No, IRS Really Didn’t Attack Liberals With Same Vigor


Earlier this week, left-leaning Americans latched on to reports that the Internal Revenue Service targeted liberal nonprofits with the same vigor that it has conservative groups vying for tax-exempt status. But a review of the numbers tells a different story.

According to revelations from the Treasury Department’s inspector general, just six progressive groups were subject to increased scrutiny; 292 conservative groups were put under the IRS microscope. Furthermore, the IG noted in a letter to Congressional Democrats, 100 percent of Tea Party groups seeking nonprofit status were put under review, compared to just 30 percent of progressive groups.

Liberals based claims that the IRS also heavily targeted progressive groups on the inclusion of progressive groups on the agency’s so-called Be On The Lookout, or BOLO, list. The Treasury inspector, however, said that list was not used in targeting the groups at the heart of the controversy.

From the IG letter:

Based on the information you flagged regarding the existence of a “Progressives” entry on BOLO lists, TIGTA performed additional research which determined that six tax-exempt applications filed between May 2010 and May 2012 having the words “progress” or “progressive” in their names were included in the 298 cases the IRS identified as potential political cases. We also determined that 14 tax-exempt applications filed between May 2010 and May 2012 using the words “progress” or “progressive” in their names were not referred for added scrutiny as potential political cases. In total, 30 percent of the organizations we identified with the words “progress” or “progressive” in their names were processed as potential political cases. In comparison, our audit found that 100 percent of the tax-exempt applications with Tea Party, Patriots, or 9/12 in their names were processed as potential political cases during the timeframe of our audit.

“At this point, the evidence shows us that conservative groups were not only flagged, but targeted and abused by the IRS,” said Sarah Swinehart, a spokeswoman for Ways and Means Chairman Representative Dave Camp (R-Mich.), responding to the IG letter.

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Sam Rolley

Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After covering community news and politics, Rolley took a position at Personal Liberty Media Group where could better hone his focus on his true passions: national politics and liberty issues. In his daily columns and reports, Rolley works to help readers understand which lies are perpetuated by the mainstream media and to stay on top of issues ignored by more conventional media outlets.

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  • Alex

    Well, somebody needs to put a leash on those insane Teabaggers; the IRS is a good enough start, I suppose.

    • Don 2

      Alex – Born Ignorant – Will Die Ignorant

    • Mike

      Good idea Stalin. We wouldn’t want anyone around to question the govt or try to hold them to the standard we call The Constitution.

    • FreedomFighter

      On display for all to see – the insanity of the left Carry on Alex you are a prime example of why Americans need to fight progressives.

      Laus Deo
      Semper FI

  • Debbie Hogan Tate

    All those who were affected by this should sue the IRS for damages and ask that it to be dismantled!

  • Debbie Hogan Tate

    All those who were affected by this should sue the IRS for damages and ask that it to be dismantled!

  • Don 2

    When The Government Takes The Fifth – Tyranny Is Already Here!

    • FreedomFighter

      “IRS Really Didn’t Attack Liberals With Same Vigor”
      Is anyone really surprised? We are at war with ideologues/communist/fascists progressives following Marxist dogma — “The end justifies the means”. It would not surprise me if they actually started shooting conservative patriots soon and burning books like the Bible and historic documents like the Constitution. (see German History circa late 1930s/Hitler)
      Laus DeoSemper FI

  • Robbie

    The real joke in all this is that for all the hoopla no conservative tea party type action group was actually denied tax exempt status. Tempest in a tea pot shall we say?

    • TexasOlTimer

      If you’re still waiting after 2, 3 or more years to receive a tax exempt status, you may not have been ‘officially denied’ the status, but you have never received it so in effect it has been denied. Note that not one of 292 applications submitted by Tea Party groups during the 2010 to 2012 time period received a tax exempt status. This effectively reduced their ability to raise money.

      At the hearing where the Tea Party groups were testifying, the Democrats had been invited to have ANY Progressive group that had been targeted to appear at the hearing. None were there. If any had been targeted, you know that the Democrats would have had them front and center.

  • Bill T

    The Tea Party and conservative groups had been complaining about this before the IG released his report – his report only confirmed. Kind of funny how there was NO outcry from progressive groups until this was made public.

