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Nearly Two Dozen States End Fiscal Year With Budget Surpluses

July 21, 2011 by  

Almost every State is required to have a balanced budget.While the Federal government remains embroiled in the debt ceiling debate, more than 20 States are poised to record surpluses.

Fox News reports that about 24 of the 46 States that just ended their fiscal year will have excess cash and the remaining States will have balanced budgets, as required by most of their Constitutions. The numbers are based on budget analyses conducted by the National Association of State Budget Officers.

The news source reports that many of the States were able to close budget gaps through a mixture of spending cuts and tax increases.

A number of governors are pointing to their surpluses as evidence that the Federal government should be able to live within its means.

“If we are leading as governors in our States and we’re getting this done, they should be getting that done, too,” South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley told the news source. “We started with a deficit. We ended up with a surplus. That is the way you have to function.”

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 47 States and Puerto Rico have thus far enacted budgets for fiscal 2012.

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  • s c

    Hmmmmm, let me get this straight. Forty seven states (and Puerto Rico) know what a budget is and why one is so important to FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY.
    And then there’s Uncle Hotdamnsamwhatitam and Bubba Bummer, who think a budget surplus is something you can get on sale at WalMart (or you can take another trip overseas at our expense and buy one).
    A BUDGET is a very necessary thing, Mr. Prez. It separates incompetents from those who give a damn. It makes it clear who worships Ponzi schemes and who DOESN’T. It gives us proof that SOME people belong in politics and SOME DON’T. And, it’s yet another proof that neither Chicago nor Haavid are grounded in reality and have enough backbone or integrity to REPRESENT THE American PEOPLE. Get it?

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy 131

      Well said!

    • Dan az

      He will just say See its working.Haavid intelli gents!

    • warren

      I would like to see the list of states with a surplus, and would be willing to bet that most if not all are NOT democrat controled.

    • independant thinker

      Arkansas not only has a surplus but did it with reduced taxes and are cutting taxes again.

  • peter

    The same old story. Some folks know what they are doing and others just pretend that they know.

    Perhaps the potus should have taken lessons in management instead of law. Wonder how much he knows about the law anyway?

    • Butch

      Don’t kid yourself. He is not stupid. His intent is to destroy the country. Everything he has done since taking office has weakened our country morally, financially, or militarily.

      • Katinalabama

        You are soooo right about that!

    • Katinalabama

      Potus evidently skipped economics classes or completely failed also.

      • Ret

        No he didn’t skip them, he learned how budgets work to perfect his plan to destroy.

        • Wapitiman

          Nobama’s budget didn’t get a single approving vote! Not a one. Zero! Zip! This enormous embarrassment was quietly forgotten by the libs. But then politicians have no sense of shame, do they? However this disasterous budget fiasco should be a hot topic during this budget standoff…but it isn’t. Why? We are saddled with a president who can’t even find his way off the golf course to provide a budget for the American people. This empty suit pretender is a total disgrace to our country.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy 131

      Another old mot explains the failure of Obama in his endeavors to run our economy, through the people he has hired to advise him, ‘Those who can, do, and those who can’t, teach’. All his economic advisors were hired from colleges and universities around the country, and none of them had any experience in working in anything other than academia, and none had any experience in running a business, providing a commodity, or creating jobs and meeting payrolls. As they all have seen how bad their advised policies have failed, they are returning to their academic jobs one by one, while Americans flounder joblessly, in unemployment lines while losing their homes. And Obama has even less experience than his academia advisors did, so is it any wonder why the recession he inherited has gotten worse, while Obama has created the greatest debt in his first 2 1/2 years than any President before him has created in their entire term(s)? But what is worse about this whole situation is that Obama gets an ‘F’ in his on the job training, for he has never run even a small business, where he has been responsible for creating a job or keeping people in one, and his policies and agendas sadly prove these facts.

