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New resource for wilderness and urban survival

March 20, 2009 by  

New resource for wilderness and urban survival In these uncertain times many families may be looking for ways to keep themselves safe, and one website provides a comprehensive guide to the most recent wilderness and urban survival equipment.

Launched by a former Marine and veteran of the 1991 Gulf War, it responds to the needs of those interested in disaster preparedness by offering first aid kits, water filter systems, colloidal silver and Meals Ready to Eat (MRE).

"Rescue personnel can’t respond instantaneously to everyone who needs help," says Tom Sciacca, president of JHL Supply which runs "An emergency survival kit or ‘go bag’ provides essential items individuals or families should have in the event of a disaster."

He adds that people should choose survival kits with items that are likely to be most useful given their geographic location and living environment.

This and many other resources are particularly important in the current environment when the economic crisis threatens families across America with losing their jobs and houses.

Moreover, those living in the Southeast of the U.S. may be well advised to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season that starts on June 1.

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  • Donna Steel

    Bigger is not better and the big ones need to be broken up like Ma Bell. The people at the top are not doing the job that we are paying them for therefore they need to go. Unfortunately, you get what you vote for and we are seeing the result of voter apathy. I do not believe the Politicians feel the pulse of the country it is sad that America is becoming weakened globally in every area. Government should protect us from our enemies and let us alone. Anything the Gov. gets involved in and tries to control takes away our freedom. All of the strings attached to anything they control becomes drowned in paper work. Let capitalism work. I believe in borders, culture and english as the spoken language. I believe our forefathers and the Constitution are our foundation we need to teach this in every school across the nation.

    • SSG Prasuhn

      Donna Steel—Where oh where are you coming from with this??? It has nothing to do with the story about an ex-Marine having started a ‘survival’ store (or online catalog sales). At least ‘stick to the topic’ or ‘pay attention’ to which one you’re posting to so that what ‘the story states’ and ‘what you post’ MATCH, or at least come close (as in hand grenades, if you will). GeeeeZZZZ!!!!!

      • Mark

        SSG Prasuhn–what’s your problem (besides needing a nit to pick)? You identified her (probable) simple error. What she said was good, timely, readable, regardless of where it is posted.

        Get a life, Sir.

        • SSG Prasuhn

          Nope! Not ‘nit-picking’.

          It’s called ‘Net Etiquette’ whereby you ‘post’ according to what the ‘topic’ is. Otherwise nothing makes sense when you read the initial topic and then the responses to it. Get it?? Guess not. They don’t teach that in schools these days. In fact, I don’ think they teach anything in school these days from what I’ve seen.

          If you’ll notice, I didn’t say anything ‘bad’ about what ‘Donna Steel’ wrote about, just that it was posted in the ‘wrong’ place. In fact, I quite agree with a lot of what she said. Duh!

          ‘Nuff Said’,

      • EJB


        • M. G. Rust

          I’m with you EJB!!! The U.S. of America is heading for a big fall!

        • VSD

          strong text
          How about everybody in Washington being tried for treason? Obama could not do anything without their votes. They hate America & want to change everything we have stood for. I wonder why on that…… seems as tho America has been very good to all of them. It is very sad to watch the death of America as we know it & not enough Americans care to stand up and say “Hell no”. Obama told America that he wanted to change the very basics of our Constitution! Wasn’t anybody listening then? I believe now unless we have a Revolution we have lost our country to America hating elected officials that we voted in. Why do we keep voting in those SOB’s? It is very sad to see that we have been betrayed by the very people we thought that had America’s best interest at heart. I wonder what they will get for their part in this betrayal of America.

    • James Fitt

      I feel your pain hopefully this will wake up the rest of america. sometimes I daydream about what would America be like if we had a violent revolution and took out all of those liberal leaders. Would America be better off? I believe we would with the right people at the top. Obama in my eyes has become the worst president ever. The burdens we are putting our children under generations down the road is completely unamerican. Thanks all of you liberals for ruining america

    • Valkyrie132

      They’re not liberals, S. They’re ‘STATISTS’ (who believe that all priveleges flow to you from the STATE– for as long and as enthusiatically YOU PLAY BALL with THEM vis a vis THEIR AGENDA DU JOUR). More on this later…

