-be patient.

    • mollybeejay

      Big G, You are so right. Remember a couple of years ago when it was related that 5or 6 of the panel of judges used to approve a new drug for market had ties to the company that was seeking approval. Even though they were privy to the test results that showed how dangerous the drugs were. This is still going on today.

  • Pancho Via

    The biggest lie of all time is that people die of cancer. The truth is that patients die all the time from chemotherapy, radiation or surgery treatments.
    If you want to live, just ignore your Doctor’s requests for these cancer treatments or until they decide to live up to their hippicratic oath of doing no harm.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest EJ Doyle

    As a student nurse in the late 1950′s, I noticed that patients that had had a stressful traumatic or dramatic experience in their lives within a year or two prior to the discovery of a cancer.(I interviewed them) At that time,I concluded that the body’s cell chemistry must have changed allowing the cell membrane to weaken and permit an antigen, such as a virus, bacteria,chemical(pollution), enter the cell by weakening the wall of the cell from within the cell and start the process of “cancer” to form. If the scientist can discover the element in the cell that changes to allow this intrusion, they may be able to balance the makeup of cells and PREVENT cancers of all kinds.
    I feel good genetics, good nutrition and balanced oxygenation is imperative to prevent cancer. But mainly, handling stress is the most important element. Even a child in utero can be stressed and effected by nutritional and oxygen deficits that can cause them to be born with a cancer, which has happened.
    Just some of my thoughts from one who thinks outside the box.

    • Marianne B

      In reference to what causes the cell walls to deteriate (spelling?) and allow cancer to form. According to my integrative medicine doctor (a doctor who is trained as a traditional doctor and can perform all their duties, and is also trained as a naturopathic doctor who can perform all duties the holistic way as well) the human cell walls are made to function properly with a sufficient amount of EFAs AKA Essential Fatty Acids.

      The right balance of EFAs keeps the cell walls permeable and healthy (allowing particles in and out) only to life giving nutrients, water, electrolytes, etc., as well it prevents the bad guys (viruses, bacteria, toxins, etc.) from entering the cells. EFAs are fats and oils that we eat.

      There are both good and bad EFAs. Good ones are special Cod liver oil and some other fish oils, flax seed oils, olive oils, and coconut oils, and maybe a few I don’t recall. The bad oils (EFAs) are vegetable oils like soy bean oils
      (hard to avoid) & (never eat soy & soy products unless they are fermented), corn oils, cotton seed oils, canola oils, and pretty much anything labeled “vegetable oil” because it is most likely soy bean oil. Test this out, look at the back label of any vegetable oil you may have in the house and it will most likely say soy bean oil.

      They bad EFAs will allow the bad guys and junk to enter the cells; the cell walls will not work properly to keep the nutrients in; the cells will malfunction and allow any invaders in the cell to damage the cell’s DNA; the cells replicate with damaged DNA; they call these damaged cells the “cancer”.

      So in summary, without the right EFAs eaten, the cell walls breakdown and allow nutrients out (deficiency) & and allow junk in (toxicity). This leads to cancer! The right EFAs (oils) can only be absorbed by the body when delivered with a protein. My doctor recommends a special undenatured protein powder to be mixed with a special oil mixture of EFAs which is mixed with what ever mix you like (I prefer OJ as it makes the shake taste like a cream sickle ice cream bar). The EFAs are a cold pressed mixture.

      I’m told that if I drink my shake of EFAs every day I will not get sunburn while at the beach for the day. It works I live in Florida-Never a sunburn!

      I read books and articles on health like wild. I searched for a great doctor for ten years and finally found one!

      It’s been said that the doctor of the future will be a Nutritionist as well!

      • Marianne B

        In follow up to my comment on coconut oils. Ten or twenty or more years ago mainstream media and the mainstream medical establishment told the public that coconut oil was bad for us, well today they are wrong! They lie together for the money.

  • June

    My husband had colon cancr in 1998. They did surgery removing all polyps and he took 6 weeks of radiation. The dr. said they got it all
    and he was cured???? Five years later in 2003 through a routine exam supicious spots found on liver and lungs. The dr. took biopsy of liver. Report came back colon cancer in his liver and cancer had metasasized. Oncology gave him two months to two years to live. He died two months later. The colon cancer in 1998 had seeded and had five years to spread all over his body. During the five year period he had two more colon checks and all was clear???? So much for the theory that the bodies immune system heals it’s self????? June

    • George Halepis

      to cure any illness, you must stop doing what made you sick in the first place and start doing those things that will strengthen your immune system. Was that the case with your husband? Rule number one is to STAY AWAY FROM THE MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT! THEIR SURGERY, CHEMOTHERAPY, AND RADIATION DESTROYS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM! The medical establishment has the government goons raid the clinics of alternative practitioners and take them away in handcuffs for practicing UNAUTHORIZED therapies! The typical American diet is pure garbage, totally devoid of nutrition that the immune system needs to function. Since our soil is depleted of minerals, supplementation is needed to provide those nutrients that are lacking in our food. It is time to wake up and START TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR OWN HEALTH!

  • Tom

    Cancer – like scurvy, pelagra, and every other cronic metbolic “disease” in history – is just a vitamin deficiency.
    How many people have to die before we can start accepting the truth?!?!?

