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No Apology Necessary, Mr. President

October 15, 2011 by  

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • the77surfer

    Like I’ve said before ” where are all the lions and tigers to eat all these weaklings “. I’ve never had anything given to me, and I thank God for that. I guess that’s why I have to get up every morning in order to pay my own way. That’s just the way I prefer it to be, I can make all the decisions on how my life should go, with a consultation from God. Thank you all, who actually want to be productive in this FREE society, and want to live our lives free from governments tyrannical rule. I was born free, and by God’s grace I will live and die free.

    • Charles Crosby

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m thankful there’s still people like you. Keep this attitude and you cannot go wrong.

    • June

      Yes I agree with you. I thank GOD I was born an AMERICAN. With all the problems in AMERICA it is still the greatest place on Earth to live. I pry GOD will not let us and Israel lose our nations and our freedoms. MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA AGAIN!!!!!!!

      • Ronbo

        Hmmm. You’ve “never been given anything”? So I guess you didn’t attend a public school. Obviously, you didn’t get scholarships or grants. Haven’t walked on a public sidewalk. No streets, roads or highways, either. You are obviously healthy – no disease immunizations for scarlet fever or polio or the thousands of childhood immunizations. I guess you don’t use the police, or emergency services or even the fire department.

        You had a wonderland childhood. Floating around and healthy – living off your parents for free. Ooops – did you take out a loan as an infant and make payments to your parents?

        Not so independent, are you?

        • Ronbo

          This is actually meant for Sean Murrey in ILLnoiis. The anti-social gentleman who has leached off his parents and uses public services right and left. But, HE has never been given anything.

        • George

          As did his parents, he paid for all you are harping on by being a productive member of society and paying his taxes. And what broken household did you crawl out of you worthless piece of c***. Get off this site you do not belong here. In fact, you don’t belong in the USA.

        • George

          OK, I apologize Ronbo. Please be more specific in your postings, you definitely gave the wrong perception of yourself.

        • the77surfer

          That’s a parents duty to raise their children in order to make them responsible adults. If they don’t want the responsibility of child rearing, don’t have children. You obviously like to go to the extreme, so try this on for size. My first job came at the age of twelve, a paper route and mowing neighbors yards,edging,hedge trimming etc.. I’ve paid for every hour of college credits that I took by myself through working for it. As far as my health goes I’ve been blessed, I don’t get sick, no diseases. I take care of myself so as there is no need for any type of police or any other emergency services. Plan ahead, just like the boy scouts or the U. S. Armed Forces be prepared for the worst, but pray for the best. THINK ABOUT IT.

          • independant thinker

            “…….so as there is no need for any type of police or any other emergency services.”

            And if you did need them as a working American you have paid for them thru your taxes.

        • Alex Frazier

          I receive those benefits, but they aren’t given. I pay sales tax, state and federal income tax, capital gains tax, surtaxes on my utilities, and property tax.

          That stuff wasn’t free.

        • Jibbs


        • John Wilch (‘Nam Vet – ’68-69)

          Idiot, As several people have commented before me the things that people take for granted like Education (Grade school (k-12), Streets, Police, Hospitals, etc. are not free they are paid through our taxes. As to College, I paid mine through work and through my GI Bill (for which I earned by serving this Great Country).

          • Dave T

            The government doesn’t belong in education. Education should be required but privatized. The Libs are creating zombie followers by teaching that liberalism is good and any other way is evil or stupid, thus producing spoon fed MORONS that cannot think on their own. Why on earth should it cost $15000.00 per student per year???? I graduated in a class of 900 with 3 other classes in the same High School meaning 3600 students X $15,000 = $54,000,000 THATS $54 MILLION for 1 stinking school. Give me my voucher for 1/2 per student and I will send my 2 girls to private school, with higher standards, no police required, for $7000 for both. I would give the school an eatra $3000 to help the teachers and still pocket $4000 leaving the Govrnment $15,000 richer! Pay teachers a resonable salary, BUST THE DAM–d Unions, and give the teachers a REASONABLE retirement comparable to private sector jobs

          • Jibbs

            My comment was for Ronbo.

        • stRanger

          “GIVEN”? Are you kidding? The people you slam for “taking” those things paid taxes upon taxes to pay for them. The Big Brother Nanny State didn’t just conjure them up out of thin air.

          Get your Leftist BS straight before you slam someone else. No wonder the Leftist Democrat Party uses a Jackass as a symbol.

          • Marty S.

            You pinned the tail on that donkey. Kudos

        • Bill

          No, I was not “given sidewalks to walk on or Schools to learn at” my parents and other hard working American PAID for all of that by keeping a job and paying taxes unlike the 47% freeloading bums that I work to support because they are too stupid and lazy to pay their own way.

        • ByCoop

          You probably are to stupid to realize that people who work paid for the schools and everything else that the government doles out after they take off what they think they can graft and give away to third world countries who have never given any thing except problems.

        • http://Windows7 Ellen

          Ridiculous. Not was was said.

        • Liberals-R-Stupid

          Ronbo, a lot of the the things you bring up in your rebuttal, are funded by the taxes we pay,so your argument loses steam once you realize that!

        • JC

          “Hmmm. You’ve “never been given anything”? So I guess you didn’t attend a public school. Obviously, you didn’t get scholarships or grants. Haven’t walked on a public sidewalk. No streets, roads or highways, either.”

          Paid for 10 times over by rapacious wasteful taxation…or are you one of those fools who thinks the government actually “gives us things”? Guess what “Ronbo”…the government never gave anyone anything it didn’t steal from someone else.

          Surfer would fall into the category of “stolen from”…that’s what happens when you are one of the, 6 in 10 productive people of the nation…you get robbed.

          • kantstanja

            You’re WRONG JC!.. The G’ment DOES give things away for free.. For instance in the 1970′s they gave everybody (rich and poor alike) free inoculations for the dreaded swine flu.. Then within the year AIDS came out.. Further, now their mandating another inoculation to our helpless daughters (without OUR permission) Bottom line.. sterilize the female and control the population, don’t fret over the more dangerous side effects of these inoculations, call it, “crowd control”.. So my dear JC, don’t think the g’ment never gave us anything for free.. Just look at the big pharma.. The FDA overlooked the dangers these criminals pump down our gullets on a daily basis (even going so far as to warn us of even more serious side-effects and potential diseases if we take them (talk about a butt-covered disclaimer).. I’m not saying America is doing this to us, I’m saying unscrupulous criminals are and they own the rights (took ‘um right out of the constitution and rewarded the idiots we pay through taxes who created those ‘gray’ areas) BAH!!

          • vicki

            kantstanja says:
            “You’re WRONG JC!.. The G’ment DOES give things away for free.. ”

            Actually JC is not wrong. Since everyone working in government gets paid that money comes from somebody. That sombody includes taxpayers.

            You may THINK it is free because you did not exchange something for the item the government handed over to you but it is most certainly NOT free.

            Philosophically speaking you did hand over something. More of your essential liberties.

        • Tired of BS

          As a former law enforcement officer your comment about things being free was asinine.We all pay taxes so we all pay for the so-called free education and public servants.Some of us pay more than others depending on where you live.Nothing is free.

          • Marty S.

            Someone once said the only free thing in life is that little piece of cheese in the mousetrap…….SNAP!!!!!…..gotcha! To all who post here beware the invasion of the zombies coming to a town near you.

        • Mary

          FYI it’s the parents obligation to take care of their children of course the unproducers of this country thinks that’s the government job with our TAXES. Nothing is free we the producers are been taxes to our eyes balls. My school taxes going up every year. My neighbors has been paying school taxes for 15 years and never had children. The corruptin is so big in the country that make me sick.

        • alex

          i guess you really took to your public education, you’re still as ignorant as the day you were born public schools are not given to us we pay taxes to pay for them

        • Stan

          I think you are a little confused Ronbo. Basic infrastructure is bought and paid for from our taxes. They aren’t given to us. Things we can provide for ourselves we prefer to do. Such as housing, healthcare, transportation, childcar, and most things that do not fall into the catagory of basic infrastructure.
          Along with freedom comes responibility. When you conceive a child you have obligated yourself to give this carrier of your genes the best likelyhood of a happy successful life as he is obligated to the next generation. This is no gift that you are given. It is an obligation being carried out by the parents.

          • vicki

            Stan writes:
            “Things we can provide for ourselves we prefer to do.” Since we can provide for ourselves education (And the smart parents do), I would say that your assertion is a little too narrow.

        • Carlton Lowry

          Ooops – did you take out a loan as an infant and make payments to your parents?

          Not so independent, are you?

          In answer to your first question, I apparently DID take out a loan because I repaid them in their older years, AS WELL AS my grandparents that I was fortunate to have known. I helped take care of them, as it should be. And, to answer your second question, I am independent as far as my freedoms being intact. However, I depend of people and things every minute of every hour of every day. I also depend on my God in Heaven to listen to my prayers, not necessarily answer all of them.

          • Marty S.

            You could also easily argue that all producers in this society have been saddled with a huge loan from birth to the government payable in taxes to pay for all the zombie programs and freebies and the subsequent infrastructure created by this insanity. I literally want puke when I see these ungrateful mobs protesting us producers. The era of dependency is coming to a close; they sense this and are in a great amount of fear about it. They have to know this madness is unsustainable and will soon collapse under its own weight yet they demand and insist Wall Street is to blame and the nanny state must do something about it. They are in for a rude awakening.

        • Col

          The things you listed in regards to what the lady said about never getting anything for free are ludicris. All the things you mentioned are paid for by our taxes. The lady worked as did her parents before her and they all paid taxes. Every one of the things you listed are paid for with tax. Since she and her family worked and paid taxes for who knows how many years, none of hose items were free to her. She worked to pay for them. Assuming that you have a job and pay your taxes, those things are not free to you or any other tax paying citizen. I don’t understand why you would even write what you did. It was outrageious and pety. It served no purpose especially since you were wrong.

        • Me….

