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Naked Beauty Queen Forced Out Of Bed By Cops

July 30, 2012 by  

Naked Beauty Queen Forced Out Of Bed By Cops
Cops entered the wrong apartment and found Calenche Ranae Manos, Miss Nevada 2007, in the nude.

Miss Nevada 2007 is suing the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The department had a warrant for apartment “C” but knocked down the door of apartment “A.” When they entered, Calenche Ranae Manos was covered with only a bed sheet.

The deputies ordered Manos “to get out of bed and then watched as she attempted to do so,” a complaint states. Manos’ fiancé, Eric Otto Ryder, was also in bed.

Allegedly, one of the officers joked that the beauty queen would have a good story to tell at Thanksgiving.

According to KTLA in Los Angeles, Manos has accused the deputies of sexual harassment and is seeking damages for negligence, false imprisonment and civil rights violations.

Manos’ claims, should they prove true, serve as another example of police abusing their power and acting irresponsibly.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Don

    She should be thankful they didn’t have a TV reality show like COPs barge throught the door with them, so everyone could get a voyeuristic thrill watching. Oh, never mind – the police were in error so that video wouldn’t see the light of day. Otherwise, they’d broadcast the person’s trouble and misery and shame for the world to laugh at. The police, as with so much of our government agencies, are out of control. They believe they have the right to do anything, and you are their subjects.

    The police should b held to a more stringent, higher standard. Negligence such as this is cause for tort in any other area of life. With the stakes of their actions so high, we cannot dismiss “simple” mistakes by the police.

    If the story is true, and they thought it a lark, and made comments, they should be fired, and held liable criminally and civilly. If I’m negligent driving my car, I pay the price. These cops should too.

    • Jerry Sutton

      “Get dow!” “Get down!” Get down!” sounds familar? I support some cops, but macho
      cops ain’t one of them….nor stupid cops.

      • MichaelSee

        No “macho cops”? I’m not sure how you define the term macho, but without a set of extra big cohones some jobs wouldn’t get done. Cops, firemen, EMTs and others are the ones running toward what the rest of us are running away from.

  • Dad

    Absolutely these jack-booted union slugs should all be fired… if they don’t know an ‘A’ from a ‘C,’ then they are too stupid for the job. Think it’s funny? I think firing all of you would be funny.
    These fools are a product of the failed public educational system (also union). The public should adopt a zero tolerance policy towards incompetent government employees.

    • duif100

      That would mean “No more government employees”.
      It certainly would cut the size of government!

    • Raymond Carl Hardie

      Dad is right on! This type of scenario makes one wonder if these police officers can count to ten without taking their shoes off. An honest judge should not only rule in her favor for the charges she has placed against them, but any ruling should also include sentencing these morons to at least five (5) years of grade school with an emphasis on learning the alphabet.

    • ArkansasRebel

      Well, they did come to C, SEE!

      • Phillip in TX

        It’s a good thing they didn’t get “see” mixed up with “sea” or they would have wound up at the beach!

    • SJJolly

      Someone didn’t look closely at the address on the warrent. As to your response, Dad, any excuse to bark at government employees, union members, the public education system, etc., no?

      • Oneguess

        Go ahead and hang your brain out to dry; the washing’s done.

      • David

        Any moron should be able to tell the difference between A and C. A warrant is too important a document to be misread. It was pure incopetence, any group of employees that cannot be fired become complacent (unions and government employees)

      • WILDFIRE

        What if these idiots come through the door guns blazing because some trigger happy unprofessional and untrained moron thought they seen the boyfriend sporting a gun under the sheets and about to brandish his gun only to find out the only gun there was is the one between his legs and was shot for it.

        Far to many stories of pigs storming into the residences and violating every aspect to a persons privacy rights and even to the point of shooting innocent victims because of these moronic government employees got the wrong address or location.

        Only to say, oops we made a mistake, have a nice day!

      • Vito

        nigga please

  • rb

    Street gang with badges. Nothing new there.

  • Dick Frakes

    Face it folks – In to many cases the Cops are nothing more than a uniformed gang.
    And then they hide behind the phrase “WERE FOLLOWING DEPT PROCEDURES.

