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Next of Kim

November 25, 2010 by  

Next of Kim

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  I hate to interrupt your celebration of history, family and living through being molested by the TSA, but before you slip into a tryptophan-induced coma, I thought I’d tell you:

The evil dwarf who essentially owns North Korea is showing signs of ruining everyone’s Christmas.

The headline on the Drudge Report stated simply “It Begins.”  Keep in mind “It” began in 1950.  And while North Korea’s bombardment of the South Korean island of Yeonpyong earlier this week is hardly the only saber-rattling the world has seen from the Pyongyang freak show over the last 57 years, the noise is starting to bother the neighbors.

A little historical perspective is normally required when discussing the peculiarities of Korean peninsular politics:

  1. “Korean peninsular politics” involves pretty much every country with a financial interest, military presence or even vacation plans in the area.
  2. The Korean War was fought by proxy, then in person, then by proxy again by the United States, the Soviet Union/Russia and the Red Chinese — the three biggest heavyweights of the modern era.  Nobody “won.”  Tie ballgames don’t sit well.
  3. The Korean War never actually ended.  The cease-fire of 1953 was just that — a cease-fire.  No armistice treaty has ever been signed by the two primaries.
  4. One of the key players, Kim Jong-Il, is “Ed Schultz with a 9-million man army” crazy.
  5. North Korea has nuclear weapons, but not enough civil energy to keep a 40-watt light bulb burning.

I should probably devote more space to explaining the “Korean question.”  Thanks to the teachers’ unions, most Americans don’t know much more about Korea than “land of the Samsung flat screen.”  Given that most Americans are unlikely to get “where is your state?” right without three guesses and a cheat-sheet, I’m going to move on.

Kim Jong Il IS certifiably crazy.  Unfortunately, his daddy, Kim Il-Sung, created the kind of cult of personality in North Korean politics which gave George Orwell bad dreams and gave Stalin the sort of dreams you don’t want Mom finding out about.   As a result of the odd confluence of autocratic control, Chinese willingness to continue to throw billions at the Kim regime (which he spends on MiG fighter jets, enriched uranium and — evidently — ill-fitting track suits and lifts for his shoes) and the West having no stomach for standing up to communist wackjobs, Kim has become to Asian stability what a drunk guy with Parkinson’s is to a game of Jenga.

North Korea, as personified by Kim, has continually made clear its intentions:  Forcibly extend “Kim-ness” from Pyongyang to Pusan.  Given the paranoia displayed by all the Kims (Dad Il Sung, son Jong Il and science experiment Jong Un), and endemic to all autocrats, one could fairly presume that this nuclear-armed lunatic would likely try to spread his brand of crazy outside the asylum.

And that’s where the situation gets sticky.  Kim has assembled the world’s fourth-largest standing army and has the compunction of a hyperactive teenager.  North Korea’s only “friend” is Communist China, and even they have moments where Kim’s (pick your Kim) behavior seems unsettling.  Hardly surprising, given that the official biography of the current Kim (Jong-Il) is the tallest tale told since Virgil wrote the Aeneid to keep Augustus from sending him to meet Dante ahead of schedule. 

Meanwhile, the Russians have expressed the usual inscrutably measured tones of disapproval over Kim’s latest crimes.  The Japanese are understandably displeased with the idea of him shaking nukes at them from less than 200 miles away.  The South Koreans, who have fended off endless skirmishes, sabotage and subterfuge by their wayward neighbors, are both enraged and terrified.  And the United States, with nearly 40,000 troops in the demilitarized zone (the most heavily militarized real estate on the planet), must either create a solution or force one.

Peace — meaningful peace — seems unlikely.  Kim isn’t interested, unless the peace in question involves him keeping “Dear Leader” embroidered on his track suit.  In 1950, war nearly turned the entire peninsula into a parking lot.  After three years and nearly 3 million dead (including nearly 40,000 Americans), nothing changed.  There are a number of possible outcomes to the “North Korea finally jumps the nuclear shark” scenario; most of them involve Tokyo glowing in the dark.  At the very least, I’m going to stock up on ammunition and bottled water.

Far be it for me to suggest — but maybe the solution isn’t in bombs, but bullets.  One or two should suffice.  Bad diplomacy?  Sure.  But nobody can talk sense into the Kims.  Perhaps dear old daddy Kim (Il Sung) can explain it to them over some kimchee in the afterlife.

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Vigilant

    Good article, Ben.

    Minor correction: the 40,000 troops are stationed at various bases and posts throughout South Korea; there are not 40,000 troops in the DMZ.

  • J.M.R.

    somebody needs to step on this little bug from n.k.

