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Niece Of Martin Luther King Jr. Critical Of Jesse Jackson

April 2, 2012 by  

Niece Of Martin Luther King Jr. Critical Of Jesse Jackson
Alveda King, Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece has criticized Al Sharpton as well as Jesse Jackson for unwarrantedly making everything a race issue.

While many people are marching madly and holding signs, Alveda King, Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece, is marching to the beat of a different drum. In recent months, King, who is the Priests for Life Director of African-American Outreach, has criticized Al Sharpton as well as Jesse Jackson for unwarrantedly making everything a race issue.

King believes that the two men are being hypocritical by preaching a message of peace and then “stirring up the people without positive solutions,” she said recently in Sanford, Fla., the city where Trayvon Martin was shot.

King told The Daily Caller that she wanted Jackson and Sharpton “to talk about nonviolence and not to incite people with that race card that they are very good at playing.”

In November, King criticized Jackson, who compared the Occupy Wall Street protests to the civil rights movement. Jackson joined himself to the movement in Atlanta, and King spoke out. Referencing Jackson, King said he “needs to revisit his 20th century history.”

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • LAB

    Jackson n sharpton are CHARLATANS! Men of SATAN alone! There was a show last night on PBS, Prof. Gates showing that all the African Americans are of CAUCASIAN decent!!! So they can just stay home and fight with themselves!~ NONE are said to be 100% African. How can you stand up and incite riots over your OWN RACE??? Just because you’ve been brainwashed to follow like sheep without any knowlege of who you really are proves how much they need to keep the blacks ignorant of facts as possible. Otherwise, they are fighting themselves! Stupid! It is NOT a black or white issue…it’s right or wrong. That is the only issue and God will be the last to judge. So get yourselves power from knowlege and quit following like sheeple! Thankyouverymuch.

    • eddie47d

      “All African Americans are of caucasian decent? People do say the craziest things in their attempt to climb to the top. That would be like Limbaugh calling all liberal women sluts or all conservatives claiming that only they have a pass key to Heaven.Then there is Timothy O’Leary claiming that LSD will win you a trip to paradise. Everyone in their lives have someone who has tried to persuade them to build themselves up by tearing someone else down. We have to know who is sincere and who is looking for an audience.

      • Ellen

        Interesting question about the authenticity of Gates’ remark. Gates is a professor at Harvard and is well-educated. You may remember him better as the black man who police thought was breaking into a house and went to arrest him. It was his own house, but he was such an arrogant fool that the police arrested him for resisiting. Then Obama invited him for a beer. Maybe he’s trying to help remove the African American label that is mostly untrue. We already know he is a racist based on his altercation with police.

      • Jazzabelle

        Eddie wrote: “Everyone in their lives have someone who has tried to persuade them to build themselves up by tearing someone else down. We have to know who is sincere and who is looking for an audience.”

        In what way, exactly, is the quote “All African Americans are of Caucasian decent” an attempt to “[tear] someone else down?”

      • eddie47d

        Jazz; Because that was an absurd question to begin with. That would be like saying most whites are of African decent. (maybe thousands of years ago). There are thousands of African Jews also but most Jews don’t claim African heritage. There may be some inter racial and interfaith marriages but not that many to make such a claim..

    • Sirian

      “So get yourselves power from knowledge and quit following like sheeple!” That is what is said, pointed out, specified and preached time after time after time here on this site. More and more are coming to their senses but there still remains a sizable number that will continue to simply ignore it. Those – sheeple – are the ones that we will have the most trouble with.

    • lowlywise

      Gates did NOT say that “all the African Americans are of CAUCASIAN decent!!!” He went to some lengths to show that most black Americans have a percentage of Caucasian blood. Gates’ reasoned, careful approach is wasted on those whose mindset is incendiary, ready to set off streams of delusional B.S. on the slightest provocation.

      I am glad that there are thoughtful people like Ms. King who are not wowed by the charisma either of her noted uncle or jazzy, fashionable “leaders” such as Sharpton and Jackson.

      • Ben Williams SR

        miss King I fell sorry for you! You are a fool that is being used to attack people that is trying to held to bring justice for a Black Child that is dead for no reason! You have embarrassed your family with your foolishness you follow Glen Beck fool !