  • me

    They keep talking flat tax which would eliminate the IRS but nothing ever happens. Now we’re supposed to have them enforce Owebunholecare. Healthcare will become a mess. they talked about the rising costs of medical car in the past. seems anytime goverment comes in there is a mess. I remember the mess it made of oil in the seventies.

  • Dave

    Hmmm… How many liberal groups applied for 501C status compared to conservative groups?

    1) Not a single conservative group was denied status

    2) There was no “harrassment” by the Gov on these conservative groups.

    3) There was by no means any shortage of conservative message commercials on the air during the 2012 election campaign

    In 2012, The Chicago Tribune reported on the IRS denying tax exempt status to a liberal political group,

    The IRS announced in May and June that it took the actions against two groups defined as tax-exempt under the 501(c)(4) section of the tax code. The IRS on Thursday declined comment on its tax-exempt final rulings. Tax-exempt groups raising money for both major political parties ahead of the Nov. 6 election walk a fine line between promoting “social welfare” for tax-exempt purposes and purely political interests.A 501(c)(4) group denied tax-exempt status by the IRS would run afoul of Federal Election Commission rules and could be
    required to disclose its donors. Emerge America, a group which helps Democratic women seeking elected office, said it lost it tax-exempt status last October. The IRS invoked the “private benefit doctrine” barring 501(c)(4) status for any group promoting a candidate or political party. The IRS announced its final decision in May.

    In June the IRS said it denied 501(c)(4) tax-exemption for an unnamed political group also under the private benefit doctrine. The IRS is barred by law from disclosing the group’s name and the group has not publicly identified itself. The group had one objective: to serve the political goals of its founder, the IRS said. A 501(c)(4) group can spend some funds on political advocacy, but electioneering cannot be its sole reason for existence or comprise a majority of its spending.

    Move along kids… the Obama witch hunt on this is over. You wasted more of our time. If you really cared about this story, you would be up in arms about nakedly political groups of any stripe trying to gain tax exempt status to put their person in power but you are not so that makes all of you a bnunch of partisan political hacks.
    Have a nice day.

    • AttilaTheHun

      “1) Not a single conservative group was denied status

      2) There was no “harrassment” by the Gov on these conservative groups.

      3) There was by no means any shortage of conservative message commercials on the air during the 2012 election campaign”


      1) If my tax-exempt status is delayed for four years that’s effectively denying it.

      2) You don’t consider even a letter from the IRS as having an impact? I know my heart rate goes up every time I see one in my mailbox. Having the likes of Lois Lerner threatening audits and going after your supporters counts as harassment in my book. I guess you’re so partisan that it only counts if you’re a Democrat under attack. And why is she on paid vacation rather than being fitted for an orange jump suit and losing her pension? At least put her on unpaid leave.

      3) I love your determination that there were enough conservative commercials in 2012. I’m glad that you’re omniscient and can make that determination. Guess who won? Would that necessarily have happened without the IRS harassment? How about grief from other government agencies such as the NSA?

      As far as other groups gaming the tax-exempt system, I didn’t see anybody on the left complaining about ACORN. Your guys are using the time tested techniques of tyrants and dictators from the past. You are the political hack in this discussion.

      Have a nice day.

      • Dave


        ACORN was a neighborhood assistance program for poor people. You really going to compare that defunkt organization against the “Freedomworks” organizations of the world? Really?

        Obama won because Tricky Mitt was exposed as a phoney and a big bank loving corporatists. Mitt never did anythying else in his life for anyone besides Mitt. Look at the record.
        Sounds like you have a case of sour grapes.

        • AttilaTheHun


          The point about ACORN was that they were a political machine, and I’m willing to bet they received taxpayer monies and had tax-exempt status and we never heard about the IRS auditing them. Don’t we deserve equal treatment? What’s sauce for the goose …

          I won’t argue with you about Romney being a lame candidate. Unfortunately, that leaves us with Obama who will tax and regulate us into oblivion. There can’t be anybody left out there who is surprised that unemployment is where it is given the current resident of Pennsylvania Ave.

          • Dave

            Taxes are lower on me today than when Obama took office. As far as regulation goes, the 2008 economic collpase was brought on by TOO LITTLE regulation in wall street, banking, mortgage lending and the credit houses, not too much.
            ACORN is a completely different kind of organization than these groups trying to influence elections. ACORN actually helped people in urban and disadvantaged areas. Freedomworks merely tries to put more money in the pockets of the Koch Brothers and their like. I suggest you look up the work each did/does.
            We have a Congress that sits at 10% approval because we have two parties, especially the GOP that is more interested in games than helping this country. If only the GOP put as much energy into finding people better jobs, fixing our trade issues, education as they do trying to keep scandals afloat so they have a chance to win an election. This country would be on top for a long time.

