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New York Residents Oppose Taxes On Native American Tobacco Products

September 2, 2010 by  

New York residents oppose taxes on Native American tobacco productsThe Seneca Nation of Indians has filed a suit asking the U.S. District Court for the Western District of New York to block the state from taxing tobacco sales on the Nation’s lands.

In its quest, the community is supported by most New Yorkers, as a new Zogby International poll found that more than 68 percent believe State and Federal governments should honor Indian treaties that bar state taxation of their businesses.

"Once again the people of New York State have voiced their support of our rights as a sovereign nation," said Seneca Nation of Indians president Barry E. Snyder, Sr.

This is not the only outcry against New York state plans to ramp up taxes. For example, bagel sellers also expressed criticism over plans to enforce a sales tax for sliced or prepared bagels, according to the state Department of Taxation and Finance.

"Instead of thinking what can be done to encourage small business owners, they are wasting their time and taxpayer money, harassing job creators to fund the state budget," said Tad DeHaven, a budget analyst at The Cato Institute, quoted by CNN.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19933777-ADNFCR

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  • Paul

    well likes of ppl like bloomberg and other ny progressives would much rather senecas or anyone else for that matter be totally dependent on the it is natural to do anything in their power to slow or stop business and force dependancy on the ppl.I for one say power to you seneca nation,show them you can help your ppl without taxing them into submission!

    • Bob

      The Indian casinos all over the country are making billions of dollars. Why is it that they still live on reservations. All but a select few. Anyone who thinks the Indians are getting the money is naive.

      • Bruce D.

        They still live on reservations because they own the land. They have treaties that are suppose to keep government from exerting power over them. New York State government wants to break those treaties. Government has become so greedy that they do not want to honor anything including the American Constitution. Americans should stand with the Indians against government usupation of power. Indians are suppose to be Sovereign on their own reservation. Americans are suppose to be Sovereign as individuals on their own land. If the government can break their agreements with the Indians they can do it with us to. After having to endure the liberals blame America in its dealings with Indians over the past two centuries, it takes a lot of nerve for liberals to try and put the screws to them now. Liberals and big government (one and the same_) are without shame. They will use anyone to achieve their goals of government domination over the people, land, and business.

        • Christin

          Very well said, Bruce D.

          Honor the Treaties with the Native American Indians.

          They have been denied the ability to migrate for food and supplies and were put on reservations in undesired locations and I might add some were moved AGAIN to another spot and others had their reservation taken away and were given 160 acre plots per family (could be good or could mean they have to pay taxes on that land and all the rest of the gov burdens that we have to.)
          Some of the white men were reckless and killed buffalo for sport eliminating the plentiful resource which was their main staple (food, hides & fur for teepees, clothes, shoes & blankets, bones for needles, utensils.)

          Some Native Americans have mined for turquoise and sold this beautiful stone & jewelry to Americans and other tribes have found creative ways to earn a living in America and still stay on their land on the Reservation, but I would say most are below the poverty level and as one Indian said, “You better not get sick after June, because the gov funds for healthcare run out.”

          Glenn Beck’s history research of the Native American Indians has found artifacts that were dicovered ages ago, but covered up (to achieve Manifest Destiny: get out of my way – my way or the highway, because I’m on a mission from God… to justify the horrible things they wanted to do. We’re doing this whether you like it or not.) They found that some of the burial sites were likened exactly to the Egyptians and artifacts were of the Jewish people. So interesting, but it was covered up so that America could expand West and they called the Indians savages and barbaric so the settlers would believe it too… and “they could get their way… Manifest Destiny.”

          Honor the Treaties with the Native Americans.

          Honor the American Constitution and Amendments and other Founding papers with the American citizens.

          QUIT breaking the RULE OF LAW and taking powers, land and money that IS NOT YOURS gov!!!

          New Yorkers (Americans) you’d better stand with the Native Ameicans because you (we) are next.

          • Robert Wayne

            What do you mean next? The stinking feds have made it known they hate white Christians for years now, especially since this Obama maggot got into the White House. Indians have had it made for a long time now, but as greedy as the federal govt. is now, they’re looking to steal from them like they’ve been stealing (they call it taxing) from white Christians for decades now.

