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National Inflation Association Warns Healthcare Bill Will Bankrupt America

March 26, 2010 by  

National Inflation Association warns healthcare bill will bankrupt America  As the Democrats pushed through the $940 billion healthcare reform bill, and President Obama signed it into law, the National Inflation Association (NIA) has said the legislation will significantly contribute to an outbreak of hyperinflation in the United States by 2015.

Although the Congressional Budget Office is estimating that the healthcare bill will cost $940 billion over the next 10 years, NIA members pointed out that when Medicare was created in 1966 the House Ways and Means Committee estimated that in 1990 its cost would reach $12 billion per year.

However, the actual cost that year was $107 billion—meaning it was 792 percent more than what had been projected—and today Medicare costs $408 billion annually.

“If history is any indication, the actual cost [of the healthcare reform] will likely be several trillion dollars,” the organization asserted. “[We] believe the healthcare bill will be the final nail in the coffin of the U.S. economy and will just about guarantee that we will see hyperinflation by the year 2015.”

According to NIA, in addition to the healthcare bill and rising interest payments on national debt, another major catalyst for hyperinflation will be social security payments, which adjust to the CPI-index.

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  • TIME

    Where was this report prior to this bill passing?

    Ok Good people, you know who you are; File this, as in print it off so you can give out copys when you explain what the damage will be from this bill, and why we need to repeal this law as soon as possible. This will aid you when your talking with friends and neighbors to show them what we are talking about.

    Print off a copy to make copys of to hand out, but right now send your friends and neighbors this sight by way of email.

    We can win the WAR, we may have lost this battle for the moment but we need to fight hard now to win the November elections.
    The target “REAL AMERICANS for Congress and the Senate” that Have solid American CORE values.

  • Don

    You don’t think wars or Wall Street swindles are bankrupting America just the recent health care bill?

    • s c

      Are you kidding, Don? Either you don’t know how to word your remarks, or you have a typical, third-rate American education, AND you don’t know (or care) that weasels like Wilson and FDR got us into WWI and WWII. Who got us into Korea and Vietnam? Can you say HST and JFK?
      Read some books. Expand your memory. Don, either you’re just another leftie yahoo, or you need some remedial English. Get with the program while you can, guy.

      • Average Joe

        s c says:
        March 26, 2010 at 7:58 am

        Robert McNamara reflects in his book, ‘In Retrospect’; “Having reviewed the record in detail, and with the advantage of hindsight, I think it highly probable that, had President Kennedy lived, he would have pulled us out of Vietnam. He would have concluded that the South Vietnamese were incapable of defending themselves, and that Siagon’s grave political weakness made it unwise to offset the limitations of of South Vietnamese forces by sending US combat troops on a large scale”.
        24 November – President Lyndon B. Johnson makes it clear that he wants to win the war and wanted priority given to military operations, over ‘so called’ social reforms.
        NATIONAL SECURITY ACTION MEMORANDUM NO.273, November 26, 1963, NSAM 273 maked a radical change in U.S. policy as compared to NATIONAL SECURITY ACTION MEMORANDUM NO.263. NSAM 263 was supposedly a document that showed John Kennedy’s resolve to extract the U.S. from Vietnam, while NSAM 273 is a document that signalled Lyndon Johnson’s resolve to commit the U.S. to a massive intervention.
        Everything else you stated is pretty much accurate, At the beginning of 1963 there were only around 2500 “advisors” in RVN by the end of 1963 there were 15,00. AFter the “supposed” Gulf of Tonkin incident ( which never acctually happened), Johnson went full bore…..Texan’s and thier manliness issues…. Who woulda thunk?

        • Average Joe

          At the beginning of 1963 there were only around 2500 “advisors” in RVN by the end of 1963 there were 15,00…… Should have read “15,000″

      • J C

        SC…I think Don was merely asking the question in order to “raise the question”. A touch of sarcasm perhaps. For those who “are” unaware it’s a good point to raise with them.

        • s c

          J C, that’s possible. Sometimes, people word their ideas in ways that make it hard to know if they’re honest, or they’re just another progressive jackass that needs to bray.
          I’ve seen so many hoohahs on this website that it seems progressives must bore easily (or they get paid to be stupid). There are various ways to argue. Some people do love to argue, but in the arena of ideas, progressives are inevitably seen
          for the losers and charlatans they really are.
          No, that doesn’t mean that every conservative is an intellectual giant, but at least we are grounded in
          REALITY, whereas progressives are grounded in emotions and fantasy.

      • Jack

        Are you a Mental Midget or a Reichpublican, I’m pretty sure you’re both! As such you attack Don with you’re vile spew, don’t answer the question and like all Intellectual Pygmie’s (Republitard’s) you go backwards in your retort to him. WHY do you and freaks like you live in the past. Is it because you can’t admit that, Bush screwed this country up, for greed and power for all his friend’s. You mention WW1, WWll, Korea and Vietnam instead of the two wars that really put us in the financial place we are in, TODAY! I’m a 100% disabled Vietnam Veteran and to think I took two bullet’s for the likes of you makes me very angry and want you and the other freak’s to go back to the Institution you escaped from. To know there are so many out there, LIKE YOU, who can’t rationalize what has happened to our Country. Get some ball’s…

  • Popham

    Inflation>hyperinflation historically leads to deflation.
    Good luck, America.

