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Napolitano Uses Sandy To Make Government Internet Control Case

November 2, 2012 by  

Napolitano Uses Sandy To Make Government Internet Control Case

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is using Hurricane Sandy to attempt to make the case for more government controls over the Internet.

Earlier this week, Napolitano compared the power outages that are currently taking place in parts of New York City and the rest of the Northeast to what might happen if terrorists launched a cyberattack on power grids.

“If you think a control-system attack that takes down a utility even for a few hours is not serious, just look at what is happening now that Mother Nature has taken out those utilities,” she said at a cybersecurity conference, POLITICO reports. The damage can be “life threatening.”

Napolitano echoed the sentiments of other Barack Obama Administration officials who have been talking about the need for more government Internet controls over the past month as a cybersecurity executive order is reportedly already ready for the President to sign.

In October, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta warned that a “Cyber Pearl Harbor” could be looming if the government is not allowed more power to control the Internet.

He warned, “An aggressor nation or extremist group could use these kinds of cyber tools to gain control of critical switches. They could derail passenger trains, or even more dangerous, derail passenger trains loaded with lethal chemicals. They could contaminate the water supply in major cities, or shut down the power grid across large parts of the country.”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Dennis48e

    “They could derail passenger trains, or even more dangerous, derail passenger trains loaded with lethal chemicals.”

    Sorry Panetta but passenger trains do NOT routinely carry lethal chemicals.

    As far as “more government Internet controls ” is concerned, they would only come into play after the fact and would be used to limit the spread of information/news about any attacks that might have occured.

    • Harold Olsen

      Internet control by the Obama regime has little or nothing to to with national security. What it has to do with is Obama security. Control the Internet and you control the criticism or our fuhrer. He can’t take the heat so he wants to shut everyone up who has brains enough to oppose his Nazi policies. Like Hitler and other despots, Obama wants to silence the opposition.

      • DaveH

        It’s not just Obama. Many of the same Crony Capitalists are shared by both major parties, and they don’t care whether Obama represents them or Romney represents them as long as they get their Government protection at the expense of their Competitors, their consumers, and the taxpayers.

    • eddie47d

      Okay Harold instead of bellyaching about Obama how would you handle the situations? What would you do to keep the Internet safe from Cyber attacks? What would you do to keep the power grid from being sabotaged? What would you be saying if America was shut down by way of a Cyber attack? Who would you blame for that? Those are not trick questions so please inform us. Let’s see how high your IQ can go with a few Intelligent answers.

      • Hedgehog

        If the United States can be brought to a screaming halt by cyber attacks, which I doubt! Then the last people you want to have in control of the internet is the US Government. Frankly, your government is not competent to handle the job. Better to leave the internet in the capable hands of groups like Anonymous!

      • DaveH

        If there are indeed exploitable weaknesses in the Internet for certain critical services, the best approach would be to seek local solutions to possible attacks on those critical services, without messing with the general Internet.
        The Government wants to mess with the General Internet for one reason only — to gain censorship control over our Free Exchange of Ideas. Suppressive Governments know that the key to their success is a population that is ignorant of their manipulations.

      • eddie47d

        I knew Harold wouldn’t answer and all I got was two lame replies with the usual drivel. I’m not so sure I would trust any outside group anymore than the government. I believe some of you are more programmed in strutting around questions than giving relevant answers to any situation.

      • JC

        The only “terrorist threat” we face is entirely manufactured as a tool to scare and control Americans. It’s all bull to begin with so Napolitano is simply doing whjat she does best, trying to control the flow of information. I have an idea though…if in fact there ARE such things as real terrorists…how about we get rid of this Kenyan regime that is aiding and abetting certain Arab groups by giving them guns and RPG’s?

      • B-rad

        Eddie, you are the one strutting around questions. And the only reason you are, is because Harold offended you by slamming Obama. Show us how high your IQ can go by intelligently answering your own questions. Then we can all marvel at your lame answers. On second thought, don’t waste our time because surely you don’t know squat about the questions you asked.

      • eddie47d

        As soon as Harold replies I will gladly reply back to him.

