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Nanny State To Mandate Rear-View Cameras In All Vehicles

March 1, 2012 by  

Nanny State To Mandate Rear-View Cameras In All Vehicles

The National Highway Safety Institute has set in place a law that will require that all vehicles come equipped with rear-view cameras, a measure that — if 100 percent effective — will prevent 228 American deaths each year at a cost of about $12 million each to American auto buyers.

According to The New York Times, in a preliminary version of the measure released for public comment, regulators predicted that adding the cameras and viewing screens will cost the auto industry as much as $2.7 billion a year, or $160 to $200 a vehicle. Some of the cost is expected to be passed on to consumers through higher prices.

Government statistics say that 228 people — 44 percent of whom are younger than 5 — die each year after being backed over by passenger vehicles. About 17,000 people a year are injured in such accidents.

Critics of the measure say that efforts to encourage Americans to pay more attention would be a much more effective way of avoiding tragedies without putting in place yet another auto-industry mandate to reduce the competitiveness of American autos.

Reason reports: “…Legislators put minimum effort into finding the most cost-efficient solution to this problem and failed to consider that car design isn’t really their job in the first place. Clearly, when considering the fact that most backover accidents involve the parent or relative of a child, the right course of action would be legislation that prohibits parents and relatives of children from driving in the first place.”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Pete0097

    Although the rear cameras are a great idea, they should remain an option. One that if you don’t get and you end up killing a child because you didn’t see him, you have to live with it for the rest of your life. It is cheap, but not everyone needs it. Why don’t the car companies have a more reasonable fee for it? Because if it failed and you killed a kid, they would be sued. Making it a cheap, dealer installed option would be better as then it could be replaced more quickly if it failed.

    • Bill

      I can just imagine the jump-for=joy that the camera companies are doing right now.
      Now if we can just lobby the government to provide a chauffeur to drive each car we would be able to put a lot of people on the government dole. Now we will also “stimulate” the economy by requiring that all chauffeurs have to wear special clothing, then we will require them to go school to learn to drive all those cars with the rear view cameras. Then we will provide them with TSA equipment to prevent car jacking and issue them permits to carry. We can then require companies to provide for their health insurance, liability insurance and automobile insurance. All of this will require a completely new insurance program, that only the government is capable of running. Then just think of all of the agencies that will have to be initiated to monitor and control and license these people. And lets not forget about the car inspection programs that will have to be set up to inspect each car that they drive. Now we’re really talking about a program that will put people to work, but let’s not forget about the people like you and I that will have to be put into further slavery to provide for this SAFE program.
      Heck, if you want to save lives reduce the speed limit to 30 miles an hour and fine violators 10,000 bucks for each violation. Wow we will get people working to change out signs. Wonderful program, lets get started RIGHT NOW we can’t wait for an important program like this. this congress has got to act RIGHT NOW. What are they waiting for? someone might get hurt tomorrow. I only want change I am not that ugly mean guy in the white house. Now lets get moving.

  • tim

    If people would get thier head out of thier azz there wouldn’t be any problem. I’m talking about the driver who is supposed to be paying attention and also the pedestrian who thinks every vehicle should stop for his stupid azz!! Anothere Bull—- law because of ambulance chasing lawyers!!!!!

    • Warrior

      I believe page 2145 of the oblamacare act provides for 1 “free” cyclops implant in the back of everyones head of you don’t like the camera. Oh, and a lifetime hair trim, if required, to ensure hair doesn’t grow over it.

      • skippy

        LOL WARRIOR~~~I like your research- I missed that page- and your humor!!! :)

      • cawun cents

        I thought it was a suppository cam…so they can see whats cookin in ya.

  • Les

    I have a much better and cheaper idea, just outlaw stupidity starting with all of the federal government. This will not improve safety because this fits under the rule that “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him think, cause if he was thinking he would be drinking”.

