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NAACP Protests Pennsylvania Voter Law

September 14, 2012 by  

NAACP Protests Pennsylvania Voter Law
This Pennsylvania voter didn't have to show his ID when he voted in 2010. The State Supreme court is considering a State voter ID law passed in March.

About 200 protesters gathered yesterday across from Philadelphia’s City Hall in anticipation of a State Supreme Court hearing on a new voter ID law. Pennsylvania State Supreme Court justices began hearing arguments in an attempt to decide whether the law, which will require voters to have photo ID, is Constitutional.

Last month, in a decision that surprised many, Commonwealth Court Judge Robert E. Simpson Jr. upheld the law. Many believe the law is a tactic intended to prevent minorities from voting.

Jerome Mondesire, president of the Pennsylvania conference of the NAACP, called the law “a criminal offense against Democracy.”

The national head of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Benjamin Jealous, believes that anyone who wants to require voter ID is an extremist.

“This is not a Republican thing, it’s an extremist thing,” Jealous said. “None of [us] should be sent back to the day when we had what can only be called a poll tax.”

Executive director of the Pennsylvania American Civil Liberties Union urged voters to show up at the polls and vote early.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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    • Doc Sarvis

      You stated; “NAACP HAS BEEN EXPOSED BY THE NEGRO COMMUNITY AS BEING AN OUT-OF-TOUCH ORGANIZATION WHICH NEEDS TO DISBAND.”. In you Caps lock world, please cite where you get that information.


        “Doc Sarvis,”




      • Doc Sarvis

        Ooooo, S-E-V-E-R-A-L NEGRO WEBSITES. That is hardly convincing.

      • Geo

        Doc, it’s obvious that you’re too lazy to Google a search on ‘black rejects NAACP’ and probably getting a photo ID too. You want everything handed to you on a platter? That’s really too bad, get over it.

      • eddie47d

        We can google Republican groups too and find several who also reject the core Republican beliefs . Not all Republicans support the far right and some find them offensive. The same information can be found on Democrats who are not in lock step with all their views. It’s called freedom of opinion and who to associate with. .

      • Robert Smith

        It is sadly pure politics from the right.

        “Voter ID, which is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania, done.”

        More: “Pennsylvania Republican House Leader Mike Turzai (R-PA) finally admitted what so many have speculated: Voter identification efforts are meant to suppress Democratic votes in this year’s election.”

        It’s from:

        They even have video showing him saying it.


    • Robert Smith

      Remember, it was originally the extreme right that opposed IDs.

      That old 666 thing.

      Flippity floppity when they discovered they could exclude minorities from voting.


      • phideaux

        As usual robert smith totaly missrepresents things. What the right correctly opposed was a NATIONAL ID. The voter ID laws are based on state issued IDs such as a drivers license or a state issued personal ID for those who do not drive.

      • Mikey

        And, it’s not about excluding minorities, it’s about excluding people who aren’t U.S. citizens, therefore have no business voting in our elections. If a white guy from Canada came over here, I wouldn’t want him to vote in our election either. Why do leftists make everything about race even when it has little or nothing to do with the topic? Because THEY are racist!

      • Chester

        Phideaux, voter ID depends on identification cards designed to a NATIONAL standard, That is about as close to a national ID as anything around, although you probably have the original “national ID card” in your wallet at this minute. Ever look at a social security card, and how you MUST carry an original, not something that carries the same information in a more permanent form? Also, you are not ALLOWED to laminate or in any other way change the card as issued once your signature is affixed. You can get a replacement card at the nearest social security office, but still, it MUST BE an original, as issued card that you show to your employer or your bank, or anyone else who is authorized to request your ss number.

      • JC

        Who are the “extreme right”?
        Never heard of them.
        But I guess it’s safe to assume when someone is extreme left (a communist) that everything else is extreme right. Sound about right? ;-)

      • Robert Smith

        Mickey says: “If a white guy from Canada came over here, I wouldn’t want him to vote in our election either.”