      • gman4691

        It’s problematic that the universities would let these people return to a classroom at all after seeing that they clearly do not know what they are doing. And these are the people who will be teaching our up and coming young folks. If it’s a tenure thing, then these university positions need to have term limits at least as much as congress does. Seriously, would you hire these guys to teach your children about economics when they have shown that they obviously do not have a clue? Geez!

        • Ret

          well ya no wat BS stands for, den ya gots MS – more *** and den ya gots PhD – piled higher and deeper.

    • warren

      he knows how to get away with breaking it apparently. LOQ

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I wonder if florida is one of these states and if so how much of it came from selling drivers licence info?? It was reported on Fox tonight that Florida has been selling drivers licence info and raked in some 135 million from it!!!! THAT should be illegal!!

  • Bill C.

    Perhaps Mr O should request a fiscal meeting, or form a commission, with the govenors of those states that have a surplus. Maybe he will learn something. Maybe not, assuming he really wants to improve the economy. He should at least listen to what they have to say. He might want to invite the Senate as well. They too may learn something if they can open their ears and shut their mouths long enough.
    How can it be so hard to learn not to spend more than you have?
    When will these people at least put forth a budget that can be openly debated? Its only been 18 months. They are ALL WORTHLESS.

    • gman4691

      He has a bad case of selective hearing. He would only hear the ones that raised taxes. Those that cut spending would be completely ignored.

      • Bill C.

        You are so right about his selective hearing gman.
        Not only about this issue, all issues. He ignors those that disagree with his position on everything. This man fooled a lot of people at first, I hope that has now changed. He still has the MS media in his corner. I still do not understand their devotion.

    • Houndy

      If I was the governor of one of those states with a surplus, I sure wouldn’t want O’Bummer to know that. Our Imposter In Chief would probably appoint another czar in charge of “Taking Away Surpluses From States So That My Wife And I Can Do Some More Vacationing On The Backs Of The American People”.

  • Bob

    The fact that the states have a surplus or a balanced budget is not necessarily a good thing. The fact is, if these “achievements” were achieved through high taxes rather than low spending, then it is a bad thing. Government must be cut down to size; government spending must be slashed by chopping away at the bloated salaries and benefits of government employees, welfare must be eliminated,government agencies must be eliminated and the American people must be taught to rely on themselves rather than seeking to steal from others through taxation when they lack something. If the USA is going to survive as a free nation, the parasitism of the productive by the unproductive must end.

    • Ellen

      I live in VA and we have a balanced budget because of the work of our Repub. governor. Our previous governor, Tim Kaine, left a $2 billion deficit and a budget proposal to raise taxes. He claimed that raising taxes was the only way to eliminate the deficit. Interestingly, it wasn’t the only way since we didn’t have a tax increase. Instead, we had govt cuts where appropriate. It’s the same old story every time with Dems. that taxes must be raised. There is no end in sight to their spending/wasting in that scenario. He plans to run for the senate next year and will certainly get the votes of everyone who doesn’t pay taxes and expects to be provided for. That’s the voting base of the Dem. party.

  • Former Walmart person

    Guys, its not idocy, but evil that guides are leader’s actions. Most if not all (hopefully) are not evil on a level of Hitler, but they could really give two #@@# about you and me and all they really care about is power and money. Evil not stupidity is the reason our federal budget is so screwed up. Even a jackass eventually figures out not to step on hot coals.

    • Bob

      Unfortunately, you are wrong about lieberals not being as evil as hilter. They have surpassed their left-wingnut forebearers like hitler, stalin, mao, and pol pot in every way. They have murdered more people (abortion), ruined more lives (welfare, an immoral lieberal culture with its concommitant misery and despair), stolen more money (SS, big governemnt, government waste), committed more atrocities against justice (EEO, Affirmative Action, special treatment for sexual degenerates)than all the genocidal, megalomaniac lieberals of the last century. The heart of the lieberal is as black as the pit of hell and there is nothing even remotely good about these anti-human monsters. Their goal is to build a master/slave society with them as the masters and the rest of us as the slaves. The sooner we see that, the sooner we will realize that we cannot work with them and we cannot compromise with them for to do so is to be yoked to the foulest of satan’s minions.

