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No Doubt, Teamsters Love 99 Percent

November 10, 2011 by  

No Doubt, Teamsters Love 99 Percent

Many people have suspected heavy involvement from the beginning, but recent reports indicate no doubt that organized labor unions have fully embraced the Occupy movement.

According to The New York Times, the union embrace of Occupy represents the beginning of a change in the approach that teamsters will use in collective bargaining in the future. A memo from the AFL-CIO last week suggests that unions will usurp the message of the 99 percent in future communications with members, employers and voters to further grow the Occupy movement, according to the article.

“We think the Occupy movement has given voice to something very basic about what’s going on in our country right now,” Damon Silvers, the AFL-CIO’s policy director told The New York Times. “The fact that they’ve figured out certain concepts and language for doing that, we think is really important and positive.”

The article says that union leaders have donated massive amounts of food and winter weather supplies to camping protesters throughout the nation.

Further evidence of the labor organization’s desire to be aligned with the movement is found on its website, which proudly states “We are the 99 percent” and displays pictures of individuals holding up 99 percent messages, which have now become synonymous with the protesters.

The website also displays several articles that disavow conservatives in government as job killers and call for more government intervention in the market.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • s c

    Actually, teamsters are deeply in love/lust with themselves. I’m intrigued by the idea that a victory in ONE state supposedly translates to a national ‘victory.’ Ohio is but ONE state. Ohio is NOT America’s ONLY state.
    OK, Ohioans. You think you’ve chalked up a great victory. Now, try to FUND that ‘great victory.’ When public sector union parasites line up to collect retirement, remember that YOU made it possible for ‘some’ people to suck the economic life force out of your state. No one forced you to do such a retarded thing.
    When you realize that Ohio won’t be able to fund the retirements of wannabe countryclubbers, DO NOT expect the rest of America to bail out your sorry arses. Maybe you can appeal to the “extra” 7 states that Obummer thinks America has. Enjoy, ‘patriots.’

  • 4-just_us

    I think it’s fair to have unions and non-union jobs. It’s whatever a company wants to pay their workers and still stay profitable. It usually turns out that the unions ,due to their greedy ways and demands, collapse under their own self interest.

    • JC

      As do all socialist organizations on any level.

  • Patriot II

    The unions were needed in the early 1900′s NOT NOW

    Performance based compensation and rewarding Excellence is the only way America will grow. Ohio just went down to the bottom of States in my Opinion.

    Unions are not the answer to prosperity in this country.

    • eddie47d

      Why because the citizens stood up to to manipulation by the Ohio Governor in this latest election.

      • Brad

        Then why did the unions spend 28 million on a campaign to misrepresent the good Ohio was trying to do. All public service unions have to be removed, my opinion.

        • eddie47d

          You also left out the 20 million that the anti-union folks poured into Ohio. Most from the Koch brothers trying to stiffle good people in Ohio.

      • Grandpa Red

        At least Eddie is honest in his title. He list his IQ at 47, which explains his political leanings.

        • eddie47d

          Okay Grandpa Red Faced. LOL

      • ChristyK

        Unions actually end up hurting the people that they purport to help. Any business owner with any sense knows that they need good employees. If they want the best, they have to pay more for the best employees. Anyone who really does a good job will make more by not being in a union. If the cost of an employee becomes higher than what they produce, the employer must either reduce the employee’s pay, fire the employee, or go out of business. When a union artificially inflate wages (for the productive & unproductive) the business must either fire the employees (bad for union member) or go out of business (bad for union member). The only people that unions help are the union leaders (& politicians that they pay off). Is it right that a lazy and/or ineffective employee makes as much (or maybe more if they’ve been around longer) than a hardworking, ultra-effective employee. People should be paid based on their productivity & effectiveness.

        As a small-business employer I know that we pay our top employees very generously. In fact, we have always had employees that make more than we do, as the owners. We generally try to set up pay plans so if we do well, they do well. And when they do an extraordinary job, they are compensated appropriately even if that means they make significantly more than we do. Most busines people do this as well. If a particular business doesn’t pay their employees well, the good employees will leave and go where they are appreciated and compensated appropriately. It is called the free market. A true free market (which we haven’t had for a while) always works best for those willing to work hard.