    • http://naver samurai

      I agree with you. The current president in South Korea, Lee Myung Bak 이명박, refuses to do anything against them. You see, the North still has more than 1 million troops, has improved the range and capabilities of their tanks and artillery, and they also have nuclear weapons. Though the South has more technology, in my opinion he’s affraid of North Korea using their nukes to blow up the South. The new leader in Kim Il Sung 김일성 son. My wife has been calling her family and we’re trying to keep on top of the situation. I’ll post any info we get. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Dogma-Free

      Ah, Benny…way to get the mouths of your mindless minions foaming, and the war drums beating…yet again.

      First off, it has been said that South Korea actually fired the first shots in this exchange, by firing shells into North Korean waters, provoking the retaliation.

      Secondly, you say Kim Jong Il *is certifiably crazy*. That statement is simply not factual, and while I realize neither you, your cohorts, or FAUX “news’, really care about facts whatsoever, you should at least try to not mislead the already-mislead half of the American public, any more than is actually necessary to actually push your agendas. I’m not going to say that Kim is not crazy, but the simple fact is; neither of us actually know for sure. It’s only based on suspicion.

      Thirdly, North Korea is NOT personified by Kim Jong Il. Kim Jong Il is personified by Kim Jong Il, and the people are likely just following orders…just like when that nutjob, George ‘Dubya’ Bush was in power, and the people of America followed his lies, and subsequently, battle plans. You cannot judge a whole country by one man.

      I will agree with you, however, that most Americans are poorly educated, and ignorant of the world outside of America’s borders, let alone of world politics.

      And…lo and behold…I might even agree with you that the answer could be a bullet (not two…American snipers don’t miss), but then that opens up a whole new kettle of fish. I mean, realistically, a solution to the Bush regime/administration would have probably been a few bullets, and then America wouldn’t be in the mess it’s in today. Not that Obama is doing a bang-up job in fixing it, but it will take time to fix the giant sh*t-show that Bush and his band of thieves created, and so I think it would be best to judge at the end of his 4-year term.

      Having said all that, I do find your ‘articles’ highly entertaining, and of course, your minions love them too, obviously.

      Happy Thanksgiving to all!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        you say that South Korea fired the first shots??? What about the sinking of the South Korean ship??? Oh’ I forgot that doesn’t count!! The North is SUPPOSED to get a free shot to begin!!!

      • Ken

        Unfortunately I understand that hoping to keep the blame on the past is a great excuse for the current, but I dont think even 20 more terms would help if we could last that long. The President is not doing any good for the country and will only act if he is defending others against our citizens and laws of our land. You talk about Bush and the war but never mention that Obama upgraded the war in Afghanistan, Is he looking for weapons of mass destruction too? You also didnt mention that the same Dems that are in power now are the same ones in congress back then pushing for the Iraq war. You dont seem to care of the vast amounts of money being thrown away by the government in the name of QE that do more for other countries then our own. Also the Bank of Ben with him buying all the bonds with fiat money just printed, why would he have to buy the bonds if they are good investments in the first place and second who is going to pay for this, while Bank of Ben is many money on it, for lending it? I dont think you have a grasp on what is happening and that is why you think so highly of your leader(?). He has in the actual sense propagated treason to the Nation. Do you really think he needs to show us a full term of it? We will not go to war with NK due to China is the one in control of that situation and doesnt have to fire a single shot at us. We owe them so much money it isnt even funny and we continue to try to sell them more bonds. China will not stop NK they have no need too, if NK loses, China wins with take over of it. They are not going to spend money on NK they are smart people and know they do not need to.

      • Vigilant

        “And…lo and behold…I might even agree with you that the answer could be a bullet (not two…American snipers don’t miss), but then that opens up a whole new kettle of fish.”

        What? That’s liberal heresy! It was your darling liberal Democrat Senator Frank Church who emasculated the CIA so they could not target world leaders for assassination. Yes, history IS the most inconvenient truth to the liberals.

      • BOE

        Dogma….you are so stupid….you don`t even know you are stupid. That`s pretty bad dude.

      • Bobby D

        Hey “Dogma-Free”, your pseudo-intellectual dribble is annoying to us “minions”. The U.S. financial fall-out occurred due to the idiotic policies of Mr. Clinton (blow-job Bill) ordering Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to give mortgages to fools who couldn’t afford them in the first place. As far as the drumbeats of war are concerned, we NEED to eliminate a NUMBER of menaces (axis of evil is the term coined I believe). Those W.M.D.s that Saddam Hussein (Obama-LOL) had in Iraq were spirited off to Damascus before the U.S. invaded in 2003. Read this if you dare:
        In the meantime, stop ranting!!!

    • Carole Howell

      I believe this is a S. Korean problem and I know they are more than capable of handling it all by their selves. They are many times more powerful than the N. Koreans.

