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New York Police Stop And Frisk Record Numbers

February 20, 2012 by  

New York Police Stop And Frisk Record Numbers

New York City is at the center of the police state.

New York City Police Department officials say that last year, police officers officially recorded more than 684,000 stop-and-frisks — a 14 percent increase from the year before, according to NY 1.

“Innocent New Yorkers who on 600,000 separate occasions this past year were stopped, frisked and maybe thrown up against the wall. Barely six percent of these terrorizing encounters resulted in arrest,” said Donna Lieberman of the New York Civil Liberties Union.

According to the NYPD, blacks were 53 percent of the stop subjects, Hispanics were 34 percent, and whites made up 9 percent of those stopped.

In a statement, NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne said: “Stops save lives. Over the past 10 years, there were 5,430 murders in New York City, compared to 11,058 in the decade before Mayor Bloomberg took office. That’s a remarkable achievement—5,628 lives saved—attributable to proactive policing strategies that included stops.”

According to the statement, the NYPD confiscated 819 guns as a result of their liberal frisking policies.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

    Did Mayor Bloomberg follow what happended to the 5,628 people whose lives he claims to have saved and attributed to proactive policing strategies that included stops.” Where any of the people not killed still healthy or ill due to brain injury or loss of limbs from bullets which did not kill them.

    Are the NYPD claiming that those 819 confiscated guns would have killed or mained an average of 6.8 people of those 5628 not killed as a result of their liberal frisking policies. Where those people killed in another State or city instead….?

    These policys are very discriptive of your country being no better than other countries run by the local police junta. Its a serious matter which your local politicians must be agreeing with as they too are too afraid to deal with from the top. The bottom does what the top allows them to do…pretty simple…if you dont have any respect for the Human Rights of your own citizens , what gives you the right to go tell other countries & dictators, the Chinese, the Russians, the Muslims to do do what you only pay lip service too. Dr Ron Paul knows what I’m talking about.

    I certainly realise that police do deal in many high stress situations every day and I certainly would not want the job for the money they get.

    Maybe they need a pay increase for their need to be dealing with these problems of people with Mental Health issues as often happens even in Australia. I do suggest they all have training in a mental health / physciatric medical training facility so they can better understand how to best deal with such cases.

    I hope i m the only one who makes a comment on these matters of serious nature. lol

    • Alex

      Do they not teach writing in Australia?

      • Mike

        Is it the style your offended by or the message?

      • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

        Alex, could you not understand my Australian typewritten message? We do not get taught the American language or history in Australia.but if you need an intrepeter so you can understand a message one fingure typist…maybe others might be able to help such an elite person like you.

        I recall one my trip to Europe some years ago I tuned in to listern to the World News….unfortunately the world news was ALL American news…so am I to assume that the world revolves around the USA alone Alex ??

        You might learn more by sticking your head out of the sand or those English Language books…oopps American spelling and grammar books which have corrupted the english language with Color instead of Colour…etc

        Learn to debate with points not undiplomatic hogwash!!

      • CJ

        Don’t be swayed by the liberal tactics to change the point. They are incapable of debating substance, so attack an insegnificant issue. Just recognize it for what it is, and ignore it. Don’t get caught up in their childish game.

      • Flashy

        CJ….as far as i know, the ones who creid and wailed for more protection during the 00′s were those ion the Right. The ones denigrated and shouted down for demanding those Rights be preserved because freedom was worth and the cost of the risk were the Progressives and Moderates.

        Y’all are being ‘rewarded’ for what you supported. Hope y’all are happy your desires came true.

      • Dennis48e

        More unsubstantiated claims from Flashy.

      • Flashy

        Dennis…take note of the TP trilogy…Fear, hate and Ignorance. if you need substantiation about the obvious that I wrote..I believe you meet one of those three at a minimum.

        Do you support the expanded police powers in Ariz and other states in regards to the purported purpose of controlling undocumented people?

        Do you oppose closing Gitmo and bringing the prisoners to the US for civilian trial and observance of their Rights?

        Did you oppose the expanded powers of the FBI back in the ’00s for survelliance of US citizens?

        Did you oppose the unPatriotic Act when it was passed?

        Have you ever stated “If you don’t have anything to hide, why are you worried?”

        We’ll begin with those.

      • Dennis48e

        “if you need substantiation about the obvious that I wrote.”

        In other words you have nothing to back your claims.

        “Do you support the expanded police powers in Ariz and other states in regards to the purported purpose of controlling undocumented people?’

        Since Arizona is only trying to do what the feds have neglected for many years Yes.

        “Do you oppose closing Gitmo and bringing the prisoners to the US for civilian trial and observance of their Rights?”

        Only if they are PROVEN to be civilians.

        “Did you oppose the expanded powers of the FBI back in the ’00s for survelliance of US citizens?”


        “Did you oppose the unPatriotic Act when it was passed?”

        Yes. Every time it has come up I have opposed it and probably more so than you.

        “Have you ever stated “If you don’t have anything to hide, why are you worried?””


    • Libertytrain

      Gilly, alex usually does hateful messages about Americans, and soldiers, etc. He is not too bright and apparently isn’t well-traveled either. Ignore him. The rest of us have learned to as well. His lights are on but no one is quite home up there in the brain….

    • FedUp

      Thank you for paying attention and commenting; you might educate some of the people with the most parochial views.

