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National Security Advisor Is The Latest To Join Exodus Of Obama’s Aides

October 15, 2010 by  

National security adviser is the latest to join exodus of Obama's aidesAnother member of President Barack Obama's staff will leave the White House before November's midterm election.

National Security Advisor (NSA) Jim Jones will resign from his post in two weeks, according to media reports, and he will be replaced by Tom Donilon, the current NSA deputy. In Bob Woodward's book "Obama's Wars," Defense Secretary Robert Gates is quoted as saying that a Donilon promotion would be a "disaster," according to

The announcement of Jones' departure came one week after Rahm Emanuel relinquished his position as the White House chief of staff. Two members of Obama's economic team resigned over the summer. Larry Summers, the chief economic advisor, is scheduled to depart after the elections.

Emmanuel was widely believed to be able to effectively negotiate with lawmakers in order to convey Obama's objectives. Considering that Pete Rouse — Emmanuel's replacement who has never held elected office — is the new chief of staff and that Republicans are projected to take control of the House of Representatives, Obama's plans could face more opposition.

The Los Angeles Times reported that, if conservatives end up in control of the House, the best method for Obama to implement his agenda may be through executive orders and regulatory powers.

"This would fit into the status quo for the White House," said Brad Dayspring, a spokesman for Representative Eric Cantor (R-Va.) "The White House is showing no effort to work with Republicans. It has shown no interest in listening to the American people and has at all costs tried to ram through legislation that was tremendously unpopular."

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  • s c

    Imagine that. Obummer expects the opposition to bend over backwards for him, but he’s somehow not at all obligated to return the favor.
    In the real world, that’s what we call stacking the deck. I’ve seen enough of this administration to know I’d never trust these wannabe Lenins. Now, if we could find ways to make large groups of
    this gang of unindicted felons to abandon ship even faster, perhaps we could restore some sanity to Washington before it implodes. Like Judy Tenuta says, “It could happen.”
    But, experience tells me that mortals can’t hold their breath long enough for hardcore criminals to rehabilitate themselves.

    • Carole Howell

      You can say that again, he retained so many holdovers from the last administration it is almost like we reelected Bush. Only now we can blame Obama. He certainly continued enough of Bush’s policies, didn’t he?

      Well, if he puts in some new blood, maybe we will see some change after all (I am not holding my breath) The deficit is beginning to come down some, did you notice? Of course we need to put more people to work if we want to pay our own way in the world.

  • Mick

    Are we to assume that Obama’s staff members jumping ship are growing a conscience ?
    I wouldn’t hold my breath for this event, they’re just protecting their own interests like good democrats have done for many decades……..
    And then we have he other side ??????? Not quite as bad in my book but still have to be monitored closely…

    • JC

      Grow a conscience? LOL
      We know better than that!
      No, they’re just rats scurrying from a sinking ship.
      They got what they came for and now they’re slithering off into the sunset….dedicated public servants that they are.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      them growing a consience would be like you growing another arm or leg. It ain’t gonna happen!!!!

    • Fed Up Gal in NM


      Agreed….and it should not matter which side is in office; they should be monitored by their employer (we the people), not just by their own fan club.

      It floors me how those in “elected” government positions and those who are appointed by those elected get away with crap that average working feds (those who actually apply, have to provide knowledge of and actual work experience prior to being hired)would be fired or at least warned/threatened with a pink slip. Yes, I know this would likely hapen only after wrangling with the union to protect the idiot that signed an annual OGE form for accountability in real or perceived conflict of interest issues…but at least there is a process that works in the obvious situations at the lower level…but the thugs at the highest levels that actually make the laws are able to circumvent them….they are not gang wannabees…they are “the gang”.

  • http://com i41

    Omoron’s staff jumping ship. no way, just a bunch of snakes slithering off to hide under rocks and inflict more and various damage on unsupecting Americans. Look at the radical slime balls heading into the interior, thugs, socialists and anti Americans!

    • Mark

      Snakes slithering would be a correct assessment. Unsuspecting Americans should have the word stupid applied because that is the bunch believing these serpents. Like all snakes on my property, it ain’t nothin’ an 8mm wouldn’t fix. Sniper Bar & Grill, it only takes one shot.

      • alpha-lemming

        Don’t go dissin’ snakes!! Slugs, mold or the E-bola virus maybe more appropos. Sunlight is fatal to all these vermin/pathogens.

