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Vaccine Guidelines—It’s All About Money

March 27, 2009 by  

Vaccine Guidelines—It’s All About Money

Adults Beware Vaccine Guidelines Released by Centers for Disease Control:

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, a division of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released these recommended immunization schedules for adults in the U.S.

The schedule includes 11 different types of vaccines for adults, including:

  • Tetanus, diphtheria and acellular pertussis (Td/Tdap)
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR)
  • Influenza
  • Herpes zoster (shingles)

Key changes in this year’s recommendations include:

  • Varicella (chickenpox) vaccination is recommended for all adults that have no apparent immunity to the virus.
  • Zoster (shingles) vaccination is advised for all adults 60 years of age and older, regardless of whether they have had a prior shingles episode.
  • HPV vaccine is recommended for women over the age of 26, who have not already completed the three-dose series.

It is recommended that flu vaccination be administered to anyone with the following medical conditions:

  • Chronic disorders of the cardiovascular or pulmonary systems, including asthma
  • Chronic metabolic diseases, such as diabetes
  • Renal or hepatic dysfunction
  • Immunosuppression, including suppression caused by medications or HIV
  • Pregnancy during flu season

This is not for the benefit of anybody. It’s all about money for big pharma.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Bob Fletcher

    There is nothing new here. Vaccinations have rarely worked, throughout history, & have always been dangerous. Anyone who allows their children to be molested by these drug pushers; is a fool. Those who allow their infants to be victimized by these thugs; are bigger fools yet.

    • Lea

      I am in my 50′s and was a child who had polio as an infant. I am alarmed by people who put out info vaccinations should be avoided completely. I have had life-long physical issues from having polio in the 1950′s. People died from the disease.
      I think it’s irresponsible to call people fools. Thousands of children have been vaccinated. To my knowledge, I don’t claim to be the expert on all things, it’s only recent years things such as Autisim, etc. have been on the rise. I think we need to consider all things and be careful. People should only make decisions after weighing risk factors.
      I don’t say you’re 100% incorrect, because I don’t believe it’s been proven, however, how many people that are now my age who have suffered for years the affects something such as polio has been through, some even death.
      We all need to be cautious, but, don’t put out across the board scare tactics either.

      • K Smith

        Yes my mother had polio too. And one vaccine may be good for you. But if you have had that vaccine then no more should ever enter the body. It breaks down the immune system. Every time you have a vaccine you weaken the immune system further. And the obscene amount of people who have become zombies because of the vaccines is far more numerous than those helped by it. Amazing that a few billion dollars can send the entire system out of whack. It truly is about useless eaters.

      • Bob Fletcher

        I am in my 50’s and was a child who had polio as an infant. I am alarmed by >>>people who put out info vaccinations should be avoided completely. I have >>>had life-long physical issues from having polio in the 1950’s. People died >>>from the disease…….

        Oh Please. Where have you been for the last 50 years. The Polio vaccination is one of the least effective; absolutely most dangerous vaccinations; ever foisted upon the American public.

        The live viruses introduced in the Polio vaccination have done untold damage; literally; to millions of Americans. Although the government has largely suppressed any truthful research on the Seminian viruses links to cancer; they haven’t been able to suppress the truth.

        If vaccinations are so good, & so safe; why do the manufacturers need absolute immunity from suit; for the damage they do? Blatantly un-Constitutional immunity; I will add.

        Several books have been written on the reality of the Polio vaccination; & information on the Seminian viruses, is widely available; including, on the internet.

        One other thing; you should make note of. If vaccinations worked; manufacturers would not need immunity clauses; nor would they need blatantly un-Constitutional laws; forcing people to be vaccinated.

        There is absolutely no law,; requiring a convenience store on every corner. Nor are there any laws requiring them to sell cigarettes, booze, & candy.

        The reason there is a convenience store on every corner; selling gas, booze, & cigarettes; is because it works.

        Same goes for vaccinations. The great unwashed masses are not so stupid; they can not figure out what is best for them; as the all knowing, benevolent government; would have you believe.

        If vaccinations worked; people would seek them out; & pay good money for them. In other words; the free market, would create a vaccination industry; not the dammed government.

        Bob Fletcher

        • Lea

          I’m so sorry you have to have so much hate and disrespect in your reply. I’ll not express my opinion again. I wish you well and all those who are seeking …, as I’m sure you are. There’s no point in trying to express other sides. Your opinion is correct and no body should question it. There… I hope that’s better. Be well.

        • http://none Dennis Sidwell, South Carolina

          Our drug companies need protection from lunatics like you. Instead of spouting your conspiracy “theories” please give us some facts from your research. Which government agencies have done the cover up? What is your evidence and what is the source of contra evidence. I know it is hard, but we would like the facts. Just the facts Mam, just the facts.

          Lea was wrong about one thing and one thing only. Hundreds of millions people have been vaccinated against polio in the past 50 years. There is one estimate that over two billion people have the polio vaccine which has almost eliminated polio from the face of the planet.

          Lea, please don’t let these wing nuts get under your skin. You are right, they are wrong.

          Please remember Lea, ignorant people can be educated, stupid is a condition that needs to be taken out of our gene pool. The person responding to you is stupid. Take heart and take care.