      • http://naver samurai

        Why do you play the race card Ben? Classic liberal strategy. Why shouldn’t he just be called a child? Why does race have to come into play? Why don’t you look at this report about a different interracial murder and tell me why it wasn’t covered by the press?


      • eddie47d

        The same reason the right always brings up the black panthers or any other black person and emphasises their blackness. (seldom in a good way) Any dead child is important and the one in this case happens to be black.

      • Libertytrain

        ben williams sr has just again demonstrated that if a person of color disagrees with the left they are just torn apart by the left – what bigotry the left has – when no human being is allowed to think for themselves….must follow the orders of the left —-

  • Bob Rice

    In Jacksons and Sharptons eyes,there is NO right or wrong,there is only Wrong,where whites are concerned,those 2 clowns dont care about black people,they only care about stirring up the racist card.BTW,what gives them the right to call themselves REVEREND,wheres their churches????

    • eddie47d

      There has been much controversy over Rev Jerry Falwell (years ago) in keeping blacks of off the church’s campus. Then there is Pat Robertson who continually condemns Muslims. You don’t think they weren’t stirring the pot? The same with Rev Wright in Chicago who was extreme in his thoughts. In the 80′s there was Rev Moon who tried to convert the masses and marry everyone off. The right has it’s Rev Fred Philips of Kansas who is far worse than any Jesse Jackson. They all spend much of there careers trying to convert by spreading controversy and outright lies.

      • Brad

        Eddie, how come you never hear of Philips but you see these other two clowns, Jackson and Sharpton daily in their noise bashing racisim?

      • Jazzabelle

        Exactly, Brad. I’ve never even heard of those “conservative” reverends, except for Jerry Falwell because liberals are always talking about him, and Pat Robertson because he ran for president. Why is it that the nutty liberal “reverends” get all the press time, and the nutty conservative “reverends” don’t? Could it be that the the nutty liberal reverends are just more popular than their conservative counterparts? Hmm…perhaps nutty race-baiting religionists just don’t go over as well with conservatives as they do with liberals.

      • eddie47d

        Brad: I hear about Fred Philips and his merry band of Christian lawyers quite often. Anti-Gay,Anti-Military,Anti-Abortion,Anti-Equal Rights. Pick a topic and they are there to protest.

      • http://naver samurai

        You all have seemed to have forgotten Farrakhan and the so called “Nation of Islam” or “Friends of Islam.” Everything he says is race related. I don’t even think Ed could disagree with me on this. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Patricia Jenkins

    Certain powers that be, are rushing to judgement. No one can be given a fair trial, with such elaborate tactics on the media, even if this person was guilty of wrong doing.
    As in the Casey Anthony trial, she probablly would have been convicted, if the media, would have stayed out. The race card should not be used, and I agree with Kings neice, this is a new age.
    Yes, and I am white and damn proud of it, and my anscestors.

  • Edmund Jones

    Thank you Alveda King ! Her comments have been said many times before but ignored because using the race card imeadiately draws in the the far left unballanced press ! Her comments need to be continually repeated and they also aply to many of the white politicals who trot out the race issue it is far more a “right or wrong ” issue !

  • Ellen

    Martin Luther King must be rolling over in his grave. He died trying to improve the civil rights of blacks. Back them, blacks were treated as a different class and it was wrong. Instead of appreciating King’s work and living better lives, blacks have never let go of the race issue and pretend it is the root of their problems. The real root of their problems is laziness. It is easier to collect welfare than to complete school and get a job to support themselves. They have lost their family values, as fewer than 35% of black women ever marry – so most don’t have families. Most killing of blacks is done by other blacks (over 90%). How is that the fault of whites? Instead of helping the black society get back on track, their leaders keep them ignorant of all facts and incite racial hatred. It’s far easier to blame whites for all your troubles than it is to admit you’ve made mistakes and ruined your own future. Whites are not the cause of blacks dropping out of school, having illegitimate kids, or committing crimes. Blacks need new leaders who will encourage them to work toward better futures.

