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Nixon To Obama: America’s Disastrous War On Drugs

February 23, 2011 by  

Nixon To Obama: America’s Disastrous War On Drugs

America is unsettled about the war in Afghanistan and with good reason; it has lasted almost a decade and victory is not in sight. Yet the nation has been fighting a more insidious war for 40 years. It is being waged along our borders, into our communities and next door to our homes. It is the War on Drugs; a conflict that continues to escalate and which threatens our institutions, friends and family.

I don’t pretend to suggest how we wage and win the War on Drugs, only that we must. Psychotropic drugs are eroding the American way of life. And if we don’t find a solution fast America will become the battlefield that Mexico has turned into.

Last week 40 people died in a bloody surge of drug-violence in major Mexican cities. The bloodshed is typical of the growing violence gripping Mexico as the government employs the police and army to crush drug cartels that grow richer and more powerful each passing year.

Last year, 15,000 Mexicans were murdered in the cartel battles that fought against each other and the Mexican authorities. What hasn’t been so widely reported is the increase in cartel activity on the United States side of the border.

In the wake of this infestation the Obama administration has said it has the resolve to win the drug war. If you think you have heard this message before it is because you have. President Richard M. Nixon declared the “War on Drugs” on June 17, 1971.

“America’s public enemy number one in the United States is drug abuse. In order to fight and defeat this enemy, it is necessary to wage a new, all-out offensive,” Nixon said in a national address.

Nixon went on to add: “I have asked the Congress to provide the legislative authority and the funds to fuel this kind of an offensive. This will be a worldwide offensive dealing with the problems of sources of supply, as well as Americans who may be stationed abroad, wherever they are in the world.”

To say it has been a costly and ineffective war is an understatement. The Los Angeles Times estimates that the U.S. has spent $1 trillion in the past 40 years fighting the war on drugs. That is roughly what World II cost the U.S. (According to, World War II cost the United States $2.1 trillion in 1990 dollars, or just over $1 trillion dollars in today’s money if you run the numbers at

All this expenditure and yet we continue to lose this war; a war that Presidents Nixon, Carter, Reagan, H.W. Bush, Clinton, W. Bush and Obama all promised to win.

How do we know we are losing it? The U.S. Justice Department reports that Mexican drug cartels now operate in 2,500 U.S. cities and towns.

There is also the U.S. prison rate. In 2008, more than 7.3 million people were in jail, on probation, parole or conditional release. That was 3.2 percent of the entire U.S. adult population or 1 in every 31 adults. According to a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, between one-third and one half of America’s prison population are incarcerated because of drug related offenses.

Obama likes to talk about meeting the nation’s healthcare crisis, but he has spent little time addressing the financial and spiritual cost of drugs.

Finally, on Jan. 27 Obama said the question of drug legalization and regulation is an "entirely legitimate topic for debate" — the first sitting president to do so since cocaine, heroin and marijuana were made illegal.

In a question-and-answer session on YouTube, the President focused on drug policy. Obama responded to a question from a representative of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, a group of former law enforcement officers whose experience on the streets has led them to conclude that drug prohibition actually drives crime and does not solve drug problems. You can watch the video of this question and answer here.

Even though some conservatives, such as the late William F. Buckley Jr., provided reasoned arguments for the legalization of drugs, the President has stated he is not in favor of that. Instead he says drugs should be treated like a public health problem.

I am surprised that the White House and the First Lady have put more energy into promoting a healthy diet for our children than they have in saving our children from the ravages of drugs. After all, the President has mostly ignored the drug crisis. Only recently has Obama even addressed the problem, saying that more money will have to be spent on rehabilitation. This extra money, says Obama, will steer non-violent, first-time drug offenders "into the straight and narrow."

I have news for the President: America is not imperiled by the likes of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, who was caught on camera smoking grass. The real threat comes from Mexican drug cartels that represent a clear and present danger. They are vast criminal organizations that smuggle unprecedented amounts of cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine into the country.

The Obama administration denies the impact that cartels are having on America. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano recently told a crowd at the University of Texas at El Paso that it is, “inaccurate to state, as too many have, that the border is overrun with violence and out of control.”

Texas Governor Rick Perry disagrees. Immediately after Napolitano’s speech in which she actually bragged that the Obama administration is protecting the nation from cartel crime, Perry’s office released this statement:

“The federal resources in Texas are woefully inadequate to secure the border with Mexico, and Gov. Perry will continue urging the Obama administration to do its job and protect our citizens from the ruthless drug cartels. It’s unfortunate that a former border governor, who knows the implications of a porous border, continues to downplay the fact that there is a war waging within a stone’s throw, or for that matter, firing range, from our border communities.”

Last year two U.S. consulate employees were assassinated in Juarez, Mexico. Perry ordered Texas National Guard Lakota helicopters to shore up the U.S./Mexican border.

Perry said that the deployment of the helicopters was meant to contain spill-over violence from Mexican drug cartels and that he was willing to put “additional resources on standby to combat any potential situation.”

But defending America’s borders is the President’s job. It seems that Obama is just another President in a long line who has failed to deal with America’s drug problem. The stakes have never been higher than they are for his administration.

Yours in good times and bad,

John Myers
Editor, Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • Barbara Humphrey

    The way to win the war on drugs is to end the war on drugs. The harm inflicted by the war is far worse than the harm inflicted by the drugs. The war money spent on police, prosecution, and prisons could be more productively put toward education, jobs, health care and rehab, saving individuals, families and neighborhoods from the ravages of the drug merchants. Check out Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and Citizens Against Prohibition, current and former drug warriors who advocate for legalization and control as the only way to win this 40+ year old war.

    • maxi

      the cost of the war on drugs is high but the cost of using is equally as bad. Look at our society and see the problem. We have kids od ing on drugs and using. Our society could have better students in schools if none used drugs. There would be no rehab hospitals/half way houses etc. if drug use did not exist. Crime would dwindle dramatically. The cost of all these related services and needs caused by drug use would cease. What a dream. I grew up in the society where drugs were not in existence for street use as today. It was much better then. I was born in 1945 USA. In fact, Brooklyn NY. I used to walk around the block in my neighborhood by myself as a kid. No one would dare do that today.

      • Buddy

        Evidently, Maxi believes that more government control will sole the drug problem. Sounds like the answer to government prohibition is more control. In other words, “if it’s not working, we need more”.

        That’s what got us collectively into this mess.

        • Bruce D.

          Excerpts from The Daily. “Limited government is impossible unless citizens are capable of self-government. And citizens cannot self-govern unless they have some intrinsic notion of morality, which keeps them from encroaching on each other’s rights. Without self-governance reinforced by personal morality, a paternalistic state becomes inevitable.”
          To me this makes sense and is why the left has been able to impose “a paternalistic state” in the name of personal liberty. For some of you it won’t make sense and will make the case that controlling the free use of drugs is paternalistic. Before you do that I want you to know I also understand that argument. Drugs in effect are a curse on society. One we all have to live with, legal or not.

          • Kate8

            Bruce D. – You are quite right. Destruction of moral structure is always a first step in the move toward total government control. It does, in fact, render self-governance impossible.

            This is a lesson repeated over and over in human history, and one we never seem to learn. By appealing to man’s animalistic tendencies toward instant gratification, those in power manage to convince certain factions that destroying morality is a good thing. Promoting drug use, covertly, of course (making it forbidden fruit) certainly helps to facilitate this agenda.

          • Robert Smith

            Hey Kate, why do you deny people pot (medicine in many states) and at the same time claim you don’t want a nanny state?


        • Bruce D.

          I would like to add that ‘Entitlements’ are one huge spin off of drug use.

        • Jonathan Lucas

          I am opposed to the “war on drugs” too, but you don’t want to answer the question with empathy for our children, you just want to insult Maxi. How do you want to keep drugs from ruining families and lives? That is the million dollar question that needs to be answered by true conservative-libertarian patriots.

          I truly think we need to provide education for our children and grounding in Christ and allow the government to get out of the way and stop prohibition of drug use. Just like smoking tobacco products is wrong, kids need to know drug use is just as morally wrong and wrong just as well.

          • Robert Smith

            Jonathan, you ask: “How do you want to keep drugs from ruining families and lives? That is the million dollar question that needs to be answered by true conservative-libertarian patriots.”

            Try this for an answer for pot: Make it legal like alcohol is. It is a weed so it will be very cheap. It is the lying, legal, and stealing that messes up a family. Eleminate the need for those three and many families will be saved.

            BTW, if you don’t want a nanny state why do you deny adults their drug of choice while keeping alcohol?


      • HandyDan

        If cows had wings they’d fly! ‘If drug abuse didn’t exist…” but it DOES exist, and no amount of law is going to change that! THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A CERTAIN NUMBER OF CITIZENS WHO HAVE A NEED TO EXPERIENCE AN ALTERED STATE OF REALITY, PERIOD! Citizens have proven since weed was made illegal in 1935 that the law makes no difference. As a result, it is the law that has ruined lives, not the use of marijuana. BTW Weed was made illegal because it was popular among illegal immigrants from Mexxico and the citizens in Wy, AZ and NM lobbied Congress to pass the first law – FOR RACIST reason!

        • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

          More problems caused by these damned illegals.

          Shoot everything coming north over the border. Anything going south if fine.

          It’s time to get serious.

          An “alter state of reality”, hmmmm, sounds like liberalism.

          • Bruce D.

            Food for thought.
            If drugs use is legalized then businesses might be force to hire drug users under non discrimitory legislation.

          • Robert Smith

            And like with alcohol if they show up under the influence they can be fired on the spot.

            What’s the problem again?


        • andy

          the problem was when it spilled from the ghetto’s
          and poor to the middle class and upper middle class that’s when it became a problem until then no one cared

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


            That may well be true, but nevertheless the problem is still there.

            It is kind of like back in the 50s and 60s when the blacks were getting rights down south. Up north they did not care how many rights the blacks received, so long as they did not get too close. When they did due to their new-found rights the northerners got upset.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            when they get so mindless on long term drug use that they crap themselves in the corner, who has to take care of them?? The tax payers! When they are so psychotic that they have to be put into a psych ward, who pays their bills?? The tax payers! When a $100 a day habit goes to a $500 a day habit, who pays in break ins , thefts, and armed robberies? THE TAX PAYER!!! I’m one tax payer that’s DAMN tired of footing the bill for their “altered state of reality”, son!!!

          • Bruce D.

            Most would like to see the gheto’s cleaned up so I do not think that observation is fair. The getto’s will never change with the rampant use of drugs there.
            John Adams also cared along with others. “Our society is not held together just by law and its enforcement, but most importantly by voluntary obedience to the unenforceable and by widespread adherence to unwritten norms of right or righteous behavior. Religious belief in right and wrong is a vital influence to advocate and persuade such voluntary compliance by a large proportion of our citizens.1 Others, of course, have a moral compass not expressly grounded in religion. John Adams relied on all of these when he wisely observed that

            “we have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”2

        • Ozlanthos

          You are right that the anti-marijuana legislation was billed as an effort to stem crimes by blacks and hispanics on white people. However, the true reasons for the illegalization of cannabis had nothing to do with race, or even that you could get high by smoking it. The true reasons had more to do with eliminating hemp as a competing textile to oil, wood, and cotton (as well as certain pharmaceuticals). It is my feeling that the uber-relevant reason for illegalizing cannabis had EVERYTHING to do with prohibiting the masses from being suppliers in our supply and demand based economy. It had to do with consolidating power to minute elite. Look around you with that mindset. You’ll see that since the prohibition of hemp/cannabis, this country has gone from one boom bust cycle to another, each resulting in less market stability, and more regulation on personal freedom and liberty.

          Considering that funds from illicit sales of cannabis fuel almost all Mexican drug cartel activities (DEA says about 60 to 70% of all of the cartel’s money comes from cannabis sales)I would much rather roll the dice on out-right legalization of all drugs than continue to fund them!!!


          • http://?? Joe H.

            The Rand study just released says the figure is more likely 15 to 28% of their drug money comes from cannabis!

          • Papa

            The war on drugs has been a total failure, from beginning to end, and anyone who carefully considered what was being proposed should have recognized, in advance, that such a failure was a sure and certain outcome. That makes me wonder if our current situation isn’t what some group of those in high places were counting on from the outset.

            Hemp was attacked by the “Cotton Kings” because the plant can be used to make better cloth (stronger, longer lasting) and rope than cotton. Cannabis was the red herring or “Bogey Man” used to confuse the issue and gain support from ordinary people. The truth is, hemp is a weed which can be grown almost anywhere, without the careful cultivation and nurturing cotton requires. Cannabis use, as smoking material was very rare among even our Spanish population of the time, but most people weren’t aware of that so the “lie” was never challenged. The Cotton Kings won easily, and the growing of hemp was outlawed. That was our first mistake.

            Growing up in South Texas in the 40′s and 50′s I heard of “marijuana” but didn’t know anyone who ever smoked it. The first people I ever met who used it at all were the “Beautiful People” in California, in the 1960′s. For those here who don’t remember, that group was on the decline by the end of the 60′s, then Richard Nixon started his “War on Drugs.” Bad idea, with bad results since it only served to advertise a lifestyle most people knew little or nothing about at that point, and shunned when they came in contact with it.

          • Papa

            For the first 150 years of our Republic, Heroin, Morphine and Cocaine could be bought at the grocery store. They were used routinely as medicine and very few people became addicts. Those few who did were called “Drug Addicts” and the stigma which attached made them outcasts from society, serving as a strong deterrent for everyone else. A problem for some, here and there, to be sure, but not one which touched the average family.

            Then came the War on Drugs. The quickest way I know to get kids to try something is to tell them they CAN’T! Tell them where they can’t swim, and watch them sneak off, first chance they get to that very spot on the river or lake. Tell them they can’t drink alcohol, and watch them turn themselves inside out to get their hands on some sort of booze, just to find out what all the mystery is about. We should have learned in the 1930′s, but obviously we didn’t, that PROHIBITION of anything is a really bad idea! All it does is make people curious enough to TRY what they otherwise might never have considered. That’s not some brilliant insight, just basic human psychology, and everyone who ever studied the subject at all knows that.

            We need to STOP this insane idea of telling other people what they can and cannot do with their OWN BODY. ALL laws of this nature are BAD LAWS and we need to put an end to all of them, throughout the USA. Our federal government has NO AUTHORITY to create such laws in the first place…

      • Ellen

        The number of men, women, and children maimed and killed by LEGAL pharmaceutical drugs in this country is staggering and yet no one even blinks an eye at THAT. Let’s stop being hypocritical about drugs here. BigPharm is even subsidized with our stolen tax dollars.

        Our troops are being used in the illegal aggressions overseas to protect crops that are shipped here and end up on our streets. The only “war on drugs” is that which is being waged against the American people on every front. Wake up and smell the damned coffee.

        • meteorlady

          Ah someone else who believe that big PHARMA is using us as a laboratory. I know that each time they release a new drug they build in the cost of law suits. That should tell you exactly what they are doing.

          My husband had high blood pressure and cholesterol. He is taking Red Yeast Rice and it’s gotten it down. Seems that this legal health food store compound is as good as Lipator – it even has some of the same side affects. So why aren’t they prescribing that instead – about 1/100th the cost of Lipator and less harmful.

          • Kate8

            Ellen and meteorlady – I’m with you on this. The legal drugs are almost worse, because they reach people who otherwise wouldn’t mess with drugs.

            BTW – eating 4 stalks of celery a day will lower BP. Celery is the basis for some of the BP meds!

            The war on drugs is a joke. I’d like to know just where this “war” is happening. Politicians talk out of both sides of their mouths (gasp), because they have been taking pay-offs from illegal drug trafficking for decades, enriching themselves and financing many covert operations.

            If they were serious they’d have controlled our borders.

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


            Well put.

            “because they have been taking pay-offs from illegal drug trafficking for decades, enriching themselves and financing many covert operations”. Think dick-for-brains. It was reported that he was flying coke and weed into secluded air strips in Arkansas.

            “If they were serious they’d have controlled our borders”. Absolutely! The fact that they DO NOT speaks volumes!

            Shoot everything coming north.

          • karolyn

            Old Henry – A lot of drugs come in across the Atlantic and Pacific also.

          • Kinetic1

            Old Henry,
            “It was reported..” Just where was it “reported”? There have been stories about the government bringing drugs into the inner cities to keep the minorities down, and stories about Reagan flying cocaine into the states to help fund the contras. There are always stories, but what is the truth? The truth is that even if we “sealed” our borders, drugs would find a way in. The money that one stands to make from selling illegal drugs is just too much of a draw.

            I don’t like drugs or alcohol or tobacco. I can’t tell you why, but I’ve never been curious about any of them, and I don’t see the temptation. If I had it my way, they wouldn’t be around, but they are. The one thing I do know is that history shows us that criminalizing them only creates more trouble. When these things are legal, then we can regulate their sale. Sure, there will always be those who choose to sell to kids or make their own, but the profit is so small that it discourages any large scale operations.

            As for President Obama’s stand, as with so many other issues he, like most politicians is afraid of the reaction he will face from the “moral” members of our society. Like the temperance movement of the last century, today’s “moral majority” believes that their will and their religion will save us all if we just do as they say. It only served to bring us the likes of Al Capone back then, so why should we expect anything different now?

          • Bruce

            I was taking the max dose of actos 45mg and 30 uints of insulin and weighted 270 lbs. I got of being tired and sick all the time. So I took it on myself and lost 85 lbs and now i am only taking 10 units of insulin.

      • meteorlady

        So because parents don’t supervise their children, we as American’s should spend BILLIONS to do the parents job?

        • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

          That iis what good libdrals do. Spend everybody elses money taking care of everybody elses business.

          • Kinetic1

            Old Henry
            Yes, because only Liberal parents have drug problems. I mean, when do you EVER hear about children of wealthy, religious, conservative families falling into drugs?

          • Robert Smith

            Bakker’s kid was one of them.

            BTW, when Tammy died they found Jimmy Hoffa burried in her makeup.


      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

        It si time that we as a nation and a society stop coddling these drug dealing vermin and beging executing them at the end of a rope. This scum is costing us millions of dollars each year in the legal system, penal system and the ancillary costs related to the devistation they cause among our children.

        Shoot to kill anything coming forth over the border.

      • barbm

        well, you’re just an old fuddy duddy then. i was born in 1948, went to college in the 70s, discovered drugs. loved pot!! best thing i ever had for nausea from flu or hangover. :) i really kind of let loose after 27 years of being on the straight and narrow either under daddy’s or hubby’s thumb. being that old when i started smoking, i had enough sense to know you can’t do that and work or study. it’s not that pot is bad, it’s that it’s bad for kids who don’t have any sense at all. i used a lot of drugs back then. i mostly wanted to just try them once to see what all the fuss was about. why? because i’d heard for years that pot makes you crazy, you do crazy things while high, it leads to the use of harder drugs, it fries your brain, ad infinitum. i tried pot and, guess what, all that crap was lies. so itried some others. i wasn’t impressed with any of them except speed. if it wasn’t so hard on the body, mind, and family, i could be a speed freak. but, again, i was an adult with better sense than that. and, because i was an adult, i had seen enough junkies to know that heroin wasn’t good for even a one time try. my point is that we must get drugs off the streets so our kids can’t use them until they’re old enough to handle them. adults should be allowed to do whatever they want as long as they don’t hurt anybody. and pot is WAAAAAY better than alcohol for adults and children.

        • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


          I have always heard that jumping off a ten story building was bad for you, but I never wanted to try to prove them wrong. I had better sense.

          Sounds to me like you never were an “adult”, and most likely never will be.

          Your type are what Clive is referring to about our generation.

          If you, or anyone, want to do those things “as long as they don’t hurt anyone else” that’s fine. However, do not come begging us for help with your health, life, finances, etc.

          As your “daddy” probably would have told you: “You made your bed. Now sleep in it.”

          • barbm

            i’m retired, own my own paid-off home, have a pretty new car, have money in the bank, have excellent credit, have plenty of friends. i also have a nice bed with a pillow-top mattress to lie in any time i want. that’s a reference to that retired part. there’s nothing wrong with our generation that a bit of liberty wouldn’t help. name calling and rudeness will get you no respect on here. i’m as entitled to my opinion as you are.