      Bloomberg is the supreme example of elitist absolute corruption. New York’s crime figures would have dropped along with a nationwide trend toward lower rates without his involvement. In fact, if he was not virulently anti-firearm and anti-self protection, the numbers might have been lower. He rules with an iron fist and is a tireless campaigner for the exporting of similar abuses of individual sovereignty to the rest of a fearful Nation.

      I hoped to not live long enough to witness what we are living in the States today. Fear, anger, stress, intimidation, every good thing that our system encouraged has been crushed during the course of the last 15 years, at least. The worst of human behaviors, greed, avarice, a pathological desire for power and control, all exhibited by elitists claiming to be leaders, have asserted themselves as admirable traits.

      The Australian government, urged by the same people trying to disarm Americans, Rebecca Peters among them, stripped your countrymen of their firearms rights resulting in an increase of violent crime. No matter which side of the argument you are on, would you care to share your experiences here?

      • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

        FedUp…We are a more peaceful nation in Australia as we dont have your southern problem /Detroit type of severly poor and desparate people here in our southern areas of Australia and we dont have the level of obvious crime in our city or country towns, [except for Sydney lately] but I can assure you that in many country towns in western Victoria anyway..the guns outnumber the people in those towns using the registered gun numbers, but im sure there are many other unregistered guns not on the official lists. And funnily enough some on the most avid gun collectors are the

        Farmers have good reason to have rifles and shotguns and for sporting clubs.

      • Joe H

        Give me one reason why legal minded law abiding citizens shouldn’t be allowed to have guns if they so want?? I think a concerted effort to disarm the crooks would better serve the government!! course then half of THEM would be disarmed and we can’t have that, can we???

  • Vicki

    Stop and frisk? 4th Amendment anyone? Oh right. Never mind.

    • http://liberty Tony

      To Vicki:
      Right on!! As everyone knows here, c.c.w.prevents crime bigtime.
      In the city of Minneapolis, the murder rate which was 73 in 2003,has
      dropped to 28. Also, the rates of rape has declined by 50%. That’s because of the right to bear arms. Thanks!!
      P.S. I should add recently to the 28 number. Thanks again!!

      • Vicki

        Why do I need a permit to exercise a God given right?

    • Flashy

      Well…if they weren’t dong anything legal, they have nothing to fear. many times have I read that phrase on this site on so many occasions. From immigration and undocumented aliens ID checks to tightening down on crimes etc. To the fear led panic after 9/11 when the Right sold our rights and freedoms because they feared for their own hides over the Nation’s protections of our core basics.

      But now that it affects you, it’s OMG ! How could they ? What an outrage !

      You are reaping what you have sown.

      And now blame everyone but yourselves…as you strut calling yourselves “patriots”. Yeah, “patriots” who sold us out.

      • 45caliber


        Do YOU want to be shoved up against a wall and searched if you have done nothing wrong? Do YOU want to be frisked when you are only going about your normal business, perhaps making you late?

      • Flashy

        45…that is not what i want. And it is exactly what the fear led minions of the Right have demanded since 9/11 and even before. Recall back before the unPatriotic Act, recall when the cries were made for civilian trials and observance of Rights for the Gitmo detainees, recall when the warnings came when the powers of the FBI were expanded…who made those? Who has led the fight against the new fad of immigration laws stating if stopped, one has to have proof of citizenship is demanded? The Progressives and the Moderates. Who denigrated those people? The TP, the Conservative Right, the American taliban.

        If you haven’t done anything wrong, what do you have to fear. How often was that the retort against the warnings of the slippery slope against our rights and freedoms?

        And now, once it has come to fruition that they are affected by what they demanded be allowed to be done for others, the tears, wailings and angry denunciations come by the truckload.

        What the Right, the TP, and the American taliban has been demanding for others…has come home to them. The are reaping what they deliberately sowed. Thing is…their fear affects those brave enough to have placed their own personal safety aside for the sake of the Nation. And it has affected this nation.

        Ironic these very same also call themselves “patriots” and “Constitutionalists”. To me, they are nothing but anti-Americans contolled by the TP trilogy of fear, anger and ignorance as well as the American Taliban’s false preachings.

      • vicki

        Flashy writes:

        Well…if they weren’t dong anything legal, they have nothing to fear. many times have I read that phrase on this site on so many occasions.

        Hmmm. You might have heard it many times from liberals or progressives but if a conservative actually said something like that it would have been “… doing anything illegal…”.

        Now in a world of laws against possession of a wide variety of things, some of which you may not even know is illegal to possess, everyone has reason to fear.

      • Flashy

        Nice cathc Vicki…thanx. I meant to use the word illegal. Ooops…

      • 45caliber


        That statement gets used again and again by the libs. What it really means is: “I haven’t done anything wrong so I’m not worried. So I’m willing to give up my rights just to insure that you people who have done something wrong gets caught and punished!”

        That’s the same attitude that caused the problems in Germany under Hitler prior to WWII. And I can point out other places as well. I can remember a lib a few months ago saying something like, “How can you justify keeping your freedoms if one child MIGHT be harmed ?”

      • Flashy

        45….that “if you haven’t done anything wrong, why are you worried” statement is the usual retort from the Right when liberties are being policed away.

        I cannot count the number of times that statement, or a variation, has been used to legitimize Arizona’s requirement everyone has to pack around proof of citizenship. Or any other freedom restricting law (with the sole exception of guns).

