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No Newt Is Good Newt

December 8, 2011 by  

No Newt Is Good Newt

In 2008, I cast my ballot for the Republican Presidential ticket of John McCain and Sarah Palin. At that time, I wrote in a column for a different media outlet: “I’m going to have to vote for (Senator) John McCain.” Like so many of my conservative compatriots, I simply could not bring myself to pull the proverbial lever for the community activist from the front pew in the Church of Wright and Ayers and his sidekick, Ol’ Pluggsy. Being the well-conditioned believer in the infallibility of our Republican system, I held my nose and stood up against Obama/Biden 2008 as much — if not more — than I stood up for McCain/Palin 2008. Judging by the results of that tragic electoral misstep, I was hardly alone. I joined millions of my fellow Americans in voting for the lesser of two evils. I expect the lack of enthusiasm for McCain’s campaign played a large part in Obama’s victory. Let me be absolutely clear about one point: not this time, baby.

Recent polling, including a scrimmage conducted by Personal Liberty Digest™ just last week, indicates a growing preference for former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. In fact, Gingrich has opened a lead over the field that, in some cases, edges into double digits. My instincts lead me to presume that Gingrich’s appeal rests heavily on a combination of fear of four more years of Obama’s dog and pony show and that old canard: electability.

Why even focus on the myth of electability? If the landslide which buried the Democrats nationwide last November told us anything, electability is already settled in our favor. Americans sent liberals packing in record numbers from the halls of Congress all the way to small-town officials’ offices. And let us leave the spirit of bipartisan accord where it belongs, as well. The Democrats abandoned it years ago; and the voters swarmed into the polls last year to remind the Republicans not to follow the Democrats. With that in mind, why the hell would we think of handing the keys to the patron saint of fence-straddling RINOs?

Gingrich is to conservatism what MSNBC is to journalism; if you don’t pay close attention, it seems right. However, in Gingrich’s case, a cursory examination of his curriculum vitae reveals his dalliances with the dark side: his complicity in the Freddie Mac disaster, his support of cap-and-trade legislation and his video love letter with Representative Nancy Pelosi (in addition to some marital missteps which are permissible only for doughy ex-governors of Arkansas). In MSNBC’s case, a simple turning up of the volume reveals — well — Rachel Maddow (enough said).

Now that the Democrats and their accomplices in the corporate media have finished lynching Herman Cain, perhaps it’s simply Gingrich’s turn in the spotlight. Maybe the voters will remember the reason they handed the Democrats a mass of pink slips last November. The corporate media likely will avoid substantive discussion of the various contenders beyond scripted talking points, vague innuendo and — in the case of the tinfoil hat brigadiers on MSNBC — outright slander. Consider that the recent debate producers and moderators seemed less willing to allow Congressman Ron Paul a chance to speak than I am to answer the door when the Jehovah’s Witnesses come knocking (which always seems to occur at 8:30 on a Saturday morning; positively inhuman).

I have not yet decided which of the candidates vying for my ballot will enjoy the privilege of receiving it. But I guarantee you, whoever wins the race for my political heart will bloody well earn it.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • s c

    First, I hope the cigar in the mouth of the wannabe yahoo in that photograph is smoking a nasty, machine-made cigar made in North Korea. Second, Newter is being pushed. He is not leading.
    Third, Newter has too much in common with McCain.
    Fourth, Newter had plenty of opportunities to combine intelligence with leadership – and he balked. If Newter isn’t being coached and pushed, it’s quite an imitation.
    He should have been born in 1830, when he could have helped start the Republican Party’s self-implosion process. Newter, I wouldn’t vote for you if you were the only candidate on my farkin’ ballot.

    • CJ

      When we get the ability at the ballot box to discard all the choices and force a new group to select from, maybe we’ll make progress. A movie laughingly presented the idea with “none of the above” as a choice. As long as we HAVE to choose, and the selection is from all bad choices, we’ll continue this path.

      • vicki

        You already have that ability. Just write “none of the above” in the spot for “write in candadates”

        “The final way to be elected for president is to have one’s name written in at the time of election as a write-in candidate. …It is also used by voters to express a distaste for the listed candidates, by writing in an alternative candidate for president such as Mickey Mouse… ”

        Of course since the President is an indirectly elected office it is the electors from your state and not you who cast the votes. As such all obama has to do is get them to vote for him. If, as many say here, the shadows that keep Congress in line, really want Obama to win next year they only need to bribe a few electors.

        • Kathy

          If you write non of the above and lists of rep do the same we will be giving the election to Obama, I will vote for anyone but Obama because if he is in office another 4 years our country will DIE.

          • granny mae

            Kathy, You said it ! I can’t vote for Gingrich or Romey so that leaves me with Ron Paul, Michelle Bachman, or Rick Santorem so now I need to choose someone to get behind ! I’m afraid Ron Paul is out because of his belief that America was responsible for 9/11 and when asked about what he would do if we were attacked from Iran he just shrugged his shoulders ! I agree with him on several things but when it comes to the security of this country he has lost my vote. Of the two remaining candidates, I like Michelle. I have listened to her answers to all the questions and she hasn’t changed. Her voting record has been outstanding and I believe she can do what she says she will do. I’m not to sure about Santorim (or however you spell his name) but I will keep an open mind till after this next debate. I know a lot of you men out there are against a woman for president, but the way I look at it she sure can’t do worse than any man we have had since I have been voting. None of the men in the past were that great so lets see if a woman can do better !

          • APN

            Grannie Mae…Yep! That’ll fix it! Men are just to stupid to get the job done, so let’s vote for a woman. Makes sense to me!

    • Bob from SoCal

      Newt is nothing but a globalist hack dancing to the tune of his bankster overlords, that are now controlling our government. His past actions speak loud and clear over the present cover story he is trying so desperately to get us to believe.

      I would like to see a Ron Paul take the nomination. With maybe Michelle Bachman as VPOTUS. I’m not 100% sure of Bachman yet, but so far she is holding the Tea Party conservative line. And with her we may pull in some of the women, that are not quite sure where to go with their vote yet.

      They already destroyed Herman Cain, so the majority of the Black vote will go to Obama. That is unless some of the Black voters have opened their eyes to what is happening in this country.

      I saw a cool bumper sticker at It read” If you voted for Obama in 2008 to show you were not racist, Vote for someone else in 2012 to show that you are not STUPID!”.

      • Descendent of the Founders

        I am all for Ron Paul, but Bachmann… please, no thanks. I Dr. Paul actually gets to run, she will cost him the election. The prospect of her being a heartbeat away from the presidency would turn a lot of people off. She comes across as too cerebrally limited to independent voters who will determine the election. She seemed pretty disingenuous when she appeared before a group of evangelicals and declared that she “gave herself over to the Lord.” She sounded as sincere as Jim and Tammy Faye Baker.

        If Dr. Paul gets the nomination, he will select a running mate based on his own criteria.

        • FreeMan

          The GOP and the press do not like Ron Paul. However, he is the only one that has put forth an approach which could save the USA from total collapse.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      sc… If it comes down to Obama vs. Gingrich, what will you do? I am no fan of Gingrich either, but I had to do it in the last election, and it may have to happen again; I hate having to hold my nose to vote, but my dislike for Barry and his buddies is stronger than any dislike I could have for whoever will be running.

      • r.p.

        Let’s see….Maybe I can paraphrase Dr. Paul from one of his interviews, this isn‘t exact but close. “To vote for the “lesser of the 2 evils, you’re still gonna get evil. You are duty bound to (vette) the candidates as thoroughly as possible. To do less than this would be a disservice to your country, your family, and yourself”…
        May I also add; To use your vote in support of collectivism or for “bargaining power” would also IMHO be that same disservice. Leave second guessing at the racetrack where it belongs. Thoroughly research the candidates and make your educated decision based on who would be best for the job, who is truthful and who is honorable (stands behind their words). If it’s “NONE OF THE ABOVE”, vote “NOTA”. Then your vote will truly be counted… If you do this, then you would have done your duty.
        Personally I would not give my vote to any party if they consistantly fail to provide me with a viable candidate.

    • John Gaver

      I agree, s c. the Gin(GRINCH) would finish the destruction of the GOP, that Dubyuh started. I could never vote for him and that’s a scary thought. I might have to vote for whatever loony the LP nominates, just to save the GOP.

      If the GOP nominates the Gin(GRINCH) and he ends up in the White House, it will be the beginning of the end for the GOP. It would lead to another 4 or 8 years of the same kind of BIG Government, anti-liberty policies that Dubyuh implemented, with the only difference being that the Gin(GRINCH) will be able to speak coherently, without a teleprompter.

      The primary reason why B. Hussein is president today is the push-back from Dubyuh. Because of Dubyuh, the swing voters trusted the Democrats more than the GOP and we got B. Hussein. That’s why the GOP can’t afford another BIG Government president, so soon after Dubyuh. It would permanently label the GOP as the party of BIG, intrusive government and seal the fate of the GOP.

      The next GOP president MUST be the anti-Dubyuh. B. Hussein has almost destroyed the Democrat Party, in the same way that the Gin(GRINCH) would destroy the GOP. If fact, the only thing that can save the Democrat Party now, is if the GOP engages in their own self-destruction, by putting yet another BIG Government Republican in the White House.

      I would rather see 4 more years of a B. Hussein as president, completely crippled by a solid GOP congress, than to see the party self-destruct, by putting the Gin(GRINCH) in the White House. That’s because if the GOP self-destructs, we won’t be able to stop the Socialists for decades to come. Better 4 years of a crippled B. Hussein than decades of un-bridled Socialism.

      • Bruce Porter Sr

        Here’s the breaking news….the republican establishment wants Romney. IF they can’t have Romney, Obama is the second choice…..but they will settle for Gingrich.
        They can handle the others, except for Paul….or possibly Bachmann.
        But, trust me, our GOP would rather have Obama than any but Romney.

    • Ronald R. Johnson

      First off Newt is not fit to shine McCains shoes! Newt like Obama,Holder,Hillary,Maxine Waters,Barney Frank and the Super rich mayor of New York wants to disarm all honest Americans and that scares me. Newt wont even tell the truth about wanting to disarm Americans. 90% of those running for President want to disarm honest Americans!
      Unless someone good jumps in as a third party we are going to get screwed again and if we are lucky only four years again. When you disarm honest Americans only the Police,Armed Service Members and Criminals will have guns! The only government leaders who want to takes guns away from honest people are the ones who want and or plan to enslave their citizens! It also seems rich people and some of our government leaders think it’s alright for the people who guard them to have guns,why are they so special?

      • Mary

        They want to slave us period. They are trying hard. All them want to be dictators. That’s their dream. No voice, no vote for us.