          • eddie47d

            barbm; Thanks for your honesty and few are willing to share their stories because of the old Henry’s. We can’t help addicted users because they are always hiding the fact that they are addicted. They end up beyond help and a greater burden to families and society. Drugs, tobacco and alcohol shouldn’t be glamorized but neither should they be outlawed. The same with legal drugs such as pain pills and such, yet they are glamorized on TV.

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


            Is it lie in, or lay in? I have never been able to keep that one straight. It drove my English teachers nuts.

            Sounds like your “daddy’s thumb” had some effect in spite of his daughter.

            No one said you do not have a right to your opinion. What I said was that you (that being the calcatrant boomers in a general sense) should not expect society to “balil you out” after you discovered the lifetime of “Summer of Love” blew up.

          • barbm

            it’s lie in. from the internet – Lie is to recline. Lay is to put or place, and the verb is always followed by an object. One easy way to remember is, you lie in the sun and a chicken lays an egg. Where it gets tricky is in the past and past participle (the form of have) tenses.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            here’s one for you from memory. Am is are, was were, be been, have has had, do does did, can could, shall should, will would, may might must. I remember those from when a public education was worth something! BTW, I’m 60 years old. those were drummed into me in grade school!!

        • karolyn

          Your story goes to show how everybody is different. My story was one of graduating up the ladder to addiction in my 20s, but that doesn’t happen to everyone. I ended up on plain old alcohol because it was the cheapest and legal. Haven’t had a drink in 30 years. I’ve talked to many people who could do a drug once and never do it again. I’ve also known people who would not drink or use drugs because of family history of addiction. We are all unique. One size does not fit all, which is the case in the medical community.

          • Bruce D.

            Drug users end up on Medicaid sooner or later. Just because the drugs they are taking are not illegal does not mean they are not addicted.

      • karolyn

        Maxi – the reason drug use is more prevalent now is that there are more people, plain and simple. Man has used drugs since the caveman decided to try and eat that leaf over there and it made him feel good. The Mayans are known to have injected concoctions anally to get high. Of course, these were spiritual ceremonies; but let’s face it, getting high is getting high. Addiction and recreational drug use will never be wiped out. It’s about time we faced that fact. If the money ued on the drug war were used on education and rehabilitation, it would probably make a dent in drug usage; but it will never disappear. Let people do what they want and let the chips fall where they may. If drugs were legalized, there would be no drug cartels; poor coca, opium and marijuana farmers would be able to live better. The market would be competitive and could be regulated as to quality and safety. The government could receive income from taxes like those placed on alcohol. You do see how well prohibition worked on alcohol consumption don’t you? Ahy differentiate alcohol and tobacco from other “illicit” drugs?

    • Lewis Munn

      When drug control is given to people who oppose it, and often use the drugs to be controlled, it will fail.

      Those who have studied see that Prohibition failed for this reason; the enforcement was given to people who did not enforce.

      However, at the lower levels, crime was reduced, people had more money for useful things, such as education, and alcohol-related diseases were reduced.

      But, like now, those who profit from drugs were very active, publicized the problems with enforcement and the virtues of using, and the law was overthrown. And we got folks even in high places like George Bush, who were damaged by alcohol!! And slaughter on the highways of millions of innocents by drunk drivers. Law enforcement costs are higher, too, trying to keep drunks from endangering the rest of us.

      And who among you has counted the costs in people killed and property damaged or destroyed due to people drinking alcohol and behaving foolishly?

      Same is true with other drugs that are used for recreation; society faces a loss.

      Look at the truth, not at the claims by those who profit from lying and encouraging drug abuse, or drugged up users.

      • http://centurylink motorhome

        george w bush drunk /druig addict but his daddy was president and it was ok 4 him 2 be coke head how many companys did he bankrupt and u dumb asssssss put him n office and reelected him slap ur bible and vote some more of this rify raf n u got jon ensign im a christian republican mark sanders im a christian republican jon boeher im republican christian u people r stupid u pick the sorryest poorest choicesan dbelieve there lies ull get what u deserve take part n ur country vote them all out of office and if it collapeses because there r no senior thieves left so be it?????where did cheney get the money 2 give the taliban 4 pipeline thru afganistan keep sukn his left nut/no bid contracts bribeing foigen officials 4 contracts 4 haliburton movn trial 4 rippn investors off n oil gas royalty payments 2 his home town be4 a judge thats as big a criminal as his and u got nerve 2 talk about ecuadore bringing suit against chevron 4 ruining there ecology texaco chevron thought they could cover it up by selling one co 2 another they got caught no different than war on drugs ???? motohome

        • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

          Quite a rant. Are you texting, or typing?

          Ant the other choices were?? Albore who could not even carry his own state of TN? Which if he had, he would have won the elction outright.

          John effin Kerry? The pompous guy who made his money the old fasioned way. He married it. Oh, he did serve in Vietnam and Cambodia in 1968 under Nixon.

          If you had not mentioned Chaney I would have thought you were talking about dick-for-brains who sold us out to the communist Chinese in the 90s by selling them secret technology. Do you really think they developed their stealth bomber on their own?

          Most of the 20th Centry presidents were losers. You did, howwever, nail it when you suggested throwing ALL of them out.

          Keep Ron Paul and Rand.

        • kilrntex

          Are you kidding me? This person is a product of the liberal agenda and went to a liberal school! What part of stupid inbred idiot does he represent. I can hardly wait for the day we are turned loose on these people. I thought the illegals were the biggest problem. Hell no, it’s the braindead liberal, satan worshipping scum like this that makes me buy 5000 rds of ammo for the day when they come knocking at my door for handouts. I’ll give the demon possessed pieces of crap a free sample of my hardware. Go back to the hell you came from. You represent Satan and I represent the living GOD. The prince of darkness has you, the liberals, Muslims, Chicoms, drug cartels, democraps and all other enemies of Christians and Jews believing that you will win the coming war. If Satan had a chance he would have already taken it. Wake up robots and see where you are headed!

          • mark

            If you are truly saved by the blood of Jesus, you would not have so much hate in you.

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


            It is not hate. It is fed up frustration. Fed up with the socialist / communist, ah but I repeat myself, that have been allowed to infiltrate our American society and decay it so.

            Liberalism is a form of mental illness.

          • karolyn

            Old Henry, kilrntex sounds more mentally ill than any liberal I ever heard!

          • eddie47d

            old Henry; You come across like the mental illness you blame liberals of . You must have been born in the 19th Century since you hated the 20th Century.

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


            Kilr is not PC and in today’s AmeriKa over-run by that sort of ridiculous thought process he comes off as “not right” when in fact he is more right than probably 75% of our population.

            He simply says what needs to be said. Maybe he is not as eloquent as some, but he gets the point across.

            How about that mentally ill far left liberal shooter down in Tucon?

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

            eddie, eddie, eddie:

            Do you really read what is actually written, or just skim it and make up what you think it said?

            If you logically look at the 20th Century presidents there are indeed very few (I did not say all) that are worthwhile. Most were not statesmen, simply self-engrandising politicians working to fill their pockets, the pockets of their cronies and advance the one-world ideal and steal our liberties.

        • Ellen

          Motorhome, do you realize Obama was a major illegal drug user and happily wrote all about it in his books? So much for Clinton saying he tried pot but didn’t inhale. Obama writes a book and brags about his illegal usage and people elect him president.

          • karolyn

            So friggin’ what????? Ms. holier-than-thou!

          • libertytrain

            Golly gee Karolyn.

          • eddie47d

            Ellen; People want a President who is honest and we can accept those minor faults. There are bigger issues to be concerned about than Clinton’s blow job or Obama’s drug use or Bush’s cocaine usuage. Those issues do go to character and can help in making up one’s mind at the voting booth. Yet shouldn’t be the only reason you vote for or against someone.

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


            I also read, cannot recall where, that he was a dealer as well.

          • karolyn

            You know, liberty, if there’s one thing that boils my blood, it’s people who think they know what they’re talking about when they don’t! I could care less if George Bush was a drunk, Clinton smoked pot or Obama did whatever he did. That does not make them any less a human being than anybody else and does not make the person calling the kettle black any better either, though they might think they are.

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

            Whoa Karolyn!

            Did you miss Der Fuhrer’s memo about being civil in our discourse?

            By watcing him I personally think he is still using illegal drugs. Pay close attention to him Karolyn.

          • Bruce D.

            Not everyone is forced to buy illegal drugs. Ask Karolyn about that. She will know.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          And your obvious hero Noblama used to snort cocaine!! He admits getting high in his first book! The people that knew him during those years also say he sold as well! What’s your point???

    • Dead Zero

      Ditto…The War on Drugs has caused the Battlefield in Mexico and our Tyrantical Govt. wants to bring us the addition of a war on guns. It is the Government that can’t be trusted with guns not the people.

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

        Wow Dead!

        That last sentance was profound. May I put it on a tee shirt?

        • Ozlanthos

          You print it and I will proudly wear it!!!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Dead Zero,
        did you hear Noblamas speech on Libya today??? He said something he has not said before that has me worried. he said he was leaving all OPTIONS open!! Is he dumb enough to get us involved in another war??? He doesn’t say a damn thing about the murder of those American citizens by the pirates, but libya is so important that he has to leave all options open!!

        • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


          I think what has Der Fuhrer a little nervous is that his bretheren were killed by one of their own. Can’t have that.

          The Americans were murdered by some of his bretheren.In Obama’s eyes those people had a few strikes against them to begin with. 1.They were Christians. 2. They had been prosthletising (sp?) among his bretheren. 3. They were arogant Americans and needed to be make an example of.

    • Les

      “The government is not the solution to the problem, the government is the problem”, the most sweeping and encompassing Reagan quote. The answer to most of our nation’s problems is self-determination via true Liberty. When you follow the history of drugs in America you will find that the problem increased along with the government. The first law outright prohibiting the use of a specific drug in the United States was a San Francisco ordinance which banned the smoking of opium in opium dens in 1875, thus moving the Dens to the outskirts of town; if folks wanted to stick a needle in their arm and die, just don’t bother anyone. Then there was prohibition, that worked out great, so we repealed the 18th Amendment. After the experiment in drug controls, the government began the complete take over of the drug business and now enforces this control via their agents in the ATF, FDA and AMA. It is better to get your drugs in the clinic than on the corner.

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


        The liberals ran San Fran way back in 1875?! Wholy cow! We have a more entrenched problem than I thought!

        I wonder if Nazy Pelosi was on the city council back then?

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Old Henry,
          she sure looks old enough!!! She looks like a skeleton with plastic STREATCHED over it!!!

    • WayneT

      We could also win the war on rape, assaults, and all sorts of other crimes if we would only make it legal. Barbara, how could you make such a stupid statement. Instead of making the war on drugs more serious, we have made it more lucative for the criminal. Maybe if we would execute the pushers of these drugs, or give them 10 years to life in prison, we would have less drug pushers, and less users.

      • Ellen1

        Don’t forget about the pushers in the medical mafia. Shall we execute them as well? They are pushing drugs to everyone for their owners, the pharmaceutical cartels. THEY kill and maim many more than the illegal drugs do. Under the medical mafia, foster children are drugged out of their minds because people don’t want to bother with these “throw-away” children.

        Let’s see things as they really are.

    • Void1972

      The bottom line is drugs are big money, and the sooner you educate yourself on who really controls the drug trade, the sooner you will realize that our “war on drugs” is total bullshit!
      Read about the opium war in 1860, and the English and French bankers who supported it. These are the real drug cartels!

    • Always Right

      she says, as she lays out a line of fine white powder and picsk up her short straw..

    • Aix Sponsa

      Legalize everything. Yeeeeeesss…. That worked for booze, didn’t it?

      The only was to stop the border mess is to install machine gun guard towers every 1/4 mile the entire length. Have a 1/2 mile wide no-mans-land between the border and the towers. First year cost to install and man, 10 billion. Thereafter, 4 billion. Profile, deport illegals. That saves 100 billion every year on illegals. Twice what O says he can save. Drug runners. Armed guards on the roads.

      This is either going to be a 3rd world country or not. It’s almost too late.

    • Robert Smith

      From the article: “I don’t pretend to suggest how we wage and win the War on Drugs, only that we must.”

      Why? Most drugs were legal until 1900. Yes, there were addicts but there wasn’t a problem with them in society.

      For the right to claim they don’t want a “nanny” state why do they advocate for prison for people who use drugs?


  • Al Sieber

    John Myers, good article.the war on drugs has accomplished nothing, and you’re right, our borders are over run with violence that is moving north. while this president ignores the situation.

    • Dan az

      Hey Al
      You know what ercks me is big sis refusing to do the job that she complained about the whole time she was guv.I remember her holding up a giant check to the cameras and saying that this is what is owed from the feds,I don’t think she got the money and now we are suing the feds for two billion a year to compensate what we pay for them not doing their jobs.I dont think obumer really wants to push the issue because where would he get his drugs?You know if they would let us take care of it there wouldnt be a problem.Ive seen 1800 meter shots that would deter any one from thinking they could come and go.But what do I know I’m just a red neck.

      • Al Sieber

        I’m with you on that Dan, from one educated “Redneck” to another. this is gonna be a interesting year.

        • Dan az

          You can say that again Al!Hey Im checking in to those batteries that you told me about sounds good.Im trying to see what the cost is if you have a site post it!Ill get back to you when Im done checking it out.

          • Al Sieber

            Dan, I’m not sure where I read that.

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


      I detest Little Barry, but sadly every president in my lifetime, and before, has ignored the border issue.

      None of the current crop of Republican canidate-wannabes have a decent Numbers USA score on immagration.

      We need a leader who will line the border on the south and give the order to shoot to kill anything coming north.

      If that drives them to the northern border we do the same up there, shoot anything ciming south.

      • mrbill

        I am with you Henry. If you think it is not a problem, come on down here to Texas and see for yourself. We have 140,000 troops in the UK and Germany. Why not give them a tent and a (loaded) gun and line the border. Anyone who thinks this is not going to spill over to our side has to be living in a dream world. This won’t stop it but sure would help.

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


      I don’t think Little Barry, Nazipolitano, are ignoring it. I think they are watching closely for it to become bad enough for them to justify marshal law and they can then implement their planned police state.

      Nazipolatano has been sofening up the American public with her facsist tactics in air ports. Feeling us out, so to speak, to see just how far she can go. And she has found out.

      • Al Sieber

        I agree with you on that O. Henry.

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


      I would not say the war on drugs did not accomplish anything. I accomplished what the liberals and one world scum wanted: the decay of America from within. However, I think it occurred faster than they anticipated.

  • Butch

    Quit pussyfooting around the problem. The problem is that the punishment is not severe enough- not for drug dealers and not for pedophiles. We need a mandatory death sentence- for pedophiles the first offense and for drug dealers the second offense. These bleeding hearts say it is not a deterrent- I disagree- you can not molest children or deal drugs when you are dead.


      Well said Butch.
      Its in the nature of the baby boomers to alter their blood chemistry. They can’t stand their music or their morals without them. Armageddon is the bible prescribed solution. To our Liberal-minded readers, sorry to be so truthful. I know it hurts.
      Bars on the Windows locks on the doors that’s the fruit of the summer of love.
      Panhandlers drug Peddlers Clinton and Gore that’s the fruit of the summer of love.
      In 1967 you had aged to twenty-one the permissive generation; not controlled by anyone.
      You are our sons and daughters and you’re here to orchestrate the one-world governmental power that will have a sorry fate.
      To homogenize humanity is clearly your intent, in defiance of the lessons taught in God’s Old Testament.
      You’ve built a Tower of Babel called the worldwide Internet, and perversion is approved of by the gay and lesbian set.
      And you do not respect the past it has no relevance, you disobey your parents, their traditions make no sense.
      “Trust no one over thirty” was your destructive bawl well now you’re reaching fifty there is no trust at all.
      You children of the new age have transformed wrong to right your non-judgmental P.C. declares it’s wrong to fight.
      But fight we must against a foe Satanic as can be whose emptied churches, filled the jails, its plain for all to see.
      It is written in the Scriptures that children shall oppress, and if we tend to spare the rod, they’ll do it more, not less.
      This honest observation proves the bibles words are true, read Second Timothy Chapter three, it is describing you.

      Quote, “In the last days perilous times shall come, for men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, proud, boasters, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, false accusers, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, high minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God, having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof. For of this sort are they that creep into houses of silly women, laden with sins and led away with diverse lusts, ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” End quote.
      I need to add a postscript to this rhyming expose’ you’ve had your revolution we see it more each day.
      Of course you couldn’t know it but, God is using you, you’ve proved the truth of prophecy with all the things you do.
      It’s not God’s thing to force you to recognize His power. He pleads for you to come to Him before the final hour.

      ©Clive Baldwin. August 9, l993

      • http://centurylink motorhome

        sounds like ur describing jon boehner/mark sanders/jon ensign/bill clinton /eisenhower/j edgar hoover what a real piece of [offensive word removed] he was and now we have a gov p[olice force formed by him modeled after vhis perverted justice y wont the fbi certify there labs and investigative policys????obama is what u get when u have 8 12 years of murder mayhem in the name of freedom???i e cheney where did he get money 2 give the taliban 4 pipeline thru afganistan and when they didnt deliver his words therell be pipeline or bombs ur choice quit [offensive term removed] arrest him he murdered 3500 people 4 greed??? motohome

        • Conservative at Birth

          Why don’t you take a remeial course in language, so that somebody that is interested in your drivel may better understand it.

      • http://centurylink motorhome

        piece of shit is not offensive word cheney is offensive word????

        • http://centurylink motorhome

          angel were not n 4 a bad time go 2 ur proctoligist we r n it all ready and its going 2 get a lot worse???ask cheney were the money came from 4 taliban 4 pipeline thru afganistan???????corruption run strong and deep????

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I don’t know about the rest of them, but until you quit texting, I’m not reading anything more by you!! Just too much trouble!!

          • Ellen1

            Agreed, Joe H!

      • Kate8

        CLIVE – Well done! We are, indeed, in the prophetic times.

        It’s astonishing that we have so many among us who do not see this. I know many people who think our current condition is progress!

        • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


          “It’s astonishing that we have so many among us who do not see this.”

          That is also prophesy.

          • Kate8

            Old Henry – Indeed it is. Because of their rebellion, He causes a delusion to come over them, and they are deceived.


            And no matter how bad things get for them, they refuse to change their ways.

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


        That is one of the most wonderful, profound posts I have read here. Thank you for putting it up.

        I am an early boomer and have been repulsed by my generation as a whole since my teen years in the 60s where I grew up. However, I never did drugs. Drank a little beer, but never swallowed….

        Thanks again.
        Old Henry

    • doug

      I agree Butch, how about the death sentence for drinking while driving, smoking while driving, and texting while driving???

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


        That’ll work if someone dies as the result.

    • Cy

      You could always move to China. Someone with such high opinions as having “mandatory death sentence for drug dealers” should be surrounded by like minded people.

      • Lewis Munn

        And China is eating our lunches and dinners while we are too high to notice!! And too high to make sensible decisions.

        They work while we party!! And it shows, in our jobless rate, and in the low quality goods that we purchase from them and use.

        • Ellen1

          The Chinese people work as literal slaves controlled by their totalitarian government…….we’ll be there soon.

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


        Move to Europe so you can be surrounded by like-minded people.

        You can also pay even higher taxes over there to support those vermin.

    • Richr

      Right On Butch !!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry



      The one exception I would make is execute drug dealers after the FIRST conviction. They are simply molesting our children in a more subtle manner.

      Use a gallows and a rope. Put it on the evening news. Show it the next day in our high schools.

      Also, execute rapists and the “three time loosers”. Why should hard-working taxpayers have to support that vermin for the rest of their lives? Three squares a day, free medical care, etc. We can let the taxpayers keep their property – AKA money.

      • barbm

        if you’re a Christian, you don’t believe in abortion because it’s murder. yet, you have no problem talking about putting others to death. thou shalt not kill. i do NOT believe in either abortion or the death penalty. i do believe all pedophiles, murderers, and rapist should get life without parole. unfortunately, our prisons are so full of people convicted of drug related offenses that there isn’t room to keep the bad guys in and keep the druggies in also. so they’re letting the bad guys out to keep the druggies in. you can say druggies are bad guys too, but whom would you rather have living next door, a pot smoker or a pedophile?

        • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

          Do some reading in the Old Testament. It is all laid out there.

          Jesus said He came to fullful the Law, not to change it.