    • duif100

      Sue thhe drap out of them!
      Stupid procedures do not create rights!

    • Phillip in TX

      I’m pretty sure “breaking into the WRONG apartment” is not following policy. Of course, the way things are going, you never know.



      • Jerry Sutton

        I eected that from you…but hey…this time its us convservatives who are having a
        little fun degrading stupid cops. A police officer is a man of respect…but a cop is
        just that…a macho individual that someone gave a badge and gun…and now he’s
        Mister Kick-in-your-door bully. Kinda what you like, ain’t it?

        • http://N/A CintiCB

          Like every ‘walk of life’/ carreer/race/gender/boss, ETC. there are good and there are bad, intelligent and dumb, classy and lowlife/ ETC.-all can NOT be judged on the ignorant few-well. OK-ignorant many. If we are lucky we willl encounter the abnormal-good/decent specimens-may these be who we encounter!!!


        “Jerry Sutton,”


  • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

    I agree about the inability to distinguish between an A or a C. bring the result of unionized public schools and unionized cops.

    • 45caliber

      Well, at least they had a warrant for an apartment, even if it was the wrong one. What about the guy in Florida who answered the door at 1:30 AM after they beat on it when selecting an apartment at random and getting shot? In fact, what would the cops have done if no one had answered? Broken down the door without a warrant?

  • Billyray

    This is breaking and entering. These cops should be prosecuted just like anyone else. If some of these scum were sent to prison for this crap then the rest of them would take the time to make sure they were breaking into the right apartment.

    • 45caliber


      They should definately be punished. I blame judges for this. When a cop breaks into a house without a search warrant and seized evidence, the judge simply throws out the evidence of a crime. They don’t punish the cop at all for breaking the Constitutional law. As far as I’m concerned, the evidence is evidence and the cop should be punished for breaking the law. Or perhaps it goes back to the “Untouchables”.

    • Liberty4Me

      Unfortunately most of the commentors here are missing the bigger picture. It should not even be a question of right house or wrong house but rather, why are they kicking down a door at such ours. No knock entries at the wee hours of the morning have become common place for these jack booted thugs scaring innocents to include the children in the house and shooting the dog. These no knock entries are simply wrong. If they are going to raid a house under warrant, it should be during daylight hours.

      • Liberty4Me

        Typo correction: “why are they kicking down a door at such ours? ” should read “why are they kicking down a door at such hours?”

      • Don

        Absolutely correct, Liberty. Those no-knock warrants in the darkness of the early hours are terrorist tactics. If you know the subject is in the house, wait him or her out. They have to come out sooner or later. If you don’t know if they’re there, all the more reason to NOT kick down a door.

  • ernie

    It’s a good thing she didn’t have a gun next to the bed for protection. They would have shot her as soon as they saw it.

    • 45caliber


      And claimed it was self defense. Out of curiosity, why can police claim self defense but we can’t?




      • Liberty4Me

        If one is invading my house at 2am. I do not know who they are, police or gang. Gang members can shout “Police” “Get down, get down!!! just as good as police can. So, if someone I do not know invades my house in the early hours of the morning, they should not have a self defense claim. After all, they are attacking an otherwise law abiding citizen who is merely trying to sleep.

        • Don

          Correct again. The police should be charged as would anyone else who is breaking the law. Braking and entering, trespass, burglary, harassment, terroristic threats, assault, battery – whatever. If someone is killed because of the actions of police, then charge the police with murder, just as you would charge the whole gang if someone is killed during the commission of a crime in which they are participating. These adrenaline laden thug cops need to be reined in. Given that you’re supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, it’s hard to justify midnight raids on innocent folk. As far as I’m concerned, I’m with you. If any cop gets shot on these midnight raids – too bad. Like you said, in the confusion of being awakened during a midnight ambush, how can you tell good guys from bad? Should you wait until you and your family are a victim?

  • Bill

    And everyone here that’s posting should feel bad about discrimination. Since when is it required to be able to read or even distingquish between the letters “A” and “C”. Shame on all of you. Even stupid people should be allowed to be a cop.

