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Neo-Nazi Party Making Headway In Greece

May 8, 2012 by  

Neo-Nazi Party Making Headway In Greece
The Golden Dawn flag logo.

Golden Dawn, a right-wing extremist party in Greece, has landed 21 seats in Greek Parliament. The group is accused of being neo-Nazis.

The Golden Dawn party was one of 32 parties to participate in the election. The election was held earlier than usual in an attempt to form a coalition government and address the Greek financial crisis. Voting is mandatory in Greece but those who do not favor any candidate may cast a blank ballot. For a party to move into one of the 300 parliament seats, it must receive at least 3 percent of the vote.

Golden Dawn’s support is increasing at a rapid pace. In the last election, the extreme party took just 0.23 percent of the vote. This year they obtained 6.9 percent.

The Golden Dawn party is supported by those who say they are tired of the mainstream media’s bias and lack of integrity.

“I would like to thank with all the strength of my Greek heart, the hundreds of thousands of Greeks who voted for the popular nationalistic movement: the Golden Dawn, who turned their backs to the defamation by TV channels and the yellow press,” said party leader Nikos Michaloliakos. “They were against us all this time. They accused us in the worst possible way. On their TVs they showed only people who didn’t receive half of the votes we got. They despised the Greek people, and the Greek people despised them.”

Michaloliakos wants the nation to maintain its sovereignty amidst the country’s financial crisis. He wants “a Greece that will not be a social jungle because of the millions of illegal immigrants they brought into our homeland, without asking us.”

“The victory of the Golden Dawn is a victory against the tyrantship of the mass media. …The fight will continue,” he added. “The new golden dawn of Hellenism is rising. For those who betray this homeland, the time has come to fear! We are Greek patriots, we are nationalists, and we don’t let anyone question that.”

The party, which reportedly uses a Nazi salute and has a swastika as its logo, denies being neo-Nazis.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Sirian

    To me, what we are seeing is the initial staging for a re-run of 1930’s Germany. The stage has been set over the years since the establishment of the “EU” and from this “Golden Dawn” is now in place. In simple terms – the spring has been sprung. Now that “Golden Dawn” has won 21 seats in the Parliament sit back and watch how quickly they will increase that number in the months to come. Watch France just as closely too. With it’s new Socialist President in office no telling what the end result will be. No wonder as to why so many rich French are more or less going to be “outta town by dawn”. Isn’t it odd that Obummer is all giddy about this? History can and will repeat itself, as so predicted by GB. And this I must assuredly agree with. If everything plays out in the right direction, as it appears to be set to do now, be prepared to see what so many (clearly the college crowd) have no earthly idea how terrible things can get.

    • Vigilant

      The rise of the erroneously labeled “right wing” factions in Belgium, the Netherlands and Greece is primarily in response to Muslim immigration.

      As for Greece, its very existence is a function of the EU banksters continued propping up of a failed socialist economy. Any withdrawal of that nation from the EU would precipitate debt default, followed by Euro default, followed by collapse of the Dollar. Thanks to globalism, we are at a point where even a hiccup in the European banking consortium could prove disastrous to our own financial health, bad as it already is.

  • Vigilant

    “The party, which reportedly uses a Nazi salute and has a swastika as its logo, denies being neo-Nazis.”

    Proof positive that the Neo-Nazis have an IQ under 85. Is it any wonder that they deny the Holocaust in the face of MOUNTAINS of evidence, provided courtesy of the 3rd Reich itself?

    • Vigilant

      BTW, isn’t it time we dispense with the fiction once an for all, and quit calling the Nazis and fascists “right wing?” They are as left wing as it can get. Communism and fascism are birds of a feather, and progressivism is a first cousin.

      • Sirian

        You left out their uncle – Islamic radicals. They have an abundance of uncles, that’s for sure.

      • boyscout

        Sure, if you want to continue the prevalent distortions of semantics. But then we would have to come up with new terminology to describe the isms. Please, lets keep to standardize definitions.

      • Dick

        They’re ‘right-wing’ in their own terms, and will remain so, because their worst enemies are the ‘left-wing’ – don’t you remember the first things Hitler did when he became Chancellor of Germany in 1933? He very quickly locked up all the socialists and the communists and executed many. Don’t be confused by the fact that Hitler called his party National Socialists – this was a purely cynical and opportunistic move to attract voters in late 20s Germany, where socialism and communism were then attracting a lot of support. Nazi and Fascist parties both are nationalist organisations built around the absolute power of one individual. That’s the difference. Stalinism was Fascist, not socialist. Gorbachev was (and still is) a socialist.