    Cars already come with rearview mirrors and turn signals which no one in the state of Maryland ever uses. How do you mandate thinking? I look behind my vehicle every time I back up, why not just pass a law that mandates common sense?

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    My car has a beeper that sounds if anything is in back of the car. from a puppy dog to a dump truck It is very effective as it gets your attention. Im sure those that think the govt has to hold thier hand for every thing, like the cameras idea. ..It is more intrusive in your life.

    • pweiters9

      3/3/12, @ gotta, yeah, I drive a big 8cyl. Caddy with that beeper feature & lights that blink in the rear-view mirror. A nice touch; this is a 2002 car. The cams are superfluous.

  • jongnooi

    There’s probably method in their “madness”. Think of all the extra money that will go into government coffers for taxes paid for these cameras and monitors

    • skippy

      Does anyone wonder just WHAT those cameras COULD be used for?? We all know that ‘big brother’ wants to know all and see all. Just thinkin’….what say you??!!!

      • cawun cents

        Deathrace 2012……haw!
        Frankenstein strikes again!
        Statham will reprise his role,since we cant dig up Carradine.

    • Brad

      and of course it is good for the manufactures of these each added equipment. Sounds like a lobbiest in great effect

  • Warrior

    Oh by the way. Did you hear that “yoda” clinton came out in support of the Keystone Pipeline yesterday. Uh, oh, what will “young jedi” oblama do now?

    • skippy

      Yep, I heard that too Warrior. The MRS. will be ticked off fer sure!!! hahhahaha :)

      • Warrior

        Of course, biilybob did say it would have to be routed differently. Now, the land that it would be routed through, how does one find out who’s behind the “blind” trust the land will be owned by? Hmmm. let me think…….

    • Sirian

      This maneuver is exactly planned out – Obummer shuts the Keystone down, keeps his environmental special interest groups satisfied, then, Slick Willie re-initiates the pipeline. Why, simple, now Obummer can wait a while and then open it back up so he can then lay claim to thousands and thousands of jobs he’s created which in turn will reinvigorate his useful idiot base. So, in the end it will reinstate the number of votes he has had slipping over the months since his negative action over the pipeline. It’s all been planned out quite well. He hasn’t much support in the central states especially since the Keystone was stopped. But once he pulls this, or as it may be called, “grand energy plan”, far exceeding anything his political opponents have come up with, or so it will be fed to the populace by the MSM, he will have accomplished a true “God Send” to all of the poor folks that are unemployed. It’s all part of the game they are playing Warrior, all part of the game. And so many people can’t see it for what it truly is.

      • pweiters9

        3/3/12, @Sirian, It won’t work, otherwise the KXL & federal lands would be open to exploration now. BO won’t change his spots by then; KXL will ultimately prevail without him. What’s the alternative, ruinous fuel prices having a domino effect on everything we do? Spring will soon be here; where will all those new grads go?

  • copakeman

    we need more laws!!!! no matter how rediculous they are. every law passed diminishes every American citizens freedoms. Big brother is definitely watching us.
    how did our wonderful dc bearucrats come up with 228 lives will be saved, when they can’t come up with the corrrect answer to 1+1 without asking red china for the answer.
    how little actual work these congresspersons must do to come up with more and more restrictive, rediculous laws.

    • cawun cents

      The funniest thing is…..they have no issue with providing abortions to the tune of over 1 million per year since Roe vs. Wade,and yet they want to seem compassionate to save 228 lives per year.
      Hmmmm…..if I didt know better I’d say that it was an epiphany……
      Oh well….life goes on…..for some.

      • s c

        To paraphrase Billary Clinton, cawmun cents, “We have to do it for the children.” I guess that assumes that America needs idiot kids who were raised by village idiots. You’re right about murder via abortion.
        It is ABSOLUTELY ILLOGICAL to pretend to CARE about KIDS when a major utopian, Hitlerian scheme is to MURDER babies (and demand that we see it as COMPASSIONATE).
        The SOBs can’t have it both ways. As for this issue, it’s simply another matter of telling Uncle Scam and his union hobags to SHOVE it [compassionately, and with great care, of course]. We wouldn’t want to be seen as predictably “MEAN-SPIRITED” like Billary or Obummer.