          I love your reply Ronbo.. You forgot to add, If they live long enough to become Social Security age. I just know that the holy rollers/holier than thou is not going to except that hand-out GOVERNMENT CHECK!!

      • Kerrie

        Hi June….God always tells us, my husband and I, that “I, God, am in control of all things in the matters of man”. Just keep looking up and keep trusting in God. He, God, will always protect His children…..He promised us and God is not able to break His promises….for God is love! May God continue to bless u and I’ll see u in heaven….

        Ur sister in Christ, Kerrie Luden-Ziegelhoefer

        • Marty S.

          Amen Kerrie, God is in charge and thank for sharing that comment.

    • John Hardman

      Sheep are always eaten by wolves, and the Zebras and Antelope by Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my. We gotta cull the growing population carnivourus critters if we expect to remain a free Republic.
      So it is off our collective asses, and onto the warpath against the obvious infestation of corrupt and/or the known 70 Communist leaning Marxists in our Congress who want to devour our Capitalist Society and replace it with a Marxist nightmare.
      We can’t sit on the sidelimes bitching and moaning, fully expecting someone else to fight our battle. I suppose we do have the right to sit it out and lose by default; it is US, You and Me and all Patriotic Americans to come to the aid of our commandeered Country…NOW!!!

      • Joyce from Loris

        Please remember that those 70 communist members of Congress were voted in by other communist. We have to get rid to them first! They just keep voting them back into office, time and time again. The members of Congress are doing what their constituents want them to do. Take MY money and GIVE it to them!

      • thewhitewolf

        I’d like to connect with you, I believe we share the same idea’s and the same direction we as freedom loving American (real) should take.

    • John Haines

      AMEN brother.

    • ONTIME

      The trick is to leash the politicians and then control the taxes, this is term limits and a fair tax. If we do not change the way we elect our public officials then we are not going to be the nation of free enterprise for much longer with this growing, intrusive, expensive government run by scam artist….

    • Ninoos


    • Karolyn

      Yes, you are blest. However, there are those of us in Aamerica who have hit rock bottom at some point and had to take the hand that was held out to them because there was no other way. Think about all the seniors who worked their whole lives and now need assistance. They paid taxes their whole lives and should not feel embarrassed about having to take a handout. You are no better, nor worse than anyone else.

      • http://naver samurai

        Why should the average tax paying American have to work for the first 6 months just to pay for welfare programs and handouts to foreign nationals, never authorized by our Constitution? You’re not entitled to anything you don’t eran. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • HarryButtle

          I read what you say here and can only shake my head. Do an hour’s worth of research on your own. Do it for your country. Do it for yourself. You’re being played.

          “Just more than 26% of your federal tax money is allocated for national defense, including military salaries and equipment costs, making it the single biggest slice of the pie”.

          “To use real numbers, a married couple earning $80,000 with two children, for example, would pay roughly $3,863 in federal income taxes, $1,015 of which would go toward national defense funds, while $938 would go toward health programs and $846 would be allocated for job and family security programs.

          Aside from these programs, consumers have significantly smaller percentages of their money directed toward other programs like education (4.8%), veterans’ benefits (4.1%) and NASA ventures (1.2%). An even smaller fraction (0.4%) of our funds is directed toward the government’s response to natural disasters. So again, in real numbers, that means the family above contributes $46 to space programs and just $15 to make sure the government has the funds to rescue them if their town is ravaged by a major storm.”

          Foreign aid is less than 1%. The wars are making you poor. It wasn’t the government that crashed the economy. It wasn’t the government that outsourced your job overseas.

          If upper-middle and middle-class families had maintained their 1980 share of American productivity, they would make an average of $12,500 more per year. The size of our economy has quintupled since 1980. We all contributed to that success. But our contributions have earned us very little. Almost all the gains went to the richest 1%. This upward redistribution of wealth means a trillion extra dollars every year for the richest 1%. The poor didn’t take your money. The rich did.

          • JC

            And just to add to that a little…
            Our “money” is devalued daily by the Federal Reserve, which is not Federal and has no Reserves. And thoseCorporations that moved overseas did so because of the hostile tax regime that collects for…
            yep! you guessed it…the Federal Reserve. They own our government. they’ve got us coming and going and they are the ones who have to Go!

          • Buster the Anatolian

            “It wasn’t the government that crashed the economy.”

            Ah, but it was. The feds crashed the economy by insisting banks make what amounted to un collectable loans. When those loans were defaulted and became uncollectable that is what started the economic troubles.

          • http://naver samurai

            I appreciate you breaking down where the money does, but the facts remain that up to 50% of our budget is spent on unconstitutional programs. That was the point I was trying to make. Ergo, since the rich are not participating on these programs, they are not taking my money. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • http://deleted Claire

            Buster the Anatolian–Do you have an Anatolian?

          • alex

            harry, figures dont lie but liars often figure as you have proven

          • Buster the Anatolian

            Claire, I wondered how long it would take for someone to recognize that. I have a dog that my daughter, a vet, gave me. She said he was one but did not have papers or anything. She works with a humane group that does mobile spay and neuter clinics along with other things. She got him at one of the clinics.

          • http://deleted Claire

            Buster the Anatolian: I applaud any person that takes in dogs and cares for them. I did that in the 90s but now have too many of my own to care for. I have seen Anatolians at the dogs shows. They appear to be very nice dogs. It is great your daughter is a vet. You must be very proud of her. My vets are good, and the vets at the Univ. of Illinois are awesome. I oftentimes think that should I become ill, I will go to the small animal clinic at the U of I. LOL!! I have German Shorthaired Pointers.

          • Buster the Anatolian

            Claire, All of my dogs and cats are rescue animals of one kind or another. The cats are strays I have taken in and had spayed or neutered. One dog (golden retriever-pyranese mix) showed up at the house having apparently either fallen or been thrown from a vehicle. We got her doctored up and were not about to give her up after spending all that money on her. Then there is her companion the anatolian and we have a small dog. Best guess says he is what I call a doodle (Doxi-poodle mix) My daughter also got him for us from a shelter that was sponsoring one of her clinics.

    • Harold

      You have no concept of Ronald Reagan’s contributions to America. He ended the cold war and shut down the USSR, reduced the over regulation that was destroying US business. If we elect a true conservative we can have the America of the 1980s with lower taxes, more revenue

      • http://Windows7 Ellen

        Absolutely right. We sure could use another Reagan right now. Reading some of his speeches is uplifting.

      • Will

        I’ll agree to the great things you listed that RR did and thier benefits and to the reality that he was the finest most inspirational speakers this country ever heard (at least in my lifetime). He had very deep and accurate knowledge of scripture and inspired me with a book he wrote. He also took my taxes and gave them to my employer to build another factory in a third world country to benefit the investing class. Every sleazy politician we’ve put in the whitehouse since sleazy ron reagan has done the same. Now we are a country of people who have no producers left to support them. From least to greatest the three sectors that can add to productivity are growing and processing food, harvesting and processing natural resources, and engineering and manufacturing commercial goods (not military as that is tax supported). All other sectors are parasitic ECONOMICALLY, most are necessary and many are not but produce large increases in efficiency. We need to keep these sectors around but they can’t and will never be able to bring home the bacon. If you remember the same days I do when growing up (50′, 60′s) you know that every mine, mill and factory had whole towns that sprung up around them to provide (parasitic but necessary) services to the producers and in those towns, everyone was well aware that their livelihood was derived from and dependant on those producers. We have allowed the dirty demonicrat poli’s to attack the resource sector for forty years and the sleazy republicans to attack the manufacturing sector for over 30. All we have left now is a farm sector which is largely filled with illegal mexican help to drive prices and ultimately wages down (if a head of lettuce costs 3 bucks a head to put in the store using American farm help, the unmanipulated value of a head of lettuce is 3 bucks.) We need to maintain a vigilant eye on our legislative and exectutive branches to ensure that this doesn’t happen again but first we need two new politcal parties (it wouldn’t matter if it were the tea party and the pot party as long as both respect the constitution and the American people) because the two we have are both working for someone who would like to see the total failure of this great land in order to further thier not so secret anymore, “secret plan” of one world government. If we could institute import tarriffs soon enough to make the interest payment on the national debt, cut gov’t spending to one half or less and let free enterprise do what it does best, and that is make money, we might be able to stymie the plans of the globalists and save our most blessed of countries. Import tarriffs will start a trade war, yes and I think we could still win and I’m deeply convinced that it is time to fight.

    • http://personalliberty Jan

      surfer we need mor like you instead of all the
      freeloaders that are bankrupting the states..
      It is hard sometimes to get up and go to work..
      But I feel good when I know I am taking care of
      myself and family…BLESS YOU

      • http://Windows7 Ellen

        And Bless you too.

    • HarryButtle

      It is not government that is threatening your freedom.

      [Thomas Jefferson] was, as well, a relentless critic of the monopolizing of economic power by banks, corporations and those who put their faith in what the third president referred to as “the selfish spirit of commerce (that) knows no country, and feels no passion or principle but that of gain.

      Jefferson might not have wanted a lot of government, but he wanted enough government to assert the sovereignty of citizens over corporations. To his view, nothing was more important to the health of the republic.

      To the extent that you work to aid corporate efforts to impair government function, you trivialize, impair and threaten your own freedom.

    • Handyman

      Am I the only one who noticed that Martin Luther King was (led?) and killed by those Black Panther, Communist, Muslims, ( offensive word removed) and because MLK was a truly spiritual man, and so he could not follow (offensive word removed), because he heard from God, so he started to speak of the dream that God gave him. Then he would not lead God’s people into the war that his (offensive word removed) leaders wanted. So MLK was killed by the(offensive word removed) that wanted to lead him (MLK)! Is it only me that noticed that, or are there any others out there that noticed? They want to lead everyone into slavery, and have come a long way. Remember Tinnerman Square in china and the students who wanted freedom, murded by the government, military.

    • Kerrie

      Just wanted to say……God bless u! Sounds like His spirit has working in ur life. I’m a christian too….and I loved what u had to say. May God continue to bless u, and I’ll see u in heaven.

