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NIA Backs Sarah Palin In Inflation Dispute

November 17, 2010 by  

NIA backs Sarah Palin in inflation disputeThe National Inflation Association (NIA) has backed former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in her opposition to the proposed Federal Reserve stimulus measure.

After the Fed announced last week that it would buy up to $900 billion in Treasury bonds in an effort to stimulate the economy, Palin urged Chairman Ben Bernanke to "cease and desist," and expressed her opinion that the Federal government "shouldn't be playing around with inflation."

The former vice presidential candidate subsequently came under fire for her comments. The Wall Street Journal staff reporter Sudeep Reddy penned an article about food inflation, which suggested that the consumer price index's (CPI) measure of food and beverage prices has risen by less than 0.6 percent in the first nine months of this year.

However, NIA representatives countered this argument, saying that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) CPI is not a reliable indicator of any type of price inflation. In fact, the organization believes that the BLS has artificially manipulated the CPI downward, and the real inflation rate may be closer to 5 percent and may rise to more than 10 percent by early 2011.

NIA also expressed concern that if the current policies continue, the average American will depend on the government to survive by the 2012 presidential elections.

"Obama's strategy to get re-elected is to make as many Americans as possible dependent on him and scared to elect a true Libertarian candidate like Ron Paul, who will dramatically reduce government spending in an attempt to prevent hyperinflation," the organization stated. 

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  • http://none Mike

    Palin Please run in 2012 and take Ron Paul as a running mate. We need to stop the bleeding not make a new hole. People need to relize untill we get some meaningful reforms in washington this situation is only going to get worse. Tinkering with intrest rates and printing worthless paper isnt the answer here. If we dont soon we will not be a world power but a world laughingstock.If we arent allready Obama’s cheerleading tour was pathetic at best destructive at worst to our image in the world. Maby we ought to get together and combine the conservitives and libratarians and get a third party banner of the comman sence party because there isnt any of that left in washington right now. These people in washington think that either side is battleing for the middle class and nither is. The middle class is sinking in a mire of political sophmorisim.Tax cut this and no tax cuts here or lets tinker with bailouts has done absolutly nothing for the middle class out here but sink us futher into debt. As our food cost rise and energy goes up more and more of that elusive expendable income dissappears.As we struggle from day to day with houses that are now worth less than what we paid for them our future investments dry up and blow away. As we struggle to find jobs that all these new spending bills were supposed to create our will slowly dies. As we struggle to send our kids to school we realize now they are being indoctrinated into a socity of goverment dependancy. No there isnt any comman sence left in washington. If there were these folks wouldent be pipe dreaming new spending programs they would be seeing what needs to be done to save us. Insted we get whirling world tours by our self proclaimed Star In Chief. And speaches about how we are the enemy to his great plan for us simply for saying stop spending our money like water. The republicans are no better in alot of respects they are willing to eat their own if it will benifit some new scam of reduced taxes without any real reductions in spending. Taxes arent the problem its the Tax system dummy. Leave our incomes alone for a while and pass the fair tax.In 5 years the deficts would start to dissappear and we of the middle class can get back to what we do best thats create jobs and have a little expendable income left over to rebuild our lives with. Maby then we would have the extra money to buy things with such as our own health insurance or our own perscription drugs without you there trying to hold our hands.End goverment hadouts to non citizens and an amazing thing might happen the prices of food and healthcare might actually go down.Drill and develope our own resources and alternitive resources and another amazing thing might happen our energy cost might go down.Start backing our currancy with something other than ink and paper and the dollar just might be worth something again. Get out of our schools with your scams such as no child left behind(no mind educated) or outcome based education.And lets start teaching the basics again so we dont loose our competitive edge in the world markets the way we are now. Then maby we can start to lead the world again not lag behind it. Sorry for getting so long winded but all this bickering back and forth in washington is begining to eat away at my patience. Mike L.

  • J.M.R.

    yes i’m for sarah as she has more brains in her little finger than that air head dick-tater has in his whole body. she loves her country and the people who want our country back.