    • Bill

      Keep in mind that in the mid 90s Newt’s Contract with American helped reform the way Government does business. Lets not forget that Bush never had time to do anything because of 9/11. Iknow that Newt carries a lot of negative baggage, but he is still the best choice we have for reforming out Federal Government.

      • Hannah

        I agree,but i am leaning towards awoman for President,

        • FreeMan

          To vote for someone because of race, religion or gender is the same as voting against them for the same reason. Each is just as racist. Vote for the person you believe will be the best. Historically, Queen Elizabeth I did no good for the women of Britain. Nor has Obama done any good for the blacks that voted overwhelmingly for him.

        • APN

          Why? I mean we just went down this road in 2008 when the majority of “Voters” decided it was time for the first “Black” President. You see where that has gotten us. I could have named a dozen black people who were immensely more qualified than BO. A junior Senator from Illinois that had accomplished NOTHING outside of community organizing and Union thuggery.

          I just don’t understand this race/gender thing when it comes to electing our LEADERSHIP. Just when did color or gender become the predominant deciding factor in that category?

          I don’t care if our next president is a martian as long as he/she or it has the LEADERSHIP skills to lead us back to economic FREEDOM and personal liberty as outlined in the constitution.

      • FreeMan

        Actually the Republicans ere elected because of the “Contract with America.” However, if you will remember, the first thing they did under Newt’s leadership was to void that contract. I have not trusted him sincs. I do not trust him now.

    • PeteM

      Now WHAT IF the country DOES want Newt, and puts him on the ballot? Could happen. Then you all are out of luck, and you’ll be forced to vote with the masses. The Democrats will all get behind Obama, and we’ll still be bickering about the PERFECT candidate. How many times can we shoot ourselves into the foot before we wise up?

  • Michael J.

    I know your job is to fill pages with text, but you seem to be glossing over the fact that Gingrich, Romney, Perry and Obama are all sons of Rothschild in this circus we call politics. The fact that their titles are preceded by an “R” or a “D” is inconsequential in the elites drive towards world domination.

    Our only/last chance is Ron Paul with possibly Michelle Bachmann as VP if we are to roll back the global jugernaut.

    • wally stewart

      ron paul while i like his economics stance .his militrt stance wont make him electible

      • amarq

        Ron Paul will return america to a possition of power in the world and is stronger on defense than any of these yahoos.
        Here is something I can tell you with mathimatical certainty…If you vote for the lessel of two evils, either way you will end up with evil.

        • vicki

          Just look at a little history. Just the last 60 years will suffice. All those people voting for the “lessor” of 2 evils. And here we are today with what some call the greatest evil this country has ever had.

        • Joe H.

          I don’t understand some people here. they will vote for a person that meets nothing they want for a president and reject R. Paul because they don’t like his foreign policy. Afraid he will get us attacked? Well Salamander Man quite possibly will get us into a war with china or russia, who both, have said they are protecting Iran!! now Iran with maybe two missiles might launch and we would be able to knock two out of the air. China might launch thirty of them and one or two might get through!!! so which man scares you the MOST???

      • Pepper

        I here this all the time about (Ron Paul’s)”his military stance” and electability. Meanwhile our military is engaged in the “wars of Rothschild” in the name of peace, democracy and our “safety”. We continue to invade and bomb other Countries, draining our taxpayer resources while our people and innocent people in other countries are DYING. This being sanctioned by Both Left and Right. And you want to talk about “eligibility”?? The guys at the top are killing, stealing and profiting from the carnage. Now they want to turn the military on you and I, funded by you and I. Does this make sense to you?? That statement makes me sick. I’m sure those Fema camps are for your safety too.

      • Aniko

        What is “militrt”? You are in such a hurry to push for an Obama win via Ron Paul that you misspell a simple word!

        Face reality: the gnome sounds like an 18th century country doctor and the discombobulated way he walks and talks cannot win a majority against Obama! You DO want Obama’s regime to end, no?

        • Don the Canuck


          The very manner in which you choose to describe Dr Paul is what is wrong with America these days. Instead of taking on the issues and discussing them, people choose to label and insult candidates, as opposed to actually digging for the truth.

          Let me run this by you…………take away all the looks, the manner of speech, the clothes they wear, the exterior, and look to the heart of all the candidates and their past history and tell me this:

          Which candidate of all the republicans stands for the following and has a record to prove it, without one flip-flop, one scandal or one instance of not doing what is best for the Republic.

          1. Adhering to a sworn statement to protect and obey the Constitution of the United States of America.

          2. Fight for freedom and liberty in all its forms.

          3. Show clearly that a love of money is not the object of his / her service to the nation, but instead the love of country and liberty.

          4. A need to make sure that people are reminded that they are responsible for their own lives, as this is what made the U.S. great.

          5. The wisdom and knowledge of financial and economic matters to the point where monetary policy is fully and totally understood , including what is necessary to fix it going forward.

          6. A clear understanding of why America has been in unnecessary wars and a plan to avoid these in the future.

          7. No past history of flip flopping, sexual scandals, financial scandals, warmongering, or unlawful conduct.

          There are many things that could be added, but for the sake of an example, these should do.

          Tell me, Aniko………..based on the above parameters, which candidate would be the choice of reason?

          I strongly believe that most people who are so easy to label candidates with insulting names should perhaps instead start reading the books of all the candidates and digging into their history.

          In my opinion, character, integrity, honesty and purpose, as well as love of country, love of freedom and liberty are exactly the values that would bring America back to its former glory. Which candidate, in your opinion, Aniko, has had all of these qualities bestowed upon him/her, and has shown that they are genuinely within their being?

          I would love to read your answer, whether all of the above attributes are better for a person in power, or are the attributes of multiple divorces, multiple flip flops, alliances with corporations and past scandals are required for Americans to find a president? what does the electorate want then? A good looking person with some major bad baggage or a “gnome” as you put it, with all of the best qualities that are clearly and unarguably beneficial to incite a populous towards adopting a better sense of responsiblity and concern for their neighbours?

          If it is the former, then by all means, continue to label Dr Paul as you do, and live with the consequences……….Good luck to you.

          I suggest you do some further research and apply this knowledge to all the candidates and tell us how it stacks up in the end. I have no doubt though, that you will, as most do, simply continue on your current path and choose to back someone with the right hairdo or the right voice tone, yes indeed.

          The electorate is the only entity to blame for the current troubles of the country you live in. Fortunately, there are those who actually take the time to inform themselves and read. Hopefully , enough of them will do so before the next election and reverse things.

          • Victoria

            Very, very well said sir. As much as I love others who also read into the candidates and actually learn about them, and then post and spread the truth about Ron Paul, none have put it in such and eloquent and well informed way. All we can hope for is that people might listen, though luckily it appears as though many more are listening in this day and age and see what Ron Paul for what he truly is and could be. Our next president, who will fight for our rights and truly does care about our country.

          • Geno

            Well done Don. If all the answers lead to Newt, then I would support him. If they lead to Donald Duck, then I vote for the Duck. I don’t care about the party. The key is to be honest with yourself. When I answer all of the questions honestly I am left with one choice: Dr. Ron Paul.

          • vicki

            Well said Don. Though if voters REALLY insist on voting based on how someone sounds during a debate lets let Ron Paul duke it out with Obama. Neither of them gets a teleprompter or cue cards.

            Have it all come directly from their souls.

          • Mike W.

            Please keep in mind, that Dr. Paul gave away perhaps a million plus dollars in free or discounted medical care instead of “milking” the system during his lifetime. His ob-gyn practice has been virtually flawless in this litigagous society. He is a kind and caring man who is very much concerned about this nation and its future. In essence, he maybe the most decent presidential candidate in modern U.S. history. This man deserves all the support he can get!

          • Joe H.

            As an added arguement for Dr. Paul, I haven’t heard any of the OTHER greedy ba$tards saying that they will cut their pay by 33%!! Dr. Paul has said he will if elected!!! Don’t hold your breath waiting for Salamander Man to promise it!!!

        • Bob from SoCal

          Yes we know the story. “They” said that Einstein wouldn’t amount to much either.

        • libertytrain

          Aniko, your assignment for today is to go back and recheck your posts before telling others about their errors. You too have some errors despite your spell check.

      • mark

        I agree because the American people have a fever for war and illegal invasion. Since 1945 it has been our sole foreign policy – endless war, endless illegal invasions, endless monstrous defense budgets. We are the most militarist nation on earth. No matter how high the cost, no matter how many Americans die or how many innocents overseas are slaughtered, the American people will ALWAYS rally around that flag and “our brave Marines and soldiers.” and wholeheartedly support any mad overseas adventure. With just a few weeks of militarist propaganda on FOX, you could get Americans to support an invasion of Canada in January, of Belgium in February. And no matter how immoral their acts of violence, our military would simply carry them out and follow orders, slaughtering anyone as long our leadership approved. For any candidate to dare speak against this policy is absolute political suicide, hence the hopelessness of Paul’s campaign. This is the dismal reality. We are an empire now and our citizens are also overwhelmingly imperialist and militarist. Historian William Appellman Williams wrote a brilliant essay on this is the late 1970s: “Empire as a Way of Life” We are the New Rome and we will continue to invade and slaughter other peopels until we are totally broke, no one will lend us any more money, and another nation (China?) has replaced us as the new Killer Nation. Until that time boys and girl, just get used to more overseas conflagrations. John Bolton, Newt Gingrich’s pick for Secy of State, wants a massive U.S. attack on Iran. That is just one of the many coming attractions coming soon to a theatre near you.

        • BigBadJohn

          good post – you hit the nail right on the head….

        • Jetstream

          “Marked”, How convenient for you to argue on behalf of who…”the free”! If only those living abroad… or more conveniently, those recently having “made it here” “LEGALLY”, were on your side of thinking. Then there would at least appear to be some semblance of your words having substance or foundation. Solution; Hold your breath until you pass out. When you wake, pick a direction, head toward any ocean & begin swimming. Don’t look back, don’t cry out, & especially… if you’ve bred, take them with you. All my best to you… so long as you’ve actually gone… Better still as a show of your vigilant bravery… how about asking for an audience with any dictator of your choosing… Take your computer with you please… JS

          • Joseph

            By his rebuttal to mark of course.

        • Joseph

          Well said mark, my sentiments exactly! Pay no attention to the war-moungering jetstream, he’s just another confused, and brain-washed patriot!

          • Nadzieja Batki

            And you know what he is how?

        • Joe H.

          Actually you are wrong. Most of us DO NOT support the wars, We suport our troops!! I think every one of the “actions” we are in are constitutionally illegal, but the troops are NOT to blame!