      • http://liberty Tony

        Hey 45Caliber:
        Remember this phrase, ” All in favor of gun control, raise your right hand. The right hand is raised in a Nazi salute”. Thanks!!

      • Vicki

        Flashy writes:

        I cannot count the number of times that statement, or a variation, has been used to legitimize Arizona’s requirement everyone has to pack around proof of citizenship. Or any other freedom restricting law (with the sole exception of guns).

        Of course you can’t because that statement or variations is not used to legitimize Arizona’s immigration enforcement law.

        Typical of liberals they scream how evil something is without bothering to look into it. Let us look for a moment at the Arizona laws related to immigration.

        “On the same day she signed the bill, Governor Brewer issued Executive Order 2010-09 requiring the Arizona Peace Officers Standards and Training Board to establish training to ensure law enforcement officials and agencies apply SB 1070 consistent with federal laws regulating immigration, protecting the civil rights of all people and respecting the privileges and immunities of United States citizens. ”

        So if the liberal had any real problem with immigration laws why are they not whining to Obama to change them?

        “The law clarified the original law’s language around “reasonable suspicion” by requiring state and local law enforcement to reasonably attempt to determine the immigration status of a person only while in the process of a lawful stop, detention or arrest (the original language referred to “lawful contact.”) HB 2162 also stipulated that a lawful stop, detention or arrest must be in the enforcement of any other law or ordinance of a county, city or town of this state.”

        So unless Arizona has passed a law asserting the power to “stop and frisk” just anyone (Kinda like the TSA does at airports) they can not just stop and frisk folk so flashys whole point becomes moot.

        Oh and I was amused that Flashy gratuitously tried to mix the words “restricting law” right next to guns.

        • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

          Tony I was trying to choose my words carefully so I would not be censored. lol

      • Buster the Anatolian

        Careful Vicki you will give Flashy a splitting headache with the truth.

  • s c

    Sam, NY has a reputation for ‘liberal’ frisking policies? Isn’t that something of an oxymoron? I’d like to see the ACLU ‘salt’ the NY area with a bunch of their ‘best and brightest.’ When someone is frisked for no apparent reason, then the ACLU shill could threaten a NYPD officer with a lawsuit.
    Since liberals are obligated NOT to antagonize each other
    (that would be like a skunk treating another skunk like a human), reason and world-class intellect would take over and the event would become a non-event immediately.
    Maybe someone could get the scene on tape, and America could watch it on the local news from coast-to-coast. Give me a chance to make a quick batch of popcorn.
    I’ve got some home brew in the refrigerator, and I can speed-dial and get a bunch of friends over and we’ll have a great time watching ‘reality’ TV.

    • nc

      The ACLU has filed a lawsuit over the Philly Stop and Frisk Policy and I understand was examinimg the New York Policy! They will fight for everyone’s “rights” under the Constitution! Even Hannity, North and Limbaugh as well as other conservatives I’m sure! You do understand that they have as much right to their interpretation of the Constitution as you do? Don’t you?
      One trip to a law library to see the vast number of cases that have arisen from DIFFERENT interpretations will or should show you that Americans, good Americans, have disagreed! Sorta like the Bible and those churches on every corner who can’t agree what it means? It’s just words! Or is it??

      • Flashy

        On the talking head news show this morning, there was a Congressman from the South who demanded this “stop and frisk” policy stop because it infringed on our Rights. Then, with hardly a break to catch his breath…he railed against the administration for opposing the Ariz laws of asking for papers and proof of citizenship and demanded even more police powers, including total subjective stop and check ….

        Yeah….the Conservatives and the GOP. One must ask, if they are “patriots’, for what cause ? It sure ain’t America …

      • 45caliber


        If you actually believe that abouit the ACLU, you are dumber than I thought!

      • Flashy

        45…one of the biggest falsehoods spread by anti-American groups is the attack on the ACLU for being ‘leftist”.

        Anyone who has perused the cases they have taken up would see that such is not true in any way, shape or form.

        Defending Rights and freedom does not fit within the agenda of the leaders and policy creators of the wealthy elitists, The Right, the TP and the American Taliban. Thus, the word goes out…attack the ACLU.

      • 45caliber


        If that was true, why don’t they take the 2nd Amendment cases? In fact, it is very seldom indeed that they take any case that doesn’t mean a liberal poliltical position payoff.

      • Flashy

        45…i know you’ll take the time to check, becaue you shoot straight. Check out the ACLU case history. True enough, seldom do they take Second Amendment cases. I am not that well versed on the specific types they take on, other than they are fairly even in “Con” and “Lib” causes.

        Quite honestly, I think the Conservative cases they take aren’t highly publicized or hauled out by either side … only the more ‘liberal’ ones receive much news. My suspicion is that publicizing the Conservative cases decreases the monies donated to either side. It serves neither the Conservative cause nor the Liberal cause as far as money if the Conservative caseload is publicized to any degree.

      • independant thinker

        Flashy I was told by the ACLU that they do not take 2nd amendment cases because they do not believe it supports the individuals right to firearm ownership.

      • DalasKnight

        nc… the Constitution does not need to be interpreted….it was written in plain english so that everyday ctizens could understand it!!! The only thing that needs interpretation are the bills that are legislated using legal language that most everyday people can not understand!! Anybody that makes a statement that someones interpretation of the Constitution might be different than someone elses is an idiot!! The Constitution can be understood by anyone that has the education to read it!!!

