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NIA Predicts A Rise Of A Libertarian Third Party This Year

March 2, 2010 by  

NIA predicts a rise of a libertarian third party this yearAlthough some conservatives appear disconcerted about the rise of congressman Ron Paul’s (R-Texas) popularity, the National Inflation Association has suggested his anti-Fed and pro-gold standard stance is striking a cord with many Americans.

NIA representatives have said they were thrilled that Paul won the past weekend’s annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) straw poll of potential Republican candidates in the next presidential election.

"Ron Paul’s win at CPAC demonstrates that the libertarian movement is beginning and NIA members are at the forefront of it," the organization said in a statement, adding that one of the its top predictions for 2010 was that America will see a move towards a libertarian third party.

NIA also said that out of the 534 members of Congress in Washington, Paul is the only one who understands that inflation, fueled by interest rate decisions made by the Federal Reserve and enabled by the fiat money system, is the biggest threat to America’s economy and its future.

"Without the Federal Reserve, Washington would be forced to live within its means and all Americans would enjoy a higher standard of living," according to the organization.

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  • Darryl Schmitz

    As a past member of the Libertarian Party, a supporter of Ron Paul’s presidential campaign as a Republican and ultimately voting for Constitution Party nominee Chuck Baldwin in 2008, I have sent emails to both the Libertarian and Constitution parties encouraging them to at least consider the golden opportunity current conditions are providing them. Rather than continue their same below-the-radar, quiet counter establishment crusade, I believe they need to do something eye-popping and mutually beneficial, like merging their two parties into one since their principles are so similar.

    • Jon Freeland

      While I’m closer to being a Libertarian than anything else, right now what that means is that Obama will serve a second term. Ross Perot showed what 19% can do to an election, and we got Bill Clinton for the next 8 years plus Hillary for a lot more.

      • Harold Olsen

        Perhaps the time just wasn’t right back then. Things are considerably different these days. With so much discontent, I really thing a viable third party could really stand a chance. I think that people just get too timid about voting for a third party candidate. They are told, that the third party candidate has no chance of winning and they start believing it. They also get told that if you vote third party you are wasting your vote. I believe that a voter wastes their vote ONLY when they vote for someone they do not believe in. People end up voting for the lesser of two evils, so evil still ends up winning. Had McCain won in 2008, just how much better off would we have been? I hate Obama and hope he fails in all of his policies. He has done nothing yet that I can even come close to supporting. I hated Clinton almost as much, be even he did SOME things right. But, I can’t help wonder that if McCain had won he wouldn’t have been Democrat president instead of a Republican. After all, he is just a liberal pretending to be a conservative and I’m convinced he is a closet Democrat.

        • Joe H.

          Right off, I am not saying this about you or a few others here. I do, however wonder if there are some here that are liberals and trying to get us to support the third party to try and guarantee Obummers return!!! I have to wonder about this as other underhanded things have happened!!!

          • Claire

            Joe H–Well, don’t count me in as one of them. Sure a third party victory would be great. I would love it! It would really shake up the Liberals and the Rinos. But, it is a long shot and we have to be realistic. I just hope a true blue Conservative runs. Money talks, and a good candidate will have to have plenty of campaign money.

    • JoAnn Dolberg

      Darryl, I LOVE your idea! If there was ever a time for freedom-lovers to pull together, IT IS NOW!

  • Ron

    Right on Darryl!
    Discontent is growing, and I am urging everyone to support third party candidates. Democrates and Republicans do not deserve our votes.

    • Joe H.

      Before you dismis ALL republicans, check out Duncan Hunter! He is one of the very few good ones!!!

      • Paul Thoman

        I don’t disparage individual candidates of any party. However, the Democrats are a progressive party, and the Republicans betrayed us, joining the progressives in growing government. If he is really a good candidate, I call upon him to leave the Republican party and denounce them for their lies and their failure to stop the Democrats from increasing the power of government.

