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NIA criticizes Tea Party protest for neglecting inflation

September 17, 2009 by  

NIA criticizes Tea Party protest for neglecting inflation Last weekend, tens of thousands or, by some estimates, more than a million people descended on Washington to protest against high spending and the federal government’s expansion, but the National Inflation Association says few participants called on Washington to address the threat of inflation.

The protesters marched to the Capitol chanting slogans and waving posters that voiced a range of grievances against the government and some of its leaders, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Obama.

Organizations involved in sponsoring the march included the National Taxpayers Union,, Tea Party Patriots, the Campaign for Liberty and FreedomWorks. The latter, a conservative organization led by former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, organized several groups from across the country.

FoxNews quoted one protester, a 57-year-old Vietnam War veteran and former Teamster, who said that although healthcare reform is needed, Obama’s approach was not the way to go.

"My grandkids are going to be paying for this. It’s going to cost too much money that we don’t have," he said.

Echoing his sentiments, NIA said it was disappointed none of the speakers at the rally mentioned the monetary inflation that is taking place and that it is says threatens to destroy the wealth of most Americans.

"We need to wake up America and help everybody become aware of how we will pay for and feel the consequences of the government’s destructive actions, and it will be through hyperinflation," it says.

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  • DaveH

    That is not surprising to me as few people understand the causes of price inflation. That is why the government successfully brands the oil companies as the bad guys whenever the inflation starts.

    • Pat

      I agree with you DaveH. What a lot of people aren’t aware of, too, is that thousands of small land owners are impacted by the oil controversy. No financing, no exploring, no oil, no income for those families. It has hurt us a lot.

    • s c

      Right again, DaveH. Government specializes in finger-pointing, BUT it NEVER looks in the mirror. People can say what they want about corporations, but when it comes to being a world-class screw-up, our government is #1.
      The government is THE main inflation engine in America. They never hesitate to print more money, and that addicted behavior keeps America in an endless inflationary loop.
      For anyone who dares to wonder why prices keep going up, you need look no farther than Washington. As long as we have a Congress full of twits who have no economics background – and a compulsion to spend and waste money that isn’t theirs – this nightmare will never stop. You can’t buy good government. Our Washington cretins have proved that since the early 1900s.

  • Patriot1775

    The older generation of Americans seem to have forgotten the Jimmy Carter presidency. When the country experienced hyper-inflation through excessive government spending and higher taxes. Now, Obama has brought back the policies of Jimmy Carter and has increase them exponentially. And, like back then, the liberals will blame the previous administration’s policies for those problems. This IS about bankupting the country to change its’ form of government.

  • Cybercorrespondent

    They should also try to get Obama impeached for shredding the Constitution.
    In 1981, what passport did Obama use to travel to Pakistan?
    In 1981, Pakistan was on the U.S. State Department’s “no travel” list and Obama could not have used a US passport to travel to Pakistan. If he used a British passport, it would mean that he was born in Kenya. Because Obama’s stepfather that adopted him was Indonesian and both his mother and him became Indonesian citizens themselves, a country that did not allow dual citizenships, if he used an Indonesian passport, it would raise even more questions that the American people need answers to. Then there is the question of forgery. Watch these videos and form you own opinion.
    I could not get live threads. To view videos, copy addresses and past it on Google

  • Geo

    Only the government will benefit from inflation. The reason is pretty simple, when the dollar is worth less the amount of debt we owe is lower. So if we owe $11,000,000,000.00 and if you cut the value of the dollar in half, or double your inflation, then you have effectively cut your debt in half, the number may still be the same, but the value of it is not what it once was. Thus why China is getting nervous, because they have a lot of money invested… ALSO why the there is talk of a International currency, which would not rely on the US dollar which has been the staple of international debt for years.

    If there is an international currency created, what will happen is the US will more or less over night become the equivalent to a third world economy. The US had such a stable currency for so long that it was the benchmark. Now that we are in troubled times this is no longer the case. Our GDP is lower, and we are hemorrhaging more jobs meanwhile China makes things so inexpensively that it is almost impossible to make anything here in the US and make a profit because of our tax structure. We import most things without any tariffs, but we cannot ship anything over there without a tariff or tax.