      • Joe H

        since you know so much about the ACLU, when was the last case they took to PROTECT someones religeous rights???

      • Joe H

        flushy, Asi know your answer to that, MAKE IT CHRISTIAN RELIGEOUS RIGHTS!

  • Mo Better

    NYPD Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne sounds like a through-and-through MAObama a**wipe liberal – his “5628 lives saved” remark is ridiculous on its face, similar indeed to the leftist tripe propaganda obaMAO himself uses with the false “jobs created or saved” nonsense. The inclusion of the ‘guns confiscated’ stat is even more ludicrous – a gun was confiscated in a miniscule .0011% of the “liberal frisking policies”.

    The people of NYC apparently don’t seem to mind, however, as they keep re-electing a statist like Bloomberg who looks to regulate every aspect of their lives, achieving a great deal of his agenda through willing shills like commissioner Kelly and deputy commissier Browne.

  • Patrick Livingston

    I think its discussting, harassing hard working honest American tourist on vacation who bought their guns legally and have concealed carry permits that are good in every State except New York City, its not a communist State and should conform to all the rest of the country, its ashamed they charged a Marine with their nonsense !

    • Flashy

      If they weren’t doing anything illegal, what do they have to complain about?

      The right, the TPers, the ones led by fear during the Bush/Cheney regime of lies…

      What you allowed to be sown, is now being reaped.

      I doubt anyone will ever apologize to those Moderates and Progressives who yelled and screamed about short selling our rights for the sake of a few who feared more for thier hides than for our nation. Y’all called them communists, anti-American, Muslim lovers and every other name and denigration you could say and spit.

      want to blame someone for what is now a harsh police tactic? Look in the mirror. You guys deserve all the “honors’ for having this policy. You wanted it…you demand it in Arizona for checking citizenship etc. You want it for voter registration and so many more areas…

      You got it. Not as well liked now that it affects you eh?

      Happy now?

      • eddie47d

        Flashy; do me a favor . Do you see this post? Please respond immediately.

      • Flashy


      • Joe H

        WOW!! six minutes! Like they were in the same room or something!!!

  • Patrick Livingston

    They just had the DC Gun law thrown out , wonder if the New York Gun laws are even Constitutional ! Appeal to the Courts ! Since they are going to frisk every tourist they see, where is the ACLU on this ?

    • nc

      Pat, now that the ACLU has finished defending the constitutional rights of the likes of Hannity, North and Limbaugh and other conservatives, i understand that they filed documents concerningt the Philadelphia Stop and Frisk and possibly the New York one as well! Don’t worry about the ACLU! Ask Rush and Ollie!
      Please don’t drink the kool aid that the ACLU fights only for “liberal” causes!

  • Joe

    Hey people ,I told you this was coming.We have the all authority ,all knowing police forces all over,the I know whats best for everyone mentatally of public office holders.It is in every position of govt. local,county ,state,and top dog for this is the US govt.
    We will see more of this coming,be warned!!!!

    • Flashy

      well Joe,,,, you demanded it, are you glad you got it?

      Are you also hoping the demands for not having civilian trials and observance of Rights for Gitmo detainees continues to stall obervsance of those Rights as well and expands to all?

      • Doug

        Hey Farty can you just STFU boy I wish I could come through your screen and just put and end to constant driblble!

      • Flashy

        Well we know Doug doesn’t take kindly to being called out to stand the line for taking ‘credit” for his past demands and support. for or against closing Gitmo, bringing the prisoners to the US prison system, and giving civilian trials to the detainees?

        Doug…are you for or against the Ariz. type laws regarding “illegal immigrants” and expansion of police powers?

        Doug..are you for or against the tightening of voter registration and voting laws to require photo ID etc.?

        Doug…were you for or against the unPatriotic Act when it was signed into law?

        We’ll start with those…

      • Joe H

        You are a typical libistic PROG!!! you sit behind your computer, blame them for something that you have no idea wether they supported or not. you claim to be ALL KNOWING, ALL SEEING!!! CRAP to you, bubba!!!

  • Mike

    Why don’t you all just stop complaining. It tough being asked to govern all these different people. I mean how are we going to achieve the goal of making everyone safe and compliant if you people keep carping about this right or that right? What do you want from our esteemed leaders anyway? Don’t you understand that they have your best interest in mind and wouldn’t hesitate bash your head in, for your own good.

    • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

      Well said Mike.

      The attitude comes from the top down…and it wont change because most politicians are rather lazy unproductive chatterboxers who I suggest fear their underlings and certainly dont have the real courage and skills to be real leaders.

      • http://liberty Tony

        To GILLYSROOMS from Australia:
        You’re right on the money about gov. and it’s reps. As i told Alex,
        that line comes from the classic movie “V from Vendetta”. Hey, what part of Australia are you from mate? I have friends that live in Sydney. Have a good day.

  • Sirian

    Are the friskings right? Yes and NO. Depends upon the situation. But in the much more intensely populated areas/cities, yes, we will see, as this, an increase in “police power”. In the lower populated areas, rural and slightly above, this will not come anywhere close to what the people of NY, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. etc. will be confronted with. Should we still be concerned? Absolutely! Should we battle against intrusion into personal privacy and safety – licensed concealed carry – Absolutely YES!! But as long as the people of the major cities continue to vote in their “all knowing – we’ll take care of you” politicians/governments they will have to pay the price. Simple as that.