    • eddie47d

      I agree with much of what you said and they do have problems that must be solved by themselves. The biggest issue is jobs and blacks that do have a solid work ethic live normal lives in normal neighborhoods. Those that don’t are easily manipulated,give up and turn to welfare. They do need leaders that encourage them to break out of that situation and move on. Literally to where the jobs are such as the Bakken Oil Fields or if the auto industry isn’t doing well in Michigan then pack your bags and head south to where they are now being built. I told my unemployed son-in-law to head north and work in those oil fields last month and he hasn’t done it. We all have a comfort zone and are afraid of those big changes.

    • Ben Williams SR

      My friend there are more White people on welfare than Black don’t know anything about Black people. why are you calling me lazy,that is racist. I worked Twenty (20) years,then Agent Orang took over my life.

      • http://naver samurai

        Care to cite a source showing that the percentage of the caucasian population on welfare is larger than the percentage of African Americans? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

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  • Donald York

    This issue with Sharpton and Jackson inciting race riots in Florida and elsewhere is’nt so much about Trayvon Martin but, it is about getting the blacks in line to re-elect Barrack Obama. They have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for an opportune time to rear their ugly heads. We now have hollywood hot dogs calling for George Zimmermans head, along with the racists Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, Bobby Rush, among others like Hank Johnson(and this moron is a Georgia state legislator, wow).I dfon’t know about you, but, if i was armed and someone slammed me too the ground, broke my nose and threatened to kill me, I, instinctavly would try my best to shoot and ask questions later. No one knows all the facts in this horrible incident and that is why the ones who are being judgemental need to just shut up after their demands for Mr. Zimmermans arrest is being met, and let the truth be known. TOTALLY ENGAGED AMERICAN!!

    • Ben Williams SR

      I would like to Kick your ass Donald! You don’t know the facts in the case,but you have made up mind about George and Trayvon. think about?

      • http://naver samurai

        And you are all obnipotent with the facts of this case? Why don’t you tell us? Another personal attack. Another lib practicing their overused strategy. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • TIME

    Alveda King PHD, is a very good person.

    As to Rev Al; I have two words, { {Twana Brawley.}}

    As to JJ, what can anyone say other than where’s the $$$$$$$$$$$
    Thats all he cares about other than keeping his name in lights.

    Peace and Love

    • http://naver samurai

      What about the child Jessie Jackson had with his secretary? I see the press has forgotten about that. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • chasbrog

    Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (I don’t think either ever had a church) aren’t deserving to polish Dr. Kings shoes. No one appointed Sharpton/Jackson to speak for Black Americans.

  • http://google john p.

    this lady told it like it is and she is right . Jackson and Sharpton
    are being paid to do what they do by the democrats . this is
    what they do. they wood not do it for free . it’s about control
    and that is what it is all about .

  • Deerinwater

    It’s true, these men are extremest . Much like many in the Tea Party and the seeds they sow.

    We have enlisted soldiers today claiming the President is a domestic enemy and question their orders thanks to the Tea Party.

    The seeds for change starts with the radicals among us, always has.

    I don’t care much for either but I don’t think that’s their desire or intentions. They demand that we “THINK” and hope to strike a nerve, finding “us” sympathetic with their cause and take up their banner.

    There is this on going effort to “frame the message” from which the desired change might come. The framing of the “message” is extremely important.

    Which camp you find yourself in depends on how the message was framed, and it’s appeal to each individuals own bias and predisposition and life experiences.

    The Tea Party wants less government if they have to accept more powerful government to get it , ~ it seems.

    Al & Jesse want equitable government presentation , if it means beating the American people up with Affirmative Act , where 90 % of all government jobs are held by people of color.

    This process of political brinkmanship and posturing has great appeal to the lowest common dominator among us as “each” attempts to elevate themselves by debasing their opposition only adding fuel to the flames of racial division.

    Affirmative Act needs to go away. It is time. It is a tool that in no longer needed and caused more problems then it’s solving.

    • JC in SC

      Are you saying that Sharpton and Jackson are Tea Party members? What planet are you from? You can find no incident of a Tea Party member spewing hate over someones race. In fact, there are many people of color who are members of a Tea Party.

      • Deerinwater

        Yes I can!~ many time and often JC of South Carolina no less .

        But you have permitted your bed sheet over your head with two eye holes cut out to interfere with your vision.

