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Newspaper: Paul Supporters Young, Simplistic

January 13, 2012 by  

Newspaper: Paul Supporters Young, Simplistic

In an editorial on Jan. 12, a New Hampshire newspaper said Ron Paul was “recklessly naïve” and that his supporters were essentially young and ignorant.

The Union Leader editorial begins:

Ron Paul finished second in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, and in his speech he thanked this newspaper for not endorsing him. Endorse a candidate who said “the CIA controls everything,” blamed American policy for the 9/11 attacks, asserted that the U.S. Civil War was “fought primarily over tariffs,” and said it’s fine if terrorist-arming Iran gets a nuclear weapon? No need to thank us for that, Dr. Paul. Not endorsing political quacks is our business.

The authors of the piece then go on to compare the candidate to President Barack Obama and attack the character of his supporters:

Paul’s base of support reminds us of President Obama’s. Both have many young, inexperienced, idealistic supporters who fail to see through the vague, simplistic platitudes. The candidates are similar, too. They portray themselves as paragons of virtue and purity, when in reality both are recklessly naive.

Despite the paper’s fallacious attacks against Paul and his supporters leading into the New Hampshire primary, he took a strong second place to Mitt Romney in the State on Tuesday. The Paul campaign has set its sights on South Carolina, hoping to re-create a similar outcome in that State’s Jan. 21 primary.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Paul said during a speech at the Columbia Metropolitan Airport that his support is starting to expand beyond “a tireless irate minority.”

“We’re marching on. The numbers are growing. They grew exponentially in New Hampshire, and they’re going to grow contagiously here in South Carolina,” he said.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • s c

    Hey, Union Leader wimps, are you talking about Obummer jockstrappers or Paul backers?
    People of New Hampshire, what has happened to your state? When did you turn your backs on America and freedom?

    • FreedomFighter

      The same word labels of control, its not that the young people see the lies and deception of the controllers, they are

      “young”, ignorant, simplistic, uninformed, uneducated, unworldly…

      Dont you guys that read the boards here see these words of control from left wing commi posters that decend on this board on any issue of import?


      Simplistic, ignorant right wing christian solutions…

      Ron Paul policy naive and simplistic..

      MIND CONTROL the herd, baaa, baaa baaaa, now listen up you dont want them eugenics guys to think your ignorant because you dont agree to the control do you>

      RON PAUL 2012 Even if he does not win the message is sent, there be wolves among the sheeps.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • http://yahoo ronald hutchinson

        it’s inevitable that ron paul the radical with all his radical supporters will be president in the new nemisis era. his mounting wave of enthusiasm is proof of that, he’s highly inteligent and capable to perform this task.

        • HKaufman

          That is funnier then George Carlins list of nasty words.

      • Mary

        Ignorant is the idiot who wrote that about Ron Paul followers. They are smart and they are educating their parents. This young people are using logic and they know they will have no future is the same mofos continue in the government. They are getting SCREW for both parties. Somebody told me that bull— is the glue that bind this nation. We are in denial. We are in big troubles the lackto logically see through the lies of the politicians is sad. The people ruling us do not have our same morals. Freedom cann’t be spread with war. Ron Paul is the best candidate or may I say the only one.

        • ruth

          face it, the young want ron paul, for one reason and one reason only, he’ll llegalize drugs!

          • http://google rose

            I am not young and I do not do drugs, heck I don’t even take asprins if I can help it. I’m old and I think drugs should be legalized. But that by far is not the reason I am voting for Ron Paul.

          • Alex Frazier

            What a terribly ignorant thing to say.

          • Norbert


          • Rayma Dorsa

            If 80 is young I am guilty,I have followed politics since I was 21 and never missed a vote,I have seen the lies of the best of them & tired of voting for the “lesser of 2 evils”I see a man who puts his country and the people FIRST. I have seen other men simular to him,but none loved this country & people as much as Ron Paul,he kept at it for years,slowly waking everyone of us up and never changed his story,AMERICA NEEDS RON PAUL,,,WE THE PEOPLE NEED RON PAUL,,,

          • William

            Ruth, Please take time to listen to the words that actually came out of Ron Paul’s mouth. You will find that your assumption in incorrect.

            Please use the link below. With so much at risk, being uninformed is the one thing we as a nation can ill-afford.


          • JC

            ruth says:
            January 13, 2012 at 11:50 pm
            face it, the young want ron paul, for one reason and one reason only, he’ll llegalize drugs!

            Thanks ruth for demonstrating how completely media trained and ignorant you are.
            Ever heard of the Constitution? Ron Paul has and that’s why we support him.

          • Mary

            Ruth I don’t do drugs. Nobody will use drugs just because they are legal. I think if somebody wants to do more drugs because they are legal they will die from an overdose which will be good for society.
            Please check out how much the government spend in the “drugs war”.

        • Mike Johnson

          Well said Mary !!!!

      • Wyatt

        Young and simplistic ? No, just old and simple . To want to allow anyone to have a Nuclear Weapon , especially a rouge government like Iran is insane . Th blame American Policy for 9/11 , outrageous . Bin Laden was rebuffed by the Saudi Royal House during the Gulf War and Kuwait when he wanted to employ his Mujahadeen forces to expell Iraq . The Civil War fought over Tariffs ? I don’t know where he learned his history but it had nothing more to do with tariffs than it did with slavery . It was just Southern States wanting to do what they wanted and be governed by state laws not by Federal laws .
        There many things that Mr Paul has good ideas on but as an international politician , he would be a loose cannon disaster . As a historian , forget it . The Civil War is over , Texas was on the loosing side . It was in all the papers Mr Paul .
        If this is what some people see as a good leader , Lord Help Us.

        • http://none R Paul or status quo

          Wyatt, your second to last comment says it all. “It was in all the papers Mr. Paul”… I will have to assume that your information comes from papers and all other MSM outlets. I refuse to receive my info from them, simply because that is what “they” want you to hear. Never have liked “them” telling me anything, and I’m not starting to now. Try it, very refreshing and liberating. Ron Paul 2012

          • RA

            If one would believe any of the lies of today’s mainstream/Wall Street fascist Neocon Zionist controlled media’s political propaganda, one would be deceived.

            Thomas Jefferson stated – Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper.

          • Watchman_on_the_Wall

            “There is no such thing, at this date of the world’s history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it.

            … The business of journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is his toasting an independent press?”

            John Swinton, then pre-eminent New York journalist in 1880, who was the guest of honor at a banquet given him by the leaders of his craft.
            NBothing has changed since then – 131 years ago.

          • MC1171611

            Thomas Jefferson also said that a man who reads nothing at all is better-informed than a man who reads only newspapers.

            Ron Paul is 100% correct on his history. I’d never heard a public figure be so correct in all my years, but when I really started listening to him, everything he said was absolutely correct.

            No one but Ron Paul 2012!

        • LarryH

          We ALREADY allow North Korea nuclear weapons. How sane is THAT? The truth is, WE are not in a position to deny anyone nukes. Russia and China have BOTH warned us not to, and they ARE nuclear powers. You want open air testing of Chinese nukes over the US? Because that’s what our interfering will precipitate. It’s high time we stopped and realized that we cannot continue being the bully in the schoolyard. Who made us the World Cop in the first place? Besides. Israel is perfectly capable of putting a stop to Iran’s nuclear programs. Google ‘motorcycle, Iran, Scientist’ if you doubt me.

          If you don’t see that US policy precipitated 9/11, you’re not looking. What’s outrageous is that our own govt can get away with so much without anyone being upset by it.

          As to who did what and why during the civil war, that’s ancient history. How important can it be to us today? Right or wrong, it NO LONGER MATTERS.

          • Michael J.

            In the present state of nuclear policy evolution, the parameters of ebb and flow are thus:
            First world nations such as Russia and China are held in check by the threat of mutually assured destruction (MAD). Rogue nations like Iran and Korea are likewise contained (despite impotent blustering) by the promise of transforming their country into a glass parking lot. The real nuclear threat today exist from state sponsored surrogates who leave no national fingerprints.

            Though Bin Laden was an ideologue, his spawn have become greedy profiteers willing to portray the ideology and fufill the agenda of the highest bidder. These people currently labeled terrorist have thrived for millenium as mercenaries whose sole loyalty lies in the aquisition of weatlh. Now, after the perceived success of Al Qaeda, these individuals have realized that a few cowardly acts of maiming and killing woman, children and the elderly, plus pro-bono face time provided by MSM will precipitate the flow of monies from anti western nations with an axe to grind, but are to weak, or out of fear of reprisal are unwilling to carry out their own agenda.

