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NIA criticizes Washington’s approach to inflation threat

August 24, 2009 by  

NIA criticizes Washington's approach to inflation threat A new statement from the National Inflation Association (NIA) suggests the government may be running the risk of hyperinflation on purpose and warns the asset bubble burst may mask the growing problem.

In its latest effort to make Americans aware of the dangers of out-of-control inflation, NIA has said the origin of the current financial crisis in the bursting of the housing market bubble, and the resulting temporary fall in real estate prices, is making it difficult to see the underlying inflationary pressures.

"Nobody will see inflation in the form of rising prices until excess inventories are done being worked off," it predicts, adding the situation is aggravated by the fact that the stimulus money is not being spent on creating productive manufacturing jobs. Rather, the only area where employment is rising are non-productive government jobs.

NIA also suggests the enormous deficit and the government’s indebtedness that resulted from it has created a situation where inflation – which benefits debtors but hurts creditors – is beneficial for the government.

Finally, it calls on the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates from the current effective rate of 0 percent to counteract the threat.

At its latest meeting earlier this month, the Federal Reserve Board decided to keep the interest rates unchanged, citing the apparent near-term sluggishness of the U.S. economy. It also dismissed the threat of inflationary pressures.

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  • Sue C

    NIA: WE ALREADY HAVE AN ABOMINABLE INFLATION! It is so very annoying, I don’t want to think about it! However, we spend money on everyone ELSE, other than the Americans, AND THE Immigrants who work hard to build this country. They deserve to reap some benefits, and if it is going to increase inflation, then so be it. We have BEEN IN Inflation Status, FOR ETERNITY, AND NONE OF IT WAS SPENT ON AMERICA! YES! We had no benefits, BUT WE INCURRED EXPENSES FOR EVERYONE, AND ARE OVER OUR HEADS IN DEFICITS! NOW! IF WE ARE GOING TO HAVE FURTHER INFLATION, THEN IT WOULD BE BECAUSE WE SPENT THE MONEY ON OURSELVES!!!

    TELL ME NIA! When you take home your paycheck, do you TAKE YOUR MONEY, AND pay your neighbors’ bill, and leave yours unpaid? That’s exactly what we are doing, and a handful, of overly careful educated minds, are hollering, “If Obama does not stop this spending spree, our deficit, is going to be tripppppllllleeeeeddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!” What the heck! We already had it grow from a seedling to where it is right now, and I can guarantee you this! Obama did not do it! He inherited a whole lot of rottenness from the Republican Administration, that just went out, WITH THEIR HEADS BOWED, by the POWERFUL VOTERS’ VOICE!



    • DaveH

      I don’t blame you for being upset. But don’t let the Democrats off the hook. In fact, if you look at the congressional record, you will see that the Democrat representatives rarely have a spending bill that they don’t love. It’s all available on the web. If you are interested, I would be happy to supply you with links to Congress so you can see yourself how your representatives are voting.
      Both parties are responsible for wasting our money. This is a byproduct of government out of control. We need to educate ourselves and start throwing all of them out until we get representatives that work to cut back on the immense size of the resource-wasting government before we have no more money and no more freedom. One big step would be to get us out of the money-sucking, freedom-taking United Nations.

      • Cecilala

        Dave – I agree. We do need to clean house. The problem, as I see it, is the newly-elected official enters into the arena with the best intentions, tries his/her best to adhere to the principles with which he/she entered the job, but is made so courrupt by incumbents that it’s next to impossible for the new kid to maintain morality. My suggestion would be to vote out every last one of them (or should I say my fantasy?)and start from scratch. There is a website (get out of our house – goooh) which would be helpful in accomplishing that goal. Clean house – because we can.

        • lou

          I agree with you……it just seems that the only remaining viable solution to resolve this unending spending mess is to have “term limits” within both houses of the Congress and one six year term for the Presidency.

      • Patricia Henson

        DaveH Reply, I agree with you. Obama does plan on running this country into the ground and he began with our money. It’s the quickest way. I wonder how much we pay the czars he placed into office to circumvent congress and I wonder what kind of power they really have. I know we didn’t elect them and that they have no boss but him so they don’t have to answer to the people like congress does. His administration is passing bills so fast that it will eventially collapse the economy because we can’t afford to pay for any of them. Then he promises the Mexican president(Calderon) during his latest visit there that legislation was being drawn up to give amnesty to all of the illegal aliens in this country and that he had the votes to make it law by early next year. So when he tells us that no illegal aliens will be getting free healthcare he is essencially telling the truth as they will all be citizens. I wish I could be rewarded for breaking the law.This country will soon be nothing more than a third world country if we allow him to do what he’s doing. I pray to God that the people do everything in their power to stop this before it goes too far legally.

