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NIA: U.S. Stocks ‘Extremely Overvalued’

June 16, 2010 by  

NIA: U.S. stocks 'extremely overvalued'Despite recent pronouncements from Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke that he was cautiously optimistic about economic recovery, and despite official reports indicating that the labor market is stabilizing, the National Inflation Association (NIA) has continued to warn against the threat of the United States dollar becoming worthless due to accumulating national debt.

In particular, the NIA has criticized the mainstream media’s focus on the debt crisis in Greece—a small economy that the organization calls "irrelevant"—while ignoring a potential catastrophe at home in the form of impending hyperinflation.

It has also attacked the media for putting too much stock in credit rating agencies, which downgraded Greece’s bonds to junk, but still give U.S. bonds an AAA rating.

"The only thing separating U.S. debt from Greece debt is the Federal Reserve’s printing press," the organization said in a statement, adding that "[we believe] monetization is even worse than default, and U.S. debt already deserves to be rated junk right now."

Finally, given the volatility of the stock market, the NIA has once again reiterated the importance of investing in "real money," namely precious metals. In its view, a sharp decline in the Dow/Gold ratio from 9.3 to below 7 is among its top predictions for 2010. ADNFCR-1961-ID-19833152-ADNFCR

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  • DonJ

    “The only thing separating U.S. debt from Greece debt is the Federal Reserve’s printing press,” the organization said in a statement, adding that “[we believe] monetization is even worse than default, and U.S. debt already deserves to be rated junk right now.”

    They’re are thieves but they are our thieves. Audit the Fed. Legalize hemp and get off the oil standard. O out now.

    • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

      “Legalize hemp”???? Ya right, you say that like it will solve a lot our problems. How are you doing with your own problems???

  • s c

    Since when does Ben the Boob get a free ticket out of this contrived crap? This geek has his hands on the printing press button 24/7, and we still have people who think that airhead can do no wrong. On a good day, Bernanke is an overpaid tool. On a typical day, Bernanke is a criminal who has been given the luxury of being ABOVE THE LAW.
    He is the head of the ONLY PRIVATE CORPORATION that has a MONOPOLY on OUR money supply. His job shouldn’t exist. The Fed shouldn’t exist. It’s one of the worst kept secrets in American history, but the dumbed-down masses still [somehow] don’t want to think about it.
    Bernanke’s ‘cautious optimism’ has the same credibility as a disturbed person who’s playing Russian roulette with a fully-loaded weapon. If he lived back when Vesuvius blew up, he’d be saying we should ignore the rumblings and tremors. If Ben the Geekoid was alive back in 1929, he’d say nothing can go wrong, so keep investing in Wall Street.
    Bernanke is THE poster child for what’s wrong with our economy and what’s wrong in Washington. As long as Washington politicians and uninformed, duped Americans think Bernanke is just another face in the crowd, the dollar will continue to implode, and the economy will get worse. The game is rigged, people.
    People, if you can’t figure it out by now, it’s because you don’t want to know the truth, and you never loved being FREE. God help you. Uncle Scum won’t.

    • JC

      Those are clear observations SC. The Federal Reserve has us doomed to poverty and sooner than we think. Want to destroy the last bastion of freedom and liberty? That’s actually quite simple. Flood it with worthless currency and turn it into a socialist welfare state.
      And it can all go down in a heart beat.

      And won’t we all be so grateful when the new Global Government arrives to restore peace and order?

      • James

        JC, Right, but let’s not forget that the federal government authorized Bernanke to create all of that bogus money. If the federal government had balanced its budget and lived within its means, we wouldn’t be in this financial mess.

        • JC

          There’s enough blame to go around James. The system itself is rife with corruption.

        • s c

          James, the idea that Congress ‘authorized’ Ben the Boob to do something or ANYTHING is like saying it’s proper and fitting for a president to appoint the head of the Federal Reserve. It is beyond morally WRONG for ANYONE in government to consider ‘appointing’ a Federal Reserve Chairman.
          The Fed is a PRIVATE CORPORATION. It is a MONOPOLY. It has complete control of America’s money supply. It is NOT possible to give credibility to an agency that is inherently anti-American, illegal, immoral, based on fascism and amounts to a spreading cancer.
          Some people pretend that a Fed audit will change things. James, the fact that it exists is proof that an audit is a waste of time. Either kill it, or learn to love slavery. WHAT do people not understand about the Fed?

  • home boy

    looks like Gods new government is looking better and better each day. what new government you your bible instead of watching the tv and you”ll find out.

    • Dan Burke

      I though a key ingredient in God’s “new government” was teaching the people self-governance. “Thou shalt not…” being the first level. Level two starting “blessed are those that…” and “it has been said that…. (Christ took a few of those Ten Commandments and upped the ante on them)” I happen to believe in a book of scripture that tells of a righteous military leader. The prophet who wrote of him said that if everyone were righteous like unto that man, Satan would have no power over the hearts of men. The book of scripture also claims that there was a group who actually applied Christ’s teachings after Christ appeared unto them such that they had over a hundred years of peace and prosperity.

      • home boy

        you also need to read the book of revelation, especially chapters 17 and 18 where it says the governments of the world are going to destroy babalyon the great(the empire of false religion) i’ll leave it up to you to decide who god chooses.

