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NIA warns against inflation implications of healthcare reform

August 21, 2009 by  

NIA warns against inflation implications of healthcare reformOpponents of the public option in President Obama’s proposed healthcare plan often charge it will worsen the already large federal budget deficit, but the National Inflation Association (NIA) has gone a step further by suggesting it will lead the U.S. dollar to collapse.

To give an example of how government-run programs contribute to inflation, it says Medicare costs have increased from $3 billion in 1966 to an estimated $408 billion in 2009, which translates into an annual growth rate of 12 percent.

"Obama’s plan of socialized healthcare will wipe out the private sector and create less competition," the organization charges.

"[C]osts will go up for all Americans in the form of much higher inflation, and the quality of health care will go down," it adds.

NIA advocates a free-market program whereby people should be free to purchase an insurance plan of their choice, which would be cheaper as a result of fierce competition. It also says insurance should only cover accidents and major emergencies while doctor’s visits for minor problems should be paid out of pocket.

This, NIA believes, would reduce abuse within the system, shorten waiting times and encourage doctors to charge less. Instead, they are encouraged to charge the most now because they are paid by a handful of corporations.

This fall, Congress is expected to debate a healthcare reform proposal intended to ensure universal access, while lowering costs and improving efficiency. Most congressional Democrats and President Obama want to achieve this by including a public option that would compete with private insurers.

However, this approach has come under fire from congressional Republicans and fiscally conservative Democrats who allege it will be financially unsustainable and drive private insurers out of business.


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  • Jim Sayles

    You speak of the dollar collapsing at some future point. Has it dawned on you that this has in fact already occurred? Do you not recognize that the Federal Reserve(neither Federal, nor sustained with reserves)has no choice but to open up the printing presses and manufacture more “In God We Trust” fiat currency?
    The future now, is now. The purchasing power of our”almighty” dollar has eroded consistently since the beginning of the LAST century. Compare 1908 to 2008 if you want to see the true demise of the greenback. Compare Richard Nixon’s action of letting Gold float from it’s then $35 per ounce per dollar valuation in 1970 to nearly over thirty times that of today. The Dollar will fall? Just what do you think has been it’s consistent erosion for over a century?
    Is there a solution that can be effected by the current administration or subsequent in the near future? Yes, of course. The simple answer is to live within your means. Bailouts are much like advising people to plan their retirements not on traditional methods such as stock purchase, defined benefit plans, annuities, IRA’s, or such, but use current or borrowed funds to buy lotto tickets. I do believe this must be the plan to repay the debt created by recent and current administrations; surreptitiously financial advisers and treasury heads will purchase lotto tickets from every available source, thus promoting distribution of dollars worldwide and all that will be is to wait for the “big” payoff.
    Excuse my contriteness, but the big payout, like the Big Mac, is what is killing this country.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Man, I cant believe you hung the Big Mac like that. Fact is, the Big Mac has less calories than the McDonalds salad if you use the dressing that comes with it. Me, Im a double cheeseburger guy, but you were most unfair to the Big Mac, so dont do it again. Thats not right. Everything else was right on.

  • John C. Davidson

    They want us to live within our means while maintaining their exorbidant, reckless behavior. It is similar to having a serial killer conduct a class on sociology.

    • DaveH

      Yep, amazing isn’t it?

  • Marilyn Jarrett

    I believe the answer to our financial woes lies in the rolling back of outrageous compensation for CEO’s. When middle America earned a fair wage and could afford a modest home, raise 3 children, take modest vacations and in general live ‘the good life’ CEO’s did NOT make millions of dollars while their employees made a fair percentage of the company profits. When did this change? When regulations were set aside in the name of unending profits, fed by unconscionable greed and the Republicans ran a muck. I think America is lost. We will not return to the fair days of the 50′s,60′s and the beginning of the 70′s. I had the good fortune to be raising a family in those ‘lost years’. You may recall telephoning a company and requesting customer service and surprise! a person actually came on the line listened to the situation and then agreed to solve the problem and call you back. Of course that was before the profits were made so much more important than human services and life was so much more civil and fair. Those days are gone and when all of us who do recall those better days die off there will be no more voice of reason replying to these issues. What a sad country we have become.

