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New Mexico-Born Terrorist Killed In Yemen

October 3, 2011 by  

New Mexico-Born Terrorist Killed In Yemen

The CIA exterminated its first American-born al-Qaida-linked target on Friday; 40-year-old Anwar al-Awlaki was killed in the mountains of Yemen by a U.S. airstrike.

The New Mexico native born to Yemen immigrants became a powerful mouthpiece for Islamic terror in the years following the 9/11 terrorists attacks using his crowd-drawing preaching skills and a powerful Internet presence to recruit followers, according to reports. According to The Washington Post, al-Awlaki was linked to a number of failed terror plots against the United States, including the 2008 underwear bomber and a plan to mail bombs to Chicago-area synagogues in 2010. He also exchanged up to 20 emails with U.S. Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, alleged killer of 13 people in the Nov. 5, 2009, rampage at Fort Hood.

Last January, al-Awlaki wrote in an al-Qaida newsletter:

“In the case of the United States, both the government and private citizens should be targeted. America and Americans are the Imams of kufr (leaders of disbelief) in this day and age. The American people who vote for war mongering governments are intent on no good. Anyone who inflicts harm on them in any form is doing a favor to the ummah (Islamic nation.)”

Al-Awlaki traveled to Yemen in 2004 after attending college at Colorado State University. President Barack Obama authorized al-Awlaki’s killing in 2010. He was killed in the last of at least three U.S.-funded airstrikes that targeted him.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Ronbo

    I’m not sure that I like a USA citizen being assassinated WITHOUT a trial. If a President, ANY President, can kill without a trial, we are all unsafe.

    The war on terror needs to be reigned-in. We can’t afford being in over 170 countries and we know that we can’t control the world at the end of a killer drone. They cost tens of millions each and we can’t keep our schools open.

    If it is education OR killing – I choose education. This “war” agains the world must end before we go broke!

    • wandamurline

      Have you ever served your country in the military? Do you realize that we are in a war with people who would live all Americans, even you, dead? Your comment about “education” won’t do you much good if you are about to be beheaded. Don’t be stupid, how in the world would you bring him to trial? Where would you hold it? He gave up his citizenship as American, the day that he declared war on America. I’ll bet tht you go through the lines at the airport without saying one word in protest when TSA can pull you from a line , search you and seize your belongings, all without probable cause, without a warrant, without mirandizing, and without your right to legal counsel….and you want to complain about the death of a murderer and someone who would slit your throat without blinking an eye. Wake up man…he was the enemy. Join the military and go over there and spend a year of your life hoping each day that you are still breathing at the end of it….then you can complain about an enemy of America being killed without habaes corpus. You lost your 4th and 14th amendments at the airports….you should be complaining about that.

      • Vagabond

        Wanda you are so right. it is a sad but true fact we have far too many IDIOTS with ronbo type thinking,

      • Christine

        Evidence of treason should have been taken to court (even without him) and his citizenship revoked for treason. Then they would have legal authority to go after him for actively seeking our destruction.

        • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Mike NQR

          Last I checked we have no extradition treaty with Yemen. Taking this guy out was the right thing to do. Apparently Obama has half a spine occasionally. This was the right call. Please find the nearest beach or desert, bend over as far as possible from the waist and neck, insert head in sand. You can come out when you get the concept that these people all want all of us dead, or until you die by their hands.

      • Vic Bailey

        People we have LOST ALL RIGHTS, when any president can kill any citizen at his call. These Socialist Elitist government doesn’t care one ioata if we live or die, Henry Kissinger said once while I was still in the Marines in the 60s, ” All the servicemen are good for is to be used as pawns in the war of life”, talk about seeing RED, this Bastard needs to be in prison for war crimes and for the crap that he did in Cambodia, the innocent people that he had killed, and he laughed about it. He is just one reason you had better fear this Socialist government. Besides every war since and including the Civil war has been started by a pack of lies. The only people that win in wars are the greedy bankers and the Elitist selling arms to both sides. When are we, as humans, going to wake up? Soon I hope! Semper Fi.

        • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Mike NQR

          I respectfully disagree that all wars since and including the Civil War, have been started upon lies. There have been many lies, yes, and many egregious errors have been made. The Civil War was over the power of the Fed Gov’t over states’ rights, guaranteed in the 10th amendment if I’m not mistaken. While I agree that slavery had to go, and even our Founding Fathers knew they were passing the buck on this one, I disagree that the Fed Gov’t trumps state laws, except in those areas clearly granted the Fed in the Constitution. That would be one of the ironic errors of the Civil War. But lies? Lies didn’t start that war, nor the two World Wars. Lies and the assassination of JFK started the VietNam War, during which you so valiantly served. I came in at the tail end of that, earning me a “VietNam Era” distinction by virtue of my younger age. Airborne All The Way!

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Mike NQR

        Wanda, you’re obviously a veteran or closely attached to someone, or more than one, who is a veteran of our great military forces. You understand. As I recently learned, via one brother out of 3 who never served, those who didn’t serve simply don’t understand our lingo and never will. I love my brother but he just doesn’t get it. He would kill the 2nd amendment in a heartbeat. Bottom line: it’s no use trying to make sense to a non-veteran, most anyway. God bless you and yours. God bless the US military, for which my stepson is now serving in the Middle East. God bless the USA!!!!

      • CountryBoyBubba

        Wanda, yes I have served this nation in war. Have you? When we allow this president or any president to step outside the bounds of law Constitutional authority as well as moral right we are on the slippery slope to anarchy.

        What will you be screaming when you learn the liar in chief has sent a sniper to put you in the crosshairs? Don’t say it won’t happen. Just ask the jews and minorities of the 30′s and 40′s.

      • Bruce


        You should do some deeper looking into the alledged “Anwar A`Awlaki,” you will find he is a “NON PERSON,” perhaps better said its just one more “non event made up by the Propganda machine.”
        Thats called a { PSYOP } just so you know what to look for.

        This man was not killed, his real name is “Mark Greenburg” he is an ACTOR from Tucson AZ.
        Look him up, along with his whole family the Greenburgs I am sure a few will stand out like a 8 year old girl who was alledged to have been shot in Tuscon AZ by some crazed guy named Lockner, who is also an Actor too. Look at the girls father, its non other than Anwar A`Awlaki, or Mark Greenburg, he also played the part of a Lybian rebel on the IP & AP news just a few weeks back.

