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Netanyahu Wants Iran War Now

September 12, 2012 by  

Netanyahu Wants Iran War Now
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is ready for war with Israel.

While Americans were remembering the events of 9/11 that catapulted the United States into more than a decade of war, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Americans of hindering Israel’s ability to defend itself on Tuesday.

Responding to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s recent statement that the United States “is not setting deadlines” relating to Iran’s alleged nuclear activities, Netanyahu said that no immediate military action against the Iranians means they will build an atomic bomb.

According to The Washington Post, Netanyahu said the following at a news conference with the visiting Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov:

The sanctions have hurt the Iranian economy, but they haven’t stopped the Iranian nuclear program. That’s a fact.

And the fact is that every day that passes, Iran gets closer and closer to nuclear bombs.

The world tells Israel: “Wait. There’s still time.” And I say: “Wait for what? Wait until when?” Those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before Iran don’t have a moral right to place a red light before Israel.

Many defense American and Israeli defense experts alike disagree with Netanyahu’s hawkish assertion that now is the right time for either country to become entangled in war with Iran, arguing that sanctions could still work to further weaken the nation.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • swampfox

    I hope they plant a 1000 pnd bomb right in that looks lap and blow him to smithereens!
    go Israel,i’m with you all the way.

    • FreedomFighter

      Isreals choices:

      1. wait for Iran to get a nuke and use it
      2. stop Iran from getting a nuke and using it

      what would you do…? I know what I would do if I were Netanyahu.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Randy131

        What’s wrong with a financially and economically weakened nation with nuclear capabilities? It makes them far more dangerous and unpredictable, with an attitude that no matter what they want to do, or whatever they actually do, it won’t make any difference, because it can’t get any worse than it already is. Obama has had 4 years to stop what is about to occur, and he failed at this too, for the only thing Obama has been successful at is forcing Obamacare on a people whose majority didn’t want it and abhors it, which was done behind closed doors and in secrecy, not even allowing the people’s representatives to read the bill before forcing them to vote on it, which since most were Democrats in both houses of Congress, did so at the behest of Obama and the Democratic leaders. What can be more asinine than to vote for something you heaven’t even read and know not what it contains or curtails, other than Obama’s present position of letting a country, that hates America and has proclaimed it will destroy Israel, be allowed to develope a nuclear weapon?

    • swampfox

      kooks lap that is,damn spell check program!
      there is no way that nut in Iran should come even close to having nukes!
      ahdinajad or however you spell his friggen name is a nut and has threatened Israel with
      out right annialation over and over again.
      the world would be better off if he was blown to tiny particles.

  • Harold Olsen

    Another misleading headline. To say Isreal WANTS war with Iran is just plain stupid and ignorant. Yes, Israel may attack Iran in the very near future but that does not mean they WANT war. Isreal will, and should, do whatever is necessary to defend themselves from attack from Iran. Their best move would be a preemptive strike. Hit them before they hit Israel. Israel is alone in the world They no longer have any allies.. They sure as hell can not depend on help from the Obama regime. Our current government, along with the Democrat party, is anti-Israel, and that includes the Jews in that party. Any America Jew who continues to support Obama, in my opinion, is a traitor to Israel. The majority of the American people support Israel. Our government doesn’t. Do what’s necessary, Israel, to defend yourselves and tell Clinton and the rest of the Obama regime to mind their own business and to go to hell! Your survival depends on it!

    • Vigilant

      You’re right, Harold, about the incorrect headline. I had to tell eddie47d the same thing a day or two ago when he made that bogus claim.

    • Sirian

      Agreed!! Absolutely AGREED!!! Well said Harold!!

    • eddie47d

      How is waring with Iran defending ourselves if we are not being threatened. How is Israel waring with Iran threatening Israel’s sovereignty.That would be just the opposite. The USA will defend Israel if they are attacked but we will not allow Israel to Wag The Dog in baiting us into a war. Why are you so willing to give up our national sovereignty in allowing Israel to call the shots? In this case the Democrat Party is defending our Constitution in not allowing another country to subservient us.

      • Gary L

        What do you propose eddie???just sit on our asses and wait until its to late to prevent the inevitable?

      • eddie47d

        It’s not inevitable just because Netanyahu says so. Not to get too far off the subject but Hitler also said Poland was a threat to German sovereignty and had to be defeated. Talk about a quickie! There are excuses for war and then there are damn excuses.

