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No Laughing Matter

October 25, 2012 by  

No Laughing Matter

All right, the “horses and bayonets” meme sweeping the Internet like one of those cat-doing-something-adorable pictures actually made me laugh. And the “ships that go underwater” Facebook fad is pretty damned funny, as well. Hell, I even considered the “binders full of” meme that dogged Mitt Romney last week worth at least a grin. Hey, I joke as much as the next pundit. Actually, the next pundit is Bob Livingston; so I joke a great deal more than the next pundit. But I don’t let the laughter distract me from the bigger picture.

I’m well aware that Barack Obama knows what a submarine is. Well, I’m fairly sure. Come to think of it, perhaps we should move along. But lost in the snickering was the fact that Obama was trying to belittle Romney’s expertise in the foreign-affairs arena. And, in doing so, Obama was also trying a little too hard to distract us from the very real failures that have defined his own tenure.

To quote the cool kids: “You got jokes, Mr. President?” I’m not really laughing. Obama’s attempts to change the narrative on what happened in Benghazi, Libya, feature more plot twists than a M. Night Shyamalan film festival. I’ve noticed Chris Matthews at the Democrat Channel is back to claiming a crappy YouTube video is responsible for the brutal murders of Ambassador Chris Stevens and his three fellow innocent victims. How many versions have they offered? Seven? I’m just waiting for the Huffington Post inevitable banner headline:

Retired officer rumored Romney bundler; Authorities claim he did it in the conservatory with a B-40

During Monday’s debate, Romney stated: “Is al-Qaida on the run? No.” Liberals lit up the blogosphere with outrage over what they characterized as Romney’s complete lack of awareness. Most took to chest-thumping over the execution of Osama bin Laden by SEAL Team 6. And perhaps Romney is mistaken; al-Qaida is indeed on the run. Unfortunately, it’s running directly toward and over our people.

Obama is currently running an ad that claims he dropped the curtain on “a decade of war which has cost us dearly.” Of course, he’s referring to our exit from the Iraqi theater. But while he conjures up images of himself surrounded by olive branch-toting doves, our servicemen and servicewomen continue to face ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan. And the enemy there has become even less predictable and more sinister than ever, likely in response to perceived weakness. To paint himself as worthy of that Nobel Peace Prize wasted on him a few years back, Obama is not only brushing aside the fires of Benghazi, he’s turning his back on the thousands of flag-draped coffins he claims to meet at airports in between fundraisers and golf outings.

Obama’s reaction to increasing hot air from the Islamofascists who own Iran — including both their bellicosity toward Israel and their brazen attempts at loading their missiles with “the good stuff” — is about as funny as a Bill Maher therapy session, albeit with less rancor toward the ladies. As Romney pointed out during the debate, “Iran is four years closer to a nuclear bomb.” Nuclear bombs are seldom funny. Nuclear bombs wielded by guys whose idea of kicking back involves a nice brick of C-4 and “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” on Blu-ray Disc are scarier than a night with that thing the TV tells me used to be Cher.

I’m not suggesting we start kicking in doors worldwide, looking to aerate the cranium of every two-bit jihadi, narcoterrorist and/or tin-pot dictator; although, I wouldn’t mind if they all simultaneously contracted terminal cases of lead poisoning. But as much as Obama seems to want to make jokes when he’s not out on his worldwide “apology tour” and as much as I enjoy making jokes about his endless parade of disgraces, Obama’s term has been less “funny ha-ha” and more “funny pile of corpses.”

We are the United States of America. We get to deal from a position of strength. We don’t forget the names of our soldiers, sailors and Marines — or those of our border agents and ambassadors. And that’s no joke, Mr. President.

–Ben Crystal


Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Tom Cook

    obongo is like a bad case of constipation–it will be such a relief when he passes(yeah, double entendre). I’m hoping one of the world’s great secret services Princess Di’s him so like her we will only hear of him when some fourth rate j-school hack tries to gin up some nostalgic attention.

  • Warrior

    I’m still amazed how this know nothing, do nothing guy attained the office of the presidency of these United States of America. It almost defies logic that this “village” could contain so many idiots!

    • Alex

      Are you really THAT dense, Warrior?