  • Gregory Zorn

    I am greatfull for Mr. Livingston and Mrs. Palin for keeping attention to this matter. I have little faith in the pointed heades in DC as this easy money and printing of money has ended badly in recent history ie: the tec bubble and the housing bubble. Time for new thinking and new people. The president and congress have swarn to uphold the Constatution giving them the duty to “coin money, and regulate the Value thereof” Artical 1 Section 8. and not simply turn this responsability to one man, the Federal Reserve chairman.

    G. Zorn

  • susanburnette

    I think it’s about time we the people get to look into the federal reserve. let them show where everything is going and get rid of alot of waste.

  • http://com i41

    We all know anyone who has run their own business, have way more brains for seeing the screw ups in government. Than these so called book trained idoit “experts”, who have always been government wonks! Know that the Greasy Rangal will just get a usual naughty naughty, instead kick him out. stop his benefits, and retirement, like the real world. $600,000 tax evaision, definitely would put any citizen in Levenworth, for a few decades, but being a democrat, Rangel will become a party leader and a hero!

  • Doug Rodrigues

    Palin may not appear to be Presidential material, but given what we have now with Barack Obama, I’d take Palin in a heart beat.

  • http://com i41

    Just what is presidental material, some more overtrained, do nothing productive, worthless jackasses like Onumnutts, Whorehound Clinton, Peanuts Carter, Wilson, TR,FDR, all are smucks with out a clue. All are for total governmewnt control over everything. including your life style and what you eat.

  • jopa

    i41;Are you sure you don’t have advanced syphilis the way you babble?If you had health care you would know.Perhaps you should enroll in a Charm School.

    • ValDM

      He makes much more sense than you do. At least he’s kept himself informed. You would do well to emulate him.

  • jopa

    Palin for President:I can picture her in office” Well let me see if I got this right,The red button will activate our nuclear arsenal and the black button is for room service.RIGHT, Gotcha you Betcha.”

    • Teresa

      I would rather have her hand near the button than Obama’s, what’s he gonna do…say…oh wait…we can tolerate that then bow down to them and kiss their shoes!.
      Give me a break!

      • 45caliber

        An old joke:

        You are walking down a street with your spouse and two kids. A large man suddenly runs around the corner ahead of you brandishing a large knife and races toward you. What do you do?

        Democrat: Are you sure he’s mad at me and going to attack?
        I think I should ask my spouse what she thinks. Perhaps I could throw my gun at him? Would he attack if I got on my knees and begged? Should I push my spouse toward him and try to run with the children? I really think I need to call and talk with several of my friends first.

        Republican: Bang

        It does go on …

        Texan: Bang bang bang bang bang bang Click click as he reloads
        Bang bang bang bang bang bang Click click as he reloads

        Daughter: Good shooting, Dad!
        Wife: Nice shot group, Honey.
        Son: I think I saw him move! Shoot him again!

  • jopa

    PS;Just googled NIA National Inflation Association and all it is is a Conservative website selling gold.At first I thought it was some credible gavernment agency whay a joke.

    • Teresa

      so is the justice dept. run by holder

    • Richard

      If the NIA was a government agency I wouldn’t pay them much heed. I did log on the NIA web site and I didn’t find them selling gold. I did find that among many areas of interest they were recommending a number of places to go, IF ONE WANTED TO BUY GOLD. That is different than selling it. These days I recommend where people can go to buy food that will last for years and keep its nutrition and taste. I see nothing wrong with that either. Gold by the way is simply the canary in the mine, it warns if the toxic gas of paper money is building up to dangerous levels. Since 1992 gold has gone up over 300% so you’d have to be rich to buy it these days but according to figures I obtained from the FED a week ago we have only had 57% inflation since 1992. Because of all the trillions of dollars that the Democratic Congress has squandered since 2006 we are going to see the price of food and other things we buy catch up with what gold has already done. I will be pleasantly surprised if we don’t see food prices tripling before the President goes home to Chicago in January of 2013. The Treasury is creating 75 thousand million dollars a month out of thin air, each month, from now until June. Didn’t they ever read about what happened in Germany when Germany did that in 1921-23? It never ends well. The NIA says that if things continue as they are we will have hyperinflation and that seems entirely possible to me. Even with the price of food and imported goods tripling it will seem like hyperinflation. Others have said that all taxes of every kind on everyone must triple just to maintain the status quo. The hundreds of trillions of dollars that the banks have invested in derivatives need inflation to be profitable and so inflation is guaranteed. I hope things don’t remain as they are and that the Tea Party can promote the reduction of the insane spending of borrowed money that has been the name of the game in Washington under both parties (the current Democratically controlled congress has made spending almost an art form). I wrote 25 pages about these things in my 2006 autobiography wherein I warned about the then coming stock market crash and I called what was coming “The Greater Depression”. I still believe it is coming. My latest and politcally incorrect book is just on what is going to happen and why, and as I said both of them, what is coming “will make the Great Depression look like a walk in the park.” While my book is politically incorrect it could save your life. All I can say now is that whoever is elected the next president is going to have to be a man or woman of prayer because we are creating a world wide problem that will be to big for any government to solve. In the meantime you would do well to learn about building up your pantry because I foresee a time when the unions will riot and food may be unavailable for a month or so. Ignore this advice at your own peril. If this doesn’t happen then all you will do is save a lot of money because it is to late to stop the coming inflation. May God help us because soon the government will not even be able to help itself.