        • Bob Fletcher

          Our drug companies need protection from lunatics like you. Instead of spouting your conspiracy “theories” please give us some facts from your research. Which government agencies have done the cover up? What is your evidence and what is the source of contra evidence. I know it is hard, but we would like the facts. Just the facts Mam, just the facts.

          The proof you speak of is all around you. Do an internet search for Simian virus, or monkey virus, or live virus; etcetera….

          There is absolutely volumes written on the dangers of vaccines. Try going to Amazon, & searching for: “the dangers of vaccinations.” I do not know how many books you will get, but it will be a bunch.

          Dr. Sherrie Tenpenny wrote one; I can’t remember the name. She also has a DVD out; called “Vaccines; The Risks, The Benefits, the Choices“. Since I happen to have Tennpennys’ DVD, I can recommend it; as it is an excellent source of information.

          You can also try this link to the conspiracy theorists at New Science. They published an article on the Polio viruses being the cause of aids (I read it & had a hard time making the connection).

          Also, I need to apologize for mis-spelling Simian. If you go here (, you will find an article published by the conspiracy theorists at: McGraw Hill (we all know they are some serious right wing conspiracy kooks; right?). It discusses Simian virus 40 (I think it is known as SP40).

          The kooks at McGraw Hill; & their Access Science web site; seem to believe it was a contaminant of; guess what genius; the Polio vaccination (and they are dead right; although the government covered it up for years; they were exposed by one of the scientists involved; in the early 1970s). Ah; the conspiracy theorists out there.

          Now there are thousands of other conspiracy theory scientists, who have spent the last 40 years linking the Simian virus 40; to cancer (just another bunch of conspiracy kooks; evidently).

          As I stated to begin with: The information on vaccinations, & the damage they do is every where. Anyone who needs me to spend hours foot noting facts that can be verified with an internet search; truly is STUPID.

          Furthermore, genius; as I stated to begin with; there is literally a plethora of books written on this subject, in just the last ten years. Here is just one, that I have read: The Truth About Children’s Health: The Comprehensive Guide to Understanding, Preventing, and Reversing Diseases – by Robert Bernardini, M.S.

          Here is a book I have read, & recommend; concerning big Pharma: The Truth About the Drug Companies: How They Deceive Us and What To Do About It – Marcia Angell, M.D

          If you would like a choice of a thousand, instead of two, simply go to Amazon, & do a search. Got that genius?

          In closing; please note: Kooks like this idiot are everywhere. They come on, & start calling names, & demanding that anyone who doesn’t tow their “government knows what is best for you”; is a “conspiracy theorist”, a “nut”, & just doesn’t have any facts.

          All the while; not having any facts them selves.

          Likely as not, this guy is a paid hack, that monitors the internet, & talk radio, etceteras…; for anyone who would dare claim that his clients (big Pharma, the government, etceteras…); are anything but the benevolent, all knowing, wonderful entities; they are.

          Also please note: The geniuses rationality for big Pharma needing immunity clauses. It is to protect them from lunatics like me; & you. Get it?

          If so; anyone who can even think, much less; think the least bit rationally; would certainly ask the obvious: Why don’t these same companies need immunity from lunatics, like me; & you; for other products they sell?

          Bayer company does not have any type of immunity whatsoever; for the hundreds of millions of aspirin they sell; daily. Nor, are there any laws forcing people to buy the aspirin Bayer manufactures.

          Why do you suppose that is genius?

          Bob Fletcher

      • dennis


        I’m sorry to hear about your condition but if you do a little research on the internet, you would find that at the same time the United states was massively injecting polio vaccines during the fifties, Europe was not. Even though Europe did not follow our lead the rate of infection over there also started to decline at the same rate!

        In 1979 Dr. Salt stated that most if not all incidences of polio now (1979) being reported were the results of the live vaccine. Even though this information was known the United States medical community continued to inject the vaccine for another 20 years!!

        Did you Know that the chicken pox vaccine does not prevent the illness, Or that the human pappilloma virus as define by the FDA does not cause cervical cancer. Have you looked into the number of deaths, miscarriages and sterillizations associated with this drug.

        There is so much that can be said about vaccinations and there dangers but there is so little space and time, but consider this rubella, mumps, chicken pox, and measles,are non life threating in a society with proper sanitation and good nutrition. Lastly, I can’t remember the the Italian research groups name but they performed a meta analysis of all the research on the flu vaccination programs for the elderly and found that the vaccines were ineffective and did not prevent or decrease the incidents of deaths among this group.

        • Lea

          I appreciate the site’s kind and informative replies. I didn’t appreciate the rude one. Perhaps some people care to only vent to their own “choir.” … hatefulness turns people’s ears off, believe me.
          Some of us have had other challenges in life to work on and research that required our attention and education, and I wouldn’t belittle a person who was unaware of things I’ve learned.
          Kinder replies make a person want to check further. There is no reason for people to go on attack or try to make a person feel stupid , “Oh please!” and asking, “Where a person has been in the last 50 years?!” (one reply directed my way). When people truly care about their cause, they do it with respect and information. This site will inform the public by using informative replies, not smart “A” ones.
          Thank you to those of you who try to educate, rather than attack. When a person starts by an attack, the rest of the reply not taken well. My recommendation to rude bloggers is, perhaps they get educated on manners first, then take on larger topics.
          I hope your cause and information reaches those who need to be reached.
          I’ll respectfully unsubscribe, and I hope the rude bloggers take this message and learn from it. My well wishe are with those of you who truly want to educate others.

