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No mosque at Ground Zero

August 27, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Elena

    Public opinion seems does not count Politcians still drag us into islamization. This is not democracy.
    I am waiting when Obama term will come to the end and we will elect dissent people in all our offices.
    I wish this damn mosque will never be built.

    • http://msn donald in Canada

      Hi Elena. I know exactly how you feel. I do not want the mosque
      built either. Thank God I live in CANADA where we have a CHRISTIAN
      Prime Minister and so far no ground zero.

  • Yaitsme

    Where do I set up my Nativity scene this CHRISTMAS President Obama? How ’bout right on your lawn?

  • s c

    Let’s make it short and simple, folks. NO mosque at ground zero, NO useful idiot mayors in NYC or Congress, and NO Neville Chamberlain impersonators in the White House.

  • GaryTraditionalUltraConservative

    A quick and brutally truthful politically incorrect history lesson. Buddhism in India, one of the few true religions and religious philosophies that is based on living a non-violent Life in perfect peace to one’s self and to all living things, was brutally and savagely exterminated in India by Islamic or Muslim Turkic and Arabic invaders and mass murderers who invaded and methodically mass murdered millions(YES Millions!) of Buddhist Priests and Buddhist Monks who were ALL peacefully at prayer and in meditation in Buddhist Temples and in Buddhist Monestaries throughout all of 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th Century A.D. India, Afghanistan and much of Western and Southern Central Asia while they were faithfully performing non-violence Buddhist meditations and prayers who refused to use any form of violence to defend themselves from being slaughtered, by Muslim mass murderers, while they openly refused to submit to the “Will” of Allah as the “One” and the “Only” “True God”. All Islam was and still is founded by mass murder that was used when mass intimidation and mass terrorism did not attract, brainwash and coerce enough new voluntary or involuntary recruits or devotees to swear 100% total allegience and servitude to Islam, or the alternative would be DEATH. Now you why, in the land of India where there was once tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of peacefully living Buddhists, Buddhism has been slowly and methodically exterminated and purged from the land of India where Buddha was born and where Buddhism once flourished centuries before Jesus Christ was born. Also, archeologists routinely discover the ancient structural remains of the ruins of Buddhst Temples and Hindu Temples directly under the foundations of later Muslim Mosques which was the routine Muslim standard policy of ALL(not a few, but absolutely ALL) Muslim conquerors and mass murderers, to always routinely destroy a Buddhist Temple and a Hindu Temple and then to immediately construct a Muslim Mosque directly on top of the deliberately destroyed ruins of a Buddhist Temple and a Hindu Temple which was routine Muslim standard practice and routine Muslim standard policy throughout ALL of historical India, Afghanistan, Central Asia and parts of Southeast Asia. A Christian Church or a Christian Cathedral or a Buddhist Temple would be a much better choice to be constructed near the Muslim mass murder crime scene at the former World Trade Center Complex than constructing a Muslim Mosque near the former World Trade Center Complex which is equal to constructing an Auchwitz Concentration Camp or a Belsen Concentration Camp near a destroyed Jewish Temple. Hinduism and Hindus still survive in both historical and modern India because the Hindus fought back against the EVIL Muslim invaders and mass murderers and that explains why Hinduism survived and why Hinduism is the Number One religion in modern India and that also explains why Buddhism is almost non-existent in modern India. Why should a Tolerant Free American People tolerate the existence of an intolerant totalitarian EVIL historical mass murdering Fascist Pseudo-Religion and criminal behavior that has been and that still is pretending to be and is masqerading itself to be and is disguising itself as a legitimate religion? Wake up and read your politically incorrect world history. Islam is historically founded in the spilled blood of hundreds of millions of murdered 100% totally innocent and peaceful “non-belivers” who chose not to submit to the “Will” of Allah and who chose not to be the brainwashed and mind controlled “Slaves” of Allah.

    • Jim K.