      Ur sister in Christ, Kerrie Luden-Ziegelhoefer ( say that 3x

    • Old Man

      I hope yuo relize there is no God.

      • http://naver samurai

        I hope you realize that you are lying your socks off. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Ralph wolfmax

      He’s facing the wrong way to be kissing his butt,you have to go behind him obummer,bend over like rover,kiss your job good-by.
      Put a man in the “WhiteHouse”,one that knows what to do and doesn’t
      need a teleprompter…”Mr.Ron Paul”stand up for freedom to use your vote,don’t let them vote for you (the democrats)they will rig the votes for their guy to continue down the same road,nothing new same old idea take your jobs away,give it to the immigrants,they’ll take lesser pay and send the money back to their countries,they even give them money if they send it via-wire (a million dollar sweepstakes).BOO.

  • ron

    I assume Bush did not bow or hold hands either.

    • Bob

      Why does it always have to go back to Bush? Since you are “assuming” I suppose you don’t have any facts on which to make this statement. If you DO have any FACTS that will back up another it’s “Bush’s fault” comment. Why don’t you name the time, the date, and who bush bowed to and held hands with. If he did I would think it just as embarrassing. I am no fan of Bush, but after 3.5 years I think this “Bush did it” or “Its Bush’s fault” is getting a little warn out, except among the “Liberal” progressives.

      • Rayma Dorsa

        Both Bushe’s were part of this progressivly taking over America for the one worlder’s,This coming election is the most “important” one ever, it will mean if we rise or fall…The ONLY thing that will save us is the “next” president a man who will follow our CONSTITUTION or do away with it..If you people think about it..that is the only thing that is “saving” us right now It is so engrained in the hearts of “most”American’s they so far haven’t been able to change it only indirectly,like the talk of Rubio being vice-president..I am sure he would make a good one,however his parents are from Cuba.

        • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Mike NQR

          The first time I ever heard the words “New World Order” was when George H.W. Bush was President.

          • bob wire

            Stick around , it gets crazier then that around here.

            It’s a witch hunt by degrees and seems to go all the way back to 1913 ~ so far.

            That “W” enjoyed a majority Senate and Congress for several years is never mentioned however. To recent I suppose.

            They are mad at just about everybody at this point, which they have in common with the 99ers. They are a part of the 99′ers , they just don’t know it yet.

          • JoAnn


      • http://Chevyek Ed

        Bob – you have it right. Your typical ‘Bush hater’ is so focused on the past, he’s oblivious to the present….the 5 scandals OB is involved in, the new illegal war in Africa (His 5th) his trips with 400 ‘friends’ to Spain, Africa, etc, his Cap & Trade regulations which will send even more companies to China, his refusal to enforce the borders & his suits against any states which do,the 15 or more ‘birth certificates’ which have popped up, all of which I understand appear doctored, out of numerical order or contain numerous SS#’s,(even tho his grandmother says he was born in Kenya!)the total sealing of all educational records, and course his Obamacare(passed by 219 Democrats in the middle of the night on a holiday weekend & supported 100% by AARP) which will destroy the best health care in the world, could include 25 million illegals given amnesty & will cost 75 million Americans their company medical insurance. I wonder if they know that thanks to Obamacare, you can’t sell your house (or buy one)until the EPA deems it ‘Green enough’ which could cost you a fortune. I suggest all ‘Bush haters’ move from the past to the present & wake up.

        • bob wire

          I got you ! Don’t look at that, look at this!

          I’d rather look at and remember it all if you don’t mind.

          However, I’m not so sure about your “scandals”, they are a little on the weak side as far as “scandals” go. I know opposition does what it can to make and market scandals with a lot of peoples help.

          I say, it’s never a bad idea to look back and mark your path along the way, remember how you got there and who you rode with.

          Conservative today , don’t want to talk about track record. It’s easy enough to understand why. But~ I for one, have no intentions of ever letting you forget.

          But I do agree with you, unless it serves a purpose there is little need to bring it forward. You job is to not allow me to think that you forgotten and I won’t have to remind you all the time.

          • JoAnn


      • Harold

        Obama has rolled upmore debt in 3.5 years than GWB did in eight years

        • bob wire

          hmm? off the books or on the books? It seems Georgie like to keep war cost off the ledger and in a set of books all it’s own. He left office with a lot of things undone, lawn needed mowing, trash hauled off and a big stack of bills unpaid.

          But if you say that often enough ~ somebody “will” believe you!

          “A lie can go around the world three times before the truth has time to get on it’s shoes.” M.Twain

          • JC

            Obama has spent more in his first term, so far, that all previous presidents combined…must be nice to have the Fed bankrolling every idiotic idea he has…but it does help with his over all mission to destroy America…

          • bob wire

            See what I mean? ~ You really believe that! While “O” has spent a lot of loot, I see no reason to embellish the amount. It undermines your argument.

            If 43 had made it a third term he’d had to let go of some cash too or suffer great humiliation from failed economic polices.

            By Oct of 2008 the wheels were coming off his little wagon as he had to bail out Wall Street, marked the first of many other bail outs to come to avoid institution failures and business interest that were considered simply ‘Too Big to Fail’.

            We were on the rocks when “O” came aboard and took command. Funny how you want to forget that.

            I find it odd that people want some results yet don’t expect to grease the wheels to make it happen.

            I would have enjoyed seeing “O” allowing the states to deal with their own short fall in their own way myself. But “O” would not escaped harsh criticism even if he had.

            People in the states would have complained, “Why isn’t the Fed helping us?” “That do nothing Obama don’t care about us!” Only a fool would vote for this nut! He don’t know nothing about business or the economy. (while in September of 2008 Mc Cain was telling the nation that the US economy was “fundamentally” sound.) Like he knew something!

            Then we have the likes of Governor Dick Perry, claiming to refuse Federal Bail-out money one minute and then crying to the CDC for help the next day. I don’t think Dick Perry knows $hit from $hoe Polish myself. He’s a mouth at the end of a long gut.

          • Buster the Anatolian

            “Oct of 2008 the wheels were coming off his little wagon……”

            Under obama not only did the wheels finish falling off they rolled down the mountain and left us sitting dead in the road in a useless wagon.

          • http://naver samurai

            Such a long and uninformed rant, not even worthy of a response. Much be seeing Obama bin Laden in a Chicago club. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • bob wire

            “not even worthy of a response.”

            Right! you have none because the effort is to large to consider for such a lazy mind. You would have to invent something!

            And right again! the wheels did almost come off. But if they had, we would be all talking about something very different today.

            I’m not convinced that we should have stopped all these “failures” myself. But the effects would have been world wide and long lasting for some. This unknown seem too much to contemplate for leadership the world over.

            The first bail-out under 43 was a mistake in my opinion much like his wars, completely unnecessary. ~ But once committed with such large funding and resources, the investment is made, America was committed to protect this investment made by Bush or fold and take the loss.

            If 44 had folded and took the loss, refusing anymore bail-outs, Americans would have never forgiven him and always second guessed his leadership and what might have been, ‘if only’.

            If he had brought all our troops home without concerns for honorable disengagement, commitments,broken promises and final conclusion, he’d been disgraced, tared and feathered and ran out of town. The military and hawks would had hated him more then they already do.

            “O” went into office holding a very bad hand and I’m amazed he’s made it this far without a major setback or blunder of the highest order.

            Like him, don’t like him that’s all up to you, I don’t see that your opinion matter anymore then I did when 43 got us rolling in a very wrong direction and create this debacle. If I remember correctly I was called unAmerican, unChristian, a coward and a pu$$y for opposing the wars,the Home Land Security Act and the Presidents gallant views on how to administer to the people business.

            It’s history now, but we are still reeling from the effect of bad judgment of a failed administration. I didn’t like him at all and it doesn’t concern me that you don’t like Obama. But what does concern me is the dead lock political forces are in today.

            If Obama can’t get the job done and get us moving off center, I will be looking for someone that can.

            So you might say that you win but you’d be wise to offer me an option.

          • Dennis48e

            “The first bail-out under 43 was a mistake in my opinion much like his wars, completely unnecessary.”

            You place all the blame on Bush but the fact is the bailouts never would have happened without major support from democrats including obama for the democrats had total control of the house and senate at the time.

          • http://naver samurai

            Bush, baaaaa! Cheney, baaaaa! The rich, baaaaa! Chaaaaange! My, my, my, I swear you sheeple never change being lead by the nose. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

            P.S. Good post Denise. Keep up the good fight, fellow patriot!

          • bob wire

            “You place all the blame on Bush but the fact is the bailouts never would have happened without major support from democrats”

            No need to embellish, I do not place all the blame on “W” or any one person. I never have, you confuse me with another. There is many that do.

            It was his whole administration and their ‘enforcers’ and spineless congresspersons on both side of the isle. “W” was poorly served by a council of boot lickers and yes men. You had to wear a brown spot on your nose to work for Chaney and Bush or you just didn’t fit in. And many didn’t.

            It is what it is.

    • dwright77

      Reply to ron…..Your probably right. Bush probably didn’t.

      • Ronbo

        He did. He even threw up on the table. Bush held hands with the saudis. Wasn’t that appropriate?

        If you don’t like living in a society (and paying the price for it) move back to the South where they have the highest levels of religious faith (along with the highest STD rate, highest unwed pregnancy, highest school drop out and highest level of welfare).

        • Joyce from Loris

          Don’t forget…. they also have the highest number of blacks and Mexicans.

          • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Mike NQR

            We also own the most firearms and ammo. C’mon down boys. Set a spell.

          • bob wire

            We also have more Injun, meaner vegetation, and prettier women of all colors too!

          • moonbeam

            What the F*** is that supposed to mean? “…they have the highest number of blacks and mexicans”. Sounds like something an ignorant and backward hillbilly would say.

          • JC

            What’s the matter moonbeam…demographics bother you?