      • Brenda Chattanooga

        The polio vaccine was contaminated by the SV-40 cancer virus.
        From 1955 to 1963 the virus was being grown in the ground up internal
        parts of Simian Monkeys. Drug companies must use some type of base
        to grow the virus, which they then use to make the antibodies in the vaccine. Today antibodies for vaccines are grown in an egg base. In 1988 a surgeon
        was removing a large number of cancerous tumors from people’s lungs. He sent the tumors to a large number of labs to see if there was a connection.
        The lab reports said their was a Simian Monkey cancer virus, SV-40, in all the
        tumors. The surgeon investigated & found that the drug companies were using these monkeys to grow the polio virus. The government has been working on a solution for this problem since 1988. The virus spreads like the aids & flu
        virus. You can read more about this by doing a google search for SV-40 cancer
        virus. There is a book, which tells the full story, by the name of Dr. Mary’s Monkey. The author’s father worked in a lab in New Orleans, which was set
        up to explore methods of killing the SV-40 virus. There is no vaccine or
        medication to kill a virus. A young Dr. Mary was accidentally killed in the lab.
        Her death had to be covered up with a lie, in order for police & people in the area to not discover the lab & secret of SV-40. This is a true story!!
        Do a google search & check out the book, which is in book stores. I heard the
        author tell this story in 2008, on a late night radio show, by the name of CoastToCoastAM. Would also like to inform you that EPT test will detect cancer 85% of the time. European countries know this & it is printed on the
        EPT test package. They use the term discover or predict on the box.
        When a mass of cells are reproducing rapidly in the body, lactic acid shows
        up in the urine, whether the mass is a fetus or a cancer tumor. Men, women &
        children can test themselves for cancer. I had uterine cancer 7 yrs. ago &
        have done a lot of research on cancer.

      • Joseph C. Moore, Cpo USN Ret.

        First off, bless you. You are a kind,understanding, forgiving person. Next, one of my pet peeves is the misuse of “sound alike words”. Point in case – affect/effect. Doing something is an action (affecting) which causes a result (effect). No big deal? Well, as I said, it is one of my (many) pet peeves.

    • http://none Dennis Sidwell, South Carolina

      Only a fool believes small pox was eliminated by ???????? Please name the research groups, where and when they published and what kind of rigger was applied to the test groups. Do you believe we should test children to see if they die from polio vs children who are vaccinated? The test groups are already in place. We have the evidence from before the cure was found and the results from after the cure was found. Please show us the evidence of where the results are wrong? Thank you.

      PS I had friends who died from polio. I still have friends who suffered from polio all their lives since the early 1950s. Our swimming pools were closed and our parents were afraid for their children. Fear spread over the land and your uninformed ranting just frustrates me to no end.

      Your comments are reminiscent of our congress and their lies, cheating, money mongering ways. We who are rational will always follow the money. SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!

      God forgive you for I will not.

      • Bob Fletcher

        Only a fool believes small pox was eliminated by ???????? Please name the research groups, where and when they published and what kind of rigger was applied to the test groups. Do you believe we should test children to see if they………………………bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla……………………….

        Dear Sir:

        Obviously; you are a great academic mind; & a flat out expert on vaccines, as well as the origins of the universe. There is absolutely no doubt, from your postings; you are capable of thousands of pages of foot notes, including names, dates, exact times, & places; of thousands of rigorous studies; all done by you; to prove your points beyond any doubt; whatsoever.

        Therefore; I am certainly no match for you. However, I know a few people who may be a little more competent.

        I propose: I set up a public debate between yourself, & Dr. Sherrie Tenpenny, or Dr. Montieth; on the benefits to humanity; your virtuous masters at big Pharma are; & have always been. The absolute benefits; vaccines provide for humanity; not to mention; big Pharmas’ bottom line. And last, but certainly not least; the proof; that there is no proof: Vaccinations; especially those containing trimerosol, are the cause of Autism.

        If those guys sound to tough for you; would you be willing to debate John Loeffler?

        Anxiously awaiting your reply.

        Bob Fletcher

    • http://none Dennis Sidwell, South Carolina

      This is for Bob Fletcher. Evidence???? I know it is hard, but some of us want to know what studies were done to support your point of view? You would risk the lives of my grandchildren because you are uninformed or stupid? Perhaps if you can show us the results of studies and testing from scientific organizations your credibility would be greatly increased.

      We all look forward to your informed and information filled response.

      • Bob Fletcher

        You would risk the lives of my grandchildren because you are uninformed or stupid?


        Is that so? Try this on for size genius: You risk the lives of your children/grand children; because you are uniformed, & stupid to boot. I have absolutely nothing to do with your children/grand children. And if they are lucky; neither will you.

        Bob Fletcher

  • Earl Ellison

    Hi Folks Just use COLLOIDAL SILVER. It’s the best anti-viral, anti-bacterial and even more there is. The generator I got from is the best around and I can make a gallon of micro-particle CS for less than $4. It depends most on the cost of steam distilled water. CS is so good the drug firms keep trying to find ways to ban its sale. Use CS with pets & family and shots are not needed. I figure they will pay off enough federal agencies someday but with my own generator I won’t be shut out. Suggest you ditto me. I wrote to Obama since he says he wants to reduce medical costs… but assume it was a venting excersize.

