‘New’ IRS Abuse Is The Same Old Story


Here we go again, or rather, it just keeps on going.

The Internal Revenue Service, the same agency that took lavish trips on the taxpayers’ dime and discriminated against conservative groups that applied for tax-exempt status, is up to its old tricks of threatening criminal charges against people who for years have sought to work out their back tax issues.

“All too often the IRS  just isn’t interested in working out a tax debt, but rather want to criminalize people for their personal beliefs,” said Edward Snook, editor-in-chief of the US~Observer.

Tom Curry is a reasonable man who doesn’t push his beliefs on others. He simply works hard and wants to be left alone. He doesn’t believe in victimless crimes. He also doesn’t believe it is right for a government to continually fund other countries and waste our money on resort vacations while our citizens are put to the ever increasing task to pay for it.

When Curry was taken in by the works of Irwin Schiff, an anti-tax evangelist, he believed so wholeheartedly in what Schiff was selling that he stopped filing his personal income taxes, believing that it was a completely voluntary system of taxation.

After being contacted by the IRS and informed he did have to file and pay his personal income taxes, he decided not to fight them and he set about hiring several individuals to file his returns and also to run the administration of his Boston-based landscaping and snow-removal business.

The IRS kicked back his returns as fraudulent. They also set the tax debt to Curry’s gross income, ignoring any legitimate deductions for business costs and pricing it beyond any possibility of payment.

It didn’t stop Curry from trying. He hired tax-settlement negotiators.

Acting in good faith, however, didn’t stop the raids on Curry’s home, the confiscation of personal belongings or the threats of charges against his wife, who loosely worked for the business.

And it hasn’t stopped U.S. Prosecutor Victor Wild from seeking to imprison this man who reasonably has tried to work it all out.

It’s time to demand accountability – to act. Call Wild’s office at 617-748-3100 and demand he settle this situation rather than prosecute a man so willing to be reasonable and pay his taxes. And submit your phone call experience in the comments below.

The US~Observer has written up all of the details regarding Curry’s predicament. You can read it here.

US~Observer Staff

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US~Observer Staff

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  • Bachelor With Sense

    First and Foremost: READ the IRS Tax CODE.

    NO AMERICAN citizen is required to pay an Income Tax under the LAW!

    ONLY ELECTED OFFICIALS have “Wages” which are TAXABLE.

    ONLY Corporation have Corporate PROFITS which are TAXABLE.

    IF you are NEITHER of the above, YOU OWE NO TAX!

  • plato1955

    The IRS should clean up its own back yard. Accountability is not just a word, or a concept, that can be applied, or tailored to suit the Gov’t. American citizens are supposed to be protected and defended by those we vote into office. Not hounded, persecuted, and denied due process. THEY WORK FOR US !! If we do not stand, and quickly, Obama will succeed in his goal to destroy this nation. Take this geniuses teleprompter away, ask him the hard question, and watch a fool in action. A dangerous fool.

    • Edward Sanchez

      Again Plato, nobody was persecuted, nor denied due process in this. Do not let your fear stand in they way of facts and logic.

      Obama, even though he is a black man, and that scares you, is actually a very good republican, was a good Constitutional lawyer, and has done much to support the status quo.

      • plato1955

        Obama is a very good REPUBLICAN ?!! Did I wake up on the wrong planet ? Much to support the status quo ?!! Never has a president caused so much division as this one. My fear ?!! The fear of the left, and the liberal media, is that America will learn the truth, and they will lose their power. That’s not my fear, but my hope, and prayer.


    The progressive tax administrated by the IRS has demonstrated it is now a corrupt arm of the socialist, it is undermining our way of life, it is a dinosaur of progressivism and now serves only to obstruct the representative Republic that thrives on the free market and capitalism by punishing conservatism and opposition to socialism.
    Term limits no retirement, a national sales tax driven by the ballot box will replace the dinosaur and regain our representation…..we can again continue to thrive under our Constitution and a limited government.

  • BHR

    The IRS EMPLOYEES are just a bunch of sadistic people who destroy people because they can.

  • BHR

    The IRS EMPLOYEES are just a bunch of sadistic people who destroy people because they can.