    • momo

      Bill says:
      Even stupid people should be allowed to be a cop.

      It appears they already are.

    • 45caliber


      Remember, if you are asked to give a criminal a good work record so he can be hired, it is manditory that you do. After all, criminals need jobs too.

    • Shannon

      Well if all else fails you can always become a cop ,in some areas of the countrys they dont even give tests for the job and you dont even need an I.Q. Imagine that ,you dont need to take a test and dont have to prove you have an !.Q. I always thought this only applyied to L.A. cops and Houston cops but it obviousy is spreading.

      • MichaelSee

        The sickness spreads because if a corrupt officer gets fired from one police department he or she can get another job almost immediately with another local department because of their prior training and experience. Even if they were fired with cause the first PD isn’t allowed to tell. They can only verify pay rate and dates of hiring and separation.
        Even if an officer is being actively sued, they often just pick up and move to another state. Even if they can be found, Bounty hunters will seldom try to apprehend due to fear of offending the “Gang in Blue”

  • William 1

    So dumb they cannot tell the difference between A and C-yep let’s hire some more cheap Law officials-let me see is it different in Spanish and or Mexican than ENGLISH!

  • Phillip in TX

    Maybe a rousing chorus of the “A, B, C” song should be sung before going on any raids (with the actual letters projected on a screen at the same time).

    • 45caliber

      Even if the letters were projected, some of them would screw it up.

  • Hooder

    Send those cops back to school, then fire their asses.


    everybody there who knows their abc’s are doing dui stops i guess

  • Montana Joe

    youall are forgetting the real culprits here, judges. it is the judges that have forced police departments all over the country to lower the standards and make test easier so more minorities cans pass the test. I remember sometime in the 80′s chigaco PD was ordered by a court to make the next 5 promotions to sgt or detective [dont remember which] to african/Americans regardless of test scores or ability. equality by lowering the bar.

    • Liberty4Me

      I agree that the real culprits are the judges but not because they force departments to lower their standards. Rather it is that the judges are allowing for these no-knock entries at odd hours. These poor illiterate cops are also very sleepy and just so eager to scare little kids in bed and shoot family pets that something as obvious as an A or C are not important.

  • Priscilla King

    Somehow I don’t think RACIAL affirmative action had anything to do with it. I doubt that this particular “mistake” would have been made by female officers!

    • http://N/A CintiCB

      It would NOT surprise me, AT ALL, if these cops knew into whose apatment they were entering-a beauty pageant winner-oooooh, we’ll get to see some T+A-who says that this isn’t a good job, we get to do it ‘legally’.

  • Rebecca

    I know how she feels (ALMOST). I own rental property. Recently had installed two nice new metal doors on the front of each unit. The police have a warrant on someone who lived in one of the units 10 YEARS AGO! The person who now lives in that unit is handicapped. When he did not get to the door quick enough to suit the police they busted down my door! Scared the poor tenant half to death and now refuse to repair or replace my door. Their excuse? “We had a warrant”.

    • 45caliber


      It could be worse. The BATF raided a couple of houses a few years ago, one in Missouri and one in Florida. They not only broke in, they tore down the walls, cut holes in the floor and ceilings, tore apart or cut up all furniture, etc. to total both houses. In one case the owner wasn’t home. In the other the owner arrived after they had started. They refused the owner’s offer of aid to unlock and open various things like a gun safe as it “wasn’t their policy”. In both cases they were looking for an illegal gun. One owner, after a great deal of trouble and numerous court cases, learned that his ex-wife had reported him just to cause him trouble. I never did hear why they raided the other guy’s house. Nothing was found in either house. And the costs were not covered by the BATF since “they had a warrant” and the insurance wouldn’t cover the repair costs either. In both cases the repair costs exceeded the house value.

  • 45caliber

    I hope she gets a bundle. It might slow down other police units. But I’ll bet she doesn’t get a penny. It was an honest “mistake” on the part of the cops so they can’t be responsible for it.

