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New Orleans Judge Rejects Obama Administration's Drilling Moratorium

June 25, 2010 by  

New Orleans judge rejects Obama administration's drilling moratoriumA Federal judge has blocked the six-month moratorium on offshore drilling ordered by President Obama following the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

After listening to two hours of arguments from lawyers representing several Louisiana drilling companies, United States District Judge Martin Feldman granted a preliminary restraining order that will temporarily overturn the ban and allow deepwater drilling projects to resume.

Feldman ruled that the decision to impose the moratorium, which suspended drilling on 33 active wells off the Louisiana coastline, was "invalid," as it arbitrarily assumed that all deepwater drilling poses a threat to the surrounding community, according to the Associated Press (AP). He also suggested that the economic impact of the ban would be more harmful than any potential hazard associated with offshore drilling.

"An invalid agency decision to suspend drilling of wells in depths of over 500 feet simply cannot justify the immeasurable effect on the plaintiffs, the local economy, the Gulf region, and the critical present-day aspect of the availability of domestic energy in this country," ruled Feldman.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said that the president would immediately appeal the judge’s decision, which "puts the safety of those on the rigs and the safety of the environment in the Gulf at a danger."

According to Public Policy Polling, the oil industry represents 16 percent of Louisiana’s GDP and accounts for nearly 20,000 local jobs.

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  • Barrack-O-stalin

    Its about time some judge put his foot down stopped this out of control dictator and puts him in his place. Obama’s too busy overreaching his boundries of the executive branch too busy suing the American people in arizona who are sick of lawbreakers coming in dealing drugs and killing law enforemnet officers and American citizenry unlike Obama he sides with the criminal element and is not even a U.S.citizen one would expect that by his behavior.

    Obama is lost without his czars and a teleprompter. He is nothing more than a petty thug and a banker bully stooge shaking the wealth from the backs of hard working honest decent Americans and has turned our government into a den of robbers and theives.

    Either a nation is ruled by a dictator or it’s governed by the rule of law.

    This administration is a dictatorship who bypasses both houses of the legislative under the guise of executive order making dictorial changes to existing laws by stealth and spends money against the wishes of the majority and pins that debt on that majority regardless of what the majority says publicly in outcry.

    This is a rogue regeme that is out of control and out of step who cares not for the rule of law while turns a blind on eye on the Constitution and steps all over our Bill of Rights and tramples the Declaration of Independence.

    Obama rewards the lawless criminals and punishes and chastizes the law abiding. Someone needs to sit this administration down for a timeout like most children need these timeouts and Obama is a child always seeking attention as children do.

    Obama is a child with a debit card with our names on it. Impeach Obama for incompetence, fraud, bribery and inpersonating an american citizen

    • J.M.R.

      i know 5 yr.olds that are more of an adult than this piece of crap. also this piece of crap knows is spend and spend some more, the five yr old would know when he has spent enough. well written B O S.

    • Joe K


      Well said. I would disagree with you only on one point. You said “He … has turned our government into a den of robbers and thieves.”

      I would contend that our government has not turned into a den of thieves because Obama is there. I would contend that Obama is there precisely because our government was already overrun with thieves, socialist, communist wannabes assorted crooks. How else could the likes of Ted Kennedy who should have been in jail spend 40 years in the Senate. How could Barney Frank continue to be re-elected? How could Nancy Pelosi get to be Speaker of the House?

      Obama is not the orchestrator of our thieving government. He is the politically correct pretty boy mouth piece (albeit, not without his teleprompter) of people every bit as heinous in their intentions toward America than himself.

      As far as thieving, un-American, anti-American, anti free enterprise, anti capitalistic, anti-freedom political thugs go, he is just the tip of a massive ice-berg. Other than his politically correct, please the masses on the government dole and the un-educated and mis-educated pretty boy persona, he is pretty much an empty suit.

      This country has problems a lot bigger than Barrack Obama. The fact that one such as he should become our president should make that obvious to any one who truly understand our country, our economy and our history.

  • JeffH

    It is my understanding that Obama’s legal council attempted to stifle the injunction today and was told a resounding “NO”!

    I hope this is the beginning of better things to come and let the rule of law lead us out of this abyss.

  • angel-wanna-be

    AWESOME!___We need more people,in the White House, willing to say NO to this Messiah and Thief, before he collapses what’s left of us.