        But if he owns a corporation in America he can contribute millions and millions in an attempt to buy the election.

        That’s why it’s BAD for corporations to be allowed to donate to political efforts. They aren’t “people.” Texas hasn’t executed one yet.


      • Honestly

        Robert Smith…You are full of Baloney!!!

        • Robert Smith

          Here is a book for you from:

          “, particularly those of the right; racism and discrimination; Hollywood and the decadence of America; pros and cons of the feminist movement; abortion; the ‘war’ against drugs; homosexuals; Euro-American politics, the New World Order and the number 666, to mention a few.”


  • Harold Olsen

    I wonder if the NAACP actually lives in the real world or if they reside in some fantasy world. They whine about blacks being disenfranchised, but don’t want voters to be riquired to have ID’s. Without voters being required to show ID’s voter fraud is much easier and it is much easier to disenfranchise voters. There is nothing to stop someone from claiming they are someone else at the polls and voting using that other person’s name, therefore, denying the real person the right to vote because the voting sheets would show they had already voted. Of course, if it’s in a liberal precinct they’d probably let people vote as many times as they wished.


      “Harold Olsen,”



      • Franklyn Molina

        Horton, how many times have I told you. STOP USING CAPSLOCK AS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL! Stop living by that rule of the internet. Besides, EVEN WITH CRUISE CONTROL YOU STILL HAVE TO STEER! I thought I told you time and time again, until you get the glue out of your capslock, your comments will never be valid here. Besides, it makes you look like an obvious internet troll. ENOUGH ALREADY! Scumbag!

      • Doc Sarvis

        I think it is a sad attempt at intimidation or he’s compensating for weak points (or something).

      • George

        When I see a comment in all caps, I just move right over it and go on to the next comment. I don’t even glance at an all caps statement.

      • Mikey

        Perhaps Christopher is unaware that in the cyber world, all caps is considered “shouting”. All caps should be reserved for words of high emphasis only. Christopher, stop shouting, we can hear you just fine.

    • Judy

      Well said! I agree

      • jopa

        Franklin Molina;Perhaps Christopher is hard of hearing and doesn’t realize he is shouting.Give him a break, I had an uncle that always shouted because he couldn’t hear.

  • itriedthemall

    I have yet to hear an answer to, “How is the requirement of a voter ID either like a poll tax or disenfranchising?”

    • Doc Sarvis

      Because those who do not have ID tend to be on the margins of American society.

      • TIME

        Dear Doc,

        An ID with photo is required to buy BEER & Wine in many states, or Airplane tickets when in person and a Backround check is done on you when you buy on line, and yet you still have to produce a Photo ID at the special TSA points.
        Only if you fly non commercial – and as this form is quite expensive thus the fringe you speak of would not be in this vein to start with now would they. Even knowning the pilot who flys us about we still have to have a photo copy of our PHOTO ID for thr Gov.

        To get a package at any – US Post Office even if they know you, they required a Photo ID, let alone FedX or UPS.

        Try buying a Car with out a Photo ID, let alone try buying a car with cash, good luck! Try and buy insurance with out a Photo ID.
        Try and open a bank account without a photo ID.
        Try and cash a check with out a bank account at any noted bank, you need a Photo ID to make it happen.

        And thats just a few things where such ID is required.
        On my CC’s I rather than write my name I put, {ask for photo ID.}
        As all of you should do.

        I also had the special privilege of getting selected for jury duty, and guess what? {{ I had to produce a PHOTO ID.}}

        Or to get into any high rise Office / Bussiness in NYC / LA / SF or any major city you need a Photo ID.

        So the point is; (its only logical to produce a Photo ID as well a second form of ID when voting.}

        Anyone can say they are someone, but to prove it removes all questions.
        really just that simple, its also why such measures are done in the first place, PROOF Positive.