      • box-bb-car

        @Dick I guess when all you have in country is socialists, then yes, they may look to be to the right. However if they fall in the vein of the Nazis, then they are still at their core, socialists. Technically, the US has been fascist since the 30s (some would argue that it started with Wilson) though to a lesser extent than Germany or Italy were. All have at their core a discounting of the individual, one of the very things which made this country special and unique. And we have seen politicians here moving in the direction of discounting the individual and replacing it with the state from the time of Wilson, continuing through present day with Obama. When you lessen the dinividual you weaken, rather than strengthen, the state. A state centered government, like advocated by socialism and certain people in this country, will, by it’s very nature, be tyranical and oppressive. Is an individual centered goverment perfect? most likely not, as it is composed of humans who are inherently imperfect. It will not be as easy to change as woul be a state centered one, however that is a good thing, as it makes it more likely that any change is done for the right reasons and not simply for political expediency or out of emotion, both of which are the worst reasons for making decisions.

        One thing the left had better think about. What occurs when this nation falls to socialism? we will be as all the other socialist nations, broke. Then when there is some natural disaster in the world, or some country invades another for no reason, or a genocide is occuring, who, pray tell will come rushing to the rescue? The UN? Good luck with that.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        The difference in the NAZIs and communist beliefs is primarily that under communism there is no private property while under the NAZIs you could hold private property but the government had total control of its use.

    • Sarah

      We must never forget what Hitler did to many people, its a tragedy this has been accepted as a credible organization

  • dmcl

    That is not a swastika on their logo. It is a common design element known as a ‘Greek key’ – appropriate for a group wanting to maintain the sovereignty of Greece. I would be more concerned with the recent election of a Socialist presdent in France.

    • eddie47d

      The flag was labeled correctly Vigilant for the Nazi’s were extremely right wing. No different than the Communists being extremely left wing. The flag symbol goes no where and leads to a dead end in each direction. That may be the good news for we don’t need the Nazi’s to proliferate anywhere. Remember Greece tried to go Communistic back in 1949 I believe so maybe they will be smart enough to reject both these extremist groups again. Another thing Vigilant the KKK,Minutemen,neo-Nazi’s in America are the “birds of a feathers” in this country and align with the right.

      • JeffH

        I had no illusion that you would not make mention of your favorite, the KKK. Predictable and never one to dissappoint, huh eddie?

      • Brad

        I always understood the KKK to lean democratic. Am I incorrect??





    • boyscout

      Right you are ! But this knowledge does tend to steal most of the drama from our ever vigilant and always truthful media buffs. And, if the French are happy with experiments with socialism, let them play with it. They are after all only France. And, if the Euro economies fizzle and drag our own into oblivion, then let us seek the opportunities that arise with a restructure.

    • Dick

      it’s a common design element, in antiquity, where it’s used both for panel borders on walls and on garments, but it’s the colors that are significant – the red background, the silver border on black. Where have I seen that before?

    • TML

      Glad someone else got that early. I was about to go off on Mr. Nash on that part





  • box-bb-car

    Hate to see this publication fall into the fallacy that the Nazis were “right wing” as it is applied today. The Nazis were socialist and were to the right only of Stalin and Lenin. Let us call them what they are. National SOCIALISTS

    • Walt

      “The Nazis were socialist” ….labels can sometimes be confusing.

      If the Nazi were “socalists”, as we understand the term, then why did they align themselves with Franco in Spain and Mussolini in Italy. Certainly their behavior and support for conservative Christians and Monarchists in Spain would not be considered socialist? Today, most historians classify Franco & Mussolini as Facists. Both were in fact nationalists and acted to support the interests of their own countries. Unlike the Socialist/Communist government of 1936 Spain, who acted to expand communism in Western Europe on behalf of Stalin.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        “If the Nazi were “socalists”, as we understand the term, then why did they align themselves with Franco in Spain and Mussolini in Italy.”

        Two reasons. One, Hitler wanted Franco’s and Mussolini’s support as allies. Two, in Spain Hitlers support gave his military a chance to get combat experience and gave them a chance to try out the mechanical parts of his war machine.

        • Dick

          You’re crazy. Stick to the generally accepted meanings and aims of the ideologies – ask a Nazi who his enemies are and he will say (and will always have said, whatever year you posed the question) “the socialists, the communists, the Left”. Ask a Fascist and you’ll get the same answer. Ask a socialist and you’ll get the answer “the Fascists, the extreme Right”, as well as, probably, “the communists”, and especially “the Stateists”. Ask a communist and he’ll initially say the same as the socialist, and probably add “and those bloody socialists”. Ask an anarchist and he’ll probably say “all of them” (there are Left, Right, Capitalist and Libertarian Anarchists, just as there are Libertarian Socialists),

          If we change the meanings of words to suit ourselves, nobody will ever know what the hell anybody else is talking about. So stick with the program. And you didn’t answer Walt’s question – you said why you thought Hitler assisted the Fascists in Spain. But that’s not what Walt asked you. Hitler assisted the Fascists in Spain and Italy because they were Fascists, and not socialists. His armies could have got the same experience if they’d fought on the republican side in Spain, so why didn’t they? Hitler, Franco and Mussolini were of the same general mindset, so they assisted each other -when it suited them- but never did any of the three ally with the left, the socialists or the communists. If Hitler had been a socialist, he’d have been on the republican/anarchist/anti-monarchist side, not Franco’s. Your use of it renders the language meaningless.