  • http://com i41

    jopa, sounds like you know about all the STDs. Since your nano mental storage container, has been impacted in the exit vent,which on liberals is interchangeable. Every one thought that democratys just had a stupidity problems, but since your advance experience of STDs, it must be advanced social diseases. Your statement of a credable gavernment agency, just proves again what an anal impacted idoit you are. I am the director of the Truth Charm School of Reality.

  • Art@Delaware

    Sara Palin is currently the best candidate we conservatives have. If an election were held today i think she would win by a landslide… as long as the criminal dems don’t rig it like they usually do.

    • 45caliber

      They have certainly rigged a couple of elections lately haven’t they? (Either that or Reid talked most of his friends into waiting until the last moment to vote for him.)

  • Teresa

    jopa…let me get this correct….Clintons = rape charges, lie before congress and the United States, embezzlement, drug related charges, attempting to take our guns…
    Obama = known terrorist associates, known foreign money accepted, known bisexual associated w/a murder victim but never questioned to lovers death, destroying our Constutional rights, legally STILL has not proven to sit as our commandor in cheif….the list is too long
    Palin = hmmmm…..a better shot than either of them, and more experience than Obama had before election.
    The fear is, she has morals and principles and that is the reason for the fear and the smear campaigns…they do not fear her stances, they know w/her principles and morals she will not be waivered! That is their fear.

  • Art@Delaware

    how true

  • 45caliber

    It doesn’t take a lot of brains to know that the more money you put into an economy the highter the inflation rate will be and the more money you will need to buy something. That is what has ruined many of the countries of the world. So I’m not surprised that Palin and the NIA agree on this.

    But it is too much to expect the libs to be able to put this together. As I said, it requires some brains…

  • http://none Mike

    I see Jopa was the only liberal so far to jump on and try to dispute anything we have said about Palin here. And he had to resort to name calling and ass-umptions about our mental and physical health lol. Mike L.

  • jopa

    Palin is a pretty woman with a diminished capacity for being a presidential contender.We already had that with Bush who turned out to be Chaneys cluless puppet.We do not need another president like that.I really believe i41 would make a better president than her.How about Demint, Romney or Huckabee? And another thing i41, you are such an elitist and spell check cop, now you went and hurt my

    • http://none Mike

      Jopa I voted for Huckabee in the last primaries. Would do it again if he runs but I doubt that.I think if she choose a good runningmate she just might win. Bush was bad for conservitives I get that I didnt agree with everything he done either. But he at least tried to stem some of the socialist tendancies of the left while in office. The man we have now parades around the world like an elietist snob and thubs his nose at the american people every chance he gets. At least Palin wouldent do that.She may not be perfect but then again noone is going to be. Her imperfections seem to side with the american people not against them so I would take her over what we have now in a heartbeat. Mike L.

  • chuckb

    mike, i doubt if either romney or huckabee get nominated, they may get the backing of all the rino’s, the conservatives can see thru there rhetoric. palin will get nominated and will win hands down, the chocolate muslim (as 141 calls him) is all through, he’s a loser just like his party and will be on his way back to kenya in 2012

    for all the bleeding heart lib’s, an article by doug giles kinda says it like it is.:

    1. Palin’s hot and can rock a pair of heels, hunting boots, or any garment she dons. And you can tell she knows it and likes it. Most of the ladies on the Left, however, cannot—and we all know how jealous and petty some chicks can be when they’re aesthetically upstaged (cat fight).