  • Bill

    I was diagnoised with lung cancer five years ago. I went through chemotherpy and radiation (31 times). Four months after treatment began I was declared “cancer free”. That lasted a year. I was again under treatment including one drug called Avastin which was $19,000.00 a pop and a chemo pill called Tarceva. Thirty pills were $3500.00 I took six and they made me so sick I had to quit taking them. In the meantime I came down with a staph infection which entered through my port and was hospitalized for a week. They cut the port out and it took me about four months to recover. I have not had chemo for 16 months and I feel great. Two things that I do:

    1. Eat a lot of asparagus
    2. Drink alkaline water

  • JH

    People die of cancer. Disputing that is silly. People that don’t get treatment die from the cancer. They became afflicted with the cancer before the treatment option was given to them and when they refused they died – so at no point, before of after diagnosis, was the treatment at fault but the result was death. Is chemotherapy the perfect answer? Who doesn’t know the answer to that question? And stop throwing around the AMA, they represent 17%, or less now, of physicians and the FDA represents the government. On a different note the author’s quote “The fact remains that the human body is designed to heal itself.” is laughable as he seemed to forget that the human body was also designed to perish. Neither fact is less true than the other.

    • Donald

      Most people die from the treatment of cancer.

    • Getrude

      I do not know about the US, but here in the Netherlands medical doctors are taught that the human cells/body are designed/geared for homeostasis, healing itself. Intricate systems become alerted when someone is wounded. And at the same time people die, and have done so all throught history. Scientific research has proven that only 2% of cancerpatients heal with chemotreatment. Young people often having to be medicated, having multiple serious illnesses the rest of their lives. By giving animals antibiotics, needed because of inhumane livingconditions, humans here are becoming resistent to antibiotics, for the same reason already sick people, die of incurable candidainfections, because the regular medicine,used to treat candida, has no effect on them. So why you would laugh, when a cancerpatient, like my sister, fights for her health, after a breastamputation, bravely stopped taking all chemo, because it made her so sick, she could not bear it, regaining some health by taking many supplements and eating healthy, is beyond me. You also seem to have missed the scientific research on the placebo effect, found to be true, and the research on a herb, called turmeric, for its proven beneficial effects on cancer. So why do people die of cancer and is it even true? You would have to research the entire worldpopulation, for even with one exception it is not truth. And is there any possibility people die of cancer, because they have been told they would, for decades now, leaving no other option than to just lie your head down and die. According to a german specialist, cancer always appears after experiencing some traumatic incident. Thus death may come as a relief, cancer a legitimate kind of death.

    • George Halepis

      Ninety-eight percent of patients receiving conventional therapy DIE! Ninety percent of patients receiving alternative therapy LIVE!

      • greengranny

        I am willing to believe what you say. Can you supply more background? I would rather die than be treated like a fool with bogus treatments.

    • Elijah

      nope the human body was NOT designed to perish, it was designed to live forever, and had man not disobeyed God thus allowing disease and decay to creep in, the first man would still be living.

      The human body was designed to heal itself, and thats what it does and will do, however its like a fire, trying to put it out with gasoline doesn’t work.

      If you stop overeating, and filling your body with unatural food, processed sugar, artifical stuff, transfats etc your body would be able to heal itself, but one body can only do so much, so if the body is trying to heal itself and you are contantly filling it with crap and poisoining it, it cannot keep up.

    • jeb41

      This is an example of the usual scaremongering so prevalent in the drug industry. Cancer is a billion dollar enterprise, and for the government to be declaring chemo treatments as unsafe ( as they are ) would be killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

  • Nancy M

    My daughter had breast cancer 3 years ago. That is when I found cancer is not just a disease, it is an epidemic of great proportions & the only people that really survive are the drug companies, doctors and research institutions. No one wants to discuss natural remedies since they do not make as much money. I also found the entire medical community to be rude, ignorant to what the patient really goes through & of course they’re all fat & happy since this disease provides a stable income for life. Now her cancer has returned & she no longer has insurance. We have to depend on the gov’t for assistance…God help us all! You think the “system” was messed up before, just wait. We’ve been waiting a year & a half to get a mamammogram.

    • Rex Nichols

      Nancy: Go to google and enter “MSM”. Go to Jim Trumble’s website and read the first 1/3 of his book. You might want to buy the book. It is not very expensive. I think you will find it very interesting if you follow through read all the posts by MD’s and equally or perhaps more important the facts from ordinary people who have had success with it. It is so very logical and makes good sense.

      • Deborah

        That’s “MMS” and the name is Jim Humble. Please read this info – you’ll be glad you did.

    • Marianne B

      Remember when cigarettes were revealed to contain toxic and addictive chemicals? Well, now it’s our food! There are tons of toxic and addictive chemicals in prepared, packaged, boxed, and canned foods. We all should only eat food that is (was) alive, meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and essential fatty acids.

      We were lied to about dairy and breads. Way back in time the bakers and non meat producing farmers needed to sell their products so they were added to the “food pyramid”. This, again for money.

  • Donald

    Desease cannot exist in an Alkaline environment.If there is one I would like to know its name!

    • Barb

      Lists of foods that are alkaline or acidic can be found on the internet. You need a balance. There are also bottled waters that
      can be purchased, the ones with a ph of 7.5 are the best. Also lemon which is acidic turns alkaline in the body. You can squezee lemon in your drinking water.

  • jopa

    I was diagnosed with stage 4 non-Hodgkinds lymphoma eight years ago and went through chemo and was given an experimental drug called retuxin.Three years later I was pronounced cancer free.In the article above some doctors claim that a lot of cancers go away on there own.I’m sure mine would have also but you could have found it again if you dug down six feet.I truly believe it was my excellant health insurance that kept me alive and I have seen many other that have died because of no health insurance.That is one of the reasons I am for national health care.Why should I live and watch others die because they could’nt get treatment.The doctors claiming they would refuse chemo and radiation would probably change their minds if they had to face reality some day. Talk is cheap.When people stop thinking just about themselves and care for others this will be a much better world.