      • Vigilant

        Wrong analogy eddie. The proper one was in 1938 with Chamberlain believing Hitler’s lie that, after the Czechoslovakian Sudetenland, he would have no further claims.

        Kinda’ like believing that Iran wants nuclear technology for only peaceful uses.

        You seem to have a lapse of memory. Jimmy Carter went to N. Korea twice and naively believed those evil bastards when they claimed the same thing Iran is claiming now.

        You know the definition of insanity, don’t you?

      • eddie47d

        Why bring up Jimmy Carter (1976) who did negotiate with N Korea and won concessions. N Korea dropped out of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in 2003 (Bush) because they wanted nukes. They didn’t produce their first one until 2005 (Bush) and didn’t do any nuke tests until 2006(Bush). Carter attempted to stop them and Bush allowed them to go full speed ahead. So why blame Carter? Obama doesn’t want Iran to have nukes anymore than Romney but the fact still remains that they don’t have any. You may assume I have a Colt 45 under my jacket and I won’t tell you if you are right or wrong. Do you have the right to take it without knowing? Do I have a right to defend myself with or with out false accusations?

    • Gary L

      Damned straight Harold. I’d like to know is why in the hell are Jews still supporting this president. To support the democrat party is bad enough, but to support Obama is just obtuse.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        The Jews have been taught that when a mad dog comes at you you try to appease it. Nice Doggie, you are a Nice Doggie, if you don’t hurt me I will give you a nice big bone,Doggie.

      • eddie47d

        Not all Jews are sheeple to a wrong headed policy of the Israeli government. Modern Jews are not giving in to Iran and do see the possible threats around them but are very cautious. Most Israeli Jews like American Jews don’t want war with Iran. The hawks in Israel are even more hawkish than those in America but they can’t bait everyone into their schemes for war.

  • RevNowWhileWeCan

    Until Israel signs the Non Proliferation Treaty, exposes their own nuclear capabilities and allows IAEA inspectors in…… fight your own fight Israel and if you throw the first punch then the US should step in on the side of Iran. It’s funny to me that when policies regarding the U.N. and NATO go against Arab nations they are the first to speak up and demand the rule of law be upheld but when it goes against their own agenda they remain silent. Only the US and Israel could bang the war drums while breaking international law which states that not only is Iran allowed nuclear capabilities for power but the US is OBLIGATED to assist in those efforts. That makes to much sense tho because if they assisted Iran then the US would have a presence there and be able to peacefully monitor their capabilities thus keeping Israel from striking first thus busting the wheel of war which is continued policies of the US and Israel.

    Come on people. How many countries are we going to destroy because they MIGHT do something. If you support this then you must also support indefinite detention and being locked up if you MIGHT do something bad. If you’re going to follow rules, follow ALL of them and don’t change them as you go along to suit policy agenda! War DOES NOT bring peace.
    And if you try and bring up the “Islamic Boogeyman hates us and wants to kill us” , then I would ask how many Christians have killed Muslims in the last 12 years and how many Muslims have killed Christians. The numbers aren’t even CLOSE. Please wake up America.

    • GGRAY

      If you’re going to follow rules, follow ALL of them and don’t change them as you go along to suit policy agenda! War DOES NOT bring peace. As you wrote, from above, Sounds like you need to send that quote to Mr Obumer and tell him to follow the constitution and not circumvent it as he constantly does.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      How the bloody hell are you going to make the enemies of Israel be good? You are rather dense how humans behave. There are treaties signed out the wazoo, but if only one side honors their agreements and the other doesn’t they are worthless time wasters.

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        Thank you for reiterating my point. Your indoctrination is DEEP.

      • Vigilant

        RevNowWhileWeCan says, “Thank you for reiterating my point. Your indoctrination is DEEP.”

        And your grasp of history is SHALLOW.

        Appeasement has NEVER worked, and never will. If anything, appeasement magnifies the prospects for war, it does not diminish them.

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        “appeasement magnifies the prospects for war, it does not diminish them.”
        So, appeasement (so YOU like to label it) magnifies war but preemptive strikes diminish war??? Your line of thinking on foreign policy is why the world hates us and continues to kill Americans abroad. We should only strike in self defense and the term “preemptive strike” is an phrase used by the warmongers in place of the words “illegally murder” and should be stricken from the English language.
        “And your grasp of history is SHALLOW.”
        I’m still waiting for the part where striking first has prevented war. Please give an example.
        Your interpretation of history is SHALLOW. Your indoctrination is also DEEP.