      ANY Democrat would have beaten ANY Republican in 2008—Maxine waters would have trounced Sarah Palin, Barbara Boxer would have destroyed Jeb Bush—it just did not matter.

      That you are “amazed” by the first of the two Obama presidential election victories is testament to your gullibility. President Obama was elected because the people saw what eight years of GOP “leadership” had done to this country—allowed the worst attack on US soil since Wounded Knee, throwing us into TWO wars placed on CREDIT, watched an
      economic free-fall leading to the loss of 750,000 jobs PER MONTH!

      You still amazed, Warrior?

      • G Tharp

        Yes,..I am amazed that you see a difference between Bush and Obama on foreign policy matters. And on the economy? You’re defending BHO economy? Wow

      • chamuiel

        Yes, Alex I am still amazed that people like you cab be such good useful idiots for nothings like obama. You are suposed to have a brain and be an adult. by the way when do those two things kick in for you?

      • chamuiel

        Alex, it bothers you not at all that Obama has run the deficit up more than any President before him going all the way back to George Washington? (And in less than 4 years)Yet you are concerned about what the GOP did in only 8? Why don’t you just come on out and admit you are in the tank for the one? (obama)

      • chamuiel

        Alex, why did you mention Wounded Knee? That was an attack by American soldiers on mostly unarmed native Americans. You do understand that Wounded Knee was not an attack upon American soil by a foreign power, don’t you?

        And four years of the obama regime still sees us losing jobs each month, yet you are proud of voting for obama?

      • Richard Walker

        Alex, you should really lay off the liberal kool-aid.

        The economy started its tanking after the Democrats took the House and Senate in 2007, Have you forgotten that Barney Fwank told the American people that Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac were financially sound? Also, the Community Reinvestment Act under Clinton, forcing banks to loan money to minorities and people that couldn’t afford them under pain of losing their charters might have had something to do with the huge housing bubble that formed after its passage. Being a professional pilot of 43 years, I am trained to observe, and I observe that anytime the Democrats get into power the economy goes downhill and civil liberties go by-by, and they are more racist than Jesse Jackson and Reverend Wright combined.

        I do agree that the Patriot Act is unconstitutional and an abuse of executive power, but then so is the NDAA that Obama pushed through.

        I guess you have forgotten Pearl Harbor, which happened on FDR’s watch. Of course, the little fact of his administration starving the Japs of oil had nothing to do with their attack… My money is on his Democratic administration intentionally provoking it.

        Next thing will be you telling us that George Bush was responsible for 9/11 because of how horribly he treated the poor muslims. The attack was a failure of intelligence, to be sure (thanks for emasculating the CIA, Slick Willie), but I am pretty certain that even the Democrats would have not been able to stop that attack. And I wonder just what response you would envision that George Bush should have undertaken… Perhaps TALK to the radicals? After 16 years of living in Saudi and the UAE I assure you that talking to muslims as an infidel is a waste of time since they are instructed by their koran to lie, and it is their MANDATE to enable and bring forth a worldwide caliphate of islamic control under sharia law. This is what we are/were fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, and you had better wake up to that fact or start learning Arabic and how to bow to mecca at your 5 times a day prayer sessions. Or you could just be a slave. Or you could just die. Those are your choices. Me, I will take as many of them with me as I can unless the Democrats take away my guns.

        If there is anyone dense here, my money is on you.

      • Ted Crawford

        Can’t speak for anyone else but, YES, I’m amazed! If we look at the records of the 107th., 108th., and 109th. Congresses, while they were clearly and very saddly, NOT examples of fiscally responsible Congresses, they did manage to keep our anual budget deficit increases to 2.7% (about 2.9% higher than I’d prefer)!Midway throught the first year (2007) of the 110th. Congress, that increase began a meteoric rise, that didn’t culminate untill mid 2008 at OVER 6%! A couple of months later, the Econmoy was facing a catastrophic collapse! Care to guess at the make-up of the 110th. Congress?

      • alpha-lemming

        I begrudgingly concede…. a good post…. and true ala the mindset of the nation in ’08.

        But, what’s good for the goose…….. We’ll agree BHO is an over-achiever in that it took 8yrs of Bush-43 to turn off the electorate while Chairman ObaMao only needed 2 to spur the ’10 mid-term rout.