          • Bruce D.

            I did not mean to turn it in to a pity party for indians. In Riveria Beach, Florida indian artifacts were found that showed the indians that lived there were conquered by other indians. The Naragansett Indians of RI formed a partnership with Roger Williams to stand up against other Indian tribes that were hostile against the Naragansett Indians. There is a history of Indians fighting Indians. But at this time in our history for government not to follow Rule of Law against Americans or Indians it should be considered treason.

        • Dan Burke

          When the “chips are down,” it sure looks like liberals really don’t care about those they claim to care about. These days, they are throwing everyone “under the bus,” even their own contributors. I am amazed at how they even still get the millions to go on. I think it is either one of two possibilities.

          1. We have forgotten how to think for ourselves anymore. Even with all the evidence abounding we just keep tossing our money where we have been taught to believe it belongs.

          2. They are the elite class and they are indeed pulling the wool over our eyes as they make sure to pass legislation to protect their power and wealth from any of us commoners taking it over. Oh like, creating a new business that is better than theirs…. Gotta suppress those upstarts! Those evil small businesses! All while duping us stupid voters that they are actually protecting us from their own big business ventures.

          • Dick Gazinia

            All this is very true, but it is not just the “liberals” that everyone seems to vilify, it is most politicians, corporate big wigs, and land speculators. There are plenty of so-called conservatives that are as guilty as the most extreme lefties in screwing over their fellow humans.

            Mine operators keeping miners in virtual servitude were as conservative as they come. Too many here seem to think that only the liberals are sinners while those who follow the leadership of quantum blow-hard Glenn Beck are without sin and have motives as altruistic as those of Mother Teresa.

            Let’s get real, scumbags abound in all political persuasions.

        • http://aol wayne a

          why should the native americans be any different from anyone else? i guess they don’t accept any assistance from the gov.,no loans,no grants,no welfare,no subsidized housing…..i guess they have their own long as they accept any type of gov.assistance,use any gov. service they should abide by the same rules and regulations as everyone else!

        • Bob

          But they still live in poverty.

          • whatever, usa

            Yea, they live in poverty and most choose to do so. I worked on a native american reservation for 3 years and the tribal leaders there are more corrupt than anyone in the US government. They abandon and chastise those that try to get out. They force some to stay on the reservation to keep their census up to keep more money coming in from the feds. They give their profits from casinos to those family members close to the leaders and chose to give pennies to the other members of the tribes. Most are gamblers and drinkers. they get free housing and healthcare and blow through all their money in days. They line up on the first of each month for their checks and are in DT’s from alcohol withdrawl by the middle of the month. Yea its sad, yea its tragic, but if this kind of lifestyle was going on in New Hampshire in middle town america, people would be outraged at what we are spending our tax money on. Its pathetic. They need to be taxed to give back what they are getting on a regular basis. I am sick of the “give me” attitude in this country.

    • Keely Arn

      More power to the Senaca Nation. The Government makes deals and then breaks them as soon as it is to their advantage. The American Indians do not have to pay certain taxes legally. This particular tribe takes care of their own by owning businesses. Unfortunately, many other Indian tribes suffer do to government dependency. Each Senacan member gets a large check every 3 months from the proceeds collected through the casinos and such. They are also very big on educating their people and funding it. Fighting back, as the Senaca are doing, is just another example of what all Americans should do. Otherwise government will continue to slowly take our rights away. One day we will wake up and have no retirement, social security, or freedom of choice. I would rather live in a capitalist society than a socialist-communist one.

  • American

    If anyone in this country has a right to be angry with our government it’s the native Americans. This was their land and our ancestors came and took it from them. Now they are forced to live below poverty level in most cases and do not benefit from government programs on their reservations that we “let them” have back to live on. Haven’t we done enough already? Now we’re going to stop honoring the treaties we made with them? Is there one liberal progressive democrat in this entire country that has a conscious? If they’re so determined to keep the native populations in their place and out of our entitlement system then they should keep the h**l out of their business as well. This tyranny is disgraceful!