      • Christin


        Right on.

        Here’s a You Tube on some of the ‘black hearts as dark as the pit of hell and there is nothing remotely good about these’ leftist liberal Democrats:

        Wild Bill for America on ‘Secret Service Secrets’

        • Bert Cundle

          Your name says a lot! You have No wisdom! You are like the drummer boy that has one drum. useing both hands with big sticks… marching through the forest.
          The Secret Service is to Protect the Government! Some in Government need it more than others!

          • Bob

            Her name is Christin moron.

          • Bert Cundle

            Crucify me, for i errored…

          • http://?? Joe H.

            “if only twer possible!!”

          • KiloAlpha

            And, you’re still a moron. If those in gov’t were all of moral character, and were all decent people who hadn’t created an entitlement mentality among Americans, I imagine we’d be better off for one, and have no reason to have to protect them from the results of their evil actions.

  • Jeff in OH

    All we need is another election. We will root out the Rhinos, Stack the house and senate and have a very PRETTY president that won’t take no crap from no one… Go Michele !!!

  • Bill C.

    There are things that need to be laid to rest.
    Spending..Spending and oh yea…..spending. Out of control DC budget.
    political correctness
    professional politicians, including republicans that bail when things become difficult. May the HOUSE “HOLD THE LINE”.
    lobbiests, special interest groups and their unbelievable influence
    An over inflated federal government that cares not about it’s people, only about it’s power and it’s ability to raise money for re-election.
    And the political game that has now become a disgrace.
    Vote…Vote…Vote. Change the game. Reinstate COUNTRY first.

  • herman richardson

    they do not want to balance the budget, it would expose what they are truly doing, my question, what can be done, except for the total collapse of our governments. Maybe it is time for my fair state to withdraw from this nazi let government,

    • gman4691

      Perhaps the states with surpluses could form the United Fiscally Responsible States of America…just thinkin’

  • herman richardson

    I wish some one would explain to me how the good American folks can not understand to have all this government give aways, you have to have taxes, It seems pretty logical to me./ Get the takers off the giveaways, and help the folks that truly deserve it

    • Ret

      For shame!!! Logic? Logic is for the other people. Just gimme mine. As the potus’ formerly illegal alien aunt said – you owe it to me.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        As far as I’m concerned, she is STILL illegal. Two different courts DENYED her petition for citizen status and told her to leave the country!! Anybody other than Nobummers auntie would be gone already!!

  • Doc Sarvis

    When President Obama started out his term our country was in a huge hole already and a horrid economy to boot. All this blame heaped on our current President comes from the folks who’s philosophical leaning is consistent with the President who got us started on this path.

    Rania Khalek said it well;”Those now shrieking about big government debts and deficits have spent the last decade maximizing government spending with unaffordable wars, financial deregulation, and tax cuts for the wealthy, which they knew would cost trillions.”

    • Allan

      With such a serious economic problem, it was pretty stupid to put an anti-business guy with no business experience in charge. And it was compounded by him relying on others with similar qualifications. I don’t know any conservatives who approve of the deficit spending in the previous administration, but that doesn’t change the issue at hand. Obama is making things worse for Americans. He has to go, and I expect that will happen.

  • coal miner

    Col Miners’s Reports:

    This article is from June 11, 2011, at StateLine.Org, a website devoted to states’ policy and politics with daily updates. What I have captured for you here is from the discussion of how the states are going about closing budget gaps and moving into black ink.

    Deep spending cuts

    On the spending side of the ledger, cuts this year came on top of others that states already made during the recession. According to the National Association of State Budget Officers, state general fund spending decreased 6.3 percent last year, the largest decline since NASBO began collecting data in 1979. Spending levels this year are not expected to reach their pre-recession peak. In fact, indications are that they’re shrinking more.