        It has nothing to do with civil rights nor anything that can be noted as any form of Discrimination. Its just LOGICAL.

        Peace and Love

      • Chester

        TIME, I can and do accomplish all those things other than getting aboard a plane without a state issued photo ID card on pretty much a daily basis. When I have to go to the post office to pick up a package, all I have to produce is the notification slip they left in my mailbox. Unless you are paying more than ten thousand dollars for a car, cash works just fine and is accepted by ALL dealers. Most of the banks are required by LAW to see a photo id to cash checks for people who don’t have an account with them, but a company ID badge will work very nicely there. If you have your original voter ID issued you by the county clerk, why should you need any other forms of identification. That ID alone guarantees you won’t be using it to vote another time in another precinct. It sounds very much like you are in love with the idea of the more identification mandated to be produced, the better, as it thins out the ranks of eligible voters rather quickly when you have to start showing ID’s that can cost anywhere from then to fifty dollars or more to obtain, then pay again in one to six years to renew.

      • TIME

        Dear Chester,

        You are full of warm brown material, need I spell that out for you?

        Peace and LOVE

        • Robert Smith

          Margins like elderly, minority, and others who are most likely to support Obama and tell the 1% Romney to take a hike.


    • Honestly

      itriedthemall…It is a way to protect voting and the arguments against it are silly. Several states have agreed to not charge but even that isn’t acceptable. There are people that just want voter fraud and that is all there is to it…period

  • SarahR

    I don’t live in Philly but I do live in Pennsylvania. Our newspapers take you step by step in procuring a photo ID. It’s easy and it’s free. Now, if you can’t procure an photo ID than you can’t vote. This is only voter fraud protection.

    • http://omniv8 pete0097

      And if you are too stupid to get the votor ID card, then you really are too stupid to be able to produce an informed vote either and should not be able to vote.

      • daveh234

        I thought people want ro uphold the rights and freedoms of this country.
        A law where one was never needed.
        More government.
        No fraud to begin with.

      • Hank

        It’s completly evedint from the last election in Minnesota why we need voter ID…I believe the level of fraud here almost reached that of Chicago. In addition, I think, that while voting is a right, you should be paying some taxes (have some skin in the game) to enjoy that right (unless your ritired and no longer have to pay tax).

    • Doc Sarvis

      I wonder how many folks on the margins of our society get newspapers?

    • JCfromDC

      You ought to live here in Florida where a State photo ID can cost up to $35. Used to be $6 State ID, $12 for a FLDL, PLUS one needs a SS#ID, birth Certificate, and “officilal mail”, i.e., bills, utilities, rental, etc., mail proving residence). So now renewing a State Driver lIcense can cost up to twice that if expired. The cost of proving one’s self is exhorbitant here. Pennsylvania has (or HAD) it easy. I used to live there, and they’re cheap because their whole system is/was still fairly primitive, technologically.
      I personally have no problem with any of that down here because FL is overrun with illegals getting registered and maneuvered to vote for and as Democrats.
      I ALSO don’t have problems with a literacy test either… but that makes me a “racist”, no matter that half the “native white pop” down here can’t spell their own names, unless it’s on a government check. Pitiful.
      For all the money that the so-called “rich” are being shook for down here, one would think voter fraud would be at a minimum. But, it isn’t. I don’t know where all the cash gets laundered, but in Lee County, law enforcement squanders, hides, and gets kickbacks with a boatload of it.

      • jcfromdc

        All that said, 200 people showing up for a “protest” is basically a NON-event

      • Cindy

        Bring it on, it would mean that all those uneducated who only watch Fox news would fail every question that requires facts to be supplied. That would make elections easy for the liberals. Certainly shows how much you revere the Constitution doesn’t it? If you respect the Constitution, then you would honor it and not support a poll tax or any other kind of test.. What percentage would you deem as a passing grade? I thank God, my Founding Fathers were smarter than you, and they did everything possible to protect me from you.