            Aside from nuclear armed lone terrorist, the proverbial nuclear genie is out of the bottle and the concept of containing nuclear proliferation amongst nations exist today only as a talking point.
            First world nations have moved beyond it and nuclear weaponry now lives beneath the veil of space based and weather control weapons.

            China, although not a signer of the 1963 nuke test ban treaty would experience a lose, lose from exposing our airspace to nuclear fallout.
            The launch of such a weapon, even if announced, would be intercepted while still in Chinese airspace and would be considered an act of war by all western nations.

        • Anthony

          Frankly Wyatt I’m sick of the same old S**t that’s been destroying our Constitution for decades! BOTH PARTIES!!!!! Its you and uninformed people like you that are to stupid to see whats happen!

          You Say “If this is what some people see as a good leader ,Lord Help Us”

          You’ve got that backwards its STUPID people like you that are to STUPID to see whats happen and don’t want to wake up, LORD HELP US WAKE THESE STUPID PEOPLE UP!

        • Centurion

          @Wyatt:”especially a rouge government like Iran” Man you crack me up! Are you seriously comparing Iran to a red shade of makeup? Or were you taught to spell this way in the same public school that misinformed you about the Civil War? The word is rogue.

          The federal laws that the South objected to were primarily tariffs (taxes) enacted to make the largely agrarian south subservient to the industrial north and to prevent southern states from freely trading with europe. The war was a test of the right of states to freely join or leave the union. Abuses by the north were largely responsible. Slavery was a minor issue until it became convenient to make it a popular cause. Lincoln himself proposed to allow northern states and many territories that allowed slavery to continue doing so even as he (late in the game) insisted on emancipation in the south.

          I’m glad slavery ended. I’m happy for the progress in equal rights. But, don’t just swallow the mainstream lies about the causes and effects of historical events. The winners get to write the textbooks and they always manipulate history.

          • Laurie Tudor

            well sead and the south was right, unfortunatly they lost.

        • Old Henry


          Pakistan has nukes. China has nukes, Russia has nukes, N. Korea has nukes. Israel has nukes. Hell Wyat, we have nukes and WE are the ONLY nation to have used them. Maybe we should bomb DC??

          Iran cannot even make its own gasoline. They have to IMPORT their gas.

          Wise up my boy. This BS coming from DC and the Soetoro wannabes is simply to keep feeding the Military-Industrial Complex at the expense of our treasure, and I am not talking about $.

        • grossyi

          Your comments one at a time. How do you propose stopping Iran from getting the bomb? The same way Russia, China, India, Pakistan and North Korea were stopped? I blame the hijackers for 9/11, however their actions were in reaction to our policy. And just as a reminder, if this country were occupied by a country, I would fight the occupiers as any patriot would. Please reconsider your Civilo War history sources, the original reason cited for seccesion was an increase on tarifs for produced in the south and refined elsewhere. If these things are your logic for chossing a presidential candidate, God help us. Were you perhaps educated in a public school?

        • eric siverson

          Foreign Policy is where Paul shines the brightest . United States policy for the last 4 administrations has pretty much been to bomb evreyone . I would say we bombed the wrong side more often than not .In Yugoslavia we suported the NAZIs and the muslims against the Orthodox Christians . In Afghanistan we installed the Talaban and AlQaeda against the Russians . In the Ivory Coast we suported the muslims over the Christians . In Tunnisa Libya and Egypt we suported AlQaeda and the brotherhood so they can kill their Christians. We furnished troops to occupy Kosovo and Iraq , both these countries have eliminated 2/3 s of their Christians under our occupation . I no longer believe this country is promoting or justice . None of these bad thing would have happened without the U.S armed forces fighting on the wrong side

        • ruth

          Amen to that!

        • William

          Few if any of us were alive in the times before America became a “War Nation”. As such many of us believe that if we were no longer a “War Nation” the rest of the world would overrun us.
          given our Foreign policy of the past 100 years it is easy to make such a deduction.

          It is said to say that America as a nation today is not the nation upon which the legend was established. America today is not the America that led so many people from around the world to leave everything they had ever known to seek the Dream that was America.

          Having been born and raised here I have watched the demise first hand and it saddens me to no end. So many politicians have used the claim of restoring America to the America that dreams were made of. So few if any of which after being elected elected gave life to those promises as is made evident on a daily basis by our economic situation. To believe that our current Foreign policy has not influenced this is delusional.

          Please allow me to take each of you back in time to when we were the America of Dreams. I offer to all that will read it guidance to future prosperity though a return to policies of the past.

          Posted below is a speech given at the end of the 19th century by Republican politician Carl Schurz.

          “The True Americanism”

          What is the rule of honor to be observed by a power so strongly and so advantageously situated as this Republic is? Of course I do not expect it meekly to pocket real insults if they should be offered to it. But, surely, it should not, as our boyish jingoes wish it to do, swagger about among the nations of the world, with a chip on its shoulder, shaking its fist in everybody’s face. Of course, it should not tamely submit to real encroachments upon its rights. But, surely, it should not, whenever its own notions of right or interest collide with the notions of others, fall into hysterics and act as if it really feared for its own security and its very independence. As a true gentleman, conscious of his strength and his dignity, it should be slow to take offense. In its dealings with other nations it should have scrupulous regard, not only for their rights, but also for their self-respect. With all its latent resources for war, it should be the great peace power of the world. It should never forget what a proud privilege and what an inestimable blessing it is not to need and not to have big armies or navies to support. It should seek to influence mankind, not by heavy artillery, but by good example and wise counsel. It should see its highest glory, not in battles won, but in wars prevented. It should be so invariably just and fair, so trustworthy, so good tempered, so conciliatory, that other nations would instinctively turn to it as their mutual friend and the natural adjuster of their differences, thus making it the greatest preserver of the world’s peace. This is not a mere idealistic fancy. It is the natural position of this great republic among the nations of the earth. It is its noblest vocation, and it will be a glorious day for the United States when the good sense and the self-respect of the American people see in this their “manifest destiny.” It all rests upon peace. Is not this peace with honor? There has, of late, been much loose speech about “Americanism.” Is not this good Americanism? It is surely today the Americanism of those who love their country most. And I fervently hope that it will be and ever remain the Americanism of our children and our children’s children.

          — Carl Schurz, Wikisource-logo.svg “The True Americanism”, address delivered in New York City at a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York, January 2, 1896.

          • Steve Sammons

            Wow!!! That sounds like Ron Paul’s foreign policy to a T! Just another piece of American history that is not taught in our government schools.

    • Honestly

      As much as you respond I really would like to see you use more intelligence in your responses. Be Nice!!!!!!!

      • http://naver sook young

        Sometimes when we speak our minds, that is our God given right in this country, we don’t use nice words. I understand what SC was saying and agree with her. I support Ron Paul and I look forward to voting in November for only my second time. Please quit telling people to be nice. It’ not manly. Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

    • Bob from SoCal

      The left always throws a label on what they fear. Their demonization of Paul supporters only means that Pauls’ constituency is on the right track.

    • Neil

      Doesn’t New Hampshire’s license plates have the motto: “Live Free or Die” on them?

  • Jack

    Fox viewers: white, uninformed.

    • Warrior

      Absolutely, and now I would like to know about your views on “contraception”.

    • http://naver Samurai

      So what is your skin tone? Classic liberal strategy to place he race card and run. They’ll never learn. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • michael

      jack’s got it totally backwards…. and who’s the bigot?

      • michael

        I’ll bet Jack doesn’t even know what Glass-Steagall is! Who’s uninformed? LOL

    • http://naver sook young

      Sorry, but you are wrong. I’m Asian and very informed. Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai

      • Rayma Dorsa

        Good for you Sook Young but don’t waste your time on “punks” you are on the right tract,know your politation,if he lies like Obama,throw him out,I have been voting since 1952 & never failed to study the “facts” and that is why Ron Paul is the ONLY one that I could possibly vote for to “save”America.All the years he has been running he has never lied and we NEED the CONSTITUTION, We are ALL equal,no matter what the COLOR of your skin. Even our God says that…who inspired the CONSTITUTION…

        • http://naver sook young

          Thank you.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai

  • cayuga33

    Jack don’t know crap! You off Fox because they present facts-not the sugar coating of ABC NBC CBS whose presentations are blatantly ignorant!

    • Boatman99

      Just like Barbara Walters would say, WHAT? Fox news facts? That does not makes sense in the same sentence.