  • John

    Out of 684,000 people searched with 819 guns found. That’s a very small percent having guns. I wonder how many of them were for there protection and how many were bad guys..

    • eddie47d

      Considering that guns are banned in NYC 819 would actually be a large amount and another reason there are now fewer deaths from weapons. Maybe Sam Rolley could do a follow up story on where those weapons originally came from since legal permits are rare.

      • Joe H

        Thank you eddie!!!! you just proved what we have been saying all along. you say part of them have to be bad men. Well, bubba, that just shows if you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have them!!

      • CZ52

        They most likely came from the NY police that were running guns.

    • Alex Frazier

      John, in the eyes of the New York politicians, all guns are bad. McCarthy is a one woman wrecking force with an agenda to ban guns in the United States. Bloomberg is right there with her. They should both be impeached for deliberately violating their oath of office.

  • CaptTurbo

    Well, we have a good picture of where we are headed. Can our course be changed? I really don’t know if we can change direction even if every Conservative votes to take out the trash in November at each level of government. The Commies are in charge and voter fraud so entrenched that it might not be stoppable.

  • nick beck

    john— good question— THE ANSWER all of them or nearly all for PROTECTION if not then they would have been used against the abusive cops esp. if a former felon was carrying.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    This is just the beginning. Wait until it spreads across the country. The TSA are Obama’s
    Brown Shirts. Mark my words.

    • Alex Frazier

      They can only do what we let them do, and they can only get away with what we choose not to fight or pursue. If everyone they tried to frisk said no, it might stop. If it didn’t stop and everyone who got frisked without probable cause sued, it would stop rapidly.

      Personally, the issues in Illinois bother me more than New York. At least in New York you can still own a firearm and carry it legally with the right permit. In Illinois, the most you are allowed to do is carry it unloaded and disassembled in the trunk of your car, assuming you have an FOID. Gun violations are prosecuted there. So don’t you dare defend yourself.

      In fact, in Illinois, mace, pepper spray, batons, black jacks, guns, knives, brass knuckles, etc. are all illegal. If there’s any device you can use to defend yourself, it’s illegal. It’s the most ridiculous perversion of the Constitution I’ve ever seen.

    • 45caliber


      Go to any airport and take a good look at the TSA members there. Most are fat and/or elderly. If they are Oblama’s “brownshirts” I’m not too worried about them. And I do expect him to try to put together a private army!

      • Alex Frazier

        Of course he will. He can’t be Caesar without a praetorian guard.

  • Alex Frazier

    Maybe they should just lodge police officers in everyone’s home. Then there won’t be any drug deals, murders, domestic violence, etc. After all, the third amendment is the only one they haven’t thoroughly trashed, so maybe it’s time to implement complete control over the people.

    The whole thing is kind of ironic, actually. They think they did good because they violated the fourth amendment rights of 684,000 citizens in order to violate the second amendment rights of 819 of them. They claim to have saved lives, and yet, the number of citizens carrying firearms of those they frisked amounted to .001% (that’s 1/10 of 1%), which means that in one of the nation’s highest areas of crime and homicide, less than 1% of the citizens are armed and able to defend themselves. Is it any wonder that crime and homicide are so statistically high there?

    Things like this, I have to be completely honest, help me to understand someone wanting to be a dictator or a king. I’d like nothing more right this moment than to be in absolute control over this country for just one year so I could set some of these things right. After that I don’t care. But I’d love the opportunity to fix some of this nonsense once and for all.

    • http://liberty Tony

      To Alex Frazier:
      As i stated to Vicki, i’ll state to you. Right on, right on bro!!
      The violation of these two amenments will lead to an overall violation of the constitution as a whole. This is suppose to be a
      “constitutional republic”, then the gov. shouldn’t have anything to fear from their citizens. Using a line from the movie “V for Vendetta”, “people shouldn’t have to fear their govs., it’s the govs. that should fear their people”. THanks and have a good day!!

  • eddie47d

    BOB LIvingston I have posted 6 comments today and all disappear after I post them. Then they reappear once I post again. Have I been banned ? Also I have to sign in each and every time I post. Obviously no one else can see my posts anymore so have your techs please explain that to me.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear eddie47d,

      I’m not really sure what you mean. You remain on probation, so your comments go to moderation automatically, as you’re aware. Once the moderator approves them, they become public.

      Best wishes,

  • Ben

    It is lucky for them that the city has not had several law suits against them. I am an old dude with a walking cane that can be used as a self deffence tool and also I have Law Enforcement experiance and without probable cause they cannot stop and frisk. They are not just bending the Constatution they are Braking it.

    It need to be stopped so that no more violation againt the Constatution happen. New Yorkers start suing the crap out of the Police Dept and Mayor Bloomburgh.

    • 45caliber

      I agree. If Bloomburgh was to have to pay off some of these frisked people due to a Constitutional violation, he might think twice. And he might lose some of that cash he’s so proud of.

  • 45caliber

    Many years ago now, a professor told my class that it was possible to stop about 90% of crime. All you have to do is institute a police state, where the police has rights to frisk people, search houses without a search warrant, seize property without any excuse given, etc.

    His question to us was: “Is it worth giving up all your rights to have an almost crime free existence?”

    • p.marie

      wow 45…that one makes my head hurt!! :)
      Great post though

  • Steve E

    Forget the Constitution? The right to bear arms? How is someone going to talk that right away?