    2. They hate Sarah because she’s supposedly anti-intellectual. However, I’d love to see Tina Fey, Katie Couric or Joy Behag go mano a mano with her on any given topic and see who comes off looking like Snooki.

    3. The feministas don’t dig SP because she’s had five kids (one of whom has Down’s Syndrome) and has never considered offing any of them in her womb.

    4. She believes in the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, and they hate Christians.

    5. She’s a conservative, and they hate conservatives.

    6. She’s insanely successful, and she did it without curtsying to their wacked weltanschauung.

    7. Her husband’s not some prissy, manicured metrosexual man-child but an ass kicking Alaskan.

    8. She hunts and fishes. Her motto: Shoot it. Stuff it. Hang it on a wall, baby.

    9. She’s unapologetic to all of the above.

    10. And finally, they know that if she ever makes it to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that she’s going to hand the Dems their shriveled BB-sized cojones on a free market platter while the majority of the USA gives her a standing ovation.

    • http://none Mike

      Good points all Chuck. Hope we can get more to see them before the election. The press will turn it into a circus for sure though and it will take cool heads and hard skins to help her get through it. Mike L.

    • Patriot Diva

      You said it Chuck! She’s a heroine to this patriot lady! They hate her for all of those reasons!

  • Frank

    O’bama has done a lot in his first two years as dictator and I think they have something up their sleeve to by-pass even the new house. He put in Czars without any pressure from anyone and they are still in place. Yes, Sarah Palin would be a complete 360 degree turnaround, but with him in for two more years, who knows what else is coming. I think the American people should start protesting, and attacking through cries of Impeachment so long and so hard, and not just of O’bama but the whole liberal gang should be thrown out on their ears, physically if need be. We see diplomacy doesn’t work against those who are blind and deaf and who truly ignore the majority of the American People.

    Well at least we have the freedom to say and think it, for now. To bad nobody in Congress has the guts to implement it with the backing of the American People, pushing Impeachment. 2012′s vote will be historic, if we make that far.

  • http://LibertyDispatch Trudy

    Sarh Palin wouldn’t even make a good dog catcher, she’s a quiter. She said she would rather be outside than in a stupid political office so let’s grant her,her wish!!!!!

  • allison

    A couple of years ago I thought Obama was very smart and that Sarah was undereducated to be vice president. After two years I have realized that Obama can read a teleprompter very well and Sarah has shown that she is far brighter then I gave her credit for. What we have had in the past century has just been one failure after another, both Democrat and Republican.
    Sarah would be like a breath of fresh air, in a smoke filled back room with the doors being swung open, so that we can see what is going on.
    Sarah was running for VP, look at her opponent (Joe Biden). He does not display any real political wisdom. Hands down Sarah would be preferable to Joe.

  • Patriot Diva

    I may not be an economic expert, but I do remember the basics of economics learned in college as a business major. This administration and Bernanke are doing all the right things to DESTROY the economy! Something is VERY, VERY wrong here! We MUST audit the federal reserve!

    • William L Collins

      yes they need to aduit the federal reserve make them account fore all monies where it whent what fore and any miss handling of monies sll sould be disbared put in jail and sease all assets from the top man down and no pardons for any one of them period

  • Matt

    You ALL have to be crazy to think that Sarah Palin has anything intellectual to add to this conversation. Her and the GOP didn’t mind spending on average 30 billion a month on a war in Iraq for 7 years. (As a side note the United States budget for Education is only 70 billion a year.) Now when the government steps in to spend money on the American people, everyone is up in arms about it. It’s irresponsible! Don’t you realize if there isn’t any inflation the US Exports will be too expensive for foreign trade. An economy will not thrive if the money is just being exchanged within it’s own boarders. Sorry your groceries are too expensive Mrs. Palin. Maybe you shouldn’t have quit your job as a Governor and started gallivanting around the United State spreading your lack of intelligence and firing up the Right Wingnuts!


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