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National Republican Trust PAC Blasts Murkowski’s Write-In Decision

September 23, 2010 by  

National Republican Trust PAC blasts Murkowski's write-in decisionSenator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), who lost the GOP nomination to Tea Party-backed Joe Miller, decided to run as a write-in candidate in the upcoming midterm elections, saying she wanted to give voters more options. However, her choice has not been welcomed by many conservatives. 

The National Republican Trust PAC has criticized Murkowski for what it called her "pathetic attempt to cling to high office," and suggested she abandon her effort in order not to defy the will of Alaskan voters.

"Senator Murkowski lost the Republican Primary because her too liberal voting record did not sit well with the voters," said Scott Wheeler, executive director of the organization.

"If you go to Washington to expand the power of the government and not the individual freedoms of the electorate you will be voted out of office," he added.

He also reaffirmed his group's support for Miller and his efforts to return a conservative majority to the Senate this November.

According to a recent Rasmussen Reports poll, Miller leads the race with 42 percent of the vote, against Murkowski's 27 percent. Meanwhile, the Democratic nominee Scott McAdams can count on just 25 percent of the vote. 

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  • http://?? Joe H.

    Sour grapes in action!!! They refuse to listen to We The People!!!

    • DaveH

      Those politicians sure don’t like giving up their power and perks, do they?

      • TIME

        Dave & Joe,
        Power is a stronger drug than any drug out there. As with power comes a New Car, a new addition to your home, Cash in your off shore bank account, a New boat, a new plane, all your cloths paid for for life, a colledge education for your kids paid for by the American people even if your kid is as dumb as a box of rocks and would never be taken by the worst school going.

        Most congress and senate people go into office in the Middle class and even after just two terms, or 8 years come out with millions in goods and services, let alone millions and millions in cash too.
        Plus all their health care paid for for life for their familys as well, Plus countless political favors to call in when needed.
        So Hows that work again?

        • 45caliber


          And the sad thing is that with one term in office they keep all that money and perks coming for the rest of their lives.

    • EddieW

      And the GOP’s “Pledge To America” is this just election year rhetoric?? They are in trouble and they know it!! It’s no longer about Republicans and Democrats etc…it’s about people we can depend on to reduce Government, cut spending and restore the Constitution!!! regardles of the Party affiliation!! ODonnell taught them a laittle lesson, when they backed the RINO Castle a supra liberal!!!

    • AZ Rifleman


      This is just one of many – hopefully- who just can’t believe or understand they have become UN-elected

  • s c

    #^@^* Murkowski. If she’s that dumb, then let her humiliate herself. She seems to have all of the common sense of an Arlen Specter.
    She sorely needs a first-hand lesson in political reality. If she has plans to show her true colors and switch sides, then good riddance to two-faced rubbish.

    • 45caliber

      I suspect her hope is to split the conservative vote so the Dimocrat gets into office. Then she might have another chance at the Senate next election.

    • Bob

      She should run as a Democrat because that’s what she really is.

  • JeffH

    You think Murkowski and Florida’s Christ are sore losers, lets wait and watch for Pelosi’s tantrum when she has to relinquish control of the house.

    • TIME

      Jeff, Now thats funny!

    • http://naver sook young

      Really? How much is the “woman” losing by? I hope her, Reid, Boxer, etc., get what’s coming to them. “What ye sow, so shall ye reap.” I called my mother today and she can’t understand why so many of these “upstarts” are winning. I told her that the American people are waking up and getting rid of these cowards and traitors we have now. I also said that is the wave we have created continues till 2012, then we’ll have a new president. She tells me she doesn’t know why she voted for Obama bin Laden, I just told her that’s OK. You made a mistake, just don’t make another one or something will really be screwed up. I had my wife sit down and I told her about the TEA PARTY and what they stand for. Now, she is a full member of the party. She talks to her friends about the November elections, who is running, who they think will win, etc., and I hope she’s right. Let’s keep up the good fight, fellow patriots! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • JeffH

        sook young, John Dennis needs all of the support he can get to defeat Nazi Pelosi in November.

        Help send a letter to Pelosi to get her to debate John Dennis.

        Keep doing what you’re doing and we all can defeat these incompetents together.
        Keep up the good fight fellow patriot!