      • EJB

        you’re talking mumbo-jumbo. They are the worst kind of liberals…We cannot wait for a year to see if obamas plan will work. He will have spent more money than all the presidents of the USA combined….Obamas methods are pure Socialitic. We are so close now, if obama were to trip and fall the wrong wat, we would have communism….He will destroy this country and just walk away smiling….He came into office with a trillion dollar deficit, is six weeks, we have a three trillion dollar deficit…The government is to protect and uphold our constitution, not support the country, Not tell the people how much money they can make..Not target a certain group of American, and take their rights away….Congress and Obama have violated out constitution once to often..Stop them now, or say good-bye to teh free United States of America

        • http://personallibertydigest m

          bush spent more money during his 2 terms than ALL prior presidents

    • Brian

      I hope this is the correct area to post about related matters For our envirioment and our nations future. If not maybe you could forward it to another department? There is a subject matter I believe really needs to get heard more in America to help provide more jobs and a better future! I am concerned with our nation’s future with what Obama is doing with spending Trillions of dollars for ridiculous causes like $2,000,000 to study pig odor and millions spent for politicians to have their own personal expensive cars and Golf carts to use at tax payer’s expense, for personal use. What ever happened to being patriotic? That seems to be “politically incorrect” these days.
      In other countries they defend their people by helping defend jobs. This is often done from what I’ve seen where a company in another country wants to import their products to another nation but the other nation taxes the imports to the point that it is no longer profitable to import the merchandise and instead they are lead to manufacture the products in the country they are trying to sell their products to, thus providing more jobs for the people of that nation. Seems like a good plan that works for them. Why aren’t our politicians patriotic like this?
      Instead we mostly see every product made in China , Asia, etc for practicly slave labor! I heard recently that well a well paying job over there would pay only about $700 a year! Meanwhile places like Communist China don’t have any “national debt” like our country does. Instead they have an enormous surplus of money by taking advantage of their own people.
      Now we see even food imported into the U.S., thus putting more of our farmers out of work. And now I even hear there are plans to begin importing military equipment and so on from other countries too, instead of making it here in our own country! I really feel sorry for our soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our nation. Why should our own military be importing what it needs when it can be manufactured right here?
      Obama says he’ll help create new jobs but instead it looks like we may see another Great Depression! How often do you see products sold in stores say “Made in the U.S.A. anymore?
      We used to be one of the world’s leading exporters but instead now all we see is mostly imported items. That doesn’t help provide needed good paying jobs for our country, ya know?
      Still sometimes I think another Great Depression could be a blessing in disguise. I mean after the last Great Depression , many turned to God in the Great Spiritual Revivals we once had. Will we see this happen again I wonder? Let’s pray so.
      Aside from all the people who sacrificed their lives defending our nation I also really feel sorry for the dedicated Founding Fathers and all they contributed and sacrificed for our nation. It’s really sad.
      I can’t help but think that if not for our or recent generations sake , that if for any good reason that this nation should continue to be blessed for their work and sacrifices.
      It would really be sad to see the demise of this country after all the Founding Fathers and others did for it, as well as all the sacrifices that have been made. Somethings certainly need to change in our country and Obama’s plan doesn’t seem to be the way other successful countries have handled related matters in the past.
      We really need to put a stop to importing so much merchandise and start having it made right here again to provide more jobs for the future. Sadly many of politicians seem more interested in making money than ever being patriotic. That needs to change. If terrorists nuked Washington D.C. tomorrow, that may very well be a blessing in disguise sort to speak. I’d hate to ever see it happen but the politicians hearts don’t appear to be directed towards our nation’s best interest.
      They don’t appear to be even half as Christian as our Founding Fathers were. They appear to be the types the Bible mentions that God would rather spew out of His mouth.
      Please pray about these matters for our nation’s future.
      Thanks and God Bless!

  • Bar Tie

    Which flood is that in the photo? Houston has about two bad ones per year, we have had three of them much worse than that here in Lake Jackson Texas, and Cedar Rapids Iowa flooded worse than that June 2008. Can’t tell which flood it was. Houston had a REALLY bad one June 2001. Ours in Lake Jackson were July and September 1979 and January 1991

    • Florida Girl

      I believe that would be New Orleans… after Katrina.