    • http://None Bob Erekson

      For your information any one can make a CS generator for less than $3. the most expensive cost is the silver.

      • Earl Ellison

        To Bob Erekson: I know about making a home made generator with batteries in a pinch, or out camping. And everyone should have one if they can’t afford to buy one that makes nano-size particles of 0.0008 . Something is better than nothing. My main concern is to have more folks learn and use CS. The smaller the size the more effective CS is. It is not the amount of silver in the water that works , it is the amount of particles and small size that matters most. Spend time at the web site. My other concern is to stick it to the Big Pharmas who focus on $ at the expense of our health! You might find the CD that Silver Edge made showing how to make generators and their limitations. I’m glad you use CS. has a large manual available with lots of great info in it, but spend a bunch of time in the web site first.

  • shirleyrigsby

    Having raised my children at a time pediatricians came to the house, The mass of illegals not in uS then, they came thru Ellis Island, were health screened, etc., if oine had TB, etc, they were sent back to original country, Today, we have illegals coming in with no screening as to health, RESULT??? We are beseiged with strange disease problems, etc, It would serve everyone better if all abided by the rules, HOWEVER, Sadly enough the majority does not believe in rules of any kind, nor consideration for the other one in their midst, The RESULT?? So many have their health jeopardized due to the selfish one sided idea, ME FIRST,, SAD but true.. AS they say"BUT THAT'S LIFE", HOWEVER, that is not life,, , So much from a healthy senior, Shirley Rigsby

    • http://n/a Anne Smythe

      I grew up with polio and I used to believe vaccines are strictly for prevention. They must have been but the big pharma must have realized that they could make even more money if more people were vaccinated.

      You Americans….I am an African living in Canada…are getting strange diseases not from immigrants but from pollution, low nutrients in your foods and vegetables, as well as additives of chemicals and pesticides from the farms and food processing. Those are the major causes of diseases and believe it or not, I am returning home to Africa where the cancer rates are less 30% of the N.American rates. Also, the reliance on unregulated big business to produce your food, process it and then market it is a dangerous precedence. You have lost control of your lives and health. How many Americans have been infected with TB, Malaria and other Third World diseases? I am disgusted that this pollution has led to many kids being born with cancerous tumors. I had never heard of cancer as a child until the 1970′s. Here in N.America I read that all adults are likely to get 3 types of cancers in their lives. See this website: You need a poison-free agriculture.

    • Michelle

      What on earth are talking about?

  • Steven

    I remember reading, but cannot find the site ASAP, but – a respected researcher involved in one of the flu vaccination development programs once admitted that the only magic ingredient in the vaccination was THE MERCURY! If they took the mercury out, it had no percieved effect!

  • Florida Girl

    As the mother of young children, I’m so torn by this argument. I do believe the evidence of vaccinations being the main cause of autism to be very plausible… that and our terrible western diet. But the schools insist on vaccinations for entry. I even know of one story in which a foster child in high school was denied entry into 12th grade and missed graduating on time because she could not provide her vaccination records… even though she’d been vaccinated.

    • jojosegura

      you can get a waiver from your doctor so they dont have to have it I’m stopping my son from getting them they also say it cause a lower IQ level what the hell is the government trying to feed us these vaccines are bad for us it’s called population control

    • Lea

      As I said in my earlier post. It’s too bad people today didn’t see children such as myself who’s legs and bodies were ravaged by Polio. I had polio in the 1950s and had to have operations, therapy, etc., to survive to the point I am now. In my humble opinion, I think people need to wonder why it’s only recent years things such as Autisim is on the rise. I know it is a terrible thing for children and their families to suffer. I think we need to wonder why not more children from the earlier years of vaccines didn’t develop autisim?
      If you saw your children need to go through years and years of clinics to try and recover to a point of leading a pretty “normal” life… you might think twice about having your child vaccinated.
      I know we need to have more research done on Autism, it is a very sad thing. I have friends who have a severely autistic boy. We need to find out more. Don’t assume it’s from vaccines. If that were the cause, why didn’t we have more autistic children in the 1950s, 60s, and so on.
      Let’s find out the cause! Correlation doesn not prove causation! That’s a fundamental science fact. Don’t assume you see the child develop autism after veing vacinnated.
      Thanks for listening… God bless.

      • Michelle

        It’s trully horrible you had polio. The point here is that vaccinations do not prevent polio. As a matter of fact, did you know Jonas Salt did not, I repeat did not vaccinate his children?
        Can you venture an answer to that?
        Perhaps he knew something our government is trying to hide from me and you….

    • K Smith

      The point of sending the child to school is??? look at the reaction of the mercury in this video:
      Hopefully everyone will watch it is quite a tool for those who are in denial. As for polio I would rather my child had survived polio than get autism. If you have alzheimer’s they put you in a home and give you drugs to keep you in bed and most people die within two years. I don’t know a about you but I would rather be dead than an idiot and burden on my family. I want to be lucid until my dying day. And I want the same for my children.