      • Sancheleezy

        Ron Paul is stronger on the military than any of the other Republicrat candidates, as he does not believe in sending our countrymen and women to fight and die in foreign lands in a nation-building frenzy. Explain to us all why more military contributions are given to Dr. Ron Paul than any other candidate running for office. Also why do we need hundreds and scores of military establishments in nations such as Germany and Japan when they could just as easily spend there own money to provide for their own defenses. He makes makes much more sense than all of the other candidates put together.

        • APN

          You need to check your “facts” before you make comments on who the military supports the most.

      • Ann

        Not ragging on you at all. Merely suggesting that you notice how Paul’s numbers have grown – not in spite of his foreign policy but because of it. Ron Paul will pull votes from former Obama voters who have woken up to the smell of the scorched coffee and want a true peace candidate. Also, anyone who listens to his plan to end ALL foreign aid so that we can use those dollars at home to smooth the transition to solvency and avoid riots in the streets, has to see the wisdom. Bear in mind that if we quit giving to Israel’s enemies, they won’t have money to threaten her and we can save the imaginary dollars we spend, to tell her what to do. The extra benefit there is that every time we refrain from “spending” fiat money, it strengthens our dollar. So, we help Israel and ourselves at the same time. See how that works? It’s absolutely elegant.

        • Joe H.

          If you have been paying attention to the news lately, you would have seen a report that says that Isreal doesn’t want us to intervene militarily, just tosupport them in freindship only. They have said they will handle Iran and I believe they will do JUST THAT! If we bomb Iran or invade, we are doing just the opposite of what Isreal has stated!

    • Mary

      I agree Michael, you are right but the masses will never get it, They believe what a clown in the media tells them. The military loves Dr. Paul he has gotten more donations from the militaries than president Obama and every republican candidate. Please research people, don’t believe the media. Dr. Paul is right if we have to go to war for national security we will go to WIN and GET OUT. RP will end these useless an inmoral wars that have nothing to do with American security.Don’t believe the smooth talking of gobalists. Soldiers are resorting to suicide more than dying in enemies hands. It’s a shame the media don’t tell us that. It’s our to get educated and tell everybody we know who is RON PAUL. Please demand those bastard in the media to let Dr. Paul speak as much as the other candidates.

      • Bob Marshall

        Mary, while i agree with you i have to say that the reason Obama was elected was a lack of research into both his background and who was supporting and funding his campaign.I didn’t expect most Africans-Americans to do anything other than vote for Obama because of his race. they felt they would get a better deal from Obama. What they got is double the unemployment of any race of people. They will in all likely hood have the majority vote for him again. to me this quote shows what is wrong with the majority of citizens.” If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects was never was and never will be…if we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every citizen to be informed.” Thomas Jefferson. American have be dumbed down for over forty years by the corporate controlled news media.American has plenty of loyalist. What we need is more patriots. Too bad millions don’t know the difference.

        • mark

          No, Obama won in Nov. 2008 becaue Bush and Cheney had wrecked not only the U.S. but the global economy, had our nation bogged down in 2 hopeless,winless, and montrously immoral, expensive wars. While claiming to be a conservative, Bush massively increased domestic spending, doubling the nat’l debt from $5.5 to $11 trillion in relatively good times (in his first 6 years in office U.E. averaged 5.6%). He also enacted a huge, unfunded $600 billion Medicare prescription plan (vs. Obama’s $800 billion health reform bill) to ensure the senior vote for his reelection in 2004. By late 2008 the stock market had cratered from 14,000 on the DOW the year before to close to 6000. Plus in Sept. 2008, Bush authorized the $700 billion bail-out of the big bank crooks and Wall Street speculators who destroyed the economy. Bush also gave the automakers $25 billion in bail-out money (Obama would kick in an additional $45 billion in 2009.

          THIS IS WHY OBAMA WAS ELECTED! BUSH AND CHENEY HAD ALIENTATED AND DISGUSTED EVERYONE – LIBERALS, CONSERVATIVES, AND MODERATE INDEPENDENTS. It would not have matter who they put up that year, after 8 years of Bush and Cheney, the Democrats were going to win! Obama will never get as many votes (53% of the electorate) as he did in 2012 due to the weak economy and lots of other issues, but with the candidates the Republicans are putting up and Ron Paul running on the Libertarian Ticket (who could blame him the way he has been degraded and humiliated by the mainstream Republican Party, FOX News, etc.), Obama could still squeak out a win 47% Obama; 43% Gingrich; 10% Paul. In the electoral college, that’s a win. THINK ABOUT IT.

          • Ann

            That’s why Paul will not run Libertarian. He has said so, and Ron Paul is one representative who keeps his word.

          • mark

            In the interviews I have seen Ron Paul has hedged his bets. He has stated: “Right now I am running for the Republican nomination.” but he has not irrevocably ruled out the option to run on a Third Party ticket if he fails to win the nomination which is a not very likely right now.

          • Joe H.

            Got a news flash for you! I don’t give a flying fok who the hell caused it!!! the fact of the matter is Abummer is just making it worse and I want him out before he destroys my country!!! If you can’t see that, BTW, YOU NEED GLASSES AND A SEEING EYE DOG!!

          • APN

            So JoeH, Does that mean you will vote for Newt when he wins the GOP nomination?

        • Mary

          Bob. My hairdresser is a nice black lady. She’ll vote for Obama again. She tells all the time how hard she is working now than any other time in her life, six days a week two jobs and she’s supporting her single mother daughter. This is the worst time in their lives but they are going to vote for the color period. To tell you the truth everybody that I know that voted for Obama is going to do it again. I tell them how the economy is worse in all the levels with him. To my surprise they agree with me but they say Obama needs more time to fix the economy and to create jobs. I think that is Masochism.

          • Joe H.

            now I have seen just the opposite from the Blacks I am friends with.All of them are tired of empty promises and down right LIES!!!

      • Aniko

        You are probably as dull as Ron Paul to think he can beat Obama AND the media.

        We need someone at least as polished a debater as Obama and the closest who is still up there is Newt!

        I WILL VOTE for ANY of the Republican candidates, but if it will be Ron Paul I KNOW we will have another 4 yrs of the Communist in the WH!

        • Martha

          Obama a polished debater? Not without his teleprompter and the information his hundreds of writers for him give him. He couldn’t talk his way out of a cardboard box with one end opened without his ‘aids’. And listening to him read what others have written for him makes me sick to my stomach because of his arrogant, looking down his nose way he has of talking. He is a deceitful, evil man.

          • Rman

            Amen Martha!

          • Mary

            You know he does or did a lot of heavy drugs. His brain is beyong repair. The only way to make sense is the Teleprompter.

          • Joe H.

            Let’s hope they kidnap his ‘prompter trailor, again!!! LOL!!

        • marty

          That is a joke right? Newt has more skeletons in his closet than Jerry Sandusky. America needs a President who is compassionate and has principals that they consistently stick with. Newt has shown that he is more interested in Newt than in America. He may be leading now, because the MSM has pushed him in the press, mostly because he will maintain the status quo. The status quo unfortunately is not working for 99% of Americans. Ron Paul 2012

          • Joe H.

            did you see the guy grap salamander mans hand today on the news? The guy told him that he was an ebarrassment to the party and why didn’t he get out now before he made a fool of himself. salamander Man just said ” I’m sorry you feel that way.” I’d bet there are a whole lot more that feel the same way, I know I do!!

        • Geno

          Is is possible that Aniko does not really care about the truth?

        • Sancheleezy

          Aniko just proved a point that she or he (?) is more interested in a good looking “polished” debater than a Constitutional-minded patriot and statesman to lead this Nation out of it’s present morass. We have to wake up and do it quickly, as we all certainly did not during the 2008 election. Sure, I wish that Ron Paul was as young as his son Rand Paul while making his run for the POTUS, but his message is way more important than worrying about a person’s looks. Think deeply and if you have have a intelligence quotient past kindergarten or the 1st grade you will understand just what we are talking about.

        • Ann

          So, I can assume that you have not seen the multiple polls which show that when the sample includes voters of all stripes, Paul comes closer to beating Obama than anyone else? Earlier this week, an NBC news/Marist poll shows Paul with a razor thin lead of 1%, but with 16% undecided. Gingrich trails the president by a full 10% with the same percent undecided. Here’s the wording of the news release:

          * President Obama defeats all GOP competitors except for Ron Paul in a hypothetical matchup; and
          * 42 percent of registered voters in Iowa support Ron Paul and 42 percent back Obama, with 16 percent undecided; and
          * Ron Paul leads Obama 42 to 35 percent among independent voters and attracts 15 percent of Iowa’s Democrats; and
          * Ron Paul also leads Obama by 14 percentage points among voters under 45 years of age.
          and the link:,%202011%20Iowa%20NBC%20News-Marist%20Poll%20Release.pdf

          The independents-also known as swing voters-make the difference with a 42 to 35 percent lead for Paul over Obama. So, electability, which takes more than Republicans, is assuredly in Paul’s favor.

        • r.p.

          Aniko: From reading your posts, I can only conclude. How shallow your values are and how weak your convictions are. If you don’t stand for anything, you’ll fall for everything. You are doing exactly what the MSM wants you to do.

          • Joe H.

            eh, probably sits around all day watching soaps!!!

        • Mary

          Run Paul dull. I don’t think so. It was hilarious in the debate when he tried to help the cheerleader from Texas. He’s a brilliant gentleman. The white house or fun house whatever you want to call it is full of classless people in plain English Ghetto and White Trash.

        • Bob in Boston

          You do realize that in the latest polls Ron Paul does the best againt Obama out of all the republicans, right? If your only goal is to guarantee that Obama is out, then you definitely want to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries. Newt still does worse than Mittens in a head to head with Obama.

    • APN

      So much for the Apostle Paul. You ever read about this man and his life? Pretty bad dude until GOD got a hold of him.

      I would hate to think that any of us would be subjected to your judgement concerning your fellow man.

      Newt has stated numerous times that he has reconciled the error of his ways through GOD. Since that time, I haven’t seen anything that he has done that would make me think differently. In any event, if he is a FAKE then only time will tell. I sure hope there is still a thing call atonement and reconciliation with GOD, if not, NOBODY will make it to the other side.

  • Karolyn

    I just heard a piece this morning about Newt’s contributions from the CEO of Chili’s several years ago to politicise his history lectures at colleges. I’m not sure I have all the facts totally straight, but part of a media piece was played that used the founder of Chili’s as an example in a history lesson. Having heard so often here about liberal history being taught, and the biases that are so prevalent, this struck a chord with me.

  • Doc Sarvis

    Newt has the dangerous ability to sound smart while, in fact, he misapplies any knowledge that he does posess. He would be a horrible president in my opinion.

    • DavidL

      Gingrich is what dumb people think smart people sound like.

      • Brad


        And you think Obama is smart, our community organizer in chief, atleast newt doesn’t hide behind paid lawyers to cover his past.