      Gary, a great reference to history describing the horrible atrocites created by Muslims aroud the world. We can expect no less from Muslim motives here in America. The supporting politicians are falsely duped into beleiving lies from the Muslims involved in building this mosque while they are working to take control of our country. Unfortunely America currently has a muslim president who really supports these Muslims which Obama may be behind timing and financial support to build this mosque while he has the power to assist behind the scene like he has done with other lgislation opposed by the majority of us American citizes.

      • Joy


        I’m sorry to say our politicians are not being duped. They know exactly what these people are, but they are willing to turn a blind eye when it comes to money.

        • GaryTraditionalUltraConservative

          Yes Joy, both Money and Oil supplies. Keep the Oil flowing to the Industrialized Western World at the expenses of Religious Freedom and at the expenses of ALL God Given Human Rights regardless of the suffering that the Muslims inflict on 100% totally innocent and peaceful peoples around the World in the name of that Evil Psychopathic Ultra Narcissistic Egotistical Meglo Maniac Mass Murderer Criminal Bastard Mohammed or Muhammad, possibly the first Anti-Christ who very cleverly used religious stealth to hide, camouflage and conceal his true EVIL intentions and character, and all his EVIL progeny.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Jim K.,
        Exactly the very reason why I have taught my kids to shoot rifles and now am taking them to the range with me and my 9mm!!!

  • Roger

    Ever heard of the crusades?

    • Penelope


      The Crusades were caused and started by Islamic aggression.

  • Ash

    The Muslim Americans who want to build a mosque near “ground zero” are believers in freedom of religion and democracy. These folk are firmly opposed to Islamists and Jihadists. They have faith in American values and to exclude them is a sure way to give support to radical Islamists around the world who hate Americans. Bigotry towards Muslims and intolerance towards a mosque is just what foreign extremists expect of Americans. It gives them powerful ammunition to continue their fight against the American way that includes religious tolerance to all.

    • Thomas G Kroger

      What a load of B.S. Only an idiot ignorant of history – and the practices of Islam – would be scared by the word “bigot” – that favorite word of the Left to describe anyone who disagrees with them. Clearly the fool Ash was out to lunch when the speaker described how the mosque would be viewed in the Islamic world – e.g. as a victory mosque, with an obvious message to the rest of the world. Islam is the most intolerant of all the world’s religions, and its Imans come here, expecting tolerance from us. I just hope the rest of us wake up before they impose Sharia law on all of us. I don’t expect Ash to do so.

      • http://n/a janeTruth

        I completely AGREE with Thomas…. I lived in Libya as a child and I remember the ugliness when non-muslim adults turned away to leave some encounter and how they were mocked by the Arabs from behind… Yes, the subtle environments that childen absorb!
        I also lived in Spain —–> Cordova – Cordoba

    • Penelope

      I’m sorry Ash, but you have been duped. If you got this idea from Muslims, they are either purposely deceiving you, or they too are duped.

      All though Islamic history, Muslims have built mosques on conquered land. They call this the Cordova Project, after the mosque built in Spain which was a symbol of their successful conquest.

      Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. And if we aren’t careful, they will doom the rest of us to repeat it as well.

    • slickporsche

      Yes that is what they tell you and you are dumb enough to actually believe these murderers.

    • disgusted

      Ash… are you a muslim?

    • Joy

      There are no Muslim Americans just as there are no Jews Americans. American is a race. Muslim is a religion. So, NO AMERICANS want them or their mosque built anywhere near Ground Zero. It is this very attitude that has almost destroyed this great Nation. We have bent over backwards so far to accept all religions that we have gotten away from our own principles upon which this country was founded. Perhaps we should take a poll and see just how many Christians were killed on that day and build a memorial to them. After all, aren’t the people backing this claiming it’s a tribute to the people killed? Why should we as a country or the families of the victims be reminded day after day of that fateful day? It is not our job to ease their guilt, not that they feel any.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        No, american is not a race, sorry. It is however a way of life, a very proud, strong, vivid way of life! We will defend that way of life with our very life if needed or make the enemy waste theirs.We are the first to defend freedom anywhere in the world and the last to leave! how many free countries would be speaking a different language had it not been for the U.S.??? May God Bless her forever!!!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      try to look at this logically. If what you say is true, then why won’t they even entertain a different location??? They were offered land and at a lower price, and said resoundingly NO! The parcle was slightly larger as well. They just want to stick it to the infidels!!!

