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National Taxpayers Union Calls Obama Out On Spending Proposals

February 4, 2010 by  

National Taxpayers Union calls Obama out on spending proposals During last week’s State of the Union address President Obama proposed a "spending freeze" on discretionary government expenses. However, the National Taxpayers Union (NTU) estimated that the president still called for at least $70.46 billion in new federal spending.

According to the organization, Obama outlined 21 proposals that have a fiscal impact, including eight that would boost spending, three that would cut it and 10 whose costs or savings cannot be predicted at the moment.

The most expensive item was the call to pass a cap-and-trade national energy tax legislation, with a predicted cost of $51.5 billion, not counting revenue increases or possible price hikes in energy bills, NTU calculated.

Other pricey initiatives included immigration reform, at $9.8 billion, and subsidies for retirement savings among low-income Americans.

Meanwhile, the proposal for student loan forgiveness and a new round of mortgage refinancing subsidies were unquantifiable at present.

"This analysis doesn’t include huge potential burdens from big-government healthcare legislation, a new ‘stimulus’ plan or greater obligations to bailed out entities like auto companies and banks," said Demian Brady, policy analyst for the NTU Foundation.

He concluded by saying that Obama failed to provide taxpayers with specifics regarding future direction of federal expenditures.

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  • JeffH

    …is this really anything new? He isn’t the first and probably won’t be the last. Doublespeak and rhetoric seems to be bipartisan.
    Let us see if there is a lesson to be learned?

  • s c

    JeffH, most people never get in the habit of calling a horse’s asset a horse’s asset. It is extremely important to view ALL politicians this way, as they are the most self-centered bunch of twits on the face of the planet. Yes, it happens on both sides of the aisle, but it is the far left, ultraliberal progressives who specialize in this form of insanity.
    This is what happens when elected airheads are allowed to spend and waste money that IS NOT THEIRS. Letting some of them become career politicians simply makes a bad situation WORSE. Leth them waste THEIR money any way they want. When it comes to OUR money, that’s an entirely different matter, and we have no one else to blame for having let this issue fester and remain a problem.

    • JeffH

      I couldn’t agree with you more. We’ve interacted on more than one post and I think we agree that the liberals don’t have a spending limit. Obama is differant than the liberals he represents because he is a Marxist whose intent is to destroy a freedom loving American society, both moraly and finanialy.

      • JeffH

        …financialy…and one more point. Once he has completed his agenda or been run out of town and has lost all of his backing, he will abandon his liberal support and throw them under the bus.

  • stormnnorman1

    I’m happy someone is ready to call this President to task. He has lied consistently to the American people on budgets, lobbyist in his Administration, allowing Unions like SEIU to dictate in bill what they want including writing them. Allowing AG Eric Holder to try and show case trials in the United States for show at a cost of 200 million dollars.
    Really do the Democrats think the American people like the fact they are unnecessarily wasting out money. They this Administration lacks accounting procedures for monies spent already,
    As voters Americans, we need to reign in these politician that operate from a premise of spend and tax. These Liberals are entirely out of control. They have Congress in their pocket and will only stop when we the American people are in the streets protesting like they have never witnessed revolt before.
    Obama, Pelosi and Reid are destructive to ours and our children’s futures. Stand up or shut up. The Tea Party is the way out of this mess. Obama would never have been elected were he honest with the American people. He lied to get in and spend us into poverty.

  • Robert

    Government needs to be downsized. And all these career politicians need to be replaced with down to earth, practical representives this November. The first think I would want done if this happens is for the new congress to legislate that (1)No federal employee can receive more than 1 pension, (2) Pension payments to federal employees cannot exceed 30% of their salary upon retirement (3) Spouses receive %50 of pension amount when partner dies, (4) A 20% cut in salaries to all federal employees and a freeze until the deficit is paid off, (5) A 25% cut in the number of federal employees except the military, (6) Federal employees must pay 50% of their health insurance cost, (7) Term limits on all politicans of 2 consecutive terms,(8)Freeze all foreign aid until the US has a surplus, (9) Audit the Federal Reserve and finally (10) Create a national referendum on all earmarks. And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Let’s stick it to these career politican this Novemeber. I bet you they’ll hear us then.

    • Holton

      Re: Proposals 1 through 4: Does that include military personnel and retired military ?
      As for the earmarks..that proposal would require a constitutional amendment, as would term limits.. no way that happens..

      and what would all those unemployed federal law enforcement, fire fighting, and other necessary federal employees do for a living ??
      yeah .. we really need to lose 25 pwercent of border patrol .. homeland security .. secret service .. CIA .. etc ..

      • Joe H.