      • Ted Crawford

        Carole, Perhaps you are unaware that the Nortn has nuclear weapons! The war you describe would indeed be a short one! However, the winner would not be the one you invision! That aside, if the north chooses to launch, they will probably launch at Japan first. The Kims are clearly unstable! Once the nuclear can of worms is opened,I fear it will be very, very difficult to put the lid back on!!

  • Richard

    Unfortunately the sentiment of the youth of South Koreans is that they’d be better off if the US bases were closed and the troops were sent home. I really wonder how S.K. would fare in such a fight? The world financial system would be devastated by such a war because S.K. has become the worlds key manufacturer of many economically important things. Not just electronics.

    • Carole Howell

      Richard do not worry the S. Koreans are so much more powerful than the north, if there is a war, it will be a short one.

      As far as the S. Koreans wanting our bases out of their country, that is understandable, considering we certainly would not allow foreign bases here, now would we?

      It is the over a 1000 foreign military bases we run now that is killing us and we will lose our Democracy if we continue this way, it is dragging us down. Empires always sink under their own weight. ALWAYS NO EXCEPTIONS.

      Any other countries that had nice empires going and survived are the ones who made the choice to give up they extensive empires. The ones that did not perished. What choice will we make, DO WE EVEN HAVE A CHOICE?????? Or are the powers that be, too powerful to rein in? The Pentagon refused to take orders from Obama about an exit strategy for Afghanistan, and he is suppose to be the COMMANDER AND CHIEF. Obama said he did not want to spend several more trillions of dollars on war.

      Don’t start with your terrorism crap, I already have pointed out Clinton had all the 1st WTC bombers hunted down and brought to justice without going to war. But….gee! war is so profitable for some few. Americans we stand for nothing so we fall for anything.

      These bases cost us over a trillion, YES TRILLION dollars a year, that is not including what the wars are costing us (another trillion a year)or the bases at home or the cost of caring for our Vets. It is all separate. But it is still military spending.

      Do you realize we do not even know what the true military costs are? 40% of it is all kept secret. Yet we do know of trillions, imagine how much that 40%, they are afraid to tell us about, represents. Remember the Pentagon admitted to losing? miss placing? 3 and 1/2 Trillion dollars? Remember? Boy! could we use all that now! Ahh…how does one lose? misplace? 3 1/2 Trillion dollars and no one make a big deal out of it? Americans, we are so funny.

      Perhaps when you discus taxes and the debt you should take all that into consideration.

      Speaking of foreign bases, Bolivia has kicked us out, Evo Morales the President there said we can have a base in Bolivia when Bolivia is able to set up a Bolivian military base in Miami, Florida.

      Anybody doubt me about the military costs, check out Chalmers Johnson’s book, his latest best seller ‘NEMESIS’ a good read, very enlightening. Our Military is our greatest down fall. You cannot have both a Democracy and an Empire, one has to go. It looks like the democracy is failing. Notice how we are not so free as we once were?

      • Ted Crawford

        As we speak Carole there are in excess of 100,000 foreign troops here in Americ1 I wonder what they are here for!

  • http://google croc

    Maybe a dose of hydrogen B will set the attitude straight.

    • JimH

      croc, it all depends on where you inject the dose.

  • Buzz

    He will be history shortly.

  • Bob Wire

    Evil Dwarf , LOL! funny ~ he is tiny

    I have heard he’s got his own private harem of hand selected women.

    I’m thinking one good romp would pop his ticker. I just don’t see a lot of wear and tear on that herd.

    and the Flattop George Washington has set sail to engage in “military exercises” in the area, that should prove interesting.

    wonder if any NK Fly boy’s or their Navy feels frisky enough to challenge their presence ?

    I sure hope so ~ as this brinkmanship is what they train for.

    All we need is a good reason, an invitation. As cocky as NK has been acting, I think we’ll get it.

    “George Washington (commonly known as GW) is 1,092 ft (333 m) long, 257 ft (78 m) wide and 244 feet (74 m) high. The super carrier can accommodate approximately 80 aircraft and has a flight deck 4.5 acres (18,000 m²) in size, using four elevators that are 3,880 ft² (360 m²) each to move planes between the flight deck and the hangar bay. With a combat load, GW displaces almost 97,000 long tons (99,000 t) and can accommodate 6,250 crewmembers. Her four distilling units can make 400,000 U.S. gallons (1,500,000 L) of potable water a day; her food service divisions serve 18,000 meals per day. There are over 2,500 compartments on board requiring 2,520 refrigeration tons (8.6 MW) of air conditioning capacity (enough to cool over 2,000 homes). The warship uses two Mark II stockless anchors that weigh 30 tons[vague] each, with each link of the anchor chain weighing 360 pounds (160 kg). She is currently equipped with two 20 mm Phalanx CIWS mounts and two Sea Sparrow SAM launchers. One CIWS and one Sea Sparrow mount were removed to make way for two RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile launchers, installed during the 2005 Drydocking Planned Incremental Availability (DPIA).