    • Harold Olsen

      In 2008, for all the local elections here in Washington State, except for one race, I voted for only third party candidates. In that single race, I ended up voting for the Republican only because the Democrat was the incumbent. I refused to vote for any incumbents then and I can’t see any that I will vote for in the next election either.

  • Frank

    This is Good news, I have been pushing the Third party option HEAVILY everywhere I go. Its being received openly too, even here in CT the people I have spoken with are fed up and looking.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    I agree with the comments already posted. The time is ripe for a third party to step it up! I would love to see a third party take hold, especially before the next presidential election. We need to vote out the corrupt! We need transparency! We need the fair tax enacted! Our government has lost all accountability to the voters. It has to be accountable! We need men and women who are moral, have values, and God-fearing to occupy the White House!

    • JOAN Trotman

      I strongly agree,there needs to be a change in all Congress .Too many living off the life of others. the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.2 year limit is long enough in office not a life time.Any jobs available should go to Americans ,not illegal aliens.

    • DeJay

      YEars ago we heard the phrase “fair trade laws” bandied about. Now for a long time we haven’t heard anything about them. Are they still on the books and being ignored? Evidently they are being ignored cuz we don’t have “free trade” anymore.

      • blackhat

        DeJay, you can’t have “free trade” with other countries when you owe them as much as we do.

      • Harold Olsen

        The idiots in Washington pass all sorts of laws but never enforce them unless they can use those laws to push their own agenda. The immigration laws are prime examples. The Democrats consider it to be unpatriotic and unconstitutional to enforce them because they WANT illegals in this country and they want them to be registered to vote so they can get re-elected.

  • John

    I am afariad of 3rd party splits even though I agree with most of their policies. Perhaps a better method is to vote all incumbents out to accomplish the same thing.

    • Joe H.

      There are a few good incumbents in office that you would get rid of with your goooh plan. the better plan is to vote ALL the incumbents out that don’t reflect what we believe. that way we would send a very clear message to Washington that we support all who represent US and all others will be gone!!! They would toe the line! Bet on it!

    • JoAnn Dolberg

      John, 3rd party splits haven’t worked to anyone’s advantage in the past. However, the environment of freedom has not been threatened in those “3rd party” times as it is being threatened today. I BELIEVE THIS IS THE HOUR! WE MUST STAND UP FOR FREEDOM! FIGHT TO DEFEND IT!

  • Raggs

    I hope this party will take roots if so I will be more than happy to join them. A third party is probably the only way to oust the corruption in DC.

  • Jean Goble

    Unfortunately, most people are willing to voter other people’s incumbents out but not their own.

    • Harold Olsen

      Others just don’t like change. That is the problem where I live in Washington State–King County. Here in King County, people just don’t like change. It seems that no matter how lousy a job a politician does, he just keeps getting re-elected. There may be hope, though. This past year we dumped our incompetent Mayor Greg Nichols who refused to listen to what the people wanted. He was just another arrogant politician. In the primaries, he came in third in a three-way race. So, like I said, there may be hope.

    • Joe H.

      I would vote out anybody not following the conservative line.

  • Frank

    The Third party splits are real, However I believe (as many other experts) things are going to get worse, which sad to say will actually drive people away from their parties. Tossing old sell outs out for new sell outs will do no good either.

    The toughest sell are the senior citizens..Many are set in their ways and no matter what, they are stuck on the 2 party system. They are also not too inclined to get all fired up and patriotic as they are more concerned with their security. It took me 9 months to convince my dad who is 80 that both parties are actually the same party with different departments. He’s finally seeing it for himself.

    We the People have to rally around the Third Party, register third party, and show how the Third party is growing. Registering and joining will show those on the fence that its a move many are taking and the “herding” effect will take hold.