    • Commonsense

      Thats crap. Indians were nomadic, by and large. They took hunting areas over from weaker tribes for thousands of years before we showed up. The land we fought over with them is the same land they killed and enslaved a previous tribe to get. Don’t make the white man out as a bad guy for doing the same thing to the indians that they did to each other. I know, we as Americans like to say how evil we are, I for one think it’s crap. You show me one other country in the world that invaded another people and then turned around and gave them free housing, free college, and a life of leisure because they felt bad about whipping them in a war. Now they have become so entitled that it’s killing them off. Between free booze and drugs, any heritage they possessed is down the crapper. You can spout your “poor indian” crap all you want. Just so long as you look at the facts and are honest with yourself, thats all I ask.

      • Karolyn

        The facts are a great many Native American children go without food, proper housing and education, just like kids in Appallachia.

        • Robert Wayne

          Yeah, right. I live in southwest Louisiana. The Indians here get everything for free, free housing, free education, free medical care, no taxes, plus a check just for being an Indian along with another check every month from their casinos. In the meantime ordinary white Americans are considered useful for only one thing….paying taxes out the wazoo to support the Indians and the rest of these minority groups. Screw the Indians and the feds. Just two groups of thieves fighting each other over who gets to steal my money. That’s what it all amounts to.

          • whatever, usa

            Go Robert,,,, its all true. And one other person mentioned on here that alot of people claiming to be “native americans” are 1/16th indians. Yea TRUE and we are still paying for them. Pathetic

      • hiyalakae

        You know I am not surprised by all the “poor Indian” comments, and I’m surely not surprised by racist and ignorant comments. But let me tell you something. I am Muscogee Creek and do not receive any checks for being Indian, have over $20,000 in debt of college loans, and must pay taxes every year just like the rest of non-Indians. I have tried to get government funding for college but have had no success; so to all those who don’t know about Indians, go learn something new. I didn’t qualify for any kind of aid for being Native; and by the way, I’m full blooded with a roll number. No tax payer’s money helped me out. I will fight for everything I want and fight for all I have. If you want to feel sorry for Indians, then remember there are millions more people out there that do without as well.

    • http://aol wayne a

      AMERICAN,how are the native americans forced to live in poverty? they have every right any other american has to get an education and make a future for themselves.i doubt if the treaties said anything about making billions in casinos or making millions from their cigarettes.unless they are 100% self supporting,then they have to abide by some of our gov. rules and regulations.besides indians were constantly battling each other,striving for superority over the others.the US fought for the land called the USA,losing many,many citizens as did the indians.thats spoils of war!

  • Gina D.

    If our Government tries to TAX the Indians, after all the ruination of the Indians Lands it will be time for the Indians to kick the White man out back to Europe…Look it wasn’t the Indian that destroyed & poluted this once beautiful land…It wasn’t the Indian that spent money he didn’t have…it wasn’t the Indian that made Slaves of peoples wages for Labour to fund corruption & wars for Fascist…Leave the Indians be… for it will be the Indians, only ones left, once the White People sink into the aybss of their own vomit…..It will be the Indians, that will have to tear down all those UGLY McMansions & Heal this Once beautiful land after the Europeans ruined it……

    • Al Sieber

      I stand 100% with the Indians, and anyone else’s freedom, I’m just sick and tired of all this “white” guilt crap where everything is still blamed on the white man, every failer by every minority. I hope the Indians kick Govt. A$$.

      • Christin

        Agreed, Al Sieber.

        There is no white man (black, brown, yellow or red) alive today that has broken Treaties, or have removed Native American Indians from their migration & hunting routes in North America or present day Reservations, except for maybe the person(s) who are taxing people in the above article in NewYork.

        What liberal/ demo TAXER person(s) in the government is (are) doing this to the Seneca Nation?? REMOVAL of FREEDOMS

        I must also remind us that there is no white (or black) person alive today that had removed Africans from Africa, had indentured servants or slaves. In fact the first slave owner, Anthony Johnson, was Black. He had a Black indentured servant he did not want to release making him his slave with the help of the gov. White people were also made slaves in those times. Any non-Christian person could be enslaved.

        So quit with the blaming of RACES and if you need to find fault, it would be with the Government and Ruling Class.

