New resource for wilderness and urban survival


New resource for wilderness and urban survival In these uncertain times many families may be looking for ways to keep themselves safe, and one website provides a comprehensive guide to the most recent wilderness and urban survival equipment.

Launched by a former Marine and veteran of the 1991 Gulf War, it responds to the needs of those interested in disaster preparedness by offering first aid kits, water filter systems, colloidal silver and Meals Ready to Eat (MRE).

"Rescue personnel can’t respond instantaneously to everyone who needs help," says Tom Sciacca, president of JHL Supply which runs "An emergency survival kit or ‘go bag’ provides essential items individuals or families should have in the event of a disaster."

He adds that people should choose survival kits with items that are likely to be most useful given their geographic location and living environment.

This and many other resources are particularly important in the current environment when the economic crisis threatens families across America with losing their jobs and houses.

Moreover, those living in the Southeast of the U.S. may be well advised to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season that starts on June 1.

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