    • Hilde Schaefer

      I totally agree with what you said here. I too have stage 4 non-hodgkins lymphoma. I did chemo and Zevalin. Which is a radioimmune therapy. Right now I am in remission. There really is no cure whether you go one way or the other. I have know people go the natural way and died faster. So who is to say. When it is your body you naturally want to live. So you do everything you can to preserve your life. My Mother had colon cancer and was 88 and the drs did surgery and she lasted 8 months after without chemo. So I rest my case to the people that say go the natural way.

      • Haskell H

        do not want Socialized Nationalized healthcare.
        I just finished 6 and half years Stage IV Non-Hodgkins B-Cell Lymphoma. It is in all my Lymphnodes, both sides of the neck, under both arms, chest, stomach, groin and in bone marrow 40%. I did not do chemo. My Cancer Dr. and my primary physician have been a little surprised. I do what I can to strengthen my immune system. Dr’s do not cure anything. They only diagnose and treat the symptoms. “ONLY” your Immune System will cure you. I still work full-time. I can play basketball or golf in 95 degree weather. I take no medication of any kind. I have 5 grand children and 1 great granddaughter. I am 65 years old. Lord willing I will see them all grown. If I can feel this good and live 5 more years, Lord willing 10 more years, then just let me keep the Cancer. Please visit my website. I think it will encourage you. I SELL NOTHING ON MY WEBSITE.

        Dale Hamilton

    • Deborah

      If you love your health insurance think about this – just because “coverage” has been mandated doesn’t mean “care” will be available. Stop thinking like a sheep …

    • James Selby

      It is good that you had a good insurance policy, but if u think national health care is the answer you are wrong.The United States of America has the highest cure rate by recognized standards than any other country that has national health care. I ask you this how can the president add some 30 mil. people to health care and reduce the coast and what a laugh reduce the deficit. The only way a person can reduce the coast is “Sir you are to old. We can not spend tens of thousands of dollars on a person that only has ten to fifteen years left of life. Sorry we will give you pain medicine.

    • Haskell H

      I do not want Socialized Nationalized healthcare.
      I just finished 6 and half years Stage IV Non-Hodgkins B-Cell Lymphoma. It is in all my Lymphnodes, both sides of the neck, under both arms, chest, stomach, groin and in bone marrow 40%. I did not do chemo. My Cancer Dr. and my primary physician have been a little surprised. I do what I can to strengthen my immune system. Dr’s do not cure anything. They only diagnose and treat the symptoms. “ONLY” your Immune System will cure you. I still work full-time. I can play basketball or golf in 95 degree weather. I take no medication of any kind. I have 5 grand children and 1 great granddaughter. I am 65 years old. Lord willing I will see them all grown. If I can feel this good and live 5 more years, Lord willing 10 more years, then just let me keep the Cancer. Please visit my website. I think it will encourage you. I SELL NOTHING ON MY WEBSITE.

      Dale Hamilton

  • Buster

    The metaphysical scientist is NOT a scientist, Metaphysical scientists do not exist. The word metaphysical violates the definition of science.

  • Joe

    The sad thing is that people take more time and effort to research about buying a house or car than researching health/nutrition facts and finding a good doctor.

  • jopa

    Donald;You were lookin for an alkaline environment.The Detroit Tigers had a player from 1953 to 1974 by the name of Al Kaline also known as Mr. Tiger.Closest I could come up with.Bit of humor but one of the best players of all time.

  • Tom

    Vitamin C cures scurvy.
    Vitamin B cures pelligra
    Vitamin B17 CURES CANCER!!
    It realy is that simple.
    google ‘vitamin b17′ watch the G. Edward Griffin video “A World Without Cancer”

  • Carlucci

    The key to all of this is to PREVENT cancer from ever happening. It is much easier to prevent cancer than to deal with it once it has manifested itself. With the abysmal way the typical American eats, it is not a mystery why so many people are dying of cancer – because they are eating “dead” processed food, not fresh whole food.

    Cancer is indeed a disease of the immune system, and there have been natural cures for cancer around for many years, but you never hear about them unless you are willing to do research on your own. A coworker of mine (age 70 at that time) came down with pancreatic cancer in late 2007. He took a couple of rounds of chemo, but it made him so sick he stopped. His wife did some research on the web and found a natural herbal product called Graviola which comes from the Amazon rain forest. He started taking it and after a few weeks, went into remission. His doctors were baffled, but he never told them what he was doing. I saw this man last year over the Christmas holidays and he is doing great – still alive and well and in remission. This is a miracle as most people do not survive pancreatic cancer. I lost my husband to pancreatic cancer in 2005.

    I thought this article was very good. If you want to learn the truth about cancer and why people get cancer, read “Beating Cancer with Nutrition” by Patrick Quillen. It has been on Amazon’s best seller list for years and is one of the best books I have ever read on any subject. According to this book, the immune system generally will not attack certain cancers because the cancer disguises itself as a pregnancy so the immune system won’t attack and kill it.

    Another great book is “Sugar Shock” by Connie Bennett. Had I known about these two books and Graviola when my husband got sick, he might have survived.