  • Lewis Munn

    Roger, yes, I have heard and read of the Crusades, and the blight they left on the name of Christianity.

    But evil men heading a “church” will do things that dishonor God, and turn people away from Truth.

    God can do better at protecting his real committed people than civil or religious governments can.

    I too feel this is a bad thing for Islaam to do, but they do have a legal right. And if men who think themselves good shove in ahead of God, it will be a blight on Christianity and our nation.

    If we humbly pray, and ask God to intervene in a divine way, we will accomplish far more. And God and our nation will be honored. I do fear that misguided men will do evil, and blacken Christianity and the USA both.

    Right now Islaam has to cope with their misdeeds. Let’s not lower ourselves to their level, but hold the higher ground.

    • slickporsche

      Let us raise ourselves above Islam and say enough! No more mosques in American, and no more immigrants of Islam. What is the matter with all the people of this country? Are you all brain dead?

      • Mary

        It’s worse, most of the men lost their pants in this country. Nobody respect us anymore. I remember reading something about America turning into a paper tiger. These country is full of men that sit five or more hours a day playing games on TV and computer plus 47 millions of drug addicts is the sad truth. They are not even looking for a job because a lot of them are getting unemployment benefits. They are turning into crabs (the brain). How in the world they are going to stop those Islamics Savages? They are going to dance on our backs after they built their mosque.

    • disgusted

      “I too feel this is a bad thing for Islaam to do, but they do have a legal right. And if men who think themselves good shove in ahead of God, it will be a blight on Christianity and our nation.”

      Wondering if the next thing you will be saying is they have a “legal right” to enforce Sharia Law. Read again, what you wrote and rub your eyes and wake up.

      • Mary

        Of course that is the next thing. They will enforce Sharia Law. That will be easier after they build their mosque. Those bastards hate women and take special pleasure abusing children. Remember @#@#@ lawyers run this country.

    • s c

      Lewis, dig deeper. Don’t be so quick to judge Christianity that way. Christianity was manipulated to take part in the Crusades by quasi’Christians’ who play one group against another and sit back and wait for the right time to reap the many ‘rewards’ of being seen as “God’s elect on earth.”
      Religion [Christianity in particular] was infiltrated at least 2,000 years ago, and matters never got better. Do some research into all the groups that claim to be ‘Christian,’ and then you try and sift and sort so you can tell who’s who and what’s what.
      You might even find some clues as to the identity of the group that pulls Islam’s strings.

  • David Z.

    Let the “Crusades” begin!

    • dick clemans

      i protest this mosque being built in the united states. dick clemans

    • johnson

      join me in burning a Quoran each week

  • BR

    It’s time froom Americans to take our country back!
    The American people are crying “NO”, however Washington is too busy pandering to listen.
    The will be another revolution in our futire- our government has
    forgotten that it is for “the people”.
    Let’s stand strong Americans and start having a say in our country and it’s politics.
    If this mosque is built then you have given our American honor away.

    • slickporsche

      Let us arm ourselves and put a stop to this craziness once and for all. It would be great if all that were to attend the Glenn Beck event in D.C. would march to the capital, expose their weapons and take the capital by storm. Then install an new government. A surprise attack. YES!!

      • Joy

        Works for me!!!

      • Allison Mitchem

        Ok. So we can decide who builds what, where. Sounds fair.

  • kamal

    anybody living anywhere near a mosque will tell you how unpleasant it is when they shout using loudspeakers outside the mosque so that all muslims nearby can hear it is prayer time…

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Knowing Detroit like I do, I’m suprised that those speakers have survived!!! I’m further surprised they’re not full of bullet holes!!! I used to hang around Detroit a little (almost every weekend) and I know they wouldn’t put up with the organ music coming from an open church, much less a loudspeaker sounding like a cross between a cat with his tail under a chair rocker and Yoko Ono on a bad trip!!!