        • karolyn

          Death is no punishment; it is a reward. The spirit is freed from this cumbersome body. Life in prison is the worst punishment anybody can get. Depriving a person of their freedom is the ultimate.

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


            Death is a reward only for those who die in Jesus Christ. Death for those outside Christ (atheists, Muslims, etc.) is eternal punishment.

            Paying non-stop confiscatory taxes to support those vermin is indeed hell on earth.

          • karolyn

            Old Henry – You have your belief; I have mine.

        • gary wilcox

          Well said.Make a place for the creep,not the pot smoker.

        • Kate8

          barb – The Commandment is Thou shalt not murder. That’s different from kill. Scripture says that if we intentionally take a life, our life is to be taken. Also, we certainly have the right to defend our own lives, or those of another being threatened.

          Did the Israelites have a prison population? I don’t think so. I think they swiftly took care of murderers. There was a place of refuge for those who accidentally took a life.

          On the other hand, God allowed Cain to live, but afflicted him with some sort of mark. And Yeshua said that if we hate, we are guilty of murder.

          Interesting question, isn’t it? I suspect some common sense is in order here, although we are in short supply of that these days.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          you are comparing apples and oranges again!!! Name just one crime the unborn have committed??? A child molester should either be put to death or turned over to the parents!!! A building, a nail, a hammer, a knife and a fire would solve the whole thing!!! Never to offend again!!!!

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

            If given a choice I think I would lean toward the molester. They can be shot, buried in the timber and no one would much care what happened, or where they were.

            Shoot a pot-head and everyone would be up in arms.

            I worked with a fella years ago who had lived in the “hills” most of his life. He told me in a conversation one day that “back home” they had a child molester in their town who had practiced his trade. They did not call the police. They took the SOB into the woods, nailed his scrotum to a stump, set the stimp on fire, gave him a knife and left. He was never seen again.

            Now that’s a solution!

    • karolyn

      I can just see you bein happy with your kid facing the death penalty for using or selling drugs! The trouble with people like you is you need to be educated. The tunnel-vision you display is just plain ignorant!

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

        Alright O Wise One.

        Educate the masses who are sick and tired of having their money, earned from working 60 to 70+ hours a week at two and three jobs, stolen from them by the government to support these vermin.

        Oh, I did not say anthing about users, only dealers. They are the ones who create the users by their predatory actions of selling drugs.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Old Henry,
          Her father should have introduced her to tough love!! My friend turned his son into the police for theft and the kid went to jail for six months!! He hasn’t stolen a thing from his father since!!! Or anybody else for that matter!!

      • karolyn

        I have to find the article that someone posted last month about how the war on drugs is keeping black youth down because selling drugs is so lucrative. It’s a really good article.

    • Ozlanthos

      I AGREE! We need to kill all of them! Including the bankers that profit off of the money laundering, the politicians that have allowed it to go on for so long, the cops who take bribes and kick-backs to look the other way and/or sell drugs themselves…all of them!


  • Iris

    The year I was born, 1933, drugs were made illegal that had all been legal. The absolute law of supply and demand immediately went into play, driving the costs of drugs up once they were illegal. Until then, anyone could have bought whatever they desired at the local drugstore.

    Once the supply dwindled and the cost went up, drugs became a profitable and illegal enterprise. There is no doubt that drug use can be dangerous for the user. It is now an absolute proven fact that drugs are now dangerous for any innocent who happens to get in the way. If fools want to ever dose themselves, as sad as that may be, who are you (or I?) to stop them. After prohibition was eliminated, I have no doubt that some fools killed themselves with alcohol and still do, but the innocent people who have nothing to do with it are far safer than they were in the prohibition days.

    Legalize drugs, they will then drop in price and will be taxed. Will some fools overdose (mostly in California) and die? Yes. But other innocents will live.

    • Lewis Munn


      What about all the innocents who are killed every year by drunk drivers, drunk on legal and widely sold beverages?

      You need to consider the slaughter on the highways, and the crimes also, caused by the ready availability of beverage alcohol.

      Yet you say we are better off to have legalized this dangerous drug?

      • mark

        How many people are killed by elderly drivers. I live in Florida, there is noting more dangerous than an elderly driver that can just barely see over the steering wheel.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          So adding millions of legal drug users is better?!?!?!

        • Ellen1

          We’ve already got millions of legal drug users who are driving. The age gets lower and lower but if you ask so many older people what drugs they’re ingesting, you’d be appalled at the laundry list they’ll produce. These drugs slow the cognition and reflexes and probably a lot more. These are LEGAL drugs, folks. As long as we continue to support a “health care” industry whose idea of treatment is to merely suppress symptoms and thereby create new problems things will never change.

          Conventional “wisdom” in this country is to ask your doctor about this or that drug. Last I knew, our bodies are NOT deficient in drugs.

    • Libertarian

      you are dead on!
      before we can engage in ANY meaningful discussion we MUST know the history as well what other countries have done SUCCESSFULLY!

      Here are 3 picks:
      1) what Portugal has done in response to a horrific problem caused by the abuse of drugs & how successful they have been,
      2) what the Prison Industrial Complex has done in the US &
      3) WHO benefits by the present system.

      1) – Drug Decriminalization in Portugal: Lessons for Creating Fair and Successful Drug Policies | Glenn Greenwald | Cato Institute: White Paper

      2) – War on Drugs (The Prison Industrial Complex) (1999) -this is already 12 years old!!!

      3) – American.Drug.War.The.Last.White.Hope.avi

      As far as Afghanistan is concerned: yes it is about the pipe line from the Caspian Basin (worth 12-15 trillion $) &… poppy fields (which the Taliban almost completely eliminated, chocking of supply of heroin to close to 0%!)

      • eddie47d

        The costs to incarcerate are always higher than rehabilatation.That also overburdens States and taxpayers money. Yet we keep doing it and the drug wars continue. So much for cause and effect assesments and learning anything.

  • combustioneer

    Legalization and regulation of cocain, marijuana, … will remove the lucrative nature of the illeagal drug trade , improve the finances of the source nations, make the drug use safer for those who partake due to the removal of the dangerous cutting products used by illicit dealers, remove the fear of prosecution that prevents many from seeking help, add to the tax revenue of states and federal govt. There is no downside to this. Those who want to use will and do now. Those who say that we would see a dramatic increase in DUI incidents, discount the fact that the laws against drugs don’t stop people from using them. Yes it is true that some who are respectful of law may try them if the laws change, these are responsible people who would use them responsibly just as the majority of people who use alcohol do so responsibly. It is time to recognize AGAIN that prohibition doesn’t work. Put the cartels out of business. Stop filling our prisons. Facilitate a huge drop in violent crime. End the “Drug War”, declare peace on those who use drugs and help those who want to stop and can’t.

    • http://centurylink motorhome

      to quote nixon im not a crook but he is a murderer 1956 guatamalahis friends didnt want agov of by 4 people who would pick there banansand we backed dictatores 4 50 years we r the criminals????and reagan north drugs weapons to get carter out of office so cia could deal/sell drugs guns can any of there agents pass forensic financial exam that worked n central south america NO the war on drugs was another way 4nixon and his cronies 2 make billions its all a ponzi schememoney guns drugs while we the people r the ones lockd up not the perps??????

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

        And then there is dick-for-brains and his slaughter of American women and children by governmnet forces on our own soil at Waco.

    • Lewis Munn


      You then believe we should remove all restrictions on guns, also? Same idea. If we all can have all the guns we want, will this reduce shooting asnd crime using guns?

      I see no difference with getting drunk, running a red light at high speed, and killing a carload of innocent kids, than arming with lots of guns and shooting up carloads of innocent kids.

      Think of the results of what you say, if generalized, and explain why one situation is perfectly OK to kill innocents and the other is not!

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


        There absolutely should be no gun regulations. None.

        • Vicki

          I have always been amused at the ability of people to read. How hard is it really to understand “…shall NOT be infringed”.

        • Ellen1

          ABSOLUTELY !! The Second Amendment leaves no room for ANY restrictions or regulations. An armed society is a polite society.

    • gary wilcox

      to;Combustioneer,MY centaments right to the point.Why does not the gov,see it that way.This country needs a new tax base.Let the pot smokers get us out of this mess.It seems the gov cant do it.This would take money from the cartels, hit them in the poket,now that is war.Prohibition didnot work,why then does the gov.keep trying faild policy.I think our in a state of ALTERED REALIT.Prohibition lasted about 8yrs,The ware on drugs 40+.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      NO DOWN SIDE????? Are YOU gonna take care of all the druggies that can’t take care of themselves?? Are you gonna take care of their kids??? I don’t think you are equipped moneyt wise, son!!! Why the hell should we the people have to support people that are sick from a self induced sickness??? Get real, kid!!

  • renegade

    The Government should at least leagalize pot to clean out some jail space for the real drug dealers. Sell pot in gov approved stores and use the profits off of sells to fight the coke, meth, heroin smugglers.Have never seen anything really wrong with pot. The only thing wrong with pot is it is illegel.Use the profits off pot sells to fight drug smugglers not everyones tax money.

    • http://centurylink motorhome

      u ever see pot smoker start fight ,rob ,rape ,kill NO no and no but listen 2 fbi s bullshit a criminal org started by criminal run by criminal and they still honour him what does that tell u about them???leaglize drugs and the illicit market will evaporate/ what the hell u got doctors writing hundreds scripts day makn killn off perscription drugs thats ok they went 2 college and there helpn there drug manfacturingcorp criminal drug buddies what a country.when i was n first grade they had us divn under our desk in case of nuclear attack i wouldn t do it a desk wasnt going 2 protect and i was n seventh grade and knew better and i still dont believe any of there bullshit??motohome

      • libertytrain

        Remember in the old movie Airplane when the flight attendant asked if anyone spoke Jive, and “Leave it to Beaver’s” best dressed mom, said “I do.” I sadly do not speak “text.”

        • Kate8

          libertytrain – Nor do I. Sadly, it seems to be the new Amerikan language.

          Today, everything is cheapened, nothing has value.

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


        Will you please bone up on your spelling, typing and grammar?!

        It looks like you are a product of the modern liberal school system.

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


        Yea, I always did think of FDR as a criminal.

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

      That would also help the farming industry by giving them another cash crop.

      Adds new meanign the line Way out here, on my John Deere….

      • gary wilcox

        To Old Henry; Now that is green jobs,go pot green.

  • Steve

    Why must we win the war on drugs? What reasonable excuse does the government have to ban it’s people from doing something they want as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of some one else. I don’t see how it’s possible in a ‘free’ country to force a percentage of the people to not do something they want to with out making those who would provide access to what those people both rich and underground heroes. If some one wants to sit around getting stoned out of their mind and maybe destroy their own life for the moments of enjoyment they have getting stoned, why should you, I or the government have the right to not let them have the kind of life they chose. War over, gangs are no longer heroes, they no longer have huge sums of money, people are more free to build or destroy their own lives as they see fit…

    • katerina

      @Steve- You are so right. We do NOT have the right to tell others what to do or how to live nor does our Nanny state. And this is why the war on drugs will never be won by those who seek to control the lives and decisions of others.

      • Vicki

        Therein is the problem with the war on (some) drugs. It is not about winning. Its about control.

        For a TRULY free people the possession of ANYTHING created, grown, obtained without fraud or theft, can not be illegal.

    • Lewis Munn


      The problem is that they do not stay at home and not bother anybody else.

      I had a friend who believed as you say, until her car was stolen by her friend high on pot, and wrecked, taking away her livelihood, and thus she lost her house, unable to keep up payments.

      Victimless crime? I don’t think so! He would have been high and stolen her car whether Pot was legal or not!

      • Vicki

        Lewis Munn says:
        February 23, 2011 at 10:35 am
        “Victimless crime? I don’t think so! He would have been high and stolen her car whether Pot was legal or not!”

        Making the point that the crime (with a victim) is car theft. Not pot use.

    • Kate8

      Steve – Sure. Let them destroy their own lives. If they are set on doing it they’ll find a way, anyway.

      What I would add to that is, if they choose that route, they cannot count on society to pick up the tab for their shattered lives. A bit of self-accountability would go a long way here. Consequences are great educators.

      • Vicki

        kate8 writes:
        “What I would add to that is, if they choose that route, they cannot count on society to pick up the tab for their shattered lives.”

        Only if we stop obamacare :) and other liberal control dreams.

        • Kate8

          Vicki – We need to start saying NO to Congress and the Usurper. They are the ones in the wrong here, not us. Unfortunately, we’ve become sniveling spineless livestock who think we have to bow to “authority”, no matter how egregious, immoral or unlawful.

          I, for one, do not intend to EVER sign up for Odumbocare, no matter what they try to do. If a large enough percentage of us stood up to them, we’d win, one way or another.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            The problem is even before Noblama got in office, we were supporting and caring for these drug addicted jerks!! We will continue to care for them for a self inflicted “sickness” untill we get REAL tough on the a$$holes!!

          • Vicki

            Until I see the entry on the tax form I don’t know what will be necessary to make the point. It will have to involve 10′s of millions of us though. Otherwise they will just throw us in jail for refusing to pay the “tax”. We know it is a tax cause the government said so when arguing in court that they had the power to force all of us to pay into obamacare.

  • Lray

    For all that has been spent and all the ideas that have been put out there to control the drug problem I have yet to see anyone do anything to cut the money flow. Why are we letting them get their money laundred. Seems a simple solution to me but then some of the big banks would get their toes stepped on if the laws were enforced. God forbid if that happened!!

    • Vicki

      Lray writes:
      “Why are we letting them get their money laundred. ”

      We arn’t. RICO. And you see how well that works.

  • katerina

    We must end the war on drugs. I am very conservative in my own life and do not take drugs, smoke, drink, etc however that decision is mine to make. However, that being said, politically I am a libertarian and that means that I do not push my values on others. But rather, believe, that anyone of legal age should be able to do to their own body that which they choose. Government should have authority over the bodies of their citizens. As long as you do not cause harm to another human being you should be able to put into your body whatever drugs or whatever you wish to. The war on drugs is a waste of money. Since Nixon the war has not been won. We are losing this war and will continue to lose it until we legalize drugs. End the prohibition. Yes, more people will try drugs but also if you study civilized countries that allow drug use, only 5% of their people even try the drugs. Because of our social makeup here- more than 5% will try drugs and some more might become addicted but the money we would spend A LOT less money on rehab than on fighting the war on drugs. Really, I am very empathetic but that empathy should not lead to controlling another person’s decisions. Their agency is theirs, not mine and not the governments. If people want to OD on Heroine, let them.

    • Johnnyrite

      Very well said. Thank you Katerina!

  • Stephen

    The prohibition of cannabis has to be one of the crimes of the century. It has so many positive attributes it is mind blowing. A couple of interesting Videos on the subject are What If Cannabis Cured Cancer. This has the science and research. Magic Weed gets into the other industrial characteristics of this plant. And if you want to understand one of the reasons government isn’t credible watch Grass, laugh and cry at the ridicules propaganda campaign.

    • JIBBS

      Did you know that every part of a pot plant is useful, seeds for baking, rope, cooking oil, medical, ect, ect. Hemp jeans last twice as long as cotton jeans and would drive down the cost of cotton.

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


        Hemp jeans? You know, when we saw a hot chick in a pair of tight jeans that would add new meaning to the term “smokin’ hot”…..

    • http://centurylink motorhome

      henery ford wanted to grow dope 4 the oil and fiber 4 industial use that would have infringed on oil-petro bussiness he was shot down what a country???and there still tryn 2 tell us that clean energy is long way foo while they make billions keep sukn there left nut???the cheneys bush saudias love u 4 it???bush family has 100 thousand acre estate n argintinia and now weve made deal 2 station marines near them on base down there 4 there protection and we the people have 2 pay 4 this pull the marines and let bush family pay out of there pockets if they want protction its not 4 us 2 provide 4 them out of this country??? motohome

  • BigBadJohn

    The only way to end the war on drugs is to take the profit out of it.
    Legalize drugs.
    The only reason there a turf wars and shootouts over drugs is the amount of money that some low life hoods can make on it. That is the same reason you see pushers in the school yards – lot of money to be made.

    Legalize drugs, regulate them and tax the s— out of them. Use the tax money for rehab programs and education programs.
    There is a certain percentage of our population that will always do drugs – period. So give them enough cheap high quality drugs so they can fit back into society or kill themselves trying.

    Most here scream about loss of freedoms. Look at the war on drugs. Reagan introduced seizure laws to “get the drug dealers”. According to these laws, the government can confiscate your property and you have no recourse to get it back – all in the name of the war on drugs.

    Clinton took this good idea and pushed it even further, he gave local police forces the right to be judge, jury and beneficiary of drug related seizures. The police get to keep a hefty percentage of proceeds from seizures. Some departments have even used this law to confiscate your car for DWI or drag racing.

    Right now due to mandatory sentencing laws the jails are over flowing with small time pot dealers. Often they have let rapists and hardened criminals loose on parole to make room for pot dealers.
    Something has got to change.

    • Dan az

      We AGREE on this one thanks!

    • Buddy

      Big John is correct. If there is no law against drugs, there will be no profit in merchandizing drugs. Hence pushers will be out of business.

      Seems simple – it is simple. But the war on drugs just justifies more (costly) government controls.

    • meteorlady

      You are correct. PBS did a serious on drug use and laws in Europe and they seem to have a much better perspective than we do about it all. There are always addictive personalities – whether it’s alcohol or drugs and those people will always be self-destructive.

      Just legalize them and let the market settle where it will. The offer rehab for those that want to better themselves. Let the rest kill themselves, they are going to anyway.


    Mom, my stomach hurts….I think I’ve overdosed on government control and abuse !

    • BigBadJohn

      LOL Good one

  • Chris

    What drives the drug problem? DEMAND. The drug cartels are only providing a service that Americans demand. From 1919 to 1932, it was prohibition, but Americans demanded their alcohol and nothing could decrease the demand. Today, it’s “illegal drugs”. What makes them illegal? More Americans die from cigarette related causes, alcohol related causes, automobile related causes, and gun related incidents. Yet they are all legal.

    I think it is time for us to stop declaring “war” on everything. After all, we haven’t won a war since 1945. Let’s think about legalizing, decriminalizing, and putting the drug cartels out of business. Legalize, control, and tax just like we do for alcohol. It is a lost cause to attempt to decrease demand.

  • Henry Ledbetter

    W00e can never win the war on drugs as long as the FDA INSIST that big pharma is the answer to all our physical problems. All the research money goes to develop the new drugs that is responsible for much of the drug addiction in America.

    • barbm

      i can’t use pharmacy drugs for pain. when i had surgery not long ago, as soon as i was able, i made them stop giving me morphine because it was making me so sick. i can’t use tylenol 3, vidodin, any heroin derivative. the nurses were losing their minds becuae i wouldn’t take anything for pain. i’d rather hurt then take that stuff. i finally told them i’d take a regular tylenol if it’d make them feel better. i stopped smoking pot many years ago because i had too much to lose if arrested. however, when i got home that day, a friend of mine from the old days was there who does still smoke pot. she had one rolled and ready when i walked through the door. since i was already retired, my kids are grown and gone, and i had nothing to lose but pain, i smoked it. 10 secons later, i felt nothing but a little high. a fabulous medicinal weed has been taken off the table because of the narrow-mindedness of the government. it is NOT a drug. it is a natural growing weed.

  • Cribster

    I think the most damage being done to the country is from the use of illegal AND legal drugs being used by members of the senate and house of reps.

    Antidepressants are widespread, they fowl up reasonable thinking. It is one reason that would explain the insane policies put forth by our misguided “leaders.” Of course there is also the quest for power and money that corrupts the best of people.

    You can hear it in the voices of people like Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi. It’s a slight speech impediment born of brain damage.

    • JR

      unfortunately, drug abuse is not just confined to the left or center it is also rampant in conservative circles. Meth has destroyed many a good conservative….of all ages. I Wyoming, meth is rampant in oil field workers, farmers, judges, police, everywhere… possession of Marijuana or hash and opium is in most cases a parking ticket up to 12 ounce.
      Meth abuse is also rampant in the heart land of the US and no social or political faction is immune. Where I live, in excess of 90% of the people are conservative and Meth abuse is out of hand. And don’t forget the drug that causes more death and sick people, more abuse and child abuse of all…..alcohol.