      • K Smith

        go to google video and put in: How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Damage – Uni. of Calgary
        Sorry did not know that the web pages were truncated.

  • US Citizen

    Are you sure about the ingredient being mercury? That stuff is HIGHLY poisonous. That would be for the detriment of people not for the good of them.

    I will never take one of those flu shots. The first being the garbage that they put in them, the second is that they make these up a year in advance and by the time it is released for flu season, the virus has mutated already and the vaccine is basically useless.

    • K Smith

      yes that is very true. But we still need to get people educated about at least the Thermisol and there is another name mercury is disguised with also sorry can not remember the name right now. To much mercury in my teeth. lol

    • Michelle

      and not only is it useless, every vaccination you have poisons you more and more, it’s negative effects are cumulative.
      The last people on earth that should get these vaccines are the seniors….

  • Earl Ellison

    To Bob Erekson: I know about making a home made generator with batteries in a pinch, or out camping. And everyone should have one if they can’t afford to buy one that makes nano-size particles of 0.0008 . Something is better than nothing. My main concern is to have more folks learn and use CS. The smaller the size the more effective CS is. It is not the amount of silver in the water that works , it is the amount of particles and small size that matters most. Spend time at the web site. My other concern is to stick it to the Big Pharmas who focus on $ at the expense of our health!

  • Steve Blake

    Am I to assume that Smallpox and Polio went away on their own. Can I assume that because the small percentage of children that do not get the childhood vaccinations
    and go through their school years without measles and the like did so becauce vaccines don’t work or is it becauce the majority of the kids have been vaccinated and most of these are communicable diseases passed on by others with the sickness. A popular pediatrician in my community spoke to our service club last fall and told about the rise in the number of measle cases he’s treated. Without stating that vaccinations are 100% all the time he did state that in every case he treated this year the patients had not been vaccinated. I don’t know what most of the ailments you’ve listed are, I do know a trusted family practitioner/pediatrician would be better explaining them to me and whether the vaccination are in our best interest.

    • http://n/a Anne Smythe

      Smallpox was not as dangerous as people were led to think as long as it was discovered on time and the people affected are placed in isolation. See this: Many vaccines are not necessary……in Africa there are many people in their 80′s who have never been vaccinated for flu or any other diseases. They are stronger than many 60 year olds in N.America. Many of us only got vaccines at school or when we had to travel…….take it from a healthy 50 year old……you do not need vaccines and daily medications to live a good life. It is all in your food…..if you can find true organic healthy food in America.
      Vaccines are not safe anymore….I thank God that I did not take my daughter for a gardasil vaccine. Since coming to Canada I went for two flu vaccines then I decided that I did not want any mercury in my children’s bodies. We take only colloidal silver when we get a cold or sore throat. I hope that you are ready to fight for colloidal silver….it may be banned because big Pharma wants it out of the way….it is too cheap for them to sell for profit.

    • Bob Fletcher

      Yes Steve; that is exactly what you are to assume. It is also; common sense.

      Have you been vaccinated for Bubonic Plague? How about the Spanish Flu; or Cow Pox? How about Malaria (which was probably the safest, most effective vaccine, of all times). And literally hundreds of other diseases; which killed thousands, & millions of people; in the last 6000 years.

      What do you suppose happened to those diseases?

      Several things happened to those diseases. Sanitation; greatly improved; worldwide. refrigeration was improving daily. Transportation & infrastructure improvements; were greatly reducing time frames from field, to consumption. These,& many other factors combined; to greatly reduce/eliminate many diseases. Just as they had; through out 6000 years of history; Since Adam, & Eve were forced to leave the Garden of Eden.

      Besides the man made factors above; there was/is also the natural immunity; built in any population, which survives a disease. Any disease, will not be as lethal, nor as easily spread through any population; a second, or third, or fourth time; as it was the first.

      People build a natural immunity to any disease; over a period of time. It is simply common sense.

      Bob Fletcher

  • Eric g

    I so far believe Steve Blake makes the most sense .
    However I believe U.S health is a controled , not always for majorities best interest . My dentist told me mercury tooth fillinngs were approved by the american dental assoc . He showed me the study done in sweeden . All the other countries out lawed mercury fillings .,not becuase it was proved harmfull . But becuase it was just to hasardous of material to be in anyones mouth . The mixture of Silver and mercury does make a good strong filling .
    The mercury is probabley more dangerous to the dentist than us . I wanted only plastic , Finally my dentist got some japanese stuff , that was stronger than plastic . Mercury was used as a presevative
    in vaccinations made in France ,and sold to the United States . I dont believe mercury is legal in vaccinations in europe . It may now be illeagal here too , I believe it could be very harmful for some babies and young kids .

  • http://New-vacine-guidelines-its-all-about-money Jackie

    Bob and Earl

    Where can one purchase a CS generator and/or how do one make one. What is the formula for making one that produces quality CS


    • K Smith

      sota instruments

    • http://n/a Anne Smythe

      I bought mine from Fred Peschel: It is cheap to make and all the instructions are available online. I sent mine to Kenya where it is seriously needed.

      Once you have your own CS generator, you can forget all those medications that are slowly destroying the health of people in N.America.