    • DaveH

      What has changed since the 50s is more Government Regulation, not less. When Government subsidizes corporations, protects them from competition (mostly by regulations which make competitive start-ups much harder), and bails them out when they fail, of course competition is weakened and prices go up. Big Government is the problem, not the solution.
      As far as the compensation of Corporate Officers goes, whose business is that except for the owners of the company? The shareholders have a right to complain, but the non-owners sure don’t. If you think their products are priced too high, don’t buy them. The politics of envy leads only to a weakened economy.

      • eyeswideopen

        Regan deregulated the Savings and loan industry in 86′ costing us 283 billion dollars.We finally paid that off in 1999, when the Congress then deregulated the Banking industry, causing this wonderful fiasco. Those two previous laws had protected this countries captialist free market since the Great Depression. So deregulation was the culprit. Sometimes, you are forced to purchase a product, such as electric without a choice, and here in Fl.we had to start a Consumers Protection Division to stop the illegal “Daisy Chain” charges that were illegally assessed to the elderly. They also hide bonus’ for their corporate officers and voted themselves illegal raises. Greed is something that is selfish and needs to be monitored to protect those who can’t protect themselves.

        • DaveH

          The marketplace is the greatest regulator. We can sit around all day long jawboning about what works best, and who knows – sometimes we might be right. But in the marketplace there are just consumers and producers. Those who produce the product that attracts the buyers succeed in the marketplace, those who don’t lose. Notice, I didn’t say the “best” product. Sometimes the consumers have other reasons then a chase for the best. The marketplace is free choice not pontification.
          Please read the book “Boom and Bust” by Thomas Sowell (notice by the way that the accused “bigot” is recommending a book by a black man). The government meddling has gotten us into far more trouble than it has gotten us out of. Big Government is the problem, not the solution.
          Democrats have come and gone, Republicans have come and gone, but the one constant has been an ever-growing government. We have gone from a country of limited government to one of huge government and our economy has paid the price. If the government was the answer, then why are we in the mess we’re in right now?
          Please read the book “Boom and Bust” by Thomas Sowell (notice by the way that the accused “bigot” is recommending a book by a black man). The government meddling has gotten us into far more trouble than it has gotten us out of. Big Government is the problem, not the solution.
          You are obviously a very bright lady Eyes, so I am hoping that I can convince you to do some studying on the virtues of a free market. There is no way that I could explain that to you (even if I was an expert) in this short comment space. So, I would recommend that you make an honest effort to get hold of some good books (maybe some by Milton Friedman or Thomas Sowell) and learn the other side of the story.

          • DaveH

            Oops, pardon me for the redundant paragraph. I wish we could edit our comments after they are submitted.

          • eyeswideopen

            I know a little bit about Mr. Sowell, he said “Some of the biggest cases of mistaken idenity are amoung the intellectuals who have trouble remembering that they are not God”. I will get the book. It is always nice to have a scholar walk a layperson throught the financial debacles of this century. Thanks for the info. Went to a town hall today and only logicial people turned out to be Libertarians and Independants. The hatred was unbelievable, it was like a foreign country. It must have really been bad for the Dem’s who attended. I don’t know how, but three independants and two Lib’s were surrounding me, so I felt pretty safe. Sad time for this country.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Thank you Dave. Im all for rewarding those who excel, and educate those who fail. Anymore, success is being met with punishment, and failure is being rewarded with bailouts and the “its ok” mentality. It seems those in power want us all to aspire to reach mediocrity, and that were all the same, tolerance, and all that garbage. Sorry, thats not what made this country great. It was striving to succeed, hard work, application, overcoming the odds against us. Yeah, thats the America I know.

    • Sue C

      M. Jarrett! I am with you on that subject. Greed, Covetousness, and trampling of the small man, to get to the top of the ladder is a dirty Republican Trait! Had it not been for them, we would have no wars, not excuse to misuse tax-payers monies on lies, like the Iraq War, and Wall Street Bail-Outs. I noticed that Bush made haste to get that money, before he took a hike, out of normal human sight!