        By the way perhaps some deeper invistigating rather than eating from the PSYOP propganda pie would be more in vogue for brain cell growth.

        As well I would like to add to anyone who thinks that killing someone whom you don’t know, who is also alledged to be an American Citizen with out “Due Process” no matter what the alledged crimes may be,
        Is just plain nuts, as you open the door for the next CRIMINAL ACT.

        Guess what – You could be next, so should we all then cheer and hold the flag and pledge to something thats PURE EVIL? You don’t even know who the real enemy is, if you did your post would reflect a higher degree of critical thinking rather than emoting hate rhetoric for something you clearly have no clue about.

        So I would think you would might wish to spend a tad more time investigating for “EVIDENCE of GUILT” let alone TRUTH before you convict anyone let alone execute them.

        Afterall again; you may quite well be next.

        • Rick USAF(ret)

          And they say drugs are harmless and only for recreational purposes. Maybe you got an allergic reaction to the combination of acid and the Kool-Aid you’ve been drinking.

          • Bruce

            I am a researcher thats what I do for a living, find FACTS and TRUTH.

            What is it you do again? Oh yes, Rick USAF ret. well friend I hold no special place for military people, why? Y
            ou have to be told what to do, how to do it, when to do it.

            When you wake up, that is if you can why not try and disprove what I posted rather than your absurd child like rhetoric.
            By the way I don’t use drugs, but thank you so much for your mindless insults. Obviously that stretched your mental abilitys far beyond your limited scope.

            As well anyone who freely will “Condonee MURDER” is in meed of mental heath care.
            By the way there is a legal term for that type of behavior its called
            “Depraved Indifference.”

            As well there is “no prerequisite” to be in the Military to believe in what the founding Fathers set in motion.

            Nor Murder, nor following blindly persons who tell you to murder. Look intio the WW II War Crimes tril’s for Intel on that type of behavior.
            Also perhaps a revisit to the 10 Commandments would be in order.
            You may want to look at “Thou shall not MURDER.”

        • REC

          Bruce, where did you get all of this”information about these actors. If yolu are going to make comments like this, please give your sources. It’s easy to say anything you want, so “show us the proof.” since you seem to have information that no one else has, please share this with us.

    • eddie47d

      Since al Awlaki was deliberately plotting against the USA and encouraged others to do so he had more influence over al Qaeda and the direction they were going. Not much different than Afghanistan(Taliban) harboring Bin Laden. We should not get involved in Yemen’s Civil War yet al Awlaki used the turmoil in that country to further his agenda against the USA. Yemen needs to fight it’s own battles and irregardless whether al Awlaki is an American citizen or not he has made imminent threats against our country. He has been on the airwaves telling others not to just dispise America but to openly attack us by destructive means. This doesn’t mean we should have a green light to enter the sovereignty of any nation and commit acts of violence either or to use this as a pretext to further our war agendas. This threat to us (al Alaki’s death)is now gone and we need to pull back and stay out of Yemen’s internal affairs.

    • Vagabond

      Ronbo would you wrather they had left himj alone so he could go on directing the killing of more of our troops??? they should have taken him out sooner. anyone who takes up arms against the United States forfiets their claim to and right to citisenship!!that is the one thing Obama has had done that I am in total agreement with him on and I aplaud him for the decission to take this scumbag out,

      • Bob McCormick

        I agree. This is the way we should be fighting terrorism, not by molesting grandmothers at the airport. The world should be put on notice, soverignty be damned, if we identify a terrorist who is responsible for plotting or carrying out an attack on Americans, we will kill him wherever they are.
        We have the technology and the intellegence to identify and kill these murderers we only need to speed up the process, so If you don’t want bombs falling on your country you best take care of these murderers before we have to.

    • Patriot II

      So..Ronbo…….Obama is a War Criminal in your mind?

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Mike NQR

        Heh-heh. Obama is a lot of things, mostly bad in my eyes. But a war criminal would not be among his “credentials.” Nice little trap you set there. :~))

        • Wayne

          “credentials” or lack there of.

    • Bud G.

      Ronbo: Rather than addressing the killing of an American citizen under these circumstances, maybe we should be looking at it from another perspective. When you make the decision to fight against your own country and kill our soldiers, you have become a traitor and should be treated as any enemy combatant regardless of citizenship.

      You must also recognize that, although his parents lived in this country, they likely were of the Islamic faith. Who influenced this man to take the actions he did? Was it his parents or was it through the local Mosque? We can’t bury our heads in the sand and think all of the people of Islam are peace loving because it simply isn’t true and radical cells do exist in this country.

      Citizenship should not become automatic if born in this country and he is just one example of why along with thousands of illegal immigrants in this country who have children here. The law needs to be changed.

      • Bob McCormick

        So what your saying is that I shoud be required to apply for citizenship. I was born in this country,my family tree in this country goes back before there was a USA. Of course you are entitled to citizenship if you were born here! Remember Timothy McVeigh, how much more American could you be, yet he still comitted a merderous attack. I’ll admit that if I’m on a plane with some rag head, I will be keeping a close eye on him,but singling people out because of their heritage ain’t the answer.

        • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Mike NQR

          Profiling ragheads is exactly the answer. My little old lady 88-year old mother needn’t be checked at the airport. Anyone who fits the profile should, saving time and money. How much more American can you get than that?

        • Wayne

          No that’s not what anyone is saying. The 14th amendemt was for the purpose of insuring that slaves, released from slavery after the civil war, were given U.S. Citizenship since the majority of them were brought here against ther will.
          The 14th Amendment needs to be amended – to the effect. If you are just visiting, a your parents green card holder, and they are not a U.S. Citizen at the time of an individuals birth, then that newly born child is a citizen of the country where his parents came from. When they (the parents) decide to apply for U.S. Citizenship (if you are under the age of 18) the children would automatically become U.S. Citizens too. At the age of 18, the child (teenager) could freely apply to become a U.S. Citizen through appearing at the local courthouse and singing an appidavite that they declare their allegeance to the United States of America. Untill then, they would be treated as their parents are legally treated.