    • Haskell H

      I do not want Socialized Nationalized healthcare.
      I just finished 6 and half years Stage IV Non-Hodgkins B-Cell Lymphoma. It is in all my Lymphnodes, both sides of the neck, under both arms, chest, stomach, groin and in bone marrow 40%. I did not do chemo. My Cancer Dr. and my primary physician have been a little surprised. I do what I can to strengthen my immune system. Dr’s do not cure anything. They only diagnose and treat the symptoms. “ONLY” your Immune System will cure you. I still work full-time. I can play basketball or golf in 95 degree weather. I take no medication of any kind. I have 5 grand children and 1 great granddaughter. I am 65 years old. Lord willing I will see them all grown. If I can feel this good and live 5 more years, Lord willing 10 more years, then just let me keep the Cancer. Please visit my website. I think it will encourage you. I SELL NOTHING ON MY WEBSITE.
      I have done Graviola, Beta Glucans, etc, etc. My favorite is Essiac Tea. I have been boiling it myself and drinking for 6 years.

      Dale Hamilton

  • Walter

    June, I mourn for your loss. My wife and I have been together for 44 years. I can’t imagine life without her. However, if I may, I would like to share with you and others what I know about cancer. I am 61 years old and can still do pretty much anything I could do at 18, including playing football. But this is only because I have devoted countless hours over the years studying the causes of aging and the subject of health generally.
    First of all, there is no such thing as a disease known as cancer. If one is to claim that cancer is a disease, one would also have to claim that a fever is a disease, or a cough, or a sore throat. All of these, including cancer, are merely symptoms. Symptoms are the Lord’s way of letting us know that we have a problem, enabling us to take corrective measures.
    Second, most MD’s are aware of this fact, including where cancer is concerned, but they dare not speak out about it for fear of losing their license, being arrested, or even killed. Treating cancer is the #1 money maker of all time for the medical profession. Most are not about to cut the vine that feeds them. I know personally a man who was curing cancer in Tijuana, including for the Mexican Presidents brother, who barely missed the bullet intended for his head, who was thrown to the ground, handcuffed, driven non-stop to Baton Rouge, LA, tried for “practicing medicine without a license”, and sent to prison.
    Thirdly, contrary to your final statement, the bodie’s immune system can indeed heal the body, but not without the cleansing nutrients it needs for the job. I could build a bridge, but not without the materials necessary for the construction. When Dr. Mary in New Orleans, LA, one of the most respected medical doctors in the world, was diagnosed with colon cancer about 20 years ago, he decided to put Dr. Linus Pauling’s research to the test rather that have much of his colon removed, etc. Dr. Pauling postulated that almost all disease is the result of high levels of toxicity in the bloodstream, and in the major organs, and that even synthetic Vitamin C, in large enough doses, could rid the body of the toxins and flush them out through the kidneys, particularly since vitamin C is a diuretic. Dr. Mary purchased a large quantity of ascorbic acid, synthetic C, mixed it with pure water, and injected it straight into his veins. He was “mainlining” 100,000 mgs of Vit. C/ day. The MDR set by the government is 60 mgs./day. 3 weeks later there was not a trace of cancer in his body. He and his son have a clinic in New Orleans where they cure people from all over the world of cancer, exactly the same way he cured himself, having administered so far literally billions of mgs. of Vit. C, without one single side affect-no hair loss, no loss of appetite, no loss of energy, and no decrease in longevity. By contrast, the average adult lives 5 years after chemo because chemo destroys the liver. It would not be an exxageration to say that the medical establishment in America is murdering millions of us in pursuit of the almighty dollar.
    Massive injections of Vit. C is not the only way to rid the body of toxins, nor is it the preferred way. If you will peruse the website, you can read hundreds of testimonials from people who have cured themselves of cancer, AIDS, and every other disease by radically changing their diets, no smoking, no drinking, and 80% or more of their diets consisting of raw fruits and vegetables and vegetable juices. They proved that as soon as their bodies received the materials they needed to build a bridge to good health, that bridge was built.
    Aging and disease are both caused by two primary factors: lack of proper nutrition, and the presence of high levels of toxicity in the blood. A third factor is lack of adequate exercise. Forget about everything you have ever been taught about exercise. Go get you a mini-trampoline, a bouncer. Might cost you $65 for a good one. Even if you are not strong enough to stand up on it, sit on it and bounce until you are able to stand on it. Start with a gentle bounce. Your feet don’t have to leave the mat. You can do this while watching TV or reading a book. You will start feeling so good that you won’t want to stop. In time you will be bouncing like I do, leaving the mat with each bounce and doing side straddle hops or jumping jacks. Bouncing is unique for 3 reasons. First, every single cell in your body is exercised at the bottom of the bounce. Second, your lymphatic system, which is responsible for removing toxins from your body, works much more efficiently during the period of weightlessness at the top of the bounce. Third, as you break the magnetic plane of the earth with each bounce, you build up electric current in each of your cells. This electricity is vital for healthy cell function in injesting nutrients and expelling waste products.
    I could go on for hours about this subject, especially about the need for staying properly hydrated and keeping the colon clean, which is where most disease starts. I would be glad to share further info with anyone who might wish to receive it.

    • Leo


      “Dr. Mary purchased a large quantity of ascorbic acid, synthetic C, mixed it with pure water, and injected it straight into his veins. ”

      I have to correct you a bit on this one. It could not be “ascorbic acid” with pH 2.1 that was injected into the blood, but Sodium Ascorbate with pH 7.1.
      pH of blood is 7.4 therefore they use this form of vitamin C for injections.

      Orally you can take both the forms of vitamin C.