    Traditionally, U.S. Navy aircraft carrier hangar bays were painted Navy Gray; George Washington was commissioned with her hangar bay bulkheads and overhead painted white, to make the hangar bay appear larger and brighter. Since then, all US carriers have followed suit. All U.S. Navy aircraft carriers have their hull number painted on both sides of their island structure for identification. These numbers are lighted white for visibility at night while in port. By order of Congress, George Washington’s island number is outlined in red, white and blue lights in honor of her namesake’s contributions to America’s independence. General Washington had long been a proponent of a strong Navy. On 15 November 1781 he wrote, Without a decisive Naval force, we can do nothing decisive. And with it, everything honourable and decisive. These words are engraved on a plaque on the ship’s quarterdeck. The ship cost over $4.5 billion in 2007 dollars to manufacture.


    Two Westinghouse A4W nuclear reactors are used for propulsion (the ship is capable of steaming more than three million nautical miles before refueling) turning 4 five-bladed screws that weigh 66,220 pounds (30,040 kg) each driving the ship at speeds over 30 knots (56 km/h).
    [edit] Awards

    George Washington has been the recipient of numerous awards recognizing the ship’s excellence. They include the 1997, 2000, and 2002 Battenberg Cups, the 1994, 1997, 2000, and 2002 Battle “E”, two Navy Unit Commendations and three Meritorious Unit Commendations. In 1994, she won the Marjorie Sterrett Battleship Fund Award for the Atlantic Fleet.

    I was unable to find out it’s present aircraft compliment.

    I doubt if there is any F/A 37 Talons aboard.

  • Reality

    SKorea was holding a military exercise in disputed waters that NKorea claims. That’s the root of the problem.

  • Al Sieber

    This is gonna end up with a war with China.

    • Bob Wire

      I don’t think so, ~ They have little to offer China other then positional play. A playing card.

      Asian’s have a long history of not really liking each other. It’s not a blood issue but a hemisphere issue.

  • William Barry

    If nothing else, the war that I am sure is coming will burst a raftload of liberal and leftist “comfort bubbles,” and demonstrate in no uncertain terms how increasingly dark and dangerous the world is becoming.

  • VIktor Leben

    The USA is deploying one aircraft carrier battle group to take on North Korea ? I wonder what the plan is. The US Air Force probably have moved most of their assets from South Korea – just in case the airbase get overrun by the North Koreans very large army ? – Launch bombers from Guam ?

    It makes some sense. Use overwhelming air superiority to stop a North Korean offensive against the South.

    Is the USA going it alone ? Will Japan, Singapore and other friendly Asian nations help ? How about Australia ? Will they back us up ?

    If I was North Korea, I would do everything to sink the George Washington. The only weapon I know of is the Russian KLUB anti ship missile. If you launch enough of them it may overwhelm the GW’s defenses. Any suggestions ? We have to face the reality that North Korea’s leadership is nuts. They might also use a nuke to take out the flattop.

    If North Korea takes out the GW they “win” …

    Shouldn’t we be mobilising more than one aircraft carrier ?

    • Bob Wire

      you are right of course. ~I’m left to think that would be very difficult for them to do. But the Britts got an education with Argentina and Consort Missiles a few years back. ~

      It’s always an embarrassment when “Brass” makes such mistakes.

      My guess is, ~ there is a lot steaming that way the public don’t know about and shouldn’t. I’m left to think Drones will come into play at some point. This is “show time” for such suppliers of such hardware.

      It’s sounding to me like these “Waters in dispute” needs to be clarified and solved before the World Community.

    • rodney burke

      You know what N KOrea is? Those three nut cases you talk about! We can take them on with one carrier group. All it takes is one full strike from the carrier at all his capability to wage war and N. Korea has NOTHING! First take out the missiles, then bomb the Nuclear facilities into the next millenium and there will be nothing yet.

      Better yet, send some marines in at night to where the insanes live and assasinate them all. The whole country lives on a thread. And you BREAK that thread, they will collapse. They are only a threat if we (WEST) allow them.Do they have a navy? No, do they have an Air force? No! they have missiles and a threat. You put them in full combat mode with the US Navy and they won’t last one day.

      What we need is a REAL war, where only military targets are hit and military forces engaged. With our smart bombs, and missiles like we used in Iraq, we could dismantle N Korea’s war machine in one day. Then the real people of North Korea would welcome S. Korean with open arms. Another posting is right; we lost the war, we didn’t win it. We have the influence of the UN and troops from all around the world and we didn’t win! Harry Truman knew EXACTLY what it would take to win and he refused to take the advice of a 4 star general who was a West Point graduate and had already WON two wars! So Harry; you are responsible for all the deaths and wounded Americans for the last 60 years! You did it, you knew how to win and refused. This mess stems from one man who didn’t want to win. Who was china in 1953? They were nothing more than a lot of men and that was it. They had to air force, no navy and no missiles! It’s time for a REAL president to step up and do what is necessary. I hope the leader of S. Korea does exactly that. The US does NOT have a president. He left office on Jan 20, 2008.