    • Tag

      No mystery there! When you have people that get out of their rocking chairs from in front of the TV for the first time in their life to register and vote it is strictly because of color. People were at the polls that had never voted in their entire life – it was always for a white guy. Now, comes a black man and they get out to vote. Then you have the young inexperienced college student that doesn’t have the brains of a goose get on the band wagon, also for the first time, and they vote to be part of ‘history in the making’. So, you have two factions that could care less about this country but voted strictly for color – no other reason – it is what it is!

    • ChuckS

      After the 2008 election, a survey found that 62% of the people who voted for Obama thought the republicans controlled congress. The media was negligent – as they always are.

  • Nobody’s Fool

    Good article, Ben. The condescending manner in which oBlamer spoke reminded me of a taunting school yard bully, trying to pick a fight. Three cheers for Romney for having the class to ignore such stupidity and get the conversation back to the ECONOMY that oBlamer has destroyed in 3.5 years. Romney looked presidential in the debate, while oBlamer looked like a Kenyan with big ears and a wife that can whip his a$$.

    • jopa

      Nobody’s fool: Apparently you are the fool when it comes to bullies.It was Mutt Romney and six of his prep school buddies that beat up and cut the hair off of a classmate they thought may be gay.Those wre his formative years as to what type of person he would eventually be as an adult and I consider him scum.

      • http://speedle speedle

        Jopa, this is the year 2012 and we have crap falling down all over us and around us from economic failure to the most corrupt administration in more than a century to radicals attacking Americans to nut bags who hate us developing nuclear bombs, and you are concerned about some teenage hazing supposedly done by Romney 50 years ago. Man, you have some serious priority issues.

      • JimH

        Hi jopa, I think if you have to go back to something someone allegedly did as a kid to find something wrong with the guy, you are desperate.
        Of course all that pot smoking and coke Obama did in his youth, really helped form him into what he is.
        Going to school on “other peoples money” might explane his attitude about government entittlements too.

      • momo

        Hey jopa, you never did anything stupid when you were a kid?

  • sailor

    But of course…talking to a liberal is like speaking to a swine…and that is an insult to the swine..

    • Steve E

      Trying to get a liberal to reason with the truth and common sense is like trying to teach my dog algebra. They just don’t have the mentality to understand.

      • Bonnie

        Love your post….. So true!

  • chamuiel

    Talking to a Liberal is a losing proposition. You can bank on that.

  • James Corbin

    We gave Obama a chance and he failed!!!! time to try a new person and give them a chance. Couldn’t be any worse!!!!! than what we have.

  • Tag

    TO THE MODERATOR: Apparently you have selected any post I make to be monitored and then you apply censorship to any comment with which you disagree, however, it is VERY obvious that you leave others alone and they can make any statement in complete safety of your watchful eyes. They must be your good buddy or something. So be it. You refuse a persons right to Freedom of Speech and you deny that persons right to speak their minds. Funny part that you apprently don’t realize is who needs you or this website? I certainly don’t. We’ll see if You allow THIS comment to be posted won’t we?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Tag,

      You write: “Apparently you have selected any post I make to be monitored and then you apply censorship to any comment with which you disagree, however, it is VERY obvious that you leave others alone and they can make any statement in complete safety of your watchful eyes.” You were placed in moderation following numerous violations of the comment policy. Please note it above.

      You write: “You refuse a persons (sic) right to Freedom of Speech and you deny that persons (sic) right to speak their (sic) minds.” No. It’s called policing the blog, and decisions about placing commenters in moderation are not made lightly. We encourage a free and open debate. But we have implemented rules in order to promote “civil” discourse. Those who comply are not moderated.

      You write: “Funny part that you apprently (sic) don’t realize is who needs you or this website? (sic)” I’m well aware that the readers and participants are what make the site, hence the comment policy.

      You write: “I certainly don’t. We’ll see if You allow THIS comment to be posted won’t we?” We did.

      Best wishes,

      • Tag

        Mr. Livingston: you, sir, are incorrect. I could have shown you MANY verbally abusive, name calling and insulting, posts made on your other articles that you allowed to stand without censor. Other commentors even took issue with him ‘Jeff’, however, YOU allowed him to insult anyone he wanted to. Me thinks you speak with forked tongue!