          • REC

            Wayne, you are right on. We lived in El Paso for several years, and every morning there was a line of women coming to the U.S. to have their babies because they knew they would be citizens and then they could live in the U.S. too. So we not only had to pay for the birth of those babies, but we had to pay for the familes that came into this country with no jobs and then they went on welfare. In Mexico, if you are not a ciotizen, you can’t own property, you get no help with medical needs you might have and you can’t even work until you have been there 10 years. I’m not heartless towards these people, I’m just worried about what is happening in our country. We need to be more diligent in protecting our country.

    • djdrew103


      You are being totally silly about it all. What did you expect them to do to insure this guy a “fair trial” Issue him a summons?

      However, I do agree with your other points. We cannot continue on this rampage of violence. We need to seek lesser means to the solution. However, just like when we helped Afghanistan oust Russia’s troops.

      You are not going to find Congressmen in committees that are going to put their political careers on the line to dredge up billions in funds to promote growth in foreign countries ravaged by war, or oppressed by the Taliban, when we have so much in the way of problems with money here at home.

      So what are the answers?

      Answers are not found by merely stating what the problems are, though its a start. We have to support our government if it says we need to take more peaceful actions and seek diplomatic means. What do we do then? We show our childish mentalities and scream out “Bomb the Suckers!”

    • ONTIME

      Well if your not sure then there are plenty of people here to educate you and pay attention because a lot of them know about terrorism and why it’s run amuck….

    • Lyneil

      If you’re worried about affordable education, then you should watch the documentary called “the Cartel.” Most of our educational money is wasted on corrupt teachers unions and their cronies. If we save all that wasted money there will be plenty for children AND and the military.

    • Joseph

      So you would like the terrorists back here again, how convenient
      for them!!

    • WaChar

      Wake UP! He should have been tried in a court first! It has set a precident now: ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS CLAIM YOU ARE A TERRORIST!!!
      Think. We are losing rights in the U.S. of A. today. A certain person in the Executive Branch has forgotten that there are 3 branches and his Does Not Allow LAW MAKING and DEATH WARRANTS!
      Please think. Yes, i totally agree he was a threat and deserved punishment, BUT after a court trial en absentia if not in custody.
      Tha Bill of Rights is the issue, HERE in America. We ALL need to remember what our current government is doing (some say getting away with) and we should all be very concerned that this has been done.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Mike NQR

        I haven’t travelled to Yemen and preached hatred and killing lately. Have you?

      • Sail2pete

        TO WaChar and all others who are hyper brain dead and hysterical loyal American Patriots of whom I am one. First of all it would be ridiculous to say that anyone that might be called a terrorist without prior notoriety would be targeted is ridiculous and you all know that. This As.h… made blatant and many statements about killing american citizens. If any of you did the same I would hope the government would react as it has done here only a lot sooner –end of story — Pete Maniscalco

        • Average Joe

          “to say that anyone that might be called a terrorist without prior notoriety would be targeted is ridiculous and you all know that. This As.h… made blatant and many statements about killing american citizens.”

          And you got your information where again? Would it, could it… have been from the MSM and the government? Did you actually hear or see this man say or do any of these things that they claim? Do you know him personally?
          Saying he wants to kill Americans is not a crime….killing Americans however…is a crime. Do you have personal knowledge of him killing anyone? You make a lot of assumptions based soley on what you got from 15 second soundbites from both the government (who’s never been known to lie to the American people…right?) and the MSM who got their intel from?…Oh yeah…the government, you know all of those “don’t quote me” and un-named sources).
          Please don’t tell me how he has incited someone else to commit murders….because those people alone are soley responsible for their deeds and actions…they made the moral choice to commit atrocities against others (regardless of what this man said or did, he did not force them to do it).
          How nice of you to become judge, jury and executioner of this man, with absolutely nothing other than conjecture and inuendo to base your decision. I certainly hope that you have no affilliation with law enforcement or the court system….if so, we are all doomed.

          I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.
          Robert A. Heinlein

          • Wayne

            You can freely find his radical statements and videos on the internet. For that matter you can find reporting of him and his statements in just about every country and their news media.
            Could he have been tried in “ansenteia” (sp), you bet and he should have. Yet what was done, was done justly. BECAUSE EVERYONE KNEW JUST WHERE THIS TERRORIST STOOD, and it sure wasn’t with the USA.

          • REC

            And when did you get the right to pick and chose wich laws and rules to break? Now you sounhd like the administration when they decide which laws they want to enforce and which laws they decide not to enforce. Aren’t all laws supposed to be enforced equally, or do we have anarchy with every one doing what is right in their own eyes?

      • BigJohn

        You are full of it. Quit supporting the the terrorists.

      • Average Joe


        I agree whole heartedly with you. We are supposed to be a Nation of laws…not a nation of men. Regardless of his guilt or innocence, he deserved his day in court, as did Osama Bin Laden and many others in the past. Under the Constitution, we are supposed to be “charged with a crime”, a formal indictment (none issued here). Second, we are supposed to be able to defend ourselves against any charges…in a court of law…by a jury of our peers (that didn’t happen here either). If both of the above have happend, then the court can impose penalties…oops, that didn’t happen either (do we see a pattern here?). If they can violate the law of the land with impunity…then we have no law…period. They have just set a precident…that they can now assassinate anyone they choose (foreign nationals as well as American citizens)…by accusation alone. This is dangerous ground to tread upon. May God have mercy on us all.

        • Wayne

          So exactly where were we going to get his islamic jihadist peers – from Gitmo? A real fare trial there, huh? Don’t be an as….!

    • Vic Bailey

      You are right Ronbo, what have we gained if we turn out worse than our enemies? People have tunnel vision, there are some BAD repercussions from all we do, Bad habits are hard to break, and our government has too many now. Pretty soon they will be pointing a rifle at you. Once you start to overlook one law the rest become easier! This government thinks that is already above the law. That is why the Constitution should be the law of OUR land, and NOT some unqualified president! Without LAW there is Chaos!! Semper Fi.