        I have to agree with you. National security should be Job one! What good is good health, life, liberty and the persuit of happiness when you have a bomb stuck up your hind end? The borders need to be sealed!! We need to stop the FLOOD of illegals where ever they start from and need to start taking care of US!

      • Robert

        So give us some ideas on how you would cut government spending. I’m not saying my ten are the best. Maybe some of yours can replace some of mine. Do you at least agree that foverment needs to downsize? OK Boarder Patrol, Fire Fighters and those other government employees that actually do perform an invaluable public service. But what about all the other agencies that are bloated with high paid appointees who do nothing but collect a paycheck, pension and medical benefits? How about the billions given to organizations that spend 85% on garbage and 10% on expenses and only 5% actually going to help Americans? I’m not saying my points are perfect but at least I came up with some ideas.

        • TIME

          Robert I think that Barry’s Soto’s ruby slippers have failed so thats not going to work. LOL

        • Joe H.

          One big savings would be to put ALL politicians on a fixed budget and the only way they can get more is to pass their requests by the state comptroller!!! Another would be to make it law that all bills have to be passed without riders! There are billions of “extras” passed each and every day on the back of other bills that may or may not be needed! If we passed this law, a lot of pork would be avoided as it couldn’t pass on its own merit!!

          • Robert

            I like your suggestions. They make a lot of sense.

          • eyeswideopen

            Joe, how about, all politicians be given the same budget, from their state. Can’t spend over that amount, so no lobbyists can influence them with additional monies. Also, means they don’t have to take time away from our business to raise funds for re-election. Keep corporations money out of elections and special interests are not able to purchase good favor.

          • Joe H.

            Yeah eyes you would love that right now wouldn’t you?? with a dem majority firmly entrenched in both houses!! You know as well as I do that the sitting incumbents are the hardest to dislodge and money is needed! so I say to you as soon as the mix is back to even, I’ll support it 1000%! Sound ok to you?? Didn’t think so!!! I’ll tell you what though, I will support 100% a full disclosure of ALL donations!!! Starting with Obummer!!!FULL DISCLOSURE!!!

          • eyeswideopen

            Joe H, you are funny, we said the same thing, right down to stating that the states would be in control, and you somehow find a way to make sinster objective.

      • http://Don'thaveone Sally

        I know what you are saying. Close down Homeland Security as it does nothing. Each state has its own., however, unfortuantely we have to keep FBI, CIA, and NSa. I know they all have a different mission, but why not comgine these agencies so that they all talk to one another. Health, Education, and Welfare started by Carter, Kill it, these are all for the States to take care of. There are so many many areas to take away it isn’t even funny. So many agencies that are out there that have nothing to do now., close them down. Whew

        • Robert

          Good point. I’ll have to add that to my list.

  • thefedupamerican

    Really we need to start the process of removing their ability to spend our money. The politicians have gotten absolutely ridiculous with their fiscal irresponsibility and sense of entitlement. Time to cut them off from the souce of wealth…the taxpayer.

  • Robin from Indiana

    Accountability. We need to audit and demand accountability. We also should be able to find out about secret deals behind closed doors where votes are bought and sold. This should never be happening. I am sure the founders of our great nation would not like what has transpired in our government. How sad to think of the sacrifices they made and how they painstakingly put together a near perfect government system to have it controlled by spoiled liberals, while the people have no choice but to watch it! Obama lied to those who voted for him. It’s not all the people’s fault we have him as our president. He came across as very personable and a champion. Wow… Hopefully we can soon undo this mess.

  • Raggs

    The immigration reform is simply this…. SEIU want’s to grant illegals citizenship to gain votes in this years election, not to mention 2012 election.

  • Warrior

    What does $9.8 Bil in Immigration Reform buy these days? Oh, maybe a couple million votes. Good job.

  • DaveH

    Oh, what’s a Trillion Dollars anyways? No big deal. It’s only $3000.00 for each man, woman, and child in this country. Wouldn’t you all be willing to pay a paltry $3000.00 for yourself, your spouse, and each child you have for all this Great Government?

    • Raggs

      Who pay’s for the illegal’s?
      Oh that was a stupid question…. Answer SEIU for thier vote’s ( illegals )via our tax dollars. So basically they up the anti from $3,000 a person to $6,000 a person… So what’s another $3,000 tacked on? But hey since we are starting a trend let’s just add on another $3,000 for pelosi’s vacation’s…

  • JeffH

    I think we should require Congress to enter into a “Contract for a Balanced Budget”, not through tax hikes but through tax breaks and government reform which means they have to downsize government and sell off or close a lot of rediculous government programs. Sell some of these programs to the private sector and they would be managed much better and the defrauding of the programs would surely be stopped or minimalized.