      So, do yourself a big favor and take off your political blinders. Drug abuse is NOT linked to any political faction, blind hate though is.

      • Bruce D.

        None of my friends or family take drugs. I would not have anyone who took drugs as a friend. While it may be a huge problem in America there are many who find the use of drugs as being of low character.

        • JR

          Unfortunately, you may not even know, Meth, coke or prescription drug abuse can very seldom be noticed until the person is at a point of self destruction. Your best friend could be abusing Meth and you would never know.

          • Bruce D.

            You should be more aware of the problems associated with drugs and you would be aware of those who are taking them.

          • Bruce D.

            Mostly people who take drugs find their behavior to be normal. It is not difficult to pick up on the erratic emotional behavior of drug users or their over emphasis on what would be considered something normal.

          • karolyn

            Bruce, M’thinks you know not what you’re talking about.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            bruce is more correct than you think! watch a person on any kind of speed. If you can’t tell, you are blind and deaf!! check out a person that has just poped a good score of heroin. Guarantee if you can see, you can tell!! You can even tell most times a person is high on pot!!

        • AnhydrousBob

          Bruce D:
          Hmmmmmmm, while I may not be an addict, I’m sure happy I dont have to rely on friends like you. I would probably “fail” in some way to pass muster with you.
          However, I fully support your right to choose with whom you associate. I just wish you would extend that right to others – the right to control their own bodies and do with it what they will – as long as no one else is harmed.

          • Bruce D.

            Business and productivity are harmed as people who are not all there tend to make mistakes and are proned to injury. I would like to see the social safety net done away with before any drugs are legalized but that will never happen. If people take drugs they should be truly responsible for their own life, health, and outcome of their own actions.

        • mark

          You are a very narrow minded person!

        • barbm

          i wonder how many of your friends and family use and don’t tell because they know you’re a teetotaler. you didn’t say you and they don’t drink alcohol. i NEVER drink alcohol as it’s a depressant and makes you aggressive. i’m already aggressive enough. :) i smoked pot for years before i told anybody outside my little circle, and they were all shocked becuase they never realized it even though i was high many times i was around them. a bit of visine and a spritz of perfume, and i was good to go.

          • Bruce D.

            To me people ought to know when someone is not all there when they are talking to them,especially with pot. To me pot makes a person seem stupid and it is obvious. I am always surprised when people say they do not have a clue. Especially someone who works for you or some who you are familiar with. I do not understand why people do not have better powers of observation.

      • Cribster

        I never said only one political faction is guilty, I just picked two of the biggest miscreants. I’ll throw in McCain if that makes you happy.

        And why is “hate” thrown around so loosely by some people. I am not a hateful person but it seems to be first and foremost on your mind.

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


        Doesn’t meth eat holes in your brain? Or, is that urbn legend?

        • libertytrain

          One of my acquaintances had a big problem with her meth former-live-in boyfriend. She mentioned it was destroying his brain (according to his doctor).

  • JR

    The only reason we have this “”war on drugs is because Big Pharmaceutic Corporadions and the drug lords are paying our so called representatives to keep it that way.
    If there would be any profit in it for big pharma, the war on drugs would be over long time ago. If drugs would not be illegal, the situation in Mexico would NOT happen, there would be NO drug lords and gangsters to break the law and kill people.

    It is in the drug lords best interest to keep drugs illegal that way they can make the most profit.
    But as always, the federal government is acting like the elephant in the glass store. It would have been far more sensible to regulate and tax the usage. This way the pharma corporations could have made at least a small profit, people selling it legally could have made a profit, the state would have had taxes that could be used to deal with the abuses…the same abuses we have to deal with ANYWAYS….only under the current system, all taxpayers have to pay for it and the user is in for a free ride.

    • meteorlady

      Wrong – Mexico is a third world country with not enough money, jobs or anything much to take care of it’s citizens. The entire political structure is corrupt.

      We have drugs manufactured in this country to keep us going for quite some time. We really don’t need Mexico much for anything. But, since Mexicans are adept at taking advantage of a situation, they come here for a new market and money which they can’t get from their own citizens.

      No, I don’t blame drugs on the influx of illegals, I blame it on economics and the fact that they can come here and take us to the cleaners by stealing our identities, taking every entitlement they can get their hands on, having more children than they can afford to take care of thus sticking us with their bills, and getting free education and health care.

  • steve

    To “win” the war on drugs, legalize all drugs and have them dispensed for free at all hospitals.

    Don’t legalize and tax. Legalize and dispense freely to all comers.

    Legalization removes the “glamor”,and the profit, thereby reducing demand and supply.

    Drug addicts don’t vote – and even if some do, they couldn’t, in their most befuddled state choose worse than they did in 08.

    Suicide would then be painless and bring on positive changes.

    Many here, as do I, believe in ending the nanny state and restoring individual rights. Individual rights allow freedom of choice and bring an objective mandate for individual responsibility. Choose wisely.

    • JR

      You are wrong,
      Drug addicts VOTE, in our county Meth and drug abuse is rampant. It is a conservative county with the voters voting conservative 90% of the time with a high turnout.
      The cliche that all drug addicts are losers that hang out in a corner and live they’re life in a stupor is just that….a cliche.
      Most Meth and coke users are fully functional in society…in fact, that is the big draw of meth because it is a boosting drug that lets you accomplish a lot more in the same time.
      So, before you come up with such nonsense do yourself a favor and research the topic. The reason most drug users in the end end up in misery is not because the drug inherently causes that but because its illegal and utterly expensive. And thus in order to get the fix they have to resort to crime. Make it legal and a lot of societies problems will go away. But making it legal is NOT in the interest of the lawmakers, pharmaceutical companies, drug lords and any of the many for profit treatment centers out there…unfortunately also many churches that get government subsidies to care for drug addicts and have invested in multi-million dollar rehab centers. There is MORE money to be made for all involved keeping the status quo…….all but the addict…

      • steve

        “and even if some do, they couldn’t, in their most befuddled state choose worse than they did in 08.”

        If you wish, I’ll accept that drug addicts vote – it would finally resolve Obama’s election in my mind. Obviously the result of drug-induced irrationality.

        Fact remains – remove the profit motive and the associated drug problems created by the phony war go away.

        At that point, those interested in saving the users may do so unhindered by me, (as long as they don’t use tax dollars to achieve that end) – and the “problem” of the user will be one that would possibly be of such small scale that the private sector could handle it. At least, nobody would be interested in preventing anyone from helping users/addicts.

        The phony war on drugs merely proves, once again, there are few problems the gubmint can solve better than the private sector.

        By the way,JR, if you wish to challenge me to a debate, based on one of my posts, please be so kind as to actually read what I have written.

      • steve

        In addition, I deal with the public everyday, and I see the results of meth and other addictive drugs. It IS the effects of drugs that are harmful – physically and psychologically – and yes, users ARE losers, no matter how long or briefly they are “fully functional” in society.

        The fact that these frankensteins were created by the war on drugs does not change the facts.

      • meteorlady

        So JR meth is a good thing in your book. I always love seeing these toothless and aged people running around. I love the fact that they bring in their trailers, camp out on someone’s land and cook the stuff. We had one blow up a few months ago and a child in a neighboring house was killed.

        • karolyn

          You just can’t protect EVEYBODY! And what’s wrong with death anyway?

          • S.C.Murf

            You are one sick puppy karolyn and I pray that Jesus has no mercy on your soul.

          • karolyn

            Jesus is my brother and loves me; and he even loves you although you’re the one who’s sick! That’s a hell of a thing to pray for, SC. Death is a wonderful natural release from life on this planet. The spirit is freed from the cumbersome body it’s had to carry around for so long. What’s wrong with that belief?

          • Vicki

            karolyn is correct. You can’t protect everybody. Conservatives point out over and over that a nanny state is NOT good for people. That means that a state that insists on controlling the ownership of guns is wrong. That ALSO means that a state that insists on controlling the ownership of weeds (and poppies and other herbs) is JUST AS WRONG.

            For a TRULY free people the possession of ANYTHING created, grown, obtained without fraud or theft, can not be illegal.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          you just THOUGHT they were aged!!! That’s what they begin to look like after about ten to fifteen years of heavy use!!!

        • JR

          I did not say it is good, but the reason it causes most of the problems is because it is illegal to make and use. As long as the person can make a huge profit, he will cook it in his trailer…and some of them blow up. The teeth don’t get destroyed from meth but from the use of an ungodly amount of pop and other sugared drinks to fight the dry mouth. Research causes and effect. All that can be addressed with legalization and control. It would cost a lot less to do that then what we pay now. Unfortunately, Meth has become the drug of choice in Americas heartland independent from the political and religious affiliations. Anyone that tells me that he can spot a meth user (unless he is in his destructive stage)by just looking at them is utterly delusional. Meth will destroy Americas middle class and conservative America far more effective then Obama or any liberal politics. And there is another clue, The middle class left and educated left stays away from meth..they have other less destructive means. They stay away and watch the American conservative heartland destroy itself…You think “they” want the war on drugs to stop? Hell NO.

    • meteorlady

      I would never want any of my tax dollars going to dispense drugs. However, I would like to see them legal and let the market settle. We would probably have cheaper drugs and less crime like Europe.

      • steve


        If you legalize and tax, you give the gubmint a motive to “encorage” use.

        Based on their track record, do you feel we could trust them not to abuse that choice?

        Legalize and Dispense.

    • Lewis Munn


      How many innocent people would be killed by those on drugs, even if they are free drugs. Free drugs are no less deadly, and maybe more so since people would take more and be out of their rational minds more of the time.

      If you don’t believe, look at the drug ethyl alcohol, and the slaughter of the innocents on our highways from drunk drivers!!

      • karolyn

        Just because something is made legal does not mean that more of it will be used, not by the majority anyway.

    • Vicki

      Steve writes:
      “To “win” the war on drugs, legalize all drugs and have them dispensed for free at all hospitals.”

      For FREE? You want yet ANOTHER entitlement? Just legalize and let the free markets (capitalism) take care of the details. Weed is cheap to grow.

      • Kate8

        How are drugs supposed to dispensed for free? Only a liberal could come up with something like that.

        Either they would have to be paid for by the taxpayer, or there won’t be any drugs. Big Pharma is in business for only ONE reason: obscene

        I’m all for doing away with pharmaceuticals. That would solve a host of problems.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Thanks alot!! I’m an insulin diabetic!!! I have tried about all the natural aids to no avail, except to about a 20% drop in levels by taking a 1000 unit vitamin E every night! It also helps my cholesterol. There are some pharmaceuticals that are needed!

          • Kate8

            Joe H. – Obviously we need a few pharmaceuticals for conditions like yours. Besides, we need you, Joe!

            But we could do away with the vast majority of drugs and get along much better. In fact, I just read of some studies that showed that, whether drugs or placebos, they worked if the patients BELIEVED would work. What if people had more faith in natural remedies, instead of being convinced that they are worthless? Can anything work if one has faith that it won’t?

            Besides, drugs are killing people, even the legal ones.

        • steve

          Kate8 – u will never meet anyone less liberal than I in your life.

          We didnt get here overnight and we won’t escape overnight.

          Reduce the 60 billion spent each year on the war on drugs to 1 billion spent on dispensation of legal drugs. Believe me – the amount will go down each succeeding year. Okay, maybe it will cost 2 billion.
          But maybe it will cost alot less also. Remember – once drugs are legal they will be much cheaper. No profit motive, no supply. Peeps growing pot in their backyard will not need to buy any.If da gubmint gives it away, it won’t even be worth growing. It will get cheaper and cheaper. If it’s legal, teens won’t be attracted to it because there will no longer be an antidisestablishment motive – it won’t be “cool”.

          Put the ATF to work growing it. When we have a surplus, they can go out and get real jobs – if they can do anything.

          We were phased IN to statism – let’s phase OUT.

          • Kate8

            steve – What if we give everyone who is now addicted to drugs a year to get clean, and then they’re on their own. If they use again, and get into trouble, they go to jail. No more coddling.

            Then we make it really clear through proper educating that anyone who chooses to go down that path will have no public assistance. If they have their own money, okay, but the taxpayer will no longer be held liable for personal choices. Then let them see what happens to those who go there, anyway.

            Actions have consequences. There is plenty of information about what happens to drug users. There is no excuse for forcing those who work hard and take responsibility for themselves to foot the bill for others who make an informed choice. Remove the safety net, and I’ll bet they think twice about it.

          • Vicki

            Kate8 says:
            “What if we give everyone who is now addicted to drugs a year to get clean, and then they’re on their own. If they use again, and get into trouble, they go to jail. No more coddling.”

            How about we stop the coddling now. Use drugs. No big deal. Steal for whatever reason, go to jail. (Harder for special case of stealing food so I won’t go there)

            No year of coddling. No taxpayer paid drugs. No reason for us to pay for their dining choices.

            Steve can start a co-op farm and grow all the herbs he wants and give them away if he wants. Or even start a charity to buy drugs and give them away at “free clinics”. That is a proper use of freedom to provide a free product.

          • Vicki

            Steve I know you say you are not a liberal and you may well believe it but you seem to espouse quite a few liberal ideas.

            steve says:
            “Kate8 – u will never meet anyone less liberal than I in your life.

            We didnt get here overnight and we won’t escape overnight.”

            Yes we can. Repeal ALL drug laws. Quick and efficient. Doing bad things like theft and murder are still crimes. No special deals because you did it under the influence.

            steve: “Reduce the 60 billion spent each year on the war on drugs to 1 billion spent on dispensation of legal drugs. Believe me – the amount will go down each succeeding year. Okay, maybe it will cost 2 billion.”

            Better idea. Reduce to 0. Let Steve form a charity to collect donations to buy / grow herbs.

            “No profit motive, no supply.”

            There will ALWAYS be a profit motive because there will ALWAYS be a demand for some drugs

            Steve: “Peeps growing pot in their backyard will not need to buy any.”

            And peeps that don’t grow pot in their backyard will buy some.

            Steve: “If da gubmint gives it away, it won’t even be worth growing.”

            The government can not give anything away without taking it from someone. Hence the government “free drugs” are not free. It’s mommy government buying the child some “special” candy. Thus perpetuating the nanny state.

            Steve: “It will get cheaper and cheaper.”

            You said it is free. Just above there where the government gives it away.

            Steve: “Put the ATF to work growing it. When we have a surplus, they can go out and get real jobs – if they can do anything.”

            Classic socialism. Right out of the definition. State owns means of production and/or distribution. The ATF should be disbanded not encouraged to get into yet another business.

            steve: “We were phased IN to statism – let’s phase OUT.”

            The pot is slowly boiling. If we phase out we will be too weak.
            Let’s cut to the chase and hop out now. :)

        • Vicki

          Kate8 writes:
          “Big Pharma is in business for only ONE reason: obscene

          This is one of the liberal brainwash lies we really need to stop spreading for them. There is no such thing as obscene profit. In a truly free market competition will effectively regulate profits.

          Add government interference and you have crony capitalism with all the disruption of competition that it creates. I think that might be what you might have meant by “Big Pharma”.

  • AnhydrousBob

    The “War on Drugs” is really a war on Economic Law. We have spent billions to nullify the law of supply and demand, and wonder why we cannot win.

    Finding escape in drugs, alcohol, etc is a sad commentary on our society. Many people are destroying their lives by drug abuse. But giving someone with a drug problem a criminal record and spending all that money prosecuting and housing them is a ridiculous solution. Many prominent men at the beginning of the 20th century were addicted to drugs, and still functioned and contributed to society.

    The solution is to reduce demand – and the only way to do that is to help people overcome their addictions. But that only happens when they are ready. Isn’t it time for the churches of the nation to lead the way morally and not leave it to the government to use batons and jackboots to enforce “morality”?

    To say we need to “Legalize” drugs misses a crucial point – the government made something that grows naturally “Illegal” and began its ill conceived war on natural law (Supply and Demand) and with that war the collateral war on liberty.

    • barbm

      Finding escape in drugs, alcohol, etc is a sad commentary on our society. Many people are destroying their lives by drug abuse.

      in today’s society, we work way too much and find we have trouble relaxing when the time comes or even getting to sleep. if it was legal, i’d probably come home from work, cook dinner and get everything done for the night – dishes, shower, laundry, whatever – then i’d sit down and smoke one while watching a bit of tv before bed. i’d for sure have a twinkie before bed (or 2 or 3) :), then i’d fall asleep before my head hit the pillow. what’s so sad about that? and pot is NOT addictive, not physically anyway. smoking pot is not drug abuse. we could at least start with legalizing it.

      • AnhydrousBob

        Good Point barbm,

        As I wrote, thinking of drug use, I was considering those in the throes of addiction. Now, I can’t see a moral difference between allowing someone to control his own body completely or the government having a say in that. How is there any moral distinction between pot, coke, coca-cola (empty calories), heroin, vaccinations, prostitution, etc, being under the control of the government, or under the control of the owner of the body (or bodies in the case of prostitution).

        Either you own your body, or you don’t. Either you have liberty, or you don’t.

        • barbm

          if you wish to kill yourslef, you have my blessing. it’s your body. when my son was about 7, we were watching a sitcom that said somebody was a hooker. my son asked me what a hooker is. i told him it’s a man or woman who makes their living making other people happy by making them feel good. i don’t have a problem with prostitution if the pro is clean and disease free. there’s where the govt comes in. anything operating behind the line of the law is impossible to control. to keep dealers from lacing pot with heroin to get you hooked, to make sure no dangerous pesticides or other chemicals are used on it or in other drugs, and to control the age of people who can buy it can’t be done as long as it’s illegal. just as prostitutes can’t be made to have no health issues without it being legal and licensed.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            And just how do you make certain her last “customer” doesn’t have AIDS? There is nothing 100% certain!! Don’t try to convince me with fairy tales!!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            And BTW. What if her NEXT customer is a husband cheating on his wife, goes home and gives her it?? NEITHER victim knew they were infected yet three people run the chance of a horrible death!

        • Vicki

          AnhydrousBob writes:
          “Either you own your body, or you don’t. Either you have liberty, or you don’t.”

          Right you are and we have not had liberty in this country (USA) for MANY MANY years. Just think of all the things you have to go to nanny government to ask permission to do. That list is VERY VERY long.

          For a TRULY free people the possession of ANYTHING created, grown, obtained without fraud or theft, can not be illegal.

          • AnhydrousBob

            Right YOU are, Vicki. The ideas of Freedom and Liberty have roots everywhere, we just need to nourish them.

            We have to point out that the difference in a world without a Drug War will not be much different than now as far as the amount of drug use, but it will be a world without the crime and violence associated with the black market.

          • Vicki

            AnhydrousBob says:
            “…but it will be a world without the crime and violence associated with the black market.”

            Without the black market “in drugs”. And we have RECENT historical proof. Not just evidence. PROOF. Prohibition.

  • Tazio2013

    Legalize, Regulate and Tax is the only way to control the drug situation which is why it will NEVER happen as long as white wing wackos (palin beck and fox noise followers) and majority republikrats remain in power.

    • Vicki

      Well Tazio2013 since the mean evil (I think your ad hominem attack was at republicans) Republicans have been in control since Lincoln… Oh wait.


      2007 Democrats take control of House and Senate.
      2009 Democrats get supermajority and fillibuster proof control.
      2009 Democrats get a DEMOCRAT president who will sign most anything
      from democrats.

      Crickets chirping.
      Time passes
      Crickets chirping.
      Time passes.

      2011 Democrats loose control.

      So tell me please if you will Tazio2013…. Why is it that the war on drugs rages on? The republicans were completely shut out for 2 YEARS. Are democrats that useless? With full control and they still couldn’t end a little war on (some) drugs?

      Or maybe they didn’t want to. Maybe THEY are the problem.

      Side note they have not ended the evil bush terror wars yet either.

    • vicki

      I ask Tazio2013 “So tell me please if you will Tazio2013…. Why is it that the war on drugs rages on? ”

      His response. “”
      /Crickets chirping

  • Dan az

    I agree with the thoughts that if you tax the revenue of drugs by making it legal then the monies that big guv has wasted would be paid off pretty quick.They collect 56 billion a year just on alcohol thats not pocket change it is if your trying to lower the deficit by the way 60 billion is there number they think would show us their trying.RIGHT!