      • Warrior

        Stupid Indians, why the hell aren’t they making batteries instead of growing tobacco. Batteries are going to save our economy. How do I know this? Because my president visits battery manufacturing facilities funded by stimulus and gives speeches about all the benefits, that’s how!

    • Bob

      Good reply Gina. We need more intelligent people to speak up instead of the bloodthirsty wingnuts.

    • whatever, usa

      but they dont mind electricity either

  • J.M.R.

    no our government hasn’t done enough as the indians are still breathing so lets finish the job. we have the worst scum for leaders of any country on earth.make treaties we know we will break when the need arises. we need more scummy lawyers in the congress oh don’t let me forget the white house trash. impeach the trash.

  • James

    Indian lands are lawfully foreign nations. Only the federal government could impose an excise tax on products they export to the U.S. New York State has no authority to tax Indian products anymore than they have power to tax imports from China. However, if cigarettes aren’t actually made in an Indian territory, that’s another matter.

    • Robert Wayne

      When the feds stopped taxing imported goods it was the ruination of this country. Tariffs (taxes on imported goods) were started to protect the American worker from cheap foreign labor. Now, thanks to free trade and outrageous taxes by the feds on American manufacturing, nothing is made here anymore.

      • Bob

        Other countries have tariffs on our products. Another way the gov’t has sold us out. Most of our imports are from American Corporations that moved overseas. That’s why the gov’t doesn’t have tariffs. More profits. Sold out by both parties.

        • dan az

          you can thank clinton for that one with his nafta agenda !

          • smilee

            dan az says:
            September 5, 2010 at 12:44 am

            Clinton could not have signed that bill if the republican congress had not passed that law first as it is congress that makes the law the president cannot change it just sign it or veto it as is.

    • http://aol wayne a

      JAMES,how can the native american land be legal foreign lands? they accept gov. aid,gov. subsidized housing,gov. welfare.treaty or no treat there are some gov. laws and regulations they have to abide the way,the native americans are not self supporting nor do they have their own currency.foreign lands,don’t think so!

      • smilee

        Terms of the treaties was as payment for their lands in perpetuity so it is incorrect to call it welfare. They are by treaty a separate nation with different treaty terms than with any other country and the courts are the ones who have enforced the treaties and the Indian nations have been very successful before the courts. A current lawsuit says the federal government is in arrears for over 60 billion dollars and the suit has been going on for elven years now, a big part of the dispute is in the accounting methods the government has used, this goes back to the 1880′s and the final amount to date has not been set by the courts or agreed on by both parties except both parties agree an amount is due the Indians and most observers think at some point the Indians will receive some back pay.

  • John Q.

    Although at times I feel the reservation system set up so long ago is flawed, and perhaps outdated, and may do more harm than good, it exists. NY has raised taxes so high on cigarettes, probably to go higher, in a move to legislate human behavior on a minority group of smokers, that it has created it’s own problem. About one third of the state now shops on Indian Reservations as a result, yet the state still wants the tax revenue it is trying to tax out of business. I say too bad NY, free markets and a supply from the reservations should be allowed to continue. On one hand they want people to not smoke by any means they can get away with, but on the other sure love the money! Hypocrites all… I vote with the Indians.

  • Virgil

    Taxes for full bagel and slice bagel!!! Man, that is the most hypocritical and thievery thing I have ever heard!!!

  • Marilyn

    HUH? sliced Bagels being taxed in NY? What kind of fool thought that up? Indian Reservations being dishonored by this fatuious fathead Federal Government wanting to tax their goods? Good Grief! My forefathers were Palatine Slaves in NY. My skin may be white but my soul is many colors… I will glady stand by the Seneca Nation and support their efforts! They have had enough discrimination! It’s time to come out of the dark ages and respect Human Rights. This tax crap must stop. All the money that Obama was and is throwing around and the ObamaCare passed by only his cronies would indeed increase taxes. We were warned about this. But, to go after the Seneca Nation or any Indian Nation, that is taking it way too far. Stupidity- just plain Stupidity!! And to tax the sliced bagel, that one also blows my mind! More Stupidity.

    Most Americans did not see any of the borrowed Chinese money. It was supposed to put Americans back to work, er, so I thought. Some of it is in a school district that doesn’t need new schools. They don’t know what the hell to do with the money!