    • Marten

      The US is already broke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://naver sook young

      I think you are too late. Our country is broke and $15 trillion dollars in debt. You sound like you don’t support our military. If you don’t like the wars, that is OK. How about our soldiers and sailors that are putting their lives in danger for you? Why don’t you respect them? Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai

      • ald

        They are what they call “Usefull Idiots” They need to quit joining, they are being used, and abused!

        • REC

          And where would you be without these “Useful idiots”? You’d be in a country where you would be an infidel and beheaded. It’s pretty obvious that you wouldn’t be able to stand up for yoursel because you wouldn’t want to be a “Useful idiot” would you. You had better hope that these people are around so you can sqay the kind of garbage you want to say. You couldn’tsay that in Iran or in many another countryt in the world.

    • MilitaryPatriot

      Schools/education have nothing to do with dealing with terrorist, especially coming from our country. I will never except anyone (regardless of gender, race, ethnic whatever) born in the USA that spews hate, death to Americans as refering to themselves as Americans, if they don’t respect this country and our laws. There are flights that leave on the hour and every hour to the mid-evil countries of the Middle East and Communist countries as well. Don’t let the airport gate smack you in your rear end on the way out and please leave your US citizenship (passport) with the boarding personal. You know what they do in France? If Muslim adults or the children of Muslim families disrupt schools, threaten teachers, etc, and any adults who commits harmful crimes in the community or to their citizens; they deport the whole family (all relatives) back to their country of origin. I lived in France from 2000 to 2oo7. I saw how the French take care of any race of people trying to destroy the French country, laws, etc. The French don’t let Political Correctness (Public Communism) keep them from protecting their country, citizens, and way of life. Grow up leftist.

    • ald

      I agree 100% Is’nt this what we fought against? The King can kill whoever he want’s?
      George W. Bush was being honest when he was caught saying “The Constitution is just a piece of paper”

  • John R. Harbison

    I’m not sure we needed the President’s go on this, any law inforcement officer or marine should have had a green light on him long ago and shot him on site.

    • Vagabond

      I agree 150% John R.

  • JJM

    He gave up his US citizenship and any protection it offers when he became an Enemy of ours!!
    He gave up his US citizenship and any protection it offers when as a Dual national he received FREE education as a Foreign Student, using whichever passport best suited his needs at the time.
    So in time of war, do we need to first establish the nationality of our enemy before opening fire?

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Mike NQR

      Yeah, I can see some private on patrol demanding “… to see your passport before I blow you away.”

  • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

    This individual was a combatant just as much as someone on a battle field carrying a AK47 therefor a legitimate target.It matters not that is was a US citizen .He chose to go to war; one less bad guy works for me.Think it was great that a Hell Fire missile took him out
    Go Air Force

  • Patriot II

    The person who did this picture with the Cross Hairs on his Cheek down by his teeth, instead of between his eyes, must not have ever fired a Rifle with a Scope!

    • Vagabond

      Patriot between the eyes he dies too quick. through the jaws just right he is just as dead only slower and he gets to rellish the pain he has inflicted on others,

      • Patriot II

        Ah yes, I did not think of that, I stand corrected in that view point!

        • Gerd

          Or the scope was positioned by an oral surgeon. Wants a cadaver for practice of reconstruction.

    • 45caliber


      It doesn’t matter. Either shot kills him.

      Actually, it depends upon the way the rifle is sighted in and the distance. I never bother to change the setting on my scope. I just adjust the sight picture based on the range.

      • Patriot II

        Ah 45Caliber, If is a 223 or smaller maybe not, if it misses all the Bone (unlikely) it would just punch a little Hole and give him one Heck of a Nose bleed.

    • Dan

      Can you say Sniper?

  • Tankster

    This is rich. A site dedicated to freedom from Government celebrates the killing of a US citizen. Sure he probably “deserved” it but what happens when they decide to take Bob Livingston out because of his alleged ties to terrorists. Ron Paul was right. This was an assassination. Penalty for Treason is death, but AFTER a trial and due process. Who wants to be waterboarded 83 times until you give up Mr. Livingston? Any hands?

    • Patriot II

      Tankster, you have a point, but misguided. He was an Enemy Combatant. That Pre determined Fact negates a Trial, becuase it is “Self Defense” to kill your enemys before they kill you.

      Don’t you agree?,

      Or would you want an armed robber to have a preview of a trial before he shoots you?

      Re-Read the comments of JJM and Senior Master Sgt Z.

    • djdrew103


      No one here is celebrating the killing of a US citizen. They are celebrating the killing of a terrorist, terrorist…put on your glasses and look closely at that word…here, let me help …TERRORIST!

      Where this guy was years back, what claims he made to citizenry, have no effect on what needed done. If this guy was here in New York and the SWAT teams were ready to break down his door, but they knew he was a bomb maker, would you expect them to express their opinions on whether or not they should shoot first, or holler “Give yourself up!”

      A murderer sought by police who is armed and dangerous and refuses to give themselves up, once cornered, is shot and killed and no one complains about killing a US citizens. So what’s the deal? As I asked before, what did you expect for them to do, issue him a summons? Do you think they should have called him up on his cell phone and told him “Hey, we have you on our missile drone’s sighting equipment, this is your last chance to give up”? Hopefully they would use the cellphone number for the one he was wiring to the IED at the time.

      So although it may be distasteful for many to hear that a kill order was given on someone who “use to claim” US citizenship, your complaints are invalid and without merit and they are foolishly motivated. If it were your own son or daughter that was killed in the last bomb this fool made, you would be screaming “Kill the sucker!” US citizen or not.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Mike NQR

      That’s so blindly rich. The concept of a “fair fight” died a long time ago. The goal of any fight is to win, pure and simple.

  • Chris Alexander

    All traitors against the US will be condemed to death with or without a trial. Al-Awlaki is a traitor. He was part of an organization that had terror connections, he was part of that terror connection against not only the US but other countries. When dealing with terrorists, you cannot use any humantarian guideliness. These type of people know that and will use this against humanity. US citizens must know that humantarian behavior does not work in all walks of life.

  • HWLone

    He was not areal citizen just an anchor baby one of millions that exist today, he is the second anchor baby terrorist that I know of the other a Saudi. We must do away with the anchor baby policy and the present ones should have to declare US citizenship and give up citizenship of their father or the reverse. Any declared terrorist with US citizenship should be required to stand in a US court and defend his citizenship or loose it, then fire away.