    • Earl Ellison

      Earl Ellison on March 27th, 2009 at 4:24 pm:
      Jackie Read # 2 or call 1888-528-0559 Spend time at You can also order a CD “Colloidal Silver Secrets” In it is shown various types includeing how to make the battery emergency one mentioned in #7.

    • Earl Ellison

      Earl Ellison on March 27th, 2009 at 4:24 pm:
      Jackie Read # 2 or call 1888-528-0559 Spend time at You can also order a CD “Colloidal Silver Secrets” In it is shown various types includeing how to make the battery emergency one mentioned in #7.

  • http://n/a Mike Leinhauser

    Check this site out to see what nutrition can do, mainly the use of vitamin C. Dr. Klenner was using this in the ’40′s and ’50′s. My doctor told me vitamin C was worthless, I’ve seen him for the last time. I’ve never had a flu shot and will never get one, can’t remember the last time I was sick.

  • Earl Ellison

    Jackie Read # 2 or call 1888-528-0559 Spend time at You can also order a CD “Colloidal Silver Secrets” In it is shown various types includeing how to make the battery emergency one mentioned in #7.

  • Kristi

    I had an aunt that died as a child from polio. The story that my Grandma told about the horrible death of her darling child still makes me cry. I would not wish such a thing on anyone. I also know there are horrible ingredients(not just mercury, the list is astounding when researched) in the vaccines that make them toxic to our bodies. I know there is a better way to health and well being. Big pharma is king and what’s best for our bodies will never be allowed by the king. We all have to research it for ourselves. I don’t want toxins going into my children’s bodies or my body. So at this point in time, I will choose the natural path to wellness and prevention.

  • http://None Larry Evan Beckwith

    I think your saying that the pharmaceutical are a fraud, an in element of deception, an away of conception to people in that they are being deceive. Then I agree.

  • robert j petersen

    Before diphtheria vaccine, the disease would hit a town and all the teenagers would die. Smallpox did the same. Jenner introduced the first vaccine which was cowpox, but under the electron microscope identical in appearance to smallpox and it immunized the individual so that we no longer have smallpox. Polio vaccine was a tremendous advance. I can’t believe these anti vaccine comments. For a few dollars I would gladly avoid the flu, smallpox, polio, etc. Of course now we do not vaccine for polio or smallpox as it is so rare. Smallpox is a laboratory item now. Vaccines do not weaken the immune system.

    • Katherine Tomsich

      Vaccination does weaken the immune system. It is incredible that they recommend that people with already weakened immune systems be vaccinated- if it were to work, how could it work if the mechanism is not functioning? You are free to abuse your body however you like. Just quit making laws to take away my right to refuse! This discussion has many elements in common with the whole man-made global-warming fraud. Medicians have decided that vaccination is a good idea so they quit investigating. I say let people decide for themselves if they want to have this procedure done. Leave out all this emotion and weigh the consequences logically. There are many side effects to vaccination, like all medical treatments. One must be shown the facts to make a proper decision. Medical personnel are irritated when asked by patients for justification of their therapies. This is what has to change. Then we can all look at the research and decide for ourselves.

    • Michelle

      Katherine Tomsich:
      How do you know vaccines do not weaken the immune system?
      I think big Pharma got to your brain, or maybe you had a tad too many vaccinations….
      Do a little research before you expouse these ideas…
      Good luck to you.
      I hope you don’t have any children or grandchildren you can damage with your ignorance!

  • Jim Lancaster

    Why don’t you people take off your blinders , don’t you know that the medical industry only uses drugs that (in the long run) will make you sicker then you are now? for them it’s a investment , for instance , the “flu shot” full of mercury , aluminium and other heavy metels , and guess where they collect at? you guessed it , the brain. I myself will refuse to allow them to put that junk in my body .. I am in my 50′s and NEVER had any vaccine , all that is required is a helthy diet and keep your immune system running strong.. how about our drinking water,, full of floride , do you know what that junk was used for before someone got the bright idea to put it in our drinking water, toothpaste and mouthwash? rat poison, yes thats right RAT POISON , it does nothing to “prevent tooth decay” , matter of fact it strips your teeth of enamel makeing then rot even faster (so the dentest can make money to ) and how about the “clorine” nothing more then bleach ,, ever look on a bleach bottel ? humm wonder what the skall and cross bones mean? and yet we are forced to drink it ,, not me I’m one of the lucky ones, I only dring FRESH water ,,, we the people of the USA need to stand up and take back our country if it isn’t already to late

  • Janet

    Lea Reply:
    March 27th, 2009 at 2:19 pm

    As I said in my earlier post. It’s too bad people today didn’t see children such as myself who’s legs and bodies were ravaged by Polio. I had polio in the 1950s and had to have operations, therapy, etc., to survive to the point I am now. In my humble opinion, I think people need to wonder why it’s only recent years things such as Autisim is on the rise. I know it is a terrible thing for children and their families to suffer. I think we need to wonder why not more children from the earlier years of vaccines didn’t develop autisim?….