      • Tag

        Bob, you can call it whatever you want to call it but its still censorship! Playing word games like this is for children – either let it stand OR delete everyone else’s. There are tons of verbally abusive, name calling, unfair and denegrating comments made by your commentors but you let them stand~! Then you ‘edit’ a post. You play like obummer! I don’t use foul language but I do defend myself when I am denegrated by another poster, and it’s my RIGHT to do so. Obviously, when other posters agree with ME and support and defend my position to the abusive, name calling individual “Jeff”, then it would appear you, as moderator, is the only one with a problem as to the content. Again, it is what it is! If you don’t want truthful comments or opinons then don’t make it available on your articles! Simple!

  • James Corbin

    Warrior, It is surprising! Nobody knows anything about him. Donald Trump, has offered five million for Obama’s records to be shown. This is a right of the people of the United Stated. We have gotten to see all the other presidents records but not this one. What’s he hiding????

  • TML

    “And the enemy there has become even less predictable and more sinister than ever, likely in response to perceived weakness.”

    Yeah, 10+ years in Afghanistan and its perceived weakness that has made them ‘less predictable’ and more “sinister”. Talk about a joke, Ben

    “…including both their bellicosity toward Israel…”

    You have blinders on. It is Israel who has bellicosity toward Iran. Iran doesn’t even have a history of being an aggressor to any other country.

    “…and their brazen attempts at loading their missiles with “the good stuff” …”

    Lies aren’t funny, Ben. Interesting that on one hand they are ‘four years closer’ (what does that even mean?) to a nuclear weapon, yet already have brazen attempt to load their missiles with the ‘stuff’. Lay down the scotch, Ben, and slowly back away from the keyboard.

    “As Romney pointed out during the debate, “Iran is four years closer to a nuclear bomb.”

    Yeah, we’ve been hearing that same thing said for over 10 years or more. Sounds like you and Romney are simply regurgitating Israeli propaganda like scared little sheep. Apparently development of nuclear energy as they are allowed under the NTP, and confirmed by IAEA inspections, is somehow translated as “closer to a nuclear weapon”.

    • http://speedle speedle

      What rock have you been napping under TML? Listen carefully. There is a process involving nuclear material that is called “weapons grade enrichment”. That means one is trying to make a bomb (thats a big boom boom TML) in order to blow up a million or so Jews or Americans in a few seconds. Here’s the catch TML so listen carefully. One does not need “weapons grade enrichment” to make electrical power or for use in medical radiology (or any other industrial use).

      See? That’s not so hard is it?

      • TML

        The centrifuges which Iran openly announced were installed in their underground plant, and subject to IAEA inspections (to which they are cooperative with) are only capable of up to 20% purity (which is the typical amount for medical research reactors) not ‘weapons grade enrichment’. As I understand it, weapons grade is upwards of 80% enrichment. When you consider the facts, it brings your argument to little more than fear-mongering.

        They are not going to ‘blow up a million Jews’, speedle. Turn off the Jewish propaganda, stop beating the war drums, and get an education.

      • http://speedle speedle

        Of course you are kidding TML. “…subject to IAEA inspections (to which they are cooperative with..????”

        They are not cooperating with anything sir. Have you not heard of the various underground facilities that no one can see? If they were not enriching to “weapons grade” please tell us why they have to hide all this. Do you read the rants of their leaders regarding Israel and the U.S.? Are you aware of their funding of multiple terrorist organizations? And you think they would never us a nuke? You are dangerously delusional.

      • TML

        speedle says “They are not cooperating with anything sir. Have you not heard of the various underground facilities that no one can see? If they were not enriching to “weapons grade” please tell us why they have to hide all this.”

        Apparently you have a reading comprehension problem. I just mentioned the underground facilities in my reply above, and the fact is, they aren’t hiding it. It’s obviously well known, why? …Because they are cooperating with IAEA inspection… Duh
        And it’s placed underground to attempt keeping it safe against airstrikes that Israel continues to threaten.

        speedle says “Do you read the rants of their leaders regarding Israel and the U.S.?”