      • Kurt Van Luven

        Eddie, before we worry about attacks on our infrastructure, shouldn’t we HAVE A WELL MAINTAINED GRID? Right now, what we have is so stretched, Donald Trump could start his blow dryer and trigger an outage! Government is in charge of energy policy. How is THAT working out? God forbid we build power plants, unless they are powered by hope and change, or possibly by making use of all the fetuses that are flushed each year. Planned Parenthood could sell the electricity and get off public funding!

    • Shane

      DaveH says:

      November 2, 2012 at 10:22 am

      It’s not just Obama. Many of the same Crony Capitalists are shared by both major parties, and they don’t care whether Obama represents them or Romney represents them as long as they get their Government protection at the expense of their Competitors, their consumers, and the taxpayers.


      Thanks DaveH. Just another prime example that you’re no conservative. You’re just a puny lion wrapped in sheep clothing. Your liberterians stance is just an excuse to undermine this country, by doing just enough damage to allow the liberals, and Obama to further their goals.

      Your so-called pious stand of rigid conservative purity, is a sham. Those that honesty believe of their so called righteousness, are delusional or charlatans. In actuality, you could not even come close to living those standards that you wish to impose upon others.

      I would put my money in describing your actions, as that of a charlatan.

      • Shane

        I’ll add a comment, that is directed to my comment to DaveH.

        I agree with many of DaveH’s opinions. But it’s not that I agree with much, or disagree with some of DaveH’s comments. It is his pious so called better and more noble stand, above that of the others that is at odds with common sense and knowing human nature.

        I believe that DaveH is an imposter. For his past writings and stance, are at odds with what a conservative would want for this country. Not withstanding rinos and moderate republicans, there are actions or wishes for what we would like to happen in the political scene, than Daveh’s.

  • Harold Olsen

    Question: Is there intelligent life in the Obama regime? It seems as though everyone that Obama surrounds himself in his regime has an IQ count that can be counted on the fingers of one hand and when you’re through you’ll still have 4 fingers and a thumb left over. I guess Zero had to surround himself with idiots so he’d look as intelligent as his groupies claim he is.

  • RivahMitch

    The “terrorists” I’m most concerned about are inside the government, beginning with the Kenyan Marxist and Napolitano and Panetta. As to Dennis comment above that more internet controls “would only come into play after the fact and would be used to limit the spread of information/news about any attacks that might have occurred.” I agree with the caveat that they would also be used to spread disinformation such as the continuing lie about the Fort Hood massacre being “workplace violence”. Ah, the “Ministry of Truth” at its best.

  • Dwight Mann

    We need to protect ourselves from this oppressive and tyrannical government. These people are just shills for their own job security. Throw the useless and stupid commies out of office.

    • eddie47d

      That is fine if you believe that yet what will you do if our nations grid collapses and your business can’t function? How will you earn an income if that business information can’t get to your customers? How will you build a product if your machines are shut down? How will you get to work if the power grid is shut down and gas stations can’t pump gasoline? Will you still be blaming the “tyrannical” government for allowing those events to happen? You blame Obama for the high unemployment now I can imagine your anger if the whole nation was shut down and the unemployed were tripled. Its easy to complain but how would you handle the situation if it did occur. It may take more than hiding in your bunker.

      • Chris MacLeod

        The American people are sick of being told what they want. They are tired of being lied to. We all say we support our troops. The truth is, most people enlist because they can’t find a job or can’t afford to go to college-not because they want to serve the country they love and protect our freedom… it’s the economy that forces them into the military because it’s the only alternative they have to starving or depending on gov’t assistance. WHERE ARE ALL THOSE “SHOVEL READY” JOBS WE WERE PROMISED 4 YEARS AGO??? eddie47d, YOU are the real threat to America with your thinking you know what is best for America as if you were intelligent enough to talk the [expletive deleted] you talk and I bet your motto is “It’s not what you know, it’s who you [comment has been edited] that counts”

      • DaveH

        You’re making the very big assumption, Eddie, that the Government which couldn’t stop our economy from collapsing is somehow capable of stopping any such terrorist act.
        In 1900, Federal Government spent just 3% of our GDP.
        Now, Federal Government spends over 40% of our GDP. That buildup was excused by the need to “protect” us from outside attack and from bad economies. Federal Government is now 13 times bigger than in 1900. Since then we’ve had numerous recessions and two very big collapses. Since then we’ve been involved in 2 World Wars and many smaller ones which have cost tens of millions of lives. How is that “protection” working out for you?