  • Jack Lang

    Give us NESARA NOW! In 2000 the National Economic Security and Reformation Act was passed and signed into LAW. It was quickly shelved and ignored by the Clinton administration. Instead of pushing “stimulus packages” down the throats of the public, expedite NESARA and let the banks and corporations sink or swim. It won”t shackle the people with a debt they cannot pay and it will put the currency on the GOLD standard. The level of corruption in DC is so egregious it is criminal. What company do you suppose manages the pension plans for congress? Could it be AIG? Wow! Who would have thunk it? Wake up America !

  • william

    Your article on urban survival cut my attetion because you are so right. I’m aware that we are losing many of our rights and liberties. Right now, the 2nd amendment is in jeopardy and we must be very careful to do all we can to preserve our freedoms and for these reasons, I am starting a new party “Preserve our Freedoms Party”. I have a web site I would like to share with you and who ever happens to read my commends. The trainihng you recieve there is one of the best in the world. Please take the time check this place out.
    Corpus Christi, tTx

  • George Krauss

    I do not wish to rain on people’s parades or fans of a popular motor sportsbut it is so curious as to how so many Environmentalists are hopping on anything that has a carbon footprint beyond the size of a footprint how they have maneuvered around NASCAR, NHRA, and the many other motor sports held in this country every year that spells “BIG MONEY” for the very rich and possibly famous or “elite as they have become to be known. So if your of this “SPECIAL CLASS” such as Mr Nobel Prize winner phony elite polluter and energy gobbler-hypocrites like Al Gore with his five digit energy consumption at his home and his flying his personal jet all over the skys and oh yes …does he drive an energy efficient, environment friendly motor vehicle…NO a gas hog HUMMER you can spew out all the pollutants you want and that is OK with these hypocritical “GREENIES”. What’s next a fart-o-meter to be permanently affixed to our butts and get taxed as to how much people fart and taxed for being a normal functioning human being. What a bunch od idiots. We would be far better of with out a central government besides they cost to much to keep up and at the expense of jobs and our property we busted out butts to deserve.

  • SSG Prasuhn

    Jack Lang on March 24th, 2009 at 10:31 am: / George Krauss on March 24th, 2009 at 11:59 am:

    I pose the same question to you as I did to “Donna Steel” above… — Where oh where are you coming from with this??? It has nothing to do with the story about an ex-Marine having started a ’survival’ store (or online catalog sales). At least ’stick to the topic’ or ‘pay attention’ to which one you’re posting to so that what ‘the story states’ and ‘what you post’ MATCH, or at least come close (as in hand grenades, if you will). GeeeeZZZZ!!!!!

    • EJB

      It has everything to do with survival…If obama keeps up, we will all need to know how to set up our kits, and where to get them…Donna Steel is not as far off the topic, as many would think

  • Aaron

    SSG Prasuhn, I wasn’t aware you were the “comment police”. Your only comments are about other people’s comments…have you no original thought?

  • Earl Ellison

    Why was my comments not posted?

  • Personal Liberty Support

    Please try to post your original comment again. You can do so by hitting reply to this post.

    • Earl Ellison

      Survival tips: I was happy to see COLLOIDAL SILVER mentioned, but are many aware of its power? It is the best anti-bacterial anti-viral and more around. In fact its so good the drug firms continually try to get the EPA and other agencies to ban its sale since flu and many other inoculations would not be needed. It is effective against MRSA and other drug resistant organisms. The military uses it in burn units. Water filtration plants and NASA use it to clean water. The term “born with a silver spoon” has to do with health not wealth. The drug firms just don’t want to lose revenue and to hell with American health. They just tried to have the EPA label CS as a pesticide and may have suceeded. You can do what I did and get your own CS micro-particle CS generator from and make a gallon for less than $4. It may save your life even if you stay in the city. Our paid off AMA, EPA, FTC, CDC, and Congress could ban it. Get your generator while you can! Obama wants to reduce medical bills…wide use of CS would make a major impact. Write to him and the mentioned agencies like I did. …Its a good way to vent!

      • Joe Hooker

        I very much agree with this post!
        I’ve been taking a very small dosage of collodial silver daily for a dozen years now. Even though I’ve been around LOTS of really ill people & animals, I’ve never even had so much as a sniffle the whole time.

  • s c mailen, jr.

    It pays to take care of yourself. In this pampered society, we can choose to be 1) independent or 2) rely on elected weasels in Washington who specialize in pretending to care.
    It wouldn’t take much (natural disaster or otherwise), and we’d have millions of people who expect to rely on resources that are no longer available.
    Use your head and prepare. Don’t expect to be a burden on your family or your friends. When this stuff hits the fan, you can either thank yourself or curse yourself. It’s your choice.