    Lea, did ever think that maybe autism was not as huge of a factor back then is because children were given fewer vaccines and they were more spread out.
    Now days they expect you to let them give your 2month old baby 7 vaccines, that’s right 7 vaccines in one visit. Now tell me how on earth can this ever be healthy.
    I am not against vaccination, I believe it does have its place but , I also think it needs to be more rational. Some of these vaccinations are for illness that are minor and think about it when you contracted polio did you also get meningitis or measles, mumps or any other disease at the same time for your body to fight off? Of course not. So why invade a small baby’s body with all these illness at one time for their so-called good.
    Now I have done a tremendous amount of research on this for the sake of my infant son and what I have found is that while they supposedly researched and decided that themerosal was not the cause of autism, there has never, never, never been any research done as to the potential harm to an infant or child that can happen by overloading their immune system so much at one time. The CDC and pharmecuticals just got together and decided that it would be harmless to give multiple vaccines to infants and children at one time and even combine many of them in one shot. I believe this is where we are getting our rise in autism, as well as childhood asthma, type 2 diabetes, add, adhd. All you have to do is look at the history of the increase in vaccines along with the history in the rise of these disease and disabilities in children.
    There has got to be a better way. There are many parents like me that have chosen a saner path to get our children the vaccines we feel are important. First wait till they are 6 months old or older, then never get more then 2 vaccines at one time and always space the schedule of vaccinations at least a month to 6 weeks apart. That way the child can be monitored better for any potential problems or side affects so the Dr. knows if they show an allergy to any of them and in the end they are vaccinated with what they need and their bodies can tolerate. I too hate the Governments intrusion into my life and my families decisions and I feel it is about time we all stand up to them and stop the insanity.

    • DeWitt Bunch

      Just wanted to add a few points.
      1) Polio- which has supposedly been eliminated through vaccines is still around but is now called Guillian-Barre Syndrome and is a common side effect for some vaccines.
      2) Mercury may not cause autism- but who did the study?
      3) Most vaccines are loaded with aluminum- the only heavy metal poison that is capable of crossing the blood/brain barrier.
      4) Alzheimer patients have been found to have large deposits of aluminum in their brains (during autopsy).
      5) Is there really a difference (besides age) between autism and alzheimer’s ?
      6) AIDS – originally a monkey virus- has been connected to contaminated polio vaccines that were given in Africa.

      Yep Vaccines are great !!

  • http://none Arlene

    To those that were inquiring about Colloidal Silver. I have used CS for at least 13 years and it worked wonder for me and my family. Literally no sickness. We take one or two teaspoons of 4 PPM solution every evening after brushing our teeth. And swish it around in our mouth for several minutes then swallow it. If we get a sore throat we gargle with some and by morning the sore throat is gone. I attribute our good health also to the fact that we wash all of our fruit and vegetables before putting them in the refrigerator. They keep 3 or 4 times as long as there no germs to make them spoil. As an example of how effective CS is in killing germs and viruses you can take 2 bowls of strawberries and wash them with clean water. To one of the bowls add 4 oz of 10 PPM solution of CS to the wash water for 4 or 5 minutes. Do not bother to drain all the water off or add some silver to the bowl. Add sugar to taste for each bowl. Cut or mash as you would to prepare for eating of both bowls. You will find that the bacteria that were still alive in the bowl without the silver will only keep for a few days until they begin to ferment and start to get mold on top. The bowl with the silver will keep 3 or 4 weeks and still be good. (no fermentation) This is good proof that the CS has killed the bacteria that causes fermentation. I got my generator from many years ago. It has been a very good one that times the production and limits the current that can cause the particles to be larger. The electrodes are 1/2″ by 6″ instead of using the small wire on most
    generators and have many gallons. I think it cost me about $90


  • http://none Arlene

    I think I gave the wrong address in that post on CS. Should have been

  • Marlene B.

    Sign Petition To Stop Television Prescription Drug Ads

    Published by Marlene B. on Mar 18, 2009
    Category: Health
    Region: GLOBAL
    Target: U.S. Congress, FCC, FDA, European Commission, EMEA

    Background (Preamble):
    Statistics prove prescription drugs are 16,400% more deadly than terrorists. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in 1998, a report finds that prescription drugs kill about 106,000 Americans each year – that’s three times as many as are killed by automobiles—making prescription drug death the fourth leading killer after heart disease, cancer and stroke.

    Last year, the Journal of the American Medical Association puts death from all drugs, illegal and prescription, second only behind car accidents as a cause of death.

    The rise in deaths coincides with the direct marketing of prescription medication to the public. Prescription drug sales have soared nearly 500 percent since 1990.

    The pharmaceutical industry is a multi-trillion dollar business. Companies spend billions on advertising and promotions for prescription drugs. Pharmaceutical companies claim their drug ads are “educational” to the public. The public seems to genuinely believe that drugs advertised on TV are safe, in spite of the plethora of side effects listed. Many of these drugs have proven deadly.

    Every day it’s estimated 2,500 teens abuse a prescription pain killer for the first time.

    The White House Office of National Drug Control policy had been planning to unveil an ad campaign to target prescription drug abuse by teens. It is time to stop this form of advertising by the pharmaceutical companies.
    We, the undersigned, request that Congress, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), the European Commission, EMEA (European Medicines Agency) stop all television advertising of prescription drugs.

  • Marlene B.
  • robert j petersen

    It is hard for me to believe the ignorance expressed in many of these blogs. What evidence is there that vaccines weaken the immune system? Before a vaccine is used it is tried on hundreds. Is someone saying smallpox vaccination, diphtheria vaccination, etc. are useless? Ok you can get away without it if enough are vaccinated against the particular disease. I suspect if an HIV vaccine comes out a lot of gays would like to get it.