        • Joe H.

          Watch it Cristy, eddie will send his union bullies over to raid your shop!! Those lazy good for nothing workers HAVE to get paid just as good as those exemplary employees!!! It isn’ their fault they’re so lazy they smell!!!

        • eddie47d

          The only bully I see is you Joe and very condescending and ignorant.

  • Tracy Andersen

    The union “phenomenon” has created a certain mindset in both union and management people.

    Some forty years ago, to get a job, I had to swear allegiance to Jimmy Hoffa (cringe!). The job was at a dairy, feeding cans into a canwasher, that had a Geneva gear drive (periodic motion, motor driven) that could put out only a fixed amount of washed cans per hour. Demand for clean cans was slightly more than an eight-hour day could put out, so I would check out, go back and do a bit more, after they disallowed overtime. When management found out, they were horrified at what I was doing, and fired me. And that was after I showed them the simple mathematics of the situation.

    My point — they were so afraid of what the union could do, that their thinking was so skewed that they couldn’t think straight. And no, I didn’t go to the union to work through the problem — I was glad to get away from such a non-thinking situation.

    Now, this was some forty years ago, and things have become more entrenched over time, so what can be done to overcome unionized thinking?

    (Oh, yes, a while later, they put in a second canwasher.)

    • eddie47d

      Hmmm! Copy and Paste.

    • Brad

      Tracy the only thing we can try and do is educate the masses but when the masses have been brainwashed to the likes Of Eddie47d, as the old addage goes, what out what you wish for, it might come true and in time Ohio will find out.

      • eddie47d

        Thank goodness for common sense in Ohio. Not everyone is snookered like you are Brad.

        • Joe H.

          Don’t gloat too hard, eddie. This is not the last you will hear of this in Ohio! when the bills start comming in for this, I can guarantee it will come around again!!! I’ve heard of a lot of non-union shops asking their perspective employers if they were members of a union at their former employers and not hiring the ones that were!! It’s gonna come around again!!! Bet on it!!

        • eddie47d

          Tax time comes around every year too so don’t get too cocky! Remember you’re the one who was gloating that Issue 2 would pass. Missed you mark again so did you turn that smile upside down?

  • Roger,Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    In EVERY PROTEST/revolution some good comes.

    When the RICH ahnd POWERFUL receive Taxpayers money and SUPPORT from Government and MULTI-NATIONAL Corporations, it is called Necessary, Good business and at worst, a BAIL OUT.

    When the POOR,or Disenfranchised receive Taxpayer smoney and SUPPORT from any organizations such as UNIONS, it is disparagingly and ALWAYS called SOCIALIST WELFARE for bums and the lazy.

    The RICH and POWERFUL dont have to Protest to gain more wealth and power.They use PRIVELEGE and CONNECTIONS, ECONOMIC SLAVERY and the IGNORANCE( which they create) of the MASSES.

    On with the REVOLUTION!!!

    • Jeep

      Roger, go back to Canada and foment your own revolution. Just because we have a common border, this does not give you the right to interfere in our politics. In fact, this makes you a foreign invader at best, or a terrorist at worst. Wait a minute…the phone is ringing…

      It’s Ottowa calling, they said you missed your AA meeting and you need to come back.

      • JC

        That was just plain ignorant.
        No wonder the world thinks of us as arrogant and stupid.

        Roger, you’re in and out of reality here…yes there is too much cronyism in government and yes corporate greed and political greed go hand in hand. But the OWS gangs are completely delusional about how to correct this. The problem is government intervention where government has no business. The OWS mantra of “tax the rich” is about as stupid as it gets too. Why remove incentive to do well from our way of life?

        You want a revolution, fine…so do most of us. Get government out of the market place altogether. Abolish the Fed AND the Bank of Canada as well as all the other Rothschild controlled central banks around the world. Then you’ll have some change worth revolting for.
        And as Canadians and Americans have been brother at arms in the past, so may we be in the future.

    • eddie47d

      We manipulated Canada for decades and expected them to follow our every move. Now that they seem to be doing okay without our interference you cry uncle. They aren’t the 51st State any longer Jeep.