  • http://personalliberty Jayroy

    89% of those stopped were either black or hispanic. That is racsial profiling which the Justice Department has told Arizonia was illegal. Sounds like the Double Standard is alive and well.

    • 45caliber


      Out of curiosity, why should people who aren’t suspected of a problem be searched while allowing those who are suspected since they are of the same type as the people causing the most problem are allowed to walk by? The TSA, for instance, insists on searching elderly or even babies while allowing those wearing Arab robes to walk past. Your argument is that it isn’t right that the police check those they suspect might be a problem when they don’t check those who probably aren’t. While I don’t believe they should be frisking anyone, why do you believe that they should check the ones they doubt will be a problem while letting some they suspect of being a problem go?

      • Alex Frazier

        I agree. If 89% of those stopped happened to be black or hispanic, maybe it’s because those 89% looked more likely to be involved in criminal activities, or were in suspicious circumstances, whereas a grandmother checking her mailbox arouses much less suspicion.

        Whatever way you slice it, it’s wrong. Unless they were actually committing a crime, there was no authority to frisk them at all. But if random people are going to be frisked, expect to be among those random ones if you dress like a gangster.

  • Mike

    No mention if any Muslims were subjected to the stop and search,so does that mean they are exempt from Bloombergs policies

    • Flashy

      Also, No mention of Hare Krishnas, Evangelical Christians, Wiccans, Atheists, Jews, or the members of Dog Catchers Union #4440.

      They must be exempt as well …

    • skippy

      Great questiono Mike………….

  • mark hammer

    “Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security”
    Benjamin Franklin

    • Flashy

      Too bad the supporters of the Conservative Right, the TPers, the American Taliban didn’t heed that message eh?

      Awful silent on this subject. Y’all wallowing in pride for this is the beginning what you screamed for?

      • Mo Better

        So, Flushy, why don’t you flesh out your position on this-

        Do you believe that anyone who trades liberty for security deserves both liberty and security? Just not sure where you’re coming from, ace.

        It is the Conservatives and the Tea Party supporters who are trying to combat a government that becomes more tyrannical with each passing day, they are fighting back against a Marxist regime, led by the Charlatan-In-Chief who is trying to obliterate American exceptionalism, freedom, liberty and the Constitution as quickly as MAObama can get it done? Or did I miss the Democrats standing up for personal liberty somewhere?

      • 45caliber

        Sorry, Flashy, but I don’t remember ever calling for a police state. I certainly have never called for police to frisk people at their leasure. And I don’t recall any conservative asking for that either. Perhaps you should go back and check. It has always been the liberals who insist that the government should have the right to “insure we are all safe” by instituting a police state.

      • Vicki

        45caliber says:

        Sorry, Flashy, but I don’t remember ever calling for a police state.

        We haven’t. Flashy is just making up stories again. He does that often.

  • Antonio

    Amendment IV
    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

    Does anybody miss the 4th amendment yet? Well here it is, take a look at it while you can because this is the last time you will see it…

    Until you people start fighting the fire with fire, your houses are just going to burn down… Just keep that in mind.

  • Buck

    When your town , township , city , county , and or state is run by FASCISTS you must expect this and realize your only choice is to get the h–l out . Unfortunately , due to a rapidly growing Fascists federal government this solution will be to leave the country . If you are like most of us and you don’t have the resources to escape I can only repeat Franklins admonition that ” if you give up your liberty for a little security , which we have all done post 9/11 , may your chains sit lightly upon you .

    • 45caliber


      If ONLY my local government was facist, I would simply march down and insist they all resign immediately – or else. But when the Feds insist on backing such a group, it is a little hard to insist upon them leaving. So – I agree. The only real solution is to go somewhere else. But the real question then is – where? Nearly all the world is already worse than we are or is apt to become that way very shortly.

      • Alex Frazier

        I agree 1000%. Any of us can leave if we decide that America sucks too bad. Unfortunately, anywhere we go to is going to be worse than what we already have. Those that are about the same already have limits on freedom and are headed down our path.

        This is why revolutions happen.

        As a matter of note, we all know the saying that those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. However, no one in the scenario of our country has learned. We the people are sitting back, doing absolutely nothing but complaining, and we are repeating history. They government is taking over, and it’s going to succeed, because we don’t have enough people who are ready to sacrifice their lives on the altar of freedom. But the other half of that coin is that people are stirring. And government hasn’t learned from history any more than the people have, because the ultimate and inevitable outcome of every tyranny is revolution and overthrow. The government can start a police state. They can issue curfews. They can confiscate our guns. But people simply won’t put up with it indefinitely. Despite all government machinations, the day eventually comes when the people storm the Bastille.

        This cycle has repeated itself in the history books going all the way back to ancient Egypt.

      • Joe H

        Alex Frazier,
        you want to leave, go ahead. This is my country and I will never abandon her. I was born here, lived my life here and I will someday die here, natural or not! I’m too old to even consider moving to another country and wouldn’t if I was younger. i once thought of moving to austrailia, and had a skill they could have used but now after seeing some of gillys crap here, I’m very glad I didn’t!! i can see it’s just as bad there!!

      • Alex Frazier

        Joe, your reply would indicate that you didn’t properly comprehend my post. Please reread it. I said that everywhere else is worse than America. And my complaint isn’t our country. It’s our government. My apologies if you’re offended by the exercise of my free speech in condemning the results of our wicked government that has overstepped its bounds.