  • Tom

    Why does everyone lump harmless marijuana in with hard drugs?? Here in Colorado, the marijuana trade is legal, taxed, regulated, and safe, and NO cartels want anyhing to do with it.
    Any time a government declares war on it’s own people, there’s obviously something wrong.

    • meteorlady

      It may be legal in your state, but under Federal law it is not so be careful…..

  • Poorgrandchildren

    What is our exit strategy from the quagmire of the un-winnable War on Drugs? All we are doing is making drug lords even richer and more powerful than we made the alcohol lords during Prohibition.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      The only reason we are making them richer is because we don’t get serious about it! go to Mexico and tell them no more money from us untill they either get serious or let US get serious about eliminating the cartels!!! Seal the border. Tell the Columbian government the same thing!! We send all this money to these south American countries and they refuse to really do anything about control!! Let’s face it, the cartels, as rich as they are, can’t compete with what the US government sends to each of those countries!! IRRADICATE THE CARTELS!!!

  • Deryl

    Take the profit out of the so-called “war on drugs”, from BOTH sides.

    Only the most naive fail to recognize the HUGE profits made by law enforcement AND the corruption of law enforcement by willfully circumventing state laws to get even higher payoffs. The FBI and DEA have put themselves in the same position as a mafia capo. They allow local law enforcement to sieze private property, surrender it all to the Feds who take a cut off the top of the confiscated property, and then return the remainder directly back to the locals, circumventing state laws requiring those monies to be entered into a General Fund. When cops profit DIRECTLY from enforcing the law, corruption is soon to follow and privately owned prisons with their immoral activities
    are the culmination of that corruption. Making a profit from people being put in prison should scare the hell out of everyone. Only cowards and idiots relinguish their moral responsibilities to a stranger.

    End the Black Market and the war is OVER.

    The prohibition of any substance readily acquired or produced by an individual will never be successful and the public as a whole will suffer in the attempt, AS HISTORY HAS PROVED.

    With the prohibition of alcohol came a vicious black market that made huge profits and corrupted law enforcement. When intelligence returned to end prohibition, the criminals moved to create yet another black market…the War on Drugs.

    When we fail to learn from history, we doom ourselves to the same mistakes.

    • meteorlady

      Good post thanks.

  • HandyDan

    What grand hypocracy! To say the illegal drugs are destroying the Country and not make any mention of the devastation alcohol is causing! EVERYONE knows smoking weed is far safer on behavior and the body than alcohol abuse – yet we continue to criminalize its use cultivation and distribution. Much like the useless Dept of Energy and department of education, both of which are Bureaucratic Fiefdoms that, for ploitical reason will never bee disbanded and allowed to continue to waste taxpayer money we don’t have – the DEA and all law enforcement created to address the marijuana “problem” will never be disbanded lest some entitled public employees and their directors lose their power and jobs. What a sham!



  • jenersea

    Here is another thing that this country is divided on. Drug abuse does harm to everyone, the person and their families. Just be around it a little and you would see that it is true. I believe that if you want to do drugs and you see nothing wrong with it, then go ahead, but do not expect society to take care of you with treatment, which you will abuse or don’t commit crimes to support your habit. People do drugs to escape reality for the most part. As long as people do that then you will have the resulting problems. Of course, profits are to be made off of it on every level. You as a person cannot get much lower than drug dealing on any level. People who deal in misery and death for money, caring not a damn for the destruction they are doing. Steppenwolf said it all in their song about pushers. Now all these morons around who want to legalize pot and other drugs. It generally all starts with pot, then you want a higher high. Just like a lot of other things in this country, you must decide which side of the fence you want to be on.

    • JR

      Remember, its not just drug dealers that are low life by making money of the addict, it is the big rehab sham industry,They get a hughe amount of money each and every time a drug addict enters the system. Even though the chance that he relapses is 98% within the first month. Think about this, how would this sound to you, you are forced to have your car repaired by the same company and you have a 99% chance that it breaks with the same failure withing the same month…and yet every time it happens you pay for it……well that is what happens to us the tax payers and the drug rehab centers. Next are the profits of the law enforcement industry, and big pharma. Big pharma would lose hundreds of billions a year if drugs would be legalized. Pain is big business, most illegal drugs result in a desensitization to pain and that is one reason opium, morphine and others are used for pain management. Do you know how much profit they make from just one pill? It is the pharmaceutical lobby that will make sure that drugs will NEVER be legal. It is the same industry that caused the war on drugs to start with.

      • karolyn

        AND Big Pharma has the same reason for wanting supplements to be more closely controlled – so they can be the only ones profiting from them.

    • meteorlady

      I know a lot of people that use pot and they are productive citizens. Did you know that it’s classified as more addictive than heroin? Did you also know that it’s not a drug but a herb? That’s the fallacy of drug laws. Go study Europe and how they handle their problem. I watched some people being interviewed that were cocaine users that held jobs, and in one case, ran a fairly large company. They allow drug use, but go around and offer free addiction services for those that wish to get clean. They are ore humane about it than we are. They don’t put people in jail or waste police time and energy one rounding up drug addicts.

      If our government were truly fighting a war – they would seal the borders.

      • karolyn

        Meteorlady, you said “They are more humane about it than we are.” Bravo!! In so many ways, this country is so archaine and held back, mainly by people who don’t have a clue what they are talking about and think they know what’s good for everybody.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        and their tax rates are half again what ours are. Again I ask, why should you or I or anybody else have to pay for treatment for a self induced “sickness”? I include alcohol in that as well! Especially when you figure that fully 50% of the rehabbed re-offend!!

  • 45caliber

    In 1900 everything was legal. If you wanted heroin or cocaine all you had to do was go to a pharmacy and ask for it.

    However the people taking the drugs were many and were messing up families and others. Despite the costs, many were selling everything they could find or steal to buy more drugs. Families were improvished and many children starved. Crime was on the rise.

    It was decided to outlaw the drugs in an attempt to get America back on the straight and narrow. J. Edgar Hoover was turned loose on it.

    They broke up the drug system by making it so hard on those taking and selling drugs that no one wanted to risk it. Twenty years hard labor (and I mean HARD labor) for users – life in many cases for sellers. Much of the gravel made for the roads in America was created by these people.

    Unfortunately, most of the records were placed in a vault in Washington and it was decided to not talk about things in an effort to discourge children from wanting to try drugs. And they succeeded for about fifty years.

    So all the talk about making them legal to end the problem is simply talk. It didn’t work then and it won’t work now. The main difference now is that we don’t have hard labor in prisons any more and too many people aren’t willing to actually give them long terms in prison.

    • meteorlady

      I believe that you can attribute the addiction of people in those times to lack of education and the unknown addictive nature of certain drugs. I still believe that education is the best thing we can do, however, when the government, teachers and others lie about the effects it is counter productive to even try and educate.

      Fact is it’s big business in this country and there are a lot of higher ups that make a lot of money keeping drugs illegal.

      • steve

        Revise “lack of education” to “the result of government education” (aka propaganda”, and we’ll be very close to agreement. :)

      • 45caliber


        I agree. And I fully believe that EVERY politician in the US along with their staffs must take a drug test no more than every three months in office. If they fail, they are automaticially out of office.

        One big difference I noticed between Clinton and Bush. Clinton insisted that NONE of his people be tested; Bush insisted that his people were. I’ve not heard about Oblama’s people but I’ll bet they aren’t tested either.

      • barbm

        in schools, they tell the kids lies. pot’s addictive, it makes you do crazy things, it makes you murder and jump out of windows, it leads to using harder drugs. they see their friends smoke pot and think, they lied to me about this so they must be lying about the speed, heroin, etc.. that’s what makes kids try harder drugs, some of which are highly addicitve. by the time they figure it out, it’s too late. stop lying about it.

        • 45caliber

          Not everything is a lie about pot.

    • Vicki

      45caliber says:
      “In 1900 everything was legal. If you wanted heroin or cocaine all you had to do was go to a pharmacy and ask for it.

      However the people taking the drugs were many and were messing up families and others. Despite the costs, many were selling everything they could find or steal to buy more drugs. Families were improvished and many children starved. Crime was on the rise.”

      Thus the Nannystate was born and our freedom became just a fading memory. It is NOT the governments business if someone sells everything they own. It IS the governments business if people steal NO MATTER why. Families are improvised all the time. Just look at the foreclosure market. Many children may starve but that is what Church and Charity is for.

      As Reagan said. Government is not the solution. Government IS the problem.

      For a TRULY free people the possession of ANYTHING created, grown, obtained without fraud or theft, can not be illegal.

  • meteorlady

    Ranks right in there with the War on Poverty. When LBJ dreamed this one up he said we needed it to stop poverty in this country even though it was decreasing. So fast forward to today and take into account the BILLIONS we have spent to end poverty and you will find that we have 20% more people in poverty today, per capita, then we did at it’s inception. Probably some of the increase in poverty is due to our lax immigration policies as it seems we are importing immigrants that are under educated and suck up entitlements like water.

    • 45caliber

      Actually, it is in the Trillions, not billions of dollars. There are two reasons for the increase in numbers.

      1st – as you said – the illegals are coming in to get them.

      2nd, those on welfare are paid extra for each kid they have up to 8. So most of those on welfare have 8 kids for the extra money. That also increases the number, particularly when they are now working on the fourth generation in welfare.

      • barbm

        they get extra money, but they also don’t have to work or go to school as required by the worthless welfare reform they passed a few years ago as long as they have a child under the age of 5 at home. in texas, a bill has been introduced to require welfare applicants to pass a drug test. will be interesting to see what happens. what do we do about taking care of their children if they don’t get money, medicaid, and food stamps?

        • Dan az

          Thats when they need a program that puts them to work to earn a living.

        • 45caliber

          How did they take care of them BEFORE welfare? The government certainly didn’t do it. Generally they left the kids with Grandma. They can do it again.

  • Dennis

    There never has been a “real” war on drugs. It is all just a front. Not on the local level, probably not even at the State level, but at the Federal and big corporate level, just a front. Too many people in very high places making far too much money for their back pockets on the drug trade. We know nearly at all times where the drug lords and the kingpins are. Our technology allows for that. If I were in charge, I would do things like declaring the drug lords as “enemies of the state”, then park an aircraft carrier off the coast of where the “lords” are, launch aircraft and napalm their luxury digs, all of their drug factories and all of their drug fields. End of the drug war. However, if I ever got within a thousand miles of being “in charge” I would be assassinated in a few microseconds. That is because I would enforce our Constitution, for starters, and that is not “playing nice.”

    • 45caliber

      If I were you and did get into a position to do that, I’d certainly want to hire my own bodyguards! I wouldn’t trust the ones they gave me. In fact, I believe I read a day or two ago that the governor of Wisconsin did just that and angered a bunch of union people.

    • karolyn

      The CIA has been in on the drug trade in South America.

      • Dan az

        and afgan and viet nam and just about every other country and war.

  • Sue Storaasli

    We are winning war on smoking. We can and should use the same method(s)to win war on drugs. That is to educate and campaign to discourage drug users and those future users. When there are no end users, market will dry up. The government should give more money to schools to help in eradication campaign in this country rather in than south of the border countries.

    I came from South East Asia where 50 years ago opium, heroin and marijuana were plentiful. However, users were few and far. Only those in underworld were users. No drug users in schools or colleges. We were taught from grade school on up that drugs were bad, harmful, illegal. Anyone caught with drugs were arrested. Society shunned users. It was a taboo to have such ugly habit.

    • meteorlady

      Why should the government give money to schools for drug education? Why shouldn’t parents start paying attention to what their children are doing and taking the time off their busy schedules to at least talk to their children? Heck half those parents probably use the drugs themselves. It’s about personal responsibility. Our schools can’t even educate our children in basic subjects because they are educating them about everything that has nothing to do with education.

      I resent as a taxpayer that I have to pay for things like sex education and birth control counseling, that children get taught in a language other than English, and that they are irresponsible and disrespectful when hey show up in school. It’s the parents job and if parents aren’t going to step up and take responsibility, then maybe they should not have children until they can do that.

      • 45caliber

        One of the problems with parenting is that during WWII the government and others suddenly realized that women could work outside the home. As a result they emphasized it and pushed it since they could get more income taxes. Today, it is almost impossible, due to prices, for a young couple to get by on one salary. It takes both.

        Where a woman used to be able to raise her own children, she now must depend upon baby sitters, nurseries, and school to do much of it. Parents come in tired and unable to actually pay attention to their own kids. And many, particularly on Welfare, don’t want to.

        • libertytrain

          I think you are correct. We were duped into this whole thing – and especially the younger ones, have no choice.

        • karolyn

          45 – You don’t take into consideration the fact that a great many women want to work. Women finally can do whatever they want and not be a slave to their husbands and children.

          • Dan az

            Yes there is and the majority of them dont have families to support.Thats the point if your a parent it takes two wages to support the family if you are a courier person you dont have the time let alone the patients.Thats why the kids are latch key kids and are on their own to make the decisions that will make or break them.The problem is the athority’s make laws that punish the parents for not being there to advise them of the laws, so they fine or imprison the parents and the child goes on the system to make more mistakes.

          • 45caliber

            Not a problem. Some women do like to work. If they want to, great. BUT … they shouldn’t HAVE to work for the family to make a living. My wife never has but we were lucky enough that I was able to do it by myself. Most younger families CANNOT leave the wife at home unless they cut a lot of corners. The only young families I know about with the wife not working are on Welfare.

          • libertytrain

            I’m certainly aware of what you say Karolyn, but many more have no options. That’s the biggest problem, it’s just not an option for the greater majority of people these days.

          • http://! Angel Wannabe

            Karolyn, That’s funny, I never felt like a slave to my husband and kids, I wanted a husband, home and family. If i wanted to stay single I would’ve.__For the most part, life is about choices, not excuses!

          • Karolyn

            Angel – I’m happy for you. However, there were a great many women who were stifled in the “olden” days because they were not able to got out and do the things they might have wanted to do. Back in the 1800s female writers had to use male names to get published!

          • libertytrain

            No one makes a revolution by himself; and there are some revolutions which humanity accomplishes without quite knowing how, because it is everybody who takes them in hand.
            George Sand

          • libertytrain

            and of course,
            Work is not man’s punishment. It is his reward and his strength and his pleasure.
            George Sand

          • http://! Angel Wannabe

            Karolyn, true, however a lot of people today use fictitious names to remain anonymous when they write. Some don’t want the notoriety.

          • libertytrain

            Angel Wannabe is not your real name? :)

          • Karolyn

            Angel – What does that have to do with a woman using a man’s name so she can be taken seriously?

          • libertytrain

            Since we don’t live in the 1800′s any longer, it doesn’t matter.

          • http://! Angel Wannabe

            Karolyn, there’s alot of men today who still won’t take a woman seriously on any level, my Dad was one of them. If you were a male in our house, you were king.
            My Dad and I did not get along well. I respected him, but I never put up with his degrading my mom and I.__I remember on may occasions him saying that “women are a dime a dozen”.
            So I was ready for negative male reaction, for what my chosen profession was at the time. I was the only woman wood carver for a looong time,on the national circuit. I can’t tell you how many jeers and sneers and wise azzed cracks, I got from middle aged men who apparently felt I was infiltrating on their “mans world”. Especially when I helped judge wood carving competitions, with judges who were male. AND God forbid if they didn’t win, then it was all my fault!
            I NEVER left any negativity stop me from what I wanted to do wether it was male or female profession and I still don’t.

            We Women are out there, and we get noticed when we want to. I’m not sure the men like it any better than they did 50-70 years ago, but they can’t do anything about it, because we won’t let them.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            angel Wannabe,
            Please don’t include me in that “caveman” description you gave. I am not threatened in the least by my wife working. Why should she have to sacrifice her education for my ego??? she makes more than me and it doesn’t bother me at all. I have my worth as a father and a husband and that’s all I need. Matter of fact, when my wife comes in from work, she has supper on the table every night!! I changed diapers and washed windows as well!!

          • http://! Angel Wannabe

            JoeH, Nah, I don’t include all men in that, I can get a feel how men are by one conversation. But I’d be lyin’if I said my Fathers take on women didn’t affect me. It did. In a good way. But that, coupled with my Mother being sick all my life. I knew from early on, I was gonna have to learn how to take care of myself. Living like that, either makes you timid or aggressive, lets just say it didn’t make me timid._lol

          • libertytrain

            Angel – well said and impressive about the wood-carving.

  • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

    The proson statistics cited by John are mind-bogling.

    The American people need to get serious about cleaning up our society. A good place to start is using a rope and a gallows. All convicted drug DEALERS need to ge hung upon conviction. If they are convicted at, say 9:00 am Monday they are hung on Tuesday. This will be an inexpensive method. The rope can be used over and over.

    It is stupid to imprison these vermin at taxparyer expense for a period of time, let them out and then they are immediately dealing drugs.

    We should also close overseas military bases, bring the troops and equipment home and place them along our southern and northern borders. Shoot to kill anything coming north from Mexico and shoot to kill anything coming south from Canada.

    The troops and equipment could also be used to secure our ports and areas fronting the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf.

    Any watercraft approaching our waters would be investigated and sunk with all hands on board.

    Until this takes place we anr not really serious about controlling drugs and protecting our children.

    • William Barry

      So basically you recommend that we roll up the welcome mat, shutter the windows, lock the doors and gates and say to the rest of the world (Israel included), “Good-bye and good riddance! You can all go to the Abyss your way… just let us go to it in ours!”

      In a word, isolationism.

      Won’t work.

      Didn’t work in the 1920s and 1930s.

      Won’t work now.

      • AnhydrousBob

        William Barry:
        If you look at history, we did pretty well as non-interventionists (Isolationists don’t want to have anything to do with the outside world). We have no business being the Police of the World – as Jefferson said (paraphrase) – trade with all, entanglements with none. It wasn’t until the 20-30s that the statists began to involve us in the wars of the world, although TDR did get that started earlier.

        What is wrong with not wanting to kill other people in the world? Now, don’t get non-interventionism confused with a lack of self defense. When someone comes to our shores in malice we have the moral right to defend ourselves.

        But short of defense, if you want to head out and take your gun and join in a war, go ahead, but don’t ask me for a contribution in money or action.

      • 45caliber

        That is one of the main reasons I’m not Libertarian.

        • AnhydrousBob

          So to which version of Enslavement do you subscribe? or perhaps you are an Anarchist or AnarchoCapitalist?

          • 45caliber

            I’m not sure what you are talking about. I’m not a Libertarian partly because they want to seal the country and ignore the rest of the world – a bad thing to do.

          • AnhydrousBob

            You are mistaken that Libertarians want to seal off from the rest of the world. Now, that IS the definition of an Isolationist.

            To INTERVENE is to use some sort of force (historically speaking). As I mentioned in my post, there is a difference. Libertarians are NON-INTERVENTIONISTS not Isolationist. Can you see the distinction?

            Jefferson wanted to trade with the world and not get entangled in their internal struggles and in cross border conflicts.

          • Vicki

            45caliber writes: “I’m not a Libertarian partly because they want to seal the country and ignore the rest of the world – a bad thing to do.”

            It is not that we want to seal the country. That is, as AnhydrousBob says, it is that we want to have our government cease meddling in the affairs of other governments “for our own good”.

            We tend to agree strongly with G. Washington on entangling alliances

            “3.1 National Defense

            We support the maintenance of a sufficient military to defend the United States against aggression. The United States should both avoid entangling alliances and abandon its attempts to act as policeman for the world.”

            “3.3 International Affairs

            American foreign policy should seek an America at peace with the world. Our foreign policy should emphasize defense against attack from abroad and enhance the likelihood of peace by avoiding foreign entanglements. We would end the current U.S. government policy of foreign intervention, including military and economic aid. We recognize the right of all people to resist tyranny and defend themselves and their rights. We condemn the use of force, and especially the use of terrorism, against the innocent, regardless of whether such acts are committed by governments or by political or revolutionary groups.”


            Nothing in there about being isolationist.

  • s c

    All that’s needed to do something utterly stupid (for example, “invade” Mexico) is to have a standing professional military (we have it) and a prez who needs a way to bolster his sagging poll numbers (do you think he wouldn’t invade Mexico?). This “war” would be far worse than illogical, especially since we’re screwed with a prez who REFUSES to close our borders. Put NOTHING past a no-talent poser, people.
    If our governors would tell this prez that he can’t go through California, Arizona, New Mexico or Texas to fight his “drug war,” maybe we’d have a chance to stop abusing the military and end a ‘drug war’ before the damned thing got started.
    Frankly, I trust Obummer to do the wrong thing at the the wrong time and for the wrong reasons. What we need is presidential leadership, and we DON’T have it.