    • Harold Olsen

      Yes, third party splits are real and in the past have affected only one of the parties in an election. However, as things stand today, I think that a third party would end up affecting both parties because the people of both parties are fed up and would gladly grab onto another choice. Survey after survey shows that the majority of Americans, no matter which party they have affiliated themselves with, lean conservative. Both the Libertarian and Constitution parties are conservative and I think that if either fielded a strong candidate there would be enough support from dissatisfied Democrats, Republicans and Independents to win. Right now, I can’t think of a candidate I really want to vote for in 2012. There is no way I will vote for a Democrat because I don’t believe there is any such thing as a conservative Democrat (politicians, that is.). I’m not even sure if there are any conservative Republicans anymore, with maybe a handful of exceptions. I am leaning toward Palin and maybe Bachman, but that is it, but the others named as possible candidates don’t interest me. I want to see someone emerge from either the Libertarian or Constitution parties that I would feel strong enough to support and to vote for. We need to make a big change in this country.

  • Max

    Washington,D.C., Inc. is not the government. We the People are the government. The states are sovereign, free and independent, something that a nutcase and mass-murderer named Lincoln attempted to destroy. The U.S. Connedgress is bought-and-paid-for by big business. Obama, Pelossi, etc., carry on like Barnham & Baily’s latest freak-show. They live in a vacuum called “me, me, me.”

  • Eric

    This is something that has been obvious to me for the last two decades. It is good to see the legalized theivery get exposed.

  • charlie

    I agree that a third party would help solve a lot of problems today.
    The concern is that not voting for the lesser of two evils might allow the greater evil to remain. I suggest a couple of things.
    1. urge registered democrats and republicians to re-register as independents. democrats especially.
    2. congress is set up for a two party system. my feeling is that all party posts (house majority or minority leader, etc.) be abolished. all managerial positions be filled by popular vote. i have observed that republician members of the reform committee be locked out of the commitee room at the whim/cover up of the committee chair. (my current incumbent rep is a big headache to democrat abuse. i propose that committee heads be selected from the smallest party on the committee. not the largest. committee assignment be accomplished by the executive branch, congress and validated by the judicial branch not the current 800 pound gorilla scheme.
    3. browbeating of congressmen to follow the party line be considered treason. each congressman serves an oath to represent his taxpayers not his political party. trying to get them to change priorities by threats of party exclusion should be treason.

    • Cynthia

      I agree Charlie! The Demo rats would love to get in by breaking the backs of the conservatives! Conquer and divide!
      Oldest trick in the book!

      For those of you loving Ron Paul (the spoiler) his domestic policies may sound great! Read his foreign policies! We are to be blamed for 911?
      Don’t think so! Let us be smart or we are all dead in the water!

      • L, USA

        Cynthia, I agree. The States are suffering bankruptcy due to democrat fiscal abuse of power. People need to check political history for federal fiscal policy concerning states. Republican conservatives grow an economy and government reform needs to take place in the federal and state governments. There needs to be a greater seperation and independence. Seperate economys! Divide in unity and be the Republic for which we Stand!!!

      • Cindy

        My thoughts that you put into words. We cannot have a third party, it will reelect Obama!!!!!!!

    • Harold Olsen

      It will never happen! Why won’t it ever happen? Because it makes sense! Politicians rarely, if ever, do anything that makes sense or benefits the country. If it doesn’t further their agenda, they want nothing to do with it. The only way America can be given back to the people is if the people take it back!

  • Jimmy G

    The 3rd party must start at the grass roots level. Run for dog catcher, not the pres. Think back to 1992 and how we got Clinton.

    • Harold Olsen

      That was then! This is now!

  • http://MSNwebtv John

    I’m 74 and have been voying third party for 10 years and will continue to do so.

  • overtaxed

    I have voted third party for over 16 years. The two major parties are practically one and the same. Increased spending, higher deficits, increased troops overseas, and the list goes on. Voting republocrat is continuing the establishment which few of us can afford any longer.
    One vote is not going to make a difference in most elections. I refuse to vote for the lessor of evils as that is still voting for someone I consider evil. Why would anyone want to do that?
    Gone are the days of “I vote X because we were raised to vote that way.” Or “how much worse can the new person do that the last person?”