    Once the economy collapses, the government would probably declare a state of emergency and then they could take over everything and anything and become a Socialist or communist state because of the emergency.

    The only way I see out of this is to actually create a system where the income taxes are abolished and everything is taxed at the Point of Sale or POS. This would in effect tax everything that comes into this country, it would create more revenue for the Federal government because not only would they tax our workers, we would in effect be taxing China’s workers, it would create jobs here in the US because it would not be so cheep to go to China any more. Our Labor would make more money up front.

    To offset the higher prices of everything, the US could give refunds for a set amount of food and clothing that they purchase every year regardless of your income. The reason why they call it a “Fair Tax” is the more you buy the more you are taxed. If you do not “Need” anything then you do not buy it…

    I have other ideas, but running out of time.


    • patricia smallwood

      You are the only person that I have heard to mention the International Currency other then a brief mention of it on a news chanel on Friday. It is really getting scarey.

  • J. Rose

    If NIA thought that it was important to mention inflation in the 9/12 march on the Capitol, why didn’t they have members join the march, carrying signs/posters addressing the issue of inflation? This march was totally open in its agenda, and NIA’s input and participation would have been most welcome.

  • richard

    i think that they all are concerned about inflation – if you polled them, they are all putting money into precious metals instead of the stock market. the inflation issue is wrapped up into the spending and debt issue – its just harder to put inflation issue on a 12×18 placard…..’end the fed’ is teaparty shorthand for lot of spending and inflation issues. and yes, i do not want to relive the carter era and dumbama is leading america down that path again. more people are begining to realize that a vote for a democrate is a vote for socialist: DNC = Dam Near Communism

    • http://yahoo marci

      I so agree. Our country is being taken over by Soc. and Commies. It’s so clear.

  • PJ

    The only way that we are going to get anything accomplished today is for we the people to take action. If we can use Mr Obama’s teaching moment, we do not need to do anything legally, just do it. Period. Pay or threaten the judges to look the other way. Isn’t that the example we are being taught? Oh, yes, don’t you just love those “teaching moments”?

  • Al

    Inflation has been ongoing since the Federal Reserve began its rape of the American people in 1913. A nickle in 1913 would buy the same thing we spend a dollar on today. Isn’t it amazing that President Wilson and our Congress at that time signed the Federal Reserve Act. An act allowing private bankers to loan us our own money, at interest, and the only way we can pay that interest is to barrow more of our own money from the Federal Reserve, again at interest? A continual ongoing debt that you can never pay off. Now we have arrived at the point that the FED has lowered the interest rate to zero. However since we have created such a large debt the only way we can pay the interest on that debt is to print more money. That money becomes WORTH-LESS. We are now at the point that we are monitizing (buying) our own debt, with dollars that create more debt. It is like paying the minimum amount on your credit card bill, with another credit card. When both of those bills come due the next month, we pay the minimum amount on both of them with a third credit card, and it goes on and on. Would you run your personal finances this way?

    What we will be facing is HYPER-INFLATION, when $100.00 will not buy a loaf of bread, a gallon of gas, or the minimum amount due on your power bill. When you can’t buy a loaf of bread, a gallon of gas, or enough to keep your power turned on, then you are in deep danger.

    Have you prepared for this? Do you have food, water, fuel, a means to protect yourself and your family? Not for three days, not for a week, a month, a year, but maybe for a very long time. Can you survive what is coming?

    Don’t wait until everything you need cost $100.00 per unit. Get it now, while you can. Get more than you need, those items will become the money of the future. Gold and silver coins, ammunition, tooth paste, band-aids, first aid kits, canning lids, garden seeds, toilet paper, etc, etc. Anything that is essential to you will be essential to someone else. We will be back to a trade and barter system. Just make sure you can protect what you have. If you can’t, someone will take it from you.

    Am I an alarmist, maybe, will I survive what is coming, absolutely.