      • 45caliber

        She may not lose the election … but if we put in a Republican majority, she will lose the Speaker of the House seat. That’s what I really want to see when she has to turn the gavel over to a conservative.

        • JeffH

          45caliber, and that was the intent of my comment also. Pelosi is running in SF-California, unfortunately not a statewide vote but we can help unseat her with some support of John Dennis.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I want to see her have to hand it over to a true constitutional conservative!!!

        • http://naver sook young

          Thank you very much 대단히 감사합니다! I’m trying to do the right hing, with my husband’s help (samurai), but I’m still a little nervous. In Korea, it only takes people 2 weeks to decide to vote for someone, but here it is very different. I’ve been talking to my husband about who to vote for. He tells me that there is no one really to vote for, so he gave me some “fliers” about the candidates in November to read. He says an informed decision is the better one to make. If you all have any ideas that may help me, please tell me so I can get it right.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai

          • Claire

            sook young–Welcome aboard. I am glad to meet you! Don’t be nervous, you will do just fine. Your husband will be your best guide. Bless you both.

        • http://naver samurai

          That would knock her out of her position of authority! Good news indeed, fellow patriot! Let’s keep up the good fight fellow patriots! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Bob

          45 A real Conservative will never be elected speaker. The left will still be in control because of the RINOs.

    • 45caliber

      I’m waiting. And I can’t see it soon enough!

  • Jim H.

    We will see if the Alaska voters will split the vote, or stand behind their choice they made in the primary. It’s in the hands of the voters now.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Jim H… That’s where the fate of politicians should always be! The voters have ‘spoken’ in Alaska and Delaware. The ‘higher ups’ and going to have to live with it!

      • ValDM

        I think the larger picture here is that the repubs refuse to support other tea Party members that have won their primaries, but are now in full support of Miller? What’s up with that? Go back and read some of their rhetoric about other Tea Partiers and read this article again. Why are they so opposed to Murkowoski and supportive of Miller?

        • 45caliber

          The fact that she was SUPPOSED to be conservative but votes with the liberals on bills might be the reason.

  • J.M.R.


  • william

    I wish she was my senator from the State of Ohio. Here ‘we’ have A SORE LOOSERS LAW which deals with this situation. If you run for an office in the May primary AND LOOSE YOU ARE PROHIBITED FROM RUNNING FOR THAT OFFICE OR ANOTHER OFFICE IN NOVEMBER!! Also you can run for ONLY ONE ELECTED OFFICE in one election cycle [primary & general election]. You can also run for a political party elected office, ie; precinct committeeman or represenative to the State party.
    In the end all I can say is that Murkowskis is a SORE LOOSER, take your political loss & GO HOME!!
    If the citizens of Alaska are interested in changing their election laws please contact the Ohio Secretary of State after our November election.

  • FlaJim

    It doesn’t seem apparent that she’ll steal many votes from Miller. The Dem candidate will be the loser here.

    • alpha-lemming

      If the numbers are correct you’re right. However, were it not for Perot, Bubba never would’ve been elected and similar arguments have been made (to the point they’ve changed debate criteria) ala Gore vs. the Greens.


    How sad it is that this woman is refusing to concede that she lost the election. these people who lose and don’t want to give up are very sad. It will be a lot toughter for them in the real world and it is hard to give up all those perks and special treatment. She is very sad.

  • http://gmail i41

    Just another rino that got smacked down, Castle and several other idoits might learn something hopefully.

  • sylviam

    We, in Virginia have a gongressional election coming in Nov. I hope the people vote HIM OUT, he has voted FOR OBAMA’S agenda 96% of the time. And his stand here in VA. is that HE works Hard FOR THE PEOPLE, That is so hard to believe like all trash HE STINKS. WE THE PEOPLE, here are POORER because of HIM. He stands for BIG BUSINESS, ELSEWHERE JUST NOT in SOUTHWEST VA. HE is from a TOWN called ABINGTON and of course THATS WHERE SouthWest VA. ends.
    Virginia got a part of OBAMA’S BAILOUT for the STATE, our part of the STATE, got HIGH SPEED INTERNET, in a little known and very sparcely populated 50 or so residents in old delapidated houses living on pensions & social security. They have a small building as a community center & thats where thay have to go to get that HIGH SPEED INTERNET. Our congressman smiles & brags so loudly HE BROUGH THE INTERNET TO SOUTHWEST VA. DICKENSON CO. LIES LIES LIES. Even the people there Know better They cannot afford to pay that billeven if they had a LAP TOP to take to the COMMUNITY CENTER.