        • Choate

          Ronbo, in this age of Political Correctness, it is perfectly acceptable to malign the “south”, and to accuse all southern people of the list of things in your rant. Of course, the fact that the South is about half Black, and that it is the Black portion of the population that has the 70% illegimate birth rate, the huge criminal/imprisonment rate, the single-mom rate, the school drop-out rate, the welfare rate, and all the other negatives is never reported in the statistics. THAT would be racist! But those Southern people who are hard-working law-abiding citizens are the real victims of Political Correctness and of a culture in the last stages of corruption. Get your facts straight before you yell so accusingly.

          • Lainey

            Thank You Choate !! I am a southern family but was born a Yankee. I am getting so tired of these rants against people who are “thinking” people for themselves and not bought off by these radicals who seem to be just talking thru their hats.
            You, Choate, have put down in words what we have been thinking and just couldnt bring ourselves to get on these “rants” with these radical thinking people.
            Thanks for the good post you made here.

          • Choate
          • http://Chevyek Ed

            So true, and you’ll never see this mentioned in the government controlled politically correct media in most of the USA.

        • Karolyn

          The south also has the highest rates of domestic violence, assault and rape.

          • libertytrain

            Karolyn it’s so terrible here in the South you ought to move yourself back to jersey…. You’d feel much safer back on your own turf.

          • Erik

            Yes, it does, thanks largely to the black population.

          • bob wire

            We do live a little harder and faster here in the south, even still it’s not fast enough for some.

            Live hard , die young and leave a pretty corpse. When you can’t eat a good steak, drink old whiskey, smoke fine cigars and love on a loving woman what else do you want to do? Write a book? maybe but what else? Keep a record of your bowel movements? Lay Ambush for the postman? Watch reruns of “Walton’s Mountain” or Andy Griffin and Aunt B?

            Before my grandfather died, he make each grandson an Ox yoke. Small ones for very tiny oxen. ~ No ! They was a symbol of marriage, to be yoked to another and pull the load.

            My family were oxen people, people of the dirt. They came to Texas by way of Illinois as fast as an oxen walks, burying the dead along the way.

            Hotter climates makes people move faster and be smallest.

          • http://deleted Claire

            Well, I know the “South” has the best food I have ever eaten. Plus the fact the “Southerners” are some of the nicest people I have met in the U.S. I do not live in the South, but I have plenty of friends and a few relatives that do. I met many many nice people when I traveled South to show my dogs. The Southerners would congratulate me when my dogs won. In the Northern states, they get madder than heck. I will tell you this–the Southern friends that I acquired through showing my dogs would give me the shirt off their backs if I ever needed help in any way, and I would do the same for them.

          • Karolyn

            liberty – What’s so terrible about South Carolina is what the “good ole boys” form of government has done to keep it in the dark ages. All those stats I posted are due to lack of education. My friend just moved back to Georgia from here, and her kids are struggling to keep. I can’t afford to move back to Jersey, so I’ll settle for northern NC maybe next year.

          • libertytrain

            lots of folks you won’t like in Northern North Carolina either…. poor thing… and bring money unless you’re really going rural. SC is far less expensive – which I gather is why you moved there — more bang for the buck. Too bad you have to put up with all that there ignorance. Don’t have any of that up in Jersey….

          • Karolyn

            liberty – Did you not notice I pointed the finger at the government? Isn’t that what we complain about here? I have had no problems with the people here and love the friendliness and have met some wonderful people. It’s the republican government I have a problem with, and not just them but also some of the local governments and the “old money” in the rural counties that want to keep the common man down not wanting any businesses to move in that will pay more than what they are used to. It is a well known fact. Another problem is the apathy and lack of motivation by the people. My friend pays $10 per hour for housecleaning and yardwork. That is unheard of here, but she still had a hard time getting anyone willing to work. Yes, it does come down to ignorance.

          • libertytrain

            ignorance is not just located in SC, your story is heard many places, and yet there are people who would do the work… they just hadn’t met up with the job. I know plenty that wouldn’t be caught dead cleaning and many that can’t imagine not being willing to clean someone’s home… Chicago Politics, SC Politics, what’s the difference -

          • bob wire

            My Sweetheart is from Arkansas, she has been a corporate office manager and they have asked her to come back, but she would rather clean houses. She’s by no means slow or simple minded just because she now prefers low tech work.

            She is tiny, 5,4 and wears a size #1 and goes like a house a fire. This brings in more money in less time then any job she could work for. There is no government involvement.

            She has time to take on more work if she wishes and enjoys quality personal time. Like myself, she runs her own railroad and keeps a honed professional edge.

            There is nothing dishonorable about honest work regardless what it is. There are many nitch markets in the service industry for people that are willing to work and can work without supervision. Don’t work hard, work smart and sale yourself. Know your profession extremely well.

            Find a need and fill it. Do it better then your competition and give your customers more then what they thought they bought. Raise the value of your work and sale high. Never be afraid to lose a customer over price. If you do, you didn’t need them to start with.

            Many people today simply can’t afford what they want, learn to recognize them quickly and how to deal with them in a professional manner.

            Never expect to fly with turkeys and soar with the eagles. If you work with turkeys you become a turkey too. When you work for yourself, you can pick and choose what you do and who you are doing it for.

          • libertytrain

            Bob – nicely said.

          • http://Chevyek Ed

            Yes…why not relocate to New Jersey….really safe here…especially Montclair, Newark,Paterson, Camden, Passaic, Jersey City, etc. Welcome home!

    • Dr. smith

      ronny, please enough bush bush, you sound like my whiney 3 yr. old daughter, in fact, that was an insult to my daughter. when will obumer ever become responsible?

      do you work for attackwatch? you must, it’s incredible the lengths some will go to defend this utter failure of a president, a man. our first affirmative action, marxist, socialist, internal enemy, child of a president who no one’s allowed to criticize without being branded a racist.

      • http://Chevyek Ed

        So true. Bush had one legitimate war, aproved of by congress & countless alies….OB is now in his 5th illegal war with no approval from anyone. Also, when Bush left, the unemployment rate was 5.6%, it is now well over 9.1% except among black youths where it is 22%. When Bush left the debt was about 1 trillion, it is now 18 trillion.Can’t blame Bush for that. But all of these Bush haters are democrats which to quote Mike Savage, have a ‘mental disorder’.

    • http://naver samurai

      Bush, baaaaa! Oil, baaaaa! Chaaaaange! SSDD from another sheeple. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    i paid my way no one helped me i now live free and want to stay free.

    • Ronbo

      Hmmm. You’ve “never been given anything”? So I guess you didn’t attend a public school. Obviously, you didn’t get scholarships or grants. Haven’t walked on a public sidewalk. No streets, roads or highways, either. You are obviously healthy – no disease immunizations for scarlet fever or polio or the thousands of childhood immunizations. I guess you don’t use the police, or emergency services or even the fire department.

      You had a wonderland childhood. Floating around and healthy – living off your parents for free. Ooops – did you take out a loan as an infant and make payments to your parents?

      Not so independent, are you?

      • bird7130

        uh ronbo, uh we uh pay uh TAXES.A bunch of them. To be able to walk on the sidewalks. and drive on the roads and all them other things.

      • jul

        Your right… I have paid my own way and love it. What the government sjpplies should be limited to defending our freedom and the police and those in charge of taking care and defending our liberties. Public schools were in the beginning parochial school and meant for those who had needs and could not afford their own schooling. It was taking care of those less fortunate by the private industry. That’s where all monehy comes from… whoops.. sorry… today we pring paper money without a labor in exchange. So much for trying to reach pinheads.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Mike NQR

        You already posted this garbage once and each point was hammered down. Taxes pay for schools and other services. Most of us pay taxes, even all your targets’ parents when they were younguns. Let it go already. You sound like a broken record, assuming you’re old enough to understand that expression.

        • Buster the Anatolian

          Ronbo most likely doesn’t pay any taxes cause his career is being a permant welfare recipatant.

      • http://naver samurai

        First, stop repeating yourself. It makes you sound moronic. Second, everything you said was nonsense. Taxes pay for our education and many other things. Do you pay taxes or are you one of the many that receive unconstitutional welfare payments? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Dennis48e

          “Do you pay taxes or are you one of the many that receive unconstitutional welfare payments?”

          The second option obviously.

        • Kerrie

          Hahaha…..All states should take a look at what Missouri did. They made a law that states that if u want ur welfare check, u have to pass a drug-test. Found it amazing that 70% of recipents did not pick up their check…and in turn, cancelled their eliblity for welfare. 70%…I think it is awesome. Their poor, innocent children weren’t seeing the money cuz of their parents drug habits.
          FYI…Congress is a part-time job. A congressmen only works maybe 3 days a wk average. That’s y I love Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan. It will prevent congress from raising their pay, and there is no way to sneak in a “revenue increase”…a fancy way of tax increase.
          And y not drug-test with background checks for ALL politicians….y not, when we apply for jobs….we have to pass a background check and drug-test. We pay those creepy politicians an overwhelming amt of money to screw us….and what they r doing, they have got to b on drugs. God bless everyone..and let’s not fight with each other. Let’s go after the real problem….our hired thugs in the White House.

          • http://Chevyek Ed

            True. Missiouri has had a lot of ‘firsts’. But it will never happen in any Democratic strong hold since thes are the kinds of people who vote for them. As for Bush haters,I’ve never met one who wasn’t a Democrat.

        • http://naver samurai

          Both of you, well said! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • What the Heck

    Bob, If you will stop and read Ron did not say Bush was at fault for anything. Wow pay attention! People want to have argument way to fast.

  • John Hardman

    Did the Great “0″ apologize for not having a Valid Birth Certificate,
    Social Security Card, College Transscript, Passport or lying about his qualification requirements to run for the office of President?
    He did however tell us that his daddy was not an American (a African National from Kenya), this disqualifies him from being President and grounds for impeachment for lying under oath and collusion with Nancy Pelosi who approved his vetting for President.
    Sheesh! what a stinkin trail of crap and corruption this imposter has left in his wake.

    • Ronbo

      Catch up with us in reality. His birth certificate was shown to Congress – whom have a few Republicans in it. It has been verified.