    • Richard Pawley

      Can’t disagree with you Al but I don’t think we will have more (or much more) than 300% inflation. However, that will seem like Hyperinflation to us. The government has to inflate or go bankrupt. What is truly criminal is that Congress continues to confiscate our wealth for the FED and it’s owners by increasing spending not curtailing it. Thank God the BILLIONS they planned to give ACORN is dead (for now) but watch them. They will promise the moon and say anything to win votes but watch what they actually do. Remember the president could not pass anything without Congress approving it. So the Cap and Trade Tax that the Treasury Study says will add $1700+ to each families fuel bill each year has to be passed by Congress in order to take affect. It actually amounts to a TAX but Congress has to approve it. The Health Care bill will not pass because the Democrats know that those who vote for it will not get re-elected when the real price becomes known, some by next year, all by 2012. Some of them will vote for it because they are in denial but vote them out next time. Don’t be deluded by the talking heads on TV or all the propaganda put out by Washington and Wall Street and some in Hollywood. If either bill passes it will hasten the death of the dollar, even faster than it is now sinking. Why do you think some of the members of Congress are moving from where they live and getting unlisted phone numbers and addresses? They know the chaos and inflation that is coming that they have caused by all their spending –as I said I expect in the neighborhood of 300%! This may not all happen next year or even the year after that but I believe you will begin to see it beginning by next year. It is hard to predict exactly when the results of the tsunami of debt will hit us because the comet of irresponsibility is still headed our way and there is an awful lot of funny business going on between Wall Street, Washington and Big Business. In fact “More Funny Business” is a chapter in my new book. Our nation is sinking in a sea or corruption. Another chapter is called “Gasoline or Milk, $10 a Gallon” another is called “2009, Our Last Normal Year, Sort of!” Wake up people! Doesn’t anyone grasp how much Congress is spending? This years deficit is close to $1.8 Trillion. If we were to pay it off, not the National Debt, but JUST this years deficit, and we paid it at the rate of a million dollars a day, it would take in excess of 3,000 years to do that! This is insane and Congress with a handful of exceptions could care less. Congress spends $185 for every $100 dollars it gets in taxes and we go into debt an extra FIVE THOUSAND MILLION DOLLARS EVERY DAY! This is insane and no nation in the history of the world has ever owed as much as we owe. If all you have is paper soon you are going to have nothing. What Congress, the President and the FED are doing it that which will crash the system and I have been telling everyone that since I realized it. Just this past week for the first time ever I read an investment newsletter that was saying the same thing that I have been saying for a year: when they destroy the dollar it will take the rest of the world’s currency with it. No paper money is safe for the long term, so use it to buy what you need and will need. There is time to prepare but not a lot to waste. Every nation is trying to print their way out of their financial problems and in all of history this has never worked for anyone. Three years ago in “Leaving South Carolina” I told readers to sell their stocks and bonds and pay off their homes because we were going to have a Greater Depression that would eventually be much worse than the one our grandparents lived through. It has barely begun and I see nothing that has made me change my mind. I know that 95% of the people cannot even conceive that this is possible. We are no longer the richest nation on earth; we have become the most in-debt nation on earth! No one can tell you exactly when this will happen but no one who knows the facts will disagree unless they have an agenda of their own. All I can be absolutely sure of is that it will be sooner than any of us would like to think. There are even some who believe that this unprecedented change in how the world works is all planned but if it is then only a mere handful of men know of it. I cannot tell you when this will all happen but I know of tens of thousands who are building up their supply of guns and bullets and non-perishable foods and these are mostly ordinary people who have come to realize that there is