      Vitamin C is taken according to specific demand of one’s body which can be determined by conducting weekly flash-test calibration,taking 2 ts of Sodium Ascorbate every 15 minutes with 150 ml of water until there is a diarrhea flash, and then taking 75% of that amount distributed over the day every 2 hours. Even at night when your body awakes you for a dose.
      Flash-test calibration will fluctuate in time.
      From my particular experience of last 9 months: starting calibration 44.5 g, then it went to 98.0 g, then dropped to 40.0 g, then -66.8, next drop -28.9 g, then – 89.0 and now 62.3 g.

      There is reason to hope that in time, and after removing all the bad teeth which are a major source of toxins in the body, calibration will drop to less than 4 g.

      Anyway if body needs a particular amount of the the vitamin C one would better provide it!

    • tony rome

      Walter you are a blowhard.stop wasting valuable space on your stupid ideas.get an education.

    • Marianne B

      It sounds like you may be familiar with dr. B. Marshall. I love him and his non- excipient supplements (no toxic tag-a-longs, no fillers, no magnesium sterate) I have a mini trampoline too! It’s awesome! your post is excellent!

  • HealthKick2

    It’s a fact the body does heal itself or else we would seek a doctor’s visit for minor cuts and scrapes. The FDA and the big pharmaceutical companies are making billions on drug sales yearly. These are government entities that are so greedy, they don’t really care about our health except that they want to give us all their drugs and make us dependent on them; look at the television ads for just about anything including male sexual problems to osteoporosis; if I see Sally Fields touting Boniva another time and how osteoporosis runs in her family; this is ridiculous and fraudulent. Osteoporosis is an acidic body eating the calcium from the bones and the incredibly bad diets of drinking soda’s containing phosphorous which robs our bodies of it’s calcium. Our government is hoping we will never find out how to naturally take care of ourselves; look what they are trying to do to us now? If they get their way, they will be telling us what we can and can’t eat, ensuring they will continue to sell drugs with the big lie and keeping natural remedies from us. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! The information is out there, for now; until they are in complete control of the internet which is what they are trying to do now. God help us all !!

  • randomname

    My dad just passed away after a 4.5 year battle with Glioblastoma Multiform Grade IV. For those of you that don’t know, it’s a brain tumor and basically it is the quickest growing cancer you can get. You normally get a few months to live after a diagnosis.

    He had a completely open mind about fighting cancer, he would study up on a treatment and evaluate it before trying it. If it had a decent chance, he would try it.

    Sugars, and alcohols are pretty much common knowledge to all but the FDA as jet fuel for cancer. Wheatgrass, blueberries, flax seed oil, cottage cheese, and a whole host of other dietary changes, all organic, probably made a big difference in his fight. Retiring from work and lowering his stress probably played a big part as well. THC helped actually shrink his tumor by 30% at one point, but like all of the treatments the THC eventually stopped working.

    This article might be technically correct in that the patient dies from organ failure from the tumor growing and crowding out organs and eventually causing them to fail. In dad’s case it was intra-cranial pressure. Your brain takes up most of your skull, so there’s not exactly much spare room in there. Technically, the article might be right. He died of intra-cranial pressure, but that was caused by the cancer.

  • IronHorse

    I’m into my fourth year after my colon cancer surgery. My surgeon suggested chemotherapy, giving me two years at best to live. I declined his suggestion, saying I would approach this holistically and through my faith in my Lord Christ Jesus.

    • Jill

      Amen!! There is a great book called Healing the Sick by T.L. Osborne, which should convince any Bible-believer that God wants to heal YOU and has made provision for your healing. I highly recommend this book to build anyone’s faith to receive healiing from God. I had a lumpectomy but refused cancer and radiation and am healthy now, Praise Jesus.

  • Penny

    Back in 1995 I was dignossed with Endometrail cancer. Had surgery.
    The doctor said he got all of the cancer, but wanted me to do treatments. I told him if he says he got it all why treatment. He said percausion. Well, I choose not to have treatment which shocked him and my primary doctor. Well, here I am still alive. I was 63 at the time and am now almost 78. So…I guess I may have made the right decssision. My husband was dignoissed with prostate cancer nine months later in 1996. He did radiation treatment for six weeks. He did well with hormone shots until 2007 when it the cancer came back. Took chemo treatments that didn’t help. He passed away Jan. 8, 2010 after having Hospice nurse once a week for two months. He was blessed to not have had to suffer any more than he did. I wonder, had he not taken treatment what would have happened. He was 75.

    • Robert

      I was diagnosed nearly two years ago with stage 4 prostate cancer. I chose intermnittent triple hormone blockade therapy. I am cancer free, with a PSA of .017. This is a very reliable therapy, with a nearly 100% success rate. The key is found in the word “intermittent.” It is important to stop therapy after 12 or 13 months, or the cancer can start to feed on the chemicals involved, metastasize, and then the cancer goes wild. For more informatin, google “compassionate oncology,” or American Institute for Diseases of the Prostate.

  • Penny

    Had wrong date when he passed. It was 2008. Typing error.

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    I wish that you had made this possible for me to forward. It has a couple of very intersting articles in it & perhaps those who would read them would be interested in signing up to receive their own original mailing.

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      Prune Picker,
      This column may be forwarded by using the “Share This” button under Article Tools to the right of the beginning of the column.
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  • Linda

    My Sister was diagnosed last Sept. 09′, with Glioblastoma Multiform Grade 4. She immediately had surgery to remove the tumors. I will forward this to her husband in hopes that it might help him in deciding what treatments to pursue or not. Thank you all.

  • jimminety bop

    There will never be a cure for cancer found. If it is, and probably already has been found, you won’t hear about it if the medical field has anything to do with it ’cause it’s too big a business!