    • Richard Pawley

      We cannot replace him for two and a half years but we can replace one third of the Senate and all of the House of Representatives in four months. Already the unions and special interests are aiming to pour $25 million into re-electing Harry Reid. The common sense, spend as you go woman who overwhelming won the Republican nomination to run against him has no great political machine or unlimited funds from special interests in DC. Hey, did you see where the new DISCLOSE ACT was just passed by the Democratic House and even 34 Democrats who thought it was unfair voted against it. It makes all monies donated by Republican organizations (except the NRA) subject to disclosure but monies given by liberal organizations like the Sierra Club and AARP, etc. to the Democrats are exempt. Is this the American way? Is this fair? If there is going to be disclosure there should be total disclosure by everyone wouldn’t you think. But it’s the spoils system here in the USA and the special interests are now in control. We have one last chance to get the country back and that is not in 2012. Then it will be to late. We must replace the 111th Congress with a new one in November. If we don’t then all I wrote about in my latest book will come to pass. It’s NOVEMBER OR NEVER.

  • Norm

    If there is another spill Obama will be the first to be blamed, and the judge will be free of all liability. Rush will see to that.

    • George E


      We can’t eliminate all risks and still have a viable economy. Companies have been drilling for oil out there for years without having a disaster like this one, so why should you expect to have another one within the next 6 months? I can imagine that all of the other companies with offshore rigs are doing a lot of assessing right now to make sure they haven’t cut any corners or done anything that might put them at risk the way BP possibly did with this rig. Disasters like this are everyone’s nightmare that will be avoided to the extent practically possible. So, if there does happen to be another major leak anytime soon, moritoriam would be vindicated, whereas those of us opposed to the moritoriam would likely lose public support for continued offshore drilling.

    • WarriorH

      Boy oh boy the WH legal team is busy. Gotta get those terrorists into criminal courts, gotta sue AZ, gotta keep the moritorium in place against drilling, gotta silence free speech. We better check with those blue state centers of higher learning and make sure they can meet the lawyer quota because they are really needed right away.

      • JC

        Amazing isn’t it?

      • http://naver samurai

        Don’t forget about keeping his true citizen ship a secret, protecting itself after the Sestak affair, trying to protect itself after the Hildebeast signed the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, etc., etc., the list goes on so long that it would be impossible to list everything on this post. Keep up the good fight, fellow patriots! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • http://naver samurai

      Come on now. You know Rush Limbaugh had nothing at all to do with this. Can we just stay on topic? If there is another spill, I sincerely hope there isn’t, we’ll just have to wait and see who is to blame. The head of BP apologized and took full responsibility, could he do anything less?

      • Norm

        Maybe if we all just pray the oil will go away.
        No one suggested Rush caused the spill, but his responses that BP shouldn’t be blamed and the spill would cure itself were stupid. Typical Rush nonsense.

        • http://naver samurai

          For someone who talks alot about God, you are kind of flippant when it comes to prayer. Obama bin Laden may no be responsible for the spill, but is responsible for the slow reaction he took to deal with the situation.

  • Matt

    Obama probably Wants to shut down all our wells to buy oil from the muslin Iraqi terrists.

    • JC

      Matt, if he wants to shut down our wells, and that’s a possibility with this creep, it would be to further denigrate the American people, whom he despises. Impeach the Kenyan.

      • Bill J

        Who cares about the birth certificate! The fact that his father was a Kenyan & a British subject makes him not a natural born citizen. Both parends must be U.S. citizens and he must have been born on U.S.soil in order to be a legitimate president! His mother was 18 years old at the time of birth. U.S. law required her to be 19 in order to convey citizenship to her offspring. So,in no instance is he a legitimate President!

        • JC

          Not quite so. If like McCain, one of your parents was born on American soil…like an army base in Panama the other parent can be a foreign national. BUT…the American parent must be at least 19 years old. The Kenyans mother was 18 when he was born….IN KENYA!

    • http://naver samurai

      Sorry, dude. The terrorists in Iraq come from other countries and different groups outside of Iraq. Get your facts staright before you post.

      • Norm

        That’s the most accurate and sensible post you ever had.

        • http://naver samurai

          Of course, I was there remember? I’ve had a lot of others also, but since we are on different sides of the fence, you just fail to see them. Thanks for the compliment though!

    • BDOG


  • J.M.R.

    i’m glad we still have a judge thats not bought and paid for. i don’t know but it looks like to me if we keep drilling in the same pond it might lower the pressure to the one thats spilling over and slow it down. and maybe they will get stopped with less loss if the head piece of grap wil get out of the way. impeach impeach

  • John Galt

    What next? Obama will tell us the teleprompter said “We need to increase, not decrease, our dependency on foreign oil.”?