          • AttilaTheHun

            Half of the population doesn’t pay ANY income taxes. A significant part of that are retired people who’ve paid taxes in the past. However, The top 10% pay 70% of the federal income taxes. If you’re not paying at least something, then you have no skin in the game and who cares what kind of roadblocks the government puts up – they don’t affect you. This is sorta like two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner. Half of the country isn’t directly affected by a big chunk of what Washington does.

            I wonder if there’s anybody in Washington who knows why jobs are created? The approach seems to be to assume that jobs just get created. They don’t just get created. For the creation a typical job someone has to first find a customer. Then they have to decide if it’s worthwhile to hire somebody to help do the work. Then they have to purchase materials and monitor the work, and finally try to get paid for their work.

            Did you notice something here? The entrepreneur risks his own time and money and doesn’t collect a dime until after everyone else is paid. Remember, there are already all kinds of risks associated with going into business. Anything that makes it look like the entrepreneur is going to lose money should make him walk away from the work and consequently not create a job(s).

            Just a partial list of things that threaten to make a project unprofitable are regulations, taxes, and obamacare. The Republicans haven’t done us any favors in terms of creating a business-friendly environment, but the Democrats are trying to put everyone but their friends out of work. The Obama bureaucracy is truly terrifying.

            That’s the reason for the <2% growth in the economy. It's got nothing to do with the Kock Brother, George Soros, Fox News, or MSNBC.

            We have too much government.

          • Dave

            How much wealth of this country do the 10% control/own? Almost 60 percent. So cry me a river about the poor wealthy having to pay taxes.
            Who has the political access to pay politicians to enact policy that favors their interests? The wealthy.
            The wealthy/corporations do not care as a group about this country. If you recall, the taxes on the wealthy were MUCH higher yet the economy grew by leaps and bounds… So there is more to the equation than just taxes.
            I will now allow you time to go back to the GOP playbook to figure out how to respond next.

          • Dave

            If you recall, in the 1950’s the taxes on the wealthy were MUCH higher yet the economy grew by leaps and bounds…

          • AttilaTheHun


            Sorry it took so long to reply. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a look at the GOP playbook? That sucker is under lock and key and you have to swear allegiance to Satan to even get near it ;-)

            Correction: Tax RATES were higher in the 50’s. That doesn’t mean that tax PAYMENTS were. Government spending accounted for 25% of the GDP in 1950 and 40% now. That’s being paid for with taxes and debasing the currency (inflation). Future generations are going to get hit with paying the tab and they didn’t get a vote. That’s immoral.

            You and I are on the same page about crony capitalism, corruption, or whatever you want to call it. It makes my blood boil when I see GE having access to the administration and then not paying any taxes. Or worse, Goldman Sachs populating the administrations and then getting favors. Buying influence rather than competing is just plain evil and should be punished severely. Unfortunately, both parties are guilty. I think that the Democrats are worse, but I’m sure you disagree.

            Your attitude to private property interests me. We definitely don’t agree and I want to understand your side.

            My side is that people respond to incentives. If you take away the incentive, then you won’t get as much of the associated behavior. In this case the incentive is money and the behavior is risk taking and hard work. We all love to hate Bill Gates, but Gates has provided a huge boost to technology that we all use, and provided countless jobs. Sure, he’s gotten filthy rich in the process. That’s part of what makes him go. So tell me, are you any poorer because Bill Gates is rich? In actuality, you’re probably a lot richer because of the general increase in standard of living effected by the computer. Would I love to have his money? Absolutely! Do I begrudge him having it. Not for a second – he’s made my life richer for it. I’m happy that he’s decided to take the risks and put in the effort.

            On a much smaller level, I went into business for myself eight years ago and won a government contract. As a result, I created six jobs (counting my own). The contract ended and I decided to not continue hiring people. I’m now a consultant. I liked the people I hired and was happy with the work they did. Their jobs are gone specifically because the contract ended, but realistically because working with the government and putting up with all of the rules and regulations (most of which were arbitrary and unnecessary) was too painful, so I decided to not go after any more work where I’d hire people.