      • Ted Crawford

        Ah yes, Barbra Walters that paragon of journalistic integrity who, while interviewing Henry Kissinger, then Sec. of State, during the Cuban missle crisis, only wanted to know about his relationship with his girlfriend! That’s always been the first source I turn to for valuable information in a threatened crisis!

        • NC

          Ted, you “ain’t never seen no crisis” until the Repugnuts try to outlaw sex news in favor of a missile crisis.Even if the missile is already in the air. SEX RULES IN THE GOOD OLD USA.

          • http://naver sook young

            Sorry, but God and Jesus rule the USA and not sex. Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

        • Shawn Frost

          Dean Rusk was Secretary of State during Cuban missle crisis…

          • Cliffystones

            Thanks Shaun. I thought I’d fallen into some “parallel universe” :).

          • Ted Crawford

            Jeeze you’re so right Shawn! Perhaps it was I that fell into a parallel universe! I remember the interview, but clearly not the primary topic! Sorry guys!

        • Cliffystones

          Was Lindsey Lohan having an affair with President Kennedy as well?

        • ruth

          good one!

    • vic

      Faux News presents facts??? when did that happen? it must have been on accident. its common knowledge that the Main Stream Media is hopelessly compromised and present only SPIN. sometimes you may find a real journalist on those channeles but they are few and far between. Judge Napolitano and Ben Swann being some of a very few.

    • Annie King

      Well, I am not young by any means, over 40 here, I am not ignorant, college educated here, AND I have READ our US Constitution so…I know what it says! So does Ron Paul…however; Romney(carbon copy of Obama), Gingrich(Puppet), Perry(joke), and the other low rated sheep, don’t seem to have ever even SEEN much less, READ our Constitution! And Obama tramples it every chance he gets, just spits on it(as evidenced by the NDAA 1031 Act which allows the government to incarcerate American Citizens without DUE PROCESS!!!! You want restoration of “our”(We The People)rights…vote RON PAUL 2012…he scares the current government because he is in touch with what WE THE PEOPLE WANT(and he AGREES WITH WE THE PEOPLE), he scares those that seek continue to live off of and enslave WE THE PEOPLE!!! You want to be a worker in the salt mines feeding the Wall Street and DC fat cats…vote for anyone BUT RON PAUL!!! DR. Ron Paul, we the people are listening to you now…young, middle aged and old! So much for the “young, uneducated, ignorant” reference…I an many many of us that support Ron Paul are PRO AMERICA…and if your not PRO AMERICA..well, then MOVE OUT!!! We won’t miss YOUR IGNORANCE!!!

    • Bob from SoCal

      I used to think that Fox was fair and balanced like they said, until all of their talking points about Ron Paul started. For instance, “Ron Paul can not possibly win in Iowa, but if he does it just won’t count”. Call that fair or balanced, I don’t think so! Fox has been against Paul from the start of his campaign. Their spin is in support of Romney.

  • Jim Murawski

    Jack does know crap. Fox does a good job of pretending to be fair and balanced. I see it every time they denigrate, ignore Ron Paul. Just like this idiot, Sam Rolley, who wrote this piece on RP supporters. Ron Paul has said it will take some time to unravel the mess that was created. He isn’t going to do anything drastic, he has explained the steps he will take. But you don’t want to hear that, do you Sam Rolley. You only report what you hear, and then dribble out your crap. I am proud of our young people, and they are the future. I am proud of our young men and women serving the military. Isn’t it funny how the majority of them support Ron Paul and have contributed more to RP than any other candidate? Still work for a newspaper?, go figure. Well, you at least will have plenty of ass wipe don’t you. America is waking up!

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Jim Murawski,

      You have a comprehension problem, and your ad hominem directed against a member of my staff is out of bounds and unappreciated. This article points out what other media are saying about Paul’s followers. Perhaps you should read more slowly, or enroll in a reading-for-comprehension class at your local junior college.

      Best wishes,

      • steve in AZ


        Nobody ever said Ronulans are perfect. Thanks, Bob, for your professionalism. :)

        DONATE NOW so we can VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!

      • Cliffystones

        I just wanted to add that the more I hear Ron Paul speak in his own words, the more obvious it is that he is completely coherent and knows exactly what he is talking about. Even the talking heads on the right want to try and make him out to be a “kook” because he wants to return this country to it’s Constitutional roots.

        • Chris

          Amen!! It’s interesting how candidates and journalists label someone that understands and abides by the Constitution as a joke. Ron Paul is the only hope we have to restore America to what our founders created and envisioned. I am a former Marine who served in Iraq. Ron Paul has the most support from the current military and veterans. The media and the establishment don’t want Ron Paul elected because they are afraid that they will no longer be able to get rich off the backs of the American people while shredding the Constitution. RON PAUL 2012

        • ruth

          i’m a conservative republican, and ron paul is craqzy!

          • ruth

            dam keys!

          • Alex Frazier

            ruth, would you mind defining for us what a conservative republican is? What are the beliefs or positions associated with your conservative republican point of view? What is it, exactly, that you are looking for in a candidate?

          • JC

            ruth says:
            January 13, 2012 at 11:59 pm
            i’m a conservative republican, and ron paul is craqzy!

            I don’t think you’d recognize a conservative Republican if one bit you on the a**.

          • Vicki

            ruth says:
            “i’m a conservative republican, and ron paul is craqzy!”

            Ruth might be right but I don’t think from her other writings that she is correct for the reason she thinks she is.

            Just one of the definitions for crazy (when used as an adjective) is
            “2 c : being out of the ordinary : unusual ”

            Dr Paul is most certainly not an ordinary politician. He is a (possibly the only) Statesman in a house of politicians.

  • Verl K. Rothlisberger

    We supporters of Ron Paul are not waking up we have been awake it’s just that we never had someone to rally around to help put out the word that American can still be great if we can get rid of those bad apples in Washington. One bad apple spoils a bunch but a bunch takes out a good apple fast. Who in Washington is going to back a guy who promises to get rid of dead wood? Well the party is over and not only are we supporting Ron Paul we will back him when he gets there.

  • John D. Beach

    The problem with such idealism is that it does not adequately recognize and deal with the fundamental flaws in human nature from the standpoint of the enigmatic relationship between cause and effect. Business for the legal community would flourish under such an administration.

    • vic

      nice try but the legal business is ALREADY flourishing. what now, genius?

    • Sam

      Real laws should be uncomplicated and direct without all the Lawyer double speak. It is almost to the point that you have to take a course in ” Legaleese ” to understand what they have written so far. All the complications they talk about are the ones they caused.

      • Jamie Ashley

        Hey Sam….I think you may have hit the nail precisely on the head when you said the laws should be “uncomplicated and direct without all the Lawyer double speak”. We can think back to the passing of the unconstitutional health care bill….and Nancy Pelosi telling Congress that first we need to PASS it….THEN we can READ it! Too many bad bills and laws are passed by Congress simply because they are too lengthy and complicated to bother reading…Shame on them! As for Ron Paul supporters being “young and ignorant”….just wanted to say I’m 61 years old, a college graduate with an I.Q. of 160 plus….and I’ve supported Ron Paul all along (though I obviously don’t meet the demographic criteria!)

        • Howard

          You go – Jamie. I, too, am at the 60 age point. I am also a college graduate and have made it a point for decades to stay informed. Calling Ron Paul “unelectable” and mentioning every time that his supporters are young, idealistic and uninformed is just another example of trying to tell a lie often enough so that it is believed by the masses.
          And to claim that FOX News is helping Ron Paul is truly an “uninformed” statement. Sean Hannity can hardly force himself to say Ron Paul’s name. Sean ignores Dr. Paul at every opportunity. How can someone who seems so “spot-on” in many issues not see the wisdom of getting back to the constitution?
          I am tired of voting for candidates because ruling political wisdom says they cannot be elected. Common sense tells us that the structure set up by the founders -individual liberty and a limited government- has given us the gifts we so take for granted. Doesn’t it make sense to defend the founder’s original format? But then, as my Grandfather used to say “Common Sense is the least common of all the senses”.

          • Mom Henning

            Hey, all you folks out there who are grousing about our glorious leaders and the federals: don’t you realize that we have the best government that money can buy? LOL Besides, it is not the type of government we have that matters so much as it is the amount. Be thankful that we are not getting all the government we are paying for! As for those eggheaded college grads that support Ron Paul….I perceive that you are not educated beyond your intellect. As for me, I have a brilliant mind that has not been ruined by higher education, and the message Ron Paul promotes just makes good common sense to me. I feel Ron Paul has a universal appeal to freedom lovers everywhere. Maybe there is such a thing as an honest politician and sanity in government. I have been around the track a few times, and with my grown-up kids, who I instructed to think for themsselves, I say, Go Ron 2012!