  • Kat Haber

    If you want to use wilderness for survival, let’s make sure there are wild places remaining. Check out or 9th World Wilderness Congress in Merida, Mexico November 6-13, 2009.

  • hirize

    Donna Steel my hat if off to you. You could not be more correct. Survival site though this is it never hurts to reflect on the reason(s) why we are here to begin with. As EJB said, “Donna Steel is not as far off the topic, as many would think” and if we are to do more than just survive, she is dead on the mark.

  • madmemere

    All criticism aside, folks; this is an excellent site to go to, so we, actually, can survive (probably in the wilderness) after the radicals, in DC, are done with us! Once they have taken all our money, property, civil rights, etc. and the aliens, massed at the border, have finished over-running this country, precisely what do you think will be left for the rest of us?? If we’re lucky enough to escape, ahead of the on-slaught, the only place to run to will be wilderness! I kid you not – - -in case you missed some of the history lessons, check out the overthrow of various governments and the loss of any concept of democracy, in places like Germany, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela and others! The “impostor”, in the oval office, promised us “change”, but I don’t believe this is the kind of “change” any of you wanted!

  • Carol

    Ya know, Donna, Capitalism has been the destiny of America since its founding.And here we are today, our schools have “dumbed” us down and it is shameful to see the likes of stupidity that we see on TV and in the news daily. Even the yearly voting apathy and disinterest is apparent… I’ll bet you could open the paper today (internet) and see 5 articles that represent absolute ignorance. No wonder the government needs to take control. We deserve what we are getting! Parents don’t parent schools don’t teach and voters don’t vote.

  • Joe Hooker

    Honestly, I don’t know much about living in an urban situation at all. But when it comes down to surviving in any sort of deathly serious rural or wilderness situation, I’d be able not just to “survive”, but to continue to live very comfortably.
    I’ve given several short classes (1 or 2 days) on wilderness survival in the past, but with our present economic & political situations, I’m thinking of giving some more over this summer, at greatly reduced costs..
    If anyone at all is interested feel free to contact me at;
    Dr. J.D. Hooker

  • Don Warshaw VSO (Ret.)

    Our veterans and displaced people 4 years out after Katrina are being snubbed by the whitehouse and members of congress. Too bad they forgot that we disabled veterans with unreasonable healthcare put them in office. SHAMEFUL AND LUDICROUS.

  • Valkyrie132

    If the LOOTERS in society were totally successful in destroying the incentive for productive, ambitious, and forward-looking American individuals to do well in life, THERE WOULD BE NO ONE LEFT TO PAY THE TAXES which have enabled so many to produce so little for so long. The GOVERNMENT (in its ineffable wisdom) has also seen fit to teach and preach to their unproductive and/or marginalized ‘citizenry’ to despise
    Only a FLIPPIN’ GOVERNMENT STOOGE would see fit to SKIN A SHEEP ONCE WHEN HE COULD SHEAR IT FOR A LIFETIME. This is the point where adrenaline and endorphins will kick in, for it is to be truly a matter of life and death, and sooner than later. Prepare your mind and heart for the ride of your life, for we are living in exciting times.

    • Joe Hooker

      I agree. We are living in exciting times!
      If we manage to survive this, it’s something that our great, great, great, great grandkids will STILL be talking about! Let’s just pray that they get to say that the freedom loving good guys came out on top!

  • Joe Hooker

    This may seem odd here, but if you’ll think about it, it isn’t out of place at all.

    53 year old DWM, Survivalist, with 2 very well provisioned paid for locations, Survival Instructor, Expert hunter/fisher/gardener/trapper/forager, looking for intellegent and attractive 45 to 55 year old female housemate/partner, to help each other through the coming tough times. Experience not neccasary, just attitude & aptitude. must be willing to relocate to northeast Indiana. Children & or pets okay.

  • http://none OJD

    After watching the direction of America, (even before the last
    presidential election) all around me is a feeling of helplessness.
    No matter the concerns of we the people,government goes forward
    with its we know better attitude. I am an independent that leans towards the conservative right,as most of my friends. The feeling is
    work hard for change in November , if new more moderate or conservatives are not elected , there will have to be a more
    determined effort to bring us back to a honest , God fearing
    American based on our founding fathers principles.




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