    • AnhydrousBob

      And didn’t the statist governor of Texas comment that we needed to use military force in Mexico to stop the Cartel’s violence?

  • http://! Angel Wannabe

    Sadly in my opinion, my guess would be the reason not waging an all out war on the drug cartels in mexico, is because we’re doing the bidding of the NWO. Aren’t they ones who want to reduce the population, what a better way than to pick them off one by one with addiction, rather than bomb us all at once, because who then would left, for the power hungry to have power over?
    We watched our youngest struggle with Heroin addiction. In and out of jail, arrests for possession and countless detoxes I went through with her at home. The cramping, the vomiting. Trust me its not pretty.
    It wasn’t til the three year mark, I had finally had enough, and had APB put out on her, and had her arrested for stealing my dying Fathers car. It was the hardest thing I’d ever done, to watch my daughter kick and scream as the police took her to jail. At that point I wanted to give in again, but I knew deep in my heart, this was her last chance at life, at a size 0, I had to let her go.__ She later, called from jail crying, for me to help her get out. I told her,NO “I can’t make her want to get up in the morning,there has to be another reason to live, besides stealing more money to get your next fix.__ I asked her, was her life that bad, that she would want to slowly commit suicide?_Clean_ she later told me, it wasn’t because of our home life, she was happy here. She said she was curious about drugs, and her boyfriend at the time was and addict, and turned her on to it. Sadly I didn’t recognise it until she was already hooked and she was d*mn good at hiding the symptoms.__
    That was 8 years ago and she’s been clean ever since. She’s now happily married with a seven year old and 20 month old.To have her healthy and clean was worth all the heartache.
    After what I’d been through with my daughter and drugs, its nothing for me to say, its time to drop a bomb on the drug cartels and get rid of them once and for all and secure thoses fricken borders!!!. Instead our dear Washington, continues to watch the bloodshed on the TV and fights a AZ state Governor Jan Brewer over it__ That’s Just absolutely Sickening!!!__
    I don’t remember who in the White House said ir “America has become a Nation of cowards”_-I say, the b*stards in Washington should look in the mirror!

    • 45caliber

      A good story – and one that many here need to read.

      I knew a woman who fell in love with a drug dealen who was in prison. She wanted to make it legal so he could get out. After all, she would say, he isn’t hurting anybody. He’s just selling them what they want.

      One day she made that comment in front of a friend who had once been married to a drug user and dealer. The friend almost exploded. She was very careful to point out several scars she had and detail how her husband had beaten her and her two kids. How he took every penny and left them hungry so he could buy more drugs. How he sold everything including their clothes to get a few more pennies for drugs. How he robbed and stole from others for the same purpose. The woman never made a comment about drugs being okay in my hearing again. And that is one reason I don’t pay any attention when someone says that we should legalize all drugs.

      • http://! Angel Wannabe

        45, I can’t tell how many times we went to the pawn shop to re-buy things we owned B/c our daughter was selling stuff out of the house to get money for more drugs. She stole and wrote out checks, and most of my Grandmothers fine jewelery has been sold as well. They WILL do ANYTHING to get it. I will give her this as credit, She knew better even in a Heroin haze, to raise a hand to me, cuz I’d never put up with it. Sleeping on the other was a different matter, I slept lite b/c she used to hop through her window and leave the house after midnight!___trust me I know ALL OF THEY’RE TRICKS!

      • karolyn

        45 – Men do those things without drugs being involved. What about alcoholics losing it and beating their families? DRUG USE WILL NEVER STOP! That’s a fact, Jack! Take a look around you at all the legal drug use. We live in a drug society.

        • 45caliber

          Oh, so you are saying that since some family members act wrong without drugs we should legalize the drugs so others – even more – can do the same thing to their families?

          • Karolyn

            Weird logic!

          • Vicki

            45caliber says:
            “Oh, so you are saying that since some family members act wrong without drugs we should legalize the drugs so others – even more – can do the same thing to their families?”

            Oh, so you are saying that since some family members act wrong without guns we should legalize guns so others – even more – can do the same thing to their families?”

            As Karolyn said. Very wierd way to make a point. You of course realize that you are doing with drugs exactly what liberals do with guns. Blame the object instead of the person.

          • mark

            Anybody that would use 45 as their handle is not a stable and logical person.

  • TIME

    Though not related to this topic.

    Late last year I said that Gas prices would be at $5.00 a gallon by May 2011, I strongly feel that Gas will be $5.00 a gallon by Mid April 2011, by summers end 2011 well over $7.00 per gallon.

    If you have children, “I beg you to please stock pile food” NOW. Don’t wait, Stock pile Gas in a safe place, you will need lots of WATER and a good Water filter system.

    When Gas hits $5.00 per gallon the average American will be spending 80% of their pay just for the basic’s. Thats if they still have a job.

    At $6.00 per gallon the system will FAIL.

    At $7.00 all Hell will break loose.

    • http://! Angel Wannabe

      Yeah- TIME unfortunately I saw it on Beck yesterday, I believe we’re in for a bad time.

      • TIME

        I don’t know what Glenn is up to, I am just telling you what I see based on geo political issues as they are unfolding right before everyones eyes.
        Well that is with out any edits by the mindless media twits who tell people whats going on based on what ever twist they are selling that week.

        The Housing bubble is coming back the numbers were so over inflated to make people think things were better, well they can’t hide that banana any longer its rotten and it has to show its face by weeks end.

        Let alone here in Georgia where we live now there have been over 120 foreclosures, thats just 8 weeks into 2011.

        Gas in the last week has gone from $2.98 PG, to Tuesday the 22nd when we filled up, it was $3.18 PG, thats in one week.

        Crude is going crazy, keep in mind that Lybia supplys about 25% of our crude. Just in case no one grasp what that means, gas at the pump will be jumping up to well over $4.00 within a week or two and will be at $5.00 PG by Mid April as I noted.

        So if people still have a JOB by June 2011 when I see gas at the pump at an easy, $5.50 – $6.00 PLUS – PG they will not have a job for long after that.
        By September 2011 when a Gallon at the pump is well into the $7.00 range JOBS ~ will be what JOBS? People will not be able to put food on the table let alone pay bills, or pay for gas.

        I have said it before and I will say it again Welcome to WW III.

        • Vicki

          And remember when gas prices go up a lot the price of diesel goes up too and that means most EVERY foodstuff will go up. Happened before in RECENT history. The Jimmy Carter years.

    • Dan az

      I would also mention that the gas will go bad in about two weeks,its mostly alcohol and when it evaporates whats left is mostly water.So use a gas treatment to prolong its life but by all means dont use stable it dosent work.

      • http://! Angel Wannabe

        Dan Az_ Good advice!

      • JR

        Gas does not get bad in 2 weeks, if that would be the case most cars would not work lol.I have gas in my summer cars that sit the whole winter and still work fine in the late spring when I fire them up…why, because it IS winter and less fuel additives evaporate and because they are in a self contained tank.
        Gas does not even get bad in a month or 2 or 3. It will loose some of its ”TOP”" performance after about 6 month (stored in a cool environment….like below ground or the unheated basement) but it will still work in 6 month..enough to move your vehicle down the road…..maybe not at 100 miles an hour, and you will need a little more if you push it but it will work.Fuel stabilizers are needed for storage over 6 month….but, it will be better to NOT put them in as they have other drawbacks and instead get a few cans of additives such as octane boosters and store them in a cool dark place (make sure you by them in metal cans NOT plastic containers). Those have a shelf live in excess of 1 year and will restore the properties of old gas to a point where it can be used again at medium to good performance. And, lets face it….if the crap hits the fan, what we need is transportation not a high performance race car.

        • Dan az

          there is a time when your BS can ride but now is not the time!Peoples lives depend on the truth.I work with engines every day and have tested the fuels and what I say is true and what you say is pure BS.You can believe what ever you want but dont push that crap on here where these people need the truth to survive whats coming.It could mean life or death.

    • JR

      Lets face it,

      Anyone who:

      Has not at least 6 month of food and water (or means of getting water)

      Has not at least 6-12 month of monetary instruments ( I do not say gold or silver as I predict they will be useless but items to barter with)

      Has not yet for every member of his household outdoor equipment and trained to survive without shelter. Including learned what is edible and not and knows enough about first aid to make it without a Dr.

      Has not a minimum of 6-12 month of essential medication (if you need it) and a plan how to make it if they run out

      Has not acquired and mastered means to defend them self.

      Has not planed for and acquired alternate means of transportation besides his car/truck.

      Is utterly irresponsible, short sighted, and will probably NOT make it.

      The signs toward this collapse are now mounting for years…if you are not prepared….its your OWN fault

  • William Barry

    Everyone here is thinking as clearly as addicts walking around in a drug-induced haze.

    There is a cabal of violent, godless and lawless men out there with a single stated goal in mind: to rape the world and then swallow it whole.

    If we didn’t fight them, then what would happen to us?

    Look at what happened to Cambodia. That could have just as easily been America if the wrong people had made the right moves at the right time. And you can bet that the Russians would put a maniac like Pol Pot or Idi Amin in charge of teaching us “recalcitrant American capitalists” the error of our ways… with all the fatal consequences attached.

    The only thing that spared us that fate was that nobody had the means, know-how and desire to pull it off.

    I for one mean to forever deny them that opportunity. So I say we fight.

  • george

    you cannot stop illegal drug traffic/use until you attack it properly our justice system is a shambles in dealing with drug dealers there is no fear in selling drugs how to stop it?? line up convicted drug dealers in center field at Yankee Stadium- blind fold them- take a 45 automatic and blow each one’s brains out then ask now who wants to deal drugs ?? no ifs, ands,or buts Another means to stop drug dealers: FROM THE HALLS OF MONTEZUMA the opening line from the Marine Corp Hymn its time for our Marines and other Military forces to return to Montezuma/Mexico and destroy the drug cartels ourselves since Mexico is being held prisoner by them America has got to start standing up to other countries who are making America the laughing stock of the World Of course this would take a real American President who believes in the America founded by White Christian Europeans and their Priciples Unfortunitely we are stuck with a phony, coward, Muslim, Communist,puppet of our enemies, Traitor use whole purpose is to destroy America America’s collapse is imminent

    • iowaheretic

      Yes, we really do need a president like George Washington. But the joke is on you. You are under the great delusion that all of the founding fathers were holier than the myth of Jesus himself! George Washington was a well known user of the “Indian Hemp Weed”. This is documented in history. But my favorite quote of Washington is “I had hoped that liberal and enlightened thought would have reconciled the christians so that thier religious fights wouldn’t harm the peace of society”. It’s too bad they didn’t listen to him!

    • 45caliber

      There are two reasons we have the system we do. The citizens don’t as a group want us to be hard on drug users and dealers. The judges are even worse.

      There was a sheriff in AZ (can’t remember who) that would immediately arrest any user he could find. His (correct) argument was that there are no recreational users who could quit when they wanted. All were addicts and would get worse if you left them alone. And if they weren’t around there wouldn’t be any dealers since they wouldn’t have a market. I think he had the right idea.

      • mark

        You would make an ideal NAZI

  • iowaheretic

    The real “war on drugs” was over when the days of the hippies ceased to be. This fake war on drugs is just a good way to continue stealing tax money for no good reason! If this is about marijauna it just makes the whole thing that much more ludicras because marijauna is proven to be a safer drug than alcohol. It’s really all about the money and who wants which drug of choice!

    • http://! Angel Wannabe

      iowa, Fake war on drugs!__Your and effin idiot!__3 of our sons friends died of overdoses, my daughter was on heroin__Talk to someone who’s been through it, ask THEM wether or not it’s fake?___D*mbazz!

      • iowaheretic

        I didn’t say the drugs were fake ( although they are nothing compared to what they were in the 70s when hippies were trying every new hallucinogenic drug that the GOVERNMENT was providing for them (like LSD) and then trying to fly off the tops of buildings. I said the “War on Drugs” is fake. And it is! Taxpayers are being robbed blind. Let’s just declare a “war” on everything that everyone does in life that someone else doesn’t happen to like or approve of because some men in primative ancient culture a few thousand years ago wrote a bunch of contradictory stories, fables, myths, absurdities and downright lies (even for thier own time). Yes, declare a “war”, pass more laws, and raise taxes! Oh wait, isn’t that what’s been happening in America for the last few decades on just about everything in life? And everything perpetuated on fraud?

        • http://! Angel Wannabe

          iowaheretic, Well then I misunderstood and apologize for the remarks.
          I get the war on drugs language, your referring to, but I don’t agree that drugs are not as bad as the 70′s. There for a while about 8-10 years ago kids were dropping like flies. A friend of ours, whos mother was found dead from a drug overdose, just 3 months ago.

          • iowaheretic

            Angel Wannabe; I know that hard core drugs are bad (not marijuana) for people, but the “war on drugs” just creates more criminal element and makes more money for arms makers and law enfarcement and big bankers and cost taxpayers millions. Not to mention that it puts a lot of innocent people in prison (destroying thier life)who never had any intention of harming anyone or stealing anything from anyone. Thier only crime was wanting to “feel good” for the moment. If you stop and think about it, who really has a right to tell anybody else what is right or wrong when it comes to personal choices of one’s own self being that harm no one else? You could say that other people are always affected, but that argument can be used for most things in life. Actually, more people die in car accidents every day than they do from drug overdoses. If everyone wanted to protect everyone else from everything in life because someone eles doesn’t like or approve of it or something bad “might” happen, where would it end?

          • 45caliber


            You said that marijuana isn’t a “hard core” drug.

            It is. If you look closely you will find that it destroys the memory of a frequent user, it lowers their IQ rating, and it leads to use in other drugs since you can build up an immunity to the affects over time. The user wants his/her high and uses more and more until they start using cocaine or something else.

            While there may be some medical benefits (as there is in opium) the use of the drug directly should not be allowed. The government needs to allow drug companies to investigate any medical claims and extract what is needed to use for medical reasons. At the moment no one is allowed to do that.

          • 45caliber

            iowa: “their only crime was wanting to “feel good”

            Correct. And as a result they will end up committing real crimes against others for that sole reason. It is better to catch them early and convince them to stay off than it is to catch them after they start their life of crime. NO ONE can “control” the drugs they take. They are only kidding themselves when they say that.

          • karolyn

            iowa…, Love that response!!! Everyone is responsible for creating his own life. How that life affects others is their problem. Sounds hard-ass, but it is what it is.

          • karolyn

            45 – Not all addicts commit crimes. A great many addicts work and pay for their habits with their own money. Of course, we don’t hear about them. There are degrees of addiction, just as they are degrees of alcoholism. Actually, they are one and the same – alcoholism and addiction. Why should it be OK to want to get drunk but not OK to want to get high on drugs?

          • http://! Angel Wannabe

            Karolyn, yes, they’re called Functioning Addicts!

          • http://! Angel Wannabe

            Iowa, No one has the right to tell someone else how to live they’re lives, but if they live with me, in my home, they’re under my care, and the rest of the family is bein affected by it, you better damn well know I did something about it!

          • 45caliber


            I don’t believe I said a word about alcoholism. Yes, it needs to be addressed. But that doesn’t mean we should ignore drugs because we don’t take care of alcoholism at the same time. That is one liberal arguement that I feel should be outlawed. “But if we can’t do everything, we shouldn’t do anything!”

          • 45caliber

            And these “functional addicts” are functional only for a short time before they become disfunctional. And when they do, if they have a job, there is a good possibility they could kill someone or ruin the company.

      • mark

        Evidentially, raising your daughter with strict, un-compaaionate conservative ideas did not work. You ever wonder why she turned to herion? Maybe you should look in your un-compaaionate conservative mirrow.

  • DrNoMas

    About 80% of crime and half of all health care costs are due to addiction. The reason substance abusers take drugs & fat people eat to much is they do not feel good and they are trying to change how they feel. If people felt good the would not want to change. New discoveries in Brain function have led to treatments that are proving to be very effective in dealing with the Reward Deficiency Syndrome. . So the good news we have the technology to treat addiction; now the question is do we have the will & wisdom to do it. See for more information DrNoMas

    • iowaheretic

      Isn’t that great, we have another new “syndrome”!

      • http://! Angel Wannabe

        iowaheretic, You mean another syndrome like Bi-polar this, adhd, add,
        They got more damned syndromes than Carters has liver pills!__ For Gods sake, it was always said I was hyperactive, I never needed any friggin pills for it, in fact I can get a hell of a lot of work done, in a very short period of time, why would I wanna slow down now, especially at 54! I can still hack through a load of fire wood too!__lol

        • libertytrain

          Angel, I’m one of those not able to sit still as well. We get a heck of a lot more done than most! :)

          • http://! Angel Wannabe

            libertytrain, Thats what I say too!! lol :)

          • Kate8

            Angel and liberty – The majority of the new syndromes being “diagnosed” are invented by the drug companies, and they just happen to have a drug that will take care of it.

            I think the main thing they are aiming for is to get everyone on drugs, so we’re a bunch of compliant zombies.

            That, and $$$$$$$$$$$$$.

          • libertytrain

            Kate – yes, it sometimes seems that way.

        • http://! Angel Wannabe

          Libertytrain, I think thats what’s wrong with society today Liberty, instead of people trying to find a positive in something, they search for a medical cure for it, and they wonder why drug abuse is so rampant. Every affliction has to be Medically cured, they make me sick!

          I do also have to agree with a few posts on here about drug abuse, a few said a drug addicted society is easier to control. I believe that’s why Washington has turned it’s back.

          • libertytrain

            Good Grief. My failure to sit still is something I would not want cured.

    • 45caliber

      You are correct about the crime associated with drugs.

      A cop friend of mine told me that 90% of all murders in Houston (where he works) is drug related. In fact, he said, if they would confine their shootings to each other he’d be willing to give them ammo. Too many times it is some innocent person who goes down, though.

  • lighterknot

    Law is a necessary evil; and it can get very evil. It’s necessary to keep upraised kids from doing harm to themselves and others after they’ve become spoiled rotten adults. It don’t work because it’s made up of the same brats.

    The war on drugs was a ploy to gain control over a rebellious bunch of nonconformist in this FREE society; it’s worked exactly as planed giving authority unprecedented leeway to impede our constitutional rights…the war on terror is even better and for the same reason.

    • Vicki

      In the name of the “war on (some) drugs” our representatives gave us RICO. Then civil forfeiture. Now the government just ceases your assets (no trial necessary) and you have to prove the assets are not “drug tainted” to get them back.

      To call this graft and corruption is way too nice.
      At least the obvious theft is a bit more obvious to some.

  • Delores Smith

    Obama needs to be impeached and thrown out of this nation, as soon as we have the Senate majority. Drugs are a part of the Obama/Soros agenda. Collusion with foreign nations against the interests of America is what’s going on now. Obama needs to remove his nose from state issues in order to achieve his evil goals.
    He has been collapsing the economy, and the cowardly Democrats are in hiding in Illinois to avoid votes in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana & other states. Obama states that the Unions have been assaulted. Obama, you can’t anger me. I stay cool, but you will never achieve your evil goals. My God is stronger than your God.
    Delores Smith

    • JR

      My God is stronger than your God?

      You seem to be the person who goes around saying my car is bigger than your car,
      My boobs are bigger then your boobs
      My man makes more money then your man….
      Our house if larger then your house……..and so on

      How utterly childish…how old are you? 5?

  • Lewis Munn


    If a “safer” drug than pot came along, would you suggest all move to it? Under duress?

    But if pot is safer than alcohol, how about banning alcohol, and forcing all the alcohol addicts to do pot instead?

    Or is Big Booze too powerful??

    • iowaheretic

      They already tried banning alcohol. What happened? If someone really wants to do something, they are going to do it. Why are people doing drugs when they are against the law now? Why is everyone paying millions of dollars in tax money to pretend to stop something that law enfarcement has no intention of stopping. It’s big business!

    • gary wilcox

      GOD MADE GRASS,,MAN MADE BOOZE,,WHO DO YOU TRUST.I think only pot should be legal.The rest is death.Pot is not man made,the rest is.

      • kimohavoc

        I have found this discussion very interesting, but found I had to respond to this comment.

