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No, Baby!

August 25, 2011 by  

No, Baby!

During Vice President Joe Biden’s trip for Chinese takeout, he managed to entangle himself in the ChiComs’ infamous “one child policy” (OCP). While addressing a crowd at Sichuan University, Biden warned of the potential approach of an entitlement crisis in the Land of the Panda:

Your policy has been one which I fully understand — I’m not second-guessing — of one child per family… The result being that you’re in a position where one wage-earner will be taking care of four retired people. Not sustainable.

Er, Mr. Vice President, you “fully understand” the enforcement of a policy which includes forced abortions, fines and even jail time for people who produce multiple offspring without permission from the government? That’s as crazy as fining people for not buying something… ooh, awkward. I’m afraid to ask where Ol’ Plugsy comes down on the subject of slave labor, government-controlled information and mass executions of dissidents. Given Biden’s remarkable ability to blunder into rhetorical minefields, I presume his answer would be: “Whatever Mr. Kinnock says.” Besides, we already know how the ChiComs will combat the problem of a 1:4 worker-to-entitlement-collector ratio — although they’ll probably call it the “one grandparent policy,” since “shoot old people who are not Central Committee members” is a little wordy (outside the Service Employees International Union).

The ChiComs’ enforcement of the OCP isn’t Biden’s first brush with an old concept, although he might be unfamiliar with its other name: eugenics. Granted, the ChiComs have never admitted that the OCP has anything to do with racial purity, but their treatment of non-Han ethnic groups suggests it’s intended to address more than just a surplus of people who pirate Blu-ray Discs™.

History is littered with intellectual detritus which considered viable a plan culling undesirable members of the species. And not all of them were the Athenians’ badass neighbors or looked like Charlie Chaplin’s evil twin. In fact, one of Biden’s best buddies is a proponent of cutting down on the number of rugrats underfoot — as long as they’re the right color.

Former Vice President Al Gore, who may well be the last person on Earth who takes thoroughly self-discredited alarmist Paul Ehrlich seriously, is of the opinion that there are way too many brown people on the Blue Marble. In his ridiculous, forest-consuming manifesto Earth in the Balance, Gore mused Malthusian repeatedly. As recently as this June, he ventured out of one of his mansions to discuss freely available birth control for the Third World: “When that happens, then the population begins to stabilize and societies begin to make better choices.” Al wants to cut back on babies, but not the cute, pink kind. He routinely refers to his plan as “empowering women.” And what could be more empowering than a fat white guy stepping off a private jet and telling girls to dump Junior in a bucket? It’s worth noting that Gore, who lectures about nonsense like “carbon footprints” while his own are bigger than the impressions Godzilla made on Tokyo, has four kids.

Considering the racism which goes hand-in-hand with liberal thinking — whether it be a presumption that black people are incapable of fending for themselves without “affirmative action” or “Jesse Jackson,” or claiming black conservatives are “paid” to be so — I suppose it should come as no surprise that people like Biden can “understand” the OCP. It should also come as no surprise that people like Gore can think a global cure-all exists in the form of reducing the number of people in places where people use less sunscreen. However, suggesting darker-skinned folks love their children less — and, therefore, would be more likely to want fewer of them around — is monstrous.

The reality is that China’s OCP is as much about creating a controllable population which bears certain — ahem — ethnic characteristics as it is about the ChiComs trying to “live green” (or whatever). The idea that the Vice President of the United States would publicly acknowledge OCP’s validity is stupefying. The idea that a great many Democratic Party leaders believe that the OCP should be implemented globally is horrifying in its hypocrisy, albeit unsurprising. These are people who think government schools should be sacrosanct cathedrals of union-controlled indoctrination, but send their own brats to private school.

Malthus was wrong. Ehrlich was more so. The Spartans didn’t survive, and neither did Hitler. It’s possible that Gore’s repeated losses in the Presidential arena have driven him insane. Biden, who eventually issued a halfhearted retraction of his remarks, is just stupid. China’s OCP is its bastard child — and one abortion I would have cheered.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • skippy

    Wow Ben, you sure said a mouthful!!! Biden needs to find that rock he crawled out from under, and go BACK!! :)

    • eddie47d

      Maybe the “Benster” should crawl under that rock first with his racial diatribe. I see he is back to his sideshow act and a bucket of swill.