not much difference between the Republicans nor the Democrats on what really counts. One party is pretending to be helping the people but they are going to sink the ship of state as fast as they can and the other is trying to milk it for all its worth and then jump ship (and hundreds of thousands of have already moved out of the US for good) but this crisis has barely begun, maybe 10% worth, and it is going to affect all the people on earth. No country will be exempt. My advice to those who believe in God is not to fear but to begin praying about what you should be doing, when, and where, and how. If the God you worship is the real God he will guide you and tell you, intuitively or verbally or however you are accustomed to hearing Him. Those who have such guidance are going to have a rough time in the next decade and in the decades ahead. Those who do not, may not survive. All this is politically incorrect to say, to be sure, and I know you had other plans but it’s the truth! Jesus said no one who turns to me (heart and soul) will I ever turn away, but you must ask His help to purge the greed and avarice that might be in your own heart. Stop criticizing political parties and churches and the SOB’s that are in Washington and tend to your own house. Vote and pray but remember Jesus also told his first followers not to go anywhere until they had been filled with the Holy Spirit, and how that happened is written about in the Book of ACTS just past the gospels. Millions of His follower of all denominations have expereinced this in the past 35 years but if your church doesn’t teach about how individuals can experience the power of God then consider finding one that does. It’s all explained in ACTS. Don’t be concerned about those who laugh at your concerns. God will never laugh at you and he has no ax to grind or agenda but your eternal health and that begins in the here and now. When our nation ceases to believe in this and the other founding documents of the nation it will cease to be the United States we know and love. It may be bigger or smaller, but America will be long gone. Some believe the idea of America is almost gone now. If you can’t grasp this or it seems just to impossible to believe then remember that our biggest problem in this country just a decade or so ago, the problem that had everybody up in the air, was the President’s sex life! That was our biggest “problem” just a decade ago! My how times change! Well, the changes of the next ten years or so are going to make the last ten years pale in significance. They will be even greater or larger than what we have seen in the past ten years. Forget the arguing and name calling. Vote the crooks out of Congress, Democrat and Republican, ASAP, but start preparing for a Brave New World that is not going be the choice of anyone but the dozen or so who want a one world money system (which will precede the one world government that even the Bible predicts). All of this will be the inevitable result of a nation that did not listen to the lessons of history and believed the lie that there was something for nothing. Anything imported is going to skyrocket in price. Coffee, coconut oil, and all that we don’t produce. I recently bought a five year supply of cinnamon. Learn all you can about dry food storage, gardening, (pity the ones who must live in a high rise), making your own flour and bread, and how to live when money is almost worthless and the markets have little to sell. The Russians who know what is coming think we will have a harder time of
      it then they did when their money collapsed and the Soviet Union along with it. They were accustomed to hardships we have never suffered and families knew how to help each other out. Don’t buy what will spoil as it might be several years before the final rape of the dollar takes place but print this out, tape it in your Bible or wherever, and keep it, and remember that someone once tried to warn you. The hour is late and there is little time to waste. May God bless all who read this. He wants to bless you but so many are trying to earn his love, not realizing they are already loved! Many think God is concerned with denominations and churches and words rather than thoughts and deeds but He wants you to know you ARE loved as is your neighbor! Seek Him while He may be found. Carpe’ Diem or as it says in the Bible, “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!” Don’t worry about those who will not listen, just prepare but don’t fear and avoid the Los Angeles until after Sept 8th of next year if you possibly can.