        Though I agree that alcohol is man made I must point out the error of your thinking.

        Sure pot is a weed that grows just about anywhere, so yes it is a natural product of the planet.

        But so is cocaine. Granted unlike pot it does require certain climate controls, but like pot it is a plant and as such a product of the planet, given to us by natures god.

        Opuim is also the product of natures god, another plant whom’s flower provides what we deem a drug.

        Good, bad, right or wrong the simple fact of the matter is 3 of the drugs we as a society deem as illegal are just plants that grow on their own accord, who’s flower when dried produces what we have labeled a drug.

        What’s next will we out law Roses, Tomatoes, Apple Trees or a host of other plants who’s flower we find useful?

        To the rest of you if you read this:

        The war on drugs is a joke that should be ended. There is no doubt that addictions cause problems, but the cure of the last 40 plus yrs has been and will continue to be more harmful than the symptom.

        I have no desire to do drugs, heck I rarely drink alcohol, but the simple fact of the matter is one can not legislate morality. What one does that doesn’t cause harm to others should not be a crime.

        When you legislate morality you create a vacum in which violence and crime rushes in. We have seen it with prostition, prohabition and with our on going un Constitutional War on drugs.

        Legalize them all. Tax them and write laws similar to alcohol and tabacco. Someone that does a crime while on drugs would be punished for the crime they commit, just like we would punish someone that was drunk for the crime they commit.

        A free society doesn’t legislate what an individual can grow, build or make if that action doesn’t do harm to others.

        Off my soapbox

  • Howard R Gray

    Why is the drug war never ending? Simply the government is not prepared to deal with the reality of drugs. Users are the problem, no users no money it is that simple. The civil liberties question is at the heart of the drug war, on the one hand libertarians want no restrictions on drug use countered by the authoritarians who seek absolute prohibition on drug use. The result is a policy impasse and an incompetent response to drug related crime.

    The civil criminal law system is inadequate to deal with the illegal drug industry for the same reasons that it is absurd for dealing with state sponsored terror. This industry is suffused with unimaginable sums of money for those who control the production and supply of drugs. The lawless nature of the industry begets violence on an escalating scale that has killed tens of thousands of people in Mexico and soon will spread into our cities killing similar numbers in the near future. The puny criminal law system is totally inappropriate to handle a real war.

    Drug crime is a department of organized crime with such entities as terrorism, prostitution, human trafficking, protection, firearms, financial fraud and deceptions on a vast scale. This type of crime is on such a scale that the civil legal system has long been outclassed along with the police forces that have to deal with the matter. Emerging in Mexico is an alternative rogue state operating outside any law enforcement zone. The problem is now so vast that tens of thousands are dying in Mexico on a scale in excess of the US foreign military campaigns, the problem is of military proportions. This level of violence is about to cross our borders and soon will overwhelm city law enforcement. All this is reminiscent of the lawlessness of the 20s when the G men came into being. We are back there with a vengeance.

    There is no obvious political will on the part of Homeland Security to deal with this problem. Here are a few pointers about this state of affairs

    1. Recent speeches of leading politicians do not match with the
    rapidly deteriorating conditions in the border region.

    2. Why are the borders so freely open in time of war?

    3. The indication there might have been a dirty bomb that was recently rumbled in San Diego, suggesting that the powers that be are not dealing adequately with the scale of the problems of border control.

    3. Human trafficking is rife across the border, another industry gaining in power to enslave and make vast sums of cash for organized criminals.

    4. Illegal weapons trade, so far mainly guns but there are worse items in the wings that will feature on Mexican and US streets in the not too distant future.

    5. Much of the border is effectively unguarded, huge numbers of drug criminals and human traffickers are pouring across the border with little let or hindrance.

    6. Large areas of border territory are now “no go” territory for US citizens and to some extent also of limited access for law enforcement.

    7. A general lack of will to enforce more than adequate laws that exist on the books by the Federal authorities.

    8. Severe lack of support for local law enforcement police and border forces and concerned citizens in border zones.

    9. Highly political advocacy in favour of illegal immigration with a significant disregard for the dark side of the flow of guns, drugs, underage children, human traffic slaves let alone Islamic terror personnel no doubt crossing the border largely at will.

    10. Acceptance of increasing lethal violence aimed at US law enforcement people and private citizens.

    How do we explain what is going on here? One the one hand there are the usual issues of Democrat politicians seeking a constituency of Mexican votes by way of sympathy for the illegals they have permitted entry to the nation being played against the Latino vote in the nation as a whole. The Republicans are not let off the hook either, the cheap labour assists some of their businesses and so on and so forth. However, does this really explain it all?

    Here is another view of the problem. The sheer scale of the following trades and the money they generate suggests an entirely different component that may be at the root of it all. Here are the basic elements of the problem:-

    1. Drugs are a billion dollar industry now

    2. Human trafficking and prostitution coupled with the fringes of the porn industry are again a multibillion dollar industry.

    3. Weapons not just guns anymore, there are other more potent items out there. How much is this all worth?

    4. Terrorism and political violence.

    5. Organized gangs in support of these industries couriers and distibutors.

    There is so much money here that some of, and probably an increasingly large amounts of it, are being suffused through the political system. Nothing is reported on this issue so far but is it realistic to ignore it?

    The simple theses of this commentary is that corruption is deeply rooted in the immigration debate, how come in a time of war there is no real effort to close the border with lethal force if necessary to tackle these problems at least at that basic level? There is so much money being made across the borders that there is little incentive to close them. Is this true? You decide.

    Is there any way to stop the problem?

    1. Close the borders for real, i.e. build the fences and put the military down there with lethal power to prevent border crossing. In short get a visa like everyone else on earth. Sort out the civil issues of immigration. Why is one nation getting such favoritism in crossing US borders and clear discriminatory support from those who claim to abhor discrimination? After all, Area 51 has lethal protection. Why not the borders?

    2. Enforce the existing laws with respect of immigration.

    3. Introduce outlawry with respect of known organized criminals and or terrorists who should be proclaimed outlaw following court proceedings. The outlaw should perhaps be granted 21 days to submit to jurisdiction for the crimes alleged and return to the shelter of the civil law otherwise the miscreant should be treated as at war with the United States. Outlawry should include terror groups, organized crime groups, and their proven members should be treated as outlaw and thus at war with the US. There should only be a prisoner at war status for those organizations and individuals who show reciprocity in treatment of captives howsoever captured, including kidnapping victims. In short a dead of alive capture for bounty system should be instituted to prosecute those who choose to remain outside the law. The asymmetry of the current conflict is the problem and it will only get worse, thus outlawry is a way of dealing with it in advance of such deterioration.

    At some point there is a need for a radical change in law enforcement otherwise the Mexican killings will cross our borders and raise the death toll inside the continental United States to that of our recent expeditionary wars.

    Legalizing drug use is perhaps a viable policy but it may be too late to do so given the drug war in Mexico is now so hot that legalization may be unacceptable politically. The current policies on the borders and drug enforcement are not working. So what is next?

    • iowaheretic

      Howard R Gray; Everything you said makes perfect sense, that’s why no one in power will ever listen! Where is our great military empire that I constantly hear about “protecting our great nation and defending our freedoms”??? (and taking a third of our tax money) Really, where are they and what are they doing? Thier certainly not here, are they? And what about the Gestapo that Bush created? Oh sorry, I meant “Homeland Security”. What have they ever done besides cost taxpayers more money? REALLY, what have they ever done? But if normal American citizens want to get on an airplane they have to be treated like a common criminal! But you’re last paragraph hits the nail on the head why it was all orgestrated in the first place!

      • Vicki

        arguing for drug prohibition is just another way of saying 100% government (control). It is all about control. For a TRULY free people the possession of ANYTHING created, grown, obtained without fraud or theft, can not be illegal”

        Governments were instituted to protect the rights of people including the right to ingest whatever they choose. The war on (some) drugs clearly goes way way past the proper place of government.

  • http://com i41

    JR, yes there are some are a lot of workers of any pfeild that will use drugs. Several of the patch workers come frm out of state, and if they test hot, they get fired. If people want to cut law enforcement costs, do wha SD legislature had plannedto do. Any one receiving State monies and state wages would have been tested for drug use. Starting with a simple check swab,it failed by 3 votes, people in the statye claimed too many legislature are old hippies and still use. We should test all federal employees, every few months and immediately fire offenders. If testing hot, fire them and cut out any unemployment checks and it goes on drug users record. Cost effective and cheap, and end the drug heads living off of taxpayers. The SD bill would have went after welfare queens and any state wage earners both. When I was working in road building in SW Wyo. the company ha hired over 175 people, they passed drug test, worked for 3 days and a suprise drug test was held and the 175 new workers were fired and 10 old hands had buddied up also went down the road, for being hot. Simple and easy.

    • http://! Angel Wannabe

      i41, so simple and easy, the stupid azzed Guv misses the boat on it!_I agree, Test, Test and then Test again!__As you say, if they’re found hot, fire them immediately, none of this pussy footin around!

      • Vicki

        The government is not missing the boat. The government WANTS them on working for the government or on welfare so they can be controlled.

    • 45caliber

      I agree. I would bet that over 75% of Welfare people use drugs. If they get money, they should be tested and kicked off if caught using. That includes ALL government employees.

      I work in a chemical plant. We are tested when we hire in and on a random basis. The government agreed to it because of the “safety” issue – they might do something wrong while on drugs and kill themselves or others. Truck drivers are the same. So why not government officials? I believe that the laws they pass certainly affect our safety – and freedoms – and I’d prefer someone with his mind clear pass those laws.

      • Karolyn

        How can you possibly make a statement that 75% of welfare recipients use drugs with nothing to back it up? Just perpetuating a stereotype. We don’t really know how many are on drugs.

        • 45caliber

          Then we should find out, shouldn’t we?

          • Vicki

            Or maybe we should stop welfare and let charity do its job. If they get money from the state they should be working for it.

  • Charles

    I think closing the borders would be a big start.They say it would cost to much. I think it`s time South Korea stands on it`s own. They are a very properous country and with all the help we have given them they should be able to defeat a poor country like N Korea We could bring our
    home,( all 30,000 or so ) and put them on our borders. We have to have
    them anyway, so why would it cost anymore protecting our borders than
    some other country. WE could learn alot from Germany on how to protect
    our borders. Sometimes, you have to make hard choices.Empty the jails of illigals and send them home.All other illigals gather them up and send them home. Make it life behind bars, no matter who you are, if your caught dealing or manufactering illigal drugs. After all these people
    are killing our people or are making them a drain on our society. In many
    instances, drugies are completly burned out and no use to anyone. Put them in hospitals and keep them there. People will think twice, if the
    penalty is so great, if they get caught, it would not be worth it to
    be a pusher.

    • kilrntex

      Charles, I agree with you on all counts. The South Koreans can and should stand on their own. They take advantage of our generosity and then won’t trade fairly with us. The border is causing more problems than anything else in this nation. Illegals with money are moving in and setting up businesses and hiring cheap illegal labor. They are putting the locals out of business by cutting cost and not buying insurance for their equipment. If one gets hurt they send him back to Mexico and bring in another. It’s worse than anyone is being told and they don’t speak English. They fly their red/white/green flag and act so proud to take advantage of us as the rest of the world does. We need our troops on the border and helping law inforcement round up those here and send them back. And for all you liberals who think I have hatred inside of me, yes I do!! I hate what you people stand for although I do not hate anyone personally. I’m sick of what you people have done to this Christian nation and how you use the race card daily. You are the racist against Christians. You have bought in to Satans lies along with the Muslims, but I know you are wrong. There’s a connection between God and the greatest nation in the history of the world. Sadly I must admit that our nation will not stand with all the rest of the world against us, as we have turned our back on Israel and the living God. We may not recover, but his people will not give in without a fight. We will defend our families and homes!

  • Conservative at Birth

    Who is John Galt?

  • mark

    Either, completely legalize all drugs or have an all out war on drugs by having airtight border security (starting with a Belin type wall on the Mexican border and Draconian law enforcement on drug dealers and users. Such as death sentences to any dealers and jail sentences for users. The middle stance that the USA is using to fight the drug problem is not working and never will. Personally, I would legalize all drugs. Let people buy them at the drug stores and tax them and also have free re-hab programs for people. The reason people do drugs isbecause it feels good, just like sex and trying to ban sex is never going to work.

    • karolyn

      What about all the drugs that come in by boat and plane?

    • Vicki

      Mark says:
      “(starting with a Belin type wall on the Mexican border and Draconian law enforcement on drug dealers and users. Such as death sentences to any dealers and jail sentences for users. ”

      Why would you want to live in a dictatorial police state? What you suggest as the other alternative is just what most of the dictatorships in the 20th century did. Why would we want 100% government control anyway?

      • mark

        I do not but my point is you either shut down drug activity completely or legalize it. Doing the in between thig is not working

        • Vicki

          You already know my position.

          For a TRULY free people the possession of ANYTHING created, grown, obtained without fraud or theft, can not be illegal.

  • Dogma-Free “The Trinity”

    If ya can’t beat ‘em…join ‘em.

    Or, in the words of Peter Tosh: ‘Legalize It’

    …and then tax the sh!t out of it.

    • 45caliber

      And that will work – how?

  • Raggs
  • Bronkobuster

    We will never stop or win the war on drugs because the folks that rule the country are making far too much money from it.

    Both our shadow government and many of our elected puppets are up to their arm pits in it.

  • S.C.Murf

    An inebriated society is easy to control and thus allowing our Government to carry on with their agenda. Here again its up to the American people to carry the message forward (start with our own children) and then maybe Militias of our citizens to man the borders.

    up the hill

  • Stuart Ashley

    Hi All;
    Well I see some approach this thing as a Libertarian issue, and they may have a point. I did not have time to read all the posts, but it’s easy to see, by volume, that this is an attention getting issue. A point I would like to make is the comparison to the first Prohibition in the 30′s against alcohol. This created a shortage, increased prices, lowered quality, and spawned the Mafia. Due to legalization, there is no longer any money to be made “running alcohol”. So illegal alcohol no longer supports groups of lawless people. That is now what “illegal drugs” accomplish. There isn’t a single “drug pusher” (low-end employee) or “drug lord” (management), who would want to see drugs legalized. This ought to tell us something, but apparently it hasn’t.
    2. Cigarettes are beginning to be treated like illegal drugs. There is an attempt to stigmatize them and heap big taxes on them. There is starting to be a black market in illegal cigarettes, just like there used to be for booze. Can anyone see where this is going?
    3. The prison population is about three percent of the total population. As a number, sitting out there with no reference, this seems high. Does anyone know, relatively speaking, how high? Here’s our relative status on this issue in the world. We are at the bottom! Places we used to look down our nose at have less. Russia has less! Communist China has less! And where are all these extra folks in prison coming from? Drug offences.
    Cheers! Stu.

  • Dan az

    John Myres
    I just have one question Who’s drugs are those in the picture?lol

    • Raggs

      My guess would be door number three… Eric Holders drugs

    • Vicki

      I don’t see any drugs in the picture. I see a bag of something that might be most any green plant. A few crystals of what could be rock candy (large crystal sugar). A white powder that could be baking powder or soda. A syringe of the same type as my vet gives me to measure medication for my cats when they are sick. An Uri Geller spoon and 2 wrapped items that look like self rolled cigarettes some of my friends used to smoke pipe tobacco in. They didn’t like the smell/taste of Marlborough.

      oh and of course for the war on (some) drugs some of the items in that photo are “drug paraphernalia” and thus gives the royal guard probable cause to search and seize (or plant if necessary).

      • Dan az

        Of course what was I thinking lol.

        • Vicki


  • jerry

    Make like any other business we have in America. Guess what if that does not work we go back to making it illegal. We made alcohol illegal and reversed our position on that. I guess if you drink that’s okay, smoke that’s okay but drugs are a no-no..go figure a FREE America..I guess it’s free depending on who is in power. We just can’t make things simple. NO ONE….I REPEAT NO ONE KNOWS THAT MAKING DRUGS LEGAL WILL CREATE MORE OR LESS CRIME OR CAUSE MORE OR LESS PEOPLE TO DO DRUGS. We just know for 40 years it has not worked. Let’s try the other way.

    • Vicki

      jerry writes:

      Well, actually we do. We who have actually studied history do know that making drugs legal with create less crime. Prohibition being the easiest to remember model. A little harder model is the time before drugs were made illegal. Learn from history or be prepared to suffer it again.

      We also know that for a TRULY free people the possession of ANYTHING created, grown, obtained without fraud or theft, can not be illegal.

      jerry: “We just know for 40 years it has not worked. Let’s try the other way.”

      Agreed. Let’s try it.

  • cerebus23

    Simple solution lets the states decide their drug policy.

    Take it out of the realm of the federal government, cut back the dea the atf and others, support the states with the resouces left that want to continue the war on drugs and let the states that wish to forgo it experiment with different systems and approaches and see where the different approaches end up.

    The states that abandon the war on drugs can tax license and regulate the drugs better. COllect the money that is going into the pockets of drug cartels and and the like tax free. Reduce violence, since there is not the drug money to fuel the gang wars and the like.

    And we serioulsy stop needing to bully other countries like mexico into enforcing our drug policy, since our nations drug habits will always be here and the more we clamp down the more the money to be made goes up increasing violence on the streets of mexico and in our borders.

    If it were up to me marijuana would be treated like tobbacco and alcohol period. The “gateway” drug is not mj but beer and other forms of alcohol, every serious study supports that and not mj in and of itself.

    Harder drugs i would put in the hands of doctors so people would have to get their heroine and cocaine fixes by visiting their doctors that can monitor their usage and offer advice on dosage, treatment etc.

    Dealing off the streets, there is no quality control or dosage recommendations based on how pure or unpure a drug is, there is no guarantee that what your are not getting is not mixed with something more deadly when buying off random street corner person.

    But again i would not want to suggest that my approach would be the best or fit in every state, butr i would want states to take steps that make sense to them.

    Bottom line there is nothing good that has come out of the war on drugs. All political spin aside, drug usage rates have either remained steady or increased no matter what the claims of the federal government are. Heroine and other drugs are actually far cheaper today than they were before the drug war started.

    Good food for thought on this whole issue is penn & teller’s bullshit series, you can find their drug episode on youtube, and these are two guys that have never done a drug in their lives, they have no horse in the race other than to look at the issue and put the facts out there.

    SO what is the war on drugs exactly? What is the exit strategy? How much are we willing to pay in dollars and lives fighting it? When will the war on drugs be won? What are the victory conditions?

    All common sense questions that are asked when we enter into any war. And this war has been going on for decades, costing us trillions of dollars, and no end or victory in sight by any measurable calculation. SO when are we going to wake up to the fact that this is a lost fruitless war and getting worse the longer it goes on, with no measurable success.

    • Vicki

      cerebus23 says:
      “The states that abandon the war on drugs can tax license and regulate the drugs better. COllect the money that is going into the pockets of drug cartels and and the like tax free. Reduce violence, since there is not the drug money to fuel the gang wars and the like. ”

      You do realize that those states that choose to continue the war (and for government a very profitable one.) on (some) drugs will wale and nash their teeth at the other states for being the source of all their illegal drugs and drug crime.

      Why do we know this? Cause that is what the states do now over “gun crime”


    Regardless of any actions taken by “our government”, concerning the illegals/drug cartels, nothing will be done to shore up the southern boarder. The government does NOT want the boarder closed. That would be contrary to the New World Order; and their creation of the American Union. George Soros is Odumdum’s puppet master, once a Nazi always a nazi, and he is one of the architects of the Global oligarchy. He was convicted of war crimes during WWII, 1275 of his fellow Hungarian Jews were killed by him when he was 14.

  • Ozlanthos

    @Kinetic1: If you need proof of those “stories” go to Youtube and look up “America’s last great white hope” ( About 30 minutes of it were about a guy named “freeway” Ricky Ross… According to him, his primary crack contact was a CIA asset.


  • WayneT

    We have a more corrupt society today than we have had in the past. Criminals are getting younger, and younger. Within the last 30 days we have had 3 police officers killed in the line od duty in St. Petersburg, Fl. Three days ago we had a 16 year old boy kill a police officer by shooting the officer multiple times. The first wo was killed while they were executing a warrant on a man. I am sure tha drugs are playing s]a role in all this.