    The cuts are coming from all parts of the states’ budgets, slashing programs in ways that once seemed unthinkable. This year, Michigan became the first state in more than 50 years to scale back state-level unemployment benefits. Utah cut $3 million, or more than 30 percent, of its funding for state parks. Nebraska reduced aid to local governments by $22 million a year. New York eliminated 3,700 prison beds and cut some $170 million from the judiciary budget; some courts are now closing at 4:30 pm rather than 5 pm to save money.

    Social services also have been hit hard with cuts. Florida stopped funding a veteran’s homeless support group, and reduced payments to social workers by 15 percent. New Mexico will end a program that supplements federal food stamp benefits for the poor. Welfare recipients in Michigan will now face a four-year, lifetime limit on benefits; meanwhile a family of three receiving welfare in Washington State will see its monthly benefits cut from $562 to $478.

    Two areas of state spending came in especially hard for cuts this year, if only because they account for so much of state budgets. Medicaid, the health insurance program for the poor, accounts for 22 percent of state spending and K-12 education accounts for 21 percent. For many states, it would have been almost impossible to close budget gaps this year without scaling back these programs significantly.

    With Medicaid, the states had their hands tied. The new federal health care law prohibits states from cutting eligibility or making it harder for people to apply for coverage. So states had to find other ways to control costs. Idaho reduced the amount paid to hospitals and doctors to treat Medicaid patients, an idea that some 30 governors proposed this year. Another strategy was to move more Medicaid patients into managed care. Illinois, a state where most Medicaid patients still receive care through a traditional fee-for-service model, passed a law to move half of all enrollees into managed care by 2015. Florida, where managed care already is common, decided to expand it to all patients, including the elderly and disabled.

    School funding, normally a sacrosanct budget item, has been taking billion-dollar hits in states such as New York and Washington State. Some states are cutting even deeper. Florida will spend $2.5 billion less on education than it did this year, and Texas legislators are on the cusp of cutting state aid for K-12 education by $4 billion over the next two years. The cuts will fall hard on local school districts, many of which are having to lay off large numbers of teachers to balance their own budgets.

    • ValDM

      And, how is being fiscally responsible a bad thing???? The spending has to STOP! Yes, some people will be hurt by these cuts. But by not cutting, you’re hurting others……’s a coin toss. It means the ones who expect to be taken care of, still will be taken care of, just not as luxuriously, BUT I’m still on the hook for my increasing property taxes.

      I don’t quite know what your point is, but it’s time to reconsider how much we the taxpayer should be on the hook for those who use ALL they can for FREE.

  • Bert Cundle

    They didn’t have ARNALD!

  • Song

    At least in my state they did it by cutting services. Adult medicaid for the working class poor is non-existent and those adults on medicaid are no longer able to receive dental or vision services. I would say way to go except for that adults with “disabiities” or those on SSI are the only adults eligible for medicaid services in this state even if they are living with parents who make very comfortable livings and even if their “disability” is something like ADHD. Can someone please tell me when ADHD became a reason that someone could not work or get a job???

  • Bob Marshall

    Looks to me like there are a lot of state governers that are more qualified to be presedent than the one we presently have now.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Rania Khalek said it well;”Those now shrieking about big government debts and deficits have spent the last decade maximizing government spending with unaffordable wars, financial deregulation, and tax cuts for the wealthy, which they knew would cost trillions.”

      • eddie47d

        North Dakota has a surplus yet they have had major flooding damage. Will they pay for all the multimillion dollars in damages as a sovereign state or will the ask for those dollars from the Federal government? Hooray for the surpluses in those states for that is terrific. If the bill for the flooding,earthquakes,tornados comes out of the state budget I doubt if that surplus would exist. The Federal government doesn’t have a hurricane tax or a forest fire tax,etc. So these situations cost money that is not there. That creates billions in debt the Feds have to cover and those disasters keep piling up. Also with more wars it is no wonder our nation is in so much debt. Some avoidable and some not.