    Without term limits AND a stacked election commission the people have got to wake up. We are the ones who have to see through the slick 30 second commercials and elect people who are NOT lawyers and NOT career politicians.

    Today in Texas Medina should get lots of votes.

    Other races to watch are in Conn – vote Shiff. And in Kentucky – vote Rand Paul.

    We get the govt we elect.

  • Les

    A third party, while may be a good idea is only going to entrench the liberals even deeper. You would be better served by voting all the current members of congress OUT.

    But each passing year it is going to be harder and harder to do as they put more & more voters on entitlements & welfare. They currently bring in 125,000 legals a month for their votes and to make sure when the jobs return there is large pool of low wage workers to take the place of Americans now laid off.

    As Greenspan told congress ” The American worker has grown too elite and we need the foreign workers to take the jobs and occupy the homes they lost when they were laid off” It is nutcases like this that the congress listens to.

    • Harold Olsen

      There is something in what you say. That would be like a kick in the groin to the politicians. Then we start looking for strong third party candidates to support and let the Democans and Republicrats know that their days of ruining this country are numbered.

  • CJ

    Getting the third party operational will take a focused effort from many dedicated people. The only thing going now is disapproval of those currently in office.

    We got here because we’ve had to choose from bad seed. So we ended up with a bad crop. We’ve been unable to get good leaders because they weren’t running or were kept out by political manipulation. Now, getting those in power to change the rules will be difficult because the change needed means they loose their job. This is examplified by the unconstitutional actions already taking place. It also means somebody is going to have to accept “no” for government entitlements.

    These “officials” are so delusioned, they are telling us that they know better than we do about what we need. They will never accept they are wrong and will continue to push their agenda to “fix” us, even if they are elected out. Any economist will tell you the best situation has the least government.

    This why we need unity and focus, and a conclusive decision that tells these people they are on a path that will distroy, not preserve, our nation.

  • Frank

    If a Third party is only going to entrence liberals, but you want to vote the incumbents OUT, where do you suppose we will find honest, constitution supporting, non career politicians? Are you willing to support and vote in someone who isnt a Millionaire or a Politician? Who will you Select? Curious..not slamming you Lee.

    I re-registered Libertarian because I woke up and saw the Constitution under attack. However I maintain my Right to vote for who I want. I canned the Republican Party to show “one less” for them. If others do the same, those parties will surely begin to wonder where their support went.

    I have met a few foreign workers and they are not stupid, many see the corruption in Obama and our politics. But you do have a HUGE Valid point, the people on Food Stamps and aid will not vote that “money” out of their pockets. Thats a scary thought.

  • Popham

    Well, it certainly is gratifying to read all these positive comments
    about the creation of one or more third parties. Perhaps I was a litte
    ahead of my time, when in the fall of 2007, I declared myself as a
    third party candidate for President. I knew that I could not be
    elected, but I was also naive enough, along with 125 other candidates, to believe that the MSM would give any of us the time of day. The MSM was and still is, intoxicated and mesmerized, by only one person. But in my five road trips (43 states, 35,000 miles) across
    America (2007-2008) there was a growing acceptance of the idea behind
    a third party. Thousands of hard-working, patriotic Americans, with
    whom I spoke, shared with me their distrust of Washington over the
    past 30 years. Additionally, there was a fervent desire to revisit the
    Constitution. Indeed, perhaps now would be an appropriate time for
    every American to read the first four paragraphs of the
    Declaration of Independence as well.
    We can and must, at this critical time in history, join forces as one
    family of 300 million Americans and show the world, that we are indeed
    the greatest nation on earth.