      Where is our REAL president going to come from? I don’t know!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        rodney b.
        you have been watching too many Ahnold and Stallone movies!!! Maybe even a few too many Chuck Norris as well!!!

        • Bob Wire

          yes, I agree ~ I had a lot of respect for the fighting spirit of RONK solders. Nuts, no nuts aside ~ they will fight for country! They have been “programed” not completely unlike the Japanese were.

          To force any surrender would come at great cost.

          Of course we can beat they into submission there can be little doubt. But in the process, we’ll spend some time, money, and lives of many. We would make some new friends and new enemies.

          This country North Korea will someday fall from within, for now ~ containment is far more practical and cost effective.

          No. Korea is in a pinch now ~ they want the attention and the money that will follow. Like a spoiled child that has learned to get it’s needs met by throwing a fit.

          If it was up to me, I’d keep an annoying presence in the area and spank them every time I found them in a “gray area”. If it got right down to confronting hard evidence, just say ,”OOPS! Being willing to play it down as no big deal, and offer plausible deniable to any event. This wouldn’t be hard to do and would offer a great picket exercise for all these newly developed war toys we have presently inventoried.

          Our Navy is up to the task, but I see no need to act hasty and be sucked into a conflict.

  • LunarLouis

    What continues’ for way too many years, is the Idiotic pretense of the “Great Leader” and the hold this warped maniac has on the DPRK!

    I spent 2 wonderful years in S Korea (early ’90′s), save the on-time targeting of the NK raising their pitiful and stupid accusations on S. Korea and USA. But, the saber rattling was mostly a nuisance and people keep going their ways, as we would expect in every “Civilized” nation. My hi-level Mil position was such that I traveled a great deal, met with many high ranking Mil & Civil personnel, and can only say the People of South Korea are a unique culture, living (existing) in a unique threat situation.

    Even earlier, spent 2 years in Yokohama, just after the “Armistice”, witnessing in the 2 separate lengthy periods of the Saber Rattling, the incredible growth & prosperity of Japan AND SKorea; vs the incredibly (not to mention stupid) depressed state of the DPRK and insistence that borders, even further, on the far side of insanity and oppression.

    After such a prolonged period (2+ generations now) of near total control, the few not completely aligned in their trance, are becoming fewer and fewer. The Great Leader = Total Control Robotic Beings – has formulated as such, and the opposition is clearly becoming fewer and fewer with the seasonal passings.

    Would, that the “great leader” could be ‘put in his place’ is not very likely. The next best alternative seems to be a massive action to wipe the heads out.

    But, that’s NOT Civil!

    OK; then it must Civil to allow in-human treatment of the innocents?

    There is never an easy way out of these situations. As always, the Poly-Tic-sions will manage to screw things up even worse! That’s what they do best!

    The best alternative would Prayer. Followed by “good” diplomatic action (what really drives the Kims to such madness? Maybe they need to be shown how it CAN be done (& I don’t pretend our poly-ticos are the best to do it)).

    May GOD Help us in this time of need!!!!

  • Malcolm Belmont

    I think it is time to finish the un finished business at hand.Either Nuke them or call me would love to go back with a 50 cal.Snipper rifle
    I am 74 do not mind dying for my country.mac

    • Bob Wire

      did you serve in the first conflict Malcolm? You are the right age for it.

  • Rick S

    People die fast enough without being shot at. I wonder what the hell is the matter with those idiots? What the hell do those dummies hope to gain out of this other than a bunch of dead bodies and busted up cities.

  • Disabled Veteran Brian

    Mr Leben is correct in thinking the GW will be a prime target. I trained on the 20mm in 69 for a different war. Hope the Phalanx is up to anti missile defense. Our guns used to break down routinely…one time I saw 15 or 16 million dollar gun systems down…

    Either way, storing water, food, ammo, and saying prayers still sound good. I would not want to be on the Korean peninsula or in the waters surrounding that tiny madman’s demented dream of a country. I hope China realizes the stakes here in allowing a mad dwarf to play with large guns and bigger missiles. To think that anyone in the world is safe once the shooting starts is a big mistake.

  • Cecilie

    China will never try to stop them. China’s ultimate goal is to pummel Japan into some kind of submission, using Taiwan (which has “always belonged, belongs and will always belong to” China) as a stepping stone. If North Korea is really aiming for Japan, China will stand back. South Korea is also officially China’s enemy although the two countries keep up a brisk trade. However, as “pragmatic” as the current Chinese administration claims to be, ideology will always come first when it counts.