    • Art

      Oh yes , they can be held responsible, it’s not the fault of the victim that the police cannot read the difference between A and C

  • 45caliber

    I blame SWAT teams and too much TV for these things. SWAT teams were supposedly set up to handle bad situations. But in most cases they don’t have anything to do. So the police departments use them in cases like this. Since the SWAT training is designed to handle cases where they KNOW an armed criminal is inside, they automatically assume there is one inside and then act per training, shooting far too fast and refusing to admit they made a mistake for quite some time. How many SWAT teams are needed? Certainly not in every police department, regardless of size, in the US. Barney Sikes come to mind. Would you want him on your local SWAT team?

    • MichaelSee

      Barney Sykes? Who’s that? Did you mean Barney FIFE from the Andy Griffith show? Even if he was on the SWAT team he couldn’t do much damage with his being only allowed one bullet, and that not in his sidearm.

  • Wyatt

    Hmm , seems some people will do anything for free peek !

  • GaryTraditionalUltraConservative

    All of the so called “sheriffs deputies” who had any connection at all to this law enforcement criminal abuse of power and law enforcement criminal abuse of authority and law enforcement criminal stupidity and criminal incompetence should be prosecuted in both criminal court and also in civil court to the maximum punishment and to the maximum punitive damages possible exactly the same as any ordinary criminal however the punishment and the civil punitive damages should be much more severe for any law enforcement officers who voluntarily, involuntarily, intentionally, unintentionally, knowingly or unknowingly break any Laws or abuse their power of authority and violate the public trust at anytime anywhere. Under the Law, ignorance, incompetence and hopefully stupidity should never be an excuse to get away with violating and breaking any CONSTITUTIONAL laws at any time anywhere. After all of the facts have been 100% positively verified as TRUE, then all of those so called “sheriffs deputies” should be immediately fired and permanently banned and permanently prohibited from any law enforcement occupation FOR LIFE with absolutely NO exceptions of any types at any time anywhere for any of the “sheriffs deputies” who were involved in the criminal abuse of power and authority and who were involved in the criminal ignorance and who were involved in the criminal incompetence and who were involved in the criminal stupidity. The head Sheriff, Sheriff Lee Baca of the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department must be held accountable and responsible for the illegal, incompetent, stupid and abusive actions of his deputies just like the captain of a ship will be held accountable and responsible for the actions of any of his crewmen of his ship and Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca must be required to make both a formal verbal apology and a formal written apology to the victims in person and face to face at the location and time that is desired by the victims. What happened to both Law abiding victims could happen to any Law abiding citizen. And the words “LAW ABIDING CITIZEN” must be emphasized.

    • Liberty4Me

      GaryTraditionalultraConservative, I agree with all that you state with one exception. Ignorance of a crime should be a valid defense for one simple reason. We have too many laws on the books for any one person, including the cops, to know them all. Each individual probably breaks a law or a dozen laws a week without knowing it.

  • Franklyn Molina

    I’ve read over the comments in this article, and a lot of them hold a lot of weight to them. Aside from the cops sheer unadulterated inability to read and write; inability to tell the difference between an A or a C, I think it’s unfortunately safe to assume that, much like the TSA, these people are hiring the lowest common denominator for their police force.

  • Norm754

    I have one quick question, did the cops ever make it to the right apartment or did they run back to the station house to hide behide their union officials?

  • Art

    Sue the sh*t out of them. They’ll think twice next time about whose door they break down

    • Shannon

      Fire these incompetent boobs and punish them with jail time ,we Americans just dont need this kind of abuse going on here. Sounds like something that happens in China .The Chilien secret police just might have some openings for these guys

    • MichaelSee

      Sueing the sh*t out of ‘em probably won’t work.
      1) Because the Police Union has more money for lawyers and paid time off for testimony than most individuals have available. It’s often a war of attrition than a fight for Justice.
      2) It’s just an incentive to make sure that at the end of the incident that there’s only ONE story to be told. Having to explain one dead civilian holding a planted “drop gun” wouldn’t be hard. Better that than risk being sued for millions and risk jail time, right?