  • s c

    In a world teetering on the brink of utter insanity, it’s nice to know that NOT all judges have been compromised. The idea that a ‘mere’ judge can put Herr Obummer in his place almost makes my day.
    I’ll bet there were some choice words used by Herr Obummer to express his outrage that a mere mortal would DARE to go against his “genius” and his many plans for enslaving (uh, ‘enlightening’) America.
    I am so thankful that Haavid is not the only university in America. If it was, then we’d definitely know that America is truly descending into the abyss – compliments of traitors in Washington, back-stabbing slime in every vocation and generations of willing accomplices.
    Can you say ‘WAAAAAAA,’ Herr Obummer? Izzum gotta problem?

  • jopa

    JMR: Not sure where you received your info but you have it totally backwards.This particular judge has stock in five differant oil companies.He is trying to cover his own invstment at everyone elses.

    • JC

      At everyone else’s what?

      • Eddie Gianola

        Jopa can’t finish the sentence ’cause his liberal brain is stuck in a dark narrow tube of his lower body.

    • Bill J

      Hey, Jopa! The judge sold that stock a year ago! Get your facts straight before you shoot your mouth off!

    • Ted Crawford

      jopa, if you have an annuity,, or other retirement insturment, so do you!!! Unless you have a moron for a program administrator!!

  • Eddie Gianola

    Hooray for a non activist pro enviromentalist whacko judge for a change. First time since Julius Ceasar made first sergeant in the roman army I think. Hopefully there’s more judges like this one on the appellate court to tell Obama where to go. Putting 100,000 plus people out of work is the direct opposite of what Obama’s supposed to be doing in his hopey changey thingy.
    Conclusion: Obama doesn’t want drilling for domestic oil on or offshore period. His request for appeal is the obvious indicator.
    Secondly,he doesn’t want the leak stopped. He really wants it both ways,stop the leak because of the eco damage and not stop the leak because the eco damage reinforces the environmentalist movement. Typical lefty wanting his cake and eat it too. Logic sez you can’t have it both ways but Oboy doesn’t like No for an answer as his narcissism disallows that told to him. Therefore the ungrateful(engineers,et al)are led by the incompetent(Obama)to accomplish the impossible with nothing!

    • Bob Wire

      Well you might say he don’t want the leak stopped, but that fails to make it so.

      You might “try” to make it “his” leak but that’s not so either.

      You might say he is using the leak as leverage to affect policy and finally got it right! Yea for you!

      Why should he not? It’d be grossly bad judgment if he didn’t.

      You offer us a solid plan to decrease world emissions, with controlled target dates offering an equitable and fair playing field to all parties and we can discard cap & trade consideration.

      Don’t tell me ,~ It’s not necessary! and just something else to buy, right?

  • jopa

    JC & Eddie;Meant to say everyone elses expense.

    • JC

      In what way, exactly?
      The people who work on those rigs and their families probably like to work. The people who have to drive to work probably like to put gasoline in their cars. The people who own the gas stations that sell the gas probably don’t mind. The people who supply those gas stations with milk and bread and candy bars probably like to work too…
      Who’s expense are we talking about?

  • http://PersonLibertyDigest Dee

    Our inferior sectary salazar said he would try to overturn this.
    Do you know that if this goes through and no more drilling, these oil companies will go to china or brazil and we will never get them back.
    Then we will be paying a heck of a lot more for oil.
    This government is so stupid

    • JC

      Not stupid Dee…crazy like a fox. Don’t forget their goal is the destruction of the United States.

  • http://gmail i41

    You guys forget, the socialist democratys will let Chnia and any other muslim dick-tater drill out in the our ocean, just past the 12 mile limit. They will use horizantal drilling to get under the USA. Also Onumnut might sign an excetive order to give China free access to our oil reserves, since the USA cann’t pay it debt. All thanks to the socialist communists democraps and their muslim marxist leader, and nano brained dip s–t voters who backed the muslim and all the socialist democrats. His Sec. of Inferior, Bean Belly Salazaar, is just as stupid, as most of Onumnuts lawyer thugs. They don’t know how
    create a damn thing useful, or to a damn thing, create some except misery, and wait for person and a corporation to sue. Just like a bunch of buzzards, waiting for a organism to die, like the democraps waiting for the USA to sucumb to econimic collaspe.

  • chuck b

    it would be interesting to know who the big investors are on the energy futures mkt. could it be soros, unions, big time liberals, pers. this is where they will make their money and barry is setting the table for them.

  • jopa

    Bill j; Dead wrong he still holds considerable amounts of bp stock today. On the day of his decision he sold some Exxon stock but that was it.