      • Florence

        Eddie47d, You pose useless “what ifs”; so you do not have solutions either! Everyone on these sounding boards is frustrated because of the devisivness, lying and stupidity of our government. I am one who blames BO as well. Just because previous administrations have not enforced our borders, does not mean that BO should get a pass for lying about : the numbers of deportations; the numbers of jobs created on his watch; giving jobs, dream act, amnesty to illegals under the age of 31 (give me a break); only focusing on deporting criminal illegals; lying about everything under the sun; suing states that are trying to enforce deportation of illegals, etc, etc, etc. BTW: you must like the idea of BO’s plan to have gun ownership come under UN scrutiny, as well as government control of the internet…how is it working for you that pretty much the news media is almost there? Maybe you are just a plant, yes I said it…Beep you…

      • eddie47d

        I actually liked Dave H’s answer although it wasn’t a solid one on this topic. I don’t like our government getting us into anymore wars but that is what the patriotic ones keep demanding. You know “for the troops”.

      • eddie47d

        Florence also skirted the question. What would you do and who would you blame Florence if you lost your ability to do business if the Internet or Electrical grid was knocked out?

      • eddie47d

        I agree Chris that plenty of civilians go into the service for job opportunity. Been doing it since the beginning of time. Time to stop all this garbage that we as citizens need wars to build up the egos of the NWO hacks. Now where are all those jobs? Sabotaged by those same Elites on Wall Street and the mule headed members of Congress. Why should they care about us when they got theirs! None of you really answered my questions and went off into seperate tangents! Whether told by government or not what would you do?

  • twistingyarn

    This is just a smoke screen to take one more step in fulfilling the prophecy of George Orwell. The Govt. already has implementations being made to facilitate watching people in their homes through their own web cams and cameras hidden in TV’s and monitors without their knowledge or the devices being turned on. They want to control all the information and for this they need to control the internet to prepare the way for the thought police. Be careful what you think, they may soon arrest you for it!

    • eddie47d

      You give the government too much credit. Its the American people who have demanded security every place they go. They want to be safe no matter where they are at.They want air travel to be secure,they want security in the malls,they want the latest detection devices in their homes and security locks,they want police inside movie theaters and and in every business just in case.Some want cops and guns in schools, some want more parental controls on the Web,some want certain undesirable programs taken off the Web and the TV. Its the American people who want their water supplies to be safely guarded and their power supplies protected. Don’t blame government for responding to what the American people are demanding.

      • DaveH

        The American People have been encouraged to depend on Government by the Government Leaders who are simply buying votes with other peoples’ money. Government will not be content until we are all dependent on them and under their thumbs.

      • DaveH

        The buck stops with Big Government.

      • eddie47d

        Dave H and his usual and only mantra! Blame the government and all will be grand in the Land of Oz!.It may be the government who demands our souls for wars but its the people who demand security from the government.

        • RivahMitch

          You mean as opposed to your “regulas mantra” which suggests that we all click our heels together and scream “SIEG HEIL” whenever the Kenyan Marxist appears or speaks?

  • roger

    The only aggressor nation in play at pesent is Amerika, and sadly, yes it would do dastardly crap to further its controls over whatever it doesn’t have enough control over.

  • TIME

    Dear People,

    Well there you have it, { in their own words,} even if what they are saying makes ZERO sense ~ saddly to many of the mindless sheep on the land ~ they will beg to have their RIGHTS taken away, ~ all over some simple mindless rhetoric ~ just like what was said by the Queen Fem De Nazi ~ its all so mindless that even a newborn can see it as nothing but total BS.