    • Raggs

      Sounds good but they dont care what we think, thats why we have to get rid of all of them and introduce term limits. BY the people!!! not by the government!!… The STATES are going to have to take control and tell obama to *** himself… If the states will turn away from the government and run things for themselves it would automatically kill all of these useless government pithole programs.
      We have to get back to the way our founders set up the constitution which was certainly not government control but state control. If we do not get back to the basic’s we will never gain any ground. This obama big government needs to fall into a pit of tar and feathers!!!!

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      This is what they did a couple of years ago because there was so much fraud in Medicare, they allowed the HMO Advance Plans for Seniors. They pay x amount per each senior on the particular plan. Out of what they get paid, they have to pay all claims. Claims never go to Medicare and believe me they watch it because that is what effects their bottom line. They see what the Dr.’s are doing and what they aren’t doing. Now if someone would come up with Tort reform, I know it is like asking for the Tooth Fairy, it sure would help with mal-practice insurance and all the unnecessary tests (they have to do now to protect themselves.) At least a cap.

      • http://Don'thaveone Sally

        Forgot, the Medicare Advantage Plans in Florida have to take everybody and cannot terminate your coverage because of some horrible desease. The only qualifier is that you have Plan A and Plan B of Medicare.

        • Joe H.

          did you see the report that the Mayo Clinic in Arizona(?) will stop taking medicare patients at the beginning of the year? And the governments answer is to put even more people on medicare, 55 and above?!?!?!?

      • JeffH

        Fraud accounts for 20% of the Medicare payouts. Poor management by our government is why. They can’t manage anything, why would someone want them to run a Nation Healthcare program. Unless of course one wants something for nothing.

        • s c

          JeffH, a good rule-of-thumb is to always say government and fraud in the same breath. To that mixture, add a heavy dose of world-class incompetence, and you basically have everything you need to know about government.
          Government continues to be THE problem. Anyone who denies that is worse than just a ‘part’ of the problem. Career politicians and their prostitute camp-followers are LIARS. They have no reason to change their self-serving, criminal ways.
          To associate with a known LIAR is to sleep with flea-ridden, diseased dogs (also a good way to define a typical ultraliberal progressive). What is so hard to understand about government, politics and how
          functional solutions are NEVER a priority?


    The problem here is that the Dems and the Bozo advisory cabinet are big on OPM, while they rob the till and operate a champagne spending spree on a beer budget, commonsense is something they are not big on, nor do they care. The best thing here is to push for incumbents to be removed by popular demand and incite legal action to get the job done, remember thse losers were elected to office and not annointed as they seem to think they are. The can be removed and replaced with real people willing to serve as public servants the very job we orignally put these other clowns in office for. Petitions can be circulated and signed to call for reform and removal due to unethical and illegal actions such as avoiding Constitutional law and the SCOTUS, the time has come for them to be put in use.

    Call for and demand reform or lose whatever freedoms you have left.


    The problem here is that the Dems and the Bozo advisory cabinet are big on OPM, while they rob the till and operate a champagne spending spree on a beer budget, commonsense is something they are not big on, nor do they care. The best thing here is to push for incumbents to be removed by popular demand and incite legal action to get the job done, remember these losers were elected to office and not annointed as they seem to think they are. They can be removed and replaced with real people willing to serve as public servants the very job we orignally put these other clowns in office for. Petitions can be circulated and signed to call for reform and removal due to unethical and illegal actions such as avoiding Constitutional law and the SCOTUS, the time has come for them to be put in use.

    Call for and demand reform or lose whatever freedoms you have left.

  • jim

    OPM rymes with opium, and just as adictive.

  • Les

    If you can judge by history, changing congress will not solve the problem. You have to change the thinking of the American people. In the 1990s the public preceived Clinton was spending too much so they elected a Republican congress which proceded to cut spending. So what happened ? Everybody started yelling “NOT MY MONEY, CUT SOMEONE ELSE !!!. AARP was one of the most vocal about having their goverment payments cut. So things went back to normal tax & spend. The greed of the American people has grown so great there is no stopping a coming collapse. That is the only thing that is going to get their attention.

    • JeffH

      That is why the American people need to force our government back to fiscal and personal responsibility. It is a long uphill battle that we must fight, without reservation, to root the “old guard” out of our system and find those that will work for the people and for the American dream. Tighten the belts, lord knows 10′s of millions have already had to do that. Force the Feds to shrink government and get out of our everyday lives. I had to do it and I’ll survive, with less, but I will survive. The government has to be forced by the people to stop the out of control spending and balance the budget.
      Screw the Dems and the Repubs as this isn’t about party lines, this is about the survival og America. Last, get this Marxist out of government ASAP! His intentions are to destroy our economic freedom and destroy America.


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