  • mehoward


  • Striven1

    I was so elated to see the judge stand up to the Obama admistration. I don’t care if the judge has all his monies in BP stock. The judge did what the president should be doing for the working class people.
    I must admit I am a union employee but I have never alligned myself with the union pressure voting suggestions. I am an American, of free birth and can think for myself. I don’t need some A_ _ Hole, like Richard Trumpka, who was president of the UMWA, who he sold out I mite add and now lobbies in DC, for the AFLCIO, telling me who best suits my needs in office. More people should think for themselves but we as a nation have become drones and fail to question things and or people. We fail to investigate for ourselves and that is exactly why we have Obama, and others like him representing us. I do however see that people have awoke from our slumber and even with trying to make a living and takeing care of our families the American public is now thinking again and not affraid to question. The problem is WE are now aware of how close we as nation have come to losing our freedoms and way of life. Yes, we have lost a lot and more than likely will not ever get them back, but just maybe we as a whole won’t become a drone nation and fail to investigate when we make important choices in the futer that will impact our lives. The North American Free Trade Act, (N.A.F.T.A.). Everyone remember this deal the great president Bill Clinton, and vice president Al Gore, got rolling? This was just one of the foundation blocks laid that has crippled the American, job’s and economy. Don’t get me wrong, president Bush, could have done something about this but he failed to do so as well. So, speaking as an American, not a party loalist, I beseech everyone to investigate a prospective canidate whom they are chosing to represent them. One who meets their own values, ideals, and lets not forget morality, and yes religious beliefs. Because this was how and why our great nations constitution, was written as it is. I would dare to say that I don’t think Obama, has ever taken the time to read our constition unless it was to try and distort it to fit his socialist agenda. People, he is doing a good job of it so please stand up and be counted.
    I want to also add that I am proud of the states that have decent represenatives who are standing up to our current admistration and passing legislation against nationalized health care and imigration…I support them 100%!!! I am almost ashamed to say that I live in (southern) Illinois, which is totaly controled by the voting populus of the city of Chicago. I just might have to move to get proper representation.
    God, bless this great nation and all her peoples.

  • jopa

    JC; Better check your stool in the morning I think your passing a lot of gray matter.Only thirty exploratory wells in the gulf were shut down not the entire gulf which has over 3500 wells in operation.There is a 115 million dollar fund set aside by BP to cover the wages and expenses of the affected employees.No economic impact to the region.It was an exploratory well that blew up so it is justifiable to look if the other sites adopted the same careless techniques in those particular operations. Not to do so would be and is totally rediculous.Find the truth and facts before you speak.

    • Ted Crawford

      You want some facts, jopa, ok. That tiny amount, which shouldn’t have been bps’ responsibility in any case, will only cover a couple of months in wages. In addition to that those rigs will not sit idle for 6 months. They are in demand in China, Brazil, and other places. If that happens it will make no difference if the moratorium is lifted! There will be no rigs to return to work for many, many years!!!

    • JC

      I have no idea what you are talking about or why you’re being snide to me. Must be a “liberal” thing to be mean spirited and full of bull all at the same time.
      I have said “nothing” that you needed to respond to like that.
      What the hell is wrong with you anyway?

  • Donna

    I think the judge and the people of Louisiana know whats best for our area over Obama… Obama hasnt a clue as to what is best with these drillings or for our State or our people, wildlife, coast, etc… Obama’s choices are not in the best interest of the American people. And it is obvious, this moratorium would have been devastating in many ways.

    • JC

      The livestock in Louisiana are better qualified to make decisions than the kenyan.

  • Ted Crawford

    I think it is abundently clear that this administration isn’t concerned with what we want, I give you health care, nor what the courts say! They are locked into their own agenda and will push it to any extreme!
    Everything they do, every proposal they make seems, as I’ve often seen posted, “suicidal”! This appeares so unwise, I’m forced to ask, “What do they have planned for us?”! They can’t possibly be this out of touch! They must have some plan that is just out of our view! We better discover it very, very soon!!!

  • jopa

    My understanding is there is no cap concerning that 115million. If more is needed it will be there.A lot of people are like children today saying” daddy daddy my car is broke can you fix it”? Yes dear I will bring it to the mechanic to see what he can do.Well in this case the oil companies are the mechanics and they really do’nt have an answer.Mr. Obama being daddy.My biggest worry now is this bottom kill idea they are going with.With the pressures involved in this scenario I have my doubts it will work. Heres hoping.I spend time in the gulf every year and still have plans for this fall oil or not our family will be there.

  • chuck b


    how about wadding up barry’s prayer rug and jamming it down the tube. i would suggest sticking him down there accept his ears would hang up on the opening.