      • Deerinwater

        I’m saying that they are extremist , like many individuals in the Tea party.

        Can you understand that? I doubt it, ~ but the good news is, ~ everybody is not like you.

        The Tea Party has got a bad rap. The hillbilly’s in their rank and file have done a great disservice to the movement. As you come across as a bunch of racist ba4tards.

        Hey! the history and the record it there! The Tea party supporter’s are an exclusi8ve group.

        I didn’t make your history, you did!

        You would want me to ignore your crass innuendo’s and racist overtones.?

        Hey! Buckwheat ain’t no dummy. It might have chocked Artie but it’s not going to choke Stimmie!

        Veiled racist hillbilly talk, is not that GD hard to understand. Like that girl that can suck the chrome off a bumper, ~ I understand the implication.

        GET YOUR MIND RIGHT! ON THE ISSUES! allow “race” to take care of it’s self.

        There is many people of color in America today, that are not stupid but actually brighter then you.

        That must be awful to consider for many of you.

        It is you that made these laws, that wrote this constitution and they are here to see you honor it, that all men are created equal and hold certain inalienably rights.

        Let the games begin.

      • http://naver samurai

        I see Deer wants to go on a long tirade. He also forgets about our Christian founding and that our rights are endowed by our Creator (Blessed by God). Let race take care of itself? What kind of ignorant comment is that? How pretell do you expect that to happen? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Deerinwater

          “.( Let race take care of itself”)? What kind of ignorant comment is that? How pretell do you expect that to happen? ”

          I guess that it might seem “ignorant” by people that think God requires defending or by people that are racist even though they claim otherwise Samurai. It’s can never happen around such people that feel as you think and feel.

          The good news is that not everyone shares such feeling while it’s true you probably never see or met any in South Carolina, so I can see how you would believe it impossible.

      • http://naver samurai

        Though I have been to South Carolina for training while in the army, I have met some of these people you are talking about. Are you talking about wackos that hide their faces behind white sheets? If so, I have had the displeasure of seeing people like that. They also form up and march through Elkhart on MLK day. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        P.S. You must have love of God and country to be a patriot.

    • eddie47d

      He didn’t say that JC!

    • http://naver samurai

      Describing the Tea Party again, Deer? Care to cite a source that backs up that nonsense you just said? The Tea Party is not racist, but the libs are. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Deerinwater

        I don’t have to describe the Tea Party Samurai, They don’t need my help.

        but I do~ wish I could chance it. ~ ever so little. It’d make a huge difference.

      • Deerinwater

        “Membership and demographics
        Several polls have been conducted on the demographics of the movement. Though the various polls sometimes turn up slightly different results, they tend to show that Tea Party “supporters are mainly white” and slightly more likely to be male, married, older than 45, more conservative than the general population, and likely to be more wealthy and have more education.[79][80][81][82][83]
        A Gallup poll conducted in March 2010 found that—other than gender, income and politics—self-described Tea Party members were demographically similar to the population as a whole.[84]
        When surveying supporters or participants of the Tea Party movement, polls have shown that they are to a very great extent more likely to be registered Republican, have a favorable opinion of the Republican Party and an unfavorable opinion of the Democratic Party.[83][85][86] The Bloomberg National Poll of adults 18 and over showed that 40% of Tea Party supporters are 55 or older, compared with 32% of all poll respondents; 79% are white, 61% are men and 44% identify as “born-again Christians”,[87] compared with 75%,[88] 48.5%,[89] and 34%[90] for the general population, respectively.
        Canvass and polls”

        and my favorite !

        “Beginning in 2006 we interviewed a representative sample of 3,000 Americans as part of our continuing research into national political attitudes, and we returned to interview many of the same people again this summer. As a result, we can look at what people told us, long before there was a Tea Party, to predict who would become a Tea Party supporter five years later. We can also account for multiple influences simultaneously — isolating the impact of one factor while holding others constant.

        Our analysis casts doubt on the Tea Party’s “origin story.” Early on, Tea Partiers were often described as nonpartisan political neophytes. Actually, the Tea Party’s supporters today were highly partisan Republicans long before the Tea Party was born, and were more likely than others to have contacted government officials. In fact, past Republican affiliation is the single strongest predictor of Tea Party support today.