            Dave, please explain your philosophy on private property to me.

          • Dave

            Private Property? I am not sure where I mentioned private property anywhere but that is not the real question here. The real question is what responsibility do you have as a person in this society to help the country and those that do not have the same advantages and you and I have. Conservatives and and Conservatives who call themselves Libertarians think that they deserve to take whatever they can and they have no responsibility to help those less fortunate. It was at its most laughable last year with the conservatives tried to make an issue out of “You didn’t build it”. Remember that? These conservatives think they built their businesses/wealth all by themselves. That is so not true. They were educated most likely with the help of outside money including our tax dollars… The infrastructure that allows them to do business was built by others, the internet was forged by the Gov/Universities/Defense contractors through Gov grants.

            That is what the Corporatists/Libertarians/Conservatives fail to comprehend. When we do not have a vibrant middle class, society fails and it is their policies that are leading to a hording of wealth by the top 10%. that is a recipe for disaster. Elderly poverty was drastically reduced by Social Security. Welfare, should be a solid safetynet for the poor to prevent them from slipping through the cracks, People whould NOT have to declare bankruptcy because of medical conditions. But to the conservatives, they view medical like buying a car, its not. We as a society have a responsibility to help each other. You mention personal property… In our society we are too caught up in the accqisition of “things” and property… Nobody really owns property… There is just different definitions of “renting”. We all have a responsibility to treat the land well. And we have been falling down on the job. Just ask the people who live next to all this natural gas sites that use fracking to get the natural gas out. Ask them about their water supply. Your property is your property but that does not absolve you from responsibility.
            Responsibility…..Its what the GOP/Democrats/Conservatives and New Libertarians simply do not fathom.

          • AttilaTheHun

            Wow! I happen to be an old Libertarian (I started in the ’70s). You are the one who mentioned private property when you said “How much wealth of this country do the 10% control/own? Almost 60 percent.” As far as I’m concerned, if they earned it then they should keep it.

            Yes, Obama really pissed me off with his comment about “you didn’t build that”. What total crap. That’s the kind of comment a blowhard who has never risked anything or done any real work says. Obama has never had a real job in his life and he’s lecturing people like me. I started a business eight years ago. And you know what? I didn’t get any help from Obama or teachers or anybody else. I put my own capital into it. I quit my job to chase an opportunity. I mortgaged my house to get the working capital to start the business. My family and my retirement were the ones potentially in jeopardy if the business failed. I was the one putting in eighty hour weeks to make it go. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the roads were already there. But, I helped pay for them with my taxes. The risk was all mine. Obama didn’t do squat and I highly resent him trying to claim any credit.

            The Left is fond of calling Conservatives and Libertarians heartless because we’re not willing to pony up all of the cash that the Left wants to give away. The problem is that the Left knows no bounds. I suppose why should they when they’re dealing with OPM (other people’s money). I don’t know anyone who is unwilling to help out someone truly in need. However, the definition of “in need” is pretty plastic and has been stretched way beyond the point where people are truly in need. Truly in need is food, clothing, housing, and medical care. It’s not Obama phones, lottery tickets, and booze. And it’s not designer clothing or cable TV.

            What’s most egregious is piling up $1 trillion in debt every year and expecting future generations to pick up the tab. That’s unconscionable. That will destroy the middle class.

            BTW, fracking has been around since the ’70s. It doesn’t contaminate people’s water. All of the anit-fracking noise is about pimping for the Left’s favorite religion – green energy.

          • $1965156

            You are really confused.

          • adbj102

            I think we all know about ACORN, And it’s nefarious doings. And we all watched as Obama gave it 470 million in the first stimulis. Congress stopped the second give away. ACORN ordered it’s 134 branches to incorporate under seperate names. Still there, only a new alias! And of course instant exemption from the IRS.

          • Dave

            Clearly you don’t.


            Again, ACORN actually helped people… Freedomworks and other right wing corporatists groups like “Freedomworks”? Not so much.

    • Vigilant

      1) Not a single conservative group was denied status.

      That’s not, nor was it ever, the point, Mr.Goebbels. The targeting and slow rolling of Conservative activities during an election season, combined with the fast tracking of liberal organizations, was the point.

      2) There was no “harrassment” [sic] by the Gov on these conservative groups.

      Call it what you will, but slow rolling them and requiring donor lists, etc. while summarily approving liberal groups on an expedited basis is harassment in my book.