  • Temperance

    “Both have many young, inexperienced, idealistic supporters who fail to see through the vague, simplistic platitudes.”
    I beg to differ. I am a senior who supports this candidate. When you say he attracts the young voters…well, why not? Ron Paul wants to end all wars and pull our troops out from foreign nations and bring them home! Now who is being sent to these wars to fight them. Not the Government who sees
    fit to send our children. And then when they get disturbing videos of these Adolescents behaving like Adolescence…a phase of development robbed from them by Government, you have to question why Ron Paul gets their support. Start a war…go fight it yourself!!!!!

  • AJ

    Watch the movie “Thrive” and you’ll understand why they don’t want Ron Paul.

  • 60 is the new 20

    Young, inexperianced, idealistic writers who fail to see through the vague, simplistic platitudes they expect the reader to accept…yet portray themselves TO themselves as paragons of virtue and purity.

    Whoever wrote that article needs to check their history regarding the Civil War, and take a look around at what goes on in the name of the U.S. these days, and has for decades.

  • Ted Crawford

    We are forced , if we are honest with ourselves, to consider, given the average age of most of Dr. Pauls supporters, just how many fall into at least one of two categorys. The first is comprized of those who believe he will, if not support, at least not interfere with the legalizing of drugs. The second who believe that he will keep them from fighting a war, at least on foreign territory! I think they are right on both counts!
    His statements seem to clearly indicate that he has no interest in controling the sale or use of any drugs. In the second case his isolationist viewpoint would, by defination insure no foreign involvement. What it does insure instead is an armed conflict on our own soil, where our women and children and loved ones will be in danger of being killed and maimed!
    Iknow, I know there are many out there that believe that we are too strong and powerful to be attacked! I wonder how many others throughout history believed that same fantasy, only to find they were horrably mistaken!

    • R.E.Massey

      Idiots always say that Mr. Crawford because they are the talking points that their masters have spewed for them to regurgitate back when they have no intallectual prowess to make an educated arguement.
      Dr. Paul is the modern age Jefferson plain and simple. You probably agree with John Mckains treasonous authorship of the NDAA too. It is Sad that there are many many slaves/sheeple like yourself who will vote for the Federal Reserve Banks latest puppet. Why can’t people who have the gray matter like you seem to have but don’t use it, wake up and start thinking for themselves. Look at the big picture Ted and see the real mechanations and evil beings that are destroying our Republic. If Ron Paul is not elevated to the office of the President of the United States all of our people, men, women and children will be in danger not from some shadowy terrorist government conceived organization e.g.(Al-CIA-DA) but from their own government who is in the pockets, (yes bought and paid for)of the very same olagarcy that has plaged this nation from the very beginning of its birth. Wake up sir, wake up before it is to late and you are left wondering why you and your loved ones are being led away by armed thugs to the camps.

      • Ted Crawford

        R.E. Massey
        Your labling of me with the demeaning teg of “Idiot” has, unfortunatly become the hallmark of the Paulites,mores the pity!
        One of the reasons most people feel helpless to effect our problems is they have been seduced into believing that we can’t possibly understand the complexity of International Politics! Hog wash! International Politics differ from schoolyard politics primarily in scope, and of course nuance. I agree the nuance is critical! Still the basic phychologys are the same. Dr. Pauls philosophy violates that phychology, If someone posses something someonelse covets, and that someone in possesion appears weak, the other will attempt to take it.
        History is filled with examples of this, The Egyptians attempts to appease the Romans, the Romans attempts to appease the Huns, most of the worlds attempts to appease Hitler. Never has this worked to the benifit of the appeaser!

        • Alex Frazier

          Ted, this is where you are mistaken. Political economy is a harmonious endeavor. Military action is spoliation. Harmonious political economy keeps everything in a psuedo-balance. Spoliation is derived from the misconception or misunderstanding of wealth, and an underlying belief that plunder is the only means of increasing that wealth.

          International politics is a matter of global political economy, which, at its most fundamental level, is trade. The free market exists the moment a man digs a hole for himself, employing his own labor to satisfy a want or need. When two men engage in the act of labor to satisfy wants or needs and trade those services, political economy is born. When one man decides to increase his wealth by taking the fruits of his neighbor’s labor without remuneration, war comes to be.

          That is all international politics is. If not for trade, we would have little reason to be involved with anyone in other countries. The greater the resource possessed by a country that we use, the higher the likelihood we’ll invade. Iran has the ability, or at least possesses the threat, of closing the Straits of Hormuz, which can directly impact the flow of oil. We don’t want anyone having that kind of power, so we’ll invade. It has nothing to do with nuclear weapons. The mention of nuclear activities is for the sole purpose of inciting the masses, because the American people don’t want war. It takes the threat of weapons of mass destruction to convince us to take up arms against a foreign country that hasn’t made aggressive moves towards us.

          Ron Paul is fully aware of the facts, the history, and the history of consequences. Give the guy a little credit.

    • Brian

      Before you condemn someone you should learn his actual positions. Regarding drugs he believes it to be a state not federal matter. Since the Constitution offers no power for prohibition at the federal level he is correct. Each state would still be free to set their own policy. But this begs a question: who owns your body, you or the government? If you do then it is your decision what to consume. If its the government that owns our bodies then we really have no freedom at all. Regarding isolationism…please consult a dictionary. There is a difference between isolationism and non-interventionism. Ron Paul is a non-interventionist because he opposes sticking our nose in the business of others. He supports peace, friendship and trace with all nations. Exactly the same foreign policy of the Founders.

      • Brian

        That’s “trade with all nations…”

      • Jay

        Excellent clarification, Brian. Thank you!

      • Ted Crawford

        There is also a difference between dead and deceased, it’s spelling! Shakesphere said it best “..A Rose by any other name”!

        • Jay

          With all due respect, Ted, you need to learn the definition of synonymous. Synonymous: Of a word or phrase having the same or nearly the same meaning as another word or phrase in the same language : “Aggression is often taken as synonymous with “Violence”.

          According to definition, “Dead and Deceased”, both mean, one and the same thing, therefore, the two terms are synonymous, one to the other. However, “Isolationist” is not synonymous, or a synonym of “Interventionist”. Wouldn’t you agree?

          • ruth

            this is not school!

          • Alex Frazier

            Perhaps it should be. There are an awful lot of poorly informed people making posts.

        • MC1171611

          “Isolationist” is like Japan in the 1800s. “Non-Interventionist” is like the US during the early years when we traded with anyone and only went to war to protect our interests (i.e. Tripoli).

          The two are as different as night and day. Please take some time to inform yourself; the media stuffing currently filling your brain does little to improve your intellect.

    • steve

      I would just like to say that most of the last 40 years of our foreign policy has been pretty much a failure since we haven’t won a war since 1945….so maybe a whole new approach might just be a good idea…Ohhh…the military industrial complex ain’t gonna like that idea though…only RP has the courage to stand up to them…keep your security tight Ron…these people are used to telling presidents what to do…just look at the ultar liberal puppet Obummer starting wars all over the place…who would of thought….

      • granny mae

        I don’t know but a lot of the time I think we use war as a form of population control ! How sad !

        • WickedPickle

          “I don’t know but a lot of the time I think we use war as a form of population control! How sad!”..

          Well, lift you’re veil granny, it’s absolutely true but the lax within the last quarter century has created an over-population of these pesky humans and SOMETHING has to been done to rectify that problem for the safety of the rest of us who somehow survive.. Yes granny mae.. You’re spot on. That’s why the powers that be believe wars are inevitable.

        • Alex Frazier

          That’s a very intelligent perspective. Population is, unfortunately, one of those things a large country has to consider. In a free nation where the government can’t tell people whether or not they can have a baby, or how many, there’s not much they can do to control an ever-expanding population.

          I myself have entertained the idea that continual war was a way to maintain some small percentage of the population. I also think it’s not impossible that cures for certain diseases have been deliberately witheld by the government for the same reason. Cancer kills off a large number of elderly. AIDS kills off a large number of minorities.

          It’s seems like an ugly thing to consider, but the government can’t very well do what the Nazis did and just shoot the people who don’t meet certain ‘essential worker’ criteria. So I do entertain the possibility that the government practices population control through war and disease. It’s the only option they have if they are trying to manage that aspect of life. And there’s every reason to believe they are trying to manage it. They try to manage everything else.