      Those days may never come back, but I will tell you what. Those who did evil to America, will pay, no matter how long it takes. For some it will be their whole blood-line who will pay. Take courage! Captors will go into Captivity, and the captives, will be set free, because “The Mouth of the LORD hath Spoken It! No one/Nothing can change that Law! Vengeance belongs to God! He will repay! Thanks.

      • American Citizen

        Most of the wars we have been involved in have been started by Democrats. We’ve had the present war thrust upon us by terrorists.

        Welfare and like programs do more to hold people down that the rich who risk their money and provide jobs. Get real.

        • Sue C

          The real terrorists are GH, and GW Bush, and Chaney. They are the ones who carried out the 9/11 events, thus creating the events, that will lead to a war, and to get Congress to release the tax-payers’ monies for them to steal, and fill their own pockets, and use 1/3 of the remaining balance to go to war. Stop being NAIVE! Grow UP!

          • American Citizen

            Oh, for crying out loud, you’re buying in the Michael Moore garbage. Those terrorists were plotting 9/11 before Bush took office. We had war declared on us during the Clinton years and he basically did nothing. It only emboldened the terrorists to think that we are weak and would not respond to their heinous acts. I think they were surprised that President Bush went after them. Notice we’ve had no more hits these last 9 years. The things he put in place to keep this country safe are being dismantled by Obama’s Administration. I’m wondering when the next attack on our soil will take place. Wise up.

          • BOE

            Sue you are joking right? Did you complete the 3rd grade? I don`t even know what to say to you…Go all the way back to Clinton and read about Bin laden during his time in office. Then come back and act like you got some sense!

  • Susan

    It is sad that the feeling of safety hinges on political persuasion. I find it more in people of true tolerance (the ability to agree to disagree) and civility.

  • Old Monkey

    I am sick and tired of the government trying to love me to death with my money. I want them to do their job which includes securing our boarders and keeping their big fat nose out of me and my family’s business. I want a strick interpetation of the 14th Ammendment preventing anchor babies. Since when is it so had to write understandable law without time bombs or mines?

    There are times when our elected officials need to play fast & loose with rules, but there are rules. The last group of thugs played too fast & loose with them. This group of thugs make their own!

    Most of my family who are immigrants and minority don’t like what they see, those my age more frightened than I am outraged. It’s obvious thes deviates are spending us into another MAN MADE DISASTER to make an excuse for declaring martial law.

  • MSSouth

    What happened to the time when you could rely on your representatives to do what was right for our country? When bills were written where the average American could read and understand them? Now, it seems like all Congress wants to do is get more powerful and richer. Now when we read (if we get the chance) the bills up for Congress to vote on, you have to be a lawyer to comprehend what the bill is saying and then then conprehend what they ARE NOT saying.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Thats cause these lawyer bastards all became politicians, and now its like you have to be a lawyer to become a governor or Senator or President, and you and I both know, as do the American people, 95 percent of lawyers are dirty rotten crooks. They are the scourge of society, and yet they hold the high positions in this land. What a shame. What a shame.

      • Sue C

        Hi Bebberoni!

        The doctors, and the hospitals, are worse than the lawyers! They smile while they treat you for one disease/sickness, as they add something to your prescription to get you to come into their office for another visit, and for another treatment, and for another fix, to get you to come in, again, for the next visit, and the next fix, and on, and so on.




        • American Citizen

          No doctor can make you keep coming back. If you think you don’t need to see him again, cancel the appointment. You are supposed to be in charge of your own health and healthcare.

          • Sue C

            Thats because you either do not know how many patients are very simple trusting people, who have no idea, that their doctors are their worst enemies. I worked in a hospital, and I saw what doctors, did, and I have been a victim of their compromises, and cover-up, several times, so please don’t tell me you are that Naive!

            Or! Maybe, you are a doctor, and you know that I am telling the truth, but you want to be slick! If you are, I will like to advise you on the “specifics.” ****If you are honest, and just****, your bread will be blessed, whole, clean, pure, and sickness, and diseases will not visit you, nor your house.