        • PAT

          check out the 3rd horseman in revelations…..who does that sound like?

  • Marilyn

    Why do you think Washington DC wants your tax dollars, those who have jobs and those who do not have jobs and goood ole retireeeees. Legislature has us by the b___. Obama prints and spends money like there is no tomorrow. (Pun). So, who pays the bills? Our politicians get us into a mess and we have to clean up after them. Sheep being led to Slaughter – I don’t care what color your skin, we all are being led into the wolves’ dens.

    Obama wants to punish BP and make them pay. THEY ARE. It’s like the boss watching an employee doing their job but the boss wants to feel important and tells the employee to do their job that is already being done. I’ve known a few.


  • Alexandria

    I think Bob Livingston needs a lot more folks to back up his writing.

  • joe dirt

    We need to get out heads outta ur asses. Wake up and smell the coffee. The Gov’t is performing CED (controlled economic destruction) This will pave the way for globalization of your life or redistribution of your countries wealth.
    If you are a dissenter against the gov’t and thier ill concieved desicions/actions you may be deemed a domestic terrorist or the like. This status allows the gov’t to arrest you with no rights whatsoever. No Miranda rights,no trial, no lawyer and detention for as long as THEY want. This is old news covered under the late great PATRIOT ACT. But nobody cared then…I guess nobody cares now, but a small few who see the light.

  • Al Sieber

    Printing up to much money, putting out more than we’re taking in, I don’t see how the economy can subtain it self much longer, or what’s propping it up besides printing money. Bernanke needs to share a cell with Bernie Madoff and countless others. get the money changers out of the temple (the Federal Reserve) and destroy it.

  • FreedomFighter


    Food – guns – bullets, and sustainable living gear, and precious metals in that order.

    Just in case.


    • JC

      Like any good American Boy Scout ;)

  • jr bob

    when we go bankrupt and we will you will need a truckload of paper currency to buy a loaf of bread. you think the streets are unsafe now, wait untill you see the turmoil and disaster in the streets it will appall you. it is comming thanks to the liberal dictators who are waiting gleefully to start their 4th reick. dictators love castsatophre because it gives them power to take power and enslave the populace into total slavery. you doubt it just wait and see. they have you were they want you and you will be sorry. you wanted cradle to grave government and you will have it. but it will not be like you thought it would be and you will be the sorriest people in the world. you think skid row is bad wait and you will think skid row is heaven in comparison. dictators do not believe in courts they just eleminate disenters and unpoductve people. they pit those who have a little against those who have nothing. this is just arround the corner. enjoy

  • Monnie

    Joe Dirt:

    The masses still don’t get it, but there’s a great awakening taking place.

    The liberty issue is still opague to most people because THEY haven’t been arrested, and THEY were dumbed down by government schools and the government and corporate-controlled media.

    If Obama had signed the Patriot Act, many more conservaties would be looking at it; since it was Bush, many of them assume it’s just a legit terrorist-fighting tool.

    Most people still don’t understand that we’re either a nation of laws (and should be constitutionally-based); OR, we’re a nation of men with “leaders” who can abuse our rights at their whim like most other countries now and throughout history.

  • Monnie

    Many people I know are still going with the “recession’s over, things are looking up” baloney, and still look at those who buy precious metals as a little kooky.

    There’s a HUGE amount of self-deception and whistling past the graveyard going on—”maybe if I ignore it, it’ll go away”.

    I know some really good and delightful people who are just too trusting and ignorant to have a clue. They’ll be the proverbial deer caught in the headlights.

  • meteorlady

    So I have a couple of questions here? What do you actually DO with gold once money is no good? Most people don’t have it and cannot trade with you. I would much prefer putting my money into silver (more people would have that to trade with) and items that are good for bartering like alcohol, food, clothing, and other things that are “needed”. I also grow a garden so am somewhat self-sufficent in that respect. Land would also be a good thing to have with a few cows, a couple of pigs, chickens, and adequate clean water. Those to me, this approach makes more sense that buying a commodity that will be too expensive for the average person and if someone does have it – our products and food will become more valuable if the money collapses.

    • JC

      You and me both. Silver is actually quite a bit more negotiable.
      Gold might be good for buying property though.

    • home boy

      make sure you have plenty of water and food not gold

  • JC

    I heard that the market is so bad that Exxon laid off 23 Congressmen. ;)

  • PAT


    The New World Order folks were dealt a setback when the emails exposing the hoax of global warming were leaked. They thought that was their ticket to one world governance. And a few of them have publicly lamented that so many are awakening to their existence.

    But they’re not done. Cap and Trade is one of their brainchildren, and the BP spill has been like a defibrillator for that atrocity’s heart. Obama is promoting open borders—while holding Arizona hostage—and the Russians and Chinese are pushing a global currency. And they know Obama is on board with the Small Arms Treaty (Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said so) that would effectively eliminate personal ownership of firearms—one of their and the United Nation’s main goals. Obama’s just got to find a way around that pesky Constitution (can you say Elena Kagan?)

  • ford j

    you are fake
    you rich a..holes
    trying to preserve poverty
    and the right to be brainless in America
    I hate that you are so successful
    in maintaing your superiority


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