Natural Compounds Can Aid In The Treatment Of Some Forms Of Cancer


Natural compounds can aid in the treatment of some forms of cancerBeing physically active, eating healthy and receiving regular medical exams could all help to prevent or detect cancer at an early stage, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Now, new research has discovered that a natural compound may also help in the treatment of some forms of this illness.

Researchers from the University Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium focused their study on a substance called narciclasine that is found in daffodil bulbs. The scientists used computer-based techniques to find the main factor in cancer cells that may benefit from narciclasine.

Genetically altered mice with human melanoma metastatic cells in their brain were either treated or not treated with the narciclasine substance. Researchers found that the narciclasine group lived significantly longer lives.

The scientists noted that the daffodil compound may inhibit the progression of aggressive brain cancer cells while having no effect on normal cells. However, they indicate that more research is set to be conducted on a clinically based trial.

The scientists are hopeful that natural compounds, such as narciclasine, will be effective for treating brain cancer patients, in addition to conventional therapies. 

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