      • Brad

        So Sorry Eddie, Canada has been one of our best trading partners for over one hundred year’s, no one country manipulates another not unless you where from Germany, Russia, China, Japan and of course that was back in the day, you remember those days don’t you Eddie.

      • Jeep

        eddie, you are just begging for a disparaging comment aren’t you? Clearly I said Roger should go back to Canada and leave us alone…nowhere is there any reference to the relationship between the US and Canada. But, in your liberal attack mode you came out swinging. Thanks for showing the world what a “nice” group liberals are.

      • Jeep

        On second thought, eddie, I really should thank you for showing us that liberals will take anyone’s support to support their agenda. Even if comes from outside our country. Wow. That’s very revealing. I would have thought that a real patriot would not like a foreigner calling for revolution in our country. You do realize Roger was asking for Americans to shed the blood of other Americans, don’t you? And, you are comfortable with that? In fact, eddie you embrace it. The liberal mindset will never cease to amaze me.

        • eddie47d

          Come on Jeep you can do better than that so stop lying again. He did not say he wants more wars just the opposite. I don’t support liars which you have become in false accusations. The REVOLUTION is against the Military Industrial Complex but that went way over your head. Your “faculties” are very distorted!

        • Joe H.

          nothing in the progressive libby mindset even fazes me anymore. Remember, I’ve been here for almost two years reading eddies bull—- tirades the whole time!! I’m immune!!!

          • eddie47d

            But you will accept Jeep’s lies.That’s why it is hard to trust a Republican. Thanks for proving it.

    • s c

      WOW. If you’re the same ‘Roger’ at the bottom of the page, I have to conclude that you have a split personality. I can’t recall seeing anyone on this website say something relevant in one response, and then turn around and piss all over yourself just a few paragraphs earlier. So what was the diagnosis when you went to a psychiatrist?

  • Roger

    Sorry to disappoint you “Jeep” but Bob Livingston is the only one who has the right to stop my comments AND FURTHER, the U.S.A. is NOT YOUR country.It is the country you MAY be living in and in which you MAY be a citizen but you CANNOT own a country.A country is a concept with borders!!!

    Did I burst your delusional bubble and cause fear to take over your redneck mind???

    My insincere apologies :-)

    • Brad


      The US is definently not your country either so I would practice what you preach and stay within your political realm.

    • Jeep

      Thanks Brad. But, unlike our Canadian interloper I do own my country. I have a Constitution that clearly states this country is mine. Of course, you being a foreigner would not know this or even understand the concept. But, if you still wish to be considered a terrorist, please keep posting “On with the REVOLUTION!” I am a little more civilized than that, I would never call for a revolution in your country. It is, after all, your own affair. Wait a minute, Ottowa is calling again, they would like to know when you went off your meds.

  • Roger

    Sorry CANNOT own a country..but maybe i am being too rational for you both.

    Dream on!

    • Jeep

      We all get it Roger, that whole “one world govt thing”. You must be so jealous of the prosperity south of your border…sheesh.

    • JC

      Why should any of us defend what we don’t own Roger?
      Get a grip. While Canada was founded as a “Dominion” and therefore it’s citizens are “subjects”, Americans fought and died for the right to be sovereign individuals with limited government. And a whole lot more…whereas you guys are by you own laws…squatters.

      • Joe H.

        don’t forget there are a bunch of cowards that would let their brothers die and run to canada to avoid helping them!!! They would fight for NOTHING!!!

        • JC

          While I take your point Joe, I have mixed thoughts about the draft.
          For the most part “draft dodging” was a product of the Viet Nam war.
          It could be argued that it was an unjust war perpetuated to fuel the Military Industrial Complex. Certainly it was dragged out and prolonged for no good reason and there’s no reason it couldn’t have been won if indeed it was a just war. I don’t believe it was.
          Still, I have to wonder, were these draft dodgers cowards or were they
          simply able to see that it was a political game and that American lives were being sacrificed to enrich contractors?
          And should Canada have given them safe haven?

          I just don’t know. I’ve never been able to work that one out.

          • joe H.