      3) There was by no means any shortage of conservative message commercials on the air during the 2012 election campaign.

      Another non sequitur. IRS didn’t outlaw these orgs, it simply slow rolled their tax exempt status to reduce their funds availability.

      Citing two lib organizations (and plagiarizing an unnamed source while you did it) IN NO WAY invalidates the IG’s numbers. The fact remains, and you won’t face it EVEN THOUGH THE IRS ADMITS IT: Conservative activities were unethically, and perhaps illegally, targeted.

      • Jeff

        If you’re going to insult someone, the least you could do is spell the name correctly. It’s what the “google” is there for, ya dunce!

        • Vigilant

          That’s your answer? ROFL.

          If you’re going to attempt a shot at legitimacy, the least you could do is address even one factual assertion. That’s what intelligence and integrity are there for, ya idiot!

          And you tipped your hand, sonny. Had to Google “Goebbals” to even find out who Joseph Goebbels was? History challenged you are.

          I change my naming of you from Goebbels to Alinsky.

          • Jeff

            Frankly, your post was not worth a reply. It was simply dumb. Unlike you, I know how to spell the names of Nazi leaders. You might try reading a book sometime. As for facts, how about addressing the “fact” that there is no scandal involving Obama and the IRS no matter how many times Issa and the Moronic Bloggers, a hot new punk rock group, proclaim it.

          • AttilaTheHun

            I guess you really are an idiot.

          • Jeff

            I’ve won plenty of awards in my life, but none compare to such opprobrium from someone narrow-minded enough to label himself Attila The Hun. On behalf of the Academy, I accept.

          • WTS/JAY

            There’s a proverb that was written just for people such as Jeff, it would appear; “When a finger is pointed at the moon, the idiot looks at the finger”.

      • Dave

        The real crime here is that political organization’s whose only purpose in life is to get “their guy/girl” elected is tax exempt.
        In other words, THEY SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAD TAX EXEMPT STATUS IN THE FIRST PLACE. Mr. Free ride on my tax subsidized dollar.
        You hate Obama so you think this is something he had his hand in this even though the head of the IRS was a Bush appointee and the head of the office that sent down the extra scrutiny was a 21 year Conservative Republican.
        So you are saying conservative groups were handicapped with all their corp money bankrolling their activities? Really?
        The real issue is that all these groups should have their tax exempt status yanked and big money doners should have the courage of their convictions and have their donations out in the open.
        My Source is the Chicago tribune… Why don’t you look it up?
        Conservatives do love their big money in elections and their secret donors. How else do they rig elections? Oh that and the voting rights act that was struck down by the conservative SC. Now states like Texas can gerrymander districts and take away polling places where minorities vote at will. They sure can’t win on the issues.

  • chuckster

    Lies, lies and dam lies. This bunch of morons running this country should be in jail. Forget that the country is broke and they are trying to give what little is left to the illegals and yes I said it Illegals, now I guess the word police will be after me. I already have to be on the lookout when I eat or drink a large soda. I am so sick and tired of this lying arss president, I cant bear to look or hear him on my T.V. when he comes on I turn the channel or turn it off.

    • ONTIME

      As a conservatist and a loyal American who has served, I can only say since I have been around this country has elected some real political losers and unfortunately we cannot get them removed fast enough to prevent them form causing increasing damage, recieving a reward for really bad work and selling out all principals and beliefs and as you can see, it has gotten worse thru the years…we have gotten what WTP deserve because we let it happen.
      Past time to reorganize, re-pare this government and regain our representation..we can lose this Republic.

      • $1965156

        And do either one of you have any examples of “lying” “causing increasing damage” “selling out all principals”?

        No. No you don’t.

  • rbrooks

    it should not be a surprise that the govt is keeping a closer eye on groups that want to decrease the govt’s revenue stream.

    this is not a political affiliation issue.

    if you advocate for smaller govt and fewer programs, the govt is not going to like you.

    no surprise.

  • Dave

    Excellent Op-Ed by Dana Milbank highlight the rabid conservative desire for “scandal”

    “This is how a scandal implodes:

    First, the head of the investigation overpromises. “This was a targeting of the president’s political enemies, effectively, and lies about it during the election year so that it wasn’t discovered until afterwards,” Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), chairman of the House oversight committee, said in May of the IRS targeting scandal. He later declared President Obama’s press secretary a “paid liar” for stating otherwise.