        What’s more, contrary to some accounts, the Tea Party is not a creature of the Great Recession. Many Americans have suffered in the last four years, but they are no more likely than anyone else to support the Tea Party. And while the public image of the Tea Party focuses on a desire to shrink government, concern over big government is hardly the only or even the most important predictor of Tea Party support among voters.

        So what do Tea Partiers have in common? They are overwhelmingly white, but even compared to other white Republicans, they had a low regard for immigrants and blacks long before Barack Obama was president, and they still do.

        More important, they were disproportionately social conservatives in 2006 — opposing abortion, for example — and still are today. Next to being a Republican, the strongest predictor of being a Tea Party supporter today was a desire, back in 2006, to see religion play a prominent role in politics. And Tea Partiers continue to hold these views: they seek “deeply religious” elected officials, approve of religious leaders’ engaging in politics and want religion brought into political debates. The Tea Party’s generals may say their overriding concern is a smaller government, but not their rank and file, who are more concerned about putting God in government.

        This inclination among the Tea Party faithful to mix religion and politics explains their support for Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota and Gov. Rick Perry of Texas. Their appeal to Tea Partiers lies less in what they say about the budget or taxes, and more in their overt use of religious language and imagery, including Mrs. Bachmann’s lengthy prayers at campaign stops and Mr. Perry’s prayer rally in Houston.

        Yet it is precisely this infusion of religion into politics that most Americans increasingly oppose. While over the last five years Americans have become slightly more conservative economically, they have swung even further in opposition to mingling religion and politics. It thus makes sense that the Tea Party ranks alongside the Christian Right in unpopularity.”

      • http://naver samurai

        I guess you’ve never been to Tea Party meetings, eh Deer? Sook Young and I have been to several and there is no racial anything going on at these meetings. Just trying to spin something out of nothing. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Rick

      @deerinwater you saying it doesn’t make it so. the demographics does not make it racist. SHow a case where theyhave ever insighted poeple to protest or riot based on race. Yes their views are conservative but that is not racist either.Rev King did not pomote v iolence nor did he promote the entiltement mentality. He promoted equal opportunity not handouts. or give me’s. He did notask for reverse discrimination he aske for fair opportunity for all. It is up to everyone to take advantage of these opportunities

      • Deerinwater

        “the demographics does not make it racist.”

        The demographics are factual data that requires interpretation. Clearly there is something that black have elected to not engage with the Tea party. You call it what you wish.

      • http://naver samurai

        We have people of all races, different religions, and different social statuses in our Tea Party meetings, so why do you say that African Americans don’t want to associate with us? Maybe it is from the lies the left wing wackos have been telling since 2009? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • littlebill24

    Obama and his wife along with Jackson,Sharpton play the race game only to help ther selfs and turn people againest each other as long as they can keep people diveded just like they are doing now the can control a certine group of people just like they do the government instead of make all people equieal

  • Nam 67

    I love Alveda king,she is a very nice person and also right about jackson & sharpton starting trouble.

    • Tinytim


  • louie1

    Several years ago, blacks were adulating MLK as the Great Uniter. Now, they’ve changed their slobbering adulation to the main person in this country who promotes racial divisiveness, with an big assist from Sharpton and Jackson. This only proves to me that the followers of the ‘Handout King of America’ tells those blacks how to think and they fall to their knees, begging for even more direction because they don’t have the capacity to think for themselves. It’s debatable that they’ll ever wake up and think and do for themselves as long as they’ve been convinced that they’re the downtrodden people of this country by the current administration.

  • emckinne

    I thank God for Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson. If it weren’t for these men, we would not have known anytbing about Trayvon Williams. He was murdered in Febuary and no one would have heard of This murder if it were not for Al. These are great men who have to deal with these Black issues. Trayvon was killed because of profiling. He looked suspicious according to Mr. Zimmerman. What is suspicious in American? Just being a Black male. White males have no need for a Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, because they will never look suspicious even if they were wearing hoodies. They have their laws and gun rights groups to speak up for them. Especially if the kill a Black male. We need the Jacksons and Sharptons to bring awareness to these senseless killings. Keep up the good work guys..