        • Ann

          Brad, David didn’t say Obama is smart. He said Newt is a fraud.

          • DavidL

            Thank you, Ann, for correctly understanding my statement about Gingrich.

      • ChristyK

        I believe Gingrich is incredibly smart. He is just evil. He polls to find out what people want to hear and he gives them that. He is able to defend, logically and well, any position which he believes will give him more power. Beware of Gingrich and don’t overlook him. We definitely don’t want him anywhere the presidency, but don’t think that he doesn’t know exactly what he is doing.

    • Brad


      Like we don’t already have a bad president; some polls find Ohmama worse then Jimmy Carter! Ohmama worst president ever, kinda rings doesn’t it.

      • Joe H.

        Kinda rings TRUE!!!

    • APN

      Newt is not smart? OK Doc, you lost me. I guess my 162 IQ just don’t get it!

      …….and I’m glad I don’t.

      He will make the best President since RR and that is for sure.

  • AJ

    Down with the puppets of the House of Rothschild!
    Vote Ron Paul!!!!!! Stand up to tyrany, greed and corruption!

    • Ret

      Yes, yes, yes!

    • DumbStruck

      I think you hit the nail ‘right square in the middle of its head’!
      Why others can’t seem to ‘get that’ befuddles me. Any theories?

    • Nancy McCabe

      I agree…!!

  • Bobby

    We must resolve the ROOT of our problems in order to survive. That ROOT is our monetary system – and it’s takeover by the banking elite. They have robbed and pillaged our country into near-ruin. ONLY Ron Paul knows how to solve it, and has the balls to do what he says he’ll do.

    One thing is for sure: If you vote for Ron Paul – you know what you’ll be getting! A true conservative.

  • http://Warrner D121212

    I want to join the people who have not been hood winked by the slick talking, illegal alien loving, anti gun loving, friend of Pelosi that is running for the President of the United States. Nothing pleases me more than to read the negative comments about ‘good old boy, Neut’. As I’ve said before, with Neut, it’s what he doesn’t say that you have to worry about. He’s a slick talker and slippery as the devil. I’m for seeing him go down in flames. People of Iowa and Carolina, take heed to what he ‘doesn’t’ say because it’s important. Read between the lines. We don’t want a ‘fence straddler’ in the White House.

    • wally stewart

      you just dixcribed the fraud m chief lol

      • professor

        Newtie is a globalist and a One World Order guy. He has been for illegal immigrants and he wouldn’t close the border. He would continue obama’s agenda…if elected. Newtie understands obama’s blatant Marxist beliefs and is not getting in the way of what he thinks is the inevitable….NAU and NWO.

        Newtie sounds good and he will tell you what you want to hear. He is smart and can “talk the talk.” But, he has one interest….what is best for Newtie.

        As Bachmann said about Newtie, why would he want to leave his job as lobbyist (Newtie didn’t call it that) where he made 100 Million Dollars, in the last year. Not too bad for an ex-speaker. Newtie wants back “in” and the presidency is a means to an end. I can’t help but feel that he wants to be on the “winning” side…the side of the Washington turncoats.. However, I could be wrong.

        • Joseph

          I think newt is the worst of the worst, and has been offered-up precisely because of his odious past. This, i believe, is calculated. Why? Next to newt, obama will look great! We do not have a two-party system as most believe. We have in essence, a one-party system working in unison towards the same goal. R & D, are two wings of the same ugly, political bird!

        • Joe H.

          Salamander Man accepted chump change. Look at Al”the bore” Gore. Three years after leaving office, he was worth over 350 million!!! All by screwing the people!!

  • Helen2

    I agree and I just read yesterday that Ron Paul is actually “surging” in the polls. I’m not exactly sure what constitutes a surge, but it is good news that he is coming up in the polls. We just need to each do our part in telling our friends and relatives the importance of voting for Ron Paul.

  • singer23

    Why don’t you Ron Paulites, take a rest, he hasn’t a chance in the world at getting the nomination, never the less, be elected President! How can so few, permeate the entire election process, you just annoy everyone with your constant carping! Ron Paul is a, “Whining,” old man who knows nothing about international affairs, he has been a politician, longer that he has been a doctor! Give us a break, stop already! Let’s get to the real job, getting Obama and the Democrats out of office! Snipe’s at other Republicans is only contributing ammunition to the Democrats!

    • wally stewart


      • Ann

        I am happy to repeat myself as often as is necessary. This is from an NBC news-Marist poll. Hardly a Ron Paul organ.
        * President Obama defeats all GOP competitors except for Ron Paul in a hypothetical matchup; and
        * 42 percent of registered voters in Iowa support Ron Paul and 42 percent back Obama, with 16 percent undecided; and
        * Ron Paul leads Obama 42 to 35 percent among independent voters and attracts 15 percent of Iowa’s Democrats; and
        * Ron Paul also leads Obama by 14 percentage points among voters under 45 years of age.
        and the link:,%202011%20Iowa%20NBC%20News-Marist%20Poll%20Release.pdf

        The independents-also known as swing voters-make the difference with a 42 to 35 percent lead for Paul over Obama. So, electability, which takes more than Republicans, is assuredly in Paul’s favor.

        This finding is not new. It is a repeat of several others taken along the way since the beginning of the campaign season.

        • Joe H.

          Dr. Ron Paul/Andrew Napolitano 2012!!!!!

    • Geno

      @singer: sat what you will about Ron Paul. It does not change the fact that is has more integrity than any other candidate out there. He is not a smooth talker or slick debater, but when he speaks it is genuine and – right from the heart. He is not coached by the banking cartel and he has only one motive: to restore the republic and honor the work of the founders. You can fall for the half truths and omissions of MSM and by into the slick pseudo-intellectualism of Newt and see where it gets you. Voting for Newt to get Obama out is like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. I’ll take Dr. Paul’s whining stutters any day. At least I know he won’t be more of the same. And more of the same is just insane!

      • Aniko

        USE your spell checker!

        • Martha

          What’s the matter, you can read unless it’s spelled correctly? Science has proved the brain can read what is written even if every word has letters misplaced in it. We’re not debating how well someone can spell in here in case you hadn’t noticed.

        • libertytrain

          Aniko – use your spell check and reread your comments for your own errors. You too, have a few. So it probably would be more intelligent for you not to criticize at this point..

        • Ann

          There’s a difference between a typo and an inability to spell. The ‘t’ and the ‘y’ are right next to each other on a qwerty keyboard. What a weak thing to do – and I’m a stickler for spelling.

          • libertytrain

            Go back and reread your comments. You still can’t see your error apparently….

        • Nadzieja Batki

          Grow up and stop nitpickingl.

        • Geno

          Aniko: My apologoes for the typo…I was in a rush…I hope this helps you understand my point:

          @singer: Say what you will about Ron Paul. It does not change the fact that is has more integrity than any other candidate out there. He is not a smooth talker or slick debater, but when he speaks it is genuine and right from the heart. He is not coached by the banking cartel and he has only one motive: to restore the republic and honor the work of the founders.

          You can fall for the half truths and omissions of the MSM and buy into the slick pseudo-intellectualism of Newt and see where it gets you. Voting for Newt to get Obama out is like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. I’ll take Dr. Paul’s whining stutters any day. At least I know he won’t be more of the same. And more of the same is just insane!

          • Geno

            Aniko: Whoops, I did it again. My apologies for the typo…I was in a rush…I hope this helps you understand my point:

            @singer: Say what you will about Ron Paul. It does not change the fact that he has has more integrity than any other candidate out there. He is not a smooth talker or slick debater, but when he speaks it is genuine and right from the heart. He is not coached by the banking cartel and he has only one motive: to restore the republic and honor the work of the founders.

            You can fall for the half truths and omissions of the MSM and buy into the slick pseudo-intellectualism of Newt and see where it gets you. Voting for Newt to get Obama out is like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. I’ll take Dr. Paul’s whining stutters any day. At least I know he won’t be more of the same. And more of the same is just insane!

        • Joe H.

          Engage Brain before typing with fingers!!! You only prove how small your thoughts are when you correct someones spelling here!!

      • Jetstream

        Good worker, hard worker, sincere… such attributes are only a portion of the job of President… When a person habitually communicates “sonically” a (flatted 3rd) tone… Universally, without acception, it’s always percieved as “Distress”, “Unresolved Complaint’, & or a “LEVEL OF ANGUISH”… more commonly known as WHINING… Stay with me here… Such a person intentionally or otherwise has already lost at the “art of effective communication”. IT”S NOT DEBATABLE… It’s something involuntary… Which means, you & I don’t have an opinion that can influence the outcome. In simple language… As much as I appreciate the Spirit of Congressman Ron Paul, even sincerity results in a damaged outcome if & when intentions are consistently conveyed in a complaining tone. Although a seemingly wonderful man & public servant, one need only observe the reaction of those he most means to persuade & reason with… CONVERSELY… Those most attracted to him are the personality types who, “if gut wrenchingly honest”, would rather he take care of things. The law of attraction confirms this fact… I’d much rather be wrong on this, but then my personal position really doesn’t matter. PAUL is who he is & IT IS what it is… This can not succeed… He seems best left where he’ll likely persuade most often. Integrity says, by now he should have groomed for the sake and future of this “Democratic Republic” a PRODIGY. Now that’s real visionary service to country. Never mind my being the messenger. Let’s just hope he hears & heeds the message! REPLICATE RON! “ENTER, RAND PAUL” JS

        • Bob in Boston

          You may be rift from a neuro-linguistic perspective, but that only really matters when you’re attempting to build rapport to influence someone or sell them something. And you are right that there are some number of people in society who won’t be able to see past that. But Ron Paul has always said he’s about selling the *ideas* of Liberty and not himself as a candidate. When people look into Ron Paul’s voting record and listen to his speeches, yo latch onto the ideas first, then you realize that they are coming from a truly great patriot so the “sale” is moot. That is why Ron Paul is a front runner despite the media and the establishment types telling everyone “he has no chance”. Once you’re bought into the idea, it takes more than an NLP-trained politician to convince you otherwise, and in fact the attempt tends to have the opposite effect and further crystallizes your belief in the need for someone like Ron Paul. Hence the Paulites being more dedicated than the other candidate’s supporters.
          At least that’s my untrained opinion!

          • Bob in Boston

            Apologies in advance to the spelling police – typing on iPhone and can’t see the whole text to proofread after. Rift = right

    • Joe

      I’ve been voting for president for 45 years and the montra has always been, “let’s vote them out”. The problem is that they are replaced by a new guy that’s in the same pockets as the “other” guy. Newt will take us down the same path as BHO. His method will be watch my right hand while I build the govenmental empire with my left hand. When are we going to support (that means with our words and wallet) the candidates that can give us back our country. So many of those elected last year were supposedly “UNELECTABLE”.