      • i

        and balams ass farted

      • Forrest Gump

        Stupid is as stupid does.

        It’s difficult to believe anyone could, but you actually seem to take yourself seriously,eddie47d. This forum is for people who have sense. I see your membership card is forged. Please follow me to the nearest exit.

        • eddie47d

          I’m surprised Gumpy Forrest that you can’t see the forest through the trees as a man of your intelligence. I certainly don’t take this author seriously or his carnival of nonsense. You are the one who needs to be escorted out and plopped down in Shanghai.

          • John Woodbury

            Eddie, I have a real novel idea why do you not go to Huffandpuff and pee over there. I am sure they would love much more and even think you are cool and stuff. I know you hate to leave us but just think, you might raise the IQ of both places. BTW I live in China and the Chinese were not laughing at “fighting” Joe and his choice Biden-isms.

      • Bob from SoCal

        Eddie you are just clueless. Ben is right on the money.

        • eddie47d

          Biden said that it is impossible for China to maintain it’s entitlement policy with only one child per family. Did you have a hard time grasping that Bob-SoCal. In other words there will not be enough eligible workers to sustain all the folks who would be retiring or accepting benefits. Heck, we have a similar problem here.

          • Raggs

            We should send them as many democrats that they can handle.. The democrats will find some kind of illegal means ( unions or regulations ) to feed everyone…

          • eddie47d

            China would love polluting Republicans to enhance another great status China is noted for. Darn,those patriotic Americans have already shipped our companies over there.

          • http://peronalliberty Kevin

            Eddi EddiEddie: now we know without a dought that you are stupid! you see even a broken clock like Biteme Biden is right twice a day! (see if you can figure out what I mean) hehehe

  • Joy

    Well, considering most of the intelligent people of the world see Biden on the stage and know a Saturday Night Live moment is on its way, what more do we need to say? The man is a consummate embarassment to the US, and like his good friend Al Gore, generally ignored by anyone who has acccess to different levels of information beyond the Gov’s output. I’m sure the Chinese were vastly amused by Mr Biden’s goofy visit and will accordingly raise the interest rates on our loans to the Central Bank to pay the US back for the insult of sending him.

    • ANNE

      Bit-me-Biden has stepped in it again. I can’t figure out if he is just stupid or if he doesn’t think before he speaks, which ever it is Obama should not let him speak, but then Obama should probably keep his mouth shut also, every time these two speak it’s all lies.

    • Bob from SoCal

      I definitely could see Biden doing “The wild and crazy guy” routine or maybe selling Dan’s “Bassomatic”.

  • s c

    In Gore’s defense, he didn’t have far to go to ‘go around the bend.’ Biden is close behind Gore. I was hoping that Opraisemebama would tell Motormouth Joe to have a good time in China, but “don’t say anything.”
    Maybe it would be a good idea for Biden to take a vacation for the next year, and not return to America in any hurry. He could rent Kerry’s yacht, and Kerry wouldn’t have to think about finally paying taxes on it (here, that is). How is it that a politician can be EXEMPT from paying taxes?
    I take great satisfaction in the idea that Motormouth Joe doesn’t represent me. He represents everyone in America who hates freedom.
    Take your time about coming back, Joe. You’ll be able to write a book about your long vacation (with a LOT of help, that is). Besides, you might even boost your sagging IQ if you can pick up another language. You never did do all that well with English.

    • Bob from SoCal

      Biden write a book, your joking right. Maybe with a ghost writer.

  • AJ

    Ben you’re right Biden is just that STUPID!

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    the village idiot is putting his fot in his mouth all of the time.

  • Scott

    What’s amazing is he keeps getting elected; 40 freakin years and counting.
    He might try a play out of this guy’s book, another freedom loving American along with a dedicated public servant protecting and serving.