  • sylviam

    My whole point is, we should make their stay in office limited, Their pay limited, the Benefiets NONE after they are out. I do think we need to term limits on all congress, senate and someday the PRESIDENT, Just look at the DAMAGE OBAMA has done in 18 mo. That is why even his PAY,BENE’s, and NO PROTECTION after he or SHE is gone.
    LIMITED GOVERMENT all the way around. Smaller GOV. GET THE HELL OUT OF MY LIFE.

    • 45caliber

      We do have term limits on the President now. This is the ONLY office we do. Two terms or no more than 10 years total. It is in the Constitution. However, at least one Dem Congressman wants that repealed. His argument is that Oblama is such a good President we need to keep him forever.

  • jimmy joe

    does anyone any longer doubt,that blue dog democrats,and moderate republicans,are both just progressive liberals,in denial,come out of the closet,be honest about who you really are;your votes in the last two years,no longer leaves,any doubt,and the lisa murkowsky’s,cassel;s spector’s,crist,proves all have proven they are nothing less than,economic,life,liberty,property,and opportunity,embezzelers,extortionist,pimps,and whore’s;without conscience,or character;when they lie,and claim yhat there’s no room for moderates,in the republican part;they need to maybe for the first time in their lives,look who has been running the republican party for the last,50 years;only one constitutional believing conservative.”ronald reagan”dwight eisenhower,moderate on domestic,and social issues,richard nixon;that went over well didn’t it?why like all moderates/liberals no principals,character,or moral values;gerald ford;(gerald who?)bob dole;like dwight eisenhower,great patriot/hero;but didn’t promote the necessary tools to equality,and success;character,principles,and moral values;”do unto others,as you would want others to do unto you;”george h.w.bush;again great patriot/hero;who ran as a consevative,and governed,as a tax,and spend social liberal;who allowed colon powell to talk him to bow to the wishes of the u.n.instead of the interest of america,kicking the can of that problem to the desk of his son;knowing bill clinton’s idea of winning a war, a threat to america,or pre-emptive strike is; taking out a bunch of women,and children,at waco’or trying to destroy the credibility of women abused by this habitual sex offender;then george w. bush,again great patriot,who no doubt loves our military;but again surrounded by a bunch of moderate liberals,including his dear beloved wife,”laura”who never saw a ted kennedy, socialist program she didn’t like;john”patty hearst”mc cain,again who never met a marxist progressive liberal,(john jane fonda kerry)he wouldn’t cross the aisle to bow at their alter,in exchange for being exploited by the media,using him as a pawn, to help destroy conservatism;while all the time him believing he was a maverick,they actually played him as a pawn;again john mc cain patriot/hero,hawk;but like,all of our presidents,and nominee’s for presidents in the republican party,in the past 50 years it would seem even with the only true constitutional conservatives,ronald wilson reagan;all have allowed outside influences to over rule the constitution,and the will of the governed;so when i hear those who whine,that there is no room any more for moderates in the republican party;i say read the historical facts for dummies;there has been no room for constitutional conservatism,for over 50 years our country has been run by socialist democrats,independents,and republicans; and all its got us is 14 trillion dollars,and counting in debt;and divided a nation against itself;buying,and selling souls,votes,lives,liberties,property,and opportunity,that was never your right to endow,in the first place;now like an immature over nurtured spoiled brat child;you think you are entitled, like those souls you have bought off with your 666 anti-christ,anti-human life,and liberty,privilages for predators,and deadbeats,proposals,bills,legislations,judicial,and executive order tyranny,against we the people,bill of rights,declaration for independence,and the u.s. constitution;whose campaigns are;”yes we can can”and govern,as; “no you can’t;”who truly believe voters are incompetant;not incompetent just didn’t listen to ronald reagan’s warning;to “trust but verify”the same say those like christine o’donnell,is stupid,no character,and not qualified to be in washington d.c.i’ll compare her character to theirs,her principals to theirs,her values to theirs,her independent nature,to theirs,her debts to her debtors to their debts,and hot checks,against america’s taxpayers;her oath to the constitution,and the will of the governed to their,perjury,to their oath’s to the constitution,and the will of the governed;,and her mis-appropriation of other peoples money;to their mis-appropriation of other peoples money;no;they don’t think she,and other conservatives are qualified,because of their fear of being exposed,for who they really are;professional society,predators;jimmy joe”the liarfryer”