    Guess I’ll take a vacation to Spain and write if off as gift from the U.S. Government. You won’t mind, will you? Oh, I will take some spending money to buy a scarf or tacos for the girls. You won’t have to pay for that. Don’t you feel honored? I’ll soon take a trip to Martha’s to relax a little. You won’t mind paying for that, will you? Meanwhile, the Government goes after the Seneca Nation for taxes. This is way too much BS.

    It appears that Bloomington may be running our Treasury Department. You remember him the NY numskull who insists on the Muslim Victory Mosque! To the Victor go the spoils!!!!! Depends on who you sleep with, doesn’t it!

  • FreedomFighter

    The progressive/liberal agends must subject eveyone to “State Slavery”, no exceptions. My fellow American Indians should note; the communists and socialists dictators are well known for extermination of resistent peoples. They will not respect paper generated by the previous govement, those talking leaves will be worthless.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Christin

      FreedomFighter, yes, I think you are right on the mark.

    • Robert Wayne

      Unfortunately, you’re absolutely right.

  • Tom Davis 1925

    Go Forth and Multiply Sayeth the Lord; and that is precisely what was done throughout he lands of this earth. It is true that people known to us as Indians occupied all or parts of the Americas for some 10,000 years before arrival of Europeans. Indians were, by aneed large namadic hunter-gatherers, very successful hunter-gatherers. Few permanent settlements were ever established for lengthy periods. I shall skip over the warlike habits of many of the tribes. Some tribes were quite peaceful and were preyed upon by the war-waging tribes such as the Blackfoot, the Apache,the Shoshone, the Cheyenne etc. Most recognized tribes today consist of individuals of less than one-eighth Indian blood, yet are still recognized as tribal members and constitute ‘Sovereign’ nations within the United States. In an instance of which I am very acquainted, on tribe has a store which sells cigarettes by the millions, pay little or no taxes even though non-tribal Americans buy their products for which they should have paid the prevailing tax. One such cigarette emporium is along US Highway 93 between Ronan and Missoula, Montana. It is an ebterprise known to and simply overlooked by the Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Indian Affairs. This same malfunctioning Department, under former Secretary Dirk Kempthorne, also negotiated with, and for all intents and purposes, gave the CSKT, (Confederated Salish Kootenai Tribe) of Pablo, Montana conrol, and virtual ownership of the National Bison Range at Moiese, Montana. a property of some 80,000 plus acres which We the People bought and paid for TWICE! Do not be too sympathetic to tribal Indians. They are more than simply surviving. Though for the most no longer Indian Indians, they continue to hoodwink gullible ‘White Eyes’. If you have any doubts, ‘Google’ any of the key words. OK?

    Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (ret)
    formerly of Cut Bank, Montana but now in
    Monroe Twp, NJ

    • 45caliber

      Speaking as part Indian, you are correct. It annoys me because when they received citizenship, as far as I’m concerned, they should have lost all those special privileges.

  • John R.

    Not too add that the biggest and most profitable Casino in the world is in Connecticut. Foxwoods belongs to the Pequots. Cha-ching. But I wish I could join them. I’d love to have some sovereign land where Obama and his big government boot couldn’t step on my throat. Realistically, with Obamanomics in full swing, we may need the indians to re-educate many how to grow corn, forage for food in the forest and hunt deer silently. Yeah, things are getting that bad in America. We got middle-class families and their children living in our State Parks in CT. Thanks DemonRats.

    • 45caliber

      I hate to be the one to break the news but modern day Indians knows that stuff only if some white man taught him. They refused to learn from their ancestors and know less than any hunter knows. But they are good at setting up casinos.

      • dan az

        I know what your saying Ive built houses on the res which they never paid a dime and all get free food and cars also.sounds like they have been turned into liberals in oboma land.Each family gets 1000 acres and a piece of the pie from the casinos and yet they still blame the white man.

    • Bob

      John R. Until people like you wake up to the fact that it is both parties destroying this country nothing will ever change.

      • dan az

        get a grip if you havent noticed it is both parties thats why when you start your blaming bush crap you get stomped on we are not rep. we are conservatives there is a diffrents!