    • Kenai

      But this awful sound is what our “dear leader” says is the most beautiful sound he’s ever heard.
      More proof that this dirt ball president of ours IS MUSLIM!

  • fed up!

    your way of thinking is exactly the problem. You call it American Muslims. You state that Foreign Extremists expect intolerance. You call Islam a religion.
    None of that garbage had any thing to do with what our founding fathers spoke of when penning the Constitution. Islam had no place in America or its Religion base and it still doesnt. It is NOT a Religion. It is EVIL and historical proof is every where. American Muslims or any other country Muslims are brain washed little Satans. There is One God, One Son, and One Holy Spirit. One Holy Bible and if you dont believe that way then you are a believer of Satan through a warped ideology called Islam. Plain and simple. Americans need to wake up, stand their ground and stop being screwed from within and from without!!!!!

    • slickporsche

      Good post, but how will we ever get the God haters to listen?

    • outraged!!!

      Yes Fed up very good post by the way can anyone tell me why the muslims have to build a mosque at ground zero ? Haven’t us Americans been slapped in the face enough? I just don’t get it do they have to build a mosque at ground zero to give praise to allah for their what? I don’t can someone please explain this to me? And it doesn’t even make any sence why we let them get away with this ultimate victory for them. I thought we were suppose to build a memorial for all the AMERICANS who lost their lives at ground zero. God help us !! For alloweing this farce farce to continue.

  • CJM

    The proposed mosque should NOT be permitted to be built anywhere in the United States; these moronic savages who indulge themselves in a fantasy of male-oriented life-style have no right to build their shrine on US soil. They claim they are a peaceful religion; if that were so, then why have they been fighting amongst themselves for centuries? Why have they murdered and brutally maintained control of the people for centuries? If this is their version of peace, I want nothing to do with them. They call us “infidels,” however, it is they who are the infidels of the world and they follow a false god. Far as I am concerned, they ought to be ousted from the US as traitors and the sooner they are deported as unacceptable for citizenship the better. The true Islamic principles never called for this kind of brutality, but these so-called leaders of Islam have so bastardized the original religion it is no longer recognizable as such and is now a political agenda, which we do NOT support. Therefore, as a POLITICAL ENTITY, neither the muslim or islamic followers have any religious rights in the United States. Send them packing–we do not welcome the fallicies of your POLITICAL tenets.

    • slickporsche

      This is why we need to take this country back through a revolution. After which we can deport all the trash we have collected in this country. It is a huge trash heap!

  • Paula

    Elections have results. The people of New York elected that fool Bloomburg. They can also have him removed. And we can remove every single politician from office who has refused to listen to the public whom they are supposed to serve. If we turn to God, surround the building site and pray I honestly don’t think this mosque will be built. Remember Babel. Although I must admit, God hasn’t destroyed California ( the land of fruits and nuts) yet.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Yes elections DO have repercussions. Like if NYC gets somebody in as mayor and a few council members that have a backbone before this monstrosity is built, then the property can and should be taken by imminent domain!!!!

  • Romeo Bilodeau

    You simply cannot trust Muslims, All they beleve in is their warped
    ideology called Islam. That officer in Texas that opened fire on our
    troops and killed 13 of our men. They should have hanged him in front
    of all the world to see. Yes Americans need to wake up and ship all the Muslims back to the middle east. !!!!

  • Rev, Alvia M Martis

    People, People, People, it is time to understand that “WE the People” control this country. We the people have turned our backs upon evewrything we knew and loved.

    I am aginst the Muslim incurusion into our country. Having studied this in college and seminary, I know that what is being done is to radicalize our opoposition, make us look like we are phobic in our distaste of Islam.

    When they gain the numbers, wacth and see how the political winds will blow even more.

    So, how to stop this, be active, more action at the voting both and less talk. Talk is cheap, so let everyone who objects to this travisty, show up each and every November an dremid those creatins in Washington, New York, Califorina, etc, that We the People are the ones who weild the power, then we can show Islam and the Muslim World, that it would be to their own demise should they mess with us.

    Also, if you want to see a change in fourtune in this country, The we must do as the good book says, Repent, pray, and ask God to heal our land.