      • eddie47d

        Preemptive strikes are an act of war and there is no turning back. Iraq is still in turmoil from our preemptive strikes Vigilant. That would be a better analogy.

      • Vigilant

        “I’m still waiting for the part where striking first has prevented war. Please give an example.”

        1936: Hitler violates the Treaty of Versailles and reoccupies the Rhineland.

        1938: Chamberlain appeases Hitler Munich and gives away the Sudetenland.

        Pre-emptive action would have halted him dead in his tracks.

        Your understanding of history is not shallow, it simply doesn’t exist.

        I repeat, appeasement has NEVER worked, and never will. If anything, appeasement magnifies the prospects for war, it does not diminish them.

        Tell me when appeasement has EVER worked, smartass.

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        Iran is NOT occupying another country. Also, I’m never a “smartass” to anyone that doesn’t have it coming. My first reply was to Nadzieja for calling me “dense” and you seem to feel the need to come to her rescue by calling me “shallow” so my “smartassness” towards you was totally warranted. I find myself agreeing with you on lots of topics but obviously we are far apart on this one. I suggest if you don’t like “smartass” remarks then don’t practice US/Israel tactics and but in on a debate that didn’t even concern you. But if you must then don’t throw the first punch and we will never war and always discuss. Doesn’t that sound like a good policy to you? Don’t attack and I won’t have to defend. Sound familiar?

      • Vigilant

        RevNowWhileWeCan, I stand duly chastised, and I apologize for my volatility. We do agree on many things, but the fervor of my feeling on appeasement and pacifism is so high that I tend to get fired up easily.

        I find myself so consistently agreeing with Nadzieja on issues that perhaps I felt it necessary to defend her out of loyalty. Please forgive my “fire.”

        This is, however, an open forum, and I don’t think any of us feel that we have butted in on a private conversation when we engage a topic of such magnitude.

        In this new and refreshed spirit of discussion, let me ask that question again: When has appeasement has EVER worked in history?

        It didn’t work for the French or Chamberlain prior to WWII, it didn’t work for FDR at the end of WWII (Eastern Europe), Jimmy Carter in N. Korea, and it won’t work for us vis-a-vis Iran’s certain attempts to obtain a nuclear weapons capability.

  • tim

    Blow Iran to hell where they belong. Then take care of the rest of the barbarians!!! If we had a president who had a set of balls we we would of nuked afghanistan in stead of fighting a politically correct war where our soldiers have to take a lawyer on the battlefield with them!!!!! Politicians should not be involved in war, thier a bunch of dumbazzez and don’t know anything about war. You cannot take a vote on shooting someone!!! Too many of our troops are dying because washington will not let them fight. That’s why we can’t win a war!! That’s why the muslims are coming after us. They know washington will not let them fight!!!!

    • eddie47d

      Oh Please Muslims aren’t coming after us anymore than we are going after them. Please don’t use the emotions over the 9/11 anniversary to condemn all Muslims and starting wars to satisfy your inner anger. Besides nukes would be useless in Afghanistan since the targets are sporadic and the territory spread out.

    • orples

      No wonder there will never be peace in this world. I see you’ve bought into the Media Propaganda that keeps the Military Industrial Complex well armed. When are people going to realize that the only winners (on either side) in these non-stop, unjustified, and illegal wars are the bankers that control the media? Do you honestly think Iran would even know America existed if we didn’t make our presence known? I shudder to think of what our reaction might be if others treated us, the way we treat them. What ever happened to the golden rule?

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Thanks, tim. Your statement actually tells how human predators should be dealt with. The American Embassy was attacked and it is as if America was attacked because whereever America has Embassies it is as if a bit of America was there.
      For the benefit of the Leftist Loonies, the Embassies were established by invitation of the host nations.

    • eddie47d

      Those embassy attacks were deliberately provoked by a Christian Conservative in America. You do the math in who started the ruckus Nadzieja. Heck Americans burn mosques in our country and don’t even need a reason to do it. (Joplin Mo was the latest) This eye for an eye philosophy is getting really old and dangerous.

