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New anti-tax coalition established

April 22, 2009 by  

New anti-tax coalition established A new coalition called Citizens Against Net Taxes (CANT) aims to bring consumers, industry leaders and nonprofit organizations together to protest against new taxes on digital goods and services downloaded to PCs or mobile devices.

CANT launched its campaign on Monday and has an online petition which can be signed on its website.

"States are facing a real budget crisis, but legislatures must carefully evaluate the consequences of any legislation that will raise tax rates on consumers," says Larry Darby of the American Consumer Institute.

"While taxes on digital goods may appear to be an easy way to generate revenue, in reality they will work at cross purposes with efforts to stimulate the economy and protect jobs," he adds.

In urging taxpayers to sign the petition, CANT says states that impose taxes on digital goods can expect online retailers move to states with lower or no taxes.

The taxes are also likely to raise online-theft rates as consumers turn to tax-free and illegally downloadable materials, it states.

Finally, it believes the added taxes threaten to limit the use of high-speed broadband and wireless services that could help lower energy costs and further stimulate the economy.

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  • Paul Munsch

    What don’t you understand? No new taxes and cut spending

  • http://PersonalLibertyNewsDesk Patricia


  • http://PersonalLibertyNewsDesk Patricia

    I have one more thing to say about all this hipe on the financial stabiltity! This is not working. I for one am not behind 60 days on my mortgage and Countrywide says I do Not qualify. NOT so!!! I am 64 and at risk of losing my home due to other financial difficulties and could lose my home anyway… I have contacted this Company numerous times, Now tell me why I and my children and childrens children will be paying all this bail out money which did not help me one bit.

  • Mar Taxpayer

    Just explain to them that you an your family are “Illegal Aliens” and they will throw the money at you.

    • http://boblivingston butch

      I agree mar, sickining isn’t it!!!liberalism is a “mental disorder”

  • jodetoad

    Where is their website? I’d like to check it out and possibly link to it.

  • http://boblivingston butch


  • http://boblivingston butch


  • http://boblivingston butch


  • Charles Hayes

    CHANGE” we needed and “CHANGE” we got. We just do not need this kind of change. It does not take a brain surgeon to figure out that when ecconomic times are bad is not the time to raise taxes, add new taxes, or make our government bigger to accomodate those who want to “RULE” our country.

  • Charles Hayes

    We must not pump more money down the “RAT HOLE” to bailout auto makers that cannot produce reasonably priced cars with good quality. If GM and Chrysler do not produce cars that Americans want they should go under.

    • azcIII

      American car companies are health care providers that make cars on the side, but only as approved by the regulatory bodies deployed by government. The union contracts and the government interference are the problem here, not the automakers themselves. They would produce competitive-priced, high-quality cars if they were allowed. Between the UAW and the gov regulations that distort the market, they don’t have a prayer. If they had entered bankruptcy (as they should have) they could renegotiate the union contracts. The unions didn’t want that, so the Dems paid the unions back for their campaign support. Now the carmakers are in a trap they can’t escape from. The gov and unions own them, screw the bond holders. They have no authority and will have to watch their investment be murdered by the inept government.

  • Bruce

    This is why I was at the TEA party. It’s not a party thing or any politician thing. It’s the fact that our government (which produces no income) is like the “Blob” it keeps eating the income of the citizens and growing. There is no control over spending and the liberal minority is destroying every foundation our country is based upon. Too many feel they are entitled to what I have worked for and no one wants to accept responsibility for the consequences of their actions. Our schools demand too little of their students and want classes to teach morality. Parental rights and responsibility no longer exist.

    Wake up! Until we stop trying to assuage our enemies who have sworn to destroy us and start standing up for the beliefs our founding Fathers wrote into our constitution I don’t see how we can possibly save our way of life for us and future generations.

  • Roger A.

    What about those of us who have lost their jobs……all these taxes are causing companies to delay ANY hiring. I have NEVER been on Welfare, but it’s getting close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mike s

    So? Where do I sign up?

