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New Prepper Show To Air Tonight On National Geographic

February 7, 2012 by  

New Prepper Show To Air Tonight On National Geographic

A new television show that airs tonight on the National Geographic Channel will examine the lifestyles of American preppers who are getting ready for a number of catastrophic disasters.

“Doomsday Preppers,” which will premier tonight at 9 p.m. EST, follows the lives of otherwise ordinary Americans who have made a conscious decision to prepare for the collapse of civilization and other disaster scenarios.

The show will allow viewers to glimpse into the life of one of eight preppers in each episode:

Megan Hurwitt, The Young Urban Prepper: Prepping to survive a catastrophic oil crisis.

The show describes Hurwitt as a metropolitan party girl living in Houston, Texas. She carries a compact “go bag” with her at all times that includes a compact mess kit, survival knife, compass, flint, pepper spray, family photos, as well as a few other hygienic essentials. In the first episode of the series, viewers will follow Hurwitt as she details her plan for evacuating Houston in the event of a doomsday scenario.

Dennis Evers, The “Godfather” Prepper: Prepping to hedge against hyperinflation.

With 11 children and a growing number of grandchildren, Evers is worried about the global chaos that would accompany hyperinflation. Evers and his family have turned their Colorado farm into a portrait of self-sufficiency and have trained themselves to work as a self-sufficient unit in the event of economic collapse.

David Sarti, The Hillbilly Prepper: Prepping for an EMP attack.

A HAM radio and communications expert, Sarti is described by the show’s producers as smart, knowledgeable, quick-witted and just straight-up funny. The emphasis of Sarti’s prepper philosophy, the show’s producers say, is what you can’t buy, you make.

Learn about other preppers on the show here.

The show is part of a growing number of prepper-related cable and alternative media programs. Similar shows include “Livin’ for the Apocalypse,” which featured Personal Liberty preparedness expert Peggy Layton in a TLC special last summer, and Glenn Beck’s “Independence USA,” which aired on GBTV last month and follows one family’s attempt to become prepared for anything.


Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • steve in AZ

    Dang. And I just canceled my cable. lol

    • Joe H.

      to those interested. The first installment of this show will be repeated, tonight I believe. I got tired of missing it so I set it to record!!

  • Jonathan

    Step one; have shop about emergency preparedness. Call it Doomsday Preppers.

    Step two: marginalize the idea of emergency preparedness by poking fun (why else call it “Doomsday” Preppers?)

    Step three: disaster hits and few are prepared. Majority rely on an over inflated government.

    • Cathie

      Jonathan, My thoughts exactly! When I heard the name of the show my first thought was that the network was marginalizing those who prepare for future crisis. I want a show that informs and teaches, but I think this was designed to make so-called “preppers” look like loons. I am going to watch the first episode and hope that I am wrong about this.

      • 45caliber


        I don’t have cable or an antenna. If you watch this tonight, how about logging back on here and letting me know what you think of the show. Thanks.

        • skippy

          I hear ya 45cal. I hope to watch…but close to my snoozeville time!!! :)

          • skippy

            Well 45…..I looked and it sure was not on my channel in OH. Sorry, can’t help you out—-but I DID look!!! :)

          • Joe H.

            There are TWO national geo channels in Ohio I have both on AT&T. i watched the show just last nite. It was repeated so I recorded it to watch later. I like the format of the show where the experts explain to the preppers where they go wrong in preparing. the one guy and his wife have enough food to last them and four others in their family TWENTY YEARS!!!! This is, of course, by their estimates but DAM!! TWENTY YEARS?????? Their whole house is built of conex containers placed two and three high in a “fort like” structure with a square or courtyard in the middle. They say they get them for about 4000.00 a piece. for those that said they couldn’t afford a storm or root cellar theres it! Just coat it with a good liquid under coating before burying it!!