      Saying these things just makes you look like a nut. Or someone who’d rather believe a conforting lie, than the truth. Someone who trusts their Mom when she says, “you are the most handsome boy living in my basement.” Well, that might be true. But you know what I mean.

      If we are going to look foolish on something as silly as that, we lose all of our credability. If the truth doesn’t support our position, be might need to change positions. OK?

      • Michael

        A certificate of live birth is not the same as a birth certificate. Check it out!!

        • moonbeam

          “A certificate of live birth is not the same as a birth certificate. Check it out!!”

          I have been screaming this from one end of the internet to the other. He is an illegal alien. Anyone living in Hawaii for a period of 1 year can get a COLB (Certificate of Live Birth) saying they were born in the US when they actually weren’t. His sister, Maya, has one too and she was born in Indonesia. But for all intents and purposes, she was “born” in Hawaii.

          Additionally, the POTUS has used several SS numbers. The one he is now using does not pass eVerify. Google it and see for yourselves. For some reason the media won’t touch it with a 10 ft pole.

          • moonbeam

            Also, the mere fact that his father was NOT a citizen of the US makes him ineligible to be president of the United States. According to the Constitution, BOTH PARENTS MUST BE NATURAL BORN CITIZENS OF THE US. His daddy was NOT.

            Obama is ineligible and all laws he has passed are ILLEGAL. This includes Obamacare.

            BTW, how are you all liking the new debit card fees? You can directly than your prez for that.

            OH! here’s more for you. In case you haven’t heard, Obama has sent troops to Uganda


            How many wars does that put us in now? I’ve lost count.

          • JC

            Tell it like it is Moonbeam! :)

      • Jay

        January 24, 2011 Hawaii official now swears: No Obama birth certificate!

        Clerk Tim Adams signs affidavit declaring long-form, hospital-generated document absent.

      • Aix Sponsa

        Birth “certificate”? His father was listed as coming from a country that didn’t exist, and big0 was born in a hospital that didn’t exist. So how is that legal? His parents did not meet the criteria required in the Constitutional law for his parentage and residential requirements. Also why does he have a Connecticut SS numaber…? Shall I go on?

        • Jay

          Correct! And for the last three years, our judicial system has ignored the numerous requests to address the “issue”, and of course, the alphabet media won’t touch it with a ten-foot pole!

      • http://naver samurai

        Neeeeed to get off of the kool aid. If this is true, then why is he paying millions of dollars to keep his past hidden from the people? Why have experts at the FBI and CIA confirmed that his birth certificate is a fake? Are these people lying? Another sheeple. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Mike NQR

      Wow, you know I want Ovomit gone as much as the next guy. But who one’s daddy is has nothing to do with being qualified for President. Re -read that clause in the Constitution. It’s about the candidate, not his/her parentage.

      • http://naver samurai

        They both must be American citizens. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • moonbeam

        You are misinformed, Mike. Read the Constitution and see what it says about requirements for the office of POTUS. Obama is illegal. That’s it, that’s all.

        • JC

          He is an anti-American fraud.

          • Me….

            you idiots have been watching to much FOX NEWS!!!!!

          • http://naver samurai

            ME, you are so full of crap it is coming out of your ears. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Kerrie

      Right on John….I could not agree with u more. All the corruption and distruction “O” has caused. Not to mention, He is our enemy..he is a devout muslim, hell-bent on distroying us. We need to take away his checkbook and yes, I agree…an impeachment has been in order since the day he got into office. As for Nancy”Botox”Pelosi…she is a botched abortion. Too bad is was a failure. “O” only got into office due to his “Acorn and SEIU” co-horts….It is simply called voter fraud. I like the guy in Illnois that openly admitted that he voted 70x under fake names. Not sure which congressman is trying to get a bill passed that states “when voting, u will b required to show a government-issued I.D.” or no voting. We should have done that years ago. If they r a legal voter, this should b no problem…and a privilege to show I.D…. Obama doesnt like it cuz he would not get the votes from the felons and illegal aliens, that he so needs to get re-elected. Hmmmmm, simple ideas that would have the Dem. jackasses sweating in their shorts. God bless u, John….sounds like u r on the right track…. And May God bless us “real americans”…. As for the people that want a free ride and hate capitalism…if they don’t like it, please leave.. And turn in ur capitalist cell phones and nike shoes… Have a great day, my fellow american. Please vote and take a look at Herman Cain…. the more he gets attacked on the 9-9-9 plan, the more confident I feel about him

  • death to non believers

    o didnt bow low enough to the japanese leader, thats why our appology for droping a-bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki were rejecteed out of hand. he should included, the giving to japan, the western United States in that appology to japan, they probably would hace acceped it. do u thonk the japanese would tolerate san fransico or the 9th circuit ? lol, but not really laughing at this.

  • Larry Zimmerman

    See the picture. Enough said. What a Dumb***.

  • JGSpoony

    Ronbo, you’re way off base in your comments. Of course I used all those things you named, and so did everyone else. What you’re missing is, either I, or in the case of when I was a kid, my parents, paid for all those things in TAXES–you ever heard of those? As for immunizations, where the heck did you grow up? I never got any free ones–they were paid for by my parents, just as I paid for my kids’ shots. Unless, of course, you are one of those “fortunate” ones who’ve lived off “entitlements” all your life, you paid for those services, too. Even when we had medical expenses paid for by insurance, that insurance was “paid for” by my time and talent used by my employer.

    • Ronbo

      Join us in a social world. You have been the recipient of lots of things. To deny reality is to live in fantasy.

      I don’t doubt that you are a hard worker. But seriously, dude?

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Mike NQR

        Oh, I forgot. I did get free shots for 3 years. Of course I was wearing a US Army uniform at the time. I was serving for your freedom to spout a bunch of garbage. I think we’re generally on the same side, Ronbo, but you have a mighty peculiar way of stating things. I might have a beer in the same room with you but not at the same table.

        • http://Chevyek Ed

          I have 2 degrees, both magna cum laude….and still can’t understand most of what Ronbo says. Is he making sense or am I asleep at my keyboard?

  • robert shrugged.

    T was born free, and I started to work at 8 years old. I went to a private school, and I lived in a very bad neighborhood. My father said nothing is free except freedom which you will pay for for the rest of your life. I was taught that the government wants everything they can get from you including your life. the only thing you can depend on is the government always telling you what you can and can not do while putting their hand in you at every oppurtunity they get. I had freedom untill I went out into the world in 1951 and started working. I found out that the only difference between a dem and rep is how much they take from you and money and freedom. a dem will take 3 dollars from you and tell you about 2 dollars, a republican will take 3 dollars from you and tell you about all three dollars. but they both will take 3 dollars from you.

    • Ronbo

      Yes. Both parties are working for the same masters. The parties just were different makeup (liberal vs. conservative) to keep us fighting amongst ourselves.

      It is the wealty, wallstreet, corporate class that is stealing from up. My retirement fund ($100,000 +) was in Northern Natural stock. They converted it to Enron and now I’m back to broke. They found the money and put one or two in jail – but they were allowed to keep it!!!

      • Aix Sponsa

        YEP, that’s the way we are. BOHICA

      • jul

        dear rambo… you really need to get over your jealousy problem. I have the blessing of being at one time rich and another time poor, but blessed be the Lord Who establishes Himself in my life through both circumstances. Stop envying the people who are blessed to have more than you and get off of your hypocracy trip of self pity and go get a job, work hard and you will begin to appreciate hard working, successful people. There are crooks in every level of society… get used to it.. and put them all in the same cell.. that’s where equalazation of the wealth begin… punish people for their crimes, not their blessings….

        • isBubba

          You got it 100% pure right, Jul. Not only can jealousy and hate corrode one (eg: “rambo”) like acid, it can turn one crazy, as evidenced by…well, their comments on blogs.

          • http://Chevyek Ed

            So true. Hate can prevent us from thinking rationally. Money may be the ‘root of all evil’ per my Bible, but I think Jealousy is right up there with it. I know jealousy seems to be the ‘root’ of most dysfunctional families.

  • robert shrugged.

    also when you take from the government you become a slave for the rest of you life. our founding fathers gave us freedom, but the polliticians have succeded in taking our freedoms away from us. I remenber that I was allowed to say whatever I wanted untill i was 14. then we started to slowly take away freedom of speech, when I was 20 speech was limited and today you can not say anything without getting into trouble. the constitution is now just a memory. we have lost what our founding fathers gave us. the people wanted the government to do everything for us and now we are slaves.

  • robert shrugged.

    ronbo I put 7oo,ooo into investements, and if i start taking it out i will be taxed at 70%. does that right. I earned it, and they taxed the hell out of me while i was earning it, and now they want they are going to tax the hell out of me, is that right. the government has made us slaves and fools for believeing what they said and promised. they even tax social security. the only thing the government knows is to take and steal from the people to give to slackers and foreign governments. and they love to screw everyone.

    • Aix Sponsa

      That’s what government IS. We the people were warned about this happening 200 years ago. So what are we gonna do about it?

      • Aix Sponsa

        Correction. I meant= 200 years ago we were warned that this could happen.

  • Fred Howard

    Wonder who’s going to pay for what defense against Electro-Magnetic Pulse event next year? Ooops, I don’t think the Gov. wants you to know about that. Those left standing will have it all. Little good their Greed, Power, and Egos will have on a vacated land.

  • Frankbuster

    Obozo is apologiziing for being a pseudoAmerican. He hates America and wants one-world government with him as the Dictator. Just as he is the Dictator here because no one has the guts to impeach him.

    • Buster the Anatolian

      While we might end up with the one world government obama will NOT be the head of it.

  • bsfurg

    i think bush did some kissing…

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    There should be a fence around the protestors with a sign stating “American Parasites”. They whine about not having money for college; why aren’t they protesting the universities who have raised their fees to these absurd ammounts ? Have they ever heard of the GI Bill ? Oh, I forgot, that would require a commitment to something beyond their own selfish wants. Fleabaggers is the appropriate term for them. After the cold drives them back to their parents basements the park will have to be fumigated. Lots of spray bombs.