      • Lorene

        Please further explain your comment “avoid the Los Angeles until after Sept. 8th of next year”.

        • eyeswideopen

          As a good Christian, he is predicting the future.

          • http://yahoo marci

            Amen! Get ready for a bad ride, It’s time! MY EYES ARE OPEN AS WELL.

          • Richard Pawley

            I am a follower of Jesus and since he objected to being called “good” so do I. However, He did say that His followers would do the same things he did, so why shouldn’t His followers be able to “know” some things that are not apparent to worldly people. This doesn’t make them more or you less. It just makes them different and for some of them, with insights that serve them well (as the fictional character, OBI-WAN-KENOBI said in the very first 1977 STAR WARS movie). Prove this is all nonsense and move to LA for the next 12 months if you want (I’ve been there) but I’ll stay here on relatively solid ground in upstate NY. It’s true that with things involving choice people can change their minds, choose good over evil, but the chance of change are far less, in my opinion, involving earth movements. I don’t know it all about tectonic plate movements or God but I know what I know. Time will tell.

        • Richard Pawley

          It took a couple of pages in both my books to explain it but the biggest reason (but not the only one) is that the researchers utilizing The Bible Code software and what was then a supercomputer located the phrase MAJOR EARTHQUAKE and KOBE, JAPAN, and the Hebrew date for 1995, when some 6,400 died. Also found by these brilliant researchers in Israel some 15 years ago were the terms SFCALIF, GREAT EARTHQUAKE, CITY DESTROYED BY FIRE, and the Hebrew equivalent of 1906. The equivalent date of 1989 was also found and I saw the 1989 quake on TV as it was happening. Los Angeles was not found, but LACALIF was found, along with the term, GREAT EARTHQUAKE, and the Hebrew Year 5754 and 5770. Well 5754 is our 1994 and I knew an engineer who lived just a mile from epicenter of that quake that killed less than a hundred but was one of the most expensive natural disasters in US history, around $15 Billion. The second quake mentioned is the one of the year 5770 which began last Saturday and ends on Sept. 8th of next year. There are other reasons, besides the Bible Code, but they are to long to go into here, why I believe there is a very high probability that the Big One will happen within the next 12 months. Admittedly all of the Bible Code is based on probability and so there is less than a 100% chance that it will happen but the numbers are similar to the other four quakes I mentioned. I wonder what the odds are that the big international betters are offering on this. In London they bet on anything and maybe even here. I have been intuitive all my life and I have a hunch that this earthquake will have a much greater loss of life and be far more expensive than the one in 1994. I certainly hope I am wrong because I have friends who still live in the area and some who have left. I like solid ground under my feet and would not live out there for the next year for a million dollars. Now there are those who will rush to say that the brilliant atheist mathematician in Australia has disproved the Bible Code but I know he has only convinced other atheists. Apparently the entire history of the world is encoded in the Bible, not just in the Torah, the first five books of the Bible. Some of that history of the world hasn’t happened yet. Even the Bible you can read without a computer mentions a one world government and a moneyless society with “marks in the hand or forehead” for all transactions and this has already been proposed. I myself have helped build transistors so small they cannot be seen with the naked eye. It also mentions “something like a burning mountain crashing into the sea and killing one third of the creatures in the sea” a vision the Apostle John saw in a vision although he had no clue what it was because they had no words back then other than falling star for meteors, asteroids or comets. Now it is certainly not necessary for a Christian or a Jew to believe in the Bible Code but as one of the top researchers in our super secret National Security Agency once said (based on his lifetime knowledge of codes), “whoever wrote the Bible was not bounded by time as we know it” and Hans didn’t believe it either when he first heard about the Code. Remember, these dates and this information was obtained from the oldest part of the Bible. To much to tell. There are many good books on the subject and some bad ones but I believe that the Bible code was designed to appeal to the those who use rigid scientific method and logic to understand anything. Those are certainly great tools but they are insufficient and somewhat inadequate in spiritual matters and those concerning faith. Still the BC should get the attention of those non-believers who are open minded and don’t just gather around them those who believe as they do (which is a natural tendency). If you don’t live out there don’t worry about it. If you do I would suggest you pray until you are absolutely certain you know what is best for you.

      • eyeswideopen

        Richard, don’t get me wrong, I have stated many times that I wanted Acorn closed down, but when people like you make statements that are blantent lies, I feel compelled to call you out. During the Bush administration, Acron was budgeted a million per year. They had received 13 million through budget adjustments from 2000 -2008 but I wouldn’t call that Billions of dollars. The GAO has come out and stated that the cost would be between 90-150 per each household for the Cap and Trade in the year 2012. When you distort the facts, the rest of your comments are left unread. Especially if you make false statements that we have to fact check prior to finishing.

      • James

        Richard P.,the Lord said: “Was not Esau Jacob’s brother? saith the Lord: yet I loved Jacob. And I hated Esau, and laid his mountains and his heritage waste for the dragons of he wilderness” (Mal. 1:2-3). And Romans 9:13: “As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.” If Christians don’t know who Esau (Edom) is, how can they please God?

  • LickDaCat

    What do you think the people that want to end the Federal Reserve are about.