      • granny mae

        I agree. I get the feeling they think all of us preppers are nuts but let me tell you they will be begging at the door when TSHTF ! If they think they can come and take what I have I would suggest they give that a second thought ! I will share what I can but I will not be robbed ! After years of doing this and trying to convince others to do the same; I have given up ! I will teach anyone that wants to learn but I will not go out of my way to convince them it is in their best interrest ! I have a beautiful big black dog that loves this family with all his heart and he is quite spoiled but he is part black Lab and part pit bull and he doesn’t take kindly to stranfers so beware of dog. One thing about him is he is very quiet ! I have no use for people who try to make us look like idiots, so if you watch please let me know along with the rest on here how things went.

        • granny mae

          sorry but that stranfers should have been strangers. I guess my fingers are doing their own walking and not mine ! LOL !

          • WickedPickle

            Unfortunately most people look for spelling contradictions rather than focus on the issues (be they legitimate or not).. I assure you that you have the right to prepare for what ever you choose to adapt and I will read you’re story without bringing attention to the lacking of crossing a “T” or dotting an “i”.. People have been preparing since the beginning (for what ever reason) and it doesn’t harm anyone else, so I say, “YOU GO SURVIVALISTS!!”.. No latent giggle, no snubbing of the nose.. No attempt to typecast on this end, I assure you.

          • Joe H.

            granny mae,
            long time no type, lady!!!! glad to see you’re still around! God Bless!

    • Mary

      Jonathan, you are so right.
      Even government agencies are recommending everyone set up some minimal preparation. Basic wisdom would have you recognize the instability of present conditions and make an effort to provide for yourself and family, at least.
      My own family would prefer to be able to care for ourselves and minister to others as best we could in the event of natural or unnatural disasters. Shows like “Doomsday Preppers” mainly mock those who prepare and help others rationalize their denial. How sad…

    • charli chikn lady

      jonathan… most folks around here were not prepared for the F4 tornado that went through last april and the local ingle’s groc. store was without power for a few days….. lost all their meats. THEY were not prepared – nor were the folks that depended on store to have food to buy… no power – no food sold!!! hubby and i have been prepping for over a year now. have even learned how to “oven can” – and it’s AMAZING!!! food canned this way – in the oven in canning jars – will last for near TWENTY years!!! we have even put up enough to share with unfortunate non-preppers! best advice i can give – stock up on canned meats and beans – handle the cans gently and they will last way past their expire date. ALSO!! be SURE to have SEVERAL el-cheepo can openers on hand to give away with canned foods that you give away… keep one in yer “bug out” bag! god bless the preppers – one just may save yer life – you never know. just sayin’ God bless all!

      • Joe H.

        charli chikn lady,
        I’ve got about 37 army issue P38 can openers, the best tool the military ever came up with! i can open a can just as fast with one of them as most can with a “twist” opener!!

        • charli chikn lady

          joe…. one time i tried to use the p38 and dam near cut my finger off! nobody could really SHOW me how to use this amazing little tool. it was back in the 70′s. kept it on my keychain for a long time until i got stuck by it. thought it was cool. would still like to learn how to use it – it’s been in my jewelry box for near 40 years! guess i need to find me a military man to teach me how…. enjoy your posts! charli


    I like to think I’m “just prepared” but my neighbors all think I’m a terrorist nut case,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,until tshtf anyway.

    • granny mae

      That is OK, you are in great company ! I heard a preacher just last night say not to concern yourself with what some people thing you will never convince them that you are right, leave it to God to do the convincing and you just shake the dust off your shoes and go ahead on ! Keep up the good work !

      • granny mae

        Darn it, that should say think not thing ! Goofy, stiff old fingers anyway

        • Joe H.

          granny mae,
          i put up about 150 more cabbage rolls last week end. they’re in the freezer, but I got a decent genny and when I run out of fuel, I’ll just have a feast of cabbage rolls and invite a few “less fortunates” over. My shoulder holster will be full, of course, just incase!!

    • Matt Newell

      Of course you KNOW who’s door will be broke down wtshtf. The preparing should be a deep dark secret from the world. Make sure YOU are prepared first and don’t let the rest of the world know about it or you won’t have anything after they get through.