    • Earlw

      You BLAMERS give me a headache! If you had done your research, which I doubt, you would find that this all started under a DEMOCRATIC administration under CLINTON and was perpetuated by BOTH PARTIES…

      I hear this over and over again….the Republicans did it! No I was a joint effort, and the stupid, uninformed masses, who don’t pay attention, allowed it also…..Perhaps now Americans will be a little more vigilant!!!

      Pray it’s not too late already. The bankers already have a stranglehold on the economy. Audit and having exposed the fraud of the Federal Reserve, abolish it!!! Not for the faint of heart–You might have to deal with MARTIAL LAW! they won’t go down easily.

      This country is in UNCHARTED territory……Good luck!!!!!

      • Patricia Henson

        Earlw Reply, How true. This isn’t a Democratic or a republican issue. It’s an American people issue. This problem has been speeding at us for a long time and unfortunately we’ve been asleep. I relly get tired of hearing that it is all Bushs fault. Did he contribute,sure but you have to remember that Democrats voted for it as they’ve been the majority in the house for a couple of years. As for the Federal Reserve, There is a bill wrote calling for an audit that no one so far has brought to the floor for a vote. If you would please, write your representatives calling for an audit. The feds have more power than they were ever given and they need to be brought down before this gets out of hand too.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      I think if you feel this way, then why do you support the democrats with all their little, (and big) social agencies, that give mass handouts to those who dont want to work? They create more and more social agencies, and give people handouts and keep them dependant on the government, so that they can keep getting their votes. Why do you think unemployment is so much higher in the black communities? Nothing to do with racism, it has to do with the government creating so many social agencies that give money hand over fist to minorities, that for many, unemployment, food stamps, wic, and other things have become a staple of life, and it is holding these people down, but by continuing voting democrat, this never changes for them, it only gets worse. Then its Bush’s fault. I dont see how that logic comes into play, but I guess when your a victim, in your own eyes, its easy to always blame someone else. Isnt it? Must be so.

    • Rob

      Sue, you have to stop playing the Democrat vs Republican game. Its a distraction.

      Our government has declared war on the American people. The abuses span both republican and democratic administrations, as well as the traitorous lot in both the senate and congress. There are some good individuals, but both parties are responsible for the state of affairs we are in today.

      And these abusers are getting bolder with each new administration.

      They are trying to pass laws in the state of Mass that requires FORCED vaccinations, and a $1,000.00 a day fine/ and or imprisonment for those who refuse. They want to be able enter into your home without a warrent, and interrogate you, and even haul you {kidnap} off to a detention camp/ quarentine center, if you don’t cooperate.

      Sounds like Nazis? You bet.

      Hey in this economy, if you cannot find a job, you could always put on a Brown Shirt.

      Whats happening right now, is happening fast, and its much greater than any one party. You had better open your eyes and duck, because its coming in fast and hard. I am serious.

      When politicians say things like “Freedom,” and “Freedoms on the march….” to quote Pres Bush, you can be sure they mean just the opposite.

      I would not be suprised one bit if the present administration doesn’t have a manufactured crisis of their own, to scare the hell out of the public and ram-rod their scarey agenda straight through.

      Whats worse, to get sick and recover? Or lose your freedom and never recover?

      Swine Flu manufactured crisis? Maybe. Load up on Vitamin D,{4- 5,000 IU a day} and skip the vaccination and any plans to make “Test Monkey” you new occupation.

      If we don’t stop them, one day even this site will be taken down.


      • Patricia Henson

        Rob Reply, How right you are! The government is getting down right scary. They are systematically taking apart the constitution and if successful will be entering your homes anytime they want. Obama is already developing his army through Americorps. He says that we need a domestic army just as well funded and as potent as our military. Why? Does he know something that the rest of us don’t? And if he does why isn’t he telling the American people about it. Why does he need all of the czars he has and what kind of power do they have? I feel bad things are coming to this country and soon if we don’t stop them now. He has self avowed communists working as his czars and some of those like Vann Jones are actually writing the bills that Congress is trying to ram down our throats. The question is why are they writing them instead of our representatives? They have already set up their websites so our neighbors can report us if we are against what is going on. There is also a bill on the floor coming up for vote giving Obama the power to shut down the internet if he deems that there is a crisis without congressional ok. Do we really want to give one man that kind of power? We have to stop them before the brown shirts come to your door. Go to your town hall meetings,tea party meetings and write, E-mail and call your representatives telling them that their jobs depend on representing you not the other way around. The brown shirts are coming to your door and soon if you don’t.