  • phoenix

    i’m not sure i understand why this is a “nanny state” thing. i could understand it if you were talking about, say, seatbelt laws. you risk hurting no one but yourself if you don’t wear a seatbelt. the flip side would be something like texting while driving laws. some say “it’s my choice” but you’re endangering others, not just yourself, while you do it.

    maybe this needs to be a little narrower in scope instead of an across-the-board mandate. you can’t deny that it would be very difficult to see a small child sitting right behind an SUV if you were in the driver’s seat. but when i drive my compact coupe, it’s fairly easy to see what’s around my vehicle (following a pre-takeoff inspection of course).

    • Antonio

      If people would pay attention to their kids, there wouldn’t be “small children sitting right behind an SUV”.

    • Bill

      Sorry that you are so wrapped up into thinking very liberal. Why do you fall for all of the reasons that people want to tell you about what is good and bad and then have laws that attempt to correct the same. Lock everyone up in prison and then we can have the control that you seem to want.

  • jopa

    I think all of you failed to look at the photo that came along with the above article.It’s not about adults backing there cars up and running over adults.See the kid in the photo, that’s whom these cameras would protect.My car is equipped with a camera and I think it’s great.At first I resisted using it relying on the mirrors and twisting around trying to get a good visual so as to not run over anyone or anything.Now I would not buy a car not equipped with the camera.It Sure makes driving easier and the big plus is we still have all our Grandkids.They should also make cars, if the motor is running the headlights come on.Too many people driving around at dusk and dawn not knowing there lights should be on.I believe Canada may be that way already.

    • s c

      J, you must realize that sooner or later your Big Government/Uncle Scam masters will tell ALL parents that it’s time for the best gubmint that money can buy to be in complete control and OWN every kid in America.
      WHAT is the sickness that drives you to have more and more gubmint in your wacko life? You make a sunshine patriot seem like a super patriot, comrade. You might consider moving to Palestine and converting to the Muslim ‘faith’ (avoid the rush). Sad.

    • Bill

      OK you convince me. Now you, I can tell, are a good sales person. So why not start selling cameras to everyone that you can convince to buy one. If it is such a good idea then people will be willing to voluntarily camera on their car and you could make a lot of money convincing them of that. BUTTTTTTTTTT to try to force anyone to buy a camera that they do not want or need is completely not moral. You or the government have no right to do that. I think guns are good for self defense but I certainly would not consider having the government provide a gun for anyone. Let them go out and buy their own gun if they want one. There is no difference in the two scenarios. The moral question is: Should people be forced to do something or should friendly persuasion be used. To advocate that force is to be used is to advocate the people should be controlled because they do not know what is good for them and what isn’t good for them by some powers that want to control others.
      I have been looking at buying a camera for my car but honestly I don’t want you to pay for it, I’ll decide thank you.

    • pweiters9

      3/3/12, Checkout the specially-equipped Google cars that drive themselves, jopa. thing is, what do you do with them? Instead of going someplace, what do you do, program the car & send it somewhere? This nanny equipment goes beyond the pale. Cams, seat belt interlocks, breathalyser interlocks. You relieve people of all judgement & they become mental eunuchs.

  • hooder

    Another needless law added to the books. No matter how many cameras are added to the car, people will still accidently run over and kill someone because they will be too irresponsible to look at the screen.

    • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

      Right on there Hooder .. 100$ says they are texting or dialing on thier cell phone while backing up..

    • MNIce

      It won’t help the foolish child playing under the car, or the one who runs behind it without looking while it is moving. The bottom line: look around before getting in the car, and make sure you have accounted for all of the children and pets present before backing up.