    • ron c

      your mistaking you can vote with a paper ballot which will be counted if needed on a close election

    • Honestly

      SarahR…Exactly, I am disabled and it is not problem for me and it won’t be for anyone else that has a legitimate right to vote in our country.

      • Robert Smith

        “Exactly, I am disabled and it is not problem for me and it won’t be for anyone else that has a legitimate right to vote in our country.”

        What about an elderly person from another state who doesn’t have easy access to their records?

        Besides, it’s all political as proven by the right wing saying they will give the election to Romney because of the voter legislation.

        The only thing standing in their way is the PA Supreme Court.


  • AirCav

    The NAACP required I.D.’s to enter their convention this past year. Here in Ohio I have been showing my I.D. for many years, no problem here with it. Just goes to show you that Steeler fans are too stupid to get a state I.D.

    • Doc Sarvis

      The Steelers OWN the Ohio so-called football teams.

      • AirCav

        You have to be a real fan here in Cleveland. It’s tough.

  • kategray

    Any IGNORANT PUTZ can get a Voter ID. Go to your city hall and you can register there.

    • jopa

      kategray;So you more than likely are the aforesaid “ignorant putz” that went out and got your new voter ID.Would you care to explain step by step the actual procedure.Thank you.

    • Bud

      But, I guess not Doc. S

  • SJJolly

    Why engage in voter fraud (i.e., having people illegally vote under other’s ID) when it’s far more effective (and legal) to block or discourage the other side’s legimate voters from voting?

  • jopa

    This voter ID stuff is just such a bunch of crap.Where do you get the idea in your head that a person might just think his one vote is going to make such a big differance that he is going to commit fraud to do it.Your vote doesn’t mean squat, in order to get your Representatives attention you need an envelope stuffed with cash telling him or her how to pass legislation to your liking.I think you may or may not have to also register when you are a lobbyist.That is where you may find the real fraud.I don’t think China, Pakistan and India registered as lobbiests but they are the big donors in the Super Pacs for Romney.Oh yeah that’s right, donors are just another form of lobbying, just not as direct.

    • jcfromdc

      China would be lobbying for Obama, since the Democrats under Clinton gave them “Most Favored Nation” status… along with the blessings of Newt and NAFTA-like legislation, of course

      • Cindy

        Hate to bust your bubble, but the house and senate were controlled by the repubs during clinton..era… get the facts straight. The federal gov, was under repub control from 1995 to 2007. We got exactly what we paid for. Disaster!!!

  • Rogue Elephant

    “Many believe the law is a tactic intended to prevent minorities from voting.” Let us hope that “undocumented” (sic) aliens are still a minority.

  • gail

    I am certainly for voters providing ID — ID’s are necessary to do banking, get on a plane, get into a federal building and even see a new doctor. I don’t understand where the problem is. Are minorities discriminated against getting on a plane or getting into a federal building? But for me the most scary part of this issue, and our current political environment, is the divisiveness between neighbors. I have very strong opinion for conservative platforms, but I never want to belittle my neighbor who feels equally as strongly for the left. I see this as far more dangerous long term than even the voter ID law. Lighten up, please.

  • A Lincoln

    This battle has raged for months. During that time everyone has had more than enough time to get photo ID, perhaps getting help in doing so from relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues, churches, fraternal groups, employers, and the NAACP and similar organizations. If some poor soul has tried for months and months to get photo ID and has failed to do so, do you really want that person to vote? No one here thinks so, either.

  • alpha-lemming

    Voter fraud is real and is OWNED exclusively by the left…… not some…. not most… ALL!!! It’s even to the point where gerrymandered districts have been created to facilitate and magnify this entrenched, “Chicago way”, mode of instilling leftist ideology/rule (this and Judicial activism). I’ve only seen one recent (70-80yrs) of voter intimidation and it wasn’t the KKK or the Billy-Joe-Jim-Bob PD but who????…. anybody???