  • Amilio Torres

    Get the book “Knockout” by Suzanne Somers. Somers interviews 4 doctors who are Beating Cancer, and 7 doctors who are preventing cancer. One doctor, Stanislaw Burzynski, a Polish immigrant and cancer researcher, has a patented medicine and process with NO devastating side effects and has healed over 8,000 patients in 30 years of practice. Go to and scroll down to “Patients Testimonies”, you will be amazed. The AMA and FDA are trying to defame him and Ruin his Practice. Check it out and be blessed!

  • Butch

    I was diagnosed with 3rd stage retal cancer in 2006. I had 75% of retum removed. In 2008 The cancer spread to both lungs, [becoming 4th stage ] and I had 1/3 of right lung removed, and about 1/4 of left lung removed. I underwent chemo in 2006, and then oral chemo in 2008.

    The radiologist stated that he identified other tumors in left lung in 2008 and in 2009 they were still there. Doctors screwed up. Lawyers won’t touch the case stating so what is the harm other than worry? Top all this while I was recovering my wife started to have an affair and we divorced in 2010. This was my second divorce as my first divorce took nearly 4 years. The reason why I’m stating is one of my oncologist stated the first divorce,and stress probably caused the cancer. My tumors in left lung became very active last year when my other wife filed for divorce.

    I believe that indeed stress is the primary cause of cancer. The doctors don’t cure they treat always trying to keep the host alive as long as the money holds out. One doctor recommended iron infusions. I said lets see if I can raise those levels myself. Well I took supplements and my iron was ok. Funny thing when my future blood tests came in and the iron level was proper no one remembered that my iron was low before. So goes staying on top of the disease.

    Being constanly vigilent is paramont when you’re treated. The cancer treatments today are assembly line run of the mill see you and forget you when you leave ther office. I’m living alone with no family near me scared to death that my cancer will come back, and having undergone a very very very painful multiple radical surgeries, I now take vitamins including massive amounts of vitamin d, c, and less amounts of iron, bromaline, tumeric, matake, green tea, A, cumin, calcium, B12, probionics, and use aquave in place of sugar [as much as posible] It’s my understanding that cancer loves sugar as when I undergo pet scans I receive glucose injections as cancer gravitates to the glucose. Prayer and GOD are my staples as I know if the cancer comes back I have to fight this battle alone. Thanks to all who contributed with their stories as every hint helps. As a side note Chemo destroys the immune system. This is the same immune system needed to fight cancer. Chemo destroys everything not just the cancer cells. So if you opt for chemo don’t frequent crowded places, wash hands constatly, stay away from hospitals, watch if you get cuts as it’s a entrance to blood system. Then after wards start taking as many vitamins as your body can handle

    • libertytrain

      Butch what an amazing story and what determination you have – my best wishes to you – and best of luck. You’re incredible.

    • Fed Up Gal in NM


      Libertytrain is right….it’s truly an amazing story. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with the rest of us.

    • Pete from Australia

      Truly amazing story, just had to comment. Hope that you live a lot longer and enjoy quality of life.
      I think there is something in the acid/alkaline environment theory, and now drink 2 litres of water a day with 4 pinches of bicarbonate of soda in it.
      There is a high incidence of cancer in areas of New Zealand where there is a low incidence of selenium in the soil, so I take a selenium supplement and a lot of vitamins.
      Good luck and I’ll put a prayer in for you tonite.

  • Brett

    I’ve read all comments here, and would like to start with a reply about the over use of antibiotics in cattle. It is true, cattle feeders do use too much antibiotics in cattle, but not from the “inhumane” living conditions as stated. Cattle feeders, as well as every other cattleman down the line, treat cattle with TLC. It makes a better profit. Why would anyone run a business to lose money? The problem with over use of antibiotics comes from humans, every time we get a sniffle, off to the doc for some meds. And why are we getting the sniffles, colds, flu, etc more now than we used to? ANTI-BACTERIAL soap, wipes etc. Too much sterilization prevents our immune systems from doing the work. We need to keep our immune systems strong by working it, not by buying anti-bacterial soaps and disinfecting wipes to do the job. My mother-in-law is a clean freak, and she has become allergic to EVERYTHING! What is a vaccine? A small dose of the disease. When we do not expose our body to the small doses of everyday life by sterilizing everything, our immune system cannot protect us, and we have to get yet another round of antibiotics. I do not use anti-bacterial soaps, disinfecting wipes, i eat with dirty hands, chew my fingernails etc, i rarely get sick. (I do stop at licking the toilet seat!) This may disgust some of you, but hey, you clean freaks are causing the antibiotic problem. Look back to the good ole days, did people wash as often as we do now? No. Did they have anti this and anti that? No. Did they get sick as often, no. Did they eat as well as they should? Probably not the variety of foods they should have had, but they didn’t have the processed foods either. Yes, good eating habits, good exercise, and dirty hands are the key. Oh, and add low stress levels. Stress is a major factor. Want to kill a mouse without touching it? Raise its stress level, I wont get into how, PETA wouldn’t like it, but then again, PETA can stick it!! Stress will easily kill a mouse. Young rabbits, wild rabbits, will die if kept in captivity for as little as one day. Stress,, keep it down, keep your immune system up.

    • libertytrain

      Brett – great truths in what you say – I really enjoyed your post. You’re correct.

  • Brett

    Oh, I also forgot to comment on the body being designed to heal itself,, JH. YES, IT IS DESIGNED TO HEAL ITSELF!! How in the world do you think cuts and scratches are healed? A little boo-boo fairy?