  • s c

    *#^+ the National Highway Safety Institute! For MANY years, THE red flag of death concerned people who died every year due to traffic accidents.
    That number tended to involve 50,000 every year. NOW,
    because it’s ‘convenient,’ some politicians need easy votes and SO MANY people have been DUMBED-DOWN via public schools, NOW this ^&*# is supposed to be “important.”
    And this INSANITY will save 200 people? WHO do these retards think they’re kidding? The ONLY reason why they think rear-view cameras on vehicles are “important” is because it gives UNION workers more job security!
    People, you’re being SCAMMED by Uncle Scam and one of his many suck-up groups. *#^+ the National Highway Safety Institute! ____ Uncle Scam! STOP the insanity!

  • ranger hall

    Amazing what we Pay these People for, More stupid laws for stupid People. But i guess they need something to do.
    One time a school gave to their students ( grade Schoolers) several bills in Congress, Gave them the breakdown on what the bills would do or not do,explained in simple terms, The congress took 6 months to pass or not pass, the kids took 2 weeks to do the same thing, The kids voted for the better bills and trashed the Pork and Garbage ones. And they did this in 2 weeks So most of our kids did better than Congress.

  • RJ

    The simplest way to prevent backover accidents is to mandate that everyone back into their driveway / garage / parking space.

    When you approach your destination, you should be able to see everything in your driveway / garage (as long as you aren’t texting, talking on the phone, painting your toenails, etc.) and so, backing into your space is much safer. It also means when you leave your destination, you drive forward, hopefully observing those in front of your vehicle.

    Now what should we do about all the “drive overs” when the vehicle is moving forward?

    • Antonio

      RJ you are totally wrong. No, they don’t need to and they should not be mandating or making some damn law that says we need to back into our driveways that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard. The fact is that accidents happen plain and simple and when people are backing up out of anything they should be paying attention. No cam or law will ever change the fact that accidents will happen.
      Besides they already have a law that says you cannot have a damn monitor in front of while driving therefore this law will require you to break to other law!! DUH!!

  • guest on this planet

    Wont matter when it is parked since no one will be able to afford gas

  • Antonio

    This has got to be the stupidest idea ever and its all about money and more control. This ain’t about safety, in fact, nothing is really about safety. It is all about control over our lives. I have been driving since I was 12 and I have never hit anybody. This is how I made money growing up, driving as a taxi driver. My farther would drive during the day and I would drive after school. We didn’t have camaras, tvs, monitors, gps, we used our eye balls….

  • Richards Lyon MD

    Not as a goverrment order, but just as a common sense measure. A lane-change safety device now is expensive and not an improvement over a correct wide angle mirror , as now on the left, with a simple”frame” to positiuon a care in the lane you are entering. You can see it under Lane Change Safety on YouTube under rplyon. The elderly driver with stiffening neck is most served by this simple device, and no complicated expensive radar device will improve on it.

  • s c

    I have a suggestion. People should be allowed to decide if they want to participate in what amounts to another chapter of Village-Idiots-R-Us. For those who don’t want to “play,” they can opt out. Those who want to “play” should have two choices.
    First, equip a new vehicle with that ‘technology’ at a factory and charge an additional $10,000 to buy it. Second, retrofit an older vehicle and charge $5,000 at authorized repair facilities.
    Then, this becomes a matter of voluntary social engineering, and not so much another pablum-puking exercise in absolute power via a government gone mad. Remember, this is “for the children.”

  • FWO21

    People needs to be responsible instead of expecting the government to take care of them their whole life. Like another poster said, “not everybody will need it on their car”.

    I am gonna try to drive my old ’86 T-Bird for the rest of my life. It is a good car, has two doors (I hate those 4-door jelly bean cars; no class or style), it doesn’t’ cost an arm and a leg to insure it and it isn’t full of all those gadgets I don’t want or need.

    • Firefly

      Works in Cuba! They have American cars there that are constantly rebuilt and some are over 50 years old.


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