      • box-bb-car

        From the reports I have seen, the maker of the film identifies himself as an Israeli Jew.

        In actuality is does not matter his nationality, religion nor race. He made the film here in the US. The government of the US has no authority to censor the film, unless it violates current decency laws (and some would argue that is too much an infringement). If the so called ‘peaceful’ religion of Islam can only respond to this film with violence, then their own claim as to being ‘peaceful’ must be called into question, just as people would question Christians going to war simply over religious principles.

        And there is one difference in the burning of Mosques here in the US. If the perps are caugh, they will be punished. I doubt very heavily we will see the same occur to those who killed our people in Libya

      • eddie47d

        That is a good point you make about an Israeli being involved. Could he be another Gavrilo Princip who killed Archduke Ferdinand which launched WW1? Could this person have deliberately put that video out to create more tensions in the Middle East and to achieve a goal of the US siding with Israel in attacking Iran. He had to have known the controversy it would unleash.

    • actual socialist

      One problem genius the SECOND we start nuking others at will every other nation with nukes will launch ther full arsenuls at us people like you will cause the end of this countrey

      • http://naver samurai

        The only difference between destroying this country from the inside, like you and your ilk, and a nuclear warhead is the nuke does the job quicker. I don’t propose going to war with Iran, unless they attack us first, but Israel has a right to defend themselves against any threat. Especially since many in Israel see their country as being beseiged from all sides in there part of the world. No arab country needs nukes. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

        • actual socialist

          NO one needs nukes arab or otherwise and f.y.i iranians are PERSIAN

          • http://naver samurai

            You’re part right. They were called Persians, like the Medo-Persian Empire, but they had their name changed to Iran last century. People felt it was a more muslim name. No one needs nukes? I say that if you have them, they should be for defense only and not for first striking. The U.S.A. is the only country on record to use them against another country (JAPAN), but you can thank the libs/progressives for being wimps and not wanting to attack Japan directly. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

            You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

          • actual socialist

            First of all they bombed japan because they calculated that an invasion of japan would cost MORE lives then the bomb itself secondly only for defense? sounds fine in theory but in ANY goverment especilly the u.s goverment ther will be at LEAST one psyco like the guy i was responding to earlier who are ready willing and able to turn it into an offensive weapon and for the record when someone in the american goverment says ” nuke em ” it,s usually a conservitive just an observation

  • Betty

    I’m so ashamed of what our country has become. I’m a senior citizen almost 70 years old and never dreamed America would turn on Israel as it has during this administration. It saddens me to think what the next generations will face. GOD told Israel “I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you” soooo! I suppose we need to prepare for HIS wrath!

    • eddie47d

      Netanyahu is the one threatening us and telling us to draw a line in the sand.Now we have the American warmongers coming out in full force. The title of this article is correct and Israel does want war and now.. Israel has nukes and threatens Iran and Iran has no nukes so who do you think will win. Swampfox above and others are fear mongering and sending up false flags. You are the danger to this world if you think you can preemptively bomb someone into submission when there is no clear threat. Israel is the one bullying us into war and that is not acceptable. If cheap talk from Ahmadinejad is all that riles up you thin skinned sheeple then the USA is indeed in big trouble. We do have a treaty with Israel but they don’t own us or control us and they certainly will not tell us when to got to war and which country to attack. Sounds like WWI all over again when treaties dragged all of Europe into a war that never should have happened.

      • momo

        eddie47d says: ” If cheap talk from Ahmadinejad is all that riles up you thin skinned sheeple then the USA is indeed in big trouble.”

        I seem to remember Hitler doing the same thing the nutjob in Iran is doing, nobody believed him either. That led to World War II and the holocaust, maybe that’s what Netanyahu remembers.

      • eddie47d

        If that is true and yes Israel invokes the Holocaust into everything then they should do their best to avoid war and the slaughter of millions of innocent Iranians. No one should wish a holocaust on anyone especially the Israeli’s. They should indeed learn the lesson of Hitler and avoid preemptive strikes against any nation such as Hitler did in Poland and Czechoslovakia. Israel must have eternal vigilance but never be the aggressor.

      • momo

        The Iranians have already said they want to wipe Israel off the map, it might be wise for the Israelis to heed their remarks. as for pre-emptive strikes, they worked for the Israelis in 1967.