  • Pastori Balele

    President Obama ordered Bin Laden and his follower Anwar al-Awlaki be brought to justice here. Unfortunately they were both killed in gun battles with our American soldiers. One thing is clear – we are now safer without those two. This is President Obama biggest achievement republicans will not deny. Let’s give Obama another 4 solid years in the WH.

    • Don

      Show Us a Valid B. Certificate !!

    • Joe Adams

      Obama did nothing but give the word to kill those camel humpers. The only reason he did this was to get another 4 years in the Black house. he is not the real president until he proves he is a real american his girth certificate is phony along with his social security number. as far as I am concerned he is a muslem an he needs to be impeached for his war crimes

      • eddie47d

        Your post was insane except for the insanity Joe.

      • jim

        Joe you are almost right impeached no Obama needs to be HUNG just like the rest of these Muslims.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Mike NQR

      Screw the additional 4 years. Obama is wrecking the nation and the economy in a single bound. I’ll give him credit for giving the OK to take out a couple of terrorists burt that’s about it. We’ll finish throwing out the trash in 2012. Obama will be at the top of the list. Even Satan must have one or two virtues but that doesn’t qualify Satan for the White House.

  • Bear

    I’m seeeing many good post here and that includes Ronbo’s. He, at least, has provoked some thought and discussion on the subject. I do not agree with his thinking on the subject of “killing an American” because al-Awlaki was no longer an American when he decided to betray the Country he was raised in. What disturbs me the most is this lingering question in my mind about his parents who came here from Yemen. Why did they come here in the first place? Al-Awlaki was 40 years old. That means he grew up here amongst us. Was educated along with our children and then, mysteriously, decided to initiate and encourage killing us. Did his parents come here with the idea and motivation to nurture this kind of betrayal to us and our country? Is this what they had in mind all along? If so, we definitely need to take a good look at ALL individuals who have come to our country in at least the last 40 years who are of the Muslim faith and belief system. This should tell us that not every one coming to America is coming for a “better life.” I, for one, am sick and tired of people trying to tell me that Islam is a religion of peace. First of all, it is not a religion. I have taken the time to indulge myself in digging into the Muslim belief system and into Islam. I now know that it is an entire belief system which includes everything from basic thinking on politics, life style, right down to Sharia law and penalties for betraying the belief system of Islam and what to do about the infadel or non-believer who is not Muslim and converted to Islam. If this man, al-Awlaki, was indoctrinated in his local Mosque, then that Mosque and everyone in it needs to be dealt with and I don’t mean just a slap on the wrist. This could be a center for more Islamist terrorism right here within our country. We can no longer afford the luxury of political correctness or anything the ACLU brings to the table. We are in a passive war right now that will escalate as their numbers increase. We can not allow this enemy to gain their numbers on us. We can not sit quietly and pretend that this threat does not exist.

    • eddie47d

      al Awlaki’s father was an engineer and educator and not responsible for his son’s behavior. al Awlaki turned against the USA before 9/11 but he claimed it was because he was tortured and beaten in Yemen with approval by the US government. Back then the USA did have a habit of sending people we didn’t like to foreign countries to be tortured but it only created another volatile leader of al Qaeda. al Awlaki did turn to the dark side and deserved to be taken out but who pushed him to it? I would put the blame on the Yemen government but also our own government. We have strange bedfellows in our foreign policies and sometimes even we are lead down the wrong path.

      • Bear

        Eddie47, thanks for your comments. Al-Awlaki was born in New Mexico, according to this article, to Yemen immigrants. I disagree with your statement that the parents are not responsible for their son’s actions. In this country, by law, a parent IS responsible for the actions of their siblings until they reach the age of majority which is 18 in most states, 19 to 21 in some states. It is the responsibility of the parent to provide a foundation of values and morals for their children, not the government nor the school system. If al-Awlaki turned against this country, it was during those formadable years and thus he was a product of that environment which would necessarily include his parents as well as his Mosque. All of us are products of our environment and it is interesting how many variations can be produced within one nation. How can it be that one child grows up to be a credit to his parents and the one next door grows up to be a terrorist? Does this not reflect on the child’s parental influences? Eddie47, if al-Awlaki was sent back to Yemen, as you suggest, and he was beaten by Yemen authorities, then it must have been for something that he did while in Yemen and any U.S. approval or disapproval would not have mattered. He would have been punished under their laws. Our laws and authority do not extend to Yemen and I’m sure those authorities would not be punishing him for something he did in New Mexico. I would, however, believe that those authorities would have recognized him as an American since he was born in this country and disregarded that fact for his punishment and the carrying out of the sentence. That would be something that we could have had something to say about but in many cases choose not to do for diplomatic reasons. Bottom line, al-Awlaki should not have done whatever he did to get punished and he should not have turned to terrorism against this country. HE MADE HIS OWN CHOICES. At that point, he painted the target on himself and if given the opportunity, I would have taken him out too.

  • Garry

    Plato and Aristotle define a tyrant as, “one who rules without law, looks to his own advantage rather than that of his subjects, and uses extreme and cruel tactics — against his own people as well as others”.

    Is The War On Terror A Hoax?
    By Paul Craig Roberts
    When I observe the gullibility of my fellow citizens at the absurd “terror plots” that the US government manufactures, it causes me to realize that fear is the most powerful weapon any government has for advancing an undeclared agenda.
”In the past decade, Washington has killed, maimed, dislocated, and made widows and orphans millions of Muslims in six countries, all in the name of the “war on terror.” Washington’s attacks on the countries constitute naked aggression and impact primarily civilian populations and infrastructure and, thereby, constitute war crimes under law. Nazis were executed precisely for what Washington is doing today.”

    PCR goes on to say “What is the purpose of these fake plots? And remember, all reports confirm that the “underwear bomber” was walked onto the airliner by an official, despite the fact that the “underwear bomber” had no passport. No investigation was ever conducted by the FBI, CIA, or anyone into why a passenger without a passport was allowed on an international flight.”
    and what does Ron Paul have to say on this subject;

    Extrajudicial Executions
    Ron Paul Condemns Killing of “al Qaeda’s” Awlaki
    By Elizabeth Williamson
    “Nobody knows if he ever killed anybody,” Mr. Paul said after a breakfast at Saint Anselm College’s New Hampshire Institute of Politics. “If the American people accept this blindly and casually…I think that’s sad.”