  • mike s

    Any links to there web site?

  • Chuck

    The web site is their name, citizensagainstnettaxes (.) com and my state, Mississippi, is charging 7% tax. Maybe if you all sign you can prevent your state from enacting policies such as these. Wish I had heard of it before it was acted upon.

  • David G. From Michigan

    Yes,i wholeheartly agree with everybody that we are Taxed way to much already.If those CLOWNS in Washington D.C. had to live on what we live on,they would be screaming their damn fool heads off.They ask us to suck it up,but do you see them doning the same thing that they are asking us to do.I don’t think so.Maybe we should take away the cars they use,their mail priviages,and have them freeze their own pay for the next 4-5 years.I live in Michigan,with the highest unemployment rate in the nation.These clowns are not doing enough to keep our jobs here or to attract more business here.I didn’t vote for these clowns this past election.Something needs to happen and quickly.Remember what the letters T.E.A. stand for.We are “Taxed Enough Already”.

  • Audrey

    We keep talking about what is wrong but it is time to take action……we have to vote out the libs before it’s too late. I for one am asking everyone to encourage everyone to get people to vote against any increase taxes or any politicians that votes for increased taxes. In addition vote out anyone that is interested giving aide to people that are in this country illegally. If we do that we will save millions of dollars on social services on those that do not belong hear and can help people who have worked hard all their lives and are now suffering from all the crazy spending. I also say this is American and we should stop printing government notices and or documents in any language other than English. It will save a lot of money and paper. This is America and English is our language learn it……..


    Let’s have some more discussion about the Fair Tax. My rallying cry is not “No New Taxes!” It’s “NO TAXES!!!!!!!”

  • Sylvia Rangel

    No More Taxes. Impeach Obama

  • Sylvia Rangel



  • Sylvia Rangel


  • Oliver Askew

    Taxed Enough Already.

  • Oliver Askew


  • Oliver Askew


  • Jan

    We need to keep GOD in our country. That’s what are country was built on.

    • http://donthave Betty Sue Petty

      Great comment,and the absolute truth.
      the censorship of religion and any moral values is rampant in the liberal,lying media. Their emphasis is on violence,immorality,perversion,
      The social,political,and economic problems in our country are worsening daily since Obama was inagurated.His goal is control and oppression of the American people using the Saul Alinsky method he taught .
      Highly recommend all read “LIBERTY AND TYRANNY”by Mark Levin;it will make you realize what we are facing.

  • Gary

    More taxes chase corporations out of the country thereby losing more American jobs.
    35% to 45% in corporate taxes. Move to Mexico, or India, or China and pay 15%-22%. It’s cheaper labor, cheaper taxes and with the so called “FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS” that are only free for other countries thanks to lobbyists and special interest groups, there are no tariffs to bring the product back. It is cheaper and more profitable for a corp. to go out of the country and ship the product back than it is to make it here. This is all the fault of bigger government and rising taxes as well as the coruption of politicians that are getting rich at our expense. Vote them all out!! less government..less taxes and America will prosper once again. Pelosi, Reed, Frank, Dodd, Rangel..Feinstein,etc…etc…etc! Send them to Mexico…Their corruption fits right in!!! The IRS is an illegal entity to begin with. They have no power under the constitution to do what they do. The 16th Amendment gives them no power to tax wages and income is considered by the Supreme court to be financial profits made from business ventures….Research it yourself!!! It is all strong arm propeganda.

    • dw

      Our labor is our personal God given property. Our ‘most precious property‘ according to one court ruling. Our labor is what we use to sustain ourselves and loved ones and we are expected to sustain our own damn selves. Labor is not profit but rather a barter. The Gov should not be taxing property and frustrating our efforts to better our own lives.

      Is the IRS a money laundering operation based in the Caymen Islands. A private entity antagonistic to the Constitution and taking our labor by force and giving it to the source of that force where individuals then use that wealth to buy and bribe support to stay in power? The IRS keeps us conservatives in a no win scenario on every issue wherer the socialist and his democracy have input.