        • BOE

          patricia…this goes way beyond their job. I think they may be powerless too. How do we stop this?? Osama bin Laden said the way to bring America down was to ruin it`s economic system. In 7-8 months Obama and the groups he is giving the money to like Acorn,Apollo ..well bin laden may have his way. Who can stop this???

    • http://yahoo Sgt.Sunny

      Sue C, I see you protect Obama by saying he was not responcible for our present inflation and growing debt. Who was it that spent billions to bailout the car manufactures and banks. If he did not start our inflation, he surely made it worse. And under his leadership I see more throuble comming. The “Good Ole Boys,” the Republicans and the Democrates are helping sell-out America.

  • Dave Too

    I believe the problem is because politicians can hold office for life.
    IF they can buy enough votes to do so. Of course the out of control spending comes from their need to continue to buy those votes from the folks back home. The folks being somewhat selfish themselves
    rather like geting paid something for their vote so….? There you go.

    • Rob

      Dave Too,
      Yes, politicians holding office for life is a HUGE problem!
      I did not agree with Senator Kennedy’s politics. I believe he was well meaning, loved his country and hoped to make it a better place.
      I just think Senator Kennedy’s methods were wrong. But hey, I am not a Liberal.
      I mean the guy was in office for nearly 50 years! 50 YEARS! How about 1 term, then your done. A rolling stone gathers no moss. Kennedy made too many connections, became too powerful. Smart guy, but then again, Ted brought us the Immigration Reform Act, and we know what a disaster that was.

      I agree, strict term limits for all who hold office, and all those who hold appointed positions, and all their staff as well.
      Get them in, get them out.

      I want ALL these bums flushed out come the mid term elections. They can take their socialist plans with them too.


    The accusations for putting the responsibility on this administration is not without foundation or evidence, it is they who are so adept at manufacturing a crisis and it their agenda and policy to make a continuing mess of this economy. I don’t know why anyone wants to protect anyone of any party that exhibits this kind on intentional incompetence.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      When one runs for election, with their finger sticking out constantly placing blame on someone else for everything, when they get their turn in the hot seat, all I can say is they better damn well expect to reap what they sow, because thats just the way it is. Now that the shoes on the other foot, these guys dont like it one bit. Too bad.

  • Freedom-now

    Good point, Dave Too. At minimum, members of Congress should be required to retire at the age of 70 or if they are unable to attend Congress for more than 3 months! Some of these people hold on to seats through every subterfuge even though they haven’t been in attendance for months or years!

  • Freedom-now

    Yes, ONTIME, I agree. And not only is this congress incompetent at understanding the American people or economics. There is a growing awareness that there are those in the Obama administration who purposely want to drive socialism into place in order to expand the power of government and take over this country.

    I think this understandable suspicion is what is driving the extra sense of panic and fear that is currently descending upon the citizens. This suspicion is growing with each passing day, and every time one of them calls the protesters a marginalizing smear word, the suspicion increases 100 fold. Their secret disdain for the American people is not so secret any more.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      This quest for power is not just the Obama adminstration, its the democratic party as a whole. Hillary no doubt is allready circling the wagons growing support to throw Obama under the bus as all these policies the democrats are putting forward are failing and backfiring one after another, and soon they will save face and blame it all on the big O, when all he is is the figurehead of the democrats themselves. But their quest for power, they will cannabalize themselves, and hang his butt out to dry. Watch and see. The quest for power they have is mesmerizing to them. They cant control themselves seeking it.

  • http://personallibertydigest Johnny Hiott

    Until the American people wake up and demand representation for America instead of the United Nations by their own congress and president. Americans will continue to loose freedoms and have their monies devalued. America is being systematically robbed of all of it’s wealth by the most treasonous government in the world. Throw all of the bums out. Democrat and Republican alike are corrupt.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      The United Nations is made up of a bunch of terrorist supporting nations, that suck the very life blood out of us, and enjoy spending all our money and living the life of Riley, while they sit there and try to dictate to us what we have to do. We should wash our hands of them, kick their butts out of the country, cut our funding to all of them, and use a little common sense against our enemy, the muslim empire which has vowed death to us over and over, and has said in many ways that not only will they not quit until we are dead, they will kill themselves to kill us, and they do it. Im not for war, but Im beginning to believe in what Michael Savage says that one of these terrorist nations over there needs to be turned into a sheet of glass, then maybe they will understand, as this is the only language they speak. I will guarantee all of you, that if they had the technology to do so, they would nuke everyone of us out of existance and not even bat an eye, and if you dont believe that, then you have a problem comprehending the truth.

      • Rob

        The enemy of freedom is a whole lot closer to us than the Middle East.