    • Carole Howell

      Of course we all know how large the consciences of the people in the last Admin. had don’t we? People who sent our fellow countrymen off to fight, die and slaughter others in a war that did not need to happen, of course the Iraq war did make a few new millionaires and made a few millionaires into billionaires, I am sure most Americans who lost family members in that war were more than glad to make the sacrifice for that cause.

      Give us a break. Oh! and let us not forget the deregulation that put us farther into dilemmas of various kinds. Don’t forget the Patriot Act, which is totally unconstitutional and the torture and renditions that broke our own laws, international laws and treaties we had made. So much for the rule of law and Honor.

      When the money rolls in for some people, their consciences roll out.

      • Fed Up Gal in NM

        Carole Howell,

        Well…you support(ed) the guy who promised change….hmmmm…how’s that workin’ for ya?

        Interesting place your conscience rolled….but then again…living in that glass how of yours’….shouldn’t surprise anyone.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Fed Up Gal,
          She’s a progressive, they don’t have a consience. I would give her the benefit of the doubt, hoping she just made a mistake, but she still defends Nobama too much for that to be true!!

  • Angel Wannabe

    “National Security Advisor Is The Latest To Join Exodus Of Obama’s Aides”__GOOD!__If the suckers leave on they’re own, thats less for us to throw the hell out in November 2010 and 2012!!!____Good Riddance and don’t let the door crack your azz on the way out!!!!


      Dont’ be so hasty to celebrate as they all do get replaced!!!. The replacement will probably be worse, with less experience

      • Angel Wannabe

        a dem no more, if your so suspicious, why did you change parties?__We’ve got to watch all politicians, we’ve had family in politics, federal and state level, I didn’t believe everything he said either?!

      • JC

        Hopefully a “LOT” less experience…and maybe with morals still in tact.

        • Angel Wannabe

          JC_ I agree, I swere the more intellectual these Haaaavid b*stards are, the more trouble they cause!_-Our Founders were alot of humble men, farmners, artists, not all the men were lawyers, who help draft the Constitution!!!

  • Anker Vinje

    That good it shows him that he has the worry idea of what the people want we do not want his social proposails

  • Warrior

    Name change to protect the innocent? Not very likely, just heading into the next phase.

  • http://none Henry Stumpf

    Those around obama, if they had a brain in their head, Would BAIL-OUT NOW !! He is a real diaster and a disgrace to Americans !!

    • JC

      Well, at least his homeboys over in Kenya are still proud of him ;)

  • http://com i41

    Jones must have been getting tired of the used stinking prayer rug. Either too many camel crab lice, goat ticks, or beg bugs! Only so much a stupidity a man can take, he knew his limits. Morals,common sense, and high interity standards, any democrat don’t understand those words and their leaders all dem Pres. understand under the table deals, prositution, criminal behavior,and their main stay anchor for democrat always lie. That is why the Islam ideology is a democrat staple.

    • Carole Howell

      I did not know all democrats were Muslem… hmmm.

      Of course you believe all republicans always tell the truth, don’t deal with prostitutes and do not allow themselves to be bought by special interests, big business or foreign governments, right?

      How in the hell could you live in this country and believe the republicans are any better?

      8 states have opted for clean elections, meaning publicly financed. That is the way to change things.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Aren’t you confused and talking about the progressives???

  • http://com i41

    Any person that wants some favor or appointment be given, needs to get on the rug for become a beg bug!!

  • eddie47d

    In 2008 Jones said he would be leaving in 2 years. Those two years are up and he is moving on just like he said. Rahm Emanuel (I don’t care for him) is running for Mayor of Chicago.So neither one of these guys are abondoning anybody;That is just the way life is and many people change jobs,This Tom Donilon guy is okay and wants us fully out of Iraq and Afghanistan. He wants to concentrate on China and Iran and is already working for the NSA. How about bringing some facts to the table instead of all of your screaming and hollering and lame remarks.

    • dan az

      fast eddie
      I thought in a interview that I saw he said he didnt believe in what obumers polices where that made him quit.!Im I wrong?

    • Carole Howell


      They are sheep who easily fall for the old trick of ‘Divide and Conquer’
      as long as we can be divided, we are too distracted to pay proper attention. Then of course when someone like you comes along and points out the truth, they do not want to admit they were wrong in any way shape or form, so they continue with the nonsense and disinformation and the ‘us vs them’ crap, I know it is dumb and keeps us from finding real solutions. In the mean time our country fails and the politicians laugh all the way to the bank along with the people who pay them to do their bidding.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        If you are so mindless that you need edduhhh to point to things and call them the truth, you are further gone than even I thought!!!