            However, if you are a greedy-dog doctor/or any miscellaneous other greedy-dog, you will eat the bread of ***curses***, and all the diseases, and sicknesses, that are not written in the Book of God’s Law, will come upon you, and your house. I am not Joking, and neither should you. (See Deuteronomy 28, for the Blessings, and the Curses).

        • eyeswideopen

          Cheney took office, assests were24million, left office 98.8 million. Nice reward for a Haliburton, KBR stockholder. Oh Joy, the great American rip off.

        • http://None Ray Rourke

          To believe this bunch of crap you have to have a warped mind. I wonder if Bush twisted the arms of these terrorists to get them to commit suicide to please his so-called ego. Get some smart.

  • American Citizen

    You know what they say about committees. The Federal Government is the biggest committee in the country. That’s why they act the way they do. For every problem they try to fix, they create two more and we’re worse off than before.

  • Brenda

    I did not vote for Obama. I thank God he gave me a brain! Can not wait to vote all Dem’s OUT, starting with Obama. I LIKE MY FREEDOM, THANK YOU. If you people want a socialized government, then MOVE!!
    “Socialism is the Philosophy of failue, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virture is the equal sharing of misery” – Winston Churchill -
    “A government big enough to give you everthing you want, is strong enough to TAKE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE.” – Thomas Jefferson -
    “The problem with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples money.” Better wake up! Before ALL OUR RIGHTS ARE GONE!

    • BOE

      Brenda..Thomas Jefferson was smart man. He also said “democracy ceases to exist when you take from those who are willing to work and give to those who are not willing to work. This is Obama`s dream to bring us down and then he will take over and be in power a life time not just 4yrs. The election was won with made up names that Acorn registered. I pray that dems.and repubs come to their senses and do something!!

  • American Citizen

    A saying I just ran across. I don’t know who said it, but it’s so true.

    “You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the rich out of prosperity. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.”

    The only thing socialism does is to make everybody poor.

  • American Citizen

    Sue, did you understand what I wrote? You, and you alone are supposed to be in charge of your healthcare. As for becoming ill or sick, it’s part of the human condition. Some things we have no control over. We can do everything right and still get cancer. We do have to trust our doctors to do what is best for us, but you also have to know that your doctor is trustworthy. None of the doctors around here live lavishly. Nor do the owners of the largest employer here. They have nice homes, but not lavish. Our previous primary care doctor drove an old pickup. The nurses were afraid not to do their jobs as he was all for his patients. Our present primary care doctor is female and she is a great diagnostician. She know what test to order so that she knows for sure whether she is right or wrong and how to treat us. That’s why most doctors order tests, not because they are afraid of being sued. Years ago they didn’t have access to all the helps out there in order to best treat their patients.

  • Andy Bulles

    Has anyone here noticed the price of food lately?… Here in California, I see 10% to 15% increases in the posted regular price of packaged and canned food items in our Ralph’s, Von’s and Albertson’s stores. I think this is just the beginning… we are on our way to being a nation that can’t afford to feed itself. We import more food now than ever and our federal government is cutting of water to the San Joaquin Valley which the western U.S. breadbasket at the same time. TOTAL MALFEASANCE AND MISMANAGEMENT AT EVERY LEVEL IN OUR GOVERNMENT! AND THEY EXPECT US TO BELIEVE THEY’LL PROVIDE A BETTER HEALTHCARE PROGRAM WHICH WILL BE INVOLUNTARILY FOISTED UPON US! I SAY TELL THOSE BASTARDS TO GO TO HELL! TIME FOR TOTAL REVOLUTION!

    • Brenda

      Farmers say if Cap & Trade goes thru, our food prices will go up 35%. Good thing I have 3 gardens and my husband can hunt and fish. Guess it want help either. Government will put a stop to it someway. We have got to vote them all out.