    The Fed is responsible for the inflation since they have had total control of our money supply for 100 years. The Fed is corrupt to the core and I believe an audit will expose their criminal actions and the entire group will need to go to prison for life.

    The audit the fed bill must pass. It is going to be one hell of a fight in the Senate to get it through. I think the bankers would rather nuke DC than to allow an audit of their criminal activity.

    I see another planned “terrorist” attack probably much bigger than 9/11 coming if they try to pass this bill. Anything to draw attention elsewhere away from these thieves.

    • James

      LickDaCat, the Lord said: “Thou shalt not lend upon usury to thy brother; usury of money, usury of victuals, usury of any thing that is lent upon usury” (De. 23:19). If Americans would stop borrowing money, the Federal Reserve System would be forced to close their doors. If we would spend only the money we have earned, there would be no recessions or depressions. Borrowing and spending unearned money creates a false boom in the economy, when enough people do it the bubble collapses – like we have now done three times since 1913.

      • eyeswideopen

        So, James, how many credit cards do you have??

        • James

          Eyeswideopen, I have no credit cards, I have never had a credit card.

  • Janette

    I think we did know about it but that is secondary to the real reason. Government spending (which was addressed) is the cause. We know this. The Healthcare bill (culprit) is causing enormous spending and new layers of Government (increasing inflation) Spending stimulus monies by States are causing the inflation. I think the Tea Party protesters attacked the cause of inflation. For someone to attack inflation alone wound not solve the inflation problem. To attack Government spending on Stimulus Spending, Health Care, Tax Hikes, Cap and Trade, Too much Government spending all is costly to the taxpayer and we not only pay once but several times on the same government spending and control of American citizens. Anyone can see that by stopping some of the riff raff going on in Washington, DC the inflation issue will take care of itself. This is why people are reluctant about spending right now. They are afraid of can I afford what I need next week, next month, etc. How much more infringements on the taxpayer’s pocketbook can one take? This is why we don’t borrow money, save every penny we get our hands on, and spend for nothing we don’t have to buy. Government is strangling the economy in more ways than one. We need to wake up and tell Government NO on any spending right now. Government needs to go into hibernation with their law making and spending of money we don’t have. Government needs to get off out back. Yes we protested about the right things and talked about the right things. All these things are causing the inflation we are seeing and suffering.

  • Nick Z

    The reason that inflation is not mentioned at the protests is because the movement has not matured yet. It is still hijacked by the GOP who want nothing but to return to power and will tell any lie to obtain that. That is why you hear a lot of squabbling about Pelosi and Obama, and not enough about the Federal Reserve, IRS, CIA, and the whole host of government corruption that we as Americans must fix…and fix immediately. Some people still want to turn this into a partisan issue.

    I believe as the economic conditions in our country worsen (and this is my opinion of the direction we are going), we will see this phenomenon ballon. And dare I say it: to such an extent that the GOP will even step away from it. And why, because they don’t want things to get better: just for their corporate buddies to turn more profit (preferably by destroying domestic labor through outsourcing and immigration)and stuff it into their pockets with lobbies. Americans can find no salvation from our impeding tribulation in either the Republican and Democratic parties. The sooner we realize this the better.

    We need to take some inspiration from our Founding Fathers: we need to set some of these petty differences aside and realize we face a common enemy.

  • William Mossop

    Not too many years ago, when the government and the media were making a big deal over “the war on organized crime” a thought occurred to me. The government it’s self is the best example of organized crime that has ever directly affected me or my family.

    • Get it right.

      Only the democratic parts are dirty and corrupt.

      • eyeswideopen

        Spoken like a true Perfect Republican!!!

  • gmiller

    NIA is not thinking. Thousands of signs protested excessive spending and bailouts, which result in vastly increased money supply, which is the principal cause of inflation.