    If China does anything, it will be behind closed doors and using money (cutting off funds) as a leverage, as long as she isn’t seen to openly side with the Americans and South Koreans. North Korea and China also have close ties with rogue middle Eastern states to which they both supply weapons in abundance.

    If the US and South Korea attack North Korea, a band of criminal nations will probably step up with not insignificant weapons power combined with a fanatical wish to die for Allah. Yes, that’s the sad state of the world today.

  • Pissed

    And the beat goes on, and on and on and on etc. etc. etc…..

  • Howard B

    The US is down to 28000 troops in S.K. and a number of those have/are serving in Iraq/Afghanistan from the 2nd I.D. Remember a few years ago and the food shortage in N.K. and how both the US and SK sent supplies to NK…I say starve them out…it really won’t take all that long…no reason to lose any more Americans or S. Koreans..since any international agreements NK makes is violated (by them) without regard…cut off the fuel and food supplies…oh god, the bleeding heart liberals will be screaming…

  • JustWondern

    Do any of those who believe the smoke trail, seen off the cost of California, was a missile also believe it was a North Korean Missile?

    • Vigilant

      Jet contrails.

      • Les

        Burning Seagulls in flight.

        • Vicki

          Falling up :)

    • Barbara

      Chinese subs were seen off both of our coasts at the time. Then disappeared. Seems they want us to know our defenses won’t be able to keep them out. But they don’t know about our strongest defense. God.

      • Al


        Major countries use spys and China is no exception. However, China has never known to attack or occupy other countries. They had a chance to take revenge on Japan after Hiroshima but they didn’t.
        I have lived in Hong Kong and know that China just wants to be left alone. Of course our politicians wants us to think the contrary.

    • Vicki

      Believe? It was rather obviously a missile.
      And some “experts” actually agree with little ol’e me :)

      Silly us for actually KNOWING what a missile launch looks like.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Missile??? Nah, that was just Nobama when he found out the real election results!!!

  • http://none Mike

    Ben, You and I are of the same heart here. Why bomb the whole country into submission when a good clear scope might be more in order. There are 2 conflicts right now that could be solved with their leaders pushing up dasies. N Korea with its puppet in power would soon come to terms with the rest of the modern world.He has been a thorn in their side since the 50′s. Iran would probly welcome the freash air if the Iotola and their president were to suddenly come down with a case of dead. Liberals the world over though cry out in chagrin. These people say if we do this then our leaders are fair game. The one thing they forget is that we are much better at protecting our leaders than these 3rd world despots are. Mike L.

    • marvin

      i agree with you but for the part about leader,surely you are not saying we have a leader,a want to be mabe, a citizen of twist and turn,a no nothing imposter,but as for leader that is wrong

      • http://none Mike

        Marvin, Correct we would have to have a leader with the political guts to do this. That is why they are acting now. They watched the last elections and figured out even though our leader is weak the people of the U.S still have a backbone.He sees this as his oppertuinity to make a power grab before we elect a leader that might stop him. I truely feel sorry for the next POTUS hes or she is going to have many politicle messes to clean up. This possibly will consume the first 2 or 3 years of the next presidency. Mike L.

  • marvin

    less just talk to them send obama and clinton their now, with obama street thug town smarts, and him being a citizen of the world and clinton,s years of vast knowing nothing,saying nothing when she is talking ,can,t we all just get along mabe if obama would bow to kim and tell him how sorry we are for backing sk ,things would be so much better like clinton said it takes a village to raise a child i say mabe to raise village idiots,with people like that in charge may god help us,trouble with dealing with snakes is they bite put your hand out to a snake like kim and you get the same results ever time shake bite,

  • Vigilant

    The troops in ROK are still under the United Nations Command, unless things have changed since I was there. Interesting.

    I spent 4 years there back in the 70s, when Kim Il Song was the honcho of N. Korea. The Koreans are a proud, tough and proactive people. In those days, we used to say that half the reason we were there was to prevent the South Koreans from going North.

    North Korea has always played brinkmanship when their economic situation becomes desperate. And the West always appeases, like that idiot Jimmy Carter who actually believed Kim Jong Il when he told him N. Korea had no nuclear aims.

    Kim Jong Il has steadily been ratcheting up his international incidents as a test of western will, and so far, Obama/Clinton have failed miserably. I cannot help but think of Munich, 1938, and the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia.

    Note: Kim Jong Il’s physical stature is not typical of Koreans. They (South Koreans at least) are a tall, fit and beautiful people with a rich history to be proud of.

    • Patrick

      Too bad N Koreans are brain washed by their imbecile leader. They need a sniper too take him out.
      I hate to see a War there, too many innocent people will die.