    • Harold Olsen

      I’m 60 and when I was in high school, not only did we read the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, we had to memorize it, and that wasn’t easy. These days, because it mentions The Creator, it isn’t even allowed to be taught. You know, because of the “separation of church and state” the left claims is in the Constitution. The trouble is, the only constitution in the world that that phrase has ever appeared in was the constitution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. That is the constitution that the left defends.

  • Franker Frank

    Hey, Charlie, make browbeating a congressman to follow the party line treason? I like that. You’ve got something there!
    Can I add something to that? How about a Truth in Politics law. We have a Truth in Advertising Bill. Make false claims in advertising and you could get a heavy fine or even go to prison. How about if we put pols in prison who lie to us? That would clean out Congress, the White House, and many judicial benches. We could start over and maybe get some good men and women in.

    • Harold Olsen

      Back when Newt Gingrich came out with his Contract With America (what the left called the Contract On America) the left labeled it dirty politics. One Democrat, whose name I can’t recall, said, “It’s one thing to make promises in a campaign, but it’s a whole different matterr to actually keep those promises. It smacks of dirty politics.”

  • Vinnie

    The printing of worthless pieces of paper backed by nothing other than hot air apparently is the only answer the Fed, and Bernanke have for what ails the nation. Just like our Fed today, Germany, after WWI, had a kind of printing press currency that came to be known as federgeld – feather money! America seems to be stumbling through the same marshes.
    Once upon a time the dollar was backed by gold! It was real money even when it was backed by silver.
    Wake up America it is almost too late! Your children’s future is very much at stake.

  • Tazio2013

    A third party; i.e., “Pragmatic Jeffersonian Libertarians”, is a great idea for the inauguration of POTUS 45 or 46 on 01/20/17 but the Republikrats, wholly owned subsidiary of the NWO/GPE, will still be in command and control for at least the next 4 or 5 years. Suggest you read yesterday’s PLD entitled “How Does the 1 percent Control the 99 percent?”, including all the reader comments/replies and especially my own (Tazio 2013) comment. Unless we can get millions of unemployed, angry, protesting non-Republikrats to assemble in DC & NYC at the same time and with a single message; END THE FED, taking to the streets would be a waste of time and energy. What we need NOW is a “Howard Beale/Network” type to organize our multi-million sentient human being march. And stay away from the Fox Noise and Palin/Beck/Limbaugh/Etc crowd nonsense/bs as these white, racist, xenophobic, crusading conservative christian clowns are nothing but prime time players in the USG’s Kabuki Theater. Semper Fi!

    • blackhat

      Taz, spoken like a true democratic operative.

      • Tazio2013

        Wrong again, blackhat; I’ve read some of your previous myopic postings. I’m just a well educated, bona fide independent free-market thinker who knows what the Republikrats and their overlords; the NWO/GPE 1%ers, have been doing to US since at least 1913. Two things you should know that will help ease your myopia; END THE FED and the re-cognition/re-establishment of a De Facto Private Gold Bullion Standard.
        Let me guess, you get your infotainment from FNN and right-wing-wacko talk radio?

      • Cynthia

        Correct black hat! Always with the I am so intelligent crapola!
        And you are an ignorant surf!

        Always hateful and oh so stupid in their profession of wisdom!
        You tagged him correctly!

  • uponroof

    Ron Paul needs to hire Dick Morris who has a way of showing up on Bill O’Reilly and other conservative ‘news’ shows. Morris will know how to position Paul. The more he seems ‘mainstream’ through the guidance of Morris the better his chances are. The American people just elected a black man who had almost no experience in governing. They are ready for Ron Paul if he is presented properly.

    • Harold Olsen

      I don’t trust Dick Morris. Shortly after he quit working for the Clintons he would go on Fox News Channel quite a lot and badmouth the Clintons. Then, he would go on MSNBC with other guests who would say virtually the same things that Morris would say about the Clintons on Fox. Instead of agreeing with and backing up what these other guests would say, he would pretty much call them liars and say, “I was there. That didn’t happen.” These days he claims to be a conservative Republican, but I just find that I can’t trust anything he says.