    • mrcave

      “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”!

      Is ignorance really bliss? There is so much going behind the scenes, and I can’t tell if people just don’t want to know, or that they just don’t think it’s possible.

      Just opening one’s eyes to history, and looking around today, it’s clear, we are in the early stages of a police state. TSA at the airport, constant government defiance of the Constitution, New York city police able to bring down aircraft, pushing for the U.N. small arms treaty, and the glaringly un-American, anti-liberty, patriot act.

      In the past, anytime someone mentioned Hitler, or the rise of fascism in in Germany, I would tune them out. We’re Americans, not Germans. This is now, that was then. A host of reasons existed to call them foolish. I would now say that there are frightening parallels between then/there, and here/now.

      In 1933, the German Reichstag building, essentially the German equivalent of our Capitol, was set on fire, presumably set by communists. Called a monstrous act of terrorism in the press, the government was quick to heighten public fears that more terrorist attacks were planned, and that the nation was in danger.

      The result was The Reichstag Fire Decree. For brevity, I’ll just say google it, and please do. It is alarming that it’s pretty much the patriot act.

      Then/there, here/now, government has unlimited power, and no accountability. Proof of any charge, against anybody need not even exist, as refusing to disclose it can be said to be a matter of national security that could impact on-going investigations, and security assets.

      The fact that they went after a rat this time gives me no comfort at all. As many have stated here, Awlaki pretty much trashed his right to be treated civilly, whether he was a CIA asset gone bad, or whatever. In this case, the target had declared himself an enemy, supported, and encouraged terrorist activities, insulating himself from direct guilt. Like Charles Manson, guilty non the less.

      Six degrees of separation refers to the idea that everyone is on average approximately six steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person on Earth, so that a chain of, “a friend of a friend” statements can be made, on average, to connect any two people in six steps or fewer.

      How many degrees of separation are any of us from an enemy of the state (real, imagined, or invented)? How many degrees of separation does it take to also be considered threat?

      I’m not trying to be a conspiracy theory guy. I’m just saying we should ALL, ALWAYS question the motives of government, even when we agree with it. The interests of big government are not yours or mine, though it will use fear, and patriotism to gain support, that also diverts attention from the huge fortunes being made by government insiders, all in the name of keeping us safe.

    • Bear

      Garry, you say,
      ”In the past decade, Washington has killed, maimed, dislocated, and made widows and orphans millions of Muslims in six countries, all in the name of the “war on terror.”
      Do you know anything about 9/11? Anything about Islamist Jihad on people in virtually every country on this planet? Their commitment to killing everyone military and civilian? This is not a war that anyone wants, but, these people have to be stopped. And when they continually hide themselves behind the doors of innocent civilians, there will be civilians killed in getting to these Muslims. You must surely realize that these Muslims intentionally target the innocent in their bombings. We don’t! But there will always be innocent people killed, mamed, dislocated made widows and orphans by the very acts of stopping such individuals as the Muslims you feel so sorry for. You, my friend, are on the wrong side of the street if your heart is bleeding for them. Take a trip to New York and visit with some of the families that were affected by those Muslims who chose to fly airplanes into the Twin Towers. By the way, some of those families that were affected were Muslims too.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Mike NQR

        Right on, Bear. I know of absolutely zero American military personnel who have EVER hidden behind innocent women and children like these Muslim cowards do. You sound just like another Bear I know. Hm-m-m-m-m-m-m.

  • Tankster

    You cannot deny that we may all agree that he deserved what he got, but i don’t think anybody ever said he picked up a gun against anybody. The definition is a liberal who’s been falsely arrested. Assassination by governments is great until someone decides you are a terrorist and you are subject to “extraordinary rendition” where they kidnap you and take you to our “friends” the Saudis who pull out your fingernails and then execute you because you crossed the line on the whim of some bureaucrat. Don’t say it can’t happen here, it has in the name of the “War on Terror” and it’s a mighty slippery slope to he Stasi, GRU, Savak, Muhkabarat, DGSE, &tc., &tc. Ron Paul is right. The rest of you are Statists, you just want your version of big government, kill us on a whim. Bush, Obama, doesn’t matter they’re all the same.

    • 45caliber

      You are correct; it could happen here depite what many people would like you to believe. If it did happen here (and it probably has) then those involved should be tried for murder. On the other hand, if it is within another country, we CANNOT enter to arrest that person even if we intend to turn him over to the government there.

      Worse, attempting to arrest him can mean that other innocent people can be killed as well. (those who try to arrest him) If it cannot be done safely, then – if he is not in our country and is a threat to us – he should be killed since he is a traitor and a terrorist (in this case at least). If he was NOT a danger to us, then we should simpley tell the foreign government where he is.

      But never insist that we should allow him to go free if we can’t arrest him. Doing so simply means that you are as guilty as he is of any further murders he or his friends he helps commits. Despite the libs who insist otherwise.

  • Mirage

    Outside in the real world, versus Ron Paul’s idealism, which isn’t very affective beyond the safety of his office, President Obama was correct in “pulling the trigger” on al Awlaki. Ron Paul is clueless and ignorant for basically speaking out for a terrorist’s rights.
    It is an imperfect world and always will be, and you can’t have it both ways … if this terrorist were brought to this country for a trial, paid for by tax payer’s dollars, then the political Right would have lambasted Obama for being soft on terror.
    I say good riddance to al Awlaki … next up!

    • Bear

      Mirage, that sword has two very distinct and sharp edges. Since al-Awlaki was and American citizen, he had certain rights which he was denied. He was essentially sentenced and executed without those rights guaranteed by our constitution. He had no counsel and no trial with a jury of his peers. Obama, for making the decision to kill him, could be held accountable for illegally killing an American citizen. On the other hand, al-Awlaki had turned against his country and chose the path of being one of the terrorists that was hell bent on killing the rest of us. For the act of eliminating a seasoned, proven terrorist, Obama could be proclaimed a hero. I personally feel that Obama knew this and chose to be both……the man who illegally killed an American and the hero who killed a terrorist. What do you think?