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        “I seem to remember Hitler doing the same thing the nutjob in Iran is doing, nobody believed him either.”
        Hitler waged open war on peaceful countries. Who has Iran waged war on? As a matter of fact, who has Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, etc. attacked? Let me guess, “war on terror” right? Another one with deep indoctrination.
        eddie47d, I’m not usually in agreement with you but on this one, I’m with you all the way brother.

      • momo

        RevNowWhileWeCan says: ” Who has Iran waged war on?”

        Let’s see, the nut job that runs Iran has stated Israel should be wiped off the map, he’s shipping arms to Hamas that are used against Israel. He’s shipping arms to his ally Assad in Syria to be used against the Syrian people. He’s denied the holocaust ever happened and he’s trying to make Iran a nuclear power. I think that’s reason enough for the Israelies to be worried. As for your friends in Libya, they just killed the US ambassador!

      • eddie47d

        MOMO: Israel had already been attacked in 1967 and they were striking back. In other words self defense not aggression. I heard over the years that Americans want to wipe Cuba off the map. That they want to wipe N.Vietnam off the map. That they want to wipe Afghanistan off the map, even the Soviet Union. What do you call those Americans?

    • orples

      The only thing about America that I ashamed of are the people that have allowed our so called ‘elected leaders’ to trample on our Constitution and relieve us of our rights. We have buried our heads in the sand and allowed a corrupt Government to run the show. If we followed our Constitution, we would not be a war with anyone since all of our conflicts today are illegal. We have not declared war since WWII. Thus, all wars fought since then have been a sham,with the only winners being the bankers and a few bought-off politicians that finance the operations. I would think at your age, you would be more familiar with our war-mongering history, Betty. These days, I dare say, America’s most lethal enemies reside in Washington D.C.

  • orples

    We need to break ties will ALL other foreign Nation, including foreign aid and military backing. Aside from the fact that America is beyond bankrupt, we have no business policing the world. I doubt Iran would be a threat to anyone, if everyone would simply leave them alone and quit threatening them. We look at Iran as the bad guys. Ditto for Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Did anyone ever stop to think that if ANY other Nation came to America and did to us, what we do to them, we’d retaliate in a heartbeat. The Middle Eastern Nations were perfectly happy killing each other for thousands of years without any interference from outside sources. Why is it up to us, or anyone else to interfere with their lifestyle … a lifestyle we don’t (and never will understand)? Israel is well armed… let them fight their own battles if they want to go to war with Iran. In the meantime, we should be bringing our troops (and our money) home and worry about our own problems. It’s not like we don’t have enough of them.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Are we supposed to take your word, false seer/false prophet that you are passing yourself off as, that all will be peace if we don’t defend ourselves and our own.
      The political climate of the world is so muddied up that it is better to have very good discernment who the friends and who the enemy is. By the way Israel is not our enemy.

  • jopa

    Blow Iran to hell and everything is solved.Very unlikely.then you have Syria mad at them.Blow Syria to hell and everyones happy.Very doubtful, because now Egypt is mad.Blow Egypt to hell and now you only have a handful of Arab countries left and now their all mad.Now Pakistan or India thinks Israel has gone mad and they use their nukes on Israel before Israel attacks them.Hmmm. I wonder if they should have talked a little more.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Human predators/bullies don’t follow your wishes.The rule is, you “beat the crap” out of one the others will skulk away.

      • eddie47d

        So true Nadzieja and the American Indian still haven’t recovered from our bullying them from sea to shining sea. Now that we know you have balls (as you stated) how is that billy club working?

  • Gary L

    The sanctions are going to hurt the people of Iran. The nut jobs in charge will not change thier plans no matter how much thier people suffer. They will just vilify those who have placed sanctions on them.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      “Too bad, so sad” in reply to first sentence.
      Grow some balls and start thinking like a man instead of a scared rabbit.

      • Gary L

        Nad, What i was saying is that sanctions wont work. They don’t care about sanctions. Iran’s nuclear program needs to be destroyed. My balls and my thinking are just fine.

  • lion

    Think with your head not with your emotions. The Iran President is nuts, that right. So he needs to dissapear from the horizon. Go ahead Israel, get rid of him. A 1000 pounds bomb will do the job.