  • Silas Longshot (@SilasLongshot)

    Uh, yeah, you would think that you MIGHT want to have the correct address when you’re after a criminal or whatever. But, unless this comes to court and costs the cops & city a few million, they’ll get no better at it and will continue this BS.
    This is how innocent citizens get killed by cops time and again in da ‘hood where criminal activity is high and cops are nowhere to be found. Should you open your door to some unidentified moron pounding on it, while excercising your right to self defense, the stupid suckas will shoot you. And cover up the incedent as best they can.

  • Harold Olsen

    Police abuse is becoming an epidemic in this country. Here in Seattle, cops are free to shoot unarmed people in the back and then after the “investigation” the killer cops are said to have done nothing wrong, Surveys show that most peoples’ opinion is that the only difference between the cops and the crooks is the cops have badges.

  • gunner689AI

    Cops had a choice; beauty queens apartment or drug dealers. Smart cops.

    • Larry K.


  • deepizzaguy

    The Keystone Cops live again.

  • swampfox

    Friggen police state gestopo crapreminds me of 1938 Germany and the fanatic brown shirts.

    Most cops are rude a**holes,and seem to think you should crap your skivvies when confronted by the thugs.
    I would’nt piss on one if on fire!
    I keep a mossberg 500 by my bed,I hear something that alerts me thats out place and I’m
    Ready to loose some 000 buck.
    They bust my door and they’ll meet a pissed off
    Prior marine!

    • MichaelSee

      Big words Swampfox, but if you fire pre-emptively on armed police officers you WILL be shot down. One of the first rules in using firearms is to “know your target”. If you just hear “something that alerts me that’s out of place” and start blazing away with that Mossburg you might just shoot your daughter returning from sneaking out on a date or some poor, lost drunk trying to find his way home or some other innocent.
      Thanks for your Marine service. Just don’t get yourself killed or thrown in prison for going off “hare trigger”, OK?

      • James Hamilton

        His daughter wouldn’t be knocking his door down now would she? I agree that this Government is out of control from the top to bottom and if we just stand idoly by and do nothing it will only get worse.

      • Liberty4Me

        MichaelSee, my daughter will not be crashing in my door with a dozen jack booted thugs shouting “POLICE!” “GET DOWN!”. Given that drug cartel have been known to impersonate police to raid the homes of those they what to assasinate, I’m going to shoot. Not a macho statement, just a statement of fact that I will do what I can to defend me and mine.

  • http://yahoo mytwocentswrth

    If the warrant is serious enough to be a “no knock” warrant, it’s serious enough for the police to be at the right address. Hell, they could call UPS or FedEX to send a driver with them if they’re all directionally challenged. I am reminded of the man who who likewise was surprised in the middle of the night by a SWAT team that crashed through his door, again at the wrong address, unannounced, and he was shot and killed because he confronted them. There is no humor here. Someone should lose a job over this, and a public apology is due Miss Manos and her fiance.

    • James Hamilton

      This kind of crap is why what you call a “no Knock” warrant is unconstitutional, To hell with saving a cops life this is about protecting the civillians from out of control government. The cops are to brainwashed to know that what they are doing is violating peoples civil rights.

      • Truegrit

        The rights of the people are more imoortant than the stupid jack booted thugs on the police force. When cops attack the citizejns of our country then they truely dont even belong in our civilized society.Jack Booted uniformed NAZI S will never be allowed to abuse the American People.

  • Brazil

    Sorry for tearing up your home. Here’s your receipt. Have a nice day..

  • James Hamilton

    Seems to me if police fallow the U.S. Constitution this stuff wouldn’t happen, cops should not be allowed to just go kick your door down in the middle of the night, had they knocked on the door and served the warrant as per the Constitution this never would have happened. If they come busting my door down in the middle of the night guns will be blazing I’m not going to ask who are you kicking in my door I’m going to start blowing sh!t away. Cops are out of control, this isn’t Afghanastan We are The United States of America and By God in heaven we have rights.

    • Truegrit

      We all would defend ourselves and ask questions later. When anyone invades the space of your home you have the right to defend yourself.Thats just basic and it should never be any differe


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