  • Duende

    Dumb SOB .. the Muslims didn’t do 9-11. The New World Order freaks did. Get over your bigotry for god’s sake.

    • JBB

      And your proof is…? Terrorists who were muslims attacked our country on 9/11. Do you know what “bigotry” even means? Not wanting a mosque built near Ground Zero is a response to the terrorists and their backers wanting to rub their “Victory” in our faces. It is not claiming that all muslims did this. That would be prejudice or bigotry. This is based on fact, not fiction. Our citizens need to be protected not just from physical attacks but also from the demoralizing emotional attacks that are really a follow up to 9/11. It would be like Neo Nazis putting up a statue of Hitler at Auschwitz.

      Your mindset is demonstrated by the name calling you do. And how exactly is this for “god’s” sake? (little g).
      Keep taking your meds.

      • Duende

        I knew that would get a response.. I just lost my patience for sure. Well JBB, if you still don’t get it that 9-11 was a false flag attack at this stage of the game then you’re truly a lost cause. I’ll let other fine souls on this group wake you up since I’m spending all my energy on getting my partner to see what the FED and CFR is up to. As far as my small “g’ in God… I live in Guatemala and have a laptop that’s held together by duct tape. My right caps key is missing and half the other ones are weird. Even that said, my relationship to god is one of awe and humility… how you judge it because of some RULE in your feeble little mind doesn’t mean a damned thing to me or anyone of any consequence. good God!



      • Duende

        and Slickporsche. I saw your reply even though someone had the sense to remove such a pitiful comment. You think I should die because I think 9-11 was staged by wealthy white’s of european descent? I am seriously going to pray in your direction dude.. you’ve been hurt deeply some where along the line of your souls evolution.


    • slickporsche

      Offensive post removed

      • Duende

        Slickporsche: See my comment above to you. I have no idea why your reply to me went missing for a couple of refreshes of the link but obviously your response wasn’t removed.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Probably somebody in your socialistic government did it!!!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Oh and anyone that would call a lady a dumb SOB isn’t worth posting to so can it dip shat!!!

          • Duende

            Joe.. I was referring to the British fellow who made the recording. I’d never knowingly refer to a woman as an SOB. If I accidently attached my comment to someone else’s post my deepest alopogies.

            Joe…as far as my “socialism” I agree that the current regime is a New World Order regime.. however so was the Bush regime. I maintain that these criminals have no more to do with socialism than Bush did with Democracy. It’s all about the rule of the elite. They just disguise them selves in these different values and operate from there. Hijacking the intent of the common people who support those values. For some strange reasons liberals can smell the stench of this in the republican party and conservatives can smell the stench of this in the democratic party. Regretfully they seem incapable of smelling their own stench. Joe.. if you’ve followed my posts you’ll see I’ve done a pretty good job at keeping my own odor down. I’m not too sure of your bathing schedule though. Can you smell the stench in the Republicans?

            Great men fight with ideas…Cowards fight with guns…

  • BrotherPatriot

    Absolutely LOVE <3 this guy.

    Wish that we had polititions who were 1/2 awake as this non-American who speaks the truth.

    Come on people…really? Do we really even entertain the notion of doing such a thing to the memory of those killed at ground zero? The 9/11 Architects & Engineer petition needs to be granted. Its not because if such a investigation is done…the entire nest of vipers & NWO people will be exposed.

    I believe eventually…the investigation will be done as we set America right.

    GOD bless America!

  • Jim H.

    There was a time that knowing what you stood for and standing up for it was a virtue. Now it’s intolerance. Why should we tolerate the intolerable? No one is saying they can’t build a mosque, just the we prefer they not build it at ground zero. They demand our tolerance but give none to us in return. Respect and tolerance is a two way street, but so far they haven’t shown the rest of us any.

  • Pauline S.

    I think this mosque should never be built anywhere near Ground Zero..It should not be built near where the ASH in the air blew with the burning of the fuel, construction debris or the ASH of the bodies of those who suffered on 9/11..

    • slickporsche

      It should not be built anywhere near America! You are being a tolerant [offensive word removed].