    TNBPP….. may have actually been in the “City of Brutha-ly Love”….

  • momplayer

    Amazing they have the time to stand out and protest. Amazing again that they feel this is a racially motivated law. This law would apply to EVERYONE. The law does not say you only have to have an Id if you are black or hispanic. It says you need a picture id to vote.Even if you are illeterate you can still get an id.Take you birth certificate to your state dmv and get one. If you don’t have a birth certificate do like obama and have one made. Whats the problem?

  • Lynette

    I don’t understand what the big problem is with having an ID. They say it’s taking away people’s rights to vote?! Give me a bucket…it’s helping to protect voter fraud. It’s so easy to get an ID and anyone that wants to vote, has plenty of time to get that ID. For cryin-out-loud…they had to show their IDs to get into the DNC…so what are they whining about? Just afraid that a few illegals won’t be able to vote since it’s hard for them to get an ID? Looks pretty obvious to me!

    • Cindy

      I had to contact three states, trying to get documentation of my name changes since 1970. I had to do that as Homeland Security requires that women provide proof of birth, marriage, divorce prior to giving us a state license which would allow us to enter a Federal bldg. It took me three months and 140 dollars. The original mistake happened in Texas in 1970 when they incorrectly recorded my name on license. They then couldn’t find the doc and then sent me a letter which then incorrectly misspelled my present name. The state of Tennessee couldn’t find any original doc or marriage or divorce, even though i sent them a copy of their document. I am still fighting with them. The state of Va. also screwed up my name and I am still trying to get them to correct their error…Three states where I was married have all made errors with my name and luckily the state of Florida after reviewing 18 pages of errors made by other states agreed that I had paid enough and that trying to force a state to make a correction to a mistake that it had made was going to cost me more money and still could end up with the same result.

      This is a discrimination law, only women have to provide documentation as they are the ones who had a name change. The Federal law will be in effect by 2014, so all you divorced women get ready for a struggle, as this will be happening in every state. Florida decided to enact the law early. Women, you will need to supply a birth cert, marriage license and divorce papers if applicable. Moral of story, don’t take your husbands name.LMAO

      • Cindy

        Forgot to tell you , your copies of paper work don’t count, unless you have a state seal affixed to them. Most copies of divorce are just zerox copies and don’t have embossed seal on them. Have a good time.

      • jcfromdc

        Living in Florida are you?



      YOU MUST HAVE READ MY REPLY TO “deerinwater,” IN THE “9/11″ THREAD. NOW, DO YOU BELIEVE I AM NEGRO, INSTEAD OF, “a pink-faced white boy,” YOU SAW ON Facebook?

  • Amelia

    Voter ID will be good to protect our freedoms, including the right to vote since there are too many illegal immigrants flowing into our country which our President seems to ignore….Voter ID will hold back many from getting into the polls, or going back to vote more than once.
    We are still a free nation, let’s keep it that way.

  • Saintsation (@Saintsation57)

    Have you noticed the only people objecting voter ID laws are the ones guilty of perpetuating the biggest fraud scheme ever known to the United States?
    Yes I a talking Obama,Holder,Piglosi, Reid, and most all other Democrats and Liberals.
    Are you all crooks and liars?

    • Cindy

      Do you know how many voter fraud cases have been identified? Didn’t think so, you and your kind are wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to ferrit out some huge problem where there is none. There have been more shark attacks than voter fraud.
      Thankfully, the courts see what your party is trying to do, and is taking action to stop you in your silly tracks. You need to go after tax fraud. It is a real problem and you should be upset that those who are not paying are costing you more money along with your future.

      • godhelpus

        Tax fraud is being done by the same people who don’t want to have photo id’s. They want to takw someone else’s idenity. They only problem here are the people who are doing the voting fraud. If you don’t believe that it’s time to take your head out of the sand.
        America is going down fast because of these people. WAKE THE F*** UP!!!