  • Lynne

    I wish the real truth would come out ( THERE ARE CURES FOR CANCER ) and this milking of the golden cow CANCER would stop ! . . I have 2 cures for cancer listed on my site and I know of 4 IP6 cures cancer . . It is just not listed on a PDR that the doctor looks at . . Probabaly because it is made by some one else other than a DRUG COMPANY !

  • http://FarTooMuch.Info Russ Lemon

    An interesting opinion is that some cancers are caused by a fungus. Do watch the video at: and consider how a healthy immune system can defeat the fungus that seems to cause some cancers.

  • Anthony

    Tom says:
    July 1, 2010 at 7:54 am
    Vitamin C cures scurvy.
    Vitamin B cures pelligra
    Vitamin B17 CURES CANCER!!
    It realy is that simple.
    google ‘vitamin b17′ watch the G. Edward Griffin video “A World Without Cancer”

    Tom – That’s good advice and I would like to expound up on what you have given us.
    First off – “everyone” should go to YouTube and search for [Beautiful Truth]. I have it downloaded from another site.
    Secondly – the movie focuses on the fact that back around 1910, a Dr. Gerson actually found a way to erradicate cancer, with non-conventional methods … and he has over 80 documented cases of complete and full recovery … including several that were considered ‘terminal’ …. I found Dr. Gerson’s Workbook on EBAY and I am studying that now.

    One person (Bill) mentioned drinking alkaline water. Folks, this is no joke and you should take that advice, seriously. Your body suffers, gets sick, has bouts of inflammation, etc., whenever the PH goes below 7.0 – in fact, if you can maintain an alkaline level of close to 7.5 you really won’t be getting nearly as sick as you may have been doing now.

    Also – there are several studies out there that also discuss maintaining your vitamin D-3 intake at around 4500mg/day … ya ya, I know, the FDA says you should take only 450mg/day. Even Bob’s website, right here, discusses this.. search it up. Sure, it focuses on how D-3 keeps you from getting the flu – but, it’s also being tagged as a cancer preventative.

    The other thing in the Video – Beautiful Truth – that you find, is how using a juicer is one of the better things you can do for yourself. But, mostly, the video focuses on DIET.

    And, in that regard – go to YouTube and search for “Nutrition by Natalie”

    I have some more thoughts, but I need to go search for the Article(s).

  • Stahley Stobierski

    The cause and CURE for cancer was found and in the 1930′s when Dr. Warbug made the discovery and received the NOBLE PRISE for same.
    He would feed sugar into the body and could make the cancer grow.
    Conversely, he injected Maple Sugar with 35% Food grade Hydrogen Peroxide and watched the cancer gobble the maple and than destroy itself whan it came in contact with the Peroxide. That is HISTROY !!!
    Than the cover up came and you know the, AS PAUL HARVEY would say,

  • Stanley Stobierski

    The cause and CURE for cancer was found in the 1930′s when Dr. Warbug made the discovery and received the NOBLE PRISE for same.
    He would feed sugar into the body and could make the cancer grow.
    Conversely, he injected Maple Sugar with 35% Food grade Hydrogen Peroxide and watched the cancer gobble the maple and than destroy itself whan it came in contact with the Peroxide. That is HISTORY !!!
    Than the cover up came and you know the, (AS PAUL HARVEY would say), “THE REST OF THE STORY”.

    • Anthony

      I do believe the good Doctor was working from the notes of Dr. Gerson in his efforts.

  • Susan

    I have observed 3 patients make remarkable progress with asparagus. That’s right. One patient diagnosed with stage 4 cancer last fall started eating 6 tables. of asparagus 3 times a day and the ca in one lung completely disappeared and nearly so in the other. The Cancer in her other organs greatly diminished. She said she will be eating asparagus for the rest of her life. Asparagus contains glutathianine which has great cancer fighting properties. This young 28 year old woman was preparing to die. She has a 3 year old and a baby under a year. Now she has a whole new lease on life and believes she will watch her children grow up. There are two other patients that are improving but haven’t been on asparagus long enough to show such dramatic results. What will kill cancer will surely prevent it. I’m taking 4 Tables. twice a day for that reason. I blend canned asparagus, store it in the fridge and take out what I need, heat it up and put spice or cheese on it. It sure can’t hurt you.

    • libertytrain

      Susan – just for clarity for me – are you saying tablespoons?

  • Karen

    There was a doctor (I can’t remember his name)who published a book in the 1880′s with several cures for cancer. But you’re right, cancer is big business. Remember the War on Cancer in 1972? They were supposed to wipe it out. Must be too much money in it. And the American Cancer Society said they would disband when they come up with a cure. Obviously, that will never happen.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Kate

    Lots of intelligent comments here.

    I’ve known this stuff all of my life. My father was a Chiropractor and I learned most of what I know from him. I have never taken recreational drugs or medication. I try to avoid food loaded with preservatives nor do I use anti-bacterial soap. I have never been to a medical doctor. I don’t get pelvic exams or mammograms. I’ve never been inoculated and I rarely get sick. I had the flu when I was 7 and again when I was 37. I didn’t do anything for it AND I didn’t die. It’s OK to be sick occasionally, it’s OK to have diarrhea an vomit occasionally. Sometimes your body just has to purge and get rid of toxins. The author of the article is absolutely correct, your body is designed to heal it’s self. God doesn’t make junk.

    About three years ago I discovered a lump in my left breast. I didn’t jump to conclusions and automatically assume I had cancer. I said to myself, “I have a lump. Why is it there and how do I get rid of it?” I remember my father telling me to NEVER have biopsies done on lumps in the breast. He said it’s like opening a can of worms. Instead I sought the advice of my Chiropractor and Herbologist, did what they suggested. The lump went away and has not returned.