        Forget about the Muslims, forget about Michael Savage, its a distraction. Like a magician, you watch the hand that moves, but miss the one that doesn’t. The magician is Washington, and we need to be watching both hands.
        Because it will be terrorism, it will be Swine Flu, it will be a dollar crisis, or something else, either real or made up. Either way, you can be sure they will exploit it for all its worth.

        Listen, I used to listen to Michael Savage years ago. He pointed out every abuse that Clinton did. He was right, so I continued to listen. When Bush too office, and the abuses piled ever higher, not a word. Not a word of condemnation from Savage, not a word of condemnation from Rush, and only justifications for why Bush needed warrentless wiretaps, domestic spying, ballooning deficit spending, on and on…It was to protect us…
        Thats when I realized they were full of crap. They play a game.

        Well Obama has big plans to “protect” us too. But now, once again they don’t like it. Its a clear double standard.

        I like Glenn Beck better.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          I agree with liking Glenn Beck much better. But I often did hear Michael Savage kick Bush around like a kick ball, and many many times. He never gave the guy a free pass, and he kicks at both parties when they do bonehead things. He is extreme at times, but man I tell you, the more and more times passes, and the more riduculous things get, I have to more and more consider the extreme things he says as being a possible solution to things. Yeah he gets down right pissed off, but I think thats because he truly loves this country. He is a very very smart, articulate and educated man, who has studied what he talks about, and definately knows what he is talking about. He puts off a lot of people with his extreme points at times, but hey, its not like these guys that are trying to kill us arent extreme. And also, these idiots in Washington have tied themselves in with all these special interest groups, because most of them have been around too long, which makes me favor term limits. Now that Kennedy is gone, there is going to be a lot of money loose looking for a lot of takers in Washington, and thats sad, because thats not how it supposed to be.

    • Rob

      Johnny Hiott,
      The American public is starting to wake up. And they are not liking what they see.
      Thats why I fear there may be a manufactured crises soon. To act as a distraction, a justification, and to help the administration regain support.

      Look what 911 did for Bush. I am certain that the cause and effect, of 911, has not been lost, and the point well made.

      Scarey times we live in…

  • http://ordy@fedtel./net Eric g

    We must want inflation , the intrest rate the government brought the rate down to zero . I have long thought negetive intrest would be nice . Just imagine you buy a house and live in it for no intrest , only have to pay the Taxes , No forclosers and if you lived in it long enough your house would be paid for There are some pretty small houses in many cities that I would still not take for free becuase of the taxes . So evidently the prices have to keep coming down . What we maybe need is public housing with rental assistance . Why should anybody care if the house is too high priced with zero intrest it cant hurt you . Trouble is my saving account is paying zero too so it cant help my retirement .

  • Rob

    Yeah Eric….

    Quote Eric: “Why should anybody care if the house is too high priced with zero intrest it cant hurt you .”

    There is such a thing as OVERPAYING. So what if there is zero interest, and you can afford it, why would you ever want to pay $30,000.00 for a 1974 Ford Pinto with rust and dents? Because you can “afford” it? Geez, the car dealers must love you.
    Time and time again, I ask them for the price of the car. Time and time again, the sales guy comes running back from his “Bosses Office” {choke, yeah right…} and presents me with an even lower monthly payment. I told him, “I don’t give a rat’s ass about any monthly payment, I want to know what the damn car costs!” As if he’s just not familiar with anybody wanting to know what something costs before they consider buying it. Its a game.

    Negative interest nice? I remember my cds were locked in a 7.5% for 5 years. Now THAT was nice. Because I locked in literally just as they started to come down. I think my bank was hating me 4 years into it. lol!

    Dude if you make your payments you don’t have to worry about foreclosure. Its the TAXES that kill everything! Its the TAXES! Not the interest.

  • RightByNature

    Interesting that people will keep blaming the Republicans for excess spending rather than admit they voted for a spendaholic – what a guy! In most cases, every new president inherits a deficit from the previous administration, some more than others. However, after the stimulus, auto bailouts and takeover, housing bailout that ended up instead going to bail out banks, a loan to Brazil to drill for oil although we aren’t allowed to drill here, money committed to Palestinian refugees (Hamas sympathizers) to be relocated to US with housing and food furnished, 44 Czars and counting, mammoth health care bill if it passes, etc., is going to be a humdinger of an inheritance to the next president and future presidents for the next 100 years. It will be like spreading the inheritance (of debt). Hopefully, it won’t be the big spender we have now or it’ll take 150 years for our next generations to dig out of the pile of debt that’s been dumped on them.

  • eyeswideopen

    Dave H. and Smilee.
    please look at tell me what you think.


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