  • Tino

    The answer to all this tyranny is in the 2ND Amendment!

  • MikeN

    Here is what happens when you exercise your right to free speech.

    • Christin

      MikeN, I watched the video earlier today… it was (trying to think of words) disheartening to see censorship of signs that are not vulgar and offensive, but just against the status quo.
      How long will we hold on to our First Amendment Rights?
      Without them we will be smothered in tyranny.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        The way it’s going now, the first amendment will be replaced with the miranda. “You have the right to remain silent, if you do not remain silent we will 1) jail you 2) work you in the plutonium mines 3) execute you!!!

        • dan az

          joe h
          by way of fat man siting on you until you stop breathing.

  • jopa

    Marilyn; It is the state of New York and New York city coming up with all these idiotic taxes not the federal govt.A carton of cigarettes in NY will cost you about $100 today.The reason everyone that can will buy them from the Indian reservations.

  • jopa

    John r;It was the Retardicans that brought this economic mess upon us but things are starting to look much better now.

    • 45caliber


      I have a bridge for sale. Are you interested?

      • http://aol wayne a


    • Warrior

      G-damnit, if that dumb bush would’t have cut those taxes, we wouldn’t be in this mess and the Indians wouldn’t get all huffy about a new tobacco tax.

      • 45caliber


    • http://aol wayne a

      JOPA,things are starting to look better? lol lol where in the hell do you live? blame it on the republicans! unemployment was 6.4% when obama took office,now its over 10%.some economy experts says it’s actually closer to 21%.since obama took office we have the largest deficit in our history,largest number of people unemployed in history,largest no. of home foreclosers in history,largest no. of business failures in history,largest no. of illegals in history,largest environmental disaster in history…..democrats have been in charge of congress for 4yrs now and things continue to get and obama are the only 2 that think things are getting better! the dem have been in charge of the house 53 out of the last 63 yrs and the sen. 56 out of the last the way,it was bill clinton,a dem.,that signed NAFTA,that allowed thousands and thousands of jobs to move out of the US.lets put the blame where it really belongs!!!!!

  • bilbo81670

    jopa says:
    September 2, 2010 at 2:46 pm-I believe you are confused about who started this mess. It was Clinton with a democratically controlled Congress that regulated F.Mac and F.Mae to make shaky loans, “Everyone must have the American dream”. When this collapsed it caused the housing crisis which caused the finacial crisis which caused the whole recession. Do a little research before spouting off partisan comments. Bush even tried to reregulate them but was shut down by Congress.

    • 45caliber

      You are correct. But the liberals don’t like to admit that their man screwed up.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        the libs man didn’t screw up. Just ask them, WAAAA! BUSH BAD!! WAAAA! BUSH MEAN, WAAAA! BUSH DOOD IT!!!!

  • BR

    Good ol’ New York. Always looking for something to tax- if it crawls:tax it; if it talks:tax it; if it moves: tax it……………
    Kind of makes me sad that there was ever a Revolution.

    • bilbo81670

      Another good one to go with that. If it starts to move tax it, if it keeps moving regulate it. If it stops moving subsidize it. That seems to be the way big gov. seems to roll.

  • BR

    Gee, I first remember people around my area having problems when the gas went to $4+ a gallon. Companies started laying off so that they could keep their trucks moving and their bottom line at the same time. I know teachers who could no longer afford to drive to work and trying to get hired into schools closer to their homes. People having to make decisions on buying groceries or gas for their car- keeping the utilities on or pay the mortgage…………..of course, all of corporate American jumped on the band wagon with price gouging and Americans having to make some hard decisions.

  • 45caliber

    The reason NY people supported the Indians is because they can go to the reservations and buy what they want at a cheaper price.

    As far as taxing the Indians – they are now American citizens just like everyone else. They don’t need special considerations because all equality was given them with the citizenship.

    And I’m quarter Indian, so don’t insist I’m racist or something.

    • alpha-lemming

      Progressive mantra…. “Thou shalt take no profits prior to me gettin’ my cut first”!! Of course people go there to save money…. actually a LOT of money.