  • jopa

    lion;A 1000 pound bomb would not do diddly squat.Your thinking like a lamb.If Israel goes after Iran they may make an initial strike and leave the rest for us and that could take years.Remember a place called Iraq.They were light years behind Iran in military might and how long did that take us?

  • Robert

    It seems that every area of thought concerning Israel and Iran (Persia) has been talked about; except, the intervention of the Lord God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob (Israel). Remember Esther. Mordecai, her uncle, told her that she was placed in her position as Queen for “such a time as this” and if she refused then God would find another way to save “the Apple of his eye” the Jews. Well folks, I do not think the United States stands between Israel’s God and Israel. The Lord God of the Jews said that he never sleeps nor slumbers when it comes to protecting the Jews. One can think or say what they will about Israel. Look at the end results of all Nations that have turned on Israel. The United States is no exception. The God of Israel rewards or punishes all Nations as to how they treat the Apple of his eye Israel. The United States can sit back and watch God at work. God will protect and defend Israel against all enemies. But if we want the blessings of God on this Nation we will not be a bystander to show the world Israel can not stand alone only to see how God alone will destroy Israel’s enemies without the help of the United States. God will turn his wrath on this country and we also will be destroyed because we will have made the God of the Universe our enemy because of how the Nation turned on Israel the chosen people of the Lord God. Want to know how it all ends – read the old and new Testiment. God wins. Israel wins. Everyone else loses. Don’t believe it. Watch it unfold and weep.

    • jopa

      Robert Whew I am glad all that is settled now that God will take care of them they don’t have to keep pestering Uncle Sam.So the Jews are the chosen ones by God and we no longer have to intervene.Now if you can only convince Netan yahoo about all of this.

      • elizabeth mcalpine

        So you are happy that USA don’t need to intervene and let Israel alone…how about God intervene towards you as careless soul who left a friend alone with his battle. You as a friend has accountability to your friend if your friend is treathened by an enemy. It’s clear what the bible says I will curse nations that will curse Israel…leaving alone USA’s friend Israel as a nation under treat is considered A CURSE and to add to that USA where you lived will be cursed by God too including Obama who has a time to meet with unrelevant people in the entertainment world than have meeting with nethanyahu

    • The Christian American

      Who the real Jews, nickname for the members of the house of Judah, are is depicted in Romans 2: 28 & 29 and Revelations 2:9 & 3:9. In first Kings 11 we find that all of the tribes of Isreal “forsook” God and He chose just the tribe of Judah to continue the path to Christ. The other tribes became know as “The lost tribes”. The lost tribes and Judah had their own Kings and went to war with each other. Jew is first mentioned in 1 Kings 16. Abraham and Moses were NOT Jews.

  • Bob

    I support ISRAEL,and A FIRST STRIKE on IRAN by ISRAEL,IF,and when IRAN gets a nuclear weapon,After using it on ISRAEL, they will send one over to our troops,stationed in Europe. THEN the politicians will wring their hands and say “WE DIDNT SEE IT COMING” while oreo dithers…(wont make up his mind)

  • Mountain Saint

    If there is going to be another regional war in the Middle East in the near future, Iran will not be annihilated by the Israelis, unlike the Arab countries of Jordan, Lebanon and Syria (Psalm 83). One of Israel’s bitterest enemies, Iran (Persia) will somehow survive the fourth and final Arab v. Israeli war (Amos 1-2, Isaiah 17:1) and become the leader of Islamic nations in World War Three, a few years later (Ezekiel 38:5).

  • Mountain Saint

    I understand that there is strong opposition movement building up in Iran and that they could overthrow the government at any time…Even the Russians are now backing away from Iran and Syria. Why? because they have discovered that Israel is sitting on a large reservoir of oil (actually natural gas and shale oil) while the oil fields in Saudi Arabia and other countries are being seriously deleted. ..Someday, several years after the next Arab v. Israeli war, Russia will lead the outter circle of Islamic nations into Israel to steal the cattle and goods (“spoil”) that the Israelis have bought with their oil revenues (Ezekiel 38:11-13). Israel will become one of the greatest and most prosperous nations on earth.

    • The Christian American

      The Russians aren’t backing away from Syria and Iran. The Russian have probably more oil and natural gas than the rest of the world. Syria is Russia’s link to the Mid East. They even have a base there. The Russians know full well where America’s coming from. The question is, where will they draw the line on America’s imperial goals? China is Russia’s ally when it comes to this. Something that must not be forgotten.