  • Dave P

    Why is it that when a conservative loses in a primary they do the right thing and support the winner but when a moderate loses they try to run as an independent like Charlie Crisp in Florida or as a write in like Murkowski. I wonder if she was paid off by a democrat to do this because if she splits the vote the democrat might win. I think all states should have a runoff election whenever a candidate does not get at least 50% of the vote between the 2 top vote-getters which would ensure that the one liked by the most people would win. It would also help third party candidates get more votes as people would vote their conscience in the first election knowing they can always vote for the lesser of the 2 evils in the runoff.

  • http://yahoo abby

    These losers running as Independents after losing in their primaries will just hand over their state representatives to the Democrats. This is what we are trying to avoid; Murowski, Christ, and Spector are sore losers. They should get over it and support their original party rather than destroy the chance for change.
    Yes, term limits are needed; benefits cut, and no retirement package, medical, etc. unless they have invested in same. Also there should be laws in our government that those who lose cannot run again on another ticket (OHIO).
    Another law should be that our representatives cannot reap untold fortunes by representing us or making laws that benefit them. What they go in with, they come out with. No special benefits packages, special pay increases, or increased wealth by being on the inside.
    All laws passed by Congress and the Senate should apply to these representatives also. No exemptions for Unions, special interest groups, etc.
    All bills sent to congress and the Senate should stand alone,. No add ons. Look at the Health Care Bill. It contains admentments or addons for taxes when selling your house, Union perks, and other items not specifically related to Health Care. The Bill wasn’t even read to see what all was hidden in it,. I, myself, firmly believe the States should handle their own health care. We don’t need Government telling us what to eat, what to wear, and what we must do in every phase of our lives.
    We also need to get rid of the IRS, have a fair tax, and eliminate or repeal all the Bills signed since this President has come into office that reek of higher taxes, attacks on the Constitution original intentions and stop supporting illegals. Send them all home and then let them enter legally and follow the paths set up for foreigners to become US Citizens. If they are needed for farm work, give them a green care. If you pay for a service and it is done by an illegal, the company hired should be fined and
    limitations place on it until it gets its act straightened out. What is wrong with common sense? Look at Missouri – no illegals. Why? Strong laws and no support for illegals.
    We should have one language – English. Our forefathers came over, had to learn English and had to provide for themselves. These illegals are bringing in diseases and chocking our financial system. We can’t take care of our legal citizens and yet we help illegals. Our country is courting disaster no matter how you look at it. I am tired of Chicago style politics and the strong arm from within.
    Let’s take our country back.
    Somehow we have to ensure that those we elected get the support, now the disgruntled who don’t want to give up the power and the greed.

    • william

      Well sais fellow buckeye. More states need our SORE LOOSER LAW!

  • http://Spoil-SportDemswhoarewrite-ins Elizabeth Browning

    Those Dems who appear to be spoil-sports and insist on running as write-ins may be counting on an October surprize from the Prez. to cause an upset that could turn the tides in their favor perhaps????


  • http://Spoil-SportDemswhoarewrite-ins Elizabeth Browning

    Dem “spoil-sports” as write-ins maybe counting on an Obama October Surprise to turn the tides in their favor perhaps????


    • Bob

      EB Most Americans now believe that 911 was an inside job. They have to be a little leary about doing it again. They can rig these computerized machines to steal the election
      The man who rigged Ohio’s voting machines to steal the election for Bush in 2004 was mysteriously killed in a plane crash after testifying before Congress.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Between Murkowski, Charlie Crist, et al… seems like these RINOs are just as much sore losers as the democraps will be come 11/2/2010. They’re trying to be vengeful spoilers!! Let’s be glad they lost the primaries, and say ‘good riddance’ to these RINOs…..This is also a critical election year. All conservatives, Independents and Republicans must get to the polls on Tuesday, November 2nd. And as a friendly reminder to all the drones, leeches, losers and liberal diehard morons who still want to vote for the democraps – shouldn’t we remind them that their day to vote is Wednesday, November 3rd??