      • Claire

        Harold Olsen–Dick Morris is a double-edged sword. You never know who he is going to stab next. He has played both sides-he goes for the party he thinks will do him the most good. He is a nothing.

    • Big Chil

      Unfortunately, Ron Paul just does not present well. Sorry, but that’s the truth. He can’t think on his feet and lacks presence as an orator. He’s got the ideas and the passion, just no charisma, so he won’t ever be elected.

  • Myron J. Poltroonian

    I hear “That giant sucking sound” all over again. (Just where is ol’ “H.” these days anyway?) I believe that, if we ever grow up, we’ll see the wisdom of registering in whichever major party has the best candidate running in the primary. (If enough people do that, then the candidate runs, and, if we chose well, gets elected.) Until then, we, in our various little confabulation’s of righteous fervor, tend to jump up and down and stamp out little feet, sounding for all the world like spoiled brats having a temper tantrum.

    • Myron J. Poltroonian

      Typo Alert: ” … stamp out little feet” should read, “stamp our little feet”.

      • Joe H.

        I liked stamp out little feet better. Especially if they’re illegal feet!!!!

  • Myron J. Poltroonian

    Just in case you have the wrong idea as to where I stand, try this: You want an idea of what we Tea Party’ers are angry about? Why we’ve taken a page, if you will, from the Berkley crowd of the ’60′s and refined it? Here is what we know is in store for us if we do not stand up for our principles. Principles like: Everyone coming to our country should obey the law; Government should be bound by the original intent of the constitution and not the usurpation of our unalienable rights which are reserved to the states or to the people. This November, we will see an assault on democracy and our democratic republic, unlike any we’ve seen in our lifetimes, or, perhaps, in the history of our “Noble Experiment”. Even before then, there will be an all out push to “legalize” what are actually upwards of 30 million Illegal Aliens. Plus their parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles and, of course, their children, just in time for the elections. During which, rules will be ignored, laws broken with impunity, and “Lazerus” will rise to vote again (and again, and … ). I can only pray this will not stand with the American people. That we, as a body, and with one voice, will finally say, loudly and clearly: “Enough! No More! Stand Up! Fight for America and Her Constitution! Take it to the courts! And, if they prove corrupt, ‘Take’n’ It To The Streets!’ “. Otherwise: “Not with a bang, but a whimper” will be our fate.

    • blackhat

      Wow Myron you sure have some crazy ideas. You mean, like, foreigners should not get special treatment, and we should follow the Constitution, and the states should not have their rights trampled by the fed? Wow, what crazy concepts. But, you know, that might just work…

  • Phil

    What a bunch of wingnuts… people really are insane…

    • blackhat

      Phil…that would be “right wingnuts” if you please.

      • Phil

        Black…You’re just fooling yourself that you’re Right… the only reason you’re trying to convince yourself that you’re right is because you just stay on the radical rightwing hate sites and rant on about everything under the sun you can think of …you don’t know any better because you’ve let the Glenn Becks and Rush Limbaughs anger and rile you up with propaganda because that’s what they’re paid to do… If you aren’t pissedoff they don’t have a job…. You radicals are wanna be Timothy McVeighs…then you try and wrap yourselves in religion to try and make yourselves feel justified… It’s phony… Most people know it.. Your neither a patriot or a person of God… It’s an act..

        • Joe H.

          Phil,You are a phreaking phool!!!!!

        • Tazio2013


          You’re more than a match for blackhat and his narrow-minded, xenophobic, statist, war-mongering, Cheney Bush-loving, crusading christian conservative republican ilk. It doesn’t matter if 90% plus PLD reader comments are against our POV, we have truth, reality, wisdom and authenticity on our side. Semper Fi!

          “He who knows others is wise: He who knows himself is enlightened.” – Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

      • Tazio2013

        It appears that Phil has your stereotypical, white, racist, crusading christian conservative, Republican male socio-politico-economic profile described accurately.