  • peter

    Which planet does Biden come from? Is he that ill mannered or does he lack upbringing? Did his father not tell him to put his brain?????into gear before he opens his mouth. Obama is an embarrassment but this guy takes the cake big time. Bring on the clowns – don’t worry, they’re here!

  • GTO_04

    It’s amazing how they kept O’Biden under wraps during the 2008 campaign. Now that he’s been unleashed, will they be able to make him go into hiding during the 2012 campaign, lest he cause “the One” not to lose the election.

    • lkar

      I love GTO’s. Had a 1970 Judge. Now have a 1968 plain jane.
      But I have to agree. Seems that the Democrats do not go very deep in “talent” (although I think BHO is talentless, at least his own party thinks he is viable). Even the Dem’s dump on this idiot.
      Now I know Cheney was sort of a dope, but for the most part he limited his speaking (though he is a terrible hunter).
      If the current GOP contenders can band together after the nomination the D’s are toast!

      • John Woodbury

        Now there is an idea, may be the two VPs could go on a hunting trip together.

  • http://goggle james moore

    you need to be impeached right along with our muslim, illigal, socialist president. illigal pres. has stopped illigal deportation, yet they probaly have all the kids they want, but sooner or later their ain’t go’n be enough taxpayers to support them. will they go home then? biden do you have brother(s) or sister(s) as incompenent as you? i hope when you are behind and following our ill. he don’t make a sudden stop. “you all know the rest”

  • momplayer

    I’m not one who believes you should DICTATE how many children anyone should have with one exception if I am supporting your kids DON”T have anymore.We need to dictate if you are on welfare you have to use birth control. Strict policy of “CAN’T FEED THEM DON’T BREED THEM!”

    • Forrest Gump

      Bubba was always real good with words.


    • Shenanigan

      Amen, Sister. I think there are times when a single mom / dad TEMPORARILY finds her / himself without a job and needs a little help (been there, done that); but popping out twelve kids so you have enough welfare money to buy that Cadillac or so you never have to work again is TOTALLY different! I have to agree with you!

      • 45caliber


        Actually the additional funds stop at 8 kids. What they attempt to do is encourage their daughters to have kids, starting at about age 12 or so, so they can collect the child’s check too.

        One thing of interest: Some years ago (about 30 now) Arkansas came up with the idea of paying the women $5 a month to NOT have additional kids – with no increase in money if they had one. They would lose the $5 instead.

        One black leader insisted this was an attempt to commit “genocide” on the black race. I couldn’t decide it he was trying to say that all black women were on welfare or if they would go on it to get that $5 – including his wife.

    • 45caliber


      I think all women from age 11 or so who are on welfare have to have an insert to prevent them from having children while on welfare. It will be removed when they marry and get off welfare. But it goes back in the moment they go back on welfare.

  • armyblue

    Seems quite ready to tip the ole bubbly with a most oppressive regime, most especially with women. Where are the feminists in this? It’s all relative with oppressive regimes, some are given a toast and some are made “toast.” I guess his personal religion (Catholic) cannot “play” into politics. What a goof.

    • eddie47d

      China has the power to make waves in the world and we are losing our power because of our expansionist wars dragging us down. The feminists can’t do much about that anymore than you can.Except complain and put pressure on the Chinese government. Not sure why you think (implying) the Catholics should still be telling the world to keep having more kids instead of teaching family planning. We still do business with repressive regimes like Saudi Arabia also, even though it is the debt issue that keeps us obligated to the Chinese.

      • 45caliber


        If all our wars are expansionist, why don’t we own most of the world? After all, we conquered it at one time or another.

        • eddie47d

          You really believe that we aren’t out to gain something with our continual warfare? At least some fringe benefits for our sacrifices.