        Yes, I’m well aware of the ‘rants’ on both sides.

        speedle says “Are you aware of their funding of multiple terrorist organizations?”

        One man’s terrorist is another man’s patriot. Those terrorist organizations were formed in response to Israeli invasions and aggression in Lebanon and Palestine.

        speedle says “And you think they would never us a nuke? You are dangerously delusional.”

        I guess it completely escapes your attention when Iran says they are not even interested in nuclear weapons, and explains why. Of course, you won’t believe that; you will only believe what you want to believe. The delusion is yours my friend, and it is born of irrational fear. THAT is dangerous.

  • JimH

    About the “horses and bayonets” comment. The U.S. government spent 14 million dollars on bayonets last year.
    Someone should maybe tell the Commander & Chief.

  • Ray Roton

    About the picture.
    The Stars ALWAYS should always be in the upper left corner. ALWAYS…

    • Bonnie

      Today that comment is petty, Your lucky to get a flag in any picture with this administration. I just glad to see the American flag represented.

      • vicki

        The flag, as presented in the photo, is upside down which is the traditional signal of distress. As such it seems pretty accurate.

        The position of the blue is set by the point of view of the observer. The only time that is a problem is on flags hung from rope across a street for instance. Done correctly the flag is only hung that way for parades that will be going just one way. The audience however could be on either side of the parade so they may see a flag with the blue on the right sometimes.

      • vicki

        I found a reference to how to hang the flag over a street. It solves the direction problem.

        “When the flag is displayed over a street, it should be hung vertically, with the union to the north or east. If the flag is suspended over a sidewalk, the flag’s union should be farthest from the building. ”

    • Sioux City Murf

      You are 100% right Ray. Now from his view they are.

      up the hill

  • Steve E

    I guess everyone heard about the emails that were sent to the White House about the Benghazi attack at the time the attack was happening. I like to see how Obama spins out of this one. Of, course, the stupid people will believe his spin, but, there are a lot more people that have a brain that will not buy his spin.

    • g

      It seems interesting how Canada pulled all their representatives out of Libia 9-7-12. I guess the report that something pretty bad was going to happen and our people in Libia asked for more protection was real just as Canada got their people back home walking instead of dead like ours.

    • Ice

      Since Obama only saw fit to attend 60% of the morning breifings there is still a good chance he never saw the email. Safety of the American people has never been high on his priority list. I still don’t unstand why they kept pushing the idea of it being a “spontaneous demonstration over a movie trailer”. Really were even his own fans dumb enough to believe that on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 this was a “coincidence”! Now that the truth is out they still don’t care that they were lied to about the facts of the attack by his adminstration.

  • Chester

    Mr. Cook, may you be laid in the next plot over,within the same week if something like that happens. I seldom wish ill on anyone, but you, sir, are one I am glad to make that exception for. I don’t care for Mr. Romney, and didn’t like Reagan or the Bushes, but I will not wish any of them dead, especially like that.

    • Eagleeye



      • http://crybabies agaist evil doers

        eagleeye. are you saying the usa went to Viet Nam fight communism and it was for nothing? you think communism was here alone ? Because the gop is a communist party . they have brain wash some white american agaist other white,americans non white American. republican white have romnesia have you for gotten the eight years of bush. two unpaid wars 9-11. let me ask wish mitt romney are you voting for?

    • Bonnie

      Well you see Chester, You are part of the problem! You say you would not wish ill upon anyone and then in the same sentence you wish ill upon Mr Crystal. Just like Obummer… You say what you mean out of one side of you mouth and do the exact opposite. Obummer needs to go on a few more late night shows to get his so called funny one liners. He is not a president, He is a reality show hoping to happen. Mark my words, if he should win this election again. You and all that voted for him will be saying “What have we done”? Our land of the Free and the home of the brave will no longer be the home of the free. In the last 4 years, Obummer has put alot of those balls in play just to get the ball rolling and it will snowball. Our military will be weakened and we will find our Nation under attack by our enemies…. Here at home!

  • tlgeer

    “During Monday’s debate, Romney stated: “Is al-Qaida on the run? No.” Liberals lit up the blogosphere with outrage over what they characterized as Romney’s complete lack of awareness. Most took to chest-thumping over the execution of Osama bin Laden by SEAL Team 6. And perhaps Romney is mistaken; al-Qaida is indeed on the run. Unfortunately, it’s running directly toward and over our people.”