      • Aniko

        I believe “montra” is a Japanese fictional monster!

        You meant “mantra” which in English is slogan!

        Why would anyone seriously consider the opinion of semi-literates who hate Newt because he is too intelligent to be understood by 4th grade education?!

        • Martha

          I suggest you switch your site to Wikipedia. You might be more comfortable there.

          • Nadzieja Batki

            I believe she came to this site to show us how intelligent she is, that is why we are getting this phony superiority.

          • Joe H.

            GEE, I WUSH I SPELLD AS GUD AZ HIR!!!!

        • Michael J.

          I believe “Mothra” is the term you are thinking of. That’s the problem with correcting the spelling of someone else. If you’re wrong, it makes YOU look foolish.

          P.S. Obama already has a spelling Czar, I’m sure.

          Meanwhile, enjoy the video. Mothra vs. Godzilla

          • libertytrain

            Yes, she’s good at criticism but not actual knowledge.

    • Ret

      Then WHO? let obummer finish the job of destroying the US? stinkrich? clinton? pelosi? she was running it anyway. how about soros or a rothchild? Why not Calderon, he’s sending all his scum here, told obummer how to run this country, he may as well come and do it. Or better yet, hugh grant, the head of monsanto. He tells our finest elected to jump, and they ask how high. Lets just bring him out of the shadows and be done with it. At least we know his agenda, then we can omit the games of the dc types making believe they’re really working for us.

      • Ret

        Oh dear, I said unkind things about our hallowed people in government. do you think they’re going to call the principal and try to make me apologize?

    • Alan

      Really Singer? So, let me get this straight… You’d vote for any idiot that has an R behind their names? Just so you don’t have an idiot with a D behind their name. Wow – now that logic is just baffling. This ABO crowd, aka the “Purists,” will kill us all! I bet the Germans said Anything but the Weimar when Hitler seized power. And the rest is history, the Germans jumped out of the frying pan directly into the fire.

    • JFG

      Paul has some good points but….. a vote for him even if he wins the nomination re-elects Obama. Newt is a big looser. Yes, the question is.. “What to do!” What a mess!

      • Geno

        Now is the time to take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself if you vote on principle this time instead of trying to pick the winner. If we all want to restore the republic and get Washington to obey the Constitution who will get us there? Who has the record and character who will do what he says he will do? Be true to yourself and be intellectually honest about the facts. Even if it means you have to change what you already believe.

      • Ann

        Once again, when polls include independents and disaffected Democrats, Paul polls better against Obama than Newt or any other Republican candidate. Give the economy another year to fester and it will be even more in those two camps. Ron is actually the MOST electable. How Orwellian can you get?
        Google Paul vs. Obama iowa and see the most recent one. Find the one that gives the internals of the poll. It shows Newt in front with Republicans but if you read on, you will get to the part about what the other voters say. And remember, everyone gets to vote, come November. Lets hope Ron Paul is on that ballot or we’ll get four more years of B.O.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear singer23,

      Ron Paul is the last, best hope to save the country, so there will be no apology for efforts to get him elected. You remain a victim of the false left/right paradigm and mired in a vortex of conventional wisdom. Until you choose to escape, I’m afraid you will be unhappy with much of what you read here. The truth is often the most difficult medicine to swallow.

      Best wishes,

      P.S. When liberty and tyranny compromise, more liberty is lost.

      • Joe H.

        If he/she believes the polls that say Dr. Paul has no chance to win, I suggest he remember a headline prompted by polls from history “DEWEY WINS!!!”

    • Brad

      I’m afraid I have to agree with this statement 1000%

    • Bill

      Sounds like another Obamacrat speaking out hie butt

  • jopa

    Newt reminds me of a car salesman I went to once.The key word here is once.I ain’t buying it.

  • Sirian

    Newt, RINO in reality, is in simple terms and Republican Progressive. The Progressives remain as the slow, evolving edifice of Socialism/Communism that has been alive and well for now over one hundred years. BTW, Hillary proudly boasted as being a Progressive during one of the Democratic Presidential Debates in 2008. So, as all should be capable of seeing, they are playing both sides of the fence and leading us on in a very clever fashion. Aren’t we nice little mushrooms?

  • JimMc

    Why don’t you just change the name of this site to the Ron Paul Digest! Why not push the FAIR TAX AND GOOOH! They both represent real and substantative change for our country. No, you need to slam the opposition of Dr. Paul. Because he has very little positive going for him you have to go negative. Poor strategy guys.

    • argoman

      I’m with you,JimMC. good post.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear JimMc,

      There already is at least one. It’s called The Daily Paul (

      Push the fair tax? It is just a prelude to a European-style value added tax.

      GOOOH? The process is a misguided joke.

      Best wishes,

      • BibleGunClinger

        Fair tax is the same as VAT? C’mon, educate yourself. Fair tax is the only way to go. But I have to admit that it will more than likely never happen. Too many slug politicians will make sure it doesn’t. The IRS must be shutdown. 48% of the population does not pay taxes…..that’s fair? NO. Whatever the percentage 12, 15….is the fair way, whether taxing $10 or $10,000,000.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear BibleGunClinger,

          You apparently don’t read very well. I wrote that the Fair Tax is a PRELUDE to a VAT. And that does not mean I support the current system or the IRS. I believe as do you that the IRS must be eliminated. But that will not happen without a repeal of the 16th Amendment, which was not even properly ratified. And that will not happen if any of the pretend conservatives are elected.

          And you are very naive to think that this criminal government will set a “fair” amount of taxation and stick with it for any length of time. And what level of taxation do you consider “fair,” and what gives you (or anyone else, particularly in government) the authority to determine what is a “fair” level of taxation for someone else? The fair tax would just be another means of getting ignorant American sheeple to smile and think they’re getting good deal while the government steals more from them.

          Best wishes,

      • Aniko

        You know Bob; if you won’t stop promulgating a sure loser like Ron Paul I will hold you responsible for fracturing the conservative vote and losing the general election!

        OPEN your mind! The MOST important thing is to get the Communist(s) out of the WH!! None of the Republican candidates would be worse than Obama, but Ron Paul CANNOT win in the general election!

        Eric Erickson is a Perry fanatic, but at least at this point he no longer sounds like a Perry-zombie, while you still cannot see the reality of Ron Paul’s predicament and sound like a mindless Ron Paul-zombie! Snap-out of it for Christ’s sake!

        • Elizabeth Sloot

          What makes you think Newt isn’t a comunist? Anymore you can’t tell a D from an R.

          • Ronald R. Johnson

            It’s sure food for thought! We really have no one running for president that is worth voting for and many who shouldn’t even be in a race for dog catcher.! We would almost be better off to kick Obama out of the White House [ cause if we don't in four years we may not have a country] then skip this next election and leave the White House empty for the next four years! For sure the country wouldn’t be hurt as bad as it would if Obama is elected again or any of the others who are running! If elected again,Obama is going to turn the Army,Navy,Marines,Air Force and Coast Guard into gay clubs, and make the so called Muslim religion as the state religion, have Hillary and Holder disarm all honest Americans, then enslave all Americans. Then open our borders even more than they are and let all the illegals flood our country, forget English and print everything in anything except English! How did Obama ever buy his way into the white house? Obama has never in his whole life ever did anything good for America and to show just how stupid he really is, He and the wife went to Rev, Wright’s Church sitting in the Pew next to Oprah for over twenty years and didn’t know he was a racist or that he hated America! Now with him preaching hate against white people and America every Sunday at their church how could anyone be so stupid not to know he was a racist and hated America? And even if someone could be that stupid how could he ever be elected to anything? If some one new does not jump in this race for the White House, god help us and someone can just stick a fork in us cause we will be DONE!

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Aniko,

          Open YOUR mind and remove yourself from the false left/right paradigm. The two parties are two sides of the same coin. The only difference Gingrich or Romney would make is in which set of corporatists and banksters get to steal the most from the working class.

          Best wishes,

          P.S. To hold me “responsible for fracturing the conservative vote and losing the general election” is to bestow upon me much more power than I could ever hope for (or would want). If I had the ability to control an election in such a way, Ron Paul would be a shoe-in. You, sir, are deluded.

          • Joe H.

            WHOOOOOO! Very good post Mr Livingston!!! God Bless!!

        • Ann

          Once more, with feeling! Ron Paul is the MOST electable because he draws from other blocs such as independents (remember swing voters? They put Obama in because they fell for his lies) and aggravated Democrats. Google the Iowa polling that considers all voters and you’ll see. No candidate can win with only the base. You have to pull in the outliers.
          Dr. Paul garners plenty of Republicans, and a healthy number of the other voters. We tend to forget that the whole electorate is not pigeon-holed into Rs and Ds.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          Is there some insider knowledge that you are privy to that somehow the rest of us were excluded from hearing?
          Vote for whom you want and we will vote for whom we choose.

        • Geno

          Aniko: I am happy you hate communists. Hitler hated communists too. Please tell us why you believe Newt will be a better POTUS than Bush? I think you know Newt’s character so your support for him is perplexing.

          Even if you did not like Ron Paul’s “whinny” speeches doesn’t his integrity count for something over Newt’s total lack of integrity (not an opinion — check the facts)?

          If all we did was vote on principle I think Ron Paul can win. Why? Because I believe most people really have the same principles. Sure there may be a few things we disagree about, but we all share the same core values. Don’t you?

          So Aniko, are you playing the devil’s advocate or do you really support Newt because you want to see the county fall to a total tyranny?

          • Joe H.

            show me ONE other politician with a better 30 year voting record than Dr. Ron Paul!!! Always down the straight and narrow! Always by the constitution!! He is the only one I trust to be pro-gun AFTER he gets into office and he is the only one I trust to not take more of our rights away AFTER being elected. Salamander Man will promise you the sun, moon, and stars to get elected, and then it will be “Who the hell are you??”

          • APN

            Why or how exactly could Newt throw the county into tyranny? How could Ron Paul throw us into tyranny? You people put WAY to much emphasis on the Presidency. This position of power(Executive Branch) is not a dictatorship!

            I will take Newt, Ron Paul, Michelle, etc etc etc and all will suffice. I am way more interested in getting the right people in local/state government and CONGRESS. CONGRESS specifically because that my friend is where the REAL POWER is(at this moment), in Washington.

            If you don’t believe that, then why couldn’t Bush II get his AMNESTY plan for all these illegals passed? Better put, why hasn’t Obama just declared “I AM KING OBAMA” and you shall all bend a knee in my presence!

            READ THE CONSTITUTION and like Newt said, “Get involved, don’t just send me to Washington, GO WITH ME AND STAY INVOLVED!!!!! That means you and I at the local grass root levels of government.