      I know inflation has increased the price of everything but…… I think the manufacturing costs for a carton of cigarettes is what???? 15 and half cents?? I don’t think the tobacco farmers are driving around in gold-plated Bentleys sooooooo who’s getting the profit on $100/carton butts?? I know the answer… just wonder if anyone will admit it.

      Cigarettes…. they (Government) will demonize them but NEVER EVER EVER illegalize them because of the obscene amount of money they extort from sales. AND NEVER FORGET… Government NEVER does with less… when consumers are driven from the market… Government will make up the short-fall somewhere…. maybe from you this time (or if not, DEFINATELY the next time).

  • Brad

    I can’t take credit for this joke, I found it on another site and just had to share.

    The Haircut

    One day a florist went to a barber for a haircut. After the cut, he asked about his bill, and the barber replied, ‘I cannot accept money from you, I’m doing community service this week.’ The florist was pleased and left the shop. When the barber went to open his shop the next morning, there was a ‘thank you’ card and a dozen roses waiting for him at his door.

    Later, a cop comes in for a haircut, and when he tries to pay his bill, the barber again replied, ‘I cannot accept money from you , I’m doing community service this week.’ The cop was happy and left the shop. The next morning when the barber went to open up, there was a ‘thank you’ card and a dozen donuts waiting for him at his door.

    Then a Congressman (Liberal) came in for a haircut, and when he went to pay his bill, the barber again replied, ‘I can not accept money from you. I’m doing community service this week.’ The Congressman (Liberal) was very happy and left the shop. The next morning, when the barber went to open up, there were a dozen Liberal Congressmen lined up waiting for a free haircut.

    And that, my friends, illustrates the fundamental difference between the citizens of our country and the liberal politicians who run it.


    • libertytrain

      Brad – good one. And ever so accurate.

    • 45caliber

      I like it – and it’s sad to say, it is true.

    • Christin

      I received this same e-mail about a year ago of so, Brad, and it was as good then as it is now. Thanks for the reminder.

      • Bob

        Unfortunately half the people in this country have their hand out.

  • W J L

    Why all the guilt over the indians? Too bad if they could not hang onto their land. It’s human nature to take what other nations have and it has been going on since the dawn of mankind. The Romans and the Mongols didn’t return land to the conquered nations. If one were to research their history they would find that the indians were not the humanitarians nor conservationists people are led to believe. What irks me the most is that they want to be considered a their own nation, they don’t pay taxes like everyone else, they are allowed to build their casinos (while others cannot) and they still receive government aid. They want all of these benefits and the privilege of using our national assets without paying for them like everyone else.

    • 45caliber

      I agree with you. Further, they “displaced” the people here before them – which basically means they wiped them out to take over. As far as I’m concerned, the Indians should have lost all those extras the moment they were recognized as American citizens.

      But it isn’t that much diference in other territories the government controls. Porto Rico, for instance, pays no taxes and we provide all money to them for their infrastructure and government. They have a group that wants their freedom, a group that wants to be a state, and the rest want to keep things as is since they know that if their status changes they will have to pay taxes like we do.

  • 45caliber

    I can remember several years ago, Canada passed a high “sin” tax on cigarettes. Many Canadians and Americans made fortunes by buying cigarettes on the American side and taking them by boat to the Canadian side. Canada finally withdrew the tax because they were actually collecting for less than before.

    Want to bet that there are people now making a fortune bringing cigarettes from Canada (or these Indian reservations) to New York?

  • BR

    Once NY decided that they could not tax the rats they looked around and decided to go for the Native Americans.
    NEW YORK is a pathetic state and always has been. The actual state is
    always having to cough for NY city. I make a move that NYC become their own state- upstate New Yorkers are totally removed from NYC.
    (It really should attach itself to NJ- the walk and the talk is more “JOISY” than New York.)

    • Robert Wayne

      Although I’m a conservative redneck southerner from Louisiana (the kind of guy liberal yankees all hate), I used to work with a guy from upstate New York, some place called Ticonderoga. And he said the same thing. They were sick and tired of paying taxes to support New York City. I told him, not to worry, we Louisianians from the western and northern parts of the state felt the same way about being taxes like crazy to support all of the welfare trash in New Orleans too.