          • http://peronalliberty Kevin

            45 is right on eddie: you are just stupid! we should own the world, instead we are hated! and its becuase we are not respected becuase of liily-livered idiot like you, did you even serve? if you did you nicmane must have been mr. artical 15!! what an ass O

          • s c

            Boy Wonder, do you EVER listen to yourself? How long were you in that kindergarten for slow learners? Now you’re claiming that ‘continuous wars’ can be justified, as long as “we” can get certain “fringe benefits.” Is THAT how you can wink at your White House GOD who can’t find a way to get us out of Afghanistan and all of the many other places around the world where we DON’T belong?
            You don’t have just double standards, young Mr. Chamberlain, you have triple and quadruple standards. For our sake, keep taking that Prozac and chill out. Are you somehow related to that pathetic VP Motormouth Biden?

    • EltonJ

      Who knows?

  • Mushin

    “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being ruled by your inferiors” Plato

  • Mushin

    And sometimes even if you do!

  • Carol

    This man really needs to “SHUT UP” and not be allowed to go anywhere on his own because all he does is screw embarace us and get involved that has NOTHING to do with why he went there if it is possible and I don’t think it is he is worse than Barry Soetoro (Obama).

    • Raggs

      Carol… I disagree with you that fuzzy-brained-biden needs to shut up if anything he needs to talk a hell of a lot more, it strongly shows his ignorance / stupidity… I’m surprized the tabloids haven’t picked up on him yet… Prehaps another day without his meds and a trip to Russia, well who knows?

    • 45caliber


      At least we can get an occasional laugh out of him. That is better than dear ol’ Barry can do …

  • http://google Sandra Henley

    Very interesting analysis. I can’t tell the difference between
    Communist China and Democratic America especially when they are in bed together with the covers pulled over their heads.

    • Shenanigan

      Funny you should say that, lol, when I was a child (around the time dirt was discovered, lol) a movie was out about couples in America were only allowed to have one child; the movie is about a couple who wanted another child and their struggle against the government. How far till we’re really there?

      • eddie47d

        I saw a movie about alien invaders from Krypton. Look out the window they may be coming right now!

        • 45caliber


          Of course they are here! Don’t all you libs believe that Oblama is the one wearing the S on his shirt?


    There is a new movie out and it must be the life story of Curly Joe Biden…”The Idiot”

    • 45caliber

      Isn’t he the one who played Curly Joe on the “Three Stoges”?

  • Natalie

    You are wrong about the OCP being an excuse to increase the Han majority and eliminate minorities. In fact, the rule is exactly the opposite — minorities are not subject to the OCP; only Han Chinese are. I don’t know where you got your misinformation from.

    In addition, our planet already IS dangerously overpopulated — we ARE the cause of global warming. It is imperative that we get our population down before we exterminate and bring down the ecological balance of the planet. That requires all of us working together, not artificial distinctions between “brown” and “pink”. I think cooperation for the good of all is much more important than so-called “individual liberty”. And, by the way, those of European descent have been much more successful at bringing down their fertility rates because of access to contraception, and they have done it by choice — what are you criticizing them for? Providing contraceptive materials to South Americans, Asians and Africans is not forcing them to do anything, but it IS giving them the choice — are you against letting them take it?

    • 45caliber


      You must be one of those people who believe that man is All-Powerful and controls the universe.

      I’m sorry to tell you but man simply isn’t much more than ants on the surface of the Earth with a delusion of granduer. In other words, to the Earth, all our ideas that WE are the ones causing all the problems is ludicruous.

      • eddie47d

        Caliber seems to think it is okay for corporations to control the earth. Don’t you balance your life out so it is not complicated and more efficient. How about teaching the rest of the world that they can have a better life without being reckless in childbirth,in polluting or in protecting their natural resources. We do have an obligation to each other since the earth is intertwined.

        • s c

          Well, there you go again, little kid. You’ve opened the door for a blanket attack on corporations. Do you mean ALL corporations, or do you and all of your shill friends mean those corporations that have Ohocanihosetheeconomybama’s blessings? There’s still that one corporation that progressives HATE to think about or talk about – the Fed.
          Either slam dunk ALL of them, or have the self-respect and the basic intelligence and integrity to say what the hell you mean, brat. Now, go clean your room or it’s no milk and cookies for mean-spirited yahoos like you.