    • http://naver samurai

      Way too much kool aid. If you believe that playing the race card is OK, then you fit right in with them. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • emckinne

        The race card was played when Trayvon was killed. A white man killed him because he looked suspicious. He looked Black and wore a hoodie. That is what that police and many of the other police department arrest Black men for. There definition of suspicious is Black male not White. If this was the other way around, the Black man would be locked up and framed by the police Deparment. Be real, I know you do not believe what you are writing is reality.

      • http://naver samurai

        Considering that my wife and I know police officers (Members of the same church), I can honestly say you are full of brown smelly stuff. There are witnesses coming forward that said Zimmerman was defending himself, so what do you have to say about that? What if he was defending himself, then what? Aren’t you stereotyping police department without having facts on hand? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • eddie47d

        Zimmerman was not a trained police office and was told to stand down by the police and he did not. He made a bad move first and then Trayvon may have made a bad move. Zimmerman’s family went down to the police station that night and brought him home . That meant the police never collected all the evidence and the case was dropped. That made it a poor police decision.

    • Rick

      whathave you been smoking. do you believe all the crap that Al and Jesse spill out their pie holes? This was news before they showed up and started inciting the peole with their lies misinformation and half truths. the fact that th8is Kid that has always been shown in a 5year old picture by the press and these 2 liars. they also edit out parts of the 911 taps that did not fit their story and they even changed ths man from white to a white-hispanic just to keep this a race thing. had this kid just acted like he had some common sense instead of acting like a thug. He would not have gotten shot. When you attack someone from behind as they walk away ands start beating his head so the sidewalk what do you think will happen? that’s what makes irt self-defense. the stand your ground doesn’t even come into play he was walking away and the kid jumped him so he has every right to defend himself including deadly force. The police were right they had no grounds to arrest the man. just because the3 outcome was a sad tragedy does not make it wrong or against the law.

  • jerry

    Finally someone who makes some sense. Every issue seems to be defined by color. It’s never a simple matter of a person was shot and the suspect is under arrest. I believe Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are racist themselves, under the guise of against racism.

    • Deerinwater

      profile the profile’r!

      • Deerinwater

        Oh! deer! Run too fast, legs too long, a$$ too high!

      • http://naver samurai

        Caught nads on varved wire fence. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • George Vieto

    I remember Jesse Jackson having the I Am Somebody message and thought he was one of the good guys but see him as a hypocrite who uses race wars to gain his brownie points.

  • mark

    Down with al and jesse the biggots.

  • FWO21

    ALRIGHT, I like this lady; she has some brains. Now, if more would follow in her footsteps we might be able to put this “race” thing behind us, once and for all.

    • Deerinwater

      me too~! but that’s too easy and too much to wish for.

  • Danny

    She is 100% correct. I grew up where we were notalowed to know thet we were 1/4 Native American. I grew up in the perfect part of town; not rich not the poorest financially. You could look down our street and there were children,; not white, not mexican, not black,, we were Children; every parent knew who each child was and had been given permission had been given to correct as if their own. There was NO RACE!
    I have been and still ocasionally even today get told YOUR PARENTS OWNED MINE followed by numeraus derogatory remarks. I have been called an N, lover A trash Breed, and more, we were not told who we were because we were being protected. When I here all the talking of RACE I am reminded of my grandmother saying there is only ONE RACE, “The Human Race” Both young and old are “responcible for the clothing making the man” we turn on the TV and we see A HOODIE being worn as a sign of BAD people, The children see it daily in their Music Videos, You can NOT enter manny businesses wearing A hat, a hoodie, dark glasses, only one youth allowed to enter without an adult escorte. Society needs to teach the lessons of the past but not the way they were taught in the past!

    • Rick

      When you do not know the person you revert to what you know or have learned about the greoup they are part of. If you donot like the way that group is preseived then change the way you present yourself. If you do your best to look and act like that stereotype then why do you act so surprised when you are treated like that group?

  • old hillbilly

    Alveda King defines what we should aspire to be. Jackson & Sharpton are the opposite.