  • Jagans

    Ron Paul wants us out of foreign entanglements because war does not solve anything. If Rolley cant see that the only thing war does is waste money and dehumanize people (Marines pissing on the dead?)he is Blind. (“Grab them by the head,slit their throat, then stab them in the kidney, the pain in the kidney will make them inhale thier own blood and stifle any scream”) (Marine Training) Now they will add:
    Oh but please make sure you dont piss on them.

    War is worse than hell. Anyone who has not been there has no right to even open their mouths.

    If he cant see that Iran having nuclear weapons, or should I say A nuclear weapon means absolutely nothing in the overall scheme of things, he is blind.

    If he cant see that the CIA’s meddling in the Russo-Afghan war got us where we are today, and probably DID cause 9-11, he is blind, and just plain ignorant.

    When are the people of this country going to grow up and realize that it is time to stop listening to polititians who tell you what you want to hear, and start listening to the one man who tells the truth?????????

    Here is a fact: Everything that Dr. Paul predicted has come true. All of the other candidates even admit that.

    It is time for US citizens to realize that fixing the mess is going to hurt, and a bypass is better than a transplant.

    • R.E.Massey

      Spot on Jagans, the people that root for war are those that do not have to deploy to wage war. They watch it on their boob tube with its sublimanal messages and feel really patriotic at the carnage and horror and when we return broken in body and mind from it they turn their heads away in disgust and say that we are crazy and killers and need to be put away. What they do not understand is that the men and women that volinteer to serve swear an oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution from all enemies foriegn and domestic and know that war is not the answer specially when it is orchastrated to enrich off shore interest. They just wave the flag and claim that they are patriotic for wanting to send us to kill the brown man. My soul has been seriously damaged from this ordeal that I lived through like millions of others and it is about time no, past time to put an end to it. Peacefully if at all possible but if this cannot be done in a peaceful manner and with a rightous and honorable honest man like Ron Paul then….. RLTW

      • granny mae

        I agree with most all of what you had to say exceptfor one thing. Please don’t think that families sitting at home watching the boob tube are detached from what is going on. It is not true. We are coming at this whle thing from a different perspective. I had a son in the military and one day I was watching a news break and imagine my shock to see my son crouched down being fired upon by enemy gun fire and the whole thing being shown in real time as it was happening. It was forever before the military finally decided to send in a chopper to help get my son out of there. Of course the news had no idea of who the boy was just that he was our military. How wonderful that they felt we had the right to see this young man get killed in front of our very eyes if that is what was going to happen! In my mind I thought How DARE THEY ! They made the decission that I should have the right to see my son get killed right before my very eyes ! HOW DARE THEY ! I knew my son from the very early years of his life, I knew his body movements and most of all when they finally decided to rescue him I knew his run when he was running to the chopper ! I had seen those legs move in that run since he was in cross country in high school ! I collapsed in fright when I saw him finally jump aboard that chopper. This was my son, the young man that I had raised to be a good and loving young man and they were teaching him how to kill and be killed and the media had no concern for him or his family by decideing to cover the whle thing in real time. At least if they covered it in video they could edit the gorrey details and save the family some of the grief ! Not today. It is not the fault of the families at home watching the boob tube it is the fault of those covering everything and putting it on the boob tube for all to see. They do that so they can get accolades and praise for their coverage of the war, as though it makes them some kind of hero. Not in my book. I just wanted my son home safe and sound. That would never be ! Today he is suffering so many mental issues that he has never been able to hold a job. He is suffering mentaly as an adult when before he left for the military he was a bright , intelligent young man with his whole life ahead of him. Families suffer right along with the soldier. None of our lives will ever be the same ever again. My feeling about war is this ! If it must be fought then it must be won immediately. Don’t waiste time, go in wipe them all out and leave. Don’t rebuild their country. Who ever is left can figure that out. Hit them and hit them hard and then come home. Do not under any circumstances let the UN dictate to us when to fight , where to fight or who to fight ! Kick the UN to H–l out of the US and keep them out. If any country wants to take us on they need to know they will die doing so and we will have no remorse ! Sorry but this old woman has had enough of war and killing and interrference from other countries and stupid communist, marxist leaders in Washington !

        • Karolyn

          I watch a lot of TV and have never seen anything like that in real time. What station was that?

          • granny mae

            It was on CBS. Years ago durring the Noreiga capture ! I can still see that whole thing when I close my eyes ! Oh it happened for sure and it still haunts me all these years later !

          • granny mae

            In Florida it was channel 6.

    • Brian

      War is worse than hell. AMEN! That reminds me of a quote by Hawkeye on MASH when someone claimed “war is hell.” Hawkeye replied “war is war and hell is hell and of the two war is much worse. There are no innocent bystanders in hell.”

      • granny mae


    • ruth

      sure he does, and while he is talking to his new friends they will be behind us waitng to chop our heads off.

      • Alex Frazier

        No one is behind me waiting to chop my head off. But they sure want to be, because we are occupying their lands.

  • 4-just_us

    To all to many voters, voting is a personality,charisma, good looking, how tall, how they walk, good speaker, platitudes, beauty contest. But thats freedom. Let freedom ring!

    • steve in AZ

      Funny, 4! haha Yup, ol’ Mittens IS quite tall, isn’t he? Hands down winner!!

      DONATE NOW so we can VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • james johnson

    I have been waiting 74 years for a person like Dr. Ron Paul to come along, so I can vote for him.

  • R.E.Massey

    Yes and those who give up just a little of their freedom in exchange for security deserve neither.

    • Alex Frazier

      Amen to Mr. Benjamin Franklin.

  • PaulV

    Young and ignorant??? I am 79, a lawyer and have been a Libertarian for years and Ron Paul has always been a good candidate. This time he chose to run as a Republican because the media give no coverage of third party candidates. GO RON PAUL.

    • steve in AZ

      Holy, Kee-rapp!! A lawyer who is not a liberal? You’ve shattered my world view. :)

  • Bogusbob

    So when Ron Paul loses the nomination as a republican, will he run as a 3rd party stooge and drain away the votes like perot did??

    • steve in AZ

      NOW, you’re starting to get the picture, bogus bob!!

      Without us Ronulans, you establishment republicans are ensuring an Obama win. You’re missing the boat, but you might still catch the LIBERTYTRAIN!!!

      Come home!! There is no such thing as a moderate conservative. Your VOTE at least will be welcome.

    • dusterdog

      Bogusbob If he does then you probably will get Oblamer again.Would be the same as getting Romney in my book.

      • granny mae

        I don’t think so ! Obummer came with a whole party of commie marxist traitors who will die to change this country to some socialist copy of Europe. At least Romney doesn’t come with all that baggage. My feeling is we will be blessed if we can get rid of the trash in the White House period, they are that deeply intrenched ! This country is in more trouble than most people even think or have a clue ! We have been asleep too long. Shame on us ! Here is hoping Ron can do it !

      • ruth

        don’t like rommey, but he would be a hell of a lot better then obuma, he’s not muslimn,and has terriost friends, like the muslim-brotherhood.

    • MC1171611

      Bob, that is exactly the reason you should be voting for Ron Paul.

      I’m not voting for “Anyone but Obama.” I’m voting for no one but Ron Paul! (It’s called principle and conviction, two things the GOP threw away decades ago.)

  • Steve Edwards

    Ron Paul is very much like Thomas Jefferson and many other Founding Fathers. So if you don’t favor Ron Paul’s ideals, then you don’t favor Thomas Jefferson or our Founding Fathers ideals either. Our country is doomed because of this.

  • kendrick

    I am 57 years old and have a doctorate. I am a veteran and I support RON PAUL. If he does not get the nomination then I will write his name in. If Obama is elected I WANT Obama to get credit for the inevitable crash that will occur. Maybe then Rand Paul will pick up the freedom torch that began with Ron Paul and will burn into the heart of every idiot that did not vote for Ron Paul and the cause of liberty. Our country is filled with illiterate toadstools that believe everything the MSM tells them. They do not recognize and appreciate integrity when they see it. For the record, Fox is as bad as the rest and have lost my time except for Napolitano’s Freedom Watch.

  • Dagny

    I love the way these useful idiots are trying to convince people that they know it all. For starters, Ron Paul supporters are energic and many are younger, but please do not leave out old folks such as myself that has been around the block a few times and that can spot deceit and corruption in a heart beat. Perception is everything, to the uninformed especially, but for those of use that are becoming more and more enlightened as a result of all of the corruption, all the media lies and coverups, it doesn’t work. The more they attack Ron Paul, the more I like him and so do many others. That is why he keeps rising in the polls. Who in their right mind vote for a politician supported by the other corrupt politicians? Only people that do not know any better and believe garbage like this. VOTE RON PAUL 2012. RON PAUL REVOLUTION BRINGING BACK THE CONSTITUTION!