  • Russell Cook

    First and foremost leftist ideas are “Evil” not political.
    It reduces every thing in life to it’s lowest form , because it Makes everyone Greedy and selfish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eli Jones

    Because of Eric Holder’s and Barack Obama’s gun running, US border agent Brian Terry and US immigration customs enforcement agent Jaime Zapata were killed by those guns. Also over two hundred of Mexico’s citizens have been slaughtered by Holder’s and Obama’s guns. Obama used 10 Million dollars of our tax money to finance the Fast And Furious insanity.


    • Aix Sponsa

      Does $800 toilet seat ring a bell? Every covert program has a financial scam built into it through which the powers that be are lining their pockets with the people’s cash.

      • kemp

        And the $800 tuilet seat was MADE IN CHINA

        • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Mike NQR

          So are quite a few US Flags and apparel for US military uniforms. Boy are we screwed.

      • http://gunner689 gunner689

        What people don’t understand is that some items, such as this toilet seat, have to be made to gvt. specs. for a specific job at a lower number of units to be built. Often these items are for the inside of cargo aircraft of submarines that have very special requirements. As anyone who has ever done a gvt. job will testify that the hardest part is adhearing to the mountains of paperwork required. There is an incredible ammount of waste on non-specific items that could be bought in bulk at Cosco.

        • isBubba

          @gunner689 – that *is* true. The mil spec for chocolate chip cookies is over 60 pages long…no lie.

          The costs may not be all that unreasonable…the specs are, and more importantly, the idiot bureaucrat who we are wasting our taxes by paying his or her unjustified salary. We really should start over with the federal government: get rid of all but the constitutionally authorized functional areas of the federal government, then privatize all but the management portions of those functional areas. A privatized military would be so much more efficient.

          Government operations never come close to approaching the efficiencies of the private sector. A (successful) private company would never put up with a 60+ page spec for a cookie. That idiot engineer would’ve been fired for wasting weeks of her time on designing a cookie, and writing a spec full of gibberish…not to mention wasting a ream of paper. And if her manager had scheduled that much time for such a project, he’d have been fired, too.

          (I love to stuff political incorrectness up the dips-who-made-it-up’s nether-places…you know, some of the leftist-types posting on this blog.)

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Mike NQR

      I signed the petition yesterday and posted it to my FB profile.

  • Hanginjudge

    Ain’t technology great!

    It was just a few years ago B.F. (before facebook) when most of civilization had a mind of its own. Today through the wonders of technology and the remote control system known as facebook those in power are able to mobilize a mass of mindless robots to do their bidding.
    Many examples of this are being played out at this very moment, not the least of which is “occupy Wall Street”. When the buttons are pushed by those in power the robots begin their march. It is no longer necessary for someone to explain why the robots are commanded to perform the bidding of the masters, a simple push of a button on the remote sends these drones into action. Without the ability to reason the robots are at the mercy of their handlers.
    Many of us worried that actual robots were at one time becoming too human like and would eventually take over the world. Few of us even considered that humans could become robot like and would eventually “attempt” to take over the world. What these human like robots do not know is that they will not be sharing in this world takeover themselves but are only there to do the bidding of their masters until the day that they become obsolete.
    We have referred to these OWS drones as fools, but that is unfair and unreasonable. A fool is any thinking human being who engages in an act guaranteed to come to ill ends, “knowingly”. Since robots do not possess the power of reason they cannot be held accountable for their actions much as the drones that fly over Afghanistan cannot be blamed for the outcomes of their actions. They were created to do a job, not to judge or even consider the outcome.
    As long as the Soros’s, Van Joneses, Sterns, Trumka’s and Obama’s of the world push the buttons the Robots will keep marching on. Until that time when the plug is pulled on the systems that control them and the media no longer provides the grease that keeps them mobilized the country and the world will not be a pretty place for” thinking” humans. The opportunity to pull that plug will be available in 2012.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Mike NQR

      Another vote for a great posting. We started the “take out the trash” movement in 2010. Trash comes from various directions and is in constant need of being taken out. We continue the job in 2012 and must be vigilant about keeping it up, never resting on our laurels.

    • isBubba

      Excellent post.

      Beep….mmm…Beep…we are Obamatrons…wee…wee love rich leftists who support us…..wee hate rich people…they hurt..uh…us…wee…wee…uh…wee…does not compute…does not compute…d@mn….wee have to pay for re-schooling…Fszztt POP!!!

  • http://Chevyek Ed

    Hanginjudge: One of the best posts I’ve ever seen. Keep up the good work. I believe Mike Savage calls these people ‘Sheeple’, but your ‘Robots’ description is better. An so true…..we used to be afraid that Robots would become human & take over the world, but it’s become the reverse.

  • http://Chevyek Ed

    Hanginjudge: One of the best posts I’ve ever seen. Keep up the good work. I believe Mike Savage calls these people ‘Sheeple’, but your ‘Robots’ description is better. And so true…..we used to be afraid that Robots would become human & take over the world, but it’s become the reverse.

  • Gayle

    We’ve all got to get together and flush the criminals out of WH. It is apparent who they are and if we want to keep our country they have to go. Be vigilent and keep up with who’s running and just maybe all these pseudo lawyers and money men will get tossed to the side. obum is all about money and a lot of them are about power. Either way they are not good for a free country and I am ready to do what is necessary. Love the great 8 every week.

  • FreedomFighter

    OWS means:

    Obama’s White Socialists

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Marion

    Bob! Maybe you don’t remember, or maybe you didn’t know, Bush held
    a meeting in Texas with the President of Mexico and the Prime Minister
    of Canada to work out the “Amero” New World Order! It is in progress and the Super Highway is being built as we speak in Texas which will
    allow free trucking from Mexico to Canada with no borders. Rick Perry
    is for this alliance and is a member of the world financial powers that are working to rule the world. Bush did nothing to make our
    country better.

    • isBubba

      —except save our economy after 9-11. He also saved our country from what would surely have been a disastrous alternative in…you know…you leftist’s all-star, John “Kiss-me” Kerry, had he been elected.

      Bush was by no means a great president (eg: his stances on illegal aliens & world trade, his handling of Iraq and Afghanistan including uncConstitutional domestic laws and policies), but there is no doubt we would have been in a heap worse shape after a Kerry presidency than his, and he constantly had to deal with slimy under-handed leftists not only in congress, but in the media and their skewed presentation of him 24/7. It may sound like it to a leftist or a leftist-pawn, but I never liked either Bush presidency…but they were a whole lot better than the alternatives.

      You leftists are all just so dishonest, too. I can face up to that Bush had these not insignificant flaws, lessened by the certainty of the horribleness of his alternatives. But there “ain’t no way” you can be honest, and say his presidency even dimly compares to the damages, corruption, un-Constitutionality, financial and social distress, arrogance and disrespect that the Obutthead presidency has inflicted upon the Sovereign People of this great country in only 3/8th the time. Financially speaking, which is in my mind the least of the destruction he has waged on Us, he has added more debt to our backs, yours and mine, than ALL previous presidents COMBINED…since George Washington…not GW Bush. Face the truth, and quit sticking your head in the sand…even if you are sitting on the beach.

      • Karolyn

        Saved the economy after 9-11? You couldn’t prove that by what happened to my business and many businesses in the city I was in.

      • bob wire

        “—except save our economy after 9-11. He also saved our country from what would surely have been a disastrous alternative in…you know…you leftist’s all-star, John “Kiss-me” Kerry, had he been elected. ”

        Well if that the way you seen it, I question your vision.

        The American people ruined the economy by the way they behaved after 9-11, 43 just took advantage of it and encouraged it like a lynch mob in performance of their duty. He became a war president, serving his deepest ambitions and Chaney’s lust for power and wealth without boundaries.

        America needed Superior leadership,genuine words of comfort and resolution but we got Bubba’s playhouse, unbridled vengeance and no such thing a too big of a gun or not enough money. At least in the beginning and then it didn’t really matter anymore as long as the money flowed and there was talk of victory. 43 had a grand time and then bored with it like everything else that he’s done.

  • Dave

    If you blame everything on Obama….you are stupid….if you blame Bush….you are stupid. THe sides are all fighting and everyone loses one way or another.
    Reagan de-regulated and increased taxes. How is he the messiah?
    The economy is different than it was even that short timeframe ago.

  • Dave

    At first I thought HanginJudge was talking about the republicans, because they fit the same description. And the Teabaggers were the robots. Same-o Same-o

    • isBubba

      Just goes to show. Don’t blame the messenger for *your* lack of understanding…

      Seriously, you don’t know what the Tea Party is all about, but you should educate yourself…not on any of the alphabet media, but in person. You’ve got the glimmering of either a thinking brain, or a burnt-out, rationalistic grey-blob.

      Go to a Tea Party event, and talk to some of the presenters. Be open-minded, as you seem to be inclined. They won’t even slightly compare to the Obamatrons-in-the-Park. Guaranteed. Then all you need to do is study up on the founding fathers of this country, and their takes on designing a country and constitution, and on God. Don’t read leftist re-writes of history. Get some of the stuff compiled by David Barton at Wallbuilders, straight from the horses’ mouths. Then you’ll know what the Tea Party is about.

      Hint: The Tea Party cares not what political party, what race or sex you are, or even if you’ve hung out in the Park crowd. It’s about where you’re at now on the studies I mentioned. It’s about the hierarchy of power that SHOULD be (see Note): God – Sovereign Persons – Their State governments – and lastly, the Federal government. And It is about the roles of those Powers in the grand scheme of governing.

      Check into the Sovereigns’ “Common Law” vs. the State’s “Statutory Law.”
      Also check into the state’s introduction of the [new] concept of “Citizen” vs. the “Sovereign Person” with the 14th Amendment.

      Here’s an excellent starting place:

  • bob wire

    Marie Antoinette had much the same problem as the top one % do today.