      • Cindy

        Godhelpus., you obviously don’t or can’t deal with facts. You are the reason this country is failing. Facts are facts, even though you don’t like what they say, they are still the facts.

        Do you want me to help you find all the voter fraud cases that have been found? I am willing to help you as you don’t seem capable of searching for info. I know the internet can seem daunting, however just typing in voter fraud should take you to all the sites with the facts.

        You are aware that your buddy Romney admitted to having accounts in the Islands aren’t you? How great it would be to have a President who hides his money in off shore accounts, so he doesn’t have to contribute to the American Dream.

  • Dianne Lee

    When you go to the DMV to get a voter ID, it is free. However, in order to get that ID, you have to have a birth certificate. My birth certificate burned with the court house in the 1960′s. I was told that I could get a statement from the county stating that fact, but the DMV said it wasn’t sufficient. I was told I could bring in property records for my county, dating back to the 70′s also, but that costs $8.00. If that isn’t a poll tax, what is? And, how does proving that I have owned property since 1970 prove that I didn’t land in a space ship in 1969?
    And, how does any of this count for more than the fact that your name is on the rolls and has been since the 1970′s?
    Anyone who cares enough about the outcome of the election to risk voter fraud is a registered voter. It just isn’t logical for someone to risk huge fines and possible jail time to show up and cast one vote.
    This whole thing is going to backfire on the Republicans anyway. There are Democrats prowling around everywhere that there might be a disinfranchised voter– retirement homes, minority neighborhoods, school campuses etc. The result is more new registered voters than we’ve ever seen. And, these are registered voters who registered with a person wearing an Obama T-Shirt.

    • jcfromdc

      My GOD! You must live in Florida!!!! Did I guess right???

      • Cindy

        Yep, but this is a Federal Law and will be in effect by 2014 state wide.

  • Jon

    Why didn’t the NAACP protest the Democratic National Convention, where two photo IDs were required for entrance. Sounds like discrimination to me.

    • eddie47d

      That was to keep out assassins and Republican troublemakers. The same at the RNC where they did the same. .

    • jcfromdc

      Excellent point. It’s all about who’s “ox gets gored”, when, and by whom.

  • ladybug

    If you voted for Obama because he is black, you are a racist. If you didn’t vote for Obama because he is black, you are a racist. I did not vote for Obama because his campaign was all talk and no substance. He did not say what “Change” was and now we know and I’m glad I didn’t vote for him. independent voter

    • Cindy

      Oh yes, McCain’s “BOMB, BOMB, BOMB IRAN ” had so much substance it was blinding. You voted for a war monger?

  • Benjamin Fox

    Too stupid or so immoral they don’t care, bet they have a picture ID to get their welfare.

  • jopa

    I really haven’t seen much of a problem with the voters except for the Republican primaries from Iowa to Maine .Ask Ron Paul if there were any problems and I think he could point out a few even at their own convention.Perhaps the Republicans only should have to show ID in that they are under suspicion of not being able to get much right.

  • Rod

    It really drives me crazy these same people who wine that they can’t afford to get a ID card to vote don’t seem to have any trouble getting a id to buy beer,cigs,cash checks or use their credit cards. You can get a calif. ID card at the dmv for 21 dollars that is good for six years, that works out a little over three dollars a year. Can’t get an ID get real. I am a hundred percent disabled and I have a ID card.

    • Robert Smith

      You may be able to get one as a disabled person, but if you are elderly from another state good luck.

      Like has been pointed out several times now…

      Ain’t no voter fraud in PA and it was bragged about as a way to get Romney elected.

      Dirty politics, dirty politics, and more dirty politics from the right.


  • Tom

    Just get an ID and vote…I hate seeing dead people at the polls!

    • Robert Smith

      You are hallucinating. There was no voter fraud on PA.