      • Mountain Saint

        The latest intel- Russia is removing its military and navy from Syria. Yes, it is trying to get on better terms with Israel because of the Israeli oil reserves.. We know that eventually the Russian oil reserves will be depleted, too, and they will lead the outter ring of Islamic nations in an effort to rob Israel of its sp-oil (Ezekiel 38:11-13 and Isaiah 17:14).

      • Raymond Carl Hardie

        You are right on about Russia, China and their Allies taking a stand, one of the posts here said that they were pulling out of Syria, but the Nato Alliance has just verified that a combined force of 90,000 men with equipment has been deployed by the Russian and Chinese military alliance to the Russian base in Syria and they have installed the new SS18 missiles for “Defence Purposes ” according to the Ministry of Defence statement from Russia. The real reason for the Israel Government and the US wanting to overthrow these Governments of Syria and Iran is about the monetary control of the sale of oil, these countries have quit the petrol-dollar ( US currency ) and are selling oil on basket currencies mostly in gold and the Chinese Yuan. The old saying holds that if you want to find the truth, follow the money trail. I am a Vietnam vet and I remember a common phrase among the troops when refering to the why and reason of our fight, and it was often said ” It’s a rich mans war and a poor mans fight “, I think now with the availability of information we can honestly look back and see that from Vietnam until now, every military engagement has been just that, and according to the General Accounting Office (GAO) in Washington the contract expenditures for the Dept. of Defence has risen fromm approx.180 billion in 2001, to over a trillion dollars in 2011, sadly most of that doesn’t go for the actual supplies and equipment for the troops, but it is going to private contractors of which Halliburton, Brown and Root, Kellog Brown and Root, and about eleven other subsidiaries of Halliburton who was given these contracts with no bid competition. It’s sad really, that we the people do not as a whole look at the facts and stop allowing pre orchestrated and timed press releases from the Government and their corporate lobbyists to lead us into endless conflicts for the sake of giving them more control of not only those countries in question, but of our individual freedoms as well.

  • The Christian American

    Netanyahu was born in Brooklyn NY. His father was a died in the wool Zionist with all of the Zionist aspirations of having the Zionist’s goal of having Israel, Samaria and Judea for their world capitial and the people of the world being their burro’s, beasts of burdens. In his mind America should jump to his tune. I’ll give credit Obama on that one he isn’t, but Romney is. Netanyahu is afraid of this election. If Obama gets re-elected America will distant itself further from him. For this reason I believe he will push for war very soon while he can still get the Zionist influence to push America in it with him. I believe he is depicted in Romans 2 28 & 29 and Revelations 2:9 & 3:9.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    Why in the Hell would a Jewish State want the opinion of a Sunni Muslim Communist Pres. Abomination????? Go kill them all and be done with it, your people have endured enough rockets from the Radical Cultist Muslims. Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    • eddie47d

      Why do you want to make Viet Vets look like marauding blood thirsty swine all the time?

  • DavidL

    Harold Olsen,

    Way over the top when you write ” Israel is alone in the world They no longer have any allies..” What do you think the US is, chopped liver? Without the US, Israel wouldn’t exist. This is as true today, actually more so, than it was in 1948. Do you have any idea how much money the US gives to Israel in aid?

    One of the best things Israel can do, and I say this as a person who supports and is willing to take up arms to defend Israel, is to top pissing off the Arabs and the rest of the world. Get out of the illegal settlements and get to a two state solution immediately.

    Why are people so angry at Israel? If you think it’s just because they’re all anti-Semitic, you are blind.

  • Liberterian

    If Netanyahu is so intent on starting a war with Iran let him go for it but I don’t believe the Israeli people have the same hawkish view. Let them expend their fortune and the blood of their youth. We don’t need another war despite the hue and cry of the chicken hawks in both parties. We don’t need another political war to feed the gall of politicians whom have never served nor their children been at the mercy of war. War is for sure cause and threat, we could smash Iran with or without Israel we have the power and the force. We didn’t belong in Iraq and we don’t belong in Afghanistan. Why should we pay for their war haven’t we already paid enough? We need to listen to Ron Paul. We are not the policemen of the world we should remember the monroe doctrine. If the attack comes home we smash whomever comes here.