    • steve in AZ

      Next time you’re heading out around the block,Dagny, give me a call, and I’ll give you a ride. :)

      Love your handle. Anyone choosing that name doesn’t even have to chip in for gas!!

  • dusterdog

    I’m 66 years old & I support Ron Paul 100%. The difference in Ron’s old supporters & Obama’s is we are still alive.All of Obamies are dead & gone.

    • rb

      Yes but Mr. Obamas dead supporters still vote!

      • granny mae

        Isn’t that the truth ! Especially in states where there is no voter ID ! They would love to keep it that way for their own purposes but wouldn’t it be a hoot if we could turn the tables on them and all thse dead voters would vote for Ron Paul ! LOL ! I’m for that ! Give them a taste of their own medicine !

  • Alex Frazier

    I agree with this guy …

    That said it all.

  • Bett

    Youth are closer to remembering the Constitution and its ideals we have gotten away from and need a 180′ back or the Revolutionary war was a stall to globalism that Paul will remove. Agenda 21 crept into our gov’t stealth and losing our sovereignty. This cancer will be removed by Paul so I am for him to restore our economy and remove unconstitutional agendas which is going to be the biggest job as gov’t is big business and that is why they are fighting hard against him. He means what he says and he will NOT be a dictator but support the oath he already took and the Constitution will be our foreign policy on track as well.

    • granny mae

      There is only one problem as I see it ! Since the president can’t make all the decissions by himself, will congress go along with him or will they stall him out in the process as they have every president in recent times ! I think Congress and the House are the real enemies here and they won’t come around till we limit their terms in office !

  • steve in AZ

    I wrote and posted this small essay at in the General Discussion area of the forum, under a thread entitled “Ron Paul is Dangerous”, which was attempting to paint Dr. Paul as naive.

    Submitted for your approval:

    There are some Americans that support Ron Paul. We are called Ronulans, amongst other things. Then there is everybody else. They are therefore, NON-ulans.

    … We Ronulans are happy with this state of affairs, understanding that at some point, you will trade in your nonulan status for that of a Ronulan, or you will be clearly defined as standing for nothing, except perhaps fear of a third world country on the other side of the world getting a nuke some day, and your desire to continue sleeping undisturbedly through this definitive time in world history.

    What the nonulans have yet to understand, is that Ronulans do believe in a right/wrong world view, (as defined by the Constitution, for example), and we’ll not surrender this world view. Consequently, if you wish for your slumbers to continue un-disturbed, you must come over to the Paul camp. Because there’s no way any of the other Repub candidates can beat Obama – without the Ronulans.

    We understand that Obama is bent on destroying our country. The Republican slate, save Dr. Paul, wishes to destroy America, as well, but at a much slower pace. I for one, prefer Obama to Romney, as he is dedicated to destroying America as quickly as possible, rather than dragging it out for a few more years. (The boiled frog paradigm).

    Only then will we begin to re-build – once you nonulans have given up or perished. We’ll not carry you this time.

    “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”

    DONATE NOW so we can VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!! Take back the freedom to starve in this country!!

    • granny mae

      steve in AZ.

      What makes you think that if you prefer Obama to anyone else you will ever get the chance to rebuild America ? You don’t understand that once this country is gone there will never be another chance to rebuild it ! Other factions will flood in here so fast that it will make your head swim and there will never be any turning back. That is why so many people are trying to get you to realise that we only have this one chance. We are today at the point of no return. We have sleep through the alarm and once you are late you are late period ! Do not for any reason vote for Obama or even give him the slitest opportunity to slide in, because if you do it is all over, forever. Money talks and we have enemies from abroad that have money to just give to Obama for the very purpose of getting in one last time. That is all they need. One more four year term and they will have everything in place to keep this country from ever going back to the freedoms we once knew. They have a hold in our schools (indoctrination) No jobs and more dissappearing every day, putting more people on welfare (control their food you control them) government controled medical ( Population control ) and the UN making decissions over our sovereignty; there is no way you will get this country back. Our military is and will be brainwashed to even kill their own people for the good of the country. Nope! Defeat Obama at all cost and then deal with the changes you need to make if that is the way it is going to go. You must defeat Obama !

      • granny mae

        By the way did you know that in the next month or so there will be 4,900 jobs lost from just one grocery store chain closing? How many more will be laid off with the after Christmas lay-offs and inventory being done ! How many of those people will be able to apply for unemployment? Not many because they were temp. jobs. The unemployment rates in this country are being manipulated to make us think things are not so bad ! It is BS ! Obama say’s he has created jobs, why just look at the unemployment stats. They are down so that means unemployment is down ! WRONG ! Unemployment is running out in most states and people with temp. jobs can’t draw unemployment because they get laid off before they get their 90 days in ! Lots of people getting laid off with just 89 days of employment in so for get about drawing anything but welfare and food stamps !

      • http://naver sook young

        I agree with you Granny Mae. It is good to see someone on this site that knows what is going on in this great country of ours. Here in Elkhart, our unemployment rate was 10.1% in August. We started getting places to hire people for jobs, but then this administration would do or say something, then another place would close its doors. We are now around 11% When will these jobs come back to our town and America? Thank you and have a good weekend.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

        • granny mae

          sook young,
          I know just what you mean, I have friends and family in Elkhart so I know the problems. Just imagine what is going to happen when all these military are brought back to the states and they go looking for jobs ! There are a lot of things at play here. If you get a chance , get the book The Harbinger and read it! It is mind boggling!

          • Alex Frazier

            I wouldn’t worry about the troops coming home. I used to think about that and have doubts, even with one economist after another trying to explain how it doesn’t matter. Then I finally understood what they were trying to say. The soldiers become their own solution. They create additional demand, which generates the need for additional supply, which increases production by a necessary proportion, which creates the jobs for the military personel. So again, the soldiers are their own solution, because our country doesn’t have a problem with supply but with demand. So they create the supply that meets the needs of their demand.

    • Alex Frazier

      Steve, what a fabulous point you made. I never really thought about it, but you’re right. The GOP needs the Ron Paul folks if they want to win the presidential election, because according to the caucus and primary results, we constitute approximately 20-24% of the GOP vote. And you’re not the only one who is ready to vote Obama if Ron Paul isn’t nominated. And for your points in particular. If things are going to go south, let’s get it over with. And if someone is going to ruin this country, let the Democrat do it so we can be done with that party once and for all.

  • R.E.Massey

    Ron Paul; never voted for unconstitutional ledgislation in over 30 years of service. Mitt Romney; author of Obama-care and anti gun bills with an anti second amendment slant, member of envestment organization who buys up companies and profits on their bankruptcy or slashes its workforce just to name a few. Huntsman; same ellitest mindset as Romney plus a member of council of foriegn relations,(an organization that gets us in foriegn quagmires and wars plus takes its marching orders from the United Nations who wants to depopulate the world, see the UN’s agenda 21 and weep for our nation and its people). Newt; former speaker of the house of vipers who was fined for unsavory actions while in office, co-wrote bills with the likes of Nancy Polosi, member of the CFR too and once was chairman. Agrees with population control efforts of the United Nations and endorses Chinas one baby policy. Rick Santorum; stated that all Muslims should be destroyed,(hey Rick, I’m not a Muslim but you could learn a few things from some of these people about being a human being bud). All these men and I say that they are men with a grain of salt, have broken their solemn oaths to both the U.S. Constitution and the citizens that gave them their offices are decievers and have no honor what so ever. On a different front, all good citizens should begin to clean the nest of vipers in congress by demanding that their state representatives recall those treasonous scum in congress how voted for the NDAA/S 1876 and if that does not work because well your state reps are fully on board with this treason then vote all of them out of office, both state and federal.

  • Greg

    Ron Paul is the only candidate that will end big government globalism. The rest, in both parties, will talk a lot, but very little will change.

  • Pepper

    The GOP needs to listen to Ron Paul’s ideas, and then nominate and support candidates who embrace those ideas. Right now that means nominating and supporting Ron Paul because no other true constitutionalist is running.

    If the GOP does not nominate Ron Paul, they lose to Obama. Is that what you want? It is simple math and logic.