    • Rhondar

      Ha ha ha….Ron Paul would never give them a justification for Jihad

      Bush was such a moron Alwaki got invited to the Pentagon right after 9/11


    Cuting off the snakes head is now becoming a reality, if the terrorist are now splintering and squabbling about money then mop up procedures can be implemented and the chances of intereference or discovery are less.

    Go get the basterds and shoot first and often to make sure you get the kill, these murdering cult dirtbags do not deserve respect or a trial.

  • s c

    Did Obummer call that twit a terrorist, or does he see him as an ex-American citizen who didn’t know the difference between a modern Barbary Coast pirate or a good American citizen? Obummer won’t rise or fall on this single act.
    Obummer needs to concentrate on repairing the economy (don’t hold your breath) and creating jobs (ha!). The military can do its job if it isn’t strapped by bureaucrats and armchair retards who take up space in an office.

  • Daniel

    One man decides to kill another without any legal proceedings, is not that the definition of murder? This man has never been charged with a crime, indicted, tried, or convicted of any crime. Yet one man has the power of life and death over him with no re-course or appeal. That sounds like 1930′s Germany to me. I have seen it reported that the Tea Party is a bunch of terrorists, are they next? How about Republicans, Christians or white males? This is more about the death of the constitution than about the death of one man. The rule of law is officially ended and the Law of the Jungle is now in force. To the victor go the spoils and the loser dies. You had better pray your side wins the next election. Don’t let your hatred of this man blind you to reason. Stop and think; where does it end now that it is started? This is a very dangerous road we are on and we had better use our brains instead of our emotions or we will wake up in a very different world than we went to sleep in. Be afraid, be very afraid.

    • 45caliber

      Murder is when you kill an innocent man. Execution is when you kill someone who isn’t innocent.

      If someone deliberately tries to kill or get someone else to kill innocent people, he is not innocent. It doesn’t matter what his nationality is. If he is not innocent, he should be arrested and tried in court – if possible. If it is not possible then execution is the only sure method of insuring that he doesn’t continue to get people killed. I would much prefer to kill this man than try to come up with a way to arrest him – and give him that much more time to kill other innocent people.

      While trying to arrest him is certainly the best way to go, if you DON’T take him out when the opportunity offers, then you are as guilty of the murder of innocent people as the man who pulls the trigger.

    • Marten

      Yes Daniel….to much hatred here!!!!

  • Downs1

    People smear the Constitution every day! We have a President who is very likely not elegible to hold the office, yet no one in Congress has the testosterone to investigate the considerable and damning allegations against him. This nation was founded on biblical principles which are embedded in our Constitution, yet there is a battle to remove the Ten Commandments from the public arena. Yet, this man, al-Awlaki, who is American-born leaves America after spreading hatred against “fellow” Americans, and actually leads a known terrorist group whose objective is to kill Americans, this man is supposed to get all the rights to protection accorded by the Constitution while he plans more murder of Americans?! What if he kills hundreds of Americans before he is apprehended? Then he sits for several more years because the US government can’t seem to bring itself to try terrorists. This man by his speech and by his actions is a traitor. He has condemned himself! He got his due punishment!

    • http://Liberty dory

      I agree with you that they are not looking at the Constitution. When the constitution was drafted our forefathers said “In God We Trust”. They did not name anyone else. We were guaranteed rights under the constitution, now the rights we were guaranteed are being trampled on. If a person deliberately sets out to harm the people of the US and thee is no concern as to what their actions will cause, then they are traitors and they deserve what falls upon them.

  • Gerd

    Is it just me, or does the lack of witnesses and bodies along with proven identification of the remains bother anyone else? I can say I got bin Ladin, but disposed of his body at sea, and this guy and the body was burned byond recognition and the bombmaker guy and who could disprove me?

  • Gerd

    Is it just me or does the lack of bodies or witnesses and positive identification bother anyone else? I could say I got rid of Osama, this guy, the bomb maker and that I was born in Hawaii. Who can prove different?

  • tom three

    how about a little perspective.

    We have a long history of killing “citizen public enemies”. does anyone remember bonnie and clyde? when someone is sufficiently evil that it is necessary to take him, “dead or alive”, and when your only option is to get him dead, what should one expect?

  • Karolyn

    I’m surprised they didn’t mention the Charlotte kid who was killed with him. He was the editor of a terrorist online publication. I had heard of him before because I live near Charlotte. He was a normal kid who just started to question. The Muslim elders in Charlotte tried to guide him, but he could not be swayed from his convictions. He only went to Yemen in the last couple of years. Sorry I didn’t have time to look up more info on him.

    What makes anybody do anything? It’s point of view. We are all unique.

    • 45caliber

      I don’t have a real problem with anyone’s point of view as long as they aren’t attempting to harm others. That can be physical harm, emotional harm, spiritual harm, or economic harm. Then I have a problem since I don’t believe in harming the innocent. Just the guilty.

  • William

    When you have the media in bed with the president – anyone who they disagree with can be labeled a terrorist…And one vacation out of the country – you are a marked man… or woman…In fact, the good folks in DC (District of Corruption) have already labeled Christians and Tea Party members as potential threats to the country.

    The president is “testing the waters.”…And so far, piece by piece
    the words of the constitution are becoming null and void…

    As the dollar collapses don’t be surprise if innocent Americans who disagree with Uncle Sammy are also labeled as terrorist.

    • coal miner

      For more than four decades, the Libyan people have been ruled by a tyrant – Moammar Gaddafi. He has denied his people freedom, exploited their wealth, murdered opponents at home and abroad, and terrorized innocent people around the world – including Americans who were killed by Libyan agents.
      Barack Obama

      • coal miner


        Definition of Tyrant
        An absolute ruler; a sovereign unrestrained by law or constitution; a usurper of sovereignty.

        Specifically, a monarch, or other ruler or master, who uses power to oppress his subjects; a person who exercises unlawful authority, or lawful authority in an unlawful manner; one who by taxation, injustice, or cruel punishment, or the demand of unreasonable services, imposes burdens and hardships on those under his control, which law and humanity do not authorize, or which the purposes of government do not require; a cruel master; an oppressor.