  • http://gmail i41

    That is what the USA got for voting for the marxist muslim and his Chitcago terrorists and his radical thugs. Of course the same idoit morons also voted to place the National Socialist Democrat Union Party in total control.With all the communist designed agencies that impeed and restrict any form of protecting the beaches or wildlife. The bastards, who voted the for the marxist system of total government control, over ever damn thing in the USA, show they don’t have a clue, what this bunch of communist jackasses are doing. Onumnut sure isn’t a daddy or make a peice of grease on the bottum of a mechanics boot. First, he is too damn dumb to know anything, that is not taught from repetitous years of schooling. Of course the governemnt butt wipes, are all so educated, and able to color in the lines. Just such bright bastards with years of eleit fetching up. All need to be beat like high dollar rented mule. BP just greased the skids with cash for campaign, and rhe muslim and his goons set on their asses, except for photo ops and are still rotating thumbs betwwen each other as well as sucking on the other apendages available, possible a prehensable thumb, or what ever is presented. Government cann’t do a damn thing right and this crappy bunch of democrats managing everything will always end in failure. The dems own this giant foul up is on government and Onumnuts and his group. Blaming BP is just a smoke screen, trying to cover the screw up. Instead of having a moratorum, there should be drilling non stop to releive pressure, but Omoron and his bright bastard need thinking and medating time, just like Nero.

    • Kinetic1

      I was thinking about responding to your post, as well as those of your friends. I considered reminding you that the EPA was the creation of a Republican administration, that the Patriot Act walked all over our rights and that President Bush, through signing statements and other “under the radar” methods acted more like a dictator then any president in history. I was going to talk about all this and more, but the further into your tirade I got, the more I realized that you don’t have a clue about how foolish you sound. Your posts are nothing but a long string of name calling and innuendo. In one breath you suggest that our government (i.e. the Obama administration) is stupid, and in the next that they are all involved in a conspiracy. Your thoughts are laid out in incomprehensible run on sentences, littered with errors and odd comments about sucking on “a prehensable thumb”.

      By the time I reached the end of your post, I realized that there really was nothing to respond to. The best thing I can do for you is suggest that you stop, take a breath and read what you have written. Read it as if you were speaking the words, and if it sounds wrong, it probably is. So get a grip (maybe with your “prehensile” thumb), organize your thoughts and try to make a real point.

  • jopa

    Kinetic1: Very well said, there is’nt alot of intellect displayed here but they really believe what they are saying.It can be entertaining at times like watching Sarah trying to talk without a teleprompter.

  • chuck b


    it’s encouraging to see we have such mental giants like you two, in fact we have an overabundance thru out the country. that’s why we have barry soetoro sitting in the white house. typical liberals, it’s ok for you to slander people with your snide remarks and name calling, however, when the table is turned then it becomes a lack of intellect of those who oppose you.
    kinetic, i don’t really care who originated the epa, it was a bad mistake to allow that agency a freehand, it has become one of the most powerful agencies in the world and of course the liberals love it. the patriot act, what civil liberties have you lost? does the government wire tap your phone along with the other 300 million in the u.s. if you are not doing something unlawful there’s nothing to worry about. i worry more about the congress when they push a healthcare bill thru to appease a president when 60% of the people in this country oppose it. taking over corporations and banks, making gifts of corporation ownership to unions, stimulus bills ridden with pork and no idea to any extent where the money is going. and you talk about a bush dictatorship. i think you should consider your intellect. and as far as 141 goes, he makes more sense than you two put together.

    • Kinetic1

      Chuck b
      The point isn’t that you like or dislike the EPA, it’s a response to the unending attack from the right that everything is the fault of the left. And the wire tapping, well I suppose you may not have read 1984, but it’s not a question of what I have to hide, but that my right to privacy has been violated under the Bill of Rights (the 4th Amendment guaranty of protection of the person and possessions against unreasonable searches, and the 5th Amendment’s privilege against self-incrimination, which provides protection for the privacy of personal information.) and the 9th amendment of the Constitution (“The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”) The very idea that our government should have the right to listen in on our conversations or read our e-mails would likely have sent the founders into a rage had they had the technology we have today. The fact that so many on this site claim to be followers of the Constitution begs to question why you are so willing to role over when the Republicans have the reigns?