            I would agree IF they had stayed in Canada and not come home when crapper carter gave them anmesty!! Even Muhammad Ali had the cahones to go to prison for what he believed in. I DO RESPECT him for that!!!

          • eddie47d

            Which only proves that Joe is no Libertarian and would support any war. If it’s not for the direct security of the USA then maybe you could be the traitor to decency.

          • JC

            That’s a valid thought Joe.
            I might summarize it this way;
            If they were men of any kind of principle, they stuck by their choice and made Canada their home…being permanently disillusioned with the US.
            If they were simply in hiding, they would have returned when Carter gave them amnesty.

            Kind of sad either way…

  • Roger

    That LINK should wake you up a little, but probably not by much since your type of “thinking” has slept the country away to Corruption and Bankruptcy

    ..and by the way if you were following economics and politics,beyond you nose, you would realize CANADA is doing quite well ,thank you and if it wasnt for our oil and gas you would be in bigger trouble than you already are :-)

    • s c

      Thanks for the relevant info, Roger. Now, if you could convince the two back-stabbers in the White House, a herd of retards in Congress and about one-third of the braindead progressives who haunt this website, I would REALLY appreciate it.

    • JC

      Your link is accurate…but it’s all paper.
      Winchester has a more binding effect on property rights.

    • Joe H.

      That is only till your greenie retards stop the oilsands from being used!!! besides, we have enough gas and oil HERE to take care of US!!!

  • Roger

    S.C.-I wish I could but I have given up because of the very reason apparent in the misinformed ,arrogant, redneck comments made to me by individuals like Brad and Jeep.

    Those types just dont get it and that is why America is in DEEP trouble and by the way my daughter lives in South Carolina

    • joe H.

      Your DAUGHTER lives here, not you!! IF she is a naturalized citizen, then SHE has a voice in these matters, not YOU!!

      • eddie47d

        But you want to take Canada’s Tar Sands Joe! Are you playing good Canada bad Canada?

  • Roger

    S.C. I just noticed the message about your “judgement” of my “split personality”

    Your conclusiion was the result of not truly ,either,reading or understanding what i have been writing.There is NO contradiction in ALL that I have said here today, except in the minds of the readers.

    MANY Americans have a very bad habit of jumping to conclusions, instead of asking for clarification. I believe that is the result of MSM misiniformation and the public educational system, manifesting itself as ARROGANCE and a false sense of “knowing better than all others” .Unfortunately that attitude plays into the hands of authoritarians and other corrupt people in government.To wit…the problems you are now having there!

  • Buck

    I very recently made a comment supporting truckers , I find it necessary to amend that support . I only support NON-UNION truckers , I do not support ANY union in the United States and consider ALL of them to be criminal enterprises . Even if the members are fine citizens , their union leadership consists of gangsters and communists and I go out of my way to avoid buying union . As a result I buy very little American made goods .

  • jopa

    All this union talk is nonsense.It was mainly the citizens of America letting the Retardican party know they are fed up with their actions and in-action.As of Tuesday the county I live in was controlled for over 100 years by the Republican party and now the Democrats have won control in the last election.Not just here in this county but counties and municipalities throughout America the story is the same.

    • JC

      When I said the OWS gangs are delusional…I rest my case.
      Thank you jopa.

    • Joe H.

      Since I know it isn’t Lake county, which OHIO county is that???

    • coal miner


  • Thinking About

    For all the anti-union puppets, go on with your ranting and raving because you are controlled by the ones who move your strings. I doubt you really know truthful statements about unions. For those who know the truthful facts about unions we will continue with voicing our opinions in speech and voting. Too long we have allowed the puppets and puppeteers to over ride our strength and we are once again finding our footing. Keep the Occupy movement. It is working. Anytime you see puppets crying about unions you know you are doing a good job. Long live the Ohio movement, your efforts has paid off.

    • JC

      Pointless, without conclusion, without any real logic and all propoganda…
      Spoken like a good little communist sheep.
      Now…go get your pat on the head from some union boss in a limosine.

  • Jan

    Maybe the Ohio gov’nor should take lessons from Andy Cuomo in NY. He offered the 2 major state employee unions lousy contracts and if not passed, already had pink slips ready to send out to 10,000 employees.


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