New CBS Poll Has Bad News For Sarah Palin’s 2012 Plans


New CBS poll has bad news for Sarah Palin's 2012 plans A newly released public opinion survey suggests that if Sarah Palin decided to run for president in two and a half years, she would not only have to go against the wishes of the majority of Democrats. Chances are, she would also run into trouble convincing her fellow Republicans to offer support.

The CBS News Poll, released on January 19, showed that 71 percent of respondents opposed a potential White House bid by the former Republican vice presidential candidate, and only 21 percent supported a similar plan.

Even among self-identified Republicans, as many as 56 percent said they did not like the idea of the former Alaska governor running for president in 2012. On the opposite side of the political spectrum, a staggering 90 percent of Democrats expressed the same opinion.

Palin’s popularity figures have remained low, as well, as the survey found that 41 percent of Americans have a negative view of her as a politician, and only 26 percent approve of her performance.

The results came despite the release by the former McCain running mate of her best-selling memoir last November, and after she started a new job as a Fox News commentator. Palin is also scheduled to deliver the keynote address at the National Tea Party convention in Nashville, Tenn., in early February.

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