      • Joanna

        Patrick, brainwashing is one thing, but mostly people are quite and obedient because their very life depend on it..I grew up under a communist rule…
        I know it is hard to grasp but the truth is in a situation and regime like the one in N.Korea you keep your thoughts to yourself and closest family members..believe it or not…one doesn’t need to say anything at all…just be too “interested” in a free world idea, speach, article, radio etc…to find one self in a big doo-doo.

    • Cecilie

      I can’t think old Kim has ever gone hungry, and his son looks like a bloated toad. But having lived in South Korea and met many North Koreans in China and other places (obviously belonging to the food-eating elite since they were allowed to travel) I’d say North Koreans are on average 10 cm shorter than South Koreans. Maybe more. Decades of under- and malnutrition has made them short and weak.
      To think that after the Korean war, the North had a robust economy and plenty of food!

      But the air must be fantastic. Hardly any cars, almost no electricity so no factories working, man-powered everything like before the industrial revolution: In that way North Korea must truly be the paradise the leaders are always blathering on about. For visitors …

      • Vigilant

        Breathing air may be the only freedom they have. N. Korea has been for over half a century the most staunchly communistic regime in the world. It fits Orwell’s “1984″ to a T.

  • JMichael

    Mcarther never should have stopped. N.K. army, that’s a joke like Hussien’s Republican Gaurd. They to join, no choice(or goto prison or die), and they got to eat. China could have stopped this along time ago, but just uses N. Korea as a puppet and then acts like they don’t like it either. This whole thing is a political joke. The whole world can’t stop this nutjob, just like they can’t find Bin Laden. And you idiots who bring up Obama/Clinton/Carter, shut up. Why didn’t Reagan/Bush/Bush or any other President do something??? When you say things like that, it just proves you’re LAME.

    • chuckb

      jmichael, mcarthur should never have stopped? are you kidding? better go back and read your history, truman was the reason china was allowed to invade n korea and if you do some research you will find truman fired mcarthur who criticized trumans actions, when truman would not allow mcarthur to bomb the red army at the yalu river. (typical liberal thinking). bill clinton gave nuclear info to the koreans supposedly to be used for peaceful means. carter failed in his attempt to pacify the koreans. all three democrats are responsible for the mess we left in korea. (truman, carter and clinton)
      now we have the more stupid of the three i just mentioned at the helm and what do you expect this clown to do. let me guess he will lift the sanctions we have placed on n korea and if that doesn’t work he may give them one of our nuclear carriers to keep them happy, it wouldn’t surprise me.

  • Gail LB

    The biggest problem is do we, the USA)have leaders with a backbone to do what is necessary or are we too soft to stand up and finish what should have been finished in ’57? Our “great leader” may be city street thug smart but he is enamored with being the next world leader and couldn’t call a spade a spade even if he thought it mattered.

  • Ed Hayden

    To our favor we have Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Waters, Frank,Wrangel, Bernake, and their supporters of whom have been sinking America & are likely capable of sinking North Korea.

  • Al

    While all is said and seems to make sense, many appropriate actions are readily available. However, again it’s politics… behind the scene politics that can’t see light; hence, uncle Sam calls it “classified” meaning none of our business. There are many under-the-table deals our politicians make with other countries with sneaked in policies just like the Obamacare; either they are “offers they can’t refuse” or “bad translation” but end result is that we the people are the bad guys, after all we’re the one who financed the funny deals. This looks like another CIA instigation like the Tienanmen Square. Look at the profit these 7 giant arm deal countries are raking in from all the wars going on… but never enough. My question is why aren’t there a secretary of arm deal and secretary of foreign drug deal? So at least we can request audit on the profits that we paid for! Oh, that’s right… our politicians do not answer to us because our tax dollars have been filtered through the Federal Reserve System which is a private entity legalized by our congress… while the IRS that was created by the Federal Reserve System got us all under their gun to pay and pay and pay. I don’t know if all the US/EU financial history I’ve read that led to this assumption is correct or if it will even get me in trouble; however, I hope I am very wrong.

  • smithington

    Check out a documentary called, “Terrorstorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism”, on Netflix

    • Al

      I have seen it… check out “Creature from Jekyll Island” by Edward Griffin if you haven’t already. He wrote it in 1994.

      • smithington


      • smithington

        Al, by the way, where can I view this?

        • Al


          Google Edward Griffin for Creature from Jekyll Island.

          • Al


            I have an audio version of it and Griffin gave me permission to share it as long as not for sale.