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Pauline S.,
      Well, some of that ash did fall in the ocean……..

  • slickporsche

    Yes this guy in the video is so very correct in everything he says he should be an American. We should have him for president. He is not afraid to tell it like it is.

  • disgusted

    I wish Obama was never voted into office!! NONE of this would be going on if Hillary/McCain had been elected!!!

  • Cynthia Malone

    Thank you for this articulate, compelling “voice of reason” in these times of chaos and confusion at the hands of our own leaders. God bless the speaker & God bless America. God bless all nations and people who put their trust is HIM. Cynthia

  • chrisf

    The Muslim Americans who want to build a mosque near “ground zero” are believers in freedom of religion and democracy? bullshite they are following a religon that opposses freedom.

    i can’t wait to hear about all the crimes that will be committed against you all for this outrage! with a muslim commie in the white house,tolerance towards these throwbacks is not the way to be!

  • Debbie

    Please go to and get a complete education about who this imam, Rauf and his wife are. Ash you are either a muslim or gravely deceived. Either way, you are dangerous to America with your naive way of thinking. These people have one goal and that is to take over America with Islam and make all non-muslims subservient to them. This is exactly what they did in Cordoba, Spain. Wake up Ash. Being PC could cost lives. This is the time to stand up and be an American. Make the wisest choice. We have laws against reason for a reason. Pray for the wisdom to know the difference between treason and the rights of American citizens. These people are the Trojan Horse that will bring us down. WND.COM has all the history on the Cordoba project and those who support it. You will be shocked at what they have found. God bless America!

    • donald smith

      you are so right,i feel the same way

  • One Nation Under God

    Tear down all crosses, ban Christian prayers, remove all Nativity scenes, belittle Israel, etc.-etc.-etc.

    But yes, build a Muslim mosque near Ground Zero

    See the pattern from Obama and followers.

  • Debbie

    sorry for the mistake…should read:

    We have laws against treason for a reason.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      It’s O.K. Debbie, Everyone knew what you meant!!!

  • Dustinrodes

    Islam is compelled to conquer all non muslims. Islam is not a religion, it is a government and a culture following the Koran (holy?, no!). Islam gains territory by conquering others. Mosques have been erected to clebrate their conquests, Cordoba is only one. New York Mosque,if built, would be the Islamic symbol to world long after the present iman is dead. We Americans protest this act of islam victory in New York. The mosque should not be build ANYWHERE! Take a note of Dearborn Michigan where islam is present in the majority. Take a look at France where policemen are afraid to go into enclaves where muslims rule.

  • Debbie

    One Nation Under God….EXACTLY!

  • viktor leben

    Some say 911 was an inside job. Let’s do a thought experiment, like them smart guys do …

    Let’s say the WTC was destroyed by an inside job of our government.. some say our government planted explosives so the Twin Towers would come down after the airplanes hit them.

    Let’s also say for argument sake that this “attack” gave our government the justification to invade Afghanistan and Iraq …

    Now alot of people believe 911 was an inside job, and they are influencing the next election ….

    One way of neutralizing the conspiracy folks is to build this mosque near ground zero. Everyone gets brainwashed that the airplanes knocked the twin towers down. People start disbelieving that 911 was an inside job !!!

    So I think that these people who want to build the mosque near ground zero are being used in ordersway popular opinion to justify the wars .. an also to polarize opinion against the notion that “911 was an inside job” ….

    That’s what I would do if I was an elite. I get you all mad over something, to get you believing the “correct way”. SOrt of mind control !

    Brilliant !

  • BIBI

    The mosque at ground zero was a New York ( local) issue, and after this idiot president open up his mouth in favor
    Of the mosque it became an American (national) issue. He illuminated the subject . He could’t done a better job of killing the project. Thank you mr. President.