      • L, USA

        Blackhat, Fear not for Phil-istine’s slanderous accusations. His foolish heart is darkened (no puns intended)!

  • Harold Olsen

    In the 2008 election, I came close to voting for Bob Barr, the Libertarian candidate. I said I would vote for him unless he said or did something stupid. When he said he wanted Ron Paul as his running mate, that ended it for me. I don’t like Ron Paul. The trouble is, I can’t give any reason why I don’t like him. There is just something about him that bothers me that I can not define. I think, though, that more and more people are taking a closer look at third parties, such as the Libertarian party. I, for example have bookmarked both the national and local websites of the Constitution party, but haven’t made any sort of commitment yet. The Democrat and Republican parties just don’t do it for me anymore. They are just two sides of the same coin and, as far as I’m concerned, interchangeable. The idiot pundits continue to try to convince us that there is a difference between the two parties, but they haven’t done a very good job of it. With the feeling in this country, I think it will be a long time before people trust either party.

    • Claire

      Harold Olsen—The way you feel about Ron Paul is exactly the same way I feel about Jindal. I just do not like him. My gut feeling just ells me that Jindal is not sincere or something. Go figure. However, I like Ron Paul a lot.

      • Claire

        “tells me” NOT “ells me” Gad, I better start proofreading.

  • Jon

    I would venture to say that the two major partys have sold out the citizens of this country for their own personal gain and should be put on trial for treason, along with their wallstreet cronies. Yes, I would say now is a great time for the advancement of a third party. Ron Paul is clearly one of the very few who is actually willing to do what is right for this nation, such as eliminating the fiat money system.

  • straightword

    The bottom line is the president was placed to be the pawn in the overall agenda of the one world order, its clear, but the public does not want to believe it. Do you truly beleive the powerfull Elite runners of this nation could not have stopped his place in office,please people wake up,he’s the patsy not the power. Wake up and be the voice of America people. It only takes a few wise, rich and crafty to get what they want how they want it. But when the people stand together and expose the truth it can set them back a long way. Ultimately it is going to come to pass, history will repeat itself. Gods plan will manifest no matter what, Americans got laxed and we are paying the price now, and the price of greed is expensive. Money and power arent always the answer but the ones who have it always want more, and they will run down anyone and everyone in their way to keep it and get more. God is omnipotent and he has the final authority. Let the Lord be your guide America.