    They are on the run, and so marginalized, that they have taken to targeting children.


    The tide is turning, progressive thinking, socialism, communism if revealed to a free society and debated openly will lose, it is a historical failure, it is a oppressive style of government used by unstable politick of mass appeal inspired by jealousy and class warfare. This administration lead by a uncredentialed Fraud who was marketed by these very same methods of the left to gain control of this nations highest office, as sad a statement as one could ever make about the mental disrepair of our country’s own proud heritage. Again dumbing down the education system and appealing to base thinking, disregard for moral and ethical thought was the left’s way of creating this unnatural political; environment where people denied their own freedoms and voted for ignorance not leadership….in other words the left was planning for America’s obsolecence.

  • Dan Mancuso

    Mr. Crystal’
    Since you brought it up in your article, and derided it, I feel I should take issue with you over ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’.
    Even though I will be labeled and demonized as an anti-Semite for merely stating this, I am not an anti-Semite.
    Let me posit this theory for you; the Protocols are real – not an anti-Semitic hoax, as we have all been programmed to believe by the MSM et al – except, the ‘people’ who are really in charge of the world are not Jews, but an assortment of other races which may include Jews as well. That in order to take the heat off the fact that Protocols are in fact the minutes of a meeting of the ‘people’ who run the world, they attached the Jews/Zionists to this document in order for the document to be derided as an anti-Semitic hoax once it was exposed and not have any credence put upon it and more importantly what it tells us.
    Now, if you have in fact read the Protocols in it’s entirety – and yes it is very difficult to get through – you would clearly see the reality of it’s truth. I.e., this document was produced over 100 years ago and the projections it stated have all come to pas since then. The most glaringly obvious one is what role ‘the press’ – read MSM – was assigned, and this proves it’s validity as an historic document.
    The only question remaining to my mind is, who are ‘they’, the ones who really run the world?
    If the logic in my theory bears out sir, then what what role are you playing in deriding it? is a good site to read the Protocols for any one with the intellectual integrity to find out for themselves, let your reason be your judge.

    • Lorie

      the “they” may well be the bilderberg group, 125 of the richest multibillionaires in the world,
      who run things from behind the scenes. and prefer it that way. has anyone seen the obama
      deception on you tube?

    • s c

      D, I’ll assume for now that you’re new to PLD. The Protocols come up once in a while and what it does is attract a new herd of mental kids who have as yet to put away their childish things and grow up. You might as well move to Palestine and become a Muslim. Or, you can grow up and associate with people who try their best to know the difference between crap and apple butter (more common sense and less tilting at windmills).
      Speaking as someone who knows what it is to be re-educated, you are so far behind the adult learning curve that if you’re not an Obummer suck-up, you sure sound like one. Grow up. WHERE have you been?
      I’m willing to bet that one of your guiding philosophies is the idea that ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend.’ Read, question, listen and start hanging around some adults for a change. You’re known by the company you keep. Comprende?

      • Dan Mancuso

        Are you on drugs?
        I have to surmise from your senseless diatribe that you didn’t read my comment fully. You certainly didn’t comprehend it – public school educated? You probably got as far as a word or phrase that kicked in your robot programming that shut your brain down when you applied some demonizing label to me and began spouting your nonsense.
        You make a lot of assumptions, you know what they say about making assumptions…you assume I’m pro Mulim/Palestinian and therefore anti-Semitic, you assume I’m pro Obama/socialist and not deeply conservative, you assume I’m behind some arbitrary learning curve. I can’t even tell what ‘guiding philosophy’ you are paying lip service to. You obviously do not have the intellectual integrity to have actually read the protocols yourself and therefore act in ignorance when you spew your misinformed hatred. Grow up indeed!
        I merely offered a theory, backed up by legitimate evidence, looking for some feedback from an intelligent source – so why did you respond? Your ugly philippic directed towards me puts you in league with all those over zealous hysterical defenders of Israel and Zionism that will not accept ANY criticism of the latter. If you have something intelligent to contribute, by all means express it, I love to debate – otherwise shut the [comment has been edited].


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