      • anonymous

        i left one state when the murder rate was 28 people that year, the reason i left is because i got 2 dui’s there and i had never consumed alcohol or drugs in my life and there were 52 incidents where police officers shot civilians that year in that state and not a single officer did any jail time.The police officer that arrested me told me that if i didn’t say i was drunk he would shoot me.
        I then found out that the state i moved to was not much different, just fewer shooting incidents.

        In response to leaving the country, don’t let anyone know or you will be forced to stay here.I checked on laws in many other countries and most have more freedom than the USA (usa beats all countries that i checked in sheer number of laws, most by tens of thousands),when i applied for a passport to leave to check them out, i was refused.
        So, without a passport, i cannot legally leave the US.

        there is no freedom in america, what freedom you think you have is just an illusion but you will find out when YOU get beaten, robbed, raped, murdered or framed by a police officer

    • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

      Well said Buck, and the enemy has indeed already conquered and taken over your nation from within in so little time.

  • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

    If your thinking of moving house, then I urge you to consider Australia and in particular Western Australia and Queensland are the fastest growing states in Australia and I urge all law abiding and adventerous people to come make more inquiries and research into a possible re-settlement of your families. We speak a similar language to English but we dont want to become a Republic…we like our current system with the Queen of England as our figurehead of State. We dont want a dictatorship republican President.

    We also have lots of other opportunities in our other states too Victoria in our country town with vast farmlands and other business opportunities.

    Our country has control on guns however we are generally much safer from the type of crime you have in the USA. I can walk alone at night in many suburbs or country towns and not be assaulted or robbed, however if you are looking to walk near or hang around outside clubs and pub areas in city entertainment areas then there is a much higher risk and chance that trouble and danger will find you in the way of physical assaults rather than Bang Bang shootings. Shootings are usually between rival illegal business traders.

    So all in all we have a safe family friendly environment and we urge more people with Early english european ancestory to consider the move if they will let you.

    • http://liberty Tony

      To GILLYSROOMS from Australia:
      How about those of later Afro-German descent.(lol)!! G’Day Culber.

      • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

        Tony I was trying to choose my words carefully so I would not be censored by the moderators. lol

    • 45caliber


      I have looked into moving to Austrailia some years ago. But there are many restrictive laws there that we don’t yet have here. Gun control is only one. I’ve thought of New Zealand, though. Australia is also hard to enter … or was. The last time I checked, they would only take someone if they had some profession and a job that couldn’t be filled by an Australian. Not too many of those available.

      I remember a case there in Austrailia from a few years ago. A group of five men broke into an apartment and attacked the man there with baseball bats and pipe. He managed to get a WWII sword off a wall and killed one of them, wounding another. THe other three ran away. He spent two months in the hospital, indicating serious injuries. The only statement by the police was that they were trying to figure out what to charge him with since he had used the sword. I decided then that I’d rather be somewhere else.

  • James

    Just one more reason I have to never step foot in Bloomberg’s NYC! He is a bad example of most liberals that think that the only ones who have the right to defend themselves ARE themselves (usually in the form of armed bodyguards as they are way to cowardly to do the job themselves). Everyone must depend on New York’s Finest! You know, the thugs that are throwing you up against the wall! But, find yourself being mugged, raped, or in some other way molested (and of course being without a legal means to defend yourself), just remember: “When seconds count, the police are ONLY minutes away!)(At least)

  • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

    45caliber….Yes there have been and still are some stupid laws in this country too and they seem to be excluding white people from migrating into this country. The only way seems to be to get on a leaky boat and claim asylum from a country your excaping from. Unfortunately USA is not considered that type of country.

    I think there are now some new financial and business type immigration opportunities so i would encourage you to revisit the idea. You wont need a gun in Australia unless your a farmer but any normal household has many knives available in the unlikely event of a home invasion. You could always join a gun club tho.

  • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

    The reality there is nowhere else to run or excape to any more, and the moon is no option, but I dont believe the USA is all that bad to deserve excaping from or to revolt about in the manner you see on the TV news etc. It just sometimes seems worse than it really is from where we sit, but if you care to travel to other scary countries or live there for a period, i’m sure you’ll appreciate what you have in your own USA.

    Believe me that when i go overseas for a holiday I always feel safer /relaxed and happy my ancestors chose Australia to move to, and i’m sure you would too think about your USA in the same way.

    You really dont need to worry too much about police interference if you not involved in any criminality.

    I watch that Pickers Program on TV and i just love to see them travel from farm to farm of rich green fields and i chat to lots of guys on Tractorbynet to discuss farm machinery and they all seem content with their lives as far as I can tell. They seem like a normal bunch of guys.

    The best way to revolt is through the ballot voting box and through these chat forums.


    You couldn’t pay me to go to or live in New York now. The police are really going against our constitution! It wont be long & we will be told what & how to do it. If you want that kind of country, you can move to one. There are alot of those kinds of countries around. I can take care of myself & do not need that much government in my life.

  • freedonnow

    The decrease in murders in NYC as well as in other urban areas is due to the decrease in birth rates of lower income people

    • Alex Frazier

      I’ll buy that. Particularly since I don’t believe gun control has a positive effect on crime prevention. The only viable answers in my personal estimation are that there are either fewer criminals, more morals than there used to be, or more effective law enforcement.