  • phred

    I see that us old guys are called “stuck-in-their-ways” types, etc. I see calls for third party voting. I see calls for combining the Constitution Party with the Libertarian Party. And, of course, though it’s not as heavy as i would have expected, I even see the calls to add “God” to the mix.
    I am within a couple weeks of turning 64. I am on Soc. Sec. (And that is NOT an “entitlement program since I was taxed for it out of every payday of my life). I am nonChristian, AND I have been a libertarian AND a Libertarian since the early seventies. Just for a quick background.
    Combine the Constitution Party w/ the Libertarian? That sounds like a good idea, except the Constitution Party is one of religious bent, more so than of a true belief in the U.S. Constitution. They wish to “return to the Constitution”, then want to make sure we are on the “Christian Course.” Those who have actually read the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and other documents from the founders and from the founding of this country will note that this country is founded on the principle that the majority rules but ONLY with a heavy respect for the minorities.
    That means that, those of ideas differing from what the majority think have the same rights to have their freedoms and liberties as do the majority, AS LONG AS IT DOES NO HARM TO OTHERS. Want, for example, to use recreastional drugs in your own home? No driving while high, for that is potential harm to others. No neglecting your kids, etc.? That does no harm to others, so it is acceptable according to the foundation of the United States. Want to accept Buddhism? Acceptable. Want to go nude in your home and covered back yard? Acceptable.
    But, would any of these “oddball” things be accepted under a Constitution Party rule with it’s belief in ONLY the bible? Probably not, and I say this in large measure from my discussions here on the Liberty Digest blogs.
    So, if we would combine the two parties, but ELIMINATE the religious prejudice, I could get behind such a movement! I doubt that’s possible, but will try to maintain an open mind on it, for now, at least.
    As for those who are afraid that voting for a third party would dilute the vote for a “conservative” Republicrud, and insure the re-election of the Damnocrat, I think your argument is foolish! Isn’t it the essence of insanity to do the same thing over and over again while always expecting different results? So, to keep claiming we live in a “two party system” and voting accordingly seems insane to me. To continue to vote for the lesser of two evils is to condone evil, isn’t it? The only way I see us getting over this is to STOP the “two party voting” and vote for someone we believe will bring us back to the Constitution, and to what the United States is all about.
    I was told, after one election a few years back, when I spoke to a few folks, that I had voted for the Libertarian candidates in almost all elections where they had a candidte,that “I wouldn’t waste my vote like that. I didn’t like ‘so-and-so’ but I voted for him because he isn’t as bad as ‘bad-guy bokus’.” Well, sorry, but I won’t waste my vote voting for someone that will continue the treason that this country has been swept with for about 150 years. Hope y’all don’t either.
    It IS time to scrap the “two party system”. BTW, the reason we have political parties in the first place is for special interests to combine their money and ideas, geared, of course, to electing their candidates and pushing their agenda. That’s whether Whig, Tory, etc.
    My idea with the Libertarian Party is to get some folks elected, get the Libertarian agenda underway ( as in a return to the foundation of the country), then do away with political parties as much as possible!
    Also, if some candidate would convince me that he/she is serious about getting rid of the FED., scrapping the current tax code, and going with a “flat tax”, or a good version of the “fair tax”, or (preferable in my opinion) a national sales tax with a low limit on percentage, I’d vote for them regardless of party. Folks like Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Palin, etc. have NO chance of convincing me they would do that, though.
    Another BTW, and this from an Alaskan—do NOT continue to think of Palin as a “conservative”. Why do you think extreme liberal McCain selected her as his running mate?

    • Tazio2013

      Good thinking, good writing, and for me, good reading, good knowing. Keep those cards and letters coming!

    • JoAnn Dolberg

      Hi phred! It’spretty tough to separate politics and “religion”, isn’t it,especially since our country was founded on Biblical principles! True believers in the WORD of GOD all understand the principle of freedom! This means that they do NOT force their beliefs on other people! You and I may disagree on the importance of God’s Word, but as a Christian, I would fight to the death for your right to live and breathe in a free land!

  • Greg

    Politic till the end! Did it ever occur to anyone that both party’s are over? We have been sold out by the sheister’s of long ago! We are talking the Military Industrial Complex, that will and has taken over!

  • Franker Frank

    It is very encouraging to me to read what Myron J. Poltroonian, Harold Olsen, straightforward, Vinnie, and Popham have said. The rest of you should go back and read their blurbs more carefully. One thing all of you seem to be missing. The basic cause of all the things y’all are squawking about is the high cost of running a successful political campaign. When it costs multi-millions of dollars to get elected, all politicians have to have financial help, and that means they are not free to represent the people who voted for them. They owe somebody. Somebody is expecting a payback. You can start third parties, fourth parties, fifth parties ad infinitem, but they will soon be like the two we already have unless we find a way to cut the cost of running for office. MSM will fight you ferociously. You will be taking away their main source of profits. But we HAVE to do it or this country cannot survive much longer.

  • Husker 10th Amendment

    We should not destroy the Republican Party but reform it. A third party can not win in our present system, we must make the Republican Party conform to us. If you think a third party can make it you don’t understand the system and for you lefties try reading the Constitution and the 10th amendment. When there is big government then nobody is free. Government can not give us rights, heath care is not a right, housing is not a right and prosperity is not a right. The constitution is not a piece of paper or a living document that Washington can use how they think is fit. We reject your Communist take over of our great country.


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