      Say what you will about the bail out of GM, the Auto industry has seen this before. When Reagan first came into office, Ford was faced with a recall of over 23 MILLION cars with bad transmissions. Reagan allowed them to send out warning stickers instead, saving them a fortune, but at what cost to our safety? Then Chrysler came along, bleeding money from it’s pores. Reagan not only gave them a huge loan, but threatened the Japanese auto industry with tariffs if they did not reduce their exports to the U.S. The result was a Chrysler that was no different then before, save having some capitol to get through the next few years, and higher prices for all cars, foreign and domestic. Talk about the tax payers bailing out a corporation! Chrysler can claim that we were repaid, but they never did anything to address what it cost us at the dealership.

      No doubt the Obama administration was aware of these events. They chose to loan the money to GM, but insisted that, as any private citizen with a major share might that we take temporary control. A new CEO was put in place, new contract negotiations were held and the company was put on a new course. Sure, the administration could have gone the Reagan way and hoped for the best, but the decision to protect our investment seems logical. When GM is back on track and can buy back our shares, then our government releases the reigns.

      The banks are no different. The Obama administration gave them the ability to pay back their loans with common stock instead of cash. Should they turn over so much stock as to give the government control? Maybe not, but the administration is not actively seeking it. “What about Obama’s control over executive pay?” you may ask. Well, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has directed this action 15 times since 2007, so why is this suddenly big bad Obama’s issue.

      And there’s the point. So many things that the Obama administration, no OBAMA HIMSELF has been accused of are either not a result of his actions, or are nothing new. Beck claims OBAMA signed a directive to give $2 Billion to Brazil, but it really came from the directors of the EX-Im bank of America, mostly Republicans and all chosen by President Bush. “OBAMA has killed the economy by bailing out the banks!” The TARP money started with Bush. “OBAMA is GIVING stimulus money to an INDIAN CASINO!” No, congress has approved a loan from the USDA to help finish construction of a community center. Shoot, the AUTO BAILOUT started with Bush, though he passed it on to Obama to take the hit. It’s all so disingenuous.

      Now to the “name calling.” Did I call i41 stupid? No. Did I suggest that his post sounded foolish? Yes, and I made it clear why. I even suggested a method of review that would help to get the point across without sounding like a raging lunatic. Was the note about the “prehensable (sic) thumb” a bit snarky? Yes, and I hope it will encourage i41 and others to review what they write before calling others stupid.

      Had you looked through my posts you would have noticed that I refrain from calling people “RepubliCONS” and such, unless it is part of a comment about name calling. i41 and others have a bad habit of throwing insults around as if they make a point. i41 accuses Democratic voters of being “idiot morons”, then continues to show a confounding inability to construct a sentence. And you, chuck b, what about ” wadding up barry’s prayer rug and jamming it down the tube. i would suggest sticking him down there accept his ears would hang up on the opening.” Very funny. I’m not calling i41 dumb, we all make a mistake here and there, but people who live in glass houses… If he has a real point I’d like to hear it. As for slander, what do you suppose i41 was insinuating when he said “rotating thumbs between each other as well as sucking on the other apendages (sic) available, possible a prehensable (sic) thumb, or what ever is presented.” ?

      One last thought for you founding fathers fans, “Those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither” – Benjamin Franklin.

      • Kinetic1

        By the way, Bush’s appointees to the Ex-Im bank did the right thing. Their job is to make loans available to help support American goods and services in the international market without consideration of political issues. This loan does not come from tax payer dollars and will result in a great deal of money coming into the US.

  • jopa

    Chuckb;Firstof all thank you for recognizing our intellect,also the epa is sitting with their hands tied when an American president comes along with the so called American Beautification Act that allows loggers to cut down trees in our national parks.Obama ran on a healthcare platform won the race with over 50% of the vote which is a majority.Your statements just do’nt hold any water.Wher are you getting all of your misinformation??Patriot act;If they want to listen in on my phone calls fine but I believe personnel could be used elsewhere more effectively.Thank God for Obama & Healthcare.I have my own very expensive insurance but this issue is not about me.When more people realize everything is not just about them they will be much happier.

    • chuck b


      first off did i say anything about recognizing your intellect??
      if i did that would place me in the stupid category. both of you guys are throw backs from the clinton days. either that or you teach evenings at the local reform school.

      barry tried to be bi-partisan in the healthcare bill, lol omg!! and i’m sure both of you have read the bill, “yeah” like your congressmen that signed it. “can’t we all just get along” our dear leader did the best he could, that jerk never read the bill and couldn’t even discuss it intelligently on national news. in order to defend a person like barry you have to be either less smart or on the same level, so guess where that puts both of you.
      141 has described you better than i can so i will just go along with his comments an descriptions.

  • Kinetic1

    Thanks, jopa
    I felt that I had gone on long enough (as I’m sure others will agree.)