    Next, facts emerge to undermine the investigator’s presuppositions. Documents released by Ways and Means committee Democrats this week show that the IRS, in addition to targeting tea party groups, also had “Be on the Lookout” (BOLO) lists for groups using descriptors such as “progressive,” “health care legislation,” “medical marijuana,” “paying national debt” and “green energy.”

    Finally, evidence surfaces that the investigator stacked the deck. Tuesday night, the Hill newspaper quoted a spokesman for Treasury’s inspector general, Russell George, saying the group was asked by Issa “to narrowly focus on tea party organizations.” The inspectors knew there were other terms, but “that was outside the scope of our audit.”

    Certainly, something went badly wrong at the IRS that caused groups to be targeted because of ideology. But it’s nothing like the conspiracy Issa cooked up in which the president and his men supposedly used the tax authority to attack their political foes.

    The White House deserves some of the blame for letting things get this far; a full release of information by the administration at the outset would have put the controversy to rest quickly. But the collapse of the Issa-driven scandal has reinforced a growing impression in the capital that ultimately will help Obama: The chairman is full of it.

    When I covered President Clinton’s second term, White House officials were delighted to have the eccentric Dan Burton in charge of the House oversight committee. He gained prominence by shooting a melon to try to prove that Clinton aide Vince Foster hadn’t killed himself but had been murdered.

    Now Issa has fallen to Burtonian levels of credibility. He’s launched a dozen or so probes, but what often begins as a legitimate inquiry into government failure turns quickly into a lunge for the Oval Office, missing each time.

    Even before the Republican victory in 2010 gave him the chairmanship, Issa announced the discovery of “Obama’s Watergate” — the White House floating an administration job for a Democratic congressman to keep him out of a Senate primary. Issa backed off after learning that the Bush administration had done similar things.

    Shortly before the 2010 election, Issa told Rush Limbaugh that Obama “has been one of the most corrupt presidents in modern times.” He later said Obama isn’t “personally corrupt” but his administration is.

    Issa then set out to prove it. He led a probe into the failed “Fast and Furious” gun sting by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Issa declared that “it went all the way to the White House,” insisting that the plan was approved “at the highest levels of the Obama appointees,” and that the Justice Department “has blood on their hands.”

    The Justice Department inspector general determined that Attorney General Eric Holder didn’t even know about the program until after it was shut down.

    After the failure of Solyndra, a government-aided solar company, Issa probed Energy Department loan guarantees, saying “I want to see when the president and his cronies are picking winners and losers … that it wasn’t because there were large contributions given to them.”

    The committee documented no cronyism and no presidential involvement.

    Issa probed the response to Freedom of Information Act requests by the Department of Homeland Security, saying the matter “reeks of a Nixonian enemies list, and this committee will not tolerate it.”

    Nothing Nixonian surfaced.

    After the killing of U.S. officials in Benghazi, Libya, Issa accused then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of giving false information to Congress when she said she wasn’t involved in denying the Libyan diplomats’ security requests. He also said that it was “perhaps the White House” that later changed talking points to make it appear that the assault had begun as a protest.

    It turned out Clinton wasn’t involved in the security decision and the White House wasn’t behind the change in the talking points.

    Then came the IRS. Instead of delivering on Issa’s promise to reveal politically motivated harassment of conservatives by the Obama administration, the committee instead turned up evidence (including the account of a “conservative Republican” who managed IRS screening) that the actions weren’t political.

    The most Issa et al. can hope to prove now is that conservatives were hassled by the IRS more than liberals. That’s a worthy topic to explore, but it’s no Watergate.
    Poor conservative… all worked up and no Obama to lynch.

    • adbj102

      You forgot to state that “this has been a scandal free administration” and your old standby “there has been no reports of vote fraud” I’v been expecting you to claim you were there when Obama (Barry Soetero) was born in Hawaii. The definitation of a liberal: a person who constantly lies, then believes his own lies, then when presented with truth, becomes violent and accuses the “prover” of racism and Hate! But exposing his own hate!

      • Dave


        “The definition of a conservative: a person who constantly lies, then believes his own lies, then when presented with truth, becomes violent and accuses the “prover” of racism and Hate! But exposing his own hate!”
        That is more accurate.

  • mike

    25 YEARS OF HELL DEALING WITH IRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!