  • AK Tom

    Nowhere in this country is safe from some type of disaster be it man-made or natural. Earthquake,flood, tornado,blizzard,wildfire,massive oil spill. After seeing the reaction of the government trying to help (or not trying) prepping only makes sense. Now you can go overboard with it but it’s wise to have extra fuel and canned or freeze-dried food.

  • Big Jim

    to bad we did not prepare for this president and his bunch of hench men

    • granny mae

      LOL ! good one, but I guess we just can’t make ready for everything ! Or maybe we can !

  • NC

    Big Jim. Walmart is still open and if you hurry you may get a bargain on duct tape and plastic for the windows to keep out the WMD! Also plenty of Slim Jims! And for God’s sake don’t forget your Ammo, cammo, and a copy of Turner’s Diary.
    The mad Kenyan is coming to get you with the guvment pole ese (aka henchmen) I saw what I thought was a bunch of them “brown shirts” on my street this morning but it was just the Boy Scouts on a donations drive!Almost emptied my AK-47 on em before I realized I wasn’t under attack by the mad Kenyan’s henchmen!Be alert! I understand from this site that there may be some NWO amungst em! What the h*ll ever they are!

    • 45caliber

      Sorry, NC, buy you’ll never make it as a comic. Keep your day job.

      • s c

        45caliber, NC and his bunkies won’t ‘make it’ – period. In a way, you could call it poetic justice (social justice?). Comeuppance with a twist?
        *Attention all utopians. Go to sleep. All is well. Nothing can go wrong. If anything bad happens, Uncle Scam will protect you. Be sure to pray to Uncle Scam before you go to bed.
        Love Uncle Scam. Praise Uncle Scam. Pray to Uncle Scam. Worship Uncle Scam. Uncle Scam loves you as long as you do what he says. You have the best programming that Uncle Scam has to offer a mortal. And keep on chugging that special elixir that has been provided to you at no charge by the best government that money can buy*

        • Joe H.

          if tshtf, screw uncle scam!!!

    • Big 45 Kimber

      NC, you seem to be more of a part of the PROBLEM than you are of the solution!
      If you have any common sense, review HISTORY, and you will see that any time a megalomaniac was able to convince the populace to blindly follow him, with slogans, rhetoric and promises, it was always the people that got hurt!
      Don’t believe me, since I’ve already done the research, and can actually think critically, but take it upon yourself to do something proactive, instead of blindly following!
      I have been preparing for years, and still have not reached the level of preparedness, and probably never will, but I do know that there will come a time that all of my preparations will be helpful for my family!
      All it will take is one ‘manufactured crisis,’ as has happened so many times in history, and our current megalomaniac-in-chief can suspend the Constitution and assume total power, appointing whoever he wants, and let the Government control “we the people”!
      If the Revolt happens, after that, then I want to make sure that I’m around afterwards, to help restore the Constitutional laws that this Republic was founded on! And don’t think there aren’t a LOT of CITIZENS that also feel this way, especially after watching the Constitution, our Nation’s laws, and liberty being denigrated!

      • NC

        Big 45 I have lived in this country for 76 years and have heard 10,000 “pending doom” speeches, most of them from Bible thumpers, about government takeovers and the end of the world!
        It must be total misery to live everyday in fear of conspiracies and the “worsT that can happen.” LOOSEN UP DUDE! WE HAVE IT BETTER THAN ANY BODY IN THE WORLD!! ENJOY IT INSTEAD OF READING EVERY THING AS A “SIGN” OR SIGNAL THAT THE GOVERNMENT IS TRYING TO SCREW YOU OR KILL YOU!