  • http://com i41

    Tom Donilon,wants us out of Iraq and Afghanistan, yes and people in hell want ice water too. What is going to concentrate on China to do what, speak Chinese and see if they will forgive our debt or giveaway more of our oil feilds to the slants, and what in the hell thing is going to done with Iran, serve up more tea and have beer summits, if there was something needed to be done, should have told the goat humpers to open up all areas, in 1 days ,created a new glass smelter,wait a day and hit Pakistan, pull out our troops from Iraq give the taliban 1 day to stop, and then light the another candle for more colored glass. any muslim country that gets to causing problems they get the 24 hour notice, the lite another candle for more glass. these ideological bastards would wake up pretty quick and tell all the bleeding heart to shut the f–k up. Don’t waste time and just get it done.

  • http://naver sook young

    Sounds like the rats are deserting the ship just before it sinks. Thank you.

    Sook Young
    Wife of the Samurai

  • Mick

    sook young says:
    October 16, 2010 at 3:35 am
    Sounds like the rats are deserting the ship just before it sinks. Thank you.

    Sook Young
    Wife of the Samurai
    sook ,,,Too bad so many people will be there to pull them out of the water, I personally hope they let them sink…
    Early voting starts today in Nevada and believe you me I ain’t throwing them a rope………..

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I’d be glad to toss them a life preserver!! Made out of lead!!!!! Concrete will do as well!!

  • Mick

    Mick says:
    October 16, 2010 at 10:05 am
    eddie47d says:
    October 15, 2010 at 8:20 pm
    What goes around comes around! You’ve been barking at Obama since day one and I guess the DNC has finally got tired of it. The Republicans got their feelings hurt two years ago and are licking their wounds through revenge. Now the Democrats are biting back.The Chamber of Commerce is sometimes up to no good so the Democrats found an opening. The Republicans do it all the time too and seem to relish it when they are on the attacking side. Like all campaign finance reform issues the right will also shove this issue under the rug.It will come to nothing and disappear faster than the 8 minutes on the Watergate tapes.

    • eddie47d

      I guess you’ll get to prove that about soldiers not being allowed to vote after the election. Right now it’s only right wing political posturing.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I’m gonna add an extra Duhhh! for that one!!! It was even on the alphabets that the soldiers were sent their absentee ballotts too late to be used in the last election and that a few states were not able to guarantee that they would be sent out in time this time!! don’t be so much of a fool!!!

  • Jim H.

    Jim Jones probably got tire of all the kool-aid flowing through that administration. Oh wait “Jim Jones, Kool-aid? Hmmmm.

  • s c

    To borrow a technique practiced by progressives on this website (straying a bit from the topic), Herr Obummer is losing another economic advisor. For whatever reason, the academic world has more attraction than does being in the glorious presence “The Anointed One.”
    Could it be that not all is well in lalaland? Could it be that some wannabe “elites” are seeing the flaws of Keynesian economics? Could it be that some people want to distance themselves from the approaching disaster? Whatever is in the air, it seems to be contagious, folks.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      When Soreass says he won’t stand in the way of a conservative landslide then youKNOW all is not well in LaLaland!!!

      • s c

        JoeH, I have no use for anyone like Soros, but it needs to be said that his influence is like a huge mushroom. That is, it grows best in the dark and is rarely witnessed.
        Soros may not mean what he says. He is too sneaky to be thought of as someone who can be trusted to
        tell us what we need to know. I’m betting that 1) he knows that not all is well in The Obummer’s lalaland, and this election will be bigger than Reagan’s or 2) Soros is sure that a conservative, anti-Obummer landslide can be used to his advantage.
        There are people in this world who are so deceitful that we can’t put anything past them, JoeH. Soros is one of them.

  • Mary Ann

    Many high ranking military personnel are Democrats including members of my family. From what I’ve heard no one is too concerned with soldiers voting only Republican. it’s a political party, not a religion, and at the Executive level we need our brightest minds calling the shots. These responses are filled with nothing but name calling and ridiculous speculation. It’s like the hope that Democrats fail outweighs what is probably real, and all efforts are to try to fit everything through the most negative lense. There are some real differences out there in the world on what a government’s role is in a society; and the enemy is not fellow Americans who share the same belief in the superiority of our founding principles and our Constitution. Our differences seem large to you because you have lost perspective and have fears that are overblown. We are all part of both a highly complex economy and government. It cannot be perfect by design, and we have differences of opinion. But they are slight if you see what other options are offered by other systems in the world. Be civil in your discussions about fellow citizens and our leaders of opposing parties. There may be some good points here but they are hard to “hear” through all the hyperbole.


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