  • Paul Rth

    GDP for NK is about $22 Bilion SK more than $400 Billion It is ahighly urbanized import dependt country. What is needed is for China and Russia to closs Border for one week and hd hold ships headed for NK in port for one week and hold any in trainst shipd in custody for one week. This will not have much of an econmic impact on nk,but will have apositive impact on its trading partners,by increaxingthe mount of port fees collected . by increasing lead time for deliveries, NK will need to increase the volume of its purchases to build safty stock/inventory.n

  • Paul Roth

    If NK fires one more round, then one round of every mortor anda nd roket shoeld fired into NK either al at once of in sequence so that ever one can count th numer that falls in the border area. Shock and awe The reponse to a war of attrician must be total war. If NK wants make war , you needed invade NK. China and Rissia well agree because they do not want a to recive large numbers of people from NK. If NK reponds with mititay action,, reponses needs to to be destruction of all of NK military Infrasture,

  • Viktor Leben

    The USA is bankrupt .. this is costing mucho dinero, Kemosabes !!! Projecting offensive military force sure drains the Treasury ? Or in our case inflates the dollar via printing !

    We could save alot of money and American lives if we did this instead …

    1) Transfer military technology (the R & D side of it) to our allies in the Pacific.

    2) Encourage them to develop their own military policy ..

    3) Then get the HELL out of Dodge !! If you get my drift !!! HA HA !

    Why does America have a messianic complex ? We can’t save the world ! Let’s save ourselves first !!!

    Could you picture Commie China having to deal with a nuclear Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, New Zealand , Australia – etc.
    Picture US allies that don’t need us in theater ! In this case the Pacific.

    China’s and North Korea’s nightmare – a rearmed to the teeth nuclear Japan, and all these other smaller free countries militarily modernized, armed and nuclear.

    We wouldn’t need to send an aircraft carrier for “maneuvers” .. Any wars would be fought among those who have the most at stake ….and that’s not the USA !!!!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Think back to Germany. They were let rearm after WW1 and what happened? They became invaders again!! Japan might do the same! You want to take a chance of another Pearl Harbor only on the mainland this time??? I know I don’t! I read somewhere that Germany if left alone are doomed to repeat their mistakes about every twenty years, max!! Be careful what you wish for!!

  • chuckb

    v leben

    you’ve got my vote

  • Al

    Well, Obama sent a nuclear carrier to China Sea which is not good. The north and south should fight it out themselves; hence, it’s the only way China will interfere without being on either side.
    There are China, India, Pakistan and Iran who also has nuke close to the region; therefore, if hell breaks lose it will definitely start something we’ll all regret later… if there will be a later.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    This is what happens when a war is not ended decisiviously,( the Korean War 1950 to 1953.) NK practices Dane Geld as an international policy. Dane Geld is a Middle Ages term referring to when the Vikings would raid villages and cities throughout Europe. The Vikings would tell the village leaders that if they would pay an ammount of gold, geld, they would go away and not pillage the village. The problem was that the Vikings were coming back the following year and demanding more geld. NK has played this game for years. They’d saber rattle until we paid them a few billion to behave, which they would for awhile. Unfortunately all the money was spent to build their military. I believe the lunatic Kim wants to see a war before he dies and will do what it takes to cause one. At a time when our military is busy in the Middle East and we have a weakling in the White House the time is perfect. I believe we need to arm both SK and Japan with small yield nukes and missles. These weapons should have built in self-destruct mechanisms that we have control of. I believe that if that were done Red China would control their bad little brother. Sec. Bolton seems to be one of the few who have his head screwed on straight when it comes to dealing with these cretins.

  • Joanna

    I know most of you are much better informed and eloquent…
    but I want to share with you my observations.
    I find very interesting the timing of it all…
    * a questionable contrail at our coasts
    * Obama bluntly accusing China on manipulating their currency (in
    presence of all world leaders)
    while we are printing fresh $600B
    * Obama braking his promise to resolve (or help to do so)Kashmir
    region as China has some interest in it (forget now what exactly)
    * scheduling (or allowing) some military manuvers in area known to be
    very tender, especially after sinking SK vessel

    …..few days later NK (China’s puppet) is jumping up and down..
    yelling and screaming like a spoiled child begging for USA attention…
    while China is sitting back enjoying the show…
    for once I am glad I don’t have first row seat!!!

  • Brant Clore

    The fact that you all think in terms of liberal and conservative is the unquestioning proof that it doesn’t matter what we say. They will keep us fighting each other while they go ahead with their own agenda. Which does not involve helping the poor citizen caught up in this. Strangely it does involve keeping themselves and their benefactors wealthy. You fight for them and elect them, they laugh and rob you. You fight like dogs over a slight difference in in your houses, while your whole island is sank by the thieving dogs you are fighting for.


  • Brant Clore

    the republican/democrat idea is so ingrained in your mind that you don’t even know you do it. Your whole life its been spewed at you, pick one of two ways or you waste your vote, until we actually have wasted the entire system. Now we have a government which is unaccountable and uncontrollable. While you all blame each other like MORONS. They steal the pie.

  • Brant Clore

    For the first time in my life I am ashamed to be a Roman, I mean American. Wake the hell up.


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