  • http://ordy@fedtel./net Eric g

    Good at least you all are thinking I’am starting a new country in the central States . Thomas Sowell is invited , The East coast and the west coast can be together or seperate countries too . That would make three independant countries , with about a 100 million people each . We could still be friends . We will follow the old US contitution in the central States . and try to interpete it literally .Each country will have their own president, and political parties . I no longer want be together with the coastal people . Their moral standards are just differant from ours on to many things , Sex , money , life , war ,almost evreything , we think almost in reverse . The only thing left is for us to choose a new capital . Maybe Chicago or Kansas city . Already many States are again looking into this idea . It should be done peacefully , with real voteing and a democracy . I suppose the national debt will have to be devided up . Bill Clinton devided up Yugoslavia without really ever letting all the people vote on it at once . President Bush devided up Serbia without letting the Serbs vote . The Soviet Union was devided up , but Russia was left with the debts . I think Russia has done better with out the Union . The Soviet Union was a big country ,it covered one third of the Worlds land . But it just was to big of a country to manage properly . I think thats our problem , AIG the largest insurance co in the world failed , General moters also the largest auto co in the world failed , fanny may and fredy mack again to big to Fail .
    By bailing out all these failed to big to fail companies we have not stopped them from missmanageing . The wealthiest biggest economy in the world is it to big to fail , This country is not to large to fail . How much did the Soviet Union owe when they collapsed ? How much do we Owe ?
    I think OBoma would have maybe had a chance at government health care , if we did not first takeover the large banks , then the auto companies , now its to much for the american people to tolerate . I would rather not have a government at all, than have a government that owns and controles evreything in the country . The US government must sell those banks , sell the auto companies and than come and talk about government health care . I’am afraid we already have a country to big to manage . Same as the Soviet Union evrey kinda criminal and thief running off with all the money . I hope we can stop it before we start starveing . We might still keep Oboma as he is from chicago , or he might stay on the east coast . To me running the country is not poitical , I want good things for evreybody . And United States has a great history of doing this , I’am just a little more than afraid of financing failures , As i have done it over and over ,but not all the time .

    • American Citizen

      The Soviet Union was actually several countries that Russia had taken over. Therefore, the UNION. The countries declared, with our help, independence from Russia, each to be its own country again. When I was a teenager, we lived in a “double house”. Two couples who were refugees from Estonia lived on the other side. Their country had been taken over by Russia.

  • Smilee

    Hear is another fact check that should be of real concern to all who value the truth. Please read

    • American Citizen

      Smilee, I head Obama himself say they would cut $500 billion from Medicare to help finance his plan (or rather Congress’s). How could the put that much back in? Common sense tells me the whole thing is about cutting costs via bean counters and rationing.

      If you read that gobbledygook of a healthcare bill, bureaucrats will make of it whatever they want in order to “save money.” What really needs fixing in the healthcare industry is not being addressed.

      • Smilee

        The Government pays 14% more for the Bush advantage plans than for the
        original Medicare that only advantage the third party payer and do the patient no good, this was designed so the health care industry could make more money and did nothing to improve your health care, Obama’s proposal is to pay these plans the same as original Medicare plans and this would cut $500 billion of health care costs now being wasted over the next 10 years without any change in Medicare benefits for anyone. There will be no rationing. Gobbledygook of health care reform is the lies from the far right conservatives designed to protect all this easy money the insurers and some practitioners now enjoy at the expense of those cannot access health care and the country as a whole. Evidence of what I say here is abundant if you are willing to look for it and quit listening to a single source of information, if you do, I really believe you would change your belief and put the blame where the problem really exists

  • grierll

    Hey, as a truly average American citizen with articulate capabilities that does not completely comprehend the terminologies used in the insurance information I receve explaining my benefits such as they are, I am frightened by what I see happening to the great country my forefathers built for my right to live freely. All the government has the right to ask of me is to abide by the actual laws set up to govern us…the rest of it, in reality, I thought they work for us, the taxpaying America? Where did I lose that right? When did that get muddled?

  • grierll

    Can I really blame the government for my complacency and uninvolvement if I am not doing anything about anything? Now, I am not talking to the guy that is doing his part but I know of a lot of people that are quick to criticize instead of speaking out to the right people. I just ownder if we were all to get on the same bandwagon and voice our true opinion loudly enough, could we really be ignored? I talk to people and they are so brainwashed by what theya re hearing from the powers that be and the media, and they are swollowing it all hook, line and sinker, like Nero dancing while Rome burned to the ground. Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die…as if that did not matter!


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