  • WayneT

    We have a more corrupt society today than we have had in the past. Criminals are getting younger, and younger. Within the last 30 days we have had 3 police officers killed in the line of duty in St. Petersburg, Fl. Three days ago we had a 16 year old boy kill a police officer by shooting the officer multiple times. The first two was killed while they were executing a warrant on a man. I am sure that drugs are playing major role in all these crimes. Sorrya about posting this twice, but I had to correct some mistakes. There should be a way to edit instead of having to post twice.

    • Vicki

      “I am sure that drugs are playing major role in all these crimes.”

      I am sure that guns are playing a major role in all these crimes.

      Lets outlaw guns. Then the non existent drug dealer won’t be shooting cops with the non existent gun.

  • WayneT

    Folks, are only hope is to try and convince the voters to vote Nobama out of office in 2012. If he is not voted out, I believe this will be the end of the United Stated of America as we have know it. Most likely the Muslim Flag will be flying over the Whitehouse. I heard a Muslim Cleric, or what ever there called, make this prediction while talking with Sean Hannity.

    • http://! Angel Wannabe

      Yeah wayne t, I heard that too.

    • Dan az

      Wayne if there is an election!

  • BumpusK

    I didn’t read all of the 300-plus comments already left for this article, so I don’t know if somebody else already caught it, but wouldn’t something that cost $2.1 trillion in 1990 now cost almost $3.54 trillion today (not $1 trillion)? Did somebody run the numbers backwards, or something? Sorry, but it just jumps off the page to me, everybody knows things aren’t less expensive than they used to be. (Thanks to the ‘wonderful’ ways of our Federal Reserve!) So WWII would cost us almost 3.54 trillion in today’s dollars. You also quote the L.A. Times with a $1 trillion figure for the 40 year ‘war on drugs’ without saying whether they adjusted each year for inflation before they added them all together. Sorry, but that whole paragraph was just a wreck for me. You even left out a word. Plus the link went to a domain that was for sale. Did you mean I’m left hanging and curious about what the real dollar conparison is.

    Other than that distraction for me, I agree that it’s cost us dearly and yet we still must continue and really find a way to win the he ‘war on drugs’. Personally, I can’t help but think that it lines up with the decline in church attendance, values, and morality. The undeclared war on religion by the politically correct powers in our country has ultimately undermined the declared ‘war on drugs’!

    • BumpusK

      … don’t know how ‘the’ became ‘the he’ ..?
      … Sorry …

  • tilted1911

    i am always amazed on how people think that by legalizing drugs that it means the end of america. when asked if they themselves would use they say no. but think that everybody else would run out and become addicted. never realizing that those who use are already using drugs, weather they are legal or not. its a choice , the laws only provide penalties for the users and heavy costs for the rest of the country. also until about 90 years ago you could go into any drug store and buy the drugs over the counter without a prescription . (with the exception of crack and meth). at the time the rate of use was even lower then today. look if you want to do drugs till your teeth fall out go for it but stop making me pay to stop you from making a bad choice.

  • cerebus23

    Yea cause forcing morality onto people is moral in and of itself. Look what religion has gotten us over the centuries rape, murder and genocide.

    People want to get fd up bottom line. If that is a few beers or a pack of cigs, or a few cups of coffe, or a joint. It should be up to the individual what they want to do with their life and take responsibility for it.

    “Yes we must win the war on drugs” exactly how do you do that? Force “morality” on people. Are drugs in and of themselves immoral? DO no fal inot the circular argumement the government uses that “drugs are bad so drugs are illegal.”

    Drugs are not inherently evil, abusing drugs can be evil when you hurt others, but not everyone abuses drugs, no everyone that drinks is alcoholic, not everyone that smokes a joint is a pot fiend, and not everyone that has a beer at 16 turns into a heroine addict.

    We need more freedom and the right to choose how we want to spend our free time. Esepcailly since the vast number of people that smoke marijuana are not addicts in any way shape or form and the overwhelming majority of them dabble in their teens to mid 20s and then quit.

    You cannot force people to be sober, you cannot force morality on people, you cannot brain wash people, putting people in jail has not stopped people, stiffer fines and sentences has not stopped people, filing our jails with people for possession sentences that are stiffer than murder and rape charges is just beyond insane.

    So what and how would you propose we “win” the war, and nevermind what our war has brought upon mexico. Murder rates are off the charts in mexico and in the border states, kidnapping, and why is that? cause of the MONEY to be made when you prohibit something in a “free” society.

    And please do not spout out that your going to force people to goto church that is beyond laughable, and so nonsensical as to be silly.

    Grow up, let adults do with their private time what they want to do, get out of people bedrooms and get out of their minds, you should not be concerned with either.

  • Cathy

    The government needs to BUTT OUT and not tell us what we can do with our bodies. If I want to smoke a joint, snort some meth, sell my body, or anything along that line, it would be best left up to ME and not the controlling, intrusive, holier-than-thou, nanny state freakin’ government. (Spoken like a true Libertarian…)

    • Vicki

      For a TRULY free people the possession of ANYTHING created, grown, obtained without fraud or theft, can not be illegal.

      We could add “and use” but then I would need to write a book explaining to people, who should have reasonably been expected to know, how to behave while using something.

    • Vigilant

      It seems to me that the most energized arguments for drug legalization come from those who do not want to feel guilty for their own drug use, past or present, or who feel that denial of any pleasure is the greatest sin in a free society. In short, I detect a certain conflict of interest.

      While I have many ideas and beliefs that are within the Libertarian realm, I have some reservations with the all-encompassing scope and sweeping generalizations used to rationalize behavior and outcomes which can be positively deleterious to a healthy, functioning society.

      I’ve never had a problem with vested self-interest; on the contrary, the prosperity afforded by free choices in a capitalist system is based on that concept. However, self-interest comes with responsibility, and in the absence of responsibility becomes selfishness and greed.

      Do you really want freedom, or are you advocating a new form of slavery? Is it to be asserted that any addiction, whether it be to alcohol, gambling, sex, texting, tobacco or hard drugs, represents a “free” person in total control of their own mind and destiny?

      Let’s look at the real world outcomes of decriminalization or legalization of street drugs in a libertarian society.

      Will you accept that legalization will bring with it an increased use, and therefore an increased irresponsible use? To say that a crack-addicted woman will responsibly consider the life of her unborn child is refuted by volumes of evidence. Do we rail against the drunk driver while placing in the hands of the irresponsible the tools to wreak more havoc and death of innocent people on the highways?

      Do we trade the savings from opening the prison doors with the costs of opening the emergency room doors? Do we want to advocate a Brave New World in which the government’s control over our lives is further sealed as lords over a pliant and unclear-thinking public? Are we hypocritical in taking Big Pharma to task for poisoning our bodies with synthetic toxins, while saying it’s OK to add more toxins to the pharmacopoeia?

      Do we really believe that crime will decrease? Making hard drugs “affordable” is a relative concept. Those souls on the margins of society who will always be destitute will still not have the means to purchase their daily fix, and will still engage in criminal activity to feed their habit.

      I’m afraid the shopworn arguments of “you can’t force morality” or “you can’t legislate morality” carry no water whatsoever. Laws are put on the books to force “behavior,” not morality, in the first place. Secondly, the proscriptive laws in our society are based on the very moral and ethical codes you seek to negate.

      The republican principles upon which this nation was founded demand a sober and informed electorate in the decision-making process. Respect for the rule of law is critical to the survival of a free society, as paradoxical as that concept may seem at first glance.

      When a clear majority of Americans decides that the laws need to be changed, it will come to pass. But be careful what you wish for.

      • Vicki

        Vigilant writes:
        “It seems to me that the most energized arguments for drug legalization come from those who do not want to feel guilty for their own drug use, past or present, or who feel that denial of any pleasure is the greatest sin in a free society. In short, I detect a certain conflict of interest.”

        Well it can’t be me that you talk about cause I don’t even use drugs. Not even the most popular legal ones (AT part of ATF)

        Vigilant: “While I have many ideas and beliefs that are within the Libertarian realm, I have some reservations with the all-encompassing scope and sweeping generalizations used to rationalize behavior and outcomes which can be positively deleterious to a healthy, functioning society.”

        A healthy functioning society does not make war on itself. The damage done by the attacks on other freedoms far outweigh any possible damage done by the use of drugs not approved of. Just ONE example is civil forfeiture which allows government to take your property just because. This is the act of the kings royal guard and not the law enforcement part of a civilized society.

        Vigilant: “However, self-interest comes with responsibility, and in the absence of responsibility becomes selfishness and greed.”

        Both easily controlled in a truly free society using the Capitalist method called competition.

        Vigilant: “Do you really want freedom, or are you advocating a new form of slavery?”

        I am advocating the RIGHT to CHOOSE slavery if they wish. Yes you do have the right to be a slave if you wish.

        Vigilant: “Let’s look at the real world outcomes of decriminalization or legalization of street drugs in a libertarian society.”

        We know the real world outcome. Prohibition and its end. We do not rail against the drunk driver we throw his a** in jail for criminal negligence. Regrettably a bunch of bleeding heart

        Vigilant: “Do we trade the savings from opening the prison doors with the costs of opening the emergency room doors?”

        Why does this argument remind me of liberals against gun ownership?

        Vigilant: “Do we really believe that crime will decrease? Making hard drugs “affordable” is a relative concept.”

        worked fine for the prohibition example and alcohol is a bit harder to make then some other drugs.

        Vigilant: “Those souls on the margins of society who will always be destitute will still not have the means to purchase their daily fix, and will still engage in criminal activity to feed their habit.”

        And we as a free people will still throw their a**’s in jail when they engage in criminal activity.

        Vigilant: “I’m afraid the shopworn arguments of “you can’t force morality” or “you can’t legislate morality” carry no water whatsoever.”

        Of course not. They carry the truth of reality. Far more effective and just as hard to ignore.

        Vigilant: “Laws are put on the books to force “behavior,” not morality, in the first place.”

        Laws are SUPPOSED to be put on books to force PROTECTION from behavior that actually affects the rights of a free people.

        A law that prohibits a behavior because it does not fit someones moral code who’s actual right is not being infringed is simply wrong and what that “shopworn” argument means.

        Vigilant: “Secondly, the proscriptive laws in our society are based on the very moral and ethical codes you seek to negate.”

        Be very specific. I have already asserted that for a truly free people it is NOT possible prohibit the possession of something.

        Vigilant: “The republican principles upon which this nation was founded demand a sober and informed electorate in the decision-making process. Respect for the rule of law is critical to the survival of a free society, as paradoxical as that concept may seem at first glance.”

        Including the part of the law that says freedom of expression.

        Vigilant: “When a clear majority of Americans decides that the laws need to be changed, it will come to pass. But be careful what you wish for.”

        Mob rule is NOT what this country is founded on. Freedom of individuals and protection of their RIGHTS, ALL Of them is. What the majority wants is ABSOLUTELY NOT what is America. We are NOT and never have been and do not want to be a Democracy.

        Here is a nice video discussing what I carefully wish for.
        I would be one of those called a Constitutional Moderate.

  • rusureuwant2know

    “Psychotropic drugs are eroding the American way of life”

    Yes they are – and some of the worst offenders are given out by licensed drug pushers called psychiatrists.

    • Dave

      If Marijuana could be patented by Lilly or Phitzer, It would be legal for prescription today. But because pharmaceutical companies cannot patent it, there is no interest to make it legitimate. Instead, they come up with psychotropic drugs that are literally poisonous, and we accept that as ok.

      • Vigilant

        Interesting point. Do you think that’s what’s behind FDA trying to get control of the natural supplement market, i.e., to place THC under their control so it can be legally prescribed?

  • http://AOL Helge W Hag

    I,m sorry guys.
    There is only one way to deal effectively with the Drug Problem.
    It was done in Singapoore some years ago, and all drug use and trafficing came to an end within a month or so.
    What was done???
    The Death Penalty was imposed on all dealers and Users of Drug.
    No exceptions.
    Anybody connected with Drugs – also USERS -were executed.
    When asked how an addict could break the Habit, the President of Songapoore said.
    Well – you know – when their life was at stake -
    no Ifs- but for sure, the Habit was overcome.
    So when like 7 addicts/dealers were hanged – the message got home,
    and all drug use came to an abrupt end.
    I do not know the status there now, but still all persons entering or leaving the country caught with drugs are executed.Without exception!
    There was acase like this a few months ago.An Australian got cought.

    • JR

      And yet,
      Drugs are still not hard to get there, and drugs are still used in Singapore. Its just not out in the open. I have lived there for 6 month (had a nice room at the Marco Polo Hotel) 7 years ago working to build a hard drive plant expansion and have seen the use of drugs by workers and management alike. Just because it is prohibited and dealers will be shot or hanged does NOT mean it has gone away…all it did was driving it farther underground.

    • Vicki

      And what is the difference between a government who murders people for using herbs and a government that murders people for speaking out against the government?

      • Dan az

        none nada nothing!

  • jopa

    Governor Perry of Texas wants the federal government to protect their border.What is that all about.Wasn’t he the one that wanted to secede from the United States and do it all on his own and become independant.Michelle Bachmans classic was when she said all the states should break away from the United States and get together.She is so precious.

  • jopa

    Was war declared on drugs by Congress or is this just a conflict?I at one time would watch the tv show Cops and felt sorry for the pitiful cop that made a bust because of pot residue.They would act like they took dowm the Medellin cartel.I wonder at times how many Americans are in the joint for possession of a joint and there is no room for the real criminals.

    • Vicki

      It’s a marketing term. Like War on Poverty. Another useless, ongoing unwinnable war.

  • Ron Paul

    How can the bill from WW2 equal $2.1 trillon in 1990 and then $1 trillon in todays inflated away fiat money? In which the people have the privilage to pay for the elitist War Pigs charades. THC is the safest drug known to man, but you will not hear that in the main stream news. Perhaps Mr. Myers should be subject to drug tests for the trillon dollar typo he made?

  • http://wildblue c derr

    I am 63 years old. I grew up during the 60`s and have never put any illicit drugs into my body. I look around at alot of the people i grew up with and they look 20 years older and are constantly sick. None of these people have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out. They couldn`t hold down a job if their life depended on it. These are the people that are crying , help me and are on the dole. There is no one that holds a gun to their head and tells them to do drugs. The best thing that could happen to the drug users in America is a 2 cent 22 bullett to their head. Dry up the users and you dry up the source.Got no use for winers and users in society.

  • mike

    There is no war on drugs, there’s a war on people that’s being waged by a federal government that’s usurped way too much power, and I hear the shrill annoying voices of people so afraid of something that they don’t understand that they’ll destroy lives and families, and use our dwindling revenues to put 1 in every 100 Americans in jail at $22,000 or more a year. I can’t afford this crap. If you like the taxes, you can pay mine.
    BTW Rick Perry is a jack ass. The border situation has been like this way before Obama, and he was all hunky dory with it. As a matter of fact, it was bush that sent Johnny Sutton down here to prosecute border guards for doing their job. And the weasel actually made a pretty good example of a few officials, the message was heard all along the border.

  • mike

    I’ll give you one reason why people do drugs and resort to crime, there aren’t any real jobs here any more. High paying manufacturing jobs are gone. Great, thank the government and greedy investors. If your factory is in china you should go live there, and If you think Singapore or malaysia is such a great place, go live there. Go, hurry.
    I don’t believe the number of people that call themselves conservatives that are so about minding other people’s business. It’s like hearing a liberal saying, “I’m 63 and I never owned a gun. I did fine without one. We need more laws restricting firearms, they’re dangerous so you should go to jail for possession of one.”

    • http://wildblue c derr

      Mike, I guess i came across a little over the top. Sorry about that. The drug situation has gone on for so long now and there is no end in sight. As a matter of fact, it is actually getting worse rather than better. I doubt that there is 1 family in a given community that has not been touched either directly or indirectly by drugs or alcohol. What i`m saying is people need to recognize the pitfalls of both alcohol and drugs before they get involved in them. If there was not a demand for them, there would not be a supply. As far as the jobs situation, you are absolutely correct. What needs to be done is the EPA and ESA need to be reined in or maybe even done away with. The combination of these two and the high tax base is what is causing all the pain in this country. It certainly does not help that we now have a marxist president and a group of czars that think likewise. We cannot say for certainty who he is working for but we do know he is not working for the American people`s best interest. The George Soros of this world and the Clinton dyanasty need to be taken down and completly dismantled. These folks are one worlders and they do not care about what happens to 315 million people in this country. Drugs are a tool that is being used to break down the fiber of America and the EPA and ESA are being used to put the finishing touches on us Americans. The powers that be in this country need to give strict adherence to the CONSTITUTION as it is the blueprint by which this nation is run on. The liberals don`t want to follow it because it will not take them where they want to go. Would like to hear from you again Mike. Your thoughts?

  • jopa

    I was watching a documentary last week on the war on drugs and the state that spends the most is hard to believe,Kentucky.They would actually call in helicopters to remote mountain regions just to cut down a few plants.Hundreds of dollars an hour.I sat and wondered why and it dawned on me they are just trying to protect their whiskey industry that kills hundreds of Americans each year.But they didn’t mention that.Weed is safer than whiskey any day.

  • S Rubicon

    It still boils down to one really obvious fact. Our porous southern border with Mexico is the most porous border we have. The Mexican government is not capable of maintaining the rule of law in many Mexican states. So long as the border is unsecured, the flow of drugs into America will continue. So long as there is a flow, dealing with addictions will be an exercise in futility.
    To help deal with illegal drugs, cut off the supply. Just as any ship’s Captain would tell you, seal the bulkheads where water is getting into the ship & perhaps we can save the ship. But if you do not seal those bulkheads, one thing is absolute. The ship WILL sink!

  • ransmyth

    Of course the war on drugs has not been won these past 40 years. For the past 50 years we have been moving away from the Christian ideals that have taught men self control, morality and given them the power to deal with vices. The war on drugs is not so much a physical war as it is a moral war. Moral wars are won only by changing men from the inside out, not imposing enforced rules. (Though rules are necessary to protect the innocent from the unruly.) Changed desires result in changed lives. No government or religious entity is strong enough to deal with all of our vice and greed. However God has made a way for all men to be free from such bondage through faith in His provision through Jesus Christ. The Founders of our great nation clearly understood this. Perhaps we should learn from their expressed views and again become a strong Christian nation.

  • George Roffi

    There has never been a more insidious invasion of privacy and civil liberties than the War On Drugs. It’s discussion as to its nature and successes are irrational; it is a losing battle that has cost much money and has caused human lives and suffering. The last thing it seems that we as a people accept, it seems, is that many people like to drugs and have sex and do some things that don’t hurt anyone but themselves. Prohibition is the most cruel form of genocide that any country has every inflicted on its own people. Either regulate it or tax it, or admit that its about controlling behavior and that it’s a big losing battle.

  • George Roffi

    Another reply, in particular in response to those who post a ‘for Prohibition’ comment and use Christianity and the founding fathers as their foundations for their rational.

    The founding fathers did not profess Christianity as the foundation for the American constitution and civil liberties. To my knowledge, they were against allowing legislation that would prohibit what people put in their bodies. Thomas Jefferson, to my knowledge, was against prohibition because he thought that it would allow some to control others. I’m not researching this while I’m writing this, but to my knowledge it is common knowledge that Thomas Jefferson grew marijuana and had his own concubine of sorts.

    Who in their right mind states that ‘America should go back to the kind of Christian country it was’, as a rational to incarcerate people who basically want to smoke pot or cocaine and have sex. It sounds evil sometimes and maybe it’s immoral, but it just is. Get over it. The bold fact is that Prohibition is a war that doesn’t work, has been tried, and cost a lot. Worst of all, it causes the problems that its meant to eradicate. It as much a part of the Afghanistan War as any political motive.

    I don’t believe that I’ll see Prohibition in my lifetime, but that doesn’t mean that I have to believe the crap that is thrown at me, and many times includes something about Christianity. For God’s sake, brothers, people are dieing and suffering because of Prohibition, not in spite of it. The War On Drugs is a horrible mistake, experiment, and religious fantasy born of religious fanaticism. I’m not a bible scholar, but in my opinion Jesus Christ would want to end the War On Drugs and scold those who support it. It doesn’t work and kills people and is downright evil in itself. It’s another way of allowing one man to control and dominate and profess to be better than another man. Men throughout history are great at that and this is not what religion – in my opinion – supposed to be about.


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