  • John S Barto

    I had two signs when I was in DC. One said “Let me keep my money, I’ll stimulate the economy!”, and “Back off, your killing America”!Anyone who looks at the current situation with logic cannot help but be concerned about the amount of irresponsible spending happening within our government. I hate to think doom and gloom but it really looks like their doing it for a reason! I believe they are trying to replace our current capitalist domocracy/constitutional republic with communism! Bankrupt the country, push us over the edge then just step right in! The thing that frightenes me the most is how many people are falling for it! How many people are denying there is even a problem! I believe you are correct when you say get ready, life as we have known it is about to change, and not for the better! I am a patriot and I love God. The founding fathers set up our constitution with the failures of the past in mind and now people just want to trash it because they think it is antiquated! There are to many things I don’t understand. If we aren’t supposed to think for ourselves why are they educating us! I believe we can hopefully still use whats left of our freedoms, stand together with one voice and take our coultry back! Peacefully! Educate! Inform! Debate! It is our duty to use our God given gifts for the betterment of mankind and I plan on using mine!

    • James

      John Barto, right on! But they wont just ‘step right in,’ they’re here now. When government bureaus own over half of America’s home mortgages, and Chrysler and General Motors, etc., etc. that’s communism. FDR nationalized the entire economy, that’s communism, and it prolonged the depression for years, and President Obama is following in his footsteps. FDR is his hero, he said so when interviewed on 60 Minutes as president-elect.

    • James

      John, the Constitution (Art. IV, Sec. 4) is supposed to “guarantee” us a republican form of government, in “every State.” A Republic and a Democracy are not the same thing, our problem is most Americans don’t seem to know how one differs from the other.

  • Dickie

    You know,We have in all partyies,But you can talk until you are blue in the face,To some people,They have been brain wash from little children to adult hood,By Their arrogant Demoncrap parents,Yes I am a Republican,And right now I am very proud,But when I became of age,I ask my Dad,Who do you know who to vote for,I will never forget this,& I passed it on to my children,He said son you can only vote for the lesser of the two evils,And i have voted for a demoncrap,A couple of times,A real long time ago.Yes the Republican party,Is tight with money,They create jobs that last,They hold up some government jobs,Because the unions suck the country dry,Yes at one time we needed them,But like acorn,Freedie Mac,They start lieing,steeling,they become so corrupt,To the point it is EVIL,Look at that damn tunnel,The unions dug in NY.The pay off’s to certain clains,Look at how billons,They ran over,And now it is falling apart,Because of low grade concrete,But suppose to payed for first grade,Look at ground zero,You still see ground zero,And they have the ball’s to call them seleves [AMERICAN'S],They are LAZY,They are TYRANTS,And thugs,Did you see them at the Tea Party’s,PHYSICALY PUSHING ELDERLY GENTIALMAN,& OLDER LADYS,AWAY FROM DOOR’S,These 70 to 80-yrs old RUFFNECKS & NAZI’S,This is your DEMONCRAPS.They love to create,6-mos,jobs,A billons of dollars,NOT ONE,Of these carpetbagers,Answerd one question,Not ONE,Pres.Bush,Tried to pass a bill,The second term,To STOP LIEING ON & CREATEING FAULSE HOODS,AND LEAVE FAMILYS OFF LIMITS,The DEMONCRAPS [SAID NO],You did not see any TAX CHEATS,In Pres. Bush’s CABNET,Look at murtha,Investgation stop,For bribe takeing,Franks even said,QUOTE {The Constitution is NOTHING but a PIECE of PAPER TO HOLD BACK POLITIONS},When the weassel reid called Pres.Bush,A traitor,When the demon’s disrupted,His State of the union,Oh That was alright to,But when a true American,Called hussein,A lier,When he was proved he is a lier,People rasied hell,About an American Patriot,Getting sick of the Damn lies,And speaking out for us!,That is so bad,But telling a damn BALD FACE LIE OVER & OVER!, Was exceptable,Would you show me where,In hell LIEING,Is BETTER,THAN,STANDING UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS?,I am confused.Pelosi & Boxer,& The rest of the Demon’s,In Calif.Has giveing,Their jobs,To illeagles,And now has broke,The State,And you want the demon’s to run the country,I am sorry,But every Bald face LIE,The demon’s have told was proven a Damn Lie,These animals,Have on mercy,or morials,When these PIGS,MADE FUN OF AND TOLD DISCUSTING LIES,On A GREAT Distinguished,LADY,& HER CHILD,These are real Big MEN,A MOM & DAD to be so PROUD OF,I can hear their children now,Golly I am so proud of you,The way you slamed,& lied every way possable,No her baby,& her little girl,Even the wonderful movies stars,And the way letterman,Called the little girl a whore,Damn he must be a real role model,What is that drunks name,That cussed his child,Oh!,Baldwin,And he wants to be in politics,He will make us a great demoncrap, With his morials.Hussien obamb,IS going to stop any one,Wanting to get imformation,From his Terroist buddys,In fear they will be exposed to,& their familys,And while holder bullies judges,To drop charges on the terroist thugs black panters,For BLOCKING POLL’S,& STOPPING AMERICANS,FROM VOTEING,While the PA.Cowards{POLICE},DID NOTHING,They must be part of obamb & holders,GESTAPO.You see pelosi was right,Look how spector,Wet his PANTIES,When He though,With his LIEING FLIPPING (WORD REMOVED FOR OFFENSIVE CONTENT),Was going to get an apologie,All of these snakes,I can see them now.I want one-I want one,I’m important too,People just look at your representative,On how they ignored you!.You got one that said HE WAS NOT GOING TO EVEN READ IT,BUT I WILL PASS IT.Be PROUD DEMONCRAPS,BE PROUD!.