    If Ron Paul is the nominee, he gets votes from:
    - traditional GOP voters who always pull the “R” lever
    - All the people screaming “anybody but Obama” if they are actually truthful when they say that
    - fiscal conservatives who want lower taxes and actual spending cuts
    - libertarians
    - angry Democrats and independents who watched “hope and change” morph into “more of the same crap”
    - voters who want to end the wars

    Bottom line, the Republicans win the White House and Obama is gone.

    If Ron Paul is NOT the nominee, the GOP gets:
    - traditional GOP voters who always pull the “R” lever

    All the other groups vote third party, not at all, or for Obama. You lose. Four more years of Obama.

    Call it a threat, extortion, whatever. The simple truth is that the GOP has lost its way and needs to return to the principles that made America great. Globalist Puppet (R) is functionally equivalent to Globalist Puppet (D) and I will vote for neither.

    • Alex Frazier

      Great reasoning.

      I wish we could convince the actual candidates of this rationale. Maybe they’d drop out and put their support behind Paul.

      But that’s not going to happen. So we’ll just have to keep telling our neighbors to vote responsibly.

  • jopa

    Perhaps Ron Pauls message is getting attention in Washington.President Obama will announce soon that he wants to downsize and streamline the Federal government.Combine agencies that are performing the same tasks basically and downsize for more effectiveness.Today there are so many agencies dealing with national security and individuals in the tens of thousands with top security clearance our national security has become a joke after the Bush White House.The more people knowing a secret the less likely it is a secret.

    • http://naver sook young

      Can we please quit blaming te last president when it is this president’s responsibility? Obama has made things worse and his only ter as presidentisn’t over yet. Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai

  • The Ducky

    Now .. bear in mind the people behind all of this are the same people who have controlled both Bush’s, Clinton, BO .. all of the leaders of both political parties and gave us liberals in the republican party to run against a Marxist from the democrat party in the white house ..

    They have ignored and tried to hide what is happening with the Ron Paul presidential election, the “Tea Party Mindset”, the Patriot Movement and are shaking in their boots as more and more Americans are waking up to what they are trying to do.

    The only option we have to break the back of the “One World Power Elite” is Dr.Ron Paul .. a Republican majority in both houses and then we take our country back …

    Just be aware that they will do anything they can to protect their power base and don’t expect to be made out to be anything other than a bunch of kooks from the mainstream media and political hierarchy.

    Please take a moment and read exactly where he stands on everything .. then make an informed decision once you know the facts.

    Ever Onward …

    The Ducky

    • granny mae

      Well Ducky,
      I agree but I go a little farther than you do. I don’t blame Bush ot Clinton or any of the past administrations, because we all put them there ! All the people running for congress and the house etc. We gave them little importance because we just focused on the president thinking he could do anything and that is not true. We all voted these jokers in a long time ago and now we are having to deal with them. Here is hoping that who ever get elected this time (Other than Obama) can actually do something positive for this country. Is it Ron Paul? Has he had any support in the house or congress before? If not then what makes us think he will get it this time? How can we put him in there without any help from anywhere else and expect him to be able to get anything done? Who is going to help him? I worry about that and also for his safety. Is there anyone in the senate or the house that is willing to work with this man? Have we put anyone in there in the past that is willing to back him or have we just re-eleted a bunch of cronies that have made this their career ? I wonder !

      • Alex Frazier

        I for one have supported Reps and Senators who support Ron Paul legislation. Trey Gowdy for my district, and Jim DeMint in the Senate. Although DeMint lost my vote by voting yea to that new bill that allows the government to detain American citizens without due process.

        Either way, I have supported Reps and Senators who support Ron Paul and the Constitution. Unfortunately, I’m just one person. I can’t do anything about the McCarthys out there. That’s up to the New Yorkers to get that unConstitutional twat out of office. And it’s up to the people of Georgia to get rid of Johnson, who’s so stupid he thinks islands can tip over.

  • Margo Greenwell

    Don’t be bashing Ron Paul because you idiots are afraid of what he says is exactly true. Don’t bash his millions of supporters because it might come back to haunt you- You don’t know who all supports this great man. He is the one that you all should be afraid because he exposes crooks for what they are and don’t do the political dance to do it’ I love Ron Paul and I am proud to support him and I amproud he is a true person. Keep your name calling to yourself-you don’t know us- THE RON PAUL SUPPORTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Patriot Diva

      Amen Margo!!!!

  • R.E.Massey

    Your right Ducky, the sad thing is that a vast number of Americans do not want to be bothered by researching and making their own informed decisions. They really can’t help it because the social engineers have so completely indoctrinated them into thinking that way. When it comes right down to it, these poor mindless sheeple who follow blindly what ever the establishment tells them will be led right to the ditches just like all the rest of the useful idiots have been led thoughout history. Go and watch scenes of historical fact on U-tube of what happens to sheeple who follow blindly.

  • R.E.Massey

    Advance ever more boldly against evil my friends and a vote for Ron Paul is a decisive advance against evil.

  • R.E.Massey

    The vast majority of your military are honorable and patriotic people. It’s elementry reasoning,(common sense) that tells a citizen of this nation they can see who has honor and who is a real patriot. For those that are on the sidelines waiting to see who will be the winner before they jump in instead of using their own grey matter to get to the truth about the candidates and make their own informed choice, I say to you that fair weather patriots are not only useless but suspect and really no better than the tyrants that they enevitably always support. Go away from us and lick the boots of the ones who have placed the chains of tyranny upon you for we neither need you are want you in our presence. RLTW

  • Veteran4RonPaul

    I’m 57 and ” Young and Proud” to be a “Veteran For Ron Paul”.
    I know there are alot of Veterans and Active Duty who Support Ron Paul and his non intervention foreign policies.
    My vote is for Ron Paul today, same as it will be tommorrow.
    Veteran For the Good Dr. Ron Paul 2012.

    • Buddy

      Good for you, Vet. I too am a vet (WWII) and also support Ron Paul’s campaign because it makes a lot more sense that does the big government baloney. Actually, Paul has probably already won by getting the concept of constitutional government back into our considerations.

      Stay the course. The big egos who are running against him are being shown to be promoters of the warfare/welfare state of old Europe. That hasn’t turned out too well (remember WWI and WWII), but these big egos are trying to maintain that inhumane path which has been discredited many, many times over the past century.

  • GILLYSROOMS in Australia

    Dont worry or get upset about what the article in the Union Leader newspaper says as I,m sure most of its readers are unlikely to ever vote for Ron Paul and most of the other readers wont take much notice of most newspapers anyway…they know the truth about what is hitting their pockets and their extended familys..

    We all know even in Australia that Fox…News Ltd newspapers are just Gossip and entertainment fictional news sheets, so only the just plain ignorant uneducated might believe it if they could read and understand what is being said…again your not going to be able to convert them…just forget about those you cant attract….and forget about debating this nonesence as it is destracting everyone from the main game…and giving the Union leader more air time which Ron Paul could be using for the cause.

    As long as Ron Paul uses any media attention to keep pushing his message without retaliating like the other guy wanting to sue…then Paul is always going to get ahead. This also involves his supporters who I suggest should THINK FIRST before you retaliate to such insulting comments…calling voters ignorant…says more about the Union Leader …they are the foot in mouth problem.

    Essentially tho..the Union Leader has a right to express there opinion about what the think about voters and some of their own readers probably, who are free to vote as they wish…and certainly not be insulted by a the writer in the Union Leader….But the newspaper who is prepared to insult the free will of some of its readers is really saying that they know best and that there should not be any elections because voters where ignorant….now where else dont they have elections? Everybody is entitled to an opinion even when we dont agree with it. The alternative will always be much worse.. So chin up and live to push the message again tomorrow.

  • Bob Marshall

    It was ignorance by millions of voters and a belief that he would keep his campaign promises that gave us Obama in 2008.

  • http://none R Paul or status quo

    I had to watch Jay Leno when “blogger” megan F’n mccain was on. Jay asked her of her thoughts on Ron Paul, when his name was said there were shouts and clapping positively, did not happen when others were mentioned. She briefly dissed him, while TELLING “sorry Ron Paul supporters” that romney will be nominated. The daughter of co-sponser’ed NDAA writer jon F’n mccain, telling me who I’m going to be voting for. I’m buying more Ron Paul signs, hats, etc… and becoming much much more vocal of the only choice for me and anyone else I can sway to vote for. I truly believe these people don’t have a clue of how angry sensible Americans really are. The avalanche has started. RON PAUL 2012

    • granny mae

      Now this a man actually doing something for the cause. Good for you. Amen

  • http://none R Paul or status quo

    Did anyone see the interview with Shepard Smith/Terry Holt? He’s the former campaign strategist for bush/cheney. It’s good. Also on youtube, John Stewart uncovers Ron Paul Fear by MSM. Funny and good. Sorry about no links. Ron Paul 2012

    • granny mae

      I have a hard time watching Shephard Smith now days ! That man is very sick and no matter what he does he just can’t hide it. He needs to put on some weight and get healthy !