    What will we do when Obamacare comes down the pike? All Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Herbologists etc. will be put out of business. The AMA, the drug companies and insurance companies have been trying to destroy the holistic professions for about 100 years. Health foods stores vitamin shops and the manufacturers that supply those places will be gone. Our Government wants to poison us and exterminate us. It’s appalling how our country is so medically brainwashed. People use the hospitals and the emergency rooms like they’re “mommy.” Nobody knows how to take care of themselves anymore. Or is it that they’re simply too lazy to invest any time in their own well being because it’s easier to just take a pill?

    • blackelk998

      loved your views and truely believe so many people dont know how to think for themselves outside of the view of their doctors and they dont make much effort to prevent illness something i have just discovered was electrication of the blood and drinking ozonated water please see doctor BOB BECK on youtube truely amazing for curing cancer and countless other illnesses including AIDS

  • jimminety bop

    Is it possible that we have become prone to skin cancer because of the use of ultra violet ray reducing creams?
    Were people sold a bill of goods so as to sell a product? Did the use of these creams take away the natural ability of the body to cope with these rays and thru previous generations using the creams was that need for continued use passed on in the altered dna of succeeding genrations? Just a thought. I’m 72 and as a child in the slightest warm weather I went all day without a shirt. I had a pediatrician tell me, (when I took my grandson to him and commented that the kid always seemed to be coming down with something) that my generation was probably the last healthy generation that would be seen. We walked to and from school, grade, junior and senior high – no buses, played in the sun and snow all day. Sitting in front of a TV, video game or a computer all day would have been very boring after about 1 hour!

  • Harley Morris

    Many, many ‘health issues’ can be overcome by Kangen water.. Just ‘Change you water’…


    • Susan

      Hello all!
      For a superior alkalizing, ionizing water machine at a fraction of Kangen’s price visit IonWays web site.

  • coal miner
  • Fed Up Gal in NM

    Excellent discussion! Thank you Ms Cavanaugh and posters for the very useful information.

    Have a fun (and safe) 4th of July holiday weekend….and please let’s not forget to thank our military overseas and stateside (active duty, retired and/or prior service vets) for their sacrifice then and now.

  • pfwag

    We are seeing more and more vaccinations that are purported to prevent one specific kind of cancer or another. If they actually work as advertised, that means some cancers are caused by virus. If some, how many more?

    If so, that would means food and nutrition that are anti-viral would help prevent cancer.

  • coal miner


    Prions are a theory,they causes certain forms of cancers.It hasn’t been proven yet.There could be a number of causes.The theory also applied other diseases.

    Prions are hypothesized to infect and propagate by refolding abnormally into a structure … All known prions induce the formation of an amyloid fold, in which …

  • Julie

    I also read a book whose author escapes me, but he also claims that cancer is caused by a fungus. My friend in Florida who owns a health food store refuses to sell any kind of peanuts because of the fungus that all peanuts (yes, even peanut butter) carry. Let’s face it, Cancer is big business! Improving the immune system isn’t. Think about it. Women and men alike are encouraged to take calcium. Right! How many are told what happens when they take the wrong kind of calcium, or that if they don’t also take certain minerals (Boron & Magnesium) and D3, they do more harm than good. They’re rarely told not to take it with caffeine because caffeine blocks the absorption (on the chance that they took the right kind with the right minerals, etc in the first place. AND that plant source is always best.

  • June

    If you or a loved one are touched by cancer, visit the web site “” It is the movie made about Dr. Burzynski who has a cure for cancer and has had one since the late seventys. It tells about the FDA’s persecution of this man and his fight against them. There are movie trailers on the site and you can purchase it for $20.00. There are also listings of free viewings coming up.

    If you life depends on this, do it. You won’t regret it.

  • meteorlady

    Sadly modern medicine in this country treats the disease but does nothing to stop the disease or prevent it in the first place. I grew up without vaccinations and had all the childhood diseases: measles, mumps, chicken pox, etc. I have been free o medical problems the majority of my life. I take some strong vitamins and minerals and watch my diet, exercise daily and get outside as much as possible. I take no prescription drugs and have little or no joint pain of inflammation. Never have colds or flu and don’t believe in flu shots as the only time I did get sick was after I had one.

  • stanley monteith

    Would Bob Livingston appear on a radio program on my radio network? Please call me at 831 475 6651, or e mail a telephone number so I can call to arrange an interview.

    Stan Monteith M.D.

  • Paul St. Paul

    The actual fact is that “cancer patients” die of the morphine cocktail given “to manage the pain.” Morphine shuts down all bodily functions, and THAT is “what” actually causes the death.

    • Marksman

      This man is right

  • christine hanson

    While I agree with the author that traditional medicine kills more than it saves, last year I watched my dog die from a bone tumor in her leg in less than 2 weeks. I myself was “diagnosed” with kidney cancer three years ago, declined treatment and so far I am fine.

    After 30 years of health issues that were/are “life threatening”, I gave up on traditional medicine ten years ago, and have reached a much higher level of function by eating very little, with no fast food or processed food, and exercising (outside) as much as my body will take. Have not had a cold or flu in years…

    Unfortunately we have been sold on the concept that doctors have our best interest at heart. But think about it, if there are no “sick” people how can doctors earn a living?

    We all need to use common sense, when I had appendicitis I did have surgery, but no one can convince me to have more radiation, or chemotherapy, as I have seen too many people killed by these treatments.


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