  • Luz Khan

    My name is Khan , and I am not a terrorist. I am Catholic married to a Muslim man, we have a son that we worship, and have not teach him any religion, although we prey to GOD every single day.My husband never tried to convert me in a Muslim, always respected my believes and my religion, “THIS IS WHAT I CALL TOLERANCE AND RESPECT”.But it is true that Muslim religion has expanded through the sword and wars, and their aim is that the entire planet become Muslim.”THE POPE” has agreed that “CHRISTIANITY” is no longer the main religion in this earth, we are now seconds, behind Muslims.It is unbelievable to see how fast they are growing and conquering their goals every day. See…????now AMERICA HAS A MUSLIM PRESIDENT…..!!!!!IN FRONT OF ALL YOUR EYES.

    • Viktor Leben

      Luz Kahn,

      Actually the fastest growing religion in the world right now is Christianity …

  • Doug Collins

    I believe deeply in mutual respect. The simple fact of even proposing a mosque anywhere near ground zero shows a lack of respect.
    There are many cultures in the world and cultural practices that go with them. In this case, the cultural practice that these particular muslims want to exercise is in direct conflict to our cultural practice of respecting the dead. The date chosen for opening the ‘cultural center’ is also a cultural conflict.
    I believe that old saying of ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’.
    We as a country need to stand up and remember where our backbone is. This wishy washy mamby pamby sorry ass methodology we have taken on will surely be our downfall.
    I have a very simply statement to the builders. “Build your stuff somewhere else!”

    • outraged!!!

      Doug another good post and may I add? A word of advise Builders build your Mosque strong because
      it probably isn’t going to last to long. Many Americans are. Simply fed up I think.

  • owldog

    “a few yards from ground zero?”

    LIE – two and a half blocks, but a better lie than “on ground zero”, the other right winger lie.

    “the religion that caused ground zero”

    LIE – that’s like saying “Christian Fundamentalism is killing women and children in Afghanistan.” (probably more truth to that)

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Kiss my non-lie that I sit on!!!!

    • Merl

      I am one of the few that knows what happened on 9/11

      It was done like Hitlers Reichtag burning to have an excuse for war.

  • http://subscribertoPersonalLibertyDigest Jessica

    I think these messages reflect all of America. Why can’t someone publish the comments so people do not feel so alone in their feelings.I know even my kids call me racist over this issue. I for one would not let any more muslims in what used to be our Country. What newspaper is strong enough to print these comments? That is where we should go or maybe Mother Jones Magazine would take up the challenge. The only big problem would be the muslim death threats and that is the serious problem to any one who prints these comments.
    Maybe we should circulate this through our congressional reps. we know they are unaware of how we feel. The poles say 70% of American people are against building the mosque but no one knows the extent of our feeling of betrayal. How do we get it to the gov. and the few people who would be shocked into helping stop this?

  • June Gagnon

    Whoa, wait up, “kings’ X” – -muslims have a right to practice their religion, just as the rest of us do; no matter what religion (or cult) it happens to be. Said muslims DO NOT have a right to build ANOTHER MOSQUE AT GROUND ZERO!! They can build it anywhere else, preferrably in an Arizona desert, or in Death Valley! HOW ABOUT REBUILDING THE GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH THAT WAS DESTROYED IN THE ATTACK ON 9/11 FIRST?? Allowing a mosque, at Ground Zero, IS ALLOWING THE SAME PEOPLE WHO ATTACKED US, THAT FATEFUL DAY, TO “RUB OUR NOSES IN IT”!! There are NO “peaceful, well-intended” muslims, when they tell you they are, THEY LIE – -once a muslim, always a muslim and THE ONLY “GOOD” MUSLIMS LIVE IN THE MIDDLE EAST; OBAMA SHOULD GO BACK THERE!