    • John Woodbury

      Nat, baby. The reason Crackers are having only one child is we support 5 or more with our taxes. White people can not afford more. I hope you do some work and find the real reason middle class Americans and higher of every color have fewer children. Please do not be a biased person based on you DNC talking points. Why is that freaking liberals are so racial about everything but say conservatives are. So sad.

  • Les

    You do realize they had to find someone for VP that wasn’t smart than his running mate.

  • Raggs

    Obviously Planned parenthood is a product of communist China.

    • eddie47d

      Obviously Raggs is a product of Goebbels’s experiments.

      • i

        obviously eddie was made by a Tumble Tug.

    • 45caliber


      No, China got the idea from PP.

  • 45caliber


    Don’t be so hard on Big Al! After all, he ‘acquired’ enough carbon credits to cover everything he does! He didn’t buy them, since no one officially has any, and no one can officially sell them, and he hasn’t paid anything for them, but I distinctly remember him stating that he had more than enough to cover all the carbon he might emit.

    Considering his size, he must have acquired a lot of them.

    • Raggs

      He is going to use his new fangled made in China carbon recycler all the democrats and liberals have one but they cannot figure out how to turn the damm thing on.

  • Mike

    China is the #1 enemy of our economy, made in china and the carbon tax green commies was the death of our manafacturing base. Why you want to talk about the enemy and this traitor Biden?

    We should be talking about the solution, Ron Paul.

    Ron Paul is kryptonite to commies and planned parenthood.

  • Thinking About

    let’s see, did he have a hard time exiting off stage? Nope, guess he does not get the award for “Stupid”.

  • GregS

    Biden’s statements aren’t really all that surprising. He merely confirmed the Obummer administration’s FULL support of the OCP in China, even though they publicly try to deny it:

    One of Obummer’s first acts after his inauguration was to give millions of dollars to the U.N. agency that helps implement China’s coercive population program.

    • GregS

      After a couple of days of silence in the face of mounting criticism, a Biden spokeswoman lamely said, “The Obama administration strongly opposes all aspects of China’s coercive birth-limitation policies, including forced abortion and sterilization. The vice president believes such practices are repugnant.”

      Oh yeah? Then why did the Obummer administration restore federal funding for organizations like UNFPA that support the Chinese government’s brutal program???

      This is clearly one more reason why these lying idiots need to be kicked out of office in 2012! They lie about everything!

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Those who read my comments here should know by now that I’m pro-life and anti-abortion ….. with some exceptions of course. Now, think about BHO, Biden, Nazi Pelosi, Lautenburg, and many other leftwing malcontents. It’s too bad these Democraps were not concieved to parents who were living under a China-like regime and already had one child!!!!

    • http://peronalliberty Kevin

      OR believed in A B O R T I O N!!!

  • chuckb

    there’s nothing wrong with china’s policy, take a look at some of these 3rd world countries, they drop babies like rain drops, in fact they breed themselves away from the table. overpopulating is causing most of the problems in this world, we feed’em, they birth’em. we have that problem in the u.s. check out the low income neighborhoods in most of our large cities. it’s not fair to the children when born into poverty and cast upon society to take care of them. since most of this problem is caused by ignorance then i don’t see anything wrong for the country to set up a policy to cut the birth rate. here in california during the seventies, these welfare queens were sterilized when bearing children while on welfare, so what’s the difference. a reform of child birthing of some kind is needed.

    • GregS

      So, you favor forced abortions. Are you one of those people who calls themselves “pro-choice?” If so, what a hypocrite you are! Of course, pro-lifers have known all along that the whole “pro-choice” thing is nothing more than a myth anyway, and your comments illustrate that quite clearly. It’s really a marketing strategy dreamed up by NARAL to brainwash women into using abortion as a method of birth control.

      To you population extremists, babies for poor women are like rats to be exterminated.

  • Randy C

    1st, 2 parents 1 child leaves 1 child to take care of 2 aged parents (worker to entitlement ratio).
    2nd, now I know why I’ll never understand progressives. They want abortion – less children in order to protect the world & its resources (Go green with no carbon footprint), but also want more children to pay for entitlements???

    • GregS

      Well said, Randy!


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