  • s c

    People, the idea that Obummer’s healthcare reform SCAM will bankrupt America was no secret. That is, as long as you weren’t living in a cave (like so many of Obummer’s useful IDIOTS).
    This nightmare abomination will give government dictatorial powers over us, keep us in generationl debt, and make America the laughing stock of the entire world – thanks to the geekoids in the White House and Congress. Where have you been, America?
    Like they say downtown, WAKE THE HELL UP, America!

  • K. Murray

    IF the three trillion dollars spent on Iraq and Afghanistan didn’t bankrupt America – why would you think that $940 Billion OVER TEN yrs would?

    Of course, by any economics professor’s standards if the US was an individual it would have had to final bankruptcy somewhere around 2005 – but a gov’t can always print more money (making the dollar worth less- thank goodness the Euro is in trouble therefore propping up the dollar), sell more Treasury bonds so foreign gov. own more US assests than the US does.

  • Win

    “National Inflation Association”?!? C’mon! If you’re going to make stuff up, at least make it sound believable. BTW- how soon is Rush Limbaugh moving to Costa Rica? I wanna wish him ‘Bon-Voyage!’

  • s c

    On one condition, Win, I’ll agree with you. That is, if Rush will take Obummer with him, that’s cool, man.
    Actually, I would prefer to see Obummer go. At least Limbaugh entertains. Obummer destroys (slowly perhaps, but so does a slow-acting poison).
    Kindly remember that Limbaugh is a self-admitted, highly-paid broadcast professional. Obummer is many things, but he’s not entertaining, he’s already being paid too much (minimum wage makes sense), he does a remarkable imitation of puppet on a string, and I wouldn’t trade places with someone like him if I knew it would cost me my life.

  • Maggie

    The takeover of America has been formulating for many years and now with Obama, the jack is out of the box. Surprise!!! I’m 64 years old and I’ve seen the days of personal responsibility dwindle over the years. There are no more accidents, only lawyers suing people for the misfortune of having one. There are no more unpredictable outcomes, only lawyers suing people who didn’t predict correctly. There is little personal freedom. The government tells us what to do practically the moment we walk out our front door. The final nail is indeed the takeover of health care. For sure now Michelle will be telling us what to eat morning, noon and night, there will be unauthorized, mandated testing, screening, seniors (and I remind you all that everyone has their turn at this eventually) will be seen as a burden on society and just by happenstance, will not get critical care they need with I might add, no legal recourse for their families. PG&E in California is now installing “smart meters” so they can monitor what engery you use, when you use it. No doubt at some point mandates will come down per household as to how to “manage it” to the satisfaction of PG&E or have your power cut off. Illgeals actually will be the final death sputter of this country. Once Obama legalizes (against the American people’s will – Again) 20 million dependents on the government in exchange for votes, there will likely be as many or more of them than the middle class tax payers. The will of the government will be dicated by people who now little of this country, can’t speak English, have children they can’t support. They will vote for the dictator who will take better care of them. The tax paying middle class will have no choice but to pay higher and higher taxes, health premiums and overall cost of living. Someone has to pay for the have nots and of course it is very profitable to be a have not in America when the Democrats are in charge. Man, was this a major mistake.

    • Meteorlady

      I love your comment, however, the tax paying middle American public pays only 4% of the total taxes collected by the federal government. The rest are paid by ………… drum roll please…………..the hated and dreaded RICH PEOPLE!

      How long do you think they will stick around and support this crap? They will be gone to another country at the blink of an eye. Just as many have left other highly socialized countries. I for one, am pursuing dual citizenship and don’t plan to be around for the government to suck up all my wages and savings until I have to put my hand out and be a slave to the government.

      As for illegal – ILLEGAL is illegals. So if this happens again (they are using the exact same arguments they used in 1986 amnesty), I will believe that there is a total breakdown in our judicial system and illegal means something other than that. It probably means that only “selective” behavior is illegal. Maybe next the poor home invasion people won’t get prosecuted because they needed the money to support their families and themselves.

  • J C

    So what is everybody going to do when the money is no good?
    History tells us that there will be food shortages, rioting and for us, very probably martial law. History also tells us that the government and banks will emerge as our supposed saviours, even though they’ve knowingly engineered this whole thing, and will have power over us as never before. The goal is of course economic slavery and control on behalf of the globalist (moneyed) puppet masters.
    So, I ask a again, what will you do? If you haven’t, you better start thinking about it while you still can.

    • Meteorlady

      I have a year’s supply of food, guns and amo, something to filter water, and grow a lot of my vegetables. I also live in a community of socially responsible adults that are moral and law abiding citizens. I know that they will support each other in bad times and I think/hope that they will not turn on each other.