  • http://aol nancy says


  • JLC

    Food For Thought!
    Several years ago, American Rifleman magazine ran an article concerning American Indians in World War II. In this article, it was stated that, if the general population had enlisted in the armed services at the same rate as did the American Indians, there would have been no need for the Draft. Think about it!

  • http://gmail i41

    Indians wandered and fought with each other and killed off little tribes. The reservations were just another government program that went to hell. When the government put the Indians on reservations and said it was their lands, the Indians started selling off their land peice by peice.Which then the Indians would assemilated in to society, instead they became a class of people who know the government gives them everything. Another special class , of government dependant people, just the blacks, and illegal immagrants, and now the pedophile muslim ideological terrorists/all muslims. Now the democrap Congress which goves billions to Indian peoples, which is the way it is stated in the stimulas bill and aid to tribes. Indians have ground that can produce grains, livestock, and as the Sioux Indians in western S.Dak let a Ark. company set up a massive hog farm on their reservatio, which doesn’t have to abide by DOEQ or any water restrictions. The tribal leaders agreed after a few good meals and a lot of governmental stupidity. The tribes pissing and moaning no jobs or developement,well state laws don’t apply, the workers you get from tribes are undependable and are just like ol purple lips alwaysd on a vaction or a drunken pow wow. Just an other experment of east coast progressive expensive failure. In 8 years one tribe spent 6 million tax dollars to raise buffola, never worked out, required work! When they get free houses where ever they want, which last maybe 9 months, because the idoit owner was too lazy to water their horses, so they chain saw a hole above the bath tub and sometimes hang a tarp, but the water freezes and a need for a bathroom, just knock a hole in the walls and go between the 24″ studs. When a new school is built the plains Indians get a round school to help them “learn in the culture”, with in a month the windows and all sinks and bathrooms are trashed. I have had to live and work around rezs in Mt.,S.Dak., N.Dak., and Wyo. and doesn’t change nor does their government takes care of every thing. Just a microcom of the fed gov., need a feast, gather all the wise men., and make a plan that benifits the elders, and screws the little BS beleivers that follow the elders. Never ever works, noi motivation, no individuality or new ideas, no developement or any job creation!!

  • http://gmail i41

    Yes a lot of the center of the nation lads enlisted both Indians and whites, it was the airy fairy east and west coast dinks that wouldn’t go unless a draft was imposed, that was how Congress got tax cheat Rangel. Just like today, who enlists it the center of nation north to south, per capita.

  • A J B

    Native Americans are not a sovereign nation. US constitution describes them as a domestic dependant nation and does not grant full sovereignty equivalant to a foreign nation. They use this sovereignty claim to evade having to tax their sales of cigarettes, gasoline, and on some reservations, diamonds, furs, and electronic products. resulting in a windfall profit. If they believe they are a sovereign nation, why do we taxpayers pay to build and maintaintheir their infrastructure, transport and educate their children, provide police and fire protection. They pay no school, property or sales tax, yet enjoy all the same perks as taxpaying citizens. I never stole land from an Indian, nor did I ever kill a buffalo and am tired of supporting a bunch of freeloaders.

    • hiyalakae

      Not surprised that you are not educated about Native Americans. That’s alright. I’m just going to keep paying taxes and try to keep making payments towards my student loans. Oh, did I forget to mention that I am full blooded Muscogee Creek that has to pay property tax, income tax, and sales tax. Go learn something new.

  • atlas reborn

    Ajb I beg to differ with you, the treaties signed by the U.S. government are valid and will be upheld in court. the states can do what the want in their state but the indians were granted sovrign nation status in their treaties with the government. we have no rights on their land. we must ask permission to enter their land. and that includes law inforcement officers.

  • Deborah

    Leave the Native Americans alone! One, the report I seen stated 1 million dollars has been set aside for the Native Americans. Being that we only have 500,000 (roughly) card carrying Native Americans in America, that is 2 bucks per person. They tried to trick the public on that article too. Just by saying the one million was for Indians, which PC states Indians are from India.
    Two, the American government has already fallen short on honor with their treaties over the years. It’s completely dishonorable to violate treaties with the tribes of America (or any where else). The last time they were under attack, it nearly wiped them out of existence. They’ve paid the price to live as they wish.
    Leave them alone!


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