    As for the “Obama care”, I blame Obama for one thing; trying to appease the right. This idea was much stronger and had much better support before we tried to make it bipartisan. It strung out the process, created a weak bill and allowed the talking heads to turn the public against the bill. In the end, those who wanted a public option were left out to dry and the Republicans, well after demanding changes be made they still opposed everything. Every time I hear the right squeal about the left not being willing to negotiate I remember them saying “no matter what concessions they make, we will vote no.” So why even bother? If that is their game, then let’s move forward and let them squeal away.

  • chuck b


    #1 the epa is run by extreme environmentalist and they look at our environment thru jaundiced eyes, they have caused more damage to the country and the economy with their rulings on logging, construction and exploration for oil.

    #2 1984 i don’t let fiction run my life or thoughts. you apparently don’t see the real big brother that is in the process of taking yours and mine freedom away from us. that is barry soetoro and this communist congress we have.

    #3 if we do not use our intelligence to intercept the terrorist and the patriot act is part of that, we cannot defend the country. there are a lot of democratic politicians that i consider who are sympathetic to your way of thinking and i consider them as much a threat as the terrorist, leahy, waxman to name a couple, i probably could name half the democrats in the congress. these people don’t want their phones tapped, they know that would disclose their subversive actions,
    #3 reagan never gave the unions controlling interest in chrysler and the loan was paid back

    #4 i can’t comment on the brazil loan, if beck claimed that on the news, he must have information or he wouldn’t say it. as far as snopes and fatcheck i would believe beck before them. they are in the sack with barry and the subversives in congress. i do know barry was comtemplating up to $10 billion in loans to finance the development of massive hydrocarbon reserves off Brazil’s coast,

    #5 i make an asserted attempt to refrain from calling anyone an offensive name, nothing that i wouldn’t say to your face. i certainly am not the type to hide behind a computer.

    ben was right, however you democrats have got it backwards. dems: “those who sacrifice security for freedom deserve neither”

    • Bob Wire

      chuck b;>”#2 1984 i don’t let fiction run my life or thoughts. you apparently don’t see the real big brother that is in the process of taking yours and mine freedom away from us. that is barry soetoro and this communist congress we have.”<<

      No chuck b, we don't see it, and as much as you might want too, you don't see it either. You need to cut your TV off and enjoy some quite time.

      Fox is rated number one, yet has less viewers because you folks never cut it off or change the channel, throwing the 6 minute count off!

      Obsession feed only obsession and there is no end and there is no satisfaction. It's a neurosis,a continuous repetition of the same, the same,the same,the same,the same,the same,the same. And it goes until death or the inability to "cope" places you in the hands of professionals for treatment.

  • Bob Wire

    >>”Feldman ruled that the decision to impose the moratorium, which suspended drilling on 33 active wells off the Louisiana coastline, was “invalid,” as it arbitrarily assumed that all deepwater drilling poses a threat to the surrounding community, according to the Associated Press (AP). He also suggested that the economic impact of the ban would be more harmful than any potential hazard associated with offshore drilling.

    “An invalid agency decision to suspend drilling of wells in depths of over 500 feet simply cannot justify the immeasurable effect on the plaintiffs, the local economy, the Gulf region, and the critical present-day aspect of the availability of domestic energy in this country,” ruled Feldman. “<<

    Well, okay ~ that's the way the system is suppose to work !

    Everything is as it "should be" This Judge Feldman has applied himself and Law into the mix. So be it! what next? I doubt it that's the end of it, but we'll see won't we.

    I personally don't blame the Obama administration, they are covering their bases and I don't blame these oil interest.

    It's perfect! They can keep drill but if there is another spill incident, it will be own their head in a very big way and The Administration clear of negligence in the matter.

    That's the problem with any aspect of government, the overkill.

    We need to keep drilling but we need to have the people engaged in the process to exercise caution and prudence. And to invest some of their profits in better capture and clean up.

    However ! The "invalid agency" part is concerning. We don't need any "invalid agency's" or the perception of one.

  • chuck b

    bob wire

    do you use medical marijuana?? sometimes you completely lose me. how did fox news get into the argument.
    and what does feldman have to do with anything i said??
    invalid agency?? what the hell is that??

  • Bob Wire

    forgive me chuck, is was poorly constructed and the entirety not directed to you or your prior post.

    The invalid agency and Judge Feldman ruling was brought forward from the the original Thread post and Personal Liberties News Desk.

    The Fox News?, I must have jumped a thread in the process of researching for I failed to find the posting on this thread that opened “that” door and I stand corrected. But it was germain and understandable placed in proper context,explaining the zealotry obsessions offered by many posters here, that would call our congress and president communist and I consider it a gross over-statement and unsupportable by any measure.