    PLEASE ~ People keep your self calm ~ Don’t get angry at just anyone, Don’t allow them to get you into a unfocused mindset ~ “Focus” your point like a laser on what you want to say ~ Then ~ FAX ~ Call and Write your ~ States “Law makers” tell them how you feel about them and what they are doing and want to do to you.~
    Don’t be vulgar ~ but be firm.. Just don’t call them SH’s, or MF’s. {Please ~ No threats of harm, either } You can tell them you will be seeking War Crimes Trials and they will be named in them.
    Let them know that {you know} all about what they are up to ~ As well that you are telling everyone you know, everyone you run into ~ all about their nasty little plans, and games.
    Do this every day 365 days a year, hell ~ even twice per day. make it impossible for them to get anything done. Make their life and their staffs life a missery.
    Just think 300 million FAX’S per day ~ 365 days ~, then add in emails, X 300 million, X 300 million calls with their phone lines tied up so they can’t even sit down.

    “EXPOSE THESE CRIMINAL” Stop supporting them!.

    Look, people this is not a game, and its not a joke either, what is coming for you is deadly serious.

    They are in panic mode now, So don’t let them get any more control. Its now ~ TIME to take down the Global Banker Cabal with all their paid puppets / politicians, > keep in mind we NOW have a {$43 TRILLION dollar lawsuit} in the court system, ~ it names all of them!
    Also keep in mind they Killed a 2 year old and a 6 year old just for this lawsuit being exposed on the Mass media for all of 2 minutes!
    BTW ~ the $43 Trillon is just the start of this, after that battle is WON ~ then the War Crimes & Crimes against Humanity trials.

    This is not a DEM v REP thing. This is an AMERICAN THING. Are YOU an AMERICAN? Do YOU Love your nation? Then get up, Stand up!
    Lets get the Criminals out of Politics, and into the system they built for YOU.

    YOU have no excuse ~ you have clear cut history to review, you have all the evidence that proves their guilt beyond any question ~ its all on film.

    Peace and Love, Got your bus tickets yet?

    • Kurt Van Luven

      As long as we remain focused and calm. Some Americans have not woke up….but THEY are not the enemy! Like sleepwalkers, they are unaware of what is happening. We can still win at the ballot box if we remember it is a two party system only AS LONG AS WE BELIEVE IT! If Gary Johnson gets 5% Libertarian will be in all 50 state ballots (already in 48 right now) and matching funds! Do not believe the left right BS, because you notice the Uber-wealthy always do well regardless?

  • Bob Rice

    Its time to dump,Panetta and Napolitano!!! they are about as useless as oreo……….

  • DaveH

    The Government will use any excuse available to get control over the Internet and our Free Exchange of Ideas.
    Their MSM propaganda arm is being increasingly ignored by the citizens, and they are getting desperate.

  • cerebus23

    what is our plan for the sun?

    you know that big exploding ball in the sky that occasionally hurls massive amounts of radiation and charged particles at us, and every once in a great while can get very grumpy and create super solar storms that can fry power grids on the planet surface.

    the fact they have about 11 minutes to know something is going on, from start to finish. and then they wont know exactly what is going on until things start to fail en mass.

    is it not up to cisco, and google, and at&t and etc to keep our internet secure? is it not the hardware and software in private industry that have paying customers that make money off them and advertising to generate massive amounts of dollars. should they not have a more vested interest in keeping their networks and hubs secure?

    last few years the whole concern of the United states government and their anti terrorism and internet security focus has been what the corporate lawyers at the mpaa and riaa have been phoning to pennsylvania avenue to complain about, and that being used to justify invading foreign countries in some cases, to bringing heavy political pressure, that cause backlashes in those countries, to act on our behalf. some of these raids even carried out on places that had nothing at all to do with piracy or money laundring.

    What they are dancing to the tune for their corporate owners and want more power? It is not even about the whole well they could use it for censoring people like us that point out the bull[expletive deleted] in government. look at what they are doing with the power they got and then it take not even 20 seconds to put together what would happen then if you look at who is calling the shots now. it would still be the riaa and the mpaa calling up obama or romney for that matter, saying hey we do not like these sites they are pirates and say mean things about our CEOs mother and next thing you know the department of homeland security with the FBI are headed off to raid a bunch of sites were people are music sharing or file sharing the latest disney movie.