      • libertytrain

        I hear him now and then if I turn on Fox but I didn’t look up at him till I saw your comment and you’re right. I Googled about it and there’s some gossip out there. Poor guy.

        • granny mae

          I have heard the rumors. My son told me. I have no clue as to his illness but I do know he is very, very ill. When a person is as sick as he appears to be they need our prayers. If I were that sick I would hope someone would pray for me. By the way, how have you been? I don’t get in here too often as my eyes are giving me fits. Seems there is always something giving me fits now days ! LOL !

          • libertytrain

            yes he does need some prayers. Looks terrible. I’m either on the computer or painting so I’m only listening to television – seldom watching it. I’m good and really do miss your posts. May you find some relief there soon. Eyes are so important —- ok. You take care.

  • Jim Lundberg

    I have found that the young people are not influenced by the TV and newpaper articles that are overwhelmingly against Ron Paul. They are not brainwashed yet!

  • Patriot Diva

    I am 51 years old. I have B.S. in Business and Masters in Human Resources. I’m the adoptive mom of two great boys. I’ve been married to the same guy for 28 years. I am a conservative. I’m voting for Ron Paul!

  • JimH

    Young, simplistic. They say that like it’s a bad thing.
    I have found the solution to most problems are simple. The people who try to complicate things have an ulterior motive.
    I don’t know of any candidate I agree with 100% of the time.(because I’m not running, thank heavens) I do know who I agree with most of the time.
    Young just brings a certain enthusiasm to the cause.(not a bad thing)

  • nightlight

    Dr. Paul has some very good ideas about how to fix our government. But his foreign policy ideas are “recklessly naive” and he is totally ignorant of Islam; such faults would be very dangerous if he were elected as our president. I should add that Dr. Paul is nothing like Obama; for starters, Dr. Paul is a natural born citizen of this country – which cannot be said of Obama.

    • Alex Frazier

      I doubt Ron Paul is ignorant or naive concerning muslims. Do keep in mind that he is privy to the intelligence, and he knows things about them in a political sense that you and I never even get to hear.

      So don’t spout media nonsense. I appreciate your opinion, but I think it is not based one hundred percent in fact.

  • Ridge Runner

    Every one watch fox news sunday night eight oclock central and nine easterntime

  • Robert C. Herzfeld

    As for young and naive– well, I’m 86, a WWII vet (Combat Infantry); I have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, and my spelling and grammar are far superior to what I’ve seen in most of these posts. And by the way, I voted for Ron Paul in 1988, and I enthusiastically support him now! Advice for the rest of you: the heavier your personal insults become, the more it tells about YOU, and diminishes YOUR credibility, and, for some of you, some of your posts are interminable. BREVITY, please!

    • libertytrain

      Nicely said…

  • Blue Devil

    Robert — I am not 86 yet, but I am a WWII veteran — also Combat Infantry. I had to stretch the truth a little about my age but the recruiter agreed that I looked like I could be 18. I was a Ron Paul support in the ’08 election, and still am. Most of the vets that I know also are. We’ll do our best to make it this time around!!!!

  • http://Boblivingstonletter Gottaplenty

    Ron Paul , remarks about his forien policy is most of the neg. chatter. I would suggest you folks that just gather secondhand rhetoric to espouse to suppose it makes you sound informed , go on down to a recruiting office and sign up . Get in on some of that forien policy that he is so short on .. at least know a little bit about what you talk about, dont waste so much of this space.

  • James

    Maybe we should prohibit traffiking in liquor. How about this: “The transportation of intoxicating liquors within, the importation there into, or the exportation thereof from the United States and all territory subject to the jurisdiction thereof for beverage purposes is hereby prohibited.” That’ll work.

  • http://Boblivingstonletter Gottaplenty

    Sounds like you belong to some party, keep the booze flowing. I dont get it..

  • Mike Johnson

    As for young and naive…. I’m 58 years old, 183 IQ , PHD in applied Physics, DOD contractor/Business owner.
    We here at work support RON PAUL for 2012/ 100% !!

  • C. R.

    I am not young nor simplistic but wise enough to know it is time to return to our roots – remember George Washington? Well, he was an isolationist and frankly we need to recapture our military lives, money, and rebuild America and let the other countries, if it is important to them, revolutionize their own countries the way they want. We have no need nor right to be there in any case. We need our resources, both human and financial, for our country. Since when does any other country come to our aid or invade us? None, at least not until there are more Islamic terrorists in America to swing it and things are moving that way every day! Ron Paul would make a great vice-president if not elected prez. His head is screwed on correctly and he doesn’t pander to politicians. He knows what America needs, so if you don’t like a great capitalistic and free America, may we invite you to move to Mexico, Venezuela, Russia, some African tyrannies, etc. and leave America to its true patriots!

  • lili

    CNN supports Romney, actually they bark his name every 30 seconds. They completely ignore Ron Paul, no matter in what place he is. First, swecond, thirtd, they will talk around but never about him unless they think about something nasty to say.

    Why is that?

    Does CNN love Romney so much and wants him as president. The answer is NO.
    They support Romney knowing how easy will be for Obama to defeat him.

    OBAMA will defeat Romney in no time. Romney is not a good speaker and lied a lot about his achievements. OBAMA will get him in no time.

    The only one really able to defeat Obama is Dr. Ron Paul. And that;s why he was to be kept in dark.

    Think people. This country had only TERMINATOR as president in the last decades. Only wars, spending, more taxes and more policing.

    We need a HEALER to bring peace in the world, to obey the constitution and restore respect for humanity and our life. We need a HEALER who understand human nature, economics, politics, miloitary and worked hard in his life for his achievements. We need DOCTOR RON PAUL.

    Lets not blow it again. WE can’t afford Romney who is basically another Bush, and we can’t Obama with his empty promises.

    We need an experienced and knowledgeable president.
    Ron Paul 2012 !

  • Laurie Tudor

    I vote Ron Paul with my wallet, and will vote ron paul in the general election whether or not he is on the ticket. I am 56years old and very informed, perhaps somewhat opinionated I apologize for that.

  • ranger hall

    300 Years and WE still have not got Smarter, Or Wiser.
    People The President does not have Unlimited Power, He only has the Power THEY allow him to Have. Take care of the real problem People.
    Kennedy Had the POWER, The Power of the People. But you Know what happened to him and His Brother. His Brother would have been President, Winning because the People wanted another John.BUT you know what happened to Him.
    POWER OF THE PEOPLE, YOU just do not understand what this Means.
    POROT Wanted to downsize Govt. Take away all their $$PERKS. Run The Country as an Honest Business, WELL Perot and the Lives of His Family was at Stake. I to would not risk my Familys well being for the People in this Country,TODAY for you cannot be trusted to do the right Things.I have served this country and its people, No more until you again Become Real Americans. Its time to down size the Powers to Be.
    Power and Money Has always controlled this world,They use to hid it, But now they dont care what you know,Because you will do Nothing But complain.
    The North wanted control of the Resources of the South, And they Took everything. Power and Money even makes us kill each other. Its amazing how a few People in Power can make millions of People kill and destroy ea other.PEACE is just a word that has a meaning BUT no one really Cares
    MORE HORRORS of war should be allowed in the papers and tV, This is the only way the people of the World will understand WHAT they have allowed.
    AS a Soldier 17 years old i wanted to do, as my family has always done,Serve my country RA. I was taught that you fight Soldiers like yourself..But when you see that People in the world are not like you, And you realize that the reasons that you were told to fight are not always truth. I was taught that women and kids were not combatants, But i learned that this was not always the case. WE should make the Govt show us all the Fighting and the results. Theirs and ours. Then see what you have helped cause.
    Are we always Right, And the other person is always Wrong.

    • lili

      Ron Paul advocates peace around the world and will bring the troops home.
      Vote Dr. Ron Paul !

  • Tim

    Ron Paul= Constitutional law. All the rest= measured Socialism.

    • Tim

      FYI: 49 yo.

  • AZMarc

    The only candidate who will make real cuts that matter is Dr. Paul. If Dr. Paul isn’t elected I believe we are past the point of no return. The others may take us over the cliff at 75mph instead of 90. So??? The USofA will be just as dead.


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