      • Cindy

        Robert, where was all this concern about voter fraud years ago? How interesting don’t you think? Look at the money Iowa is willing to spend to try and find 10 people who voted incorrectly. Half a million dollars is alot of money chasing the boogie man. If all these Republican Govs were concerned about voter fraud why did they not start this process 4 years ago? It would have been solved, and people would have had time to get the required docs and id’s prior to this election. Very suspect!!

  • Right Wing Nut

    Here a solution. Do not mail Octobers welfare checks or direct deposit them. Instead take them to the voting booths for distribution. Everyery one of Obama’s supporters will show up and he will be happy. .They all will bring their welfare ID cards and conservatives will be happy. Everyone is happy.

    • jopa

      Wrong Wing; It would mainly be the senior citizens and disabled that would have a hard time getting the proper ID Some probably only go out for an election and are confined the rest of the time. Truly sad how low some will go to steal votes away from seniors and the disabled.

      • Honestly

        jopa…You are absolutely wrong. Being disabled and a senior citizen it has not been a problem for me or anyone else I know that has a legitimate right to vote.

        • Robert Smith

          “it has not been a problem for me ”

          Your anecdotal evidence could easily be a lie.

          Why do you support the 1% even though it isn’t in your own best self interest?


      • Robert Smith

        From jopa: “Truly sad how low some will go to steal votes away from seniors and the disabled.”

        That’s OK, they are doing it in the name of their gods who are the 1%. I’ll bet they think they can be one someday. ROFL… That aint’ never gonna happen, but they still try.


  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    I guess blacks are too damn dumb to get a drivers license or I.D. card, it must mean they don’t drive or even read or write, boy you people sure are Stupid. Stupid if you listen to your New Master’s NAACP, Rev Wright, Farakan, J.Jackson, Sharpton and Maxassine Waters> We find now, if it is true, our Pres. Abomination takes it in the back door and he is a Muslim and they do “Do” boys but don’t call it Homosexuality because they say they don’t love them so its not Homosexuality.

    • jopa

      Nam Vet; I’m just so glad all Nam vets aren’t so disgusting and stupid as you are with your comments.You were probably one of those chicken turd cowards sitting back at a desk in some generals office and now you sign on like some kind of war hero.Probably trying to get out of the closet is usually the case with your type of talk.

  • Hurt Burt

    There is still plenty of time for ACORN to get involved and to see to each and every minority gets a friggin’ photo ID card so they can vote. This BS has been going on for decades because bruthas bees too lazy to register and renew they lahsunz. Muss be wittey keepin’ da bruthas down again! Gonna drank dis hook til jus befo da polls be closin’ and git in lahn wit no AhDee Kawd. Dey bed not mezz wit me needah!

  • DLee4144

    ACORN has been disbanded for years. But we have Democrats in every retirement home, school, and minority neighborhood in the country. The result is that we have registered more new voters than we have in years. Once a person believes a right is being taken away from him, he decides it’s important, even if he wasn’t paying attention to it before.
    And, every one of these newly registered voters signed up with a person wearing an Obama T-Shirt.

    • Hurt Burt

      ACORN still exists …..just under another name. Fact still stands, an ID is not hard to obtain, just not the day of the election. Besides, my philosophy is that you should be a property owner and citizen in order to vote in the US. There, Obama would loose completely!

  • Tom

    Just make it easier to get the an ID, attached another government check to it see how all the “minorities” flock to get one!


      “Tom,” YOU ARE ON POINT!

      • JON

        Don’t you mean “Uncle Tom”?
        And why do you insist on using the word negro? It really went out over 50 years ago.


    This is crap! i never knew that black people in all 50 states, were not allowed to go to the DMV and obtain a state I.D. This is Bullcrap! and totally racist, to stop black people from getting in their car or on a bus, or walking or riding a bike to the Dept of Motor Vehicles and getting a state issued I.D. What the Hell!


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