  • BarbTexas

    Good grief! A great percentage of us would be dead now if we believed half of these posts. And thank you Mr. Peterson. Yes, Jenner discovered that milk maids who had “immunized” themselves with the cowpox, which was much milder, did not get smallpox. That was how the smallpox vaccine was started. It was very dangerous, indeed, back then. If you don’t believe it, just do the research-real research, not the stuff people have decided are facts because they are rather paranoid. Read about Jenner. Smallpox killed millions and it was a horrible death. (Smallpox vaccinations were made safer and more precise and contributed to the eradication of the problem. We haven’t required the vaccine for many years.) Sci-Fi enthusiasts should have been exposed to a few story lines concerning this, I ran across a few made-for-TV movies about it after 9/11. If you want to wipe out most of a population, you don’t need hydrogen bombs, just introduce smallpox again! (Of course, you’d have to immunize your favorite people first, because smallpox doesn’t discriminate.) Luckily, I’m on the list to be one of the first to be revaccinated should there be an outbreak, so that I could vaccinate others. I would run, not walk, to do so, too.
    I had more than one friend who had polio, also, when I was about 6 years old. They were in agony, and if they survived, they walked with those horrible metal braces, had many operations, and walked with a limp. Not easy for youngsters, and their peers were far nicer in the 50′s and early 60′s than the ones of today. Polio has “revisited” many of these victims later in life, too, much like herpes. Viruses can stay dormant and not cause problems until much later. I’d rather take my chances with prevention. I will qualify soon for the herpes zoster (shingles) vaccine, and I’m probably going to try it. I’ve taken the pneumonia “shot” and quit having hay fever and bronchitis, but maybe it was just a “coincidence.”
    I do agree that the flu vaccine is an educated guess-a big gamble- and should not contain mercury. (I think flu vaccine may be the only one containing mercury now.) It is not included in most children’s flu vaccines, anymore, in Texas. It is not in any vaccines in California. Simple enough, though, just check before consenting.

  • Eileen in Idaho

    My son attends a church where nobody vaccinates their children. In a congregation of more than 1,000, NOT ONE CHILD has AUTISM! I do believe that speaks volumes. However, here in Boise Valley, we have a woman, I guess she is a researcher. She is so eager to prove that vaccines kill children that she is trying to free a man convicted of FIRST DEGREE MURDER! She says the child died because she was vaccinated. The child’s doctor rated the child as a 97 percentile child shortly before she was murdered. She was two and one half. The babysitter’s meth-addicted boyfriend was 24, over 6′ tall, weighed 224 lbs. The child weighed 37 lbs. on autopsy. The researcher has never gone to the courthouse to look at the gruesome autopsy photos. They prove that the killer socked her under the jaw and left a large bruise, then hit her on top of the head and left knuckle sized bruises that were only exposed by peeling her scalp from the skull and folding it down over her face. There were several bruises the size of knuckles. He also left finger mark size bruises up and down her ribs as he held her to shake her, which tore the membrane surrounding the brain and detached her retinas. He also left grip marks on her upper biceps where he grabbed her. One picture shows the child’s brain on a metal tray. The entire top of it was covered by a blood clot more than an inch thick. But, this researcher thinks the brute ought to be set free because the child had been vaccinated and she says that surely caused her death. I agree that vaccines are dangerous, but if you beat, hit, and shake an UNvaccinated child the way that brute did, the result will be the same. So, when you see someone doing research, ask WHY he is doing the research! Some researchers get so carried away trying to prove themselves right that they will believe anything! Then they publish it as gospel truth! I believe this lady, initials V.H., must be either a close friend or relative of the killer’s family. Nobody else believes he is innocent. The child was someone close to me, so I have my own set of prejudices. He got a sentence of INDETERMINATE LIFE, but with only 15 years fixed. He will get out in 2016 and that precious little girl will still be dead.

  • Eric g

    Someone asked for proof of a US government coverup . Remember the book silent spring . Remember the thin egg shells of the eagels and Falcons . The government outlawed DDT , The scientific evidance said DDT was the best insecticide against mosquitoes and consequently malaria and many blood tranfered deseases . Millions of poor people have died , becuase DDT was banned . There was no evidance ever found for Banning DDT . The government just did it anyway , becuase DDT was cheap . As a matter of fact the studies done by the government stated DDT was not guilty .
    I suspect the global warming story maybe a joke like the DDT story . So you dont always get the truth .

  • Eric g

    I recently read of some kinda heath care groupe in south Chicago , This groupe has not vacinated over a 100,000 childran . They reported no atusim in the un vacinated kids . This is a big enough groupe to indicate something . Pity we can not take our pharma CO , doctors , government or states word for anything , when money is involved . Believe me there would indeed be a lot of money involved if vacinations have cuased autism .

  • Angelo Musel

    The early signs of herpes simplex virus are similar to that of flu symptoms. You will get headaches, you become irritable or depressed, the lymph nodes become inflamed, and you will have fever. After feeling ill, the sores will now appear on the mouth or lip area (for HSV-1) and on the genital areas (for HSV-2).


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