    We’re missing the race baiter’s symbolism. If someone (black or white) saw someone strolling through THEIR neighborhood with a KKK sheet & hood on, everyone would be upset. A “hoodie” represents a subculture that’s engaged in gangsta rap that glorifies killers & cop killers, and clings to just about every other “gangsta” perversion. The hood conceals personal identity – a sign of a real bad dude who’s hell bent on theft, pain, and destruction! It’s a symbol of those who terrorize the very poor black ghettos, where good folks either hide, submit, or die. It’s “cool” for the gangsters, but absolute hell for the millions of people trapped by poverty & circumstance, in areas where government provides zero protection for decent people. If you don’t learn to hate you can’t survive!

    Jackson & Sharpton are using deception to incite riots and government does NOTHING! When tempers explode, the matches wil burn what little the residents have – stores, homes, whatever can be destroyed. That’s progress, as in “progressive” & the race baiters will move on to new victims seeking the power the make “things” happen!

    Of the trillions spent by government to “help citizens in need”, can anyone cite one real opportunity for the entrapped victims? Cash, food, clothes, a place to sleep… does nothing to establish self sufficiency, pride, and purpose for a life! Runaway crime means zero opportunity! A black and white hoodie culture of hate is a one way ticket to hell.

    In this case, the idiots in charge are dividing and polarizing Hispanics and blacks, demanding the lynching of the Hispanic, who happens to be half white just like the half white president who looks black! The frenzy is insane! What if a black teenager put on the “hoodie” to be big, mean, and untouchable, and felt put down by a lowly white brown man… decided to beat him senseless, maybe kill… and the “hoodie” wasn’t bulletproof… and the white brown man wasn’t ready to die! Result – two lives destroyed… one dead and the other traumatized for life!

    Honor God, not a dumb symbol of robbery, mayhem, and death (hoodie)! Pay attention to Alvedia’s soothing words of love, compassion, and harmony instead of division, hate, and mayhem!

    • Ben Williams SR

      miss King is a fool like you. this is a free country live and let live.

      • http://naver samurai

        No such thing as live and let live. Ms. King and Old Hillbilly are right. Never mind this troll and keep up the good fight! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Ren

        Proverbs 10:18
        Whoever conceals hatred with lying lips and spreads slander is a fool.
        Proverbs 15:7
        The lips of the wise spread knowledge, but the hearts of fools are not upright.

        Ms. King is following in her Uncle’s footsteps and trying to bring peace back, not trying to take it away. I applaud her for seeing things they way they really are and then saying something about it. Good Job Ms. King!!!!!
        What is happening here, between all those that are arguing is exactly the problem, those that don’t know when to keep quiet are the one enciting the Foolish action. When was the last time people just stepped back and judged themselves rather than everyone else around them? We can change ourselves but we don’t, we want everyone else to change first. Stop, right here and now and look at your own heart and judge it’s contents before lashing out at someone else and pointing a finger, remember that when you point a finger, how many are pointing back at you? Where is love? REMEMBER that real love is blind (to color) and sees only the heart!

  • Saul T. Pepper

    How can I applaud? A touch of sanity within an insane world! We need more believers like Alveda King.. Like her famous uncle, Ms. King is the light in an ever dimming world. I can’t express my appreciation enough for her words and I hope that everyone, of every race, listens to and understands her message (applauding loudly!!).

  • old hillbilly

    A firm believer in Constitution never has to argue about live & let live, Biblical legitimacy, or charity & helping someone in need – it’s part of what you are, if you’re legitimate. If you invade the sanctity of my home to burn, rob, or kill, don’t worry about “hoodies” to conceal your identity or wearing a vest – you’ll be there when the wagon arrives. “Hoods” like to rape & rob old people because we can’t fight back and no one can ever be there in time to save us… The remedy is simple…a good old 45… one in the gut & one in the head on the way down. That way, they can’t hurt anyone while you dial 911 & begin the eternal wait for police to arrive at the scene. Matter of fact, they’ll never hate or hurt anyone else ever again! One might say, when you break the door down, you’re one step away from the Promised Land & peace in the valley. The police do the best they can – can’t be everywhere.

    God loves all of us, even the rejects He has to recall & recycle every so often. Maybe Jessie & Al are beyond recycling.

  • Jimbo

    What a courageous lady! We need more people like her


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