            A lot is going to change if the GOP wins back the WH and majorities in both houses of congress. One will be the CONGRESS recognizing the 10th amendment again. That in itself will NEGATE OBAMACARE however I look for the third branch of Government, TSC, to handle this issue before summer ends 2012.

            Lastly, all you people out there stating that Newt will abolish the 2nd amendment? Explain it! Just how can he do that without the consent of CONGRESS/WE THE PEOPLE? He supports the 2nd amendment so why would he even think about doing such a thing? Globalist? Big UN supporter….BALONY!

            All of the above is nothing but conspiracy theories that are politically motivated so as to get YOUR man in the WH. Nothing more, nothing less.

        • Bob in Boston

          Aniko you seem to be confused – since Ron Paul does best against Obama out of all the republican candidates, you should be one of his biggest supporters!

    • Jetstream

      The resposiblity of FREEDOM weighs heavy on many JimMC… That’s why your point is correct… Many folks frequenting these sites seeking comfort & security they’ve never possessed in the public lives & such can be good. But far too often, what some deem to be accurate is only accurate by their preference. It’s like watching an aquaintance being told, “It’s all Clear” so that they cross the street, but “BAMB” they are somehow hit & killed. THe Moral SINCERE… BUT SINCERELY WRONG! By & large, sharing view point is healthy. Many are of the thinking that their viewpoint is correct. It’s to be expected. But all personal view point comes with a thin layer of human seasoning. It’s known as “EGO” It’s said that animals don’t experience ego, but rather, instinct. My point! We will soon once again witness, in human form, what all living species seek to avoid. Extinction. This may be Ron Puals very last shot @ avoiding political extinction. This… coming from me, a guy who doesn’t mind Ron Paul’s years of service to country… with exception to his recent attack on persons instead of issues… and his peers of most common ground, no less. That’s like former president Carter attacking the policies of then, President G.W. Bush, sitting with 1st Lady Laura, His former Presidential Parents, the Clintons & the rest of the Free World, while he’s supposed to be delivering his meriting praise & respects during the Eulogy of the late Coretta Scott King… As proven out through his own actions… Nowhere near leadership @ all! Something I needn’t spend time on except that people are in fact weak, all around us. “Consider please, Congressman Ron”… “Your actions are damaging. And as such, foolish, considering you’re asking “others” to believe you represent integrity. As far as I can tell, in their eyes… your compromising their view of you being Above Reproach.” Your current conduct is largely reflecting on your constituency! I’M With JIM Mc! All My Best! JS

  • Fred

    If enough of us pray hopefully God will answer us an resurrect Good old Ronald Regan! Thats who we need in office, Someone with Character, Morals and Values. Someone that is willing to stand and defend this great country!
    Obama is the farthest of these things that I mention. He is out to destroy our way of life, our way of existence!

    • Dagney

      Time to take a look at Rick Santorum and/or Michele Bachmann.

      • professor

        That may be a good choice, but they are not “anointed” by the insiders. That means, they haven’t a chance…

        Santorum and Bachmann fill the need for cannon fodder, candidates to run against that are sure to lose. Too bad.

  • peter

    Hobsons choice here gentlemen and ladies! We are stuck with Obama, so just like it or lump it. The whole bunch together could’nt find their own arses with both hands, they need to be told where it is by their masters. Gutless, unconvincing, devious and obedient to their masters. Real ‘presidential material’ is no longer available. Good luck!

  • Iris

    Newt will be the nominee, that is that. I will vote for Newt. I believe that he will do a good job as he IS smart and will know that he won’t stand a chance of being re-elected if he doesn’t. You see it seems that we all all agree on the fact that he is NOT STUPID. And anyone who will vote for Obama against Newt needs to be committed.

    Ron Paul is too old, too cranky and doesn’t stand a chance.

    • graciousgrammy

      @ Iris…..You said Dr. Paul is to old? You need to brush up on your history!!!!! The oldest President elected to office was Ronald Ragan.

    • Rman

      Iris, I don’t think it is either smart nor wise to make decisions regarding who will be the republican candidate when we are 11 months away from the election. Too much can happen between now and then. Look at what the media did to Herman Cain. They brought him down with nothing but lies and innuendo issued by Obama through David Axelrod. Imagine what they will do to Newt considering his checkered past. As for septuagenarians in the white house, let us not forget that Ronald Reagan was 69 years old when he became president (He turned 70 in February of 1981). Ron Paul is 76 but the man has experience, constitutional savvy and consistency that Newt can’t match. Personally, I would like to see him and Michelle Bachman share a ticket and I don’t care which would be be president and which would be vice-president.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      I don’t care how old Ron Paul is and I like “Cranks” who tell the truth.

      • Joe H.

        I like that “crank” a whole lot better thanthose young PUNKS that lie through their teeth!!!

  • hope4thefuture

    I find it hard to believe with all the resources now available through the internet that so many do not spend the time to research exactly how we have arrived at this point in our country of near destruction. It takes very little time to research how and when the Federal Reserve was put into place and why: read or watch Jekyll Island (its on youtube). Google Agenda 21 and see why and how the United Nations has been working since its inception to destroy our sovereignty. We have had ONE political party for decades and the false left/right rep/dem continues putting the same people in office that are destroying our country.

    The paulbot and other slurs put out by people mimic the propaganda media and Alinsky methods–destroy anyone you disagree with any way possible. What people seem to not want to understand is the reason Dr. Paul has such passionate supporters is he is a true man of principle which is almost non-existent in the political ruling elite class. People like me support him because he is the one true chance of returning to a Constitutional government before it has completely been shredded–it is in tatters now. Unless “we the people” turn off the propaganda media and start thinking for ourselves our children will rightly blame us for losing their freedom and a United States we will no longer even recognize–it is becoming harder by the day.

  • argoman

    Put your Ron Paul hoss up against the ol” warhorse Newt, and Ill vote for the winner! fair enough??

    • showmeonce

      I agree–Newt is his own man. Romney will be the puppet for the ole republican establishment..

      • Jack

        Absolutely Correct!!!

  • Tony N

    Ron Paul has Only one quality and thats his stance on the Federal Reserve , all the other dribble is a Non starter ….

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Tony N,

      So you support the status quo?

      Best wishes,

    • Rman

      Hey Tony, does that mean you don’t like his goals of removing useless and harmful things like HUD, the Dept. of Education, the EPA, Obamacare?

  • Helen2

    I have a question for the anti-Paulites on this list. This is unabashedly a conservative, constitutionalist’s forum. Bob Livingston makes no apologies for his conservative views and his constitutional leanings. What if Ron Paul does get the nomination? The primaries are still a ways away. No one has received the nomination yet. This whole thing about electability is ridiculous. Anyone can be elected – look at who our POTUS is right now. If Ron Paul were to get the nomination, are you saying you would write in Newt rather than vote for Ron Paul?

    • Brad

      Nobut he says he will vote for the one that can win at that time and to quit bashing Paul’s opponents. We want Obama out!!!!

      • Rman

        What good will it do to merely replace Obummer with someone who changes his beliefs every time the wind changes direction. Newt is a chameleon and truly Janus-like (Roman two-faced god). I don’t trust that what he says to get elected will be what he does when elected. He has shown complete disregard for morality and ethics in the past.

        • Ann

          Very succinct. May I steal this?

  • Mushin

    Hey Ben,

    I know this is beside the point but WHO names their kid “newt”!? I mean, how about Leo? Bear? Tiger? Rex? Hell, even Sue would sound more manly, than newt!
    Have you ever seen a newt? slimy little creature, lives in mud, not very smart.

    I’m naming my next kid newt in honor of Mr. G {giving that to him in honor of him as a MIDDLE name} but his first name will be “stinky”.

  • Wargi

    What you don’t seem to want to discuss is what can he accomplish?? Of all the Candidates they all are politicians’ except for Cain and until he can prove himself innocent I don’t think he will be back.
    I am an independent and maybe even have a little physic intuition Mitt Romney is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. What has he accomplished that you really like? Remember Bill Clinton (Slick Willy) Mitt is (Mushy Mitt).
    Ron Paul, has some good ideas, but also has a lot of bad ideas. What has he accomplished other than he has spent a lot of time in the Congress. The world will see him as a nobody and an isolationist.
    Michelle Bachmann, jus a lot of hot air.
    Rick Santorum; needs to be Vice president before he tries to be President.
    Newt Gingrich, has a lot of good accomplishments and some bad ones, but he always continues to fight for the American spirit. I believe that he will fight for the country and not just the party, which is really our most important objective.
    My grandchildren are not going to have the same opportunities as I had because the American Spirit is being suffocated by the thing we call president today.
    The republican race will come down to Newt and Mitt. Should it be Ron Paul, I would probably not vote, because I can’t support either of them as they both would lead to destruction of the American spirit.
    In conclusion I prefer Newt over Mitt, because Newt will fight for me and my family and not look for a safe way to politically state so while protecting his second term opportunity.

    • Rman

      Wargi, it’s truly sad that you think Cain should have to prove his innocence. How do you prove you didn’t do something?

      • Wargi

        I said that because the truth is that it is what he will have to do and I think it a shame, because we are suppose to be innocent until found guilty. Cain has always been my first choice, and I would love to see him back in the race.

        • Joe H.

          What will you say if it is proven to be FACT??? You notice I said if? I’m a firm believer in “innocent till proven guilty”! It could go either way, as far as you or I know!!!

    • graciousgrammy

      So you think Newt will stand by you and Did you forget that he left his first wife while she was in the hospital with cancer???? If he couldn’t stand by his on family what makes you think he will stand by yours????? When Newt left congress where did he go????? Oh wait……if my memory serves me correctly…….HE WENT TO ADVISE FANNY MAE AND FREDDY MAC. As if he didn’t know what was going on. Tisk Tisk……This man is hungry for Power and Money and I REFUSE TO VOTE FOR SOMEONE WHO DOESN’T HAVE A CONSCIOUS.

      • Wargi

        Well graciousgranny I have been married three times too and thank god for divorce. There are many reasons for a divorce and you probably one that hasn’t been opted on yet. As for voting for someone with a conscious that means you think Obama has a conscious, or you just won’t vote??