  • Dan

    I don’t think the president is stupid. I think he knows exactly what he’s doing. And he’s actively trying to destroy the country and turn it’s control over to the world bankers so as to destroy the middle calss.

  • Dan

    All this time he’s been saying that we’ll have to tighten our budgets and give more money to the government via taxes. What about the government? Will he close up some of his newly developed offices and departments? How about all those zars that he has appointed to office and that we have lived without all our lives? How about his humongos secret army? He wants us to give, but he will keep all he has.

  • jopa

    The above mentioned states that balanced their budgets were able to do so with funding mainly from President Obamas Economic Stimulus Program.Thank you Mr. President for a job well done and now we are able to show the people of America that the stimulus program did work.Most of these states did not have shovel ready jobs so they balanced their budgets instead, and that is okay with me.

    • Bob

      That is an out and out lie but, considering the source, it is no surprise. Where do you think the stimulus many came from dimwit? Answer: From the taxpayers in the states. Anyway, it was not stimulus money that balanced bugets because most of the stimulus money went into the pockets of union scum who support maobama.

      • eddie47d

        I seldom call someone a liar but you Bob are a classic liar and that goes beyond your spitefulness. Texas (Perry) said he would not take stimulus money but his budget was so bad so he reneged and took the money. It helped the state treasury tremendously and thus the balanced budget.

  • Yeshua friend

    And now they will be forced to bail out the irresponsible Amnesty State of California with its corrupt sanctuary policy’s, which are bankrupting its economy for the benefit of the Chamber of Commerce’s cheap labor. O-well doing dumb things is called political correctness. Shalom!

  • RG

    Truly wars cost us a lot in the way of money, and our current Prez did nothing to put us in those wars. However, pray tell, what would our country be had we not fought in those wars? It is easy to look from this perspective and sit in our nice, well manicured homes, largely safe, and say it was a wrong move to go to war, based on the bottom line. Based on other things, I am glad there were strong backbones in place when a message needed to be sent -keep in mind, military and those with family, friends, etc. only make up less than 3% of American society, so the rest of the people whining about what war costs only care because they’ve had to slack off on obtaining some amenities. Money is not the true cost of war, and if you can only squawk about it being wrong based on you pocket book, you are a sad soul indeed. As far as the balanced budgets and states having surpluses, yes, as noted, many of them only achieved this because of federal funding, so it is hypocritical to look at the federal government and say ‘we did it, what’s your excuse.’ However, why shouldn’t citizens expect and demand that the leaders they elected, who are by the people, for the people… be decent, responsible, and discerning? Pointing at one or two issues and screaming foul won’t right the ship, but fixing some, at least, is starting to bale water. Too bad many of those willing to comment here have no time to write a letter to the editor or submit their opinion to their local newspaper or actually call/ write the government officials they so freely criticize. That is hypocritical as well.

  • chuckb

    you have to remember, california depends on the illegal labor and votes, how do you think they keep this state in the control of incompetence. bailing them out is th key to the future, more illegals.

    • eddie47d

      Illegals don’t vote and if they do it is far and few between. You made a mountain out of a mole hill.

    • Ret

      Ya got that right, they vote. Who cares if it’s illegal, they’re here illegally, why would they stop their crimes at just that. After all, they have their marches and their BS demanding their rights. I’m sure since they believe like so many other illegals that it’s their right to not pay taxes, to collect welfare, etc. Why shouldn’t they think that they have the right to vote as well. So what if it’s someone else’s name or SSN, no big deal right? After all they think that they own CA anyway.

  • jopa

    RG Very well said however I believe there was a little bit of overkill, no need whatsoever to invade Iraq and what Seal Team Six did would have been my choice of options in the first place.The cost in the lives of serviceman and the hardships that have been put on their families for ten years and counting is just too much to ask of anyone.After 911 a little more thought was justifiable as to the strategies of sending a message to the world.Will we learn from this is the question today?Here’s hoping.