    Maybe you Tea Party folk don’t understand it yet or just yet to see it. ~ The 99ers are champions many of your issues and concerns and it’s not a national movement but world wide and growing.

    • JC

      Yep, world wide socialism, that’s what they are after.
      Disgusting parasites.

      • bob wire

        Well Mexico is a strong Republic nation and from some reason it doesn’t work very well for many of it’s peoples.

        Myself, I enjoyed Mexico a lot until the Cartel stated arming 12 and 14 year old boys for expendable foot soldiers and then it was time to leave the country. Violence is one thing, needless insane violence is quit another.

        But my liking of Mexico was founded in a very selfish reasons as I was able to take advantage of a small amount of wealth that I possessed and live large. I was taking advantage of a dysfunction system and capitalize on “DISPARITY” that permeated society. Since I didn’t create it, I didn’t feel overly guilty about my position. House servants and grounds help, I could get use too. All I needed to do was ask, finance and enjoy. I always enjoyed long afternoon naps and staying up till 4 am.

        That seems to be where the US and a small amount of it’s peoples are trying to take us today.

        They are taking us to Mexico.

    • isBubba

      Yeah, Right! :D

      Just like the accurate and truthful accounts in your other regressivist comments:

      A huge 5000 strong on their big day in both NY City and Los Angeles…
      even after a month long leftist media blitz and support from every known living wealthy leftist. BTW, they just *hate* wealthy people, don’t you know?

      They are as conflicted in their logic as all you disingenuous leftists.

      I would steer you to my post to “Dave” (above) to help you learn something about the Tea Party, but I already have seen from your posts that you are an Obamatron TrackWatch dog, and probably an old one at that. And you know what they say about old dogs, Bobby!

      I won’t be tatting with you beyond this one post, simply because I can’t stand you and your leftist/regressive ilk, so you may have the last word. Toodles!

  • chuckb

    hanginjudge, pulling the plug on some of the republican rino’s should be the first order. we were sold another bill of goods last election, removing the bolshevik’s and replacing them with the likes of boehner and mccommell doesn’t make that much difference. if we elect romney, what does that prove? he’s almost as liberal as hillary or barry. the old guard republicans and fox news are doing their best to promote romney, they have channeled this orchestration down to the ones they want and driven away any competition. so far romney has bought all his adoration, plants in the crowds, the fox media and people like ann coulter and charles krauthammer, throw in karl rove.
    i have been a republican all my life, that is up to 2008. i refuse to donate money to the republican party and i would never become a bolshevik. the conservatives should depart from the republicans and form their own agenda and party. four more years of barry will produce another country like venezuela, america it’s sink or swim. this bunch of clowns the republicans are throwing at us is just that.
    i can’t imagine romney as president, gingrich is very smart, however, he would revert right back to his old rino policies.

  • chuckb

    dqve you don’t have to blame barry, it’s obvious

  • Aranna

    Can’t afford college??
    Just go in and tell them your an illegal immigrant and you will
    get half off your schooling…
    If they give special rights for Gays??, its okay!! my husband is a lesbian…
    If you hate this country try living in Iran.
    If you want to watch our president wiggle his ass in the air apologizing for America? go to hell..

    • isBubba

      Kudos, Aranna…especially the Obumma part! D)

  • Robert O’Brien; Brickbat

    Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul. . . the ONLY one that shows positive, good old fashon sense. Boortz pushes for Herman Cain. but remember what Cain did to Able. . . Ron Paul is Able. Herman pushes the 9 9 9 BS which won’t fly. Cain was Fed ex. Kansas City, he said Fed did audits, Herman not, pencils, paper clips, BUT where did the TRILIONS GO? Are you that “dog that don’t hunt”? Your answer, please. Herman, you should drop out and vote for Ron Paul. He wants us all free!!!!

  • Aranna

    I have a question…
    Why is it so important to the “Gay Community” That everyone
    knows they are gay??
    Personally I don’t give a flying F**K what you do in your bedroom,
    but If it is going to make you less of a soldier? then get the f**k out!
    Otherwise keep it to yourself.
    Does anyone really care who or what your sleeping with??

    • Army CWO, Retired

      Dear Aranna,

      That truly IS a mystery. Why indeed do gays have to let everyone know? I’m a veteran of more than three wars and I have a little experience with military matters. There have been times when I was hunkered down in a foxhole, terrified, and trying not to die when a determined enemy was doing his best to kill me. During those times, I was very concerned that the other fellow in the foxhole was watching my back…not my butt. I relied on him to do his job to the very best of his ability to keep us alive. I know he could take it on faith that I was doing the same. I have concerns about gays in the military. I’m doing my best NOT to be prejudiced for any frivolous reason, but human nature is what it is, and I’m NOT convinced that the gay thing IS human nature. I don’t care what they do in their bedrooms as long as it doesn’t affect me. In the military, I think it WILL affect me. When an NCO or an officer gives an order, especially in combat, it MUST be carried out without question. If the Platoon Sergeant is the ‘sweetie’ of some private, an order might not be obeyed or the order may go to someone LESS qualified than the Platoon Sergeant’s ‘sweetie’. This might NEVER happen, but that little nagging doubt would be there…a detriment to morale and good order. But, what the hell do I know. I only served 36 years.

      • Ron B.

        Reply to Aranna, and Army CWO
        Yes, you are both right – check out history of Spartans and ancient Greeks. They both suffered from institutionalized Gays in their military and vanished.

        • bob wire

          Name the first know gay in the American Armed forces? anyone?

          Friedrich Wilhelm August Heinrich Ferdinand von Steuben (born Friedrich Wilhelm Ludolf Gerhard Augustin von Steuben; September 17, 1730 – November 28, 1794), also referred to as the Baron von Steuben,[1] was a Prussian-born military officer who served as inspector general and Major General of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. He is credited with being one of the fathers of the Continental Army in teaching them the essentials of military drills, tactics, and disciplines.[2] He wrote the Revolutionary War Drill Manual, the book that served as the standard United States drill manual until the War of 1812. He served as General George Washington’s chief of staff in the final years of the war.”

          It’s quite a story to read about this man if you go to the trouble.

      • isBubba

        @Army CWO – Well if you’re sittin’ in a foxhole, worried that your troop is looking out for your back, what better than one who loves you? D) D) D)

        Jes’ a’ jokin’ D)

    • Karolyn

      When a person has to lie and cannot be honest, it takes a piece of that person away. A soldier I heard interviewed could not feel honest and true to himself when he couldn’t bring his partner to family affairs and had to lie about who he was dating. It’s all about honesty and not living a lie.

      • http://naver samurai

        Homosexuality is nothing but a big lie. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • John

    Originally, the so called “Flea Baggers” were protesting/responding to the massive corruption of the Bankers and Wallstreet. That their movement has been co-opted in the press by the Unions and Left Wing only serves as a distraction from their original intent. Remember that Wallstreet/Banksters massively funded and otherwise supported Barack Obama’s election campaign and now he ignores their massive fraud.
    See video link:

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      These fleabaggers have no problem with BO other than he may not be socialist enough for them. These are the people that helped put him in office and will try to again. That’s why they’re not protesting on the WH lawn.

      • Karolyn

        gunner – If you would check liberal websites, you would see that they are not all behind Obama, and many are extremely unhappy with him. I would venture to guess that if you interviewed protesters, you would find a variety of views. You just like to lump everybody into neat little bunches when that is so totally not the case.

  • LittleFartBert


    A Nation Of Sheep….. Breeds…..
    A Government Of Wolves!

    Let’s Take A Stand!!!

    Obama ———– Gone!
    Borders ——— Closed!
    Language ——– English Only!
    Culture ——— Constitution and The Bill Of Rights!
    Drug Free ——- Mandatory Drug Screening Before Welfare!
    No Freebies To — Non-Citizens!

    We The People Are Coming

    Only 86% will send this on.
    Should be 100%.
    What will you do?

    • Robert O’Brien; Brickbat

      Hey LittleFartBart I agree EXCEPT the 14th to enslave us all by giving JURISDICTION to Dist. of Criminals. The court decisions (many) and many following amendments are the result of this dastardly contract 14th. It takes away State Rights, peoples Rights changed to privileges at THEIR choice,the people can’t question TAXES. Read the dadgum amendment. It was planned BEFORE the UNcivil war after Jackson killed the Banks. The north eastern Republican,Masonic-demonics were the EVIL ones responsable guided by Illuminati decietful masters.Amen.

  • bob wire

    Over 450 economists from around the world have written to the finance ministers of the G20 countries calling on them to put a stop to financial speculation in commodity markets, which causes higher prices and fuels hunger.

    The letter signed by economists, from top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Berkeley, Cornell and the London School of Economics, adds to the ongoing and growing campaign to stop food price speculation.

    The G20 agriculture ministers have already made their concerns known on this issue with their ‘Action Plan on Food Price Volatility and Agriculture’ where they ask their finance ministers to tighten up regulation in this area.

    But of course just about the whole of the financial system is against this.

    The markets are now abusing a price mechanism that was set up to smooth the price of commodities out over time for the benefit of supplier and user alike. Now we have speculators who have no interest in that particular market and who never take delivery of the commodity sat in the middle of trades purely to profit. They add no value to the transaction and actually get in the way of proper market price discovery.

    Read more:

    There is no flea bags, this just as high as your brain can think and assimilate thought. The above posting goes a long way in explaining what the 99′ers are pissed about and want it stopped. To many people in the world has found it easier to wager and make a comfortable living off of the fruits of someone else hard work and passing the cost. Unnecessary middle men.

    I suspect many in the Tea Party are speculators, active players in this game of chance as they possess this strong desire to defend the wealthy like they might be unable to defend themselves. While the truth being they are part of today’s problem with vested interest in status quo. Basically parasitic individuals demanding freedoms to do as they so please regardless the great harm and increased cost to the consumer.

    Find another way to make a dollar, like work for it. For You should know, for you to win, many must lose, Right?