      • Jetstream

        Based on your confusion “grammy” works, but “gracious” seems remote @ best… Maybe, your not voting @ all, would best serve all others. “Honest & Informed” decision making is the only place where freedom can live. You are not in this difficult time alone… but your effectlessness indicates that you are really biding someone else’s time. Freedom without accountability places you @ best, with WHINERS & CORRUPTIONISTS. *Please see, “The Merry-Go-Round” affect!
        Solution: Hold your breath until you pass out. If & when you awaken, reboot yourself by reading the very small book known as THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. By doing this, you could help yourself with your presumptuous perception of the BILL OF RGHTS. When your done reading, & only if the content & contexts take hold, to balance your involvement… try changing your writer name to “Honest & Informed”. IT’S NOT TOO LOFTY A REQUEST IS IT, ESPECIALLY IF IT CAN MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT? JS

    • Joan H. Brown

      Mitt Romney is the man that I feel has the will, the background and
      the business experience to bring America back. He is a devout Christian, devoted to his family and developed and managed a huge
      corporation, served as the governor of the State of Massachusetts,
      home of the Kennedys. His father, George Romney was the head of
      American Motors and Mitt grew up in the business world. All the
      other candidates are politicians. We need to cut the salaries of
      members of Congress and cut the time they spend in Washington.
      We need to discontinue paying them hundreds of thousands of dollars
      after they retire. We need to cut out the career politicians such
      as Newt Ginrich. Doing away with the retirement for the Presidents
      and Congress would certainly help settle our National Debt.

  • http://liberyalearts john p.


    • Rman


    • r.p.

      Yeppers.. We got some great presidents from previous governorships. The likes of G.W.Bush, R.W.Reagan, J.E.Carter, W.Wilson, J.K.Polk, W.H.Taft. All the more reason to discount those insignificant statesmen like G.Washington. J.Adams, J.Madison. J.Q.Adams, J.F.Kennedy… I suppose you then support Mitt or Rick cause they are Governors?

  • ron schaeffer

    If our only hope in this race turns out to be a choice between Newt and Mitt, then what’s the difference? Mitt is extremely liberal and Newt is a borderline. At least Newt is a man of ideas; Mitt hasn’t had a personal idea outside of Senator Kennedy since he died. I will go with Newt and pray he’s closer to my ideas than Mitt. If Mitt wins the nomination, I will stay home and let Obama destroy the country. I do not see the difference between Mitt and Obama. Perhaps one of you learned individuals will enlighten me.
    Ron Schaeffer

    • Brad

      Ron, you like this idiot we have now over voting for Mitt if it came down to him against Obummer? God Help the USA!

  • Geno
  • Eric

    Who is the only Candidate to balance the budget and implement Welfare reform againt a Commie Lib? Newt of Course. I am going to take my chances and vote for Newt. And by the way, the media can go f*** themselves.

    • r.p.

      What a remarkable statement you make in your last sentence. What makes it so remarkable is the fact that the MSM has already given you Newt as the flavor for this month. Kinda got caught up in that left/right paradigm heh?

  • Eric

    By the way, I like Ron Paul, Michelle, and Santorum. My last choice is Mitt. Why do all you sheeple allow the media to choose for you. Mitt’s Healthcare team advised Obama on Obama Care. What does “Issue Waivers” Mean anywhay when all other candidates are talking about repeal. How can anyone from MA, be anything other than a liberal? Look at his record. By the way what Newt did Publicly vs. Privately are two different things. I am sure that if anyone on this site were offered a consulting fee by the federal govt they would jump all over it. Newt Gingrich for President 2012

  • amarq

    IOWA VOTERS…the eyes of america are on you! I hope you strike a blow to end the strangle hold of the banksters on america and the world. No vote has ever counted more. If you vote your conscience i believe you will vote for Dr. Paul. If you vote for the lessel of two evils, you will get evil either way.

    • Wargi

      As I stated above “The world will see him (Ron Paul) as a nobody and an isolationist.” He is probably honest, but being an honest Politian is just that a lie in its self. He is not a leader, he is an objector that has supporters because most of us really don’t like the things he objects to. The key here is Leader not the few good ieas.

      • Rman

        Oh Wargi. You disappoint me. Ron Paul is a constitutionalist. He wants the government to once again be a servant to the people rather than the master of the people. He wants to limit our foreign aid which seems prudent to me considering we have borrow the money we give away. Besides, nothing breeds contempt like charity. He wants to stop wars started by whimsy. He wants the USA to cease the incessant meddling in foreign governments in which our government has been indulging with rather spectacular negative results.

        • Wargi

          You have nicely stated some of the good points for Mr. Paul, but nothing about his leadership. I really don’t want to criticize his physical stature, because that is an unfair way to treat a human. He does not represent himself as a person of strength but as a complainer, that is a big point.
          Yes there are a lot of things that could improve this world, but for most of them, I could wish in one hand and defecate in the other and you know which one will fill up.

          • Nadzieja Batki

            What is your definition of a “leader” and that you don’t see it in Ron Paul. Reading and rereading your posts makes me come to a conclusion that you don’t know what a leader is.

  • professor

    The candidate that has my vote will get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank and will put this country back on a secured monetary system!

    The international globalist, multi-billionaire, Bilderbergs (includes Soros) that own the Fed Bank are our enemies. They feel they are entitled to rule the world and the U. S. is the only thing that stand in their way.

    The Fed picks the loser and winners, what countries prosper and what countries fail. They do this by manipulation of world economies and devaluing currencies. At the most recent meeting they decide if the U.S. is to suffer decades long desperation or if we are to be given a death-blow ending things quickly. I feel that the latter will be their decision because they are racing towards their goal to destroy our country….obama is increasingly bold and no longer hides his Marxist agenda and redistributing the wealth of the world, making every country “uniform” as they are attempting to do to the EU.

    Germany, BTW, is not happy with the EU and the uniformity that is expected, making all countries equal. Germans have expressed the idea of kicking Greece out of the EU, so that the other EU members are not obligated to pay to correct the fall of the Greek economy.

    I hope they don’t kick out Greece as obama is itching to write a check to bail out Greece.

  • Don C

    Newt Gingrich? President? Get serious please! Gingrich is the epitome of a Political Hack . . . or is it Whore? He’s a two bit Huckster who no more deserves or is qualified to be President of the United States than the Marxist puppet, Obama. If Gingrich ends up as the Republican nominee, I’ll start working on my short list of where the Hell to escape to. There are two potential scenarios in such a situation: Gingrich would lose, Obama would win, and the American people would lose the Great Nation we inherited from those who built it with their blood, sweat, and Honor . . . or the second scenario: Newt would win, Obama would lose, and the American People would lose the Great Nation we inherited from our forebears, referenced above.

    I haven’t decided on anyone yet. It is still a long way to the November 2012 Election and much can (and probably will) happen. Of the current field of contenders, with what I know at this point in time I could see myself voting for any one of the following, alphabetically listed candidates . . . without holding my nose: Congresswoman Bachman, Congressman Paul, Governor Perry, Former Congressman Santorem. But who knows, today, if others will emerge to be considered? Stay Awake. Stay Alert. Watch, Listen and evaluate very carefully. In the final analysis . . . it is YOUR future that is at stake.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Ben, You disappoint me with your unfounded charges. Exactly, how was Speaker Gingrich complicit in Freddie Mac? Can you prove these allegations? I seriously doubt that you can. You are a troll for Ron Paul. But you can fan the flames of doubt, simply by stating those words as if they are fact. Just like most of the writers on this site. The Libertarian Party will never be a major player because of their less than desirable positions, at least in my mind. Although I voted for Roger McBride in 1984 and John Anderson in 1980, I will never throw my vote away again. It seems as though many on this site are willing to do that as many did in voting for Ross Perot in 1992. Silly, silly, and silly.

  • http://none BAP362

    Anyone who thinks Pauls military stance is wrong is just brainwashed into thinking that these insesant trillion dollar wars are soooooooo patriotic and good for our security. Nonsense, they are just the opposite. We are going broke funding these wars and funding all the other wastefull things we do with our tax dollars, and will soon be economically impotent, and won’t be able to project power in any truely necessary military action if we had too. Economically we need to internalize and rebuild America for awhile before our lack of attention to our own citizenary really gets some serious social disobediance going. The occupy demonstrations are just a symptom of this. Gingrich, Romney, and Perry and just going to keep the machine of big government cranking away until we finally have total economic collapse. Those three fellows are not true conservatives, and we need a real conservative in the White House, or have we finally become fearful of true conservatism, and no longer recognize what’s really in our best interests anymore? I say it’s Paul or nothing at all.

    • Col

      I will make the same comment to you as I did with another Ron Paul or nothing supporter. Ron Paul is 75 yrs old. He is too old to take on the job of getting this country back on track. That is not the main reason not to vote for him. The reason no one in their right mind would vote for him is because of how he feels about Iran having nuclear weapons. His reason, because he doesn’t think they will use them. If they didn’t have plans to use them, they wouldn’t be working so hard to get them. When they do, and they eventually will,I figure either New York City or the white house will have one right in their lap. In addition to that, Israel will also be a target. Those people are hell bent on destroying the USA and Israel. Personally,I can sleep better at night knowing that they don’t have the capability to hit us, yet! I don’t want anyone in control of this country that is so naive as to believe that Iran or any other middle eastern county wouldn’t take great joy in nuking us or Israel or both.

  • the survivor

    You no educated people can put Ron Paul down and vote for Gingrich or another one of the status quo and if by chance one of them beat Obama, I hope you can live with youselves when Obama or one of the status Quo gets done with America, at least you’ll beable to say you know how the pre 1980 Russions lived.

    • Jetstream

      Get past surviving & move on… It’s really important to your credibility with others… JS

    • Wargi

      I know that they taught ratios prior to the 12th grade so I have to assume that you only graduated from the 8th grade. Gingrich and Romney are both wins over Obama or at least statically tied, so how do you see Paul 17% and Obama 75% a win for Ron Paul?

  • Jeff C.

    Oh, boy! It’s easy to criticize somebody with a real record. Gingrich (and Perry, and Romney, etc) have actually worked in government passing real legislation and dealing with bitter opposition while doing so. The bottom line is that when Newt was in a position to do so he fought hard and won some major victories for conservative fiscal policy. Just because you can point to a few times when he was off doesn’t mean he is a RINO: RONALD REAGAN ACTUALLY GAVE AMNESTY TO ILLEGALS! So is Reagan a “RINO” in your book, too?

    • Jack

      Good thinking!!

    • Ann

      In determining Rino status, the measure is the Republican official platform. Reagan had some issues with the deficit and immigration but if you look at you will see much, much more in the way of deviation from Republican ideals and positions.

  • Old Henry

    So Ben, I gleen from your last paragraph that you are undecided about voting for Ron Paul? That coice would seem to be a no-brainer in these halls.

    And you ran this column past our Chancellor for submission?