      As for the rest – dual citizenship. I don’t want to stay in a country that is steadily leaning toward Marxism/Socialism/Communism as I have seen the results of that.

      • JC

        ML, we are on exactly the same page…up to and including the dual citizenship. Community will be one of the most important aspects of survival. If or when we crash due to socialist policies, the irresponsible will become the obvious theives that they have been practicing to become. They’ll want to take what you have, but they’ll have no one behind them. Keep your powder dry…

  • Matt V

    if there is to be a one world government america has to be bankrupt. america has been to rich for to long. Obama may be the prelude to the antichrist. never in the history has a bill move this fast. revelations says as we get closer ot the end times phrophecy will come to pass like a women in labor. a womens labor pains come Quickeras she gets close to birth. it dosent matter that fact other presidents has been moving us toward a one world government just at a slower pace. Berneke has already been talking to europe about deflateing the dollar and raiseing the price of gold and you only do this if you are planning to change currency. watch out america open your eyes wide and look at the signs you will see them for yourself and act quickly

    • JC

      Almost everyone I’ve spoken with…including complete strangers is preparing for a survival showdown. Whether they are talking about it or not…there is a lot of preperation going on.

  • Linda O

    US bankruptcy is the POINT! Read Cloward and Pivens folks. They are putting the structure into place, creating the “crisis” then they will take it all over with one fell swoop. Their main tactic: Sal Alinsky. Read up America! Do NOT be taken by surprise. We need to know what is coming so we can be ready when it happens.

  • http://verizon kbab777

    Why would we have to fear any of that I was just doing research online today, remember Glen Beck denying fema death camps? Well if you do your research there is too evidence they are there if you google image you will find out there are 800 in the US and also their locations state by state and if that is not alrming enough just today american thinker came out with an article which explains why they they think obama is about to declare martial law. For one thing he has ordered 400,000 peacekeepers on american soil with the probability of martial law in the fall under the excuse of swine flu protection its all out there if anyone will bother to research and I also saw the double decker death trains equipped with shackles and all.

  • Victor L Barney

    This is how MARXISM/ANTI-MESSIAH-ISM work! They bankrupt a society and then take it over for LUCIFER, the 1st Messiah, who lost his throne, and has but a short time left to RULE! Power and control is worth it, even for only 3 1/2 years, it seems?

  • James

    Hyper-Inflation by 2015? Since the Federal Reserve system was created in 1913, the dollar has lost over 95% of its value. In 1920, gold was $20 per ounce, now it’s over $1100 per ounce. Gold didn’t get more valuable, the dollar lost its value. No one will believe all this goverment deficit-spending will ruin the dollar and bankrupt America until it actually happens. It will happen when foreigners stop buying our treasury bills and bonds, and Congress is forced to monetize its deficit spending, by flooding our markets with an ever-more worthless fiat currrency. This flood of dollars doesn’t create jobs, it simply drives up the prices of commodities that are out there. This continues until the dollar becomes worthless. The dollar is a fiat currency, a piece of paper, it has no intrinsic value of its own, and whether people accept it depends on their faith in the U.S. Government to preserve its value.

  • shell

    obummer is a slick snake oil salesman hiel obummer were is joe mcartthy when u need him

  • JR

    The current administration has already added about 1.5 trillion in new money into circulation. This is roughly equal to 170% of the previous total amount of money in circulation ( History tells us that new money added to circulation takes about 2 years to work its way into the system and manifest its inflationary effects (the banks are still sitting on piles of the bailout money), so we have some time. Be aware, a TRILLION is a lot of money. & there is no way that the Fed will be able to back this $ out of the economy in time without raising rates to 45% tomorrow. How can we not have hyperinflation?

    Once high rates of inflation are apparent, foreign governments will see the value of their US bonds falling and will probably begin dumping their holdings of dollars, thus accelerating hyperinflation. Once the cost of everything is skyrocketing, the government will not be able to collect taxes fast enough, and it will have to resort to printing even more money (as happened in Germany about 100 years ago when 99% of their government spending was with printed money and only 1% from tax receipts) further speeding up the hyperinflationary death spiral.

    What seems to matter as far as initiating hyperinflation appears to be when government deficit spending via printing money increases to about 1/3rd of revenue. When a country crosses this line, hyperinflation starts sometime in the future, but nobody really knows how long in the future. The USA just crossed this line for the 1st time.

    Inflation, or in a severe case, hyperinflation, is a local event; it does not affect currencies in foreign countries, and may even help their stock markets via shifting purchasing power to unaffected countries. It will be very bad for anyone who is not prepared.
    If you have access to your foreign money in a foreign country, you are safe from hyperinflation, as well as bank failures that may result. In today’s world, Swiss banks can issue debit or credit cards that are good just about everywhere, so you can still spend as you need to. The money you spend via debit or credit card would not be converted into the depreciating currency until the instant that the sale takes place.

  • Michael King

    Medicare was not the reason for inflation. Thus, the argument for hyperinflation is totally unfounded. No one should take this report seriously.


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