  • eyeswideopen

    Republicans, he is one of ours, scared? You should be. I can truly say I had never met anyone, who totally blamed all the ill of the United States on the other party. Based on his comments, maybe the Dem’s should stop serving in the military, why would you give your life for someone like this?? Unbelieveable. This country needs help, but not from someone like this.

  • Barry

    All the left-wingers and democrat politicians are calling the “tea party” participants loons. The politicians in both R and D are in for an awakening in 2010. The revolution is on and they are not bright enough to see it and only criticize the American people who know that the government is out of control and corrupt. We WILL bring it back under control and then you can look back and comment on your mistakes. You will have time for that when you are out of office. FOOLS!

  • Al

    For those of you who wonder about if our government could have been involved in 9-11, a false flag operation, to enrage the public to go into an illegal war, like the sinking of the Lusitainia to get us into WWI, FDR’s forknowledge of the attacks on Pearl Harbor which he needed to get us into WWII, the Tonkin Gull Incident, to start the bombing of North Viet Nam. We have a history. Check out “Patriots Question 9-11″ There is enough information there to spend the next several months educating yourself. Google nano-thermite and 9-11. Expect another false flag operation soon. Do you know what HAARP is? High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project. Check it out. Is it weather control, is it population control? What is it? Has it caused global warming? For what purpose? To create a crisis, “never waste a good crisis.” H1N1 flu, part bird flu, part swine flu, part human flu, all developed in a labratory, weaponized biotech brought to you by the new world order. Republicans, Democrats, there is no differance. Rather look into the Bilderberg Group, The Trilateral Commission, The Council on Foreign Relations, Bohemian Grove, see who are members of these groups, David Rockefeller is behind most of it and the coming one world government. Educate yourself.

    • James

      Al, good points. Let’s remember that building 7, in the WTC, came down just as did the twin towers, when no plane struck it and only a small fire was in evidence. While recalling that, remember that no steel-framed building has ever been brought down by fire or plane crashes, they were designed to withstand such attacks. Remember also that unexploded nano-thermite chips have been found in the building’s debris. This strongly suggests foreknowledge and complicacy.

  • Peter Courtenay Stephens

    Inflation is not the issue at this time and may not be for quite some time. We are in a very serious deflation and this could last for several more years. Will inflation be a problem absolutely, but until we get wage increases on a very large scale we will not have inflation. In fact it is not in any of the countries who import to us benefit to raise prices as Americans are saving unlike at any time in a number of years and are not going to the mall. None of the statistics of unemployment and spending and even money increase supports inflation yet. it will come and it will be horrendous when it does come.

  • tower 200

    Will anybody be in a position to smell a smoke smell on me?


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