  • Not impressed

    The guy who is promoting the mosque is Abdul Rauf. Most likely rich Saudis. The issue is not that muslims are building another mosque on American soil. That’s not the problem because there are millions of mosques in America. The problem is that they’re building one near Ground Zero. Why are people being so pig headed about this anyway? There are so many places where mosques can be built in the U.S without any problem,but they want to build it near Ground Zero is a little suspicious. The families of the victims think this is a slap to their face. The only thing they ask is for the mosque to be moved a few blocks away that’s not too much to ask.Why can’t we obey this one request of the victims’ families? It’s not like they’re saying no mosque can be built in the U.S at all. And it’s even more suspicious that a mosque is being built here right on the anniversary of Sept.11. Think of it from an America’s p.o.v. How unfair is that? It’s an insult to the victims. I don’t think this is making relations between muslims and Americans or non-muslims any better like muslims think because many people whether Christian,Hindu,Buddhist,etc are apalled and angry because they lost family members in 9/11 and then a mosque is built right there. So how is that making relations any better? It’s just making it worse. The terrorists that flew into the World Trade Center were not Christians,Hindus,Buddhists,Jews,they were MUSLIMS! That is enough for me to say no a mosque does not need to be built near Ground Zero. And if you want more there is more.Osama Bin Laden calls himself a “true muslim.” He said the quran inspired him to commit terrorist acts. Islam,a religion that supports terrorism,oppression of women,and sharia law does not need to be in a secular,democratic country like this.And through out history muslims have built mosques on lands they have occupied and conquered. Put 2 and 2 together and you’ll get why muslims want to build a mosque here after 9/11. It is their way of saying, “look we won.”

  • LK

    No mosque should be built close to where 9/11 took place. The majority of americans do not want it there. Why cant muslims be more understanding of that. The Imam who is wanting to build this place, if he is truly for peace and understanding then he must understand and accept that not everyone sees things his way. When the Imam was on CNN he basically said that the building of the mosque was a issue of national security for the US and our troops overseas. If we dont build it there will be violence all over the world, like there was with whole Danish cartoon of the muslim prophet but worse. One thing that this Imam and other muslims that live within the US must understand is this. In the United States we have the freedom to choose whatever faith we wish,or choose no faith at all, everyone has that right. Another key element that muslims must accept is this,not everyone is going to believe in what you believe, and you can not threaten protest, violence, boycotts against those who dont believe as you do. If muslims in america keep this confrontational attitude of trying to force people to respect everything that has to do with islam then they will be in for a rude awakening. muslims that rioted over a cartoon, wow how lame is that. do christians, buddists, Hindus threaten to kill those who make fun of their religions?? Is that a symptom of islam being a religion of peace. violence against anyone who disagrees,doesnt believe as they do, another example is the preacher that is talking about burning qurans, all these muslims up in arms about that, i guess they forgot about their fellow muslims burning american flags and holy bibles,where was this so-called peace then when muslims burned symbols of america and christianity here in the USA. muslims have done this is protests all over the US. They will deny it, but they have. Put all this together and its really easy to connect the dots. Muslims want their faith put a step above everyone elses, if you disagree or dont believe, or speak out against anything to do with islam you are intolerant or ignorant, but if muslims are offended they have the right to riot, boycott, threaten people with violence and death, all because the muslim faith is supreme. muslims actions speak louder than their words. that is why when muslims preach on being a religion of peace it is falling more and more on deaf ears. Go ahead and build the mosque or whatever they are calling it this week, just not anywhere near Ground Zero.
    But again this will only make relations WORSE. muslims must learn and accept that everyone does not believe as they do. and that their beliefs ARE NOT above others with different beliefs. until they do this there WILL be conflict.

  • Jacob

    Go to
    muslims speak of a backlash if the mosque is not built, well all
    i can say it is the muslims who had better be prepared for one
    hell of a backlash if that mosque is built. building that mosque is spitting in the face of america, is that what you muslims want.
    its time for the moderate muslims to to decide what they are going to
    do. its up to them. not just here in the US but around the world,
    if the moderate muslims would rise up an do away with the radical elements in the islamic faith. the current wars in the Iraq and afghanistan would end much sooner. as muslims you have the right to build a mosque within the US, but for the sake of peace and understanding do not build it near Ground Zero. It will only inflame the growing tensions here in the US. Think about it, this could be a spark that starts fighting here in the US between muslims and non-muslims. fighting in the streets, cities etc. muslims wont be able to go out anywhere without having to look over their shoulder in fear.
    this is no exaggeration. For the sake of peace let all sides learn to
    compromise. No mosque at Ground Zero.


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