  • HarryButtle

    Be circumspect about this cash for kids private school business. You can’t be that easily fooled to think that a quality private school will be cheaper than a public school. Or to think that an education voucher will cover the full cost. Or that as soon as private schools become established and the norm, costs will not skyrocket, just as they did for private healthcare. Private schools and private healthcare are being promoted by con men who want to separate you from your money.

    Then there’s outright fraud. Is this what you want for our children?
    We don’t need no education: How to get a diploma in eight days for $399

  • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

    Again another piece Chip

    Love the kids at Wall Street

    shut-it take your med’s

    A Real American

    • isBubba

      @Nam 68 – You can love ‘em…I’ll leave ‘em.

  • FreedomFighter
    • bob wire

      This Bill Whittle brings forward some good points.

      But I question to whom we should be “grateful” to, he openly says “Corporations”. Rare have I ever notices Corporations a fountain of benevolence in my life but I do find it in Church and family. I am grateful for my family and all the good things and good works the many churches across the world do.

      Corporations work for profit and profit is not a dirty word but let us not confuse benevolence with profit incentives. Corporations are mixed in with market, crony capitalism, insider trading and wall street, They are quasi-people and like real people subject to the same temptation and transgressions. They are not all bad but enough of them are bad today the system in place no longer working as intended in an equatable manner to all parties. It now favors the few.

      And, too! Bill Whittle might have defined some of these protesters as you can find that kind of people he describs everywhere, but he fails to explain the majority. So I guess the rest are just flea bags? LOL!

      Try to debase, undermine and discredit this up rising to your hearts content won’t change the reality of it. The train has left the station house and will arrive at it final destination in it’s own good time.

      The Protest it’s self won’t make any change but it will define the change needed and what and who impedes this change. So`ooo it looks like you are playing your part rather well so far. You have identified yourselves as being an impedance and willing to dismiss them as selfish, spoiled “LIBERAL” malcontents.

      Hide and watch, this should prove most entertaining.

      Try to be on the right side of history for a change, you will feel better about the world and your fellow man.

  • chuckb

    good one freedom fighter.

  • Jay

    Origin of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, page.

    ATS Members have flagged this thread 3 times Topic started on 6-10-2011 @ 02:17 PM by MentorsRiddle

    The Occupy Wall Street campaign is a movement that originated with the Adbusters Media Foundation – which is based out of Vancouver, Canada.

    The Adbusters Media Foundation was co-founded by two men: Kalle Lasn, and Bill Schmalz.

    Kalle Lasn was born in Estonia, around WWII, and spent a chunk of his childhood in a German refugee camp. Later he moved to Australia, before finally founding a marketing company in Tokyo.

    In 1970 Lasn moved to Vancouver, and nineteen years later co-founded Adbusters Media Foundation.

    Kalle has written two notable books – Culture Jam, and Design Anarchy.

    It should be noted that Lasn believes Consumerism is amongst one of the most fundamental evils of the modern world. He desires to shift western society away from Capitalism – but it is unknown by the masses where he would like to shift it to.

    Since he has chosen to live in Canada, which has aspects of Socialism – but is arguably Capitalistic – one cannot help but wonder what his true political goals are.

    The co-founder of Adbusters Media Foundation, as mentioned above, is Bill Schmalz – who was originally a wilderness photographer & probable nature activist.

    He was heavily involved in the first several issues of Adbusters magazine, but due to lack of profit he retreated back to his original profession. Although he still contributes to the magazine on occasion, he is no longer a majorly active member of the company.

    For a foundation who claims to detest Capitalism, it is ironic that one of the founding members would leave due to lack of profit.

    After the recession began, which left many countries in bankruptcy, the Adbusters Media Foundation proposed an occupation of Wall Street to protest against the U.S. political leadership – who they felt responsible for the financial problems plaguing the world.

    Which is an outrage, in this American’s opinion, that they would even feel the United States has an obligation to other countries.

    Although technically the “Occupy Wall Street” campaign is leaderless – the original idea was spawned by a man who leans towards Socialism.

    Furthermore – it saddens me that activists from all around the nation would jump on the band wagon of a political
    activist without even knowing his political views.

    The “Occupy Wall Street” movement has been growing – however this writer can’t help but wonder if the eventual outcome of the protest will turn into anarchy or riots since it is technically leaderless.

    But then again for a man who wrote a book called, Design Anarchy, perhaps that is what was intended all along….

    Source of article:

    • Karolyn


      • bob wire

        yes, very ~ I hold no strong opinion at this time.

        It will develop and be whatever it might be. America was born in decent, we seem to love it. I don’t believe we place as high a value on peace as we profess. That we spend what? ~ 10 times more then other nations on military matters should dispense any question to the fact.

        The tea party could well feel jealous, as for now this is stealing everyone’s press and sucking the air out of the room.

        My guess, it will become ugly due to covert actions of the powerful, as they are tugging on superman cape and superman will grow tired of it.

        This could be the spark that many have talked about for two years.

  • Korean Vet

    It’s the Truth that I must have a handicap on this site-! I did go to
    schools that my parents paid for–by their taxes-! My parents also bought me extra-copies of school-books–so I’d have them to study when
    we moved 30 times a year-! After Pearl Harbor, when all the young men
    ended-up being in the Armed Services, I worked one summer to help pick
    cotton–since a farmer didn’t have ‘extra-help’ to get his crop in–!
    I was 10 yrs-old, but my smaller kid’s fingers were ‘just-right’ to
    reach inside the cotton-bolls to strip it out–I was paid 3 cts/lb. &
    I was glad to get the extra-money–to help my family out! Oh Yes, I
    got to “have” Scarlet-Fever, Polio, mumps, measles, & the rest of kids
    ailments–they only had ‘small-pox’ vacinations-! I shovel-dug a ‘Veg’
    garden for a old-woman, worked as a ‘bell-cap’ at a hotel, worked as a
    welder’s helper in KS, worked on a Santa Fe R/R Bridge-gang, worked in
    a R/R Roundhouse & their ‘lime-house’ & coal-bin, also as a ‘hostler’s
    helper–servicing steam locamotives with water, sand, coal & grease-!
    And I’ve also ‘picked’ R/R iron R/R rails on hot summer days-! Most of
    these jobs are ‘dirty-jobs’ that many boys refused–but I needed cash
    for attending school-! Oh-! By the way, I stayed as a “Republican”,
    since I “had to work & was glad of it-!” Except–for my parents, I
    didn’t owe anything–that I didn’t work for-! “I also needed muscles &
    brains to use them wisely-!” (It’s called ‘Self-Improvement’-!) I hope that everyone had the same experience-! (It’s good for you-!)

  • chuckb

    korean vet, you are one of many that experienced a life of hard work without the aid of welfare. we have people protesting in the streets of our cities who for the most part are looking for a handout, also a political movement mixed in.
    it may be time for patriotic americans to stop this communist movement once and for all. they have the media on their side and our so called president sees this as a chance for him to solidify a tyrannical rule and do away with our constitution.

  • bob wire

    I find it odd that any attempt to address cheats and inequalities in the system you are automatically hating the wealthy.

    I find it odd that when you raise concerns about how difficult the road to financial independence can be today you are talking class warfare.

    When you speak of insider trading and over leveraged buying practices you are just a malcontent because it wasn’t you that won big.

    To ask for a new deck of cards is seen as a off color request.

    To question the dealer is impolite.

    When you see the top 5% making huge gains in 20 year and 95% taking huge loses you must assume they earned it and ask no questions. Just keep your head down and mind your own business and carry anal lube at all times.

    Korean Vet, I too graduated from the school of Hard Knocks. But you seem stuck in a time capsule, things today are not as they were when we walked our path to manhood and became responsible citizen, husbands and fathers and granddad’s.

    Today blue collar college children enter the work place with a $20,000 to 35,000 dollar student loan debt. ~~ We didn’t have to start out that far behind ever!

    Went we were younger men, you didn’t even have to have insurance to operated a motor vehicle. Housing was much cheaper the today. A hospital stay to deliver a baby was $1,500.00 at the best hospital in town.

    Today’s electric bill was yesterday’s house and car payment combined.

    Things has changed buddy, just because you and I worked hard to get where we are at today doesn’t mean they are not having to do the same thing with only greater obstacles and deeper pitfalls.

    Try not to look at the world as if you are the center of the universe and “if you did it so can they” attitude. Because they can’t, not with these many changes that you and I didn’t have to negotiate.

    A simple traffic ticket used to be 45 to 55. dollars. They want 150.00 dollars now. And if you don’t have proof of insurance, much more and they will impound your car adding another $150.00 and more if it takes several days to clear your problems up.

    If you want to ignore the fact that life is much more demanding today then went we were strapping bucks making our way, that’s up to you. But I know it to be true and I lived it just like you.

    If You get behind today, it’s next to impossible to catch up anymore and young people are starting out 20 to 30 grand down.

    We have a predatory government and live in a world of predatory business today. Their are geared up to separate people from their wealth via your most basic needs.

    You don’t have to misspend to acquire debit anymore.

  • Norbert Ueberschaar



  • Mike Davis

    All the comments are watered down. You do not publish any real comments. This site is presenting an unfair and bogus picture of the dissent, terror and anger being felt by the majority. The democratic party controls the GOP. We live in a one-party dictatorship. The media and the solitary political party is running things. All dissent is being suppressed. They are conspiring to disenfranchise the entire white race by allowing only black candidates for president.
    You are not allowing the truth to be presented because you are afraid. What about our Constitutional rights? You do not mention them. Have you surrendered those too? Yes sheep will be enslaved, I know that. but you are pulling me and my family and millions of others down with you. We do not want to be part of your police state.

  • jimmi

    It is incredible how full of hatred, narrow mindedness, and self righteousness these comments are by many who think/say they are God fearing, Christian people. America is only reaping the results of ”cause and effect”. The previous comments, spotlight the hypocrisy of a people, many who think their success is because of their hard work, and refuse to acknowledge that although America has some good qualities, it was built by exploiting many, is in fact an Oligarchy with benefits for those who don’t truly challenge the system to be more just for all.


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