        • granny mae

          There was a time when this was the greatest country in the world and all of us enjoyed living here and being a part of this country, but today is not the same as it was even 20 years ago. In the last month I have heard of 5 beheadings in this country. Beheadings in this country. Dear Lord , and you think we should sit back and enjoy everything ? The government knows that there was a WMD brought into this country a few years ago and they don’t know where it is. And this is not the only one, and you think we should sit back and not worry just be happy ? We have been told by countries that want to kill us that they will succeed and they are coming to our East coast and our Gulf. They have already tested some rockets that are capable of delivering an EMP and you say we should forget about it !? We kill more unborn babies in this country every year than in anywhere in the world and still you think we are the greatest country? We are suffering in this last year alone , with floods and draughts and fires and ranchers that had to kill their cattle because they couldn’t feed them because the pasture land was all dried up and they were starving. You don’t seem to realize that farmers are warning us that there is some major food shortages now and more coming because of all the shortages all around the world and you say relax it’s all bunk, don’t worry? Well I am going to tell you this. I don’t worry because I’m prepared but you better wake up and smell the coffee soon or you will be worring to no avail ! Thank God there are a lot of people seeing the signs of the times and they are growing gardens and trying to prepare for what they will have to do to live in the future. These are wonderful smart and caring people, but those that think like you, not so much ! Please wake up soon for your own sake. It’s not going to effect me one way or another if you never wake up but I sure would hope you take some measures just in case there might be a time when you need it!

          • Joe H.

            granny mae,
            NC is one of the “less fortunate’ that will be knocking on everybodies door asking for a crust of bread or maybe an apple. Of course he could also be one of the ones that tries to steal food and doesn’t make it to 78!!!

  • John

    The ant prepared himself for winter, the grasshopper did not! (Aesops Fable). Please grasshopper NC don’t come begging for food at this ants house. If you come to my house to steal my food to feed your family, I WILL use my AK-47. You think your a funny guy, but if the proverbial does hit the fan you will expect the government to bail you out at the expense of those ants who did prepare. So laugh if you will funny guy, I would love to see you explain to your children why you won’t be feeding them tonight.

    • granny mae

      Amen ! He may be laughing out the other side of his face one of these days ! Then again maybe he is one of those guys that is prepping in quiet and just wants to keep up appearances to the outside world ! Naa, probably not !

  • Prepared

    My name says it all…Come on and get some lead

    • NC


      • FreedomFighter

        Sorry NC,

        No cure for stupid.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

        • s c

          Thank you, Freedom Fighter. Your comment was short, to-the-point and right on target. You get it, and you didn’t have to ask a bureaucrat for support or a fistful of someone else’s money. You didn’t even have to ask a political god if you have ‘divine’ permission to express an opinion. I LUV it. Right on!

  • mike

    The government has said that its good to have emergency supplies on hand to make it easier on your family…yet ever bill that has passed in the last year and every article i reaad put out by our government tells people and law enforcement to watch out for people that do this. They are now considered domestic terrorists. So tell me big brother how many cans of soup and beans pushes me from being preparred to a national security threat?

    • granny mae

      I hear ya ! Plus the gov. now has google to keep tabs on everything we say and do on the computer so big brother is not only watching but he is ready to strike ! Imagine that !

      • granny mae

        Oh, by the way, for all of you who think you don’t have google, think again many servers out there make use of google even though they don’t say so.

  • Buck

    I have been somewhat of a prepper all my adult life in that I tried to keep my family ready to face any eventuality , more so in knowledge of how to survive off the grid than just storing supplies . We used to be called survivalists until that term became politically incorrect . We did survive what few emergencies we ran into quite well . However , at 70 years of age and disabled to some extent , I can’t get my dependents to take me seriously so I have pretty much given up , but will always have the knowledge I have gained over the years . I see bad things coming and I hope I am wrong , but if i am not God help you all , you will need it .