    Challenge our private industry to make their software and hardware better, get them involved remind them they lose if our networks go down, and each and every passing year the dollars generated via internet will increase, what can these titans of industry and all those bedroom programmers can work together to make sure their favorite shopping gaming sites are active and secure, and then in turn make sure the very backbones those hubs exist on are well secured.

    maybe we could just ask google to do it. have you seen their sever hubs? awesome looking. dunno what they do security wise but i bet they have some pretty heavy security with all the information contained in those servers.

    the goverment does not need more power to misuse. if any power at all is granted it should be extremely narrow in scope and limited in range, all these vague open ended laws designed to give the most open ended broad usage of power crap disguised as national security needs to be scaled back about 1000% you already have befroe we should even beginng to look at letting get any more of it.

    • RivahMitch


  • Bill

    Instead of taking control over the internet, they need to concentrate on safeguards so this doesn’t happen. With the government in control of the internet, it’s more plausible that something evil can happen.

    • RivahMitch

      Well said… Perhaps the various OS’s could have digital toggle switches with a series of security levels that the end users (or machine owners) could select. (That would include the various router providers and any switches at the transport layer.) Then again, perhaps the real intent is to facilitate the UNESCO policy that governments have the right to control information ingress and egress at their borders since surrendering sovereignty to the UN seems a popular idea?

  • Dee

    I pray that Romney gets to be president and he can fire these morons that obummer put in.

  • erinsgram

    Obama, Napotana and that whole bunch cannot do anything without a hidden agenda. Their hypocrisy and uncivility is truly nauseauting.

    Then we have Bloomberg who cares more about having a Marathon while the people are homeless, dying, hungry, no food, no clothing, nowhere to sleep, no gas for their generators or cars. The list goes on……..

    • Karolyn

      Marathon cancelled.

    • RivahMitch

      Bloomberg and the other big city mayors (both Dempublicans and Republicrats) can’t sustain their infrastructures because they waste inordinate money on welfare (following the anclent Roman model of bread and circuses). …Keep the populous fed and entertained and one can get away with anything.

  • Karolyn

    They do have a point.

  • Ghost

    Throw Napolitano, and the rest of these criminals out of office. She’s a part of the terrorist group who’s in office now.

    • eddie47d

      Okay Casper I didn’t know ghosts lie!

  • Public Citizen

    The main reason that this administration is so obsessed with taking over control of the internet is because it is the only remaining means of mass communication that they haven’t co-opted.
    There is a new whistleblower report by former CNN reporter Amber Lyon about how governments ~~including the US government~~ have paid for favorable reporting and for the ~~suppression~~ of unfavorable reporting, making CNN into a 24-7 infommercial.
    Without the free and uncensored internet this information would be unavailable.

  • ChristyK

    It is obvious that they (both Democrats & Republicans) want to shut down free speech on the internet. They have tried to pass bills regulating the internet to stop child-pornagraphy, to stop stealing copyrighed material, for cybersecurity, etc. They keep trying different excuses, but the result is always to control the internet. They are obviously desperate to control the internet and are just trying to find an excues that will lead to American acceptance. Since bills in the house and senate keep failing, now they are trying to do it by executive order or department regulations. We must be ever vigilent and keep getting out the news on their every attempt.

  • jopa

    It just may be the government wants to control some portions of the net to defend against cyber attacks against our infrastructure or nuclear facilities.This sort of thing does happen just like our cyber attack with Israel against Irans nuclear program that set them back a couple years.It is not always about you and what are you worried about.That the government is tracking what sites you go to.Better zip up they have been watching that for years.

  • Chris Rush

    We are already addressing that threat in the military. The USAF is handling much of the cyber security, we have new people going into that field everyday. Remember, We invented this.

  • Kurt Van Luven

    They could not protect us. The terrorists would send email attachments disguised as illegal aliens, then the government wouldn’t want us to PROFILE THOSE EMAILS!


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