      • Gary

        You are absolutely right …..wages are a barter… The Supreme court has ruled several times that “Income is Profits Made from BUSINESS ventures” Wages are a barter for labor agreement and as such is “NON TAXABLE” …The IRS is an ILLEGAL ENTITY…. READ THE 16TH AMENDMENT….. It does not give any power to the IRS to tax anything that is new…. It is all illegal! “UNCONSTITUTIONAL: If you don’t believe me…….read it for yourself!!!

  • Gary

    They cannot produce any law that requires anybody to file an income tax return…. because there isn’t one!!!

  • Gary

    By the Way…. NAFTA is the worst thing that ever happened to American Workers….
    Obama made a campaign promise to renegotiate……..Potomac two-step….Say one thing and do something completely different!!!!
    Change……..What a concept!!

  • Gary

    If Americans had the jobs that are being outsourced, then there would be no reason to “BAIL OUT” all these banks and corporations, People would be able to pay the morgages and buy automobiles and other products. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that if people have no jobs, then they have no money, and they don’t buy consumer goods.

  • Gary

    Oh… By the way………Congress just voted themselves bonuses….
    It has to stop people!!!
    One way or another we need to take our country back!!
    they work for us and like the saying goes….while the cat’s away…the mice will play!
    TEA parties need to continue and grow! GET INVOLVED!! Be a responsible boss. These people need to fear us…NOT us fearing them.. The lunatics are running the asylum!!!!!!

  • Bill

    No to Taxes, NO to hidden fee’s and No to Corporate taxes and cap and trade that I just end up paying in the end because they just carry the cost down to me.


    And a big No to Double Social security and Medicare for self employed. 15.3% that I will never see anything of because the Democrats and the Republicans spent the money and filled the box with useless I.O.U’s

  • Guy Arnold

    Obama knows nothing about our system of governing and he has prooved it by trying to buy all industry, banking and automobile companies and still watching our country go down the tube. He needs one thing from us, IMPEACHMENT, get rid of the guy who thinks he is a good president.

    All he is good for is pork barrel approving and excessive spending on everything he signs. IMPEACHMENT is the only thing that wil help us out of the mess we are in. Really the only one who can help us out is Jesus Christ.

  • http://donthave Betty Sue Petty

    Great comments. Just to give Americans an idea if the enormity of Obama’s spending.

    1.2 Trillion of his budget is deficit spending;in addition to the 12 Trillion we already owe. The U.S. needs to borrow 3.25 TRILLION this fiscal year;
    China holds 739.6 billion in US Treasury bonds,IT is our largest debtor.
    Obama in six weeks proposed more spending than from the founding of this country to his inaguration.
    Obama is solely responsible for releasing the CIA memos ,for that alone he should be impeached;it will cause many deaths of our troops and others.
    Do you all know of any other leader of a country that has done such a treasonous act??

    • Gary

      It seems that not a single politician that took the oath to UPHOLD, SUPPORT, AND DEFEND the Constitution of the United States of America has ever bothered to actually read it!! The same way they didn’t read the $750,000,000,000 stimulous bill. I beleive they all should have to take a 6hr test about the Constitution before they swear an oath to protect it! Get ready people, (or should I say) COMRADES…… You now owe your soul, your childrens souls, your Grandchildrens souls, and their grandchildrens souls to the collective.
      Forget about FREEDOM and the ability to prosper from the fruits of your own labor…….Those days are GONE!!!!!
      I for one will not go gently into that goodnight!!!

  • Gary

    Oh…. By the way….Jesus cannot help you! He gave all of us free will….You have to help yourself instead of hiding your head in the sand and thinking Jesus is going to solve everything… Don’t be Naive!!! Grow up and take the responsibility for yourself!!!

    Or haven’t you ever heard that before?

  • Tony

    FAIR TAX ,FAIR TAX ,FAIR TAX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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