    • granny mae

      I too am 70 and have worked for years at getting prepared and had to use it a few times. To me it was just taking care of my family. I can, dehydrate and put aside for the times when what most of us see coming, comes and we can make it through. Over the years I have seen many things come and go but in the past 10 to 15 years I have seen things that disturb me grately. Those that don’t see it don’t want to see. My sister is one of those people and tonight I got an e-mail from her telling me she is scared of what she now sees in the near future and wanted me to tell her how to get ready. She said that our younger sister that passed away several years ago appeared to her and was trying to give her a light so she could see what was coming! Those that don’t get ready will wish they had. You just keep all those things you know how to do because it won’t be long and you will have to teach others how to do the things you can do, even if you are partially disabled. I am too and yet there is a local church that has inquired if I would teach them how to do the things I can do. I said I would. What is coming is not going to be over in a few months or even a year. We are going to go through some difficult times for several years. There will plenty of opportunity for you to instruct others on how to do things that they need to learn to do. Never give up !

  • dfinch

    I was probably one of those that thought if anyone did this were reactionaries. There has been more to happen this past decade than any in my lifetime and I have to admit that I am uneasy about it. When I saw where they were making another bunker at the WhiteHouse and the Fema Camps I started to question myself. Each trip to Sams I pick up bulk cans of vegetables, bottled water, paper plates and stuff like that. I think it’s a shame to worry about where your life is going on a daily basis.

    • granny mae

      If we prepare then we can eliminate the necessity for worry. It is never foolish to be ready for what ever comes, what is foolish is to deny what is plain to see and do nothing ! Now is the time to get your life and affares in order. Be it physical, spiritual, your home, your relationships with family and friends, it is time to get prepared to begin a new life ahead. Lets make the future better than the past.

      • ranger5

        Amen to your post granny mae

  • http://chrome DB

    Country is full of idiots willing to elect ANYONE talking the right game, promising lots of free stuff, a check, food, unnecessary health care, abortions, (good by the way), for those who want no responsibility. BUT, now a kid = bigger check!

    Need free pot, alcohol, porn movies, beds, and 2 meals per day delivered. You go to jail if you complain, “THE RICH” pay for it of course.

    • NC

      DB, the RICH don’t pay for it! We were told in 2000 by bush II. the little idiot, that if we gave tax breaks to the RICH they would spend it on jobs which would create enough revenue that we would pay off our debt and have a surplus to do good things for the people!.REMEMBER?????

      How did that come out? Ever thought where we might be if Obama had gotten to start with the economy that bush started with??

      • s c

        Settle down, comrade. Take your pills. Chug down more of that bubbling utopian elixir you get from Uncle Scam.
        So how do you explain going through life with a copy of Mao’s little red book in one hand and Mein Kampf in the other? Isn’t it rough on your knuckles when you’re always dragging your left arm behind you?
        Can you read those books by yourself, or do you have to go to Uncle Scam’s remedial classes for the mentally challenged?
        Remember to vote for Lenin in the next election, comrade. Your family must be SO ‘proud.’

        • Joe H.

          He took the evelyn reid sped reddin corse!!!

  • ranger5

    We have tried to be prepared for what ever comes our way. I see nothing wrong with having supplies and the means to protect those supplies on hand. We as a society have become comlacent, it is time for us to rely on our selves. I have seen towns evacuated under threat of wildfire and flood, not a pretty picture. People think my wife and I are strange because we prep. Better to have and not need than need and not have.

    • Joe H.

      the first time I got laid off, I was married and had one kid. i was laid off for three months but I had enough food except for the weeklies like milk and eggs to get us through those three months. this was in 1980, May to be exact. it doesn’t hurt a thing to be prepared for ANYTHING!!

  • ranger5

    My mother and father grew up during the great depression, it wasn’t called prepping then they called it everyday life. Be prepared.

  • Tracy Walker

    I saw the show last night & it did make me think. I just have some questions for some of the preppers – Mrs.Bishop may I ask where you find the information about how to store eggs like that & where did you find the recipes for canning meats. You may send me an e-mail at star 4435 Thankyou for your time.