  • chuckb

    i wouldn’t hold my breath worrying about greece and the neo-nazi’s. it would take greece a hundred years to become a world threat, they do not have the brain power like the germans, it would be more conducive to worry about this country where we have a would be goat herder as president and his henchmen entrenching themselves in a hierarchy of socialislam, they don’t necessarily have the brains, there are people who bow at their altar who do.

    • EyesWideOPEN

      Chuck, it’s not that we (necessarily) worry about the Greeks, it’s the spread of Nazism that’s the fear.. When one country adapts this dangerous belief, it tends to spread to another country then another country until it gets to the point that the spread becomes the disease as everyone becomes willing to jump on the bandwagon , remember.. In the beginning even the allies saw Hitler as a great politician (never realizing that his greatness was instigated on the theft of other countries resources).. When the masses are able to feed their families, they don’t care where it comes from.. When you start seeing warnings of minorities being subjugated to deportation, begin worrying because that will be the beginning of the end (again).

      • Vigilant

        The spread of Nazism is of minor concern; 6.9% of the vote is by no means either a mandate or flood of sentiment threatening to overthrow a country. By all accounts, “the party’s success is fueled by rising anti-immigrant sentiment amid the deteriorating economic situation that has led to sharp recession and large-scale unemployment.” (

        These sentiments have been alive and growing in Western Europe for decades, but never beyond the idiot fringe. The Greeks are savvy enough to recognize that their economic existence depends on continued engagement with the EU.

      • Dick

        EyesWide,, you said “In the beginning even the allies saw Hitler as a great politician (never realizing that his greatness was instigated on the theft of other countries resources)..” That just isn’t so. The second world war began in September 1939 when Britain and France declared war on Germany having previously warned Hitler that war would be declared if his forces marched into Poland. Hitler had already occupied the Sudetenland (then, the german-speaking part of Czechoslovakia in its north-west) with the tacit agreement of the governments then in France and Britain (who had hoped to appease Hitler and avoid war by letting him get just some of the ‘living-space’ -lebensraum- he apparently wanted, but enough, they thought, to satisfy him). Then he took the whole of Czecho, but didn’t have much time to exploit it before the war was really under way. They knew all about Hitler and how dangerous he was, but thought he could be appeased and contained, and that his ambitions were limited to parts of Czecho and Poland contiguous to Germany (wrongly, as a result of his deceit). GB and France had a pact, a treaty agreement, to declare war if he went further. He got little resources, as he’d only occupied Czecho for a few months up to that point. He got more from Poland while ‘the phoney war’ lasted but this made little immediate difference to his war effort – most of the build-up of his forces had already happened between 1933 and 1938, from resources within Germany and its colonies, mostly in Africa, or in fact imported legally from many countries including most of Europe (including Britain) and North America.

  • http://liberty Tony

    To Everyone:
    How ironically and tragically funny that people in Greece would form such a political organization given the fact that during W.W.II, the German nazis considered the Greeks to be inferior, along with other slavic peoples. This is just amazing!! Farewell

    • Dick

      Tony, the party in Greece is really about anti-immigration and race-hatred – the usual business of blaming somebody else for all your troubles, especially if they are easy to identify, especially when they have a different skin color or conventionally wear different styles of clothing, or go to a different place of worship. Racists, by any other name. There are very few Jews in Greece (thanks to the Nazis), so they pick on somebody else – the muslims, the Albanians, the Africans, the Lebanese, … there are plenty to choose from

  • Thinking About

    When the right wing in the USA embraces the Neo-Nazi groups that would make them right wing. When the right wing embraces the Neo-Nazi agendas it becomes dangerous. They form border militia for one and feel it is their right to impose their agendas upon the rest of the people. Their vote is also being sought and with their members giving votes will result in returns to the groups such as are in Arizona.

  • dufas magnet

    What the hell is wrong with these voters? Have they been dumbed down that much? I feel ashamed for persecuting the German people after WWll.. They too had been ‘dumbed down’ and now it starts all over again and nobody notices where it (will) lead. There should be a serious law preventing neo’s from entering politics in ANY manner.. They say they aren’t yet their not swearing in court of this and as we all know, as even the authorities proclaim, so long as your not swearing (on the bible, etc.) then you can declare, even ball-face lie to win over your ideals. This is atrocious and it doesn’t stop with the Greeks, it’s happening everywhere.. Even in our own country. This needs to stop else we will be guilty of this blatant contempt and the Nazis will rise again.

  • Jesse144

    Thank you dmcl for the clarification on the symbol. Any fool can see that it is not a swastika (except I guess for the author of the article), but I was unsure what it actually is.


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