  • SarahR

    The last three years the Obama Administration, including the Clintons, have wiped out at least three Dictators in the Middle East. Mubarak, Sadam Hasein, Mummar Qudafi. These three were in power at least 40 years. they are now woking on Assad and Iran. Our Government have supplied weapons to the rebels of these countries, Muslims or Muslim Brotherhood, to create this chaos and a NWO. the American people should demand that all this stop. How many times have you heard some one say Obama will cause a war before the elections? Well, here we go. Obama will be the Dictator of the NWO, at least for a while, until they tire of him too. America, we’re being scammed.

  • Randy N.

    Israel isn’t a push over. They have a VERY capable military, and air force. They also have nukes in their arsinal. If nukes are used by either country It will polerize the entire world.Just as the raid on Poland did for Hitler.I think you can see the outcome. I see it as what was described in Revelations.

  • chuckb

    we have more to fear from this muslim in the white house. he has methodically assisted the muslim brotherhood in taking over a good share of the middle east. he is allowing these people to murder our embassy employees without raising a hand, in fact he is apologizing again for this country.
    it is a must this muslim must be removed from the white house along with his communist staff.

  • swampfox

    Obama is a self admitted Muslim and as such he hates Israel and has done all he can to help his fellow jihadies.
    battalion HUSSEIN Obama IS a Muslimo name,he has prayed in a mosque and sung/chanted their call to worship prayer.
    he hates christianity and Jesus that is clear from his actions.
    Obama overlooks and condones anything his fellow Muslim extremist jihadies do.its
    clear where his loyalties are.
    we need this Muslim out the whitehouse!
    Israel has been snubbed time and time again by ovomit and one of the first thing he did was snub England when he sent the bust of Churchill back,he has pandered and worked with whoever is a enemy of the u.s,the UN,muslim brotherhood(his homies),Russia,China,chavez,the drug lords in south America,etc,etc,
    while doing whatever he can do humiliate us at every chance before the world,
    now this idiot wants to gut our military,no doubt so he can make us part of the EU,
    I don’t trust this kenyan Muslim Marxist no further than I could throw the lieing scumbag,nothing Obama says can be taken at face value,he is NOT a American,
    OBAMA NEEDS TO GO,matter of fact he needs to be impeached and tried for treason,
    Obama knows Israel stands for god,not the Allah Obama knows and worships so as a Muslim Obama hates Israel.
    all aid should be STOPPED NOW,oblivit Muslim that he is won’t do it,I watched ovomit today and he showed no emotion about our ambassador being murdered in Egypt,he could care less,you can see it in his manner and smug face.
    obama has to go!
    ROMNEY 2012

  • swampfox

    barrack HUSSEIN Obama IS a MUSLIM name,
    he is a enemy of everything America stands for!
    ROMNEY/RYAN 2012
    I would go fight for Israel in a heartbeat,
    do not forget that crazed nut in Iraq has threatened
    the u.s as well.
    when you deal with a rabbid dog you shoot it.

  • Tired of Israeli Chutpah

    Natanyahu and Alan Dershowitz do not tell the US what to do. If they want a war with Iran, the Jewish people and Alan Dershowitz should leave the US and fight the war with Iran. No American blood should be spilled.

  • Mountain Saint

    There is something happening in Israel right now and truck loads of soldiers are moving to the wailing wall and the front and military equipment being set up all over the country. ..Normally, Israeli wars are started on holy days and we do have two or three of them scheduled for the next few days…If the fight is with Iran, a regional war will not come of it and neither country will be annihilated. .. However, If the fight is with Syria, Assad will lob WMDs at the Israeli cities and Israel will have to retaliate and nuke Damascus (Isaiah 17:1)…Please pray for the peace in Jerusalem.

  • Ted Gager

    Go get um BiBi! Don’t wait for us! The DOUCHEBAGS running to show here are useless. They won’t help you and you shouldn’t belittle yourself looking for approval from DC. (Deceitful Communists) They’d probably miss and hit you trying to help. It’s like the gang that can’t shoot straight. Look at what they do to us. They get our votes. They go to DC. They joint the gang. They forget about us. They do what they want. They lie to us about the way they voted on issues, knowing that we didn’t want it that way. They gravel to get re-elected. The next bunch do the same things all over again. HAVE AT IT BiBi! You have allies here but not in DC!…

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