      But since cops are criminals in and of themselves who file false reports, plant evidence, violate civil liberties, abuse detainees, etc., I can’t honestly say that the crime rate has gone down. It has just shifted from being a civilian problem to being a police problem.

  • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

    Maybe New York could be used as a trial run to see how much better ot worse it would be if all guns were banned and handed in and only the police had guns to show how much they could reduce the crime stats,….. but it would never work and be too risky to failure and cause increased deaths because the bad guys are not identifiable in any particular way….and they could gets guns from across the NY border, but there are also any number of other ways to murder people and the stats do not show how the people died…where they by gun alone? …I very much doubt it.

    How many people in NY were murdered with a gun? and were they strangers of friends/family?
    How many people in NY were murdered by use of a knife?
    How many people in NY were murdered by pushing them off a building or in the path of a car, or train ?
    How many people in NY were murdered by poison?
    How many people in NY were murdered in hospital?
    How many people in NY were murdered by overdoes of illicit drugs?
    How many people in NY were murdered by overdose of prescription drugs?
    How many people in NY were murdered by their doctor in Euthanasia ?
    How many people in NY were murdered in an act of self defense?
    How many babys in NY were murdered by abortion? Do they keep these records?

    These and several more figures would be helpful to determine what effect or proprtion of deaths where by gun alone or in part and where the gangland type killings moved to another location? But would the NY Police ever know?

    And then last but not least, the NY Police can fiddle around with statistics in any number of ways as they do in Australia by not accepting reports of fraud unless it is by the person who lost the money, or they refuse to accept reports of other thefts or never follow them up so they can make their superiors look good for their political friends who like to make promises to their voters? How many murdered people where shifted to across the line to another abutting prescinct? or declared death later after midnight of the next counting period?

    Give me reliable answers to my questions and then we can debate it all over again.

    • 45caliber


      At the moment, NYC is the least gun friendly in the US. You have to have a permit even to own a gun there. The only people who can easily get permits are the police and politicians. A business owner MIGHT be allowed one but no one else is. So basically, NYC is ALREADY an official gun-free zone.

      And NYC has one of the highest murder rates in the country. Of course they blame most of that on the fact that the criminals go somewhere else to get their guns. It was the highest for many years and still might be – I’ve not seen recent data on it. Washington DC is another.

      The least crime areas are those where guns are encouraged. In fact, one SC town made it manditory for all homes to be armed about thirty five years ago. The last time I checked their crime statistics, they had had four speeding tickets and one person running a stop sign in a year. All states that has allowed concealed carry have gone down in all violent crimes.

  • Robbie Dotell

    As for me, I would like to see a poll that states how many people in three peice suits are stopped and searched on the street. Think about how easy that would be. An officer just stand outside one of the many office buildings in New York, and stop people going in and coming out.

  • Robbie Dotell

    If somebody WANTS to ROB or KILL you, they dont need a gun to do it. How many baseball bats are in existence? How many swords?, Knives?,..etc. However, If somebody comes at me with one of these, Then, I will want the GUN that some oppose.

    • Joe H

      That gun is what enables the 98 pound weakling to overcome the 250 pound thug with a baseball bat!!

  • ToeTagTunny

    If you REALLY want to discover what’s in the future for our Country then just keep your attention focused on the fed’s favorite lab rat, New York City. The pitiful part of it all is we’re still the best Country on the planet (at least for now).. I just wish they’d take this toe tag off me and plant me in the ground (under a nice redwood would be nice) so I could turn over in my grave like so many disgruntled patriots of old who has watched the slow deterioration of freedoms in their Country too.. Maybe it’s only an illusion on my part, but doesn’t it seem the nation’s graveyards are becoming more active? Or is that just a future reality for the old, sick and disabled?

  • AnneOnymous

    I was wondering why I never had the inclination to visit the ‘rotten’ apple, now I know why. In the beginning it was because of all the negative publicity that New Yorkers loved to mug tourists and that blatant homicides committed in their own park was so numerous and senseless that it was better just to write the victims off as ‘wrong place/wrong time’ (which saved several trees by not having to do all the paperwork) but now I think i was wrong, that I accused the arrogance on it’s citizens instead of the true instigators. Now it’s coming into focus.. It’s the legal system that’s the instigators and the law severs who carry out their evil.. So, excuse me New York but because of your gestapo tactics, I will still travel a wide arc around your city.

  • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

    Someone raised the issue that the police dont get prosecuted for killing people. but i see lots of your army personell taken to court for war killings which i believe to be very unwarranted given that they have been given a licence to kill in a war zone and they wish to protect their own lives dont you think, especially against extremely dangerous enermy.

    I can never understand how stupid your army generals are forced to put soldiers/marines in such a situation. THERE is no farness in a war life and death situation. From my readings in the media it seems your marines get prosecuted more than your police for human rights violations, however i dont have the statistics to prove it. Even so, i would have thought the human rights of the citizens of the USA should rate more highly than others in war monger nations dont you think?

    Every situation is different and cant always blame the police, if you put yourself in their shoes and have to face being shot at every turn as it would appear in your rotten apple…might explain why some of my ancestors moved out in 1887 to come to Australia.

    • anonymous

      the police motto used to be “to protect and serve”, there is none currently and you CAN always blame the police now because they are guilty, all of them break the law daily in many ways because they are above the law


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