  • Jetstream

    I’m with singer 23 & wally stewart Dec. 8th… But perhaps more important is, how long I’ve been with these thinkers & the power of the “Golden Rule of Engagement”. Since age 7 in the Fall of 1964. I’ve, since that time, seen, felt & heard the beliefs & concerns of “peoples” living in 22 other countries. Most of whom “WISH” they were Americans… greatly valuing the prize of LIBERTY. Individuals in the USA under Constitutional protection, believing they represent America, while spending precious time & resource ranting foolishness as narrow as this blog’s author seems to be shuffling, are really only effectively “taking up oxygen” & hard drive. Whining serves no one… least of all, those closest to the whiner. Being part of any solution always demands strength of integrity, unlike being part of any & all problems. Responding with such derogatory & discrediting remarks on any subject toward any solution, is warrantless & a foolish waste of increasingly “short in supply” freedoms. Individuals piping in hope of gathering a trail of rats, always succeed @ just that, & always @ a cost to those most innocent. Let it be that all cronic complainers & whiners commit to only (4) actions; (1) select a shoreline toward any ocean, (2) succeed @ getting there, (3) keep going until far out to sea in some current heading elsewhere… WHERE a much more positive outcome, without question… may prevail… In closing, A NOTE OF CAUTION! HISTORY CONFIRMS THAT DURING ALL PREVIOUS EVENTS OF SOCIAL UNREST RESULTING IN VIOLENT CONFLICT, WHINERS, because they are petulant, ARE ALWAYS THE 1ST TO GO… and perhaps without need for groundlesss debate, speaks loudly to the respective utility of WHINERS… JS

    • Wargi

      Well stated.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So much verbiage or should I say whining.

  • mij

    There is too much wasted energy going on in picking the Republican candidate who will do battle with Obama, November 2012. Our dilemma is how can we oust Obama from the White House before the elections. His expedited removal from office should be the primary concern for all of us. In reading all of your comments, I was unable to discern who would be chosen as the GOP candidate for president. The sooner Obama can be ousted the easier it will be in selecting the ‘right’ GOP candidate. You say how can we do this; its relatively easy. Call, email, send faxes or letters or go in person to your Congress person[s], Governor, T-Party,etc. If significant pressure is applied, I think you will see action taking place. By now we should know the what, when and how of the process of IMPEACHMENT. There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that there are legitimate and significant evidence of numerous impeachable offenses that Obama has committed. We all know the damages being done to our country. Lets do something about it. The selection of the GOP candidate will then be a much easier task.

    • Wargi

      Although there are more men than women in the congress we lack the sufficient number of balls by a unanimous majority to even get it to the floor.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Whizzer

    Based on all the comments I have read, Obama gets four more years! Unfortunately within two years of his re-election the country will be destroyed. Run on banks, grocery stores, and long long lines at the gas pumps @ $7.00 plus per gallon & true unemployment in the 30% range. Get ready for anarchy! Oh I know if we would all just fall in love with Dr. Ron Paul we would all be saved – LoL! Exactly what does Ron have his doctorate in? Everytime I hear him speak it sounds like “bumblenomics”.

  • Antonio

    Screw newt, RON PAUL 2012!!
    If if ain’t Paul, I am not even going to vote. I’m just going to stay home and oil up my guns and prepare for martial law and fema round-ups.

    • Jack

      Sounds Hispanic to me!!! You going back across the border?

      • Antonio

        Dear Jack,
        You sound like a complete idiot, are you? Can you please explain why you think that what I said sounds “hispanic”? Can you please explain what is it that makes you think that I’m going back across the border? If you read my comment and left that reply that only means that you are truly stupid.
        By the way, there’s no such thing as the word “hispanic”.
        It is only a term created by big government to cause more diversity. I am Colombiano and that means that I am from Colombia. Do you understand that? Assuming that I am “hispanic” where would I be from?
        Please do educate yourself before coming here and spouting off stupid things.
        Until then you’re an idiot :)

        • Joe H.

          Actually it means of Spanish decent. If you are from Columbia the odds are very good that you are of Spanish decent, as all the south American countries were settled by the Spanish. There is even a culture of albinos in Panama CA. I believe they are called the San Blas (SP)indians.

    • Col

      If it is Ron Paul,you will have one of Iran’s nukes in your lap within a year.

      • Joe H.

        Only in your nightmares,bud!! Isreal will take care of Iran long before they obtain the ability to launch a nuke!! As far as them coming across the southern border, R. Paul is the only one that wants the border SEALED! Newt (AKA Salamander man) says one thing one day and something else the next!! Abummer doesn’t want to do ANYTHING about the border as he wants the extra VOTERS!!

  • Oscar Booth

    Newt in 2012.

    • Joe H.

      Yeah, oscar, lets just maintain the present or MAYBE, MAYBE slow it down a mite!!! Salamander Man is just the other side of the ABUMMER coin!!!

  • liz

    How did we get into such an awful MESS…and where will it lead us to???/ Evryone I talk to says there is no one running worth voting for. If you are so silly as to vote for Donald Duck…you are throwing your vote away so for goodness sake , look into the runners more thourghly and get better info out there. This country needs some one with a few more BRAIN Cells than those in the lead now

    • Antonio

      What you don’t know is that they are all builderburg members and therefore follow the one world agenda.
      Ron Paul is NOT a builderburg member which is why he is against the federal reserve and other things he is the best one outthere, although the media will never say that, but he is.

  • Joseph

    Victory is possible. Not just symbolic victory. Not merely the spread of ideas or intellectual influence or philosophical victory. Actual electoral victory for President Ron Paul.

    Forget the polls and the pundits. They’ve been wrong before and they’ll be wrong again.

    The 2010 election showed the power of an energized grassroots movement to shape the political world in ways no pundit can predict.

    Not one person in the mainstream establishment can think in terms of grassroots energy, decentralized dynamics, and people-powered revolutions from the bottom up. RON PAUL CAN WIN!

    Texas Congressman enjoys support across political spectrum, anti-war pro-freedom hero represents America’s last hope!

  • Brad

    Never forget,this may be your last chance for ABO.

  • Brad

    Never forget, this may be your last chance for ABO.

  • Don the Canuck

    Always a pleasure to read through these comments and find that there are more and more people actually taking the time to get informed.

    One of the fundamentals of integrity is consistency. When one takes a look at all the candidates, only Ron Paul will be consistent in his views and his voting.

    The problem I often see is that there are those who believe that RP cannot possibly win, so they simply move away from the only true and honest candidate without bad baggage, to favor another candidate who does not have as much to offer.

    Here is the fallicy of that strategy, and one needs to sit back and truly consider this.

    When ones knows that there is only one candidate that has the knowledge, the vision and the passion to bring about change, yet one is willing to forego the chance of a vote for this candidate, believing that the man cannot possibly win, one basically does what all the other candidates have done so far, and that is to give up their core beliefs for something that is an “arrangement” or a “temporary fix”.

    Think about what this means: If Ron Paul had ever given up his core beliefs, would he even be considered to be the only candidate that has never flip-flopped or ever bent his core position for any reason whatsoever? If Ron Paul had voted in favor of something that he did not believe in, would he still be Ron Paul? Of course not…………

    Thus, this leads me to conclude that anyone who knows that Ron Paul is the only true and honest conservative, and still choosesto vote other than for Ron Paul…………..then that person has essentially done the exact thing that would make Ron Paul a less true candidate.

    Basically, in layman’s terms….anyone who does not vote for the better man, is telling us that they simply have not reached the level of conviction necessary to truly honor integrity and honesty.

    If I believe my team is the best, but it does not look like it can win because the other team has an unfair advantage, would I vote for the other team? Never………..because that would be a conflict of interest in my own convictions. I would be no better than those who give the other team that unfair advantage. Perhaps I am not worthy yet of supporting my team if I have not yet understood the true meaning of putting your vote where your convictions are.

    Ron Paul would never compromise his beliefs for leverage…… seems the American electorate has done so in the past many times, and hopefully in the future, they will think the better of it. A vote for Ron Paul allows you to be the one who can say “Well, what is happening is not for lack of effort on my part to elect the right guy” when the FTB continue to destroy the U.S. in a business as usual “other candidate ” presidency.

    If you compromise your convictions for leverage, then you are not worthy of Ron Paul, simple as that. A statesman of his stature is best served by people who can subscribe to his level of integrity.

    Howe many are there in the U.S.? Enough to change the course of history? Well, my fellow Canadians up here are hoping there are more than enough this time around, and if not……..Send the good Doctor up here. We’ll clone him and send one to each province, just to keep an eye on things up here.

    cheers and glta.

  • Manda Selit

    Some people call Newt crazy but I will vote for him anytime against Obama who is destroying this country from within by his pro- socialist, pro muslim, anti christian and anti family policies.

    Let’s opt for a change and give Newt and the GOP a chance – Obama and the Dems had had their chance and they will destroy this country completely if given another 4 years to do so.

  • Gail

    What we have to do is look at the bigger picture. Don’t demonize Newt because of his failed marriage (at least he married them…not just make babies with them and dump them (think Clinton and Edwards)) OR his intellect. He’s brilliant. I would have rather had Cain (I also did not like McCain…too left for me) but unfortunately, people believe the hype and run the good ones out on a rail. It sounds like that’s what is going on with Newt. Let’s keep ONE good one, ok? And don’t let it be Romney. The left likes him too much…all the more reason to stay away from him. We need a smart business man in the White house….not someone looking out for the interests of their own wallet.

  • Jim Vaughn

    To date Gingrich brings the best ideas to the table. Ron Paul has has consience but is a loose canon. Cain was interesting but with the same grovenment credencials as the current occupany of 1600 Penn. Ave

    I hope the votes on both the primary and ther general remember that they are voting for a Chief Executive of the largest entity in the world not a preacher(or a community activist). To date Gingrich has shown the best combination of priciple, vision and skill at gorverning.
    I won’t decide who to vote for until January.

    • Don the Canuck

      Jim Vaughn,

      You mention that Newt has the best combination of “principle” , vision and skill.

      I think perhaps you might want to leave out principal. I suggest you read a little more into his past dealings with the lending institutions, Freddie Mac and consider his attitude toward what loyalty means in a marriage, as well as his past issues with regards to paying his bills.

      Unless your definition of the character trait of being “Principaled ” is different than what I think it means, you need to leave that particular characteristic out of the equation.

  • Mike

    Well lets put things in perspective, first and formost is to get the current president out. Second put the best candidate in( of those which are available). Newt has a lot of problems, but he actually knows what he is doing, unlike our current figures. The big question is WILL HE DO THE RIGHT THING! He has an opprotunity to be a great president for the people, or be the worst in history contributing to the downfall of the USA, at this critical time. He is a history man and he does realize that history will remember. Who knows which road he will chose.

  • Idylewylde

    Gingrich wrote the RINO Bible.

    Way back when, I thought he was really a Conservative. I was struggling trying to open a new business. I was definitely backing Conservatives.

    Then I got to see what he was really all about .. Mr. Sell Out RINO.
    Plus, he’s anti-Bill of Rights, especially anti-gun. And he dares to call himself a Conservative?

    Newt Gingrich is Arlen Specter on steroids .. the suppositories.


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