  • Karolyn

    Well, which states are they? Don’t just post a story and leave us hanging!

    • eddie47d

      They always leave the meat out of their stories. I guess so no one comes up with the right answers. I looked on the Net and found Texas and North Dakota and a couple of others but not the whole enchilada.

      • libertytrain

        You two sure complain an awful lot for people that are always on this site – why do you come here if it’s so not what you are looking for?

        • eddie47d

          We’re looking for facts have you seen any?

  • Karolyn

    I have been able to find 4 states with budgets in the black – Indiana, Arkansas, Maine and SC. I know that SC has cut to the bone, including cuts in education. They have also cut the amount of state agencies like the employment office. Now people have to spend more money on gas to get there. Oh, yeah, the latest from our illustrious repub. governor. Regarding our new law about people needinga picture ID to vote, when questioned about all of the people who will have to get IDs, her response was to the effect that if they can’t pay the $20 for gas to drive somewhere and get the ID, she’d drive them. Sounds like a Marie Antoinette type comment to me.

    • Bob

      Or maybe someone who thinks that people should try harder to get jobs instead of holding their hands out for handouts. I have worked in construction all adult life and many of those who go on unemployment could work but they are too lazy to work year round. In America, long term unemployment is generally a sign of someone who is not trying.

  • chuckb

    eddie47, lol, illegals don’t vote, lol. where have you got your head, how do you think reid got re-elected in nevada, brown in california. get a hanky and blow your nose, see if there’s anything in the vacuum.

    • Bob

      chuckb: eddie is a pathological liar and a lieberal degenerate. Don’t expect anything that makes any sense from him.

      • eddie47d

        Chuck; Prove that they are voting instead of assuming so much.I say you are full of it and we know Bob is a liar.

        • chuckb

          it has been proven many times and the liberal justice system refuses to follow up, sanchec won her congressional seat in orange county (so. cal)with illegal votes and congressman bob dornan who lost, proved his loss was due to the illegals voting aand nothing was done about it. the bolsheviks in california live on the illegal vote.

  • http://deleted Claire

    I am happy these states are doing well. Illinois will remain in a mess for years to come.

  • chuckb

    could this be part of the reason the u.s. budget is in trouble:
    barry is spending billions of the tax payers money building mosques in the middle east, egypt alone has received over 700 Million dollars to refurbish mosques and build new ones. have you seen the government handing out money to the christian churches in the u.s., oh, it’s the separation of church and state. does that apply overseas?

    • http://?? Joe H.

      awhile back, eddie and a couple of others were complaining about the missing millions from Iraq? wonder if they’re bringing Nobummer to task about the report that millions are leaving iraq weekly and some is ending up in the AQ hands??? now, let’s see, Nobummer has been pres for HOW LONG??? guess this is HIS puppy!!! Just like Libya!!!

  • chuckb

    joeh, it was reported on the news to-nite, the u.s. has sold chrysler stock to an itlian firm, we lost $1.3 billion in the deal. gm has a backlog of cars unsold, how much are we going to lose there. how much does it take to convince people this guy is an absolute fraud and knows nothing of running a government. think about another thing, each time he is shown on the news, he is talking thru the teleprompter or exiting air force one or entering air force one. they said he has made 131 trips out campaigning for money to get re-elected. by the time he leaves office air force one will be a piece of junk. this guy and michelle will bankrupt us with their traveling, he already has surpassed all other presidents before him. do you hear any complaints, i don’t. another thing, to-nite karl rove on fox news calls barry clever and shrewd, is he kidding, karl rove is an absolute jerk and the more i see and hear of him his intelligence diminishes. shrewd and clever!!! i guess barry is shrewd he sure pulled the wool over a lot of eyes including rove.

  • Crystal

    Could you give us the list of states?


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