    The system works ladies and gentlemen! That it is not perfect or works fast enough or your are not personally pleased with every outcome is unavoidable. If it pleased you all the time, others would be constantly put out with it and then we could say only then, “It’s not working”

    Judge Feldman ruling is proof of this.

    Again, forgive me Chuck, I didn’t mean to treat you unfairly as you offered valid consideration. I’m a little sensitive in the defense of our system of government and the men and women who serve. Rascals,cheats,liars,Hippocrates,thieves sure! You bet, communist? No.

    We can’t destroy the very foundation we stand on and expect to build something that will endure the passage of time.

  • BrotherPatriot

    Obama is but a symptom of the Virus that infects the body of Humanity. Like the legendary Hyrdra, cuttin off a few heads will not change a thing (though I admit removing him, his administration and all they have illegally passed in congress is a good place to start). We HAVE to go after the body of the beast. Another good place to start is the Bilderberg group themselves and all that are in co-hoots with them…which would be an Enormous profile to write out (<— Another reason why it's so damn hard to even begin to deal with this equation).

    The following link may help explain a few things and point people in the direction to begin their own investigations.

    Stand proud America…were fighting for our very lives as we speak.

  • Bob Wire

    Hmm? BrotherPatroit,

    I pulled your link, it’s very long and offers many support links to follow up on.

    I will, as I’ve the time give it the read it deserves.

    But I have issues with invest such time with a writer called themselves “dragonflight” claiming to be navy seal patriot. ~ Navy Seal don’t mean crap to me, just a service vet or a Supply officer, I’d be just as impressed. If a writer starts their work overstating in the first paragraph, claiming credentials without connecting it’s relevance, you can assume this will carry though the rest of their work.

    Self proclamation is so unflattering, tooting your own horn if you will.

    In the first paragraph he’s attacking Obama for sealing his personal records. Yet are we know Omama is not the first and won’t be last to do so.

    >”How many White Presidents sealed their personal records without the public batting an eyelash?
    Why is their such an uproar over Obama sealing his records like many presidents before him have done?

    Best Answer – Chosen by Voters
    (3) The term “personal records” means all documentary materials, or any reasonably segregated portion thereof, of a purely private or nonpublic character which do not relate to or have an effect upon the carrying out of the constitutional, statutory, or other official or ceremonial duties of the President. Such term includes–

    (A) diaries, journals, or other personal notes serving as the functional equivalent of a diary or journal which are not prepared or utilized for, or circulated or communicated in the course of, transacting Government business;

    (B) materials relating to private political associations, and having no relation to or direct effect upon the carrying out of constitutional, statutory, or other official or ceremonial duties of the President; and

    (C) materials relating exclusively to the President’s own election to the office of the Presidency; and materials directly relating to the election of a particular individual or individuals to Federal, State, or local office, which have no relation to or direct effect upon the carrying out of constitutional, statutory, or other official or ceremonial duties of the President.’<<

    and while I'm not a stickler for spelling, ~ "apologize" is easy enough to spell if anyone is asking me to wade through so much material with a open mind.

    I'm asking myself , should I read this, and all of a sudden there's a loud clap of thunder and the power goes off, TV and PC screen goes blank as a nice Summer shower rolls though.

    I guess I got my answer.

  • chuck b

    bob wire

    you have a way about sluffing off pertinent subjects such as: well bush did, clinton did it and nobody cared. let me ask you a question, did anyone question where bush, clinton, reagan or any of our presidents were born, no, they didn’t have too it was public knowledge. do you know for sure where barry soetoro was born, no you don’t, although you are willing to accept the media answer. do you know if barry soetoro is a christian or muslim, no, you do not, but, you are willing to accept his pronouncement he is a christian and almost everyone in his family and foreign dignitaries claim he is not a christian , they say he is muslim and all his living records show him to be muslim. don’t give me the born again garbage, i would be willing to bet you the so called rev wright belongs to the brotherhood of islam. so if he is a prudent man as you would believe he is, then he should take it upon himself to clarify these issues and get them out of the way. he could bury it once and for all by just being truthful, personally i don’t think the guy has the ability to tell the truth. (medical records are one thing, his personal life records are another)

  • http://LibertyAlert Mary Geary

    My praise and thanks to judge Feldman for his decision to let the oil companies keep drilling. Thank you for looking after the people of the US. Our president doesn’t seem to know how to, or even care to, take care of the American people or this nation. Please don’t back down.

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