  • http://deleted Claire

    All I can say is: Good riddance.

  • John /West Virginia

    If Anwar al-Awlak was born in New Mexico & he attended college at Colorado State University, that would make him a muslim wetback
    goat-humping terrorist. Thanks to our military he is in hell with his 72 virgin goats. As for U.S. Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan who killed 13 people in the Nov. 5, 2009, rampage at Fort Hood.This sob should be hung at high noon on Nov. 5 2011, with a pig dork shoved in his mouth.

  • william

    three cheers for Obama,he got one thing right.


    Very simple, if you do the crime, you should die. Don’t matter where you were born. This rag head sob gave up his citizenship when he became an al-Qaida operative. Jerry Brown is still an idiot. Should have been in the white pick-up with al-Awlak.

  • Monty Lexa

    Congrats to our President. We are at war people. This individual left our country to turn on all of us and have us killed and murdered and now we have people here saying he should have had a trial first. Really, Are you kidding me. Our president and our troops have killed Osama Bin Laden, now is time to bring our troops home. These countries have had plenty of time to train their own people to protect their country.

  • Papa Kilo

    It is my understanding that al-Awlaki’s parents were here on student visas and not immigrants. They returned to Yemen, where the senior Awlaki secured a position in the finance ministry. Theoretically, young Awlaki was “eligible” for citizenship by virtue of birth, but since his parents never had any intention to become United States citizens and he never processed any application for citizenship, said citizenship is unclear. Still and all, that does not diminish the fact that our government has been playing fast and loose with the PATRIOT Act of 2001 and all subsequent renewals.

  • Sail2pete

    Sail2pete says:
    October 14, 2011 at 3:52 pm
    TO WaChar and all others who are hyper brain dead and hysterical loyal American Patriots of whom I am one. First of all it would be ridiculous to say that anyone that might be called a terrorist without prior notoriety would be targeted is ridiculous and you all know that. This As.h… made blatant and many statements about killing american citizens. If any of you did the same I would hope the government would react as it has done here only a lot sooner –end of story — Pete Maniscalco


  • Paul

    Flat out, if one is promoting terrorism/attacks against the US, they are no longer citizens and law should strip them of that. They are fair targets. I want it take one step further. Once they are declared as the enemy, deport their family and relatives. I’ll even take it a step further, deport everyone that attends the same place of religion they went to. This might get the attention of family and places they call “their” church. Just a thought….

  • http://Microsoft Rosabel Baldwin

    It is not fair or decent to refer to this person as an ‘American’. He gave up his citizenship when he turned traitor to U.S. Pure and simple…just as when a person is arrested and sentenced to jail for a period of time, he looses his civil rights until he walks out the door as having done his time. No TV, radio, library to study law so he/she can outwit the ‘system’, demands, voting rights…He chose to use his free will to do these dirty deeds. Fair is fair.

  • http://gmail phil mccanless

    Executions without trials are murder! The real terrorists are in Washington. The patriot act is treason and the war on terror is an Orwellian nightmare, designed to take away our liberty. Free speech shouldn’t be a crime punishable by death.

  • Jeff Kane

    Why dont you find out why Anwar al-Awlaki was a frequent dinner guest at the pentagon. Maybe because he was a CIA asset? Doing what he was told to do! And maybe knew too much! hmmm

  • http://yahoo John Boyer

    Good job, well done, now let’s get the rest of them so they can kiss their butts goodbye. This is the way to handle terrorists no trial no public stand to make their perverse statemnets just kill the scum as we find them

  • Sorensen

    There are many ways of looking at this however since 911, a fact and cannot be denied, there has been an incremental removal of rights! It is not an accident, I believe, that that a US citizen has been targeted and killed at this time.
    It was done primarily as a prelude to even further decimation of rights. The government is, to my mind, planning even greater wars and it will demand full public support and control of the population in any way it can.
    In the future one may find that a terrorist is anyone that is at odds with government policies and citizens may find themselves targeted or arrested within the US!

    During this time It is critical, I feel, that a thorough unbiased investigation into the pivotal events of 911 is a absolute must, if one wants an in-dept understanding of what is really going on !

  • dan7113

    An American citizen walks down any street. He has a gun in his hand and he has been heard ranting about the evils of the USA and how he is going to kill politicians and private citizens. A Police Officer encounters this man. Does this threatenning man have to be tried before the Officer can defend himself and other Americans? NO.

    It is the same thing. Only difference, this terrorist doesn’t have the stones to come here and try to commit the crime himself. He gets weak minded people like Reid to do his dirty work for him.

    All you folks resting on laurels about rights of the criminal better wake up. Each time a criminal gets off due to technical law and his rights, lessen the right of the every day Americans to live an honest and peaceful day.

    As far the the terrorist threat, we have to be a bit more ruthless in the defense of our freedoms and our RIGHT to LIVE.

    Think of it this way… As the Japanese Navy approached Pearl Harbor on December 7th, if the US had a Naval presence meet them a few miles out from the harbor… what should we have done? Leave our defenses down and Discuss the situation? I know this is a silly example… BUT, we had intercepted communications and knew an attack was coming at some point.

    Just like now. We know terrorists are on the attack. We knew this terrorist was instrumental in prior attacks and would be in future attacks. Because he is an American, do we just let him go on his merry way? OR… do we defend the American citizens in the US and their Right to Live? Simple answer for me. Good night.

  • Sarge

    It is very obvious that those in this thread, who are defending the actions of this American traitor, have never read the Koran. You need to read it and you will find that the tenet of Islam is to destroy the infidel. That is you and me. As an educator and a veteran, I have been in contact with many Islamists. A fifth grade girl will openly tell you that in the name of her religion she would kill you in an instant. As a Christian, who is anathema to the Islamist, I have read the Koran and am deeply concerned for the Christians and the silent majority in this nation. As a former resident of Colorado, it concerns me that so many of these American born Islamists who flee to foreign lands so they may reign terror on the infidel, are coming from Colorado. The socialists of America would just call me a “God fearing, Bible thumping, gun toting terrorist.” If that is the case, then so be it. However, if my nation called on me to go take out a threat against us, I would step up to the plate.


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