    • libertytrain

      Tracy – this isn’t the National Geographic site for Doomsday Preppers????? I don’t think Miss Bishop is here – but perhaps someone else will know the answer —-

    • charli chikn lady

      tracy – you need a pressure canner to put up meats. if you buy one – the booklet that comes with it will explain HOW/WHAT to pressure can. eggs can be separated and frozen separately. just thaw out a white and a yolk. put them together – voila! if you are interested in “dry goods” canning done in the oven – just e-mail me at i just learned how to do this WONDERFUL thing and now have dry goods sitting on the shelf that will hold for TWENTY years or better! oh yeah! on the pressure canner – get a BIG one. the smaller ones are a waste of time for food preservation… just my opinion….. good luck charli

      • Joe H.

        Here’s wishing you the best, now that the progs here know your addy!!!

  • jopa

    FF; There is a cure for stupid.You will find it at the library not the drugstore.Get a card today or one of those electronic library cards and read books on line.RIF.Haven’t heard RIF in some time.

    • Joe H.

      The cure doesn’t exhist for what you, jopa and Flushy have!!! you guys are like the guy the one cop arrested. He asked the cop why he was arresting him, and he replied ” Being terminal stupid”!!!

    • FreedomFighter

      FF; There is a cure for stupid.You will find it at the library not the drugstore.Get a card today or one of those electronic library cards and read books on line.RIF.Haven’t heard RIF in some time.

      Thank you for your sage advice. Some reading for you that will maybe save your life and lives of the ones you love:

      Holy Bible
      Available everywhere

      Angel Wars Past Present and Future

      Dare to Prepare – Holly Deyo

      I have many more suggestions for rounding out your socialist communist goverment education with some reading worth reading, just ask me.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

  • jopa

    I did watch the show and there were some good ideas on there for everyone, not just Preppers.I didn’t notice anything negative about individuals and their choice of being Preppers.

  • angie

    Hey peeps, I would love to learn from granny! I could save some money in the long run.

  • jopa

    JoeH:Joey Joey Joey.Does your mommy know of your name calling and childish antics on the Internet?People try and help you with your mental deficiencies and you try and make a nonsensical joke about it.Your punchline “Being terminal stupid”. Were you referring to a computer terminal or a battery terminal??Then in above post you typed sped reddin corse, and it should have been “speed reading course”I don’t want to be the typo cop but you really need help.Have a good day and take those cabbage rolls out of your shoulder holster.

    • Joe H.

      THANKS!!!! you just proved my point!! That sped reddin corse was SATIRE and it went right over your little dingleberry HEAD!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  • Dire Wolf Alpha

    This series of programs will no doubt incur criticism and scoffing and yet as the first episode was but yesterdays news I was hearing it being discussed within my workplace. Most of the daily talk on any day revolves around sports where I work as it is in many places yet prepping was being earnestly and seriously discussed.

    Nat Geo may have intended to marginalize the “preppers” in this series yet it is seeming to awaken those sleeping or those on the fence as it pertains to their own well being.

    I have been a lifelong prepper (over 30 years) and the most important aspect of survival is not water,food,shelter, or fire, it is knowledge and the ability to properly utilize it. All the supplies in the world will do little good unless properly pressed into service. Knowledge is the beginning and the means to best see you through any disaster be it natural, man-made, or a combo of both.

    Prep well and intelligently.

    • charli chikn lady

      dire – you are SO right! without the knowledge – forget it! or get educated! there’s SO MUCH out here in computer-land that NOBODY can say they couldn’t find any info on “crisis prepping”… they’re too busy on their cel phones/texting, etc. to be AWARE that something is just not quite right in our country… saw a yungin’ (teen) fall off the side of the curb because she was too busy TEXTING!!!! thought i would LMAO!!!!! no…. she didn’t appear to be hurt… but the whole thing is SO comical when i run it thru my head again… it’s hard to wake the “sleepers” up. and IF you get them to talk to you about any of this – i see them get that “faraway” glazed-eyed look and i know they think i’m quite crazy…. so i shut up. enjoyed your comment. you put into words what i think sometimes… good luck god bless

  • jopa

    JoeH; I gotta tell you your idea of using those old shipping containers for storm and root cellars is a great idea.If I lived in tornado alley I would buy another one tomorrow.We have a couple on our property already for storing tools etc and they are built like Fort Knox.


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