  • eddie47d

    I wouldn’t vote for Murkowski;yet how can we ever have a viable 3rd party candidate if we keep denying them a place on the ballot? We can complain that the Democrats and Republicans are both the same and useless but won’t allow a challenger. That’s like saying we are stuck with the 2 party system. In this case Tea Party vs. Democrat. She does have a 27% support so that is a valid challenge. Some states have several candidates on the ballot and that gives people an alternate option. How else will you grow the Libertarian or Constitutional Parties? We worry too much about the spoilers (Ross Perot,Ralph Nader) and how OUR party will be affected instead of encouraging differences of opinions.

    • s c

      Eduardo, kindly consider changing your ‘name’ to Mr. Consistent. Consistently full of it, that is. You know what you can with and to YOUR party.
      The day I can believe that you care about anything other than the false promises, lies and distortions of your White House “god” is the day that pigs will fly, Specter and McCain will have a nickel’s worth of integrity and saul ‘septic tank’ alinsky replaces Albert Einstein as a role model.

      • http://naver samurai

        Now you know S.C. that this is what the left wing extremists do when they have no new material. They just go to bashing people, rhetoric, same lib nonsense of blaming others, etc., so why should we bother with them? I know sometimes that they are as annoying as a fly buzzing around your head, but the more you swat at them, the more they keep coming back. They’re just increasing their stupidity because many of their people have either lost their party nominations or are losing their reelection bids. I hate to see what happens after we kick Obama bin Laden out of office in November 2012. Keep up the good fight, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • eddie47d

      SC Pigs fly out of your mouth everyday and the barnyards are consistently filled with your manure.

      • JeffH

        fast eddie, it took every bit of wit you had for that atrocious comeback to s c. By the way, congratulations on your Darwin Award.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I just want to know how he won? He is actually devolving into something even dumber than a democrat progressive!!! I don’t really have a name for what that would be, because there has never been one that dumb before!!!

  • don

    Murkowski doesn’t give a damn about Alaska. She is looking for another several years of sinecure at the government tit. Could she even hold a real job? The Republicans don’t want her! The Democrats don’t either. They should take her name off of every communications list in Alaska. She is a self-centered bitch.

  • Viktor Leben

    That’s great she is going to be a write in candidate. It gives Alaskans more choices. We have to remember not all Alaskans are conservative. The moderate middle might vote for her. Is that her picture ? She’s kind of cute !

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    It’s not just write-in candidates like this RINO sore loser Murkowski, but also 3rd party candidates who are usually spoilers who will split the GOP votes and get Democraps elected. I.e., I hear Lazio now plans to run as a 3rd party Conservative?? That’ll just make Andrew Cuomo our next governor!! If Lazio really cares about New York instead of himself, he needs to instead back Paladino, and defeat that Democrap lemon Cuomo!! Also, in that upstate Congressional district, I heard Doug Hoffman is running again as a 3rd party conservative. It was okay for him to do so last year’s special election, in which the liberal RINO DeDe Scozzafava was no better than the Democrap challenger. But unless the GOP nominated another RINO, Hoffman should back the Republican!!

    We must remember this – 3rd parties on our side are a disaster!! With a few exceptions of course, i.e., if the GOP nominates a very liberal RINO like Scozzafava, California’s governor ‘Jerkinator’, our mayor Michael Bloomturd or Colon Powell. (Yeah!! I know I misspell his first name. But for some time, IMO Colon Powell has been full of you-know-what!!) Of course it’s almost always better to elect even a moderate Republican than any candidate in today’s leftwing democrap party!!

  • Robert Rivers

    Lisa Murkowski knew that by running as a write-in candidate, she could get democrats to vote for her en masse out of hatred for Sarah Palin and the conservatives backing Joe Miller. Looks like she was right, given how badly the democrat party candidate got smoked in the election. This means that the majority of the people in Alaska who did not want a career politician, someone who had already signaled the willingness to capitulate to Cap and Trade and higher confiscatory tax rates – just ended up losing to a minority opinion.

    Congrats, Alaska – you did it to yourselves.


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